Senate Republicans Block Appointment of Liberal Judge

It’s about time the Republican Party takes action to block the appointment of another Obamanite liberal to a federal judgeship.

Caitlin Halligan had been nominated by Obama back in January to a vacancy on the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.  In a surprising move, the Senate voted 54-45 against moving forward with a vote to confirm Halligan to the Appeals bench.

Halligan has never served as judge and was selected by Obama while she was serving as the Solicitor General of New York.  As New York’s Solicitor General, Halligan opposed states’ rights and cameras in the courtroom.  She did push for the recognition of gay marriages and the practice of racial preferences in school admissions.

Prior to her tenure as Solicitor General for New York, Halligan worked for a senior congressional Democrat and very liberal children’s advocacy group.  She also spent time as an assistant to one of the most liberal attorneys in the nation, Peter Edelman.  Edelman is so liberal that when serving in the Clinton administration, he resigned in protest of Clinton signing the welfare reform bill.  Edelman’s wife, Marian is the founder and president of the equally liberal Children’s Defense fund.

Halligan has also been heavily involved with Obama’s political campaigns, donating thousands of dollars and legal services.

Marc Falcone, Halligan’s husband is also an attorney with a major law firm who just happens to have ties and dealings with ACORN and similar groups.  Falcone and the law firm are also advocates for the United Nation’s policy on human rights.

To say that Halligan is a liberal is an understatement and should be no surprise that she would be one of Obama’s picks to fill a vacant bench position.  Obama has not been selecting judges because of their legal merit but purely on their liberal socialistic political views who will eagerly push his agenda to rewrite the laws and Constitution



  • Old Sarge

    It is about time that the Republicans woke up to what has been going on the last three years.

  • R. Cook

    Anything Obama tries to do or even suggests should be resisted with every effort possible. He has demonstrated several times that he does not agree with our founding principles or the history of American exceptionalism. Here are some examples that have been ignored. Maybe the last one will convince enough Americans that our current president has been pissing on our collective legs for three years and calling it rain.

    The last instance was his diatribe against free trade in his Kansas appearance this week.

    You tired of having your pant legs soaked yet?

  • David


  • Dean

    You mean the senate is finally foing something right.

    • Walda

      It's about time, don't you think?

    • Looking4Sanity

      NOT 'The Senate'! Senate REPUBLICANS! If you want to see more good news in the future, vote in more Republican Senators!

      • sam37

        Let's qualify that.....we want more "conservative" and " Constitutionists" voted in to protect our Country, our National Sovereignty, our freedoms - not 'Rhinos'!!!!!

  • Keith

    I'm shocked! There's governing going on here!!!

  • barbpatton

    The thing that upsets me about this write is the fact that this is a white biaaatch who is nothing more than a troublemaker. One wonders exactly what she did for and/or with hussein for him to "owe" her something ---- no matter where this man puts his "finger" in always turns out to be a right royal f@ckup...... Kick her out. Dont consider this horrible bag that not only has no looks but no horse sense. BEGONE

  • David

    Supreme Court and other judge appointments is so important so getting Obama out is critical. Don't be afraid of conservatives to run for president.

  • DebraD

    It's about time, indeed! Am I just ignorant of this, or is it normal for someone with with no judicial experience to be nominated as a judge? In order for this to happen, some Dems had to vote against this-interesting!

    • Dean

      Obama is just returning favors. In her case you can never tell what that favor(s) might have been.

    • evermyrtle

      You are right, no one with no judicial experience could be nominated as a judge until this bunch liberals got into office, now they are rewarding those that assisted them in getting elected, now all original Christian American standards have flown out of the window.

  • cheryl jessup

    She's also against gun rights. Why doe's Obama want to take away our 2nd ammendment rights? Well the only thing I can think or is if you want to take over a govt. and become a dictator you must disarm the people Hilter did the very same thing as most other dictators. Once the people cannot defend themselves the just move in and take over.


    Its about time the republicians stood up to obummer lets keep on standing up to this commie muslim POS.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Just say "No" to liberal Commies! VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2012!

  • Remington 870

    Finally, a GOP Senate with guts. Let's continue to support any and all no-compromise for anything which Obama trys to push in our faces and is ultimately designed to turn us into a communist nation. Now it is time for the GOP congress to act like they have guts. No compromise, no prisoners, and take the offensive. Too many metrol girlie-men in Congress. We will get them out when their time comes for election.

  • Lone Ranger

    Why didn't they deny Kagan's appointment to the Supreme Court? Were they afraid to or trying to appease obama? Or was it because they had NO B***S!!!!!?

  • Control Burn 2012

    I hope everyone, liberals and conservatives alike, are paying attention to what he plans to do next. Since the Senate voted 'no' on Halligan Obama was on the news today saying he'd just make a recess appointment over the holiday break. What kind of country are we living in?

    She is a contributor to his campaign AND her husband works for ACORN. He will appoint her regardless of the Senate's decision.

  • John F. Klenda

    Where are the real Americans in our Government? How blind can the governing people be that tolerates a man with a name
    whose r eal name is Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama. Born in Kenya.Where is a man sitting in our White house tolerate having any name like Hussein attached to him. Have you forgotten who Hussein was. One of the authers of 9ll. Wake up
    You who still call yourselfs Americans. Yes in God we Trust ! No one else. God Bless Ameriica! I have an obligation as a man of the clergy and a former Chaplan in our great contry in World Wr II to wake our people up to the devil inspired leadership of our Nation today.. Realizing that we are all destined for Eternity and will have to appear before the Judgement seat of give an account of our stewardship. Uou'll be there and so will I. It's a matter of choice. Chaplin John

  • nifongnation

    Halligan or Hooligan ? It looks a little hormone depleted.

  • robert

    we the people ,demand the devil{ovomit}and his band of traders,holdup,kagan,reid,pelosi,napalitano,doj,doh,epa,the federal reserve,the un people,all the politicians who are aiding and abetting this treasonous trader ovomit,will all answer and be held accountably to we the people,we know of your treacher,it has been identified and noted and we the people will be bringing indictements against all traders against the bill of rights and the constitition.god bless all american veterans and all american citizens

  • richard holmes

    Hang all the liberals and let their flesh rot off the rope

  • JeromeBorden

    I saw the "Why didn't they stop Kagan?" comment. The problem is that this was in the previous Senate and the only way to make a filibuster stick at that time was to have some Democrat Senators not show up. In other words, fat chance! Now, it is a little different with a larger minority; so there is a chance to stop the bad stuff, like Gordon Liu who could have been seated in the Ninth Circuit. By the way, one Senator voted "present" on that Cloture vote.