How Many People Has Barbara Boxer Killed?

During the Vietnam War, anti-war activists used several anti-LBJ slogans. This one was the most effective:

Hey, Hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?

A North Vietnam leaflet was published and distributed using the slogan as a way to get young Americans not to fight in the war:

"Hey, hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"

That's what everybody is saying all over the US Today.

And millions of people all over the world who know no other English shout it.

"How many kids did you kill today?"

* * * * * *

Do you want to go down in history as one of LBJ'S killers!

Think it over, talk it over. Act together.

Don't let the Babykiller think for you.

It's your head. USE IT, DON'T LOSE IT."

Sen. Barbara Boxer is using a variation of the slogan by claiming that Republican legislation to roll back some environmental regulations will result in the deaths of thousands of people. Here’s what she said:

“They have attached a poison pill — literally, colleagues — because it will kill 8,100 more people more than would have otherwise been killed from pollution.”

Boxer was referring to the Republicans who lessened EPA industrial boiler regulations in the payroll tax cut extension bill currently in the Senate. She argued that lessening the standards will result in arsenic, lead, and mercury poisoning.

The 8,100 number has no basis in fact. It’s from the EPA that has to justify its existence with outrageous environmental claims. There's no way to quantify deaths from boiler emissions. Nobody is doing as a direct result of boiler emissions. In fact, these boilers are already heavily regulated.

But there is a more tangible number that can be cited about the number of people who have died as the result of a government policy that Boxer supports with religious fervor: 1.5 million pre-born babies that are killed every year because of liberalized abortion laws.

Boxer has served in Congress since 1983. That’s 28 years she has been an advocate of abortion. This makes her legally complicit in the death of 42 million pre-born babies.

Then there are the nearly 600,000 deaths and the more than 1,000,000 people in the US who have been diagnosed with AIDS that have occurred as the result of homosexual behavior. When men who had sex with men were dying of a rare cancer began to spread throughout the medical communities, the syndrome began to be called by the colloquialism “gay cancer.” Even though people like Boxer knew there was a causal relationship, she and other liberals would not publicly acknowledge the connection.



  • aygar94

    What do you mean by mentally sick? Because as I read some of these comments, there are quite a few people that fit into that category, not to mention "the mentally sck" currently located in Washington D.C.!

    • ZagoZana

      Innocent blood? "Buch 'n' Chainy" with the two wars they committed have killed 4,800 American and coalition forces and 113,000 Iraqis and will have made enemies that will plague us for generations to come. Millions of people could die!
      -There is some good coming from these wars in the name of woman's rights in these backward countries, though.-
      -They need to leave the 13th century and become part of the modern world.
      They are scarier than any enemy we have been up against because they are under the rule of crazies that are able to manipulate their religion to propel them into a kind of war we were never accustomed too. Religious wars are impossible to control and now we are on the verge of more of them. Your crazy candidates will get us all killed!!!

      • Richard Moses

        When the USA needs an enema, they will stick the hose in Washigton, D.C. and flush it out.

        • ZagoZana

          First) The Viet Nam war was bull sh't. "Beware of the military/industrial complex." Eisenhower
          Second) Remember, it was the Supremist Court under the rule of the right-wing-nuts iwthin it that gave corporations personhood through a FREEDOM of SPEECH ruling. "Money does not talk, it screems" Bob Dylan
          There voices will drown all others and through the like of Rush "the magic" Limbo who gets $1,000,000 a week and the rest of the mob, from those who are really in control, they spead their filth. These are the same peple that give you your candidates.
          -Gingrich, really? You have got to be kidding! This ego-maniac is a joke an will give Jon Stewart tons of fun!
          -Romney? Mr. corporate rapist whose money came from daddy and the destruction of companies he bought and who then sold off their assets now worth $200,000,000.
          -Maybe someday a righty might be worthy of the office, but if Mr. Cain can make believe he can run the military as he hopes and said out loud. Really him. These are the real problems not the things stated in this article
          -Bachman, Really?
          The whole world is watching, and laughing!

        • j.j.

          @ zany-----we just need to get the food stamp president what's in charge another 4 years,we could use more of the tax payers money on more of the bail-outs for such as the car co.,insurance co.,stimulus 1,son of stimulus,U.A W.,acorn,planned parenthood,N.P.R. T.V. and radio,S.E.I.U.,wind turbines,the U.N.,solar panel co.,wall st.,the loan to the Kennedy's,obummer-care,--------also maybe he could go over to Iran and BOW VERY LOW to the bearded sand flea to get OUR drone back.But not until the sand fleas have reverse engineered the SECRET TECHNOLOGY to give to the rest of our ENEMYS.--------Also,the whole world is more than likely laughing at the mental-midget food stamp president of the 57 united states.--------what a bunch of lilly pink left wing liberal PUKES.

        • http://google plumbhappy

          Dear Zago,

          In case yopu forgot the Vietnam war began under a Democrate... Kennedy.

    • PCH

      These "mentally sick" people in Washington D.C. are more than "menatlly sick." They are the MOST "criminally insane." They are 100% more criminal than the felons in Leavenworth, KS federal milirary pen. Their murderous agenda is simply "insane." Our country, and world, has gone "insane" -- "ciminally insane." This requires more than just a psychiatrist. This requires the help of Almighty God. Only He can cure this murderous "criminal insanity" that is plagueing this country and this world. It is darn right "diabolical" in nature. God is the only antedote. See website:

  • LK

    George Soros , Chas Sustien how much more innocent blood is on there hands ?

    • LK

      Yes. sunstien thank ya .

    • Drew Page

      LK -- Do you mean Cass Sunstein, one of Obama's appointed 'czars', the guy who believes that animals should have the right to sue people?

  • Boletero

    Atention Yoyos!!

    Swiss had an increase of 100% unemployed.

    Scary ain't it !!!

    Yesterday they had one unmployed, today they have two unemployed !!! Still scared ???

    Stats don't lie, but stats users lie !!!!!!!!!!!

    Saludos del Sombrero, Vatos.....

    • Guest

      So what is your point as it relates to this article? Yes, statistcs can be and usually are manipulated by the person(s) using them. Are you questioning the abortion numbers over the last 28 years that she's been in office? These numbers are readily available from many sources. Your statement is like saying it's light out when the sun in is up...well DUH! Useless statement!!

  • Rawdog

    We KNOW that A.I.D.S. is a GAY plague..

    • Anne_PA

      Rawdog: Not the point!

      • Elsie E Connelly

        Well maybe not, but what Rawdog said is true. Some gay moron went to Africa, had sex with a monkey (God knows why) and here we are. Anne: You are really dumb.

        • Anne_PA

          Elsie! Really now!

          I'm "dumb" because I pointed out to Rawdog that his comment was not germane to the POINT OF THE COLUMN?

          And exactly where did you get that information as to how aids was first contracted?

        • Mick

          OK lets take a step backward and have a look.///All of these communist programs are designed to bury us. thats right NAACP, ACLU, GAY & Lesbian groups, Go GREEN, EPA.etc. Its called CONFUSION, confusion is of the evil one.also called control ,Each and every one of these programs want to dictate how every one should believe and live.and when you buy into this BS. You have no reason to live,because all the joys of life is gone, only drudgery is left.

        • Anne_PA

          Mick: Yes, you are correct. Probably MORE correct than you know.

          "The Agenda - 'The Naked Communist - Goals from 1958'"

          Summer 1992: Communist Party USA meeting at UC Berkeley

          @ 2:23 mins:

          “To destroy business, they wanted to get behind the environmental movement. In 1992 the environmental movement was very modest, but they thought it was the only vehicle capable of creating enough regulation and red tape to discourage business growth."

          Also see:

          "Grinding America Down"

        • logic wins

          Actually the SPECULATION (and I emphasize that because nobody really knows) is that AIDS 'jumpped' the species barrier because a monkey BIT a person in Africa and its body fluids entered that person's bloodstream as a result. Stop being so homophobic and start being human / compasionate, and Anne -- the AIDS stuff was in the last paragraph of the article , but you are 100% right -- what does it have to do with the rest of the article?!? (Answer: homophobes and idiots who think we don't need clean air and water flock together) ....

        • Anne_PA

          logic: Thank you!

          It's so annoying to have one or more people get off topic by picking up on one small point that is actually just a side issue, and not really germane.

        • SmithWinston6478

          In the '70s, a Canadian Flight Attendant named Gaeton Dugas went to Africa and contracted AIDS from multiple homosexual contacts with men who had sex with infected simian primates. He returned to North America and spread H.I.V. to an estimated 40 homosexuals in a single weekend during the Bicentennial 1976 at 'The Feast of the Tall Ships' in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island. They returned to their respective cities and permeated the epidemic. By systematic analysis, Gaeton Dugas was designated 'Case Zero' by the Centers for Desease Control in 1982.
          Homosexuality is NOT just another kind of normal. Bisexual men spread it to women. Read 'And the Band Played On' by Randy Shilts (St. Martin's Press.) Shilts also died of A.I.D.S. after completing the book.

          "During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell '1984'

    • John

      That is why the whole world has to worry about aids, the "gays" spread it aomoung the bi-sexual ti the straight community. So I figure we should thank them for this desease.

  • Murphree

    I wonder how many people have died because of the ban on DDT? I know this is before Boxer's time but it is within her philosophy.

    • Anne_PA

      Murphee: I've seen stats on that, and they're STAGGERING.

      Good point!

    • John P. Centonze

      A few years ago I read a figure of 50 million people having died of insect borne diseases that probably would not have occured if DDT was still available. By this time the total is probably equal to the 60 million+ deaths attributed to Mao-tse-Tung. John P. Centonze ,D.D.S., Waterbury ,VT

      • logic wins

        You can use statistics to prove anything, except what DIDN'T happen. Who's to say DDT wouldn't have destroyed the ecosystem to the point where we couldn't grow crops sufficient to feed ourselves? How many would have died then? Speculate all you want, all we KNOW is what happened, and there is no way to extrapolate without real data, and that is something that these forums lack. And hey -- how many children who would have been aborted have YOU adopted? Money where your mouths are folks!

        • vesuvius

          Your user name is an misnomer based on what you posted if you are saying DDT would have destroyed crops. The problem with it was the way it was applied and once it was determined than only a drop or two in each hut would kill the mosquitoes that carry malaria to save lives. DDT didn't harm crops but instead bird reproduction. It was just over applied when it came out.

        • Murphree

          The major complaint on DDT was that it weakened bird eggs shells and there was no conclusive evidence that it effected the birds at all. Also, durning the 50s and 60s Americans overused DDT. One tenth of what was used would have been plenty. To take DDT off the table completely was way overkill especially when there was no evidence to do so.

        • Taquoshi

          Friends of ours just started raising chickens and the first few eggs have arrived. The shells on those eggs are noticably thicker than the ones that we purchase at the national grocery store. DDT has been banned for years, yet these commerically raised chickens are producing eggs with thinner shells. Interesting, no?

        • Graywolf

          Commercial egg producers do not feed the necessary minerals to their flock. If you friend will feed dry, crushed egg shells, crushed oyster shells, or other such material available at feed stores the shells on their eggs will always be thicker and stronger than commercially produced eggs. DDT has nothing to do with present day egg shell thickness.

        • Taquoshi

          Interesting. I'll be sure to pass it along to our friends when I see them this coming week-end. We kind of suspected that, but did wonder, particularly since we all had the thin egg shell theory shoved down our throats. We all thought that the commercial shells were how thick the shells were supposed to be, since we are all new at this.

  • aprilnovember

    She's also killed people in car accidents because of Cafe Standards.

    "According to the Brookings Institution, a 500-lb weight reduction of the average car increased annual highway fatalities by 2,200-3,900 and serious injuries by 11,000 and 19,500 per year. USA Today found that 7,700 deaths occurred for every mile per gallon gained in fuel economy standards. Smaller cars accounted for up to 12,144 deaths in 1997, 37% of all vehicle fatalities for that year. The National Academy of Sciences found that smaller, lighter vehicles "probably resulted in an additional 1,300 to 2,600 traffic fatalities in 1993." The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration study demonstrated that reducing a vehicle's weight by only one hundred pounds increased the fatality rate by as much as 5.63% for light cars, 4.70% for heavier cars, and 3.06% for light trucks. These rates translated into additional traffic fatalities of 13,608 for light cars, 10,884 for heavier cars, and 14,705 for light trucks between 1996 and 1999.

    How many deaths have resulted? Depending on which study you choose, the total ranges from 41,600 to 124,800. To that figure we can add between 352,000 and 624,000 people suffering serious injuries, including being crippled for life. In the past thirty years, fuel standards have become one of the major causes of death and misery in the United States -- and one almost completely attributable to human stupidity and shortsightedness."

    • vincent

      You mean SUVs are safer than the Priuses? Gasp!

      Not so loud--the OWS crowd would loose bowel control in the streets at the very mention of facts!

      Oh wait, they already did!!

      So if we put more liberal environmentalist progressives into SMART cars, Priuses, Yarises, Leafs, Volts and other lilliputian cars, there will be more fatalities?

      • Roger

        There would most certainly be less idiots running around in our streets.

    • SaveLivesDecreaseMPG

      those are some incredible statistics...WOW! Obviously, lighter, smaller cars offer less protection, but I had no idea the numbers were so large.

  • Hal Howell

    Boxer and her ilk have blood on their hands and still...people continue to re-elect these her and her friends. I tried the other day to count all the good things done by the Democratic Party. They tried to use welfare to solve poverty and there are more poor people now than when the program began. They tried to solve education and now our kids are dumber than ever before. They created the Dept. of Energy to make us less dependent on foreign oil, but we are more energy dependent than when it started. They were against Civil Rights before they were for it. Why the change? The Dems discovered that they could be re-elected forever by keeping Black folks on the Welfare Plantation. There's no telling how many families and lives have been destroyed by wealthy Democrats who want to control people's lives. However, the carnage will continue as long as people empower them. After generations of welfare living, I doubt we will ever be able to return to the time before welfare. Yet another shining example of just how much Democrats care about people.

    • dutchtouch2005

      Hal, You are correct about the DEMOCRATS. This country has had enough of DEMOCRATIC "RULE OF LAW".

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      I sure cant argue with that Hal ! You have nailed it exactly! It's too bad more people arent as enlightened, but the sad fact is that Liberals are incapable of logic or reason! And it's not only in America, but Liberal/Socialists in Canada & across Europe as well. They are incapable of understanding that it is their Liberal policies that are causing all the financial problems in the world! They want a "cradle to grave" Nanny state & there is no getting through to them.

    • Marc Jeric

      Lyndon Johnson declared 1) War on Hunger, and 2) War on Poverty back in 1965. After 46 years of these wars that have cost us some two trillion dollars, we have 45 million people on food stamps (versus 11 million back in 1965), and about 100 million people with various welfare payments. Now I ask:
      1) What is the definition of victory in these two wars?
      2) What is our exit strategy in these two wars?

    • righthook38

      You're so right. And we will never get people off of welfare, without some seriously radical changes in Congress. Once you get people into that "you-owe-me" mentality, it's nearly impossible to get them out of it. With 45+ million people on food stamps, we'll have the same kind of violence they've been experiencing in Europe, no doubt. But we need to do it. We need to make the rules much stricter, for one, and cap their benefits much sooner. There is absolutely no motivation for them to find work, when they can sit on their duffs and collect a check. I heard about a letter a Walmart cashier wrote, and she said one guy was using an EBT (food stamp) card, that was signed by Dukakis in '92. 92!!! This person has been on the government dole for 20 years! An able bodied MAN, collecting food stamps for 20 years. WTH????

  • Gary

    When Barbara makes comments like this, it makes me question the intelligence of the people who keep voting for her.

    • vincent

      I am sure there is no voter fraud in California, and all of the votes are done by legal citizens! MSNBC told me so.

    • Hawk

      Gary, must I remind you, she comes from California. No one that I know of, claims Californians to be all that smart. The problem is the coast cities. LA, Frisco, but if you move inland you find great people, honest and smart, just not too many people live there compared to those cities on the Coast. When that big quake comes and the first 20 miles inland of the coast falls into the pacific, California will become a pretty good state again.

    • Pegi

      Gary, we don't seem to be able to get rid of her. I've wondered the same thing many times.

  • Brian

    How many people will die due to the banning of incandescent light bulbs. The new light bulbs contain mercuy and will be dumped into the land fill eventually poisoning the water. Boxer has been a extreme leftist for years and contributed to the congestion on hwy 101 through Marin and Sonoma Counties by her stopping (Bart) Bay Area Rapid Transit from going through Marin. She is blinded by her socialistic point of view.

    • Taquoshi

      There may be some mis-information out about that issue. Yahoo had an article the other day stating that the "old" light bulbs which they claimed cost about .25 to make had a vey fragile filiment. The "new" ones, according to them, are not CFLs, but incandescent bulbs with a longer lasting filiment. Supposedly, that long lighting life will off set the increased cost of approximately $1.00 per bulb. Either way it goes, whatever light bulb we will be using will not be made here in the U.S. since the last U.S. light bulb factory closed sometime last year, I believe.

  • http://MSN.COM Mark


  • Blair Franconia, NH

    That depends on one thing: Whether we can find someone who knows where the bodies are buried.

  • shagphil

    How about those in GA who elected/re-elected Hank Johnson who was concerned that too many people could cause Guam to capsize?! Talk about "stupid" politicians......"stupid" voters?

    • Carol Goodwin

      Yes and how about concern for The USA? We are capsizing as sure as Obama still has the reins. What he has done the past three years has done more damage and we cannot and must not even consdier what he could do in another term!! I feel that the United States is in dire circumstances right now and we must stop it NOW! There is room for legal immigrants who want to work and be productive citizens of this country but we have to find a way to get rid of the ones who are not legal and who are not working and who are taking every freebie our government has dispensed. This is the only way to make way for legitimate new citizens.

      • Roy

        I live in Georgia And would lie to know who is Hank Johnson????????????

        • Roy

          Sorry about the spelling I would like to know (could be bad keybord)

      • j.j.

        my question to all,why with the SAD state of affairs this country is in,do we need ANY more people coming into this country,LEGALLY or as an ILLEGAL ALIEN.We don't have enough of American tax payer CITIZENS to keep giving FREE stuff to them,that should be the moral responsibility of their respective countries.SOCIALISM is not working anywhere in the world,just look in any direction.The American tax payer's are becoming more and more SLAVES to the GOVERNMENT,so THEY can dictate what YOU can and can not have,or do.What we need are more of the TEA PARTY type people to get into the various elected offices.Get back to the Constitution that the Founding Fathers LIVED AND DIED for.I can just see what George Washington would say about all these SOCIAL programs that the now-adays liberals have implemented.YOU DON'T WORK,YOU DON'T EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of MOOCHERS !!!

        • j.j.

          what happened to FREE SPEECH ????????????????

    • Robert

      Yes and who did you vote for in 2008/(obama)? I can say I did not! but keep in mind that stupid Hankie that some not all of the Georgia voters elected has him a job for now perhaps he will be replaced we can only hope!

    • Jerry from GA

      Hank Johnson's district is Cynthia McKinney's old district, so nuff said about the voters.

    • Can'tBelieveIt

      Chalk one up for our educational system and advancing people based on race and not merit! He obviously believed islands float.

  • samtman

    Barbara Boxer was voted against the war in Iraq, had Bush listen her , 4700 American lifes plus 30,000 caualties would hve been saved How many lives has Barbare Boxer saved by providing legislation to feed the hungry in Apalchia and in the slums of the big Cities and the rural poor areas of white America. Like Jesus in th Christian Gospels she cares for the poor, the necleted children who can not fend for themselves the4 people who fallen on hard times, the people who can not afford health care because of right wing politics who favor the wealthy.. The heartless people of the Christian right somehow have lost their compassion to articles written by politilcal writers who re mixing right wing politics with religion. The comment of Black folks on welfre plantations is a racist remark, ther ar more poor whites on welfare than anly other group to people due to right wing economic policies.

    • john

      she is nothing like Jesus.

    • vincent

      Looks like her leftist educational agenda did not help you, samtman. Your poor grammer, spelling and rambling sentences, mixed with an obsession with "white America," make me wonder about your racism.

      Too bad you *necleted* to get a decent education in your beloved public school. I suppose you are on *welfre*--is that an enhanced version of FOOD STAMPS?!

      Where is Apalchia? Did you find that from "articles written by politilcal writers who re mixing right wing politics with religion"?

      But you equate Barbie Boxer with Jesus?

      You mean 4700 *lives*?

      She happily supported the NDAA, the troop surge into Afghanistan, the ILLEGAL BOMBING OF LIBYA, the drone strikes on Pakistani civilians, the onerous provisions of the Patriot act, ad nauseum.

      She has not opposed any of Barry Hussein's military incursions into Libya, the increased surveillance of ALL email and phone conversations, or the hundreds of Mexicans killed by OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS!!!

      Glad you are soooo concerned about American "lifes"--unless they are in the womb...

      • GDC

        vincent YOU have proved what an arrogant ASS YOU are.

      • PJS

        ooops sorry meant to vote thumbs up.

      • samtman

        My unique spelling changes nothing.

        • seabee combat vet

          Right! You're still a dumbed down idiot of the left wing fools that are using you much to your chagrin!!!!!

        • Drew Page

          Well it certainly doesn't change the fact that you are illiterate as well as wrong.

    • PJS

      Here we have the typical spew from a liberal troll unable to think but only spout democrat talking points from a memo after drinking brain retarding liberal koolade.

    • Thoughtful

      How many lives did Bush save by taking a maniac out power? We will never know, because the course of history has been changed. Boxer voted "NO" because it is a feel good measure to get her votes from the modern hippie crowd. How quickly we forget 9-11. We lost 3000+ people just doing their job. That demanded retaliation. I suggest a read of H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine". We are quickly becoming a society of Eloi, preyed upon by the Morlocks. The parallels are astounding. As for the legislation to feed the hungry... I just love how some left wing moron can reach in to MY pocket and decide how my money should be spent. I firmly believe we should quit providing ANY foreign aid to feed their poor, and feed Ameriaca's first. But there needs to be a serious reform in the requirements. Just passing out money for votes is the current policy, and it is running us in to the ground. We need the welfare program to provide people with a LEGITIMATE disability or other reason they can not work with help. Instead of a crutch to help mend, we are now providing a couch for the potatoes to lay on, live life in front of idiot box, and pop out kids to continue the trend. There is not a Hand up, it is a Hand OUT. And Boxer and the other leftist morons whip up the professional slackers to keep them in office perpetually by touting how the "evil right" wants to take away all the free money. And before you begin touting scripture, you ought to read the Bible, if you can. Jesus also said, "There will always poor". There is also a parable about giving a man a fish, feeding him for a day, or teaching him to fish and feeding him for a lifetime. Boxer keeps giving out fish, creating a society dependent upon the supply of "free fish" from the government. The problem is, it is NOT free. The workers, a quickly dwindling group, have to pay for it. Right wind politics don't "favor the wealthy" as you claim. That is another bit of leftist dogma to support their agenda. Taking more from the wealthier to redistribute to the poorer people is communism, plain and simple. It stagnates growth, creativity, and motivation of the citizens and society as a whole. It also didn't work, as proven by the collapse of the USSR. The so called "heartless people of the Christian right" are not heartless, they are realists. They realize that a nation dependent on the government is not a free nation. As Roosevelt said, "A man willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither." Our constitution and freedoms are being chipped away by all this leftist dogma. We are being convinced that all these feel good policies are necessary. It's garbage. Why don't you ask Boxer and all the other leftist do gooders to give up their extravagant lifestyles, high salaries, lifetime medical insurance, huge pension plan, and go on hourly wages, shop for medical insurance, and rely on social security like the rest of us schmucks. Lets see how many take up that offer. As for your complaint of a racist comment of welfare plantations, what would you call the inner city housing developments, commonly called "the Projects"? That is a group of people that are made to be slaves because of a dependence on government. This is traded for votes. The right doesn't want to pull the rug out from under these people, they want to free them from the oppression, get them gainful employment, and teach them to make their own choices in life. As for the part of more whites being on welfare than any other group, provide a source for your statistics. Show me all the whites living in the Projects. More racial dogma spouted by the Idiot Box news programs to a society to stupid to research facts on their own. Oh, and just a little zinger for a closing point... you think this leftist government is doing so good, that unemployment fell? The numbers quoted on TV are from unemployment claims. The number dropped because the number of claims dropped. Why? Because this screwed up administration has failed to create jobs for people, and their length of time to file has expired. They are NOT employed, they are doing without, because they can no longer file. But the leftist government spouts the lower numbers as a victory. Before spouting the rhetoric you heard on TV, educate yourself, and don't judge because of skin color. It boils down to this "Republicans and Democrats, different lumps of crap from the same pile". This is a nation of We the People (regardless of color), not a nation of We the Elitist Government.

      • james

        Actually you made excellent points. The only mistake you made was giving Roosevelt the credit when it should have been the wise Ben Franklin.

        • Thoughtful

          You are, of course, correct. Sorry. I am on oxycodone right now for pain from injuries sustained in that "Life taking war" that mean old Bush made me go to, while Boxer, the second coming of Jesus, was trying to keep me safe. Sorry for the mix up!

      • righthook38

        Well said!!

    • Mick

      samtman you have drank way to much cool aid,now take some more meds and go back to sleep.You have got to be the poster child for gimme ,poor poor pitiful me. Only a racist would think black folks on the plantation is a racist remark,/// There is and will be some blacks on the plantation till they die, because they C H O O S E to be there.The Blacks i know that did not want any part of that gimme crap are doing quite well and they are happy campers.and you mentioned the poor people in the Apalchia, well i know for a fact 90% of em will not work on any type of job. Seems like the word work scares the hell out of liberals everywhere.You also mentioned Jesus. If you had bothered to read more in this Holy book, you would read that if you don't work, you don't eat.& idle hands are for the devil.

    • J.W.

      You seem to forget that we have an ALL VOLUNTEER force, any soldier who went to Iraq or Afghanistan, who is on their second or subsequent enlistment, or second or subsequent deployment (as most are) knew fully the risks of their chosen profession.


      J. W.
      1SG, U.S. Army

    • EDDIE

      Samtan, you are a typical liberal(communist) with a mind so twisted that cloaks your belief in false compassion like most liberals do.I am a naturalised US citizen and wish you could live in another country so that you can see how ignorant and twisted is your mind. But maybe you are so far gone that you can't see your desire to control others. I am sure like most liberals you are in the habit of denigrading others. You must be miserable with your life.

    • righthook38

      You know what? I'm so sick of people using the "Jesus cared for the poor" crap. Yes, he did, but he also expected able-bodied people to work for a living, and provide for themselves. Stop cherry-picking things from the Bible that suit your argument. Jesus never promoted a welfare state. EVER.

  • Bob K

    They are all in it for themselves. They want the gay vote and the abortion advocates and illegal immigrants. Anyone for a vote. Wouldn't it be better for them to retire and stay home and collect the same salary? There must be an unbelievable amount of corruption in Washington and its got to stop soon or this will be the end of our country.

  • Marc Jeric

    Komrad Boxer is a far-left commie and eco-nazi - what did you expect from her?

    • Mike

      And she is from the land of fruits and nuts. I was really hoping Carly Fiorina would beat her last year, but Boxer had all the fuitcakes voting for her and won a narrow re-election. Only in California can you elect someone of her ilk. All you have to do is look at San Fran Nan who is the most corrup former speaker in history to see what comes out of this state.

  • TheGizmo51

    I hope everyone is aware that NONE of the top republinos is running for president. I think they are aware of just how badly the economy has gotten because of the last republino leaders and know they can't fix anything, (other than elections with voter restrictions) especially the economy. They are just kinda hanging around waiting till after President Obama has put into place the correct policies to fix the United States of America and get us back on the right track to once again be the world leader in EVERYTHING! And because it does take some time to get everything going in the right direction the top republinos will jump into the 2016 presidential race to claim they have all the answers and if they are elected they will then take credit for the miraculous economic turnaround that was orchestrated by President Obama. All together now: we need another W and cheney to run our country into the ground and lose any and all respect from the world and who knows, with a little luck, they just might be able to kill a few hundred thousand people in the process.

    • PJS

      Another liberal troll spouting talking points

      • tirmite

        guess it's ok to bash Bush and Cheney, but not point out Obama's failures.

    • American ex-Pat

      Man, you have been sucking on the crack pipe way too long!
      Put it down dude, put it down so you can actually compehend what The Chosen One has done to this country.
      Four more years of Mr. Obama's genius and you won 't be able to afford to pay the light bill in order to
      keep punching out these mind-numbing brain-farts!

    • Drew Page

      Giz -- "republino" leaders? Really? "They are just kinda hanging around waiting till after President Obama has put into place the correct policies to fix the United States of America anfd get us back on the right track to once again be the world leader in EVERYTHING!" Well, he's had three years and all he has done is make 'EVERYTHING' worse.

    • rannan3

      I just looked in the dictionary for ' left wing loon ' and I know your picture
      is the example they provided.

      • Robert

        Was it a picture of a trained Chimpanzee like the president!? I bet it was!

    • Robert

      Hey there Gizmo51 You definitely are not a leader type but in fact you are a follower like a sheep being led to the slaughter! You had better pull your head out of your mentors behind before you suffocate! Someone get this guy some oxygen! I think he is going brain dead, Code Blue, Code Blue dire emergency this one is a goner!

    • charlie martini

      Obama has had three (3) years to "put into place the correct policies to fix...etc." He is a community organizer and nothing more...a total moron! Oh yes...he caters to unions and environmentalists! He is anti America, anti jobs (unless, of course they are union jobs) anti Christians, anti Israel, anti business and anti anything you can think of that is pro growth and pro USA. He is a total bozo! Fortunately, he will retire as of November of 2012.

    • j.j.

      the only question I have is,which one of the 57 states are you in ????????

      • TheGizmo51

        One thing I can not understand is the degree to which republinos obsess over the insignificant.

    • Jon

      Hard to believe that anyone can be so delusional. Obama is a failure by his own measure. He stated that he would have the economy turned around in three years, and those words from his own mouth, yet three years later the economy is worse than it was when he took office and the national debt is nearly double. Obama is a monumental failure by his own standards.

      • TheGizmo51

        Mission Accomplished

    • john

      What a dream! Obama couldn't fix a sandwich let alone a country. You people forget one thing, the time you blame the Republicans like Bush for the Congress as Democratic controlled. Congress makes up the crap, the President just signs it. Obama has had 3 years to start turning things around but instead has made things far worse. Who do you know that is better off besides his buddies like the Unions he has paid off?

    • Jill Maine

      Obama has thrown America under the bus. Give him time and he will make Stalin look like a saint.

      • TheGizmo51

        Great! Let's give him four more years.

  • Charles

    Sometimes it looks like her meds aren't working! What a joke she is, come on California put down the joint long enough to vote for someone competent.

    • Pegi

      Charles, we keep trying but so many folks vote by name recognition without knowing any facts. Everytime she wins re-election, many of us just want to scream!

      • Can'tBelieveIt

        I can't believe how bad the last election was here in California. The Republican candidates ran terrible campaigns (you would almost think they sabotaged it on purpose). Boxer et al were able to dig up all kinds of dirt on the Republican women to castigate them as greedy and hypocritical (I could have run a better campaign) while the Repubs could find nothing to say about Boxer's then 25 yr reign in Congress, only that there was needed fresh blood. It actually made her look like she was doing a great job and that's why she's been there so long! It was appalling.

  • jimmyd123

    Agreed, the democrats are all about staying in power and whatever they have to do to stay in power, lie, cheat, corruption, doesn't matter they will engage in. For liberals, the ends always justify the means, no matter what the end result is, it is always about power. Have you every noticed how when liberals are caught in a lie, the "pointy" finger comes out and is always pointing at someone else. DOJ's Holder, prime example, "not my fault", I didn't know about it", "nobody told me", etc, etc, on ad nauseum! Get a copy of Obama's Rules for Revolution, the Alinsky model by David Horowitz.. Go to to the bookstore. It is available for $3.00. It really spells out how the liberals manipulate the media and operate underground to achieve their goals, which is to destroy capitalism and replace it with socialism.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Not counting all the Communist, Islamic and Marxist schemes, strategies and plans she has supported; she is complicit in over 43 million unborn Americans. Like more Progressives, she is a murderer. Read on Patriot.
    "Boxer has served in Congress since 1983. That’s 28 years she has been an advocate of abortion. This makes her legally complicit in the death of 42 million pre-born babies."

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Not counting all the Communist, Islamic and Marxist schemes, strategies and plans she has supported; she is complicit in the murders of over 43 million unborn Americans. Like more Progressives, she is a murderer. Read on Patriot.
    "Boxer has served in Congress since 1983. That’s 28 years she has been an advocate of abortion. This makes her legally complicit in the death of 42 million pre-born babies."

  • GWY

    Boxer is just the result of years of public education. There are so many folks that believe the government actually is responsible for everything including a living wage. They pray at the government alter and believe corrupt politicians the likes of Barbara Boxer. The number of deaths her crumby legislative policies cause are of no consequence.

  • GDC

    It should be illegal for drug users, homosexual, bisexual, mentally sick and STUPID people to vote.

    • Roy

      What about be part of congress so be it.

    • drakhelm

      Too much effort, easier is to just remove the privilege from government employees. Such a ban on government employees voting would significantly decrease the number of the groups you mentioned from voting.

    • Richard Gibbard

      But there goes three-fourths of the Democrat base! Try getting that past the courts.

    • Hawk

      Comon, you cant do that, you would eliminate the Liberal party and we have to have two parties dont we.

  • Beatle Bailey

    Reading these comments leaves no doubt as to why our country is in trouble.
    Stupid is as stupid does. No wonder Boxer, Pelosi, and many others like them get elected to office. The people who live in the districts they represent and vote for them are ten times more stupid than they are. How do people like Hank Johnson get elected to ANY kind of office? It's obvous the people who live in his district are MORE stupid than he is. No wonder Obama is in the W H .

  • Wyatt

    When Barbara Boxer make comments like these , it causes me to question the intelligence and sanity of people who listen to her !

    • Drew Page

      She is right where she belongs, the granola state, the land of fruits, nuts and flakes.

      • Robert

        Yes you are right but how the hell do we keep her out there where she perhaps cannot do anymore harm! Perhaps she could be charged with War Crimes against the Children of America for she is definitely Guilty and guess what after the Holocaust they hanged the vermon that were convicted of the same atrocity's! Perhaps we should regress in time to the era of witches and wizards she could be burned at the stake that would be fun to watch!

  • American ex-Pat

    She has been, is now, and forever will be a bubble-headed, elitist bimbo that believes her flatulence smells of roses!
    The people of California contine to elect her and the like, and then wonder why their beloved state is so bankrupt!
    Self-serving, left-wing liberals who care for no one or nothing but themselves.

    And so, having said that, how many babies did you kill today Senator Boxer?

    • Betsy

      I am so with you Am. ex-Pat. She is truly one huge Box-oh-rocks.

  • Duke

    Boxer is just a Bleach Blonde Pelosi.........plain and simple. Same mentality.....

    • Robert

      What mentality? This woman is an airhead and I am not referring to the candy! We will never know what keeps her stone hard heart beating perhaps ole satin is holding a special place for her!

  • Dusty1

    The Libs would rather have people starve than provide jobs. They can rationalize away the reality of their strict environmental standards which hurt real people every day. Save a lizard, starve a farmer. Hope the next president has sharp scissors and cuts away: EPA, NRLB, CONSUMER PROTECTION BUREAU (which won't protect us from an ever-growing gov't bureaucracy), NPR, Planned Parenthood. Enough already!

  • Larry Owens

    all you have to do is look at her and know she is missing a screw some where.

  • Joe

    Avoid liberals and rattlesnakes. Would having sex withBarbara Boxer be considered bestiality?

  • Huggybear417

    How many did ole Boxer kill with her looks alone may never be known. I bet it's a hell of a lot of people...Ole Boxer's looks could kill anybody.

  • boomer8

    So how many of his fellow soldiers did John Kerry kill during Vietnam?



  • boomer8

    Boxer will tell you that it's not a heinous, violent, murderous, for profit crime against the innocent! She'll tell you that it's a "medical procedure".
    Yeah, just like they were just "medical procedures" that the Nazi's performed against their prisoners!!

    • boomer8

      OH, and I forgot, that she'll tell you it's also a Woman's Right to Choose to make the Abortionist rich off of the blood of the innocent, who are really dehumanized blobs of tissue.

  • Drew Page

    How many American citizens have been killed by the illegal aliens which she protects and to whom she panders?

  • Homer

    It is to bad they couldn't repeal the regulation that keeps her Pelosi, Waters, and the rest of the liberal morons in office.

  • B. Forbes

    Boxer is a pathetic and disgustingly disingenuous and dishonest person, extolling virtues she never knew, nor would understand, with 'her anti-anything decent' rhetoric. It is because she acts the part of a moronic fool, I quit listening to her, knowing that the movement she most fears is underway and I am daily surprised at how many of my liberal friends are now calling me, ready to embrace a conservative view point at any costs personally, almost fanatically certain they will have to fight the hard and long fight to return this country to hands not lost in the pockets of greed and avarice. Every time I think of her dressing down a military officer and demand he call her senator, I remember she is the irresponsible traitor, who sells her influence, spends others hard earned money as though there is no limit and then attempts to garner respect . . laughable. I know no one person who would even raise their gaze to acknowledge her presence. How's that for respect Ms. Boxer?

    • righthook38

      You're so right. That little stunt with the officer alone would have been enough to turn me against her, if I had ever been a supporter. That disgusting display should have caused such a stink on the floor, that she would have been forced to apologize....not that that would have been enough. She's despicable. No moral compass.

  • ollie

    I would like to add to these remarks. Those that vote for keeping these Murders nuts i8n the goverment is also guilty of haveing blood on their hands. I think it would be a good p[olicy to put everyone to death that supports abortion and everyone that votes for them at 65 rears opf age . that would take care of a lot of problems with Medicare and Soceal Security. And let these babies live. They deserve to live more so than the
    murders that are puting these people in office. Anybody brave enoogh to say it is ok to destroy an insiant baby should be willing to gibe their life and let the helpless child live.


    Ole rear face is drinking the lib kool-aid again.

  • Korean Vet

    Her Brains are the same--but they've been "Out of Gear"--for years, being warped by wind, rain & snows in the "Far East"-!

    • drakhelm

      Sir, you give her too much credit, I see no conclusive evidence she had a brain in the first place.

  • Kim T.

    Barb's precious Obamacare was touted to SAVE lives who would otherwise not have access to treatment due to lack of health insurance. Well, guess what, I have health insurance and have pd. for insurance since I began my working life 25+ yrs ago.I t has become impossible for me to obtain the care I need because my deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket maximum's for a family of 4 have increased 150% since Obamacare passed. Conservatives kept telling the public that the increased costs of covering the non-insured would fall to those who currently had insurance driving up our costs or crashing our present insurance coverage so we become part of the uninsured masses. So, now my health suffers just as we warned would happen. I've heard people saying, "Ask yourself if you're better off now than 3 yrs ago?" Heck No!! Anyone But Obama 2012!!

    • righthook38

      You're so right. The premiums started going up as soon as the bill was passed, even thought it doesn't fully go into effect until 2014. Insurance companies know....but that's the whole point. Obama wants the insurance companies to continue raising rates, until no one can afford them, and that's when he brings in the single payer option...which is what he wanted all along.

  • William

    I don't think this is a good reply to Boxer. She's wrong, of course, but an embryo is not an independent human being; it is part of the mother's body. It doesn't become an separate person until it is born, at which point it acquires the right to life. So abortion is not murder. If it were, then the women who have abortions and the doctors who perform them would deserve either life in prison or the death penalty, which of course they do not, and no one is saying they do.

    Besides, abortion (during the first trimester) is not against the law, so women have abortions and doctors who perform them would not be convicted of murder in any case, let alone given the kind of punishment that it deserves. So you can't use that argument against Boxer. You need a better rejoinder.

  • julian

    Do not let your representative continue to support California's living beyond it's means. No more bailouts for California's irrisponsible living, let them get a glimpse of the real world.

  • Jeff

    Barbara Boxer must be the dumbest person in the Senate. Global Cooling Global Warming (oops now just climate change) why does gas cost more in CA, finding ways to get herself money, light weight less safe care the list goes on and on. Has she ever been right even on one thing?? The fastest way to know that a bill or provision in a bill is the right thing to do is to see if Barbara Boxer opposes the issue.

  • nightingayle

    She is an idiot....don;t these liberals realize the scam? These in government know it is a fallacy, but using it to the max...they are responsibile for fooling the public to pass their agenda so we will be poor and they will be rich...why doesn't anyone put them in their place.

  • twinspineve

    boxer is a good example of why we need term limits. she has been feeding at the public trough long enough.

  • Mobi Nofani

    And Babykiller-Boxer even aborted her own child when it would've been just sooooo inconvenient for her and hubby to have a third child when she was just into her political career.

  • Flyman

    Boxer and Pelosi are not only left wing wacko's they are bothe the Poster women for the "C" word.

  • Raymond

    Plastic Surgery Miracles

    Three Texas plastic surgeons were playing golf together and discussing surgeries they had performed.

    One of them said, "I'm the best plastic surgeon in Texas. A concert pianist lost 7 fingers in an accident, I reattached them, and 8 months later he performed a private concert for the Queen of England."

    One of the others said. "That's nothing. A young man lost both arms and legs in an accident, I reattached them, and 2 years later he won a gold medal in 5 field events in the Olympics."

    The third surgeon said, "You guys are amateurs. Several years ago a muslim who was high on cocaine and alcohol rode a horse head-on into a train traveling 80 miles an hour. All I had left to work with was the horse's behind and a diaper. . Now he's president of the United States."

  • Richard Gibbard

    It's easy to laugh at the dimwits which California voters keep sending back to DC, but have you checked yoiur own backyards? I'm in Michigan, where people (NOT ME!) keep on voting for the likes of Carl levin and Debbie Stabenow.

    My point is, the problem is much more widespread.

    • righthook38

      So true. We still have Dick Lugar....but not for long. Richard Mourdock is going to take his seat in 2012.

  • pat

    GWY has it right,,i have been monitored off alot of sites because of my same type of comments,,,The public schools for 40 years have been teaching our kids socialism,,if the parents dont do something to save there children this country is done,,I pulled my kids out when i read there text books over 20 years ago..and i still read each years new text..both parties know this,,and do nothing about it..Ron Paul is the only one talking about it..If the sheeple of this country do not wake up to the fact they are targeting our kids just as ads for movies and toys do,,this country is doomed,,and the one world order that agenda 21 is promoting will not be far down the line..

    • righthook38

      That's why it's so important to teach your kids at home. My children go to public school, but they know what's right and wrong. They know if you want things in life, you have to work for them. My son, who is 14, was so angry at the OWS protesters. It didn't take much for him to see how ignorant and stupid they were. He said they needed to shut up, go home, and get jobs. He can't wait to get one, so he can buy his own stuff. And there you go...

  • pat

    u cannot post the honest truth on this site,,i get monitored each time i speak of the real problem in this country

  • pat

    so if u would like to actually know what the politicians are really hiding,,please contact me at overbeagle on the y

  • pat

    GWY,,u are right,,Ron Paul wants to rid the us of the public schools,,there is a reason,but they wont let me post it

  • Sam

    Stop all the bickering. Get behind someone who can win and gather support for him, or face another 4 years with our Muslim leader under a socialist state.

  • Byron Mullet

    Before Roe v Wade, Democrats were a God and country party that just believed in bigger government. Institutionalizing abortion infanticide on America and parading the right of a mother to kill, changes a person, changes the character of a party and changes a nation. By making the lie legal, they crossed the line between civil and uncivilized, merging social engineering with lawlessness. The Criminal mind, which is to either no longer know right from wrong or to know and not care, is just a baby step away from moral lawlessness. Boxers reinforcing an argument with fictitious numbers, is conscience-less Progressive's standard operating procedure.

  • Jules

    Just look at the state of California for the reasons for continuous election to office. Fruits, nuts and flakes everywhere. And, she is no exception, just more visible and vocal than most of its citizens. She is one the poster children for the stupidity of the citizens in her district, and most of the rest of that state.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • keith

    Well folks, science, using genetic testing, has determined AIDS probably got its start in Haiti, then spread from there to Africa and the rest of the world. But, certainly, it is predominantly spread through the LGBT community now. That is fine though. God has his ways of dealing with abominable sin. He has already condemned homosexuality and will continue to send plague after plague to ravage them.

  • Suzye

    Barbara Boxer is one of those Obama Zombies. Time to vote her out of office. Isn't 28 years in Washington enough time for her????

  • Jennie

    If global warming could erase Barbara Boxer from this planet, then and only then, would I possibly have a tinge of belief in it.

  • Scarecrow

    Somebody should throw some water on her - maybe she'll melt.

  • Kevin Beck

    Another number that needs to be revealed is the number of deaths from structurally-weaker cars brought about by the EPA's incessant desire to increase CAFE standards for cars. And I wonder how many of these CAFE increases that Barbara Boxhead voted against.

  • righthook38

    She's complaining about Republicans killing 8,100 people due to pollution (which is totally bogus anyway), but she has no problem with the MILLIONS of babies aborted. This pretty much sums up the entire Democrat party, doesn't it. Save the earth, but kill babies.