Requirement to Vote: Pay Income Taxes

President Obama and other Democrats have called paying higher income taxes the Patriotic thing to do for wealthier Americans. We can only assume that this means paying any income tax is a Patriotic thing to do and therefore essential to the American way (Even Warren Buffett has volunteered his billions). Let me make a proposal to those elected leaders who believe paying taxes, and especially more taxes, is a very Patriotic thing. Let us come together in a bipartisan way and compromise.

Liberals love their taxes. Go ahead. Raise those income tax rates as high as you want on the those you consider wealthy. I will argue though that someone making $250,000 even without taxes deducted cannot afford a private jet. But I digress, facts don't matter to you so tax away.

We can even go a few steps further and lower income taxes on all those Americans making less than $250,000 a year. I know you will do this because you want as many votes as possible. Votes in the next election drive your policies today.

But here's my proposition. For the ability to impose income tax rates at your will, we must also pass the most patriotic of Amendments. Beyond pushing taxes as Patriotic, Liberals also (and rightly so) refer to the right to vote as the most Patriotic of all. The right to vote is a wonderful thing, but we need an Amendment to the Constitution that limits the right to vote with the ability to be so Patriotic in paying taxes. If you pay taxes you can vote. Since around 51% of Americans don't pay an income tax our electorate will be cut in half. Why should that be a bad thing, Mr. Liberal. After all, they aren't Patriotic.

That's my compromise. Those who participate in the ability of our government to function in their most Patriotic act of working to fund it get to participate in electing its leaders who run the government they fund. Those who don't pay taxes and aren't Patriotic don't participate in a government they have no ties to.

Sure, you will lose most of your votes because those you have enslaved to the State will no longer have a voice, but that's the point. The ability for corrupt policies to pass will be reduced. We may even begin to see fair taxation. Only when all Americans pay



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  • Jeff

    There is a certain amount if logic to this. Why should people who do not contribute have any say in how the funds are dispersed? I make just enough to pay a little income tax. Not very much, mind you. But I am tired of the liberal left calling wealthy people our enemy. The ability to make a profit should not bring a punishment. Welfare and medicare fraud should be our targeted enemies!

    • Whackajig

      If you do not apy enough to offset your cost to the government, then you are still a parasite. a parasite who does not leech quite as much as those who pay no tax, but a parasite none the less.

    • Old Gringo

      Jeff, you might want to take a look at who the wealthiest Americans are and what party they are endorsing. The wealthiest people generally speaking in the United States are Democrats with Old Money Background or New Money Occupations.

      These people hire very few productive individuals but a lot of support people, i.e. lawyers, doctors, make-up artists, etc.

      Would love to see the Income Tax Returns on the top 1,000 of these people.

    • CarolynH


    • I-Loved-America

      Shut don't know what you are talking about. The liberals are destroying this country and I've had it up to here with all of you! You don't seem to have a clue what is REALLY going on as we have already entered the Socialist Communist Network with a lying president leading the way. A few more years of this politics and the Good 'ole USA is a gonner. Mark my word!

    • OIFVET

      welfare fraud and medicaid fraud are a problem. medicare is not any part of welfare we paid into this for years along with social security. the problem is that too many people that are drawing on these programs are not supposed to be. illegal aliens have no rights to any of these programs, but yet we see it every day. this sort of illegal activity is the biggest debt we have in this country, and yet we cannot get the government to do their job and stop these illegals from entering this country, let alone giving medical and food stamps to them, this is illegal. these programs are not for illegals its supposed to be to help the citizens and illegals are not citizens

    • Karen

      Many years ago it was if you did not own land you did not vote. Some liberal yelled for a change that was discriminatory and it was changed. He'll yes it discriminated! Why not, the free loafers do not have a right to decide how thee money is spent. Something's never go out of style....

      • Violet

        I have heard that same thing and the reason for that was because when you ask who has the most vested interest in the people who represent you the answer is land owners. I bet if they brought that law back you wouldn't see a Democratic in office for a very long time.

    • NotintheBox73

      I have a decent income (aprox. 50K annual) and 8 kids. I don't mind paying taxes, which I do, but not income tax, because that is what the IRS tells my accountant. So what am I supposed to do to get my right to vote back? Give a few dollars and I determine the amount? Or donate 10%? 40%? My point: it's not my (the patriotic conservative voter's) fault the IRS has it's guideline. All I did was choose to have a large family, so I loose the right to vote because of that?... What amount am I supposed to pay to get my vote back? Just tell me! Or why not just enact the FAIR-TAX so everyone else (including prostitues, pimps, drug dealers, and illegal aliens) and I (!) pay their fair share and have skin in the game?!... This notion of no income tax/no vote is stupid rhetoric, not a real solution to a real problem. Check out !

      • VT Patriot

        Those who don't pay any tax are mostly the welfare, govt subsidized, free-loaders. I worked all my life, payed taxes, saved for retirement and in the last 2 1/2 years watched that savings go to bailing out GM, Chrysler and others retirement plans. During my career, some times I paid more, some less, and currently no income tax. But, I don't leach off the gubmnt, as I watch even my SS shrink. Do I want to vote??? Hell yes. But not for those who are stealing from me or their supporters.

    • kris

      Think for a moment, we all pay taxes, like it or not. Every time we make a purchase we pay taxes. When you have a lot of money it is a lot easier to make monetary policies that effect a whole nation. The people that run countries don't give a crap about little people, they are are just "cows" paying for for their pleasures. If you don't believe me see how they live, where they live, what they drive, or being driven in, where they eat and to top off the cake, investigate their benefits, you will get sick. I hope you get the picture. They love their free money and benefits and they need us to work for it.

    • Deb

      Jeff, your are so right. I cannot understand why they want to punish success. Even if they took all of their money we still could not balance the budget or pay off the debt. We need to stop funding the lazy lifestyle of those who live off the labor of others. Welfare and medicare fraud should be our targets, for sure, but the libs know this is their main voter base. I have been saying for a long time that if you do not pay taxes you should not have the right to vote. I'm glad to hear other agree.

    • kybluegal

      There is only one problem about this idea. What if a high school student turns 18 and can vote for the first time.Also say this student does not or ever had a job at that time.You you think that he(or she) should not have the right to vote?? That student was me .I was so excited to be able to vote and still am.

    • Bob

      It seems like all people that don't pay taxes are lumped together to come up with the 51% that don't pay taxes. How about the seniors that worked all their lives and paid Federal Taxes and Social Security taxes and are still paying many other taxes. The government has stolen much of their S.S. and left them with useless IOU's. Retirees have more than paid their share in taxes and got ripped off by the government. Our taxes were wasted on wars that were wars of choice not defense of our country. Don't blame seniors for what the government foolishly wasted and lined their own pockets on. Social Security was solvent until President Johnson got his hands on it.

  • Woolfy

    Love the idea. And....if you still get welfare support and don't need to pass a drug test to receive your check like all of us working individuals do.

    • Whackajig

      The vast majority of the misuse of welfare would dissapear if the parasites were unable to vote themselves freebies.

    • Rod McWilliams

      That would save our country billions of dollars if they had to pass a drug test to get there free money & food stamps. Then they couldn't sell there foodstamp for drugs, and the drug dealers would go broke, and we would be killing two birds with one stone....

    • Tash

      Totaly agree-- and that means they must acutally pay, not get all of it back plus a bonus of our money! Franklin put it very well, that the republic would last until people figured out that they could vote themselves benefits out of the plublic treasury.

      I would make an exception for active duty military and those over 70 who have paid all their lives.

    • Public Citizen

      Let's make all of our elected representatives and executive level bureaucrats meet the same standard that every professional truck driver is held to.
      That means a pre-employment drug test and random drug testing.
      Any alcohol level of 0.04 or greater means you are drunk any drugs at all means you go on a special watch list for more frequent screening and a subsequent failure costs you your job-and your license to drive a big rig or bus is suspended for a minimum of 6 months.
      Let's also require a Breathalyzer test before every vote is registered. Fail the test [at the 0.04 standard] and your vote is registered as Present-Intoxicated no matter how the rep votes.

    • Annee

      Sounds good to me. And let's realize that Obama has never stopped campaigning since he was elected---always salivating about the day he'll sit on the throne, and everything he does or says is done with his reelection in mind. BUT THIS IS THE BIGGIE THAT ALLOWS HIM TO BE SO ARROGANT: He plans to push through Amnesty prior to the next election and it will include voting rights for an additional 14 -20 million captive voters. This will be a surefire victory for himself and he will do whatever it takes to do it...He has systematically conditioned the American people, and even his own congress, to accept his circumventing congress illegally without penalty. God help us!

    • "Kid Richie"

      It is the only way to have some honesty at the polls. Another reform that is in dire need of happening is TERM LIMITS. The longer a politician stays in Washington, the further away he gets from the American people. If anyone wants to "serve", elect him; but, after a very limited time he must leave and go back to "work". And he must be denied any opportunity to return to Washington to use a past election for personal profit. Politics should be a 'time out' like the Founding Fathers intended. It should not be a "CLASS" of the citizenry.

    • snowman8WA

      So what about Retiree's and Social Security recipients? Social Security IS NOT an entitlement, regardless of what D.C. and the media say. Are you saying that those who have worked 40 years no longer have a voice in their country? Here is another scenario, what if you have an illegal alien working and having taxes taken out, do they now have a right to vote? What you are not hearing is that part of the reason you have 51% NOT paying taxes is because Title 26 (the IRS CODE) is so conviluded and engulfed with deductions, that low-income families get so many deductions; include a High-end mortgage payment from a house they don't belong in, and Viola! 0% taxes on April 15th....if the Government wants MORE REVENUE, then they should pass HR25, HJR16, and S13, and abolish the IRS.

      • Frank Johnson

        Actually, I am collecting S.S. but I still pay Federal Income Tax.

        • WDPatriot

          All I receive is S.S. and the amount does not require me to file taxes. Yet I am a strong conservative, and very politically active, so NOW some idiot thinks I shouldn't get to vote? I say anyone who has received welfare, food stamps or any of the "socialistic ideas" of the government to make people dependent on them, should not be allowed to vote.

        • Connie from SoCal

          You have to be receiving other income to pay taxes on a single S.S. It all comes down to how much you bring in during the year. As with WDPatriot, my S.S. income, although somewhat above the average, isn't sufficient that I pay income taxes. At the same time it puts me above poverty level so I couldn't get welfare even if I wanted. After working most of my life I've more than earned the right to continue voting (have yet to miss an election since first eligible at age 22) in all level elections.

      • NymRod

        I was wondering the same about the retirees and Social Security recipients. If one has worked 30+ years and paid into the system would they be excluded from voting because they are now retired or disabled due to health issues?
        Other criteria could be land owners or home owners or be over 50 years of age one could still vote if retired or disabled.

        I also like the idea of a mandatory monthly drug test to receive a welfare check. Fail the test that month, no check, fail it three times and you're out for good.

    • Justin Bays

      Woolfy, what would the politician have left to buy votes with if a restriction as proposed was enacted. I can say that I am all for it, and it needs to be made a subject for national consideration. Also, at the same time lets put term limits up for determination by the citizens of the nation, the tax paying ones. Oh, I forgot our Congress settled that issue for us without even giving us the consideration of whether we would want it or not. I can only say look where these life time hack politicians have lead us to at this point in history, well there goes their argument the system is so complex that it is necessary for them to be in office for the duration of their life. I think we couldn't have been led any more astray by a new face in an old place, than we have been done this far. Term limits for appointed as well as elected politicians and I also mean the Supreme Court as well as other judges, Anyone that is elected or appointed would be subject to this rule, we would have a more vibrant nation. Do away with the unreal pensions, health care and other perks these politicians get by the sheer nonsense they are the most astute and there for we must reward them this way. Large chunk of change to help the crisis we are now in at this time. Let them come on down with Joe ordinary, but most of them are already well to do and will not suffer that fate. Enact laws we are all subject to without the thought of exemption as the government politician so nobly exempt themselves from. I would like to say in closing that there are laws on the books about perjury and fraud, they are enacted against us but do not seem to apply to our life time hack politicians. Let those understand that if a sound reason arises that they should be considered for either perjury or fraud, they will be examined by two or three firms that are not government related, many of the outcomes we receive from Washington now would cease to be. Let it be understood that either of the charges if proven, will be punished by a mandatory sentence of 20 years without possibility of parole. I am fed up with Washington and the manner in which our government operates for the people.

      • Connie from SoCal

        Hear, hear....You are right on the money.

    • Val

      Absolutely. And welfare moms should not be rewarded with more money for having another baby. Working people don't get a raise when they have another child so why should they?

    • LeeAnne

      I didn't get welfare last year, but received deductions for high medical & dental costs (I can't afford insurance). So, although I worked hard to keep my bills paid without Govt aid, & had income, I paid no taxes. I'd be REAL UPSET if someone told me I couldn't vote 'because I didn't pay taxes'!!!!

      • Connie from SoCal

        There's a difference in not paying and having the kind of (medical) deductions as you had. Not paying are mainly those who never file due to not working and living off welfare.

    • flyfisher

      simplistic, those of us who fought for our country and became disabled as a result will now be rewarded by taking away our RIGHT to vote

    • peb

      For sure, if someone is getting welfare money I want to know that they have been tested by drug use and passed and NOT spending welfare money to buy drugs & alcohol. We're already paying for them to live...

    • Ed37

      Woolfy hit the nail straight on the head. If you can show you paid tax at the voting table, you get to vote. NO WORK, NO PAY, NO VOTE. G R E A T N E W A M E N D M E N T. The paid taxes list is just as easy to prepare as the regular voting record anyhow. P R O C E E D W I T H U T M O S T H A S T E....PLEASE. NEXT STEP. After the drug test, transport to the southern border to get the double wall finished. If you are not handicapped, you must work performing government mission. You then get paid to support your family and will finish the wall with no further labor costs to the US citizens that pay taxes. FOR ONCE YOU WILL BE DOING SOMETHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY.

    • Roberta

      drug testing is a great idea!

  • Mike

    Great! Plus, how about letting all those Hollywood liberals like Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, Streisand, Pitt and Jolie, etc. pay more. They are always ranting about their "willingness" to pay more taxes........well go ahead and do it folks!! There is absolutely nothing that says you cannot pay MORE than you owe if you as so inclined. Write those checks. I'm sure that they would probably be indicative of what you really owe........if you didn't have your high paid accountants finding you all those "tax sheltered" investments to bury your wealth in. ..........oh and how about Gore, Pelosi and a few others giving up their "CORPORATE JETS" and flying commercial like the rest of us peons?

    • Steve

      Yes- that's the ticket. In fact, make the tax on WEALTH, not income. After all, those who have income are working hard to make this country work, and already paying their fair share of taxes. The ones that are not paying taxes are the true "fat cats" we always hear the liberals refer to who have massive wealth that never gets taxed. They control immense wealth that gives them a comfortable lifestyle at no expense to themselves, and no burden. If you begin to tax the "wealth" of people like George Soros, I'd bet that they would suddenly want to "talk reasonable". It would also shut up the Hollywood elite, who have ammassed great wealth for simply having a pretty face- ask yourself what they have contributed to society that is of any value. Professional sports the same.

    • Kathae

      Lets not forget Bill Gates and his father I hear his father all the time on the radio how we should all pay more taxes. The trouble with these limosine liberals is they all have their money in tax shelters.

    • Rita

      Did you know that in New Jersey, where Bruce Springsteen own a house with hundreds of acres of land does not pay taxes on it because he avails himself of the Federal Farming Substidy. I think he says he is growing something or half some animals. This has been one of the biggest scams used by the wealthy liberal Hollywooders to get out of his fair share. His neighbor, who has a house on less than an acre of land pays over $6000 I believe. He pays nothing. Does he also have a private jet? Bruce was supposed to be for the regular working guy, what happened? Why doesn't he pay his fair taxes on his millions?

    • Jeff

      Yes, a "Hollywood Tax!" Why didn't we think of this before?

    • TaterSalad

      Don't forget the likes of Matt Domon, Danny Glover, Whoopie Goldberg, Joey Behar, Oliver Stone and AJohnny Depp. Matter of fact, add all of the people on this video provided.

    • hsabin

      Warren Buffett today opined that the ultra rich should pay more so write your congress persons and tell them to TAX him to 90% of his income!

      • Connie from SoCal

        The thing is Buffet would pay it. He and Gates are the two largest contributors to charities. The main difference in them is their lifestyle. Bill has a massive, custom designed and built home which could house a football team, the cheerleaders, coaches., fans and the entire marching band without crowding anyone, whereas Buffett still lives in the same home he and has owned for something over 50 years. He isn't one of those who squanders money on himself and lets his ego go on showing how filthy rich he actually is. Can you say you'd behave in the same manner?

    • D. Fayette

      Right on....besides why should they have extra money to pay in taxes? If they are the concerned citizens they claim to be, they'd be donating every extra dime they have to charitable causes via non-profit organization that could do exactly what they want to government to do. Non-profit for the most part are much more efficient than government, that way they would be getting far better results for the money be spent.

      Of course...there is really no reason they can't just over pay their taxes by not claiming any deductions. When those liberals give away everything they earn over $80,000 to $100,000 a year...then I might really believe they are willing to put their money where they claim their heart is.

    • Marcie

      Yes--and maybe the Congress will pay their taxes too!

    • Kay

      I doubt the Hollywood liberals really ever put their money where their mouth is. It's always easy to tell us peons what to do the hypocrites are in charge.

  • Big Ugly

    Problem is - most "Americans" are not liable to the "federal income" tax.
    It's called the "federal income" tax for a reason - it is tax on "federal income".
    That's also why it is the "Internal" revenue that oversees the "federal income" tax - it's all "internal" to the "federal" government.
    Read the Code - Learn the TRUTH

    • pismo

      And your point is???

      • Fighting Grandma

        The point I believe Big Ugly is trying to get across is that the federal employees are the only ones that are required to pay income taxes under the tax code. There has been a lot of stuff coming out lately about the IRS ~ fascinating stuff. The IRS collects taxes, gives it to the Fed Res Board and they secretly do whatever it is that they do with the money. The US government makes it's money from the myriad of taxes we all pay through utilities, gas, sales taxes, cigs, alcohol, motel/hotel, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

    • Marcus

      So.... Do you, who are by your own admission NOT required to pay taxes (if it's a given that you are not a federal employee), in fact pay your taxes? Or how does that work?

    • samntn

      The truth is that the 16th amendment was never properly ratified by the States and was fraudulently certified in about 1912- 1913 by Philander Knox, the then Secretary of State. The Federal Government has been taking money from all of us who pay federal income taxes for almost 100 years illegally as discovered by Mr. Bill Benson, who researched the documents from every State in existense in 1912 and found that there were far fewer than the 36 required to ratify not only the 16th amendment, but the 17th as well. How to unring that giant bell is a real challenge and a near impossibility, I expect but there are some people who have refused to pay their taxes because it is not legitimately required by any actual Amendment to the Constitution, which is necessary for the money to be secured legally. The present administration no doubt would take precisely the same illegal action were it available to it as the Constitution and the Amendments thereto mean nothing whatsoever to those in positions of power and authority illegally, as Obama/Barry is certainly not "natural born." What an incedible mess!

      • prsmith

        Whether it was ratified or not is immaterial. It does NOT change the direct tax prohibition placed on the Fed.

    • pj

      Needs to start with Obama. He wants the rich to pay more. He should write the first check as an example.

    • Speakertoanimals

      There is no law for Income Tax. The Supreme court stated 3 times that the government could collect excise taxes and impose taxes on Corporate income. They ruled that the government could NOT tax a persons labor.

      • Perry Bonney

        Unfortunately, there is a law for income tax. It's called the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution, it was passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913. And it was conservatives that proposed it, believe it or not.

        As this link ( describes, "In 1909 progressives in Congress again attached a provision for an income tax to a tariff bill. Conservatives, hoping to kill the idea for good, proposed a constitutional amendment enacting such a tax; they believed an amendment would never received ratification by three-fourths of the states. Much to their surprise, the amendment was ratified by one state legislature after another, and on February 25, 1913, with the certification by Secretary of State Philander C. Knox, the 16th amendment took effect. Yet in 1913, due to generous exemptions and deductions, less than 1 percent of the population paid income taxes at the rate of only 1 percent of net income".

        As Ron Paul has pointed out, if we did bring about a flat tax, we'd have to get rid of our old tax system first, or we'd end up with two tax systems.

        • kibitzer3

          I have read somewhere that the 16th Amendment was never actually ratified by the requisite number of states, that the Powers That Be at the time (the same as now, generically) quietly slipped it through 'in the dead of night', as it were. Sorry I don't recall the source of the claim; but it wouldn't surprise me in the least, knowing the mentality of these our erstwhile masters.

    • Mike Williams

      Absolutely correct. The federal courts have ruled consistently that "compensation for labor" is not "income" as defined in the income tax act. To explain this more fully - one's labor is one's property, and exchanging your property for something of equal value has not increased your property - there is therefore no "income".
      The federal government was created to perform "services" for the states, and was to be funded by imposts and exposts. when THE FEDS GAVE UP THEIR TAX BASE by passing NAFTA, GATT, WTO, etc. they were left with no funds, so they turned upon the people that they were supposed to be providing services for. However, while there has been adjustments to rates and deductions, the tax act has not been modified and still does NOT tax the "compensation for labor".

    • young

      surely you jest, you earn an income you should pay like everyone...

      • FedUp

        Wages are not taxable. Other income is. That is the crux of the argument for raising the effective rate investors pay in income taxes. You exchange your property, labor, for a wage, typically currency or a likeness thereof, the coin of the realm. There is no net increase in your net worth, only a change of the form of your holdings. When an investor places his negotiable property in the care of another person, and receives a greater amount of property at the end of the term of the investment contract, there is an increase in net worth. That difference, commonly interest, is taxable. Why would you convert property from one form to another, and pay 30% for the privilege, while arguing that the person who has increased his holdings should only pay 15%?

    • Dave Spiller

      How do they live ?
      If they don't have a penny in revenue then they should not get to vote in their next November federal election elections as that would be taxation without representation Social security is considered income and taxed and so is unemployment income also taxed is the rebate on cash for clunkers program, I don't know of anything that isn't considered income.
      Of course the vote should be afforded only for the federal election and not for people like my daughter
      who dosen't work and gets a refund of $4,000 with the, (Income Tax Credit) returned she didn't pay in.

  • JSS

    I totally agree with this. My husband and I have been talking about this for along time. If you don't pay taxes, then you shouldn't be able to vote! That's what is wrong with this country. The liberals have slowly gotten such a big chunk of society programmed to think that the govt (us hard working taxpayers) should take care of them so of course how are they going to vote!! This has got to stop as it's not working and we hard working taxpayers are tired of carrying more than our fair share!

    • amagi

      Totally agree with you, JSS. Also :

      How about those who receive a paycheck from any government, federal or local ? They are living off the taxpayers and
      made to give a small portion back in form of "taxes" so they shall feel like the rest of us - which they are not. It is in
      their narrow personal interest to vote for more taxes as they live off us. Is it fair that they vote ?

      • dcgirl

        So you think that the military, police, fire fighters, EMS are "living off the taxpayers"? There are many other people that work for companies that sell goods to the government. Do you lump them in with the first responders above? The fact is, that if you are a taxpayer, no matter where you draw your paycheck, you have a dog in the hunt and it is more than fair that you get a vote. FYI - most of the above want the government to stop overspending just as much as you do.

        • enoughalready

          Agree totally, I retired from the Federal Government. I wrote my officials and told them to KEEP my COLAs AND advocated for a 20% cut in federal workforce because there is that much government fat. Do not rehire retiring employees. Get rid of the DOE.
          I don't think people on welfare should be allowed to vote. They have no skin in the game. It would give them an incentive (maybe) to get off.
          I still pay income tax out of my retirement income.
          I also think there should be some type of literacy test one must have to pass before voting. Way too many stupid people voting.

        • Betty P

          I am in your situation exactly and agree 100%. We paid for ALL our lives when it was really tough. Cut Government altogether. There are more of them than any of us.

    • Libertarian58

      I just can't understand how all of the "patriotic Americans" are so in favor of the Income Tax, which is probably the greatest abomination ever foisted on the American public. This tax was (is) unconstitutional and is the second plank of the Communist manifesto. It was imposed by the same bankers responsible for the Federal Reserve, the biggest bunch of counterfeiters ever to infect the planet as a means of collecting their compound interest directly from their victims. Not one penny of this "tax" goes to fund government. "Fair share" is another Marxist rallying cry used to dupe us into supporting this scam. Go study and learn all you can about the FED and the crooks who created it, then you can throw up.

      • Steven

        It doesn't need to be an INCOME tax. I wouldn't object to a HEAD tax. Divide the Federal budget by the population and bill each STATE based on the last census. Then repeal the 17th amendment an return selection of Senators to the state legislatures. If the STATE legislatures have to figure out how to raise the money, and the Senators depend on them for their jobs, I wonder how often the phrase "You want ME to raise taxes for WHAT?" will be heard in Washington.

    • Warpuppet

      That s so far off the mark it s not funny

    • Warpuppet

      That s so far off the mark it s not funny

    • Randall

      Lets add another requirement. A Basic test that has a series of questions and answers that will force you to prove you have some idea our the American system works and what current events are happening before you can vote. Most Obama supporters I know don't even read the news papers, or watch the news and most aren't even politically active. Time and time again I engage the Big O supporter and they will defend him to the death but have no facts or basis of reality.

      • jack

        Well said

    • jack

      Your reasoning is just plain stupid! We all pay taxed, Do you drive, that licence is a tax, Do you hunt or fish, that license is a tax, Do you buy anything, Food, clothing, Shoes, Anything you purchase has at least 41 taxes built in from reaw material, to manufacturing and it is added to the final price. as fore federal iinvcome tax, there are a lot of retired folks that do not and can not pay taxes that have worked their entire life untill the syaten booted them out. I for one am 82 and have woorked mi entire life from age 14 untill now. I have voted in every election fron age 21. Now you say i am not qualified? 61% of every dollar you spend is TAX . I for 1 studdy every canditate and their past accoplishments before i vote. I will bet you do not, yet you will make taxes a requirement to vote? that i think makes you a biget, and that kind of judgement should disqualifi you from voting.

    • NormW

      I've been saying this for a long time! If you are living off the labors of others and not paying taxes you should have no say in how those taxes are spent. People in this situation are just going to continue to vote largesse for themselvs, which is exactly what liberals are counting on. If such a proposal isn't acceptable to them then set rates in such a way that everyone pays income taxes or do away with the income tax and implement the fair tax!

    • Deb

      What we need is TAX REFORM! Go to!

    • Cindy

      So, if you are a student and are not working, you should not vote? How wrong you are!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nightguy

    As long as that doesn't disenfranchise those of us who are retired and therefore no longer earning a paycheck to pay taxes on. I certainly paid enough and don't want my right to vote eliminated by no longer being in the work force.

    • wayne

      Don't worry nightguy... they'll be taxing your social security benefits soon enough.... if they already aren't.

      • JayMarie

        They are!

    • el_loco_jp

      I'm retired and I still pay income taxes. Even if you are retired, you should still pay taxes in order to be eligible to vote.

      • Red S

        I am retired and I still pay taxes. If you are not paying taxes you should not be able to vote on what we taxpayers have to pay.

        • @dagwood52

          I get social security and only get 11,000 yearly therefore I do not make enough to pay income tax. I payed taxes all my life and don't appreciate someone telling me I can't vote just because I no longer make enough to do so. I have the right to vote as you do and I always vote conservative. You do not have the right to take that from me.

    • Tom Morofski

      nightguy .... I too have worked and paid taxes up the ying-yang for 48 years, not to mention giving (I had a choice?) more money into S.S. than I could ever home to see returned to me. Sooooooooooooooo YES! All who have blindly paid our fair share and then some WILL VOTE! Those who have NEVER contributed a plugged nickel over their entire lifetimes should not vote...............common sense, RIGHT?

    • get er done

      hey nightguy,If you are collecting s.s. you are paying taxes.

    • Carton

      Yes, we should make retired workers the exeception.

    • Mbbailey123

      You should be aware that you have to pay tax on all retirement income, even your 401K is taxable. The only thing that gets you out of taxes is being a good poor Democrat or death.

    • Jacqueline O Chaplin

      There are people who are 100 percent disabled from the military and they are not required to pay income tax. So, now you are going to tel me that they can't vote?

    • Bill Turley

      That is my biggest objection to this idea. I paid taxes for 60 years but my SSA is not big enough to pay taxes on, so why double penalize those of us who have paid our fair share

    • USAF Retired Patriot

      I'm retired and still paying INCOME taxes.

    • Karen

      You pay taxes for your home? Or your annual income from social are covered or taxes on investments, etc...

    • Sam

      Nightguy I am retired and I still pay taxes so how did you slip by? Only kidding about slipping by. I pay every year to Uncle Sam for some unknown reason. Taxes have always been a bane to me. The right people don't pay as much as I once paid when I was full time employed. I do not blame a person of wealth for trying to hide their money. Who the heck wants to provide a living for someone who lays on their duff all day drinking moon and making babies?

      I also have a real problem with people living in apartment units voting on property tax increases and school tax which is derived from home owner taxes in most states.

    • outspoken

      Those on SS also pay taxes, you also pay on 401K payments and retirement fund monies that are sent to you each month. Being retired in this day means you pay taxes. Only those that don't work (even pay taxes on unemployment) you know.....the welfare mommas....don't pay taxes.....same as the taxes there either.

    • Judy Wagner

      You can do as my husband and I do with our Social Security check. Have Federal Income Taxes taken from the check every month. Great way to have a savings account. We get it all back the following year. Our tax lady thought we were pretty smart. Happy Tax Payer!

    • michael click

      I agree that there needs to be additional qualifications for the privilige (not right) to vote. Serving for a certain designated period of time in one of the branches of service that defends this country should be one.
      Being able to prove having been a tax-payer for some specified time should be as well. That way even "undocumented residents" could vote. If someone has been here 20 years, and paid taxes all that time, I think that they've bought the ticket and deserve to ride.

    • Paula Calvert

      We pay taxes on our social security income, such as it is. We are lower middle class americans. We had 3 children, one of which required 50 surgeries before she passed away at age 35. In 47 years of marriage, we have gotten only one tax refund (less than $100.00) and have never failed to pay our taxes. We were audited once, because of excessive medical bills. The surgical bandages, colostomy supplies, urostomy supplies, gas for medical transportation and adult size diapers were all disallowed. (they were deducted according to the tax code.)The action was made retroactive 7 years.We made less than ten thousand dollars a year at the time. It took us 18 years to pay 20 thousand dollars in taxes and penalties we were assessed. There was no legal way to make a deal to pay less and lawyers had to be paid up front. We sacrificed to get it done. It sickens me to see people encouraged to wimp out on their tax, personal, and medical debts. Living above your means is unpatriotic.

  • Capt,Ed.

    This will help identify how many Americans the are. All the others are, A I N O

    • Bob

      Unfortunatly many retired people do not pay income tax and would be denied the right to vote. Many retired people have served their country and paid their taxes their whole life. I agree that illegal aliens have no right even being in this country but, our government seems to want them here because the politicians need their votes. Back off on the seniors not paying income taxes they have paid more than you have.

  • Sisof7whopay

    I love it! And you only get your voter's registration card after your taxes are processed and paid in full. This eliminates illegal aliens and welfare recipients Anyone over $250,000 can pay a flat tax of 12% - no exceptions or loopholes, so the entertainment industry can pay their "fair share".

    • Whackajig

      What freaking right do you have to the dollars earned by someone else. The wealthy work harder and much smartere than you do, and when they become successful, you wish to leech off of them.

      I think your attitude is a big part of what is wrong with this nation...............people believe they have a right to the earnings of others. Wow, pity.

      • Scott

        I suppose you are right Whackajig. I suppose that the group of lawyers that raided my retirement account in the 90's worked harder and smarter than I did. Since most of this group ARE registered Democrats who already had millions, I can see how it was only fair for them to loot the retirement accounts of thousands of workers who actually did a job where you could see the positive result for the good of the Nation. I guess that you are correct that these people who work HARDER and smarter DESERVED to have the money that was building in my retirement account from the honest days labor I gave. You are so right Whackajig! I wish I was as smart as you!

      • Bob

        It was president Johnson that opened the lock box for Social Security to pay for the Viet Nam war and every president since has stolen the surplus funds. S.S I. was never part of the general budget untill the corrupt politicans of both parties raided it but, it was a democrat that started it for a war that we should have never been involved in. 56,000 American lives lost and untold sorrow of the famlies involved. What did we accomplish ? Our country was never in danger. The same can be said about Iraq. Did you raise your son or daughter to die for corrupt politicians that line their pockets with your tax money ? Although I don't agree with everything Ron Paul talks about, he does have some good points, like closing all the foreign bases and bringing our troops home and protecting our borders which have been wide open to terrorist for years.

      • gorgar

        What makes you think the wealthy work harder? Per capita the wealthy pay less in taxes then I do because of the loop holes and deductions. I don't wish to leech off them just make them pay their fair share. Statistics show that the top 1% hold 40% of the wealth in America. What tax rate are they at? Lower than my $30,000/yr. Trickle down economics don't work, the wealthy simply just get wealthier.... and still pay less in taxes. If the system were REALLY fair a flat tax would have been instituted years ago and our government would likely be debt free.

    • CarolynH

      Right on!

    • Bob

      I didn't graduate H.S. I had to get a job to help my family when I was 16 and at 17, I went into the Air Force for 4 years and got a GED and started a college course in American Government before I was sent to Florida during the Cuban missile chrisis., I worked for 46 years and had to retire because of a debilitating arthritis condition. I paid into S.S.I., paid my taxes and never failed to vote. I worked 2 full time jobs for 6 years to make enough for a down payment on a house that I had to renovate to make it habitable. I earned the right to vote by serving my country and paying my taxes when due. How can someone say you shouldn't have the right to vote unless you graduated high school ?

    • Frank Johnson

      that would eleminate about 1/2 of the obama cabinet

    • Karen

      Cool, then geithner can not vote, he still owes back taxes!

    • Searcher

      Great!!!! That would keep most of the liberal elete (Timothy Geithner et al) from voting!

    • AmericansRon2U

      Well said, Sisof7...may I add one more thing to your comment? You said that people should only get their registration card after their taxes are processed and paid in full...which would eliminate illegals and welfare recipients. What about all those 'patriots' in Congress like Rangel, Geithner and all the other tax cheats. It would also eliminate THEM! So, maybe half of the clowns in DC would not be able to vote! If only taxpayers could vote, it would be the GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!

  • jim

    you must be one of those that don't pay taxes.:):)

  • Fedupwithmorons

    If you didnt graduate from high school you shouldnt have the privilege to vote either. Reading tests and tests on the issues being voted on should be mandatory.

    • ky redneck

      that's very wrong,you can't even get the congress to read the Bills,l.o.l.

    • toomanychiefs

      You assume a HS graduate knows how to read- most do - but many don't. HS grad? My self educated writer/editor friend would not be allowed to vote because he doesn't have a diploma...though he is highly literate and well informed on political issues.
      --other issues...who would oversee the testing....who would verify HS diplomas?
      The SEIU were in charge of the voting machines in Vegas we're told... that worked out splendidly for Harry.

    • tired_of_leeches

      So, my Mom and Dad that didn't graduate high scool because they were working on a farm in Alabama who have worked all their lives to raise five kids, paid their taxes and social security, do not deserve to vote??? So, I who didn't graduate high school, spent 25 years in the Army and will soon complete a Master's Degree progam don't deserve to vote??

      • GeoB.

        Thank you for your service!

        A piece of paper with a lot of script or calligraphy doesn't necessarily mean you're smart, and life is a learning experience. But degrees don't always mean voter qualified. I think CITIZENSHIP should be the number one consideration. Hopefully prospective voters have, at least, some idea of the issues and the qualified candidates. Those who have similar values to yours.

    • Jersey Sal

      Read your history. This has been tried, sadly, as a means to disenfranchise black voters in the South years ago. It was declared unconstitutional.

      I am a Disabled Vet. My benefit is tax exempt. Does this bar me from voting under this plan?

      • Merlyn

        Sadly, I suspect that most of the posters here are white and would love to see blacks and other minorities disenfranchised. Unbelievable.

        • lucky7m

          Merelyn, get a grip , just because someone doesn't share ones views does not make them racist. I take offence to liberals shooting off their mouthes about bad white man hates minorities. You know what I hate hypocrites but they are everywhere, these days the only racism I see is with the new plack panthers oh maybe the new flash mob BS or the atty General Eric Holder. Guess what if you voted for Obama so you wouldn't be called a racist, you better vote for someone else to prove you're not an idiot!!

        • Joanelle

          Merlyn, spoken like a true Obamamaniac liberal. Have you gotten your share of Obama's "stash" yet? How's that great Hope and Change workin' work you? You just keep drinking the Kool Aid, brother - the truth will never dawn on you, you are one lost soul!

        • Joanelle

          Sorry, I mean "Hope and Change workin' for you? - typo.

    • allan allen

      oops there goes Cher...she dropped out of hs ninth grade........

    • realconservative

      And, no more ballots in any language but ENGLISH! I am so sick and tired of all the printing of EVERYTHING in all these languages! If you're here LEARN THE LANGUAGE just as so many immigrants before you for years did. My mother-in-law immigrated from Yugoslavia many, many years ago. She taught herself to read, write and speak ENGLISH. It was a matter of pride and she came here legally! Man, I admired her and loved her.

    • Joanelle

      Graduating from high school would prove absolutely nothing about ones ability to understand issues and candidates for election, much less reading and understanding a ballot. Our schools have for years been graduating illiterate idiots, many who can neither read nor write. There may be a litmus test, but that would NOT be the one to choose. Property ownership was once the determining factor for voting eligibility, and that would certainly be more fair than high school graduation. The first thing that should happen is the immediate elimination of "early voting" - a Democrat scam to help in stealing elections! One day every two years (every four for Presidential elections) is little to ask of the citizenry to participate in who governs our Constitutional Republic.

  • Fedupwithmorons

    Sunset, useful idiot, go pound sand!

    • Victor

      They call him SUNSET because he aint so bright ! Ever thought about why liberals (Socialistic-Communist) love to make one liner comments? Because they lecture with 97% perverted statistics and possibly 3% reality, so when they try to gather up their thought process they can only gather enough together to shoot at you a little one liner! While Conservatives lecture with 97% fact and well established thought while maybe 3% assumption. So just like most conservatives when challenging someones statement they do so with a formative line of thought and not just some idiotic one liner! Got it Sunset or has your light gone out!

  • voteright2012

    I would also add that people on Government Welfare should not be allowed to vote. Obama is a Politician who practices CLASS WARFARE and does nothing but have fun at taxpayer expense. He may have voted "Present" in the Illinois Legislature, and was absent from the US Senate during most of his tenure there; and he is trying to be a "hands off" President by letting his Czars and Soros do all the dirty work --- and I mean dirty because they are on a path that will ruin the Republic for years to come.

  • Esibonne

    The best thing for the country is a flat tax straight across the board. If the Government would do this with all people, rich and poor, the Government would have money coming out of their ears. Take a look at these big churches and why they have what they do. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    • tired of payin'

      Churches have money because their individual members contribute - and those dollars are already taxed at the personal level. When government dictates which charities are allowed to receive my tax dollars, its no longer a contribution; It's theft, pure and simple.

    • maxxx

      i have read at length the fair tax and i can honestly say the more i read the more i like it.any one can google it and see that the fair tax has hundreds of great reasons to implement it and very few reasons not to.

      • hambone

        That's one of the things Ron Paul is talking about, a fair and flat tax.
        No one on capital hill want's to hear it.

    • USAF Retired Patriot

      The 'Flat Tax' still has similar flaws to the current system (i.e. it is still based on income, those collecting under the table still won't pay anything, it will still be available to the Legislature and their latest whim to manipulate, the IRS will still be required to oversee and strong arm those enemies of the State, etc.).

      • USAF Retired Patriot


        The only equitable, across the board, system is a "National Sales Tax". Everyone pays the same, regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual oprientation, religion, income level, rich or poor, legal or illegal immigrant, documented or undocumented wages. There is no discrimination. You are in control of how much TAX you pay by your spending habits. This would virtually eliminate the IRS. The worst would be a few Treasury cops to monitor for unscrupulous merchants and their bookkeeping practices. However, with todays computers, and the governments ability to keep watch over everybody, that shouldn't be a large task. Afterall, they know who you are talking to, and what you are saying on your cellphone; who you are communicating with on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and probably reading what I am posting here, now.

        • USAF Retired Patriot

          A system based on spending encourages saving for or investing in retirement, as opposed to the current system which penalizes the American ideal, "Work harder and earn more." Hopefully, at some point years down the road, "We the people" could conceivably wean ourselves off Social Security, eliminating one more government hammer over our heads.

    • Pete Powers

      Here Here, One for all, and all payes one.

    • Marcie

      I have been an active church member all my 71 years, but have always believed that ALL church properties except the main church house and educational bldgs (for Sunday S chool--not private schools) should be taxed. When you get into wineries, etc., that is NOT part of what I see as Church real estate. We are losing a lot here.

    • AnxiouslyWaiting

      The Government already has HAD money coming out of their ears.. and what did they do with it?.... They sent it to "Our Enemies" so they could dig for THEIR oil and send it to CHINA.
      They bailed out the "Big Banks" and where did that get us? They are all right back in trouble again.
      I am on Social Security and I PAY Taces. However, as I am not a naturalised citizen yet, I still can't VOTE. I would get my citizenship, but, having already paid TWICE (which costs a couple of thousand dollars for backround checks, medical checks etc., etc.,), to immigrate to the USA, (because my mother passed away while I was home on a visit and I collapsed from the shock and was hospitaliosed for quite some time), So, I can not afford, and refuse to pay another $675 dollars to become a citizen. I have paid over and over again for that privilage as far as I can see. One should not have to BUY their citizenship! I have worked since coming to this country and paid my income taxes. I am still paying income tax. There has to be a better way to stop the ILLEGALS and the DEAD from voting.

  • Dave

    an idea LONG overdue - the founding fathers, when creating the framework for our country, NEVER envisioned a society where generation-to-generation welfare (translation - I don't want to work, so you pay for me) would be considered normal, or even a lifestyle choice.

    • Libertarian58

      Our founders also were totally against anything resembling the income tax. Why do you support it?

  • Ric from Virginia

    Dear Welare Mama:

    Get of your fat ass, stop watching Oprah, and get a job!!

  • Az native

    This would be a good start and ge could come up with all the taxes they haven't paid and all the federal employees who havent paid can't vote and if they don't pay up should lose their jobs. It is time for all the states to vote and succeed dc from the union let them pay for the generational theft from national treasury not we the people. It is not our problem to pay for the extortion, misappropriation of funds, bribery, and the conspiracy to defraud our Nat'l treasury. Close the white house, ground air force one and cut white house to bare minimum.

    • Lawrence

      You forgot the pres helicoptor, Marine One. Maybe we could outsource maintainance of all pres vehicles and aircraft to
      a third world country.

    • VT Patriot

      If obozo were a citizen of this country, he wouldn't need AF1. But not having any citizenship or papers to prove it, he has to rely on AF1 to travel around the world and on vacation after vacation. Oh, and how about a few new buses on the taxpayer dole at 1.2 million each.

    • AnxiouslyWaiting

      The first people who should be investigated for Tax Fraud.... THE POLITICIANS. They don't pay ANY taxes and then "We", who have next to nothing to live on, have to pay THEM for the rest of THEIR LIVES, at the rate of pay they are earning when THEY RETIRE.

  • wayne

    This is a very good idea. Only let's be sure to remove food stamp and welfare recipients from the electorate while we're at it. Otherwise, our bloated, corrupt, inefficient and overbearing Democrat infested government will take with one hand and give (to those on the dole) with the other. They never fail to make it clear they're in the business of buying votes.

  • Jim

    Sunset... You remind me of the rat calling the mouse a rodent... MORON!

  • CP

    So all the lower income folk who actually work for a living and get ALL their income taxes refunded would be denied the right to vote as well. And the same goes for the older people living on Social Security that they earned the hard way, by working low pay jobs for most of their lives. Yup, sounds like a real winner to me, and am sure the Tea Party will agree with you 100%. I don't suppose you know the poll tax was outlawed for a very good reason. It disenfranchised most of the working class, as the average worker at that time barely made enough to keep a roof over his head and food in his belly. Actually, you should make that business owners who pay taxes, as that was the original voting class in this country. Doesn't sound so good now, does it?

    • wayne

      Easy solution... stop refunding income taxes and tax social security benefits. Actually an even better way to insure that everyone pays taxes (and earns their right to vote) would be to eliminate the Progressive Income Tax and replace it with a National Sales Tax. But you'll never get the Kennedy types to go for that.... by appropriately taxing their elaborate lifestyles, they might have to finally start paying their fair share.

      • Tom Morofski

        National Sales Tax ... NST ... is the fair, honest and ethical way to go. EVERYBODY PAYS!
        As old John Lennon once sang "imagine" the world without the IRS ... let's make it happen patriots!!!

        • prsmith

          What do you not understand about UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

      • bluqe

        Oh please, SS benefits are taxed. That is our problem, half this country has no clue.

        • Nathan Myers

          I only get around 11,000 in SS benifets and they are not taxed because it does not meet the threshold for minimium taxes. By the time my personal deduction is taken out there is not enough to qualify for taxation.

        • Kevin A

          They are not taxed if you are below threshold, so take your Blood pressure medicine and calm down.

      • AnxiouslyWaiting

        Sure... tax the elderly AGAIN. We already PAID this money as a "Forced Taxation" and we are entitled to what we were "Promised" to get us to stop grumbling about having to PAY TAX FOR SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE.

        However, we do STILL pay tax on our Social Security.

        Then, the Politicians "Stole" that money out of the Social Security/Medicare "Trust???" funds for their own use.

        Give me a break. Ihope you are in the 3% of wealthy by the time you get to retirement age buddy. If not, kiss your Social Security and Medicare "Goodbye" and live as best you can.

        • AnxiouslyWaiting

          Sorry about all the "caps" there folks.

        • Kevin A.

          If you lived more than 5 yrs. after collecting your SS, you have collected the entire benefit that FDR envisioned for the elderly. Congress has failed to adjust the age of eligibility as the life expectancy increased and now we need to make a more drastic change. 70 needs to be the minimum for non-farm labor, with decreased benefits, below present levels, for those retiring at 62. planning for ones own retirement is essential and living within your means is required.

    • No fool

      You bring up some very good points. The low income folks are the ones who keep demanding and voting for the free handouts. The fall of the Roman Empire strongly comes to mind.

      • AnxiouslyWaiting

        I would be classed as one of those "Low Income" folks and I DO NOT get ANY handouts, nor do I ask for them.

    • lorraine

      thats right cp we're the winners your the losers.we have a plan and it has nothing to do with you

      • ky redneck

        jeez,now ya sound a lot like O-bomb-ya,it's a slippery slope!

    • guayacan

      I would like to know where you went to school so that I can make sure none of my kids go there. If you work and do not make enough to make payment does not mean that you are not a tax-payer. I suggest you have your socialist brain checked!!!

      • wlsavell

        Veterans should keep the right to vote, many have paid the ultimate tax.

      • Kevin A.

        No, you need to check your understanding. Everyone NEEDS to pay taxes. Even if it is only $10 dollars, you should pay. If you have no blood in the game, you can't play. No freeloaders.

    • Kibcorm

      You are absolutely right CP. They are not even considering the Seniors and lower income "Working Class" people..

    • saajoo

      You're wrong. If someone works for a living and still gets all his tax back, okay. He or she at least gets up in the morning and goes to work. I think we are all mad as hell with the system that allows 3-4 generations to LIVE on the working man's dollar. Remember: WORK is the decent man's four letter word, that ends with a K. He makes a living by getting UP in the morning, down getting DOWN.

      • USAF Retired Patriot

        I agree, that getting his 'paid in' taxes back is okay, but the EARNED INCOME CREDIT has to go. He gets, by one example I know of, $14,000.00, over and above his 'paid-in' taxes. How is that okay? How much could be saved by eliminating this gravy?

      • Frank Johnson

        I keep asking how can you work and get all your taxes back plus some more?

    • wlsavell

      Why not limit it to people who HAVE paid taxes? Income tax, property tax, the list goes on...

    • Sam

      CP, you are like a lot of politicians. You do a Good Spin Job. Let's stick to logic and try to determine if the idea is good or bad for those who pay. I do not care about those who do not pay. I am retired and I pay taxes so what state or country do you live in? I draw SS and it is taxed. How come you didn't know that? You seem to be a liberal authority on everything else. I don't care if you earn 100.00 per week and pay 1.00 dollar in taxes it should qualify you as a wage earner and not a stay at home bum. But we must in all sincereity think about those who have lost their jobs and have no recourse but to accept some dole from the government (the people). They surely paid enough into the coffers while they were working to be qualified to vote based on past contributions. So, again let's be logical about the whole idea and hope that something positive can be derived from the endeavor.

    • Marcie

      No, but what about all those who pay no taxes,, have no taxes deducted, if working, and still get the "unearned income refunds??? If it's "unearned", then it shouldn't be forthcoming.

    • sprytling

      No, only those who don't pay. You don't get to disenfranchise those who work, even if it's at a low income job.

    • blackindependent

      Only an (obvious) liberal like yourself would think this policy would not grandfather in those who genuinely deserve it. Problem with you libs is that you paint everything and everybody with your same wide brush soaked in blue paint.

      I'm not a REA partier but I am closer to their goals than I am to anyone elses'. Those people who work for a living and have ALL their taxes refunded DON'T REALLY PAY, BOTTOM LINE. Paying $100 in taxes and then getting $1000 back is NET ZERO TAXES. One thousand from a thousand is the same as nothing from nothing.

      Sure, the poll tax was outlawed and it should have been because it was used to DISCRIMINATE against certain persons because of their race or other political reasons. The premise, however, was sound. If it had been used to insure that only taxpayers voted it likely would have been upheld.

      Personally I think the vote should be apportioned according to the amount of taxes paid. Warren Buffet, paying 17% on an income of ten billion dollars, paid more taxes than 90% of all Americans. He should have nine votes. I paid 20% on my income last year. If I had paid ALL my income TEN TIMES OVER it would not have dented the amount Buffet paid.

      Either Buffet should have ten votes to my one or he should have one vote and I should get one tenth of a vote.

  • el_loco_jp

    For the longest time I have said "No representation without taxation".

    • joann

      This especially applies to the Mexican illegals. There is no way they have a legal right to vote. This needs to be addressed before election by the Republicans. When we get the white house back send them all back. Use our military to stand side by side at the border with orders to shoot if trespassing. Especially if the Nut in the White HOuse calls 20,000 of them home. Good job for them.

    • prsmith

      So you haven't read the Constitution either. What do you not understand about "NO DIRECT TAXES"?

  • Jim

    To me it is like shareholders in a company. If you own stock, you get a vote. If you own a lot of stock, you get a lot of votes. Those who don't pay taxes don't own stock in the USA and should not vote. And since in my job I see a lot of 18-21 year olds who have no clue about government but vote Democrat because they believe the lies that they will not have to work and get free stuff, the taxpayer idea would stop that too. One more thing I would add -- no one votes under 21 except for the military (the reason it was changed to 18 was to accommodate the military); college professors tend to sway this large segment of society toward liberalism and they buy it hook, line and sinker. Until they work and pay into the system, they have no real stake in the outcome of their decisions.

    • CarolynH


    • Way4JC

      It was stupid on the part of the Republicans to let 18 year olds vote. Young people nearly always vote Democratic (remember the quote by Winston Churchill "If you're not a liberal by the time you're 20 you have no heart and if you're not a conservative by the time you're 60 you have no brain.") The Biblical age for military service was 20. If they had raised the age of combat to 20, then the argument in favor of allowing 18 year olds to vote would be lost. It is well known that the last area of the brain to mature is the area involved with judgment. More mature soldiers would lessen the potential for misjudgments that cost lives and create public relations disasters!

      • AnxiouslyWaiting

        They should raise the age for both the military AND voting to twenty one. In fact it should be 21 years of age for these kids to be declared "Adults" PERIOD.

        Too many of our young folks die on the battle field before they have had a chance to actually understand "Life".

        It takes the majority of them until at least twenty one to even "start" to become adults.

    • gorgar

      That's exactly what is happening in case you've been in a cave somewhere. Tthe large corporations are getting all the votes because they own the most politicians. What you are describing is NOT a democracy but a government run by whoever has the most "stock" as you put it.

    • sprytling

      I maintain that the U.S. Government is a corporation. A multi-billion dollar corporation. Our laws state that a corporation has to be audited each year and their statements published for all of us to see. The United States Government is the least transparent business I've ever seen.

    • michael click

      When you said "To me it is like shareholders in a company. If you own stock, you get a vote. If you own a lot of stock, you get a lot of votes." it sounded like you'd be in favor of the idea of "one dollar = one vote" or some varient. The rich are more invested than the poor and should have more say in rowing the boat, right? I'm sure the rich would LOVE the idea!

  • proudamerican

    Now you are talking!!!! Representation WITHOUT taxation is just as bad as taxation WITH NO representation! People must have a stake in their country via taxation to keep them honest. This would not even be an issue were it not for the fact that obama WANTS to take down the country's economy by entitlements. Leave it up to a lib. dem. to put forth a candidate like obama- a man who just wants to rape the citizens due to various diatribes he heard growing up from his father and his mentor rev.( haha -reverend!) wright in his church talking about how much he hates America. Make no mistake America-obama hates Americans!

    • Gray

      You're right about two things, proudamerican....First, that Reverend is atitle of respect and Wright, along with the idiots, like Jesse Jackson as well as all the ordained members of the SCLC, have given that title a bad name!
      Yes, America is still the Land of the Free, which means I am free NOT to worship THEIR god....And, lest anybody mistaken me, his me is MONEY!!

    • VaynO

      Good one!

    • JoJo

      What about the military? Besides the military, there are also a lot of people that receive NO benefits from the government, yet don't make enough to PAY taxes.

    • prsmith

      What do you not understand about the Constitution? NO DIRECT TAXES!

  • Az native

    Time for no budget for the white house, this president is spending money that doesn't belong to him, he needs to write a big check back to we the people for his exotic vacations, misuse of air force one. He jetsetting around the country on our dime. This is out of control,it doesn't impress me.

    • joann

      My guess is he is using our money for jetting around to do his campaigning. He is rotten to the core.

    • Homer

      yeah let that man pay out of the money he has NEVER earned! He needs to do a give back! the man has only played golf and jetted around the world and the country and campaigned! he hasn't done anything else but screw up this nation! Stupis asses who thought...we have tovote him in so we don't appear to be a bigot!!!

  • marty yaniga

    EnSimplle if you don't ante up tou don'yt paly the hand!!ter text right here!

  • Old Gringo

    Actually, there are several simple solutions to all of these problems.

    A. Everybody including welfare receiptants, private citizens, and corporations all pay flat rate 10%. Failure of elected officials, government employees and or celebrities is a minimum of five years in prison, no waivers and no right to return to previous occupation.
    B. All welfare receiptants must pass a drug test each month.
    C. Only tax paying citizens get the right to vote.
    D. All sports players, actors, actressess, celebrities, and all civil service employees including elected officials, governmental employees of any level must pass drug tests. Failure to pass equals failure to be employed in your occcupation for five years - no waivers for any reason.
    E. Legalize drugs so that all of the above may be tempted to particpate. All drugs tested and sold by and through the US government to include a 10% surcharge on all drugs.

    • Reece

      B and C makes sense, the other solutions are stretching it

      • Jersey Sal

        Disabled Vets on Disability can't vote??? Thanks, buddy... YOU VOTE BECAUSE I FOUGHT!!!

        • R.Robert Burdick

          How About senior citizens who are retired an do not make enough money to pay income tax as it takes almost all of it to pay the normal hosehold bills an the car insurance ,house insurance Taxes on your home property an a lot of states their cars are taxed.You mean to tell me we can"t vote to get these people who want to have our country turned into a socialistic country.....

        • blackindependent

          Disabled people, vets or not, all have safety net protections under the law.
          By the way, he may vote because HE may have fought as well. Doesn't mean his views are more protected than yours and certainly yours are no more protected than his.

    • RedRiverD

      This sounds great to me! But you lost me on the last part "E".....
      Legalize drugs?????

    • prsmith

      Nope; totally unconstitutional!

    • Jim

      I can support A,B, C and D but not E. Another thing that I would like to see is the abolition of political parties. Too many mush heads vote for a party and not a person. All candidates should be required to provide full disclosure of their background. The voters should be required to complete a critical thinking class before being allowed to vote. I also think the voting age should be raised back to 21. We have too many stupid 18-year-olds voting (that's how we got Clinton and obama). I would have an exception to the 21 year-old minimum age: Those who are serving in the military should be allowed to vote and drink at 18. This would apply ONLY to those who are serving. I have always thought it to be ridiculous that a member of the military has the duty to make life-and-death decisions but this same person is not allowed to consume alcohol. It is equally ridiculous that a (non-military) person under 21 is not trusted to responsibly consume alcohol but they are allowed to help elect our governmental officials.


    It used to be only land owners got to vote. But here's the real problem, we are at war and the enemy has a general in the wite house.

    • Harold Qualkinbush

      how about putting a 40% tax on political contributions.

    • Rory


    • Rory

      Excellent. Right on.

    • Well EDUCATED

      Thank you very much Eddie!...............................................this is a MUST SEE for the rest of these naive; ignorant; fishbowl living (swimming) (fish) people considering themselves PRIMA DONA Amerikans?!@#$...................."The power to tax is the power to destroy" former Chief Justice John Marshal.........................................."Our tax system is based upon INDIVIDUAL assessment and VOLUNTARY compliance"-Mortimer Caplin; Internal Revenue Audit Manual 1975...........I think you must know EDDIE where I am going with the rest of what I have in file.............................I truly wonder how many (NOT!) of the above replying NO NOTHINGs have a copy of THEIR Internal Revenue Code sitting underneath their coffee table to turn to?...............................LOL!, but they sure do have that bible sitting there without Q don't they?!@#$

    • klesb

      <div class="idc-message" id="idc-comment-msg-div-183504017"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(183504017)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(183504017)">Close MessageYOU ARE RIGHT! AND, THAT WAS BECAUSE ONLY PROPERTY OWNERS PAID SIGNIFICANT TAXES! BUT,WE HAVE BECOME SOOO MUCH SMARTER THAN THE FOUNDERS....


    • michael click

      Land ownership was a qualification, but only if you were male and white.

  • Victor

    Mr. Pentangeli,

    Short sweet and to the point...Love it! Here a little treat for you bag! Thomas Jefferson said “The power of liberty can only be realized by a people who comprehend and participate in its function, the freedom that it affords us has to be met with an equal measure of responsibility.”

    In the early Government of the United States you had to be a land owner and have a writ of taxation in order to vote. That is until they imposed the glorious Federal Government on everyone after the Great war of Northern Aggression. I personally agree whole hearted we have to go back to this standard! Many of the things that are practiced today such as re-introducing bills like the healthcare bill was introduced over and over and over until they passed it...that would have never even entered the minds of the Forefathers of this country! Any such notion would have been deemed as absurd and bordering insanity by them. Good ole Abe,(deletion of states rights and mustering troops against your own country with out any act of war.) fired the first bullet and a deadly blow to the Constitution and they have been shooting her ever since then!

  • Crying Out Loud

    GO FOR IT! In Colonial America only landowners, stakeholders, could vote. They began the Herculean task of building a country. Currently, the NON-taxpayers have succeeded in essentially sucking the lifeblood out of this once great nation. Let's DO something besides talk, talk, talk.

  • Rod McWilliams

    Unitied we stand, devided we fall. The Democrates wants to devide our country. They don't care what happens to this country, as long as they can control everybodys lives. All they can do is blame everybody else but themselfs, and even if they see what they are doing. They don't have the guts to do the right thing.
    America is the land of the free, not the land of the government owned people. Our Government is there to protect us against other countries, and not from ourselfs. If you want to do drugs, and live on the street, and not work. You should be free to do so. If you want to work hard, and fill your life & your familiy with the richests that America has to offer.
    All men are equal, Then why do our leaders excempt themselfs from Obamacare?

  • Marty Yania

    Real tired of hearing this fairness B.S. No federal income tax paid no voting privilidges. No piss test no WELFARE check!!

  • Marlin

    It sounds fair to me.

  • james

    You mean drug addicts and alcoholic losers.

  • Scott

    Quite the opposite. YOU leftist socialists purposely keep people dependent and feeling they need your "protection". We, I being one of them, poor people who have been placed here by YOUR leftist agenda, are not fooled by the rants of YOUR type. So go pander to the believers of your deceit. They will line up and worship you as a person of wisdom just as they always have.

  • Robert Spoley

    Love the idea. You might consider the following. When you pay for a service, such as getting your taxes figured, you get a receipt for the money you paid for the service. Ever get one from the government for you taxes? Not me. I suggest that a "receipt" be issued by every government entity that collects taxes for the amount paid, quarterly. If you are withdrawing more money from the government than your putting in, you lose the right to vote in the next election for that government entity. That way only people who are putting more in than they are taking out get to vote. That, my friend, will handle any balenced budget problem, immigration reform, entitlements reform and voting and tax issues. You will have to have a receipt at the polling place to vote, and it better say you have a posative balence in the tax coffers or you don't vote at that election.

  • Az native

    People who are retired can vote,we are talking about those who have refused to work on welfare their whole lives,there is a difference from being elderly,an invalid. Too many are able to work but make more on the dole,so why should they work.

  • Howard

    The Dems. control 47% of the non paying income tax citizens now,,why would they want to lose their constituency.
    Everyone one should pay the same percentage of their income for taxes. Every year in September a budget is proposed, a % needed to pay the budget is agreed. Then we should elect leaders who proposed and who stay within those spending limits. No deficits.

  • No fool

    I was always in hope of seeing an IQ test (100 or better) in order to vote, but this idea is so much easier to implement. I love it. The problem with the IQ test is getting it to pass through legislation. If passed, the left wingers would eventually cease to exist. The Dems will never let that happen.

  • Az native

    There are too many federal agencies,too many programs,we should have never borrowed money from anybody period. I honestly don't think it is up to we the people to bailout the corruption in Washington dc, because they know we would have never allowed most of these programs or fir the federal gov't to get this big.

  • Common Sense

    Eliminate income tax and substitute a tax on spending of all types. This will eliminate the cash and other type payments, which are not taxed (the so-called underground economy, which is huge). No need to file any annual income tax return. Everybody will be taxed, including those on Government subsidies. You spend, you pay. Rates would be adjusted every year to cover only necessary spending and there must be a balanced budget ammedment to the constitution. Everyone would receive the total of income with no deductions. Responsibility for using that income would be the individual's decision.

    • countrygirl

      This is absolutely the BEST thing to do!!!!!!! It is fair and just. Also think of the millions or should say billions we would save on paying the IRS. There are litteraly billions being lost to the underground economy. People do not understand how this works and freek out when they hear about it. This would elimanate the embedded taxes on what we purchase now. I wish some one would go through this step by step so the average American could understand it. We could be out of debt in 12 years and start to have actual real money in the coffers - then we would have the problem deciding what to do with the extra money - con you just imagine having that problem to vote??? Come on America lets get with it and quit this BS of just talk and getting nowhere.

  • Bob in Dallas

    Nobody seems to "get" it. Currently, in Congress a bill is circulating that explains "The Fair Tax Act HR 25" that does wonders and will get our nation back on track see for all the details:
    o Eliminates the IRS. No filing of returns.
    o Taxes 100% including prostitues and pushers (everyone pays -- what a great base).
    o It is a national Sales Tax... (however, needy people are exempt).
    o You get your entire check!

  • Terrell Perry

    Many years ago, H.L. Hunt as author of a fictional book Alpaca, proposed that citizens get one vote for each dollar paid in taxes. I always thought that this was a good idea.

  • Dan

    Sunset-U have no real argument so U start with the name calling. Then we will get down to " my income tax belongs to U because you are lazy and black and won't find a job. We don't pay taxes to support U, get it?

  • Az native

    They work for us not the other way around. One way to stop the abuse every state tell the federal gov't you will get a 5 percent from bAse wages and no more. No UN involvement ,no subsidies,no gov't unions,no special groups,no bailouts. It is time for all these corrupt programs to go away, they should have never started. No more foreign aid,there is no more money.

  • Jim

    I think EVERYONE should have the right to vote, however everyone should also have to pay taxes. Simplify the tax code by placing a 15% flat tax on all income. Sure you can use standard deductions for kids, but even if you receive aid, that amount should be considered income. I am one of those that make $250K plus and no, I do not have a private jet, however I have also been in a situation where I only earned $15K per year (not including the college years). I was able to get by without any "assistance". Sure $2250 in taxes would hurt a person making $15K per year alot more than $37.5K per year in taxes for a person making $250K but it is fair. Also you would avoid people burying income so they dont get "bumped" up a tax bracket and this is NOT done by the "wealthy". The guy working several hours of overtime may end up getting bumped up (and I have been there too) and it seems as if everything you make go towards the government and you can never get ahead. I use to hear "why do the extra work, all that happens is we pay more in taxes". If we want to grow as a nation we need to work, not figure out ways to get out of work.

    • BillG

      Jim, taxing spending is more effective and has other good features. The Fair Tax would accomplish this and have the same effect as this article. Congress is avoiding it for both these reasons and because they would no longer be able to modify the tax code to the benefit of their major supporters.

  • Frederick

    I have thought about this for quite some time. lets see, persons who work pay tax, weither it is federally credited or not, they have a tax liability depending on income they make. Persons who lost thier jobs or were laid off collect unemployment and pay tax on that unemployment check. The only group of that does not pay tax or file a tax return is the group that recieves government subsidies. Is this because they did not work for it, or because they feel this is due to them for free. The government want's additional tax money, then tax the money they give away on free welfare,free housing, free medical coverage,free food stamps. Then all would be equal and the deficit would balance itself. Wow, all that for free, no wonder so many want to be democrats!

    • .50 BMG

      Isn't taking taxes from welfare recipients just wasting resources by taking in the tax from the payers and giving it out, only to have part of it returned to the govt? How about just giving the entitlement takers less to begin with and save going in circles with the $- oh, thats right, some people would lose their jobs, so it will never happen.

  • mike

    up yourn commie

  • Bruce Rubin

    In my humble opinion a true combination of tax reform and entitlement reform and major cuts in spending started by both parties is what is needed.
    Unfortunately we don't have leaders we have elected politicians who view staying in office and "playing to the base" more important than what is good for the country.
    The economy is going to be in the "soft patch" it is in for the next number of years until the engine that has driven the economy since WWII is fixed and that is the housing industry.
    Our leaders are working hard into making the USA A third world country.
    Hopefully all of us who care and understand what is at stake will make ourselves heard and work on removing those who view elected office as a lifetime job and a right once elected and replacing them with people who can lead the country to future growth and keeping is as the world's leader.

  • Victor

    For your information "Rednecks" is a reference to hard working people who worked outside and provided for their families and paid taxes. I can understand your frustration, because you will probably never reach such a honorable status!

    • saajoo

      Victor, you are so right about the rednecks. Somehow or other, the welfare whores and their pimps in this country, have tried to make us out to be toothless buttscratching hillbillys. I would rather live next door to that sort of "redneck" than the blacks that are blockbusting and funneling into my lower middle class neighborhood. No one on welfare should even be allowed to vote, and for God's sake, take away those "debit" cards that are only welfare plastic because, heaven forbid, we should embarress some whore.

  • Sumoprincess

    Well said, and those Hollywood libs can pay more. I dont watch their movies if they are liberals. The democrats social program, has produce so much illigimate children in this country. It's a career for so many women to have so much children so they collect money from the state for each child and food stamps and free medical and just live with their boyfriends and they don't have to work. I know that for a fact.

  • Jerry

    You must be one of those dead beats Libs or you would surely agree with that some usless human taking from you what you earned is just WRONG now go make a living for youself and show your children the old American way.......

  • mike b

    beats the hell out of disenfranchising producers. sunset parker you have no sense of humor, he was making a joke. the real solution is no joke though, your kind would be relagated to history if everyone had skin in the game, i.e. tax every dollar earned, by everyone. not just tax those who have more.

  • Az native

    The solution isn't more taxation of anybody because the gov't will always. Spend to the max. The solution is a flat tax at bare minimum. Cut the fed gov't out of everything except military and border security and let the people and the
    States take of there own problems. The solution is getting fed gov't out of business so that the wealthy and private sector can start creating jobs again. The gov't doesn't create jobs that is not their jobs and they fail at it becAuse they are trying for more power and control against our constitution and against we the people. The tea party is what built this nation,nit the fed gov't.

  • John

    Enter text r
    I agree with all the above, Accept one. He/she was easy to spot, USEFUL IDDIOT/EDEOT/EIDITE.....Hey same difference!!

  • Ima Conservative

    I always find it interesting how people who pay no federal income tax call those of us who pay, not only our fair share, but there's as well, greedy and money grubbing. We are footing the bill for those too lazy or unambitious to make their own way in life. Granted, there are a few who are legitimately incapacitated but 1 in 5 males are not working. Only a fraction of those are really looking for work. Many have just applied themselves to figuring out how to work the system rather than applying for a job. They live off the taxpayers their whole useless lives and it must be stopped. Most immigrants are unemployable because they lack advanced skills required in today's market place and should not be taking the few good jobs we have anyway. When will the madness of immigration end. We do not need to grow in order to prosper. A stagnant or lowered population will make America stronger. Send the illegals home and put an end to all immigration for now.

  • RivahMitch

    I absolutely agree.... and, if the government would move to a Flat Tax, everyone would be paying and have "skin in the game". The current system is insane.

  • robert

    It's all very simple institute THE FAIR TAX everyone pays the right amount of tax period!!!

  • Tom Morofski

    Friends, in the very book our beloved country was based upon, our Holy Bibles, clearly stated is the common sense rule
    "if you do not work, you do not eat." Pretty clear, right? Of course this is certainly NOT something that applies to those physically unable to work. It was and is meant for the slovenly and lazy ammong us which largely make up the 51% who pay no taxes ... never did ... never will. Now, as to those unable to work due to handicap, mental condition, or other serious condition, first up is THEIR FAMILIES as to their care and support. NOT ABLE? Next would be the church or faith group which their family is associated with (this has worked for several thousand years!) After that would be public supported and financed chairities such as the extremely good Salvation Army! Friends, DEAD LAST and only as a emergency aid system should the tax payers be forced to provide finantial aid. Again, this is common sense which I know escapes the average college professor and has for the past 40-50+ years. Wake up! THINK ABOUT IT!!

  • tbonekid


  • tbonekid


  • Vern

    This idiot, Sunstupid Parkure butt and don't work, calls wellfare reciepients poor people, Most on wellfare get more each month than the people who worked all their life and now collects SS. And poor people thru the years have all at least worked at something to try and pay their way. Wellfare people don't work, don't pay taxes, and most don't ever want a job, it would mean they had to give up their free ride at our expense.

  • MickeyMike

    Probably will never happen, but think it's the right idea. The way we operate now is like having your neighbors come in to your house on pay day and tell you how to spend the money you earned. Or having an investment club, but having outsiders tell you what to invest in.
    One thing that has always bothered me. Obama told "Joe the Plumber" that he should share the wealth. But I'm sure Obama has/had more wealth than Joe but didn't hear him make the offer to share with Joe! Of course, while some think they are getting their money from "Obama's Stash", I haven't heard anything his wealth being diminished since he became president.

  • WLH


    I saw the comment about retireds not being able to vote. I'm retired, and I pay income taxes! The premise is: well-stated above, if you are a "stockholder" in the country, you get to vote. If not, you don't need to vote. Those retired persons who pay no taxes do not need to vote. Just collect your pensions and live off the working population - they are paying your pension.

    I also saw the comments about welfare recipients. I agree! I have been on this earth for 75 years, and I started life as a "permanent" welfare recipient, when I was dependent upon my welfare parents. But not since I have been an adult! I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ONE DIME OF WELFARE - OR UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION IN MY LIFE! There were times when I wasn't doing the job I dreamed of, but I was EMPLOYED, and not on welfare. Let's remove part of the "welfare magnet," by putting some conditions on it!

    Push this idea! It's a good one.

  • Rich Handy

    Interesting idea to require paying taxes in order to vote. I am not sure I like that idea but for the record do you know if the Native Americans were counted in the very first U S Census? The answer is only those who paid taxes were counted. So who should be allowed to vote and who should be counted as citizens in the census seem to have some common thread.

  • Christine

    Sounds good, so long as you're only talking about long -term welfare addicts who refuse to get a job or pay into the system. After all, if you're to lazy and backward to complete your education and find employment, then you're unlikely to make an intelligent decision at the voting site, either. Seriously, though ...? 51% of Americans don't pay taxes? No wonder we're falling apart!

  • Christine

    " Too", not "to". Sorry.

  • Burtb

    The democrats will just change the bottom tax rate to 1$.

    Then they will complain that it amounts to a poll tax! and the civil rights movement will object.

  • Polaris

    I guess those disabled veterans and those retired veterans that sacrifice in the name of freedom and this country don't deserve to vote cause their never pay to compensate them for no longer to able to work and the compensation if taxed would throw them in the streets are not patriotic cause they don't pay taxes.lets not confuse paying Caesar his due for patriotism. when we do that we become subjects in a kingdom and the hell if this veteran is going to bow to any crown metaphorical or real. You can take a soldier out of the fight but you cannot remove the fight from the soldier

  • MJNellett

    What a wonderful idea! If I'm not mistaken, that is EXACTLY the way our Founding Fathers had set up our Republic in the first place. The problem is that over time there was a lot of whining and crying from people who had nothing invested in this country wanting a say about it anyway. I'm glad to see that the "progressives are starting to think like REAL Americans again. Love ya Godfather! LOL

  • FedUp

    I've been saying this forever!! Only taxpayers should be able to vote!!!

  • Rightnred

    Are you 'blue collar'? Seems you want something for nothing, settle for nothing less!

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    Believe me, if this were to be put into law, then O would probably get no votes. I love it. He keeps asking us to dig a little deeper, when about 50 percent of the population don't dig at all and they get more. Seems like a nutty system to me.

  • e. nies

    People who are poor due to unforseen circumstances, those we can help. Those who are poor because they are lazy , on drugs, unplanned pregnancies etc etc I don't feel I should give my hard earned money to.

    • Julie

      Actually about 90% of those unplanned pregnacies are really Planned Pregnacies to bilk more money out of the welfare system / working americans. We need to stop rewarding bad behavior and instead of giving them more freebies take those babies away from their unwed mothers and put them up for adoption with a 2 parent family. This would take away the reward to those who are behaving badly and reward some family who either can't have children of their own or just have enough love to share.

  • Robert Lebischak

    Love the idea, all Citizens should have to pay some income tax, may not be much for the poorer, but we should all pay something. Lets go a little further though, lets make sure whoever comes to vote can read and understand English, the savings in having only language would be great. If you don't vote and do not have a good reason, then you should lose any benefits you get, if you don't care enough about the Nation, then why should the Nation take care of you. Lets make it law that all money for elections comes from the income tax form, take $10.00 from all those that complete a tax form to be divided up equally among those running for office, a congressperson gets so much to run for that office, a governor so much and on and on. No other money can be used at all. Finally only live people can vote, and only legal citizens.



  • Rhonnie

    My neck isn't red and I am certainly not a moron. I am also not a member of any Tea Party, but to put a label on anyone that disagrees with you says more about you being a moronic liberal with no idea of what this country was truly founded on, which is God, liberty and the right to an oppossing opinion.

  • alabama`

    lets settle the immigration problem. Mexico should apply for the 51st state. cheap labor and no more problems since we will also let the cartel dominate the drugs. but they must pay taxes on all drugs and if you dont like it, no problem we will just let them shoot the trouble maker. "there will be peace in the valley for me". we can take care of the elderly also. somem of you may remember the movie "soyant green". we start when you reach the ritirement age of 62 1/2 now and remove you from society or (kill you). then as we go along we also do away with the sickly or diseased. the handicaped. cant afford to feed them so we get rid of all of them right away. then as time passes we lower the age limit to say 45 then in 15 yrs maybe we lower it to say 25 so when you reach those ages you disapear. no longer needed or productive. keep the young to reporduce but get rid of the old. Wow Soyant Green can work. what do yo folks think? we can do away with medicare, medicaid, social security. welfare, food stamps and God knows what else we can save money on.

    • Radioguy1960

      Yeah. Our Marines should have stayed in Mexico in 1848 and made it a U.S. territory, like we did with the Phillipines from the end of the Spanish-American war until 1946. Then we could have set up a stable government there and the people might have had a chance to become at least somewhat prosperous.

      But, since I am 71, I cannot support your "Soylent Green" ideas. Maybe you belong to the Church of Euthanasia.

  • Radioguy1960

    Sounds good to me! And, for those of you who are complaining about "poor people being disenfranchised," you have to know that Social Security and unemployment income is TAXABLE! It's not a "poll tax." All people have to do is file a tax return, no matter if they only made $500 for the year. When people file their 1040 each year, (whether they receive a refund or not) the government can send back a voters ID card. That's pretty simple. The people who are working for cash and failing to file tax returns would have a choice -- either continue doing business under the table, or file a tax return in exchange for the privilege of voting. This would increase the income tax revenues. And with a requirement to show a voters ID card at the polls, fewer dead people would be permitted to vote, and it would be harder for the rest to vote more than once. Really, the potential benefits seem very attractive.

  • Mary R. W.

    Yes, that is a great idea and add being able to READ AND WRITE ENGLISH!!! NO MATTER WHAT YOUR. BACKGROUND IS. After all America was and should still be an English speaking country. If I was going to live in another country I would learn the language at the very least. When in America at least learn the LANGUAGE. I think it is amazing that they quickly learn the value of America money, but don't understand the support of the country they are living in. Like paying taxes like most all other Americans. I know there some home grown Americans that are just as guilty. Most seem to know how to use the systems, but not how to quit taking others money that was paid in by the real working class of people.
    Obama isn't helping anything except himself,his family and anyone who will jump on HIS BAND WAGON THAT SUPPIRT HIM AND HIS AGENDA!!! THEY ALL NEED TO STAY HOME AND STOP TAKING VACATION LIKE THE REST OF US HAVE HAD TO DO. THANKS TO BE TAXED TO DEATH. They all need to try living on what the average America is having to live on and support all of Obama's big ideas. They have no clue what it is to have to live from pay check to paycheck. Not even when they retire. NO IDEA AT ALL!!! I am a retired person, as is my husband. Obama and his cronies all need to pack their bags and stay out of politics.

  • Donna Lyles

    I'm all for this! You don't pay, you have zero say

  • lorraine

    yea baby the party is coming to an end.your response says don't like it .good we're tired of paying your bills

  • memorygate1225

    great idea ,we can also add those that do not give blood cannot get blood., heres another idea those who opt for cheap insurance get only cheap healthcare. Euthanasia wiil only be available for those who cannot pay their medical cost.
    finally only those with dual citizenship can have off shore accounts and tax shelters. only those who pay taxes the right to use the court and legal system. the beatles sang "we can change the world".

  • Southern Belle

    A real good ideal. Excellent! But everyone else shoud pay a flat tax (10-15%) if you make 500 dollars or 500 million. No exceptions or exemptions. Regardless what kind of job you have or what kind of business you have. NO LOOP HOLES!
    No welfare. Then these lazy ________ would get up and go to work or starve and quit having babies for the working class to have to take care of. These entitlement programs for the healthy and lazy have got to go. Ship all immrgrants back home. And no foreign aid until we were debt free. Everything we use or need made in America. This would be a different country within just a couple of years. America could pay their debts. And everybody would have a job.

  • h.l. james

    Why not a system whereby one gets up to ten votes per thousand dollars of Income Tax Paid in the previous Election Year ?
    That is the Maximum - if you pay no taxes or up to $1,000 - you get one vote. Then an extra vote up to a maximum of ten votes for each extra $1,000 paid in Income Taxes, that way elections would be controlled by those p[eople who are responsible and pay their way in life instead of the free loaders ruling the workers ! it would be a sort of Pay to Play System, people who pay more taxes are probably more intelligent and can understand what is going on. But can you hear the yells and hollering from the Dumbocrats ?

  • Carlton

    That's exactly the point!

  • Red S.

    Poor people have disenfrnachised themselves by the poor choices they have made.

    • Kim J

      I absolutely agree with Red S. But the poor people have never learned by watching or asking questions how they can better themselve and then go and try it. It does not matter what color or religion you have to always try to learn something new, if not to help yourself, then someone else and move on from there.

  • Rita

    It,is BRILLIANT !!! God bless you.

  • Mike

    And a typical liberal attack from you against anyone who does not concur with your moronic brand of politics, socialism pure and simple. Move to China where your point of view will be revered by the party politicos as patriotic the Marx!

  • Pete

    I'm All for a flat tax, but here is something that everyone overlooks, when the constitution was written where does it set the salary for government officials,we are paying them an ungodly amount each year to do what, and when they leave office we are still paying them, for what. If I lost my job would the company pay me for the rest of my life? Don't think so. Do you realize how much that would save this country. Do we really need to pay someone am triple digit income just to argue about who gets what and we need a set amount of dollars to research a ridiculous program that everyone knows won't work. I say adjust the officials income according to accomplishments that benefits all and not just the few that knows how to screw things up

  • Rico

    Of course it's completely unconstitutional but so is everything the socialists do. So I heartily endorese the idea!

  • Savannah

    Love it, love it, love it - let's do it!!

  • Bob Marshall

    The Fed printing money so congress can continue to practice wasteful spending has to be brought under control. Obama has called for 250 billion in Medicare cut. He said cuts in Social Security may be needed.

  • rollin

    I've thought this for years. It's the reversal of the Tea Party.

    No Representation without Taxation.


  • Gray

    Obama with all his Muslim brotherhood's money, is one of those, making $250,000/year. Do you expect me to believe his wife is going to want him to pay up and her to, possibly, have to go back to waitng tables (or whatever it was she did before she found a worldclass racist to marry and live large, without having to work.
    If you actually believe that, I'd suggest having someone reserve you a padded room in an asylum because that's a load of bunk!

  • A true patriot

    I have been saying this for years. Everyone should contribute to this country. If you live here, you should support it. If you don't pay taxes, you can't vote. Watch how quickly all these bleeding heart liberals disappear. This one action would return America to greatness. This country would truly be run by the individuals that love and support it not by those that milk the country dry.

  • nax777

    A big smile on my face from the headline leaves me wishing.



    • huh duh

      Hey hold it right there, are you trying to start a civil war.

      Since the liberals have nullified, trash canned the Constitution of The United States of America.

      The new law of America put into effect, is what used to be known as the Peter principle.

      As soon as you seem to show any real intelligence, we promote you to and area, and increase your wages where you are baffled and completely at a loss of THE WHY, and reason but, you show your appreciation by doing what you are not qualified to do.

  • nick

    I'm with you. Will those running General Electric and the scores of other corporations that don't pay a cent get to vote? I sure hope not.

  • Jeff

    Um, my high school US History and US Government might be a bit rusty, but isn't there some sort of law or Constitutional clause against a 'poll tax?' Not that it's not a good idea, but that it is either illegal or unconstitutional. Personally I prefer the system in Starship Troopers where you have to serve in the military in order to be able to vote. Would make for a better military and government.

  • Jefferson A. Dowda

    This would garuntee Comrade Obama, Red Army Reed and Frauline Polisi would not be reelected, they couldn't, no qualified voters. Bet a real proposal like this would cause panic among all the folks that think we taxpayers owe them a living. I couldn't get so lucky.

  • J E Y

    I think this is an excellent idea...add to it, resolution(s) forcing the elite electorate to live within their laws; e.g. social security; and maybe there won't be so many worthless jerks running for "the golden fleece" offices called congress!!!

  • Loo

    I want to know how many of you have ever reached out to HELP someone on welfare, someone who suffers from a drug or alcohol dependency, someone who is unemployed or not working due to an unfortunate circumstance. I mean really reached out to help...not sat in front of your computer passing judgement on others in the guise of promoting your political opinion. I will say that your time would be better spent with open hearts, open minds, open hands and closed mouths.

    • bsaggie

      Yes I have and been paid back with theft, etc. you can only effectively help those who will help themselves, and they rarely need it

    • mtnmantn

      I do too, through giving to my church's benevolent fund. Unlike the government, we can actually target the needs of people and immediately help them. The Obama hoard's attack on religion and contributions through churches would have a negative impact on giving. The liberials of the State (US government) want to control it all under the guise of taking care of people when their real aim is to get more votes, stay in power, and control everyone.

  • Dwight A. Knupp

    RIGHT ON!!!!!! I've been personally pushing this idea everywhere I can for the past year, except I've been pushing a minumum or $500 Income Tax

    NO ONE who doesn't pay taxes has any right to have any say in this country.

  • demonot

    I'll support that! Long time coming but it would be welcomed. But first we'll need to divest ourselves of a few Liberal SC Justices. It's been done before. (Removing SC Justices.)

  • Jay

    I'm confused. What is meant by "paying taxes"? If I pay Federal and State payroll taxes every paycheck, does that count? If I am allowed by the Tax Code to deduct enough that I get just a portion of my total witholdings back asFederal and State refunds, am I considered as paying taxes or not? What about if I withhold eactly as much as I am liable for in taxes (zero owed or refunded), have I paid taxes? What if I have 2 kids and am able to get money back under the Earned Income Credit provision. Have I paid taxes or is the EIC a welfare gimmick which puts me in the "doesn't pay taxes" bracket?

    Or does this " pays taxes" definition apply only to those who write a check to the Federal and State governments for additional taxes owed?

    Careful! You may have bought into the Liberal lie of who does and doesn't. Course, you may also be of the mind that budgets must count a reduction of taxes received as a "cost to the government". Kinda like I count a pay raise, or a loan, or a gift, or a job not received, as a loss of income. My God, am I them?

  • Mike in Texas

    That means that less than 21% of the Obama Administration would be able to vote.

  • Jersey Sal

    I am a Disabled American Veteran. I receive a stipend from you nice folks that is tax exempt. I do not have to file or pay income tax. Would you deny me the right to vote? "Of course not, Sal." you reply.

    Sadly, the USCIS does discriminate in this circumstance.I want to bring my Vietnamese fiancee to the states so we can marry. The Consulate in Saigon has denied my request because I can not produce a tax return. My income is over 3 times the requirement and is documented by the Veterans Administration AND the Social Security Administration but because it is tax exempt income, the USCIS will not accept it and they tell me that I must get a co-sponsor willing to swear to support my wife and to submit their tax return and all schedules thereof.

    I am fighting them but I am running out of time. We only have 24 days, until 23Aug2011, in which to resolve this. They will not talk to me and e-mail takes 2 weeks to get a response.

    Fortunately I have an ally in Senator Richard Burr's office who is helping me make my case. They have helped me over bumps in the past with this but this is a "Bridge Out" situation and I need all the help I can get.

    Wish me luck.

    • Tanya

      Praying for you, Sal. Thank you for your sacrifice!

  • SovereignAmerican

    See the article from Waco, Tx "If I were in charge".

    But the real problem as I see it is the the "gov't" did nothing in the '80's when the corporations exploited "globalism". How do you think the jobs left the USA? Why aren't they taxed for the "taxes" they took overseas. If the jobs aren't here, how do we gain? We still have the best innovators. But now it is low paid workers in another country producing "Nikes" and they still cost $90. Come on, wake up. Corporate profits go up, American wages go down. Study your history. Diversity and multiculturalism destroyed the great nations of the world. The USA was a melting pot of cultures. Now, what?

    "Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery." --Thomas Jefferson

    The Fed Reserve, IRS, SSA (not an entitlement, we paid for it), LBJ's Great Society (the war on poverty, that's a war to end; been paying for that one since '65), EPA, Dept of Energy (how did that lower fuels costs), Dept of Education (check the numbers; we're dumber now since '76).

    I worked with mainframe computers since '68. Contrary to popular belief, Al Gore did not invent the Internet. The computer and telecomm industries arrived at the transmission protocols, on their own, in approx. 3 yrs. Research the '80's and see how many were involved. This was all done without the "Gov't".

    There are fifty states and we can even come up with a standardized ID. We don't need the Fed Gov't to decide this. But the 50 states can't even get together to do it. Hence, "Washington will save us". Read the Constitution and write your state legislature. "Powers not enumerated belong to the states".

  • Glitz

    Point is when you draw SS you don't have to pay taxes because you already paid taxes on what you are drawing (unless you have a lot more than what SS pays). Are you saying we should not be able to vote?? I am as American as the next person and I really really don't like the way America is headed. If they taxes our SS it would be double taxing and we would not be able to live. We barely make it now. Internet is the only luxury we allow ourselves.

    • whcheesecutter

      I'm doing something terribly wrong. I am on SS and I have to pay taxes on $11,000 of the $12,000 in SS that I draw. The lot more that I get is $700 a month state retirement. and I also pay income taxes on that. Pray tell what am I doing wrong.

  • Ruby

    What about the disabled?A lott have worked when they could but might not be able to now. Are you saying they have no vote??

  • PatriotGal

    Would that mean Geithner couldn't vote? LOL

  • Way4JC

    Yes, I like this idea. However, of course there will be schemes devised to circumvent the law and pay a minimal amount of taxes, just to be able to vote and the Democratic Party will work very hard to create these exceptions.

  • drakhelm

    A grand idea, but of course the liberals will not go for it. The logical outcome of requiring the (net) payment of income taxes to vote is that those that can vote, will vote for those who will lower the taxes, decrease the bloat, and reduce the loot taken for the looters. The liberals would have to be completely imbecilic (not just delusional) to go for such an idea.

    But it is still a grand idea, and for the longest time I have thought that there would be nothing wrong with returning the vote to those that hold property only. But this solution is much better.

  • judy

    i do not make enough to pay in at the end of the year. why do they not ask for your license and voter id. you update license and they send voter id's everytime it needs updating. i know there fakes but i also know this was said because of obama or one of his posse's comments.

  • Jeff

    Typical liberal response: name calling, put downs, class division, and gross exaggerations. The author of the article put forth and idea; rather than talking like a liberal, try arguing the case on its merits or shortcomings, or advance an idea of your own.

  • J G

    Obama and the Democrats, mostly Obama has got us in the condition we are now in, thru his high brand of spending but guess what, he now wants to lay the blame on the Republicans and fault them for what he has done. Threating them if they don't let him have his way like a big blubbering baby, crying for them to do his bidding or else. I pray to God America will wake up as a whole and never let him back as supposed president. This country is ruined if he does.

  • Tanya

    I get the point of this article, but this issue is not so cut-and-dried. Those who pay no federal income tax are not necessarily welfare cases. I've seen comments here from retirees and disabled vets. What about stay-at-home moms like me? Students?

    We paid no federal tax last year because our large family qualifies us for a large child tax credit and we had a low income. Does that make us welfare recipients unworthy of the privilege of voting? We receive no government assistance whatsoever, other than to take all the tax deductions we qualify for, even though we could qualify for every program under the sun. I don't like the way the system works any more than the wealthy, but I can't afford to renounce tax credits on principal--and would you really pay more taxes than you have to? We own a business and have to pay all the same oppressive licenses and fees and comply with the same expensive regulations as everyone else. Does everyone who commented here think federal tax is the only tax we pay? What about the value that is stolen out of every dollar we earn when the fed prints money out of thin air? Everyone has to pay that tax, regardless of income.

  • Jackson

    I assist people in filing their tax returns. It has been a revelation. Most of those who take advantage of my (free) assistance are not only not paying taxes, they are actually receiving significant amounts of money from the Federal Government (you and me). So not only do they not add to the income tax revenue, they actually reduce the revenue. However, this handout does not count as welfare; in fact, it really doesn't count at all. What a sweet deal!

  • mtnmantn

    The early settlers in this country had it right...if you don't contribute, you starve! A helping hand is one thing, but a continuous handout is quite another. What's the old PeaceCorps saying, "Give a man a fish and you feed him today, teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life." If you don't want to fish or learn to fish, too bad!

  • kenny

    beware of liberals posing as Americans.

  • Richard

    How about those of us who paid taxes for 30 or 40 years and are now on Soc Sec and do not make enoough to pay any more? Can we no longer vote?

  • tomoody

    Whose going to hang the bell on the cat's neck? So many great ideas I just read thru. We have smart, loyal, and courageous citizens but can they craft together a smart plan from the aforementioned ideas? How fast can it be done? The evil doers are corrupting our good citizens by promising them material goods they cannot refuse. They know how
    simple it is to buy votes. Anything passed to make life better in this country has been smashed, squeezed, denutered, and finally approved which does nothing but cause more money to be spent and nothing to sustain the initial idea.

  • Jersey Sal

    I am a Disabled Vet. My VA benefit is non-taxable. There isn't even a place on the 1040 to show it. Would you disenfranchise me???

  • Jersey Sal

    Robert Heinlein, in his book "Starship Troopers", proposed that only military veterans be allowed to vote. Anyone could run but only veterans could vote. Works for me!!!

    At a minimum, every federal employee should have a drug test every year. Likewise every one on the public dole should be tested upon enrollment. If recreational drugs are legalized they should be taxed to the hilt AND the user should sign a waiver relieving the People of the United States from any obligation to render medical care or other public assistance for any recreational drug related condition.

  • realfreedomlover

    The fact that so many of you like this idea tells me that our country is doomed. Are you all so ignorant of the constitution? Are you all so in love with the IRS? Are you all so in love with the federal government?

    You have all been so brainwashed by the MSM to believe that you owe the IRS and the federal government a big chunk of your money, work, and lives.

    Study some history. How did the federal government pay it's bills for the first 100 years or so???

    If you love this idea, you are a good friend of Karl Marx.

    If you love this idea, you do not understand freedom or the principles on which this country was founded.

    • ARMYOF69

      So, what you're saying anyone on the taxpayers' handouts , and NOT paying taxes should be allowed to vote?
      They will vote for the person who promises them that they do not need to work, just be on the freebies list, monies collected from the ones who DO work. We pay taxes because without the taxes, we can have no ARMY, NAVY or AIR FORCE to protect us nationwide.
      Are you on EBTs?

  • Frank Johnson

    All people have to do is get a job and pay taxes--is that asking too much??

    • Merlyn

      Would you care to explain how to do that in the worst economy in decades? I am retired now, but my wife has been looking for work for two years now with no success. She has severe epilepsy (fortunately controlled) and severe dyslexia (to the point where she writes backwards and upside down). Once potential employers see that she cannot write legibly and read fast, they tell her they will not hire her. I support us on my retirement and will until she finishes attempting to retrain to be a massage therapist. Needless to say with no jobs open to her, she does not pay taxes. Are you going to tell me that because she cannot find a job because of no fault of her own, she should not be allowed to vote?
      Just saying that people should get a job and pay taxes is simplistic beyond belief. If you are working you should thank God for that job—something so many people cannot find in this economy—and start having some compassion. The poor are not all alike.

  • eileeeeeen

    Name any other club where non dues paying members get to vote on anything - leadership, spending, policies of any kind!

  • eyeswideopen6

    Do you work and pay for a house and your food or do you live off working peoples backs? Tea party people are NOT rednecks they ARE hard working people who carry their own weight!!

  • richbrat

    Except that government policies, like NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, WTO and traitor corporations moving to China, Mexico, etc. is the REASON WHY many Americans don't have jobs to pay taxes and thereby lost or will lose their homes; so I DISAGREE with the notion that only those who pay taxes deserve to vote. You gripe about taxes, Warren Buffet thinks his super-elite class of friends don't pay enough. Most of you unconsciously worship mammon, that's where your idiotic thoughts originate.

  • Lonesome Wolf

    Be sure those in goverment pay their fair share too if they plan to vote. Including those in congress and the whitehouse.

    • Art

      I agree, plus:
      not only they have to pay taxes at a double the regular rate, they can't vote while they are in our employ! We The People hire the govt. employes and elect officials to work for us and they do as we say - by voting. If they can vote, they may undermine our ability to control their actions... Oops, that's what we have now!

  • Apollos

    No Representation, No Taxation!
    No Taxation, No Representation!

  • ARMYOF69

    Any U.S Citizen with a passport to show he is one, who actually pays income tax should be the only persons allowed to vote , in any voting situation.

  • florida727

    Combine this concept with the one encouraging a "flat tax" so that everyone genuinely pays their fair share, and maybe America will return to its position as a world leader. Also need to eliminate the ability for corporations to "move" their headquarters to overseas tax havens like Zug (60 minutes piece last night), without really moving them at all, and get them paying nothing more than their fair share.

    Nobody's asking an individual or a corporation to take on anything more than their fair share... only their fair share.

  • Joy

    Voter registration cards should have yearly stickers on them issued by the voting precinct. If you haven't paid your taxes by April 15th of the voting year, you don't get your sticker and you don't get to vote. This will also require the precints to CHECK voter registration cards instead of just taking people's words that they are registerd voters.

  • Juan

    Judge Learned Hand (1872-1961) who served on the District Court for the Southern District of New York said: "Anyone may arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be a low as possible, he is not bound to chose the pattern which will best pay the treasury; there is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes." So Ali Bin-Obama, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • kevin m

    So I guess as a disabled vet with a low income I'm S.O.L.?

    • ARMYOF69

      You will probably qualify for a better lifestyle , if we get rid of the really bad moochers, who are taking away what could be better benefits for you and I. Why should the leaches get to vote into power , those who will keep giving them the taxpayer's money?

  • Texpro

    How about you don't have to pay income taxes if you don't vote

  • John in Illinois

    Sunset Prker, it is YOU that is the MORON! If you want to discourage something, tax it; If you want to have more of something, then subsidize it. I think we should tax people at the low end, then reduce tax rates as they increase their income, giving them incentive to do better, not sit on their butts.

    • Kim in VA

      Brilliant! Reward success...penalize failure. Love it! Wish I had come up with that concept.

  • pj

    That would definitely get rid of the riffraff, the dead people and Mickey Mouse; however, I know some liberals who shouldn't be allowed to vote either!

  • Insurgent

    Sunset, were all of your Special Education classes extremely difficult for you?

  • clh

    IDIOT If us taxpayers weren't paying taxes, the poor people would have nothing. Obama, Reid, Pelosi are not going to write a check out of their account for anyone. You probably don' work and have that hand out!


    no representation without taxation

  • bluqe

    Nonsense. Complete and utter hogwash! This thinking, if you can call it that is making the assumption that all people not paying tax are doing it and breaking the law. Just wait a second, Mr. Godfather, there are people retired or on disability who are not making enough between SS and pension to be required to pay any tax. That does not mean they don't pay every other tax the poliuticans can think up , plus the tax on thier home and on and on. These are people paying thier required medical expenses, insurances like supplimental coverage etc. These people can be making as little as lets say $18, 000 to maybe as much as $28,000 to $30,000 on the high side. You would take away thier vote because the federal government does not require them to pay a federal tax. COMEONMAN, ARE YOU A FRIGGIN NUT CASE OR WHAT. YOU ARE SOOOOOOO VERY FAR OFF BASE ON THIS. I'll tell you what, you want to make it $250, 000 and I pay the tax, buddy, sign me up. You want to tax people for having nothing, you are a bigger nut case than Obama.

  • Joan

    Need to also add that anyone making less than $250,000 a year is also a slave to those making more than $250,000 a year. And each person making $250,000 a year will house and provide total support an old person.

  • proudamerican

    Now you're talking! The dems will never let that happen-it would be their ruination and they dont need any help in that direction right now-barry is taking care of that all by himself just by being the egomaniac that hates America that he is. Every time America elects a dem to the WH- it takes years to clean up after them! When will America learn???

  • Bella

    This was in my email this morning and I thought it apropos to this a way!

    My Income Tax forms werereturned. They sent my my Income Tax forms back!! In answer to the question, 'Do you have any dependents?’ I listed....... '12 million illegal immigrants, 10 million crack heads, 20 million unemployed too lazy to work, the entire cast of The Jerry Springer Show, 140,000 people in 133 penal establishments in California, 2 million leftovers from Katrina, half of Mexico, all of the House of Representatives, most of the Senate, and Michelle Obama’s trip to visit relatives in Africa. Apparently, this wasn't an acceptable answer

  • JEFF


  • Texpro

    My point is that if the tax burden becomes too high, people would simply elect not to finance the government, especially if a better option did not appear on the ballot.

  • Larry

    Back when I was a young lad my folks were talking about voting in a school bond election I think it was and commented that only taxpayers could vote on money issues in Montana. They explained to me that if you weren't a taxpayer you shouldn't have the right to vote on how tax money is spent. I mentioned this to some people about 45 years ago and they were of the opinion that denying non-taxpayers the right to vote on how tax money was spent was "unfair". They were all liberals it turned out.

    I can see no reason that non-taxpayers should be allowed to vote. If you don't have anything in the game why should you be whining about rules and think that you should have the right to change them to your benefit.

  • joann

    If our ditsy president wants to raise taxes on the rich that should include him and the whole of Congress. I'm sure most of them make over $250,000 a year with all of the side money and benefits coming in. I know the president does. He can't be exempt.

  • Kay

    It's really a good idea. Pepole who ride on the wagon and never push it should not be allowed to vote for another horse to pull it faster.

  • nixxnutz

    I am 77, retired, and barely subsisting on SS, but I would sacrifice my Conservative vote under such a program if it would really reduce the number of bone-headed votes for lying, traitorous Democrats.

  • eric johnson

    This is a good idea so I am sure it will never happen unless tax payers demand it (they are already the minority). The amount of free stuff promised for votes has to be rolled back or everyone goes down. There are many conscientious objectors to the tax code now; almost no one wants 20% of their contribution off the top going to waste and fraud, Nancy Pelosi's bar tab, ACORN, government abortions, etc... x INFINITY. This is precisely why money has and is leaving this country in record amounts!!

  • pay more vote more

    If we have a progressive tax system, why not a progressive voting system. One person one vote still apllies, but for every $1000.00 in federal tax you pay, you get an additional vote. This rewards people who pay lots of taxes and encourages people who want a greater say in government to work harder so they can make more money (and pay more taxes) and get more votes.

  • Nick

    Why don't we go back to the way they use to collect taxes. The federal government would set up a budget, they would apportion the bill equally to the states according to the number of representatives, then the governors of the states would collect the taxes to pay their fair share and sent it to the fed. gov't. This was a great system of checks and balances. If the fed gov't was spending money on pork projects, the states could refuse to send the fed gov't money.
    Of course this system of checks and balance does not exist anymore because the country now operates in accordance to corporate rules and regulations and not to constitutional precedence.

  • Tejanojack

    Alexander Hamilton believed that only those who pay taxes, should be allowed to vote. His logic was that if one puts nothing in the kitty, why should s/he have any say in how it is spent?

    V/r, Tejano Jack

  • P Hatstick

    Wasn't it done that way in our past history- had to be a landowner to vote- or something like that? Plus, I will add, that those on welfare should never be allowed to vote- they generally have no concept of taxes or what is going on - except they want the one who will let them continue to live off other's efforts!

  • Colo43

    Bingo- he hit the nail on the head.

  • James Agnew

    Ah Yes, The famous No taxation without representation

    And No representation without taxation

    It is only fair!

  • Kaycey351

    I am neither a Tea Party member nor a redneck and I am inclined to agree that taxpayer-funded welfare and government assistance programs are filled with fraud and abuse. Read the post!! Jeff didn't say that welfare and medicare was bad,....he said F-R-A-U-D. Do you understand?

  • C Strasburger

    Yes, we, those of us who are contributors to society are the ones trying to disenfranchise the poor. Wow, what an intellect!

    Ignorance must really be bliss!

  • Dan

    Don't forget "The Mandate" - a fine if you don't pay it. Tax evasion is a felony, and felons lose the right to vote. If you just got laid off and can't afford health insurance, you lose the right to vote forever.
    My recent post Obama’s Clones and the Split Tea Party Movement: Thoughts On The Straw Poll

  • dbassd

    A fair tax would make us all tax payers. what is wrong with that? Lets do it. . .

  • John

    I would vote for a bill, stating "you don't vote, unless you pay taxes". The only way the USA will turn around for the better is when this , ILLEGAL/MUSLIM/IMPOSTOR O'BAMA is IMPEACHED and be made to stand trial for crimes against the Constitution, and the people of the U.S. Also include the Dems who have voted O'Bamas' way, some notables are, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Bernacke, Geithner, Dodd, Frank, to name a few. They all took an oath to uphold the constitution, but all they've done is to make a mockery of it, they all have to go, why is Congress not putting forth such legislation. Neither party is doing the job is should be doing, especially John Boehner, he'll be a one termer SPEAKER, he should not have caved in the way he did, I still think that when he approached O'Bama & Dems with the Cut, Cap, Balance Bill, he should have remained silent, I think O'Bama would have caved first. Now he's blaming the GOP for this mess, with the downgrade.

  • stillbreathing

    that's a great idea, it will be very difficult for a congress to pass and have a president sign it.
    right now, you are not required to be able to READ to be allowed to vote. u dont have to be alive to vote.

  • Jim
  • Jacqueline O Chaplin

    You need to be aware that there are retired military personnel who do not pay taxes as they are 100 per cent disabled. There needs to be a provision for them. Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Spyder Dalton

    It's "unpatriotic" to continue robbing Americans of their wealth because you want to keep implementing failed social policies that don't work. The government is the mafia on steroids. A revolution is coming if they don't stop robbing Americans of their life's work.

  • robert

    Many years ago Mark Twain wrote a very short story titled THE CURIOUS STATE OF GONDOR about the premise of one man one vote. It can be found on-line and read in a few minutes. I think of this story , a masterpiece of literature as I read this.... How selfish can some humans be? What gives you the right to decide who can vote and who cannot? Pretty soon, we have the government deciding who can vote and who cannot and we don't have democracy. I am amazed at how many of these posters would start the government on the road to totalitarianism. Read Mark Twain's story.

    • ARMYOF69

      In that case, I would recommend to those that DO PAY TAXES, to NOT pay them any more , and we all get to vote too.

  • Karen Griffee

    What about people who have only social security disability and aren't require to even file taxes. Are we to be disenfranchised because we are disabled?

  • @ElaineGoudy

    FYI - Check the stats is the Republican party that is more giving and generous. Even the ultra lib George Clooney had to admit it. Your redneck comment does not hold water, it only holds left wing talking points that are finally being exposed as utter nonsense.


    I am one of the 51% who does not pay taxes. I have never taken one cent in unemployment, food stamps, or any other gov't subsidy. I have created employment for others. I am comfortable, but not wealthy. I pay a CPA to prepare my taxes. This president and his socialism has cost me 60% of my retirement savings. I do vote, but as a conservative. I don't have many opportunities left to exercise that great privledge. I am RETIRED and Mad as Hell. There are better ways to determine who is "educated enough" to vote.

  • @ElaineGoudy

    Beautiful. Love it. Let's make it happen.

  • Frederick

    Disenfranchise poor people, my ass, there are working class that make less money then the "poor" and they have to work for it, not stand around waiting for a hand out. The average "poor people" on all programs of government assistance make more than $30,000 a year in freebies. So what the hell is a moronic rant?

  • Jan Turner

    While I agree with the premise that those who do not pay taxes should not be able to vote, please don't forget that there is at least ONE group that works, but does not make enough money to pay taxes - at least not if they have families to support, but they are the most "patriotic" of Americans. I am speaking, of course, of our armed forces. These young men and women - many of them just out of high school - earn the minimum wages paid by the military, and that is generally too low to be taxable, but they pay --- oh do they pay---with their lives, with their body parts, with their minds---and so do their families left at home. Of all of the people who "deserve" to vote, don't leave them out!!!

  • DC2011

    You are kidding , correct ? Taxes are not truely mandatory ! In this Nation ( if we read OUR Bill of Rights and other Founding Documents ) , only those without RIGHTS ( those who are ALIEN to this Nation , that which is FICTITIOUS , and those who are SECOND CLASS , all of which must opperate within this Nation as a PRIVILEGE ) are REQUIRED to pay taxes !! An American Citizen has the RIGHT to VOTE !! It's not a privilege , nor should it have to be bought ! This is exactly the kind of thinking our forefathers were trying to escape .

  • Joan

    what about those people that work for corporations that do not pay taxes. should they be allowed to vote?

  • Taquoshi

    Uh, my home town was settled in 1641. We got our town charter in 1651. The only people who could vote on issues regarding the town were the LAND OWNERS. They were also the ones that paid the "mill rate" for the mills that ground the wheat into flour and the saw mills that (illegally) reduced timber into boards. This is duly recorded in our earliest land records. So, anyway you slice it, this idea is pre-Tea Party (both the Boston one and the national one).

  • Patriot

    No representation without taxation!

    • Joan

      so that means if i work for one of those 30,000 corporations that moved their HQ to Zug, Switzerland (to avoid paying U.S. Taxes) than I should not be able to vote? theses corporations represent $60 Billion a year in avoided taxes to the U.S.

  • NIELS OLSEN, kimberly, idaho

    WE all know that the early greeks only allowed those who owned land to vote. they feared that if everyone had the vote then the poorer would vote themselves the riches of the state.

    i do believe it is patriotic to own land.

    so in addition to paying taxes, i would like to add property ownership to the list for eligibility.

    perhaps someone else can add some more requirements, like an average IQ, or maybe an educational level, or having had all their vaccinations.

    • W.R.Monger

      How about speaking English?!

  • arlo

    Susan, Your an idiot, what does the Tea Party Stand for? Do you have a clue?

  • msbets123

    <div id="idc-comment-msg-div-183375973" class="idc-message"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(183375973)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(183375973)">Close MessageLOOKS, LIKE THE SUNSET HAS LITERALLY,SET ON SUNSET.......................LOL................ it's nothing but a rotten commie!!!

  • arlo

    People 70 and should be exempt, but they take taxes out of their Social Security checks and any Savings plan they had. I love the idea, lets all write to our next NEW president, both of the front runners and ask them to impliment the idea.

  • Graywolf

    There would have to be exceptions that soon would include everone again. I think you must be able to mane the President, vice president, speaker of the house, and Pres. of the Senate.Mix in who is running on the Republican ticket. Who is running on the communist (democratic) ticket for Pres, and vice pres. randomly generate the questions. A positive ID system, and a way to instantly see if they voted anywhere else.

  • JoJo

    I guess that will leave out the vast majority of the military from voting. I guess they will appreciate putting their LIVES on the line so others can vote for them.

    • JoJo

      Oops, I forgot to add that maybe it should go back to those that own land that can vote. Landowners must pay taxes or have their property taken from them.

  • msbetz

    Yes, requiring all voters to be tax-paying citizens is a very logical proposition, not that I believe Sotoro would ever go along since he's trying to make all illegals into actual citizens and give them the right t vote for him.
    Soetoro/Obama must be removed from office IMMEDIATELY. He has committed enough crimes against the country's laws and the constitution, not to mention an illegal war against Lybia. The 25th Amendment section 4 was written to remove a sitting president....USE IT and remove him immediately. Then, reinstate the GLASS-STEAGALL act H.R. 1489 to completely do away with the so-called debt that America is reported to be responsible for. IT IS NOT OUR DEBT! Tell the British agent Soetoro/Obama to SHOVE IT!

  • Normal guy

    I have been saying this for years. It is THE major flaw in our system that those who pay nothing will obviously vote in favor of receiving benefits from those that are paying for everything. Politically, our system encourages and rewards corrupt politicians who simply promise to "redistribute the wealth" or "level the playing field." Sound familiar? The logical change of simply limiting the vote to those that pay taxes would immediately solve most of our political problems and that is why it will never happen...

  • Jonathan

    Oh! Yes Yes Yes
    I really like that.

  • Miguel Saavadera

    You should have 'skin in the game.' As a non-tax payer you do not have any relation between the benefit and the cost.

    If you are not paying any income tax, own no land, where is you relationship to what you vote for? ... you can increase property taxes (normally used for school revenue) but have no property which no effect upon you? You can vote in a welfare hound, but feel no pain in your pocket for the same ~ except for the gain? You become a leach on the system. "One way."

    If you check your history originally only those who had land could vote ... and the very reason for that was you were less likely to make bad decisions IF IT EFFECTED YOU DIRECTLY ... it was not a discrimination issue it was a 'cause and effect' issue.

    As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. James Madison

  • Jos. M. Kubicek

    America WILL come through this disaster that has been created (in part) by all of us. Society can at time be lazy and allow for OTHERS to think for us, because it is easier....and politicians know this and feed on it (both parties). Americans will FIX this mess through economics and consumerism. We are seeing the early signs of it now because consumer dollars are beginning to show in groups that are younger and younger (practically by the day!). The left has bet-the-farm on reteric. Frankly, so has the right! BUT, America is SEARCHING for answerws to their problems and they are finding it, once again, in "conservative principles." NOT conservative politics....conservative principles. You cannot spend what you do not have AND survive! Even those with their hands-out, get tired of waiting and begin looking elsewhere....sooner or later.

    The road to real-American-values will come again, and it won't be because a politician guides it, it will be because consumerism (the most powerful-people-mover on earth) will bring America back to Free-Enterprise and the American way!

    Stay Strong.

  • Hobbes

    This is stupid, a waste time, and shows just how ignorant many are when it comes to the Constitution. Many of those who you claim don't pay taxes are the WORKING poor. They pay the taxes, but then get it refunded because of their POVERTY LEVEL! and you want to deny them citizenship (the right to vote)? Why don't you folks just have your revolution, wipe your a..'es with the Constitution, kill all blacks, throw all liberals in prison, goose step into all the middle east and kill them for their oil, then simply turn this nation into the Corporate States of Wall Street. Deny citizens the right to vote, indeed! What idiots!

  • Perhaps . .

    Perhaps we should restrict the election of the US Senate to only those people who actually pay Federal Income Taxes - That way the House of Representatives would represent all people regardless of their ability or willingness to earn income and the Senate would represent those who actually are required to pay the taxes (under the penalty of imprisonment) that fund the government. It would also be interesting if “We the people” could require that the highest tax rates automatically apply to all Federally elected officials who have held office for more than 10 years (5 terms in the House) and 12 years
    (3 terms in the Senate) - that way the "honor" of serving for many, many years will come with the price of enduring the highest tax burdens - just so they do not forget the sacrifice that the citizens are making on their behalf. Such a requirement would better "equalize" the many perks that the clever politicians always seem to be voting for themselves while they exclude all other citizens from the special treatment! We need to limit terms or at least make serving much more expensive for these ensconced scoundrels!

  • David in MA

    How about a tax of 5% on workers earning up to $50 thousand a year,
    10%for $50 to 80 thousand and 15% for everyone earning over $80 thousand a year.
    And ANYONE receiving ANY public assistance has to have a
    clean drug test every 6 mo. to remain eligable and those on public assistance with
    kids has to work in a community service program
    10 hours per week for each kid ...ex.: 4 kids = 40 hours per week community service,
    5 kids =50 hours per week community service..
    AND, if having no baby sitter is an excuse not to be able to work,
    tell the parent to leave the kid(s) with whomever they
    leave it with when they go bar-hopping.
    Your Welcome.

  • Homer

    Someone doesn't realize that this govt, is about as insuggnificant as a gummybear on a four lane highway!!! they have their heads so far up the smoke pipes that they can kiss their butts and lick their lips at the same time! We need some people w/morale fortitude and in touch w/the people and ACCOUNTABLE< and DEPENDABLE!!! Fantasy land!!!

  • el_loco_jp

    Along with term limitations for all elected officials, I have long been an advocate of "no representation without taxation?.

  • ARMYOF69

    Let's really level the playing field, pay taxes and vote everyone, or do not pay taxes and vote , everyone.

  • Frank

    They are all good points, but there are many such as my wife and I who don't pay any taxes and live just off of our SS. I've always voted Republican and can't stand O'bama. Only those who love getting something for nothing loves O'bama. My wife and I worked 40 to 50 years of our lives for SS. We don't pay and haven't paid taxes in over 8 years. That's part of the perks of retiring and old age. We choose not to work and thus we live within our budget. Many don't. especially Washington. Flat tax across the board will end all problems and relieve us of the IRS which would become defunct and of no use whatsoever. Flat tax has it all beat, but it's to simple and easy so of course our elected leaders won't even consider it, let alone really talk about it.

  • Carol Kidd

    What a sly, convenient, diabolical way to control the VOTES !!!! What about all the people who paid taxes all their life & now retired living off Soc. Sec.??? I got news 4 u, i pay damn taxes on everything i buy, grocery store , gas etc., etc., etc... It is time 2 clean up the Wash.,DC ..... throw out the SCUM & start over!!!

  • prsmith

    Can't agree with that. The vast majority of Americans have no Federal tax liability at all (though most all of them voluntarily donate 'taxes') so none would be allowed to vote. OTOH, the states could implement such a rule and not run afoul of the Constitution.

  • Neil R

    It only seems fair that those who pay the income taxes should be the ones who determine how those TAXES will be distributed. That people who do NOT pay income taxes, and can vote it into their own pockets, through welfare, raising income tax cutoffs, etc, through their politicians, is morally wrong!

    And that Congress can vote on their OWN pay raises, is ALSO a definite conflict of interest!. That this pay comes from income taxpayers who CANNOT vote AGAINST those raises, even though it is from their own pockets, is also morally WRONG!

    This is NOT to say only income taxpayers can vote! This only means they, and they only, should vote on how INCOME taxes are spent! All other elections of various government offices, and similar decisions, should be for all registered voters to determine. After all, they DO pay other taxes: sales, excise, etc; and certainly should be able to vote on THOSE tax distributions. So, if you desire to control the present income tax fund distributions, pay income taxes!

    If you truly want a better, more equitable solution to this non-equity situation, however, totally DELETE ALL INCOME, BUSINESS, and other TAXES! Business taxes are merely passed down to consumers, in any case! Go, instead,to a flat sales tax of 15%, or thereabouts! This effectively does away all the political wrangling, political favors, political payoffs, etc, as there ill be NOTHING TO GAIN! This would at least slow graft in Congress, somewhat! Also, since ALL consumers will be now paying SOME tax, so now, ALL should be able to VOTE! A WIN-WIN all around!!!

  • Anon.

    Here's a better way. Bring back the "poll tax." When you show up at your local precinct to vote, you must bring your state ID and a copy of your federal tax return. If you paid in $250 or more, you vote free. If not, you pay a $250 poll tax for the privilege of voting.

    Sure, the poor would only have $250 worth of "skin in the game", but that's sure better than absolutely nothing. Not a hardship, either. How many public assistance recipients are smokers? Drinkers? Gamblers? Recreational drug users? Fast food junkies? Any of those habits, if even partially curtailed, could save the prospective voter enough money to afford the poll tax.

    Heck, most college students don't pay in, either. Those party-hardy idiots would probably think twice about "voting their conscience" if it meant burning up the bong money for the privilege. FWIW, there have been years when my family has not paid in due to deductions (mortgage, college loans, childcare, etc.) but I would have gladly paid $250 in to the system as a condition of my suffrage. But that's me.

    I suppose the prior history of "poll tax" in the South would make it a hard sell, but it sure would bring some sanity to our democracy.

  • SusieQ

    Oh and don't forget those students whose parents get a check because they are to darn lazy to work with their child at home to reinforce what's been taught at school. I want these students to receive passing grades before they get a check.

  • Victoria DeLacy

    Those of us who are unemployed and too poor to have to pay income taxes still retain the right to vote as American citizens...and they know we're about to VOTE DEM BUMS OUT, too!

  • mesvendson

    Look, those who don't pay taxes don't have a stake in the game. It's way easy to vote for politicians who rape what other people own if it's not going to affect you. I've thought that for years--pay no taxes, no vote. How is it fair to vote to tax others when you're exempt and receive all the benefits. It's sick. It begins by changing the mindset of the people of this nation. Hard to do when over half of our people receive something from the government, hense voting for a living. How do you turn this country around to be a people who are responsible, hard-working, care about their neighbor, not wanting to take from their neighbor (through their taxes to pay for your living). It's disgraceful. We need a revival and revolution to educate our youth--the people collecting are already long gone. And yeah, what's up with teenagers voting--make their vote 1/4. Notice the college students getting pissed off because they want the government to pay for their education as an entitlement? These guys most likely don't pay taxes or much tax, and most don't have a clue about owning a home and working for a living with all the hardships of life.

  • Chuck

    I am medically retired from the military and draw disability. I don't pay income tax on the disability. Surely, I should be able to vote, shouldn't I?


    I am a disabled veteran. i no longer pay taxes because my pension is not taxable. are you morons trying to say i shouldn't be allowed to vote?

  • chamuiel

    This is complete B.S. I worked and paid all kinds of taxes for 55 years. I now live on a S.S. check. I no longer pay taxes and you are suggesting I should no longer be able to vote. Who in the hell made you my Lord, God, and Master?

    This is nothing but a load of crap, and the author of this article ought to shut up.


    i had a few other choice words for that crap but it wouldn't let me post that. if your talking about lifetime welfare collectors and so be it, but social security and pensions don't fit in to this. Don't say that senior citizens cannot vote or the disabled cannot vote. we paid our dues already

  • chamuiel

    I also served in the Military and draw a VA disability check, yet some dumazz say now that he thinks I should not be able to vote? What fools are going along with this suggestion?

    Perhaps we should go farther and suggest that the author of this article and anyone who agrees with him should not be able to vote. They don't seem to be intelligent enough to do so.

  • Watchman

    Government should know by now that the reason more and more people aren't paying taxes is because the government doesn't listen to "We The People". For instance when over 60% of the citizens of the U.S. did NOT want Obamacare he went ahead and passed it into law. He has made it very difficult to get the oil flowing in the Gulf so were even more dependent on foreign oil. When he says he's going to pull troops out when the Generals say it will take another year or so. When the S&P drops our rating. The list goes on and on and on. The government should not say a darn thing about the ever growing numbers of people not paying taxes. When we get the progressive socialist out of the Whitehouse, the Senate, the Congress, the House, The Attorney General office and get faith and a belief in government THEN they'll get the tax payers back.

  • TRm

    And you lazy ass liberals are still sitting on your butts waiting for the next gov't check for unemployment, food stamps, and all the bennies the working class is providing. Get a job.

  • Mike

    I am at a point that I refuse to have a battle of Witts with an unarmed person. It is plain to see that you are part of the problem instead of the cure.

  • @TangentSpeak

    Make laws that Obama friends are too "poor" to pay and enemies pay through the nose. Therefore only friends will be able to vote.

  • George

    You are all spoil sports. How do you think the government is going to get control over everyone if they can't get them enslaved to the government. Heck, once everyone is enslaved, then it is a matter of just pulling the rug out from under them and they will do what they're told in order to get something to eat and a place to sleep.

    • prsmith

      Very perceptive!

  • alampandalight

    What you suggest has merit but there are some considerations......those who are serving our country should not be penalized in this way at all.....That would be cruel and unpatriotic.....Those who have paid taxes to our government all their working years and then retire should not be held to such a rule.....I do however agree that some form of change in the direction you suggest would be a salvation for the corruption that has been growing and has come to a head with Obama in the WH. Those of us who can do nothing about it but see exactly what is happening are frustrated beyond what is bearable without the trust in God who will have the final say in the end as judgement is handed out to these evil clowns in our government.

  • pcj

    Years ago whe I got my first voter card, I had to show a birth certificate to prove I was over 21 years old and a US citizen. I had to show the card when I went to the polls, and sign in after I voted. I had to prove who I was and that I was eligible to vote. Now a person can just walk into a polling place, request a ballot and vote. This skews the votes of legitimate voters because repeat voters have their own agenda and usually vote for the person who will give them the most freebies. We have a little over a year to put pressure on the states to do everything possible to make the vote legitimate and a true picture of taxpaying, working America and not allow ineligible candidates to run for any office.


    A lots of what you say has merit, however, there must be a Very Serious Amendment to this suggestion. I am retired and have no taxable income; However, I paid taxes ALL my working life. I worked hard, put my life on the line for my country in Vietnam, came home to a country that Did Not appreciate my doing what I was ordered to do, and brought home with me a severe case of PTSD that Almost Destroyed my Marriage, My Family, and My Life,,, SO, NEVER LET IT CROSS YOUR MIND that I am not qualified to vote. I consider myself Much More Qualified to vote than this childlish, so called President we (Very unfortunately),,,have sitting in the White House, than our President is qualified to lead our country. If you do not understand what this amendment is that I am referring to,,, go get your brain, Activate It, and read this again.

    I am Sick to my Stomach at the total lack of leadership that is manifest in our elected political leadership. It just doesn't seem to exist anymore

  • Charlie

    I understand the driving ideals behind this; we're all sick of the freeloaders and the dummies ruining this country.

    But I don't think this is the answer. As people become more and more aware of the shams they've foisted on themselves and each other, as we discover that the yellow-brick road may be bags of pee, things will begin to change.

    Disenfranchisement is not the solution. Better education and an understanding of the real issues is; I'd be willing to bet that once people realize the government has caused their problems and that they could have gotten somewhere, then real change will occur.

    This proposal, I fear, will only promote class warfare and create more violence and unrest in many urban areas that can ill-afford it, and if that violence spills over to neighboring cities, towns and neighborhoods (don't laugh- the danger is real, especially in areas like greater Boston where city/town lines and sections of the city don't always have clear borders,) and the death and destruction could be monumental. All because someone didn't make enough money to pay income taxes for one reason or another.

    So...who wants the blood and rubble on their hands? I don't.

  • itiswriter

    This is a great idea! I'd like tt see it taken one step further. 60 minutes ran a segment about American Corporations holding their money off-shore to avoid paying the high US Business Tax. Large corporations are allowed to fund candidate's campaigns. Therefore, this Amendment to the Constitution should also include a statement about NOT allowing American Corporations who refuse to pay US Taxes and transfer outside to other countries and pay taxes at that country's tax rate should not be allowed to contribute monies to a candidate's campaign. This would leave companies like GE, Cisco, and many others out of politics and from courting candidates.

  • dragonfFIRE

    that's fine and dandy as long as Obama pays his apparently property taxes were not paid on his Chicago digs. With interest and penalties i bet it's a hefty sum Will anyone actuallt press the issue and force him to pay
    Congress should not be exempt from paying taxes. they should fork over their fair share NOT

  • Fran

    There are far too many people working in this country, who are not citizens. In some instances these people are taxed. The mere fact that they are taxed does not give them the right to vote. This is just another ridiculous ploy to add yet another law to the books. We have enough rules. Why don't we just enforce the ones we have. Those who are not eligible, not citizens, criminals, etc, DON'T get to vote. Law abiding citizens with proper identification DO get to vote. Simple as that. Welfare recipients should be drug tested before receiving funds. And that's a huge stretch for me as I'm against Welfare.

  • DaBear

    Veterans MUST be allowed to vote regardless. PERIOD.

  • Sue Webb

    I am 77 years old and I'm am entitled to vote as worked for 59 years to earn and pay taxes. Now I get a lille bit of Social Security, but I a born citizen, so why should I be penalized. Sue

  • Mary

    If my memory serves me well, I believe that in the earlier days of this country only landowners (taxpayers) could vote. I think this idea is way over due!

  • john peters

    What a dumass thing to say.

    • Redman

      How sad so many know so little about the federal income tax; based on the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, the tax law and the internal revenue code, the federal govt. does not have taxing authority on the earnings derived from activities of common occupations in the private sector...unless, of course, you allow them that privilege. See for the facts and the evidence of the facts. Remember: an honest but deceived man on learning the truth must cease to be deceived or honest. Which are you?

  • Chuck


  • AZ REZ

    That would mean timmy and probably 1/2 of congress couldnt vote

  • Bob Goodman

    The fascists who have outsourced most of America and printed worthless money now want to deny the vote to people who don't pay taxes.

    Are we so stoopid?

    25% of the population is out of work. 40% of the people who are working are working in low paying service jobs and living hand-to-mouth. Manufacturing is outsources so the coupon clippers can clip bigger coupons.

    Wall Street Fascists want--
    1. Business bailouts.
    2. "certainty" which means their taxes cut and social security and medicare cut at the same time.
    3. deregulation which is code for taking the cops off of wall street.
    4. Ben Shalome money printing to inflate the assets of the rich and increase living expense of the middle class.
    5. and now--take away the vote from people who don't pay taxes.

    Time for a revolution. Where is the outrage??

  • A_pen

    Those who understand the founding know this was the intent all along. Lincoln blew it when he needed to fund "reconstruction " so out went the voting for productive citizens and in came the tool used to destroy the republic under the guise of equality. They understood that only those who had a valid interest in the survival of the republic should vote, not those who would alter it to spite production, integrity and wisdom.

  • Texas Red

    But if we did that, who would vote for the liberals? They would lose the bulk of their voter base. That goes for the I.Q test requirement as well! No one left to elect liberal candidates.

  • Delores Smith

    1. Senator Hatch contacted Sec'y of Treasury Timothy Geithner (who was fraudulent in paying his taxes) and found out that we had plenty of money to pay Seniors their Social Security Checks, veterans checks, etc. Geithner did not respond to the request for information. August 2nd was a fake date for default.
    2. Let me tell you what being Patriotic is. Throw out all Acorn votes, Voter Motor Act, people who are deceased, illegals, and let's demand that all voters be registered with the Board of Elections only. We want a fair election! Call your reps and Senators. Let's weed out the dead wood.
    Delores Smith

  • Ron Teidel

    Well now there's a well thought out rant! I don't pay taxes! I guess the 54 years I did pay taxes, and plentiful I might add, don't count? Why should I vote right? I think you should continue to manufacture solutions to thwart the liberal/progressives and our parasitic elected public officials, but how about the next rant contains intelligence and wisdom. Otherwise your blather is no more useful than that of those you oppose.

  • Michelle

    Well, gee, if it's Patriotic to pay more taxes, then it should also be Patriotic to balance the budget and quit wasting the taxpayers money on pork, unnecessary trips, and things like using the taxpayers to pay for a re-election bid right? Personally, I'm sick and tired of paying for the screw ups of those in charge. I didn't put this country in debt, I didn't spend the taxpayers money on junk we didn't need, and I didn't choose to toss away our money on benefits for illegals, foreign aid that's continued in some places for decades, and subsidizing things like pornographic art projects and studies on sex behavior and penis sizes. I think it's time to go after those that are responsible and start confiscating their assets and let them pay for the damage they've done instead of letting them keep passing the buck on to the rest of us.

  • ibackAmerica

    When I was a kid you had to own a home to vote. The Democrats got rid of it. You also lost voting privileges as a convict or convicted felon. ACLU and their partners the Democrats fixed that too.

  • BlackSunshine84

    What you suggest is unConstitutional.

  • Bankslay

    Great issue to bring up. It's totally unfair the parasites and/or those with a pattern of failure should dictate to the producers. You should have a pattern sccessful decision making ability to vote and choose the course of the nation. Obviously those who served the nation should be allowed to vote. As far as those on Social security, Social security cannot exist Constitutionaly and we need to restore full property rights as the Constitution intended, of course this would meanequally apportioned taxes for legitimate reasons not progresive taxes, or taxes on compensation for labor which is property. As far as those who fail through no fault we have a social obligation to help you out of charity and kindness assuming your intent is sincere as well. The root issue is a debt based monetary system resolve that and taxation, wealth distribution, class warefare issues etc. will become secondary and managable. I'm a conservative and believe we should strive for succcess and prosperity according to our definition of it, but a progressive tax rate coupled with a debt based monetary system is a eugenics program designed to breed poor debt slaves like rabbits, and artificially boost resource use far past sustainable limits.

  • Sharon

    Almost 1/3 of Social Security recipients do not file income tax; all they live on is their social security. There has to be a way to allow this 1/3 of the senior population to vote!!!!

  • Roberta

    i am on disability. according to you, because i do not pay income taxes (i am actually claimed now) i no longer have a say in who is running my country. a country i love in spite of everything that is going on in it. i would not wish to live any where else! i disagree with you on this one.

  • @realbadger

    "The right to vote is a wonderful thing, but we need an Amendment to the Constitution that limits the right to vote with the ability to be so Patriotic in paying taxes. If you pay taxes you can vote. Since around 51% of Americans don't pay an income tax our electorate will be cut in half. Why should that be a bad thing, Mr. Liberal. After all, they aren't Patriotic."

    How about those who are aware of actual law, and the **limited** scope of the income tax laws, and that Very Few people are even Person Subject to income tax...? You might want to do some research before you say Only Wards Of The State "can vote."
    Once you've read "Shattering the Myths: Truth About Income Tax" ( ), then make your argument (which I'm sure will be re-assessed). But if you do not read the book (or only glance at it and refuse to actually *read* it), then your position/s regarding income tax become invalid.
    My recent post OK guys, YOU DID IT! I will be on Adam Kokesh's TV (internet) show today at 7:00...

  • Bill Lee

    A good suggestion when Perry is in office and we manage to gain both houses.

  • tomm

    Yes, if you play, lets pay.

  • Wayne

    The founding fathers placed requiremetns on voting and one the most important was that in order to vote you had to own real property. This was based on the idea that if you had a stake in the society you were more likely to exercise your vote in a responsible way to ensure the survival of the republic. Even with that they still placed the Electoral College into the mix to "correct" things in case these "ignorant masses" voted for a president in what was considered a detrimental manner to the republic.

  • BetTal

    I agree with this article, but I do think that our elderly people who are retired should still have a voice because they have paid their way. I personally feel that we should have one set tax rate that everyone pays with no exceptions. If everyone paid say 10% or so, the government would in the long run get more in tax dollars. Think about it, if there were no tax exemptions or loop holes and everyone paid a percentage of their income, it would be fair to all. Everyone would pay the same rate regardless of how many dependents or how much income that we have. I say this all the time, and people get mad at me. Of course, these are people that have kids and get this earned income credit and get money that they don't even pay in because of these kids. Why should a person be forced to pay more taxes because they don't have kids. One set rate would insure that everyone pays their fair share.

  • An American Gal

    I would like to add a postscript in regards to my previous posting, which was in favor of only taxpayers being allowed to vote.

    After reading some of my fellow readers postings, I see there is a need for clarification. I agree that there needs to be a means of separating those who make a career of living off of American taxpayers and those that are not CURRENTLY paying taxes for (a) valid reason(s), such as: unemployment but ACTIVELY looking for work; those that are medically disabled (vs. self-proclaimed as disabled) but worked prior to disability or are currently working, though a limited amount; and our retired senior citizens who worked (or whose spouse worked) prior to retirement.

    Each of these catagories have worked and contributed to both society AND supporting their government. They have earned the right to vote. Just as a person must be of legal adulthood in order to be considered mature enough to vote, so too should they have had to be a responsible person/adult to be able to voice their opinion on choosing those that represent society.

  • dougs

    To get the ball rolling, I have suggested a 1% surtax for one year on every check and every dollar paid in this country...welfare checks, social security checks, politician's checks, movie stars, baseball players, corp execs...everyone.
    This money would go straigt to the treasury to help reduce the debt and could not be touched by Congress. It will be a way of unifying the U.S. much like people did in WWII and if would force the welfare queens to give up ond Starbucks latte every week

  • Marcia

    Pentangeli equates patriotism with voting, but I also like the sentence equating non-taxpaying citizens with slavery. The current welfare state comes as close as can be to enslaving a generation of our citizens. If 51% of our citizens are enslaved to government, we are cutting our nation's potential productivity in half.

  • Mutantone

    I do not file income tax because I am retired on VA disability and Social security, so this would mean that I can not vote even though I earned that right?

    • Michael Click

      I think that there needs to be additional ways to qualify for the vote. Serving in one of the branches of service that defend this country I think should be one. The Brits already do this. After 20 years as a soldier, a Gurka qualifies as a full British citizenship, with all rights and privliges.

      Proof of having been a taxpayer for a certain minimum number of years could be one as well. That could allow even "undocumented residents" to qualify as citizens. They bought the ticket, they ought to be able to ride.

    • Nellie CA

      I was looking at this the same way! I am under the 25,000 limit to file income taxes. Is this Obama's way to elemate the votes for Senior and people on disability.
      Would this elemate the illegals and Refugees, the low income on Welfare? Is there some way to watch how much money goes to foreign countries from Refugees and green card workers.
      Mexico gets a lot of money to families in Mexico from green card workers. What I have seen is the family is on Welfare and the spouse or boyfriend is working for cash. Nice income! also fraud! Many of the people that come here are like Obama, they are using someone else's S.S number and papers. They just change the picture!

  • Robert Spoley

    Votes for taxes. Let me take that one step further. When I buy a service or product, I get a receipt. Ever get one for your taxes --- at any level of government? Not me! You are paying for a good or service and you should get a receipt for what you bought. so how come the ones not paying taxes are getting the same goods and services "on the house". To me those not paying for what they are getting are "freeloaders" and thieves. How about the right to vote at any level of government provided you have a receipt that says you are putting the same or more than you are taking out. Then you can vote. No posative receipt --- no vote.

    • Kristal

      you've obviously NEVER had 2 try and survive on a disability check,it's impossible! I worked and pd. into the sys., so I deserve the same priveleges as u.

  • Len

    Disabled veterans (especially those who are 100% disabled) do not have to declare their disability pensions to the IRS. Many of the 100% disabled do not pay income taxes because they have very limited income other than their pension. The plan needs an exclusion for disabled vets in this category.

  • D. Hudson

    Let's make this real patriotic. Let's let membes of congress pay income taxes on all they make. I cannot think of a more fair way of doing things than to let all enjoy the right to participate. Afterall, they get paid a salary and should be taxed just like the guys and girls out there working their butts off. Congress says they work hard and that is good. The tax should include them so they can vote too. Let us not keep the right to vote away from those that make the laws in this nation. Judges too should pay taxes. They are paid a salary and that is what an income tax is based on. So let us allow them to participate and be able to vote. These two groups should be able to vote and they should pay their fair share of taxes just like the rest of the nation. That is the fair and the right thing to do.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I don't buy the argument that 51% of Adult Americans pay no income taxes. All people who work pay FICA and Medicare taxes. Are these not income taxes? Unless they receive earned income credits greater that their FICA an Medicare contributions, they in effect are paying taxes. I don't believe this amendment would pass anyway. So why waste our time discussing it. Lets get photo ID laws passed first, and crack down on the fraudulent voting scams that are going on in the big inner cities.

  • Unique Lies

    Anyone who is born in any of the 50 sovereign states inherited Unalienable rights that are secured by the Constitution. The governments were established to protect these rights that we have. We the people are the Sovereignty in this country. Franklyn D Roosevelt declared the US citizens as the enemy anytime this country is at war or in a state of emergency for the purpose of taking the Gold away from the people. The birth of the Federal Notes we use. Pres. Roosevelt also stated in his proclamations that anyone who was not born in this country did not have the same constitutional rights as we who are born in this country. Therefore the 14th Amendment gave immigrants 14th amendment "Civil Rights" and equal protect of the law and placed them under its exclusive jurisdiction. Now 14th Amendment citizens are made liable for Federal Income Tax along with Government Employees who are paid by the government with government money. This also includes Military personnel.
    Franklyn D Roosevelt said these 14th amendment citizens did not have the same rights as the people born in America so they were the enemy and would have to purchase licenses to enjoy the privilege that we the sovereign people had rights to enjoy. Thus the birth of Licenses and permits which was only meant for the 14th amendment citizens. The people thought this law applied to them as well, so Congress never told them any differently. The American people never had to get a license to do anything. It was their right to do anything they wanted to.
    So when you say Patriotic what you are saying and meaning is two different things.
    A real Patriot would be a man or woman who is born in this country and not under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Someone who doesn't take orders from the Federal Government but gives orders to the federal government.
    There are over 80 Federal Taxes in this country. How many do you pay? Federal Income Tax is only one of the 80+ taxes. You pay only the taxes that you are made liable for. If you withhold someones taxes from their paycheck... you must pay it. If you sell alcohol, tobacco, fire arms or explosives... you are made liable to pay. If you earn money from the government... you must pay the tax. If you got a business license to do business, you are liable for the Income (Profit or Gain) from your business or Corporation. If you win money or get interest on your investment(s) you are made liable to pay taxes on it.
    But your paycheck from working a regular job in the private sector is not taxable because the is no law, code or statute making you liable.
    So if someone is not made liable to pay or even file a tax return, how can you say that person doesn't have a right to vote. That person has more of a right to vote then you do, who pays out taxes to the dictators without even knowing why.
    It was set up in the beginning for the big businesses and Corporations to pay the taxes to run the country, not burden the people.
    Anyone can plainly see how the Government has changed that around to make the people pay the taxes and give the Corporations all the tax breaks.
    All together now, who should be allowed to VOTE? Taxpayers who suck up to the Government who is usurping power every chance it gets or the nontaxpayers who are the sovereignty in this country? The Supreme Court ruled that there is no authority high than a Sovereign in which to judge them. They are answerable only to their God and their conscience.

  • Lucky

    Love it! Those who are rowing the boat should be the ones to determine it's direction!

  • Ben in Ohio

    How about asking some very basic questions at any polling place in order to demonstrate the intellectual responsibility to vote. For example, a question might be: 1. Name one of your state's senators in the U.S. Senate? 2. Who is the president? 3. How many states are in the United States? 4. What congressional district do you live in? 5. Is your I.Q. above moron level? 6. what month of the year is it? Can you name three prior Presidents of the United States of America? Who is the Vice President.
    Failure to correctly answer a determined question disqualifies you from voting. Or perhaps connecting property ownership to voting is a requirement for voting. If you have no skin in the game, you cannot vote.

    • Michael Click

      Your comment (regarding property ownership qualifying a person to vote) is very apt. That was how it was in the original colonies. If you weren't a landowner you couldn't vote. Of course if you were black or female you couldn't vote, even if you did own land.

  • Agnes

    This is great!! In addition to this, an individual running for, or presently holding position of President, Congressman/congresswoman, member of the President's staff or employee of the Federal Government should not owe the IRS taxes. The last information I have, we have members of Congress and the President's staff that are in arrears on their taxes.

  • Lynn

    Perhaps we should return to what the framers of the constitution originally intended i.e. Only White, Male, Property owners should be able to vote.

    • BetTal

      That is going too far. I work hard everyday and pay my taxes. I feel that I deserve the right to vote even though I am female. I also know blacks who work hard and pay taxes. They should not be held accountable because we have a president that wants to rule as a dictator.

    • Marsha

      Oh Please!!! What rock did you just crawl out from under?

    • ARMYOF69


  • Mike

    I am retired from the Army after serving for 22 years in the Infantry and have served in combat in two separate conflicts. All of the taxes deducted from my retirement throughout the year are refunded to me when I file my return. If anyone thinks for one second that they are going to tell me that I can't vote, we're going to have a HUGE problem.

  • ezone

    A professional co-worker made what I think is an even better suggestion during our peak earning years. Allow a voter one vote for every dollar he/she pays in federal income tax. I pay little federal income tax now in my retirement, but would still not object to this plan, though I believe the Fair Tax is a MUCH better answer.

    Under the Fair Tax, everyone pays some tax, other that the very poor whose tax would be offset by the "prebate". Even those now outside - drug dealers, immigrants, foreign visitors, etc. Everyone would also have a LOT of control over their tax burden by the way they choose to shop - taxes only charged on first sale of a product. Look into the Fair Tax. I think you will be impressed.

  • Dave

    I;m pretty sure there used to be a tax you had to pay to be able to vote, the Poll Tax, ever heard of it?. And due to cries of discrimination, or it being designed to keep the blacks away from the polls it was done away with. The same argument will be given to counter this idea. But I 100% agree with the idea if you don't pay taxes you have no say in the pie, with the exception of the retirees etc. that have paid their dues in the past. I also believe Congress should be made accountable to the same rules and programs that they foist on the rest of us. But that is another rant.

  • DAve

    With everyone given equal say, once you get the number of people that are eating on the pie without contributing to it, to exceed the number of people who contribute to the pie, thus giving the non-contributors say of what is done with said pie, injustice and the end or not far off. Soon there will be no pie. Is it fair for a bunch of people that had nothing to do with making the pie to demand more and more of it? No it is not! What idiot doesn't know this? How many wise men through the years have told us this truth? Somewhere along the line our govenment became hell bent on making us all equal instead of just providing us with an atmosphere for Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. Big overstepping and Big Mistake. Gods the one makes us all equal. The govenment is trying to take Gods place. The moral abyss we see America becoming is the result.

  • MrLogical

    "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."

    -- Alexander Tyler, 1887, commenting on the fall of the Athenian Republic 2,000 years earlier.

  • Grace


  • tom byron

    Why not add to the requirement with a simple 3 question test before you vote: After your name is certified that you have paid or filed income taxes you activate your ballot with a pseudo-ATM "pin" entry. The entry would require you to answer 3 easy constitutional questions: (ie) who is the VP, Secy of State, who is the Speaker of the House. These are only suggested questions, to be answered to open your ballot for voting.

  • Kim in Alabama

    A better deal would be, if you work or worked and paid taxes, then you have a vote. If you have never contributed and have only taken from the system, then you don't get a vote. This reminds me of Congress voting their own pay raises and benefits packages while denying COLA for SS recipients and forcing Obamacare on the rest of us. I wish I could tell my boss what salary and benefits I'm going to receive! The takers are basically doing the same as Congress. By voting for reps who continue to support them, they're setting their own pay and benefits packages. The reps then continue the handouts to keep these fools voting for them. It's a vicious cycle.

  • Fernando

    BTW, at the beginning of this 'experiment' the only people that could vote where the ones that had property. If you did not have property you could not vote. Why early on in this great country both women and blacks voted, both due to the fact that property was inherited by them (the usual route back then) or they owned some outright through their hard work. So, the concept of voting only if you pay taxes is not foreign, as it relates to the power to tax those paying for it. Property was this basis back then. I don't recall when this was changed, my recollection is around the 1840's, someone can jump in and add this info.

  • COLT 45

    Hey, i've been saying this for years and tried to get a new political party started around that premise. My party motto is NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION.

  • Jim, American

    I needed to show a photo ID to pick up items I ordered on-line and had sent to my local Wal-mart... BUT NOT TO VOTE... That's pure BS and needs to change too. AND,,, is obuma going to campaign in all (57) states like last time? What a joke (he is).

  • Deb Villone

    I like the idea VERY much. We'll start there-and then because most liberals are ignorant to what goes on in Washington the next thing we need to do is make Americans TAKE A TEST TO VOTE. Nothing difficult, a few weeks before the election a test asking what party runs the House, who runs the Senate, which party has the majority-who was at fault for this years dibacles. Things such as that. And if they do not know who has a majority and who put what plan into motion-they shouldn't be able to vote. Period.

  • Frank Norton

    Only the federal income tax was mentioned. What about the state and city income taxes for state and city elections. Not the best idea since all one has to do is work enough to pay some tax to vote, and the tax methods can change. Go back to where one had to be a property owner to vote. Land is the only real estate that is fixed. Renters then would not have a vote, since they would not have the monatary resources to own or maintain property. This would also support marriage because in community property states, the wife is entitled to half of her husband's property, so she gets to vote also. When their children are of voting age, they can be added to the property deed and also vote.

  • Doctor Ben

    Kudos to Mr. 5 Angels! I couldn't agree more.

  • Scott

    Good concept, but almost impossible to enforce. What about veterans on VA disability. That income is tax free, and rightly so. Same thing for senior citizens on retirement/social security who pay no income taxes; they have paid taxes for years, so now they are living on tax-free income, they can't vote any longer?
    If we can figure out how to confine the no-taxes-paid=no vote to those who freeload off the system because of bad life choices or just plain lazy, then I say go for it; otherwise, come up with a different idea. The founding fathers certainly wanted to limit the right to vote to certain groups, but I think in the wisdom of the courts, those restrictions have been properly lifted. To make this a repressive act would destroy the intent of the founders.

  • Bulldog

    I am military retired, 20 years service, and did work and pay taxes after retirement from the military. Now that I am to old to work, or as most tell me when I try to apply for work, "YOUR OVER QUALIFIED". I will be 80 on my next birthday, and after all these years I am hearing that I should not be allowed to vote? because I don't pay taxes anymore. I do not believe that would in anyway shape or form be right!!!

  • Paul

    Flat tax of 5% on every penny made, for everyone, and no right-off's for anything. This will bring in more money needed and will eliminate the need for the IRS. Great start for less Government and a balanced budget.

  • msbetz

    Yeah, only taxpayers should vote!

  • Cliff

    Why are liberals solely blamed for the hole politicians have allowed this situation to become? Republicans did their fair share. One could never pay enough to create equilibrium. They just spend more and more. We will follow the same footsteps of great conquering countries like Greece, Rome, Italy and Spain. We are taught history to both prevent blunders and learn the right way. Our constitution does need some rework. We the people need public lynching of corrupt self serving politicians as a deterrent. In my opinion harsh treatment of those on the front lines would prevent deals like NAFTA.

  • Marty

    I have been toying with and kicking around the following for a couple of decades now: (1) Anyone who receives government (i.e., taxpayer) money as a major source of their income(e.g., elected persons, city and other government employees, etc.), should be unable to vote in any election. The fact that their income hinges on who is elected represents a clear conflict of interest. (2) Regarding bond issues (e.g., school bonds), anyone who votes should, to the extent that the bond is financed through the taxation of property, also be a property owner in addition to the restrictions per #1, above, and for the same reason: only those who are actually paying for the issue should be deciding that issue's fate.

  • Transaction7

    Apart from the reality that you could never get any of this past Congress, and the Supreme Court would strike it down f you somehow did, you overlook the original legislative history of the Income Tax Amendment and the Internal Revenue Code, when the supporters of the graduated income tax promised that it would never apply to most people and never exceed 2% for those rich enough to have to file and pay. When I was a child much later in the forties, you didn't have to file a federal income ax return until you made $10,000.00 a year, which was way, way above the average income, you could buy a new car for $750.00 and a palatial home for $10,000.00, and the adjusted equivalent today would be way into six figures. The poll tax in Texas was $1.75 and the minimum wage was about $1.00 per hour the last time I paid one, and you could buy a nice small steak dinner at a nice restaurant in downtown Dallas for $1.75 then. You still had to own land to vote on some bond issues etc. funded by property taxes. Interestingly, I think a higher percentage of black voters than Republicans made some, m small, political contributions then.

    Too many conservatives waste too much time, money, and effort on lost causes like this one, antagonizing half the potential voters, including the young college grads and the retired who have tended to vote Republican, because they don't understand the benefits of conservative policies for anyone but the rich and haven't figured out how to reach out beyond a "base" that is too small and exclusionist, not to mention divided against itself, to win elections. What we should have been, and should be, doing is organizing and uniting various conflicting factions that have made up the Republican party, picking a eallly good person for President and then uniting behind him or her, and mobilizing voters to recapture the White House and Senate, adn icasing our lead in the House. The way we're going, we're on track to hand reelection to Obama.

  • Twitch

    There is a certain logic to this. It reminds me of Robert Heinlein's novel 'Starship Troopers' where you could only vote if you had served, either in the military or some kind of civil service. The idea was that if voting was something that had to be earned, it would have more value and result in complete or nearly complete voter turnout.
    Trust me, the novel is way better than the movies.