Democrat Congressman Admits Party Was Clueless on Stimulus Spending

I’m sure you all remember Rep Nancy Pelosi’s famous admission of ignorance when she told the nation that they (Congress) had no idea what was in Obamacare and they needed to pass it in order to find out.  Now we have another admission of ignorance, only this time the lack of intelligence is confined to the Democratic Party.

In a recent interview, Rep Mike Honda, (D-CA), who also serves on the House Budget and Appropriations Committee said that when fellow Democrats passed the first stimulus bill that they,

“The stimulus bill, which was under the other administration, was put together because we didn’t know what the hell was going on and you know, and we were trying to do things that we thought might help stimulate the economy.”

And evidently they haven’t learned anything since then as Honda still believes that the only way to save the economy is to increase the deficit by spending even more.  In the same interview he stated,

“We know that if we invest money into this economy and get cash into people’s hands, they’ll spend it and once they start spending the money, it starts to circulate through our economy and it’ll stimulate the economy and we’ve done this other times before. It [The 99 Percent Act] will increase our deficit but we need to increase our deficit right now to make that investment and make that place so that we can get this thing started.”

When asked about those opposing Obama’s jobs packages and the desire to spend another $800+ billion that the country doesn’t have, Honda responded,

“These tax dollars go to private industry.  It goes into public entities like cities and counties so that they can turn around and create jobs at their own level.”

This is the same argument we heard used by the Democrats with the first and second stimulus packages but instead of the money doing what they claim it will do, large amounts went into the pockets of big business and corporate executives that all seemingly have some connection to President Obama and his administration.  So what makes us believe them this time that things will be any different?

Just because the Democrats are clueless as to what’s going on with the nation and the economy, doesn’t mean the American public is as equally clueless.  Or are they?  If they keep electing clueless people to represent them in Washington, then they must be just as clueless themselves.



  • disgusted

    I don't think that "our" POLs were 'clueless' on the "Stimuli" spending -

    they only spent on things that were PROFITABLE - - to THEM!

    • ChillaKilla

      The crown jewel on their plan is their soon to come success in stealing the rest of American taxpayers' money through sham investments on green energy boondogles going nowhere, failing companies like Solyndra and Corzine's MF Capital, and massive amounts of cash spent on bogus 'stimulus' which are purportedly lost and unaccounted for, when they are really ending up in union's coffers.

  • Ron Powell

    If brains were cotton, the democrats wouldn't have enough among them to make a Q-tip. The reason Pelosi didn't know what was in the bill was because she can't read. I think she knows that we only have 50 states though. Let's see, Clinton redefined the word "is," Al Gore invented the internet, Obama thinks we have 57 states, Pelosi will find out what's in a law after it's passed and Biden is, well what can you say for poor old Joe? These are the people who have run our country (into the ground).

    • seabee combat vet

      If brains were gunpowder, they couldn't blow their noses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DEMOCRAT'S THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Just Thinking

      Don't forget in your list of Dems the equally impressive Barney Frank & Chris Dodd. What an evil scary bunch!!!

    • Michael


  • Beepster

    A tax refund, depending on taxes you actually paid, would have a good trickle-down effect.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      ... but, that wouldn't buy votes from the parasites.

    • Mayflower Decendent

      Everyone bashes Bush for the first stimulus but at least he gave some to the taxpayers!
      It was 600.00 to single people and 1,200.00 per family. I can say it helped the people alot more than if it had been given to big business. The reason this Admin gave it all to the big business' is so they could turn around and donate it back to his campaign!

      • daves

        Over a third of President Obama's stimulus went to middle class tax cuts. Well over $240 billion.

  • Thomas

    The people will get what they deserve! Can't take idiot's anymore.

    • WMR

      I was an Adjunct Professor of History at a State University for over 20 years, and I quit teaching over five years ago, because you cannot fix stupid. It is forever. Luckily, they're not smart enough to wage a revolution, and when they start it, they'll be defeated. God help us.

      Semper Fi.

      Marine Mick


        You are right on that " You can not fix stupid" But you can sure vote it out of office. Why continue to send the same old stupid people back to Washington and let them keep making the same stupid mistakes. Seems as if the people are as stupid as the ones up there.

  • julian

    When your the person who is being paid to know, 'I did not know' is meaningless and a totally unacceptable answer.

    • Mark

      True. They say that ignorance "of" the law is no excuse, neither is ignorance while passing legislation that affects hundreds of millions of people. We did not send these people to Washington D.C. to go to lunch on our dime every day and come home richer than when they arrived in D.C. The incompetence and corruption MUST CEASE NOW!

  • old ben

    you can-not borrow your way out of debt. wise up

  • CaptTurbo

    Has anyone seen the Constitution lately? It seems to have gone missing.

    • T Lady

      I believe the Democrats, and a few RINOs, fed it through a huge shredder.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      Alexander Hamilton said, "If it be asked, What is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of our security in a Republic? The answer would be, An inviolable respect for the Constitution and Laws -- the first growing out of the last." .

      Professional politicians have been chipping away at the Constitution ever since.

    • Sergio Sr.

      bho thinks Bush took when left Washington thatt's why he never follows it.

    • seabee combat vet

      I'm a "DARN PROUD," (had to tone it down it seems) AMERICAN COMBAT VETERAN, 13.5 yrs. Navspecwarcom. I have 3 copies of the Constitution of the United States of America in my possesion and refer to them daily when I post. I fought to keep our liberties and freedoms and I am (Pis..d) ticked that this administration and congress, lower case as no respect is given by me to the useless, have run rampant over our America. I took an oath as did ALL VETERANS and SERVICE MEMBERS, to Defend and uphold the "Constitution of the United States of America", and defend from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
      Nowhere does it say that the military has to defend some one who is in the "PEOPLES HOUSE"!
      You better start running oblowhole, this country is full of America Loving Veterans, you are out numbered decisively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FlaJim

    It would appear that the qualifications for being a Dem include willful ignorance (cluelessness), inability to reason when faced with facts, and, too often, anti-Americanism. These guys could literally screw up a single car funeral procession and their nitwit supporters would bow in solumn appreciation.

  • Henry

    So Americans, are you enjoying Trickle-down Marxism?

  • flatspots479

    This is nothing new. Liberals just love to spend money as long as it isn't their's and they have "no" accountability to anyone.

  • BetTal

    It never makes sense to spend money that you don't have. They have tried these stimulus packages before, and they haven't worked yet. I don't know why they think this time will be any different. The leaders of this country need to come up with a plan that will really work. What we need is jobs for our people who are out of work. Our country doesn't need anymore debt. With the way the economy is, people are afraid to spend alot of money on things they want. They don't know that they are going to have a job tomorrow. Many buy what they need and save what little is left in case they need it later. We need to get rid of everyone who is in office now and elect all new people.

  • Drew Page

    If Congressman Honda wants to stimulate spending in the U.S. economy by its citizens, he should be voting for a repeal of individual income taxes for everyone. Think how much more people would have to spend. This might even slow down government spending.

    • Michael

      Unemployment benefits for the tax people?
      All our income taxes do is keep them employed.

  • CutToGain

    I like the 99% number...Here's a proposal that is GUARANTEED to create jobs, real PRIVATE sector jobs. The budget for 2012 will be 99%, USING RAW NUMBERS, of what we spent in 2011. Then the budget for 2013 will 99% of 2012, then 2014 will be 99% of 2013, then 2015 will be 99% of 2014....and so on, so basically in 5 years you have cut speinding 5%, 10 years 10% and on and on until 20 years out and we have cut spending by 20$. All the different departments, agencies, and programs will be doing the same, All will be cut by 1% per year, NO EXCEPTIONS. It really is that simple. When the American people see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. THEY WILL GAIN CONFIDENCE AGAIN. Confidence is the main element this economy is lacking, severly lacking.

    • Melo

      Good idea but I think we should reverse those numbers and when the budget is reduced by 99% the 1st year, we will be back to where we should be real fast! Won't need to go into another year because the problem was corrected. Then all we will need to do is keep the government small and out of our lives.

  • cheryl jessup

    hey say we have a little over 300million in this country. With 800 billion dollars they could have given every family or tax paying adult a million dollars with money left over. Now would that not help the economy? Businesses would pop up and you would be lucky not to have to wait in stores to get waited on.

    • timjb31

      That would work out to $2667 per person, not "million".

  • rannan3

    Are these Dems. stuck on stupid ?
    What part of " we're broke ! " don't they understand ??
    In Fact, we would have to re-pay 15 plus Trillion dollars, plus the accumulated INTEREST,
    just to get to FLAT BROKE !
    People like this should NOT be entrusted with votes that affect the rest of us !!!

  • jake

    WHAT! The whole party is clueless. And the worst are Reid and Palosi. Thank God Barney can't screw up anything::: I hope.

  • Daniel P. Corcoran

    Representative Honda must be reading his own Party's propaganda! Representative Mike Honda's take is that "the Other Administration's" stimulus Bill which was formed, presented and PASSED by the Democratic controlled House and Senate of the Bush administration held the reigns of the Country's checkbook! And look where it has taken us too! Rampant graft, corruption, special benefits such as the bonuses of millions of dollars to top executives that helped these corporations to fail without penalty, GE's benefit of not paying taxes for several years into the treasury and then allowing it to move its business to China! These are but a few of the most costly expenses that WE, the American taxpayer has had to pay for out of our hard earned tax dollars! The Democratic party has had free run of our monies without the taxpayer's receiving an accountability of its actions.

    • Maj John

      Barney has 4 more years to retirement.

  • TheGizmo51

    TARP was for the people who got W & cheney elected. Payback from other peoples' money

    • Maj John

      Tarp was passed to relieve banks from troubled assets. Initially 250 B was to be distributed with 100 B more periodically until the 700 B was used up. All spending bills are initiated in congress, which was Democratic at the time. Bush signed it and then Obama continued the bailouts. Hand nothing to do with payback for B and C supporters. Of course you say this because you are one of the lets Blame Bush crowd. Further Obama and friends passed the American Recovery Act in Feb 2009 and made things even worse. Then they lied about National Health bring down costs and that made it worse again. Then they looked the other way while Executive bonuses went out, ticking off the OWS folks. Top it all off with bailouts to companies that in some cases did not want or need bailouts, take over of the auto industries, payback to the union thugs, and what do we have? Bailout $ going back into Obamas reelection campaign thru the dues of public sector workers who should have been laid off along with the private secter folks Too bad the POTUS can't be tried under the RICO statutes.

      • TheGizmo51

        Yes, I agree but it's too late to impeach or make W and cheney accountable. I think people are just so fed up with the republicans that they are trying to forget and move on with their lives. The problem, of course, is with this republican induced economic collapse it is very difficult for the 99% to forget and move on.

    • 1waco64

      Man, like you are like MISINFORMED, like WRONG, like CLUELESS. oh, i'm sorry, i forgot u r a democ rat. sorry.

      • TheGizmo51

        Yes, you should apologize but not just to Democrats but to all the American people and for that matter all the people in the world for the messes the republicans caused and are causing. I accept your apology but will the rest of world?

  • Daniel P. Corcoran

    WE, the taxpayers have had to pay the price. How did giving the Banks help our economy? Did the monies trickle down to the homeowners? Were the homeowners given a realistic opportunity to re-mortgage with that money and save their homes. No. The banks carried on business as usual, kept the monies, paid themselves handsomely with extravagant bonus and perks and left the Taxpayer, homeowner out in the cold. I could go on with more and more of this nonsensical story of graft, corruption and self serving agenda greed. But many of you already know this from first hand experiences. I just hope that you all share your information with your friends, family, co workers (for those that are still working) and associates. See you all at the polls. Take care and may
    God Bless
    signed by an angry taxpaying, legal ,voting citizen
    Major Daniel P. Corcoran (ret)


    They need to get a christmas present called get a clue.

    • Maj John

      Uh, that's a "holiday" present for the Dems. :0)

  • Patriot1776

    All of the bail outs starting with Chrysler's first bail out under Lee Iococca show that those in the government don't believe in the free market system. It is survival of the fittest. When government steps in, the natural balance is thrown off and the system stops working. With these bail outs, obama tried to get into business and he has no business in there. Government should stay within the powers given by the people in the Constitution and let the free market, and capitalism work.

    • daves

      The path toward great wealth in colonial America was often through State-sanctioned monopoly. In fact, many of the colonies were founded—as we have discussed—as land-grant charters from the English crown. These in themselves were meant to be monopolistic sources of wealth: ports were controlled, tariffs imposed, and merchants depended upon the crown to protect them from competitors in every way. This State-Big business alliance is called mercantilism and in many ways still exists today. It was criticized by Adam Smith, who published his The Wealth of Nations in the same year America declared independence.

      Despite the ascendancy of Smith’s views of freer economics, many early Americans favored the British model of mercantilism—not the least of which were Hamilton, Washington and the Federalist/Nationalist party. Indeed, as we saw earlier under the topic of States’ rights, Washington, Hamilton, and Madison, among others, colluded to establish corporate welfare—essentially a form of mercantilism in which a few businesses get the special monopolistic favor and subsidy of government—as the rule in the new nationalized government. In the first-ever State of the Union address, Washington favored, as we noted, the establishment of a State-funded military-industrial complex during peacetime, manufacturing, Indian suppression, agriculture, commerce, transportation, postal services, science and education, as well as public finance.

  • thomas

    Another GREAT CA NITWIT. Where do they grow these fools ????

  • Wyatt

    Hell , they've been clueless since FDR !

    • Michael

      The federal reserve started with him.

  • Doodlebug

    Is there anyone out there that is surprised by this? H e double hockey sticks, NO! We are way too smart for this administration.

  • Charles

    complete economy failure will give them even more control of us

  • R. Cook

    The problem that the left fails to understand is that any time the government decides to spend tax dollars; that amount of spending power is subtracted form the rest of the economy. Their solution is to print more money. That creates further problems by making every dollar worth less. Want a clear explanation of this process? Read; Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlett.

  • Anonymous

    Like a flock of lemmings, the liberal democratic members of Congress followed their glorious leader, Obama, down the path of destruction. Obama has tried to spend our country into bankruptcy from the start, and they have did their best to help him. Isn't it amazing that members of Congress can become rich by their insider trading, and any other shady means of making money, but they don't realiz what they are doing to our country. Or do they know exactly what they are doing, and are doing in gleefully and on purpose. Its eash to spend money when you control Congress, and if something goes wrong, just blame in on the other party.

  • Joe Sausage

    Obuma's got to work fast to destroy all of America ...... If by chance he makes it back for 4 Years, you can cross of America and 91% of Blacks will vote for him, and they have no Idea what he is doing and ask any of them , What's he done for them NOTHING!

    • Michael

      Handouts, handouts and more handouts!

  • honeybee

    need to do away with EIC, child credit as my nephew will be eligible to get back in tax credits ten thousand dollars this year..he lives with his divorced working wife and he has a job which will merit him the highest amount of EIC and with 3 kids they rack up getting refund and then gets most if not all of his paid in taxes back..who is going to take care of the old folks and why does he also merit food stamps and free school lunches...strange way to get votes but it is all legal..I am for a flat tax with no exclusions for anyone

  • john

    Too late an admission, too little guilt. They failed us dismally by not reading the bill as usual and then taking off on Christmas vacation as usual.

  • osama obama hater

    where's the surprise here, the demo-commies have been clueless since 1932

  • Homer

    Go to hell.

    • osama obama hater

      right back at you homer!

  • @TutionBeliever

    Hello Family, Friends, Patriots & Acquaintance’s.
    Now Is the Time for All Good Men and Women to come to the aid of Our Country!
    If Not Now, When?
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!
    If Not You, Who?
    Make the Difference and Take a Stand with other Good Men and Women, Join Us Here!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS The Whole World!
    Mr. Harris
    aka Constitution Believer, Constitutional Believer, Constitutional Believers.
    Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  • bressler


  • Uppacreek

    Unfortunately this guy is my Congressman. His district runs across Silicon Valley and his knowledge of economics couldn't fill a thimble. He believes he was chosen by God (Bill Clinton) to run for Congress. You should see the liberal propaganda I get in the mail about how he has such wonderful and creative ideas to end all unemployment and eliminate our dependence on oil. Nothing but brainless liberals in one of the most intelligence driven areas in the world. Go figure.

  • Colorado Joe

    It's too bad people did not catch on when Obama said himself "that's above my pay grade". That of course was in reference to the time Obama was asked when a human embryo becomes a human life. I would say local dog catcher in some sleezy Chicago neighborhood should be his paygrade. If this clown cannot or will not recognize a simple biological fact, how can he be expected to understand simple arithmatic or the text form a basic first grade reader? This administration is either hoplessly incompetent or they are cleverly engaged in brewing up some diabolical witches brew with Nancy P. stiring the pot to bring our Republic to ruin and turn the American dream into an American nightmare. I only pray the people will wake up in time to see the proverbial Trojan horse that's already in our midsts.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Ya think, Sherlock?

  • Guest

    Obama is fourth best president?

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Democrats = Progressives = Socialist = Marxists are reckless with our tax dollars. They are interested in creating BIG Government to STEAL more of our tax dollars and keep we people under their tyrannical control. At least this guy had a clue about telling the truth once and awhile.

  • Sam

    Charles Rangle and Maxine Waters are both members of the Socialst Party, VOTE against them.

  • Plt Sergeant Chee

    The dem progressive's actions are akin to the actions of
    the old woman alone in her hut on a very very cold night.
    She had no heat and posessed one threadbare blanket
    with many small holes to shield her from the threatening
    cold. In the dark and cold she found her scissors and with
    trembling and cold fingers she began cutting the holes from
    the blanket. She was found frozen stiff, her scissors in her
    knarled hand; witnesses said she had frozen because she
    had made a bad situation worse by making big holes in her
    blanket; similar to an idiot trying to spend herself out of debt.
    Some called her speaker-- while others called her a dem-
    witted Nanny; or Pelosi and cousin of the evil SoS Bwitch
    Hillery Rodham who also froze to death in the Balkans while
    under fire. Personally, I believe the idiot was Janet Reno who
    lit the fire that murdered the kids at a place called Waco and
    later comitted suicide with scissors on a cold night...Who can say
    with certainty?

  • Pegi

    The problem we face is people voting without learning the facts beforehand. Many folks just vote the names they recognize on the ballot instead of doing due diligence. Wonder if we need a means testing for voters since everyone has to live with their idiotic choices.

  • Pegi

    Think it's about time the dems started reading and understanding what they're voting into law. Stop listening to Pelosi and Reid...they're not the smartest folks on the planet!

  • Michael

    Getting the information out and educating our public as to what's going on is our answer.

  • Jules

    This guy is stuck on STUPID. Just like the rest of the administration. Gear up, folks, its a-comin'.



  • Bill

    The radical socialists are taking over the government and imposing their will upon everyone with regulations and Executive Orders. Some on this blog seem to think it is just a name calling game and though they are seemily are outraged they do nothing to change the circustances. Complain to your representatives in Congress and VOTE against Obama and all the socialists like, Jessie Jackson, Jr., Corrine Brown, Dennis Kucinich, Henry Waxman, and Charles Rangle, in the Congress.

  • Guest

    Want change? VOTE against Obama and all the Socialist Party members in the Congress.

  • Guest

    VOTE against all the Socilist Party members in the Congress.

  • jtm md

    Clueless are those who believe that their motive behind spending is to pay off the debt/deficit. How is that logical to anyone? It isn't even logical to even them because their goal is not to become solvent, but to become global/one world. Since we can't bring the world up to our standard of living, we must be broken to bring us down to them. Won't that be better for all when the intellectual elite can guide us in all aspects. Wake up Americans and demand reason/logic from them and ourselves.

  • Chuck

    It would take hundreds of years to "pay off" the national debt. Just another jingle in the political vocabulary. The only payoff any of them are looking for is their own. They are not there to represent the poor tax payer, they are there to fatten their purses and get a firm hold on those wonderful benefits that are so generously provided by the tax payers.

  • Carol Gerber

    A Good Example For The Democrat Congress Is Like Giving Your Teen-Age Daughter Your Credit Card, Yikeess, Plus Remember If You Put The "Obamacare Govt In Charge Of "The Sahara Desert, In 4 Years There Would Be A Shortage Of Sand" Yikeess, Govt Are Not Markets. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots.Enter text right here!