Obama Spending Money Not to Protect US-Mexico Border

Under the Bush administration, Congress had ordered the Department of Homeland Security to take proper measures to protect the US-Mexico border.  Part of that order included authorization to build a steel fence along part of the border.  US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) contracted with a company for the purchase and storage of enough steel to erect 651 miles of security fencing along the 2,000 mile border.

Nearly 299 miles of fence was erected by the time Obama won the election and made it known that he opposed the fencing off of the border.  When construction was halted, there was still over 27,000 tons of steel valued around $44 million still in storage.  Storage fees for the steel added up to nearly $10 million because the federal government had not moved the steel from the contracted storage facility to a government facility.

The US Inspector General’s office has been looking into the CBP border protection program and issued this statement,

“As a result, Customs and Border Protection purchased more steel than needed, incurred additional storage costs, paid interest on late payments, and approved a higher-priced subcontractor, resulting in additional expenditures of about $69 million that could have been put to better use.”

Customs and Border Protection dispute the claims and say that the figure is only about $282,000 instead of the reported $69 million, but it’s hard to argue with the bean counters in the Inspector General’s office.

My question is why wasn’t the rest of the steel used to further the construction of a border fence as it was initially intended for in the first place?

The answer is simple.  Obama wants millions of illegals crossing the border so they can help drain the American economy by stealing hundreds of thousands of jobs from US citizens plus draining government funds by taking advantage of all of the wonderful programs he has offered them at taxpayer expense.

When you look at the bottom line, this is an act of treason against the people and the sovereignty of the United States and should be dealt with accordingly.  However, our congressional leaders are too spineless to try to do anything about it.  And if they did try to do something about it, the liberal Obama appointed federal judges would back him up anyway.

All I can say is God help us if Obama gets re-elected because this will only get worse, MUCH WORSE!



  • Mark in LA

    If only Bush had gotten his amnesty, none of this would have happened. Why didn't we just do what Reagan did and amnesty anybody with a handwritten piece of paper in their possession?

    • El Loco

      And why don't you just go back to Mexico?

      • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

        Mexico a place even Mexicans don't want to live, but we don't want thier arses either.

    • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

      Mark in LA, you're a fugging anti America piece of human waste.

  • GGB

    It is not too late to open a new varmint season! The other side of that is that laws are made to protect the 'citizens' of a country. If they are not citizens they are not entitled to said protection.

    • Joe

      Unfortunately , this president and too many in his administration don't believe that to be a citizen one must be born in this country and have two parents who are also born citizens or naturalized citizens. they seem to feel that citizen is just a term that has more than one meaning. That if a person lives in this country, works here, drives legally and registers to vote , that is there definition of citizen. That is also a strategy for reelection. Lawyers like to play with words. Remember how President Clinton said "it all depends on what the definition of is is". It is similar thinking.

  • Pete

    I say impeach him now before he can do any more damage to our country. Not that I am opinionated. P

    • Mayflower Decendent

      All I can say is God help us if he gets re-elected it will be the end of America!

    • Donna

      Well, I Am opinionated and darn proud to be when I hear what our politicians are doing to the American people! It is now way past time for We The People to band together and take back our America!

    • Mike Travis

      NO! Impeachment is a cop out. Intentionally ignoring our established laws, including those governing immigration, is treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

    • Suspiciously

      Why can't we sue Obama in a class action law suite for any number of things he has done to the AMERICAN People outside of his administrative crimes?

  • bsfurg

    Obama wants them here so he can claim them as his slaves... thats whats going on.. the more on thepayroll the more hes power over thm.. that slavery... he needs to be impeached but like u said no one has the guts... we need to get Boner out to. hes about as worthless a tit on a bore hog..

    • Mike Travis

      It is not just Oscuma but many in the GOP want amnesty for illegals. Remember John McLame's comment about them being God's children too? All criminals are God's children but we do not tolerate their actions, nor should we tolerate the actions of ANYONE who violates our laws, especially those whom we elect to govern. They MUST be held to the highest standards which means if they violate our laws, they are punished swiftly and harshly. Only then will the others holding political office know that We the People are serious when we say we will hold them accountable. Throwing them out of office is not holding them accountable. In fact it is actually allowing them to get away with murder, literally.

  • Scot

    Obama has only committed approximately 60 impeachable offenses, most of which people have forgotten because his level of corruption is so overwhelming. There are sites that track the number of times he has broken the law, done something unconstitutional, or impeachable. The man is clearly doing everything in his power (with Soros) to destroy America, and yet nobody in congress, the military, or the FBI does anything about it. It's sad that all of these people sold out American for dirty money.

    • Craig Stock

      It's mind boggling how congress does nothing to stop this idiot.
      We need to know what the big picture is, and there's only one way to find out
      RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

      • Observer

        Ron Paul has some good ideas, but sadly he has no concept of what international relations consist of with regard to Islamic countries. Pity!

    • Mike Travis

      NO impeachment! That is a cop out that does not hold Oscuma, Holder, or any of the other criminals in office. We demand charges, trials, and harsh punishment for those convicted. Oscuma is a traitor and should be charged as such. He and Holder should also be charged as being accessories to murder for their roles in F&F which led directly to the deaths of at least two federal agents.

  • http://bowlingsurfboards.com pete

    el presidente is not going any where he is the supreme leader for life!!!! get use to it and get ready to have you assetts transverd to the so called minorties, and your asses sent to the camps. whitey is bad obama is supreme

    • The Texan

      It's a shame, but you are probably right. I fully expect to see the election cancelled next year and the muslim appoint himself the nations forever leader.

      • Joe

        You aren't the only one who thinks this my friend. I have heard it a number of times and lately I have begun to feel it to.

      • Donna

        I too am a life time Texan and a CITIZEN; I am whitey and I work and Christian and patriot and a Tea Party/Grassroots member! I believe in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment!
        We now live in a full blown Communist country!

        ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH OF THIS GOVERNMENT! I want my country back!

  • curiouspat

    This is part of the globalists' efforts to impose Agenda 21 on the USA. They are trying to balkanize us, while getting votes for the Democratic Socialist party. As the victim of illegal aliens, I feel very strongly about this issue, yet live in LaLaLand, Sanctuary state of WA.

  • Scot

    If he illegally cancels the elections and tries to stay in power, there will be a civil war and people will hunt him down. Millions of Americans aren't going to simply give up their guns and freedom without a fight. He had better get right with God soon, or he's in some serious trouble.

    • eddyjames

      maybe we'll get lucky and the Secret Service will do it's duty and take the traitor out,like the praetorian guard did to Nero.

    • Bump


  • Yah Coyote

    Heaven help us. 60+ impeachment infractions and still a 40+ approval rating. Mad magazine never had anything this wierd. Refusing to vote has cost us dearly. I pray we have one last chance to make amends. Any so and so that claims to be anti-Obama and is not registered to vote is a supreme dumb dumb. We fear election cancelantion and fixing, yet how many have gotten on election commitees or other activities to show we are serious about the election? If you doubt what I am saying look up voter turn out in the twentient century in America and see for yourself how miserably poorly we did.

    • Michael

      People need to be informed and educated.


    Of course obummer wants the illegals so they can vote for him and take american jobs.

  • thomas

    "I'm goin buy dem Mexican votes"!! says Barack Hussein obummer 1

  • tncdel
  • julian

    He sure does take an active role in persecuting anyone who would protect our borders. One might almost think he bears ill will toward America.

    • Mike Travis

      "Think" he bears ill will? We know he bears ill will towards America. Why else would you want to "radically transform" it?

  • eddyjames

    The "D" at the end of liberals name should stand for something else (Pelosi-D. Obama-D Reid-D etc,) like dead or deceased .

  • Pegi

    Someone needs to build this darn fence. This president spends and/or wastes money like it grows on trees! We are a country of laws and he needs to start following them!

    • Mike Travis

      Congress has not built the fence for one reason. They do NOT want it! The whole problem of illegal immigration is one that has been created by government and perpetuated by the lack of government action. Consider that all that is needed is for government and LE at all levels to start enforcing our existing laws and cut off ALL financial aid including medical care. Illegals would start walking back to Mexico which is how they got here. No deportation would be required. Just enforce our laws!!! When they can't find work or free shelter or free medical or free food stamps or free legal or free you name it, they will leave. End of problem. Plus we will have automatically saved or created (little joke there) 20 million jobs for US Citizens who need them.

      While we are at it, we can start charging any elected official starting with Oscuma with treason for not enforcing our laws. We eliminate two vultures with one stone!

  • sefish

    you'all need to vote out the dem's right here in oregon cause the same thing is happening right here if you would start paying attention, not that the repubs. are any better just the least off two evils, bonner has to go for sure along with Peloise and Reid and alot more librials!

  • Delores109

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Stop worrying about Obama, George Soros, and their radicals. My Plan B is all prepared. They will all be charged and convicted of ACTS OF TREASON against the United States. No Revolution, just a Solution. The Rule of Law will be taking them down. COUNT ON IT!
    Delores Smith

    • Donna

      Tell us more...I am so ready to see the filth of DC get what they deserve! Please tell more!

      Power to We The People.....
      Enough of DC

    • Mike Travis

      Agree. Are you following Rep Harry Accornero in NH, or LtCmndr Fitzpatrick, both of whom have filed charges of treason against Oscuma? Let us hear your ideas as we desperately need to take action before the election.

  • Perfectlyaged

    Delores109...What are you waiting on? The American people are being treaded on daily.

  • Jeff

    What should be obvious by now is that the border security policies not to protect the US-Mexico border is part of a much larger political agenda. The fact that "However, our congressional leaders are too spineless to try to do anything about it.",
    tells us this. OBAMA ISN'T CALLING THE SHOTS!!! Whomever controls the president's seat of power is. He, like Bush, is merely the face of government. Wake up!

  • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

    Well, when you vote an anti American piece of human waste into office like obama expect nothing but the worst for our country.

    Worst piece of human waste to ever hold office beating out james earl carter the other imbecile.

    Want to save America? Vote this arse hole out of office in 2012 and as many of his band of thieves as we can too.

    Go obama to hell that is.

    • pearl

      You are deceived if you think BO is at the root of this. He is merely a cat's paw. Our Congress is also filled with traitors and the cleansing of the U.S. government will involve much more than voting out ONE NWO stooge.

  • pearl

    God help us. He is the only one who can. Our military considers BO their commander, therefore, we the people have no one to defend our country against a treasonous government. This is way worse than merely the fraud in the White House. Our legislative and judicial branches are in on this plot to steal the constitutionally guaranteed liberty from the people and usurp all power. We must pray without ceasing.

  • Mike Travis

    Voting will not solve the problem. If it did we would not be in this mess today. Voting only puts in a new group of criminals who have the same contempt for We the People and for the Constitution that the current group of criminals has. I propose that the only way to change politics is start imprisoning EVERY elected serpent who violates the law, including unappointed federal judges who legislate from the bench. We can start by charging Oscuma with treason along with everyone who allowed him to run and hold office knowing he was not eligible. We then charge Oscuma and Holder with being accessories to murder for approving and implementing F&F. Then we move to congress and continue to state and local levels. After we have cleaned house, literally, we may have gotten the attention of those in office and those running for office. If not, we put them in prison too until we do get a group of honest SERVANTS, not greedy, corrupt lawyers whose only concern is getting elected then re-elected so they can steal from us taxpayers.

  • Patriot

    No one is going to do anything about our immigration problem. You can talk to both Democrats and Republicans and they equally support an abundance of foreign nationals to compete in the global economy. Their approach is to just keep them coming and if they are not legal , we will make them legal once they get here. We can thank the corrupt unions for pricing this country right out of the market place. In the meantime the immigrants are bankrupting our educational system, health care system, taking jobs away from American citizens, bringing crime and disease to our country, and completely changing our demographics. The whole idea behind this refusal to enforce our borders, and remove the illegal aliens is to provide a cheap labor force.