Storing 7 Days of Food Could Send You to Gitmo Indefinitely

If President Obama signs the National Defense Authorization Act that is sitting on his desk, it will give him the power to arrest any American citizen and send them to Guantanamo Bay without any charges, without a trial and the imprisonment can be indefinite.

Contained in the over 1800 pages of the massive bill is a provision that gives the military the power to indefinitely detain any suspected terrorists without filing charges.  Since the President is Commander in Chief of the armed forces, that provision also gives him the same powers.

The real danger lies in the government’s definition of what a suspected terrorist is.

According to Sen Rand Paul (R-KY),

"We're talking about American citizens who can be taken from the United States and sent to a camp at Guantanamo Bay and held indefinitely.  There are laws on the books right now that characterize who might be a terrorist: someone missing fingers on their hands is a suspect, according to the Department of Justice. Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist. If you are suspected because of these activities, do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?"

Paul says this is why he and twelve other senators voted against the bill, because they saw the dangerous implications of this provision which was designed to give the military certain powers during the current conflict with al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

A number of Democrats deny that the bill contains any provision that would allow for the indefinite detainment of American citizens without due process of law.  However, if you look at the list of the Dems making the denials, you will quickly discover that they are the loyal minions of the president and have already proven that they will lie and pervert the law so as to support Obama.

The truly frightening aspect of this is that Obama has placed a number of provisions in place to set the stage for his dictatorial takeover of the country.  Once he touches the ink to this piece of legislation, he will have the power to accuse anyone who opposes him of being a suspected terrorist and have them sent to Gitmo or some other military facility where they can be held without any formal charges for as long as the government determines that we are still at hostility with terrorism.

This provision is another nail in the coffin of free America, mark my word.



  • Jonathon

    So I guess I'm screwed. I'm an amputee (left arm), I have extra food stockpiled (to feed my children in the event I was unable to work or a catastrophe), and I buy extra ammunition when my budget allows for it. Gotta love this dictator in sheep's clothing. Nothing like criminalizing the freedom loving populace in order to take complete control of a nation. We must impeach this looser now!!!!

    • Rickoff

      Sorry Jonathan, but we cannot impeach Barry. That's because he is NOT a lawful President of the United States of America, having never proved that he was eligible for that office as required by the Constitution.

    • Major Daniel P. Corcoran (ret)

      I'm with you! I store at least 3 months of canned goods, dry stores and water for such events that would prevent access to life sustaining emergencies. (I also maintain a stockpile of ammo and medical supplies). I rotate the old stock for the new stock which is easy enough if you keep a running inventory. Usage of water is easy enough to gauge by taking a reading of your water usage each month and divide that by the number of people at home. It is a rough idea of how much you should store. I've taught a lot of survival courses over the years and now my wife has taken up the effort. I strongly suggest that everyone take a course in this field. Our local library here in Citrus County does periodic seminars on this subject. We have a website with our username . com. If I can forward any information to help others I will share what I have. Take care, have a great, safe day and may God Bless!
      Major Daniel P. Corcoran (ret)

    • JimB3

      Some of us are just plain everyday Boy Scouts. Remember the Boy Scout motto? "Be Prepared". Goes with the Marine Corps motto. "Seper Fidelis" (always faithful). Or the other Marine one I like, "Gung Ho" (Chinese for "works together"). Be a Boy Scout.

      • Dave

        "Seper Fidelis" Is the NAVY, not the Marines

        • http://Godfather... HTA, PBENN

          Wahoo Dave, Your are sooo WRONG!
          That IS the MARINES saying. Have you never watche "Heartbreak Ridge"
          "Semper Fi, do or die"!
          I was US Navy worked around Marines. Trust me I know.

        • JimB3

          Thank you Navy. I just got that ignorant post and thought I would puke. Glad I didn't have to answer it or I might have used bad language; which I learned in the US Marine Corps 1973-1977. I went on to do 31 years active and reserve Army and retired as a LTC (Commander if you're Navy). I have a jacket with patches from all of the units I served in but, the biggest is a 10 inch USMC patch on the back. All the USMC stuff other than that is over my heart. Urraaahhh. What's really sick is I still hear my D.I. in my head. No problems forgetting my two deployments to Iraq. But a D.I. from 1973 still plays over and over in my head. They REALLY get to you.

        • KittyKat

          Dave, you are obviously confused.... Did you serve in ANY branch of the military? I doubt it, otherwise you'd know that SEMPER FIDELIS is the MARINE CORPS motto; the Corps is under the Navy Dept., but is a distinct, separate branch. You need to visit a VFW or ask a vet before you post...

    • Tree of Freedom

      He's not hiding in sheep's clothing... he is standing as brash and bold and vulgar as any dictator in history. He turns his head up and eyes down in a snooty mood, probably developed from his sun days on the beaches of the world. That pose reminds me of the Egyption leader who was called The Sun God... and think about what happened to that sunbaked brain.
      It's the far too many American people who are wearing the wool... pulled over their eyes. There is no reason for American citizens to allow this tyrant to remain in our government... in any position. We have recourse and we have reason to get him out NOW. Simply TELL your Senators, Reps, local politicians that since they cannot establish this man as properly vetted and show the vetting documents, they are hereby ordered to remove this sucker before January 1, 2012. Probably net him on the beach and haul him in. He is a scourge to Americans, America, and our Freedom. We cannot allow this to continue. He is a nut and being directed by hidden power players... which we will locate and incarcerate in Gitmo while we decide when and where to begin a trial. Be careful of what you commies want, you may get it... up the kazoo.

      • Shoboski

        I agree wholeheartedly with your frank and truthful assessment of the Usurper. Barack the Usurper is the most dangerous man in the world at this time. He is easily as much "a Nut" as Nero was, and his intentions are to destroy the Greatest Country and the Greatest Government that has ever existed on the face of the Earth. "Evil" is the word that comes to mind.


        Right-On Tree Of Freedom However "King Obama" Operates By The Rules Set-Up By George Soros, Yikeess, What The USA Needs Is More "Sheriffs Joe Arpaio" Asking The Main Questions, Like Social Security Number Stolen 042-68-4425 At The Age Of Fifteen In Hawaii And Still Using As Late As Last Years Income Tax (2010) Yikeess, Now Who Should Be In Camp Gitmo?? Right God Bless America And Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    • Tim BAH

      The vast majority of Americans are too busy drinking Starbucks and seeking amusements. "Life is a Cabaret ole chum." And when they come for those drinking Starbucks there will not be anyone that remains who cares. First those deemed in leadership, such as those that publish and make comments in "newsletters" and/or forums will be plucked out of their homes in the dead of night. "I wonder where so-in-so went?" Then it will escalate. Then it will be too expensive to keep oh so many, then...

      The only answer, solution, protection, or help is the very same one that gave His hand of protection to build this republic. "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you." Words of Jesus recorded in John 15:18. If I am going down there is no other worthy. Point the way to Jesus, and He will make a way, where there is no way.

    • Guest

      sounds like leucippus,muslim liberal bloodsucker that doesn't know how to live FREE and is probably to lazy too.

    • cyberhackster

      So how did this piece legislation get to Odickheads desk in the first place???

    • 1599

      It was congress, the democrats and republicans who passed that bill.

      • nanblan

        What in the world were Republicans thinking when they supported this bill? Are they crazy? Every one of them that voted for it should be thrown out IMMEDIATELY. I just don't get it?????

    • Winston

      Over half of the current Congress signed off and voted for this Bill so they'll need to be evicted along with Obama. And, it was John McCain who co-authored the amendment to the Bill to include this disgusting anti-Liberty piece to put American citizens in detention if the government acts on it.

      • The Federal Farmer

        They need to be sent to Gitmo for treason.

    • Suw

      this creep is the epitome of evil. Get him out of our white house and our government. Unbelievable.

    • Jonathon

      All incumbents out in 2012. Its as good a start as any.

    • Dennis

      Kinda puts the Patriot Act to shame doesn't it?

    • Pebbles

      I couldn't have said it any better than you did. I'd vote for Daffy Duck before I'd vote for this president. Impeachment is not going to happen. The democrats and even some republicans would never have the nerve. If they did, they would have pursued the legality of his citizenship instead of aiding in burying the information proving his ineligibility to run for the presidency. None of the reps in Washington are honest, and never will be. The power of having so much power is just too tempting. We need to make their positions part-time and no particular benefits. They should be compensated for just the time they are in session, and have the same benefits all Americans have, with no added perks. They should have term limits, too, and when their time in office ends, so will everything they received while they were ELECTED OFFICIALS, not career politicians.

      • The Federal Farmer

        How about Ron Paul? Will you vote for him??

    • Banning

      Hey Jonathon, you'll / we will have plenty of company in all the Hollywood types, Micheal Moores and George Soros's of the world also. Bet they get a wavier like their health care. See you there.

  • Leucippus

    Wow this site needs a name change, mabie schizoid politics? Its pretty obvious the common theme here is paranoid schizophrenia.

    • R. Cook

      But on the other side is a person paranoid if what he believes is correct? If you give up liberty and freedom for a personal sense of security, you are destroying the very ethic of freedom and liberty.

    • exbuckeye

      Leucippus, are you maybe posting for omobman?
      You need to get your head back out in the sunshine where you can see whats going on!!

      This article reminds me of the USSR Gulags where people just 'disappear'.

    • JDA

      Leucippus, there is nothing paranoid about wanting to keep our rights and freedoms. Things like this has happened before and will happen again through the history of the world. It was people like you in Germany in the 1930's that not only turned a blind eye to what Hitler was doing, but also helped him as members of his SA and SS. Just because you are stupid enough to turn a blind eye to Obama robbing Americans of their freedoms, does not mean all Americans are. Many Germans stood up to Hitler and some paid a high price. Some Americans are not going to give up their freedoms and liberties in exchange of false promises of security. I am an American working in Russia, here it is legal for citizens to own guns, except hunting rifles, yet everyday on the news you see where bank robberies and armored car robberies by crooks with fully automatic AKs and stores being robbed by crooks with pistols. Russia has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world, yet crooks still get guns, so what makes Obama and the democrats think America will be safer without guns, maybe for them it will be, but for the rest of us, we'll be at the mercy of criminals and Obama knows it. The democrats and Obama only want to disarm Americans, so we can not stop them from taking over completely. f you can not see what is going on with Obama, i feel sorry for you, most likely you will be one of the first sent to one of the new FEMA concentration camps.

    • Outlawcajun

      And your regular site would be.....Stupidity and denial, right?

      • seabee combat vet


        • The Federal Farmer

          Yeah. But who will come in the night to "disappear" these Americans? It won't be the President, it will be the military! So I gotta ask you and the rest of the military who read this: When the order is given to arrest Americans, what will you do? You *know* they'll give you some story about how the evil American-terrorist is going to kill innocent Children. How will you discern if the evil perp is really evil or just some schmo who has 30 cans of beans in his larder, and a can of 5.56 ball? Methinks you'll do as you're told and go home to your family with a clear conscience because you were "just following orders."

          I hope you'll prove me wrong.

    • Greg

      You must be an ass who is walking around with the blinders on. You don't see what is coming at you on the left or right. Mainly from the left.

    • DSW

      You are screwed! By obummer, and I mean that in every sense of the word bum! Wake up before it's too late for you! You will be the one stealing and killing for a bite to eat when the poop hits the fan!

      • KittyKat

        YEP Leucippus,
        These posts that follow your head-in-the-sand post are true. You will have to take the mark to get any food for yourself or your family. If you do you end up in hell, no matter how much of a nice guy you are. Pay attention to what these posts say: read, listen, learn...

    • Fritz

      So the administrator must be one of those Dumbarats.

    • seabee combat vet

      Give me your address so I can send you some vaseline, as oblowhole will screw you just like any other American!!!!!

    • Nitrobud

      hey leucocyte: you may notice that almost no one trusts obama here. we all know that if he is for it it is bad for America. So maybe some paranoia, but not without cause. and if you define paranoia as "unsubstantiated" belief then most comments here do not meet that criteria - since we all have seen enough to make an intelligent rational guess where this is heading'

    • 1599

      It's a bad bill period.

    • Stgmgr

      YOU MUST GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!! It is folks like you that believe what the President says that will have all of us lose our Freedoms that come with being a citizen of The United States of America. Can't you see what this man is systematically doing to our great country? He is against our Constitution and tries to subvert it at any opportunity. tThat means your freedoms too.

    • gipbmac

      Leucippus - you are an idoiot who needs to just go drink some more of the left's psycho-koolaid and then stick your head back into the sand...YOU MORON...

    • BobVelon

      So you think people are paranoid and schizophrenic? The National Defense Authorization Act S.1867 allows the military to arrest American Citizens on U.S. soil. This is in defiance of the Posse Commitatus Act. They do not need proof you are a terrorist just suspect you may have terrorist leanings. You are a nut case because you do not have the mentality to see what is going on. You need help and it is people like you that put this bottom feeding maggot in office. His next step is real Martial Law because this bill is just as good as being martial law as it allows the military to do as they see fit on U.S, soil...But on the other hand maybe your an Oblohole Obot....

      • Fed up citizen

        I believe that Obama should also qualify as having terrorist leanings since he used to associate with known terrorists. Maybe he still does secretly?

    • Pebbles

      BS. It is not paranoia to react to what is going on around you, and to care.

    • Leo

      Now let me get this straight, if I denounce Leucippus as being a terrorist to the law enforcement authorities, his next
      home will be Guantanamo Bay. Bye Bye Leucippus!!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Leucippus, you should go back to drinking your Kool Aid. Obama functions outside of the Constitution, is out of control and is capable of ANYTHING. If you can't see that, then pour yourself another glass of Kool Aid.

    • Tom

      @Leucippus: You better get your head out of the sand or your nether region, where ever it is. The Gvt. is coming to get you too.

    • limvirg2000

      Leucippus, you are definately walking in darkness, the question is whether it's willful ignorance or just plain ignorance.

    • robert

      this is robert to Leucippus i say that to take this senate bill taken from agenda 21 witch is the secrate socities agenda for the 21 rst Century you had better wake up and i dare you to read the book or revalation especially Chaptor 7 & 20 as well as Danuel11 if you have the guts to that might wake you up to the fact that this world we live in is coming to a close as we know it.while your at it Read and understand Mathu chp 24 that alone will tell you what to Look for then pray acept God or suffer the consaquences of your own Choice The True God will not Force anyone mto follow him it is your choice alone .

    • Poppy

      Wow, what a dick.head.

      • poppy

        Sorry to Leucippus, I meant what a dick.head.

  • change in 2012

    So my Church teaches us we should have a minimum of 30 days worth of food and water storage plus the equivalent of a months pay on hand for emergencys, natural disasters and the like. I am a veteran, and a gun enthusiast, with plenty of weapons and ammo for them. I've also held a steady job for the last 31 years, own my home, am a father, faithful husband and an honest citizen who has never been to jail a day in my life. But now I could be considered a terrorist? Good thing I've never lost a finger!

    • seabee combat vet

      You don't have a table saw eh? hehehehe, just kidding. It's the table saw that will label you, believe me!!!!!!

      • NymRod

        You should have used a push stick.

    • Jules

      All veterans are considered to be "terrorists" according to Homeland Insecurity and Janet Nappy. Now we are really on the radar to the administration cuz we have guns, food and love our country. This has gone way too far with this administration. Welcome to the fourth Reich, comrade.

    • Mfinity

      I guess the State of Utah is soon to be wiped off the map -- good thing there are so many non-Mormons moved in to keep the state going after all them God-fearing, food-stockpiling, self-sufficient types get sent to Gitmo!

  • Greg

    Well, having 7 days of food in your cabinets, that makes every citizen in the USA, including the obamination, the congress, the senate, eric holder, pelosi, reid, franks, the CIA, the FBI are terrorists. If you shop for groceries by the week, you are a terrorists. If you shop bi-weekly you are a double terrorist. If you shop by the month, you are a quad terrorist. I am so sick of this dictator I could puke.

    • 1599

      If the price of food continues to rise only the food stampers will be able to store that much food.

      • Mfinity

        That's yet another means of entrapment by the Fed! They will take care of someone completely, until that person wants to try taking care of them-self. The moment that person shows any sign of competency in the working world, benefits drop completely, leaving that person worse off than if they had been lazy...

    • Michael G.

      If you puke you could considered biological weapon. Would you be a terrorist then?

    • Mfinity

      How many days stockpile does the WH have, can we finally arrest this guy on his own rules???

  • David

    Paranoida is a heighten state of awareness.

    • Ole Vet

      And, being paranoid DOESN'T mean they AREN'T out to get you!

  • tom byron

    Since it is Christmas tine, if everyone sent The White House a can of food, waited a week, and then someone, anyone, could call (202) 456-1111 and tell them "someone" is hording food. Then a simple phone call would let someone know he had months and months of food and...

    • Marti

      Great idea - I will start a mailing program in my town to the tarnished white house


    Well, they better have large capacity fema camps, because 90% of the country will have to fit in, somewhere.

    Click the name, see the website, prepare now.

    • VietnamVet

      Obama could not get any appreciable number of citizens put away in FEMA camps for two reasons.

      1. Logistics, the actual transporting so many people to these FEMA camps would overwhelm the transportation industry of the United States. Even if they used every single school bus, took over Trailways and Greyhound for the "duration", they couldn't do it.
      2. If they tried to activate (federalize) the National Guard, half of the commanders and troops would refuse to obey illegal orders. Can you imagine them arresting their aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters or parents and packing them away to some FEMA camp, somewhere? No way on this green earth. The same thing applies if Obama ignores Posse Comitatus and orders the active military to assume those duties. Members of the American Military all swore to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic". The geographical homes of the majority of the military are in the South. They are mostly Conservative. There is a Marine Barracks in Virginia and a complete MAB at Jacksonville in North Carolina, plus a Marine Air Station in Norfolk.

      For him to issue this kind of suicidal order, he better be under "Magic Mountain" in Colorado. I don't think even a direct line to the Blue Hat Headquarters at the United New World Order Nations building would help him much.

      • Jules

        I agree with ya, brother. As a fellow vet, I don't think it could happen. But, this administration is a bunch of wily coyotes and may try it on a smaller scale in the begining. Targeting one group at a time would make it a possibility. The TeaParty folks for a starter, then on to vets of a certain age, etc. Would not put anything past this bunch of commies in D.C.
        Liberalism is a mental disease. Carry on.

        • Deborah

          I agree with you. You know about the abuse of the Military by the government from experience. If you are not killed by gunfire, poison dust, (see:, you are sent home with a prescription. We all know what drugs do. Sites to look at that will put us in the know are: (see in youtube): thesecretrulersoftheworld. See the last five Videos explains what we need to do and we will need the Military/Nationa Guard to do this. The good thing is that people are waking up. Also see: "TheMatrix,theConstitution,etc." Also see to see that we have been fooled for many years. The vaccinations are biological weapons that have given us cancer and all kinds of health problems, including mental disorders. See what they are made up of on dr carley's site. Dead baby & monkey fetuses; putting bad tissue in with good tissue destroys the good tissue. It's been about population reduction.

    • Tom

      @SurvivingUrbanCrisis: They are letting the contracts for the camps right now. A provision in the contract is that the contractors must be able to set up the camp in 4 HOURS. Please pay attention.

  • Karen Griffee

    Some religions and just plain common sense require being prepared with food for bad weather and other difficulties. SOme people live so remotely that they can ONLY shop once a month. This is one of the MOST asinine things from the WH yet.

    • Dean

      No it is par for the course many things coming from the white house are directed at the end to a free America.

    • Drew Page

      If you get on the government's $hit list for one reason or another, they can make you disappear, law or no law.

    • JimB3

      Must mean that Mormons and similar faith groups will have to be arrested "en masse".

    • Phil

      Karen, it's not asinine, it's just plane dangerous. This is designed to give the president the power to arrest and inprision anyone who opposes him in any way. As I understand this, it'll cover almost everyone one way or another.

    • Jackiesue

      Not only that, many people can enough vegetables and fruit to last the winter. Their freezers are full wih venizon, fish and game. Are these terroistss? They buy food in season and preserve it. They watch the sales and stock up on frozen food, bread to freeze etc. Scary business.

  • Juan

    So what other stupid ideas are included in a bill that is 1800 pages? I find it hard to believe that the morons in Washington DC can't write a bill about national defense in less then 100 pages. Do you really think anyone will read the whole thing?

    • CaptTurbo

      That's the point. When a shadow government is writing laws, they want to make them so cumbersome that nobody will read them. This way, the rats and roaches are protected from the light of truth.

      • seabee combat vet

        Remember ,"You have to pass it to see what's in it?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Drew Page

      Of course they can write a law in less than 1,800 pages. They don't want people to read all the B.S. they put in these laws. Then you get fruitcakes like Pelosi who tell everyone that these laws need to be passed so that people can then find out what's in them. You may as well just give the IRS access to your bank account and tell them to help themselves.

      • Dave R.

        The IRS already has that access. Fail to pay your taxes, and your penalty assessment and see what happens. Your accounts information is contained in every income tax return you file and in every 1099 or other form of information required of every bank in which you have an interest bearing account, every broker, etc.

    • Michael

      Print shop will proof read it to make sure it's legible.

    • Daniel from TN

      Not reading the bill is what the Liberals are counting on. Actually, it is impossible for a representative to read every page of every bill. That is is why they have several people on their staffs. But even the staff does not have time to read every bill beofre it comes up for a vote.
      When ObamaCare was a bill the Liberals delayed providing a copy of the bill to Republicans until six hours before the scheduled vote on it. The copy was presented for review at 2:00 AM one morning and scheduled for a vote at 6:00 AM the same morning.No one, individual or a group. could read a document with over 20,000 pages in six hours.

    • Stgmgr

      No they won't. That is the point. Items attached to the bill are in there because the Dems know no one will read the whole thiong and find them. Then we get stuck with ridiculous laws and rules that play suck-up to the imposter serving as our President.

    • Robert

      They will read the parts that they want to use, what do you think!?

    • http://Yahoo Lee Wood

      Wasn't it posted online 5 days before Wambat's signature? Yeah, right.

  • blackpowder

    every person in this nation is responsible for their own liberty use it or loose it.

  • thechristiansolution

    Repeal the 17th Amendment and have the States' appointed Senators repeal all this mess as they start massive impeachment proceedings.

    • Rickoff

      No need to repeal the 17th Amendment. Fact is, just like the 16th Amendment, it was never properly ratified to begin with. See for the facts.

      These "Amendments" need nothing other than to be declared null and void, as they are without legal basis and furthermore are unconstitutional.

      • Dave R.

        How do you plan to get anyone in authority today to declare them null and void? That does not appear likely to happen. But such arguments and logic could be brought out as part of a campaign to have them repealed.

        • Michael McMahon

          A Constitutional Convention may be called by 2/3 of he State Legislatures (Article V), and the Congress nor the President has any say in the matter. The States need their representation returned, as the nation was designed as a Federal Democratic Republic (Article IV, Section 4), not a Nationalist Democracy. Anyone with questions about what the difference is, pick up a dictionary, encyclopedia, the transcripts of the first two constitutional Conventions in the 18th Centuries, and the Original Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and that will answer the question.

        • LonnaB

          No, we don't need another Constitutional Convention, we just need to get back to the Constitution that we have and demand that "our" "representatives" OBEY it!
          Another CC would be too risky. Think about it - who would be involved? You can bet that the traitors in "our" government and/or their "friends" would assign people who would take even more of our liberties away. Do you think the First & Second Amendmenets would be in a new Constitution? The others? Support the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION!

    • Stgmgr

      Giving anyone in government the right to appoint someone to represent the public is opening the hen house to the foxes. Appointments of Supreme Court Judges by Presidents is one good example. Look what we have to ge saddled with as Obamanation appoints. Can you imagine if a crooked Governor has that right?? We would all lose.

  • plainscary

    Since when is being prepared grounds for "detainment"?

    How vague can a regulation be written? By current standards, I AM a POTENTIAL Terrorist. Except, I still have all my fingers.

    • edodaniel

      Same here except I have shrapnel scars from improvised explosive devices dating back to 1967 - 1969

      • Dave R.

        That makes you a "returned veteran" and ipso facto a potential terrorist as DHS noted in their memo issued to state law enforcement authorities by making reference to Timothy McVeigh.

      • seabee combat vet

        I guess the shrapnel in my knee is considered a concealed weapon under this law, as it sets of sensors sometimes, not always. Hey, does that make me a "Part-time terrorist?"

      • PlainScary

        And, THANK YOU, for your service.

        Have a peaceful Christmas season.

    • Barbc

      You just answered the why. It is so vague it makes all of us criminals just for being alive.

      • seabee combat vet

        I've got one weeks worth of 1% milk, 1/2 of a weeks supply of eggs, so am I exempt from terrorism as I only have 3/4 of a week of food? Hmmm thought producing huh? Not like like the mindless government agency's that are supposed to protect us from what? THEM!!! and I don't mean the 50's sci-fi movie with the big a.s ants but then again, we have this big a.s ,out of control, government.

        • plainscary

          It sounds like you need to store up more food, brother. Get with it!:)

    • Daniel from TN

      In case you haven't heard ALL VETERANS are officially potential terrorists.

      • plainscary

        Well, I'm in that group too.

        Thank for your service, and the information.

  • gongdark

    I would state that where that POtuS is taking us, he should be considered a domestic terrorist and thrown in with his brothers.

  • captelaine

    Hard to lock up over 50% of the American people... besides some of us not only have food we have weapons, and know how to use them... BRING it on I say.

    • LarryAndy

      Shhhh, you know there are some listening, watching taking notes. Best advise, keep a low profile, be prepared and SHUT UP, maybe can get thru the first harangue of issues to stand the next day. Remember Waco, a proof to all that the Government does have power to use any force, even military, against civilians, including women and children. Remember Ruby Ridge, a sniper took out the wife holding her infant baby, was it mistaken identity, was she pointing a gun at anyone? NO it is just proof that do as told or you, your wife, your cihldren, all are open targets and NOT A SINGLE REPROCUSSION AGAINST PERPETRATORS, the Government, Janet Reno and Bill Clinton did not have to answer for anything.

    • AL.H

      GOD: I Hop Somebody USE The Weapons

    • Highpockets

      Gosh,they wont just detain me'I have food stashed everywhere,pantry,under my bed,in my garage. It's a 150 mile trip to shop,and I don't like to run out.Besides,I'm ready to feed all the families in my area for awhile if the S--t comes down. Then theres the safe full of guns and coolers full of ammo. Think they'd just eleiminate me on the spot.

    • Jim

      You are correct, he cannot lock up 50% of us, too dangerous to do so. Only solution is to kill us.

      • Tree of Freedom

        The commie's unhealthycare program is keyed to kill sick vets, already know some who are denied meds even like B12 shots for leukemia patients... told they are out of it, yet the local Walgreens said come on in, we have it in pill or injection form.... so the commercial guys keep stocks of their products and government controls veterans meds. Did you see the cancer patient on tv telling a reporter about being denied a lifesaving med by the govt that she had been using successfully? Look what they got away with in the famous vet's hospital until some brave reporter sneaked cameras around and caught 'em. O is part of the population reduction program, starting with abortion through old age. He is a very very evil cruel devil. It is a program of the One World Government freedom wreckers' crew.

      • seabee combat vet

        And he'd be left with the ones that don't have a weeks worth of food, the 47 million on food stamps buying alcohol, and lottery tickets on our dimes!!!!

    • Curtis

      Really? You think all those armed sheoples know how to use their weapons? You think all you have to do is point and shoot? Of all the SWAT use in AmeriKa every year, how many have actually ended up in a shoot out and all those armed bad guys... won?

      Reality check:

  • Shortround

    Just about all ammunition is water proof, If your are retired and get a check once a month you may only shop once a month. This all come under the U.N. Agena 21 pact. Check it out, be sitting down when you read it.

  • Richard Walker

    Just remember folks, just being a Jew got you sent to the death camps under the Nazis. Personally I don't see much difference between the present administration and the German regime in power from 1933 - 1945...

    • Deus Vult

      You ARE right on the money! I have been saying over the last year...look at the OWS and occupy "fill in the blank" useless idiot fleabags...(while there is NOTHING with protesing, they truly are useless idiots);...People need to read up on the history of Germany JUST prior to World War 2! Specifically the "Reichstad Fire", "The Enabling Acts" and "Night of the Long Knives!"
      2012-ABO "ANYBODY but obama!"

    • Chase

      Be careful. If you compare the Obama administration to Hitler in any way they won't be allowed to play your song for Monday night football.....

    • Robert

      Right on!

  • Robert

    As one we are powerless, as a group we can change the course we are on. Somehow, some way we need to unite. I am so tired of not being able to do anything. I wouldn't be surprised if 2012 elections were suspended.

  • CaptTurbo

    Doesn't almost every household have enough food to last a week or two? Here in the Hurricane belt we have become accustomed to have enough food, water, and fuel on hand to last several weeks. This is the minimum it takes to get the grid back up and running for everyone after a storm. Americans have always been self reliant but I suppose they fear that sort of thing these days.

    Remember when the government was of and for the people?

    • Smith

      Those days are gone my friend.

    • Tree of Freedom

      So, take it back. Read the Owners' Manual chapters Constitution, Bill of Rights, letters of Founders, etc. The How To Repairs are there along with the definitions of operation.

    • IdontBrakeForDems

      That's exactly why Ron Paul should be our next president.

  • axeman

    Let us ALL whom VALUE THE BILL OF RIGHTS along with THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA prepare and JOIN HANDS, FOOD, CLOTHING, WEAPONS, AMMUNITION, MEDICINES, and THE WILL TO BE FREE FROM TYRANNY NOW!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T WAIT nor COWER TO THIS EVIL!!!!!! Silence to a BULLY is POWER!!!! Let us NOT BE SHEEP for the WOLVES!!!!!! THE ONLY THING TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF!!! REMEMBER THIS.................."WHEN A MADMAN SPEAKS LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" PREPARE...........PREPARE.........PREPARE..........PRAY..........PRAY..........PRAY......They are going to SILENCE OPPOSITION as they DECEIVE claiming "WE THE PEOPLE" are the enemy!!!!!! That is "THE ANTI-CHRIST" PRAY FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And PREPARE LIKE ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LarryAndy

      Your best position is to remain silent, like everyone else, ever heard "Stand up and be counted"? Well let me tell you from great experience, don't! Once you do, there is no such thing as a shadow who cares, you are left to suffer any consequences at hand by any power you rebell or reveal. Much worse is headed our way, MUCH WORSE, why, no one listens or cares, or are so scattered and disjointed, easy to divide and conquer. Why do you think we are allowing millions of illegals into this country, even recruited by our government in power? To stay in power, to tilt t he vots by peole who care nothing for America, freedom or history as long as everything is free.

      • LarryAndy

        Tip balance of America by tipping America where wer are not Americans! Besides, our vast array of enemies are watching, waiting and preparing, war wil not be overseas to worry about but at your own doorstes and streets. Woule really like anyone to tell me though, WHY ARE THE JEWS IN THIS COUNTRY SUPPORTING THE ONE POWER, DEMOCRATS, THAT HATE THEM AND WILL TURN ON THEM, while it is the Christians, conservatives, Republicans that stand for them. Kind of like the blacks that support the same party that enslaved then and against the one that fought to free them?

        • Tree of Freedom

          It's called brainwashing, LarryAndy. Jews support Dems because their foot is in the door, and they have a lotttt of money to buy politicians. The cheese is going to be standing alone before long... we'll be housecleaning and dumping the RINOs, and the anti-Constitution Commies hiding under name of Democrat. You need to figure out who your enemies are.

        • LarryAndy

          Afraid I haved seen my enemies and they come from every corner. Anti American, anti God, Anti Family, anti everything has become the norm and the importation of millions of illegals push the majority well against the Americans that believe we have a country, history and future. I suppose you are right on the Jews, but still can't understand why? Surely they see the results and where we are headed, anti Israel - pro Muslim should be enough to wake them up, should not need another nazie regime to convince them. Jews should be standing with the Christians in todays world! I wish I had conviction that WE could turn this about in the next election, truthfully, don't think so, they are entrenched and stronger now then ever! Dirty politics and lazy, complacent Americans will undo this nation. I am betting on Obama to win, not that i want that but with the direction we are headed think that, hope I am proven wrong, by all conservatives, Americans and people of concience and hope in America's future go in droves!

    • Tree of Freedom

      Pray for Israel my rear. Israel's zionists and neocons have given Jesus Christ more flack and Christians more trouble than Muslims have. They refuse to be civil to anyone and are historic troublemakers. Tell me, who in the world loves Israel besides you guys? The doofus brainwashed people here chant for Israel, true Christians are recognizing the diff between The Holy Land and Zionists. Big diff. You keep Israel and go over there and help them if you want, I'll keep the USA and be loyal to my own countrymen of which you are not one. You are a zionist pusher and warmonger or an idiot. Don't try to hook USA with Israel. That dog won't hunt here anymore.

    • Real American

      "Don't tell me about the Constitution, it's just a GodD*mned piece of paper!!!' - George W. Bush

  • Dean

    Whose Assinine idea was this anyway? And I can't believe that 90+ senators voted for this. Don't they realize that they are also culpable to being sent to Quantanamo. What a bunch IDIOTS. Another law passed before it was read. Maybe Obama will just have whoever defeats him in the electioin next fall sent away. PEOPLE WAKE UP. And where is the media, whether consevative or liberal, on this. Stock up on your ammo. It may become your only defense against this corrupt government.

    • AmericansRon2U

      Dean, the idea was introduced by Carl Levin (D) and John McCain (RINO/Progressive)...that's whose idea it was. Lindsay Graham thinks it's just peachy, too! This bill is equivalent to Hitler's Enabling Act which gave him total dictatorial power over Germany. History IS repeating itself and BOTH parties are in on this assault against America!

      • Tree of Freedom

        Levin is jewish. mcCain's mom same. Both are commies. Graham never married, no girlfriends, loves the homo policy for military and approved the sodomy and beast for sex clauses that he joined Levin and McCain in approving. Our troops are coming home and need to be told what is going on. Families, it is YOUR responsibility to update them. They will be our defense. O's troops that he will bring in from Africa that "we" have been training using our taxes, will look around, sit down and enjoy the "change" - and join our troops. Surprise, O & Demolition Crew, you have NO HOPE.

    • Tree of Freedom

      Yes, we are against the wall now, and it is intentional... to see who they can peel off the wall and ship to Gitmo. Funny how a plan can come together... and serious how we will deal with it.

    • Don

      Those guys up in Washington will most definitely not be included in this idiotic piece of ***** legislation. This guy has got to go along with all those congressmen, women, who vote for this! If possible, it should be Now rather than waiting for 2012 elections. By then it may be too late and it may be very difficult to resend any of these new bills they have or will put in. GET THEM OUT NOW!!!

    • Roberta

      Well when I questioned one of my Senators he stated that he voted for the law to insure that our troops were adequately take care of and ignorede the Question! What does that tell you!

    • Mark Evil

      Senator McCain's plan........

  • Henry

    And people laughed at me when I told them obama is merely a dedicated Marxist. People were laughed at in Venezuela when they told others that Hugo Chavez was a Marxist.

    • LarryAndy

      Venzuala is also installing Nukes with the help of Chinese and Iranian Nuclear scientist, of course for peaceful means, building up the largest military power in all of So. America, has presence of Russian and Chinese citizens, as well as importing Chinese into Uraquay, Paraquay and Chile, at least! Will predict soon an attack on Faulklands and absolute ability to win this time, setting up military anti shipping station and power bases, with the control of Panama and passages around SO. America, etc. where will we turn for our securities coast to coast, etc.

  • Beepster

    I think it was a Wisconsin NG unit in there regular meeting. The top-kick was lecturing, and came to the point where he asked, "Would you fire on civilians?" No replies. Then he pointed to an individual and asked the same question. The guy thought a minute, picked up his rifle, placed it at the top-kick's feet, and replied, "I didn't sign on to shoot innocent civilians." The rest of the enlisted troops did the same. Top-Kick got the commander, and he started yelling and screaming that he would have them all hung. The troops got up and left the building and training area and went home. If anyone gives the command to fire, and they aren't being fired upon, the person giving the command MAY find all weapons pointed at him as the triggers are pulled.

    • LarryAndy

      Ever hear of UN Forces, we are a member of the UN and we have used the UN to fire upon others who would not have fired on their own either, so the UN did it. Fine as long as we hold power over decisions and poltics, but what happens when the balance of power turns, communists, socialists, control, the worm turns! What we did under the name of freedom and democracy, others will do under the name of equality and socialism! Once guns, ammo are taken from civilians, and it is happening, where will you turn then?

    • Tree of Freedom

      Yes. We can count on our troops. They signed on to risk their lives to protect our Operators' Manual... chapters of Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, etc. and well know they do not shoot innocent American citizens, or shoot American citizens who are not PHYSICALLY endangering others. These are men and women from our neighborhoods, and not stupes. God Bless Our AMERICAN Troops.

    • Charlie

      Your are right ! I got an e-mail awhile ago . It asked who had the largest army in the world ? The answer was the U.S.A. They counted up all hunting licences per-state and came up with a bigger armed force than China and Russia combined ! These Numb Nuts in D.C are going to open a big industrial drum of whip-ass.....Charlie...

    • DieHardPAtriot

      Check the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) It is in there that anyone issuing an illegal order is to arrested and locked up. Since This refugee from Kenya has never been properly vetted by congress and keeps his records under lock and key and not proven he was born in America HE IS IS A USURPER AND ALL COMMANDS HE GIVES ARE ILLEGAL
      Besides his parents were not both Americans to begin with and that along disqualifies him . I predict we will be at war before too long and we need the element of surprise. Just imagine this ...hell breaking loose in all 50 states all at once. First thing we DO NEED TO DO is PRAY that God will come back to us. This nation is just about the most immoral nation in the world and uses more illegal drugs than any other country in the world as well. AMERICA. Dopeed up, dumbed down and distracted! NOW lets put gas on the hot coals in DC and burn their Rumps for not obeying us and shredding the constitution and being such antagonists and, liars and thieves......and terrorizing the populance.

    • Tom

      @Beepster: Thanks, you made my day. Most of our fine American fighting men and women would not obey this illegal order to fire on American civilians. Plan B would bring in U.N. Troops to " do the job ". That is when all hell would break loose. This Christmas, ask your National Guard or Armed Forces family member if they have been asked if they would fire on American civilians and if so, call your Governor and express your outrage. God Bless America !

    • David Starr

      This is why they are likely to use foreign soldiers to address this concern. It sure won't be hard to think about killing a Muslim soldier who is trying to kill me. Its going to be a great catch-22. My bet is on the Americans winning!

  • Okole

    This is one of the most egregious, outrageous legislation that has been put before our government which I would also include the Patriot Act. But, if you look who voted against both acts ,you will find both Democratic senators from Oregon, Al Franken, Bernie Sanders , Dick Durbin . 6 Republican senators, 6 Democrat senators and the independent Sanders. Amongst the house nayes included many Democrats. This clearly is not a partisan issue. It is sickening to see the lack of coverage in the main stream media. Even the so called conservative blogosphere is letting this slide by.

  • DrRGP

    Who edits these articles? "Any American citizen" is not a "them" but a "him" or a "him or her."

    • LarryAndy

      Maybe in the spring of the moment a person doesn't care of such symantics, the issue and point is the target and hopefully everyone understands the message with out an english class. Sides, for me, never had typing lessons and computers were not invented, or many other things you hae today. But I knew an A,merica that was fantastic, free and exciting! Too bad we got sold out in the 60's and were taken over by the Peace Movement, handed over rule, education, politics, media to that generation of cowards, draft dodgers and traitors.

  • LarryAndy

    Big difference, first it was Germany where the people allowed themselves to be disarmed, second it was the people that were convinced to snitch on neighbors, 3rd the people voted for Hitler, 4th, People helped and participated in the round ups and thrilled in the burning of history, 5th, Their politicians went along with it. 6th, People went without a fight thinking justice would return. etc. Now none of those things happen here do they!

    • kodster

      Better look again, LarryAndy... that is exactly what has/is happening. History is repeating itself, and it has been eradicated that the generations that are voting this all in, don't have a clue what it was like 80 years ago, that led to the rise of the Third Reich, and they think they're coming up with something new. Only, people who would stand up and say no... they're almost completely gone... by death... the generation has died out, and the few that are left, are too small in number. People are going without a fight, thinking justice will prevail. It's too late for us. We're doomed.

      • PepperdotNet

        LarryAndy was employing a literary device known as "sarcasm" to make your point.

      • LarryAndy

        Ha, soryr, I have looked, see and agree, that is the point of my statement, wonder who else just sees exactly what is happening, no different then the same pattern, not only Hitler but over and over in all of history. Not to be completely negative, but there will be hope for any who may survive the next 20 years! China declared war intentions and preparation in 1999 the time they took over Hong Kong. N. Korea is an absolute pawn of China as also many of the Middle East countries playing the Chinese game of diversion. Watch Argentina, once they attack the Faulklands, time is very short! Once Nukes are in place and powered up there, we are surrounded, N. Korea, SO. America, Packastan, India, of course China and Russia, etc. and now combined forces of Chinese and Russian forces building up, we are loosing power and force, allies and will, while it is expanding against us. But should be some safe place, somewhere, hmm, wonder where?

    • Robert

      Look again! Dude we are not united as in form to defend! They will take areas one bye one! And use the Media to convince others that the ones they took were crazed individuals wanting to do harm to their neighbors or the Government and you will sit idlley bye until they strike upon your area of abode! They are Already training our own troops to squelch the masses as soon as obama say's go it will be upon you and you can bet he will not send you any Cards giving you warning of its coming!

  • one of many

    any body thinking...........FEMA CAMPS !!!! HMMMMMMMMMMMM
    don't think gitmo is big enough...

  • NMN

    Read a few days ago that the FEMA is making camps and looking for contractors that can put up a fence in 24 hours for about 1200 people and a larger fence in 72 hours.
    The Hand writing is on the wall.
    America has to be taken down for a one world order.

    • Robert

      I have read the same article and these camps are being set up on military bases all over this Country, It is on the way and the elections are probably a disasterious joke and futile for they may never take place!

  • Tom

    This comment has been deleted by the administrator? WHY?

    • manuel

      the only problem with that is you can never get a bunch of people together to put thier differance's aside to come together to do anything and who will be the first to make the first move and so i think you can see where im going with this well good luck to every one it looks like we are going to need it cause i thought that every one shops for food to last a month at least everyone on stamps do so i guess that makes most of us terroriest

  • Breeze

    I consider this a declaration of war from the Congress and the president against the AMERICAN people. Our Constitution gives us the RIGHT and the DUTY, to overthrow a Government doing this sort of thing. Citizens, we are now at war! As Churchill said, "We shall never surrender!" ARM YOURSELVES, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow Patriots!

    • Tree of Freedom

      Americans are already armed, stocked, ready... especially our returned troops.

  • Neal R Wooley

    Only the year dates have been changed. BUT, one big difference, Americans have guns that will never be given up. That little fiasco they tried about 'Turn guns in for cash' did get some good guns, but also a lot of worthless junk.
    The UK folks have learned the hard way, Australia has learned the hard way. They warn Americans to not fall prey to the same fate.
    We have national organizations that keep fighting for our gun rights. I try to support them as best I can contribution wise.
    It's bad that we have to go up against our own government. But that's where our opposition stems from.
    So, keep em cleaned, operational, practice, and reload! The next four years could bring on another American revolution!

    • Bob Lopez

      I love my country...I do not love the people in charge...
      I hope I do not have to lock and load on anyone... BUT
      If the government trys to disarm or lock us up...
      I will not go with out a fight to the end..
      GOD bless America...

  • kRIS

    The big war hero John McAmnesty co-sponsored this with the dem, Levin. Gramansty also signed onto this bill! Hussain also signed an executive order making agenda 21 the policy! Watch out folks, the total take over is almost complete!

  • Mountain Man

    Thanks to the Republican Congress!!!!

    • Tree of Freedom

      Too many neocons and Rinos hiding in Republican Senate and Congress... they THINK they are hiding. Surprise!!

  • R C Smith

    The black person in the WH is not a man but a puppet, controlled by George Sorros and his money. He is an illegal alien not worthy to be our President or even in our Beloved Country. Until we get people in power who believe this we will have to be the objects of his direction. I took a oath, many years ago, to uphold our Constitution and bill of rights, the same as he did, with one exception, I MEANT WHAT I PROMISED. He READ THE PROMISE with a smirk on his face knowing full well HE HAD NO INTENTION OF FULFILLING IT. If he was white he would have already been in prison. I suggest we put him there IMMEDIATELY.

    • ratler

      I buy precious metals---lead! I stock lots of food! I have lots of guns! And I am a Patriot. Come and get me!

      viva la revolution !!!

    • Tree of Freedom

      His mom was educated starting in childhood, at The Little Red School House. Commie. He is a Commie which means he is a liar and an idiot... and was put in politics by very rich people in Chicago and elsewhere. Those are the ones who must be brought to court.

  • Nancy

    It's all about control. They want control of us and our lives. I have 2-3 years food storage, I should be shot at sunset.

    • Jim

      We probably will be. You, me and a few million others.

      • seabee combat vet

        Don't say things to loud nowadays!!! BULLSHIRT!! SCREW OBLOWHOLE and his useless AS.KISSING DEMS!!!

  • kRIS

    Fema has also ordered 3 million gas masks. What does that tell you? Enought for the govt. but the rest of us die!

    • jb80538

      not to mention all the FEMA camps that are in place with THOUSANDS of plastic caskets at each one. They also have tall chain link fences with barber wire at the top pointing inward to keep people in not out.

      • seabee combat vet

        Take them out NOW before they expect an uprising! That is how you do it. The specwarcom always works on the element of surprise, lose that, and you are lost!!!

    • Tree of Freedom

      hummm, and who makes the Fema gas masks? Needajob?

  • Joe

    Who writes these bills? The health care monstrosity wasn't even read until after it was passed. Again I ask, who writes these bills for this president to sign? Not just Congress. They don't have the time or inclination to do much more than play or fool around. Lawyers. More than likely and most likely are those attorneys that this so called president choose . ?

  • Helm20558

    If we do not find a way to UNITE then they will just pick us off one by one. The poster that brought up Ruby Ridge and Waco is correct, we are and have been a target for the Federal Goverenment for some time now. May God Bless The US.

  • LarryAndy

    Where are t he Democrats and liberals on all this? Wonder honestly if any liberal really understands the consequences of their desires and standards? There will be a huge price to pay that no one is ready for.

  • msbetz

    The 25th. amendment/section 4 was written to remove a sitting president.

    Remove Obama/Soetoro/Shabazz/Little... or whatever his name is from the white house.
    Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act H.R.1489~~~It will wipe out the fraudulent debt~~~but the president must be removed first because he would just veto it. It's NOT our debt! He is not legitimately President.

  • Patrick Duffy

    The courts should STRIKE DOWN this bill as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Oh. I forgot, New Gingrich says we shoud arrest such judges that would DARE to limit their power. What's next? Brown shirts?

  • TRJ


  • Dani B

    We can't trust the government that was created to protect our rights. This country is in need of a drastic change. We have become as suppressed and afraid as people under a dictatorship. But there are still so many people with blinders on who refuse to hear another opinion. OPEN YOUE EYES AMERICA!

  • PeejzNana

    All this bruhaha over some senator's quote. Quote from the document, please, so I can make an informed opinion before I comment.

    • Scott B.

      Obviously you cannot "make an informed opinion." Perhaps you meant an informed comment. Sorry, you cannot do that either, apparently, though perhaps if you knew how to use the Internet you could get started. The "document" is available on the net (it's the yearly national defense budget, read sections 1031-1034). YouTube videos of Graham, Levin, and McCain defining and defending the verbiage are available on the net. Many informed bloggers have made informed legal and political comments. Search engines are available to locate more of such material than you probably have time to read before the FEMA camps are filled.

  • Ralph Montigny

    When a long train of abuses and usurpation s,pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism,it is their right,it is their duty,to throw off such Government,and provide new guards for their future security.

  • Robert

    They are coming to your guns that is all there is to it

    • seabee combat vet

      Then give them to them, ammunition first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joel Kidds

    He's making CHANGE alright ! In his favor - one LAW at a time !

  • Bill L Conner

    Raising A garden,plus butchering your own beef, pork, chickens and storing all you can will save in the long run. Been doing
    that ever since I was raised on A farm. Back then only went to town once A month.

  • Kelly Whitten

    How nice....the adminstrator deleted the comment.....seems freedom of speech is null and void here

  • 1599

    Gosh! Mormons are required to maintain a 2 year supply of food on hand. Whatch out Mitt!!!

  • Dennis Young

    If they want to send my dead body to Gitmo after the firefight at my house, or wherever they attempt to apprehend me, then I'll be beyond caring. I served my country and my community for almost 40 years as a member of our military and as a law enforcement officer. My dedication to helping others and my idealistic patriotism cannot be questioned. I have never been a terrorist nor will I ever be unless you defile the Constitution of this great country and try to remove the freedoms of the populace as guaranteed in that document. If that be the case then I see you as an enemy of this country and our Constitution and I have pledged my oath multiple times to defend these things even unto death. I may become a terrorist to those who would destroy this country but to this country and the decent patriotic citizens within I will only be a servant of the just and right. Vencer o morir.


    they will come after you for your guns and food storage they can kiss my rear end.

  • Patriotism 101

    Time to fire up the SECESSION option.

  • Skeptik

    The Legacy of GWB and 9-11 is pretty bad. It is curious that the same people who oppose it today were voting for it under GWB.

    • seabee combat vet

      Because this admin is carrying it to it's extreme to limit us!! That was not the original intent!!!

  • Jim Krumrei

    But Smith, who's going to do this? Will it have to come to a revolt? When is enough enough? If there are not enough patriots and believers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights around then I suppose we will just have to suffer the consequences. Other once great nations became so corrupt that they went belly up. If the USA has no more backbone then this is plain tragic!

  • Last First

    I only need one finger to tell this jerk how I feel about him.

    • seabee combat vet

      Thanks for the chuckle! I can reach out and touch someone way past one click, and I'm left handed!!!!!! OOOOOOH-Rahhhhhhhhhhh

    • Scott B.

      Good one. One finger to "tell" him. Seems for many here they'd prefer using a different actually "show" him.

  • Charles

    they should have to read every work of any bill out loud before both houses of congress before it can be voted on and on tv so we the people can know what si in it

  • Don

    I guess every Mormon family is a terrorist cell. I used to just keep a few cases of MRE's around. Now I buy more bulk products, rice, beans, dried peas and beans. Walmart has started stocking dehydrated goods in our local store. It just makes sense to stock up. We figure we can feed several area families for a few weeks. They may get tired of oat meal, but they will survive. Outside of government tyranny, we face winter storms that could creat real problems.

  • Wyatt

    Obama trying to set it up so he can declare himself Dictator for life !

    • seabee combat vet

      And he will be worm food for life soon after!!!!!!!!

  • Sid

    When I questioned this Bill, I was told that it did not pertain to US Citizens. HA HA Read the wording. Anyone sucpected can be detained. If this beill is signed into law, all hell is going to break loose.

  • LK

    Just Testing ! YUP//

  • llsmith50

    If you have ever deducted money off your income taxes by giving to a church, tea party, republicans, or some other organization they don't like or not approved they will be coming after us too. I suspect there will be "national emergency" and the election will be suspended.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    What ever happened to "Posse Comitatus"? Imagine that Hillary's signing onto the UN's "Agenda 21", banning private firearm ownership in the signatory countries, is approved by the senate and becomes the law of the land. Imagine that the president (whomever it may be) declares that we must turn in all privately held firearms to be in compliance. Imagine further that one, just one gun owner, who is a member go the NRA, resists. According to what I read here, the NRA becomes a "Terrorist Organization", their membership list's are confiscated, and every member is subject to discretionary, indefinite detention.
    (Remember, I used to play guitar with Billy Roberts, who, besides writing "Hey Joe", used to say: "They call it paranoia, until you're proven right".) Let me know your thoughts on this matter. As I always say: "Remember to aim just below the blue helmet. No matter what color it is".
    Bye the bye; there is a group known as,"The Oath Keepers" (You know, the, "To Preserve, Protect and Defend .. ", one. Not to be confused with, "The Promise Keepers" , having to do with marriage vows), made up of both military personnel and civilian law enforcement personnel of all ranks and stations. I sure hope there's enough of them to resist any such order. Remember the lesson of the Nuremburg Trials was: "I was just following Orders" was not an excuse. And it never should become one either.

  • Anonymous

    Only OUR CONGRESS has the authority, responsibility, and the power to make laws that affect the people of this United States of America, and so called laws made by any other branch of OUR GOVERNMENT are null and void. More and more, every single day, it appears that WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to stand up to our responsibilities under OUR CONSTITUTION, and put a stop to all the illegal actions of those in our government. We elect people to protect us, our families, and the Constitution of The United States of America. We the people, through chosen representatives of the people, wrote and signed the Decalration of Independence and the Constitution. Our forefathers, the ones who forged these documents made sure that no one but the people's Congress made all the laws of the land, and that no one person could ever take over sole control of our nation. It is up ot we the people to see that all acts performed by our government officials comply with the provisions of that Constitution.

  • Doodlebug

    Obummer and hill baby have been wanting to sign this for some time now it seems. I know we will be going down the crapper if this arrogant signs it. Do you suppose he or anyone else has bothered to read it or is it like obummercare, got to pass the d thing to find out what is in it. He is the biggest (dummicrat mascot) of the whole bunch. Let's see if the administrator deletes this one too.

  • Andrew

    I have more than 14 days of food stored, I have weapons, ammunition, and I'll use them against whom ever tries to take them from me. Unless bombed from space, I'll take a few out before they take me out. Its simply sic that Americans have to be prepared to defend themselves from a country that many have fought for. America has become the Worlds major terrorist organization and will continue until everyone has been declared a criminal or terrorrist and deprived of any rights whatsoever, including the right to vote to eliminate this type of power from the most corrupt Government even known to man.

  • Anonymous

    We read all too often, where people feel that they have no stay in what is going on in our government, and in our country. We keep hearing such things as "we can't do that; we aren't allowed to do than; we can no longer do that this or that". Unless our Congress hs enacted a new law, or amended the Constitution, we should ignore all of the rules and regulations that tend to take away our fredoms and rights under our Constitution. Remember, an amendment to the Constition requires two thirds approval by members of both houses of Congress, and be ratified by three fourths of the States in the Union.

    • Greg

      Well, the obamination is exempt from the law, and so are the DEMONrats, and they can do anything that they want, they have and are proving that. They have enough majority in the congress and the senate to do whatever they want to, and the obamination and soros will make sure it happens. the obamination uses strong arm tactics, threats, brow beating, and money to get his way. He has the media, the movie stars, OWS on his side, and all the demonrats. So, if none of these work, he can always use his favorite "executive order" and not a word will be said. Well, one might be said, but there's not a thing anybody will do about it. All you hear is talk and more talk, but no one in any of the houses or branches are doing a thing. The obamination has his radical terrorists judges in place that are over turning every state election and their laws, and knocking down everything anyone tries to do to defend and protect ourselves. Just wait. ACORN and the muslim brotherhood will make sure that the terrorist dictator in our White House will get a 2nd term. When that happens, you can kiss this country good bye. The obamination and his demonrats will have supreme rule and give our sovereignty over to the UN for the one world rule. I think the obamination has his eyes set on that rulership. I saw an article yesterday about him saying that he was the 4th best president in our country. He is so egotistical and narcissists that he rates his own performance. Have never heard a president say that about himself. He's such bad joke.

  • R. Cook

    Who are the real terrorists?

    Fact #1. The people that started the program and then allowed it to continue knew a majority of the guns were going to end up in the hands of drug cartels or their members on both sides of the border.
    Fact #2. These same people knew that these guns would be used to kill people. They also knew that some of the people killed would be innocents. This is what happens when you help criminals get guns. Especially vicious criminals in the drug cartels who use terror to promote their activities without any regard as to innocent victims.

    • R. Cook

      If you believe that fact 1 and Fact 2 above are true, then:
      Those involved should be arrested, indicted and then tried for being knowing and active participants in promoting terrorism against both Mexico and the United States. They are in fact accessories to mass murder.
      Compare the actions of those involved in the F&F debacle with descriptions of who might be a domestic terrorist (DT) by Homeland Security. You might be a DC if: you support the right to life, support the Second Amendment, pay cash, store food, have fingers missing or have a Paul for president sticker.
      None of these kill anyone! Helping the cartels arm themselves is not a maybe. The elements of a crime are “unity of act and intent” F&F meets that criteria.

  • Violet

    And the next thing obama will sign after this piece of garbage will be the suspension of elections in Nov. I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas but since that is politically incorrect and I don't want to be arrested I'll just say happy holidays.

    • seabee combat vet

      SCREW THAT VIOLET, I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE A VERY MERRY,MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND A PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I'm a dammn Christian, Veteran of combat, and no fan of P.C. Bullshirt!!!!!!! or oblowhole for that matter. : )

  • Deus Vult

    So guess MANY of us went from potential enemies of the "Enemies of the state!"
    2012- "IS" the time America!
    We will SAVE THE REPUBLIC or see it fade way under "resident" obama 2."zero!"!
    I took an OATH to support and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies...foreign AND Domestic!...and it means JUST as much now as it did when I took for the 1st time over 25yrs ago!!!
    2012-ABO= "ANYBODY but obama!"
    GOD willing we get rid of "resident" (thats NOT a typo!) obama, mooochelle "antionette" and the cabal of socialist/marxist czars peacefully....or GOD "forbid"-
    2012 "MAY" make 1863 look like some 1/2 ass collage ROTC exercise!
    Pray for Peace but be prepared for Anything!!!!

  • truth

    We should all pray in earnest that this does not occur, for in that same day war against a corrupt and vile government and all that support its doings will fall upon this Nation, and bring such acts of madness, so as it would be more preferable to die a nuclear strike. A confusion of values weighed against an evil whose weight found unbearable by those who lost sight of the one true God, thieves in their glory gathering unto themselves all spoils, and all manor of perversions being unbounded
    making victims of all they see. For in this Nation has this government gathered unto itself, murderers and all evil doers, and took pity upon them, and gave them rights above the law abiding and righteous peoples, they reward the undeserving, and pardon them their acts, legalize that which is called an abomination, and reject from view all things which are just and righteous in the eyes of our LORD GOD Almighty. America shall be judged first among nations, and yet her fall will be credited to an act of evil, even the antichrist, and not from the absence, of that hand of protection, and blessings, from the most high God .
    And through vanity and pride was reduced as if to be an equal,

  • Patriot7

    Thank you Mr. Moderator. You are as guilty of holding back the truth as our Congress.

  • seabee combat vet

    "When the people fear the Government, that's tyranny; when the Government fears the people, that's freedom.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • http://MSN.COM Mark

    You are correct Sir .

  • http://MSN.COM Mark

    I bet all us who post here are suspect.

    • seabee combat vet

      Top of the list guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I fought for this country for 13.5 yrs. in the Navspecwarcom and I'm not giving up my country willingly to these a.sholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll knock their di.ks into the dirt so hard that they'll be having sex on the other side of the earth!!!!!! Seals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • seabee combat vet

      We are "NOT SUSPECT!" We're on a list!!!!!! hehehehehe. If you want my guns, you can gladly have them, ammunition first oblowhole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    I guess people like me that raise and hunt their own food are screwed if this is passed. We probably have over 1 years worth of meat and probably that long for veggies. Another example of the "Establishment" being against self sufficiency. They do not want the country to be self sufficient, so I guess we should gather that the same goes for individuals.

  • mitchell

    This Pres is an American heater, and a muslim lover.I am waiting on someone, that knows somthing to stand up, so we can impeach this so called Pres.I thought I could count on the congress, but thay are gutless.Storing, I will be storing water first, 20 case's, 35 bottles each.and what ever my diesel can pull in.

  • Bill

    Just remember what the Japanese Emporer said when asked why he didn't invade mainland America during WWII. "Because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass."

  • 2WarAbnVet

    So, our Republic is thrown on the trash heap of history along with the Bill of Rights. Without it we are at the mercy of tyrants.

  • @TutionBeliever

    Hello Family, Friends, Patriots & Acquaintance’s.
    Now Is the Time for All Good Men and Women to come to the aid of Our Country!
    If Not Now, When?
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!
    If Not You, Who?
    Make the Difference and Take a Stand with other Good Men and Women, Join Us Here!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS The Whole World!
    Mr. Harris
    aka Constitutional Believer, Constitutional Believers
    Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  • bob

    wait untill they inact agenda 21 , maryland is working real fast at it , our govenor and obama are up tight with each other ,they want to take our ower homes move us into gov housing , turn millions of acers back into forests , take our cars and use gov trans. . and much more , read it google agenda 21 read all about it .

  • Covert1970

    I keep what I need and not in one place ! I have access to needed supplies in several places including weapons and ammunition and am not afraid to use them in fact have had to before during a war !

  • Noah
  • Covert1970

    All service men and women , active and former ttook an Oth to protect and serve the constitution and this country and this is against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, AND WE HAVE NUMEROUS DOMESTIC ENEMIES RIGHT THIS MINUTE !

  • reginald zenkewich

    If you think that I didn't see this coming you are all so sadly mistaken. This is the Obamanation you elected for change! How do you all like it now? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Daniel from TN

    The reason for this bill is easy to understand. The Liberals have finally pushed the people too far and they know it. They are also now afraid of the people because the people are ready to push back. That push back could be in the form of civil war. The possibility of detaining people because they "might" be terrorists could frighten enough people to keep them sheeple.

  • Semper Fi Do Or Die

    So shopping at COSTCO is gonna be a crime?

  • seabee combat vet

    Newt Gingrich actually wanted the U.S. Marshalls to actually have the judges explain their ruling of law! Was it based on law, or ACTIVISM!!! He is correct on this one. He wants activist judges arrested, as they are not sponsor of the written law, but advocates for ideology, and that is not our "Constitutional Law!"
    You need to read entire articles and also get off of the msnbc train to learn the truth! Wake up please!

  • MaryAnn

    Isn't this what the USSR used to do to its citizens?

  • seabee combat vet

    They, being oblowhole and co. want you to be compliant, subserviant, submissive, and dependent on the guv, good luck with that one oblowhole!!!!!!!!! This is AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE!!!!!!

  • Marlin

    Who are the idiots that wrote this bill and the morons who voted for it? Do they do thier own grocery shoping or do they have their servants do it for them. I get paid once a month and I go shopping once a month to buy enough (except for a few select perishable items) to last until the next paycheck. I also keep a little extra on hand for emergencies. This is not being a terrorist, it is being prudent. I would estimate that there are over 312 million Americans that have at least seven days groceries on hand at any given time. We are not terrorist!! In fact it would seem that it is our own government that is attempting to terrorise us. P.S. If you arrest everyone that fits that description you are going to need a prison about the size of Texas but how are you going to maintain it when all the tax payers are in jail?

  • Scales7

    Gun Up!!

  • Victor Barney

    I'm starting to get the idea that the two-witnesses described in the book of Revelation, chapter 11 may well begin their witnessing against u.s. this coming September 16, 2012, which is the Feast of Trumpets, or War! Although they are only coming to punish the Isralites(Anglo-Saxons) who put Obama, the forbidden foreigner of Deuteronoy 17:15 over u.s., they can not touch Obama during their witnessing because, he isn't an Israelites! Watch!

  • Eli Jones

    .The White House control freak should rot in Gitmo for terrorizing Americans.

  • Dave

    Unemployment rate actually 11.04 percent ! ! !

    SOURCE :

    By Bill Wilson — According to former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, employment needs to grow by at least 90,000 a month just to keep up with the growth of the population. But, since the fall of 2008, the civilian labor force has actually shrunk from 154.7 million to 153.8 million, a contraction of about 900,000.
    It’s not that fertility suddenly dropped or there was a massive plague. It should have grown by 3.24 million since then, but it didn’t. Which means working age adults are simply not being counted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.

    They are fudging the numbers.

    Adding the 900,000 contraction to the expected growth, the total civilian labor force should be 4.14 million larger than is being counted, at about 157.94 million by now. And the unemployed should be about that much more larger, since if they could be counted as working, BLS would most certainly be counting them.

    So, the amount of unemployed should really be measured at about 17.443 million, instead of 13.303 million, or a rate of 11.04 percent instead of 8.6 percent. And the underemployed rate should be about 17.8 percent instead of 15.6 percent, with 28.145 million people looking for full-time work that cannot find it.

    All of which puts the happy talk of the Administration into perspective. When the jobs numbers were released, Barack Obama lauded the result, saying, “We need to keep that growth going.”

    What growth? Propaganda is not going to get those 28 million people into honest, paying jobs. It’s not going to help folks who are on the edge of foreclosure keep their homes. It’s not going to help new college graduates from getting started off in the workforce on the right foot.

    The economy needs to be expanding in order to create jobs just at the natural rate of population growth. We’re nowhere near there right now, and we need to be.

    All of which makes Obama’s job-killing policies all the more inexplicable, whether the regulatory burdens that will be imposed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) carbon endangerment finding or through Obamacare, or his insistence on raising taxes on job creators. He constantly slings mud in a class warfare gambit that is suited for perhaps the campaign trail, but is hardly the leadership the nation needs right now and won’t create jobs.

    To get the nation back on its feet, the federal government must get out from under its crushing debt burden, where the national debt is nearly larger than the entire economy. It needs to slash its corporate tax burden, which is the highest in the world of advanced economies. It is imperative that the regulatory framework is unraveled. The dollar needs to be strengthened to lower costs and stabilize energy and food costs. Onerous federal securities laws and state-by-state blue sky laws that make it cost-ineffective for new businesses to raise capital.

    In short, it must become competitive to do business here in America again. And that will probably not happen so long as Obama is in office. It is clear the nation needs new leadership that is intent on actually creating jobs that would restore hope, and not on continuing to allow the despair of millions of Americans looking for work to go unobserved.

  • johnbferrer

    oh c'mon people, pls!!! all this talk of fema camps is a bunch of fear mongering crap!! there is not a chance in hell this so-called nwo will happen the way people think it will happen the way conspiracy theorists would have us believe. people, the whole point of 'a conspiracy' is to be a conspiracy itself. who knows who's telling the truth. does the term "be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove" mean anything to us? cuz it really should; lest we wanna be duped into believing this garbage. for those who are taking the liberty of "preparing", i commend you for your efforts of exercising your freedoms. but c'mon lets not make irrational decisions we wouldnt normally make...

  • Mike

    Where are supposedly our congress on this bill? We need to get rid of many in congress. Do your job protect our country.

  • AL, Orange Park, FL

    Democracy ... is two Wolves and a Lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
    Liberty ... is a well-armed Lamb contesting the vote.
    "Bejamin Franklin"

  • D Rcos

    You had better have a lot of guns and ammo when you come. It will be need

  • FromUSA

    What is scary is that you would hope that the military would honor the U.S. citizen and not enforce this traitorous law. But the generals will fear the loss of their stars just as they backed down on Obama's directives in Afghanistan.

  • huntsalot

    Wake up! The politically correct liberals, aided by our government (dept of education) are rewriting our history to cover the facts of our history. That is just as bad if not worse than burning books--more deceptive. Politicians are signing legislation without reading the contents; legislation that is taking away the rights of American citizens and giving more and more power to our central government. The central government is stealing the rights of the states (Arizona is a good example--illegal immigration). We are allowing our government to get away with it and our young people, bless their hearts, are buying into the idea that we need to government to take care of us. We are ripe for picking and Obama is doing all he can to start the harvest!

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    If it's signed into law.

  • Arnie

    i want the author of this blog to please to post evidence that this threat is in the actual bill that passed. So what if Rand Paul says it is--he might be right but he might be wrong too--trust but verify. I looked and searched in the bill pdf and could not find any reference to this food issue! I cant believe that over 200 people are ranting without real proof this is what the bill says.

  • Barbi Rose

    What the heck is wrong with Democrats. Most of these guys are not stupid but they are acting un American!!!

    • Ruth Lasky

      The majority of republicans in congress voted to pass ndaa 1031. The dems and reps are in this together. we need a third party.

  • Rev Whitedove apple

    getting better and better every day. Lord's coming soon, Been expecting this for a while. Heck I'll get food for 7 years but I don't it will take that long for our Lord to return Hang in there folks gonna be a wild ride. Whitedove

  • rumplestilkskin

    I don't dare comment on this. I might be considered a terrorist and sent to Gitmo.

  • Michelle

    As far as the week of food goes... One of the rules many agencies require when doing a home inspection for prospective adoptive parents is to show that you have at least a months worth of groceries in case you become unemployed, temporarily ill, etc. Many of these agencies are either run by the gov't or it sets the guidelines. Seems to me that this law would make the gov't responsible for creating "terrorists" then, wouldn't it? Then again, I'm sure they already know it and it's just an easy excuse to skip trespassing in someones home to check out what they have and go straight to rounding them up since they'll already be on a gov't. list of "hoarders" that they'll now be able to rename potential "terrorists". And let's not forget all those foster homes and children and family service visits where they keep notes on their home inspections either. How convenient to know that those that are supposed to help "protect" children may eventually become the new gestapo and end up instead helping to imprison and even possibly exterminate future families, huh? The lists are already there. They won't have far to go.

  • Joe

    Only the paranoid survive. If you are not paranoid you will be one of the many losers who will become a criminal in order to survive. Trust no one.

  • sharo

    What can we do

  • Tom

    What used to be OUR Congress voted a super majority for this Unconstitutional bill. Only SIX members voted against this piece of trash. These are the same idiots that would have to vote on whether to impeach Obama or not. Their recent track record makes it unlikely that they would fire the Tyrant in OUR White House. Pray for America.

  • skipfoss

    See its started already

  • Sue

    They'll make it up as they go along. Congress must impeach now.

  • Fridlap Gumshoe

    "Contained in the over 1800 pages of the massive bill is a provision that gives the military the power to indefinitely detain any suspected terrorists without filing charges."

    Does that mean they could arrest Obama for trying to destroy the nation?

  • Keith M

    Going by this my days of Freedom are numbered.

  • oldtootr

    Every senator who voted for this garbage needs to be thrown out the next time they are up for reelection. A good thought dont you think? I really dont believe it will happen though. To many american's still trust the govt. I firmly believe the Fed Govt. is the the biggest threat to my freedom!!!!!!

  • David Green Maitland

    You are talking about the OPINION of Sen. Paul, right? You are not commenting about the actual bill. READ PEOPLE!

    According to Sen Rand Paul (R-KY),

    “We’re talking about American citizens who can be taken from the United States and sent to a camp at Guantanamo Bay and held indefinitely. There are laws on the books right now that characterize who might be a terrorist: someone missing fingers on their hands is a suspect, according to the Department of Justice. Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist. If you are suspected because of these activities, do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?”

  • TNJoe

    I have several comments/questions:
    1) How did this bill get past the congress?
    2) How will they enforce it? I don't let strangers in my house unless doing repairs; and my food and guns are hidden.
    It is very troubling that our civil liberties are being eroded.

  • daphne

    OK people can you understand BS when you read it?

  • Oldtimer

    What if one lives far out in the country and raises a big garden because we don't get to town often for supplies. Are we to feed it to the pigs? That would only make the pigs bigger and when we butchered one we would be right back at more then seven days food again.