Another Obama Green Effort Failure Cost Taxpayers $65 Million

The year was 2008 and a man who made himself out to be the savior of the nation promised to create at least five million green jobs and at the same time usher in a green way of life and economy.  Americans would be benefitting from green cars, green energy and more green in their wallets.

In the past year, the death toll of federally funded green companies has been steadily increasing.  Though Solyndra has stolen the media spotlight, other lesser publicized green companies that have received federal funding have been biting the economic bullet.

One of those lesser publicized green companies was Range Fuels.  Located in southeastern Georgia, Range Fuels goals were to produce ethanol from wood.  The ethanol would be used as an alternative fuel.  I couldn’t help but wonder what made using trees to produce an energy source any more green than using any other natural resource?  To be very profitable, you would think that they would need a substantial supply of timber, thus more forests would be cut down.  Doesn’t that sound like good green technology to you?

It must not have been that sound to others either because after receiving $64 million in federal funds and another $6.2 million from Georgia taxpayers, Range Fuels began running out of gas.

But wait, rescue is on the way.

LanzaTech, a New Zealand based company that specializes in biofuels recently purchased the Range Fuels plant for a whopping $5.1 million dollars.  The plant initially cost $225 million to build so basically the sale to LanzaTech was pennies on the dollar.  What’s more, LanzaTech is receiving financial backing from Vinod Khosla, a California entrepreneur, who also was a financial backer for the failed Range Fuels plant.

Unlike Range Fuels and other green companies, LanzaTech is boasting that they have not received the same type of financial loans or funding from the federal government as Range Fuels and Solyndra had.  It turns out that they have only received $7 million from the departments of Energy and Transportation.

But I say let’s watch and see how much federal funds they do get now that they’ve bought the Range Fuels plant.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear about them receiving many more millions of taxpayer dollars in the near future.

LanzaTech is planning on using the facility to convert wood products into useable fuels and chemicals, as well as producing ethanol from carbon monoxide.  They are also under contract to produce a low carbon jet fuel for Virgin Airways.

I guess LanzaTech figures they can succeed where Range Fuels failed and make a questionable process into a profitable one.  Or will they end up like Range Fuels in a couple more years and start looking for someone to bail them out for pennies on the dollar.



  • George Fuller

    Read "Throw Them All Out" but not if you have eaten to avoid getting sick.......Billions upon billions going to Obama people.....they are systematically raping the country........legally!

  • barbpatton

    i WONDER HOW MUCH OF THE MONEY WENT INTO IMAM HUSSIEN ONBAMA'S BACK POCKET? there has to be a catch somewhere - the man is a crook and he is lining his pockets which I doubt he will share with his thug terrorist muslim buddies

    • Robert


  • Mrs_W_Snodhopper_III

    The Failed President is SCUM and evil...

  • Sharkdaddy

    This is but one more of dozens to come. Look for the big Goverment connections in all of them. They will be political donners, relatives, and possibly companies that government officials have equity positions in. We watched this same process reek havoc in Spain, bankrupting the government and destroying the private sector. Unemployment is at an all time high...but the political class and their cronies got theirs. Spain will be one of the countries that brings down Europe. People screwed, goverment exec's rewarded, and more harm to the environment than good. Moving back to the U.S., it will be the same story but a different day.

  • Thomas M

    obama just laughs at all those fools who voted his sorry hide into office, I knew he was a liar form day one and cursed the rino's for giving the nod to john nobrain, democrats best friend.

    I have never voted for a democrat and never will, they love taking from the worker and giving it to dead beats, illegals, other countries that hate our guts, and the list goes on and on.

    What we have in DC is a government that is crooked as all get outs and we need to vote out as many democrats starting with obama and his band of thieves and all the rino's who bows to this puke.


  • TOM


  • John M

    The major way to produce MEthanol (wood alcohol) is from trees. The ETanol is produced from Corn or Sugar. Other
    world countries add methanol to gasoline and get more HP less pollution and a clean engine. Our government has the
    dubious distinction of being the largest food burner in the world. That is a prototypical government project. Also, methanol
    costs 1/3 the $$$s of ethanol.
    Vote to abolish the EPA and 2/3rds of the rest of the Federal Government.

  • pete

    green for obamas friends not for you and I

  • Robert

    The use of wood (trees not wood leavings ) is something that could be cut by 3/4 with very little effort .
    Hemp has been used to make paper , rope , and fine cloth almost forever. The Hemp used is not the same as the smoking type it only shears the name .
    Trees take 6-8 years to be ready Hemp a year or less . The trees can be used for lumber and cleaning the air not paper or stupid things .
    The Bill of Rights and the Declaration Of independence as well as the Constitution are written on hemp paper . It is so much better quality even now that I do not understand why me do not make the switch .

  • bob jones

    Very misleading headline, this is not another of Obama's failed Green efforts. This is a huge Obama success story, this is what we all know he is trying to do, and doing very well. Spend , waste , steal and give to political allies every last dime they can get their hands on. No one on the other side is doing much to stop them, these are all big victories to both parties who bicker in public, but are only interested in power, money and control and fleecing the American people. Obamacare, Solyndra, Fast and Furious and NDAA, all big success stories for this administration, and believe me there is only one candidate out there right now that isn't a big government proponent, and that is Ron Paul. You can see how scared they are of the man by all of the open fraud committed in the Iowa caucus. Ron Paul 2012. Let's get back on the right track.

    • Joann Parker

      Agred with you until you got to Ron Paul

  • Wayne

    When on earth are people going wake up and realize this President is the biggest crrok and swindler this country has ever seen. How can anyone with any iltellilgence at all even\think of voting for him again. He is taking our county down the drain at warp speed. HEE MUST GO AT ALL COSTS!!!!


    This green stuff is nothing but BS.

  • julian

    You have to believe Obama is either the stupidest man on earth or this is part of some plan. Although I do not believe he attended Columbia with no classmates and no instructors I do not believe he is stupid, diabolical comes to mind. Of course decietful and dishonest also come to mind. But 'in the hooly cuuran it teaches that' it is good to be dishonest and decietful if it is to further the interests of Muslim. Just ask Obama I think he is the worlds leading non-Muslim authority on the Koran. Except for the times he has said he is Muslim, but nobody believed him.

  • Dean

    How many more tax dollars will be thrown away? Well, I guess if Obama doesn't give it away to his cronies supposedly on "GREEN" energy, he'll just take another muli-milliom dollar vacation.

  • DIQ

    Vinod Khosla is a billionaire and received a $250mil loan guarantee for another co he has called Coskata, which is supposed to make fuel out of waste. He is a heavy Dem contributor. Another co he has is Nordic Windpower which recd $16mil for a wind plant in Idaho and another was AltaRock which recvd $25mil in stimulus money. page 102 of Throw Them all Out. Count it up. Lots of 'redistribution', and yet our gas prices are at an all time high. Where is the outrage?
    We need White House Occupiers to get DC to move on Keystone, Gulf drilling, etc. to bring these awful prices down. There is no excuse. I can't afford, on a fixed income, to drive my car, buy groceries and other necessities, and pay for higher utility rates. We are being forced into poverty.

  • mitchell

    Obama knows this green thing is not working, but it's a way to put our country deeper in debt.And when he leaves office, he can tell the muslim world, he did his best, to bring America down.

  • Curtis

    The LansaTech foreclosure purchase had a precursor. There was a deal almost, but not quiet struck, for LansaTech to "purchase" Range Fuels and have the grants and loan guarantees transferred to Khosla's LansaTech company. The Feds balked and forced the foreclosure.

    I guess the Feds wanted to stop the bleeding, but award Khosla a major win for the lame effort that was Range Fuels.

    You should see the joke that was the wonder company Range Fuels. Painted press board signage nailed to a pair of flimsy posts someone would use to announce a yard sale announce its presence. The "site rules" are a scream. Again, more tacky press board nailed to a 2X4 sled frame. One stand out rule, "no horse play on the site." I kid you not. This tinker toy setup presumably populated with sophisticated engineers handling millions of dollars worth of one of a kind material (yeah right) had to be told........ "No horse play."

    The tip off for the locals that Range Fuels was non-functional from day one was an easy one. They never paved the roads. You're going to run how many eighteen wheelers over that dirt road in South Ga? Not.

  • Carl

    This is a legalization of moonshine operations to take on illegal moonshine operations. That is why an Australian purchased a joke on taxpayers' nickels and dimes.

  • Usnam

    i know have you believe Obama is either the stupidest man on earth or this is part of some plan. Although I do not believe he attended Columbia with no classmates and no instructors I do not believe he is stupid,