Do Christian Republicans 'Pervert' and 'Cheapen' Religion?

On Tuesday’s Bill Press radio show, former MSNBC anchor David Shuster mocked Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and Christians in genera: “I think what happens is when a politician or a figure like Tim Tebow — and I know that Bill Press has mentioned it on the show — but when a national figure, sports celebrity, politician wraps themselves in religion I believe that they diminish the significance of that religion. That instead of it being something sort of somber and serious and deep they almost pervert it and they cheapen that religion.”

I have to agree. But a couple of points need to be made.

First, Tim Tebow has not wrapped himself in his religion. This is where liberals get so much wrong about Christianity. A person’s Christian faith isn’t like a shirt or jacket that can be put on and taken off. The Bible says that “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come” (2 Cor. 5:17).

Second, if anything, Tebow’s faith has been understated. It’s the media that made such a big deal about his faith. Every time he did anything that was faith related, the press went mad with rage. When Planned Parenthood heard that he was going to appear in a Super Bowl ad with his mother, they went on the attack. Tebow’s faith is not any more prominent than that of Bethany Hamilton, the young girl who lost her arm in a 2003 shark attack while surfing. Her Christian faith was a constant in her life. The film Soul Surfer (2011) was made about her life.

Third, it isn’t unusual for people who hold to a religious worldview to wrap themselves in their religion and do it a disservice. In fact, a study of the Bible will show that it happens frequently. Jesus was most critical of the religious leaders of His day. Take a look at Matthew 23. This is not Jesus “meek and mild.” But to compare Tebow's public displays of faith with those of the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus' day is to compare apples and oranges. In fact, Tebow exercises his faith by doing the good deeds that Jesus condemns the Scribes and Pharisees for not doing, and he doesn't do these deeds under the bright lights of the publicity cameras.

Fourth, critics like Press and Shuster don’t care about diminishing the significance of religion or cheapening it. What they really want is a religion that is all personal, ethereal, and other worldly. They don’t want a religion that has anything to say about this world, especially when that religion takes on the liberal idols of the day. According to a radio editorial some years ago, “a man’s religion and the strength of his conviction are his own personal matter,” therefore “religion should not interfere with politics.”1

This is the way liberals think. They believe they and they alone own politics, and it’s not that they are opposed to mixing religion and politics; they welcome it as long as it’s their religion that’s doing the mixing in order to support and expand their liberal agenda.

  1. Heard on WGST radio, Atlanta, Georgia (September 12, 1986). []



  • BrockTownsend

    Wonderful movie.

    • daves

      Soul Surfer? I liked it.

  • thechristiansolution

    The ones who cheapen Christianity are the politicians running for President who are bribed by AIPAC to redefine Christianity to be nothing more than a nurse maid for Israel.

    • Bill

      Oh, for crying out loud. Growup and quit attacking Israel. Thank God that we have a friend in the Middle East. They are not perfect but better than our "Arab Spring" partners.

    • Robert

      Careful your anti-symatism is showing! And if you are a Christian you better read your Bible again for it appears it did not take the first time. I can assure you that even with your hatred of the isrealites that if we abandon them then we wil surely be abandoning ourselves to utter distruction! They have been hated bye better than you adn have paid a sacrificial price for it but biblically they know that it is coming near wherebye they will be destroyed again. But it is justice in Gods eye's for their disobedience, but bet your life eternally that the Bible of OLD and New leads you to Know that they are his chosen people for he is a God of Love and Jesus will set it all straight and Satan knows that the time is near for he knows how it all ends and wants the likes of you and Jew haters with him eternally. This way he has a whipping boy for eternity! This you can take to the Bank!

  • Peter

    Any public figure "cheapens" Christianity when they are allowed to claim the title and continue to lead immoral lives and support immoral causes. How could this not happen when someone can claim to be a "Pastor" and do the same thing?

    The Messiah said "If you love me, keep my commandments." The disciple who loved Him said "Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person."

    • Chelle

      However, those who do wrong and then truly ask for God's forgiveness, will receive it, whereas people will remember those wrongs forever and are very, very slow to forgive.

    • daves

      And how many Americans these days keep the 4th Commandment?

    • Robert

      And Peter are you off track or did you forget that the subject is also Tebow, While I am sure he is not Sinless can you even come close to matching his beliefs and his works as well that go hand in hand with the word of Jesus Christ. He has not cheapened his Christianity even a little bit! For even after the loss as everybody wants to refer to he still knelt down and prayed thanking his Lord and Savior for!!! You see most people claim that he uses his faith to win and they are the same liberal idiots that cannot remember what was said from one minute to the next! He himself stated that while Jesus does not care one bit about who wins or looses but Jesus Cares about him who openly worships before man! He lets all Know what is most important in his life and all the leftist Lobotomized Halfwits can take an early trip to where they are going soon anyway! My word to them take a flying leap at a rolling donut you bunch of morons!

  • corautmors

    .., well religion and pasta go well together...

    • Robert

      Say What dumbo?

      • corautmors

        ...well..., quite the vacuous response. Have you nothing better.. ?

  • RAM

    How we worship and praise God in private, should be no different in public. If it is, your probably witnessing a false prophet or Christian. Carrying a Bible means nothing and being able to quote scripture the same. Satan knows the Bible better than any man, but God hides the truth from the hearts of those that are not His.
    As far as Tebow and knelling, has anyone watched any other football player knelling during a game? Tebow isn't fake, but I'm also sure he's not perfect, and one day he will say or do something that will be a splash put on ALL front pages of newspapers, much like past pastors who have been caught in mans sinful nature. If, as Christians, we took a good hard long look at the many God put in power, they were like Moses. Not the Charlton Heston movie star playing Moses, but the 80 year old man, who stuttered and was unsure and afraid.
    As far as the title of Republicans cheapening & pervert religion, I'm sure there are many who do, while holding a Bible in their hand, and as Christians, those claiming to be Christian, are to judged with 'Righteous Judgement', per instruction by God. Those outside God are His responsibility, but that are those OUTSIDE CHRISTIANITY. Those stating they are, are to be called out in their immorality. Paul had to deal with those calling him immoral, by standing by what God instructed. Read 1st Corinthians for how he responded, and 2nd Corinthians for his followup for his harsh words calling for 'Righteous Judgement'.

    • daves

      I believe the only reason to express your faith in public is for attention. No one needs to know about the love between me and God.

      • daves

        I mean - I can certainly pray in public but no one has to know I'm doing it.

        • RAM

          Praying is just a way of thanking and asking God in our lives. If we pray publicly or privately. If this article is shallow, in looking into Tebows past, and present, but focus on the fact he prays, that is because those outside Gods Kingdom can't understand it. I know that I hated God, for many years. My father died in a freak accident when I was young, on Thanksgiving Holiday. This time of the year has always been rough, but I blamed God for not supernaturally saving my father, as he feel off the ladder and onto our concrete driveway. To say I felt good about God, during those days and for many years, well, I'd be lying. But through all those days of mourning my dad and hating God, life went on. Getting back to praying took me years. I won't go into my attempts a suicide, my falling from a ladder where I worked, or the pain I feel every day because of the fall, but all through that God was working on me. I saw, what I perceived 'fake' Christians, who told me if I didn't go to church I couldn't be saved, by cheated on their spouses, lied at work, got caught up in gossip...and they read the Bible every day. I saw that, and I wanted nothing to do with Christianity.
          I was always trying to fix my problems, I didn't need God, but I saw someone, who was always happy. Who was honest, from what I saw, and other drew to him. I made the mistake, I thought at the time, of asking him why he was so happy, then he shared his testimony. He didn't force me, belittle me, but he did stay true to what God said.
          I'll sum this up to the fact the path I am on took me years to get to. Things that I see, quite clearly are against God, were hidden to me, by my lack of looking to God, but putting my faith in fallible men. It gives me hope, now, to read about all the fallible Disciples alone, and their pointing it out, not hiding it.
          I am a very private man, and my prayers in public have been very few, but when I did them, they were not for people to look at me, they were in honor and praise of God. Satan knows the Bible better than any man, and many wolves are in many churches, but that is why our relationship to God depends on no one else but us. Our connection to Gods truth, and His word, depends on if we really want to know what is of Him, and what isn't.
          Prayer is personal, just as our salvation. If someone focused on me, and tried to trap me, they would find out I'm not perfect, not God, not without sin and would judge me by my past. God give me the opportunity to repent and turn from my past, which means I really turn from it. God knows all, and the fake fool Him not...but this world says that good is bad, and bad is good. You can see it in what we watch, read, hear. We see immorality rewarded and those that follow Christ ridiculed by mans standards. God Bless

        • DayQueen

          RAM: I got such a blessing out of your posting. I, too, get tired of the fake Christians and just try to pray that someday they will really get to know what a first hand relationship with God is. Pray for our USA, please. God Bless.

        • Nitrobud

          I am happy that you have found the Truth - may God continue to bless you.

        • RandDguy

          "Prayer is personal, just as our salvation"

          In what Church? While it is true that most of our prayer is personal, to say that it is ONLY personal is contrary to countless quotes of the Bible. The whole purpose of a church is to not only worship as a group but to support one another as well ... Often in prayer. Pax

      • Nitrobud

        If you deny me before men I will deny you before God

        like many so-called Christians you want to "feel" pious without paying anything. You are an empty vessel, nothing on the inside. And I suspect the reason you don't want anyone to know "about the love betweenme and God." is because you have no love for God. You like so many people think of being a Christian is to feel warm fuzzy thoughts, yet you do nothing and you shame God when you attack anyone expressing his Christianity publicly. No you are like those who "have a deep faith..." but are afraid to express your deep faith in Christ, either because your so-called "faith" is not in God so you want to hide that knowledge from God, or you are afraid what you athiesistic/agnostic/islamic brothers will think or do to you.

      • Boyd

        The only reason to express your faith in public is for attention?!?! I suggest you read Matthew 28:18-20. One of Jesus' last statements on Earth was a command that we go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Men like Billy Graham have done just that with great results.

    • Robert

      RAM wish I had read your piece before doing all that typing for you said it and said it better than I did!

  • Dan W Rykard

    The media needs to leave Tim Tebow along There are a lot of parents that would love to have a son like him I for one would be very Blessed . Why did the media say nothing back when Dion Sanders and Michel Irvin was so involved in their Christian Faith, There was nothing like what is going on today.

    • C K

      Dan--I wholeheartedly agree...You have just highlighted a great example of the two-faced/racist mentality of the Lamestream Media...The Lamestream Media rips on whites for praising THE LORD yet put minorities on a pedestal for doing the same thing...

    • Robert

      It is called liberal Left wing hipocrits and beside that they are a bunch of immoral thugs and their conscience is probably eating at them so they have to strike out at someone good! Perfect tebow is not but he never professed to be all this hype has come from hatred bye Media and Fans that are led like the Lobotomized Halfwiths that they are! They cannot stand what they do not believe and they show their lack of respect for anyone who is not in agreement wit their leftist way of thinking, Did I say Thinking that is a mis write for those are the brainwashed halfwits that make up the evil part of this world and someone has to think for them and instrut them on how to act and respond! They should look up 2 words in Websters that are synonomous with liberals Morons & Imbeciles! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Winston

    First and foremost, the title of the article is damaging to Christianity and I personally take offense to it. Why? Well, true Biblical Christianity knows no political party and it is global in nature, not limited to the United States. Secondly, there must be some sincere Christians in all political parties in America or the ones professing to be Christian are a bunch of liars and God knows who they are. Now, as for what is a Christian, there are many professed Christians but many are so in name only. Many professed Christians today, even church pastors, are apostate to Biblical Christianity. They deny the deity of Jesus the Christ as the only begotten Son of the living Almighty God. They also deny the Holy Trinity as three separate personages being ONE God. There are cults which call themselves Christian but their "Jesus" is the brother of Lucifer...a created angelic spirit being which was cast out of Heaven (along with his demonic followers) because he challenged God to the throne. Then there are those who deny the inerrancy of God's Word...the Bible of Scriptures. To all of those Jesus says to them "I know you not, be gone with you" and cast them into hell for eternity. (part 1 of 2)

  • Winston

    Part 2 of 2: As for Tim Tebow and other openly sincere Christians, Bill Press doesn't even know what Christianity is or he'd know it is NOT a religion, but a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sincere Christians are what I term "fully orbed" in their worldview... we live our faith any time, anywhere, all the time. True Christians do not hide the light of their faith under a bushel...but lives it as Tim Tebow does... openly and unashamedly. Press on true Christians for the higher calling of God in your lives.

    • gomer


  • Elizabeth_MC

    Followers who fall short of their religion cheapen themselves - not the religion....because they fail the religion, not the other way around.
    People who hate religion will incorrectly criticize the religion when followers act outside of it.

    • Winston

      The Bible is clear on the fact that it teaches us "ALL have fallen short...". Is anyone perfect? Absolutely not.

  • Annie66

    I think the question should be changed: Do Muslim Democrats ‘Pervert’ and ‘Cheapen’ Religion? Or Do Christian Democrats ‘Pervert’ and ‘Cheapen’ Religion? There is plenty of evidence that both statements are true. Democrats who use the pulpit to preach hatred and to advance political agendas are certainly guilty. Christians need to stop caving in to the human filth that seeks to destroy them and the Christian faith needs to be left alone. Press and others of his ilk are repugnant.

    • Nitrobud

      No they probably had the title correct. Because we know most democrats are really demONcrats. that is they love to hate God and everything God creates and blesses. So the Demoncrats love islam, rabid so-called pastors like obama's. you must remember that everytime a demoncrat opens their mouth out comes lies and hatred spewed from their innermost being and supported by satan.
      Over many years of observation and testing I have concluded that there are no Christian democrats. There are some Christians who are misled by the lies of satan and support the demoncrats out of ignorance. Whether they are those "blinded" or know what they are doing/saying/supporting or do it out of ignorance I don't know. Of course Republicans hold no title to being Christians because they are Republicans. They are Republicans because at the very least the Republicans acknowledge God and Jesus which is much better than the vast majority of demoncrats who knowingly serve satan.

  • what me worry

    If anyone acts different on Sunday than any other day than they are suspect.If I say something to you but different to someone else than that is suspect.We are to be a light to they world if you hide your faith in Christ how does that work?Tebow does exactly as he should,

  • Pat78

    Religions can be cheapened, but Christianity is Jesus is love is perfect.

  • PJS

    The only people to "cheapen" religion are the fakers like "the Reverend" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (by whatever quasi-religious title he calls himself) and others of their Ilk. Fakes from the start out to only enrich themselves at the expense of others. They DO NOT share their wealth and indeed use the THREAT of attack to gain more money and advantages for themselves and their off spring. ( How did Jackson's son end up with a beer distributorship in Illinois; A FINE calling for the child of a "minister" except through threats and blackmail
    Then we have the een bigger fakers like Clinton, Obama, Pelosi and Reid; Fakes and pigs everyone of them.


    i respect tebow he should be a role model for todays young kids.

    • terz81

      it starts with the parents, they should be the role model, for the kids, many of the parents into our country today
      are Jack-ass's and nee to grow up.

  • Larry

    I have to say yes many of them do and they are as bad as the Muslim's in the way they think and are as Radical as the Muslim Radicals are.

  • terz81

    To the Administrator quit acting like the Bolshevik's and act like an American We have Free Speech so what if some one gets their feelings hurt.

  • terz81

    I have been around a half century.
    Some of you people need a swift quick in the pants.
    I am by no means a Christian Zealot, there is a church right across the street from my house its of my faith and the last time i was in it was two years ago.
    there is a world of difference between the those of the Christian Faith and a muslim.
    I ask you when was the last time you saw a Christian blow himself up in the name of Christ and Killing scores of people?
    The answer is never, but you see Muslims do it every day on Television!
    I ask you when have you seen a Christian gunman walk down the street or ride in a car or walk in a building shooting every one in site in the Name of Christ? the answer is never, but you see muslims do it every single day on television!
    When was the last time you saw a Chistian saw the head off a pow ? The answer is never! But we have seen it done by
    muslims have'nt we!
    Some of you better get your Sxxt together and get your heads screwed on straight or a muslim may very well saw your head

    • paladin2


  • terz81

    The correct question should be.
    Why does anyone listen to and give Air time to Hollywood wanna be Actors, who think they are political experts?

  • diana

    he is a good person leave him alone and get on your knees and pray you become more like him, wish i was as good as him.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    When Federal officals are elected or appointed they swear or (Now days since Madelin Murry Ohare) affirm that they will either Uphold/support and Defend the Constitution against all enemies: The last words of that oath are so help me GOD!.
    So when the President to be Flubs it because he wanted to say satan or allah in stead of God, and he knew he wanted to destroy the last vestiges of the Constitution, If the oath is not repeated exactely as the Chief Justice Reads it It ain't valid folks.SO theSpeaker of the House made the CJ give him another oath behind closed doors. Since Obama is the 44th POTUS According to the logic of the writer we have had more the one GOD or super natural entity or False God helping those in the Presidency (At least the handful that actually lived up to their oath evidently had the same God).
    I can think of only 3 out of the last 11 who for the most part Honored their oath; only three and Obama sure as hell ain't one of the three.

    • TheEkstaza

      There are NO gods helping anyone. Sorry to tell ya, but Santa Claus ain't real either.

  • julian

    Those that say Tebow cheapens Christianity are the ones that believe Christian values should only be expressed inside the church on Sunday and the rest of the time they can do as they please. They call themselves Christian but have few Christian values, and seem to be ashamed of those they have. Like people will think I am a fool if I don't take it when it is right there to take. Or I can justify doing this, if you have to justify it it is wrong.

  • ciroc2323

    Many of the comments made by mindless buffoons like Press and Shuster demonstrate how weak thinking and ethical and moral poverty often run in tandem.
    If they had one honest answer, it would die of loneliness.
    What Tebow does by living ot his faith in such a bold manner is convict these liars and fools like Press of their many personal, emotional, and intellectual failings.
    The truth is now and always has been a stumbling block to the fringe left in this country.

  • tiafala

    If Tebow is not considered a Star Player but a RED SHIRT on a Bench, will anyone ever bother to notice his own way of praying to his God and make it public? I don't think so. Leave Tebow alone. Have the media earn their money somewhere else...

  • William

    These so called educated libtals that think they know it all with their crappy talk shows bring up what Mr. Tebow does by his silent prayer are nothing but uneducated showoffs. What Mr. Tebow has been doing has been around for ages and not a word has been said before. For those that have no faith it is best for them to keep their traps shut and eyes open. All at once its a big thing to these idiots.

  • skycamsnonna

    It amazes me that the lefty idiots knock the bible and God until they need him. Maybe they could use the biblical head start program in academia. Christians stand together and do not let them persecute Tebow or us. I wish I had a son just like him. I think he is an absolute blessing in these tumultuous times.

  • ConservaDave

    Tim Tebow is hardly an in-your-face proselytizing Christian, yet he seems to have become the lightning rod for the God and Christian haters. Why him? Other athletes profess their faith in and thank the Almighty. I could be wrong but it seems like he and his dear mother, as living testaments against the evils of abortion, may have been provided the impetus of this hatred just by telling their story.

  • Brock

    Liberals don't like religion because they don't believe in absolute truths. That is why the Constitution is such a bother to them. The Constitution is based on absolute truths and the foundational principles that were laid down by our Founding Fathers. Being "endowed by our Creator" is a threat to their idea of a "living Constitution" or rather Constitution that protects us from their liberty destroying ideas. To undermine the Constitution requires the elimination of Religion from the public square. Also, Christianity undermines a lot of their support of immorality. i.e. same sex marriage, abortion, pornography (see popular culture and "free speech), and increasing numbers of people co habitating instead of marriage. Religion is a threat to everything liberals believe in. Anyone who believes as Tim Tebow does makes them angry. Liberals are making war on religion and supported by the education system and Hollywood they are suceeding in many ways. Christians need to be more pro active fighting to protect the free exercise of religion and standing up to the secular left.

  • TheEkstaza

    I find it hard to beleive that anything could cheapen religion more than the holy books that, for lack of a better word, inspired them. I don't care if you are a liberal or a conservative politically, as long as you leave religion at the door. And that door would be at your home or place of worship preferably.

  • Taquoshi

    Cheapening Christianity? Well, let's see....I seem to remember someone asking in Al Gore what his favorite verse was and he came out with John 16:3. Someone else asked another politician what their favorite book of the New Testament was and was told it was Job.

    Those were priceless moments.

  • Raymond

    Psalm 1
    1. Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
    2. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.
    3. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.
    4. The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.
    5. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.
    6. For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

  • Carol

    People throw the term Christian around so freely now like a curse word. Anyone can pretend to be anything. I can claim to be rich all I want but it wont make me rich. Sad thing is so many lazy people will believe that Im rich just because I said so. Other wiser people will say.....Prove it. We have stopped asking those who want to lead us to prove anything. And their handlers own us for 4 years after. Sometimes even longer.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    A politician like Obama attempts to quote scripture to bolster his "soak the rich" tax plan. His gross misunderstanding of scripture does not cheapen Christianity: it cheapens Obama because it shows beyond question that his faith is barely even skin deep.

    Al Sharpton does not cheapen or debase Christianity, he cheapens and debases himself every time he contorts scripture to suit his own narrow agenda.

    Tim Tebow does not cheapen or debase Christianity when he kneels, nor does he cheapen himself. He prays for guidance, strength, endurance and the ability to lead. If those gifts lead to victory, so be it. If not, then there is always another game. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

    All that said, when asked by Pilate if he wanted to be king of the Jews, Jesus said "my kingdom is not of this earth." There is not a line in scripture where Jesus instructed his disciples as to how to vote, or to lead a revolt, or refuse to pay taxes, or even write nasty letters to the editor. Our faith may inform our political decisions, but politics cannot and should not be in service of any particular faith, and as a rule when a politician appeals to faith (as Obama did in his prayer breakfast speech) it is usually prelude to hypocrisy.

  • Elaine

    We have had ISLAM banged over our heads; slapped in the face with it; and destroy countries as well as attack our own in the name of religion.
    "IF" the politician has mentioned in his past concerning his religious beliefs, then no...he/she isn't "Adulterating" the term.
    IF they ARE deliberately using the terms of religion for the first time, yes, they are "adulterating."
    Many people believe that Adultery means broken vows in marriage; whereas, the root of adultery goes much deeper than just in marriage.

    a·dul·ter·ate   [v. uh-duhl-tuh-reyt; adj. uh-duhl-ter-it, -tuh-reyt] Show IPA verb, -at·ed, -at·ing, adjective
    verb (used with object)
    to debase or make impure by adding inferior materials or elements; use cheaper, inferior, or less desirable goods in the production of (any professedly genuine article): to adulterate food.