Sharia Law Deciding American Court Cases

Shariah Law and American Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases,” published by the Center for Security Policy, is one of the most comprehensive studies I have ever seen. It covers more than 600 pages of material. The following summary statement is shocking:

Our findings suggest that Shariah law has entered into state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution and state public policy. Some commentators have said there are no more than one or two cases of Shariah law in U.S. state court cases; yet we found 50 significant cases just from the small sample of appellate published cases. Others state with certainty that state court judges will always reject any foreign law, including Shariah law, when it conflicts with the Constitution or state public policy; yet we found 15 Trial Court cases, and 12 Appellate Court cases, where Shariah was found to be applicable in the case at bar. The facts are the facts: some judges are making decisions deferring to Shariah law even when those decisions conflict with Constitutional protections. This is a serious issue and should be a subject of public debate and engagement by policymakers.

Once these types of decisions made in American courts become part of published law they can be used as precedent law for future cases. Anyone entering an American court will be bound by decisions made by courts that appeal to these cases.

Law must be based on some transcendental standard. In the past, American law was a blending of biblical and natural law. The Supreme Court cases regarding polygamy demonstrate this fact. But with our new pluralistic attitudes, everything is up for grabs. And because we are trying to accommodate Islam so radicals won’t blow us up, Sharia law is becoming accepted as one legitimate law among many.

This does not mean that Sharia law is the only law the courts are using. International law is the new legal kid on the block. Of course, this would include Sharia. Consider Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s judicial philosophy:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is acknowledging the growing effect of international law on Supreme Court decisions, particularly in the areas of the death penalty, race admissions and gay sex: “Our island or lone ranger mentality is beginning to change,” Ginsburg said during a speech to the American Constitution Society, a liberal lawyers group holding its first convention. Justices “are becoming more open to comparative and international law perspectives,” said Ginsburg, who has supported a more global view of judicial decision making. Ginsburg cited an international treaty in her vote . . . to uphold the use of race in college admissions.

What makes today’s use of international law attractive to so many judges? Referencing international law gives the appearance of judicial legitimacy. It’s a poor judge’s version of “higher law” which in reality is nothing more than “horizontal law.” One nation appealing to the judicial decisions of another nation is little different from Hugh Hefner asking Larry Flynt what he thinks about pornography.

An Emory University Law School publication noted that the Malak v. Malak case, which involved a Lebanese court decision, was cited as precedent in other Muslim child custody cases.

Atlas Shrugs publisher and Islam analyst Pamela Geller says that Islamic law cited as the basis for any American court decision shows that the American legal system is turning a dangerous corner.

“It is setting a very dangerous precedent. Shariah law and U.S. law conflict in numerous ways, including on issues of freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for women. Allowing Shariah to be a determining factor in U.S. courtrooms threatens those rights for all of us,” Geller said.



  • Supertad108

    Amazing reading articles as this. Can't imagine the bulk of America would even consider this stuff. Would have loved to been there if Ginsburg was saying something like that while George Washington overheard. I'm no military strategist but ALL this going on in our country really reeks of enemy infiltration. Brings new meaning to shot never fired, however my gut tells me America is a bit stronger than that to simply let our Republic simply slip away. These articles should confirm the need for the sleeping giant not only awake but begin to step on some folks. Hey, you want to believe in governing a certain way dandy but America DOES NOT lean socialism! There's a big world out there for you control freaks. We prefer the taste of freedom and liberty. The enemy has positioned themselves well. Only a few are dictating the many. We, the People of America MUST clean out the treasonous individuals beginning with the courts.

    • joey

      You Better Open your eyes the United States of America Is a thing of the PASSED!!! Yes it Is!!

      • Garbuster

        ...thing of the "passed"? Past. Nice Supertad108 - "There's a big world out there for you control freaks." How totally accurate that is. Control freaks, indeed. I'm gonna borrow that phrase.

      • Pam

        " Is a thing of the PASSED!!!" LMAO.

        • Ardnas

          Pam - you are a nit picker......So I will nit pick you. Are you too lazy to write out the meaning of LMOA?

        • KittyKat

          We know you don't really know what LMAO is! LMAO at you!

      • Jan

        That would be "past" not "passed" It's not too late - we have ONE more chance to get it back, just one and if we don't do it in 2012 we are truly doomed...

      • Laura

        With that attitude it will be.

        • Sam Spade

          Wouldn't be so bad if they applied Sharia Law only to Muslims and gave Christians the same courtesy but that would violate the 1st Amendment of course

        • chris

          just apply sharia law to those godless,mindless barbarians, leave the rest of us out.

      • PlainScary

        Frankly, its not enough to read the news and reply here online...As constituents, we need to be in incommunicado with our Representatives, letting them know that certain judges are not following the Constitution, and need to be recalled...Or fired, or impeached...However it is to happen, we need to make it, thus.

        • plainscary

          I meant we need to be in communication...And I'm ticked that I can't edit my post.

    • Shell

      Supertad108, I love the way you talk, however if you read about the courts, as in the above article, you will know just how hard, if not impossible it is to get a law revoked, changed or altered once it is enacted, just like getting a Supreme Court Judge (and politicians) out, who has been placed on the court for LIFE! We are so bound by these laws that some can not be enforced because others overlap in jurisdiction or precedent. I am so afraid we are in such a monumental mess made over the decades by those we sent to Washington that we will NEVER get out, and a "One World Government" will slide in the back door before we know, or acknowledge, what is happening, consequently there goes the REPUBLIC (one nation, under GOD.....)

      • Mike

        "consequently there goes the REPUBLIC (one nation, under GOD.....)"
        NOT AS LONG AS I HAVE A BREATH IN MY BODY..OR ENOUGH MUSCLE IN MY TRIGGER FINGER!! better toss the PC crap down and start demanding that the government stand by the constitution!! Or your going to get what you don't vote for!!

      • AJG

        Supertad108 and Shell, you have not been looking at our Institutions of Higher Learning. They have been
        teaching socialism for years. Obama is a product of the worst offender. Remember what Krushev said
        they will feed us small doses of socialism until one day we will wake up to communism. I think Sharia Law
        is more prevalent than most people will admit. I know this is true of the younger generation.

        • evermyrtle

          They are not feeding us little doses now, they are packing it down our r throats by huge handfuls. Those who we elected and paid huge amounts of money to take care of the county to make wise decisions, these tratiors have sold us out to Muslim Islam and Sharia Law.

      • DonJ

        You have it a little wrong, Obama is not listening to us and penning in laws. Every thing he ever did can be reversed if the people say so, and we do. Politicians in for life? Don't you believe it. If we don't want someone on the Supreme Court, their gone, the majority will see to that. This is a Republic, the people want it that way and one person elected can not change that forever. If you could count the email contacts that Congress and Obama have ignored you would see how many of us there are. We will remove the offending politicians in due time.

        • San

          Justices can be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried in the Senate if they commit "high crimes and misdemeanors," which include crimes, unethical behavior, actions damaging to the government, etc. If found guilty, the justice will be removed from office. They cannot be removed on any other grounds, including incompetency.

        • drakhelm

          That's not correct, "shall hold their Offices during good Behavior", all we have to do is impress upon our elected officials the need to declare that these judges are no longer engaging in good Behavior and that they should be thrown out. (That line is directly from the Constitution), there is no need for them to commit crimes, only for it to be demonstrable that their judgment (behavior) is flawed and thus no longer "good."

    • Mike

      This is treason, not one has sworn to up hold any law except the Constitution.

    • B. Hill

      I totally agree with you Supertad108.....This article claims that their are judges out their in our big world who are deciding cases based on Sharia Law, but it does not list any. Even the person writing this article is afraid to even mention ONE judge who is doing this due to any sort of reprisals.

      Everyone is afraid to say anything about the Muslim people and their tactics to bring Sharia Law into our court decisions. It causes me to have less of an appeal for our American laws anymore. They won't work if you need to count on them to work. What is the use in going to court against anyone. Better to act out what YOU think the law should be on any given case....that is what the Sharia Law pushers are doing, right?

      I will not be intimidated by the Muslim people in any way. I won't bother them and let them live like anyone else should live in the United States under freedom, BUT let them try to push their beliefs on me in any way and they will experience a pain they will not forget.

      Muslim people want Muslim laws...fine! But I say to them, go back to the country you came from to enjoy them. YOU are in the United States and you are NOT free to come here and disrupt our way of life. We would not go to your country and tell your leaders that we are going to institute our Constitutional Laws on you. I would never do that because I am not nor want to put control over anyone, like you do on Americans.

      I will protect my rights as I have understood them and will not tolerate you forcing your religion or laws upon me. I will protect my family, friends and myself against you with my last breath because I know my God, Jesus Christ is against you too.

    • Ardnas

      When individuals have no fear of God, that eventually translates into a country having no fear of God. And then you have a situation where Satan has no problem ruling the masses. Jesus will return perhaps sooner than we think and all will be judged as God sees fit at the time. All those who are in power now and think they are in the know, in fact know nothing unless they get their wisdom from God. For there in lies the truth of all knowledge. And without a personal relationship with the Lord you can never hope to have Him give you wisdom and understanding of what is truth. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. Since He is your creator, you had better find out what He expects of you before it is too latt.

    • sid

      if many cases are being driven by sharia, i'd like to know what they are. instead your article is just stirring up the pot, and leaving it to speculation!!!

      • Jan

        You want some specifics - here you go:

        Last Tuesday, Florida Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen defended his decision to uphold a binding arbitration agreement, based upon Sharia Law, between ex-trustees of a local Mosque who claim to have been unfairly removed by the current leadership of that Mosque. The Islamic arbitration ruled in favor of the ex-trustees. The current leadership appealed, which is why the matter ended up before Judge Neilson:

        "From the outset of learning of the purported arbitration award, the court's concern has been whether there were ecclesiastical principles for dispute resolution involved that would compel the court to adopt the arbitration decision without considering state law," Tuesday's opinion said.
        "The court has concluded that as to the question of enforceability of the arbitrator's award the case should proceed under ecclesiastical Islamic law," the judge wrote.

        The judge noted in his opinion that he must hear further testimony to determine whether "Islamic dispute resolution procedures have been followed in this matter."
        32 states have now relied upon sharia to determine a decision - check it out for yourself - sharia law has arrived in U.S. courts, quietly, insidiously and without any main stream media coverage. No one is "just stirring the pot"

    • Maynard Merrell

      Ginsburg is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) andis dedicated to destroying out constitution and juditual system. Regardless if you believe in God or christianity, the moral code or values of the christians is far better than that of an athist who moral values are anything and everything. Shariah Law would violate our moral values and destroy us as a united coiuntry under common equal laws that give us justice, men and women alike. Under shariah law women are nothing, a zero. They can't even enter into Heaven. So why are muslim woman demonstrating on behalf of shariah law, because the dominating men told them to or die.

    • The

      We like to think that we are too strong to let all our freedoms slip away, but anyone can see that we have enemies within our own government that is allowing this to happen;. Obama has made many rules and regulations fhat are not within his power to make, but Congress and the Supreme Court have allowed him to get away with it. Articcle I, Section I of Our Constitution states: "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." If you read Section 8, you will find an outline of the authority and responsibility of Our Congress, which gives them the responsibility for all actions of our government. And even though the President is Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Congress has the power and responsibility for all actions concerning the military. In other words, Congress is the government of the people of these United States, and the Executive Branch has the job of enforcing those laws enacted by Congress. Under our Constitution, Presidential powers were meant to be limited, in order to prevent some power hungry individual from taking control of our government. As for Sharia or other interntional laws, the American do not have to obey any of them, and if our government officials try to make such laws enforceable on the American people, the we need to stand up and fight to get back our rights under OUR CONSTITUTION.

    • Jim

      go check and you will see how bad it is and could get.

    • Salleeann

      My husband wants to know if found guilty under Shariah law he will get 72 virgins?

      • Mike Travis

        If he does, they will be cannibals and will feast on his flesh for eternity, and I do NOT mean in a pleasant way.

    • Mona

      ALL I can is YOU GOT TO BE FU--ING KIDDING........

    • Ed Williams

      Yep, our Tree of Liberty is indeed in dire need of watering, ala Thomas Jefferson (...with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.) Work for the best while preparing for the worst, and invest in precious metal- buy lead...

    • Mike Travis

      Well said. Sharia in ANY form cannot exist alongside the Constitution for it only allows sharia law to rule, without exception. Muslims in America will eventually lead to a war in America, that is unless the communists succeed in stealing our guns first. If they do, the muslims will kill the liberals then there will be no one to challenge them, after which america no longer exists.

      There is no country in the world where an islamic majority allows an infidel minority to exist except as dhimmis or slaves. Americans have a hard choice to make and I pray they make it soon enough to survive.

  • bsfurg

    what do yu expect with a muslim for a president that we have... it ownt get better until Obama is kicked out of DC and that come soon enough for the ppl of America

    • jettthemesh

      Don't forget his partner in crime Eric Holder!

      • candi

        when obama goes all his crooks will go with him.

      • rafael

        Do not forget all the Retarded Imbeciles in Congress, Kiss Ass to the muslim.

    • robert

      Most of the Federal judges currently serving are Bush appointees...The Republicans have blocked most of the Obama appointments so how can THIS be laid at Obamas doorstep. I could see it if it was a decision made by one of his appointees but this is a stretch.

      • Rich

        That's not necessarily true. Supreme Court justices have become a law unto themselves. Even with congressional committee vetting, there's no guarantee they'll continue along the same trajectory as before being appointed.

      • Robert

        Why is it on diaper head's doorstep ? that is simple , When he took over the judges and most of Bush appointees handed in their appointment and would have stepped down if ask .
        Yes the progressives have been taking over our courts ,public offices and such.. Why ,look at history . In the 60's if you did not want to be drafted you had two choices 1 run to Canada ,or two go to college . The chicken-shi* scum went to school and are now in charge . That is why we are stuck with these Progressive , Liberal , stupid ,and UN- AMERICAN people .
        It has away been so ,who are the first to go defend America ! The good people go first and are some of the first to die. That leaves the misfits and slime breed and make more of the same.

    • Joan

      Amen, but let's kick all of congress out and start over.

    • kathy

      I was just thinking the same thing! We have a muslim/terrorist for president-illegally yet! This is no surprise! Unfortunatly the Republicans have no one good running against him! We are in SO much trouble!!! God help us!!

      • letitsnow1

        no, obuma will never stand up to Newt, for Newt will not let obuma take him over! it will be very hard for obuma to even try to debate Newt.

    • letitsnow1

      obuma should of bin kicked out long ago! but someone or something wants him to take control of this country to destroy every aspect of our way of life and our freedom.

    • marysteeleyorktownva

      If he is not impeached before he leaves, he has pardon powers and the terrorists in GITMO are just waiting for that day to come!

  • Bill

    Don't worry. Real Americans will set this matter straight after 2012.

    • jettthemesh

      I am worried Bill! This is the closest that we have come to losing our American traditions! If we lose this battle, what will Americans 10 generations from now think of us?

    • Beepster

      Don't bet on 2012 solving our problems. Internment camps are now being staffed by Homeland Security. Remember the comment of a "militant force equal in strength to the military, and as well armed"? Well, it's started. KBC is the lead in this "nice" endeavor. The OWS is just the start of what will become riots, especially in the inner cities. Wanna guess what comes next? You got it!! Martial law and the postponment of 2012 elections. All these regulations he's setting up is just a precursor. Keep a keen eye open, a loaded gun (or several) and plenty of ammo on hand.

      • JameMo

        2012 might be too late, the cancer has spread everywhere

      • RGH

        I agree! The way it looks there won't be any elections in 2012.
        This has been orchestrated for a long time: to get "one of them" into the office so they can destroy us from the inside out, like they promised. Why would they let go their grip so easily?
        This imposter is here to stay...

    • Mike Tanco

      Let's hope that the intelligent people of this country get out and vote our Muslim President out of office. It was the stupid people that put him into office. Those living off of the government are the one's we have to beat. They want this prck to have four more years. It will give them another four year vacation.
      Obama wants another 4 years so he can travel on taxpayer dollars and destroy the United States like the Muslims have instructed him to do. He has pulled off the biggest scam in history. Mike Tanco

    • del

      Why wait...the jerk has committed fraud, treason and tryanny so we dont need more from the putrid schmuck

    • john

      we can only hope...

    • brian

      That is if the fix is not already in! take a look at BOs executive orders of late. Would he take the chance of setting a precedent that could have the next President change them all? It makes me keep my eye out all the more, Same with Supreme Court and Ocare . Is he going to let that fail> I think not, I say these things are good evidence that he a least thinks the fix is in. I hope and pray the CIA or others are looking into this.

    • KPJ2

      Bill, I think that we are all worried. There are too many liberals, unions, and leeches who do not want to work but want to feed at the public trough. They will all vote to keep their benfits. We may be overwhelmed.

    • Jim

      AMEN to that one, Bill.

    • Scott Todd

      Want to make a bet? If we get a bunch of third party types, Ron Paul- assuming he doesn't get the Republican nod, and Donald Trump, that'll fracture the conservative vote into irrelevance, giving Zero an easy win for a second term.

    • Jerry

      You must be dreaming. It is too late to decide anything at the pools.

    • marysteeleyorktownva

      If he is not impeached and the funding stopped for ACORN, as well as making sure that votes are cast by legal immigrants and citizens, we won't have a new president. There is no way that John McCain would have been nominated considering the discontent with Bush and his policies, so it was sabotage/setup for him to win and then lose to Obama!

    • LarryFrom10EC

      Sorry, Bill, but I can't be so optimistic. I'm afraid Obama is going to tap Hillary for his vice-president in 2012, and the will be unstoppable. Then it won't be long until Obama is assassinated by a "right wing militiaman" who noboby has ever heard of, (the ink won't even be dry on his Social Security card) and Hillary will declare martial law under this last travesty the Senate passed recently, gving the military arrest powers even inside the US. Then our liberties are gone forever, and George Soros will be the richest man in the history of Earth.

    • Mike Travis

      You are living in a dream Sir. No matter who wins the election, nothing will change as both parties are two sides of the same coin. The only way things will really change is to reestablish the original Republic as per our Founders. Anything less is a continuation of the same lie that has existed since the civil war when America became a corporation. For proof, read: US CODE: Title 28,3002. Definitions (15): (15) United States means (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States;

  • Chris

    Any Judge using any law except what is allowed by the constitution should be banned from practicing as Judge! Period!

    • R Gray

      Any attorney presenting a case based upon any law except the Constitution should be banned from practicing law in any form.

      • Robert

        Also include any Judge or any form of Lawmakers or Representatives of the Courts Should be disbarred and charged with treason for they have taken the Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of the States within which they serve and reside! Police officers can also be included for decertification and dismissal from their Jobs as well for they and any Law Enforcement personnel have take this same Oath of office! Let us clean house with a new broom making the cleanest of sweeps!

      • Gregg Weber

        While being asked questions for a jury the question of jury nullification came up. I mentioned that even though this theft case didn't look like I might need to use it I was for jury nullification. I was allowed on that case but haven't been summoned for jury duty after that.
        In my humble opinion, the jury is rigged against those that know the Constitution. Justice?

    • USA4ever

      No hung from a high tree with a short rope-- the obviously are not upholding the laws and Constitution
      Death to them all

    • nmgene

      When Judges discipline Judges and Attorneys discipline attorneys what can you expect. We need a citizen panel to do the discipline and make it much easier to remove the Judges from the bench and disbarr them and Crooked attorneys. And especially crooked police and prosecutors.

      • nmgene

        Watch any criminal arrest, then read the police report. The Police are trained to twist everything that is done and said to make there case look better and protect themselves from ilegal arrests and abuse.

        • MikeC711

          I know many police, some quite personally, and they do not practice this. The one who happens to be my son was raised in a Christian home and is absolutely unwilling to bend on the truth. Since you have made a serious accusation here ... I assume you personally know of several cases like this and can cite them?

        • Dave

          I have a couple of time's.With made up charges that later were droped.


      Not only judges, but lawyers too who will cite foreign law in their arguments.

    • Jeff

      Read the US Constitution, pay attention to the section that refers to treaties. That said, the majority of the cases were divorces. Just read page 11.

    • Lou

      All these liberal judges who would use sharia law in their decisions should be arrested, impeached and tried for treason. Plain and simple, then ship them out to the countries where shaira law is practiced and let them appease the crowds there. OOPS I forgot, they will probably get their heads cut off so they can't go there, but the bugs there gotta eat too...

  • 1599

    This is precisely why our founding fathers made a mistake by not establishing Christianity as the national religion whereby our culture would be based solely on Christian principles.

    • TedRWeiland

      Amen and amen! Not only did they not establish Christianity, with Article 6 and Amendment 1, they made sure Christianity could not be established.

      Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh's moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments). Take our Constitution Survey ( and receive a free copy of the "Primer" (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

    • nmgene

      Our forefathers knew that they could not specify any one religion. The Puritans had become tyrants as had the church of england. They would not give power to the church to make rules and laws because of the tyranny involved with religios bias.

    • Denise

      Article 6 is in regards to requiring no religious test as some of the individual colonies had required. The assumption was that the people would elect moral rulers. Richard Dobbs Spaight: "I do not suppose an infidel or any such person will ever be chosen to any office unless the people themselves be of the same opinion."

      Amendment One was to guarantee to all Americans the right to enjoy the free exercise of the religion of their choice. The Founders felt the role of religion would be as important in our own day as it was in theirs. The Northwest Ordinance (1787) emphasized the essential need to teach morality and religion in the schools.

      America was founded on Christian principles and it is only capable of surviving on those same principles. However, it cannot be mandated top-down. It begins with the individuals and the homes of this nation. The first place we look for reform and restoration is with ourselves and our family. Are we willing to live by Biblical principles? Are we willing to train our children to do the same? Until then, our nation continues the slippery slide to a godless socialism. It is in our hands.

      • Jane

        Absolutely, Denise! A good start is to remove our children from government schools, where they are being indoctrinated by the state, and either bring them home to homeschool, or put them in Christian school.

    • Mutantone

      It was no mistake they thought it out well before putting those words in the Constitution, they already saw religious states in the world and knew that it was counter to the ideas of freedom that are the backbone of the Nation. A christian run state is also one that limits the freedoms of the people and would be no better than an Islamic run nation. That is why they placed those words there to prevent a state run church or a church run nation so people were free to make their own minds up.

    • slstanley

      If our founding fathers has established Christianity as the national religion, then we would have been in a mess for the last 200+ years trying to determine which *version* of Christianity is the "correct" one.

      However, the founding fathers did NOT say anything about "separation of church and state". They stated that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF." They might have done better to state, "No Government entity shall favor one religion over another or make any law or regulation affecting citizen's rights to worship when, where, and as they please." That might have been more effective in getting the Government to butt completely out of anything having to do with religion. Even if they had stuck in something about prohibiting religious zealots who advocate the overthrow of the Government, the liberals would then try to put a spin on Christianity being involved in such a conspiracy, because we believe that when Christ returns, governments will be done away with.........

      And I don't think that religion should in any way be mixed up with politics. In other words, we shouldn't vote or withhold our vote from a candidate based on his religious faith. Nor should any public servant allow his religious views bias the way he performs his job; in other words, uphold the Constitution or get fired!

    • Maynard Merrell

      I agree to a point. I think that people with any religious beliefs that would conflict wiht our countries laws, such as shraiah law, should not be alowed entrance into our counry or given citizenship. Tjhats the best way to stay out of trouble. We own nothing to any peoples of any country of the world. Kindness can sometimes get you beheaded.

    • danc

      Your only half correct, JUDEO/ CHRISTIAN principles. But in their wisdom, our forefathers thought we would have enough sense to figure it out ourselves and make the right decisions. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

    • Maj John

      Christianity is NOT a religion. It is a philosophy based upon Jesus Christ being divine and our savior. There are many religions that believe this such as Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist on so on. In addition each of these religions have. divisions such as free will, reformed etc. Our fore fathers did not want one religion to be a state religion. They did want, however christianity to be a the heart and soul of our law.

    • Gwen Bartzen

      Doesn't that fly in the face of the First Amendment? Getting AWAY from state sponsored religion was the whole reason they came here. How can you claim to be about freedom and liberty while denying that same freedom and liberty to anyone one who disagrees with you? Freedom isn't freedom unless it applies to everyone.


    I agree and we must wash Obama down the draiin when we clean out the treasonous individuals. In spite of other presidents some like to blame, Barrack Obama is and was the beginning of America's big problems stemming back before he was even elected. He has been in cahoots with Muslims for decades to destroy America. Obama is the scum bag of a more powerful group he is allowing to consume our courts and White house Administration. We must get a president to turn our country around in the right direction. Problem is there are so many dumb, brain washed Americans that can not see past racism. They are the racists completely ignorant!

    • robert

      Exactly what has this president done that is treasonous. Throwing such drivel around cheapens our national debate. I for one, am happy that this administration has made getting Bin Ladin, Awl-Laki, Khaddaffy and about 18 other Al-Queida leaders and killing them a top priority. I know it sounds good to some to trash our president, but when you do so, you trash America as well. This is our system of government. Last election, Republicans lost becauswe during the Bush years, we lost our way. We might lose again if the Republican party does not find a suitable candidate who can lead, not just the Conservatives , but enough of the moderates and even some liberals. None of the current frontrunners can do that. Infact they have trouble even wooing the base. Never underestimate the power of an incumbant president. October is full of surprises.

      • rafael

        Robert are you from Kenya??????

    • Operaverdi

      I fear for our country. Too many of my family and friends are praising this no action president we have. And I'm beginning to doubt that we can replace him. Anyone can sit behind a desk watching a monitor screen and give the command to get the bas...tard. That is not an achievement. Fixing everything that he blamed on Bush would be a great achievement, which he is unable to do. Now he's asking for more time; that he can fix our economy. In reality he needs more time in order to steep our country in socialism. No... this poor excuse for the POTUS must be defeated in 2012. God help us.

    • Maynard Merrell

      TREASON: "The offense of ATTEMPTING to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power." Before any elected or appointed official taks office they should swear to the following oath: "I do solemnly swear (or Affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States (or whatever other office elected to or appointed), and will to the best of my ability, prerserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States." Any attempt to violate this oath would then be treason.

  • Jim Buzzell

    This part and parcel of the agenda of the Transnational Progressives that inhabit our congress, white house and SCOTUS; unless we correct this New World Order movement by electing Constitutional Conservatives to our first two branches of government and then clean up SCOtUS we will be dealing with the dictates of these people for years to come; that is why the November 2012 election, and every election thereafter, are so important to our nation. Vote! Vote! Vote!

    • j_berry50

      Just make sure at ALL voting places that no more "Black Panthers" are "monkey business" is going on that may cheat the vote towards Obama. I don't trust those liberals.......

    • robert

      My fear is that we want to get rid of Obama so bad that we elect a so called conserative to office that is just as bad as he is Like John McCain .We realy need a Ron Paul who realy wants our country back the way it was in Reagans time .Congress is full of people who want to destroy our beloved America . Can we get enough folks to realy see in time ?

  • roadkill


    • http://MSN.COM Dick

      I like 30/06 enemas myself. Bigger BANG FOR THE BUCK.

    • chris

      side effects include redness and swelling at the injection site.

  • tony

    Until we get that muslim OUT of OUR White House, and until we get rid of every leftist judge the liberal socialists have been successful in placing in our judicial system, we will continue to see these atrocities committed.

  • Alpeaux

    Come on 2012 ! Adios MOFO!

  • victor barney

    Supertad108 wish I could agree with you, but we are stll a republic with a female majority voting block that has put in the "forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronomy 17:15 over u.s. Did I mention that he also is a self-professed marxist, anti-christ by definition? Did I also mention that women essentially are more verbally skilled than men by nature and that they also tend to be "gatherers" by the same biology? p.s. Supertad108, what chance did Adam really have once Eve and Cain made that first-born blood covenant with death unless you are called out of it? Just saying...

    • captnkevin

      for nation (country) will rise against nation, and kingdom (theology, religion) against kingdom

      • victor barney

        Dito! p.s. Marxism is a religion too, that's for sure, as Islam, both serving Lucifer and death!

    • Lauara Ayala

      What, now you are saying that it is "WOMAN" at fault that Obama, made it into office? I as a woman, I saw through him immediately upon hearing his first speech. I have not met a single woman I know that had voted for Obama. And don't give me that baloney about how woman vote on looks not ability. In fact, I know more men that have voted for Obama than woman. So, please get off that biblical band wagon. Men tend to vote for their "party", not the individual. Whereas, woman vote on the "individual", not the party. That has been my experience anyway. This is not the 50's or 60's where woman were expected to vote as their husbands told them to. Woman are much more educated than they were back then. In fact, I think woman are smarter than men in almost all things, more productive, more budget aware and they are NOT about to to give up the FREEDOMS that they fought for just because a man is supposedly good looking.



  • tony

    Until we get that mu slim OUT of OUR White House and until we successfully remove every left ist judge placed into our judicial system by the lib eral soc ial ists we will continue to see these atr ocities committed.

    There robo moder ator, see if you stop THIS one from being posted

  • Old Veteran

    Freedom of Religion, it has become a "noose" for America. Islamic Religious Law will HAVE TO HAVE a say. Since OUR country is proud of religious freedom. To deny a faith of some "rules" because it might have a conflict with OUR Constitution we will have to accept the spineless judges being worried about votes. The sad part is the fact that people of the Islamic Faith will "suffer" under sharia law and they cannot USE the Constitution to protect them. This is sort of a cancer that might one day undermine Christianity and we might suffer violence from those who want to rule our counrty based on a Religion. I don't know about most people, but for me Islam is a disease that I will make a point to avoid.

    • FlaJim

      We have a conundrum with mohammedism. It's not just an alleged religion, it's also a set of political and legal beliefs that are antithetical to Western Culture. A moslem can swear allegiance to the Constitution, knowing he's never going to uphold that oath, and feel perfectly justified according to his warped philosophy. That's why Israel has fulfilled every single agreement made with various moslem groups while each and every one of them has been broken by the moslems with no apology.

      Moslems should simply be barred from entering this country since they're untrustworthy by nature. Nothing to do with religion; everything to do with trustworthiness.

      For judges wanted to consider international or sharia law in their decisions should be automatic grounds for impeachment. They've sworn to uphold the Constitution, not the court of world opinion. Even some Europeans are catching on to this, although it may be too late for them.

    • nmgene

      Islam is not a religion, it is a satanistict ocult. There is no freedom for the female and they are nothing but slaves to there perverted men.

    • Robert

      your attitude is defeatist and of non-participation bye avoiding you allow to consume and therefore you submit! Biblical teachings are always to fight the good fight and the Lord will take care of the Rest upon his soon coming! They will get straight passage trust in Jesus he has their Ticket to the Lowest form of and extremely uncomfortable final eternal life for their deeds!!!!!!!!

    • ren

      from what I see, many military officials are going against anything to do with christ, regligion, even to those who have been hurt by war...this is very sad! they need physical and spiritual healing from war...I respect vets, my father is one, so I can't understand why the change in military to cut out anything religious? even forcing Chaplins to marry gay people, which is clearly a sin in the bible.... I honor and respect the 10 commandments given to moses.. I honor the proclaimation of Abraham Lincoln, to give our nation a new start after the civil war...which God, is different story. so much greed, so much hatred for Jesus in this administration....jesus, the one who died for all people's sins, they only have to accept that and know that to be saved..

    • Chuck

      Freedom of religion is not a "noose for America." Just because we have the right to practice any religion we want doesn't mean we have to allow religion to dictate law in our courts. To the contrary, the Constitution is the law of the land and it is very clear that the government shall make no law regarding religion or the practice of any particular religion. The logical interpretation of this is that no law shall be made to restrict the practice of any religion, however, the law shall not be influenced by religion, either.

  • tony

    one more post;

    Ginsburg fails to understand that the supreme court of THIS country is to make rulings based on OUR Constitution and NOT on international law. This is yet ANOTHER reason to change the Constitution and set term limits on supreme court judges so as to stop their ability to make rulings after senility sets in.

    • j_berry50

      senility AND dementia!!!

      • Liberty

        And a touch of Mooooozlimism..................

      • Robert

        I disagree I think that it is abuse of power intentional! Meaning they are put into a trusted position and fail to understand or do not care what they do is wrong for the US and it people, They take on the identity of a Dictator! This is what they say it means not necessarily what a law means and their explanations are often Daft . They too should have to Answer to the people via the Election process and should not every be appointed bye President who is merely stacking the Deck in his favor so to speak and then no matter if he the President is a moron such as we have now his legacy remains in the Judicial system until do they part! This is Wrong! Other Judges answer to the electoral action of the people why not Supreme and US district? Perhaps things would have been different in this Country after Roe Vs Wade and the People got wind of the billions of our Tax Dollars being spent on the whims of Doctors convincing Young Women to take the innocent lives of their Baby's, We would not be guilty of Murder as a Nation! To the tune of 300,000 a month I think is the SBA quote (correctable if wrong but it is a very heart breaking amount daily and totals in the millions yearly! And also at an even higher price of our Tax money whether you are in agreement or not! Just another reason our economy is down!

    • Truth

      Ginsburg completely understands, but doesn't care. These marxist progressives know exactly what they are doing. This country is in for a violent revolution. That will be the only way to take it back. Everything this regime is doing tramples the constitution. The American people will only take so much. I predict it will begin after the election, no matter who wins. One way or the other, it will come to a head.

    • K Smith

      Ginsburg could be impeached. Not easy, but possible.

    • drakhelm

      Actually there is, they are limited to serving while they are serving in good behavior, unfortunately the Democrats are a bit confused on exactly what "good" behavior is and the Republicans lack the spine to simply start throwing judges out.

      "Article III - The Judicial Branch Note

      Section 1 - Judicial powers

      The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices *during good Behavior*, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services a Compensation which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office."


    Keep on electing Leftist Presidents or Worse who in turn appoint like minded Judges to the bench. Judges who have learned to cultivate callous knees and supple curved jellied spines.

  • D121212

    As I have been watching, and commenting on, there is a great need for us to return to thw priciples of our fore fathers. We have drifted from what our fore fathers said in so many ways. We are drifting so much more towards Socialism and Sharia law. People are wanting to get GOD removed and of the way, permit homosexuality. permit same sex marriage and yes, permit Shariah Law, all in the name of 'Political Correctness'. When we move God out of the way, permit homosexuality, and permit same sex narriage, and permit Shariah Law. all in the name of 'Political Correctness, you are taking this country of ours down resorting to the demise of this what was once a great nation. If we don't do something, and quick, we are all going to br doomed.

    • letitsnow1

      and that is for sure!

  • Faye Shamblin

    What do you expect with Obama and his murdering muslims that is all he wants to do is turn America into a islamic bunch of muslims and do away with our Christian values. I hope to see him get what he deserves tried for fraud and treason,. Get rid of the goofy idiot.

    • letitsnow1

      hope that day comes soon, but don't count on it!

  • joe

    If we don't get rid of this muslim scourge soon, they will take over . . which is just what they and your muslim so-called president want.

  • reginald zenkewich

    There is no way that Sharia law can or will repo;lace our Constitution unless Obamanation allows it to continue. This is America founded on law for the people not a religion to rule all. It is time for our justices to condemn this practice and not allow it in our court rooms. God Bless Christian America.

    • Ginger

      Take obama at his word (the only time to believe him) . He said if things got tough politically, he would side with the one wants to believe him but will believe all the lies he has told,.

  • Old Sarge

    Let the little sheet heads have their shariah law but they must remember that it has NO place in the Courts of the United States of America, if they do not like OUR laws they are free to get to hell out of my country.

    • letitsnow1

      now that would be a great day, if only!

  • Charles Parker

    Interesting. I hold no brief for Sharia Law. However, having lixed in Saudi Arabia for a umber of years was and am quite familiar with it, It is the Law of the Quran. The Quaran consists of all of the Old Testament of the Bible and the Gospel Chapters of the New Testament. It adds a few additional Suri (chapters) attributed to Mohammed. Isalm is based on the Arian Heresy as declared at the First Nicene Synod in 235 AD. As ddoes the Arian Heresy Islam exchews the Epistles of Paul and the Idea of there being a Multiple God. Islam is Monotheist, thus, ALLAH ( AL LAH) The God! Therefore, Sharia Law is to a Very Large Extent the Law of The Old Testament.

    United States Law is based on English Law. It is not based on either Biblical nor Shria Law. The use of Sharia Law in deciding cases in the United States should be denigrated. Under Sha ria Law there is no Jury Trial, Bheading and Stoning to Death are typical Punishments alon with whpping Naked in a Public Square. These are al punishments that would generally shock Americans but are very usual in Islamic Justice Systems.

    • JamesMo

      Charles Parker,
      With all my respect YOU ARE WRONG, ABSOLUTELY WRONG !
      The US law is based on Judaic Law and moral Judeo-Christian values. THE OLD TESTAMENT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SHARIA LAW Eg: ''An eye for an eye'' is COMPLETELY misunderstood; it does not mean vengeance but LEGALLY PAYING DAMAGES EQUAL TO THE DAMAGE DONE - If you hurt someone and injure his/her eye, then you must pay for its cure or replacement.

      • JamesMo

        Charles Parker,
        Muslims always lie, they are allowed and it is even recommended to lie in order to defend their religion.
        Not sure who told you in Saudi Arabia that Sharia law is an extension of the Old Testament but that is the most absurd comment I have ever read. Beware of the numerous Adiths, they are horrific towards everybody and especially the infidels - YOU AND ME

    • JamesMo

      Islam has borrowed from the old testament (monotheism and no reproduction of God's image) and some input from the new testament.
      The muslim violence stems NOT from the Koran but from the ADITHS. This is why the Muslims always tell that the koran is not violent !!!! WHAT THEY DO NOT TELL YOU IS THAT THEIR VIOLENT IDEOLOGY STEMS FROM THE AIDITHS.

    • OhioTony

      Sharia has no place in the judicial system of this country nor has international law. Our legal system has its basis in the Constitution. Any legal decision based on either Sharia or international law should be declared unconstitutional by the SCOUS.

    • Chuck

      Exactly, this is why Sharia law is unconstitutional and should never be allowed in U.S. Courts. It is based on religion and our Constitution prohibits the government from making any laws concerning religion. English common law is based on common sense, not religion.

    • MR.RIGHT

      charles, you say the quran has all the old and new testaments in it, and that it 'add,s' a few additional chapters.... Interesting, God states in the new testament REVELATION 22:18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book; If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy , God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. 20 He who testifies to these things say, "Yes, I am coming soon."
      Amen Come, Lord Jesus. 21 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people. Amen
      I respctfully say the quran is a blaspheming peice of crap, that deserves to be burned... besides don't they 'meaning the muslims' burn the Bible? and cut Christians heads off? just thought you might want to know what the true God has to say about that not the faulse gods.

  • TedRWeiland

    I don't mean to offend, but it is pure naivete to think that replacing Obama with anyone the establishment provides today is going to solve America's problems. Until we recognize that entire secular, humanistic, anti-Christian, polytheistic promoting constitutional system is to blame, we will only get more of same of what we have gotten after every election - a nation that is is less Christian and more immoral.

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh's moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments). Take our Constitution Survey ( and receive a free copy of the "Primer" (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

    • j_berry50

      Getting rid of Obama is a REALLY GOOD START!!!!

      • TedRWeiland

        This is true, but it won't even scratch the surface of what needs to be done.

    • TedRWeiland

      The link above doesn't seem to function; try the following instead:

    • Christopher Plante

      The founders were not setting up a theocracy. They understood that such a government could easily become as oppressive and tyrannical as the one from which they were revolting, or more so. They also understood that a representative republican government could not be maintained without a strong moral ethic in the citizenry. The moral ethic to which they deferred is the Judeo-Christian ethic.

      God institutes governments among men as a mechanism to thwart evil and promote good but, as with individual men, governments can stray from their original purposes.

      Because the Constitution allows for various freedoms, it does not follow that it promotes every desire, action, word, or belief that it allows. That it is not a "Biblical Document" does not disallow God's hand in inspiring its various concepts, protections, and remedies.

      Our law is based on English law and Western beliefs of freedom, property ownership, and personal responsibility; all tenets of the Bible. It is codified in the Constitution which is the supreme law of the land. That does not mean that it supplants God's laws. It was taken as a given that one who followed God's law would automatically be adherent to Constitutional law. We know that the converse is not true. As Jesus said, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and give unto God what is God's." Therefore, God's law is inherently superior to man's law.

      The law of the land is likewise inferior to the law of the heart. They are distinct for a reason. The law of the land, of which the Constitution is supreme, is meant to govern the interactions of the society and the interactions of our nation with other nations in the world. The Constitution's supremacy is over the laws of the states where they may come in conflict, not God's law, over which no man's law can claim supremacy.

      The law of the heart, God's law, is meant to curb man's natural tendencies toward evil. Doing this, it also allows man to exercise the liberties that the civil law affords him.

      • TedRWeiland

        Christopher: "The founders were not setting up a theocracy. They understood that such a government could easily become as oppressive and tyrannical as the one from which they were revolting..." What do you think we have as a result of their Constitutional Republic? An oppressive and tyrannical theocracy:

        "Not all theocracies are Christian. Some are Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and some are secular. There is no escaping theocracy. A government’s laws reflect its morality, and the source of that morality (or, more often than not, immorality) is its god. It is never a question of theocracy or no theocracy, but whose theocracy. The American people, by way of their elected officials, are the source of the Constitutional Republic’s laws. Therefore, the Constitutional Republic’s god is WE THE PEOPLE.

        "People recoil at the idea of a theocracy’s morality being forced upon them, but because all governments are theocracies, someone’s morality is always being enforced. This is an inevitability of government. The question is which god, theocracy, laws, and morality will we choose to live under?"

        Excerpted from "The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YHWH" at

        Christopher: "They also understood that a representative republican government could not be maintained without a strong moral ethic in the citizenry. The moral ethic to which they deferred is the Judeo-Christian [an oxymoron] ethic."

        Sounds good, but no Christian moral ethic could ever overcome the secular, humanistic, anti-Christian, polytheistic promoting document they created. The Constitution is not only antithetical to Yahweh's morality as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments in nearly every article and amendment, it is hostile to Yahweh's very sovereignty. See "Bible Law vs. The United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at, in which you will find a chapter devoted to contrasting Yahweh's law to each and every amendment and article.

        While your at it, take our survey at and receive a free 85 page "Primer" of the same.

    • gunny

      hey ted , we can only try not all of our polititians are crooked ,,, maybe greedy but not crooked

      • TedRWeiland

        Gunny, I appreciate your sentiments. However, I'm not interested in a short-term "try" (electing the lesser of two evils or is it the evil of two lessers) that will only get us more of the same and ultimately worse. I'm for whatever sacrifice is required (regardless how unpopular) that will help yours and mine posterity (probably two or three generations future) do it Biblically right this time - unlike the constitutional framers. Like Gideon of old this begins by identifying and eventually tearing down our fathers' and today's national idol.

        We have to stop looking for quick fixes (which never have and never will work) and start approaching America's problems with a long-term view , that is, three and four generations hence.

      • Chuck

        No, you are wrong gunny, The majority, whether Democrat or Republican are corrupt and greedy crooks.

    • Chuck

      Not if we get Ron Paul for President and more people like him and his son in Congress.

      • TedRWeiland

        Ron Paul is the high priest of the very document (idol) that got us into this mess. Furthermore, any man (politician) who won't even admit that sodomy is a sin to Yahweh (the God of the Bible) is hardly Christian. Listen for yourself at

  • Norma

    I am a Christian female, and I certainly did not approve of Obama being in the white house, and neither did my friends! So don't blame Sharia law on the women (or me) that I know. We should never, never have Sharia law in our courts. I have found that many of our judges or incompetent in dealing with the law. They all sound like foreigners. They need to be booted out. And also, what's with Oregon? Did muslims move in and take over? They need to be booted out of the state, out of the nation, and told to go back to their unfair government. Don't try to change the United States! We are the opposite of you. So, go home!

    • judy

      I agree with you and your friends Norma. I am a female also and would never vote for these people now running or trying to run our lives. The females that voted for him are females that need a man to decide what they need and want. That is my opinion and I will stand by it.

    • Robert

      You Go Girl,Put it on them! Part of the problem is they could not own businesses where they were and they had not freedom of speech, And they knew not when some radical idiot of their own Kin would Blow them and their families away! But now the ignorant bunch of SOB's want to bring the same crap to the US! Not a whole hell of a lot different when we finished with the Civil War, The North and their Carpetbaggers had to try to implement their philosophies of the way to live and it is still going on today!

    • OLD DAD

      Couldn't agree with you more. any judge that uses shariah law has violated his oath of office and should be disbarred and removed from the bench. You must take action to stop a judge like this.
      File a complaint with the judicial review board.
      file a complaint with the local bar association.
      Report him to the press and file complaints with them and don't stop screaming until the Judicial review board and the Bar association do something about this type of judge.

      • Sergio Sr.

        Don't forget that the so called press is one-sided. To them this would be a nonissue of a story.

    • letitsnow1

      agree completly!

    • JOHN


  • DrBillLemoine

    The foundation of every court decision in this country is law, precedent and the facts of the case. There is no Sharia law; precedents may involve many factors related to a given case, and the facts are unique to every suit. Paranoia about terrorists of a certain religion or ethnicity are overblown if you just pay attention over time. If you want to sate your fear mentality, travel abroad in, say, Italy. Da Vinci airport has carribinieri carrying Uzis to thwart terrorists--who actually assaulted passengers at that facility. People need to get a grip or check into a psychiatric ward or doctor's office. Your paranoia is taking over.

    • j_berry50

      After too many "bad court rulings" ,not to mention the jobs and economy, we are now paying attention to those who have been passing laws which have increased taxes to the point where civil servants have gotten the upper hand on income and pensions!! They woke us up.................

      • DrBillLemoine

        Right now the only ones angling for a tax increase are congressional conservatives, increasing the payroll taxes on middle class wage earners in an economic downturn. But payroll taxes are separate from wage increases long overdue for those laborers. Middle class wages have stagnated for 30 years. What would you penalize?

        And 20 states have passed windfall tax cuts for public sector pensioners who supplemented their teaching salaries with private sector work. Retired miiltary regularly take jobs, called double dipping. Penalty also?

        Social security benefits are less because ambitious teachers worked over the summer to make ends meet. Do you want to cut benefits for such civil servants who work hard? What kind of work ethic do you propose? How fair is that? What kind of upperhand do you see for hard work? Are you a socialist who wants to penalize labor for earning their income and pensions, or do you support merit compensation? You position doesn't seem thought through. Finally it's private industry that reneges on pension promises with hardly a thought, divests itself of pension commitments whenever convenient for the bottom line, not responsible public employers.

    • Paul

      You DrBillLemoine have never been to Italy if you think the Carabinieri would attack anyone without reason. I spent many years in Italy and never did I see any of them misuse there right. Talk about paranoia, thats you.

      • DrBillLemoine

        The subject is fear of terrorists, of terror attacks. That's the place of those guards for good reason you may forget. The prominent display of guns without such cause is fear inducing, subject of this exchange. Do you overlook the possibility of accidental discharge, mistaken identity or non-terrorist provocation leading to fearful police and resulting trouble? Just look at the excessive pepper spraying of Berkeley Occupy Wall Street demonstrators peacefully, non-threateningly sitting while soaked with this non-lethal substance. Again the subject is fear of human judgement, or miscalculation, or mistake. What's your paranoia, a well reasoned retort?

        • JamesMo


          2 May 2007 - 3 min - Uploaded by usarmycaptainamerica
          These videos about Muslims wanting to kill infidels, reports of Muslim honor killings, reports of Muslim ...
          More videos for video of islamist to conquer infidels »
          Hamas terror leader: Islam will conquer US and Britain - Video

 Jun 2006 – Hamas terror leader: Islam will conquer US and Britain ... PA cleric defines America, Britain and Spain as Infidels. Feb. 28, 2003 (1min) ...

        • DrBillLemoine

          After years of U.S. unwarranted Iraq war killing Muslims, out of control mercenaries there, Abu Graib atrocities, half-hearted cruise missile attempts to get Bin Laden, Afghani corruption fostered by misapplied aid, drones over Pakistan, and much more intrusion into the Middle East over decades, do you seriously think no Muslims would hate us? The point is nonexistent Sharia laws used in this country's courts, mistaken ID of Muslims passing tax laws here which are nonsense. After Iran sanctions, you expect no hate for this country? What's your point about Sharia law, the article's thesis, creating fear in this country?

        • JamesMo

          What about Muslims killing Christians and Jews

        • JamesMo

          Dr Lemoine, you seem to forget that the Irak war was the RESULT of many acts of terrorism against the US well BEFORE 9/11
          I await your answer, WITH SOME SUBSTANCE PLEASE

    • Wyatt

      You DrBillLemoine need to stop drinking the Kool-aide and pull your head out . Because of people like you who just ignore what is going on around them , America is having not only our freedoms revoked but our laws are being trampled on and replaced by absolutism and repression !

      • DrBillLemoine

        The freedoms being revoked are by MI Gov. Snyder removing duly elected government officials for a dictator. Voter rights are being limited in FL and multiple other states by right wing governors and legislators determined to insure election of those who would revoke the 20th century's rights. Whose doing the authoritarian and repressive trampling? You're looking in the mirror.

        • JamesMo

          Are you talking about the intimidation of the left & the black panthers during last year elections - Your beloved progressives Not investigated by Obama and Holder !
          Being on the side of the left was very ''trendy'' in the 60's but at your age, it is ''pathetic'' and I am saying that with all the respect due to you. The trend was also and still is in Europe and THEY ARE BROKE!
          The 60's are gone and America is on the brink of bankrupcy.
          May I remind you of the FEMA camps used during the left progressives called W Wilson & FDR. Do you know that hundreds of FEMA camps are now being built by Obama? What do you think it is for?
          Do you know that Fast & Furious was orchestrated by Obama in order to crack down on the right to bear arms?
          That will answer your last question '''''' Whose doing the authoritarian and repressive trampling?''''' UNLESS you are one of those who refuse to see the truth with stubborness as we see it today in most of the left leaning media

        • DrBillLemoine

          Sharia law spreading in U.S. jurisprudence is the main subject. Poll observers are a normal tactic of parties at the polls. Actually we referred to diminished voter rights as freedoms disappear. Voter rights increased most recently under Pres. LBJ in 1964. Equality of education rights emerged in 1954 with Pres. DDE under national guard supervision. Basic rights and freedoms are not 'trendy' nor 'pathetic' in any era. Use of fiscal problems and unemployment are never reasons to diminish personal and democratic freedoms. You're grasping at straws, using fearful conspiracy argument, blaming media for right wing failures of budgeting, rights and freedoms to suggest Pres. Obama isn't acceptable. The stubbornness is your refusal to defend democracy, tax fairly, favor people over deficits, support statesmanship.

        • JamesMo

          Yes, Sharia law is the subject but YOU mentioned the restriction of rights.
          Sorry polls observers are VERY DIFFERENT from black panthers standing with a baton!
          Basic rights and freedom are not of any particular political system, left or right!
          Yes saying ''I am a leftist'' is TRENDY but ridiculous.
          Obama is by far the WORST president America has ever had, not because he is hopeless buy because he has a PLAN '' transform the US in a ''fundamental'' manner: Americans wanted change but NOT the Obama socialist change and big government !
          His budget was a JOKE, ANOTHER STIMULUS, a sinister one, so sinister that even democrats knocked it back!

        • DrBillLemoine

          The correct term is progressive. Right wingers like you attacked citizens in townhall meetings violating American laws including free speech. Somebody standing nearby with or without a 'baton' doesn't compare. There are no more 'black panthers'. Nowadays the terrorists are in congress holding it hostage blocking taxation for fat cats while increasing middle class taxes, attacking universal healthcare, and more. What's more terrorist-acting than MI Gov. Snyder abolishing elected bodies and officials to install his dictator? How about FL Gov. Scott and 6 others suppressing voter rights? That's some real terror--threatening the foundations of democracy and you want to sidetrack efforts on a non-issue "Sharia law". Shameful and even anti-American. Everyone, including you, live within a country that has many socialist institutions beloved by the majority. You, the minority, will never be allowed to abolish the bedrock institutions of our country. Your 'solutions' to important issues is 19th century or worse, and you are already being overruled in national and state elections. Good luck with your life; you don't relate to mine in any legitimate way; ditto my country.

    • Raymond

      Progressive is just another word for communist.
      Your mother must be proud of you....

      • DrBillLemoine

        You must have skipped history and civics classes. Progressive Castro??? Ridiculous.

      • DrBillLemoine

        The term means advancement toward a goal, or development, growth or steady improvement--all contrary to those who would call it communist, like you.

    • Robert

      Doctor Me thinks maybe you need to see the Doctor yourself for me thinks you are a Legend in your own mind! Which mentally speaking would be called What Doc.?

      • DrBillLemoine

        Got a substantive comment to make, or isn't there any substance you can stand on to comment?

        • JamesMo

          You yourself, Dr Lemoine, you do not comment with any substantive comment NOR ANY SUBSTANTIVE ANSWER.
          Are you avoiding my comments because YOU HAVE NOTHING TO ANSWER?

    • JamesMo

      Dear Dr Lemoine
      What we are saying about Muslims is not what we all think; It is what THEY say in THEIR OWN WORDS
      I do not call paranoia when we take seriously what Muslims are saying
      You obviously haven't heard any of it

      • DrBillLemoine

        The subject is Sharia law used in U.S. litigation. Most people recognize there are possible overlaps between sets of laws. One could also understand how cases with Muslim involved would tap laws relevant to the subjects at the dock. Where does any of this suggest a "takeover" of our laws by Sharia? It's absolute nonsense, raised to conceal bigotry we don't support in the U.S. No spurious pictures or connections you mention can obscure the fact that right wingers are bigoted against middle class values and institutions and for low motives, fear and hatred. You're skating perilously close to hate speech and crime.

        • Another Gary

          DrBill,...Speaking for myself,....When it comes to Islam,.. I AM a bigot,...I hate Muslims,...because they want to kill us,..dick weed! ...I hate dumb asses like you,...what part of 'kill the infidels' don't you understand,....what a moron you are,...They're (muslims) gonna love beheading a stupid infidels like you....another pathetic liberal punk,....seriously, you need to grow up old man,...and get a clue.

    • JamesMo

      Shock Photos: Obama Marched with New Black Panthers

      Read more: Shock Photos: Obama Marched with New Black Panthers | Godfather Politics

      • DrBillLemoine

        Ditto prior comment to you.

        • JamesMo


  • bob

    The next thing he will come with is FREE CHILD CARE so they can indoctanate your children into be coming good little
    COMMUNIST and then they will have what they want,

    • captnkevin

      already being done with going green. a paganistic religion.

    • maryanne3935

      Nancy Pelosi already suggested this, she said when she was home with 5 children that it would have been nice if she had a place to put her children so that she could have time for herself. Honey, they are always one step ahead of us in the demise of our children. We just have to be one step ahead of them in getting the lot of them out.

    • Robert

      Duh bob where have you been ! this is already underway in the new laws they are trying to put into the School Systems! They are also implementing Sexual Perversion for all Grammar Schools, Middle Schools and High School by then they will have them brainwashed into a group of know nothings but what the Government tells them and do as they are told without any thought process of their own!

  • Michial Lawrence

    Any judge in the U. S. A. that uses Sharia Law should be removed from the bench immediately. He or she no longer adheres to the oath that they swore to for the job.

  • TedRWeiland

    "Because nothing requires constitutional judges to rule exclusively according to Yahweh’s morality, they have tacit authority to adjudicate according to the immorality of Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Baal, or WE THE PEOPLE. This is especially true because of the polytheistic provision for freedom of religion in Amendment 1. Americans should prepare themselves for courts that rule according to Islamic Sharia and Jewish Beth Din laws, as is already occurring in England:

    'Islamic law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases. The government has quietly sanctioned the powers for sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence. Rulings issued by a network of five sharia courts are enforceable with the full power of the judicial system, through the county courts or High Court….

    'Jewish Beth Din courts operate under the same provision in the Arbitration Act and resolve civil cases, ranging from divorce to business disputes. They have existed in Britain for more than 100 years…. Politicians and church leaders expressed concerns that this could mark the beginnings of a “parallel legal system” based on sharia for some British Muslims.'

    "Constitutional judges are [also] required to render verdicts in agreement with the Constitution rather than the Bible anytime the two are in disagreement:

    '…when they … find it [any law] to be incompatible with the superior power of the Constitution, it is their duty to pronounce it void.' James Wilson, Constitution Signatory and Supreme Court Justice" (Quoted from "Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land?" at

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh's moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments). Take our Constitution Survey ( and receive a free copy of the "Primer" (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

    For more, see

    • drljr

      Try reading Article 6 Paragraph 2 of the US Constitution. No Foreign law can be used in any US Court.

      • TedRWeiland

        You should go back and carefully read what I wrote and then go back and re-read the original article. Keep in mind, anything can become Constitutional law either by amendment, congressional application, or judicial interpretation.

        • drljr

          Only by an Amendment to the US Constitution could Shariah Law be used. A Congressional Act incorporating foreign law that is incompatible with the US Constitution is null and void - Shariah law is incompatible with the US Constitution. A judge using foreign law to rule on US cases in committing malfeasance in office.

        • TedRWeiland

          Once again, you’ve missed my point. However, perhaps that’s inevitable without reading the entire chapter from which my statement was excerpted.

  • Gerald Clark

    This is total Bull Crap. Find these justics and remove them from the court's. They are non American, If people want to come to this country they live by the constitution of the United States of American, If the can't live by those laws, Then I say to them, SO Long, go back to where you came from.

  • D121212

    If you censured my last article, I'll not write to you again for I feel that there was nothing to censure.

  • Vallen

    I will NOT stand for Sharian law in MY country!!

  • Daniel

    As far as I am concern "GOD and Jesus Christ Laws" which is the Law of our land in the United States of America, will always superceed the human man-made Islamic Shariah Laws in every case all over the earth. The Christian's GOD Laws has been the law from the beginning of time, not the human man-made Islamic Shariah Laws, which started in the 7th century with a man's dream of how he wanted things to be and to dictate to other humans. SORRY MUSLIMS wantabe's "HUMAN/GOD'S", you lose again, like every time you go against GOD in every battle or war since the beginning of time.

  • Don DeHoff

    Congress must pass legislation (amendment to the constitution if necessary) to prohibit any federal agency or person from entering into any understanding, agreement or treaty with any foreign government, agency (including the UN) group or individual, that would be in violation of our Constitution or Federal Law, without getting PRIOR approval of both houses of congress, who must agree by a 70% super-majority vote of both houses. I am no lawyer, but it should be already evident that such actions cannot be entered into if they are in conflict with the Consttution and our freedom loving conceipt of government--but I say, let us spell it out, so there is no misunderstanding. This needs to be done on a "top priority" basis.

    • Paul

      There should and connot be any reason to change the Constitution of the United States, period.

  • dean

    All this talk on these blog sites won't do any good unless Americans get together and tell the politicians enough with changing America to suit different culture. You come to America, become an American. A lot of immigrants who come now want a country within a country and do not want to assimilate,this wrong and won't work for our nation or any nation. I see big trouble down the road for America if this pattern doesn't change.

  • Don

    Here I go again, if this president and his radicals aren't IMPEACHED NOW, we are in for more of the above! If this action does not happen NOW, it may already be too late, even up to the next election! So please somebody up there in Washington, or wherever, get this impeachment process going immediately! God Bless America and lets hope those liberal judges get the same treatment! We don't need those kind on our benches! But first, lets get rid of obumma and his wife!

  • Sandman

    Any judge that would rule using Sharia law should be removed from the bench. This is based on on the fact they are performing a treasonous act acgainst the United States.

  • keepingmyeyeonyou1


  • tom

    Any Judge or lawyer That uses any law but the laws passed by the US government shouldbe bared from practicing law in this country, they can go practice law in the country's they are trying to enter their law into our country ,WE Still A Constitution although Obama and his cronies think we don;t

  • smithd53

    My church believes in obeying and sustaining the law of the land. The only thing my church can do to me involves my membership. What ever my church decides in addition to that belongs in the U.S. courts.

    Sharia Law has no place in our form of government.

  • Richard Vandervort

    I'm leaving this to being short and not so sweet, If Americans everywhere don't act now to taking back America and restoring our Constitutional way of life we will not have another Free Nation to run to.
    It's your choice, Live under freedom or die under socialism! (I've chosen to fight for my freedom!)

    • Richard Vandervort

      Were so afraid of the truth here that I'm in moderation again!

  • Mark

    During what was referred to as the "Eleventh Rotation" of personnel into Saudi Arabia, United States Air Force Security Police personnel at Riyadh Air Base were affixing the Royal Saudi Coat of Arms over our United States Seal on United States Uniformed Services Department of Defense identification cards. I was also a "Seventh Rotation" personnel participant and having a Royal Saudi Coat of Arms did not happen to be placed on identification cards during this or earlier personnel rotations. Did/does allowing this foreign seal on identification cards that state on the reverse: "PROPERTY OF US GOVERNMENT", subject United States military personnel to Saudi Arabian and Sharia Laws? If so, are/were we sold out by political bureaucrats to subject foreign defenders of Saudi Arabia to prosecution by Saudi and Sharia laws by relegating the United States military members to hired mercenaries?

  • Carlos J. Negron

    Many moons ago, A Judge told a 14 years old boy interpreting for his father, that "old country customs do not hold water , in this country if it is not on paper it is not legal".

    That 14 year old boy was me and I can say the lesson served me well through the years totalling 70.

    Once you start making exceptions to a law you are in essence voiding it.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Obama choose to call US soil the new battle ground and now we should too.

  • Guest

    VOTE FOR AMERICA...You can vote at the ballot box, and with your wallet (don't buy from foreigners), and with your feet: walk past any store that isn't owned by an American and staffed by Americans, speaking English only!

  • Lone Ranger

    Kill 'em all and let God separate the SOB's!!!!

  • flyhigh

    If our Government would have gone by the Constitution we would not have this Muslin president in the white house & the reason the constitution states that the elected president can not be born in a foreign country is of allegiance to this country only . I have no doubt Obama was not born in this country & his allegiance is to the country where he was born not to America . he should not have been elected but he was .CONGRESS IMPEACH OBAMA before he can finish us off completely .

  • Tom Troske

    Too many folks are relying on an Obama defeat to set all things straight, I hope so, but I fear not. I'm not even certain we'll be able to make it through the next ten months without an armed revolution in this country. Initiated by the OWS types, initially with the encouragement of Obama, later to be brutally crushed by Obama, and finally used by Obama to establish himself as the proclaimed head of a socialist state. OOPS--no more free elections, no more constitution and lots of other things. Wake up, gang

  • Robert R

    It's a sad day in American History when we allow these people into our country and then start letting them tell us what laws of Constitution we are to live by. If they can't live by our Constitution, send their fat, lazy asses back to where they cam from and let them support the Sharia Law of their country, don't try to force this BS on us. Every time you turn around there's somebody trying to tell us what to do. From the Congo where people in the US are telling us what to do for the people of the Congo to these idiotic illegals and Sharia Law believers. Like and support our Constitutional laws, leave your laws in your country and don't even think about forcing them on use or we will send you back where you came from. This is our country, not your illegal aliens nor the people who do no believe in our Constitution or Bill of Rights. Bye Bye all foreigners that don't know what a great country you are in because of your idiot laws.

  • irving

    There is a new book out on sharia crap-LAWFARE-The war against free speech-by two terrific lawyers-they went up against CAIR and beat them every time-Amazon- There are small groups out there fighting,but BHO STILLhas over 40% approval rating-good god-so many stupid people!

  • john

    We The People must kicked out Every Muslms out Of country. They Are Imposing Their Satanic Laws In Our Christian Land where The Constitution is The Supreme Law in our Republic. This is America. Our Founders Created The Constitution that protects
    Only Christians, Catholic, Jewish, Other Christian Religion.
    Islam is Not God Christian & Jewish Religions that came from the Holy Land Israel Where Jesus Christ Was Born Into Our World.
    We The People must shut down Muslims Mosques Nationwide & force Them Out Of Ou Christian Just as Germany Expelled all The Muslims out of their Country. Multiculturism failed that Muslims wants to destroy our Christianity & be Slaves to satan The Muslim God They Called Allah The False God Of Hell. We The Have The Sole Rights To Preserve Our Christianity in America. Muslims are The enemies Of Every christian & Jewish Religion World Wide. Isolate them All In Thhe Middle East & Never buy Oil Never Again. Death To Islam. God Will Kill Them All soon.

  • BiLL

    It's time for Ginsburg the Commie itch to go feed plants.

  • Richard Ahern

    Sharia law is unconstitutional- Any Juge who uses Sharai Law should be removed

  • Chris P

    So what you are saying is that it's OK for one crazy religion to make laws that limit womens freedom and productive rights and take rights away from gays bit it's NOT OK for the other religion to do so.

    How stupid is that. I don't believe any of our laws are based on biblical laws. When you guys start stoning adulterous senators on the Republican side - I'll believe you.

    • Maynard Merrell

      Chris: If we start stoning adulters on the democratic side, will you believe it. Apparently, what you're saying, or trying to say, is that a religion that takes away the rights of a whore who got herself knocked up, and wants to kill the innocent baby for her miscondurct, is a crazy religion. As for you gays, I can't think of anything less manly and discusting.

  • Insurgent

    Whatever happened to separation of church and state?
    Put a chigger in place of a man and the nation goes down the tube!

    • Maynard Merrell

      Seperation of church and state has nothing to do with it. The constituion states that the government is to see to our security domestic or foreign, and to provide for pease and tranquility. sharira law doesn't fit into that, because it advocates murder. Therefore, no muslims should be granted entrance into the United States and given citizenship. Thats like leting Hitler and his kind into the US.

    • Maynard Merrell

      Insurgent: Whats a chigger? Please explain.


  • drljr

    Any judge that uses foreign law to decide a US case should be immediate impeached for malfeasance on the bench and charged with sedition. Article 6, Paragraph 2 make it clear foreign law can not be used in US courts.

    • Maynard Merell

      Ginsburg, a member of the CFR, believs in enforcing international law, and will enforce, with the aid of othr CFR justices, the anti-gun law thats been legislated in the Untited Nations. She and the others are just waiting for the right opportunity, which might come via Homeland Security, whose mission is to disarm Americans, and our militias in particular; and are hard at work right now to make our malitias appear to be a dangerous terrorist organization, particularly after a law is passed forbidding any of us from having firearms. At which time they expect Americans to form up into malitias and go after the government, to get back our freedom and the constitution, and our republic. Homeland Security is not interested in protecting us from terrorist here. They are only interested in protecting the government from an angry militia.


    ANY LAW OR MANDATE that is in violation of the U.S. Constitution is automatically NULL & VOID! ~ All those bogus cases that included judicial decisions based on "Sharia Law" need to be expunged...along with the stupid, treasonous judges who presided the cases!!!

  • d.mather

    Our LAWS shall be enforced acording to CONSTITUTION as long as we are still USA. NO other law has a place here .. Judges all Military and all people SWORN to office of any kind are commiting TREASON.??????? if they dont comply.

  • Bill Weston

    I would like to make two points about this article. 1) Our future legisltors must define the phrase "terms of good behaviour" as adherance to our Constitution as written thus preserving the sovereignty of these United States. If a constitutional ammendment is needed, so be it. No man is above the law. Judges can only interpret the application of law, not "legislate from the bench". Clarity in this issue will facilitate oversight of this principle. 2) If this world is to become a one world government, then our republic, with it's principles of liberty and justice, had better be in charge! God, help us if that happens!!!

  • Joe

    It is time to show the liberals that we aren't going to take it anymore.
    We have to become assertive. When someone insults our values or religion we have to
    get in their face! Don't let the left define us.

  • Ernest Stull

    Been to any foreign counteries lately that isnt trying to kiss up to the Isalm? We our heading down along dark tunnel like sheep to slaughter unless we get independent of all the world and put God First and Country and family next to it. Wake up yea all goodmen of the USA and prepare your plowshears.

  • DG11

    I am weary of writing what an ASS the Prsident is.

    • Maynard Merrell

      That ass isn't alone. There are thousands like him. You have all probably heard about the One World Government, the New World Order, the name of which was changed to Global Union. Under the jurisdiction of the Golbal Union are the following, the Eurpoean Union, and these presently in the shadow: American Union consisting of Canada, Central and South America, and the Caribbean Islands; the Soviet Union; African Union, Asian Union, and when the job has been completed, the Arab Union. The headquarters of the Global Union is to be the United Nations. After the Arabs have been subdued, you will then see the American Union, and all the rest. The Global Union wanted thre things from the Arab states: to establish a central bank under their control, oil, and leadership loyal to the Union. We are hated and at war with the arab muslims because they have resisted the Union. That ment that the Union, with our troops, had to take them down, using any excuse to do so. If you want more information about the Global Union, search: thru 207html and

      • Mynard Merrell

        If you search and read what I suggested above, have an open mind. Be objective and honest with yourself. Be positive, not negative. To be negative is to childish and immature. You must be honest enough to admit that you may have been wrong about some things, thats the way you learn. I use to think that I was a red blooded American patriot, until I started studying communism/ socialism. I was honest with myself when I discovered that I, like most Americans, was a dupe. I was believing and saying the very things the communist/socialist wanted me to say, and went along in believing what others believed. I was a democrate but switched quickly to rerpublican because thats where most of the Constitutional Conservatives were, like Barry Goldwater. I soon learned that Constitutional Conservatives is what we really needed to get back our Constituion, our Republic, and our Freedom. The one person in our Congress that the Globalist want to get rid of is Ron Paul.

  • Bill

    I always had the feeling that when the USSR collapsed that THE KGB probably adopted a "destroy from within" policy...would not doubt if they are behind all of this. Deep seeded animosity!

    • JamesMo

      The USSR collapsed because it was not based on Faith but atheism. America became the most exceptional country because of '' IN GOD WE TRUST'' . America is losing ground as people are losing faith, so is Israel. This is why the truly religious Americans & the West Bank religious must be respected

  • Keith

    While Obama continues to make USA into USSA (The United Socialist States of America), basically a communist country with a Muslim religion instead of a christian based religion the country will continue to collapse. Impeach him, in fact if you look at all the facts hard enough, he very likely was never elegible to be USA President. Then all his communist executive junk laws should be declared in admissable. that would include getting rid of all the Loony toon Judges. and maybe America can live again.
    I fear however, he has got enough crooked people in control of critical places, we will be lucky if we can get rid of him in the next forty years. He has not obeyed any of our laws since he has been in, so why should a two term limit be applied to him.

  • robert

    to ted,no they are not all the same 2 people right now if elected would straighten out this country asap,jesse venture or frank serpico.especially frank serpico.don,t know who frank serpico the knapp commission,nuff said.we the people its time,mr politician any of them,are guilty of treason,illegal immigration,fraud,and dismantling and stepping on our bill of rights,constitution,guilty by association of said deeds,durning and after the fact.remember mr politician,you work for we the people,not vise versa.and will be held accountable.god bless all american vterans,past present and future,god bless all legal tax paying american citizens.and i salute the american flag

  • @tw1937

    How aw we letting this happen to us, ou country is being lost in a war with no shots being fired.

  • joseph femiani

    who are the judges and why isn't eric holder dismissing their appointment immediately and recalling the cases under our laws.people come here for protection under our laws and these judges are causeing them extreme greef fear and hardship when they stack the book against them.we are a fre people except for a bad judge or da allowing the very harm these people came here to be free just to find corruption in our courts.obamas government is totally islamic.where men are men and no one else matters.we need to clean house from the top down and the bottom up and keep lawyers and unions out of government employ.

  • nax777

    Yet it is not engaged and legal immigration continues to be 1.3 million over the safe level annually!

    Immigration and our schools have taken control of our country and children we must take back control.

    Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!

  • Richard Holmes

    Anyone Judge or government official or law officer that does not uphold the constitution is a traitor and must be delt with as a traitor. Swift and harshly.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    Our courts are legally obligated to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not the laws or whatever country we feel like applying at any particular time.

    Our culture, indeed our identity and existence as a nation are all under attack both from the outside and from within. We have cultural enemies such as jihadist Islam which began overseas and has infiltrated our country, including our military. And we have cultural enemies within, primarily those who are imbued with contempt for our country and by extension for themselves. This cultural battle takes place on many levels and in many ways. There is no such thing as excessive vigilance.

  • Laur

    I have a headache...........and a heartache

  • Slanted Heart

    Any judge that allows Sharia should be disbarred from the bench. Obama is already planning his voting strategy and how he can cheat once again. He is a Muslim Chicago thug and has had his life planned by the Saudis to get him in office and change America from within. This was very well planned and I do not for a second think he is s US citizen. It is scary that so much corruption can go on and he just gets away with it. You hear these things with proof and then it just disappears. People get paid off. Same with our justice system. Greed and money with these elected asses over-ride the love of our Great Country and the future of our children. It is horrific to see before our eyes how easily and smooth out enemies are taking over our nation. I do believe we are headed for war on our land and soon. If BHO gets reelected we are going down fast.

    • JamesMo

      Obama's heart is muslim, no doubt about this and I would not be surprised if he practises in secret.

      There is also a misconception about Jihad: Jihad is not only violent. Jihad can also be non-violent
      Eg: Insisting on building the maximum mosques,
      pushing authorities to adopt muslim views such as this new teacher who won in court to take time off to go to Mecca, Pushing issues to go to court,
      Being silent is also a form of Jihad explaining why so many muslims do not take position against their own


  • Jane

    Why are these judges allowed to legislate from the bench & do what they darn well please based on their interpretation of the law. This is total BS. Can't someone do something to stop this or are people who can just turning their heads & ignoring this? Please God help us all because obummer has certainly given us change we believe in now. All the czars the crazy people that obummer associated with have ruined our country in the 3 short years that he has been in office. If you think that obummer will be out in 2012 I think that he will be reelected just like Putin....fraudulently. Citizens Unite!!!!!!

  • Speculator

    It is a shame that the public is being hood winked by all of those we have elected , that includes the ERROR that sits in the oval office .All he wants to do is turn this country into Islam , If our fore fathers could see the state in which this country is in they would turn over in their graves.We have to clean house come Nov.6,2012 Let us hope the country holds together until then.

  • Raymond

    Many Senators, Congressmen/women, Lawyers & Judges are helping
    muslims take control of America.

  • Raymond

    Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military



  • Nancy

    It is a darn shame that you publish just enough of this kind of stuff to set people off, when you realize better than anyone that there is not much that the public can do about it/ Shame on you, Godfather Politics, you just keep the the people stirred up. Well, not me, not anymore.
    I know that God has put that idiot Obama where he is for a reason, and when he has fulfilled that reason, God will rid us of him. And all the stirring up you have caused, with your half truths will be for nothing!!!

  • john



    • john


  • Slanted Heart

    Any Muslim that practices Islam is our enemy. No matter how nice they may be to your face they cannot be trusted. Read the Quran if you don't believe this. We are infidels and it is okay for them to lie to us trick us and bottom line Allah wants them to kill us. So all the people that want to befriend the muslims because they think they are nice people don't kid yourself when you turn your back and they are done with whatever they needed from you YOUR DEAD. I know this one killed my daughter and he set it up so well he didn't even get charged and is out their to kill another infidel. We have to wake up America they are filtrating in by the millions. We MUST not allow them in our military and for God's sake get those put into Homeland Security OUT. Eric Holder has appointed them and WHY is this man still with a job. The guns that went to Mexico I'd not just for the drug cartel because we know Hezballah has taken over Mexico. The beheadings you hear about in Mexico. Not Mexicans that my friends Is the work of Muslims. They are all learning Spanish because they can pass as Mexicans and can get through the border easily. My baby granddaughter he took from us after my daughters death Is 5 years old. He doesn't want her so he sends her to his parents in Lebanon she knows 3 languages. Arabic English and Spanish. Yes teaching her Spanish. Why is that important. Because the ex son on law works for Hezballah and braggs about it he hates this country but he is here to help infiltrate it and destroy our nation. They all have their individual plans. So watch your backs those who think there are good Muslims out there just watch your backs.

  • Bubba in Georgia

    Accommodation of foreign laws, policies and religions is certain suicide. Judges who accept and try to implement these values should be removed from the bench. Where there is a means, there is a way. And vice versa!

  • RSM61

    Does this mean we will eventually see beheadings and stonings in our streets as legal sentences given by our judges? This is just sick!

  • Gary

    This is what happens when you do not understand the meaning of a Constitutional requirement that all in government dishonor: that is in article 6 cluse 3. Read it, understand the power it has. It is time to hold them to it, to the LETTER.
    Sec. 3331. Oath of office
    An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: ''I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.'' This section does not affect other oaths required by Law.
    After taking the required oath, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, that person is now an official (federal government). The same person that has taken the required oath is now acting under Color of Law and Color of Office.

  • Boletero

    You better dust off the guillotines, Vatos.....

    Saludos del Sombrero.......

  • Richard

    Chris and others here that say our laws are not based on Christian or Jewish Biblical law:
    You are right in that none of our specific laws are directly based on, or directly attributed to Christian or Jewish Biblical laws, verbatim, but if you take the time to go back and read most of the writings of our founders, it becomes obvious, even to the non-religious casual observer, that our founders were guided, by both English law (most of it dating from before the reformation of the Church of England and much of it based on Judeo- Christian laws and ethics), and on the Christian beliefs that about 80% of our founders had at that time. And frankly, it has served us amazingly well. Our founders did an awesome job - I still find thing written before 1790 that accurately predict (and discuss) the political situations we find ourselves in 225 years later - and I say to myself "How did they know this would happen?" - what a smart bunch.
    After we were attacked in 2001, as a retired military officer, I wanted to know what Islam and Muslims were really all about. So I took the time to read 8 different translations of the Quran (from all angles), and also read through a text called the Sunnah (supposed examples of Sharia by Muhammad), and I also tried to wade through a collection of writings by Islamic religious scholars called the ijma (talk about BORING - better than prescription sleeping pills - put you right out!).
    And frankly, after studying Islam closely, along with surveying what it has done for (and to) the people of the Middle East, Africa, S.E. Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, central Asia, and lately most of Europe (you can all see it, I'm sure), I can reach no other opinion than to assume that a violent pedophile (Muhammad) that liked controlling and beating women created his own cult, that the first followers accepted as a true religion of the soul (they had to, or be put to death), and since he was a powerful war time leader, it spread like a bad cold, especially since he codified in writings to his follower that it could be spread by deceit and violence (as it still being done today), and that anyone not a Muslim was sub-human and their death meant nothing in the eyes of his "god." - No I am afraid that Islam being "closely" based on the Jewish/Christian Old Testament is hogwash. Talk about twisting the written facts...
    No... My God doesn't work like that, and I want nothing to do with the violent Islamic cult. I also do not want it or its backwards ways to spread any further into my country to affect the future of my children or grandchildren, or their grandchildren. People in the US are slowly waking up - but it is taking time. They need to study and read what I read which will educate them as to what makes Islam the violent cult that it is, and not listen to those that claim that it is simply a "peaceful, misunderstood religion."
    Wake up America,

  • Stella

    For those who do not understand Islam, Orthodox Christian countries, like Greece and Serbia, for hundreds of years were suppressed under the Islamic yoke - and the rest of the Christian world either didn't know or were not aware or just didn't care.. Greece lived under the Turks for 400 years (the Greek evzones (Soldiers), that you see in front of Greek Parliament have the white skirts with 400 pleats, one pleat for every 400 years Greece lived under THE Turkish "dhimmitude." (you're hearing that word more and more, aren't you) Lord Byron fought along side of the Greeks for Greek Independence in 1821- and he loved Greece so much that when he died, he requested that his heart (literally) was buried at Messolonghi. The Serbs lived under the Turkish yoke for 500 years and it was horrific for them - That is why they fought so hard to stop the Muslim Kosovo Albanians from taking their Jerusalem in the latest Balkan war - but because of the pro-Muslim media in this country and in Europe, the Serbians were accused of atrocities committed by Bosnian/Kosovo Muslims,and therefore we sided with the Muslims against the Christian Serbs. Iran sent in insurgents (mujahedine) to fight the Christian Serbs, and we knew it, but we destroyed a Christian people in order to appease the Muslim world, a world that cannot be appeased, as evident with 9/11 Ask yourself this question. "Can one be a good Muslim AND a good American?" The Koran demands that every Muslim seek out the infidel (that is you and I, my friend) and slay us. If they do not seek out the infidel and slay us, then they are good Americans - obviously they cannot be both - however, it is in the Koran for Muslims to lie to the infidels in order to achieve their goal. I lived in Saudi Arabia for eight years and there were signs throughout the kingdom that read, "As Islamic World." And it is happening right before our very eyes. There are more practicing Muslims in the UK than practicing Anglicans. It is estimated that by 2050 (perhaps even earlier now) Islam will be the primary religion in Europe.

    • Don DeHoff

      Stella, your comment was one of the most detailed and accurate summaries of the Muslim/Islamic problem that I have see in some time. The Qur'an is undeceipherable unless one has a full understanding of its lack of chronology, its undated "abrogation" revelations and and has an "approved" English translation of the Qur'an as a guide. i suggest the Pickthall 1920 "approved" English translation, 2000 Edition (or older). I say this in that later editions contain changes that justify their stand. For instance, the older translations state that "usury" is prohibited; more recent editions say "interest" is prohibited, which is a major foundation block of "Sharia Law". Note the "pure" Arabic origional Qur'an states that "not one period, word, paragaph, chapter (Surah) or meaning may be changed, under penalty of death".(Part 1 of 2 parts).

      • Don DeHoff

        Part 2 of 2 parts: The Muslims have convienced themselves it OK to change the English translations that have been in existence for eons. Note the "abrogations" have nullified most all of the peacful, loving, understanding, forgiving and equality revelations contained in the original "pure Arabic" Qur'an, yet they do not revoke or remove the "abrogated" material from any of their Holy Books. This leads the illiterate and uninformed to believe the Qur'an remains a "religion of peace".

  • jmsmaxwell

    Time to find out which judges are violating their oath of office and remove them as necessary from the bench. The only law
    that applies in the United States is American law. Any thing else is a violation of our constitutional rights and freedoms. Law based upon secular beliefs do not belong in our system of laws. That being said our laws are based upon Judeo Christian principles and have been since our inception. Our laws do not give reference to any religious beliefs over any
    others they are written to be fair and just to all involved and for the benefit of all American Citizens.

  • maryanne3935

    Ginsburg's time has come and gone. I definitely want her gone when we have a more conservative president in the WH. I guess in stating the devil you know if better than you devil you don't would apply to this one.

  • L.E. Liesner

    This tells us just how low our justice system has fallen under the liberal system. These judges are sworn offices of the court and they like the politicians do not honor that oath. Until we put honorable men into those positions we can expect it to get worse. They swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution and then the only thing they support is political correctness which is the direct opposite of the Constitution.

  • native american

    I have written a paper on Sharia Law and how it has no business in the American court system. The paper proves beyond a doubt that Sharia Law is nothing more than church bylaws and constitution. No christian church laws are allowed in court but the government is bending this for Muslims because of the Loser in Chief in the Black House. Unfortunately. No one will ever get to see this because the paper is so specific in how it destroys this illusion of using Sharia Law in our courts. It has been seen by a few lawyers and has been considered a death sentence to myself by Muslims if it ever becomes public. So it is let it be seen and possibly be killed or let it stay hidden and I can live without fear.

  • JamesMo

    Not sure where my ads I wrote a few minutes ago are?
    Comments should be added in sequence according to the time they have been written

  • JamesMo

    Sorry but what you are writing is insane. Jesus was for forgiveness and love, NOT KNIVES

  • aurora35

    Ginsburg is one of the socialist SCOTUS!

  • aurora35

    Ginsburg is one of the soc ial ist scotus!

  • DrBillLemoine

    Would you call Cuba's Castro brothers 'progressive'? They're the last of the communists around...Clarify terms in your mind before throwing them around!

  • carol

    EntOur law is based upon our consitution as it should and must be...period! The powers that be do not like our constitutution and way or another such as this, are trying to do away with our constitution because it interferres with their plans for a one world government with open borders and the people all being serfs. What you are seeing is the slow well planned death of our republic, our country and our text right here!

  • gunny

    i served for 35 years in the marine corps and the only law i really understood was the UCMJ, not sharia law to be sure ,,so you americans who are man (or woman) enough to try to change it DO IT TO IT, im only one man and im kinda old but i was a sniper and my services are here for those who need them,,,,

  • ktuncia

    Armaggeden is coming. No other conflict in history has been so long term and so dangerous. Muslims believe they have a moral obligation to destroy freedom and kill all those that refuse to convert. Christians and anyone who believes in true freedom has no choice but to resist them. You don't have to be a Christian to understand that sounds a lot like the end times. Think about it, Christians are blamed for the Crusades but there is a key difference between the different sides of that conflict. "Chistians" were there to free the Holy Lands while Muslims were there to destroy and kill people, IE. anyone who opposed there system of religion and government and take over the Holy Lands as well. Even to this day there is no Israel on Muslim maps of the area including those of the Palestinians who are always claiming they want peace. Hitler was scary but small time compared to Islam which began it's carnage when Mohammed ordered the execution of 2000 Jews because they would not accept him as a prophet of God. It's coming and the time table is is getting faster every day. Well, look at that- I'm a prophet of doom- who wouldv'e thought . Have a nice day.

  • Rev.Bob

    You Really NEED help, either a Hosp or a Jail cell, its people like you that worry me most,i am worried how many more sick minds like you are out there

  • Slanted Heart

    Richard. I agree with you totally and get so angry when people say it's a peaceful religion and try to compare it to our GOOD book. Our God is a peaceful loving God and would never want death upon his lost children. The evil that seeps through the veins of Muslims is never to
    be compared. They have all been taught from childhood that the pedifile Mohammad is the ONE and they all want that awful name. As far as I'm concerned and have learned through my studies there are no moderate Muslims they all have the same goal. They try to fool people by saying it's all the same and there religion is the ssme. It is a lie so don't be fooled. They want our heads and death to anyone who does not accept Allah.

  • Lois

    This is what political correctness has done to this country. The enemy within this nation opened our gates to the world, to people we have nothing in common. God warned us, not to become a part of the world. You see what it brings to us.

    Islam is a threat to this nation. We must STOP all immigration legal and illegal from nations we have nothing in common. No where does it say that Christians have to be stupid and continue to let this happen in this country.

    Be armed, prepared with foodstuff/water. Stay away from debt as much as possible. Keep your family close. Keep the faith.

    Americans the enemy has performed a COUP without firing a shot in the country...the enemy has taken over.

  • Ginger

    Seems to me that all the candidates for office should have to tell the truth for a change and tell it like it is..we have a few bold, honorable men and women in Washington trying to do that very thing but live in a sea of is time WE helped them.

  • Alan

    Gee what a concern.

    The Muslium law is slowly taking over our judicial system using our do gooder DummyCrate Judges to do their dirty work.

    These muslium activists will not go away and they have the financial backing of home land governments to take over.

    Wake up /

  • Roger King

    The Left alweays believes in evolution and for them its probably true! (here they evolved again) This is just another case them stomping on the Judea Christian influence that shaped western thought and led to our Declaration of independance and Constitution. This proves the old saying " The enemy of my enemy is my friend" They will work overtime to wipoeout any reference to the God of the bible in the public arena but then turn around and embrace Sharia Law and Islam! The left has always been and will alwys be band of hypocrites and gods unto themselves wandering aimlessly in the desert!

  • Ruth Begnaud

    The Austrailians did the right thing and so can we. They kicked out this nonsense in a hurry! We have a Constitution here in US and a Bill of Rights. No foreign law will be accepted!!!

  • hot02rod


  • Robert little

    Before 9/11, this topic wasn't a part of our lexicon. It has long been my view that the progressive extremists combine cowardice and rationalized accommodation. America is the greatest nation on earth, in part because of our differences, not as a result of conforming to others' customs and standards. May God bless us once again, for who we have been, if not for who we're becoming!

  • toosmarttovoteGOP

    It is reasonable to assume that as the author supplies no evidence to back up his claims that he is in error.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Did you miss the very first para graph or do you not understand the word interpretation? Or are you too ignorant to comprehend words with more than 3 letters? The author was talking about what he read and his comprehension of what the Shariah Law and American courts report meant to HIM! readt for your self or have mommy read it to you at bed time

  • Mary Griswold

    When they are in my country (I was orn here) they use my rules (the constitution). I exect to use their rules when I visit their country. That is the only fair way to exist together on this planet. I welcome those who migrate here ut you must use our rules or go back.

  • samtman

    Its very simple folks, Federal and State Laws supercede any other Religious or cultural laws people may believe in. American civile laws does not recogniiized any sharia, kosher, Hindu, Catholic, born again Christian, voodoo, devil worship or any Bible law perios. Stop believing this nonsense.

  • Dave

    Their is no Justice in the Justice Department.The Government is totally and completely corrupted.

  • unclebarry

    Sharia contradicts everything US Law and human rights stand for. Oil and Water Do Not Mix. The USA is one country and should be governed by one law.

  • samtman

    Before they do anything they should stop farm subsidies thats costing the US 20 billion $$ per year. Child labor laws must be enforced accross the board. Newt Gingrich wants to take this country back to the 19th century where kids as young as 10 years old where workin in the coal mines of Pa. and West Virginia. Anyone who does not believe in the current child labor laws love money more then their children .

  • Daniel from TN

    If a judge makes a ruling based on Sharia law then why is that judge still on the bench. Everytime a judge makes a Sharia ruling the people in that area should demand the impeachment of that judge if at the federal level or start recall proceedings if at the state or local level. The people have to start taking legal action because it should be obvious by now that the government, at almost all levels, intends to do nothing.

  • http://http/ sean murrey ILLInio

    no set of two laws cannot coexist,it has to be American law not this bullcrap.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Justice Ruth Baeder Ginsburg is just another Libtard with a Guilt Complex. How the Hell does this dumbass justify any logic that would bring bring Sharia Law and International Law into US Law....unless you were a Lefty who supports the Unholy Alliance of Marxism and Islamic Fundementalism? It is time for America to purify herself from these vile minds who would see her destroyed on the pagan altar of Marxism.

  • Piecesof8

    What a web we do weave when first we practice to deceive! Since his ascent to the presidency on a blanket of lies and misdirections, this country has fallen into a continuous state of siege. It is our borders or the issue of ILLEGAL immigrants; it is gay marriage; it is the war on Christian values and capitalism; it is blaming the banks for the obnoxious policies of the politicians and community organizers; it is giving credence to the OWS crowd despite their lawless in your face activities while mocking the tea party folks who are concerned about the direction of their country; the global family, one world concept is infiltrating our American way of life.

  • Piecesof8

    To hear a supreme court judge say the things she said is enough to scare me into praying a lot more than I do. As the Obama technicians who run the EPA shut down our economy, this president is still trying to "pass his bill" which is another empty promise to all of those hopeful folks who are hungry for work. Obama's track record leaves much to be desired. The Republicans better start firing salvos at Obama instead of trying to bad mouth each other. They should be asking the public if anyone knows who wrote the stimulus bill and the health care monstrouscity (?) They should be pointing out his associates. How about giving the backgrounds of each of his czars? That should scare most clear minded people.
    We are on a precipice and leaning dangerously over the side. Time to straighten up and take back our country.

  • JamesMo


    There is also a misconception about Jihad: Jihad is not only violent. Jihad can also be non-violent
    Eg: Insisting on building the maximum mosques,
    pushing authorities to adopt muslim views such as this new teacher who won in court to take time off to go to Mecca, Pushing issues to go to court,
    Being silent is also a form of Jihad explaining why so many muslims do not take position against their own



  • barbpatton

    as long as imam obama and his band of merry men are holding court in the white house Sharia law WILL be infiltrated into all the courts because his crooks have infiltrated our courts already. WE THE PEOPLE have to wake up - Oh God I am so desperate for Americans to WAKE UP and shake off their laziness and lethargy. We have to take back this country!!!!!!!!! Let us become politically correct again - and let us follow Gods Laws and the Constitution.

  • john


  • Jerry

    I am not muslim, but as a wife beating, misogynistic, abusive man who yearns for the good old days of slavery, I don't have a problem with sharia law.

  • jd1958

    This is a simple case of removing those justices that broke their oaths": To support and defend the constitution of the United States.

  • Patriotrick

    This is a travisty that must be made known in detail to the general public. This constant shadow war on the Constitution must come to a halt. Ron Paul is the only candidate that we can count on to do just that. First we elect him then we help him because he cannot do it alone. This political system of ours is too out of control for one man to fix.

  • Maynard Merrell

    By deleting my last message, which was very, very true, if you were educated about the facts. Or was my message deleted because you're a Gingrich fan, or something else. If your media can play at politics, why can't the rest of us who have ittle or no venue to vent our opinions, weather you like them or not. What made you all knowing? You're worst than the government when it comes to censorship. I'm trying to keep people from being mislead.

  • Michael Smith

    Didn't anyone see this coming? I saw this before he became President. I have been talking about sharia becoming part of America's law. Personally I am ready to fight over this issue, and I am not just talking about what we are doing now, I hear boom, booms in the air. I also want to ask a question that i might have missed. Isn't sharia part of a religion? Isn't Islam a religion? if it is, and all that I have just said about Sharia, & Islam, then why is it in our courts? I have always heard something about seperation of church and state, doesn't shria apply here, or is it just Christianity? This has got to be stopped in our land, and if our politicians, or the courts don't want to help us, then it is time to take matters into our own hands.

  • mass_voter

    Amerika, Amerika, God shed his tears on you...

  • cmh391

    This is another reason to vote for Ron Paul, a strict Constitutionalist. There is also a very good chance he would nominate Andrew Napolitano to SCOTUS and on his show, the judge already said he would accept. This is what is sorely needed within SCOTUS - judges who will adhere and follow ONLY our constitution.
    I pray you all vote for the only candidate who will restore American sovereignty and individual liberty to The People and that candidate is Ron Paul.

  • Think

    Where's Congress, an equal branch of government, and the Constitution, a copy of which was once given to school kids. Why do so many try to come here? Judges have been impeached in our history. Oh I forgot, we are the cause of problems in the world, we have too many medical discoveries, (too many MRi's, over 70 per million people vs. England's 15-17 per million), too many technical developments, too many agricultural advances (imagine using such in - ) and one can go to an emergency room for free, even without insurance, citizen or not!

  • Laura

    This is just something else we are going to have to nip in the behind and save our beautiful Country.

  • Gary

    Where are the womens rights groups. They were very vocal when they accused males in this country of unfair treatment. I am still waiting to see what they have to say about the way women are treated under Shariah Law. My conclusion so far is that these women apparently agree with Shariah. You never hear any of them condemn it.

  • Ron

    Rome fell from within and our fate will be the same unless we severely and quickly alter our course1

  • john

    Muslim women are stupid that enjoy being treated like dogs hiding under a sheet with only a hole in the sheet to do it. How disgusting
    American women should never be subject of mistreatment of sharia law. Only muslim people are stupid to live as slaves under Satan they called Allah the false God
    The mistreatment of women is very disgusting & sinful.

  • Fish

    Short and simple The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.If these judges go against the law they are traitors and criminals and should be removed. If the government won't remove them , then the people have a responsibility to remove them. How that is done waits to be seen. I feel that there are more cowardly Americans willing to be Nazi slaves, then brave ones willing to fight for what is right and good. And that is why the Nazi Progressive Socialist Democrats and muslims are winning.

  • RGH

    The way it looks there won't be any elections in 2012. Prepare for big "changes" before elections.
    This has been orchestrated for a long time: to get "the one" into the office so they can destroy us from the inside out, like they promised. Why would they give it all up now and let go of their grip?
    This imposter is here to stay... See how proud he is and holding his nose up? we say "of what"?
    He knows... and he is in there for good...
    Hope I'm wrong and lets pray to God for mercy.

    Read more: Sharia Law Deciding American Court Cases | Godfather Politics

  • draginfFIRE01

    Sharia law has no place in America.

  • Another Gary

    We must not allow Sharia law to take hold in our country....Islam is a primitive, barbaric, obsolete belief system that has no place in modern society,...western civilization. Islam is the scourge of the earth, and must be destroyed for the sake of humanity!

  • Larry Owens

    It is our Duty & Honor to Rise up in 2012 and Defeat this UnAmerican Muslim (Pretender)!

  • James Fontana

    Any judge that looks outside the constitution to make a descision should be removed from the bench.If he or she believes in shariah law let them go to an Islamic country and live under that law. Why is there not an outcry from NOW against these judges as Islamic law would set back womens rights, no completely remove all womens rights that exist today.

  • JIM

    buy as many guns as you can stock up on food and ammo the revolution is coming soon to a state near you

  • jon

    When an American is in a foreign country we must abide by their laws, they clearly have no respect for our laws at that time---sharia law is the law of slavery and terrorist, yes it's very true obama would love to convert our laws to fit his agenda, he is all about how much power can he steel.
    with his supporters like soros, al qaeda, the muslim terrorist brotherhood, hamas, just to name a few he will do everything possible to bring his for of SLAVERY to America---for this he needs sharia law---look it up it's forced slavery invented by very weak little men like himself.
    The hell with sharia law, the hell with muslims, we have our laws---abide by them or get the hell out---this includes obama who thinks he's above the law----send him to prison for his actions

  • Patrioticnut

    Don't try to blame Obama for this . He alone is not to blame, have we forgotten about the judges referencing international law several years ago? I knew then that we were on the decline. The judicial system of the United States is supposed to use U.S. law in making decisions, period. No sharia, or any other foreign law is to enter into our decision making process at all. It all goes beck to the one world government crap.

  • Raymond

    JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: America’s first shari’a compliant football team?

    Instead of huddles,will the team be required to pray to Allah now? Last week, it was announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team had been sold to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Khan is a Pakistani-born Muslim, and will be the first of his faith to own an NFL team.

  • fred

    Muslims are Satanic Pigs.

  • fred

    Allah is the Satanic God of Islam. He is their Moon God.

  • Link Hogtrob

    All part of the left's assault on the constitution. The strategy is to get precedent into the law books which will be cited instead of the constitution. Eventually the constitution will become irrelevant. It is called "progressive". As usual, the left has labeled this, too, bass ackwards.

  • Steven Coy

    Get Islam out of America this is a CULT no a Religion, Sharia Law does not belong in our Country let alone in our Courts. This is another step in one world Governm,ent and we need to stop it immediately Contact your Congress and tell/Demand that they stop this right now.

  • Texas Pete

    Really??? This is the USA, we have our laws and our constitution...PERIOD!!! If Sharia law finds it way into a court and the judge allows it, then the judge needs to find his way out of the court! To heck with political correctness!!! If I go to a country that has a harsh DUI law and break the law, I will be judged under their laws, not the laws of the US. You come to our country and break our laws then you need to be judged under our laws! If you are here and want Sharia law in our courts, yer in the wrong country and its my duty as a US citizen to uphold and defend the constitution of the US!

  • William

    When we get the muslin out of the white house and his SC picks things should be looking up. Tell then wait.

  • john


  • Raymond

    An Amish farmer walking through his field, notices a man drinking from his pond. The Amish man shouts: "Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen," which means: "Don't drink the water; the cows have crapped in it."
    The man shouts back: "I'm a Muslim, I don't understand. Please speak in English. "The Amish man says: "Use two hands, you'll get more."

  • suelane

    Why come to this country if you bring the oppression with you...the object for most is to escape it. If the intent is to blend into american society then invading our country with oppressive laws, discrimination and hate-philosophy an lying is an Invasion not immigration. No other immigrants have invaded the US with such laws, they were escaping them!! It must not be that these islamists to want to immigrate to America it must be their intent to invade us like they have Europe. Not to call it home but to change it into their own and do as they have stated; to kill all others. Is our president, legislature and judiciary treasonously selling us out.. looks like it, you betcha.

  • chris

    just apply sharia law to those mindless barbarian towlheads and leave the rest of us out of it.

  • real talk

    it's time to rid our selves of political correctness and stop trying to please the none achievers in this world those that fall short oh well they just fall short no need to destroy man kind because all can't and won't make it in this world or the next things are what they are, if you under stand it or if you don't , and if you don't you don't make it God is no respecter of persons America needs to get back to being America and let the rest of the world do what ever it does or can do period.

  • Alan

    What happened to jurisdiction? Any foreign law has no jurisdiction in America, and allowing any other law to decide American decisions is a dangerous precedent. As bad as Sharia law is, it will only be the tip of the iceberg if this trend continues.

  • djw663

    Just another way that Obama is tearing our country apart from the inside out. When he is gone all the people he appointed to high positions will remain and do there part to further the agenda Obama has put in place. Liberal thinking has gone way to far and some of the damage is irreperable. Or at least it will take decades to reverse the damage done. All the judges and Czars will decide our fates and fight future presidents in this battle against communism. Obamanism. GOD HELP US!!

  • Willis

    This is the danger of judging according to precedence. That is how sharia law sneaks in. Judges should use the constitution of the United States or the constitution of the state where the judgement is being made as the arbiter of the decision he makes.

  • Citizen

    Ginsberg should be removed. Any judge using any other countries laws to establish case law here should be disbarred.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    The Constitution, not Sharia Law, should decide American court cases. THIS IS NOT SAUDI ARABIA AND THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN!

  • Pappy R

    When any judge, local, state, or federal, ignores Article VI, Paragraph #2 ["This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding."] they should be removed from office immediately. As for the treaties that we accept, at present there is no protection from a treaty which could void any part of our Constitution, based on Article VI. Therefore, the people should demand a Constitutional Amendment be passed which states: "The Constitution of the United States will take Precedence over Any treaty signed by the United States and any portion of such treaty which violates the US Constitution shall be null and void when applied to the states and the people thereof."

  • Crom

    Newt is proposing we ban Sharia Law with a constitutional amendment. it is very much needed.

  • Marlin

    This whole thing is outragious and preposterous! A judge has no authority to create laws or to enforce laws that are not legally and properly constituted and on the books of the jurisdiction over which he or she presides. And even those laws can not be in conflict with the Constitution. Any judge that does not conform to the laws as written by the proper authority is not perfoming the oath and duties of their office on good behavior and must be removed from their judgeship and should be disbared as well. Judges that behave in this manner are contemptable and the public should be in contempt of them.

  • politicstick
  • JVP

    Any judge baseing a decision on other than what is set out in the Constitution and or the Bill of rights should be impeached. International and sharia law should not concern America as their direction does not reflect what was set out by our forefathers. If we have a concern with another country, Internatioal law might be appropriate,but sharia law is esablished by the teaching of Islam,which is not only a religion,but a law within itself.

  • emjay98

    This makes me furious. To think that the judges are using shariah law to determine cases is against the constitution. It such cases come up, the litigants should immediately be made to go back to their country. If they don't intend to be law abiding citizens of our country, they need to be shown the door. These justices, such as Ginsburg need to be impeached if they cannot accept the oath to act in accordance with our Constitution. In the future,we need to at least demand that any person who is nominated to the supreme court at least have a knowledge of what is expected of them. I think that many judges think they have no responsibility and they have the last word even in defiance of our laws and the Constitution.

  • geo

    Why don't you share the court cases with us? Do they even exist or are you trying to create a backlash to something that does not exist?

  • JamesMo


  • Jim

    Sharia is constitutionaly wrong and should not be practiced in US courts. Its practice should be outlawed immediately. Political correctness laws should be banned forever and removed from courts immediately.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Especially in Florida.

  • Ruby clark

    We have to look at our presidential candidates at this point. Gingrich and his buddy Romney are as bad as the person in the WH now. They think there is nothing wrong with Islam!! WE DO NOT NEED PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES WHO THINK LIKE THIS. WE HAVE ONE IN THE WH NOW!!!

  • Ollie

    It now is their country and it will be their law! Your country is gone, get used to it! you people are toooooo stupid to hold onto this great country!!!!

    • Robert Cosenza

      maybe to you its there country,but not to me and millions of american citizens.ovomit and his band of treasonous traders,will be vote if possible or kicked out if necessary.we the people are america,not the treasonous govt,ovomit/devil/lucifer and holdup,pelosi,reid,napalitano,doj.doh,epa,federal reserve.and the useless un people and building.we the people are rising/rising,and all musmutts,and any traders,will pay the piper.when in the coarse of human events,yeah you know the rest of it.god bless all american veterans and all american citizens.semper fi