DOJ Accuses Sheriff Joe of Targeting Hispanics for Illegally Crossing US-Mexico Border

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has legally challenged the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States.  He has the final authority to verify Obama’s qualifications to be placed on the 2012 ballot in Arizona’s most populous county.

Instead of providing the evidence of Obama’s legal birth certificate from Hawaii, the White House’s Gestapo, otherwise known as the Department of Justice has been given the task to discredit Arpaio in any manner they can.

Maricopa County is only a 2 ½ hour drive north of the Mexican border.  It is a proven fact that it is one of the busiest centers for the trafficking in illegal drugs and illegal immigrants coming into the country from Mexico.  Sheriff Joe has a police task force whose sole purpose is to stop as much of the illegal trafficking as possible.  It has become one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation as drug runners and coyotes (traffickers of illegal immigrants) have no qualm with shooting law enforcement officers.

With the proximity to the Mexican border, Latinos make up over 95% of those moving drugs into the country through Maricopa County as well as over 95% of the illegal immigrants pouring across the border.

So let me ask you a question: If you were the top cop for securing and protecting a population of nearly 4 million people from a threat that is made up of over 95% Hispanics, would you not place the majority of your focus on that ethnic group?  Is it any different from the soldiers that served in Iraq targeting Arabs?  If 95% of the criminal element is Latino, would it be realistic to target Asians or Africans?

The reason I ask is that the Department of Justice has prepared a 22 page report claiming that Sheriff Joe is unduly targeting Hispanics and his actions are unconstitutional. Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas E Perez says that he hopes that Sheriff Joe will cooperate with the DOJ in their efforts to turn the sheriff’s department around.

Arpaio has responded by saying that he vows to never resign or give in to the fed’s pressure.  He admits that he is a compassionate person, but that his commitment to law enforcement overrides his compassion for people.  He also says the actions being taken by the DOJ will lead to the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants who have been jailed for committing crimes and that,

"President Obama and the band of his merry men might as well erect their own pink neon sign at the Arizona-Mexico border saying 'Welcome all illegals to your United States, our home is your home,'"

He has also come under attack from other Democrats who seem to be doing the President’s bidding.  Their complaints have prompted another grand jury investigation looking into allegations of abuse of power and corruption.   Arpaio has faced similar charges in the past and says he is not too worried about the current charges.

All this prompts me to ask why doesn’t Obama just provide the documentation to prove he was born in Hawaii and end all of the controversy?  Sending his DOJ henchmen after Sheriff Joe just makes him look more guilty of being unqualified to serve as President.  It also lends more credence to the signs of him taking dictatorial control of the US if he is re-elected in 2012.



  • Dave

    Go get them Joe! We need some one like Joe for president and I would sure vote for him !

    • thecommonconstitutionalist

      I don't know about him as President, but we could sure someone like him up here in New England!

    • mike

      there we go bet he could get elected to.

    • Maynard

      Maybe not President but he would be a GREAT replacement for Holder!!!

      • myrtlelinder

        Any American could do a better job than our illegal anti-GOD president. GO For It JOE"

    • Tim BAH

      This is why the founding fathers gave exclusive powers of law enforcement to LOCAL government. Only one exception the treasury department.

      When the bill Congress passed Friday night is signed by BHO on Monday it is all over but the crying. Total dictatorial power has been handed, not seized, handed to the president. Blow taps cause the fat lady has sung.

    • Sue

      RIGHT ON!!! This is just another distraction by ovomit and that pos holder to try to keep people from realizing that they are still not answering subpeonas etc .. because they think they are too important to have to follow the laws. In your face, pseudo administration, and GO JOE!!

  • Gary

    If obama is a US citizen, then he has to have registered with the selective service like all males at age 18. Anyone think he has?

    • sjk

      Obama did register with the selective service in September 2008. Up until then he hadn't bothered, Why? Maybe he didn't have to since he isn't a natural born citizen.

    • R. Cook

      He supposedly did but there are even questions about the authenticity of his draft registration. He is the murkiest president in our history. So much for transparency.

      • Michael

        Keep in mind according to what h said "transparency is a state of mind".

      • politicstick

        Transparency???? Yup, I can see right through him!!!!

    • KY Redneck

      He did register but used a social security number that was issued in 1935 to a resident of the state of Conn. when he did so. LOL

    • Royce

      Obama registered in 2008, using a 1990 form, a 1970 postal stamp, and dated the form 1980. In short this document is a total fraud, like everything else about Obama. Sheriff Joe now has achieved critical mass in the proof that Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States. Habeas Corpus has been suspended for US citizens in the United States for the first time since the Civil War. All eyes must focus on Maricopa county, Arizona.

    • joe femiani

      i love it lets know about that. also i was born in 49 and my foot print is on my birth certificate lets compare his .we have a right to this information since he proudly wears his muslim name with saddams huseins in the middle .he also wore a evil necklass in a pic of his mother and her non black husband.he has ruined our country since he represented acon to help people purchase homes they could not afford. fanny mae is not the only people responsible for millions of our fewllow americans to be on the street thanks to obamas efforts.he could have protected them in the beginning in the event of default but just like he did to his mother and granny he left them out to die.

      • Michael

        Maybe we'll need a cold case on this yet.

    • Majjohn

      Every male at age 18 living in the USA whether or not a citizen must register for the draft!

    • Michael

      Good question.

      • Michael

        Maybe the illegals who of course registered will have Conn. SS #s.

  • Jake

    Lets all move to maricopa county aNd form a human blockade against the illegals and drug runners and the injustice department. Further weqqq wount have to voted for obama when he isnt placed on the ballet. The americans must
    Stand up and support sherrif joe arapio or lay down and die when obama rolls the tanks in and flattens you house to build projects for
    mexi-cant's and mussle-limbs.

    • Richard

      I would support that 100%. Anyone out there with the expertise to set up a website to take donations for a legal defense fund for Sheriff Joe? I think he would receive millions in donation which would be a big slap in the face to the Obama and Holder gestapo. Time to take the country back.

      How about prosecuting Obama and Holder under the Rico laws?

      • toosmarttovoteGOP

        Only after similarly prosecuting Bush and Cheney.

    • Ronald Johnston

      We all need to move to Washington DC and take our country back!!!!!

  • Patty B.

    LET them go after Arpaio, the more they do, the more they provoke him to work harder. They're just adding fuel to his fire and keeping him in the public eye.

    • Michael

      Patty B.,
      and our Joe public supporting eye.

    • Mike

      Sheriff Joe should arrest Holder and put him in pink underwear in the tent jail. Afterall, he is a criminal for all the illegal things he has done as AG.

  • Guest

    The DOJ is going after Arpaio now in an effort to stop his investigation into Obama's fraudulent birth certificate and Social Security number. Arpaio has already said the final report on his posse's investigation is going to be a shocker. Obama doesn't want that report released while he is in campaign mode so he'll do whatever he can to destroy the Sheriff. Eric Holder will be more than happy to help.

    • Michael

      o and h are one and the same.

  • Guest

    Obama released a copy of his Selective Service registration in 2009. The paperwork presented as "proof" he had registered for the draft showed a handwritten registration date in 1982. The forger of that document failed to look at the information in the corner of the government document that stated the form they used had been revised in 2008. Oops!! :). Obama's forgery people aren't the sharpest crayons in the box.

    • Michael

      Thugs usually aren't sharp.

  • Eddie

    A politician from Chicago, running for the highest office in the country. His first name is one letter from being Osama. His middle name is Hussein. Didn't anyone see this coming?

    • MissPat

      Eddie, you are so right!! Although I did not vote for him, I still did not see all this coming. As bad as our finances are right now, if Sheriff Joe has a campaign or legal assitance fund, we will find some way to donate a little.

  • John C. Stewart

    Guess what happens when you speak ill of a sitting (wannbe) Dictator!

    • CaptTurbo

      He gets exposed and defeated?

  • Ron Powell

    Give Holder and Obama a fair trial then hang them both. It would bring rejoicing much like the hanging of the other Hussein did.

    • ARMYOF69

      Let's hang them first , then give them a trial.

  • viancome34

    Regardless of weither or not obama was born in Hawaii or not, he is not eledgable to hold the office of POTUS as he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN which is one of the qualifiers for the office of POTUS. In Minor vs. Happersett (a case brought before the SCOTUS on voting rights for women) the SCOTUS defined the difference between NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and NATURALIZED CITIZEN. NATURAL BORN = both parents are American citizens. NATURALIZED = one American citizen and one non-american citizen.

    • Blaze

      Then make the case and file a "Contest" requesting that his name be taken off of your State Ballot. That's what a bunch of people are doing now.

  • cannon12pdr

    I wish holder would visit Maricopa county so Sheriff Joe could arrest him for aiding and abetting criminal acts.

    • Royce

      Holder and Obama should be arrested for being accessories to the murder of border agent Brian Terry, by putting the murder weapon in the hands of the Mexican drug cartel under Fast and Furious. Holder needs to be removed from office for lying to Congress under oath.

      • Nellie CA

        WHO IS OBAMA

  • castnet55

    That would be a site to see LOL and since the sherriff has more power in his county than the feds do.

  • Bobseeks

    I believe that the DOJ should be changed to DOIJPC - the department of injustice and political correctness. Better yet, dissolve this travesty and send all its maobama toadies to prison.

    • Canadien goose

      Preferably in indefinite detention without the right to a lawyer or a fair trial ....according to the new house bill provision ....




    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      I guess the war crimes by Bush-Cheney and their having given aid and comfort to the enemy is o.k. with you.

      • AliGore

        That name just tells me how inteligent you are Mr. "TooSmarttovoteGOP" the group you support gave us the first iligitimate POTUS in history and anything he has done as POTUS must be over turned so the last 4 years of what you socialist call change will all be unlawfully obtained and hopefully repealed.

    • Andy

      My biggest fear is that they will all be pardoned when the new president takes over and none of them will do time.

    • Phil

      Won't happen if Newt the Grinch gets in!!

  • grandmaliberty

    This president has a history of picking and choosing which laws to uphold.. Immigration is one, DOMA is another...He swore to uphold the laws of the US when he took office... so far he hasn't done that... so why is he still in office... something is fishy up in Washington and I think he is appointing "czars" to be his body guards when he finally has to show his true intentions....

    • Joe

      He showed his true intenisons when he was campainging, the trouble is no one was lissing or too busy trying to hug his neck because he was some sort of a black person, and to think that a lot of people wanted another one on the Republican party, didn't take him long to show what he was. As for as Obama, He told everyone the truth, that he was for change, the problem, was no one was listening to what change he wanted. They elected him without any credinicals, and the Republicans let it go because they were afraid of the blacks, afraid of being asscused of being pregidous, so what, they do it all the time , and than they turn around around and have Miss Black America and black T.V. and Black colleges, try to have all these in white and see what happenes. They say we offend them,if we say any thing about them breaking the law or beating up law enforments or just any thing that we say or do, I have a news flash for a lot of you, They have been offending me for 67 years, I have been in service with them , worked with them, had them for employees and Know what I am talking about.

    • armyvet

      You are right about something fishy, I can smell it right from here in Illinois!!!

    • Meathead

      Czars are in place to run the government after Obuma declares Martial Law, the Constitution is suspended and future elections are canceled. He will be Dictator for Life.

  • walt1958

    The Justice Department whats to investigate the Sheriff but will not investigate Holder and higher up for running GUNS to Mexican Drug Lords. Where is Justice.

    • Russell

      Dont forget that Holder put pressure on the District Atturney not to go after the New Black Panthers for voting intimidation by standing at the doors of the polling station in Philadelphia and holding clubs as the votes went into the doors to vote in 2008.

    • armyvet

      /The Dep. of Justice investigate itself? You are joking, right? Sheriff Joe needs to investigate the DOJ as well as B.O.!

    • Michael


  • Dave

    Obviously, the DOJ is only targeting Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he and his posse are closing in on the truth about Obama.

    They have to try to demonize, discredit, and label him a "Racist / Hater" . . . The "Alinsky Method" .

    Keep going, Sheriff Joe ! ! !

  • PatriotBob

    Is there any question that Obama is a fraud? none in this patriots mind.....NONE!

  • dragonfFIRE01

    Sheriff Joe doesb't let anyone scare and all he had to do is NOT certify obama to run for Pres. and then watch the fur fly

    • Michael

      This is exactly what o fears because it could spread like wildfire to all "57" states. Maybe the dems could find another questionable.

  • Listener

    Obama won't (or can't) provide something he never had. It is the responsibility of congress to either get the truth from him, or impeach him (maybe both would be fair).

    • Craig Stock

      Jail him or execute him for being a terrorist threat to our nation!

  • wally

    its a shame the media wont mention this story

    • Soldier of Fortune

      You mean the 'lame stream media', don't you? Yes, it is a shame, but what else can anyone expect from them when they are so in the bag for Obama? I submit... don't expect anything else from them because despite the media's calim of impartiality, they are anything but. Just look at the NY Times, LA Times, Time and Newsweek magazines, ABC. NBC, CBS, PBS; and th elist goes on.

    • Michael

      soros pays 'em.

  • Mary

    Hang in there sheriff Joe, we the people are for you, , We support you, this " president " and his band of malcontents
    are trying to overthrow our country, change our laws.. I kope that everyone will STAND against him, in 2012...

    • AL.H

      OBAMOO 1 Billion In War Chest Will Be Hard To Crack : Do Gooders Will Vote Fore Him, Public Sector Union Will vote Fore Him Wellfare GIGS: Will Vote Fore Him , So There? REPUBLICAN Canadet Will Have Hard Time To Beat Him GOD HELP Us And This Great COUNTRY !!

  • thomas

    Stay tough JOE I have a strong feeling this TRAITOR is about to "CRACK" !!

  • jdguy

    the justice dept. investigating Holder is like having the fox guard the chickens. The real problem here is the fact that Obama and his henchmen will crush anyone who disagrees or stands up to them. This is why the media does nothing to uncover Obama's past....they are terrified of him. I fear Sherriff Joe may one day have an "unfortunate accident". These people will stop at nothing to carry out their plan to "fundamentally change America" and anyone who gets in their way is expendable.

    • Slim Pickens

      The left wing news media will never say anything bad about the Obama administration, because they agree with his progressive agenda and supported his election. They covered up his past associations with known left wing radicals and his questionable citizenship, and will do the same for any of the other progressive politican.

      • Perfectlyaged

        jdguy, I agree with you. Obama has had homosexual relations with Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Lary Bland and Nat Spencer...the last three were gunned down execution style in November of 2007. By Whom??? Wasn't Obama campaigning at that time? Larry Sinclair and his lawyer have a video on the internet and Larry ask Obama to either deny or admit their homosexual relationship. Google the Down Low Club and Man's Country and you will have your eyes opened about the past life of Obama!

    • Michael

      politics is a dirty biz based on getting and staying in office. quite a few are attorneys which is a catagory known to be on the very bottom of peoples' lists.


    Sheriff Joe Arpaio was elected by the people in his city in Arizona,the Federal Government has nothing to do with his job,he's doing what the worthless Justice Dept should be doing,but Holder is too busy trying to cover his ass in the gun running deal he's lying about to Congress,they should give Joe a medal for arresting the Mexicans who come here with permission,the next President will do a better job,the one we have now is wasting time and money and disrespecting America.

    • marysteeleyorktownva

      Although Latinos make up the majority of the illegals, Mexicans are not the only illegals in our country and we have to stop giving pro-amnesty, Democrats and others reason to use the race card as an excuse to stop enforcement, like they are doing in Arizona against Joe Arpaio and other states with strong enforcement!

  • Berengaria

    This is the beginning of Obama and the Injustice Department implementing the "Scorched Earth Policy" that The Demos plan to use for 2012. Holder is starting with a high profile figure in selecting Sheriff Joe, whom he must destroy. This is a very personal vendetta against the American people, and Sheriff Joe represents all of the American values that the Obama administration detest.. The Illegals are supposed to be Obama's New Americans and he has to be able to consolidate his own voting roles which will attempt to trump the Republicans. I say "Sheriff Joe will Always Stand Tall" and let's help in anyway that we can. Thanks, Berengaria

  • Jonathan Gartner

    He is opposing Obama through both legal and honest means of course he has to be attacked. I look forward to when a conservative President is in to do a full investiagtion of this matter and of course holder use to defend(along with Obama) both these people (illeagals) and terrorist's what else should we expect. Get them out and then give them a trial then deport , imprision or execute for treason this whole administration has been Un/Anti Constitutional and anti-God

  • Mootsa Gootsa

    I started project "Not This Time" It's for voters that commit to not voting for Obama in 2012. Join "not his Time" and get a free entry into the game Heaven's Aces In The Hole". Just click my name.

    • heylottylotty

      so is it "Not This Time" (first line) or is it "not his Time" (second line). Spell check isn't enough sometimes. 8^)

    • Michael

      I've read soros controlled voting machines tabulate votes.

  • john

    Everyone must do everything they possibly can to remove this communist clown from his bought and paid for office. Come on all my real americans!!!!!!!!!!!

    • boomer8

      are you talking of Holder or Baracky-O?

  • Don

    Tell me why this man is still alive,just one will do//

    • Jan


      http// embedded


    • janie

      Just what man are you speaking of? Surely not Joe,He's doing a great job,

  • Victor Barney

    America! pay attention! What happens to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is going to be a gigantic indicator if it's over for our Republic and i'm thinking that it is! WATCH!

  • Mike

    Not only counties should request an true birth certificate but also the state. All states should (must) require a birth certificate on all those running for any office. ALL VOTERS MUST CARRY A DRIVERS LICENSE PRIOR TO VOTING. THEY SHOULD OF PREREGISTRATION AND ON VOTING DAY PUT THEIR FINGER IN THE PURPLE DYE.

  • premonition010

    Truant Officer TARGET kids who Ditch school ( Breaking the Law )
    DEA . . . . . . . TARGET Druggies who Deal drugs ( Breaking the Law )
    Traffic Cops . .TARGET Speeders and Red Light Runners ( Breaking the Law )
    Detectives . . . TARGET Thieves and Murders ( Breaking the Law )
    COPS . . . . . .TARGET Law breakers

    SHERIFF JOE DOES HIS JOB . . . . Eric Holder DOES NOT !

  • nifongnation

    If you need any help Joe, I am willing to be deputized to help you fight this pariah hanging over you.

  • Dave

    If we had about 435 Joe Arpaio types in congress, another 100 in the senate, 9 on the supreme court and 1 in the White House, the republic might actually have a chance of surviving. You go Joe!

  • Infidel

    "And with his Racist Attorney General!"

  • Brian

    Well, all I can say is WE must start some kind of support for Sheriff Joe either money or vocal support. Sherriff Joe remember the best defense is offense. God speed.

    • Patricia Martin

      To contribute to help the Sheriff. call or contact Maricopa County Sheriff, Phoenix, Arizona. or just send him the money he needs to fight this allegation. I have done a little but I do not remember where the money was sent. I am a citizen
      of Arizona, 84 years old, widowed and my income is very limited. I would gladly do more if I was in a position to do so.

      You posed the idea and I am just advisng that it is possible. DOJ is way out of hand and if this will help Joe Arpaio
      do the job he is doing and continue to do it. I am all for it.

  • Infidel

    "Lets set the tone now,Sheriff Joe or Barry Soertoro for President!"

  • Robert Swartz

    OBAMA, I double DOG DARE YOU to come to Maricopa County and get in Sheriff JOE'S Face and try to intimidate him. Sheriff Joe would arrest OBAMA. Then what would happen ???

  • 2WarAbnVet

    It's the Chicago Way; thuggery in the White House.

  • Doodlebug

    Hang in there Joe, we need more law enforcement like you! You have many people supporting you and that you cannot say about Holder! All of us should be requesting to see that birth certificate and if the idiot doesn't have anything to hide why won't he show it?? Born in Hawaii or Kenya, he IS NOT a natural born citizen of this United States and does not belong in the position he holds.

  • julian

    This article could be retitled why we need Ron Paul, the states need an advocate in Washington.

  • Delores109

    I live in Arizona. Continue to do your GREAT work. I guarantee you that Obama, Holder, Soros and all of the other radicals will be charged and convicted of ACTS OF TREASON against Arizona and the United States of America. Soon, they will be laughing on the other sides of their faces. Sheriff Joe, COUNT ON IT! Keep in mind that these guys are Chicago Street Punks, who continuously try to anger and stir up Americans. We're taking our country back without violence. Thanks for all that you are doing, Sheriff Joe. Delores Smith

  • Kevin

    Heavenly Father, Please send forth your Heavenly Angles to stand before Sheriff Joe and protect him for this Corrupt evil Government. Amen

  • MLH

    Arpaio should harass the DOJ and Barry Boy immediately by exposing Obama's ineligibility proving the scammer and thug that Barry Boy really is. ;)))

  • Jan


  • Lou

    It seems to me that they need more intellegent folks at the DOJ. Let's see, if there are people illigally crossong into this country from mexico, my suspicion is that they would be hispanics. That's not profiling, and this isn't rocket science. I may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but let's call a spade a spade. They are bringing charges of corruption against a law officer who is doing what he was sworn to do and that is to protect the citizens and the constitution of the United states. I think the charges should be brought against the higher ups who refuse to follow the laws thst are on the books, made by everyone knows who. I guess that's washington. You go Sherriff Joe. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE UNITED STATES!!!

  • Kay

    Why wouldn't the Justice Department target Joe ? He is an American doing what is correct. It is the new order of the day to speed the destruction of our Country along to meet the time table before next election.

  • @jsbrodhead

    I believe Sheriff Joe, will have Mexicans of Scandihoovian descent, busted too, if they are in AZ illegally, if they can find them.

    Go Joe!
    Thank you for standing up, both against illegals and against the Progressive scum in DC!

  • Robert A. Deihl

    I recently received a request from Sheriff Joe Arpaio for contributions. As a retired disabled veteran on very limited income I haven't the finances to support the many this administration has, is, and will be attacking with their unlimited funds and power. But the next best thing I can do is to implore that anyone who loves this country, and has the financial capability to help fight the Marxists in Washington DC, make the committment to preserving our heritage by putting their money where their mouth is. You can donate to Sheriff Joe with a major credit card, or with a check payable to: "Re-Elect Joe Arpaio 2012". His Address is Sheriff Joe Arpaio, P.O. Box 5066, Scottsdale AZ 85261. His support committee has a website at and they can be reached at (602)235-9320. JUST DO IT!

    • Patricia Martin

      Thanks for providing te address to make contricutions to Sheriff Arpaio's support. I didn't remember it, and I appreciate it that someone else has it.

  • Robert Morrow

    As a veteran, Citizen of the USA I care two forms of photo ID and have no problem producing them, so just why is these criminals like the Dept. of so called Justice against it. Why as they want all illegals and haters of the Republic to keep voting them back in Office to rule the country and change it to the Socialist State of America. I think at Joe Arpaio is doing a great job and hope he keeps doing. I also know that the DOJ is selling us out and a traitor to the country and should be tried and jailed.

  • janie

    Sheriff Joe can teach all you others how to do your job correct. He's doing what should be done everywhere. To all you cry babie's out there,stop trying to pamper the criminal's and take our country back.You all have to know Mexicans are not the only one's here trying to ruin our country, Actually our own President is is working right along with them.

  • Don DeHoff

    I agree with most of the comments. Also, since about 95% of the illegals coming across the border are Hispanic, both math and common sense dictates that about 95% of those apprehended will be Hispanics, probably more,. I say "more" because the "bad guys" coming across, many of whom wish us great harm", will have the resources to more fully hide their true identity. Also, I have printed out the 1884 Supreme Court finding on "Minor v. Happersett", and it clearly states that a person running for President must be born of citizens (note plural), who are born in America. Part 1 of 2 parts.

  • John Galt

    We are with you Sheriff Joe. Keep up the good work. You must be getting to Obama and all of his corrupt administration. You have them scared so they are going to come after you.

    Obama is the most corrupt person in American political history. He makes Al Capone look like an amateur. He has brought his Chicago style thuggery to the White House. Your questioning of his qualifications to be president is the reason he is covertly siccing his minions on you.

    Obama is the most deplorable person I know. And I DO know him.

  • Shane

    Sheriff Joe is an American hero. He is being targeted not for the stated reasons, but because he has been too effective in fighting illegal immigration. Obama and the Left do not want illegal immigration stopped. God bless Sheriff Joe!

  • Anne_PA

    This is nothing more than Obozo's attempt to take down Joe Arpiao because he's looking into Obozo's birth certificate, which no far has NOT been produced.

    Due to the Alien Registration Act of 1940, each immigrant or non-immigrant must register and undergo fingerprinting upon entry into the country. Included on the registration, also called an I-94 card, are the arrival and expected departure dates. Each alien receives a certificate of registration or a registration receipt. A non-immigrant is a temporary visitor. The exact format depends on the current attorney general.

    Title 8, Chapter 12, Section 1304 of the U.S. Code requires every alien age 18 or older to carry the certificate or registration receipt at all times.

    So the "targeting" allegation is just as bogus as Obozo himself.

  • Don DeHoff

    Part 2 of 2 parts: That court decision makes sense in that the Framers of the Constitution did not want a president that would have either direct or indirect allegience to any foreign country or person born in a foreign country. (That provision should also apply to our senators and federal judges). I understand that recently that court decesion was "purged" from the federal records system. That is not a major problem in that the decision was published in thousands of history books, by the media, and yes, with Google and the other search engines. With all of this coming to light, I suspect there well be many "little people" who were involved, comming forward to "cop a plea", to avoid their names and heads being added to the "chopping block:". I sense many "aiders and abetters" are going to get nailed.

  • Donnamohler

    They are only going after Joe Arpairo because he's investigating obamas INELIGIBILITY!!! MARCH ON DC!!!!

  • KennyB

    If, or should I say when, the DOJ tries to pull some underhanded, crooked, illegal shenanigans, Sheriff Joe needs to put out a CODE RED - CALL TO ACTION. And then, "We The People" need to respond by going to Arizona and standing up for the real law and justice that we demand and have the showdown that we all know is coming. I for one am tired of being pushed around by this bunch of communist that run DC, and think it's about time to start pushing back. After all, there is more of us than there are of them.

  • Thomas M

    What a joke The DOJ is nothing but a bunch of obama arse kissers and truely anti America.

  • Jack

    Keep up the great work, Joe. We here in Indiana would love to be able to vote for you. If we were Democrats, we probably could.

  • Jack

    I would love to see Holder, Reed and Obama in pink undies working on one of your chain gangs. Maybe planting mines along the border.

  • David

    It is TIME to IMPEACH HOLDER and also that POS president Obama!!!!!

  • jerry1944

    go get them Joe But i dont agree with who he supports for pes But on his crime fighting i am with him

  • SpaceChief

    Remember Obama's campaign promise to establish a national police force to be funded and equipped to the same level as the US Armed Forces? Why? To take over the nation by force if he can't do it through his dupes? Holder refuses to uphold the Defense of marriage Act. He refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers who illegally tried to intimidate voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 federal elections. And he is challenging the various states, including Arizona, who are trying to enforce immigration laws Holder won't uphold. Obama encouraging the idiot Occupy-Wherever protesters who want everything Americans have without working for it. Time for a purge? We are heading for a violent confrontation in this country.

  • Richard

    I am all for Joe. Ge after him Joe, I back you all the way to save AMERICA

  • d.k.dexter

    do your thing joe,after all obamas not really president,so why listen to him?

  • Rebbaron55

    GOD bless you Joe and and your supporters! We should draft Joe for President as he would be so much better than anyone this is running at the present time! Just wonder what the people of this country will do if Joe is arrested by Holder for not obeying his edicts? I hope Holder tries!!!!! Deo Vindice!!!!

  • betty

    i have been sickened by what all is going on in AZ ///no not by sheriff joe but by obama suing and turning it over to the treasonist enemy UN so called human rights we need to stand up get rid of the obama with the goonie squad and dump the UN totaly

  • Ed from Florida

    If you don't agree with Obama and his personal Department of Justice you will become a target. This is the shape of things to come. Brace yourself.

  • boomer8

    and if we bordered France or Poland he'd be accused of "profiling" people that look French or Polish. So what "civil rights" entitle a person to enter a country illegally?

  • boomer8

    I fully expect the next President, who will be a Repubican, will appoint Sheriff Joe as Secretary of DHS. And Allen West as SecDef.

  • South1

    This is all about the reelection and scaring Hispanics to vote for the Democrats. Study any dictatorship and this tactic is used to suppress opposition and organize support for the dictator.

  • Southern Bell

    We need more Sheriff Joes and 1-less Obamable. The closer Joe got to the truth, you already knew something like this would happen. I'm sure Obamable has had his men watching Joe's ever move since he announce he would find out about the legalities of the birth certificate. Already had a lot of death threats. Wonder how much that cost Obamable to hire the thugs to do his dirty work..

  • mitchell

    I alway though the smartest were alway in our Gov. afraid that isn't so.The DOJ is following Obama's instrutions to go after The Sheriff, and Ariz Governor.I thought it was the Goverments job to sfop Illegals from entering our country, no they want them to come in.The sheriff is only doing the job, the US Goverment won't do.How coulld any one look in the eyes of Obama,and vote for him, knowing he is an die hard Muslim. G O D help us and a merry Christmas.

  • Scot

    The progressive left like Obama and Holder don't adhere to laws, and they will slander and discredit anyone who goes against them. The corruption is unbelievable! How can you file against someone for trying to uphold the laws?!? They're only going after the Sheriff because he struck a nerve with Obama's fraudulent birth certificate. I've got news for both Holder and Obama. You've won a few battles, but you're going to lose the war!

  • guest

    I sure hope the American people BACK up this great Sheriff, We need many more just like him and LESS Obama's and Holders.
    Those are the two that need to be run out of office. Not the fine Sheriff.

  • guest

    Oh and just for your information: The fine Sheriff is UP HOLDING the laws of the Land, Can't say the same for OBAMA AND The atty Gen HOLDER.

    These guys have to go.

  • raygun

    The WH IDIOTS, DOJ IDIOTS and their minions need to be removed ASAP. Or the USA will become the USSA or the US Nazi A or the US commie A. Either way, the American public loses. Nov. 2012 can't happen soon enough. Take no prisoners ... show no mercy. Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Oorah, let Freedom ring. George "Doc" Reagan, US Navy, 1966 - 1969, HM2, Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate, USS Lexington CV-16.

  • http://http/ sean murrey ILLInio

    joeis doing his job leave him alone you POS.

  • Hobart Teague

    Joe Arpaio may not have as many connections as Obama so it may be that some of Joe's connections could get to Obama befroe Holder,s henchmen gets to Joe.

  • Moe

    People like Sheriff Joe are, unfortunately, a rare breed. If i lived in Arizona, I would offer to volunteer whatever services to him and his department that would enhance his efforts. The Citizens of Maricopa County are very fortunate to have such a dedicated man protecting them from such criminal threats to their safety and lives.

    He simply wants to do his job and enforce the laws that have been extablished by the Federal Government, State of Arizona Government, and Maricopa County. Does the Fed DOJ mean by their actions that no city, county, or state can enforce a Federal Law, or warrent? If there is a Federal warrent for someone's arrest for a major crime, would a sheriff be barred from arresting that person in accordance with this attitude from the DOJ?

    The ramifications of such narrow visiones stupidity is very far reaching.

  • Edies fadder

    When the D O J puts their house in order ie; jailing eric holder, and the rest of the people in the DOJ that had anything to do with FAast and Furious , then they can [if they are idiots] go after sheriff arpio. They should be giving him all the help he needs to do his job the right way , sot the way the dems, and obummer want it done

  • Inky

    When obama made his speech in Kansas a few days ago he made the statement that he inherited his name from his Father, then he said, but I inherited my Values from my Mother.... Someone please help me with this..

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Deport Eric Holder.

  • Anonymous

    When, if ever, is our Congress going to start doing what we the people electe them to do, and that is to defend our freedom and independence as granted by OUR CONSTITUTION? One of the listed powers of Congress in Article I, Section 8, states as follows: "To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof." Congress should be quick to stop the Jusstice Department in its persacution of Sheriff Arpaio, and let him do the job he was elected to do. The Department of Justice should be doing all it can to assist the Sheriff, and in doing all it can to protect our borders from these raiders. We should not be calling them illegal immigrants, for they are not immigrants of any kind, but people that are raiding our country and should be treated as any other enemy. We cannot expect Obama to do anything constuctive, for he is bent on destroying our country, and these raiders are helping him. We should remember that Departments of the Executive Branch are not ran by individuals elected by the people, but are hired by the President and confirmed by the Senate. At the present time, some of the individuals heading those departments are close friends of the President, and, as such, probably have communistic leanings and Islamic faith. There have been instances where departments of the Executive Branch have given billions of dollars to foreigh countries, with no input from our Congress, a direct violation of the Constitution. If Congress was the least bit concerned about jobs and our economy, they would pass a bill requiring the approval of the pipeline from Canada, with or without Obama's signature. If the pipeline is not approved, we can only believe that Congress does not want it approved. The same is true about our massive debr. if Congress hadn't wanted this debt, we would not have this debt. So, we can only assume that is what they wanted, for whatever devious and evil reason they had. No one should question the fact the we the people have need to assume our own responsibilities under OUR CONSTITUTION, elect new leaders, and demand that the conduct business according to th Constitituin. Its about time our Supreme Court started to do their job also. They seem to think that they are empowered to make laws, when their job is to interpret those enacted by Congress.

  • Bud

    Of course Obama will go after this sheriff with everything he has. Haven't you heard that the sheriff is investigating Obama for fraud on his social security number. Obama is an illegal who bought his way in to the presidency thanks to his muslum brothers. He has to shut him up.

  • Shell

    Impeaching the president and firing the AG and all the other Czars would almost correct the major problems we have , but don't stop there "clean house" , senate, and the courts across the NATION, then the borders will be more secure if we put the returning troops from Iraq along the Rio Grande with live ammo.

  • Batwings

    The sheriff of a given county is the supreme law enforcement officer and all others can go to Hell including that illegal POS president and ALL of his "butt boys"...
    I say GO, Go, Go Sheriff Joe. You are a ray of hope for this nation.

  • Wyatt

    Anyone noticed how when you become a threat to Obama they themselves become the target ? This alone should tell people that there is something wrong abut this guy . Herman Cain was a very big threat and they targeted him with the sexual harassment ploy with women coming out of the woodwork . Since he has dropped out I haven't heard anything about it . Now its Sheriff Arpaio . I think Obama and Holder have bitten off more than they can chew , Sheriff Joe does not back down . If there was nothing to hide , why is this administration going out of their way to attack those who could depose or Expose the sorry excuse for a leader sitting in the White House ? When the truth is near Obama panic's and sends his Goon Squads out to attack those who would send him packing . He meeds to be voted out , but it would be nicer to see him kicked out !

  • msbets

    At first I thought it was just saying the Sheriff was unfairly targeting hispanic, meaning ones who might be legal, now it's hispanics who are illegal, well gaaaaaaaaaaaaalee geewizzzzzzz, that's even WORSE, poor things!!! there is a another joke going around called "Sorry Amigo's" I hope many of you get to read it..................sure made my day!!!!

  • bressler


  • marysteeleyorktownva

    We have ONE BIG ISSUE that the media cares about reporting on -UNEAMPLOYMENT/JOBS, so we must push the fact that 8 million illegal workers still have jobs while we have massive unemployment and the Executive Branch has the sole power AND responsibility to open those jobs so 14-22 million unemployed veterans and other unemployed legal immigrants and citizens can apply and get back to work but refuses, so OUR unemployed are struggling to make ends meet while they watch illegal workers do the very jobs they are trained in, or could be trained to do! These are not just low-paying jobs either!

  • Doris McCoy

    Isn't the bulk of illegals crossing the Mexico and America borders hispanics? Like 90+%? Then, who would he naturally, as Sheriff, try to stop - all the illegals crossing the borders. Dah! Which given the percent of hispanics crossing, would naturally make them the biggest group being picked up. There that should not be too hard to figure out.
    The Sheriff is doing the job our government isn't doing, which is protecting our citizens. There is a trail of kidnappings,dead, beheaded or worst bodies from the Mexico border all the way into Canada and our president and DOJ are doing nothing - because it helps usher in the NWO, and if enough people are killed it will help with the Agenda 21 and "sustainable communities" and "communities for humans".
    Also, when the information does come out about this regime leader and his czars, it would be a very bad thing for them. I would hope that the Sheriff has back-ups so if he is not here the truth will still come out! Make it so your being gone won't matter because the machine has been set in motion and it is not going to stop.

  • Patriot7

    Congress should take a lesson in courage from Sheriff Joe. He is the only one that is taking an active stance on the birth eligibility issue and the only one who is single handedly facing up to the DOJ thugs. The DOJ must really be aprehensive about what Sheriff Joe is uncovering to try to press charges against him for corruption and malfeasance in office.

  • TheGizmo51

    I believe the supreme court should be investigated as to why they define
    a corporation as a person that can donate unlimited secret funds to
    candidates. Along with skewing elections with unchecked corporate
    influence by not knowing the amount of their monetary donations they may
    very well be putting their corporations' profits and thus their
    investors at risk. At the very least the investors have a legal
    fiduciary right to know where the corporations spend their money.

  • MikeFL

    You really want to know what is "going on" in D.C.? Go to the United Nations site and download Agenda 21. It has been installed at the bottom and is working its way up. Normally it would be the other way around. This way we aren't paying so much attention. City and County offices. School rules and subjects taught, State governments, and on... If you take the time to "know your enemy", and read Agenda 21, you will be shocked at how much it reveals about religious control, land and building permits, and more. Sure the infomation is long. But most novels are as well as movies that are worth much. The difference is this will change America and the world.

  • Michael

    o and h should pay a visit to Gitmo now, and Sheriff Joe could hold down the DOJ indefinately.

  • Bill

    Go Joe Goodbye Obama the most un-American President

  • Peaches

    Well, let's make sure we understand. The DOJ can be involved in Fast and Furious, deliberately sending automatic weapons across the border only to "lose" them (who believes that losing them was an accident?). On the other hand, Sheriff Joe, who is trying to UPHOLD the law the old-fashioned way, is being harassed by the very same people who broke it deliberately. Obama promised transparency in his administration and we certainly do have it in this situation. The Fast and Furious people "lost track" of the guns. Jon Corzine "lost" $1.2 billion invested by hard-working farmers and ranchers. Solyndra "lost" $513million in bankruptcy. The $700 million stimulus was directed toward shovel-ready projects that by Obama's own words "were not as shovel ready as we thought." The incredibly valuable drone was "lost" over Iran. The list goes on and on. I hope that people are keeping track and that none of these thefts are lost on the American TAXPAYERS in the 2012 elections. God help us and bless America.

  • Retired Major

    I'm proud of you, Sheriff Joe.

  • Eli Jones

    Because of Eric Holder's and Barack Obama's gun running, US border agent Brian Terry and US immigration customs enforcement agent Jaime Zapata were killed by those guns. Also over two hundred Mexicans have been slaughtered by Holder's and Obama's guns with many more deaths expected.


  • Eli Jones

    It is very expensive to fight against the deep pockets of Obama's fascist Muslim government. then click on KEEP AZ SAFE and donate whatever you can

    If you want to send a check, mail it to: 1355 N. Greenfield Road Mesa, AZ 85205

  • Richard

    Anyone out there with the expertise to set up a website to take donations for a legal defense fund for Sheriff Joe? I think he would receive millions in donation which would be a big slap in the face to the Obama and Holder gestapo. Time to take the country back. The extra money could be used to push for a full independent investigation of "Fast and Furious" and track it al l the way to Obama.

  • CaptTurbo

    We should follow our own laws strictly and deport all illegal aliens immediately including Obozo and the rest of his family who have been living here on our tax dollars for many years.

    Sheriff Joe is a hero. We should all support him in our actions and with donations to help him fight the good fight against this evil that has usurped our government.

  • Inside Agent

    Warned that it was comming.
    Not over yet.

  • Paul Revere

    Go Sheriff Joe! We Love your tenacity and Pray for you to continue this fight. GOD Bless Joe!

  • Richard

    Anyone out there with the expertise to set up a website to take donations for a legal defense fund for Sheriff Joe? I think he would receive millions in donation which would be a big slap in the face to the Obama and Holder gestapo. Time to take the country back. The extra money could be used to push for a full independent investigation of "Fast and Furious" and track it al l the way to Obama.

  • Bob D

    God Bless Sheriff Joe! I wonder if he'll need campaign donations at re-election time, as the Chicago thugs will pour big $$$$ to try to defeat him!

  • TerryE

    I have been a resident of Az since 1967 & Sheriff Joe is loved & respected by MOST of the people, with exception (of course!) of the sniveling liberals & racist Latino office holders in the state. He is the most popular elected official in Az. The little racist pimp Eric Holder really needs a serious ass-kicking & I can hardly wait until he, Obamadinejad & the rest of the Obamunists are thrown out of office in next yrs elections. Most of you that post things here are true blue conservatives, as is evident once one reads your posts & probably know most of Holder's discretions, but JIC: Holder was the person that was responsible for acquiring a pardon for Mark Rich, who was found guilty of screwing the US out of millions, perhaps billions of dollars. His refusal to prosecute the "New Black Panthers" for voter intimidation in Pennsylvania during the 2008 elections is purely racist & derilection of duty & although I have little hope that the republicans will go after him prosecutorily when they take charge of congress & the executive branch in Jan of 2013, I will continue to hope & pray that we get a man in the White House with the testicular fortitude to bring justice to these asses that I consider treasonous.

  • The Federal Farmer

    This is what the War on Drugs has caused. And it will get much, much worse before it gets better. (And it will only get better when government surrenders and ends the war.)
    Government, and far too many Americans, need to get it through their thick heads that free people have a God given right to get stoned and/or to use whatever medicines they deem proper for themselves and their families, and it ain't nobodies business but their own.

  • Bill in AZ

    Just hope we can get through the next year without more crap coming out of Washington. It would be great if one of the national polling people came out with a poll asking who Americans trust more, Eric Holder or Joe Arpaio. Hee in Maricopa County we are very concerned with illegals being released on our streets.

  • a voice of many

    Go Joe, you getting close to flushing the toilet on these traitors who call themselves politicians and Supreme Court stooges.

  • Sue

    They are trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution. Rush faxes and emails to your representatives asking them to impeach this imposter now. It is not racism, it is morality, ethics and Constitutional law. It is our freedom from tyranny. May God help us do the 180.

    • the big easy

      @ sue---------As long as there is the dirty hairy reed in the senate,you don't stand much of a chance of that happening.Once he IS voted OUT,then there WILL be a HOPE AND CHANGE for the BETTER.

  • William

    The DOJ under Holder has gotton to be total unamerican as can be. To target the law for going after illegal people coming across our bordor does not make sence. Our law people are swore to taking care of laws of our states and goverment. So by doing it the unamerican Holder has his DOJ after our people.

  • http://aol Ray Gillespie

    Boys , you are wasting your time., the blacks and the ignorant put this piece of wasted protoplasm in office, and with the help of the media they will keep him there.

  • lizaz

    Keep targeting those illegal aliens, Sheriff....the operative word is ILLEGAL !!! Just like our so-called "Department of Justice"....better known as the Fast and Furious Gun Smuggling Department, run by an Atty. General who knows nothing, by his own admission!!! We are behind you 100% and know you are just trying to protect us, the citizens of AZ. Thank You!!!!

  • wagthedog

    Get rid of obumma Vote for anyone else

  • wagthedog

    Get rid of obumma Vote for anyone else.

  • Patrick Henry

    What is wrong with asking (undocumented "immigrants") for their documents? Liberals like to use that term so by defination we need to ask for their documents, and since 75% of Illegals are Latino, those are the ones we mainly need to check. I German Shepherds are going around biting children, I won't be looking out for Poodles!

  • Janie Parker

    We need more leaders like Sheriff Joe, I have always admired the way this man goes after what is the right thing to do. Go Joe

  • the big easy

    GO SHERIFF JOE;I can't wait to see the FLEA-INFESTED FLEA-BAGGER in a ORANGE,OR PINK jump suit,on a  VERY  LONG  VACATION,in the  PRESIDENTIAL  SUITE  AT  CLUB  GITMO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

  • Tnc Del

    Why shouldn't he "target" them? What percentage of them do you think are Koreans, Germans and Australians?