The NBA Teams Up with Gun Grabbers to Disarm Americans and Destroy our Liberty

It’s so sad when our cultural icons decide to step out and use their influence in unseemly ways. Whether it’s NBA legend Dennis Rodman partnering with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to make the tinpot tyrant seem more relatable, or it’s our favorite NBA stars (like “Steph” Curry) standing up with the gun-grabbing fascists on […]

Record Gun Sales Help 2015 Go Out With A Bang

Liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg would like nothing better than to end 2015 by disarming every American citizen. For the past seven years the three amigos have been working tirelessly to abolish the Second Amendment rights of every person in America. However, their efforts to disarm all of us have had […]

Gun Confiscations Set to Start on New Year’s Day

Beginning January 1, police in California will be able to confiscate people’s guns without warning. The law, AB 1014, was actually passed and signed by “Governor Moonbeam,” Jerry Brown, back in 2014, but is only now taking effect. The cover for the confiscations will be “government violence restraining orders.” GVROs will be issued by judges […]

Proof Gun Control Won’t Stop Crime

Every morning I peruse through dozens and dozens of news stories in search of topics to report on and one thing I’ve noticed is how many news reports there are about criminals and illegal guns. Convicted felons are not allowed to own or possess a firearm, but that doesn’t seem to prevent many of them […]

Surprise! Law Abiding Gun Owners Stop Crimes Over Christmas Holiday

  Surprise! Over the course of just a few days concealed carry permit holders stopped at least 3 different violent crimes from occurring… sadly, the liberal media failed to report those important events. On December 22nd, in Gary, Indiana, one criminal was killed and another wounded when they tried to rob two men from Illinois […]

Hillary Clinton says Americans are Wrong and She is Right on Gun Control

  No one watched the Democrat debate this past weekend (why would anyone purposely torture themselves that way?), but if you had, you might have noticed that Hillary Clinton said something interesting during the debate. The conversation turned to gun control and the Democrat infatuation with stripping law abiding Americans of their right to defend […]

Guess What these Feminists Want the UN to do to US

Somehow, it’s difficult to take seriously a coven of radical, foreign feminazis sent by the United Nations to tut-tut the United States over its allegedly horrible treatment of women. Because two of the scarf-and-spectacle triplets are from Europe, it gets downright funny when they start castigating the U.S. for its treatment of immigrant women in […]

This is why the Second Amendment Was Added to the Bill of Rights

President Obama, as messaged from the White House, can’t understand why gun sales increase after a major shooting. It’s because there are people who will kill no matter what laws say they shouldn’t, criminals will always find ways to arm themselves, and the police can’t be everywhere to stop a crime. There’s a reason the […]

“The Gun Control Song” is a Must See and Hear

It’s sung to Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young.” It’s sure to be conservative classic that you’ll want to share with your friends and maybe some of your gun-foe, anti-Second Amendment frenemies. “On December 16, satirist Dan Joseph released ‘The Gun Control Song,’ mocking President Obama’s habit of responding to high-profile shootings by calling […]

Is the Bill of Rights Expendable?

When our Founding Fathers established the US Constitution, they realized the need to spell out certain rights not specified in the Constitution, so they penned ten amendments to be ratified and attached to the governing document of the newly formed nation. For two centuries, the ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights were considered […]

It’s Time For ‘Background Checks’ on Journalists

Obama and the anti-Second Amendment crowd want more restrictions for gun buyers. The media have especially gotten behind the demand for more limits on the Second Amendment. For every new limitation that those in the media accept and promote, there needs to be an equal number of limitations on the “freedom of the press” clause […]

Obama Ready to Enact Gun Control Without Congress

Once again, President Obama is planning to unlawfully usurp the power of Congress by using executive orders to create and enact a law of his own design. This time, it’s expected to be universal background checks for gun purchases, possibly in addition to other gun control maneuvers, according to the Associated Press. White House spokesmonkey […]