Rabbi Claims Tebow-Mania Might Lead to Mosque Burnings

Tim Tebow attacks have gotten out of hand. It started when the Christian group Focus on the Family ran an ad during the Super Bowl that featured Tim and his mother Pam. Here’s what it said:

PAM TEBOW: I call him my miracle baby. He almost didn't make it into this world. I remember so many times when I almost lost him. It was so hard. Well, he’s all grown up now, and I still worry about his health. Everybody treats him like he’s different, but to me, he’s just my baby. He’s my Timmy, and I love him.

TIM TEBOW: Thanks mom. Love you too.

After getting sick during a mission trip to the Philippines, Pam Tebow ignored doctors when they told her she should abort her fifth child. She later gave birth to Tim who went on to win the coveted Heisman Trophy in 2007 and helped the Florida Gators win two BCS championships. Tebow was later drafted by the Denver Broncos and is now the quarterback.

Pro-abortion groups nearly had a heart attack when they heard that Focus on the Family was going to run an ad that they believed was going to carry a pro-life message. Planned Parenthood even released a preemptive video in response to the commercial that the pro-abortion organization had not seen. These people are insane.

Since making his debut in the NFL, there has been relentless handwringing over Tebow’s public display of religion that amounts to nothing more than kneeling on one knee and bowing his head.

Public and media sentiment regarding Tebow has been on the upswing because of the way he has led the Broncos back from the football dead. His 4th quarter comeback victories are the stuff of legend. He’s packing them in the seats, and news stories continue to extol his toughness and fortitude. Tebow has made believers out of them.

Now comes the rabid Left-Wing Rabbi Joshua Hammerman who writes that he has a “Tebow Problem”:

I want to root for the guy, but I’m afraid of what will happen if the hulky Denver Bronco quarterback continues to pull off what is fast becoming the Greatest Gridiron Story Ever Told.


A poster boy of the Christian right, Tebow steadfastly thanks Jesus after every game and, while in college, often inscribed biblical messages on his eye paint. Homeschooled in Florida, this child of missionaries turned down his selection as a Playboy All American because it was, well, Playboy. His trademark prayerful touchdown celebration . . . has become a verb. Google “tebowing” and you’ll find 84 million hits, including lots of YouTube parodies.

Nothing terribly wrong so far. The jab about Tebow being “a poster boy of the Christian right” is a little over the top. Being against killing pre-born babies should extend to Jews whose memory of the holocaust is still fresh, but for many Jews it’s not.

Now here come the rabid comments from Rabbi Hammerman. You won’t find all of them on his post as it now appears on his website. The rabbi got so much negative feedback from nearly everyone that he removed them, but not before the folks at the Heritage Foundation copied them.

When supposedly well-educated candidates publicly question overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change and evolution and then gain electoral traction by fabricating conspiracies about a war on Christmas, these are not rational times.

Hammerman is a Liberal who believes in irrational things like man can affect the weather and spontaneous generation.

Are you ready for the most outrageous one? Keep in mind that this is a Jew saying this. Can you imagine what the ADL would be doing if a Christian said the following about a large segment of the Jewish voting community? Do you remember the firestorm over comments by Southern Baptist minister Bailey Smith that “God does not hear the prayers of a Jew”?:

If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. While America has become more inclusive since Jerry Falwell’s first political forays, a Tebow triumph could set those efforts back considerably.

Muslims are burning churches, killing Christians, and threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and this guy is worried about a low-key Christian quarterback. Can the world get anymore insane?

The article includes some other stupid things, but I think this one says enough. The Rabbi concludes his article with this line: “For me, only one thing is certain. On Sunday, I’ll be praying for the Patriots.”

I won’t be praying for either team, because, as Tebow himself says, God doesn’t take sides in football games.



  • http://Godfatherpolitics Aman

    I'm not into sports so much as I am into Christianity and I believe Tim Tebow is a real American patriot for standing for his god & Jesus Christ. According to our elected officials it's not politically correct to say Jesus and merry Christmas but they're out of their minds like the rabbi hammerhead. So merry Christmas and say Jesus the reason 4 the season. Give god his praise no matter what the leftists say, let your light so shine, Tim tebow

    • PCH

      Right on, "Give god his praise no matter what the leftists say...." This Rabbi Hammerman is a FALSE Jew. I like how you called him "hammerhead," Aman. Very smart. Tebow is showing his faith in Jesus Christ publicly. Well, that's a true Christian. Christ said in the Bible, "If you deny me publicly, I will not defend you before My Father in Heaven on Judgment day." That's what being a Christian is all about -- publicly defending and praising Jesus Christ. See website: http://www.haasstrep68.com

    • Myrtlelinder

      This article make it look like somebody wants Tebow to shut up ab out his GOD. GO FOR IT TEBOW!! DON'T LET ANYBODY SLOW YOUR DOWN TO SAY NOTHING ABOUT SHUTTING UP.

      Burn Mosques because of Tebow's faith and him having him stand up for it? Well, all the need is an excuse, this is just an attempt to shut him up.

  • Supertad108

    Just goes to prove that Satan shows no favoritism with whom he choses as his messenger. Remember, it's not Tebow that's being attacked. Also..

    "A poster boy of the Christian right"

    Astounding how the enemy (deceiver) continues to use this same tactic of divide and conquer. Give me a minute.. hmm, can't seem to see where you can be a Christian to the right or left of anything. Spewing comes to mind.. So, Rabbi are you saying believing in Jesus as the Saviour is being Christian right? Thank you for confirming that this belief is RIGHT!

    • Angel

      At least we know who the enemy is. Let Obummer keep messing with Israel, the Egyptians plagues wil be upon him and his. Or he does not care about the Curse that will be falling upon him and his administration. Remember that Pharoh went down with his army... Yahweh will take care of it all.

    • Shoboski

      Even the "highly educated" can exhibit great stupidity and lack of intellegence. Which just goes to prove what Jesus prayed in Mtthew 11:25 and Luke 10:22 - "O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike."

      Throughout all History there have been those who thought themselves very clever and did some very stupid things, Judas, Mohammad, Hitler, BTU, etc., etc..

    • Mt68

      Christians aren't the ones who kill and burn other religions, I believe that its the peaceful Islam religion

  • wisdomcries

    It really is insanity isn't it?
    You can't even have rational discussions when these bombastic statements are made.
    The tactic of the left seems to be, think of the most asinine statements possible, to drag us into a pissing match with a skunk.
    What misanthropic minds they have.

  • Babylonandon

    Wow, that 's the first time I've actually seen a Rabbi do an article trying to create the atmosphere for Nazism.

    Nice work, Rabbi.

  • alyce g

    I am Jewish but it's rabbis like this schmuck who should be thrown out of his congregation for being so stupid. Rabbi means teacher. If that is what he wished to convery, he along with other liberal "educators" should live in a Muslim country and see how long they will last before being stoned to death. This country no longer practices religious freedom except for the Muslims..

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      Thank you for the sympathy, but you are being disingenous saying that Jews would automatically be stoned in Muslim lands. Perhaps now that Jews have become aggressors in the eyes of Muslims by taking Jerusalem from them. But the fact remains that Jews have traditionally done just fine in Muslim countries.

      The "Jewish Golden Age" was the 800 years at Alhambra where Jews and Muslims joined together to defeat the Christians in Spain.

      Or the earlier periods where Jews and Muslims teamed up in conquest against Christians in the Holy Lands and the taking of Christian Jerusalem in 629 AD.

      I suspect that in a few generations, Israel and Muslim countries will become as close as America and Israel is today.

      • surj1936

        The christiansolution." But the fact remains that the Jews have traditionally done just fine in Muslim countries " Who are you kidding? Just read a Book By Bat Ye'or " The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam "
        " I suspect that in a few generations ,Israel and muslim countries will become as close as America and Israel is today " Not in a million years, From Quran Sura 5:51 " Believers take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors ,for they are friends and protectors of one another.Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shall become one of their number.Allah does not guide the wrong doers " So please stop giving us your B.S here. Islam does NOT accept Jews and Christians as their equal. see http://www.faithfreedom.org

  • alyce g

    Pardon the misspelling of convey. Typo error.

  • Mary

    I feel terribly sorry for the silly Rabbi......doesn't he know that the Jews are the most persecuted in this country.....more persecuted than the muslims? I mean, that's pretty bad. The funny thing is though.....many, many jewish people are converting to Christianity and finally accepting Jesus as their Messiah.....maybe that's what has him so upset....not Tebow at all.

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      The Jews the most persecuted in America? Where does that come from? Mary, this is a story about a Rabbi persecuting a Christian. What Jews are converting to Christianity? Where? You just making all this up?

  • Lindy

    Just like the Jews who supported Hitler, found their bodies after they were not needed anymore. This left wing radical Jew will end up the same way when his services are no longer needed.

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      Goerge Soros is the perfect example of a Jew who was a Nazi collaborator, but you do not see this Rabbi going after Soros? No, he has to go after the last man in the world would would be responsible for either a Holocaust or a Holodomor - devout Christian Tim Tebow.

      I am more concerned by the Jews who supported and facilitated Stalin, such as Lazar Kanganovich to name one of many. http://www.thechristiansolution.com/doc2011/463_K...

    • samtman

      Are you going to be the first one to kill the first Jew.

  • No Tax Max

    Thank you for confirming the already obvious. Jewish leaders are consistent hard core leftists that betray our Christian values and core beliefs of the USA. What does he have to gain by slamming Tebow for being a good & faithful human being? Go back to Israel if you don't like it here in our country rabbi! Go Broncos!

    • JamesMo

      No Tax Man - This rabbi is foolish but there is NO reason to condemn others

  • samtman

    I only whish that religion be ketp out of sports, do you realy think (God) if there is one, cares who wins a football game, Tebow thanks God for making him a multi millionaire, absured, he should thank his parents athletic genes.

    • Ray

      Why should Tim Tebow have to be restrained from giving credit to the Living God for the athletic talents that God has given him. The last time I heard him speak of his family, I do believe he said some very positive stuff about his mother and father. One more comment, he is keeping religion out it. What Tim is conveying is his Christian faith, which is a different subject. Even you have a religion which you don't seem inhibited from expressing, so why would a Tim Tebow giving thanks to the Living God bother you or any one else for that matter. I think you and your comrades need to get a life, and let others lead theirs.

  • Joe

    Has any one ask this Rabbi what football team he bets on? I will bet that it isn't Tebows .

  • Jamey

    Very shortly, Christians will say enough. We will begin to exact an Eye for an Eye. A reporter is beheaded on Monday. On Wednesday Morning a mosque is destroyed by a home made explosives. We know that the liberal media is brainless. Every time a free country is taken over...the first thing that is gotten rid of is the media. Our world will be in chaos before this all settles out, but please prepare yourselves for the coming chaos.

    • JamesMo



      Please do not employ these terms wrongly.

  • Jerry

    Unfortunately liberal or left wing Jews are their own worst enemy but unfortunately they don't know that. If and when that dawns on them it will probably be too late. A better name for Rabbi Hammerman would be Rabbi Hammerhead.

    • boomer8

      Makes you wonder if he's the sort of person that would suggest making a Golden Calf because he grew impatient with Moses' return?

  • Dean

    Hammerman, Are you for real?

  • Gamaliel

    I"m Jewish and I think this guy is over the top even for a radical left wing Rabbi. Go Tebow!!!!

  • Beatrix139

    We Jews are not stampeding over each other in order to become Christian. We enjoy being Jewish. Most of us cannot imagine being anything else.

    And most of us haven't lived in Israel for 2,000 years. It's our heritage---it's not our home.

    Rabbis are simply teachers, not holy men. If the rabbi said something to insult you, I'm sorry, but his opinions don't reflect on the 14 million rest of us, most of whom have never heard of him.

    • boomer8

      Why is it that so many Jews reject their religious orthodoxy? Why is it that so many of them embrace the immorality that is promoted by liberalism, while still claiming to be God's Chosen? Are they under the Law, or not?
      Just would like to know! It defies logic!!!

      • Ben

        "Just would like to know! It defies logic!!!"

        First, let's separate the fact from the fiction.

        "Why is it that so many Jews reject their religious orthodoxy?"

        Throughout history, there have been people born into the Jewish faith who were motivated by something other than Judaism. Thus, they have no "religious orthodoxy". In effect, they are the spiritual descendents of the "mixed multitude" that left Egypt.

        "Why is it that so many of them embrace the immorality that is promoted by liberalism, while still claiming to be God's Chosen?"

        Those who embrace the immorality that IS liberalism do not claim to be "G-D's Chosen". G-D has absolutely nothing to do with them from their point of view.

        "Are they under the Law, or not?"

        They are, and they will ultimately pay the price for their faithlessness, much like their ancestors the Hellenists paid a price.

  • Mike W.

    I'm no sports fan but it's a pleasure to see an athlete profess his faith in God!
    Too, too many pros and collegiates are ending up on the wrong side of the law these days with drug, assault, rape and even murder charges. I wish him well!
    As for the Rabbi, concern yourself with more important matters. I doubt if the Christians of this nation are going to burn down mosques or even synagogues
    because of or in spite of this fine Christian gentleman. Good luck Mr. Tewbow and God bless you and your family.

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    Burning Mosques?
    Why is it that anytime a Jewish anybody suggests that Christians are capable of doing something, that it is the Jews who are actually doing it? Just today comes reports that "tolerant" Jewish settlers in the West Bank has just -- you guessed it -- burnt a Mosque http://worldnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/12/15/9...

    • JamesMo

      what a coincidence, isn't it? Worth mentioning?

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        You tell me. Is it worth mentioning that an inspiration to Christianity, who plays football for a living, is considered a threat to Judaism. A story this web site considers worthy of mentioning. Or is it more worth mentioning what really happened in the news today; i.e., our allies, who can do no wrong, who always respect the religion of others, who God adores, who want us to come help them fight against bad evil Iran -- is collectively burning down Mosques and having us cry everytime a Synagogue is burned down. A story not worth mentioning by this website.

        I love coincidences which show the hypocrisy of people who hate Christianity but still use it for their own means.

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    When can Tebow run for President? Age 24, needs to be at least 45...humm...

    Tebow for President 2036 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ConservaDave

      Good sentiment but the legal Constitutional age to be president is 35...that would be 2022.

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        Better yet!!

        Tebow 2022 !!!!!!

    • samekindunblind

      Yeah, because the best qualifications for president are a football star and in-your-face Christian.

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    Modern day Christian persecution in action.
    First judeo-Ponzi schemer Nevin Shariro persecuting Tebow, -- representing the ultra-criminal element of Jewishness.

    And now, Rabbi Joshua Hammerman persecuting Tebow -- representing the ultra-religious element of Jewishness.

    2,000 years later and Jews still cannot stop persecuting Christians.

    • samtman

      You forgot the Spanish inquisition, 0ver 5000 died by fire, for refusing to accept Jesus as their Messiah, thousands of Jews died by Chritian hands during and after the middle ages as martyrs for refusing to accept Jesus as the son of God, Adolf Hitler a babtized Christian killed 6 million jews, Jews are forbidden to pray to a human being because that is considered paganism. How many Christians have the Jews klilled Mr. thechristiansolution. By the way I'm not a religionist, I just study history.

      • Ben

        I advise you not to waste any more time on "the christian solution". His attitudes are obvious; facts and logic have no meaning in his world where it's only the Jews who do bad things.

        • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

          Ben Gurion, I understand that my Christian facts and logic do not conform to your Jewish facts and logic. That is why we have these comments.

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        You are sadly misled by Jewish Propaganda. Not a single person was kill in the Spanish Inquisition for refusing to accept Jesus. The ones killed, only after a fair trial, were killed because they lied to God about their faith. They were either Muslims or Jews who pretended to be Christians, but were not. They were the political equivalent of enemy spies and sabateurs. Muslims were professing to be Christians by day but still beheading Christians by night. As for Jews, pretty much the same thing. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle had just recently defeated the judeo-Moors after 800 years of judeo-Moor domination and were not about to let religious spies and sabateurs cause more grief on Christians.

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        Samtman, You study history and care not for religion, but you mention the killing of a certain religion? Great I can help you with your hypocrisy! You probably know that you cannot speak of Hitler and 6 million dead Jews, without also speaking of Stalin and 40 million dead Christians which preceded him. Born Jewish were 80% of the judo-communist commisars, as well as the judeo-founder of judeo-communism Karl Marx, the judeo-champion of judeo-communsm Lenin, and the judeo-hero of judeo-communism Trotsky. Then there is the grand judeo-Hitler of judeo-communism himself, Lazar Kanganovich, and finally judeo-Uncle Joe Stalin.

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        Samtman, you are misguided by Jewish propaganda.

        Not a single person died because he refused to accept Jesus. They died because they lied, TO GOD, about their faith. This was considered far worst than being a political spy or sabateur. If you could lie to God, you could lie about anything. Putting your hand on a Bible to swear in a court of law is done for a purpose, and it is not to put religion in the courtroom.

        Once the Judeo-Moors were defeated after 800-years of dommination, they were both asked to leave the new fragile Christian country, or graceously, were allowed to stay IF they freely and willing converted to Christianity. It was soon discovered that many of these "Morenos", were Christian by day and still beheading Christians by night. Investigations discovered these liars to God and after a fair trial proved their guilt, they were executed. May I tell you how Christians are treated in other countries?

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        Samtman, you are misguided by Jewish propaganda. Not a single person died because he refused to accept Jesus.

        They died because they lied, TO GOD, about their faith. This was considered far worst than being a political spy or sabateur. If you could lie to God, you could lie about anything. Putting your hand on a Bible to swear in a court of law is done for a purpose, and it is not to put religion in the courtroom.

        Once the Judeo-Moors were defeated after 800-years of dommination, they were both asked to leave the new fragile Christian country, or graceously, were allowed to stay IF they freely and willing converted to Christianity. It was soon discovered that many of these "Morenos", were Christian by day and still beheading Christians by night. Investigations discovered these liars to God and after a fair trial proved their guilt, they were executed.

  • Richard Gibbard

    If one player's gesture can inspire all that which this rabbi fears, what does that suggest about the power of Christianity?

    GO BRONCOS! (unless you're playing the Lions)

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    [Tim Tebow's] mother, Pamela Elaine (née Pemberton), is the daughter of a U.S. Army colonel, and his father, Robert Ramsey Tebow II, is a pastor.
    Tim Tebow is the product of both God and Country. No wonder the Jews want to censor his Christian faith.

    • JamesMo

      are you talking about the jews or .........about this rabbi only ???

      That is what makes the whole difference between an antisemite and a non-anitisemite

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        You are right. I should not lump everyone together.

        Let me ask you though. How do you suggest I refer to the general Jewish leadership and the Jews who follow their leadership, who are constantly running around calling everyone who ever opens their mouth anti-Semites and Hitlers, just to get their way? What words describe not just the evil of someone like Soros, but the total silence and indifference of powerful Jewish groups like AIPAC who could shut him up and close him down completely as easily as they do "anti-Semites" but who never do?

        I'm all into saving my country and I am tired of everyone being labeled the enemy but the only ones proved powerful enough to actually be responsible for not saving it. I think everyone realizes that the Christian white man is supposed to be the most powerful constituent in this country and everyone knows he is in reality the weakest. So give me a hint. How do I refer to the forces at play here.

  • ConservaDave

    The Bible warns that Satan's ministers can appear as "ministers of light." Just because you can claim the title of rabbi, pastor or priest doesn't make you a man of God.

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    Might this suggest to you that German Christians were pushed into what they did? Hyper-inflation, who runs the banks and how they were too big to fail? WW1 and the only perceived winners were Jews who could now immigrate to the Palestine Britian had just conquered for them. Then there was Stalin and his Jewish Commissars were well on the road to a 100 million genocide of mostly Christians and exporting his judeo-communism to Germany in the Spartacist Uprising. Perhaps you can see some form of "action - reaction"

  • JC McDonnell

    The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God. The demons are frazeled.
    There's something coming that they don't want to face. Those under their influence are losing their
    ability to think rationally. Could it be that something is coming toward earth from heaven?

  • JC McDonnell

    By the way, Christians, according to my New Testament, Jews are your brothers and when we begin
    to love and honor one another it will draw Messiah to the earth. Get after it!

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      According to my New Testament, no, according to Jesus himself, the Jews who reject the Son of God are the Synagogue of Satan. According to my New Testament, the Covenant with the Children of the Flesh has been replaced by a new covenant with the Children of the Promise.

      • Wapitiman

        It would be much better if you backed up your statements by citing the exact quotes.

        • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

          Are you talking to me to add quotes from the New Testament, or talking to JC who did not add quotes?



    • JamesMo

      you are right but he is only 1 man, NOT HOLY, A TEACHER ONLY

      • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

        Rabbis are NOT HOLY? Are they unholy then?

        You allow your TEACHERS to TEACH EVIL?

        You guys are the slimiest guys I have ever seen. You deflect from the fact that this Rabbi has persecuted a good Christian by having us believe he is the immoral equivalent of a public school teacher.

  • http://www.rnpaheadquarters.org stormbringer

    Abortion is Jewish ritual murder. Racial Nationalist Party of America. Google that.


    He just a guy why all of the hero worship?

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      He is just a guy WHOM THE JEWS LOOK TO AS THEIR HOLY LEADER. And this holy leader has told them that persecuting a good Christian is OK, because he may get other Christians to become Christians.

  • June

    Why worry if a few mosques ARE burned down - -it might help make up for the many Christian Churches the muslims have burned; I'm not saying "two wrongs make a right", but WE DON"T need to lie down and just "take it" - -I say "Give it back in spades"!

    • samekindunblind

      yeah, I think that's EXACTLY what Jesus meant by turn the other cheek. Sheesh.

    • surj1936

      June, Agree with you , just see http://www.compassdirect.org
      Who was the naive man/ woman who gave June thumb down? You sill old fool. Are you living on another planet? From Quran Sura 2:193 " Fight against them [infidels/kafurs ] until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme " See http://www.bilp.tv/file/1382254 Wake up or we are doomed.

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    This Rabbi could actually care less if a Mosque gets burned down. His real goal is keep Christians down, demoralized and disoriented in the hopes that he is protecting his own Synagogue and his suggesting Mosques may get burned is done so he doesn't look like a Jewish partison. He only cares about the OTHER guys.

  • Robert

    Sounds like a plan but make sure that it is at a time when the Mosque is full . The smell of toasted diapers in the morning .

  • ChurchSalt.com

    Why is this Rabbi so worried? In all the Tebow-mania I have not once heard the gospel of "repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus' name" preached. Just a bunch of hype (on both sides of the fence). People like this Rabbi who hate the God of the Bible need to relax. Why? Because salvation comes through the Gospel, and it isn't being preached! Salvation is what he is really worried about, and from his point of view, everything should be fine since nobody is getting saved from the wrath to come...


    The liberal rabbi is only displaying the results of making "the deal" with his intellectual master. Satan works with modern people often with this deal: he offers them the mental certitude of being correct, no matter how irrational their opinions are,
    just so long as they give the net result of denying souls to God. This is the same mental sickness that your goofy neighbor displays, or the president displays, when either of them says or does things that are totally off-the-wall anti-Christian.

    Pray for them, and move on to others, who may treat the Gospel with more respect.

  • Fred

    The plan is working well. The division between whites and blacks is almost complete, the division between union and nonunion workers is well underway. Getting Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believing they are being targeted by the other is working well. The division between those paying taxes and those not paying taxes is coming along well. Unemployment and under employment is high, People are losing their homes and savings. If this could be compiled as a formula the result could become, the first great monster of the 21century is born.

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      Fred, except that it is well established that the Jews were the movers and shakers of getting slavery embedded in America, having most of the slave ships and making most of the money off of selling slaves. When that was no longer lucrative, since slaves reproduced naturally, they easily were able to talk Christians in the North that slavery was now an evil and continued to talk us into affirmative action to keep competent White Christians from competing with them for leadership in America. Their puppet Obama being a prime example.

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      Fred, the war between rich and poor is also driven by Jews. judeo-communist Russia is the best example. They agitated the poor masses into riots and killed off the competent, high IQ, Christians, leaving only Jews to become the commissars.

  • Al Swearingen

    This idiot should move to Israel, so that the righteous Zionists can use him as a sandbag against the enemies of Israel.

  • Al Swearingen

    Judaism and Christianity are separated by only one visit from the Messiah. We exist for the same visitation!

  • boomer8

    Christians don't burn down churches, synagogues, or mosques. However, it's been proven time and time again that anti-Christians, homosexuals, and Muslims do!

  • Berengaria

    Rabbi Josua Hammerman needs a few history lessons, because it was the strong christian faith in America which welcomed these liberal jewish and muslim people into this very country. They found a haven here when no one else wanted theim. I noticed from the time of 9/11 that liberal jewish and muslim people formed a bond against the very country that was attacked by the murderous Islamists. God bless Tim Tebow and may God forgive the monstrous rabbi. Thank you, Berengaria

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      Welcome to my world.

  • Ed Rosenblum

    Non-Jews should be aware that there are three major divisions in Judaism: Orthodox (hard-llners), Conservative (moderates), and Reformed (religion as posturing and as a social pastime); liberal Jews with religioius affectations are all members of the Reformed movement, including liberal rabbis (who, in Israel, are prohibited from performing certain devotions). A house of worship in Reformed Judaism is called a "temple," not a "synogogue," and a Reformed rabbi is nothing more than another liberal Jew, but one with a soap box. The possession of a soap box does not imbue the possessor with any special insights, and the rantings of a liberal Reformed rabbi should be ignored, just like the rantings of any liberal.

    • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

      We do ignore the ranting of liberals, but many don't want to ignore the ranting of a Rabbi no matter what sect. Many believe Rabbis are part of God's Chosen People. Perhaps even more than a secular Jew.

  • julian

    I fail to see the problem.

  • samtman

    HOw about the first amendment and free speech, do we still have that.

  • Ken

    Rabbi Hammmerman will bow to the ground in a very short time as JESUS HIS MAJESTY THE KING Of KINGS born in Bethleham will hosting the event! A very Merry CHRISTMAS to All !

  • Co-opted Confederate

    I see absolutely nothing wrong in burning Mosques, bashing gays or indiscriminatingly banishing Illegal immigrants. As long as it is done in good taste, with the proper tools and equipment. and the colors do not clash.
    Ya'll gettin to the slimey bottom of the barrel if ya'll gotat post cheap diatribe like this crap about a lunatic rabbi afraid of a little ole Christian foot ball player. why not spend your efforst on actually doing something worth while like ridding the United States of Political Vermin?

  • guest

    The late Francis Schaeffer said in A Christian Manifesto that liberal theology is nothing more than secular humanism in religious terms. No matter what the issue, the liberal theologian will ALWAYS come down on the side of the secular leftist. Whether it be abortion, same-sex marriage, social welfare, the environment, Occupy Wall Street, sexual promiscuity, the liberal theologian will follow secular humanism rather than the Bible. Therefore, liberal theology is nothing more than a dangerous and divisive cult.
    This Rabbi is about as clueless and bigoted as they come.

  • Bridget from Cali

    This Rabbi is clearly not in his right mind. The "J-Bow" is all about love, God's love, and not about the destruction of innocent Muslims, mosques, or babies. That's my own affectionate take-off for the Bronco's infamous QB from a liberal friend who has mockingly coined him with the moniker "Jesus-bow" after hearing him continually thank his "Lord and Savior" after each game. My pal doesn't think religion and football should mix, but why does it seem like only black folks are allowed to give God their appreciation in the media after a victory or getting an award!? Tim's heart in the right place. He just needs some seasoning. Hopefully, he will begin to temper his approach to mixing football and his faith (and take advice from players like Kurt Warner) without feeling he is compromising anything. Tim was an incredibly gifted college player. I am thrilled he is getting a chance with pro career. (I only hope Colt Brennan will also be blessed with such a solid opportunity to prove his value on the field!) Tim's style may or may not translate into the NFL, but I pray for his continued success! Let me say that I am also very thankful that his mom bravely opted to take her pregnancy to full term in spite of the doctors recommendations to abort. Can I give a brief shout out to all women who have done the same against medical advice and/or genetic counseling and been blessed with beautifully gifted and healthy children!?

  • Uzi

    This leftist Jew in Name Only (JINO) Hammerman pretending to be a rabbi has been hit in the head with a hammer too many times. As a Jew I take offense at these leftist progressive swines who pretend that Jewish law comes from the Op-ed page of the New York Slimes instead of given by G-d to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Let him bark his leftist nonsense all day. He doesn't deserve the attention.
    Muslims would chop Hammerman's head off if they could while screaming to their non existent allah,

  • Don

    Its too bad there aren't more Christian men and women like Tim Tebow. Also, its too bad there aren't more non-sports Americans like him! He's the kind of role model I would have loved to have my children pattern themselves after. But I praise the Lord that all four of our children are born again Christians and all four played sports.