Al Sharpton Has Not Been Paying His Fair Share of Taxes

Al Sharpton is known as a “professional poverty pimp” and a “race hustler,” to use the phrase coined by economist Walter E. Williams. Sharpton sells poverty to the highest bidder. For the past 30 years that’s been the Democrats. He tells his fellow-Blacks that if they vote for Democrats, life will be better for them. Under Sharpton’s self-appointed Black leadership, poverty among Blacks has increased along with declining test scores, intact families, and illegitimacy. Consider the “The Poverty Pimp’s Poem”:

Let us celebrate the poor,
Let us hawk them door to door.
There’s a market for their pain,
Votes and glory and money to gain.
Let us celebrate the poor.
Their ills, their sins, their faulty diction
Flavor our songs and spice our fiction.
Their hopes and struggles and agonies
Get us grants and consulting fees.
Celebrate thugs and clowns,
Give their ignorance all renown.
Celebrate what holds them down,
In our academic gowns.
Let us celebrate the poor.1

The declining Black American family has been the direct result of failed government policies that have made Blacks dependant on the government. That’s what a pimp does. It keeps him in business.

Sharpton has been caught so many times peddling his own Black people to the Democrats that not too long ago he tried to get the FCC involved in regulating the Rush Limbaugh Show because the conservative talk host was exposing Sharpton as a charlatan who was hurting Blacks:

Rush Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants to say. He can’t do it on publicly regulated air waves. The FCC has the responsibility to set standards to say that the public cannot be offended based on . . . race or gender in this country, . . .

Sharpton was upset that Limbaugh had repeatedly called Democrat policies “reparations” for slavery. Here’s how Limbaugh put it, and he had Sharpton and fellow-“Justice Brother” Jesse Jackson in mind with his comments:

“The objective is unemployment, the objective is more food stamp benefits, the objective is more unemployment benefits, the objective is an expanding welfare state,” Limbaugh said on May 11, 2010. “The objective is to take the nation’s wealth and return it to the nation’s ‘rightful owners.’ Think reparations. Think forced reparations.”

Now we learn that the poverty pimping ways of Sharpton are about to come to an end. Sharpton’s empire, including the National Action Network and two for-profit companies, are more than $5 million in the red. Here’s the interesting part as Liberal Democrats keep banging the drum that the rich need to pay their fair share in taxes. Most of the National Action Network’s money problems are the result of the organization not paying “more than $880,000 in federal payroll taxes, interest, and penalties.

Sharpton drew a $241,732 salary and perks that included first-class or charter air travel, tax filings show. He owes the IRS $2.6 million in income tax, and nearly $900,000 in state tax.

The defunct Rev-Al Communications Inc. owes the state almost $176,000, and Bo-Spanky is $3,500 behind on state-tax liens.

You may recall that some rich millionaires signed a petition that they were onboard to pay more in taxes. But when they were asked to make a voluntary contribution, something the Federal Government makes available to all tax payers, they declined.

Al Sharpton lives high on the hog, including first-class and charter air travel, while he extorts money from people to push his anti-poverty agenda.

When the non-profit company where I’ve worked for 30 years suffered in the financial downturn, I immediately cut my salary. The following year, I stopped taking a salary. When one of the for-profit companies I co-own got behind paying its payroll taxes, my business partner and I paid the taxes personally.

Government isn’t the solution; personal responsibility is. Yes, I know government is rigged, but that does not give us the excuse of skirting our own personal responsibilities.

The Liberal solution to everything is more taxes on the rich and more spending for everyone else. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in a television interview in 1976 said, “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”

People like Sharpton don’t care. Their goal is to milk the system for all they can before the cow dies. Thatcher’s maxim is once again proven true in the financial exploits of Al Sharpton. Will Blacks care? I doubt it.

  1. Thomas Sowell, “The Poverty Pimp’s Poem,” Jewish World Review (October 30, 1998). []



  • Sylvia

    So typically, Al Sharpton. Promoting government dependence, by promoting a welfare state of dependence, by further disarming the impoverished of their dignity. Put your money where your mouth is, Al Sharpton…Can you say, "hypocrite?"

    • grams2

      None of this should surprise or white. Those kind of people live like kings and take from those who are very poor and need help. He is typically a con artist and hate monger. He must be one miserable person to feel he has to take from all the poor people to promote his life style. The reason nothing has been done about his tax situation is because he like so many believe he is above the law. Evidently, his parents never taught him right from wrong. They probably worked to support him and he didn't want to do the same...he would rather mouth for his money and deceive. They will never go after him for taxes because he will call them racist. He will say he is picked on. This country has turned into a huge mess over "what is politically correct." What is right no longer matters as long as it's "politically correct." Where are the laws for right and wrong? We need to stop babying this type of behavior and those who make it do it on their own. Like we all have to do.

  • Sylvia


    • slapjack

      I seriously think Chickenbone Al would make a good Somali warlord. Can you vision Alli Al drinking his mint Julips watching the fighting in Somalia from his little two room mud hut? Please contribute to the repatriotation of ALLI Al. The sooner we get a enough money the sooner we can get him back to his homeland. He's a Hypoctitical SOB .

  • Don T

    Will blacks care?
    Look at the mayors of the most failing cities in the nation - Detroit, Camden, NJ, Washington D.C. - See a common thread?

    In an answer to will blacks care: No. They will not. Just like any group whose "boys" are stealing more from "the man" than they are from them - as long as "the man" is gettin' it in the shorts they are O.K.


    obama delenda est

    • MIKE

      AGREE 100%

    • AVCurmudgeon

      You are right. Unfortunately there are always voices calling on us to excuse the misconduct of black politicians. In my memory this goes back to the days of Adam Clayton Powell, and continues through Marion Berry, Charles Rangel and I suspect we will see it with Eric Holder. The rationale, I think, is that blacks stand together when one is attacked by any "outsider", meaning especially any white person. Note however that it is one-sided, and applies only to left-wing black politicians; Sharpton and Jackson jumped on the bandwagon when Cain was the target.

    • diverjimk

      Love your Latin comment. I gotta remember it!!!!

  • Bill

    $241,732. Does that make Reverend Al one of the rich?? one of the 1%?? Why doesn't Reverend Al just go bankrupt like the Donald did??

    • Californian

      I wonder why he didn't make over $250,000 hugh, maybe because his taxes would go up again???? What hypocrites these Democrats are.

    • grams2 can't compare him to Donald. Donald pays his taxes. Bankruptcy laws do not allow you to forget your still owe them and have to pay them.

  • marge

    you go Al...don't pay those taxes and live high off the land. Keep up the good work, while us poor working folks pat you on the back and say "mastar, thank you sir, oh high mastar

    • Sandra Leathers

      Well I hope this will make him go away.

  • Joan

    Ya think Sharpon is cheating on his taxes????? roflmdao!! another slick person pointing the finger at honest working people!!!!!! I hear tell Sharpton as a slot on msnbc what a joke is this Al first job ever??????

    • Devasahayam

      You know what MSNBC parses as, right?

      (1) MeSs Numpties Bull Cr@p
      (2) Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Cr@p

  • Devasahayam

    Did you expect Al Sharpton to contribute his fair share of anything other than race-baiting shills (of which he contributes easily for another 999 people)?

    • Ilene

      Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee are all crooks.

  • Benjo4677

    He has his own lip bouncing show msnbc don't they pay him. Is it not enough that they only have 3% of the viewing ratings. Maybe " old jessie jackson " can give him some of his money. He has stolen under the pretense of helping out his follow Black Men. " While robbing them blind." L B J started all this in 1965 " by stealing the money from social security " after he and his democratic boy friends were forced to sign the Civil Right's Bill. Which L B J blocked in the senate in 1957 brought to them by the Republican Party. So now who is the racist bigot's here. Can you say the "democrats" and the "liberals."

  • Richard

    Well Sharpton was a joke when he first came into public life wth that garbage with girl that ran off then claimedshe was kidnapped and raped by white boys, when it all came to light it was hard to figure out why anyone continued to listen to thatrace baiting blow hard.

    • Eddies Fodder

      tiwanna brawley was her name, they should have strung that moron and his other cohorts up, and been done with it

    • tjzbears

      Ole Al is also responsible for the death of a shop Owner.....he should be in jail!

  • Mike

    The Bible warns about FALSE PROPHETS.

    I would never vote for Barrack Obama, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry or Mitt Romney for
    president of my United States of America.

    God Bless,

    A Christian Since My Baptism in 1949
    A Man Married to the Same Woman for 38 Years
    A United States Citizen from Birth
    A Veteran of the USMC
    A United States Taxpayer for 46 Years
    A Father Since 1979 and a Grandfather Since 2007
    A Conservative Who Believes in the Original Constitution of the United States of America.

    • Sarge

      Carry On!


    • Scott C in Spring Tx

      Wow Mike! I too am a Christian and I suggest that you read Galatians Chapter 5. Your list of pride and boasting is quite interesting. How many times have you read the entire Bible through? Rick Perry is a very fine Christian man. He is not my choice for president, but he does out rank many who are running. He may not be a world class debater or good at answering rapid fire attack questions from the liberal media, but he is a Gody man that can make every claim you have made plus some.

    • Singer

      Mike, if we could earn salvation, Jesus would not have had to suffer and die for it. What could you possibly do over a hundred years that you could tell God that he owes you eternity in Heaven? Baptism is not salvation. Salvation is the humbling of one's self by recognizing their sin and need for Jesus, repenting (turning away from their life of sin), trusting the work Jesus did on the cross on behalf of them (paying the penalty for ALL their sins), and giving control of their life over to God. Jesus not only came to save us but to provide a away for us to be in a right relationship with God. Many are missing out on the best part of their salvation by failing to nuture the relationship they can have with God. He never ceases to amaze those of us who know Him and I personally wouldn't trade my relationship with God for anything this world has to offer!

  • Garylgree

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been using "race baiting" for decades in order to line their own pockets. They do this at the expense of primarily the black population, their own people. Yet the black majority continues to support these con men.Are blacks so uneduacted that they can't figure out when they are being screwed by "Reverands" such as these. I wonder why the federal government doesn't go after these guy's for back taxes, just like they would if it were anyone else. You "never" see this happen.

    • Richard M

      "Yet the black majority continues to support these con men." I believe it's because a lot of blacks don't really get involved in educating themselves on the issues. They hear a friend, an associate, a news blurb, a sound bite, and they just don't bother to check out the facts. A lot of blacks are just not into politics. Heck, I used to be that way when I was younger. I knew I didn't trust politicians, and considered most of them liars and manipulators. But, now that I'm older and have more responsibility, I do care whose running for office. But, I know that there's a high percentage of blacks that grow up without dads around, and just don't ever get involved in learning the intricacies of politics. They just go be the 'word on the street.'

  • thomas

    Sharpton is the LOWEST of the LOW !!!

    • Teresa

      Oh, I think Charlie Rangle is his twin, and maybe Maxine Waters and Lee may be siblings to them. Its too funny that the black can not see the truth, or care to wake up. Star Parker is a shining example for Blacks to follow but they wont. I admire her greatly.

  • Jim

    So how come Al isn't in jail? If it were you or I, our homes, cars, and incomes would have been seized. Besides when is the last time anyone has heard him preaching the gospel? What church does he belong to besides the Church of Whats Happening Now. What a maroon. What is his company's name, Scams are Us?

  • Ed Diveley

    After reading the comments. Can anyony tell me why he is not a Racist?

    • Capoprimo

      He as racist as they come, as a matter of fact I think he invented the word!

    • Les

      So everyone that made a comment is a racist in your eyes?

      • Sarge

        Big Alis a racist as it gets...............................and I am a African American

      • Sarge

        should read big Al is.....

    • GGarrett

      Can anyone not tell me why he is still alive?

  • Capoprimo

    Sharpton along with many other famous personalities, in Congress, Hollywood, Sports and other venues that pay the big bucks, somehow all manage to evade paying their fair share. It's only the little peons who have their taxes withheld from their payroll checks who are carrying this country on their backs.

    My load is getting heavier and heavier by the day, how about you?

  • June

    I am so sick of the corruption in our government. They don't even care anymore that we know. It is just another perk for being there. It's no wonder our government isn't working. They are too busy thinking of new ways to get their glommy hands on more. We are so broke that I think all of those that made money on insider trading should have to donate it to pay off our debts. After all it should be our money. It was on our time card.

  • Chs

    Al Sharpton is a waste of good air and a scam artist, he doesn't care about his own race, it's all about him. He should be hung by the neck til dead just for being worthless.

    • David in MA

      ask rev al about his conning a jewish student at the school
      he attended by raffeling off a t.v. with no workings inside....
      the kid took it home and found it did not work, rev al was supposed
      to have told the kid not to blame him, blame the jew at the store where he bought it.....
      ya, rev al is a piece of work ansd that's being nice.

  • Cal Patriot

    Sharpton = Obama's personal pound puppy.

    • David in MA

      censorship, there bw censorship in here.......
      don't say anything to contriversal or get deleted people.
      I apparently dissed obozo by calling rev al a pound puppy to a hou se nig ger, ha ha ha

  • rick jones

    I'd bet in true Democrat fashion that he's say "it doesn't happen." Of course I'm not showing anyone my tax return forms. Besides all this stuff about the black families being torn apart is foolish. The Trillions spent on the Great Society is paying lots of's just too soon to tell.

  • 1599

    It's true that Sharpton makes his living through hate. As long as the black community is not prospering it is good for him. The main reason for black poverty dates back to integration. Their goal has been to tear down whites and bring them down to their level in terms of social/economic standard. The white leaders ablidged them. Rather than pushing to build up the black community they cowtowed to the black leaders, such as Sharpton, and brought everyone down. That's how we got here today.

  • 007

    al sharpton, jesse jackson, obama, reid,hillary,farrakhan and many others are low lifes. People are afraid to say what they think about them. However, I just did. They are also the reason "projects" are like baby hatcheries, and the people who pay taxes are having to support the trifling ghetto mommas and her kids, while she doesn't really know who the daddys are because in most cases, there's a different father for each kid she has. There's a way to stop this but the politicians won't do it because they are afraid of losing votes.

  • Ray

    I heard Sharpton speak once in Newark, NJ, of course I was one of the few whities there. What he talked about was utter nonsense and misguided rhetoric to the people listening to him. If he would do a complete 180 degree turn around and preach to these people the truth about democrats they and the rest of us would be better off as a country. He basically preaches against whites, the rich, the middle class, the military and just about everything else that is part of the mores and institutions of the USA. If he doesnt turn around at all maybe he should be the first one arrested as a terrorist under the new law that the liberals snuck in last week about arresting suspected terrorists without warrants or trials. Maybe jessee jackson should join him..............

    • David in MA

      they, sharpton, jackson & obozo talk tramp chit to the black folks because they know
      it winds them up, they have the "I want my benefits bunck" pegged and in their pockets.
      They also know that the lazy people wait far anything that covers for looting, which is
      the only "work" many of them ever do!
      Meanwhile, back in the ghetto, rev al, big daddy jess and obozo fill their pockets with their bro's & sis's nickles & dimes,
      after all, they have to keep iving in the manner they have become accustomed to, don't they"
      SCAMMERS, ONE & ALL!!!

    • JMJ

      Don't forget Obama as he is the biggest terrorist in town and of course, you have the so-called democrats. They can all line up & marched into Red China where there are some very nice prisons/dungeons. +JMJ+

  • littledee

    None of the elitist pay taxes, or live by the laws that they enforce on us. They live by the constitution and are sovereign. We are their slaves and they are our Kings and Queens. Maybe you need to read what people have wrote about them. They started with the Blacks and have been working on the rest of of us for years. Working quite well isn't it.

  • jerimiah256

    not paying his fair share. How many of his kind contribute a fair share. They are takers, always were and always will be.

  • MIKE


    • Sherrie

      Mike, you sound like a Good man. However you are also extremely ill informed and bias. Mitt Romney has done everything you have done with the exception of being in the military. He was busy applying himself between 7 to 8 years getting an education. Graduating with honors in the top 5% of his class is punishing dedication to study every day. Mitt is also a good man. A dedicated husband, father, grandfather. It amazes me to see the cruel, unfair, brutal attacks heaped upon with no consideration to his outstanding ability to lead and put the USA on track again. So sad that the blinders cannot be lifted off so we can elect a President who actually knows what he is doing and will do it without predjudice, but because he can, and wants to fix this great Country for us all. No ego, power trip, simply ability and deep love and appreciation for all that God has given him. Religious man? Spend a considerable time on your knees, with your wife in prayer and ask sincerely, leaving all bias in another place, if Mitt Romney is the right candidate. He prays to the same God you do.

  • OrlandoRican

    I love it when these whores get caught. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I understand that the New York Times will publish a front page, top of the fold story on crooked Al's problems in the next few days. NOT!

  • B. Hill

    WOW....A well written and truthful article!!!! I applaud the writer..



  • bob

    shapton and Jessie Jackson are both race hatters against the blacks, but wants everyone to believe it's white people.

  • samtman

    If there was ever a racist article written, overtly and covertly, this takes the cake. Congrats. you have accomplished your most devious goal to date.

  • David in MA

    no big suprise here.
    rev al has a job attach his wages
    and put liens on anything with his name on it..

  • Larry

    Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are both Identical to the SOB Barrack Obama using there own people the Black people in this country to benefit themselves and in richen there pockets with a lot of money at the cost of there own people the Black people in the United States. These are three of jest many that sell there own out on a daily bases and they don't not think twice while doing it and the sad thing is that the Black people think they are helping them so what do you think this says for the Black people. It does show that the Black people are easy to fool when it is another black person stealing from them they are unable to see that these people are using them to get whatever they can but they are keeping the Black people held back and you can give them proof but these people will not accept the truth they believe people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for the fact that they were associated with Dr King but Dr King would tell the Black people these two are the Devils disciples if he were here today and he would include Barrack Obama.

  • Sergio Sr.

    The rev Sharpton and jackson, including rev j. Wright, run the "Church of Fools" and they do have a following. True Christian Leaders don't spread hate like they do.

  • Dennis

    Al Sharpton has not been paying his fair share of taxes. And this is a surprise to anyone out there? So what else is new? Sounds quite normal for a communist thief and liar.

  • Robert

    Sharpton ,Jackson , and the rest of the Black Leaders in Washington don't care about anyone or anything but themselves .
    They use the Americans of Black descent as tools nothing more . It is a shame what these men have done to America and ALL her people . They use RACE like a hammer or a gun to rob america without a care who gets caught in the crossfire .
    They use the old stereo types to get there way UNDOING everything Dr, King fought and died for . His dream was not only a black dream but a dream for all America . NOT COLOR BLIND But equality for all . The only way to get that is with EDUCATION ,STRONG FAMILIES ,and MORAL VALUES.
    Sharpton and the rest DO NOT want that because then they louse their power . The sad thing is that the stereo type and Obama is the" VERY WORST" right out of the 1930's . When Blacks were made out to be untranslatable , slow , lazy , and stupid . This so a total shame on Obama's part because he is one of the most powerful men in the world BUT he is all of these things .

  • Wyatt

    That comes as no surprise . His title "Reverand" allows his to receive tax exempt donations so he can ride in his limo , wear $1000 suits and GerriCurl his hair . I would bet his MSNBC posistion has a clause exemptimg him from taxes , the station paying them for him

  • Jerry

    Get that whatever out of the headlines! He is nothing but a complainer!

  • Jerry

    Good reporting GODFATHER!

  • Joe

    Sharpton is a BIG MOUTH, RACIST, PHONEY, LYING PIG. As long as there are race baiters like him and Jesse Jackson around, they will never let the Blacks and Whites truely get along!

  • Bob

    AL SHARPTON IS A TYPICAL Democrat Liberal Socialist they Talk all this great talk but they come in the Night to Steal, Kill and Destroy. That what the BIBLE say about Faults Prophet's and unholy Men. AL knows GOD wants his People not only honor his LAWS but laws of the Land too. HE also ran for PRESIDENT so He could get that 500,000 dollars fro the GOV. When the money stopped He stop run for Office too.

  • Another Veteran

    If Mr Sharpton and others like him would pay their taxes we wouldn't have to call on the wealthy (people like him are the wealthy) to pay on the national deficit. If we don't get the deficit paid down, we are in deep trouble and the way Obama and the congress spends money we apparently don't have a money problem.

  • Glenn

    Oh hell i forgot! That's the old stanby answer.



  • Jennie

    He is a black George Soros.....

  • Thurman J LeNormand

    Playing the race card and hating whites is and always will be his mantra. He has done more harm to blacks in his career than any white man has ever done to blacks.

  • Pastor Carmen

    Why do Blacks believe his Lie's?

  • Pastor Carmen

    Mr Al is rich why his he not given his money to the poor Blacks?

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Al Sharpton is only concerned for Al Sharpton. The idiots who believe Sharpton is looking out for their welfare are just that....idiots.

  • Mikey

    Why are we not surprised.

  • walter

    We always knew this guy was a big fraud and a racist. He just like our president . They do not know how to tell the truth. and they uses the poor and unimformed by misguiding them on false data. Al If no man of Gud. He is in love with him self. Now we know he does not pay his fair share and wants everyone else to. Well any good leader would lead by example. Have you noticed they only say do as I say and not as I do. Any one surporting this guy muct be a fool. Al need to be fired form his program. He is so bias and unfair him self. Why would a new program hire this crook??? They apparently do not hold there employees accountable.

  • JMJ

    A bigot by any other name is still is bigot. Jail is where he belongs. The sad part is that he calls himself (same as Jackson) Reverends, which gives the real Christian leaders a bad name & image. No folks, he is not a Christian nor a true Rev., Just another fool for the evil one (Obamas' true father). +JMJ+

  • uwannadowhat

    How can MSNBC have a host that cannot say "pay your fair share"? As much back taxes as Sharpton owes, how can he say that with a shred of credibility?

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Occupy Al Sharpless.

  • Guest

    Sharpton pay taxes? Are you kidding? None of the reverand brothers pay taxes. Why do you thinhk they are reverands and operate churches and non-profits? No body has any idea what any of these guys like Sharpton and Jackson are paid, or where the money goes.

  • bearone7777

    I am so glad that you did not agree to calling him "REV." Al Sharpton. He is nothing more than a racist, race hater of whites, and all in all a first rate liar. That is why MS--LSD hired him. Oh less I forget he is also a "MURDERING" scum-bag.

  • Thomas Martin

    Al Sharpton is not a role model he’s a cancer
    Just like Obama and his administration.

    Whose fault is it if you’re so poor?
    Blame yourself for that closed door.
    Education is what we will surely need.
    No more sob stories about others greed.

    Think about the tax payers feel their pain.
    No it’s easier for you to just gripe and complain.
    Obama told you lots of lies as he loves deceit.
    Why is even putting more of you on the street.

    Hope and change and you drank the cool-aid
    Oh you’re still in the dark with bills to be paid.
    Trillions are missing and no jobs to be filled.
    Obama’s cronies are happy they’re thrilled.

    Wake up he used you for a pawn was his goal.
    He could careless about your pitiful soul.
    Power that’s his drive and it’s your affliction.
    Think for yourself when you vote in the next elections.

  • Pastor Carmen

    Only Liberals can lie for any reason when it is a necessity to farther their agenda to decieve as their father Satan. They are poster Children for the Devil.

  • T Lady

    Well, well, well. Looks like some chickens are finally coming home to roost. I'm sure there's going to be a visit to the Oval Office, asking for a bailout of some sort.

  • Richard M

    Judging from the comments I've seen here so far, I'm going to assume that good 'ol Al has been outed for the POS that he really is. Ergo, I guess I'd better see if I can get a job on TV as a TV news person. Can you believe this puke is actually getting a paycheck for spewing his bs on tv now?

    Everyday, in news posts I read on the internet, I'm seeing a real awakening of the people here in America. They're tired of the BS and the corruption in our govt. I think this is the reason Ron Paul is doing so well, even though the MSM (including Fox News) won't even mention his name. Yep, the people are fed up and the ONLY chance we have of getting our country back, is Ron Paul in 2012.

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                                 NO surprise.   They want everybody to pay their fairshare of the tax load but their own!

  • Harry Reid's Cowboy Poet

    Any update of Mr. Sharpton's status would be valuable now that he's a 'star' on MSNBC.  Is he still a tax-dodger?