What If Tim Tebow Were a Muslim?

Tim Tebow brought the Denver Broncos back from the dead when he took over as quarterback. Denver is 6-1 since Tebow took over in the top spot. In fact, the once beleaguered Broncos are now 7-5 and are the new co-leaders of the AFC West.

Tebow has been maligned by the sports media ever since he landed in the NFL. They declared him “not ready for prime time.” He has repeatedly proved them wrong.

But there is another aspect to Tebow: His Christian faith. More specifically, his understated public display of his Christian faith on and off the field. Jen Floyd Engel asks, “What if Tim Tebow were a Muslim?”

Imagine for a second, the Denver Broncos quarterback is a devout follower of Islam, sincere and principled in his beliefs and thus bowed toward Mecca to celebrate touchdowns. Now imagine if Detroit Lions players Stephen Tulloch and Tony Scheffler mockingly bowed toward Mecca, too, after tackling him for a loss or scoring a touchdown, just like what happened Sunday [to Tebow].

I know what would happen. All hell would break loose.

The “What if Tebow were a Muslim?” question is not that far-fetched. We have a perfect example of a sports figure who is a Muslim, made public displays of his faith, made it part of his very vocal worldview, and is venerated by today’s media. In 1999, he was named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Century. His name is Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. Many of you who are too young to recognize the name might know him better as Muhammad Ali.

Originally known as Cassius Clay, Ali changed his name after joining the Nation of Islam in 1964, subsequently converting to Sunni Islam in 1975, and more recently practicing Sufism. In 1967, three years after Ali had won the World Heavyweight Championship, he was publicly vilified for his refusal to be conscripted into the U.S. military, based on his religious beliefs and opposition to the Vietnam War. Ali stated, “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong... No Viet Cong ever called me nigger” – one of the more telling remarks of the era.

Today, Ali is considered a cultural icon.

The public display of the Christian religion by Tebow controversy is not as heated and controversial as the public displays of the Islamic religion by Muhammad Ali. After his conversion to Islam, Ali would bow toward Mecca and pray in the boxing ring before a bout. Consider this:

Aligning himself with the Nation of Islam made him a lightning rod for controversy, turning the outspoken but popular champion into one of that era's most recognizable and controversial figures. Appearing at rallies with Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad and declaring his allegiance to him at a time when mainstream America viewed them with suspicion — if not outright hostility — made Ali a target of outrage, as well as suspicion. Ali seemed at times to provoke such reactions, with viewpoints that wavered from support for civil rights to outright support of separatism. For example, Ali once stated, in relation to integration: “We who follow the teachings of Elijah Muhammad don't want to be forced to integrate. Integration is wrong. We don't want to live with the white man; that's all.” And in relation to inter-racial marriage: “No intelligent black man or black woman in his or her right black mind wants white boys and white girls coming to their homes to marry their black sons and daughters.” Indeed, Ali's religious beliefs at the time included the notion that the white man was “the devil” and that white people were not “righteous.” Ali claimed that white people hated black people.

Compared to the controversy that Ali’s religion brought to sports, Tebow’s is mild. Is there a double standard? Would the sports media make similar negative comments about a sports figure’s Islamic faith? I don’t think so.



  • Berengaria

    I'm thankfull to God that Tim Tebow is a Christian role model for all of us, and yes, if he were an islamist, he would be considered a national treasure. The black thugs who comprise the NFL , would do or say anything out of their jealousy and hatred of an extraordinarily gifted man who truly believes in the Christian virtues that he practices.. I just wish that Tim Tebow would have selected the Jacksonville Jaguars {Thuguars) instead of the Broncos, but wherever Tim is, he will always succeed, no matter what obstacle are placed in front of him by inferior players, jealous coaches,etc. Good Luck to Tim. thank you, Berngaria

    • AirAmrka

      I asked for him first for the Dolphins.

    • Basil BuddhaCat

      The last time I checked, those "Black thugs who comprise the NFL" were 99% Christian.

      My goodness, has something changed in the past five minutes ?

      • bearone7777

        Basil there are some Christians in the NFL. I love this article. Only one thing wrong with it----Islam is not a religion, IT IS A LIFE-STYLE, AND IF YOU DO NOT FIR INTO THERE LIFE-STYLE, YOU ARE CONSIDERED A INFIDEL. Gods Blessings to Tim Tebow. He is a "GREAT" witness for Jesus Christ, and he will remain so.

        • daves

          I don't quite get it. Is this article about something two Detroit defensive players did?

          The 60's were a very different time than today is. There was still blatant racism by whites and the KKK was very visible back then.

        • stephenfroweblog

          It does not surprise me that you don't get it.

          Racism runs if both directions daves.

        • daves

          So could you explain it to me please?

        • stephenfroweblog

          daves, When two Detroit linemen sacked Tebow this past Sunday, they very publicly and mockingly pretended to take a knee and made as if praying, something that Tebow does very respectfully before and after each game as well as when he makes a touch down. The announcers for the game laughed about it. The point is, that if Tebow were a muslim and did what he does in the name of Allah and the same thing happened there would have been an outcry, first from the announcers and then from the muslim community. It is a terrible double standard that we seem to be seeing every day. The point is not so much the actions of the Detroit players, frankly, having seen a few of their games and their antics on the field, they are a group of crass, classless thugs. The real point is the double standard.

          We have a President who while claiming to be a Christian, removes all vestige of Christianity from the activities of the Executive branch of Government and replaces them by celebrating the traditions and holidays of Islam. Honestly, I really don't care if someone follows Islam as a religion. I have known and been friends with many. Even they have warned me, however that there is an aspect of Islam, that goes beyond religious belief, which is dangerous. This is off the point however.

          The point is that there is a double standard and a great deal of hypocrisy being shown by our current administration as well as by the media. The bias in the media, in particular, has to stop.

          Hope that explains it for you.

        • chewinmule

          I grew up in Mississippi and left in 1962 to join the US Navy. As I remember, being raised up by a Republican set of parents, the KKK and 99% of the segregationists in the South and the US Congress were Democrats. Yes, there was still blatant racism in the South and the North as history will show if you bother to check. And as for Mr Tebow , he doesn't "claim" to be a Christian, he lives as a Christian unashamedly and publicly. His is not a religion listed in block 5 of his bio press release form. He "lives" his Christian religion in a time when most of us who claim to be Christians don't simply because of PC..

        • Larry C.


        • daves

          It seems to be an article about the racism of Muhammad Ali. It doesn't give any examples of Tim Tebow being demonized for being a Christian except maybe that two Lions defensive members may have mocked him.

          Are they trying to say that those two Lions players may not have mocked him if he were a Muslim?

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        There are black thugs in the NFL who can be bought for a few shekels of silver.

        Judeo-Ponzi-Schemer Nevin Shapiro put out hits on both Chris Rix Quarterback for Florida State University and a Catholic Christian, as well as Tim Tebow, Quarterback for the University of Florida and a Protestant Christian.

        See here: http://www.thechristiansolution.com/doc2011/455_N...

        "The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square, formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil." Acts 17:5-13

      • Meme

        The thugs as they are related to are not Christians or they would not be bashing Tim, belittleing his Salvation nor mocking his GOD.
        No one has said that all NFL players Black, White or any other race are thugs so it is clearly a racist statement to try to lump all Black NFL players as thugs.
        My mother taught me that the guilty dog always barks first. The idiotic sportscasters who are behind this whole thing are the guilty dogs and it purely shows that instead of focusing on the good job the Bronchos [the whole team] are doing some supposedly 'tolerant' people are more interested in focusing on the team leader's "religion' than they are on the success of the team. Now they have a bunch of guilty dogs barking racism and intolerance.
        All you people who spout the "tolerance doctrine' and yet you tolerate every "religion including the Athiest religion ' except the so called 'Christian Religion' should be ashamed of your intolerance and faultfinding with this team especially its quarterback.
        They are a team and Tim recognizes that without the team he wouldn't be successdul and if he is thankful for his team and the success he feels GOD has given them and he wants to express it please tell me how that is hurting or distracting you or anyone else for that matter.
        If what sign he shows as thankfullness was sooooo bothering if I were you I wouldn't watch him. There are plenty others on his team to see besides him.
        Better yet, call or e mail the sponsers of the game show and demand that the sportscasters that are causing all the controversy be told to shut up about it or be pulled off the air.
        They are there to comment on the game and the plays the team makes not religion.

    • Red Baron

      I think it's great that he expresses his faith in God. I am also Glad he plays for my team the Denver Broncos. Those without faith in God should not fear those with it. They should fear those who would kill everybody who doesn't believe in Islam.

    • skipfoss

      Who the devil are you to question what Christ said. He said just exactly what he ment "I am the way the truth and the life and NO MAN come unto my father except by me" How could he have said it any clearer than that. Our problem today is that most christians will not stand up thos this low life half breed muslim communistand his czars and his Islamic brotherhood. Well I for one will stand against them untill last one of the are dead ,because that is the only way for Americia will get back to where it once was,you have to kill them before they get a bigger foot hold. we started by letting the bilderbergs buy this muslum POS into the office of president

    • skipfoss

      I appologise for jumping on you it was ment for supertad

    • Dave Langdon

      Tony Dungy, Tom Landry, Tim Tebow and many others , you are in great company Tim. God Bless you and the young fans that see God in you. You are an inspiration to us all.

    • Emory Autrey

      Just thank what a price Cassius Clay paid for rejecking JESUS CHRIST, for a false god named ala, and even worse, the worse is yet to come. And think of all the lives he may have led astray. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to bless Bro Tim Tebow and use him in a mighty way.

    • Maga

      Thugs are everywhere in football. Maybe these folks need to start watching National Hot Rod Drag Racing events where the drivers regulary state on TV cameras "I give God all the praise and glory" or Thank you Lord for this blessing" or after they jump out of their funny cars, pro stock or nitro fueled dragsters that run over 300 mph in an 1/8 of a mile, pooint towards heaven after they finished winning run. This is a sport that you better not attempt to disrespect the Flag, our country or Jesus Christ Our Lord God. We have 2 church services every Sunday in various Major Team hospitality tents that are filled with owners, drivers, crew chief and team members all giving God all the praise and glory. NHRA folks have real guts and are certainly not afraid to voice their beliefs publicly and you never hear anyone making disparaging remarks. GOD, Country and Family are first!

    • Ardnas

      Those who are not followers of Christ want Tebow to fail because that means His God failed him. They want to point fingers and say, "See your God is not worth believing because He did not make you able to play as well as most of the rest of us out here." They are so busy trying to discredit God that they must play down Tebow's impressive performance. They try to get into Tebow's head with their remarks which includes lack of support and fun making. All of those who do this are working to squelch the Truth of who Jesus really is. They are arrogantly focused on themselves and their own accomplishments.

    • George2

      I can't see that he is doing ANY more than I see going on in ALL the sports...Jr.high level, to and through, Pro. You see probably at least 80% of them CROSS themselves every time they turn around. Prayer before an activity doesn't hurt a thing (probably doesn't HELP a thing...except to make each one feel better about himself) I can't identify with the crossing of ones self...but...some of that "dancing" is TRULY disgusting.


      The differences that cause the varied reactions to Christianity and Islam are to be found in the tenets of each respective religion (allowing for the time being that Islam is one). A thorough study of Islam shows many logical and common sense anomalies.

      People are not stupid: few of us fall for the bad reasoning that all people of all religions are to be treated equally. That's fine for the courts, but not for everyday living. There is no law on earth that can convince me to respect Islam, or any person who adheres to it. Muslims show no respect to non-muslims, and that's fine. I, for one, do not want respect from people who believe such tripe.

      Some exist with Christianity, too, but the biggest difference is that, although Christianity teaches about the retributions on unbelievers, that retribution is proclaimed to come from the hand of God, not some dumb-ass with a pick-up truck full of explosive fertilizer.

      Mohammed, the so-called prophet of Islam, gave orders to all muslims to never befriend non-muslims unless it would help Islam to defeat and destroy all non-muslims. He taught that muslims should kill non-muslims, and his orders exist today to this very minute.

      For my money, the biggest threat that Islam holds for humanity is that the decisions to execute Mohammed's orders are in the hands of an ignorant, hateful, perverted, mass of mankind dictated to by hate-mongers such as the leaderships of most Islamic nations, and in secret, I believe, by Barrack Hussein Obama.

      • Meme

        What paert is secret about the President?
        Since he has been in office he has disannulled every Christian ordinanance set up by our Congress and past presidents, every law such as DADT and DOMA and probably others that we just haven't heard about yet, he has taken his Executive Order pen to wipe it out. He has wined and dined the most executive leaders of Islam several times yet has not had one dinner for the Christian nor Jewish leadership. He follows all the Islamic rules when going to Islamic countries including not allowing his wife to accompany him, and the nauseous list goes on while he has determinedly set about showing upmost disrespect for our friends and allies, the Canadians, British and Israeliis.
        The Bible says you will know a tree [ Christians by the fruit it bears. Obama no Christian fruit, no Christian: Islamic fruit, Islamic Obama.

        • Meme

          I apologize for the misspellings, I got distracted and forgot to spell check before posting.

    • Carol

      I thank God he Christian and he doing well in the NFL and I still can't figure out why everyone has such terrible things to say about him usually it is jealously and that is horrible as well.

    • Mayflower Decendent

      First, if he were a muslim he'd find it very hard to play in a white dress. And, second we wouldn't be having this discussion because it would never have been news!

  • Supertad108

    What if.. anything but Christian? Tim is a great football player, however he is being used as a pawn to silence Christianity's God. If only Jesus wouldn't have said.. "I am the ONLY way" we wouldn't be having this discussion. So, anything BUT Jesus is NOT offense to those that choose to make a god in there own image.

    • johnsnare

      Double standard? You bet your sweet butt there is a double standard. Because Tim is white and wears his religion on his sleeve, he is scorned. Blacks do get preferential treatment when religion is the issue. I remember when that great NFL player, Reggie Smith, who, by the way was an ordained Minister, constantly praised his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and nary a word was ever spoken. Tebow, because of his skin color is the object of negative talk because of his Christian belief. It all stinks. Treat everyone the same.

      • OU812

        Reggie White, not Smith.

      • Gary

        Yep, WASP-M has been persecuted for years (that White Anglo-Saxon Protestant - Male). If you are one of these, you are propably considered to be the lowest life form on the face of the earth......by those of "the world" (and we all know who runs the "world"). However, that matters not. What matters is what God thinks of them. That's the only thing that matters. God said to fear God before man, because man has no control over your soul (eternal life). God has the final say of where you spend eternity. Tebow???? Hang in there dude!! Love the testimony.

        • PastorCarmen

          Only because Tebow is a Whitey They are on Him. Go Tebow Go and God Be with you.

    • Shell

      Your opinion is a little too far out. If you are a Christian you are given a commission to spread the Holy, Almighty Word of the Holy, Almighty GOD. When Jesus said, "no one comes to the Father but by me" he was saying he is GOD. The trinity consist of the Father (supernatural being), the Son (the human being), and the Holy Spirit (the soul), consequently there is no way to reach GOD except completely for one part without the other is not whole, complete. When Jesus said, "Before Abraham was, I AM." He was telling us in that statement that HE is the HUMAN part of the GODHEAD. In the old testament it tells us of two witness's as it does in Revelation. With the Trinity you have two witness to God the father,ie., the Son and the Holy Ghost; to the Son you have the Father and the Holy Ghost; to the Holy Ghost you have the Father and the Son. Yes, Virgina, Jesus is offended when we choose to make other gods in their own images.

      • Gary

        Absolutely corrcect. Glad to spend eternity with you!!

    • Bon

      I agree!!

    • http://www.BornAgainHeathens.com Tim BAH

      When Christians were persecuted by the Roman Empire it was ONLY because Jesus said ".. no one comes to the Father except through Me." Just prior to tossed in with the lions, Christians were offered by one last chance to deny that Christ was the only path to God and make an offering to any other Roman god. They feared not who could destroy their body, and feared Him that could destroy body and soul.

      Tebow has not denied Christ before men and Jesus will keep his promise not to deny him before the Father.

    • Merriel

      Jesus did say that He is the only way! He said," No One comes to the Father except through Me!"

  • abbey

    A sportscaster making negative comments about a player's Muslim faith? Not for very long...he'd get his throat slit, today.

    • Wiara

      Before he had this throat slit, the station/newspaper/publication would fire him for being insensitive. There is definitely a double standard out there.

    • Bon

      you are right!!!

    • Gary

      Case in point, look what happened to Hank Williams Jr.!!!!! And it wasn't close to this!!

  • Larry Hood

    If he were a muslim Obama and the entire government would praise him to no end.

    • Bon

      muslims are terrorists not, thank heaven football players!!!

    • Fred

      and CAIR would make the NFL allow prayor rugs on the field and make it manadatory that games accounted for the call to Allah the rag head

    • D. Sanchez

      Was it last year that Obama served a muslim pro football player at the WH when Ramadan ended.....as well as cleared a room for prayer....??

  • JIM

    I hope that Denver and Tim Tebow win the Super Bowl. He is a Christian and the MSM cannot stand someone of Faith being who they are. Just one more reason that America is in the shape it is in. Turn from God and He will turn from you!!!

    • Guest

      Tebow is a role model and deserves praise for his Christianity and not being afraid to show it. I hope the Bronco keep winning!

      • Warrior07

        With Faith in God, all things are possible. If Tebow brings glory to God and it is God's sovereign desire. The Broncos will go all the way.

        • eliwhit

          You said it and I agree I am a Gator Fan and also A TIM TEBOW Fan and I for one as a Christian support and admire him for the outward showing of his faith! I am totally sick and tired of writers that are always Putting him down for giving the Glory to Jesus Christ and they will learn a valuable lesson much like a writer that was all Ohio State and Bad mouthed Leaks and Tebow he even made a statement to me that they didn't stand a chance against Ohio State and told him that he did not know what he was talking about !? I got the last laugh and he got fired for some of his unsavory remarks! So let them keep up their stupidity and TEBOW and I will Pray for them and watch the Broncos Go!

        • Gary

          Matters not what the Broncos do. That's not how God works. He won't "bless" the Broncos because of Tebow's faith. He WILL, however bless Tebow, in ways this world can never understand. Faith is personnal. So are the blessings. Tebow cares not what happens to the team. He does, however, care what God will do with his life, because when you give your life to the Lord, that's the mindset you have. It's about serving God, not what God can/will do for you. God has allready done the most excellant thing, he saved him. Now Tebow serves his savior. Non believers will never understand this. This is what Jesus tried to teach us through His life here on earth. Tebow has it right and is doing it right. Good for him!

    • mark

      As a long timr NY GIANT fan if tebow was to play NY in the SB , I am rooting for TIM no doubt GOD BLESS

    • http://comcast.net Thinking Gal

      Jim, I agree with you unti you say,l 'Turn from God and He will turn from you!!!' No matter how we turn from the Lord, He will not turn away from us. He may wait -- and wait -- and wait but I don't think it's in His nature to do the 'walking'

      For all the guff Tebow is getting, he is responding as I imagine would please the Lord and put many smiles on His face.

      And just a P.S. I'm a sports fan and have seen endless expressions of thanks by pro football players. Best example to me is a former Giant, Mark Bavaro. Knelt after every TD he caught but they never got on his back (nor should they have) for doing so. Society has become too pc in favor -- you got it -- of Muslims.

    • Richard Gibbard

      I just hope they don't beat the Lions!

      Seriously, though, maybe Mr. Tebow is living up to the hype after all.

  • leebo

    Obama would switch from being a Chicago fan and wouldn't miss a game.

    • Bon

      agree mr wishy washy himself!!

    • http://www.travelightgame.com Lynne Jones

      Yea, Obama sucks like that & so does Michelle!

  • http://na saw

    Tim is a fine example for all Christians and for that matter the whole world to see. He does profess his faith in Jesus Christ unashamedly and I applaud him for that!

  • Rich Pascoe

    Give me a break! Tim Tibow was raised in the South, in Southern style football. Of Couse he's a Christian! Cassius Clay is from Kentucky. Not really the South!

    • Elsie E Connelly

      Since when is Kentucky not in the South. You are a complete moron. Muhammad Ali should be considered an apostate, since he decided to follow a cult with a pedophile as its symbol.

    • lensc

      Does that mean there are no Christians in the North or West , only the south ?

    • Sergio Sr.

      KFC- is southern fried chicken.

      • Byron Thackery

        KFC founder is born in Indiana and set up new business in Southeastern area of KY in the midst of 1950.

  • Carlos

    No weapon formed against Tim Tebow shall prosper, as long as he continues to give God the Glory in everything he acomplish! I only wish many of the Christian that are part of the NFL would rise in his defense and also become bolder in their witness for Jesus. The sad part is that as Christians we are not willing to pay the price. I hope and pray that Tebow will continue to inspire his team mates, adversaries and many others, to not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe! God bless you Tim!

    • Bobbie

      Many,many AMENS to that!!

      • Louise

        Oh how I completely agree with Carlos. Along with that, just think our schools don't allow prayer but they do make special arrangements for Muslim students to obey their prayer time.

    • John

      Carlos, I love your comment my Christian Brother. Remember people, this battle seems impossible but it was already won long ago at the cross of Jesus. We are bought with his blood and no one or nothing can take us from Him. All this noise made but God's enemies is in vain for when Christ returns he will crush them all and start the new Jeruslem. The Bible tells that the valley will be as deep in the blood of the enemy to the height of the shoulder of a horse.

    • Jim

      Dear Carlos,
      Mike Singletary was the head coach of the S.F. 49'ers. A great guy, former football player, and committed Christian who does what the rest of us do in our sometimes "successful" sometimes frustrating and hum drum lives: to glorify God while we live here. Not many Christians are successful and famous. Some are. For his age I think Tim Tibow is exhibiting God's grace in the NFL "arena". The really wonderful thing is that he is a tremendous, personable young athlete whose Mother could have aborted him except that she listened to the creator and gave thanks to Him for a beautiful baby boy. Whether he wins or loses on the field, I wish him the best and may God bless he and his family, especially his courageous mother!

  • BSCTexas

    Watch closely as God continues to bless Tim Tebow. Tim knows where his provision comes from, and it sure isn't the NFL. God bless you, Tim. Keep up the good work.

  • steve gaughran

    goooooooooooo tboooooooooooooooooo

    • James

      I would give anything if I could talk to God as well as Tebow does.

  • BoBO

    All part of the socialist plan folks. Attack our religion, education, land and gun ownership, assets. Remember the quote "we will take America without firing a shot" Wake up and smell the onions people, it's happening.

  • Sambo

    I agree with the above comments from Berengaria and Supertad108. If, is the objective. If, a bullfrog had wings he wouldn't bump his butt when he hopped. The difference is that Tebow made a free will choice to accept Jesus in his heart as saviour of his life. Anyone who chooses not to and follow after their own god's will find out in the end who was right! Kudos to Tebow for being courageous enough to give God (Creator) of everything the Glory He deserves and not Muhammad!

  • BSCTexas

    You hit the nail on the head, Carlos. Wish we had more examples like this young man to be role models for upcoming generations. God will raise up the right people at the right time. His will WILL be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

  • pacamomma

    TEBOW, THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING SILENCED. UndEr the constitution, we have the in-alienable RIGHT to oUr freedom of religious beliefs, and to hates with anyone who doesnt like it. Christianity is under much attack in this country, so all christians, wear you beliefs on your sleeves for all to see. God percieves the others as enemies to the faith, Im sick of this bass akwards way in this country. If you dont like my beliefs, TOUGH!!!! Praise JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!!!

    • Maga

      I work in a very LIBRAL left enviroment, but I wear my cross for everyone to see, Praise the Lord openly and Say MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Easter and refuse to bow to the pressure. Fortunately, it has provided other Christians the ability to start freely expressing themselves as well. The problem with SILENT Christians, is that they are letting the others win. We must all BOLDLY speak up or we will be buried!

      • Bobbie

        You are absolutely correct! My preacher just preached on the very thing you said this past Sunday. He said, "As Christians, we should be outraged at the way we are being portrayed and that we should STAND UP and SPEAK to that regard! Thank you for your wonderful words.

    • Bobbie

      AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!

  • Dean

    I wonder what the MSM would say if he were giving everyody the finger?

    • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

      You know, they're just waiting, on pins and needles, for him to screw up, so they can call him a hypocrite and stomp all over him.

      • eliwhit

        Yes they are and if he does not they will make something up but he does not and should not care what they think! He Knows whom he is pleasing and he will and is being rewarded. Tim and his whole family are all wonderful God fearing Christians and they all dedicate their lives to their God and Savior Jesus Christ!! Their missionary works are a real work of Love and I applaud them and give Thanks for their open faithfulness!

    • http://www.travelightgame.com Lynne Jones

      I say give MSM - NBC - the Muslim government the finger. I am so done with this rotten to the core media that praises that fraud in the White House. Shame on them.

  • Jim

    Ali the draft dodger, now revered as a national hero. He always had no problem with taking whitey's money though. Only reason Tebow is being criticized is because he is a Christian. Dude is a winner, and they can't stand it.

    • Guy

      You are right about Ali he changed to muslim to get out of the draft when has not killing been against islam or fighting if he was so much against violence he would not have been a boxer and I don't considered him nothing but a raciest coward

      • Joy

        I well remember the controversy surrounding Ali and his conversion to a form of Black Liberation Theology via the so-called Nation of Islam and its founder, Elijah Muhammed (who preceded the nasty Screwy Louie Farrakan). I personally don't blame Ali for not wanting to be drafted - future politicians on both sides of the aisle tried (and managed) to "beat the Draf.t" (BTW, thank God we no longer have the Draft!) And the means for deferrment were as many as those who pulled it off: Clinton went to Oxford! Bush joined the Texas Air Nat'l Guard, etc. Well, Ali's paid for his sins (although, as Jesus famously said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone!") by "living" (more like being entrapped) in a virtually paralyzed body with Parkinson's. Also, with age (fame & fortune), of course, he mellowed out quite a bit. Most old rebels do...

  • Gordon

    God bless Tim Tebow!



    • eliwhit

      Amen and Amen and Amen!

    • walt1958

      Amen I am ashamed at the media a certain people that have made fun of Tim Teabow I would not want tp be in your shoes come jugement Day then you will get want it was all about, but to late. This country is going in a direiction that from want I have read it all started about 100 yrs ago to starte getting America ready for Solociam,they figured it would take that long to get god out of the picture and change the moral thinking off the American people almost a great job but you can not beat GOD!!!!!!

    • JEANNE


  • skycamsnonna

    I am now a Denver fan. Tell me the fan base has not grown. Keep it upTebow because you have a lot of fans out here. Don't be silenced by the evil few. I am thrilled the kids have a role model worth following for a change.

    • MikeC711

      I am actually considering joining the dark side and becoming a Denver fan. I never really liked Denver ... but Tebow makes me consider it. God's children are not given free passes through life and I don't think TT will be a SuperBowl MVP every year or anything like that, but God has clearly blessed him and he is unwavering in his proclamation of Jesus as the center of his life and source of all his gifts. Go TT.

      • Steve

        I deffinately agree with you Mike, Denver is a devision rivial, so I'll never be a Denver fan. But I'm deffinately a Tim Tebow fan!!

    • Bobbie

      Absolutely AMEN to that!

  • AliGore

    This articale makes no sense. Jen seems to wonder in her thoughts and it comes out sounding like she is stirring sh!t that need not be stirred. Leave Timmy alone and let him do his job and stop reaching for every blade of grass you can find to prove you hate Muslims. YES this is a christian nation and for my part they should all have to leave like we left Europe over 2 centuries ago but dont make Tim Tebow your little drummer boy.

    • Elsie E Connelly

      AliGore: Articale is spelled article! She's not making Tim her drummer boy. I think you are mistaken. Plus, you cannot construct a cohesive sentence, you cannot spell. SHUT THE H UP!

    • eliwhit

      AliGore do not let media idiots push your Buttons that is what they want is your negative emotions on this issue!

    • Vern

      You sound as dumb as the other Al Gore. The Muslims are the ones that should leave. Europe is finding out that they
      need to send the Muslims packing before they take over and ruin their countries. It would be good if Tim could be our
      drummer boy and drum the Muslims back to their homeland.

    • The Godfather

      The article makes a comparison between a Muslim like Ali and a Christian like Tebow. Stop trying to read something into the article that's not there. That's what liberals do.

  • patricia

    in this country, we all enjoy the right to freedom of religion. the problem arises when one tries to force their views on others. i don't care whether its enforcing sharia law, or excessive christian zeal, the problem comes in trying to force our views on others.

    • Elsie E Connelly

      There are so many muslims in this country now, don't you think you should worry about them? They don't want to assimilate into this country, they want to rule it under Sharia Law. Several young women have lost their lives due to their fathers following Sharia Law. Their fathers were trying to force them back to the stone age, and when they didn't want to go, he killed them. DOESN'T SOUND TO ME LIKE A VERY GOOD WAY TO HANDLE THINGS.
      I don't particularly like Muslims, don't care it it's not Politically Correct, they have one thing in mind. World domination. Rule by Sharia Law. You wouldn't like it patricia. It is not women friendly.

    • SSGDave

      Forcing thier will on others is the PC thing these days, in case you were unaware of it. Islam, or Mohammedanism, just advocates Murder to Enforce getting thier way over you. That's why so many people Object to it, and I, for one, Fight it Every Step of the Way. Nobody has the right to Murder anyone else. Nobody is above the law.

      • VT Patriot

        "Nobody is above the law. "

        Unless you are a muslim. Ask the muslim in chief.

    • FlaJim

      Explain exactly how Tebow is forcing his views on others with 'excessive Christian zeal.' He's an exceptional motivational leader both on and off the field but doesn't force anyone to convert or else.

      It sounds like you're one of those who disdain 'excessive' patriotic behavior as forcing views on others. Lefties recently released a study showing that if you took your kids to too many patriotic displays (parades, fireworks, etc), they might grow up to be normal -- conservative.

      Perhaps you just object to those who lead by setting a good example.

    • John

      It seems like your definition of "forcing views" & "excessive Christian zeal" needs to be explained in more detail. Who decides what is excessive? I don't see Tim's showing of humility & reverence excessive. Plus it is his Constitutional right to freedom of Religion as well as speech. If OWS protesters can camp out illegally & crap on police cars than Tim should surely be left alone don't you think? And are you making a moral equivialancy between Islam & Sharia law & Biblical laws & principles? If so you are welcome to move to an Islamic country & I will pay for the trip.

      • VT Patriot

        Let's not forget the call to prayer at noon in the middle of NYcity where all the muzzies lay down their prayer rugs on Madison Ave, block traffic, cause chaos and generally push their PC right to worship on anyone trying to get to work. Disgusting.

        Go Tebow... And thank you!

    • maryp912

      I agree....however, I hope you're not suggesting that Tim Tebow is forcing us with his views. I consider myself an adult and I am not so easily influenced by anyone.

      • maryp912

        I must add...that I think it is marvelous that he's manly enough to get his priorities straight......and put God above all things!!!!and give praise and thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ for all things in his life.

    • UCLOWN

      Its not forcing ours views on others nor does it have anything to do with a religion. It is my mission - I do not want anyone to choose to go to hell. If you are in Christ then you will understand my zeal! Its about the Good News of Jesus Christ! Don't live only for this life on earth; there is more...muuuuuuuuch more! allah makes you come to him. Jesus comes to you. Give him a chance!


    • E. Livingston

      Who is forcing whose views on others? The only people I see using "force" in connection with their views are the ones who are using the legal system and the power of government to "force" the religious ideas called relativism and multiculturalism, which claim that there is no value distinction between any philosophical or religious commitments. They are the "PC" people. Tebow forces no one. IF YOU WOULD COMPEL HIM to silence or hide his personal faith, IT IS YOU who are trying to force your views on others. Tim Tebow's piety is not mine, but his public expression does not force me to think or do anything. Just what pressure does he put on you?

    • Vern

      Dear Pat who is forcing a religion on you? The Muslims are the only ones that I know of that want to force their religion
      on others.

    • JEANNE


    • Drew Page

      I agree that problems arise when one tries to force their views on others, views like socialism, government mandated health care, subsidizing failure and penalizing success, spending money you don't have and burdening our children and grandchildren with immeasurable debt, increasing taxes on those who already pay 40% of all federal income taxes when 50% pay nothing in federal income tax. These are the kind of views I don't like forced on me.

    • Othello

      Maybe that's because if you are a Christian, you get crucified. You can be ANY other faith, but don't you dare say God, or anything to do with God because "It may offend someone"
      Well, TOUGH $h!T! May God Bless AMERICA!!!!!!

    • Robert Landis

      Patricia, we have , in this country, freedom of religion- not freedom from religion. If I want to honor God publically, I have that freedom. Some times I am put off by those spouting their thanks to God when I wanted to hear about the game or something else and than I realize Oh , that is really what is important to them and that is neat that they are comfortable sharing what is most important to them with the world ! Tim, mostly, tells the world that he is thankful to God in every situation , no matter what the outcome is. Tim doesn't depend on man's approval but on pleasing God.
      Tim is a leader and I would vote for him for POTUS if he was called to be a candidate. Many times we don't want to hear about God because He is not the one we are really living to please. I believe we were created to talk to God and hear His Spirit direct our lives in our activities and our relationships with others. Our relationship with God is our reason for being created. I have a lot to learn about my relationship with God and I am thankful for examples like Tim Tebow to show me how to be bold in saying what I believe, not necessarily just what people want to hear.

  • Michelle

    Gob Bless Tim Tebow

  • susi-oh

    Tim Tebow would be revered and celebrated by the powers that be if he were anything other than Christian. Reviling Christians is the "in" thing to do. It shows how smart and cool you are, and how you "get it." Twisted.

    • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

      Exactly. HE is the type of person our kids should be looking up to, not people like Michael Vick and others who break the law or just act like complete idiots. Yet the media disrespects him at every turn. Makes me sick.

  • OAHS

    Enough political correctness ...

    • jake LoCascio

      Tim in the enviorment of today. You are a beacon to us all! It about timer we banded together, and got back to basics. Our parents and Grand Parents gave them to us. We just forgot!

      • eliwhit

        Amen Sir and I thank you for this writing!

  • Basil BuddhaCat

    Should anyone be astounded by the fact that 21st century mainstream media - Fox, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. etc. - try to create controversy and a juicy story where none exists ?

    Tim Tebow is a great human being who happens to be a Christian. There are many great human beings who happen to be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, etc. etc. and play professional sports and donate much of themselves to their community and to their nation.

    Granted, there are also some pretty lousy role models in professional sports - who belong to the Christian faith, Jewish faith, Muslim faith, etc. etc.

    Let's just put religeous affiliation aside and thank those sports figures who are positive role models - and hold them up as examples for the others to follow.

  • JLJ

    The word says draw closer to God and he will draw closer to you, so you go Tim and don't let anyone or anything sway you away from your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I join the others in applauding you.

  • floyd

    Romans 8

    14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. 15 The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.[f] And by him we cry, “Abba,[g] Father.” 16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. 17 Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.

  • Godfearinman

    Why do black liberals and panty waist whites have a problem with a successful Christian white guy who has something they can't seem to find! Mentioning Tim Tebow and his Christian faith in the same breath of a draft dodger and such a notorious religion for intolerance is at the height of hypocrisy!

    • AirAmrka

      You know very little about history. Ali was not a draft dodger.

      • FlaJim

        Moslems are the most bloodthirsty cult in the modern world. For one of them to claim the status of conscientous objector because he doesn't believe in killing is de facto a draft dodger.

        • AirAmrka

          Actually the Catholic Church in the Caribbean, South and Central America and during the Inquisition were much more blood thirsty than Muslims. When the crusaiders "freed" Jerusalim they killed everyone they found there, when the Muslims retook the city, no one was killed after the fighting was over. But, don't allow facts to get in the way of your emotions.

          Where were you during Vietnam? What Corp did you strap your boots on in? Ali was here "Although he had not been charged or convicted for violating the Selective Service Act, the New York State Athletic Commission and World Boxing Association suspended his boxing license and stripped him of his heavyweight title in May of 1967. Ali's comment to Sports Illustrated at the time was, "I'm giving up my title, my wealth, may be my future. Many great men have been tested for their religious beliefs."

          Your "he doesn't believe in killing is de facto a draft dodger" makes my list for this weeks "Gump" Award. In fact, you might take the annual "Stupid is as stupid does" Award.

        • FlaJim

          The actions of the Spanish in the Americas had far less to do with religion than with their revulsion of cannibalism. Read the reports of Columbus, various conquistadors, and the priests that accompanied them.

          Your ignorance of what the moslems did during the Crusades is profound. I suggest much further study.

          Clay lost nothing in the end and knew he wouldn't. There were other venues where he could follow his career that had already been offered to him. He simply didn't want to give up the big paychecks for two prime years.

          During the latter part of Vietnam (I wasn't eligible till early 70s), I was the sole support of my parents, sister, and pregnant wife. The draft ended shortly afterabut I applied for service in the Marines in 76 and was told, "There are no positions available. Our quota is filled." Ten years later, I reapplied and was told I was too old.

      • jonace

        yeah ,you are right. He is still a racist pig and I hope when he dies they plant him facing north or south.

  • Pete0097

    I don't have a problem with the guys that sacked Tim Tebow appearing to mock his short prayer of success. They have the right to pray that they did something right as well, or at least appear so.

    • http://twitter.com/Deepizzaguy @Deepizzaguy

      The Detroit Lions are eating crow right now for mocking him and may not make the playoffs.

  • AirAmrka

    Tebow and Ali are both the real deal. Both serious about their faith and walk their talk. I have great respect for both.

    Ali disagreed with the war in Vietnam but did not vote with his feet. He did not flee to Canada or Sweden and accepted the consequences of his stand right here in the United States.

    I do disagree with Ali's religion but seem to recall there being something in the Constitution about that. I might be wrong though.

    Prior to all of you anti-war folks loving this, let me make this comment

    100% T&P Service Connect Vietnam veteran - - - volunteered to serve and extended to be in 'Nam
    Bible thumping evangelical that supports the Constitution

    • FlaJim

      Clay didn't discover his fondness for mohammedism till shortly before he knew his draft notice was coming and got Elijah Mohammed (or whatever his real name was) to assure the draft board that moslems were, indeed, very peaceful. Even 45 years ago, the moslems were trying to hoodwink us about their true aim: convert or die.

      • AirAmrka

        Post something about a real draft dodger for a change. Say something about William Jefferson Clinton.

  • Larry Sanders

    AMEN...for and to Tim Tebow for his faith in GOD and his religeous beliefs. As for Obama and his Muslim beliefs, he lies, cheats, and enjoys hosting musim terrorists in the U.S., so he is about the worst President we have every had, in fact he and his wife have attended American Flag burnings, some Christian American huh??

  • Bill

    I support Tebow's faith, but maybe they can run a commercial every time he stops to pray on the field.

  • Tam

    I LOVE TIM TEBOW!!!!!! May God richly bless him for his courage to show he serves the one true God!! I hope he gets a Super Bowl ring very soon.

  • Terry marcum

    Please Denver trade him to The Browns! We need all the help we can get.

    • FlaJim

      We need him more here in Tampa. Lousy coach, worst defense in the NFL, no QB, and a completely dispirited team. The Bucs could use a Floridian who could revive the team as he's done in Denver.

  • Rick Torn

    Football stadiums are for football.

    I think that Tebow's constant, self-conscious, public displays are inappropriate ... out of place. God doesn't care who wins and loses. He's not on Tebow's side.

    • BigGeezer

      Rick... you've never seen Tebow play have you... 'constant and self conscious'... you are clueless to the facts. He walks the faith without the overblown-TV based displays that other so-called faithful display.

  • troll0174

    You say Ali was Popular....... NOT the way I remember it, Before or after he found the religion. His agressive style and Loud mouth Together with His Racial Rantings he was in fact VERY UNpopular!
    If Tim Tiebow were Muslime, he would be a fine Ambassador for his religion.
    Mr Tiebow IS a Fine example of Christianity.

    • http://twitter.com/Deepizzaguy @Deepizzaguy

      Ali had his boys intimidate the media. Now the media is crying Ali has Parkinson's disease when he is public.

  • Insurgent

    There is an illegal, LFN Muslim from Kenya sleeping in the White House and not too many people are concerned.

    • insurgentpleasedie

      Really? Your mom lives in the White House? Who would've guessed!!!!

      • Insurgent

        No---------------- it is someone you horses' asses voted for you frickin' moron!

  • Malachi McCarthy

    I became a Bronco fan this year becuase of Tim. I like his open display of faith. Being a Catholic I cross myself in public. all the time Gosh...I hope it upsets the commies and disbelievers. I am 100% behind his display of faith. It is exactly what we lack in this country. Being 12/7/11 today and the 70th anniversary of the Jap sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, I think of all those brave men who fought for us and displayed their faith. What has become of us. We better start doing more of what Tim is doing.

  • Pumanator

    What If, what Schmif. If If If. If a frog had a glass butt he would only hop once. nuff said.....

  • Ken M

    Tim Tebow is not forcing his religion on anyone. Sure, he expresses his faith as he sees fit, and I'm proud of his Christian witness and willingness to express himself. I hope it wears off on others. I'm a Bronco's fan now too. God Bless Tim Tebow.

    As for the topic - If Tebow, as a muslim, expressed himself in a similar fashion, the MSM would be applauding him, and NOT A WORD would be said or written about it. If a talking head said someting against him as a muslim, they would be fired. If a sports writer wrote something negative about it, he/she would be fired. If another player mocked him, he would be in deep trouble, with calls for firing. You won't see that sort of punishment for folks pursecuting Christians.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Ken... Your post was spot on! Tim Tebow is an extremely brave individual. His outward expressions of his faith are awesome. He knows he will be held under a microscope for his faith, but doesn't falter. I hope other Christians will take his cue and be more vocal with their faith as well, whether it be in sports, hollywood, in a restaurant, at a school, whatever! We need more Godly examples of faith to look up to. Go Tim and go Broncos!

    • http://twitter.com/Deepizzaguy @Deepizzaguy

      Tim is allright. He is trying to show people what God can do for you if you let His Son live in your life. You will suffer hits from the enemy but the end He always wins the prize of a good reputation like Roger Staubach has.

  • Mike Reseigh

    Tim Tebow has the "power" to "change" the whole culture of football. I hope he succeeds.

  • rocknjack

    TIM TEBOW...Stand your ground and never compromise what you stand for now...Thanks

  • http://alaskawallofshame.com Oracle

    Clay aka Ali has always been a scum of the earth coward...worshiping a Satanic figure like Mohamed as if this evil cult were religion...decrying violence and promoting it in the same breath. Anyone who chants their prayers is an easy target for brainwashing, after all they are self hypnotizing themselves with false belief. Any truly religious person speaks to God in original prayer from the heart...not learned and chanted phrases.Jesus warned of chanting prayers before he gave"The Lords Prayer" as an example, not a chant.
    When the revolution comes take careful aim at evil men with names like Kareem and Mohamed destroy them, their parents, evil children and anyone else who shares their DNA. At least they label themselves with absurd monikers making it easier to target the demons who worship Islam. It has always been good vs evil. Evil parents raise little demons who grow up to be vomit eaters like Clay...good parents, even those without faith, raise honest and respectful children who are a credit to society. I will celebrate Clays eventual demise with a meal of pork...and if I can find where he is buried I will take a pork dump there. There is no heaven for Islamists...they are an Obamination so crap on them!

  • David


  • Joanne

    Well, if he was a muslim it would be fine because they constantly complain that they are discriminated against by America! Why would they defend Christians?

  • dream

    from Jeff Foxworthy
    If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor…
    You may be a Muslim

    If you own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes…
    You may be a Muslim

    If you have more wives than teeth…
    You may be a Muslim

    If you wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon unclean…
    You may be a Muslim

    If you think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide…
    You may be a Muslim

    If you consider television dangerous but routinely carry explosives in your clothing…
    You may be a Muslim

    If you were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs...
    You may be a Muslim

    If you have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four…
    You may be a Muslim

    If your cousin is president of the United States …
    You may be a Muslim

    If you find this offensive and don't forward it…
    You may be a Muslim.

  • jmsmaxwell

    I could just see it if he was a devoute muslim. He would have so many restriction on him that he could not play football. Remember it is called a Pigskin, if he could get past that then he would have to stop sometime during the game when the
    call to prayer would be arrive, 5 times a day. Stop the game get out his prayer rug, take off his cleats, wash hiis feet and get orienteated towards Meca. the he would have to spend aprox 20 to 30 minutes on the ups and down of praying. Just
    would not work for any devout muslim. But I bet you a bag of Porkrines they would make specila rules just for him even
    if it ment delaying the game for Political Correctness.

  • Lawrence

    If he were a muslim the owners would be required to carry a prayer rug for him andf silence would be demanded.

  • Bobby Hutson

    Tim is a great example for our kids today, as to what a Christian really is...As a true son of the one and only living God! God bless you Tim i pray God will keep you (as i know he will) and your family protected.

  • Lawrence

    Liberals and democrats are trying to get rid of Christians, I say democrats for I do not know how you can be a Christian and support the dem party especially obama who support the gay movement and abortion which is murder. I have talked to top ministers in this nation and thehy agree with me, but before it was my thought. One only has to be a Christian and know that you cannot be a homo or baby killer and be a Christian.

  • Rooster

    Tebow has become the lightning rod for all who seriously seek to live the Christian life because of his public visibility. In a society that winks at fornication, adultery, sodomy, homosexuality, and infanticide, endeavoring to live as a conscientious Christian has become a mine field. It's just not "in" anymore—even among a lot of in-name-only Christians. But if you have been a Christian very long, you—we knew this was coming. (They especially hate it when you quote Jesus.) Jesus said in Matthew 10:22, "You yourselves will be universally hated of all men ..." and in John 15:18, "If the world hates you, you know that the world hated Me first." We do not follow Jesus to be popular or to be congratulated or honored. Since Tebow is highly visible, those who are the most intimidated by his faith will be the most aggressive in their public attacks. I thank God for men like Tebow, and keep him in my prayers. Hang tough, brother. Ephesians 6:12,13: "For our fight is not against any physical enemy: it is against organizations and powers that are spiritual. We are up against the unseen power that controls this dark world, and spiritual agents from the very headquarters of evil. Therefore you must wear the whole armor of God that you may be able to resist evil in its day of power, and that even when you have fought to a standstill you may still stand your ground."

  • Patrick Duffy

    How could any man crush his enemy on a football field, then offer up a prayer giving thanks for delivering such a painful thrashing to another human being, claim to be a Christian? Would Christ play football and smash a leather ball down the throat of an opposing team? IT'S RANK IDOLATRY! NFL players are ROMAN GLADIATORS! Not to mention, he is defiling the LORD's day by working on the Sabbath! And in a Roman-style collusium! This is foolishness. If he were really a Christian, he would not be in the NFL doing these things, as this activity does not glorify God, but satan the original gladiator.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Patrick Duffy...
      I was always taught that the Biblical phrase, Judge not lest ye be judged, was meant for Christians who were judging other Christians. It was the first thing I thought of when reading your post. Are you judging Tim Tebow? Are you a Christian? Do you feel the same animosity to those who are doctors, police officers, nurses, ambulance drivers, and others who work on Sunday? Some professions can't rest on the Sabbath. If Tim Tebow needs a judge, I think God can handle it. He wouldn't need your two cents.

  • SMK


  • richard wilson

    go tim tebow if we have fredom of religion in this country you can celebrate as you wish,muslems such as cassius clay got away withit for the last 45 years ,so can you.

  • george

    What if TeBow turns out to be just and average Quarterback. Will Christians still aprove of his Christian behavior. I like the idea that more are speaking out about the christian God, but i don't seem to be able to connect God to football. If his fame is bringing more people to God great. Could this be a way God is reaching out to others. I never want o be the one to question God. I am suprised that some in the christian faith haven't pointed out had Christ taught to pry in private. i mean his prayers are between him and God. Now ia am not saying that this is wrong. Perhaps he is just giving thanks like we do at dinner. If somone with a bit of knowledge of the scripture will explained to me how this is good christian behavior i would apperciate. i am not questioning so much as i feel their are certain questions to me if this is the proper way to honor God. (i would like to here more about his work in the Phillipines, that to me really honors God)

  • http://www.ibelieveintebow.com Charlie

    Tim Tebow changed my life.

    Through the power of his example, he shook me out of my rut, my acceptance of what society taught me...I'm not that special, I can't really make much difference. Tim Tebow reminded me that God can use me to do great things to acheive his ends, and make a difference in the lives of his people. And God can use you to do great things as well.

    Let's follow Tim's example and go live lives of significance!

    Charlie http://www.ibelieveintebow.com
    There is a great t-shirt there that Tebow fans love. (and it will support the Tim Tebow Foundation)

  • JMJ

    Now if Mr. Tebow was a Roman Catholic praising Jesus, the hate would be even more severe. As a Roman Catholic, I am very happy to see him giving God the glory, which is what we should all be doing. Let us pray for Cassius Clay & all the other Christians that sold their souls to the devil by converting to such a dangerous "religion", that they will repent & get right with the One & Only God, our creator, our Father (no, not the one that thinks he is God: Obama). +JMJ+

  • jb80538

    If Tim Tebow was muslim, he'd have his prayer rug on the sideline. I'm glad he's a strong christian.

  • YRofTexas

    He would have been left alone and ignored. Christians have always made easy targets. Its just the way it 'tis.

  • paul

    Ali would have met an entirely different fate had he been around post 9/11.... so this article was doomed from the beginning,, tebow is an excellent role model , and seemingly a good christian.. not afraid of his faith.. we should all embrass his style.. think what you will about his religion and it is hard to argue that he isn't an excellent football player

  • draginfFIRE01

    Yes there is a double standard towards religion. and I really think if Tim Tebow was Muslim no one would say a word. but it would be a very long game due to praying 5 times a day. most likely a couple DURING the game

  • REC

    God bless Tim Tebow for having the courage to practice his faith, on and off the field.

  • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

    It's amazing that we're even having this conversation. The media has a love fest for people like Michael Vick and others who misbehave...drug addiction, DUI charges, domestic violence, dog fighting, you name it. But when Tebow, who has done nothing illegal, unethical or immoral, just expresses love for and thanks to God, he's demonized. What is wrong with this country? Good grief.

  • Not politico. corect

    As soon as TIM WAS DRAFTED BY DENVER, I changed from Miami to Denver as my team, as I'm sure many others did. What a pleasure to watch a nice young man, not a thug like Suh, play this tough sport and play so well. I saw in our local paper a H.S. school player do a "Tebow" a few weeks ago. That is, Kneel down in a prayer position, after scoring a touchdown. (That is known as "Tebowing"). What a great testimony for Jesus, our Messiah. On to the Super Bowl, Tim. God bless you and watch over you.

  • Gun Dealer

    I can tell ya now,,,If Tim were a Muslim you wouldn't hear a word about the kneeling. You go Tim,,,,you have a reward coming.

  • Sue

    This article hits home because my daughter and I were just saying the same thing about how the press would treat Tebow different if he were a Muslim. This country is in such bad shape because we don't have more people willing to be open with their faith. God will always bless the ones who profess him. You can see that happening to Tim. We will always have haters but we know there is a better place for us. Please continue to profess your belief in God and don't worry about your detractors. They will be doomed to the hell they deserve.

  • Janice Lowe

    Wouldn't be a problem then....he could stop traffic so he could pray. They would probably even allow the game to be stopped as well. Muslims have more rights now than Christians!!

  • Pericles

    Welcome to the United States, where the new religion is Diversitarianism, practiced by the Tolerantsia. People condemn Christianity because it actually sets standards of behavior by which we might judge lives and actually holds morality to certain standards. Uh, oh! I said the unspeakable "J Word": Judge!

  • Rory T.

    Brilliant articler. Mohamid Ali is a sad example of misplaced admiration. But, Ali was a gifted boxer for sure. Tiebow though is apparently not the best passer in the world. Notice though, he does not complain about his questionable passing, but, uses other talents God gave him to his best. He plays with the heart of a traditional Christian. Remember, it is not wheither you win or loose, but, how you play the game. Or put another way, God does not expect us to win everytime. Our mission is to give everything our best effort. I call it Christian work ethic and God demands it from everyone in all professions. Tiebow is a great role model for the living God. I rest my case.




  • c gimenez

    Cassius Clay was ignorant . The Viet Cong referred to all Americans as Yanki Imperialist dogs.

  • Rick Moss

    I find it interesting that the Mighty detroit Lions were on a superbowl surge until they openly mocked Tebow and his Christian faith. Now they play like they are cursed? Hmmmmmmm.

    • Joey

      I actually considered that myself. I wonder. You may be on to something.

  • Doctor Starratt

    This country was established as a Christian Nation. Like it or not, it's still a majority and is accepted and followed by most. As for Islam, there is a huge percentage of prisoners incarcerated now who profess to be followers of Muhammed. Mike Tyson, in his famous ranting about wanting to "eat his children" also concluded that with a "Power to Allah." so is he a follower or just another head bashed idiot that can't remember his middle name?

  • Sherry



    nuke turbanville....go on, do it!

  • Rubicon

    and if he celebrated each touchdown by doing what Muslims love to do, by beheading someone...he'd get a pass from the liberals and the media. But since he is a Christian, HE is the evil one. This country needs to wake up. 80% of this country is Christian, we need to fight back and stop the liberal media from silencing US.

    • flameinhair


  • T-Texas

    Tebow is a fine Christian young man,He reminds me of Daniel and the lions den story in the bible

  • Victor Barney

    While the whole world has been deceived as predicted, it's still not advocating murder and death, as does Islam and also marxism by the way.

  • Dorris

    This is going to far,First America has always been known for our Judo Christian Nation,we haved the right to worship the way we have for the life of America.
    I really think any one like the writer of this artical to even bring it up better let us know what is your belief? Americans don't have to be told how Muslims have the same rights.
    Why do Muslim come to America ?

  • Shane

    I personally have followed very little of the NFL for a number of years. This statement coming from a BIG sports fan, and former dye in the wool NFL fan. But the atmosphere has changed in the NFL. The players, owners and the sportcasters. Gee, it's gotten so bad, that its hard to watch a pre and post game show about the NFL. I attend around five college football games a year, about the same on college basketball. Attend high school football (every week) and other sports throughout the year. But have just lost interest in the NFL. Which is a shame, since for the last three years I have this nice large flat screen. But it and I see little NFL football. Till now! Have been following Denver, more so since the sportcasters and many that write comments on the blogs are so nasty and unfair toward Tim Tebow. I read, watch and follow the Broncos, like I used to follow the Dolfins and Bucs.

  • Shane

    Then another thing occured. Others, with no input from myself started bringing up that they to had started watching the NFL, maining to see Denver and then to see what the other teams in their division are doing. One friend said he stopped watching the NFL because of blackouts of his team these last few years. He has not watched an NFL game other than when his is on. But now has become a big NFL fan again. The NFL better watch it. From my experience and others, if they failed to allow a fair shake for Tim, then they're out there. Permanently.

  • BigGeezer

    the real concern is that Tebow is devout christian who does not flaunt his faith... unlike other professional athletes that make a simple play, catch, run and then wait for the cameras to show their kneeling, making a cross etc. Then after the game go out drinking, drugs/crack and making sure they add another undisciplined-fatherless child to the world. Thank God there are integrity based men in professional sports. Like the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says... 'I don't want to be the best quarterback in the NFL... I want to be the best man who is a quarterback in the NFL'. Let's see Denver and Green Bay in the super bowl!!!

  • American Piloteer

    If Tebow was a Moslem he's be on both knees banging his head on the ground.

  • eliwhit

    No the Sports world would not go out of their way to mistreat a muslim as they are with Tebow for 1) fear of reprisal. But Jesus teaches us Love and meekness not Murder and destruction nor does Jesus teach that he and his love be pushed down others throats unlike the Muslim faith. And if you will recall all of the Garbage that was of Ali was brought on bye himself and King his promoter! This was all for the sake of Look at me I am a God among you and this was Ali's Showboating style!

  • Peaches

    Read Romans 8 (The Bible). Read the whole chapter so that you can understand the context. Verse 31 states "What shall we then say to these things (walking in the spirit vs. the flesh ((like liberals)) ).If God be for us, who can be against us? Choose life and God. Go, Tim! As long as Tim gives God credit, God will raise Tim up. Has anyone ever heard Tiger Woods thank God for his outstanding golf talent? I haven't - look what happened to Tiger. Hung out to dry in front of the world. And Muhammad Ali - look what happened to him. The spiritual will ALWAYS triumph over the natural. The righteous live by faith, not sight. The manifestation of the spirit in the flesh is sometimes slow, but inevitable. Again, choose life.

  • Larry

    If Tebow were a Muslim the SOB Atheist's and the American Civil Liberty Union law firm would not say a word so it shows how two faced SOB they are. There are to many of the Judges that are Atheist's and did work for the ACLU but still rules for the ACLU this country would be better off without the scum suckers.

  • Fletchguy

    He would still be a glorified TE posing as an NFL QB and still would suck.

  • Donnell

    I watched a video of Bob Beckel saying he thought the problem stemmed from TIms "public" display of his faith indicating Tim should keep quiet about his faith.
    Mr. Beckel must forget that Muslims make a very public display of their faith when they kneel to pray - how many times per day,i s it?
    Let's face it Christains are mocked at every level, no matter what they do.
    Gays pretty much can do whatever they want in public and do, and if someone does not want to accomodate them, they whine and file suit. And the ACLU falls all over them. Equal rights.............not so



  • traitors in our gov

    Keep it up brother Tebow!!!! God puts us all right where we need to be.. And he put you in the spotlight because you won't waiver you faith...

    May God save us all, and have mercy on our souls!

  • Joan Compton

    Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all through Christ who strengthens me." Continue to GIve God the Glory. Tebow and he wil guide you!



  • docalpha

    Folks get upset because he take a knee. He says things according to his faith. They claim his is disruptive or such. BUT, if he was a Muslim, at prayer time the game would be stopped as he took a knee or both knees actually. Also every game in which he played or was on the bench and subject to playing; a special football would have to be in use. A football not made of pigskin. Folks wouldn't complain of that disruption would they?


    NEVER Mind That Tebow Were A Muslim"? If He Were a JEW, The Media Would Be Calling Everyone A Anti-Semite! Let's Do The Comparison There.....

  • 1WhoKnows

    First..........why all this against knealing and blessing himself.........I never heard a complaint about all th atheletes who bless themselves and kiss their crosses or other religious medals while at a baseball game (or other sporting event)????? what about all the displays and sayings on theses atheletes "tatoos"?????....
    Second.....if some people actually did their History on people like "Teddy Roosevelt" you would discover that he was actually a "Biggot" and personally against the "Blacks (Negroes) in His America".....he didn't believe that the American Negroe, could ever be as equal or capable, as the white man.......>>>>So is Obama a "Biggot" or racist????? I personally believe so....(he is a racist towards America.....anti-colonization)..

  • Keith M

    If Tebow was muslim no one would be saying any thing, but as he is Christian he's evil. It's a double standard. Just think of what they would say if he was Jewish. I hope that Tebow does not cave in to those who will ridicule him or his Christian faith. GOD Bless Tebow.......

  • Tom

    Tim has found God like many of us have. God does not always give us what we ask for, but always gives us what is good for us. Many times, God has given me life when I did not ask for it. I only wanted salvation. I wanted to cross over to the side,but I was not worthy. God will take care of each and everyone if we truly believe. Merry Christmas to all.

  • Peggy

    I am thankful when young people who are Christian are faithful to the Lord. More power to this young man. May he never stray from the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    If Tebow were a muslim he wouldn't (or shouldn't) play football......aren't they made of (or at least called) pigskins....???

  • YRofTexas

    Hey all - I've attached a link to an article that was written by a very anti-Tebow person, and I am so angry I want to spit blood. Please submit your comments so that this bimbo gets an earful of those who do like Tebow and don't appreciate the negative comments.
    Thanks for giving the writer of the article some "good points". http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2011/12/07/in-tebow-we-tr...

  • Sue

    If more people were like Tim Tebow, we would not have all of the problems we have in the country and the world today. So many have no direction and are easily led by the media and their God-less world. Blessings to Tim.

  • Bobbie

    Tim Tebow is the kind of person that we need to have many, many more of! He should inspire everyone who sees him to follow Jesus Christ. He has been blessed by God whose Word has proven to be inerrant. We, as Christians should aspire to be more like him and spread the Word of Jesus Christ to everyone we know. We, as Christians should stand up and embrace him for what he does. Those that do not believe are truly in for a miserable "afterlife". I pray for them each day. Just remember, it is our job as Christians to only tell people about Jesus Christ, not try to convince them. We are told that as Christians, we will be persecuted! Today's actions in our government, media, et al, WILL pay the price of their vitriol. GOD BLESS AMERICA! I believe we are still considered a Christian nation.

  • tigersgeaux

    Tebow, keep up the great work. The first time I saw Tebow he beat my LSU Tigers badly. I thought he was the best QB I had seen. He is doing very well in Denver, and is fun to watch. I hope he does get some daily coaching and practice for a quicker release and quicker drop back on his passing to have that join his obvious great running ability. His team mates really want to play hard for him and vice versa.

  • PecosBob

    Why all of a sudden pick on Tim Tebowf? Athelete's, Singer's, Actor's, etc have long praised our Lord. Countless Boxer's make the sign of the cross before a fight. Singer's and Actors always mention a thanks to God first. Our very own Landon Danovan of the U.S Soccer team always makes the sign of the cross before a match, so do lots and lots of Baseball Player's right before they get pitched at. In High School before every game we played, we always said a prayer before and after the game. Why make it a Christian vs Islamist or even Jew issue? Tim Tebow is an excellent football player, but a better person for demonstrating his humble beliefs. Tim Tebow God Bless you, young man.

  • Anna

    Tebow is my hero. What a great role model for kids to see. We have too many in pro football who are in jail for drugs, driving drunk and even killing their girlfriend, like what happened in Charlotte,NC a few years ago. If you want to know more about the history of Islam read The Everlasting Hatred, by Hal Lindsey. God Bless you, Tim.

  • Charles Martel

    The war against Christianity continues! This is no surprise to us Christians, it really does appear that the end times may be fast approaching, if not already started!!

  • Jerro

    Kick his but out. Muslims overall religion is to convert others of their faith to muslims. If they can't do it.....then their faith teaches them to kill the infidels (me and you) my friend. Don't turn your back on a muslim. You might hear "silence, I kill you".

  • Bill Holtzclaw

    If Tim Tebow were a Muslim (why do we capitalize "muslim"), he wouldn't be handeling a pig skin and we wouldn't be having this conversation! Praise be to God (capitalized) and not to allah!

  • Dave Austin

    What is wrong with Tebow's thanking God for his suiccess? Many players "Bless" themselves and point up after a successful play while others dance or make a fool of themselves after a play. Some players really do stupid things after a play so why are we seeing criticism of someone who does something good.

  • PecosBob

    What if Tim Tebow were a Muslim and took out an AK47 and shot fans everytime he scored a touchdown? Would that be "accessive celebration"? Geez, the guy goes down on one knee and meditates for a few seconds. Can't he have his privacy any way he chooses? I think it was more offensive when the Jets placekicker was shown in the sidelines "relieving himself" for all to see, though I think he should have had his privacy too and the camera's should not have been on him. Our society is smart enough to know not all Muslims are terrorist. Let the Believer's believe, those that don't...God Bless you too.

  • flameinhair

    HA! If Muslims can pray in the streets of NYC during their 'parade', Tebow can give GOD the GLORY on the field!

    Matthew 5: 11-12....PTL!

    • comsense08

      As we all should be allowed to do because of our 1st amendment, which the liberals in this nation want to stip from Christians...ONLY!

  • Charles Martel

    Of course we already know the answer to the question, what if Tim Tebow were a muslim, which is that nothing negative would be said about it publicly by the media, the league, other players, etc.

  • Brian D

    Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!!!

  • Dave

    Time to bring back the true Chirstian soldiers.The CRUSADER's

  • Paul

    Great to have a pastor for those who worship Sunday Football. Bring them home to JESUS, Tim.

  • Pat

    RIGHT on, Tim!

  • wayne

    If Tim Tebow were Islamic, we would then have something to be concerned about. And The Greatest Heavyweight Champion Boxer Of All Time's greatest failure was his conversion to the Nation of Islam. It's as simple as that.


    Tim Tebow VS Ndamukong Suh . . . . I pick Tebow and a prayer as opposed to an epithet and a kick in the groin.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    We have always been a nation of muslim football players!


    Too much political correct bull crap.

  • Ken

    Mr. Tebow BELIEVES ! Hard work trumps talent as his father taught him.
    There is no one that works harder... Just watch him PLAY!!
    One good guy. God bless you Tim

  • tebowfan

    I am a 64 year old grandma who wears her Tebow jersey very proudly. Can you imagine if our kids could all look at Tim Tebow as a role model? How wonderful would that be. He almost brings tears to my eyes when he humbles himself on the playing field to give glory to our God.

  • irishlace

    They are only slamming Tbow because he is good and a Christian and being Christian is not "polticially correct! Being a Muslim is! Unfortunately!

  • Flyman

    Until 9/11 I wouldn't have cared. In this day and age I'd just not watch that team anymore. Maybe wouldn't watch the NFL period.

  • Frank

    Let the man play and show what he can do. It seems as though all non-believers are hoping he'll fall flat on his face. At least his coach has faith in him. Doesn't look as though Elway has, maybe he is afraid Tim will turn out to be better than him.

  • jd1958

    What if........ he's not. Stupid question.

  • jd1958

    Tim Tebow worships the ONE TRUE GOD. JESUS CHRIST. Muslims worship allah, a moon "god". Created by the hands of man.

  • Rocco R. Rossano

    He isn't !! The End....

    Most of you journalists make me feel just like a "PROCTOLOGIST !"

  • jaydee1958

    I don't see Tim holding a gun or sword to your head. How are YOU being forced?

  • Warren Pugh

    I do not share sportswriter's criticisms of Tim Tebow. They are much like leaches sucking and living off sharks. No sharks no suckers. But Denver needs Tim regardless of his religous affiliation, but not the blood suckers who dare newcomers to do well.

  • http://twitter.com/Deepizzaguy @Deepizzaguy

    Enter text right here!

  • hot02rod


  • http://twitter.com/Deepizzaguy @Deepizzaguy

    If Tim Tebow were a Muslim he would be praised in the same sentence of Mumhammad Ali, Shaquille O'Neal and Barack Obama. Start playing Donna Summer's song "Love To Love You Baby."

  • Carol

    I think that everyone should back off of him and let him play Football without all those horrible things they have been saying about him a lot of the men will pray after they make touch downs or point to the sky and nothing is said about it so I don't get why they don't like this kid it just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

  • Dan Herrick

    What if Tim Tebow was black or Jewish?

  • Frank Clarady

    If Tim Tebow were, let's say, Allhu Ahkbar, and bowed toward Mecca fives times a day (even at the line of scrimmage with the playclock running out), and was blasting out "Just Try And Bomb This You Godless Infidel" by MC Jihad (Muslim Gansta Rap??) on his boombox, or was just Tim Tebow, Male Jiggalo who's bangin' everything in a skirt like Big Ben used to, NO ONE would have a problem with him. But he lives his faith and carries himself in a way that truly honors God, and isn't shy about it, so the lamestream media (had to give props to Sarah Palin!) absolutely cannot abide that--so they go out of their way to deconstruct Tim Tebow. Only it isn't working. God is using him in a mighty way to bring others to Himself, and also to show that HE is sovereign and HIS will WILL be done. As for the talking knuckleheads on ESPN (the network that puts the BS into the BCS!), I have so enjoyed listening to the chief knucklehead and BCS propagandist Colin Cowherd have to reverse his stance and grudgingly admit that Tim Tebow ain't so bad after all.

    This makes me want to pop "Facing The Giants" in my blue ray player tonight.

  • Truth& Transparency

    Tim is a class act who happens to be a Christian who is also proud to be a Christian.Tim is also a great football player who works very hard at his job. America is still a Christian nation no matter how many obama voters try to change that.Why is it no one says anything about obama lying about being a Christian when he is really a muslim?Because the far left is afraid of the muslims and thats why they go after Christians who they know will not threaten them but pray for them instead. I am now a denver Broncos fan and the Christian named Tim Tebow is the reason.To me,America's team is now the Denver broncos. Go tim go..God Bless America...

  • Commonsense

    This is the only "blog" I have seen where the majority of the comments make good sense. Usually they are from half-wits and know-nothings, like the one from "duffy". For his and your information, the majority thinks, when a Christian bows or points to the sky, the individual is thanking GOD for "helping" him do something. That is absoilutely wrong - most people don't understand that the person is thanking GOD for the abilities he has given them, not for "thrashing" an individual or hitting a ball or some other feat. Yes, Tebow has been placed where he is, by our God, to bring HIS awareness to a nation of people, who sorely need it. If we had a thousand more like Tebow, this nation maybe would start to wake up and understand how immoral, unethical and plain evil this country has become and how far down the slippery slope to hell most have gone. It is time to wake up people. Go to Church and find out what it is that Tebow has, and what you can have also. Or do you think you can get to Heaven "your" way? If you do think this way - what do you base your decision on?

  • Chris

    Why do my comments get deleted before they even get posted?

  • B. Hill

    Yes, but one thing this article didn't mention is that Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. as he is called is a babbling idiot. Why you might wonder. Well, it is my opinion that after he said he was greater than God, so God caused his brains to scramble and he hasn't been the same bragging fool that he was back then.

    God ALWAYS gets the last say with any of us. So, stay humble and always praise Him for all that He is and never think you are higher in nobility than the lowliest person next to you.

  • djw663

    More proof of the islamic faith that they hate not just America but they hate "white people of any faith." The world will soon be overrun with them. They have overtaken a Manderin Chinese as the largest population of people and they are growing. The white people are already a minority in America, how long before the Muslim president tries to commit genecide against the white people? That seems like the direction they are headed. Obama is creating hatred, bringing back racism to the forefront, dividing the classes, getting the people that get the free stuff to hate the people that provide the free stuff to them. How does that make sense?

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Good question. Good answer: He'd be politically correct.

  • PastorCarmen

    The media would be wetting their legs.

  • Rubio

    I'm not going to "preach" here so I'll get it off my chest. Ali was able to bow to Mecca and proclaim his faith for all the world to see and nobody (that did want to want to be ridiculed by the liberal media) would utter one single word. I was a young boy at the time and it did not bother me then and it would not bother me now. You have all types of antics going on in sports and others making political gestures as well as racial ones and Tebow kneels for a second with respect to his faith? The man is tortured for doing so? Let him have his peace and other may also have theirs, so be it!

  • socalconserv

    Get real!!! That was a different era, today if Tebow were a Muslim he would be made to be a poster child for muslims!! He would be praised by all of the media and they would show him praying and talking about the Koran in every interview they could to (in their minds) show America and especially the media isn't biased against muslims. Plus the left is embracing islam as they think they will use them as their "useful idiots" only to find out they miscalculated and followers of muhammed will take over and kill off all of the true progressives/liberals for their beliefs!! (There is NO ROOM in Islam for gays, feminists, and any other belief system or law system other than Islam and Sharia!! -- WAKE UP!!)

  • No Tax Max

    Praise the muslims - mock the Christians? It must be the other way around. Great example using Ali, who was a subversive to our military! Us conservatives are too kind to democrats & liberals that want to destroy us from within. We've allowed this to go on for too long! Time to stand up and be heard - never trampled, and take arms to protect our family & Christian values.
    Sickens me that our liar in chief a..hole potus is a socialist, marxist agent from allah! Time to go Barry - you are toast!

  • SoCal Ex-Dem

    Hmm! Seems to me Ali joined Islam to avoid fighting in the war at the time. He got drafted and didn't want to serve so he became a Muslim.

    • Lane

      Great boxer, sorry human. Gave nothing to this country, but got a lot. Typical of his type.

  • tarheel

    Never been a big fan of pro ball, too many great college teams in my neck of the woods, but you can believe i will be following Tim and the Broncos and pulling hard for them. He is a great inspiration and certainly somebody for children to look up to as a great role model

  • jack ward

    God bless Tim Tebow and may he have the strength to go forward and stand up for what he believes. It is truly a blessing to see a man of conviction and he is truly and inspiration to youth as well as an exemplary role model.

  • rei

    God Bless Tim!!! It is wonderful to have a devout Christian that doesn't hide from his beliefs, and can be a role model to so many, I think it is ridiculous that this is an isuue. Like the secular world shoves all the homosexuals on tv, and want us to practice tolerance, or change the channel, I think the same applies here, and he is not forcing his views on others, it would be different if he insisted we all pray with him, Think they can all get over it now, so much more in the world to worry about than this. Kepp on praying Tim, it is your God given right.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ SurvivingUrbanCrisis.com

    If he was a muslim, the press wouldn't touch him with any negative comments. Wouldn't dare. Christian's, on the other hand, have always been 'fair game' cuz we play nice. Unlike the 'offended' muslims, we wouldn't be putting death threats out for nasty atheist negativity about our players.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    If Tim were Muslim or a Communist, Obama would be congratulating him on his courage. More so, Obama would tell Congress to Pass a bill PROTECTING Tim from any Hate Speech.

    But who is going to protect America from Obama's Hate Speech?

  • julian

    Most people do not understand his type of Christianity, he does not act this way to impress them but would act this way even if no one was around to witness it. There are still some Christians whoose faith is stronger than public opinion, though with todays headlines it does not look as though there are many.

  • Alex

    I admire his obedience and committment to Christ, the one and only God, and savior of man. Secular liberals place themselves in a quandry, seeking to elevate themselves as God, and in doing so will castigate true Christian faith, and those who claim it, while protecting and even embracing a dark 4th century Theocratic movement. The truth is pure Islam would have no problem putting to death the most liberal and lawless of Liberals.

  • The Bob

    Well, I think we would have to agree that the popular, or 'mainstream media' would never comment any way but favorably, concerning anything associated with Islam.

  • RIpete

    The amoral Christian hating media are always looking for ways to discredit and demean the true followers of Christ. Tebow is an example of a sports figure the youth of America should be emulating and learning from. I've always respected Ali for standing up for his convictions - going to jail for refusing induction into the military all the while Jimmy Carter's son and the other cowards headed for Canada.

  • Rev. Kort Greene

    Be not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Take the Lord with you wherever you go. Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works. Tebow will be blessed for giving God the praise. I pity any "fool" who would mock him.
    God bless,
    Rev. Greene

  • Richie Carroll

    Well, he's not so get on with your life if you have one.

  • Gary D.

    God Bless Tim Tebow!

  • Mitchina

    My question is, why is a sports comentator making ANY comments about ANYONE'S faith EVER ? Isn't the public media force leading the way on being PC? What happens to that unedning horse beaten cause for white people, Christians, Pro Life believers, gun owners, limited government supporters, anti-bail out American? When are the protect with PC? never.

  • dave

    Tim Tebow is a strong Christian . . .

    What if he were a Muslim ?

    Simple answer : The Bible says "Abhor that which is Evil" . . . SO, since Islam is diametrically opposed to God, I would be praying for a Blind-Side Blitz on EVERY SINGLE PLAY !

    Thank GOG for Tim Tebow . . . Go, TIM, GO ! ( BTW - I am NOT a Denver fan either )

  • Mikey

    Muhammad Ali is now a Sufi you say. Good for him. He has come a long way since his Nation of Islam days. Sufi's are the Muslims that Do practice Peace and Equality. The Sunnis and Shias would love to wipe them from the face of the Earth along with every other Religion. Sufis and Christians can get along without conflict.

  • Maj John

    It would be a hoot if he had to stop the particular play to bow down toward Mecca and pray right when it was 3rd down and ten.

  • Drew Page

    If I owned the Denver Broncos I wouldn't care if Tebow did laps around the field on a flying carpet. In the words of Al Davis, "Just win baby."

  • Tebow KNOWS!!

    I havn't worked in a month. Havn't prayed about it for a month. Came home after praying about it and my wife said that she was a little worried about not having any work in the past month. I said I will this week because I prayed about it. My boss called me this afternoon and I have another job in the morning. COINCIDENCE?? You believe what you want but I KNOW THE ANSWER and so does Tebow!!

  • http://www.travelightgame.com Lynne Jones

    Muslim is just another word for pig. You know what they say, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." I think we've proved that here in America by electing a Muslim as POTUS - didn't work did it! Now did anyone ever think it would?

  • samekindunblind

    Tebow could have the same personality, same talent, and same conviction but be a Muslim, and you folks would call him filthy names and accuse him of horrible things. You guys would FLIP OUT if a celebrity bowed toward mecca in front of you. Your posts prove that beyond a doubt. Don't pretend it's the rest of the world that is prejudiced.

    • Frank Clarady

      What rock have you been hiding under? For future reference, it's always better to keep your mouth shut and only let people think you're a total knucklehead than to open your piehole and remove any remaining doubt after you've inserted both feet up to your kneecaps!

  • jersey

    Tim, just keep praying to GOD, don't worry about what the communists are trying to do to you, Keep up your faith and I agree with Jen Foyd Engel.....what if you were a muslim (thank God your not) no one would say one word, about your praying , thats the favoritism by the goverment , but because you are a Christian and they want to do a way with our CHRISTIANITY. I applaud you for praying. not only that , they are afraid of the muslims.......

  • Juan

    Tim Tebow is God Sword whom he is using to draw a line in the sand with.....which side are you on?

  • Hunter Comstock

    If Tim Tebow was a Muslim The media and the far left woul love him. But alas, he is not and they hate him.

  • Ken

    Jesus said, "He who acknowledges me before men, him I will acknowledge before my Father." But the world says, No, keep that stuff behind closed doors. Isn't it amazing that a young man has the courage to do what old men don't. Hey Kurt Warner, just because you won a Super Bowl, it doesn't mean you know everything. Maybe God is sending this young man to show to us that that which the world considers foolishness is actually right in keeping with David who slew Goliath not in private but in public. "In ALL your ways acknowledge Me". And in the end, just like David, his enemies will be put to shame.


    Ali, Aculural icon he was a draft dodger he tied to claim he was alliterate when that and nothing else worked he became a muslim. they broke him financially. I saw him in Las Vagas working as a greeter.

  • tellio01

    Tim Tebow can celebrate by thanking God after scoring a touchdown just like all the other players do. What about all the funky dancing and crazy antics some of the guys perform in the end zone after they score? I think the media is so one-sided, what's wrong with praising God?

  • John T

    Tim has more class in his little finger than those two thugs from the Lions have in their entire bodies!!John

  • Dorris

    I am waiting for an answer for my Question,and would like to hear it from a Muslim.
    WHY DO MUSLIMS COME TO AMERICA???If your country and your religion were so true to you,WHY did you leave it??????????
    Another Question for Muslims,Would Americans be excepted in any Muslim country to invade your countries and try to build a Church of our belief's (Baptist, Lutheran,Catholic or any Christian Church in any Muslim Country???????
    What is your interpretation of Peace?? you come to other countries and cause so MUCH decision ,and in America we call that criminal.Such a difference.
    You leave your countries because you have more freedom ,but come with so much baggage and then want us to except us to except you with open arms,but get angry and cause problems because we wont let you dump it out on American Soil !!!!!!!!!!.
    This is for an Honest Answer,if there are any Musliom that have any Truth in them.

  • slysi

    may GOD continue to bless tim and his family !!! he is and should be an inspiration to all christians !

  • Darcie Price

    I am not a sports fan. However; I have heard of Tim Tebow and I thank God for him. He is a great example for our youth.
    Now, the reason the media do not dare criticize the muslims and blacks is because they stick together. You take on one, you take on all of them. Christians are wimps, all we do is whine. If we would organize like these other organizations, the media would not dare mess with us either. God didn't see fit to bless me with that type leadership ability or you better bet I would be doing something about how Christians are treated in this country. We have turned the other cheek enough. If we don't find a strong leader soon, it wont be long before we will be back being fed to the lions.........

  • Ruth Walker

    The article show a complete lack of sense.

    1. It says Ali suffered more criticism than Tebow.

    2. Demonization of Muslims has increased since 9/11.

    3. It says if Tebow were a Muslim he'd be treated better.

    Absolutely contrary to reason! (And there are those who read it and agree?) No wonder the United States is failing in education compared to other western countries!

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    There are black thugs in the NFL who can be bought for a few shekels of silver.

    Judeo-Ponzi-Schemer Nevin Shapiro put out hits on both Chris Rix Quarterback for Florida State University and a Catholic Christian, as well as Tim Tebow, Quarterback for the University of Florida and a Protestant Christian.

    See here: http://www.thechristiansolution.com/doc2011/455_N....

    "The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square, formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil." Acts 17:5-13

  • Doug Rodrigues

    If Tebow were a Muslim, he'd be celebrated for demonstrating his "Diversity."

  • Larry Swicegood

    This article is absolutely right. The hypocrisy of the main stream news media within the sports world is beyound belief. Anyone with the even the brain of a bird can see there is an all out war against Christians, although the left wing of the sports casters will not admit to it. So my hat is off to Tim Tebow. He shows the courage and conviction of his faith in God, something most so called Christians will not do. To you lame brain atheists and agnostics I say, Get a life and live it, and leave Tim Tebow and his faith to himself. None of you haters of Christianity have any idea OF WHAT FAITH AND INTEGRITY IS ALL ABOUT ANYWAY. And may I add! if you don't believe in freedom of speech and expression, even for Christians, then please find you another country to move to.

  • Jules

    There's a huge difference between Ali and Tebow. And this is just based off what you've written.

    Ali was racist by any liberal standard concerning a white person, Ali was a draft dodger, Ali pushed the limits. What does Tebow do, help the poor, forgive attacks, bow before Christ on the field for a moment. Tebow doesn't even make much of a spectacle of it as it sounds Ali did.

    So, lets see, Ali pretty much brought the controversy upon himself by rubbing his faith in people's face and blatantly rejecting his own nation, Tebow merely honors his God on the field for a moment.

    It seems to me Ali was more controversial because Ali wanted to be, but Tebow is so controversial because of those that despise his public displays of faith.

  • TheEkstaza

    Doesn't matter what faith he is. All faiths are equally ridiculous and deserve no respect.

  • Robert Landis

    I liked Tim's comment when Jake Plummer ( a previous QB for the Broncos) said " I think I will like Teboo better when he realizes that we all know he loves God and stops saying it all the time". Tim's comment was something like this. When you get married and tell your wife " I love you ." is that the only time you should let her or other people know that you love her? God has given him an awesome ability to say with grace the things he does say. He is all about pleasing God and I think his life goal is not at all to see how many games he can win , but to be used by God wherever he is. He stated on national TV those exact words with the emphasis on being where and doing what God wants him to do. His main point was that the NFL is a venue that God has given to him to use to honor God and encourage people to please God by believing in Jesus as their Savior.



  • Sharon Ashworth

    Come on, America, where are we today? Back in 1963 we were told to take the Bible out of our schools. And then we told Jesus, we don't want you-- and now HE is not anywhere where He isn't wanted. Jesus is a gentleman. Such a thing is laughed upon, to make someone look weak. BUT HE WAS NOT WEAK! I would not have been able to take the stripes He took, and hang upon the cross at Calvary, then die! BUT HE DID RISE FROM THE GRAVE! No one can prove that He didn't! We need help in this country badly! No one but Jesus can help us to change what is going on! Think it can't? Get down on your knees and pray, because without knee mail, we aren't going to make it!

  • jim alviola

    Controversy stirs up people. It gets their attention. In a sense controversy is good for us Christians because it keeps us on our toes to advance the cause of Christ. In his time Jesus invited controversy and his detractors even accused him as working for the devil himself. But Jesus did run away from his accusers. Since Christ was vilified and finally crucified by his enemies do we still wonder why Christians have been and are still being persecuted throughout the world?

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  • Joy

    As a daughter of Judaism, I still find nothing whatsoever offensive or unacceptable about Tim Tebow's open expression of faith - even (especially!) in Jesus Christ! On the contrary, I find it refreshing that God is so important to him as the One and Only God that is Father to ALL of us (and, in particular, Christians and Jews!). NO, indeed, it's many (though, of course, not all) of the muzturds who are guilty of forcing religion - or, at least, "respect" for their own religion - down everyone else's throats. They always seem to want special consideration and are now beginning to use our own laws and rights of tolerance and free speech, etc. against us!

  • http://www.tebowformvp.com/ morris

    Easily the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I'm pretty sure it can be in MVP talks if they appear only in the fourth quarter every week and somebody comes out with a win. i can inform you all to access http://www.tebowformvp.com/ thanx.

  • Dennis the menace.

    If Tebow has muslim players for pass protection that allow him to complete a pass to a muslim pass receiver for a score, who should take the credit, and who should do the praying to which God? It's confusing isn't it!

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  • Susan

    Well, He's not, end of story.

  • Eric

    Well of course there is a double standard with Islam. And it is a doubly-double standard because not only do the elites and the media mock and/or criticize Christians for their beliefs and attitudes, they also fail to criticize and repudiate Muslims who support hatred and violence. So, if you will, it is not simply that a Christian naught becomes a minus one to the elites, but also that a Muslim minus one becomes a naught. The reason is simple: fear and cowardice.

  • Don

    If Tim Bebow was a muslim, he'd be on obumbo's staff and would receive high praise!

  • dave

    That should have bee "Thank GOD for Tim Tebow ! "