Ron Paul's Inaugural Address, Written by His First (and Only) Speechwriter

In June of 1976, I was Ron Paul's speechwriter. Shortly after I joined his staff as his newsletter writer and economic analyst, I recommended that he do what I had been doing for a year: buy a Code-A-Phone telephone answering machine and make a weekly 3-minute recording for people in his districts to call. He could send the tape to his office in the district, where the machine would be set up at a local phone number. Residents could call it for free. He thought this was a good idea. So began his weekly speeches.

I wrote his first talk. He later told me that he didn't like reading a script written by anyone else, so he had decided to record his own. As far as I know, that was the last speech anyone ever wrote for him.

He used that machine for the next two-and-a-half years. After his defeat in November 1976, he posted a weekly phone message. The weekly report became a tool for a comeback. In 1978, he defeated the man who had barely defeated him (268 votes) in 1976.

So, having been his only speechwriter, I will now offer my second speech that he will not deliver.

* * * * * * * * * * *

My Fellow Americans, as an earlier President from Texas used to say.

I would like to take this opportunity to say something that is both profound and memorable. The trouble is, only two inaugural addresses are remembered today, Lincoln's second inaugural and John F. Kennedy's only inaugural. Lincoln said these words: "With malice toward none and charity toward all." Those are fine words. Kennedy said: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." I especially like the first sentence.

Given the fact that hardly anyone remembers an inauguration speech, the likelihood of my saying something both profound and memorable today is low. Therefore, I have decided to do something memorable instead.

[He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper that he has typed. He holds it down to the podium with his left hand. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pen.]

I have in front of me a piece of paper. I wrote it this morning. Let me read it to you.

Executive Order 13,601: An executive Order Revoking all Previous Executive Orders.

I, Ron Paul, do hereby declare null and void all previous Presidential executive orders.

Signed: Ron Paul, January 20, 2013.

The Constitution of the United States made no provision for executive orders. Congress never votes to create one, yet executive orders have the force of law. The Constitution says that all laws must be passed by a majority in both houses of Congress and then be signed by the President. Therefore, during my time as President, the government of the United States will be run exclusively by laws that were passed in accordance with the Constitution. I do not have the authority to repeal laws on my own. I do have the authority to repeal executive orders. I have just repealed 13,600 of them.

From this point on, you are not obligated to conform to rules and regulations issued under executive orders. Of course, the various executive departments of the United States government will do their best to ignore this, so you had better check with your lawyer.

Just in case someone is prosecuted under a now-defunct executive order, I will pardon anyone so convicted. I may have to spend the second half of my first term in office signing pardons, nine to five, but that would be a very good use of my time. I will come out of the oval office to give a few speeches and hold some press conferences, but you will know that I am doing useful work in my office. I am going to get my branch of the government off people's backs. I say this with malice toward none and charity toward all.

I hope to have good relationship with the press. If some diligent reporter digs up some dirt on what some agency has done, legally or illegally, or in planning to do, he can ask me about it at a press conference. I'll do what I can to fix it. Because the government is spying on the people, the least I can do is to cooperate with the press when the press spies on the government.

I will run my office with these rules:

First, I will veto any bill that I think is not authorized by the Constitution. If Congress overrides my veto, that is Congress's responsibility. They call me "Dr. No." That's who I am.

Second, I plan to close hundreds of American military bases in foreign nations. They will be auctioned off, with the money going to reduce the federal deficit. I will announce the first action no later than March 1 of this year.

Third, I will ask Congress to mandate a complete audit of the Federal Reserve System annually by the Government Accountability Office. I want to know where the government's gold is and who has legal title to it.

Fourth, this afternoon, I will order the Joint Chiefs of Staff to plan the removal of all troops from Afghanistan this year, preferably by June 30.

Fifth, I remind the voters and the world that anyone with the power to fix the nation by political action has the power to destroy the nation by political power. I am not here to make America better. I am here to veto laws that will hinder American citizens from making America better. I am here to help keep the federal government from making America worse.

In his first letter to Timothy, chapter 2, the Apostle Paul told Timothy to tell the churches to pray for civil rulers. I strongly suggest to churches they do just this, weekly. Twice a week would be twice as good.

Now, I must bring this speech to a close. I wish you the best in building a better America. I will do what I can to free you from the burden of excessive government regulations, so that you can do this.



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  • Curtis


    • Doug Rodrigues

      Unfortunately the left-wing Kool Aid drinkers automatically brand such a speech as stupid or crazy. They would rather have the country go down the toilet as it's going now.

      • Sandi Trusso

        So do true conservatives, because Ron Paul interprets the Constitution in accordance with his own agenda; not as it was intended.

        • bpitas

          Why don't you show some evidence Sandi - this isn't the first time you've lobbed out a slam with absolutely nothing to back it up. Ron Paul's voting history is all public record - it should be pretty trivial for you to find one (only one!) instance where he voted against a strict interpretation of the constitution. Go ahead!
          Here's a link you can try:
          I tried to find a single instance where he voted against the constitution and couldn't find one, so good luck!
          If you don't though, can you please just keep your baseless claims to yourself from now on?

        • James

          Because she has none...another Neocon war many children do you have in the military?Yeah I thought so..

        • Eddie

          @ James......Whoaaaa pal. You're jumping on Sandi doesn't cut it. She has a right to her opinion and you should respect that. As far as her having kids in the military, may I remind you that the military is ALL volunteer. If you volunteer that means you go where they tell you. Secondly, people had better remember that there are still 3 branches of government, not just 1. No matter how enthralling a speech may be no one in Washington always gets their way. There's more to being president than signing executive orders and writing pardons. You'd better consider that when you enter the booth. And making assinine comments like.."so what if Iran gets a nuke, everybody else has them." You'd better consider that choice morsel. At some point one of those nukes might just go off in a city near you. I have determined that muslimes are crazy and they relish dying. We'd better get somebody in the white house that has a swinging pair and a brain too !

        • bpitas

          Ron Paul has a swinging pair, he just doesn't whip them out constantly like Bachmann does. You have to remember that Ron Paul stood alone against the rest of the GOP in supporting Israel when they bombed Iran's reactor the first time, and he was also all for tracking down Osama Bin Laden after 9/11, he just wanted to use a special forces team or a "Mark of Reprisal" to get him rather than committing hundreds of thousands of troops to a ground war against an enemy we couldn't even identify.

    • Tim BAH

      If the man understood the divine hand of providence part as much as he understands what a constitutional republic is I could bring myself to vote for him. A Godless constitutional republic is what we are witnessing being destroyed by Godless Marxist.

      Mr Paul slandered Bachmann and Santorum as haters. One of Muslims and the other of gays. Which is an invalid secular humanist argument that twist tenants of Christianity into hate. This I can get from the Marxist.

      • Curtis

        You are so wrong!You better wake up to the facts of this man and he is our only chance for being free I guarantee you.

        • Weasler

          Let's quallify that: Ron Paul is the only chance of the DRUG DEALERS being free. THAT is a GUARANTEE!

        • James

          You people are just beyond help and hope fools beget fools..

        • djm159

          Obviously your comment is true - fools to beget fools how else do you explain Rand Paul?

        • Minarchist

          Recreational drug decriminalization or legalization will take the sale of drugs out of the hands of violent thugs and put into the hands of legitimate proprietors that are licensed, controlled, and visible.

          It is not about making the Mexican cartels or the Bloods and Crips free, it is about preventing the large cash flow to murderers and terrorists.

          Rather than ultra-violent semi-humans having huge profits with which to purchase weaponry, would it not be better for our society to have more capital available to correct the true nature of the drug problem (addiction)?

        • Paul

          Prohibition didn't work in the 1920's and it is not working now. In the 1920's they had to make a constitutional amendment to put in prohibition of alcohol. How come they didn't have to do that for the drugs that are now prohibited? Now we just ignore the constitution.

        • Minarchist

          Correct, and the results of Prohibition are the same that we are witnessing now, the enrichment of violent criminals. The Harrison Act of 1914 and the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 are highly unconstitutional.

          The reason these acts were put into place and are enforced, is that it is the more politically feasible route to take to prohibit drug use. There is no way that three-fourths of Congress and three-fourths of the States would vote to ratify an Amendment to prohibit recreational drugs.

          Ignoring the Constitution has been the force de jure of Progressives.

        • Grossyi

          Who exactly is the victim of drug use? Should we also protect the individual that doesn't get enough exercise, eats to much red meat, has unprotected sex, doesn't get a flu shot, doesn't have non skid applicators in his shower, doesn't use sun screen...... At what point do we stop punishing victimless crimes? At what point does the government know what is best for you? Remember Freedom?

        • Minarchist

          Unfortunately, there are victims of drug (and alcohol) abuse that do deserve our protection. One of the very few legitimate functions of government is to protect individuals from being victimized (harmed) by the actions of others. While most people that use recreational drugs do so without harm to anyone beyond themselves, there are many, mostly children, that are harmed by those that abuse these drugs.

          The question is; how do we best protect those victims. Certainly the current paradigm, one that drives users and abusers into hiding and/or isolation, does not work well enough, and in fact makes it harder to reach those victims. A better approach would be to bring drug use into the open so that we can identify those that might be at risk of victimization.

      • LasagnaSurfer

        Bachmann and Santorum have both, on national television, advocated torture. If you can show me where Christ advocated torture, then maybe I'll believe that a torture is a Christian.

        It is an evil man (or woman) who would allow anyone to be tortured.

        "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" - Matthew 5:44

        Their warmongering is not righteous and not in line with Christ no matter how you twist it.

        I suggest you spend a little time looking up the Christian Just War Theory.

        • Sandi Trusso

          If you're talking about waterboarding, I don't see that as defining "torture". I also never saw putting underwear on the heads of captured enemies as real torture (this was what was going on while the heads of our men were hanging on a bridge). So are we supposed to stand by and allow them to torture our people without doing whatever necessary to get information from them? I don't think so. Furthermore, our idea of torture never even compares to the torture these people have inflicted on our people. I will never believe that Jesus meant that we should stand by and allow this!

        • James

          I don't qualify mercenaries as "our men" they are there for profit and they know what they're getting into...screw the war profiteers...or with your resounding educated self did you not know that?

        • LasagnaSurfer

          First off, they both said TORTURE is acceptable, not just waterboarding.

          And waterboarding is certainly torture.

        • screeminmeeme

          1.The ''torture'' you are talking about is used by the US in Navy Seal Training to teach warriors how to survive.
          2.That ''torture'' extracted information that was used to prevent more terrorist attacks, and, in fact, enabled us to get to Bin Laden. Without a blind, I would personally use waterboarding and number of other attitude changers if it meant getting information from a terrorist on a future event planned to kill thousands of Americans.
          3.The Sermon on the Mount was about the charter of the Kingom, yet to come. It's all about context and God has always permitted men to defend themselves. And in this day and age, we must have information in order to defend ourselves against the evil of Islam.
          4.While I appreciate Paul's reminding us of the Constitution and believe he has sound ideas about America's economy, he utterly fails at foreign policy. He is an appeaser and naively believes that if we are just nice to our Islamic enemies, they will leave us alone. He is profoundly and utterly and regrettably wrong in this area. If he is elected it will have dire results for our country. We will be seen as weaker than ever and Islamists will take advantage of that since their goal is world domination.

        • LasagnaSurfer

          1. That is absolutely a faslehood. The drownproof training is designed to make a SEAL feel comfortable under water, it is applied differently and not trying to break you but trying to make you comfortable. Waterboarding is designed to put the fear of death into you and is not designed to make you feel more comfortable under water.

          2. That is also patently false! There is no proof that torture has provided ANY accurate information whatsoever and a lot of proof to the contrary. Our own CIA has said that men will usually say whatever they think you want them to hear to get you to stop, that is rarely the truth.

          3. Way to try to twist torture into "defense". You are ruled by the deceiver!

          4. Absolutely wrong. Our foreign policy has made this world unsafe for us and has killed at least 100,000 just in the last ten years, let alone the last 30 years of us propping up tyrannical dictators!

          The CIA specifically shows us that our foreign policy has created more and more terrorist. "American creates its own enemies."

        • LasagnaSurfer

          If you don't think waterboarding is torture, I'll gladly pay your plane ticket to come to my house. I'll waterboard you, record it on video tape, and then we'll see exactly if you think it is torture or not.

        • Minarchist

          I believe you may be a bit confused here. Non-intervention is not the same as "appeasement". I have not heard nor read anything by Dr. Paul regarding being "nice" to Islamists. Withdrawing our military from Muslim controlled states will take away both the targets and the motivations from these people. After all, bin Laden's reasons for all of Al Qaida's attacks on the United States were because we had our military stationed in the "Land of the Two Mosques". If we had withdrawn our troops following Desert Storm, or better yet, not had them there in the first place, bin Laden and his ilk would have had no reason to blow up the Kahber Towers, the USS Cole, the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, or flown planes into buildings on 9/11.

          If we wake up tomorrow and all of our men and women in uniform are back home, and stop intervening in the affairs of other nations, then we will lose most of our enemies and those that remain as foes will have no reason to attack us. If they do attacks us without cause or provocation, then most nations will condemn those attacks and response to those attacks will not carry the political ramifications that our current foreign policy does.

          Since Islam has failed to dominate the world, despite their best efforts, for over Thirteen-hundred years, there is no reason that anyone should fear that happening. Especially here in the United States.

        • LasagnaSurfer

          Sir, your reasoning is outstanding. I commend you.

        • tim

          If waterboarding isn't torture, why did the Reagan Justice Dept. try A texas sherriff and his deputies in the mid-80's for torturing prisoners by using waterboarding techniques. The sherriff was convicted and ordered to serve 10 years in the Federal pen and the deputies 4 yearsw a piece.

        • screeminmeeme

          LasgnaSurfer......My words stand.
          I never said that America hasn't exercised flawed policies in the world thought out the years. But you are a fool, like Paul, if you believe that our actions are the motivations for the acts of terror we've experienced. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of Islam knows that it is the enemy of civilization. I know Islam well and there is no ''radicalized'' version...there is just plain Islam and the evil exhortations to violence against all non-muslims that it commands of every adherent.

          The ''moderate'' muslims throughout the world are disobeying their own authoritative writings. They may be ''nice'' neighbors because they just want to live in peace and harmony, but allah, in the Quran, calls them hypocrites, worthy of a savage death!

          Like so many others, you need to wake up and smell the sharia....before it's too late.

 remarks about the Bible and Sermon on the Mount were informed and accurate.

        • LasagnaSurfer

          They stand, but they are wrong.

          If you think I'm a fool (and I lived with Muslims for a year in the Middle East) and have three deployments and I am a combat warrior veteran (not support) of the War on Terror who has lost 7 close friends, 23 classmates, 8000 of my comrades dead, and have 44,000 of my brothers and sisters crippled for life. I know that our foreign policy in the Middle East is absolutely incorrect.

          So does the CIA Chief of the Bin Laden Unit. Imagine that.

        • Minarchist

          Perhaps I'm also a fool, but what motivation would the Muslims have to attack the United States if we were not interfering in their affairs? Would bin Laden and Co. have flown planes into our buildings if we did not have troops stationed in Saudi Arabia? After all, that was his stated reason.

          Would the radical Iranians have taken our people hostage if we had not allowed the Shah to exile here?

          Would the Libyan terrorists have bomb the discos in Germany and Italy and the plane over Lockerbie if we had not been involved in Lebanon?

          Look back at our constant interventions in nations other than ours and tally up the number of American lives lost due to that intervention.

          Read George Washington's Farewell Address regarding such interference.

        • screeminmeeme

          Minarchist.....It's obvious that you know little to nothing of Islam, for if you did, you would not have made those statements about the motives for the attacks on the US. You can pretend all you want that Islam is benign and should be dismissed....but you do not realize that to properly practice their faith, according to the Quran, ALL MUSLIMS MUST be actively warring jihad against all non-muslims, or allah calls them 'hypocrites', worthy of savage death. That is simply a fact that anyone with an ounce of common sense needs to confront.

          Again I'll say: playing the ostrich with your head in the sand is not a good strategy when you are dealing with highly committed people whose ideology teaches rewards for killing others. As no other known religion, Islam encourages behaviors that are nothing short of evil. You are ignoring the misogyny, maiming and torture of muslim women throughout the world..... ignoring the persecution, enslavement, torture and murder of Christians by muslims...... ignoring the hate-filled rhetoric that muslims spew about the Jews and the destruction of Israel. You ignore the glaring evidence but ostriches do that. They pretend.

        • screeminmeeme

          The ultimate purpose of Islam is the establishment by force of a worldwide Islamic state where Sharia law is enforced on all. Look at history and since its ignominious beginnings, Islam has spread like a cancer, converting by the sword in many nations. They haven't successfully dominated the entire world, yet, but they will not give up trying. Wherever Islam is found, this is the agenda: infiltrate, populate, legislate, subjugate, dominate. Look at Europe and you'll get a picture of what America will look like if Islam gains ascendency.

          Our foreign policy has zip, zero, nada to do with what the terrorists are doing. They are using our actions to justify what they are already committed to doing. If we did nothing but twiddle our thumbs, they would still be just as determined to kill us. Get a clue.

        • Minarchist

          I do not make my comments out of ignorance. I have read the Qur’an as well as several Hadith. I have also read, as I am sure you have, several of Robert Spencer’s books. I am quite aware of Islam’s history and of its atrocities, past and present. I agree, Islam is the largest threat to world peace and stability. No nation can be safe if they do not observe and understand their Islamic neighbors and use that knowledge to properly defend themselves from that threat.
          However, my support of disengagement from this enemy is not about sticking our heads into the sand and hoping the threat will disappear. Rather, it is about finding a better, and hopefully safer, manner in which to contain that threat. Certainly our actions since 1979 have only made Islamic radicalism more dangerous to our nation. It is those actions that I have pointed out in my post. Those actions and the responses to those actions.
          I feel that your paranoia of the Muslim world is a bit over-wrought. Not one single Muslim country poses any credible threat to the safety and security of the United States. Even if the Islamic countries were to somehow gather collectively, they still would not pose such a threat. If one stops and looks at the strife within those nations and amongst those nations, one will certainly see that any such gathering of force is highly unlikely. Iran is at odds with the other Gulf states and outside of Lebanon and Gaza, they have no true allies. Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, and Pakistan are so disordered from within that they are not a threat to any Western nation. Even when Muslim nations were able to marshal their forces, (1948, 1967, 1973), they had their hats handed to them by a greatly out-numbered Israel. Since the breakup of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I has any Islamic nation made any significant territorial gains? The threat to the United States comes from a rather small, but much radicalized, group of militants that were only able to attack us due to a flaw in our defenses here at home. A flaw that has since been corrected. Instead of spending billions dropping bombs in the deserts of Asia, would it not be more prudent to spend a few millions at home beefing up our internal security?
          I do have a fairly good grip, but as she needs to get ready for work, I have to let go.

        • screeminmeeme

          miniarchist....You're one in the minority of Americans who knows something about Islam. Would to God other Americans would take the time to learn the truth about it. But in spite of your knowledge about it, you continue to hold to the view that the governmental chaos of muslim nations somehow portends a somewhat less threatening future to worry about. This, I think, is foolish, because history has shown us that while there may be factions within the religion, muslims have many times united in purpose as they invaded and conquered many nations. You seem to be ignoring what Islam has done to the European nations...from the UK to France, the Netherlands, Sweden, al. Europe is a decade or two from falling to Islam. A central teaching of Islam is that there is to be no assimilation into any culture and muslims are to work to supplant the culture with an Islamic one, under sharia. Muslims are not permitted to pledge allegiance to any but allah...and are really not supposed to sing national anthems nor salute any country's flag. Those who do are being disobedient. But allah permits muslims to lie to infidels in order to advance the religion and I believe that makes dealing with muslims problematic on a lot of levels.

        • screeminmeeme

          minarchist...continued....All true, Quran-obeying muslims are jihadists. The Middle East expert, Daniel Pipes, has calculated that of the world's muslim population, there are 1.8 million jihadists active in the world today, with millions of potential jihadists in the wings, while Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch says as many as 650 million jihadists - one in every two Muslims.

          It seems to me that in light of what we are seeing worldwide, particularly in the West,....and what we are seeing happen in this country with the dhimmi attitudes of so many in our own government, we have every reason to be ''paranoid''.

          BTW: Surprisingly, I've been pretty isolationist in my own views on foreign policy, and too, believe, that millions ought be spent on shoring up our defenses at home, closing our borders, and securing our ports and repairing our infrastructure, instead of giving billions to countries in exchange for their ''friendship", or giving handouts to our enemies. I believe our foreign policy is insane. Nevertheless, I believe we must remain vigilant and actively involved in opposing the Islamization of America.

      • bpitas

        LOL you are advocating for two warmongers! Bachmann voted for the Patriot act and they BOTH said they are for torture. If you want to talk about Christian principles, you definitely don't want anything to do with Bachmann and Santorum! Bachmann's lying about the report on Iran getting a nuke should alone disqualify her - the report said nothing about them being "months away" and anyone spouting that kind of propaganda needs to be ran out of DC as quickly as possible!

        • James

          Somebody needs to waterboard her and then tell me it's not torture...what a clueless dolt wow.

        • screeminmeeme

          So, James, you don't want muslim terrorists waterboarded to gain information that might save potential victims but you would have Michele Bachman waterboarded to prove your point. What a morally bankrupt position to hold.

          The difference between you and I is that I understand Islam and would be willing to do whatever it took to extract information that would save our countrymen. You would not.

          Bachman and Santorum both are committed Christians who understand the enemy.

          The day may come when you will understand but it may be too late, then. We don't need appeasers making decisions for our country. We need strong leaders...peace thru strength. And isn't it a drag that the one woman in this primary race has more balls than some of the boys who are running.

          Hence our problem.

        • Minarchist

          Committed Christians not only need to understand their enemies, they are also instructed to LOVE them.

          Outside of a few seedy clubs in Sin Francisco and Lost Angeles, torture is not LOVE.

    • Bob

      Wow, if this is true that he wrote all his own stuff. Then the racist comments that he made in writing that I was blowing off as stuff other people wrote and attributed to him - in fact must have indeed been written by him.

      That is too bad. It will certainly be used against him if he ever won any position against Obama as a GOP candidate.

      • Minarchist

        Mr. North only opined that Dr. Paul wrote his own speeches, not his own newsletters. If you are referring to the garbage that Lew Rockwell may have wrote and attributed to Dr. Paul, it was well established many years ago that Dr. Paul did not write those newsletters.

        Of course though you are correct about those things being used against him. The MSM is just waiting with baited breath to dredge that crap up again. If Dr. Paul wins Iowa, we will hear all about it.

    • djm159

      Antisemitic, racist conspiracy theorist. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. A danger to America on all levels.

      • Minarchist

        While your first and last sentences can accurately describe Barack Hussein Obama, they do not Dr. Paul.

    • Leroy

      He had me all the way until he went into the insane idea of removing the US military from entire earth. There are so many flaws in that idea that my keyboard would probably give out before I could list them. But just to list one… If he thinks that having the entire mid east under the rule of radical Muslims with a mostly suicidal population, (except for the leaders) then he needs a CAT scan.

      • Minarchist

        You make a couple of incorrect presumptions. One, that most Muslims are suicidal. While the radicals have little problem finding individuals willing to die for the radical's beliefs, most Muslims would not. If that were the case, there would be a lot more bombings than there are now. They may be mistaken in their beliefs and certainly mistaken in not condemning the radicals, they are not suicidal.

        Two, removing our military from overseas had little to do with allowing radicals to take control of nations. His ideas regarding nonintervention harken back to Washington's Farewell Address and to many of our Founders, that we, as a nation, should remain neutral with regards to the affairs of other nations lest we be drawn into their conflicts. Look at our relations with Muslim states; if Carter had not allowed the Shah to exile here, if Reagan had not sent Marines to Beirut, if Bush v1.0 had not put troops in Saudi Arabia...we would not be in conflict with them today. Do you propose that we leave our military in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely? Should we move troops into Iran, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, and every other Muslim state at risk? If so, how will that lessen the resolve of the radicals?

        Before you type out words to the effect of, "I'd rather fight them there than here", it would be far better, and much safer, to not fight them at all.

        Many American lives have been lost due to intervening in foreign affairs, (Spanish-American War-3,000, WWI-116,000, WWII-446,000, Korean War-37,000, Vietnam-58,,000), and the number continues to climb. And as a result, do we have fewer enemies in the world today?

    • RobertM

      At last I have come across someone besides me pointing out what an outrageous, illegitimate, undeniably unconstitutional fraud "executive orders" are. How has this been tolerated 13,600 times?

  • Dale

    As waco some of his ideas are, I find myself agreeing with most of them. I can only surmise the confusion that a speech of this nature will cause in the land of obese government.

    • old1

      Waco? That's in Texas! South of Dallas!

      • rodney Burke

        NO that is Wayco. There is nobody nuts there anymore.

    • rick

      i'll take 'waco' over crooked and criminal any day.

      • rodney Burke

        No doubt about it. We've gone so far to the crooked and criminal side (left) We need someone to jerk us back. No I don't agree with all he presents but he represents the constitution and the type of government we should have. I hope he gets a moderate VP that will balance him. This is assuming he is elected.

    • Paul

      His ideas only seem "waco" because you have been indocrinated with socialist ideas that really ARE "WACO".

      • Joy

        Right On! Check out Thomas Jefferson's ideals, and You Will See Alot of him in the Constitutionality of Dr. Ron Paul!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Did ya ever ask yer self why the "truth", "reality of thought", expressing Knowldge of right and wrong, advocateing Obeying the law of the Land,keeping remedies for problems simple, Spending wisely, beeing diligent are "waco" ?? Thats what Ron Paul is all about dude!

    • rodney Burke

      Likely strike terror in many! TOO BAD!

    • johnny h

      I agree, but "Confusion to our enemies" as the old Royal Navy toast goes!

    • Curtis Bostic

      I don't know what ideas you think constitutes as waco?Can one be FREEDOM?

    • Joy

      Dr. Ron Paul Is The Jeffersonian Most Needed At This Time To Place The Country Aright! :) Thought You'd especially be heart-warmed by this article and speech I just discovered in my email! Love, and May God Bless America and Its Citizens This New Year! Obie constantly stammers! At least Dr. Paul is coherent and neither a tyrant nor errant!

  • Kevin


  • Brama

    Great speech. Too bad it's full of Constitutional truth to ever be enacted by an elected leader. Although, I would hope that if Ron Paul does win the Presidency by some act of God, that at least a touch of this speech would be seen enacted upon in his presidency. At least that way America can say they at least had some taste of what it meant to truly adhere to the Constitution alone. The only problem is that the constitution was written when the ordinances of God ruled mens hearts, even if not all of them believed in the one who revealed them. Men will always make more laws to govern themselves when the life-changing and transforming power of Christ does not. Men rule the day, when Christ rules the heart.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens with this election.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      I am a Ron Paul supporter even though some of what he says rubs me the wrong way. I do realize that much of what I disagree with in Ron Paul cannot or will never be enacted because there are checks and balances in government. Unlike Barack Obama, Ron Paul isn't going to circumvent Congress to do any dirty deeds. In that way, the best of Ron Paul will get implimented, and everything else will be put on hold. Remember when Reagan was running for President? The Democrats and the "News" Media were saying that Reagan would get us into another war. It was just more political propaganda, similar to what Herb Cain recently experienced. If voters would stop being manipulated by any political party and instead simply do some basic research of who has done what, instead of who sounds or looks like they'd make a good candidate, the only person one can logically conclude to be President of the United States is Ron Paul. Of course, the political hacks don't have brains to even do that little amout of background investigation. Pathetic......

      • lynn

        Doug they are only doing what is important to themselves, just as the folks who are in office now are. They are obeying their 'nature' they are practicing what they love, greed, corruption etc.

      • Fran

        Right on Doug. Well spoken.

    • No more progressives

      Or get ACTIVE and make something happen. Much better than wait and see.

      • Brama

        Yeah, I definitely wasn't taking a neutral or non-active approach, but rather my "wait and see" was actually regarding the election as a whole. All we can do is vote and be proactive. The rest is up to the rest of America.

    • nmgene

      Some of his ideas are great, the rest would be the destruction of our country. Cut the military in half, That would put us in severe danger of being attacked by another nutcase Dictator, how many more unemployed people do we need. Do we not continue to support our allies as we promised to do??? The day we pull out of South Korea, the North Koreans will attack. Paul says it is OK for Iran to have Nukes and he will negotiate with them. You CAN NOT negotiate with phsycho terrorirista that have sworn to destroy you and half of the world.. That is pure Insanity.

      • DBA

        He doesn't say cut the military in half. He says bring the military home and stop being the world's policeman. We can't afford all the bases overseas.

        • Brenda Choate

          Are you aware that overseas bases are on leases, some as long as ninety-nine years? Can we afford to negate those bases? Always look before you leap, it's safer that way.

        • Matt

          The land can still be sold to other lessees or back to the governments we loaned them from. And no one on Earth can match even half the US military in a conflict. However, they can easily defeat us now because we are spread so thin. They only have to attack, and then we will collapse trying to defend ourselves as well as hunt down terrorists and start wars with sovereign nations because we don't like them.

        • lynn

          good one dba, we need to pay attention to what is really being said, not infer and draw incorrect conclusions. we would not be pulling back from supporting allies, we would be 'fixing what's wrong with us' not trying to fix what is wrong with others while not taking care of our own 'stuff'.

      • LasagnaSurfer

        South Korea is a thriving nation. North Korea is starving.

        Our troops there would be instantly killed if North Korea actually attacked. That is just one more fearmongering nonsense. Have you been to the DMZ?

        Paul did not say it is okay for Iran to have nukes. But who says it is okay for us to have nukes? After all we are the only country who has ever used them!

        You cannot negotiate with bully nations who overthrow your leaders, steal your oil and put your people under economic sanctions to keep them all poor. THAT Is pure insanity to think a sovereign people cannot defend themselves from the bullies. Iran has been invaded four times. It has never invaded anyone.

    • Curtis

      By an act of God you say?What about an act by the people!

    • jackson61

      Even if you believe Christ ruled the hearts of the people more then , evil was always there and evil deeds were commited. I believe most people are caring towards others and will continue to do so. Governing and micromanaging are two different things and the latter seems to be what has happened to our great nation.

      • Brama

        Psalm 33:12-22. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance. From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth-- he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do. No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by his great strength. A horse is a vain hope for deliverance; despite all its great strength it cannot save. But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine. We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.

    • rodney Burke

      One way to assure it happens it to VOTE!

      • Shot in the Foot

        To go through all the above about depending on God to keep us safe, then say you need to vote. Do you know how stupid you sound. Yes we must vote as it is our share of what to do. And we must fight when we must. You people sound like a bunch of cowards. I bet most of you never joined the military. That's ok because myself and my friends did. Several of us died so you people who are stuck on yourselves could have your stupid ideas. Did the men of the Christ not carry swords?
        Did the Christ not run the money changers from the church. I had a jewish friend that told me that Thou shalt not kill was mistranslated. It reads Thou shalt not murder. If your to big a group of cowards to fight for yourselves and your loved ones you are to big a bunch of cowards to fight for the Lord. If you do not think your freedom is worth you fighting for you do not deserve it! Being Christian does not mean we are perfect, just forgiven.

        • Brama

          #1. There is nothing inconsistent with exercising your right to vote, while at the same time trusting in God's sovereignty. #2. If you are a Christian, might I suggest Ephesians 4:29? It would help you not sound so offensive when conversing with other people by saying "how stupid you sound." #3. "Did the men of Christ not carry swords?" Yes, and maybe it should be reminded what happened when it was used that one time. "Then Jesus said to him, 'Put your sword back into its place ; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.'" - Matt 26:52 #4. "Did the Christ not run the money changers from the church?" Yes. Christ did, not his disciples.

        • Brama

          Personally, I think that more so-called Christians are more willing to be violent for Christ, than they are obedient for Christ. Even during the War of Indep., the Americans had made a commitment not to fire unless first fired upon. That way they can be considered as defending themselves rather than taking the pre-emptive strike. I'm not saying that war isn't understandable sometimes. But we in America tend to justify trumping the principles of God with the actions of men.

    • johnny h

      It would be a step in the right direction. So if many people vote for him, it will at least take votes away from Obama!

    • LocalYokel35

      Not so. You can begin immediately attacking the hidden enemy providing the payroll for MSM figureheads by selective boycott of products and services advertised on propaganda biased TV screens for your convenience without any required license or identification. It may be the last free service so provided that offers you both political reprisal and avoidance of consumer cost added to any advertised product.

    • zappo777

      Jesus does not promote Gay marriage, Ron Paul does-------a contradiction and deception---vote ron paul HELL NO!!!!

  • Terry WA3FLR


    • Robert, TX

      Yes! It is wonderful, but it wears me out to think of all the hard work. It will be easier to convert the democrats that work for a living (and pay taxes) than it will be to convert anyone who would vote for John McCain, George Bush or Lindsey Graham.

  • Glen

    While the speech is interesting, the fact that someone wants it delivered by a nut like Ron Paul is truly sad. If he gets into office the U.S. is doomed.

    • Frank

      Wise observation, Glen.

      • No more progressives

        Both you and this "Glen" seem to believe in the two party system and their control of the Government, which was never a part of the Constitution or the founding fathers' plan.

        So, I would say "wise" is best defined for you as "playing along", while "nut" for Glen is best defined as "Let's keep the Marxists and Socialists" in power and let the USA go the way of Socialism.

        Paul is not nuts; but, you are not wise and Glen is nuts for the above reasons.

      • VT Patriot

        Frank, I must have fallen asleep and woken up in ZOMBIE land. I see that when the title of the article has rp's name, all the paul-bots arrive in droves. He scares the he)) out of me.. Yes, he has some good ideas that I subscribe to, but he is (and always was) a loose cannon. Capable of running the US, probably as capable as our current POS in Chief.

    • pearl

      What an utterly ignorant comment. You clearly know absolutely nothing about Ron Paul or the United States.

    • Carol Goodwin

      You are so wrong! People such as you are the 'nuts' and if any other candidate wins we are lost. Ron Paul is a rational, sane, very human person! He has a great sense of humor and his honesty and sincerity are such a rarety that it blows the minds of all who are used to mediocity who feign superiority and walk all over us. He is for the liberty of the people. Thjose who think such as you, are against all that is pure and good. You are indeed, calling othere swhat you are!

    • old1

      "nut like Ron Paul" What about the foreign, Muslim, Communist usurper sleeping in our White House today? Newt, Mitt, or Rick might not beat out the Communists but Ron can! Four more years of Obama's Communism will destroy this once great country! It that what you want?

    • JoeBlowe

      Rather, if he does NOT get into office, the U.S. is likely doomed. The evidence all points to this.

      • Fed Up!

        Emotions are not the solutions Joe. Paulanistz like you keep buying the snake oil he keeps selling you.

        • guest

          At least you can read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Did you get to read obamacare or NDAA?

        • LasagnaSurfer

          Snake oil? Back up your accusations deceiver!

    • Rick

      I'd take a "nut" over a slimey, crooked, corporate hack, any day.

    • Paul

      When you get your Doctors Degree you will realize that the only reason you think Dr. Ron Paul is a nut is because you have fallen for the socialist line that says the government owes you a living. Dr. Paul may be the last hope for the USA.

    • 83Ragtop50

      Too bad Ron Paul doesn't have a clue about foreign and military affairs. His domestic ideas are spot on. But they are of no value if we Americans are dead or enslaved.

      • orples

        But they are of no value if we Americans are dead or enslaved.
        Which is in all probability what we will be if we don't put Ron Paul in the White House. The enemy currently resides in Washington D.C. Look at the newest bill they passed just this week.

      • GUEST

        83 RAGTOP.....ENSLAVED BY WHOM"? ISRAEL""? 3.5 Billion Every Year"""! No One Asked Me If I Want To Support a Jew State'''! I'M A Christian.

        • Robert

          I would find it difficult to believe you are a christian if you don't support Israel since our roots are Israel.

      • jasonb

        You're right Ragtop... a 12 term congressman has no idea what's going on in the world of unconstitutional, illegal foreign wars, and you..... you've got it all figured out.

        No clue about military affairs? You're spot on again there genius, it's not like he's an air force veteran or anything.... oh wait... he is.

        Get the net. You're wrong and you just made a fool out of yourself in public.

      • Yah Coyote

        He has much more than a clue. He has much common sense. What have we gained in ten years in Moslem Lands? Maybe some urban and mountain terrain fighting techniques updated. As a Vietnam Veteran I am so glad to hear our young warriors called heroes. That is about it as far as gains are concerned. The only thing that has really produced gain in America was the system of free elementary education. The Edisons, Gates, Fords, and numerous lesser contributors have enriched this nation beyond all that was achieved by the rest of the world. Maybe , just maybe, Ron realizes this and will help identify the young potential brilliant to genius level future contributors.

    • Planetaryhub

      Ron Paul: Israel is “Our Best Friend”:

      Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel:

      Israel & Ron Paul Reality Check:

      Ron Paul’s Mainstream Foreign Policy:!

      International Business Times - "Ron Paul 2012 - Why He Is Right On Foreign Policy"

      Ron Paul Explains: Isolationism vs Non-Interventionism:

      Ron Paul Supports George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy:
      From 2000, that is, of being a “humble nation” that does not engage in “nation-building.” Many say everything changed after 9/11. It did. America was attacked by radical Islamists, so we went into Afghanistan to route the Taliban who had aided and abetted Al-Qaeda. Virtually every American supported that mission, Congressman Ron Paul voted for it and the world was on our side in that fight. But what really changed after 9/11 was the degree to which our government used that tragedy as an excuse to launch an unnecessary war in Iraq and to stay in Afghanistan far longer than any American would have ever imagined. It is our post 9/11 haze, and the unconstitutional expansion of Executive power that accompanied it, we created a political environment in which President Obama can now send America’s military off to Libya without so much as consulting Congress. What George W. Bush describes in this video represents the foreign policy sanity Ron Paul would like to return to. Paul’s foreign policy is basically what Americans voted for in 2000. After a decade in Afghanistan and Iraq, most polls show that a war-weary American majority is eager to vote for the same policies in 2012:

      Is Ron Paul Wrong About Iran? What is more likely? Circa 2003: That Iraq has WMDs and poses a great threat to the United States? Or what Ron Paul said—that America was overreacting and we would find ourselves in a quagmire? In 2003, everyone said Ron Paul was wrong. In 2011, most Americans agree that Paul was right. What is more likely? Circa 2011: That Iran might have a WMD and poses a great threat to the United States? Or what Ron Paul says—that America is overreacting concerning Iran and going to war with that country will find the US in a quagmire once again? The notion that Paul is being “absurd” in his policy toward Iran does not make sense if history, experience and common sense have any bearing on the matter.

      Return Of The War Party?

      Ron Paul: Reality Check!

      Why Tea Party Voters Are Returning to Ron Paul:

      And Even More Reasons:

      The Fed’s Dirty Not-So-Little Secrets:

    • Paul

      Glen, The speech is very interesting and probably in line with just how Ron Paul feels/believes. But it wouldn't be delivered by a nut. Far from it. If you had really researched Ron Paul for the past 3 decades and knew the Constitution you would know he's no nut. He's the most reasonable, honest man with impeccable integrity that has run for office since Ronald Reagan. The Constitution is his basis for every move he makes and his beliefs on how government should be run. His Foreign Policy views seem to be most peoples concern even though though they are based on the Constitution as well. But if thats the main concern of the majority of people, it seems to me he's the right choice for President of the United States. He has my vote!

    • GUEST


    • Mike

      This elderly man has some ideas I agree with on reducing the size and scope of government and getting rid of all the executive orders. He shouldn't stop there and should eliminate several departments and agencies. The first to go is EPA and all the others shortly thereafter. I hear that Gingrich is called "Zany". Ron Paul takes "Zany" to a new level in most everything. He has a small loyal following and we need a younger, more energetic candidate who can win against the smooth talking Progressive Socialist.

      • jasonb

        Funny Mike.... that "small loyal following" is about to win him the Iowa Caucus.

        Good try though. I see you haven't actually objectively listened to or researched Ron Paul. Thanks for making a fool out of yourself in public.

    • guest


    • Michael Seamon


      I feel for you. It's a shame to go through life in a perpetual state of ignorance. You insult Ron Paul who for three decades has proven to be a man of integrity, honesty, and consistency. His voting record is impeccable in that his votes, regardless of the pressure to join the majority, have proven to be correct over time. If he is a nut as you claim it would be just as appropriate to call our founding fathers nuts as well. It is painfully obvious that you are mentally lazy because you could never insult the man if you truly understood his positions on the various issues. His views are extremely well thought out and more than anything they adhere to the Constitution of the United States. Maybe you are just happy with the current government because you prefer lies, deceit, and corruption to an honest, decent, public servant who loves his country and genuinely cares about it's citizens. Glen, maybe you are part of the problem. Think about that if it doesn't hurt you brain too much.

    • Anonymoose

      Oh, and I supposed the current way is just working out fine... it seems to me that doomed is where we are already headed. Ron Paul as president would definitely be in a different direction!

      Ron Paul 2012!

    • David Williams

      Isn't it sad that somebody who adheres to the Constitution is referred to as a 'nut'?!! It just shows how far the government-run school system has failed many generations of students who don't even recognize Constitutional principles anymore. Very sad.

    • Jack Burdick

      Glen - why do you say that? What support for that statement do you offer?

    • Edies fadder

      that man has more brains in his little toe that the others put together. THIS MANS TIME HAS COME

    • davep

      as opposed to obama's re-election? this idiot (obama) will destroy the very foundations of our beliefs and freedoms if re-elected. he has stated so , all you have to do is read his own words. nothing in them ever espoused loyalty and patriotism to this great land.

    • Shot in the Foot

      Remember as you judge him you will be judged. And as you are calling him a nut what does that make you.

    • Sonny

      It is Ron Paul. Heaven help us with the ignorance that abounds from the American People. If you know Ron Paul, this is exactly what he would do, so trying to separate the speech from Ron Paul is just dumb. The whole point from the writer is that this is Ron Paul's stance. Truly, common sense stares blankly at comments like yours. And Glen, just where are we now, dancing in lolly pop fields and cotton candy orchards? Yeah, go vote for your establishment hacks so you can suck more of the same sour milk from your Nanny Government.

    • Holland180

      Amen to that one Glen. What a Kook and he surely looks demented!

      • jasonb

        Oh look, another name caller with nothing better to do with their time than make a fool out of themselves in public.

        Go read a book.

    • nota nut

      I have to admit I came here because of Ron Paul. So I'm not familiar with this site or regular readers. What brought the regulars here? Is Gary North a regular author that you normally read? I ask because Gary North is far nuttier than Ron Paul, and I wish he wouldn't associate with him.

    • Yah Coyote

      So outside the box is nutty? For just one example: Closing and selling our overseas bases: Turning national defense over to the country of the base is exactly what we are trying to do in Iraq and Afghanistan. So Obama and Bush had this nutty idea. If Obama gets reelected the US is doomed. Any halfway sensible person would do a 10,000% better job. Doing nothing would be at least 500% better. Yes, he may be extreme, but we need an extreme change. Washington has drifted so far away from what the Founders desired we would "stay the course" on. It is the US Constitution that provided the "infrastructure" to build the great nation the USA became. Consider in World War Two this just maturing nation took on Axis powers that had sucessfully conquered almost 70% of the most populous territory in the world. Odds makers would probably have given the USA a one in 50 chance of suceeding on an optomistic day. Not the tail between our legs apologetic nation Obama portrays us to be before the world audience. Ron would never bow to the King of Saudi Arabia.

    • deacon

      need your handout huh?

  • TOM


    • waldo

      Me too but he sure as hell is better than the big eared racist lord obama and regime who are completely destroying the country and dismantling our rights one at a time.

    • RebelRich76

      Very appropriate words from your 'little mind' Tom! ;o)

    • Paul

      Are you refering to the Constitution or Dr. Paul?

      • Brama

        Good one!

    • Carol Goodwin

      He is not all that old, and definitely not extreme! What is extreme about wanting to uphold the Constitution?
      What is extreme about wanting to cut out all the spending? I don't think you have really researched his ideas.
      Are you aware that he is setting his salary as president at just over $39,000 a year? This is what the average citizen makes in this country! Are you aware that he will NOT be taking the retirement package that other Congresspersons take when leaving Congress? Obama's base salary is $400,000 and then all the taxpayer dollars for all the staff, all their vacations and all the other benefits and then he has the audacity to try to cut Medicare and Social Security which seniors have paid into all our working lives? I'd love to hear what you have to say when you reach Ron Paul's age. I doubt you will think you are 'too old".

    • William Swan

      Tom its not "TOO OLD" or "TOO EXTREME". Rather its WISDOM and EXPERIENCE without the "LITTLE TOO, LITTLE TOO". What we need is someone who will stand for principles not compromises. This is from an 85 year old who has been around for awhile

      • amagi

        And many more to you, Mr. Swan !

    • 13degree

      Using your own analogy, perhaps you Tom are too young for one to heed your words?
      As far as extreme, I offer you the following quote;

      "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world...I hope you will join with me as we try to change it".
      Barack Hussien Obama-

      Now THAT is extreme!!!

      America Rising.
      The Constitution Stands.

    • pearl

      Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!

      • James


    • Craig Stock

      Extreme is watching your country be flushed or sold and you sit there and praise the traitor doing it!!!!

    • David

      Then vote for traitor Soetoro, then you can be a POS like him.
      Paul would probably run circles around all the other candidates and you because he runs every day.
      You sit behind a computer and talk bad about the only one qualified and has intregrity to be president!
      The rest are nothing but crooks, liars, and flip-floppers.
      Paul has a 100% voting record and has more support from the troops and veterans who gave you freedoms!
      Your with the enemies who brought down my country because of idiots like you.
      Do your homework before ypu open your mouth or shut the hell up!
      Semper Fi!

    • Daniel from TN

      Granted, Paul has made some EXCELLENT points during his campaign up to now. However, he has also put his foot DEEP in his mouth and shown his complete ignorance on several topics. It is these occurences that convince me Paul's age is already affecting him mentally, even if only occasionally at this time.
      We now know that Reagan had Dementia and Alzheimer's the last 15 to 18 months he was in office. Fortunately, nothing major occured that required his full mental abilities. If elected, Paul will be 77 when sworn into office, several years older than Reagan was when sworn into his FIRST term. We need a president who will have full mental faculties throughout his/her term(s) in office. We cannot be 100% sure this will be the case with Paul.
      There is a minimum age for someone to become president or VP. I believe we need a Constitutional amendment establishing a maximum age as well.

      • Minarchist

        And just where exactly would you place that maximum age? Benjamin Franklin was in his early Eighties during the Constitutional Convention. Would you have barred him from such political activity?

        Since dementia can set in at any age, and at any time, we cannot be 100% sure Gingrich (68), Romney (64), or Perry (61) will have all of their mental faculties throughout their full term(s).

        I would rather have a slightly forgetful Dr. Paul in office over a completely corrupt Obama any day.

      • Yah Coyote

        Generalisms are guidelines we follow to make sense of decisions we have to make. Unfortunately they are not always valid. Human beings are amazingly varied. A few even live to 150+ and have the capabilities of what most 40 year olds can do at 135. I had a great, great grandmother who was burned as a witch for looking 35 at 70. Seems you would have been on the condemnation council back then. Maybe as a Medical Doctor and Texas Congressman he is not quite as widely learned as one might expect a generalist as the President is expected to be. Reagan solved that by being able to choose highly competent Department heads. As I have learned in my career, I do not have to know everything , I just have to keep asking until I am directed to the Subject Matter Expert who can explain to me in a convincing way that the situation is this....

    • Jaclyn Barnes

      I,Agree with you one hundred percent!His foreign policy is extremely scary to!I do not even know his,views on Israel!

      • LasagnaSurfer

        Well if you don't know his views on Israel, why don't you look them up?

        He was the only Congressman to respect Israel's sovereignty in 1981 when Congress voted 434 to 1 to censure Israel for bombing Iran. Ron Paul says that we are not Israel's daddy and we do not have a right to tell Israel what to do. He was the lone no vote.

      • Minarchist

        If you do not know all of his views on foreign policy, how can you deem them scary?

    • Yah Coyote

      Oh, oh, age discrimination, of course liberals are comfortable with that. The amazing thing about human beings is they are so different. Some live to 150 and are as healty and capable at 130 as most are at 40. Others die at 3 days. Extreme, what do you call the times we are currently living in? US territory has been attacked within the 48 contiguous states. National Debt has exceeded 14 Billion. 50% or more pay no taxes. 300,000 illegal gang memebers have been arrested in the last decade. 17,000 abortions were performed last year. We are living in extreme times. An extreme solution is definitely needed. You need to wake up.

  • shanna

    Too bad he would be the only one of the candidates to actually follow the premise of this "speech". I hate his foreign policy, but love the domestic..I imagine that would be preferable over the reverese..
    If he gets the nomination I will not think twice to vote for him - anyone but the POS marxist we have now..

    • Rich

      whats wrong with a foreign policy of leave everyone alone except to trade???? It would keep us out of all the world messes!

  • Peter

    Now, THAT would be memorable. I only hope he makes it to the podium unharmed and signs the revocation with the boldness of JOHN HANCOCK himself.

    • thechristiansolution

      He will need to be extremely careful who his VEEP is. JFK was too easily replaced by LBJ - "Israel's greatest friend in the House". Ronald Reagan was almost replaced by Bush Sr. - Mr. OWG.

      • Peter

        I agree he should be careful, and I think he wil be. In fact, I'll contact him and let him know I'd consider the position. ...just in case.

  • Snow

    OMG_Im no Ron paul supporter but as i sat and read his speech i found my self nodding yes to everything _Holy crap if only the rest of them had this kind of sense_well except closing our bases down i have to agree with everything said_IN Shock & dumbfounded lol-sadly RP will not get the nomination regardless of how many straw polls he wins because his foreign policy scares the crap out of people...

    • rick

      Fear mongering scares the crap out of people. Iran is not a threat to us, well about as much threat as a BB gun against a freight train.

      • Brenda Choate

        Don't bet your life on it.

    • Paul

      His foreign policy is the same as that of George Washington "beware of foreign entanglements". Sounds like a great idea to me. We will be just as strong with our troops at home.

      • Supertad108

        I ran across this on another post. Liking the things Dr Paul says but this article is intriguing. At a minimum raises queries to provoke discussion.

        Ron Paul & the Neoliberal Re-education Campaign:

        • guest

          I read through this quickly. One, Israel can take care of itself. Iran is no threat if we legalize hemp. Re-education of the Constitution, bad idea?

          The rest of the candidates want to bomb, bomb, and bomb some more yet that hasn't made us any better. Meanwhile China continues to rise dependent on trade and Russia went in decline over endless wars.

          As we have it, every time a trend comes up (grow your own food) we get another law to outlaw it. Now we have DHS asking us to turn in our neighbor and is practicing this as we speak in TN. NDAA, anyone?

    • Roy Edwards

      Why do you think the U.S.A. needs to be the policeman of the world. We don't need to send troops o all the counties of the world,churchs need to send only missionaries.

    • Gabriel

      "RP will not get the nomination regardless of how many straw polls he wins because his foreign policy scares the crap out of people..."

      For good reason! If it came down to a choice between Obama and the nutjob who is Ron Paul, I'd have to vote for a third party candidate...

    • Chuck

      How and why would it be such a tragedy to close the bases around the world? What purpose do they serve, except the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about? It's insane to believe we need all these bases to protect Americans here, at home.

    • Ritchard

      The present foreign policy we have now should scare the crap out of people.

  • Donald A Jaffa

    And I thought Barack Obama was unfit to serve?

    • Doug Rodrigues

      So if given a choice, who would you vote for and why?

      • 83Ragtop50

        Michelle Bachmann

        • Nick

          OH NO! Not another republican. If democrats and republicans are destroying our country, why would you want to vote for either one of them. Their allegiance is to their political party, not to the american people.

        • VT Patriot

          Oh my God, not another republican. We should definately all be behind a libertarion who can't get out of the mens room with jis "parties" support so registers as a republican. A nut case in sheeps clothing is still a NUTCASE.

        • Yah Coyote

          Well the Martin Luther King Principal: Judge everyone on their own individual character alone. As the wisest Man that ever lived once said: By their actions you shall know who they really are. Michelle has been a champion of the Tea Party pricipals from early on. A politician who actually listens to her constituents? So what are her likely to govern by principals: Reducing the burden of Government on the American people. Fiscal responsibility. Constitutional conformance (rule of law). American exceptualism that has produced almost all the technology the modern world enjoys and benefits from. In fact party discrimination is probably just as bad as race discrimination.

        • LasagnaSurfer

          Michelle Bachmann who lies about Iran to try to get us into a war with them??

          Michelle Bachmann who supports torture? Show me where Christ supported torture please. Unless you like torture that is.

          MICHELE BACHMANN: "We have an IAEA report that just recently came out that said literally Iran is within just months of being able to obtain that (a nuclear) weapon."

          RON PAUL: "There is no U.N. report that said that. It's totally wrong, what you just said."

          Bachmann: "It's the IAEA report."

          THE FACTS: As Paul said, the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency does not state that Iran is within months of having nuclear arms. The U.N. agency report does suggest that Iran conducted secret experiments whose sole purpose is the development of nuclear weapons but did not put a time frame on when Iran might succeed in building a bomb, and it made no final conclusion on Tehran's intent.

          Bachmann also erred by arguing that Iran has "stated they will use it (a nuclear weapon) against the United States."

          Iran vehemently rejects that it is developing a nuclear bomb, let alone that it plans to drop one on the U.S.

        • Yah Coyote

          Haven't you learned that Jihadist regimes have not only the right but the duty to lie to infidels? Read the artical about how cummunism needs thousands of lies to exist. Jihad is of the same genre. Nobody really knows except a few Iranian Nuclear Scientists exactly what they are building. It is only the rheteric of the Iranian Government : Destroy Israel and the great Satan USA. Now simple logic : Desire to destroy superior forces coupled with nuclear technology, hmmmm. Oh, I forgot to liberals simple straightforward logic is not only forbidden, but punishable by imprisonment. Well maybe you will get a nice reward from turning me in.

        • Joy

          She and Ron Should Run Together, and maybe Rick or Rick.

    • RebelRich76

      With that rationality, you can bet we're all glad you're not running for office Don. If you believe in global domination by US troops, just wait till 'you' become one of the victims right within our own borders. It's coming! Be careful what you wish for Don.

    • pearl

      You were right BO IS unfit, and unqualified, so what's your point?

      • Joy

        B.O. STINKS!!!

    • Yah Coyote

      You were certainly right about Obama being UNFIT. So, what University did you get your Political Science degree from? Do you think as the progressives that the Constitution is a outdated document unable to deal with modern times? Do you think turning the defense of other nations over to them is the wrong thing to do? It seems this is exactly what this and the former administration have been trying to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, it certaily is difficult to determine exactly what you mean. Yet if not an insult I really cannot atach any meaning to your statement. As I have pointed out he graduated from Medical School and has run a scandal free congressional office. Yes the "enlighted one" supposedly graduated fron Law School ( among many other of his unsubstantiated claims). The irony is his speciality was supposedly constitutional law.

  • pearl

    Maybe he will deliver it -or part of it. I pray he does.

    • Yah Coyote

      He graduated from Medical School, has held a congressional office totally without scandal, and simply has some "out of the box " ideas. What makes you such a political savant? If he truly believes in what Oliver North suggests he does (and as a former campaign insider he ought to know what Ron thinks about) then everyone who believes in the greatness of the American Constitution should agree these are mostly great ideas. There are several good candidates for Secreary of State to moderate his foreign policy. Maybe the nations can turn former American bases into their own Army bases just like we are trying to get Iraq and Afghanistan to do.

    • RobertM

      Congratulations, America. You now have a government owned by special interests, all three branches of which legislate their agenda.

  • David

    The likelihood of him EVER giving such a speech is NIL!

    He is a looney bin and a NUT!

    • rick

      I'd take a nut over a crooked, war mongering, criminal, bought-and-paid-for corporate shill any day.

    • Paul

      To a nation gone crazy, a sane man seems like a nut.

    • m.g.o'c.

      And you are a Peabrain for not being intelligent enough to realize he is the only true American running in 2012!!!

  • Frank

    It would be nice if the world worked the way Ron Paul would have it work. Unfortunately, he fails to see the reality all around us. If Mr. Paul becomes the President of the United States, we can kiss our rear ends good bye. On the other hand, if Obuma is reelected they will also be gone.

    It is so sad to see what has become of my country.

    • Paul

      The World DID work the way Dr. Paul would like to have it work. "It is so sad to see what has become of my country." Why don't you want to restore it?

    • GUEST

      FRAnk you watch hannity and o'reilly to much....try using your more wars out of europe,asia, no foreign aid. mAYBE tHE mUSLIMS wILL lEAVE aMERICA aLONE......wHERE uP THIR ass bECAUSE oF iSRAEL aND nOTHING mORE'! (ex air force viet-nam era vet)

      • Brenda Choate

        Islam's doctrine is to make EVERYONE a Muslim. If they refuse to convert then they are killed. As for the wars out of Euroope and Asia that only works if they don't attack. Pacifism and isolation did nothing to stop Japan from attacking.

        • LasagnaSurfer

          Isn't Christian's doctrine to make EVERYONE a Christian? If you refuse, we just bomb your country.

        • screeminmeeme

          Wrong again.'s NOT a Christian doctrine to MAKE everyone a Christian....that is patently false. It's a Christian doctrine to tell those willing to listen how they can know Christ as personal savior and they are free to choose to accept or reject the Gospel.

          Christianity is not about compulsion, as is ISLAM, which has been converting by the sword since its beginning.

          NO CHRISTIAN doctrine teaches killing those who reject Christ...OR ANYONE ELSE, for that matter.

          Your antipathy for Christianity is telling.

        • LasagnaSurfer

          You are right, it isn't, instead they'd just rather kill anyone who isn't. Or torture them at least.

        • William
    • johnny h

      A cautionary word: Remember what OBAMA said before he got elected???
      Be very careful what you wish for!

    • Chuck

      As John Lennon said, "Give peace a chance." I believe a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Peace.

      • VT Patriot

        And I believe in the tooth fairy. We gave peace a chance. Live or ever been near NY on 9-11?? This is rp's problem, we already have o POS - (oops I'm sorry, my bad ) who got where he is by saying "give peace a chance" and proceeded to try to tslk all of the islamic POS's to "lets negotiate. rp is a squirell.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Q: What causes obama to commit his heinous deeds against America?
      A: He serves those who are trying to install a one-world government.
      Q: Who are "those who are trying to install a one-world government?
      A: They are spread out more widely than anyone can imagine, and have infiltrated nearly all of our government. They include, but are not limited to, UN, Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, Center for American Progress, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Court, Open Society Institute, and Tides Foundation.
      Q: Does this mean that any Republican who is somehow associatied with one or more from the list above will act upon their agenda, just as obama does?
      A: I CAN'T FORCE YOU TO THINK! Come on now; RUMINATE on it for a while!
      Q: How many Republican Candidates have abstained completely from associating with these groups?
      A: Net total equals TWO. Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman.

    • Joy

      In the interest of truth, Frank, he is the Only Candidate currently running who ascribes fully to the U.S. Constitution. Rick, Michele, and Rick are better than average, also. Run, Sarah, Run! Hey, how about Paul & Palin/Palin & Paul??? Sounds pretty sweet!

    • deacon

      wow frank you just do not get it!! we are broke , and the only way to get unbroke is to shrunk the government drasticly , mitt will not do this

  • Sue

    Wow! I would truly love to see this be the inaugural speech for whomever is elected President in 2012. I can just imagine the joy, wonder and enthusiasm of the American people if we were to revert back to the basic premises of our founding fathers. Whoopee! Hooray for a beautifully written speech and I recommend that you be the speech writer for the President who is elected in 2012. And an advisor as well! Thanks for saying just what I and many, many other Americans think should be done.

    • Gabriel

      "Hooray for a beautifully written speech"

      Obama gave beautifully written speeches about hope and change ... and see where we are now. There's more to leadership than giving pretty speeches. However, this speech was just silly; I'm not sure which is worse in the Oval Office - a degenerate or a nutjob.

  • Jim Bilyeu

    This speech writer is a nut along with his friend Ron Paul! Not that I disagree with eliminating executive orders, but how would you keep a lid on this geriatric wind bag?

    • Doug Rodrigues

      You can't. When people like you realize that you've been manipulated by the current group of politicians we have now, voting for Ron Paul is the only real "Change" that benefits us citizens. Voting for anyone else simply means a continuation of the same old corruption in overly Big Government.

    • Jim

      You're an idiot. This "speech writer" is a personification of the Constitution, and if you think the Constitution is nutty, then you might as well just go live in China.

    • GUEST

      tHATS tHE TROUBLE wITH aMERICA.............To Many Dumb People Who Vote. Like Jim BILYEU.

    • Mike

      Now that I am at an age beyond the President's, I would like you to ponder a condition known as Wisdom. Very few young people have it or recognize it. Consider: Wisdom comes from experience, experience comes from lack of Wisdom. The United States Government is even more intrusive overseas than it is here at home. We have become the modern day Napoleon on worldwide conquest. Closeing down many foreign bases and bringing our people home is good. Audit the Federal Reserve? Very good. Resign and remove the United Nations? Very good. Overhaul the IRS? Very good. Do you see anything "Nut Job" yet? Well do ya, punk?

    • jody

      You are the tree nut! Socialist, whatever you are.

  • David Stanley

    I hope I get to hear an inaugural speech like this from Ron Paul. He has my support and prayers in allowing us to live free by the constitution and save America as a refuge of freedom for all. thank you

  • traveller

    f Ron Paul gets the nomination, Obama will win.

    • Rick

      HA. The GOP stands no chance with any other candidate. Sorry to bust your bubble. His supporters will not vote for a crooked, war mongering, criminal, bought-and-paid-for corporate shill any day. Which is all your boys Romneycare and Newt have to offer.

      • Steve

        So if it comes down to Obama and "not Ron Paul", you idiots are going to vote OBAMA??? Don't you see how short-sigted and futile that is? God save our country from the likes of you Paulbots AND Obama.

    • Jim

      That's a great analysis! Except that it is contrary to statistical evidence, as well as common sense. Why did you waste your time typing that?

    • guest

      Only if you don't vote for the Constitution.

    • Edies fadder

      I wouldn`t be so sure about that. if everyone that has commented here both pro and con would decide to make him a winner he would get the presidency hands down WE MUST GET RON PAUL ELECTED IN 2012 IF WE EVER WANT TO SEE THE UNITED STATES AGAIN

    • Joanthan Gartner

      You of course are right I do not understand all the thumbs down. Obviously Paul-bots have infiltrated this post. Paul would be best suited in treasury not Presidency where our enemies would run rampant while we stayed home. He has an interesting background as a racist if people would look him over as carefully as Newt or Perry.

      • Lee Fisher

        You want racist look no further then the Obama and his wife

    • Rachel

      I actually think he'd give Obama a run for his money. Ron Paul appeals to young lefties/college kids, just like Obama did. But Obama has let them down big they might switch to Ron Paul. And even most sensible mature voters (like me) will vote ABO (Anybody But Obama) when push comes to shove.

    • cactassdupree

      O is a 1 term Prez. He should just admitt it and let the Dems ty someone else. O is set for life thanks to the U.S.A.

      • helm20558

        Sickening isn't it?

    • JJODY


    • helm20558

      Only if you let him.

    • Lee Fisher

      sleep walker

  • Eve

    And it sounds like something he would do.
    We need Ron Paul.
    The others are all "lesser evil" puppets that will make no serious change.

    Ron Paul or NONE at all.

    • ROger

      Crazy thinking like that is what will keep obama in power. PLEASE try NOT to be so FOOLISH !

    • rodney Burke

      Yeah, aren't you tired of the "lessor of two evils"? I know I sure am. I want just once to have the greater of the two good. What a novel concept!

      • JOY


    • mudguy

      Sorry if Ron Paul wins the nomination Obama wins

    • JOY

      WE MUST NOT SPLIT THE VOTE! Ron Paul Is The Jeffersonian Most Needed At This Time To Place The Country Aright! :) Thought You'd especially be heart-warmed by this article and speech I just discovered in my email! Love, and May God Bless America and Its Citizens This New Year!

    • JOY


  • Link Hogtrob

    Anything is better than the marxist street clown in chief...even Ron Paul!

    • Rachel

      I would ONLY vote for Ron Paul if he's the nominee who runs against the Marxist. Because as loony as he is on too many issues, he's still preferable to Obama.

    • JOY

      Dr. Ron Paul Is The Jeffersonian Most Needed At This Time To Place The Country Aright! :) I Love, and May God Bless America and Its Citizens This New Year!

    • Lee Fisher

      Even my ass, we would be lucky

  • Doug Rodrigues

    I envision an office full of "Elite" Professional Politicians sitting around smoking cigars, with their feet on the table, sipping brandy, conspiring how to get rid of Ron Paul because he's "rocking the boat" and a threat to their comfortable private lifestyle known as the Senate and Congress.

    • premonition010

      Then I suggest you devote some time and effort to replacing them .

    • rodney Burke

      Hell he doesn't need to rock the boat, I want him to capsize it. The boat needs some new occupants in it! Some that put their obligation to their constituents first and not last!

    • johnny h

      Doug, You have the problem in a nutshell. Ever thought of running for office??

  • Steve

    Umm...not be be a heretic or anything, are any of those executive orders important for theaafety and security of our nation and its citizens? (Can you say, "instant loss of national air traffic control?") But that doesn't seem to be a factor to Ron Paul or his mindless minions.

    While I agree that many (even most) executive orders should be revoked, I disagree that the president has no authority to enact these orders. As the chief executive he can enact any order affecting any legislatively established department which falls under the executive branch of government. He simply cannot create laws.

    • WYVET

      I don't get it. First you say he can and then you say he can't.
      What is it you are really saying?

    • Brenda Choate

      Follow the thread: Executive order to EPA--EPA enacts rules--compliance is mandatory. Obama could not get his legislation past the congress so he issued an executive order to the department. He in effect created a law without congressional approval.

    • rodney Burke

      And that is Ron Paul's who point. Executive order has BECOME law. And Barry Zero is doing all he can to circumvent congress and create a totalitarian state. There is some middle ground here but he has the right idea.

    • Edies fadder


    • Chuck

      Steve, what do you think executive orders, as used today are? I agree that "As the chief executive the President can enact any order affecting any legislatively established department which falls under the executive branch of government." However, those orders or policies are only (Departmental Policies) which are suppose to affect the internal workings of the department or agency, and as you correctly stated, "He simply cannot create laws." Therefore, there's only one way to interpret the powers of the President when issuing Executive Orders. He cannot create laws, rules or regulations that affect anyone or anything outside the internal operations of the departments or agencies under the executive branch, for to do so would be exceeding the authorities enumerated to the executive branch of government by the Constitution, and thus an abuse of his powers. By creating laws, rules, or regulations that affect the American people and businesses through the use of Executive Orders, the President is usurping the powers specifically delegated by the Constitution solely to the Congress.

      The term “Executive Order” is fairly new; coming into existence somewhere in the early 1900′s but every President since George Washington has used the process to one extent or another. Originally these orders were given by the President to specific cabinet heads or government agency heads which would be the specific agency directly effected by the order, for which the president has the constitutional right to do, he has the right to direct the employees directly beneath him.
      However, like most things governmental, once a program or policy is started it is only a matter of time before it is expanded and abused. That seems to be what has happened to the Executive Order. Presidents have been able to implement policy decisions rather than procedural, cabinet inner workings, and while some may be considered honorable that does not mean they were constitutional.

    • Chuck

      Steve, it is not the President's authority to issue Executive Orders which is in question here, but rather the Constitutionality of what is contained in such orders, whether the contents of the Executive Order creates law, or not. If it creates law, it is illegal because only Congress has the Constitutional authority to create laws for the people of the United States.

      • Steve

        ...unless congress, by law, has authorized and funded the agency to serve as the regulatory authority in a certain matter (e.g., air traffic control). Congress retains the authority to sever or limit an agency's authorization and/or funding and thus the president's ability to implement executive orders with regard to that agency. The problem here is not the president implementing executive orders (which - unfortunately in the case of the current president - is within his executive privilege), but rather that congress allows and even encourages the executive to do so in order to solve "national problems" while abdicating their own responsibility.

        • Bruce

          Read 12USC95b at

    • JODY


  • 1599

    As sharp as he is I would have thought he wrote his own speeches.

    • Stan

      He does,re-read the article.

    • 1599

      My goof up. I shouldn't try to read so fast. Thanks

  • mishaleeen

    whether or not it is in the Constitution or not it was proposed and invoked by John Adams....

    • Chuck

      You are partially right, mishaleen. However, it was not John Adams, but rather John Quincy Adams who proposed and invoked the Executive Order you for which you are surely referring. In addition, this Executive Order did not create any law. The Executive Order merely honored John Adams at the time of his death on July 4, 1826. Here's an excerpt from the original Executive Order:

      "Let the officers, then, wear the badge of mourning, the poor emblem of a sorrow which words can not express, but which freemen must ever feel while contemplating the graves of the venerated Fathers of the Republic. Tuesday succeeding the arrival of this order at each military station shall be a day of rest. The National flag shall wave at half-mast. At early dawn thirteen guns shall be fired, and at intervals of thirty minutes between the rising and setting sun a single cannon will be discharged, and at the close of the day twenty-four rounds."

  • Joe H. Baber

    In my opinion anyone that liberals in both parties hate and go into spastic fits over is a great possibility as president. Considering the dismal performance of both parties and the continual march to totalitarian socialism under both parties, their condemnation of Ron Paul speaks volumes as to his character. What's really sad is that a march back to constitutional law and principles is considered extreme rather than the extra constitutional law and steady march into socialism.

  • d.mather

    If obama dont leave in discrace ( If supreme court would act)?? Then be sure YOU VOTE HIM OUT ??????

    • rodney Burke

      I would prefer him leaving in nullification and the biggest bunch of trials for fraud in the history of the USA. Scandal? Touch luck! We need a DO over, and right now. Send Barry to the country that claims him; Kenya. If we put everyone in congress who was complicate with Barry's nomination, there would BE no democratic majority.

      This is the biggest conspiracy to defraud we have EVER known. Barry and his henchmen are the biggest cowards the world has ever known. And I DARE Barry Zero to unseal his documents!

  • Insurgent

    ANYBODY but the illegal LFN from Mombasa, Kenya!!!

    • Robert King

      Hmmmm ...."LFN"? I think I understand the acronym. I'm 78, a Korean vet (I was on our side) and have spent plenty of time in the South.

      My thinking is that the acronym should be: "LMFN"......what d'ya think?

      Bob King

    • Weasler

      Anybody but looney bird Ron Paul, that is. Choosing between him and Obama is
      like choosing between an earthquake and a tornado.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    Great satire. Thanks!

  • d.mather

    all OF THE CANIDATES NEE TO FOLLOW THE WORDS OF Ron Paul???? We need some Bases in Korea and Germany for QUICK reaction Forses ????

    • rodney Burke

      Yes we need our bases. Whether Ron Paul or anyone ELSE wants to admit it we have three countries who are our SWORN enemy. N. Korea, China and Iran. That has not changed and will not until they have a change in leadership. And we know how likely that is!

      • Vince

        We have spent trillions of dollars developing a quick strike military arsenal. We have nuclear powered submarines equipped with ballistic missiles. We have nuclear powered aircraft carriers ready to dispatch fighter jets and choppers form their decks within a moments notice. We have long range bombers and troop transport aircraft at the ready. We posses enough intercontinental nuclear missiles to destroy the planet countless times over. We have the ability to depart American shores and strike anywhere in the world within 18 hours or less. Why exactly do we need military bases spread all over the globe? I can justify a few bases strategically located in territories we have long laid claim, but hundreds of bases in over 100 countries? The idea that these bases make us more secure is unreasonable. We should take heed the words of Dwight Eisenhower, one of the greatest military and Presidential leaders this country has known..."beware the military industrial complex...".

        • Richard Wm. Faith

          Profound! And Eisenhower was a MILITARY MAN! A GENERAL! So, he ought to KNOW!

  • rms

    so terriblly sad

  • TerryE

    Nemesis, why don't you tell us how you really feel???

  • http://Godfather Steve

    Ron Paul is the wisest and most knowledgeable candidate out there. His ideas appear at times to be outlandish only because of our limited paradigms. If we do the research our selves on the topics at hand, we will see that every thing he stands for is right in line with the way this country was founded. If we don't get back to the basics, we will no longer be a sovereign nation, and the american dream will die. Great truths are generally disagreed with, then violently opposed, then finally received as truth. We are at the verge of " finally received as truth". Ron Paul has the background, the consistency, and the track record that can turn this nation around. Not to mention that because he is not swayed by power or money he walks to the beat of a different drum than most politicians. Please do the research your self. James 1:8

    • Weasler

      Another druggie for Ron Paul spews his drivel.

      • Steve

        If he were a druggie, he'd have an excuse. More likely just ignorant.

      • Richard Wm. Faith

        It's highly amusing to me that people who are not armed with any factual data on a person that they dislike almost universally resort to name-calling and ad-hominem attacks. They do that because THAT'S ALL THEY HAVE. But, I do not expect to change your mind, because:
        1) He who's convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still;
        2) You are too blind to see that you have BECOME THE THING YOU HATE. YOU just "spewed drivel" yourself!
        3) My style, alas, is too abrasive. You can catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. Too bad I really don't have much esteem for flies anyway; they're kind of yucky. Lord, please forgive me; I just don't have the patience to be conciliatory toward idiots.

  • Alice

    what is this "even Ron Paul" stuff? I for one think he is correct in everything he says. I don't want other countries setting up bases in America and why should we set up bases elsewhere? In this day and age expecially, we can deploy at the drop of a hat from right here at home. Get out of the international meddling game and tend the home fires until we are actually a country that has the right to pose as a role model again. We talk about going into other countries for "human rights" when our government is steadily taking ours away as quickly as possible. How righteous is that!? And our government funds other countries (sometimes for the most asinine reasons) when we are steadily going deeper and deeper into debt on the homefront.

    Oh, and by the way, yes, great speech! Well done Mr. North!

    • rodney Burke

      Well maybe Ron Paul will take away foreign aid! H-m-m what a novel idea! We can use that money at home.

  • djw663

    I have no doubt that Ron Paul will do a great job cutting the size of gov't. It is some of the other stuff that is a little extreme for me. I do want someone that is passionate about our Great Nation and the Constitution of the United States but not so extreme.
    Newt or Bachmann would be a better choice. I would still vote for Ron Paul over Obama but talk about extreme opposites.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      First and foremost, I SUPPORT Ron Paul as the primary, first-choice candidate; nevertheless, if Bachman wins the primary I will gladly vote for her in the general election. On the other hand, you have obviously done little if any research on Newt. I have read his book "To Save America" (and yes, I read THE WHOLE book), have listened to him on the radio many times, have even conversed with him on live talk radio, and have Googled up some facts about him. Have you ever wondered from whom obama gets his marching orders? Have you ever wondered who vamboozled THE ENTIRE CONCRESS to SIT ON THEIR HANDS vis-a-vis impeachment? Have you ever even entertained the idea that the "bad guys" referred to in my first and second questions "just" might be THE SAME bad guys? Could it be that they are shadow operatives of the New World DIS"order"? And here's a final piece of homework for you: find the answer to this question "How is the Council on Foreign Relations related to the New-World DIS"order"? By the way, "IS IT TRUE" that Newt is a MEMBER of the CFR? IS IT TRUE?

      • djw663

        Thanks! I hadn't done enough research. Eye opening.
        Found an interesting speach given in 96 about Newt and it shocked me but it looks like you knew.
        Here it is anyway.

        • Richard Wm. Faith

          You are VERY welcome! I don't dare claim to always be correct, but some truths can be found out through some very easy research. The things we find out for ourselves have a much better chance of working into our own personal belief systems than the things we just heard from others.

        • Richard Wm. Faith

          Holy smoke! You just added an unexpected GEM to my arsenal. It is MY turn to thank YOU.
          Thank you!
          Richard William Faith

    • rodney Burke

      Sadly it takes Barry Ovomit for us to see how extreme to the left we've gone and how far to the right we need to go to get back to where this nation was when it was great. Ron Paul understands what does and doesn't work from an economic point of view. Maybe he is what the nation needs. Worth a consideration if you aren't happy with anyone else.

  • GeorgeMiller

    Ron Paul C-in-C policy: We surrender!

    • LasagnaSurfer

      Nothing but a distortion of his policy and voting record.

      He voted to go after Osama because Osama attacked us.

      Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan did not attack us.

  • reinhold

    Those that love the lie hate Rob Paul. Those that love the truth are those that Ron Paul serves. The whiney critics o Ron Paul are the cause of our circumstance. To these few that whine that Ron Paul is too old ant too extreme we must extend the olive branch for they are the progeny of a People that have tolerated the evil Cabala of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud. They are too stupefied to apprehend the fact that all the wars have been waged for the profit of the Cabala and none have defended the truth or Liberty. As we are taught by the Law of the Almighty Creator , "The borrower is slave to the lender." There can be no peace when those that love the lie better than the truth possess the Treasury and so long as a foolish People accept and tolerate the fraud, wanton destruction and murder of criminal war and martial law. Abandon this! The first thing you do is END THE FED. Elect Ron Paul and a host of others that will obey the Laws of God and the Constraint of OUR Constitution. Failure to do this will establish the necessity to compel compliance by force . We shall grant no further quarter. This election will foreclose all peaceful means for reform. Americans cannot repent because Americans will not confess. Defend the synagogue of satan at your peril. Ron Paul represents all that would live free.

  • Jim

    Oh geeze. Looks like the religious extremists have arrived. Let's all just get the hell out of here before they start bombing us or, worse yet, going on mindlessly about literal interpretation of the bible.

  • Suzanne

    Hope to God this actually happens. More prayers are needed for this. Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin at the Constitutional Convention, July 28, 1787. "I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth- that God Governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?"

    • screeminmeeme

      Suzanne..the problem is that when our nation was founded, the majority of people were Christians or at the very least respected the notion of God. For decades, Americans have turned their backs on Him, mocked Christ, disdained the eshewed the Judeo/Christian ethic, and persecuted Believers......yet want God to step in and salvage our country. God will not turn the captivity of America until we repeal Roe v Wade which has legalized the wholesale torture and slaughter of our children. We need not imagine that a holy God will grant us His aid nor His blessings in light of our bloody hands.

  • Bill

    Yes, perfect start to ward healing the nation!

  • Pastor Carmen

    Anti-Israel never get my vote.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Only the shallowest so-called "understanding" of what Ron Paul is all about can hold to the idea that Ron Paul is "anti-Israel". You need to examine the question from a different perspective: MOST of what the United States has done in OSTENSIBLE efforts to help Israel has actually INTERFERED WITH Israel's ability to (even MORE EFFECTIVELY) fend for herself. Under Ron Paul's leadership, the US will stand back at a respectful distance and ALLOW Israel to CLEAN HOUSE, WHEN AND IF SHE CHOOSES TO DO SO. Also, you need to consider the fact that Constitutionally, it IS NOT the President's PROVINCE to FORMULATE foreign policy; furthermore, the President is NOT a king, and has NO BUSINESS governing by FIAT or DECREE. Currently (let me remind you) we are living under a DICTATOR who CALLS himself a "president", who actually DOES govern by FIAT and DECREE, and who ACTUALLY DOES HATE ISRAEL.

    • Edies fadder


  • R.Burdick

    Why For Heavens Sake don"t people want a good solid christain women to be nominnated for president of the united states? A women with common sense to run the country,Are We too proud to have a women in the white house like Michele Backmann Who would have spiritual wisdom from our Lord That Is Far Above natural knowledge Asw God freed the Isrealites From Egpt An Fed Them every day in the wilderness with carloads of food that was impossible for a man to do..God is not Helpless He uses People If people will avail themselves to him An Michele surly would ,People are looking a a gift horse in the mouth an not seeing it Glory To Our Lord, He Can Save this country if you would put him first an foemost.

    • PepperdotNet

      Please at least learn how to spell her name.

      I concur with Mr. Faith but he says it better.

    • LasagnaSurfer

      Maybe because Bachmann lies about Iran to try to get us in a war with them!

      MICHELE BACHMANN: "We have an IAEA report that just recently came out that said literally Iran is within just months of being able to obtain that (a nuclear) weapon."

      RON PAUL: "There is no U.N. report that said that. It's totally wrong, what you just said."

      Bachmann: "It's the IAEA report."

      THE FACTS: As Paul said, the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency does not state that Iran is within months of having nuclear arms. The U.N. agency report does suggest that Iran conducted secret experiments whose sole purpose is the development of nuclear weapons but did not put a time frame on when Iran might succeed in building a bomb, and it made no final conclusion on Tehran's intent.

      Bachmann also erred by arguing that Iran has "stated they will use it (a nuclear weapon) against the United States."

      Iran vehemently rejects that it is developing a nuclear bomb, let alone that it plans to drop one on the U.S.

  • Cap'n John

    But that is not Ron Paul's speech. That is Gary North writing what he thinks Ron Paul would say. It means absolutely nothing.

    • PepperdotNet

      Sure got us all worked up though, didn't it?

    • LasagnaSurfer

      If you paid any attention at all to Ron Paul, you could extrapolate something very close.

      • PepperdotNet

        Indeed, and if he wins I am definitely going to be there to see it in person no matter how much it costs.

    • rodney Burke

      Gary north likely knows Ron Paul pretty well after all this time. Ron Paul is consistent with his views and I think that Gary North knows that. Maybe not word for word but I am think they would be close.

  • Vet2

    Sixth, I will continue to ignore & disagree with all intelligence reports that confirm the aggressive actions and the stated nuclear intent of Iran, including the threats from their leader to destroy Israel and the Great Satan..the USA. Other nations, including No. Korea, China, Russia..and now Egypt, Syria, Libya, Palestine can proceed with their peaceful programs! and plans. I'll rely on the UN to arbitrate any disagreements that may arise!!

    • LasagnaSurfer

      MICHELE BACHMANN: "We have an IAEA report that just recently came out that said literally Iran is within just months of being able to obtain that (a nuclear) weapon."

      RON PAUL: "There is no U.N. report that said that. It's totally wrong, what you just said."

      Bachmann: "It's the IAEA report."

      THE FACTS: As Paul said, the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency does not state that Iran is within months of having nuclear arms. The U.N. agency report does suggest that Iran conducted secret experiments whose sole purpose is the development of nuclear weapons but did not put a time frame on when Iran might succeed in building a bomb, and it made no final conclusion on Tehran's intent.

      Bachmann also erred by arguing that Iran has "stated they will use it (a nuclear weapon) against the United States."

      Iran vehemently rejects that it is developing a nuclear bomb, let alone that it plans to drop one on the U.S.

    • Edies fadder


  • Nick

    Hope Ron Paul gets good security. Alot of politicians and political financiers will be gunning for him. They will try to make an example out of him just like they did J.F. Kennedy. This is how they get the democrats and republicans to pass unconstitutional laws - Through fear. All of our congressional members are cowards.

    • Edies fadder


  • blackhawk

    Is this guy running in Russia ???

  • Okole

    You are one seriously f..ked up whackjob.

  • Java Toomey

    We have tried each Party to the point of bitter exhaustion...Dr. Paul is better than Obama. He is better than Romney. CONGRESS is a Joke ! The Judiciary is owned by Hedge Funds or Hollywood along idelogical lines. The Executive Branch is a full time campaign and delegate position. It is either no choice, guaranteed to promote Hedge Funds or Hollywood or Dr. Paul.

  • JCA

    What a whack job! Here's his first quote:
    "...The Constitution of the United States made no provision for executive orders. Congress never votes to create one, yet executive orders have the force of law. The Constitution says that all laws must be passed by a majority in both houses of Congress and then be signed by the President..."
    Here's his second quote:
    "...Executive Order 13,601: An executive Order Revoking all Previous Executive Orders.
    I, Ron Paul, do hereby declare null and void all previous Presidential executive orders.
    Signed: Ron Paul, January 20, 2013..."

    It makes no sense just as it makes no sense that the federal government has NO BUSINESS INVOLVING ITSELF IN ANYONE'S BUSINESS,-That's like saying, "Mom and Dad, I am all grown up and I don't need even advice from you."

    Seat belt law...Unconstitutional: illegal detention...'detention lacking sufficient cause or evidence.' have to prove that I, personally, WILL BE HARMED by not wearing a seat belt.
    If Paul gets elected, there will be MANY MORE TERRORIST ATTACKS ON THE USA! That is a logical conclusion considering we have no deterrent outside the continental US to exhibit to terrorists.
    And, of course, there is Sharia law that will be legal.
    You people who support Ron Paul are so weird. You don't think very deeply about what this wacko's comments mean. Hello, 60's! My name is JCA...your's is, what? Never mind,-let's get it on behind this bush. woo woo...Condom? What's a condom? Who cares...we decide for ourselves.
    Use your heads...think rationally for a change. Newt is the only one of the candidates who even knows what is going on and what to do about it to make this nation great again! Try listening to what he means. He is a professional, an experienced man with the knowledge and drive to bring us all back to honor, safety and prosperity! GO NEWT!

    • guest

      And you are one protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Either keep them or give them up and accept the consequeces. Paul is only a messenger. Our Constitution and BR are just about gone with NDAA.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Your points-score speaks for itself.

    • PepperdotNet


      An executive order revoking previous executive orders is not establishing law, it is removing illegally established law. Therefore this is the one executive order that would be legal.

      If you want somebody telling you what to do, go back to your parents' house. If you are an adult, take some initiative and responsibility for yourself. Adults don't need the nanny state to protect them from the boogey man.

    • Edies fadder


  • Bobby Hutson

    His foreign policy is just enough to get us killed. Who's side is he on any? I like Ron don't get me wrong...but on a standing like that who needs enemy's!

    • PepperdotNet

      This will answer your question.

    • Edies fadder


    • Irma Gregory

      Bobby Hutson - Dr. Paul will have the Republican nomination. Why do you hate Ron Paul? Do you want constant war? Why do you want the Fed to continue to destroy our economy with more fiat money, QE inflation and secret loans? Why do we have to continue to attack all Muslim countries? Stop the wars, end the Fed and we will have prosperity without massive taxation for war. Israel has lots of nukes pointed at Iran. Why do we have to attack Iran? Do you want us to start WWIII? There's nothing wrong with peace. Let's give PEACE a try. Do Away with Military industrial Complex and all their lobbyists including Newt the Crony Captilist who caused Many Americans to lose their homes and jobs. He sold influence to Freddie and many Hospitial, Drug, and medical companys. Check out Rachel Maddox story about Newt. Michele Backman is wrong she is a real warmonger is,nt she. Maybe everyone at fox is a warmonger! Every thing he has said is right why don't you research it out?

  • Patrick Duffy

    What a great speech, but sadly, none of it will come true, for exactly the same reason the Childen of Israel went into captivity - they rejected the principles that were founded upon the Rock - which is God (Christ). The people didn't want David as their king, they wanted Saul - a man that would do their will, not God's. Do you really think the people are going to vote for a many that would abolish "Social Security", which is a violation of the Constitutiont? NO CHANCE. The people do not want to live free, but under bondage, just as the Children of Israel longed to return to Egypt after God had removed them from their slavery. They never entered the rest. America is finished and will never return to her former glory because of the sins of the people. We have become a nation of theives, and theives don't vote for a man like Ron Paul. Ron Paul will never sit in the White House, because the Children of Israel are a STIFFED NECKED PEOPLE!

  • bressler


  • Vicodumb

    I am neither a Ron Paul supporter or detractor but that speech made me want to stand and cheer!

  • guest

    Let me ask you, if you knew we had the power to get rid of oil dependency for 100 yrs or so, would Iran be a threat?

    • shanna

      yes, Iran as it is at this point in time will be a threat, oil dependence or not,
      they want to wipe Israel off the map, if Israel goes, so goes the rest of the "free"world. Hmmm, burkas?? Hell no

      • Bryan

        I agree...his foreign policy is short sighted and a little scary. Certainly we should be following the consitution but I'm not aware of an isolationist policy in the constitution. If we don't lead on the world stage someone else will....I'm thinking that'll be Russia under Putin or China....I would be fascinated to see Paul as a VP though or even better, how about appointing him head of he can clean that mess up...thats where his skill set seems to be.

        • guest

          You do realize that isolation means no trade. China tried this. "Non-intervention" means don't get into something that doesn't concern us based on "rumor".

          China is beating the crap out of us with trade while we go the route of Russia and their endless wars.

        • shanna

          I am not a Ron Paul fan, but anyone is better than odumbo. I think RPs
          foreign policy views are dangerous, inane and very shortsided. We should not be isolationists, but maintain our presence in the
          world in order to keep some semblance of peace. It's too bad that the presidency can't be halved into a domestic as well as a foreign
          expert. I never have thought that the responsibility for these 2 areas
          belongs with 1 person..

        • LasagnaSurfer

          Yeah our presence in the world has done a really good job of maintaining peace.... wait.

      • guest

        Would you really attack one of our military installations here? You might make a dent but Israel has 300 nukes. lol I would bet on Israel's intelligence long before I would our own. Israel doesn't have TSA.

        So Israel notified Clinton, Bush of a threat of 911. Both wanted to invade Iraq. So what did we get? We also knew about the Jews in Europe and stood down. Then when Roosevelt's New Deal fell through, he ignored warnings of Pearl Harbor, allowed the attack so he would have the excuse to go to war with Japan.

        Really, get out a map and look at all the countries we bomb surrounding Iran. Then look at the countries that alreay have nukes, Israel, Pakistan, India, Russia, China. Do you really think any of them would allow Iran to start a war in the region?

        • VT Patriot

          And when do you think Iran will ask their permission?? When have any of your mentioned countries asked anyones permission to take away all rights, and kill millions? Get your head out of where it is so you can see the light.

      • LasagnaSurfer

        Iran does not want to wipe Israel off the map. That is the biggest lie of our century.

        • VT Patriot

          Yeah, right. Their just another peace-loving nation of our islamic brothers. Why just last week, they offered to supply Israel as many body bags as they need.
          I think you fell face down in your lasagna, surfer. Get outta there...

        • LasagnaSurfer

          So you are just going to make up lies to start a war?

  • rannan3

    What good is any of this -- Ron Paul CAN NEVER win a General election.
    His Foreign Policy stance WILL NOT win over Rank & file voters.
    SO VOTE for Ron Paul -- and SECURE Obama's next 4 years !

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Other than Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman, everyone else who is RUNNING belongs to, supports, is a stooge for, or excessively associates with one or more of the following SUBVERSIVE ORGANIZATIONS:
      UN, World Court, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, Open Society Institute, Center for American Progress, CAIR, islam (in general!), Rhodes (so-called-) "Scholars", Communist Party, Socialist Party, Club of Rome, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, soros, Tides Foundation, or New-World-DIS"order" groups that may not even have NAMES yet.
      Therefore, the ELECTION of ANY of THOSE people is TANTAMOUNT to JUST GETTING ANOTHER obama; NO DIFFERENT except for the SKIN-DEEP PAINT JOB. They ALL serve the SAME MASTERS; expecting them to DO anything different is INSANITY.

    • LasagnaSurfer

      Most Americans are not warmongers no matter what the pundits would have you believe.

      We have Michelle Bachmann lying to try to get us into a war with Iran.

      MICHELE BACHMANN: "We have an IAEA report that just recently came out that said literally Iran is within just months of being able to obtain that (a nuclear) weapon."

      RON PAUL: "There is no U.N. report that said that. It's totally wrong, what you just said."

      Bachmann: "It's the IAEA report."

      THE FACTS: As Paul said, the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency does not state that Iran is within months of having nuclear arms. The U.N. agency report does suggest that Iran conducted secret experiments whose sole purpose is the development of nuclear weapons but did not put a time frame on when Iran might succeed in building a bomb, and it made no final conclusion on Tehran's intent.

      Bachmann also erred by arguing that Iran has "stated they will use it (a nuclear weapon) against the United States."

      Iran vehemently rejects that it is developing a nuclear bomb, let alone that it plans to drop one on the U.S.

      • vince

        Thank you LasagnaSurfer!! We need more Americans such as yourself.

  • Insurgent

    ANYBODY but the Kenyan chigger !

  • John Wilde

    Everything stated in the proposed speech is constitutionally factual. You may wish that the constitution was as easily bent as the wills of the Washington elites, but it is now as descriptive as it ever was. We have for many years now tolerated and permitted our politicians liberties not mandated by the constitution. They have taken advantage of our error, rewarding us with bigger more intrusive government, higher taxes and mountains of bureacracy.
    We also have no constitutional right to occupy military installations in foreign countries. If that country attacks you, you may defend America, but no reference to establishing a standing army in foreign lands is found, so don't do it, bring the troops home.
    To try and marginalize Ron Paul by parroting the media line of he is 'just a nut', is very shallow and only avoids facing constitutional fact.

  • guest

    How easy most of the posters would give up the Constitution for two little words "muslim and Iran".

    Want to get rid of the threat from any oil companies? Legalize hemp. We can make (and power) nearly everything we need with hemp. The reason is is illegal is because of the oil company cartels. Ford created his car to run off hemp, not oil.

  • Gary Cook

    The Chinese, Iranian, North Korean, Syrian, and Russian governments would love for Ron Paul to be elected as our next President. (I like the idea of repealing executive orders, but his military pull-out idea is too dangerous)

    • guest

      Why? We put many of those bases in place to prevent German and Japan from re-arming. Do we have a threat from Germany or Japan?

      • Gary Cook

        Your reading skills apparently have not yet matured. Your reply to my message is completely misplaced and off topic. (25 is now the new 16)

    • LasagnaSurfer

      Too dangerous for military contractors maybe. But not too dangerous for the American people!

  • Richard Wm. Faith

    I AM a "nut" like Ron Paul, and PROUD OF IT. I NEVER post using a pseudonym; the name on my post matches my birth certificate, and YES, I HAVE ONE. I live in Florida and I'm in the phone book. If anything I've said makes you FURIOUS, just look me up, come over and let's talk about it.

  • Rev. L. Wallenmeyer

    This man and Ron Paul are NUTS! Yes, get rid of the Executive Orders- all of them. But Ron Paul's Foreign Policy will have the U.S. NUKED within 3 months of him being president!!! They're KOOKS!

    -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- Patriot Action Network Admin.

    • guest

      Then legalize hemp and we don't need oil. Simply, we are replacing regimes who want to go off the dollar trading and oil. Worth your life?

    • Freedom-lover

      I guess you heard Ron Paul say we shouldn't defend ourselves. Darn it, I missed that.. To not engage in foreign wars means to tear down all defences, right? It means to abandon all of Intel, right? It means totally dismantle the armed forces, right?
      Sir, you have a very serious problem with your intellect, and it seems that you don't hear very well. Perhaps you should have your ears attended to and then listen to what Dr. Paul says several times over so that some of it sinks in.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      We need to dig ourselves out of the obamian debt as our FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS. That alone will take AT LEAST four years, and could EASILY take TEN years. Thus, we can't possibly be READY for any serious military action much sooner than Ron Paul would be FINISHED with his presidency ANYWAY, so WHERE'S the BEEF? But, when and if we ever reach the goal of ACTUALLY HAVING an ECONOMY (for a long-overdue change), THEN our NEXT order of business should be to fortify EVERY INCH of our borders with missile-interception systems. This is EXISTING TECHNOLOGY, but we need to PROLIFERATE it. This would OBVIOUSLY make us SAFER, and if properly managed, could actually create a large number of GREAT PRIVATE-SECTOR JOBS.

    • LasagnaSurfer

      Right, because we'll get nuked for minding our own business? Your fearmongering is what is NUTS!

      You call yourself a reverend? You'd rather make war with the whole world?

      The CIA has already said that we are making more and more terrorists. And that the only correct solution is to pull out of the Arabian peninsula.

    • Edies fadder


      • Rev. L. Wallenmeyer

        How so?

        Here's Ron Paul's VOTING RECORD:

        Ron Paul has a 67% APPROVAL RATING from The ACLU!
        Ron Paul has a 67% APPROVALRATING from The NEA!!


        Here's more on the REAL Ron Paul:

        BE SPECIFIC.

        How am I "drinking the kool-aid"?
        Where am I wrong on Ron Paul?

        -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- Patriot Action Network Administrator.

        • Irma Gregory

          Rev L Wallenmeyer - Dr. Paul will have the Republican nomination. Why do you hate Ron Paul? Do you want constant war? Why do you want the Fed to continue to destroy our economy with more fiat money, QE inflation and secret loans? Why do we have to continue to attack all Muslim countries? Stop the wars, end the Fed and we will have prosperity without massive taxation for war. Israel has lots of nukes pointed at Iran. Why do we have to attack Iran? Do you want us to start WWIII? There's nothing wrong with peace. Let's give PEACE a try. Do Away with Military industrial Complex and all their lobbyists including Newt the Crony Captilist who caused Many Americans to lose their homes and jobs. He sold influence to Freddie and many Hospitial, Drug, and medical companys. Check out Rachel Maddox story about Newt. Michele Backman is wrong she is a real warmonger is'nt she. Maybe everyone at fox is a warmonger!
          Personal to Rev Larry read Galations 5 & 6 and Romans 12 God is no respecter of persons.

  • Mike88

    What a beautifully written speach, and I am sure when Ron Paul is elected he will deliver that speach as elequently as stated here and with just as much enthusiam as well. Ron Paul represents what our current political system should be and we need him representing our nation as our President. In the past 100 years or so, many of the past presidents have been enacting unlawful or illegal executive orders with out the authority of Congresses approval.
    Origionally Executive orders were first written to order items needed for the White House such as toilet paper cleaning supplies, paper or pens. Unfortunately many past presidents have used Executive Orders in a manner that undermines the people's liberties and freedoms and these EO's must be repealed and stopped dead in there tracks and Ron Paul is just the man for the job.We need to return our nation and it's way of life back to our Origional Constitution, the one given to us by our founnding fathers. The one prior to 1871. The one we use today is not our origional Constitution and most people are totally unaware of that fact.

  • AL.H

    Ron Paul Win Rep. Nomination It's Going To Be Like 2008 Election GOD HELP US And DOD Help AMERICA !!!!

  • ChillaKilla

    OOOhga, ooohga.... WACKO ALERT!!! The ronpaulBOTS are out in force on this post.
    Who let the doors of the asylum open??? There will be hell to pay.

    • PepperdotNet

      WE THE PEOPLE will not be silenced. We are not BOTS.

    • LasagnaSurfer

      You better start getting used to it. The American people will no longer be ruled by warmongers, statists, collectivists and globalist trying to usurp our liberty, money and sovereignty.

  • 12April61


  • Richard Wm. Faith

    If Bachman wins the Primary (in which I shall be voting for Ron Paul, thank you!), I shall vote for her in the general election, for sure. It would certainly give me a spectacular FULL-BODY TINGLE to see obama get his BUTT KICKED by a GIRL! And, if Bachman and Paul were to run together on a single ticket (regardless which one is which!) I believe that they could WIN.

  • Freedom-lover

    Those who are willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither. You probably support Senate Bill 1867! When they lock you up, I will NOT come to your aid. I'm sad for you that your brain is incapable of working.

  • U.S.VET

    Sad ! So many here seem to judge this man and know so little about him.Case in point..Many here voted for the train wreck that calls himself the Pres.You fell for his line about "change"and we sure got it. He has put this country in the toilet and with the help of his fellow hand picked butt kissers intends to flush it..He just needs another term to do it. Do not judge a book by its cover..Obama looked great and look what we have now.Ron Paul does not come across like a rock star,but i think he really cares about this country and intends to try to do his best to to undo the damage that this administration has caused.

    • Edies fadder


  • dubya

    The problem with this speech is the bit about closing hundreds of military bases around the world. Strategic military bases that help keep us here in the good ole USA safe. Oddly, I could actually see nut job Ron Paul expressing many of these sentiments in so many words in an inaugural speech should he get elected by some completely disasterous fluke. While I actually do agree with much of what he does say...the foreign policy and his isolationist attitude just aren't practical in today's world.

    • PepperdotNet
    • LasagnaSurfer

      Our foreign military bases actually make us LESS safe.

    • Edies fadder


    • Co-opted Confederate

      Isolatioism is what made this country great. any derivitive of it would be better than kneeling to the new world order, that the liberal freaks want and obam is about to give.

  • change in 2012

    Well if it were just that easy?

  • Mcherylann

    What is REALLY scary is that so many of you think "he's" right-on! OMG - we are surely doomed if his way of thinking is at all thought to be realistic. He's a nut!

    • PepperdotNet

      Proof please. Paul haters seem notoriously lacking any factual information.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for the Only Proven Honest(for Well Over 30 Years),Intelligent,God Fearing,Patriot running for President,PERIOD !!!

  • Joyceann

    Nice speech, but America isn't ready for quite the drastic change, and certainly not under Paul.

    • PepperdotNet

      Either we change voluntarily, or it will be forced upon us, very painfully and without mercy, by the inevitable economic and social collapse. Your choice.

    • Edies fadder


    • Co-opted Confederate

      What do you call the "change" Obama has been giving us for the last 3 years? it shure ain't good economic policy, or anthing else good for the "NATION" only good he has done is for the Cretins that paid for his election!

  • Cameron

    Instead of some of you saying he is a nut or looney or kooky, how about give a little proof. He is on point on economics. He is on point on foreign policy. He is on point about liberty. History is all the proof I need to believe what he is saying. His predictions have came true or are coming true.

    • rodney Burke

      Some forget Ron Paul is a sharp cookie on economics and how that has been a failure in our government. Now I don't agree with his foreign policy in toto but some of it is right. We need to assess how we treat MUCH of the world. And we need to treat our enemies as enemies. We need to not give money to those who are NOT our allies.

  • Danee Lee

    Part 1 of 3

    To all of you who make stupid comments before you open your mouth to slam Ron Paul!
    Based on over three years of my own personal research I have to say...

    Folks, Ron Paul isn't Jesus Christ so he is not perfect and might I add you are not going to get the perfect candidate unless Jesus runs.

    Thank God! Ron Paul is not Barrack Obama or Newt, Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney, Or Rick S. Or any other of the candidates,

    Ron Paul is his own man and his own person and he is an honest man. Have any of you even read his voting record or researched his history or his philosophy?
    I wouldn’t expect any of you who lack common sense to understand Ron Paul and I feel sorry for you if you lack common sense. However some people do.

    By what I have been reading in many of these types of discussions all I hear is that he has a bad foreign policy or he hates the military or he will destroy the military and weaken the country defense and so on.

    If you are agreeing or saying this you are either speaking by what someone told you or by what the cheating Democrats and Republican opponents are spewing out of their lying cheating mouths.

  • Danee Lee

    I can't say this loud or clear enough "DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR STUPID LOUD MOUTH! Your not hurting Ron Paul as much as you are hurting the chance for America to survive this crash that was man made by the Democrats and Republicans in power right now and foremost the people who rule over these puppets.

    These same people are the ones who are organizing the takeover of countries all over the world. By not hiring Ron Paul as President you are playing right into their hands.
    Ron Paul is putting his life in jeopardy if he gets the Republican nomination.
    He has enemies in all parties because he is trying to take away the politicians advantage over normal citizens. He is only asking for a 30K salary as President. All the others won’t give up a dime. He will make it so all politicians don’t get their full pay for the rest of their life after one term in office like it is right now.

  • Danee Lee

    Part 3 of 3

    To all of you speaking against Ron Paul You must not have done your research because it's a matter of public record that RON PAUL GETS MOST OF HIS CAMPAIGN FUNDS FROM THE US MILITARY.

    Check it out for yourself but stop repeating what you have learned from the enemies of our country which right now is just about every word that comes out of a Democratic or Republican candidates mouth. You are continuing to empower these criminals to keep screwing you over.

    Go ahead and let the evil media giants as well as the D&R parties control your brain. You will reap what you sew. It would blow your mind to read some of the executive orders that have been written to protect politicians that actually put American citizens in bondage. Dismissing these orders alone is good enough reason to elect Paul or anyone who would make it such a priority.

    Watch all the candidates flip flop on the issues, while Ron is steadfast in saying what he means and meaning what he says and does.

  • John Gaver

    I can actually imagine Ron "Blame America First" Paul giving this speech or one very much like it. But it would show his complete misunderstanding of how the US government was intended to be run.

    Only two branches were intended to be full-time or almost full-time branches. That's the Executive and Judicial branches. Congress was only supposed to be in session for about 6 weeks every two years. That meant that the Executive branch had to have authority to enact "temporary" regulations, till such time as Congress was back in session. Although this was not written into the Constitution, it is implied that the Executive must have such authority, when Congress is not in session. However, it is equally implied that such Executive Orders should automatically expire, either when Congress enacts them into law or fails to enact them into law before the session ends.

    Generations of presidents have warped and twisted Executive authority, such that EOs now effectively last forever. Issuing an EO that would repeal all prior EOs might be a good idea, although there may be an EO or two that were recently signed that Congress should have a chance to act on. But Paul has shown his misunderstanding of the original intent of the Constitution by telling us repeatedly, over the years, that he would not issue Executive Orders. It irks me to have to admit that Perry could be right about anything. But he understands that Congress was meant to be a part-time lawmaking body. But even he doesn't understand that EOs should expire with the next session of Congress. If any of the candidates really understand the Constitution, it's probably Newt, but he has no respect for it. In fact, we don't have any real constitutionalists running. What a bummer.

  • Danee Lee

    All I'm saying is ...
    Do your research before you make critical comments or contribute to any campaign fund or political cause and yes it takes time to do the research, isn't the time worth your freedoms and your prosperity as well as the future of your kids and family?

  • Dan

    Okay....let's think....THINK....about this. Close down ALL military bases around the world. No presence in the Middle East. No presence in North Korea. No presence in Europe. Really? Is that really our problem? Is that really the solution to our national ills? Really? Oh, give us John Bolton! C'mon, John!

    • PepperdotNet

      I have thought about it. Every time I drive past the Swedish Air Force base and Austrailian Navy ports on my way home.

  • Ken Van Dore

    "My first term?" I am a die hard Ron Paul fan, and the ONLY reasons I was hesitant to support him this time are that he is old (not too old, but close,) and that las time, he did not run to win. I think he is more serious this time, so I continue to support him. That said, there will be no second term even if there is a first. Should he win, he will pass the baton to Rand, and TODAY, I am volunteering to be on Rand's campaign staff. He might even announce that after getting the nomination.

  • Kenn Myer

    Many years ago I thought the Libertarian party was pretty "Radical" (Ron Paul is a Libertarian at heart) But after years of observation have come to the conclusion that this country really NEEDS a Libertarian approach.
    However I fear it is too little, Too late....... No question that Ron Paul and others like him are the only chance this country has left.

  • Brama

    Then Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back into its place ; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword." - Matt 26:52
    "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..." - Matt 5:44
    Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all men. If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, "VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY," says the Lord. "BUT IF YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY, FEED HIM, AND IF HE IS THIRSTY, GIVE HIM A DRINK ; FOR IN SO DOING YOU WILL HEAP BURNING COALS ON HIS HEAD." Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." - Romans 12:17-21

  • Pastor Carmen

    We the People need to Vote all those People whom are not doing the will of the People, Ron Paul hates Israel blames America for September 11, of 2001 wants Iran as a Friend, But throw Israel under the Bus No sir no Paul here.

    • PepperdotNet

      I agree with the first 18 words of your statement, the rest of it is a dirty lie sir. Please do some research before spouting accusations against a good and decent man.

    • Edies fadder


    • tim

      If Ron Paul hates Israel, why was he the only member of Congress to stand by and support Israel when they bombed the Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981?

    • Irma Gregory

      Pastor Carmon - Read Galations 5&6 and Romans 12 . Dr. Paul will have the Republican nomination. Why do you hate Ron Paul? Do you want constant war? Why do you want the Fed to continue to destroy our economy with more fiat money, QE inflation and secret loans? Why do we have to continue to attack all Muslim countries? Stop the wars, end the Fed and we will have prosperity without massive taxation for war. Bebe Netanyahu has said the same things that Dr. Paul has said, Israel has lots of nukes pointed at Iran. Why do we have to attack Iran? Do you want us to start WWIII? There's nothing wrong with peace. Let's give PEACE a try. Do Away with Military industrial Complex and all their lobbyists including Newt the Crony Captilist who caused Many Americans to lose their homes and jobs. He sold influence to Freddie and many Hospitial, Drug, and medical companys. Check out Rachel Maddox story about Newt. Michele Backman is wrong she is a real warmonger is'nt she. Maybe everyone at fox is a warmonger!

      • Irma Gregory

        You owe Dr Paul an apology. He is not against Israel nor is he for Iran he is Christian which by your name makes me doubt you being a pastor. He has quoted our own resourses about blowback and you say he is against America. Not so he wants the truth to be told to the American Citizens. I suggest you pray and research this some before you have to Repent for your mistakes and slamming a decent person.

  • Krell51

    While I would like to see all of that done, Ron Paul has no chance of winning, if he even gets close, both parties will destroy him. His foreign policy will leave us undefended. With the weapons of today you don't get a second chance, you strike first or you die first. His policy may have worked in 1900 but not in the 2000's.

    • PepperdotNet

      Following your logic, we should nuke every other country on the globe before they get the chance. No thanks.

      • Krell51

        For years we have followed a policy of "measured response" to attacks on this country( or as I like to call it tit for tat warfare) thus insuring an endless state of war. You can not negotiate with religious fanatics that have as their only stated goal is to kill you, if Iran gets a bomb they will use it, most logically against us first then against Israel, they have already been practicing with ship launched rockets capable of carrying a nuclear weapon. Do you want to live in the stone age, because I don't. If we have to fight and we will, I would just as soon do it on their ground.
        One weapon launched off the coast of California and detonated over Nebraska would wipe out most of our electronics and our electric grid. An EMP. I don't want them to get that chance, Ron Paul will wait to respond then it's too late.

        • Irma Gregory

          Are you in the Military? I don't want my Sons And Grandsons being the worlds police. You need to research the real truth about Iran and Iraq It is not tit for tat or measured war fare we have killed over 1,000,000 iraqi. It was 500,000 children when Madeline Albright Sec of State was on 60 minutes back in the ninties. So maybe even more people than that. When I researched this about Iran Sabor Rattleing I learned a lot I didn't know. We would want to protect our children if it was our country. We have been making terrorists since 1953. Yes if we have to fight we will but we have been making an Empire at what expense. Our Sons and Grandsons their families and now possibly our country? Let stop the insanity of war and seek peace if possible. They will if we continue to provoke them do some EMP when and if they can and you would too...

  • Gary Cook

    Are the Ron Paul zombies winning over anyone with their continuous name-calling, and script reading?

    I remember when I was a kid; I really thought I knew it all too (Boy, how dumb was that?). They'll eventually grow out of it, like the rest of us eventually did. You just have to let kids be kids, and don't even try to have a rational argument with one. They just haven't been around long enough to understand all the facts. (25 is now the new 16)

    • PepperdotNet

      47 years old here, not reading any kind of script. I really don't understand your complaint.

      Sure, there are hotheads on all sides, even moreso in Internet forums, but you've got to admit 80% of the namecalling is directed toward Ron Paul supporters or the man himself. After much abuse you may see one of us lash out occasionally!

      I'm just an ordinary guy who is sick and tired of the convoluted mess that is the American society today. The laws are written in such a way that every one of us is in violation of something without even knowing it most every moment of the day. And the hatred toward people who try to speak truth is more vicious now than I've ever seen.

  • Mark Anthony Jones

    If only this were true! God bless this man of honesty, integrity, character and his passion for America, its Constitution and the principles of the Republic! I fully support his "wacky" foreign policy - as it is the foreign policy of the Republican Party BEFORE it was hijacked by neocons coming from the Democrat party during the Vietnam War. I.e., Irving Cristol, et al.

    Truman got us into Korea; Eisenhower was elected to get us out. Johnson got us into Vietnam and Nixon was elected to get us out.

    Our own government and the CIA overthrew the popular democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mosadeq, in 1953 and installed our puppet the Shah. The Iranians have not forgotten our meddling in their sovereignty.

    In 1954, we overthrew the democratically elected President Arbenz of Guatemala: 200,000 Guatemalans were killed.

    In 1963, we backed the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem and from then until 1975 we killed 4 million people in Southeast Asia.

    September 11, 1973, the US Stages a coup in Chile, democratically elected President Salvadore Allende was assassinated. Dictator Augusto Pinochet was installed, 5000 Chilean were murdered.

    In 1977, the US backs the military rulers of El Salvador; 70,000 Salvadorans and four American nuns were killed.

    In the 1980’s the US trained Osama Bin Laden and his fellow terrorists to kill Soviets in Afghanistan; the CIA gives them $3 Billion.

    In 1981, the Reagan Administration trains and funds the “contras”; 30,000 Nicaraguans die.

    In 1982, the US gives billions in aid to Saddam Hussain in Iraq for weapons to kill Iranians.

    In 1983 the White house secretly gave weapons to Iran to kill Iraqis.

    In 1989, CIA agent, Manual Noriega, also serving as President of Panama, disobeys Washington’s orders. The US invades Panama and removes Noriega. There were 3,000 Panamanian casualties.

    In 1990, Iraq invades Kuwait with weapons from the US. 1991, the US enters Iraq. Bush reinstates the dictator of Kuwait.

    1998 Clinton bombs a “weapons factory” in Sudan. The weapons factory turns out to be making aspirin.

    1991 to present, American planes bomb Iraq on a weekly basis until recently. The UN estimates that 500,000 Iraqi children die from bombing and sanctions.

    From 200 to 2001 the US gives Taliban-ruled Afghanistan $245 million in aid. September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden uses his expert CIA training to murder 3,000 people.

    2001 to present the US invades Afghanistan in search of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. US abandons the search and instead occupies Afghanistan to nation build and install “democracy”.

    3000 American troops killed and 10, 000+ wounded; 10,000 Afghani civilians killed.

    2003 to present, invades and then occupies Iraq due to the lies of Iraq developing weapons of mass destruction. 5000 US soldiers killed, 35,000 wounded and over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilian casualties and 35% of all children in Iraq are orphaned with no parents.

    If this is YOUR foreign policy, I think it stinks! I cannot see how anyone can call themselves pro-life as most Republicans claim they are and believe in the kind of propaganda that makes people support this killing. This is certainly NOT the foreign policy of "entangling alliances with none" of our founders This is EVIL and I cannot support it. The only candidate with any clue of history is Ron Paul. He is the only candidate that I can support.

    • Weasler

      So I guess we should have allowed Hitler take over Europe and kill everyone is sight, right? After all, it had nothing to do with the USA. Just asking.
      Go smoke your weed, Ron Paul looneybird.

    • Krell51

      What a great one-sided view you have, not bothering to mention that the Soviets and Red Chinese were aiding insurgents in most of those conflicts in an attempt to take over the world and destroy us.

    • Edies fadder


  • Paul

    Just wondering how many times a person in a forum like this is going to object to Ron Pauls and the Constitutions and the Golden Rule and the Rule of Laws insistance that you do not go around killing people without a good reason. Please for all those people who want to bomb Iran, please go and talk to a soldier that has served and ask them their opinion. It is their lives that are in harms way not yours, and it seems disrespectful to those lives (over 8000 died and hundreds of thousands wounded in Iraq) to flipantly say that this perspect on being careful to not rush in is dangerous, insane and very shortsided. Insane, just think of that statement, from someone who has very little vested in the events of invading a country and placing someone elses live on the line so doing. Just amazing to me that we as a society have become so blood thirsty.

  • tommyza

    Eh. They say the same thing about Michelle Bachmann. She's great. Too bad everyone thinks she CRAAAZZZY. But she's not. She's actually awesome.

    • LasagnaSurfer

      Bachmann lies about Iran to try to encourage another immoral war!

      MICHELE BACHMANN: "We have an IAEA report that just recently came out that said literally Iran is within just months of being able to obtain that (a nuclear) weapon."

      RON PAUL: "There is no U.N. report that said that. It's totally wrong, what you just said."

      Bachmann: "It's the IAEA report."

      THE FACTS: As Paul said, the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency does not state that Iran is within months of having nuclear arms. The U.N. agency report does suggest that Iran conducted secret experiments whose sole purpose is the development of nuclear weapons but did not put a time frame on when Iran might succeed in building a bomb, and it made no final conclusion on Tehran's intent.

      Bachmann also erred by arguing that Iran has "stated they will use it (a nuclear weapon) against the United States."

      Iran vehemently rejects that it is developing a nuclear bomb, let alone that it plans to drop one on the U.S.

  • Weasler

    No! I have the REAL speech for Ron Paul:

    Dear Folks, thank you very much. Just three items:

    1) To all our allies and all the nations in the world: YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Let every thug, dictator,
    mass murderer, and terrorist know that so long as you stay away from the United States, you are
    free to do what you want. Enjoy!

    2) To all the dear, precious child-molesting fags: YOU CAN GET MARRIED!

    3) And as promised, here's all the drugs you can ever desire! Have a great trip!

    Rots 'o ruck, America.

    • Edies fadder


  • Carol

    Thats executive order I would remember and be thankful for , for the rest of my life, and every time I look into my grandchildrens faces. Oh to God that it would happen. Please Lord. Hear with mercy.

  • tiredofthecrap

    If the guy that wrote the speech would adhere to what he wrote, I might just vote for him for President!

  • bob

    Ron Paul has good ideas 20 yrs ago but will not work in todays world. He will get us all killed with his Bull Sh-t.

    • Edies fadder


  • Tea party

    I don't like Ron Paul but that speech would have given me goose bumps. He's great domestically but his weak over seas policy's make me scared for our nation. From what I hear he's on the top of the polls now. Let's see all his dirty laundry like every other candidate that's been on top!

    • Tom Jefferson

      You are a tea party supporter and you do not like Ron Paul? Then you don't even know what the Tea Party is about! What is your problem with our constitution? You have been listening to the man behind the curtain too long! You should not outsource your thinking. If you had done ANY research before shooting off your neo con mouth you would know there is no dirty laundry in that camp.

  • JamesMo



  • rodney Burke

    Well if we wait too long, N Korea and Iran are going to throw nukes at us. THEN you will find out how strong Ron Paul is.

  • PaulC37

    Your speech is a bizarre denial (subscribed to by Ron Paul) that denies we are at war with Islam.

    We must have a presence in the heart of the Middle East and this insidious philosophy that's worse than communism and Nazism.

    Blind to the truth but true to bravado's BS.

    I'm not buying this crap.

    A receipt to defeat from the most insidious organization of all time--Islam. It lives on rising from the ashes liken to the Devil

  • tim

    can't do ron paul, His foreign policy is dangerous. You negotiate through strength, not weakness. I'm afraid we'd be defending the country with the cub scouts if he were elected. Saying Iran should have the bomb because Israel has it is amazingly stupid. Saying we survived the cold war with 30,000 missiles pointed at us from the soviet union...big difference, the soviets wouldn't use them, too logical. Not the case with the madman running Iran.

    • Irma Gregory

      The president of Iran is an elected position he will be leaving office this coming year. He is a puppet mouth peice of the mullahs and Immams. He does their Sabor Rattleing for them they are Islamic. They are friendly with all their neigboring countries and have never gone to war except for Iraq. The Usa was arming Saddam Hussien at that time. Yes you can destroy any thing from the us soil within minutes now. Why should we send our Sons and Grandsons anywhere to police the world? Iran is part of the Neucler treaty but not Israel. Pakistan has Nukes too they are Islamic too. I don't agree with you reasoning.

  • @Frontlinethebos

    The GOP has a Bad History of shooting itself in the foot, they panicked when Newt went ahead Big on Romney after they sank Herman Cain, So they tried to get Michelle Bachmann to attack Newt,But all she could Do is say,"Ivoted against that" or "I said no to that first" and as it was not achieving the desired results, the GOP & Fox News sicked the crazy uncle of the party Ron Paul on Newt. Now they will be stuck with Ron Paul and His insane foreign Policy Quirks. the man who would defend us Less and apologize more than Obama Do Nada! you were far better off with Newt,But in an effort to shove Romney down our throats,Fox news assassinated Newt Gingrich with the one thing they could control as much as the Liberals can control the Muslims,the Crazy uncle of the Party Angry wrinkled Ron Paul...Take your medicine and you are supposed to be the educated HaHaHa!

  • Chuck

    Ron Paul's shenanigans are no longer funny. He is driving away independent voters that republicans need. His threat to run as a third party candidate will surely doom any chance the republican candidate would have against Obama. The Tea Party is doing excessive damage by bashing the front runners and threatening to not support the repubnlican candidate. Both are showing a lack of understanding and openly inviting the return of Obama to the White House. Many of those who espoused "anyone but Obama" are not sticking to that pledge for their own small minded reasons. For whatever reason, they are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Edies fadder


  • GQ4U

    Here is a quote from another "Extreme, Whacked out, Nut Job." that wanted to shrink our military.

    Concerning an overly-powerful military establishment:
    "...avoid the necessity of those overgrown military establishments, which, under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to Republican Liberty." George Washington's Farewell Address to the United States - September 17, 1796.

    I guess Ron is part of that "Lunatic Fringe," he;s sounding alot like those "Screw-Ball" Founders.
    It seems evident that Romney, Gingrich or even Obama would be a far better Constitutional POTUS.

    Don't be a sucker for political and media propaganda concerning "World Affairs." Both parties promote big government by arousing fear in the herd. 911 scared Americans freedom away and the terrorists won; Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation and Safety Administration, Federal Emergency Management's internment camps, Military (illegally) training to put down civil unrest in the U.S., SCOTUS removed private property rights, the 4th Amendment is a phantasy. Do you want to rearrange government intrusion or remove it.

    As for me, I'm siding with George Washington and that Texas madman... Ron Paul.

    Merry Christmas,

  • Bill

    George Washington was the first President to use Executive Orders. That is a lot of history to undo and the Supreme Court has held them to be Constitutional.

  • johnny h

    Oh, by the way, whatever you do, don`t vote for any of the religious NUTS!!

  • Clay

    An executive order is meant to be used to run the bureaucracies created by congress. It is the President's job to carry out those laws through those various bureaucracies. Paul would need executive orders to control those bureaucracies, repealing past ones would have no effect.

  • cq

    Sittin here watchin house debate tax cut extension on cspan; impressed w/republican housemembers laying out facts differing between the house's 1 yr plan, & senate's 2mo plan which will cost expinentially more. Following is rep. hank harris (Guantanimo will break & fall into ocean). hanky is rambling bout the horrible tea party & laudible occutards. As i consider the contrast between the structured, intelligent debate of the r house members & this drugged out rambling jackwad, a question comes to mind. If as rj.garfunkel slanders the intelligence of the "great masses of plain people", what does ol' hanky say regarding the underestimated intelligence of Georgia's 4th district, voting this genius in as their rep. Hey garfunkel, thanks for swimming into our little pond & sharing your opinions. What would Freud say about this need to be the big fish in our little pond?! Swim away now commrade. See ya on twitter...

  • @gobizduck

    His foreign policy scares people? Not murdering more innocent civilians with drones scares people? Killing people just because they may not like this what we have become? Animals?

    Military contractors who want you to fear your own shadow, so they can rape the treasury of hundreds of billions of our dollars. The Military Industrial Complex and the media work in cahoots to keep you afraid! I am the only one who sees how we are being scamed. Please wake people up and at least have them watch a few Ron Paul Youtubes. Love the article.

  • Mike

    Too bad the guy who wrote this isn't running for President.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Leaders lead. Leaders don't say: "You take care of health care reform, Congress. You're on your own." Obama's not a leader.
    He's a man drowning fifteen feet out. Where's my ten-foot rope?

  • mike

    His address could be much shorter. Something like this...

    "Our allies can all pound sand."

  • cmh391

    That is a GREAT speech! You wrote something beautiful there, Mr North and I congratulate you on such fine work. I pray President Paul uses most of it!
    Go Ron Paul!

  • Kevin

    Although domestically, and constitutionally, I agree with Paul, his foreign policy (see, "Close all our bases") would result in the U.S. being forced into war (AFTER he is already gone from office). Not only that, but based off of what I hear him say foreign policy wise, I surmise he is just as much a megalomaniac as Perot was -- with the same cult of personality surrounding him. Ron Paul sounds good -- in theory. In reality, where we live, it would be a disaster.

  • Donald

    except for the closing of the bases that was a very WONDERFULL SPEECH . and is exactly in line with nearly every thing I believe would help us to get back to a rationall nation..........................VIET NAM HELICOPTER PILOT, DON

  • qc

    Go ahead & vote 4 R.Paul in the primary, espouse your 1st amendment right on this comment page, i'll consider your opinions. i've always liked Ron Paul & agree w/much of what he has to say. That goes double 4 Rand Paul.
    All i ask is that you rally together in the general election to "Impeach obama 2012!". Do You love America & hate barry obama's 'fundamental transformation' of OUR AMERICAN DREAM? Then do your duty as a patriot American & vote for the anybodybutobama candidate in the general.
    I read this nonsense about only Ron Paul, or let obama win & this will bring on a revolution! This is foolish, cheap talk. Have you thought through the affect a civil war would have on this nation? How do you think russia, china, iran, & the u.n. would deal w/this? Are you sure you're ready to spill American blood on American soil? Let me ask, have YOU ever taken a life? Are you sure you want to take this lightly? Consider this in your discourse. God bless America! (Impeach obama 2012!)

  • crankyoldone

    OMG! I can see that sediment coming from Dr.Paul. Let's see the "others"support that. Ha! Never!

  • Michael

    If Ron Paul is not elected president, there will be no significant change. The slow progression towards a complete police state dictatorship, that does not value life except in ways when it my be an 'asset', will continue. No matter the strawberry or vanilla flavor on right or left, they are all sold by the same megalomaniacal international banking family that would secure complete control over everyone and everything. Sorry the chocolate flavor will not be available for awhile; the promised chocolate turned out to be a mocha with green slime in it (probably spoiled green backs).

    This land belongs to itself, not some bankers, not some international club of tyrants. So does its money and industry.

    Rebel against the machinery of the human waste disposal corporation; you know -- the one that disposes of human life and all creative initiative.

  • crankyoldone

    Jerry Doyle endorsed him today. So we finally have air time. I cheered to whole drive home!

  • Scot

    Other than Bachman, you won't find another candidate that supports limited government the way Paul does.

  • Rachel

    If only someone more reasonable when it came to foreign affairs would give that speech! RP has the right ideas on domestic issues, but his foreign policy belongs in the Twilight Zone. Sorry Paulbots, but it's true. He's not living in the REAL world and neither are you if you think his foreign policy will lead to anything but disaster. Actually worse than Obama's (if that's possible).

  • Vernon Beavers

    I think this man is the only man that is for the Country that we have known for more than 200 years, but they all call him a crazy man ,this man In my opinion would be the life of this great USA. hopefully he can suceed

  • Mad Angel on FB

    Um Gary....did you perchance check with Dr Paul before you ran with it???

    Mad Angel on FB..

  • Steven

    I am proud of my Congressman. He is a REAL American!

  • mrpom

    I wish all you trolls would stop repeating that Dr. Paul is a nut . If thats all you got left.It is tiresome and you cannot stop us. If not then bring it.

  • doowop

    love it!

  • Guest

    All you name calling dolts who are parroting the big names you hear in the media (ie, Paul is nuts, wacko, crazy, etc.) don't seem to know that ad hominem attacks don't prove anything except your inability to produce a good argument against the man. But maybe you just can't stand that he unabashedly stands up for and defends the Constitution (like our leaders are supposed to do) no matter what big government cry babies and media leftist say about him. We need more guys like him in Washington. (Now, let the personal attacks begin on me, too.)

  • P.O'ed jarhead

    Michelle Bachman is a lying hypocrite. She is a member of the christian taliban. Meanwhile she is married to an obviously closeted flamming gay man

  • jim

    It was not RP's speech. It was a speech written by the writer of the article, Gary North.
    RP is a wack job.
    Gary North, on the other hand, maybe should be running for POTUS.

  • Goody

    I don't know for sure, but I believe this guy is making fun of the "neo-con" position of constant war with countries for the "sake of peace" BS line. You know, like Iraq, Afghanistan, (soon) Iran, to name a few in the most recent years. It's called satire.

  • reinhold

    Those that love the lie hate Ron Paul. Those that love the truth are those that Ron Paul serves. The whiney critics of Ron Paul are the cause of our circumstance. To these few that whine that Ron Paul is too old and too extreme we must extend the olive branch for they are the progeny of a People that have tolerated the evil Cabala of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud. They are too stupefied to apprehend the fact that all the wars have been waged for the profit of the Cabala and none have defended the truth or Liberty. As we are taught by the Law of the Almighty Creator

  • vesuvius

    It would be interesting to see what changes would occur if all the executive orders were repealed. My guess is many people on both sides would be shocked and I know i would like to see what this would eliminate before jumping on board. I have no problem getting rid of the executive orders but I would like an analysis to see what laws Congress would need to pass to replace some executive orders.

  • julian

    For the cost of all these overseas bases we could build many more aircraft carriers. The ones we have can cover the world and the missles can get anywhere in less than thirty minutes. These foreign bases require us to ask permission and divulge our strategy to do anything, from our carriers we just do it. Besides most of these basses are nothing more than foreign aid, and the US needs to get out of the world police force business.

  • Danee Lee

    Aren't all of you tired of politicians who continuously lie to you to get their way?
    Ron Paul is the only honest one left running without a corrupt history!
    America is so use to the same old same old deceptive Democrats and Republicans and their sponsors, you always end up voting for the less of the two evils and actually they are all equally corrupt.
    I would rather vote for an honest up front guy that knows nothing about the issues but has common sense then a liar or cheat with political experience that have cheated or sold their soul and ours to get into the Whitehouse
    Forget about yourself for a change and get an honest guy in the Whitehouse because good follows good and evil follows evil. Everything that you do WILL come back to you...

  • quipster

    I did watch the debates that dying old man nutcase ron paul does not wear the American Flag lapel pin. All the others wear one how come!!! Than we have to have some wacko vets on here who are are for that drug out old pot head ron paul, and some of his cocain snorting heads, some of these vets are on drugs too. Heck remember john kerry ran for prez to but he got wounded Three times in three days and got to come home. ron paul like obummer does not like this country at all!

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      You need to be praying that your IQ isn't correlated to your points score.

  • quipster

    ron paul + pot heads + druggies who would shoot in the back hub caps t ron paul gives me the creeps!!!! that guy got strange goofy eyes, don't blink at all plus i thing he is on something.

  • ssj12

    Any of you stating Paul is anti-Israel is the ones who is anti-Israel. Paul is the most pro-Israel candidate running.

  • Sandra Leathers

    Presidents do not have the authority to go around Congress to pass a bill,. but they have been doing it for a long time. I hope Ron Paul dpes win the Primary. If he gets enough votes to win the primaries, I believe he could get enough to win the Presidency. I wasn't involved with politics like I have been the last 3 years, and necer paid much attention to DR. Paul, I just believed what others said about him. But when Obama started his campaign for 2008, i knew there was something terribly wrong with this man. I learned as much as I could about him, and I didn't like what I had learned. I knew he was going to be bad for America, and he has proved me right. I have been listening and reading about DR. Paul, and I like that he will govern by the Constitution. I believe he is running because he truely cares about the country, and not about padding his pockets like the ones in congress now.

  • hope4thefuture

    A return to a Constitutional Republic and true freedom is wacko? The propaganda of the last 100 years has truly done it's job and continues non-stop today. The left follows along with anything the media tells them to think and the right does the same with Fox and talk radio. If "we the people" actually turned off the TV and picked up books to read and researched for ourselves (the internet has given us that opportunity until they finally get their way and censor it) and actually thought for ourselves we could actually restore our nation. Unfortunately, most never take the time and follow along like good little sheeple to think whatever the establishment tells them to. We have a ONE party system and the whole left/right, democrat/republican false paradigm continues to be bought into. They argue in public and then slap each other on the backs over drinks and cant believe the people still buy into all their lies. The ruling class and elitists in media are terrified of Dr. Ron Paul as they know the game is up if we have a TRUE Constitutional President and they will do whatever it takes to stop him. They have ignored him but since that is no longer working they will do and say anything to make people believe he is unelectable. 2012 could very well be our last chance of returning our country to the Constitution but if Ron Paul is not elected and we get nothing but more of the same of both sides shredding the Constitution it may very well be our last election.

  • chvietvet

    A statutory benefit given war veterans by Congress in 1944 was preference for hiring, promotion, and retention in federal civil service employment. As a result, there were extremely few homeless World War II veterans, and the civil service was run honestly and efficiently until the 1970s. After about 9 million veterans earned preference by risking their lives around the world during the hottest phase of the Cold War, a sleezy rat named James Earl Carter had his Comptroller General write a letter to Congress demanding that it change the law to eliminate veterans' preference so that he could give preference to non-veterans. When Congress made it clear that it would not double-cross the 9 million veterans to violate its contract with them, this one-term president enacted an executive order giving civil service supervisors the right to fire any civil servant during his or her first year of employment without even giving a reason. After this, federal agencies simply hired all veterans with the highest scores on an examination, then fired them without cause or for some made-up reason during the first years of employment. Non-veterans, especially those whose qualifications were not as good as those of the veterans, were selectively retained. This executive order basically repealed veterans preference and resulted in more than a million jobs previously held by veterans going to non-veterans, most poorly qualified or unqualified for their jobs. If Ron Paul will eliminate the illegal executive orders that have fouled up our country, he has my vote.

  • James Fontana

    Ron Paul is a fruit Cake

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Name-calling doesn't cut it here, pal. If you have something to say that is properly substantiated by facts and logic, spit it out; otherwise, DISMISSED.

      • Steve

        Fruit cake is nutty. Ron Paul is nutty. Fruit cake is infused with fruit. Ron Paul thinks we should tolerate immoral behavior that degrades our society (i.e., fruits) in the name of liberty. Fruit cake is dense. Ron Paul is dense. Fruit cake fits in an 8x5 pan. So does Ron Paul's foreign policy. Fruit cake lasts far longer than it is ever needed. That pretty well sums up Ron Paul's tenure in congress. Fruit cake is the gift that nobody wants. Ron Paul - the same. Seems to me Jame's comments was substantiated by facts and logic. (With apologies to fruit cake makers for comparing their product to Ron Paul.)

        • Richard Wm. Faith

          Q: What causes obama to commit his heinous deeds against America?
          A: He serves those who are trying to install a one-world government.
          Q: Who are "those who are trying to install a one-world government"?
          A: They are widespread, and have infiltrated nearly all of our government. They include UN, Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, Center for American Progress, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Court, soros, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Rhodes "Scholars", Open Society Institute, and Tides Foundation.
          Q: Does this mean that any Republican associatied with one or more from the list above will act upon their agenda, just as obama does?
          A: I CAN'T FORCE YOU TO THINK! Come on now; RUMINATE on it for a while!
          Q: How many Republican Candidates have abstained completely from associating with these individuals and groups?
          A: Net total equals TWO. Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman.

  • Leslie <;)))>< Fish

    What's so crazy about Ron Paul's foreign policy? His "isolationism" could hardly be worse than the cop-of-the-world game we've been playing for the last 40 years; look where that's brought us! He's got my vote.

  • Michelle


  • A. Terranova

    I now know why I'm planning to vote for Ron Paul.

  • Jose' M.

    Hooah! What we have sure doesn't work. I like following the US Constitution for a change!

  • Kyle

    To all the Ron Paul haters, I say wake up and smell the stench. Current policies and foriegn aid is a huge pit of corruption, lies, pay offs, bribes, and smelly foul garbage that needs to be buried. You live in government clogged arteries in need of severe bypass surgeries. If Ron Paul alone could accomplish a minutia of the things he wanted too, it would have a huge affect on America. Everyone says he is too extreme - what better way to actually accomplish a real change. Look at the "fluffy" or "safe" political figures we have elected in the past... nothing good comes from choosing "the safe bet". Founding fathers didn't choose the "safe bet". Be it positive or negative, what is there to fear from a president seeking less power and more choices for the people? Someone NOT concerned with pleasing big money or political drug pushers (yes politics is a drug).

  • Kyle

    Ron Paul is not a politician - he says what he means and means what he says. He doesn't dance around the issues or tell you what you want to hear. He tells you what you need to hear, it's just that many of you are unwilling to hear because of the frankness of his delivery. Sorry you are addicted to political speak lulling you into a safe feeling. Wake up and see this could be your only real chance at saving an America to actually pledge your alliegience to... or go back into your drug induced sleep and pretend that we don't have any problems.

  • Curtis Bostic

    all the Ron Paul haters are either connected to another candidate or maybe Hell!

  • Jan

    Inaugural speech before he's elected? Sounds like a campaign speech to support him. Not impressed.

  • Ronnie

    Ugh this is just for discourse sake folks. Ron Paul did not write this. Its called stirring the pot.

  • Richard Wm. Faith

    Q: What causes obama to commit his heinous deeds against America?
    A: He serves those who are trying to install a one-world government.
    Q: Who are "those who are trying to install a one-world government"?
    A: They are widespread, and have infiltrated nearly all of our government. They include UN, Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, Center for American Progress, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Court, soros, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Rhodes "Scholars", Open Society Institute, and Tides Foundation.
    Q: Does this mean that any Republican associatied with one or more from the list above will act upon their agenda, just as obama does?
    A: I CAN'T FORCE YOU TO THINK! Come on now; RUMINATE on it for a while!
    Q: How many Republican Candidates have abstained completely from associating with these individuals and groups?
    A: Net total equals TWO. Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman.

    Read more: Ron Paul's Inaugural Address, Written by His First (and Only) Speechwriter | Godfather Politics

  • Alex

    This is exactly what I expect from President Paul! Great speech! RonPaul2012!

  • Alternative Present

    I said and still say No More Political Partys Worldwide, vote for the person and freedom not as the partys tell us to, but just on the slighest possibility that this might come true and even though hes a lifetime politician in this case I will vote for him as the lesser of evils

  • JOY


  • helm20558

    Hey, you Idiots, Ron Paul DID NOT WRIGHT THIS. You must learn to read before you comment. However, if he had it would be wonderful to see it come to pass.

  • Jennie

    Ron Paul endorsed Cynthia McKinney in 2008. For those who do not know, Cynthia McKinney an African American is an insane anti-American anti-Semitic lunatic.Cynthia McKinney is so crazy that she got defeated in a primary by a guy who thought Guam might tip over and capsize. McKinney was once arrested by the Israelis while trying to give aid to Hamas and penned a bizarre anti-American and anti-Israeli screed.

    I still think Ron Paul is one loony bird. He's not for me......

    • Irma Gregory

      Paul will offer this open endorsement to the four candidates because each has signed onto a policy statement that calls for “balancing budgets, bring troops home, personal liberties and investigating the Federal Reserve,” John Mc Cain would not but Cynthia Mc Kinney would sign the pledge. Are you a Neo-con?

      • Leonard Legg

        If you know this for sure then I would like to see some refferences so that I could read about the issue with all details.

  • Kevin Beck

    This is the best Presidential non-speech I have ever read.

    I can't claim this to be the best Presidential speech ever, because I know that only a non-corrupt President would speak this one. And our nation's history isn't blessed with many of those.

  • Bob Myles

    wonderful my coment got deleted before it got posted, i quess the truth truly is being cencored in america today


    RON PAUL 2012




    Also, what is the problem with having a little age. Usually Age brings wisdom. We all expect to age eventually.

  • uclown

    Ron paul will do what Neville Chamberlian isolate us till its tolate,then cost us 1,000,000 eAmerican lives. He has no clue !Stop tyrannty at its roots before another Nazi convinces another country its supeior.Looks like the speaker sold us downy the river once again.Proof he acts as if he is fighting against this progressive group but is in there back pocket.If Ron Paul thinks he can return us back to a Jefferson Democracy hes dreaming. We are to far gone to reverse the damage the progresssive have done to our freedom.Short of a civil war we will not see freedom as we once knew it.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    Again Right on Danee LEE! Right On! too bad the admistrators are also knee deep in New world order Money or they would not have deleted my last praise of ypou rs

  • Luke

    Very well written. Hoping he will be able to give such a speech.

  • Ronald

    What I hope and pray for is that No more New wars break out with O-BomB-er behind the wheel, as many Americans will rally behind him no matter the reason for the obvious illegal aggression that it would entail.

    For the love of God, country, and for all of mankind - Vote Ron Paul 2012!