Barack Obama: Dictator-in-Chief

President Obama said the following in making his so-called recess appointments and bypassing Congress, “When Congress refuses to act -- and as a result, hurts our economy and puts our people at risk -- then I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them." These are the words of a dictator. Dictators always promise that what they're doing is for the people. Have you ever heard a dictator saying that what he was doing was going to destroy the nation, hurt the people, and lead the nation to ruin? I don't think so. But the history books are filled with stories of dictators doing these very things.

Isabel Paterson writes in her book The God of the Machine, “Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends.”1 Thomas Sowell described this motivation as the “Vision of the Anointed”:

Although Adam Smith regarded the intentions of businessmen as selfish and anti-social, he saw the systematic consequences of their competition as being far more beneficial to society than well-intentioned government regulation. . . . The vision of the anointed is one in which ills as poverty, irresponsible sex, and crime derive primarily from “society,” rather than from individual choices and behavior. To believe in personal responsibility would be to destroy the whole special role of the anointed, whose vision casts them in the role of rescuers of people treated unfairly by “society.”2

Power is most dangerous in the hands of people who believe what they are doing is for our well being because they contend that their intentions to help the less fortunate are righteous and just. It’s their intention to do good things that counts. The results are less important even if those receiving the government benefits are actually hurt by the programs. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, the power of the ring is not something to be desired even by good people. It’s no wonder that Gandalf and the elves shun the power of the ring. Tolkien is doubtful that any person has the ability to resist the temptation of absolute power promised by the ring, even if that power is used for good. Attempts to stop slavery, an exceedingly righteous and needed endeavor, had been done in ways that made the cause seem fanatical.

These perceived do-gooders are the philosophical descendants of Maximilien Robespierre (1758–1794), France’s Voice of Virtue, who thought the guillotine would contribute to the nation’s salvation. “The humanitarian puts himself in the place of God. . . . Of course what the humanitarian actually proposes is that he shall do what he thinks is good for everybody. It is at this point that the humanitarian sets up the guillotine.”3 America never saw a guillotine. Blood did not run in the streets. There were no attempts to compel equality of outcome. The Constitution was not designed to save everyone or anyone. How times have changed. Here’s how Thomas J. DiLorenzo puts it:

According to the doctrine of “collective salvation,” a Christian cannot be saved and go to Heaven unless one first embarks on a crusade to have government “save” the “oppressed” of society by expanding the welfare state, raising taxes, making taxation more “progressive,” adopting more racial hiring quotas, and regulating and nationalizing as much of private industry as possible. It is a variant of “liberation theology” which, according to Pope John Paul, II, is essentially Marxism masquerading as Christianity.

There is no need for a guillotine when you have the punitive taxing power of the State, regulatory agencies who answer to no one, and a willing voting public to game the system for personal benefit at the expense of others.

The written Constitution “checks” the powers of the federal government by carefully delineating and specifying the powers of each branch. If the Constitution does not grant the federal government power to perform a particular activity, the government cannot legally perform it: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” (Tenth Amendment).

This becomes an extremely important point when any discussion of taxation arises. The federal government’s authority to tax is only as great as its stated function. If the Constitution does not specify a particular function for the federal government to perform then the United States Congress has no Constitutional right to collect taxes from citizens for the proposed unconstitutional activity even if the policy is designed to save us.

The State has failed to heed the Bible’s warning and Benjamin Franklin’s warning to the Constitutional convention: “Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Ps. 127:1). Civil government cannot save no matter how much it taxes the citizens in an attempt to fulfill its political dream of heaven on earth.

God warned the people in Samuel’s day that their rejection of Him as their true King would mean the — confiscation of their property by an oppressive state: “And [the king] will take the best of your fields and your vineyards and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. And he will take a tenth of your seed and of your vineyards, and give to his officers and to his servants ... He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his servants” (1 Sam. 8:14–17).

The day is long past when we can say that the Federal Government of the United States has taken a tenth of what we own. The percentage is much greater. What will the judgment be?

  1. Isabel Paterson, “The Humanitarian with the Guillotine” in The God of the Machine (1943), 235. []
  2. Thomas Sowell, The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulations as the Basis for Social Policy (New York: Basic Books, 2005), 126, 203. []
  3. Paterson, The God of the Machine, 241. []



  • Todd

    Let's go back to 2005 - When Bush made a recess appt. to install John Bolton as UN ambassador, Obama said “To some degree, he’s damaged goods,” said Sen. Barack Obama “I think that means we’ll have less credibility and, ironically, be less equipped to reform the United Nations in the way that it needs to be reformed.” in 2011 it's a "CRITICAL NEED" per the White House to make a recess appt.?!?!??

    • VA_magoo

      Making a recess appointment when Congress is NOT in recess is Treason. They have already "redefined" recess as three days instead of the traditional 10 days. Not sure why he didnt do it while he was in Hawaii for vaca, at least then there was a 3 day window.

      • daves

        GOP Furious as Obama appoints Cordray; Tell the President “Thank You!”

        For months, Senate Republicans refused to allow an up-or-down vote on President Obama’s nomination of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This wasn’t just about one man, it was an effort to cripple this critical new agency just as it was getting going.

        Thousands of you signed our petition in support of the President’s choice, and in opposition to the GOP’s endless obstructionism.

        Well, in a move that truly falls in the category of “awesome,” President Obama just used a recess appointment to put Cordray into the job without the need for Senate approval (i.e., because the Senate was technically in recess). The GOP is furious at what it calls hardball tactics.

        And we couldn’t be happier. Send President Obama a message today, than

        • docmccarthy

          You should move to N.Korea and take the rest of your marxist ilk with you, especially the smelly, infantile OWS crowd. There you can bask in the darkness of a dictator and eat grass while you are admiring the power of the one, un.

        • RHSchumann

          Right on! Obama is finally demonstrating leadership.

        • Disabled War Vet

          Obama is demonstrating impotence and failure as a leader! Taking sneeky, illegal actions without the backup of those that would consent has been, is, and will always be the tactic of despotic leaders like Robespierre who had no intellegent followers, just brainless sheep that were eventually lead to their own slaughter.
          This is a country of laws, not men!

        • righthook38

          You know what? That's just the way the ball bounces.... If they hold up a nomination, then it doesn't happen. It's been like that for decades. That's the whole point of having 2 parties in Congress....checks and balances. Granted, they sometimes disagree just to disagree, but that's how it all works. Obama is well outside his boundaries here. Just because you like Obama, you're supporting his disregard of the Constitution? If Bush did exactly this, you'd be crying "Impeach Bush" all day long. He does NOT have the authority for such a move. Obama is using this gridlock as an excuse to do whatever he deems fit for the American people. Well, his approval rating is below 50%, so he doesn't speak for the majority of Americans, and he's in direct violation of the Constitution, regardless of what you think. When he becomes dictator, and you have no more freedoms, and we're all broke, living on the government dole, don't say we didn't warn you.

        • butterfly lady


    • Myrtlelinder

      Dictator- in- chief? Why has he not forced us to do his commands? Don't worry, it's coming. He hates my GOD and America.! Just let him have his way longer!!

    • Sandi Trusso

      As "Senator" Obama in 2005, he told everyone that such an action (when the House and Senate were not in Session) was "unconstitutional", and went on to tell everyone how he believes in the Constitution and abides by it. All of a sudden as President, with the House still in Session, King Obama is allowed to go over their heads, and he and his supporters see nothing wrong with it.

      • robert

        since when has this treasonous trader cared about unconstitutional.he,s unconstitutional personafied,ovomit ,holdup,pellosi,reid,kagan,doj,doh,the un,should all be indicited and imprisoned for there treasonous actions against the bill of rights and the constituion and all politicians for aiding and abetting these treasonous traders.we the people demand you traders resign or we the people will take action against said deeds.god bless america and all american veterans

    • RHSchumann

      There is a huge difference. Congress was opposed to Bolton because Senators felt he was the wrong man for the post. Congress now doesn't care who the President nominates. They will not ratify anybody because they don't want these government agencies - which after all had been created by earlier congresses - to function. Obama had no choice but to use a subterfuge which all presidents before him have used. And many much more frequently than he. So why all the excitement?

      • janice

        do you honestly believe the crap you wrote?

    • StevenI

      It's only bad when Republicans do it, not when the Anointed One does it. Democrats consider themselves above the law. The law is only for the other party to follow, not them.

    • Lana

      The problem with Obama's appointment was that Congress was NOT in 'Recess'.

    • Manny

      America wake up. Look at what this president is doing. He is blatantly destroying this country by completely violating our constitution. Let us not allow him to be the Chavez of the United States of America.

    • florida subshine

      better than the Muslim jerk in a office he does not warrant it being a fraud get him out of office other than talking do some thing every one knows he is a fraud get him out of office whileMUSLIM PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS: December 2011 → we still call us america god bless us and god bless america also try and get your needed medicine no war by Obama just wait killing machine at work

    • TMPIndy

      What bothers me more than the actions that the President makes is the fact that the Congress and the Supreme Court sit idly by and let this happen. The Congress to me are complacent in these actions and this is one more reason that they are not respected by the public.

    • ZagoZana

      "Bush ranks fourth among modern presidents in granting such appointments, bypassing the Senate 165 times to get his nominees in place, according to the Senate historian’s office. Ronald Reagan holds the record with 243 appointments." USA Today…
      And you guys think that appointing someone to PROTECT CONSUMERS FROM FRAUD AND ABUSE, such as yourselves, should not be a priority? This is directly related to something that the right-wing-nuts of the Supremist Court did when they gave personhood to corporations and thier "hired Help" that don’t want to protect you from themselves. Check out the huge amount of money the Super-PACs (that are now legal) have thrown into the campaine from Robney suppoters. We will see a billion dollars entering this sacred trust. You have 1 vote and they have unlimited influence....

    • Sal

      I agree. Unfortunatly we have two many illegals in this country that will vote for the dictator to get the free dole.

    • William Henry

      My God, Obama has made 3 decisions that he condemned Bush for. Bush was unpatriotic when he had to raise the debt limit and said it was okay for him. Bush asked for a surge of troops to quell the turmoil and Obama said it wouldn't work but takes credit for it after he was president. Bush makes a recess appointment and the Dems get upset and create a ProForma session to prevent Bush from making anymore appointments, but Obama makes 4 appointments and the Senate is not recessed but they say it's okay because it was a guttsy move. I'm sure he has done more, because Obama lies on a daily basis the conservative bloggers are the only place we can get the news accurately.

  • ordman

    President Obama: I have advised Congress that I will not construe these provisions as preventing me from fulfilling my constitutional responsibility to recommend to the Congress’s consideration such measures as I shall judge necessary and expedient.

    Is it just me or does this sound vaguely familiar?

    Hitler's Speech at the Berlin Sports Palace.
    (January 30, 1941)

    My German countrymen, men and women, Changes of Government have occurred frequently in history, and in the history of our people. It is certain, however, that never was a change of Government attended with such far-reaching results as that eight years ago. At that time the situation of the Reich was desperate. We were called upon to take over the leadership of the nation at a moment when it did not seem to develop towards a great rise. We were given power in circumstances of the greatest conceivable pressure, the pressure of the knowledge that, by itself, everything was lost, and that, in the eyes of the noblest minds, this represented a last attempt, while in the eyes of evil-wishers it should condemn the National-Socialist Movement to final failure. Unless the German nation could be saved, by a miracle, the situation was bound to end in disaster. For during a period of 15 years, events had moved downwards without respite. On the other hand, this situation was only the result of the World War: of the outcome of the World War, of our own internal, political, moral, and military collapse. For these reasons it is particularly important on a day like this to think back to the course of that entire national misfortune.

    • Rjgarfunkel

      What an odious comparison that is unworthy of any American. FDR stated in his First Inaugural, "...But in the event that the Congress shall fail to take one of these courses, and in the event that the national emergency is still critical, I shall not evade the clear course of duty that will then confront me. I shall ask the Congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis. . .broad executive power to wage a war against the emergency as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe.

      For the trust reposed in me I will return the courage and the devotion that befit the time. I can do no less. We face the arduous days that lie before us in the warm courage of national unity, with the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious moral values, with the clean satisfaction that comes from the stern performance of duty by old and young alike. We aim at the assurance of a rounded and permanent national life."

      He stated "broad executive power to wage war against the emergency.." No FDR was a dictator? He saved the country, the economy and built a strong America which saved the world. If anything you folks don't want or trust democracy, but you want a one-party theocracy dominated by Wall Street greed merchants and rural Bible thumpers. But after Obama's re-election you can go back to worrying about NASCAR or football.


      • Greg

        As I knew and You can see for Yourself: we have enough IDIOTS to keep in the White House a
        communist, enemy of the american people, dictator of the worst kind (hidden for now), a muslim who will lie to
        the infidels (allowed by cuoran) etc., etc. You name it!

      • Brenda Choate

        Strike one. FDR was out of line in this and congress was stupid for allowing it. This should be done away with. We have three branches of government: congressional, executive, and judicial, not one. The constitutional progression was congress to make law, executive to sign bill into law, and judicial to interpret the laws constitlutionality. We need to go back to the original division of powers under the constitution.

      • Beck

        I don't watch football or nascar, but I know history..this man is dangerous. The truth hurts but look at this, congress is not in recess..two, there is no emergency. This was done to push congress to sue, then he can run against congress in the election and act as if he is savior of the German people...scratch that, American people.

        And your silly statement about Bible thumpers...the country became the richest,with freedom and opportunity because of Christianity. In fact if you don't believe in a higher power of where we derive our rights, the Constitution and Bill of Rights really mean nothing to you as government is your God. So lick the hand of your master, and leave us to defend our country.

        • Jeremiah

          Nice one Beck. Doubt I could of said it better!
          God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • usmadgirl

          Thank you for your comment. Couldn't have expressed it any more accurately!

          We need to write or call our representatives & tell them they need to grow a spine & take O'Dumbo head on & stop him dead in his tracks (before he's hopefully removed for being an illegitimate president) with all his “executive orders” or they will be committing political suicide! I'm sick to death of this illegal, lying "Dictator-In-Chief" & his "thugocracy"!

          I’d also like to add that most people are looking at the GOP candidate one dimensionally! We need to elect the candidate who can debate O’Dumbo & make him look like the incompetent, Saul Alinsky following criminal idiot that he is. The only candidate who has had the courage to call O’Dumbo what he truly is, a Saul Alinsky Socialist, is Newt. He is the only candidate who is smart enough on ALL the issues to be president & the only true Constitutional Reagan Conservative. No, I don’t agree with him on all the issues! Michelle Bachmann was the candidate who most closely depicted my views, but she didn’t have a snowball’s chance in July to beat O’Dumbo. The media would’ve destroyed her. Herman Cain was my first choice, but the media KNEW he’d beat O’Dumbo by appealing to the CONSERVATIVE blacks & the Tea Party who wanted someone from the private sector (despite his job with the FED); so they had to do whatever they could to get rid of him.

          No candidate can satisfy everyone! Despite what people think, they are human! They aren’t perfect! Neither are any of us; so as conservatives, we need to chose the one who can annihilate O’Dumbo in the debates. In the “big picture”, we have to also elect a CONSERVATIVE majority in the House & Senate who can hold that president’s feet to the fire. I’m sick of hearing about the “do nothing Congress” when the GOP members have tried for 3 years to get things passed to get the country back on the right track, but they are stopped by the Dumbocrap Senate! People want the GOP to “compromise” with the Dumbocraps. Why should they compromise on THEIR values to appease the progressive, Socialists & Communists in the Dumbocrap Party who have NO values?

          Once again, we are allowing the media (even FOX) to dictate who we “want” as our GOP candidate. They’ve been shoving Romney down our throats for months just like they did McCain! We had a Reagan candidate, Duncan Hunter, in the last election, but the media ignored him like the plague!

          We need to UNITE & get our crap together or we can kiss our country as we’ve known & loved it, “goodbye” with another 4 years of complete destruction of the USA & say “hello” to the New World Order!


        Rjgarfunkel - As my old grandmother used to say - you are full of hooey. Try getting a brain cleansing.

      • tompro97

        Actually, WW II saved the country, not Roosevelt. His socialists policiews had the same effect on the country that el presidente Osama and his Regime have had so far with their socialization scheme for the USA. Osama has done more damage to the country than all of our enemies combined since the country was founded.

        • Pleasepassthetea

          Sorry tompro - I meant to hit the like button!!! So that negative one is actually a positive 1! Your comment is spot on -

      • Pleasepassthetea

        Funkel - FDR was a socialist, like Hitler, and his assertion that he had "broad executive power to wage war against the emergency" was wrong and demonstrated an unconstitutional usurpation of power by the executive branch. NO President can just do whatever they want to do because it's what they want to do. Dictators do that, not Presidents of the United States. FDR was the President who started our country on this downward spiral of socialism and incremental loss of the freedoms guaranteed to the American people in the Constitution. Obama is even more brazen and fascist in his circumvention of the Constitution and the limits it places on the executive branch. When the ACLU, not exactly a conservative organization, is suing Obama for engaging in activity outside of the bounds of the Constitution, there's a problem. Obama is every bit as dangerous as Hitler and Ordman's comparison was appropriate. I've been thinking the same thing for YEARS.

    • Frank J.

      I do believe the same spirit is at work here!!

  • Upaces

    I know, Todd, I know (and I say that sadly).
    Everyday I got from sadness to rage and back to sadness again.
    For the most part, he IS a dictator.

    • Omer

      I know wha you mean- Overwhelming sadness and dispair. I pray for us every hour, may God bless us, and save us.

    • Stanb

      And, unfortunately, we have a willing congress that goes along with him or just shrugs their shoulders.

  • dsswickard


    • Cincinnatus

      Sieg Heil, maybe? Obviously you've never studied German my politically over-anxious fellow - hint: Sieg is no longer Heil because Americans 70 years ago could still tell the difference between right and wrong and broke the NAZI victory. Maybe it is time for our new young generation of rap smurfs to give their video-playing text-thumbs a rest and talk to grandpa to learn a few facts of life like how to defend freedom because it doesn't come free with your IPOD.

      • dsswickard

        And would be wrong. Nice of you to make assumptions of someone you know absolutely NOTHING about. Are you democrat? This is typical of many of them, so you must fall into the category of "guilt by association". I am a Grandparent, you moron. You should shut-up while you still have your head on your shoulders, boy. Oh, and just in case you didn't understand my comment, which it would seem you did not, I am sarcastically saluting OAdolf, der Führer n thief. People like you...well, you just can't fix STUPID!

    • Cromwell

      you mean "hail caesar " ?

      • dsswickard


    • pgabhart

      I think one of Cincinnatus' points was that you misspelled "Sieg Heil." German, unlike English, actually expects letters to represent a particular phoneme in the language. In German "ie" represents the long e sound, and "ei" represents the long i sound.

      • dsswickard

        I may have misspelled it. It's been a long time since high school German classes.

  • Screeminimeeme

    My posts all are getting the ''must be approved by site admins'' message. Why?

    • Rjgarfunkel

      Maybe because your a loony!

  • Screeminimeeme

    Another approval message. This is NOT Intense debate..but censorship and suppression of truth.

    • Rjgarfunkel

      Too bad, its tough when you lose a forum- but these other fellow-travelers of the lunatic fringe won't miss you.

  • screeminmeeme

    After seeing Jr. Senator Obama on the Oprah show years ago, and seeing him as an intelligent, afable man, expressing helpful ideas, I began to learn all I could about him: read his speeches, books, listened to radio interviews, and watched every video I could find of him...and based on what I'd learned, I've been vociferously opposing him since.

    Barack Obama's life has been defined by serial associations with anti-American left-wing extremists.He was fathered by an avowed marxist who despised the US and capitalism and his mother dedicated her life to marxist issues. By his own admission, he always chose socialists/marxists as his mentors or friends.__He is a trojan horse, bought and paid for by our enemies. An efite snob...a treasonous one.

    • superdog

      Bravo,bravo,Screeminmee. They obviously were disappointed that you did not offer a love poem for the Anointed One. Some of my posts have been blocked. I thought this was a conservative post, it is obviously left leaning. Our Socialist in chief, and Saul Alinsky honor student, is on his road to transform America, via the Marxist, and socialistic mentality he was raised with. Four and out fellow Americans.

    • Rjgarfunkel

      It sounds like you are a psychotic with paranoid tendencies. There are many good therapists in your neighborhood who can treat you with Freudian consultation or drugs. While you are fantasizing, where are all these commies and Marxists hiding? Are they the same folks that Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy found in the defense department? My suggestion is to have a stiff drink, turn on Turner Classic Movies and chill out. The country and the democracy will long survive you. There won't be a fascist or commie take over and in most cases there will be enough hospital beds for you and you ilk to rest into dotage.

      • Greg

        Rjgarfunkel I see You as Obamas drunk brother. You disguast me!

      • Brenda Choate

        There are none so blind as those who do not see.

        • Libertarian

          Ain't no cure for STUPID!

        • Robert

          Yes there is, in fact there are two . 1. Education and study with medical help .
          2. 168 gr. 30 cal at 3000 fps .
          This last one could be the only hope for dear rat-finckel

        • LK

          The Congress are yellowish, and may be either clear or opaque. obama darkens deeply as he ages, and white streaks emerge get ready for the harvest,for he is lesser quality of a species.

      • fedup

        You know what Rjgarfunkel, YOU ARE THE LOONEY! Pull your head out of your butt and open your brain. Everything Screeminmeeme said about Obummer is true. Are you that out of touch that you can't see it?

      • screeminmeeme

        One can always count on the left to stoop to ad hominems and insults because you all have no refutations for the charges against Obama. There is none so blind as he who will not see. Your avoidance mechanism is in full play when it comes to the facts concerning Obama. You can choose to live in your illusory world drinking the Obama cool-aid, but that won't change the evidence against him.

        The real question is not will the country and democracy survive me....will it survive Obama and his thugs?

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Maybe because of the slime and slander you smear all over, reasonable people resort to name-calling, like you are certifiable!

      • Rjgarfunkel

        Please learn how to spell you nitwit. Is the word "disguast" have something to with protecting a ship from mines?

        • Pleasepassthetea

          And you should take some grammar classes funkel.

      • Pleasepassthetea

        Not fantasy funkel, just fact. I've read portions of his books as well - I couldn't stomach reading them in their entirety - and screeminimeeme is correct. Obama's father was rabidly anti-American and a communist. His mother was also a communist. His father's best friend was a fellow communist and Obama describes visiting this guy (Frank Marshall? Can't remember his name) often and fondly remembers how he used to sit and listen to the political conversations between the two men. He also states unequivocally that his leanings have always been communist, which makes sense since his entire family were communists. So who's the psychotic funkel? Hmmmm???? If anyone is functioning outside of reality it would be YOU.

      • Patriot

        This is what happens when you march in lockstep to closely behind a tyrant. If you would remove your nose from between Obama's cheeks, you may get a a whiff of fresh air which could quite possibly awaken your brain.

    • Paul R

      Screem: You are completely and totally right! I have emailed my representative and both senators. All three are democrats and I have told them them must stop him or they will be irrelevant and just as well go home. I have also emailed the president that he must stop or be impeached. He has done enough in three years to warrant impeachment but this is worse than any other action.

    • whirlwinder

      I marked him as the manchurian candidate before he was elected. Americans have become so dumbed down. It is depressing

    • bobarino

      If the American people don't storm Washington as soon as possable and put a stop to all of this then he is going to get away with it. At every turn from this point forward the people of this country are going to half to get in his face on every issue starting with this recess appt. We can't be violent but our voices half to be heard and they half to be heard loud and clear. He has been breaking the law sense he took office but it has now gotten to the point where he is out of control along with Eric Holder. We MUST stop these tyrants, NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Patriot 101

    The Big Government parties are ruining our Nation. Ron Paul has infiltrated the Republican Party to peacefully turn this nation back to Limited Government. The Demon O Crat Party is totally gone (to outright communism) and the leaders are even bold about it. WE can't "stand still" where we are! We must roll back big government or BIG GOVERNMENT WILL ROLL US ALL!
    Only one candidate will return us toward constitutionally LIMITED government, RON PAUL.

    • D rash

      Patriot 101, your a dreamer from La La land! Ron Paul is and will be a total disaster, worse than Obama. Paulbots are as fruitcake as their insane leader!

    • Ralph

      Ron Paul you say? NO THANKS! Face Reality you Paulbot fools your teaparty Messiah 77 year old goofy Ron Paul is a
      THREE TIME LOSER! And old crazy unstable Ron Paul is as dangerous as Barack Hussein Obama,as also is Bain
      Capital "Business Man" American Job Destroyer Flip Flop Magic Underwear Cultist RINO Mitt Romney! Where are the
      Real Republican 2012 Presidential Candidates that can and will defeat Dictator in Chief Barack Hussein Obama,as
      very clearly Goofy Loser Ron Paul,RINO Mittens Ronmney,AMNESTY Newt Gingrich,LARAZ Rick Perry or RINO John
      Huntsman are too far into destroying each other and the GOP and own screwball agendas to do it!

    • Eve

      Ron Paul...the only true constitutionalist among the candidates..the only one who can go toe to toe with our dictator president! He believes the people should have the power not an over bloated government..the states should have the power ceded to them by majority votes to do the biding of the people!!! It is time...let the communist media lie and debase him at every turn it is because they KNOW...and the anti-Americans hate, fear and dispise him because they know he follows our constitution!!

    • paul r

      Patriot: Ron Paul is far more liberal than even Obama. He is completely dangerous in foreign policy, legalization of drugs. and preventing the federal government even from its constitutional responsibilities. He is NOT the answer.

      • Patriot 101

        You poor misinformed person. Or are you a sheep? You seem to be easily misled by the mainstream. I can only encourage you to check out reality for a while. Maybe then you will see that RON PAUL is the only candidate willing to roll back BIG GOVERNMENT. RON PAUL is the only "anti-Romney" candidate. All others are just running cover for Romney! Romney and the One Worlders! Romney or Obama? Little to NO DIFFERENCE when we end up a totalitarian Dictatorship. Romney is in favor of the same civilian army Obama wants and needs to make him Dictator. Why you suppose that is?
        Proof? Romney would only offer waivers to Obama care, leaving the funding for the civilian army in place. Obama care must be defunded and repealed! Only Bachmann and Paul will do this and Bachmann is GONE!

        • jjkrjw

          Romney is not the answer but neither is Ron Paul. We must keep our goal in mind--to kick obama out. That's first, which means we must vote for the republican nominee even if it's a RINO like Romney. Four years later we can kick HIM out if need be. Don't throw away your vote on Ron Paul. He does love the Constitution. But he has some wacky ideas about foreign policy and sovereignty.

        • Paul

          Ron Paul's ideas about foreign policy and sovereignty are far from wacky. They are the same as George Washington's. Maybe you don't really understand his position. Here it is:

        • jjkrjw

          You're right. Thanks for referring me to his site. I certainly agree that we should have never invaded Iraq or Afghanistan. I am also glad to see that he believes in securing our borders. However, I still believe that voting for him in a general election would re-elect obama. The media will crucify Ron Paul even though they now like the present situation because Paul divides Romney and Gingrich. If Paul secures the republican nomination, I would certainly vote for him, but I will not vote for a third party candidate that will most definitely keep obama in the oval office. I may gag voting for Romney or whoever, but we must be practical and defeat obama. Best regards.

    • icouldahad

      I would not have used the word 'infiltrated'. Ron Paul, except for a short stint, has always been a Republican.
      This was the first slogan of the Republican party: " Free Speech. Free Press. Free Soil. Free Men."
      Does the Rep Party still honor free speech? Not when it adheres to the notion of 'political correctness'.
      Does the Rep Party still honor a free press'? Not when it condones the monolpoly held on it by the CFR and sanctions so-called conservatives who twist words to suit their personally favored candidates?
      Does the Rep Party still honor free soil? Not when it follows Agenda 21 and locks the land up for 'sustainable development' pursuits.
      Does the Rep Part still honor free men? Not when they can vote AYE on bills such as the unPatriot Act and NDAA that strip us of our 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendment rights.
      The Republican Party is now the warmongering party. I want my party back, and if it remains as is, let it go the way of the Whigs.

      • Paul

        You are exactly correct. Both major parties have been taken over by the CFR and are working toward one World Government. The Republican Party can only regain it's stature by putting Ron Paul on their ballot.

  • http://MSN.COM Mark

    Ovomit is the accumulative result of our government and media being controlled and protected by Satan, the prince of this world (who’s time is very short).
    The impunity they are mysteriously given from their evil and illegal deeds, is a testament to biblical prophecy currently being fulfilled.
    Time is so short to make the right decision,
    At the time of His soon return will the state of our eternal destiny be imputed :

    “Death in sin or Life by Pardon in Christ”

    • Eve

      Geez Mark, it does make you long will God put up with baby murders and our money supporting it? It is scary stuff.

      • Lou

        that's why He is God. He gave us free will, but it's amazing to see the ignorqnt decisions those in the wh, and I don't capitalize it because those in it are not worthy of the positions. Satans table has expanded not only in the wh, but the courts also. I'll keep my Lord Jesus Christ, without Him there is nothing else. God Bless this country, and your children in it.

    • Paul

      Here you will find Biblical support for Ron Paul's Platform. There are 13 videos each dealing with a different subject and the subject does not show up until you click the video. I just stopped the video and went on to the next if it was not a subject that interested me. I suggest you do the same because they are rather long.

  • Batwings

    When is some Patriot going to step up and take out this lying, cheating, illegal SOB?
    America has had enough of his crap.

    • Rjgarfunkel

      Since the FBI and the Secret Service monitor these sites daily, I assume that your idiotic threats, which are against our statutes will be answered. if there was ever a need for big government it would be to lock up sociopaths and psychotics before they create mayhem and chaos. You law abiding folks should appreciate their need.

      • Brenda Choate

        There is nothing in the statement by batwings to indicate a threat. Wouldn't you just love for it to be so. When your love for big government surpresses you right to make such comments how will you feel then? It was the masses of Germany that though the way you do, and how did that work out for them?

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Comparing 1930's Germany to America is cause enough to label you as an uneducated dolt.

        • Brenda Choate

          Read your history idiot. The circumstances that led to Hitler's take over and supression of the German people exist in America today. Dictators do not always violently overthrow a governement. You can see the same pattern in Chavez's take over if you don't want to go as far back as Germany. Make a chart. On one side list the steps that led to Hitler's rise, or Chavez's rise. On the other side list the conditions of America's changes since T. Roosevelt. Now, compare the lists. It's called logic.
          Furthermore, what are you qualifications that allow you to call someone an "uneducated dolt"?

    • mike

      i am with you like thousands of semper fi marines family may have to all get together in washington for going away party someday....

    • Eve

      I hope this September a whole lot of Patriots will...they have to wake up and go vote him off of his throne!

    • Anticommunist

      This country needs one or two Secret Service patriots to do what Satwant Singh and Beant Singh did to Indiria Gandi when she made similar power grabs!
      Good riddance to bad seed... get his wife and his little dog too!
      Let us not forget that Robespierre became a victim of his own ursurption of the law!
      History repeats itself again and again!

    • Catherine

      What are YOU doing to step up and take out SOB?

  • the_uglydog

    Well I guess it shows now! Just another communist dictator taking freedom away from another nation.

    • Rjgarfunkel

      Which is it? Commie, Fascist, Nazi, or just a random totalitarian? Every day some kook on this site and others makes another idiotic accusation which has no substantiation in fact or reason. Which one are you?

      • Brenda Choate

        Learn your "isms" first, then complain. They may be kooks, but what are you?

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Clueless- A helluva lot brighter than you!

        • Brenda Choate

          Clueless does not indicate being brighter. It defines someone who spouts off at the mouth without supporting arguments.

    • Eve

      In my heart I believe in Americans. This country has done great things and I do not bow my head in shame but raise it with PRIDE...I think this upsurper on his imaginary throne has underestimated Americans.That is why I like Ron Paul because he reminds me so much of who we are and what this country truly is. I feel it when I go to his site.

  • Mary Ann

    Get him out of there....Put him in jail for his crimes...Why won't they do it??? Arrest Liar in Chief.

  • dan from ohio

    lock and load people.Some of us may fall but this man has to be stopped.....

    • Sarge

      Locked and loaded. Ready to rock and roll!

      Viet Vet 65-67
      God Bless America

      • Rjgarfunkel

        They let a psychopath have a water pistol? Go wet yourself!

    • mike

      love jesus your probably right american,s got stand up .

    • j_berry50

      Obama has a LEAD DEFICIENCY!!!!!!!!?????

  • 1599

    In effect we will be electing a dictator this year. Rest assured that the next guy who goes into the White House, if it isn't Obama, will certainly continue the policies laid down by this admistration.

    • Charlotte Juett

      Only if we elect Ron Paul as President can we turn this country back before it is lost to the annals of time as a Great Experiment that failed due its apathetic citizens.

      • 1599

        That may be true but he is still a longshot

      • j_berry50

        Ron Paul may have a few good ideas but during his last 20+ years he has only gotten 1 bill passed out of 623 presented bills.That's not a good leadership record. He doesn't present well as a strong leader. He lacks that presidential presence. He looks like a retired baseball umpire! We have to get rid of Obama, though!!!!

    • Rjgarfunkel

      So every one is a dictator? What's the solution? No elections! Maybe rule by mob? Maybe we can have another French Revolution? Almost all the revolutions from France, Italy in the 1840's through Mexico, Russia, Spain, etc have been against oligarchs of the rich along with their theocratic allies. Which way to you want it? A secular democracy or a a mob reflecting the anarchistic views of the sociopaths that haunt this site?

      • 1599


      • Brenda Choate

        You seriously need to ge a life.

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Listen Brenda Starr go back to Sponge Pants Bob, that's more your speed.

    • Patriot 101

      Only Ron Paul is an alternative to a coming dictatorship. Romney will be a dictator as well, as he is a One Worlder just like all the other candidates.

    • j_berry50

      Getting rid of Obama is just a start. We ALL have to make sure and keep a close eye on the lawmakers. If we don't like them we will systematically eliminate them.Pretty simple plan.

    • Goatie

      We just ruined our cause when we didn't elect Michele Bachmann. She was the only true conservative who could and would get us out of this mess. God be with us!

    • Melba

      Why do you think the "next guy" (if it isn't Obama) will continue his administration"s policies? Do you have no confidence at all in any Republican candidate? Are you just going to lie down in defeat before the election is even started? Wher is your fighting spirit? This coiuntry was not founded on people like you. We fight for what we believe in. Admittedly, we have gone on too long without actively challenging the current administration, but our day is coming. I hope you will join us!!!!! My pick is Newt Gingrich, but I will support whoever the GOP candidate is after the primaries are over and the winner is annnounced.

  • Jerry F.

    I say Hugo Chavez Jr.,that's all I want to say about this subject,other then it's not like we weren't warned,he wrote in one of his books,that he admirered the writtings of Karl Marx but this country didn't care,now look what we got.

    • Little Pat

      All the white people who voted for Obama to prove they weren't racist......what do you suppose they are feeling now?

      • Jerry F.


      • screeminmeeme

        Hopefully, they are feeling like the idiots they are. The left knew just how to play the race game and America lost. If we're smart, we'll do all we can to ensure that Obama gets the boot and with a new American-loving President in office, maybe we can all work to undo all the damage done by the O and this thugs.

  • ReaperHD

    Time to arrest this anti-american muslim commie terrorist for treason, this regime has done nothing but try to destroy the Constitution and the American People.

    • Goatie

      That's what we want to do, but who will step forward and actually do it? Congress appears to be a bunch of cowards.

    • floyd

      The only problem to arrest obama for treason and convict him with ALL of the other crimes he has commited against the United States of America is,, He has appointed all his own people in the highest of seats that would NOT convict him of anything.. He has executive ordered his way to dictatorship..he' has made himself untouchable,,and nobody in congress will do anything about it cause i think they are scared of what will happen to them and they're families. OR they are ALL for it...?

      • sandra

        They all need to be arrested and tried also.

  • Michael

    Obamas minions are registering ducks, chickens, pigs, cows and mind numb a-mericans to re elect him. What do you expect from a consummate LIAR.

  • Henry

    So Americans, are you enjoying the beginnings of what it is like being in a Marxist State? Trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet! They are warming up the ovens as the Ignorant Class sleeps. Shhhh!!! Quiet please! Marxism being installed.

  • VA_Magoo

    So why isnt Congress starting Impeachment process? Could it be because they are all guilty? Each and everyone of them that signed the NDAA is a traitor to this Country and to the Oath they took to support and defend THE Constitution of the United States!

    • Patriot 101

      Exactly right! These guys need confronted big time! Wait until they get home and do some town hall meetings. That is where we need to put the fear of God into these traitors! They need to be more scared of their constituency than Obama!

    • LocalYokel

      There comes a point of no return in the process of condoning corrupted collusion among the elected oath sworn servants of patriot masses even in the shadow of the coming political tsunami. However, their dependance on trust induced reluctance has forever been at risk of rising eternal vigilance providing independent oversite in unison with reversal of their intended results in the absence of honor deuling
      Only the perpetrators' defenders can profess innocence of all charges falsely based on their absence from any crime scene. Their deficiency of suppressed information maintains the contagious neurotic stench of treason by sympathetic affiliation. Having religiously cast their vote preference for the least of evils spanning a lifetime has only served to reinforce their border line psychosis. Such deteriorating condition may well be reversible only by shock treatment, chemo, or even less desirable means demanded by their obsessive denial of any malicious intent of the treasonous elect.

      • LocalYokel

        The new generation of affirmative immature misinformed echos defines the effect of both contaminated public education and TV media whitewash and fact omission. Are the lines being drawn in the dust quiet so vague and deserving to be ignored with so many calling "Bring it on"? Will the victims of denial then be forced to accept real history only by looming demonstration?

  • lusia

    Obama reminds me Stalin's time! Before is to late we have to stop to violate our Consitution! Impeach him!!!

  • Victoria DeLacy

    Government abuses have been around for a long time. They sent me to college subsidized entirely by taxpayers between financial aid and scholarships but when I graduated magna cum laude (GPA 3.54 in the top 10% of my college class) they dropped me back onto the Social Security check (there due to mobiltiy impairment based disability) so I have never yet sustained a full-time permanent job since graduation back in 1999 even though my qualifications include not only that B.A. in Psychology but also fluency in Spanish as a second language. I'll believe the economy has finally recovered when Obama loses his job and I am helped to attain an administrative position through having been given the job placement promised in DRS (dept. of rehabilitative services) paperwork but never in fact provided!

  • http://MSN.COM Mark

    maybe we should re-think our position, ovomits sodomite friend george clooney thinks he is doing a fine job.
    couldnt be ovomits strong support of sodomites could it ?

  • captelaine

    He is trying to BAIT the House to impeach him, which the Senate won't uphold, but he'll get to be the VICTIM and get re-elected because Congress was picking on him. Congress should NOT impeach him, but throw Cordray and the NLRB appointees in JAIL for FRAUD if they do anything in their NEW positions, granted to them ILLEGALLY... leave BARRY alone throw his THUGS in Jail... see how he like that.

  • Victor Barney

    It's even worse! Obama is the self-professed "Anti-Christ"(Marxist) and the "forbidden foreigner"(Deuteronomy 17:15) over Israel by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16) by it's our more VERBALLY ENDOWD WOMEN AFTER OBAMA PROMISED THEM A "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATIOM OF GOVERNMENT" into Marxism! Welcome to Adam's world, even less powerful than the blacks, while they were still in slavery! I'm not talking about the marxists(anti-christ's now) who may be men. It's a fact! Next, comes the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to witness against u.s. for 3 1/2 year beginning on September 16, 2012 on the israelite Feast of Trumpets(war)! Watch!

    • sandra

      Victor, I am getting tired of reading your comments about women voting for odumbo. Maybe some of the college age (girls) voted for him, but not the (women).

      • Victor Barney

        sandra, don't blame me, blame the MSM because it was they that made this claim! If you still don't believe me, I'll send you a copy of similiar press releases in November, 2012! Watch! p.s. How many Robert De'Niro's do you see walking down every street in America? Just asking...

  • phillyfanatic

    It is not only extra-Cont. actions, but his 3 yr. plus policies, that Pubs must must remind voters about. The MSM will never tell voters how horrid the policies have been. Never. They flack for Bama and the radical progressives in his Party. So Pubs must remind voters of Obamacare as well as all the policies like cutting the military and appointing people without Senate approval to no domestic energy policies to exporting our fuels while keeping our own domestic energy output at Nada production. Yikes.

  • Sick of Barry S.

    Barry S. (AKA OBAMA) makes me sick!!! I'd love for him to stand face to face with me and try to dictate to me. I'd wipe the floor with his big eared face!!! He is one sorry ass dog!!! He is not my Pesident because in the first place he isn't even elegible to be President of the United States. He has commited treason against the United States and needs to go to prison for the rest of his sorry life or be lined up in front of a firing squad!!!! Excuse me for not being politically correct.

    • eve hunter

      take a good look at his face. he is a sorry, sad, very sick man. i've seen men in coffins look healthier. he has lost weight, color is bad, eyes very haunted and tired looking. that is one sick dude.

      • applepickers

        Maybe he needs another vacation.

    • sandra

      Lets start Monday calling all the Senators. Lets jam the phone lines and tell them if they aren't going to do their job. then they need to quit and go home, so we don't keep paying them for nothing.

  • captelaine

    Article II Section 2 Last paragraph says.... and I QUOTE " The President shall have power to fill up vacancies that may happen DURING the Recess of the Senate.....
    NONE of these vacancies HAPPENED DURING the RECESS, they happened a LONG time ago... and the SENATE has turned DOWN these people on more than one occasion... THEREFORE, these appointments are ILLEGAL two fold, #1 because the Senate IS NOT in recess, and #2 the vacancies DID NOT happen during a recess.

    • Wendell

      captelaine, you are quite right, but nothing will be done about it. We do not have elected officials who will challenge the Dictator in Chief. All I can say is, if we can last to the end of this year, please vote this fraud and pathological liar out of the White House. We ALL must vote unilaterally for the GOP nominee, regardless of whomever is nominated.

    • sandra

      Well let's wait and see if the Senate does anything about this. They haven't done anything about the other executive orders he has signed.

  • Michael Johnston

    America better wake up before we are forced to choose between liberty and freedom....or tyranny. The crowds cheering Obama receive direct benefits from his unconstitutional and king like decisions to spread the wealth. Our government has become the force standing against liberty and freedom (40,000 new laws took affect 2 Jan) and its time to stop it. What side are you on?

  • Gary

    This lying freak must go now !!!Wake up America !!!

  • gypsydan

    In some ways I can see why Obama did what he did. It gets frustrating waiting for the congress to make a move even for something as simple as appointments. We have very old and very stupid people in congress. They cannot make a decision that is based on what is good for the country it is all what is good for the party. We have lost the founding father's view that the federal government should be limited and work for the good of the nation as a whole. Now it is just slow, stupid, and party oriented. The people who vote party lines are as stupid as the people they elect. They vote either out of stupidity, or racism. Some may believe that where we are going is good but they have not looked at the facts and the jobs running over seas after the democratic party bailed out big business. Voters need to wake up and take the vote with seriousness. We need to make sure every voter is an American Citizen regardless of race or religion. That means photo ideas. Also, another idea is raise the voting age to 25 so that the voters are mature, working, and past living of mommy and daddy.

    While I think Obama is a lost puppy and has no clue about being more than an activist it is up to us to vote him out and the media to grow up and go back to being people who look for the unvarnished truth and not get overawed by race.

    • Brenda Choate

      In the case of his recent appointment, congress did make a move-they did not vote to appoint him. As far the backlog in congress, the house seems to be able to get bills passed; however, Reid in the senate blocks them. I have no sympathy for his frustrations over this matter since he has pulled this stunt before with his executive orders to EPA and other agencies.

      • Rjgarfunkel

        When the waters polluted you can always drink Kool-Aid!

    • sandra

      Who would you suggest we vote for? None of them are any good, and will continue down the same road.

  • Joe

    Everything he was against as a senator he has done as president. He
    is an unprincipled jerk. You can't believe this man. Talk about broken promises.
    Whenever he speaks fecal matter comes out.

  • DG11

    This man deserves no respect. He is a traitor and needs to be arrested and jailed.

  • Raymond
  • Netmanxps

    I can think of a hundred other headliners for Mr. B.O...but I don't won't to upset the B.O. faithfuls out there. After all, someone put him in office and I assure you I wasn't one of them. My personal thought is still that he was voted in for one reason, and it sure wasn't because they felt he could run the country.

  • D rash

    Batwings, you are aware that the black SUV's are on their way to you as we speak! I am amazed that what you propose has not already happened. I figured that some "Bubba", some hillbilly, ex-Marine, disgruntled sniper, with a Military surplus sniper rifle, would have taken out this commie usurper long before now. He has just been lucky so far. How long that will last is beyond me. Also, the fix is in. Democrats know for a fact, that in an honest, head to head contest, Obama cannot win. But, with voter fraud, the dead voting, illegal aliens voting, and corrupt union members voting several times, coupled with the communist controlled SEIU union in charge of voting machines, he has a good chance of a second term. Sorry situation for the United States, our history, and most likely, then end of our greatness. Looks like tha "GREAT AMERICAN EXPERIMENT", finally closes it's history books, as it falls to the status of a bananna republic, brought about by one man, "The Kenyan, Barry Obama"!!

    • terry

      We. Are just laying down and letting this party roll over us. Sad! Obama has not done.this alone but with
      The FULL. SUPPORT of the DEMOCRAT PARTY, MAJOR MEDIA, uninformed Americans and others.
      WE must stand against this deceiver and work to defeat. Him or WE ARE TOAST! A. LINCOLN was correct
      In saying that if we fall it.will come from within. We have turned our back on GOD, the Constitution and ourselves!
      The American people elected this guy President. We have put our enemy in charge and we will
      Reap the results of it.

  • Raymond

    Other names for Satan:

    The Dragon
    Barack Obama

  • Pastor Carmen

    We are at war and most American's have their head up their hindquarters.

  • Rjgarfunkel

    Looks like we have had the 24th month in a row of job gains. Unemployment, though stubborn, is shrinking and we domestic tranquility. All we need is cooperation from the Tea Bag Brigade, who only believe in delay, obfuscation, filibuster and the lack of governing will. These folks were elected to govern, not to destroy or be water-carriers for the rich and the theocrats.

    Just look at the NY Times today and read about where the latest GOP pretender , former Senator Santorum, who has reaped millions from the companies who lobbied him while he was in the Senate, made his money. Another GOP hypocrite in the pay of the healthcare industry, the strip miners and every one else who could buy his vote.

    Just look at this list from 2006 and understand why Ricky-Boy was crushed in the election:

    From 2006- Notice Rick Santorum
    Washington, DC – Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released its second annual report on the most corrupt members of Congress entitled Beyond DeLay: The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and five to watch). This encyclopedic report on corruption in the 109th Congress documents the egregious, unethical and possibly illegal activities of the most tainted members of Congress. CREW has compiled the members’ transgressions and analyzed them in light of federal laws and congressional rules.

    Two members have been removed from last year’s list of 13. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) is now serving an eight-year jail term for bribery and Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) has agreed to plead guilty to crimes that will likely result in a minimum two-year prison term.

    CREW has also re-launched the report’s tandem website, The site offers short summaries of each member’s transgressions as well as the full-length profiles and all accompanying exhibits.
    CREW’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress:
    Members of the Senate:
    •Conrad Burns (R-MT)
    •Bill Frist (R-TN)
    •Rick Santorum (R-PA)

    Members of the House:
    •Alan Mollohan (D-WV)
    •Roy Blunt (R-MO)
    •Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO)
    •Ken Calvert (R-CA)
    •Richard Pombo (R-CA)
    •John Doolittle (R-CA)
    •Rick Renzi (R-AZ)
    •Tom Feeney (R-FL)
    •Pete Sessions (R-TX)
    •Katherine Harris (R-FL)
    •John Sweeney (R-NY)
    •William Jefferson (D-LA)
    •Charles Taylor (R-NC)
    •Jerry Lewis (R-CA)
    •Maxine Waters (D-CA)
    •Gary Miller (R-CA)
    •Curt Weldon (R-PA)

    • Brenda Choate

      OK, so I can assume you are a democrat. I noted the omission of misdeeds by democrats. I also note that democrats are just a guilty of increasing their wealth as republicans. In addition, I have noticed that democrats are highly protective of their own. There are plenty of democrats who are guilty(Rangle being one) but their misdeeds are swept under the table..

      • Robert

        Rat-Finckel doesn't know what he is only that Diaper Head Obama IS GOD .

      • Rjgarfunkel

        No clueless, if you note the list of House members from 2006, there are Democrats. If they are miscreants they should go, but look at the ratios. Do you understand that word- ratio! Notice where Santorum is listed and read the story in the NY Times front page how our Theocracy candidate has been living off the lobbyists that supported him while in the Senate. he made S1 million last year. Not bad! He was dirty then, and is dirty today!

    • Anticommunist

      How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you start your very biased post with an obvious and verafiable lie?

    • Pleasepassthetea

      You are just FULL of misinformation. aren't you funkel??!! Twenty-four months of job gains????!!!! On what planet funkel???? Because you most certainly are NOT referring to the United States. The regime has, shall we say, massaged the job data and the regime's stooges in the mainstream media, of which the New York Times would be a part, go along with the story. The fact is that real unemployment is at 15% and GROWING. Any jobs created in the last several months were, by and large, temporary and seasonal. Translated for you funkel, that would be Christmas jobs for kids home for the holidays. Or Christmas tree delivery services. Things like that. Those "created jobs" will disappear as quickly as they appeared. Also the regime is basing their jobs calculations on a diminished universe of jobs. In other words funkel, since you seem to have trouble with critical thinking, millions of industry jobs, especially in the energy sector, no longer exist because the Obama regime has destroyed them. Gulf coast drilling, coal, natural gas, the military, etc. etc.. The jobless numbers drop as the universe of jobs drops. The regime is also not including in their numbers those people who are "underemployed" or who have stopped looking for work altogether. So the latest unemployment number, which would have people like funkel believe we are at 8.5% unemployment, is completely bogus.

      As for corruption in politics funkel, I really don't think you want to wade into those waters. Your boy Obama is up to his big ears in corruption, along with most of his cohorts in the Democrat Party. You would go home limping and licking your wounds in that war!!!! The list of infractions is so long that it makes my head spin just thinking about it. But why don't we just mention Barney Frank, Maxine Water, Chris Dodd, Chuckie Schumer and the sub-prime housing policies which caused our current economic FIASCO. And that's just for STARTERS. You're in way over your head funkel -

  • Vet2

    My dear Dad only had a 5th grade education, worked in a silk mill was "laid off" during the 20s/30s depression, became a barber, and then ..self educated..a successful life insurance salesman. We, Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grampa struggled to "make ends meet into the late 30's". The point is..."times were tough". I remember Dad saying..."greed and ignorance" causes all problems! In my 80's..WW2 vet, I continually reflect on those early days as I warch the negative (my opinion) changes in our USA. Dad was so correct. "Ignorance & greed" placed Obama in the Presidency, and is still indicated by his support numbers. Global warming!!! Alternative fuel fiasco! Buying oil from those that hate America while we have more reserves available than any country!! Fourth & fith generation welfare recipients! The ever growing
    immigration influx ..monetary drain..ignored!! The changes in our school curriculum(s).."sex info" to 2nd graders, abolish prayer, and expression of patriotism. much more...I know.....I'm an old F__t..out of touch! Greed and Ignorance prevails..and is growing!!

    • Rjgarfunkel

      So with a fifth grade education he was as smart as Sarah Palin who went to five schools. "Ignorance and Greed" had nothing do with the fact that President Obama got 70 million votes, 10 million more than John McCain who flunked out of private school in DC, and finished 895th out of his Annapolis Class of 900. In fact, if anyone was "ignorant and greedy" it was GW Bush II.

      There is Global warming, like it or not, we don't buy oil from those who hate America, most of it comes from Mexico and Canada, and we use 25% of the world's oil with 5% of the world's population. 34% of the recipients of food stamps are white! Immigrant built America and do the scut work that you wouldn't do. Most of the illegal immigration came during the Reagan and two Bush administrations and they worked for big business GOP supported industries: Walmart, big agricultural, restaurant chains and big lawn care. So understand, simplistic answers to complex questions solve nothing.

    • Anticommunist

      What you percieve as support numbers is mostly reported by the left leaning mainstream media which is constantly supporting the unsupportable and only have presented one sided reporting. If Obama wins even Illinois it will be from vote tampering!
      Whatever happend to an unbiased press?
      If you want truth, don't buy newspapers or listen to broadcast news, you will find only partial truths there...for the whole story and the truth you must be dilligent. Get in touch with the Heritage foundation, a conservative thinktank that can send you daily e-mail updates on important subjects.

    • kaokie

      Vet2 - you nailed it, and you're definitely 'in touch'.

    • kaokie

      Do you recall sometime in the 1960's seeing articles and books on, 'The Dumbing Down of America'?? That was the 'shot over the bow', and I, along with many others, didn't recognize it. (everybody was busy with their lives, work, etc., and most of us failed to live up to our 'civic responsibilities - and left politics up to the politicians.) What we are seeing now is the result of an initially subtle, step by step, plan initiated and carried forward by 'progressives' - it wouldn't have mattered if it was Hillary or Bam-Bam who got elected, either one, the results would have been the same. She, along with George Soros, organized several of the pseudo-patriotic organizations promoting the 'fundamental change of America', most of his 'czars' are people chosen by Hilary with input from Soros. _ _Initially, they gradually grew the government with agencies like the federal takeover of the educational system - a few discerning people noticed the changes, wrote articles and books about the 'dumbing down' of the educational system, which were largely ignored.

      • kaokie

        We are now reaping the results of what's been done by the NEA and the 'teachers union'. A lot of the people involved are ignorant of the agenda, because based on face value alone, some of the ideas seemed like good ones..........anyway, what's happening now is the result of something that was begun about 60 years ago...........and you'll notice they waited until most of the people who were around for WWII or were of an age to be influenced by the people who were part of the 'Great Generation' are thinning out. When any of us speak up they discredit us by saying, oh, they're just some of the 'Tea Party' bunch. There's a lot more to it and requires a lot of research - to much to go into here.

  • Pete Williams

    If Congress & representatives do not Impeach Obama, I believe the honest & GOF fearing citizens of the United States Of America will have a revelotion against the government and reestablish rhe constitution of our once great nation, this is just my personal opinion, as is said everybody has an opinion.

    • Rjgarfunkel

      There is not going to be an Impeachment, go back to smoking your mary jane. There will be no revolution, and for sure you won't lead it. Go back to your nurse, don't soil yourself and get back to TCM and watch the Bishop's Wife.

      • ticktockoma

        Rjgarfunkel, you are one sick puppy spewing you vile hatred and obnoxious opinions. If you can't say something nice, then shut your freaking mouth! Keep you stupid ideas to yourself and go back in your hole.

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Vile hatred, I learned it here, with all the gun talk, the lock and load, the assassination talk, all the slurs. He's still the President you troglodyte. If you disrespect him then you are fair game for retribution.

      • Robert

        You have said something right for a change Rat-Finkel ! Congress will not Impeach it dose no good anyway Clinton was impeached .
        Where you are wrong Very wrong is that there is a Revelation in the works and it will happen in 2012-2013 .
        Diaper Head will not step down when he is voted out .
        At that time all the rats will slide back in their holes . You got yours picked out yet?

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Get ready for 4 more years and the Tea Bag Brigade back at home selling used cars. The country is fed up with slander coming from the lunatic fringe. Its a great term and it hasn't worn out its welcome. Do your neighbors also refer that name to you?

    • sandra

      I would like to see the military form a coo, and go in and take over the White House and lock about 3/4ths of them up. If it isn't done soon, it won't be able to be done, because he is going to reduce the military by half.

  • Gunner48

    We dont need another Marter in this Country ! The way idiots get people to listen to their propaganda for a longer period of time than should ever have happened in the first place. Is to give up his life. The Constitution made a way for us to deal with people like this.. Let see if it works? 2012 is here. Although everyday watching and listening to this Crap is painful. He has paved the way to his undoing. Lets see what happens next. His removal will be sweeter. And his followers can go back to hell with him.

    • Rjgarfunkel

      What us "Marter"? There are no illiterates allowed on this space. Did you mean martyr? Get ready for his re-election : 24 months of job growth, the Stock Market will hit 13K and the Tea Bag Brigade will be a footnote in history. Please learn to spell.

      • Anticommunist

        Where do you get this lie of 24 months of job growth?
        Somebody spewed up this lie to you and you lapped it up like a dog eating vomit, only to spew it out again for some other vomit eater.
        You started with a lie, and based on the first lie, assume that the stock market will rebound in an extrordinarilarly historical jump then you ended with a preposterous statement that a continually growing movement, that you cannot even identify by its correct name, will become a footnote?
        Your ignorance knows no bounds!
        Now reply to this post to let your ignorant mind shine!

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Moron- have you heard the news -24 MONTHS OF JOB GAINS! Clown and reality denier, the stock market sunk to 6600 under George II it is now at 12,350. Next stop 13K - dog eating vomit- how original. What kind of mongrel to you own? I assume you know more about that, because your mutt is probably lapping up after you can't make the bowl.

    • sandra

      You mean if the election is not rigged. SEIU does the maintance on the voting machines.


    Chairmen Obamao a face minted for a Hammer and Sickle.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    What else is new?

  • Rjgarfunkel

    WASHINGTON -- Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) has become a top-tier candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in recent weeks by appealing to evangelical voters as a man steeped in family values and his Christian faith. From 2007 to 2011, however, Santorum served on the board of directors of Universal Health Services Inc., a large hospital chain which racked up dozens of allegations of abuse during that time -- including everything from rape to suicide attempts allowed by neglect to murder.

    Over the years, states have barred children from attending UHS facilities over safety concerns and the feds have put UHS on their radar. Department of Justice lawyers have filed two lawsuits accusing the chain of fraudulent activities. One lawsuit settled for $27.5 million. Another suit still pending in federal court in Virginia centers on a facility called Keystone Marion Youth Center.

    The facility, located in Marion, Va., is a residential treatment center for troubled boys with mental-health issues. The majority of patients come from states' child-welfare and juvenile-justice systems. The center promises stability, schooling, and clinically-approved therapies. It was also approved to accept Medicaid patients.

    It did not have approval to perform an "exorcism."

    But that is what appeared to be happening in an empty room at Marion in May 2007, according to a facility teacher who passed by the room, which was occupied by at least one nurse, a supervisor, a janitor and a boy with autism. Several in the room appeared to be hovering over the boy and praying, according to the teacher, who recounted the incident shortly after to Barbara Jones, the center's director of education at the time.

    The severity of the boy's autism left him hardly able to speak and unable to walk on his own, Jones says.

    Part I

    • Research Lover

      Some people believe in the power of prayer (which is not exorcism). A dictionary should help you to understand the difference between the two, Mr. R. I suppose you would rather have a humanitarian take control of this type of situation. According to Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794), France's Voice of Virtue, "The humanitarian puts himself in the place of God.....Of course what the humanitarian actually proposes is that he shall do what HE thinks is good for everybody." Most people have different opinions of what is good for everybody. At least God is consistent. Go to your beloved dictionary and learn the difference, Mr. R.

      • Rjgarfunkel

        Virtue- he beheaded half of France- moron!

    • Anticommunist

      Are you a member of some liars club that deliberately spreads lies.

      • Rjgarfunkel

        Listen freedom fighter, they need help on the 38th Parallel, that's where the real commies are. Why don't you head over.

  • Rjgarfunkel

    WASHINGTON -- Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) has become a top-tier candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in recent weeks by appealing to evangelical voters as a man steeped in family values and his Christian faith. From 2007 to 2011, however, Santorum served on the board of directors of Universal Health Services Inc., a large hospital chain which racked up dozens of allegations of abuse during that time -- including everything from rape to suicide attempts allowed by neglect to murder.

    • Robert

      list your souses when you spout this crap . The NEW YORK TIMES is not a good source for anything but paper to wrap dead fish in .

      • Rjgarfunkel

        Can't you spell? What does "souces" mean? is that a French dish?

        • Rjgarfunkel

          Clown, the story was all over the news today. Light a candle and don't curse the darkness, or wait 'til dawn and read it.

  • Coldcowboy

    Why is there not something done to Sorros, who helped round up jews during the Hitler years and send them to the death camps. To me, that CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

    • Val

      You are right. SOROS needs his ass kicked out of the USA ,forever. But one thing to know and look forward to is SOROS is OLD and will DIE . MAYBE !

  • Rjgarfunkel

    Santorum and the Lobbyists Who own him - part II

    "'They were trying to exorcise him. That's why he had the autism, he had a demon in him,'" Jones recounted what the teacher told her to The Huffington Post. "The cleaning lady was trying to cast out the demons."

    The Marion Center repeatedly fell into trouble with authorities before and during the time Santorum served on the board. He resigned this past June to focus on his campaign. UHS facilities across the country -- from the former senator's home state of Pennsylvania to Illinois to Tennessee to Texas and Kansas -- have come under fire as well. Authorities have thrown around words like "systemic failure" to describe the UHS treatment centers and have sued them for millions in court settlements.

    Santorum served on the UHS board's compensation committee and the nominating/corporate governance committee, which appear to play no direct role in overseeing hospital operations. But the board -- like any corporate board -- is responsible for maintaining oversight and making sure facilities are safe and do not violate the law. Bloomberg has reported that Santorum has made close to $400,000 off his relationship with UHS.

    Santorum's campaign declined to comment, referring inquiries to UHS. But in an interview with Yahoo News this week, Santorum said that as a member of the board, he cooperated with the DOJ's Medicaid fraud investigation.

    "Any investigation, you obviously engage and fully cooperate with it, and that's what we did. You try to get to the bottom of it. There's always accusations that take place and that's part of the responsibility of directors to make sure that we investigate that and get to the bottom of it," Santorum said. "I don't have any stock options. I did, but I exercised them and they're gone."

    UHS issued a statement to The Huffington Post concerning the Marion Youth Center.

    "There are hundreds of adolescents who have received high quality, successful care and treatment at Marion Youth Center," the company wrote in an email, "and have had their lives dramatically improved as a result of the efforts of the dedicated individuals that work at Marion."

    The hospital chain responded directly to the exorcism charge, calling the allegations "absolutely false, libelous and knowingly untruthful."

    A state report counters this claim and appears to back up Jones' recollections of the incident as relayed to her at the time, and its subsequent fallout. According to the report, state investigators noted that the Marion Youth Center initiated an internal investigation into the matter as well. An administrator with the facility reported to state investigators that staff had been caught "praying over" a boy. "Provider determined the youth did not give consent for the event to occur," the state investigation found. "One regulation violation was determined."

    The most shocking thing about the incident, however, was that it didn't shock. As Jones says, "It didn't surprise me."

    • Anticommunist

      And here you are telling your lies again.
      I am starting to believe the saying that "Liberalism is a mental diesease!"!

      • Rjgarfunkel

        You are certifiable and dumb. Its an unbeatable combination! Thank God for Medicare so you can get your fix. Too bad they don't pay for Viagra. But your middle finger doesn't need drugs I assume.

        • Brenda Choate

          Is your only defense calling people who do not agree with you names? I have noted this in all your comments.

      • kaokie

        Ignore this dork. People like this are recruited (and probably paid) to go on websites and interfere with the commentary - they are as valid as the lame-stream media. They worship at the feet of Rachel Madcow, Chris 'Blockhead' Matthews, etc. You'll notice they jump on the comments that have the most valid points - that's not an accident.

  • Link Hogtrob

    obozo: the dickless dictator.

  • Texan

    Ron Paul supporters are relentless if nothing else. Obama, as most dictators, has proved that his desires are more necessary than the people he is supposed to be serving.

  • Val

    Hopefully one day soon, the Citizens of this USA will notice and realize OBAMA is NOT the President, and never has been. He took office illegally, he is an illegal alien, and they can not be or run for any USA office. PERIOD !! The Senate/Congress/DOJ/Supreme Court,and all government employees ARE FOOLS and have been not working for the Citizens of this country. We all are under the impression OBAMA is in command. HE IS A NO BODY, from Kenya, he needs to be removed. OUR REPRESENTATIVES (Government) needs to kick his ass into the street. He is a VERY dangerous Menus to all of us. He is changing our Constitution for Gods sake , and he has NO right s in the USA to do so .Its Okay to be angry at the people we put into the Senate/Congress/Supreme Court, we put them there to protect us and to up hold our Constitution, and they HAVE FAIL ALL OF US. He has taken it upon himself to start to Destroy out Military today, opening us up to all foreign countries/enemies, Start calling your State Congerss/Senators, and DEMAND they GET OFF THEIR SPOILD ASSES and EARN THEIR PAYCHECKS (they should not be paid until they start doing what we put them there for.)

    • sandra

      I agree Val. We need to jam their phone lines on Monday.

  • Dilbert

    We keep whining, but no one will do anything about it!

  • Bob from Mass.

    Obama will get the ignorant vote--those who haven't a clue because they don't pay attention to politics, along with the vote of the party faithful, the far left,and enough others (the dead the " never-were" who literally show up from nowhere on election day, and a sprinkling of others who emerge from somewhere, whose names were forged and told to vote--or else. A coalition to be proud of, certainly.

  • Laura

    Said it before and i will say it again. On the trail he said loud and clear ( I will fundamentally change America ) My first thought, this dude wants to dictate this Country. Can't have that.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    North Carolina's Democratic Governor, Beverly Perdue, once suggested that for the good of the country, we should get rid of
    elections. Where would that leave us? We'd be like the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People's Republic of China,
    Cuba, Vietnam, and the countries of the former Soviet Bloc.

  • Thomas M

    Well, you elected a dictator so don't blame us sane people.

    • Laura

      I didn't although i wasn't happy with mc cain but knew i did not want obama.


    This jerk has never read the Constitution,he can't make laws only Congress can,all the things he's a blaming Congress for is what he's doing,he doesn't give a crap about the American people,only himself,,if the voters don't vote this Communist out of office in November we are doomed as a nation..

  • Rachel Gregory

    Clinton and Bush both did over 100 recess appointments each while in office. I guess that made them "Dictator in Chief" too.

    • Terry

      Rachel, Difference is Senate is not in recess and they have previously voted down one of these guys! Clinton and Bush
      Did it constitutionally but. Obama hasn't.

      • Rjgarfunkel

        Bull-tickee! They are in session, what a load! The GOP hasn't done a thing in years, they only know how to filibuster.

    • sandra

      They are just as much to blame. But Obama is on steroids, he is transforming America so fast.

    • eyzewydeopen

      Yes, Bush did, but congress was acutally in recess. Obama did something ILLEGAL, (can you say treason?), he made the appointments, by-passing the contitution, as the seate was and is in session. It is a big middle finger held up by him to congress, by the annointed one. BTW, he was a constitutional attorney, so he does know what he's doing. ANd does not care. Very definant, petulant child.

  • Lee

    From the book of Daniel the final or fifth world Gentile Government will be led by a leader who will be very charismatic speaking pompous words about his ability to bring peace and change to the world. It seems whe have heard and seen this oft repeated passage has come dupon us.

  • GDC

    I am glad to see that what Obama is, is coming to light.

    Impeach Obama, prosecute him, EXECUTE him. Treason IS a crime punishable by death.

  • marysteeleyorktownva

    This information is nothing but talk because it fails to add actions we can take to stop it!! If we sit back and do nothing, it will only get worse, and having him at the top forever must be stopped!

    We have to start sending a strong message to our representatives and him, that unconstitutional actions will not be tolerated anymore!!

  • Winston

    There is indeed a overriding element for Congress as to the perceived "balance of power" in the three branches of the U.S. government. Congress has the Constitutional authority to IMPEACH any President for violation of official authority....and this President should be impeached, immediately. But, will THIS Congress do it? NO...because its leadership is wimpy crybabies with no courage to do the right thing.

  • John Rickell

    The people of the United States of America need to band together and storm the white house and retake our country back. There are only so many Secret Service agents and I know that several of them would like to forget their oath and take obama out themselves,

    • ticktockoma

      Hate to say this, but that's what the FEMA camps are for. When there is a revolution, everyone who doesn't agreewith obummer will be be put in a FEMA camp.

  • Godhelpus

    What is REALLY scary is that Nobama and Hellary were recently voted the most admired people in the U.S. Who did they go to for this vote? Hopefully, not the average American citizen. It had to be only the liberals, right? If not, he will get re-elected. Then the nail will be put in the coffin of America and not long after...the Fema camps will open up! Get on your knees Patriots, and start praying for help from God to restore a Godly leader and save our Nation!

    • Anticommunist

      Liberal MSM!

  • James360

    Again you are right on target for your assessment; however, I believe we need more cohesiveness. We have too many people with far too many opinions, and no real power to make change. We need a new central website, organization, and a place where everyone who is a conservative---flocks to for a clearing center. Too many politicians(not leaders) who are not concerned for the greater good(the solid center for sustainability). Barack Obama should be very easy to beat---once the right leader is established (God knows where he is) something like that...?

  • Eli Jones

    The Islamofascist Nazi Barack Hussein Obama has an evil plan to overthrow America. This plan has four essential components and actions.

    #1. Create a private army that will eventually have one Million Thugs that will do Obama's will. Here is a link that confirms that the creation of Obama's personal army of thugs has already been implemented and is being funded by Obamacare.

    #2. Weaken the US Military. Have you seen the news lately? The total number of military personnel is being cut in half. Obama's personal army of thugs will eventually have more than twice the members of our military.

    #3. Use intimidation, blackmail, bribes and appointments to consolidate Obama forces and destroy anyone who opposes Obama's tyrannical agenda.

    #4. Attack America---Don't believe it won't happen just because it hasn't happened yet.

    Now, if you haven't watched yet, watch the video link and see what the Islamofascist in the White House has planned for America.

  • DB

    Vote for someone New! Change the Senate too!

  • Paul R

    What would one expect from a man who's wife said she was never proud of the United States until he was elected and then proceeded to tell us we have to change our traditions and history. How do you change history unless you rewrite it with lies instead of the truth and how do you change our traditions unless you eliminate Christian influence from our nation. He ran for president so he could destroy the nation that he has great hatred against. He never intended to defend the Constitution from any enemy, foreign or domestic. He is the enemy and needs to be removed by someone, anyone who loves this country. Please vote people because if you do not vote you are saying you care nothing for this country.

    • screeminmeeme

      Paul....Ditto those remarks. You and I and millions more of Americans can see through all the hype and media distortions and know who the real Obama is and what his ambitions are. It's hard to believe that so many have been blinded and have become his useful idiots as he manipulates them into doing his bidding. I would like nothing better than to see him led out of the WH in handcuffs, and charged with treason for aiding and abetting the enemy.

  • Mike

    I predict a short reign for anyone who tries to be a dictator in this country. We are not Cuba or Venezuela or some two bit country in the Middle East. The folks have just about had enough of this guy.

  • Sarajane

    Don't just talk vote vote vote

  • Don Anderson

    If you look at some of the poses Obama strikes a pose the same as Adolph Hitler used in WW2 I beleve he is Hitler reincarnated. He even acts Like Adolph.

  • Whatzrname?

    Everyone should google and read Wayne Allyn Root Overwhelm the System. We might just have to have us a good ole fashioned R E V O L U T I O N!!

    • sandra

      I believe that is the only way to get rid of him.

  • Bett

    He's not the ONLY one who sold us out! Agenda 21 is in over 1200 cities w/UN takeover of the USA! The FEMA camps are being set up w/fencing??? One in AK can hold 2 million! WHO will be put there? Do we expect a disaster or are tea party patriots seriously being considered terrorists?? We need to get out of the UN and get them out of the US! Wake up the zombie Obama followers before we lose our Sovereignty and have to answer to the One World Gov't Dictator on the horizon and the very last president we will vote for. IF your candidate is not prepared to get us out of UN as a MAJOR issue, google the truth about Ron Paul vs media twists and omissions to the truth in selecting a candidate who may 'look, sound' good but reality is another politician keeping status quo of gov't as BIG business vs reduction to it and restoring our US Constitution.
    Did we win the Revolutionary war for nothing??

    • Brenda Choate

      They came for the Jew, and I did nothing.

  • Pete

    "The day is long past when we can say that the Federal Government of the United States has taken a tenth of what we own. The percentage is much greater. What will the judgment be?"
    I often wonder why the public at large has no clue how much they actually pay in taxes and gov. related costs out of every dollar they receive from their employer.
    I am an employer and at present I and my employees pay: 7.8% state taxes, 15.5% FICA -Medicare, 13% worker comp.(state agency), 6.8% State-Fed unemployment = 43.1%. Then we (in my case)pay 6.5+ sales taxes and property taxes 6%+ on whats left plus all the hidden taxes in just about every thing we buy. That comes to about 55.6% plus or minus that goes to goverment from the average worker. I left Federal Income tax out because many don't pay that, but in my case it always comes to about 15% or more. So you are either in the 55.6% to 70.6 % of every dollar ends up in the govement coffers, either Local, State, or Federal. Think thats enough? Obama doesn't. Why don't more people talk about this?

  • Pete

    These unemployment benefit extensions are being passed along to the employer in the form of higher unemployment tax rates. Four years ago, my rate was .8% and now it is 6.8%, an increase of 850% and the goverment acts like they are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. B.S. And you wonder why employers are not hiring.

  • cdpeppers

    Yes why is media taking Ron Paul comments and twisting them. Someone needs to expose truth and get our country back to
    its foundation in truth and not promises that cannot REVERSE the damage Obama has done and Senate and Congress LET HIM!! Our country has numbered it's days by getting so far from The Constitution and now Globalism is here while Americans let it creep in like a cancer and no politicians are getting it OUT or recognize the UN as a threat. Do we think it will never happen to us. Use the computer to research the truth before you are deceived into losing your freedom!

  • del

    We must get this puke out of our government....he is a horrid disaster

    • sandra

      I know that there a lot of people that don't like Ron Paul because of his Foreign Policies, but whom else running could we vote for. I believe the rest of them would only do the same as what is being done now. Gingrech is probably the only one that can beat Obama in a debate, but i am not sure he can be trusted either. So who should we vote for?

  • Robert

    There needs to be a way that a president can make appointments when Congress is on vacation . There must be rules and limits which there would seam to be none .
    Diaper Head is NOT appointing people to his administration but to his royal court .
    Obama King
    Holder Royal Sheriff
    All his Czars Up graded to court advisers and granted lands and titles
    Biden Will keep his job but the title will change to Court Jester
    Hillary Will now be the Royal witch

  • George

    Michelle Bachman hit the nail on the head in her speech last week when stepping down from her presidential run. She said, " This may well be the last year we get to vote". Wake up's America vs. Amerika!!!!!

  • RHSchumann

    You are being ridiculous. President Obama is finally demonstrating the eladership that his opponenys have demanded for a long time. Congress would never have ratified these nominations not because Republicans are opposed to the candidates but because they would not approve anybody. After all, their goal was to prevent these government agencies from functioning. These agencies were created by acts of earlier Congresses. If the current Congress feels that we should not have these agencies, then they should introduce legislation to eliminate them. By the way, there are more than 200 senior positions in the Executive which Congress has refused to ratify. If Obama were the dictator as his enemies claim he would have filled all of them - as other presidents have done in the past. Indeed, he has filled less positions by recess appointments than the three presidents before him.

    • sandra

      I call that BS. Everything he does is by executive orders. Keep your head stuc in the mud. You will be one of the first hauled off to the Fema Camp.

    • Brenda Choate

      Obama is not demonstrating leadership--he is campaigning. Furthemore, advise and consent is in the constitution for a reason. The fact that there are more than 200 senior positions in the executive should tell you something. These agencies were created by acts of earlier democratic controlled house and senate as further intrusion of big government into the lives of citizens. As for the current congress eliminating them, it may happen in the house, but never in the senate as long a Reid tables all bills he does not approve of. The latest abuse of power by obama being his appointments while the congress was in session.

  • JOHN

    ELIMINATE SOROS & TEAR DOWN HIS NETWORK FIRST WILL DESTABLIZED THE FRAMEWORK FINANICIALLY. THEN ELIMINATE ALL THE DEMOCRATS CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT IN WHITE HOUSE & CZARS & THOSE OTHER ORGANIZATION & ELIMINATE ALL LIBERal teacher in all education institutions to end communism indoctrination in american & prohibit indoctrination & communism a felony Treason & Treachery Crimes In America Pubishable By Death. Time Destroy all Thy Enemies in American including all Muslim working together to bring down our Founders Constitution. Time For We The People Terror against Thy Enemies In America. We The 185 million people or Less can overthrowed Obama. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE MORAL DUTY & CONSTITUTION DUTU TO OVERTHROW OBAMA & THE TRAITORS. WE THE MUST EXCERCISE OUR DUTY & RIGHTS TO ENFORCE THE LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST THOSE WHO VIOLATES OUR COUNTRY LAW OF THE LAND.

  • RayR

    I gotta tell ya folks, I get a little perturbed when I hear all this talk but see no action. For the most part, if it comes to taking gun in hand and telling government, enough is enough and taking the country back by force, most would cower and let them continue to rob you of your liberties. So in my opinion, either do something or just shut up. Talk is cheap.

    • sandra

      Ray you are right. I hate to say it, but that is the only way we can take our country back. No one in congress is doing their jobs, or living up to the oath they took.

  • pete

    get used to it obama is the suprme leader

    • 32eagle

      The Supremes would have kicked his mulatto ass and sent his nutt sack to to the pirahna tank

  • joe

    odumbo is the devil

  • Robert

    There needs to be a way that a president can make appointments when Congress is on vacation . There must be rules and limits which there would seam to be none .

  • Robert

    They also spelled Dictator-in-Chief wrong. It is Dick-tater - N - Chump

  • david peacock

    The ROAD TO HELL is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS;; GET THE FREAKING marxist out of America ;;one way or another.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Why is any one suprised about his dictortial attitude? Remember he was born in Kenya, raised in Kenya and Indneshia.
    He was trained in Muslim school to hate America and all that we stand for. He was indroctinated form day one as a
    radical terrorist. The countries he was raised in were ruled by dictators and had no form of demoracy in any shape.
    When obama entered the United States under suspicious circumstances as a student it is alleged he used a foreign
    passport. No record of this passport can be found nor any of his student finances, transcripts or any other documentation
    can be found. Every thing about his background, childhood or even his college education can be found nor any one who
    will even admit knowig him during this time. The next thing we hear about him is he is a Illionis senator and running for President. There are way to many unknowns on this individual and to much money has been spend to keep his past
    hidden from view by massive amounts of money.

    • screeminmeeme

      Thx for reminding people about Obama's questionable past. With a complicit media who annointed him as the Dear Leader, Obama was elected and is a very determined opponent of liberty and is backed by our enemies. It's time We the People throw him not just out of the Oval office, but out of the country.

  • Wendell

    BHO has become a dictator because the members of the United States Congress have allowed him to do so. Folks, when our elected officials and the Supreme Court have let BHO trash the U.S. Constitution, then it is time We the People take back our government.

  • Insurgent

    His mother should have named him Richard Edward and for short he would be "Dickhead the Dicktater".

  • http://outlookexpress pokey

    The judgement will be of that spoken of in the Bible. Government as is has a place reserved for them in their desire for power and financial gain for themselves.

  • ColtAnaconda

    Can anyone explain to me why is obutthead still in office? He has done more than enough to be impeached. Some of our Rinos in congress need to grow them a pair and do what needs to be done. How much more damage does this imposter have to do to our great country before congress does the right thing?

    • sandra

      Get on the phones first thing Monday morning. Jam the Senators phone lines. Give them an ear full.

  • eve hunter

    i hope and pray obama gets voted out. it doesn't look good for the repubs though. when you look at the number of owned...bought votes he looks like a shew in. bought votes are hispanic, black, welfare, government and the useful idiots.

  • Dennis

    Can you say "Ja, mein Führer!?" Please, no reflection against the German people or Germany. They are good people and they got screwed by Hitler really bad. It's just that Obummer is another Hitler in the making. If we don't get rid of this total loser we are seriously screwed. It may already be too late.

  • JOHN

    Obama & The Democrats are no longer Represent the people for violate the Constitution are the enemies of the people & enemies of the Republic. Time for We ThPeople must execute all the treachery traitors in our Country or will become like cubans eating dog fopod,m dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, squirrels will be our food supply because communism gives only 30 dollars a month money allowance a month to uy foodwhich is not enough for a month in the end we the people will end up eating dogs, cats, squirrels,bears, deers, cats, monkeys until there is nothing more to eat like in cuba. The land of cuba there are no cats or dogs or birds or squirrels because the cuban people under communism ate them all People. Do you want live like this people. This is what communism is in reality a big lied to force people to live in below the poverty exxpectation people. I ask you do you want your life to be like cuba. Or get off your butts with your guns fully loaded with ammo to eloiminate all thy enemies in our country to overthrow the big lie about communism a ideology of poverty, oppression , misery for the people forever I say we we destroy our enemies according to the Constitution under the articles of treason, high crime against allll foreign & domestic enemies of the united states. Time for the People Revolutionm

    • Rjgarfunkel

      Are you really American? How come you write in "tongues," Why bother to waste time attempting to write, when you are obviously a functional illiterate. So you are advocating shooting people who support Obama. What happens when he wins big again? You know he won by 10 million the last time around!

      • Brenda Choate

        Hopefully we are wiser this time around and not so eager to buy into an elusive dream that turned into a nightmare.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Barack Obama is a Socialist in thought, word and deed. He emulates Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao and other Communists. He is clear and present danger to the World.

    His speech in Cleveland is base eerily familiar to the Hitler's speech justifying taking over the Reichstag (German Congress) and pressing with World War and setting the basis for the Holocaust. See:

    President Obama: I have advised Congress that I will not construe these provisions as preventing me from fulfilling my constitutional responsibility to recommend to the Congress’s consideration such measures as I shall judge necessary and expedient.

    How scary is this? In terms is being out of bounds, Obama is WAY, WAY out of bounds!

  • Carol

    All of this is scaring the HELL out of me and nobody is stopping him and I mean NOBODY and I can't believe what is really happening.

  • oldtootr

    Was there ever any doubt that OSAMABAMA is or was a DICTATOR

  • Eli Jones

    "Barack Obama's Plan To Overthrow Our Republic" PART ONE
    Obama's Fascist Plan Has Five Components:

    #1. Create A Personal Civilian Army That Will Eventually Number One Million Strong That Will Do Obama's Will Without Question. Here Is A Link That Shows Proof That The Creation Of Obama's Personal Army Has Already Been Implemented And Is Being Funded By Obamacare.

    #2. Weaken The US Military. How Many Of You Seen The News Lately? The Number Of Military Personnel Is To Be Cut In Half. Obama's Personal Army Will Eventually Have More Than Twice The Number Of Our US Military. NOTE: The Military Will Also Be Scattered Thus Weaker In The Homeland. ALSO NOTE: Obama Promised To Do This And The Majority Of American's Still Elected Him. Strange!

  • Eli Jones

    "Barack Obama's Plan To Overthrow Our Republic" PART TWO

    #3. Disarm The Populace, Seize All Weapons And Brand Any Patriot That Resists A Terrorist And Incarcerate Them In A FEMA Prison Camp.

    #4. Use Intimidation, Blackmail, Threats, Bribes, Trumped Up Charges And Crony Appointments To Consolidate Power And Destroy All Opposition.

    #5. Have The "Ready Reserves" (Obama's Personal Army) Openly Attack Americans That Resist The Dismantling Our Republic.

    • sandra

      If something is going to be done, we don't have time to wait. they are planning to take over the internet as we speak. Then they will come for the guns.


    The SOB thinks he is a dictator with all of this bs.

  • Pat

    Re Dictator in Chief--make that Dinch--for short.

  • Max

    Obama is a dictator and wants total control of this country and we Americans. He is the biggest threat and the worst excuse for a leader this country has ever had. He is a black Hitler bent on complete control. SEIG HEIL! SEIG HEIL! SEIG HEIL!
    This ass needs to be thrown out of office and even tried for treason.

  • LumbeeIndian

    I want to see our leaders FIGHT him on these appointments! His czars are still in place and they are completely illegal, yet they remain doing his bidding! OUR tax dollars at work against us! We need leaders with a backbone to "take him on", and tell him NO! He is NOT a dictator, and I hope everyone who voted for him is "waking up"! We need to elect our next President to erase, overturn, and vote against all Obama has done; all the while making wise choices on OUR behalf....someone who will TRULY act like an AMERICAN and a leader who will care deeply about US, the People of the United States of America. It will feel wonderful to feel like we are in American, again.

    • sandra

      And out of the candidates we have running, who would that be? Maybe Ron Paul is the only one, and I'm not even sure about him. The rest will only do the same as what is being done now. We did have a chance to get things done with Nachmann, but they wouldn't give her a chance.

      • Brenda Choate

        The fight must be in the congress. No presidental candidate can anything about obama. We have to elect the leaders with backbone into the congress. We need to pressure our present representatives to do their jobs and take back their duties as stated under the constitution.

  • julian

    If the Republicans in the House do not get rid of his lackey Boehner right away this will continue without even a wimper.

  • Insurgent

    80 gr. @ 3200 fps

    • Robert

      To messy with a head shot ,and to much wind drift at long range.

      • LK

        7.62X54 OLD's end of story!

  • Hussein

    This communist scum must be defeated!!!

  • JOHN

    ELIMINATE SOROS & TEAR DOWN HIS NETWORK FIRST WILL DESTABLIZED THE FRAMEWORK FINANICIALLY. THEN ELIMINATE ALL THE DEMOCRATS CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT IN WHITE HOUSE & CZARS & THOSE OTHER ORGANIZATION & ELIMINATE ALL LIBERal teacher in all education institutions to end communism indoctrination in american & prohibit indoctrination & communism a felony Treason & Treachery Crimes In America Pubishable By Death. Time Destroy all Thy Enemies in American including all Muslim working together to bring down our Founders Constitution. Time For We The People Terror against Thy Enemies In America. We The 185 million people or Less can overthrowed Obama. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE MORAL DUTY & CONSTITUTION DUTY TO OVERTHROW OBAMA & THE TRAITORS. WE THE MUST EXCERCISE OUR DUTY & RIGHTS TO ENFORCE THE LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST THOSE WHO VIOLATES OUR COUNTRY LAW OF THE LAND

  • newsel

    “Illiberal Democracy - The Next Wave” by Fareed Zakaria in 1996. At the time he was not writting about the US. But in the context of todays discussion, worth a read.

  • C. Ross

    I am so tired of obama and what he has to say. He is so full of him self. Can not wait to get rid of him and his cronies.

  • paco12348

    I would like to see some tv ads come out showing Obama trying to control the entire government since he doesn't know how to share, which the 3 branches are suppose to. Someone should be able to present it in cartoon style and show what a mess he's making.

  • nee43

    Regarding impeaching Obama -- REMEMBER THIS! The Repub House impeached Clinton -- only to have the Senate find him NOT GUILTY. Impact on the 1996 election -- Clinton re-elected -- and Repubs were the BAD GUYS again! Clinton's perjury was "Chicken Sh_t" compared to what Obama has done!!____If the Repub House were to impeach the "first black president", the Dems will play the race card! Repubs will be painted as the "Face of Satan"!!! - resulting in emotional voting re-electing Obama!!! We cannot leave this Congress. Impeachment would fail -- too many Dems in the Senate! The only way to "remove" Obama from office is for Americans to get out and VOTE against him in November. Only the people can make this happen now!____And for those of you who think he should "be taken out", just think about this. We now have more streets, boulevards, airports, buildings, etc. named after Kennedy & MLK. There are MLK Boulevards in cities that MLK never heard of. We don't need all those Obama Boulevards -- this guy doesn't deserve them. So, again, let's do this right. AMERICA VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    • sandra

      At least vote in candidates for the House and Senate that will stand up to him. I am afraid that he will cheat his way back in.

    • janice

      I totally agree with you but It is hard to vote someone out if you are on his payroll as most of his supporters are

    • Brenda Choate

      Okay! We may get the impeachment in the house as with Clinton. But, you are right about the Senate. The only tactic available would be for constituents to demand that the senate impeach him.

  • Bill Siefert

    All this talk, on line, cable news, etc., good American people expressing their concerns. Now what are we going to do in the election booth? Is there a honest republican canidate that will return to the constituion totally?

    • sandra

      Bill you just asked the right question.I really don't think so, unless it is Ron Paul.

    • icouldahad

      I agree with Sandra, only Ron Paul. But Paul's problen is he speeks of freedom, and people are afraid of freedom.
      An Israeli who is for Ron Paul said, in part this:
      "There are two kinds of human beings. Those who want power, and those who want freedom...Once you get hooked on Ron Paul, you can no longer bear to listen to a man who wants power... Being truly free is as terrifying as it is electrifying. The Bible tells us this very clearly in the story of the Exodus from Egypt: "Therefore say to the Israelites: I am God. I will free you from the labors of the Egyptians and deliver you from their bondage. I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with amazing signs. And I will take you to be My people and I will be your God, and you will know that I am the Lord who freed you from the labors of the Egyptians.” (Ex. 6:6-7) And what was [their] response?
      “And Moses told this to the people, but they didn’t listen due to lack of spirit and cruel bondage.” (6:9)
      Ron Paul 2012 - for our Constitution, for our unalienable rights, for our Freedom.

  • Scott

    I can't believe how many impeachable offenses this man has committed, and congress still hesitates to start the impeachment proceedings. This tells me congress could care less about America, because they stand by and do nothing!

    • nee43

      Impeachment process -- The House must pass a resolution by a simple majority vote -- which can be compared to an indictment. The Senate conducts "the trial". It takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate to be found guilty. While the House could easily pass the resolution, there is "no way" the Senate would find him guilty. There are too many Dems to get a 2/3's vote. So, it sounds easy to impeach, but in all our history -- no president has ever been removed from office via impeachment. The best way to remove Obama from office is to GET OUT AND VOTE AGAINST HIM in November. It enough Americans vote against him -- like 60% -- even if there is vote fraud, he cannot win. The PEOPLE must show they have the most POWER in America by their VOTE!!!

  • advforops

    This has hit the nail on the head! This movement has not just started with the clown that now sit in the seat of power. It started the day after the Constitution was signed the hard push started after WWI and then the final drive right after WWII. They are now at the end game, all the players you already know they are everyone one who hates God, freedon and liberity. Our unwillingness to stop them has caused this, now many screem someone do something to stop this. Once again not them but someone else, not knowing unless all stand they will cut those few down like blades of grass. It is now at a point where there can only be one course of action to stop this. There will be blood in the streets make yourselves ready the time grows near. Understand if you do nothing you help them and you will fall like them, they must all burn and all they have touched must burn. advforops


    and kills millions of people in the obsessional process to keep it!

    May we learn by the mistakes of other countries that have followed the path we are about to experience through ideology of an administration in that quest for complete and absolute power over all others. Hail King Obamao !

    ~ Buck U. Ofama

  • SittingMooseShaman

    ...I'm ready...

  • DrBillLemoine

    Never heard of Isabel Paterson before, but she's an idiot. Good people can make mistakes with harmful consequences, but it's accidental. Bad people make selfish acts which often hurt others, whether they calculate that result or not.--Bill Lemoine :-) All the modern presidents you can recall have made recess appointments. It's expected when congress fails to act, in this case the Senate refusing to consider a director appointment 'cause they 'don't like' the new agency they authorized--idiotic, too. Recall, you Constitution mavens, that Article II says the president may convene and adjourn congress. That let's him make the recess appointments, a pro forma act for his appointees. Are all presidents dictators? Idiotic! Is phony session making by the Senate an impediment to making the appointments? Let the Supreme Court decide; let the House impeach; let the right wingers wail in mock grief--and prove they are against the middle class and labor relations mediation. Progressives will take that challenge any day--and win with the American people. Idiots!!!

    • screeminmeeme

      How long have you been blind? Just askin.

    • Mountain Saint

      DrBill, unfortunately for you, the Senate was in session and what Obama did was both unconstitutional and illegal. Nice try.

      • DrBillLemoine

        You and screemin must be among the legally challenged folks. How do you know the president didn't do what I said--adjourn, make his appointments, then reconvene the Senate? And if he didn't do the 'paperwork', what's the difference? The world, aside from you, accepts those appointments and they're being paid for their work.

        • Brenda Choate

          Just because the congress fails to act is no basis for abuse of power by the president. The other appointments were made when the congress was in recess and legal according to the constitution. This recent appointment was made without advise and consent of the congress and the congress was in session. Also, the democrats placed a three day rule to prevent bush from making recess appointments; a fact the obama ignored. Article II does give the president the ability to convene and adjourn congress, however; the statement reads: "he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in "Case of Disagreement between them(houses). None of the considerations noted in Article II applied to the appointments he made. The only disagreement was obama could not get things his way.

        • Brenda Choate

          Apparently you are not aware of the cry being raised on this issue. He simply did not meet the constitutional requirements for this act. Just as he was able to get around congress via executive orders to agencies he fully expects to get away with this abuse also, It is the congresses duty to stop him.
          But your willingness to accept his action on the basis of "and if he didnt do the "paperwork", what's the difference?" disturbs me. Legality aside, does it make it right for anyone, especially a president, to impose his will on others?

  • http://Facebook Liz Danuser

    All things should go through congress,they shouldn't be left out.Liz

    • sandra

      So why are we paying Congress if they do not have a say? They just need to quit and go home, because they are useless.

  • jack

    I am so glad I did not vote for the O. Although I didn't like the results of the past election, I am looking forward to seeing him go down in defeat,in 2012. He and his administration, Pelosi, Reid, Frank,and so many others have done so much damage to this country, it will take some doing to repair. Hopefully, the next president will right the ship. This dictator must must be defeated at all cost.

  • AverageJoeTexas

    Obama is making us all Wicken's which is to put Mother Earth First and is a Religion. Talk about no separation of Church and Government, we have it now.

  • canisfamiliaris

    Sometimes I just have to look in on this website and read the comments. It's sort of like being a kid and peeking into the retarded classroom...

    AverageJoeTexas is a great example: Obama is making us all Wicken - you just can't make stuff like that up!

    • sandra

      go back to your liberal web sites. We don't need another Odumbo lover here. good luck in the Fema Camp, you will be there along with the rest of us. At least I can say I didn't vote for this piece of s$$$.

      • canisfamiliaris

        Oh, I'm pretty middle-of-the-road moderate, but I look liberal compared to you guys - you guys are the lunatic fringe I keep hearing about.

  • Bryon Harrelson

    Obama has become our dictator in chief,his economic ideas are those of Communism,he's ending the greatest tool for people to have better lives,which is Free-Markets.
    He doesn't want America to be great,he wants America to be a welfare state,like Europe is,he's destroying our Liberty.

  • Van

    God the Lord Jesus Christ will solve our problems in America where President Obuma has become an outlaw dictator. How will it happen? Start to study your Bible from one who is a scholar. There are multple ways violent and non violent ways the President can be removed just like evil people in the past were removed from power. I am not saying which way it will happen but unless HE changes it will happen

  • Van

    Since God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ established America for his purpose do you actually think that some mear man or Group of men or Group of countries can destroy the plan and will of the Omnipotent God our soul Savior? Get !!!!!! real!!!!!!!!!!! O M G. LOL. Those who conspire against America will be destroyed and power mad Presidents will meet their maker and give an account for their actions. Justice comes to those in authority if they disrespect the power they acquire. Obama's impeachment is possible but charges against him will not go unpunished even though he is a source of punishment for America. Study your Bible. Esther series. . Obama and or communist or muslims did not start America so they can't end it. God established America and used our founding forefathers. We have not been good stewards of their work so God is sending us a warning. Are you listening America?

  • Rjgarfunkel

    The ongoing theme in all of these sites is that the progressives, liberals and Democrats in general are pawns of George Soros, among others, and that Barack Obama is a fraud, a Marxist, a Communist, a Muslim, a Dupe, and even a Nazi. Of course, all of those accusations are impossible on their face, ludicrous from the start and basically devoid of logic. It is virtually impossible to be a Marxist, Nazi and Muslim at the same time. Of course, George Soros is the “master puppeteer” that pulls all the strings. What mindless gibberish that has no foundation in fact and is more reminiscent of an opium induced pipe dream. This mindless and abusive rhetoric only serves to harden most Americans resistance to the right-wing, lunatic fringe.

    He’s accused of being a liar, a violator of the Constitution, and we are told that he used Acorn to fix the elections, register millions of unqualified voters, committed widespread election fraud, uses union thugs, and has rigged all the elections. He’s considered a ruthless, unprincipled, an uncrowned prince of the foolish unwashed left, a mental dwarf and a little maniac. Some one said “they will lie, cheat and steal to take the election.” What farcical, unsubstantiated and putrefaction of reality and the truth.

    On one hand, he’s accused of not being a leader, but on the other hand, when a minority in the Congress obfuscates, delays, initiates more filibusters in his first three years then any comparable period in our history, and he uses Executive Orders, he’s now a dictator. Of course, folks here conveniently forget how many more Executive Orders his GOP predecessors used. In other words he’s either a puppet of the “evil” commie left, or a ruthless fascist leader, bent on changing America forever into a vassal state, devoid of a future and unarmed to protect them from the FEMA, jackbooted state! That’s an incredible stretch of reason which few, except the most paranoid, would believe.

    Of course, when it comes to recess appointments, the Senate has decided not to confirm any Obama appointment, including the head of the US Printing Office. But in the same comparable period, GW Bush had 61 “recess appointments,” wherein President Obama has made 32. So we should have departments without heads. Is that the plan of the anti-government anarchists to bring down the Republic? Is that the strategy of the libertarian right, who hate government? But, of course, these folks are nihilists who have no clue what is good for America or even themselves!

    But, let’s talk about elections. The most accurate polls are the “exit polls,” that occur as voters are leaving their polling places. The exit polls in 2000 in 47 states were right on the money and almost matched the final results. But what of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Gore was predicted, by “exit polls” to win by enough of an unchallenged margin? Lo and behold, the results in these states, where there were Diebold machines and where Karl Rove focused on, finished quite differently. Was there fraud, was their machine altering, was there an election stolen? Who knows? But the claims of massive voter fraud here and other sites, ignores the fact that there were 381 case of fraud over the last three election cycles when 540 million people voted. As to voter fraud, most recently a Republican election official recently was convicted and sentenced to jail in his role in the following: voter disinformation, phony robo-calls, and other violations of state election law. Similar cases have been prosecuted against GOP officials from Ohio.

    The folks who grouse here, call for a “2nd revolution,” the Rapture and the salvation of America by the 2nd Coming, arming themselves to protect the Constitution, calling for assassination, impeachment, and excoriating the Republicans for not having the guts to move for impeachment. Aside from the disgusting and un-American racist rants, many of the contributors to this site have lowered themselves to the level of barnyard epithets. In other words, what sane American would buy into these baseless, mindless insults and accusations? Very few!

    But, what of the recent news, three million jobs created over the last 22 months, after eight million were shed in the wake of the Bush Recession. Of course, no one here blames Bush, they only blame the Democratic Congress which came into office in January of 2007 even though the Bush Recession started that year and the Wall Street meltdown proceeded in 2008! Its funny how they conveniently forgot whose SEC ignored the abuses of Wall Street, the selling of derivatives, the debt-swapping, and the bundling of radioactive mortgages, which 84% were written by Countrywide Financial and their clones.

    Its great to exist in an alternative universe.

  • Bowie J

    Articles here are always good, but this has to be one of the very best. Terse and true. It's the story of Obozo's America upon which I based the game OBOZO'S AMERICA: WHY BOTHER WORKING FOR A LIVING? featuring Obozo the Marxist Clown.

    • Brenda Choate

      Dispite popular opinion, there were workers under Marxism; they were called laborers and they still had to pay for housing, clothing, and food.

  • lhg74

    An excellent article. Hope all my friends will forward this article to their friends. Ample warning is given regarding Obama. He most certainly must be defeated in this year's election. Four more years of this administration will have much harm on our nation. Let us pray. This could be a great year for Christians to stand up for America which has it's roots in the Word of God. -- Leon

  • Jersey Bill

    The general feeling of frustration, displeasure - and anger with Obama is evident here and in a lot of places on the net,and in daily chats with others. THEN, WHY is there a real chance for this most negative, not-liking-America-very -much president to get another term?! Are the Republicans that weak, disorganized, or inept that thry can't get behind somebody THAT CAN DEFEAT the O man? There's only 2 parties in this thing, "R"'s and "D's" While one seems to be making hay, the other is in-fighting, ad nauseum about "too conservative" wrong religion, etc. In WWII we faced both enemies, crushed them, AND THEN sorted out problems. Now, in this battle(and it is that) by doing little we can lose by default. It's larger than R's and D's; there's the future of the greatest nation ever to deal with. Obama reduces the military (somebody's shooting in Afghanisan) RULING as a dictator (4 new "orders" as the R's were in caucus) and highly questioned unemploy numbers. National radio had a story on 12/20/11 saying to watch "for a string of positive economic figures, because...IT''SELECTION YEAR!" AND PRESTO! Here they cone. Will people EVER see through his "we can't wait"-style. That''s how he governs; "I won't take no for an answer" from Congress. AND THE STUPID R's go along with it!

    This will upset a lot of folks, but we need to know why there are supposedly R fingerprints on A VAT! Yup; yhe KING OF TAXES,,,A VAT!! READ the WSJ article of 1/4/12 about this. With that Obama CAN MAKE THE US LIVE LIKE EUROPEANS. JUST THE WAY WE MAKE THAM LIVE! THAT"S HIS THOUGHT! And this is OUR President? Ask your Rep about VAT!

  • Bob D

    Could Glenn Beck be correct? He has theorized in the past that the Dictator wants to collapse the USA in favor of the "New World Order?"

    Hillary reportedly will enter the USA into the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which supposidly willeventually end up confiscating our citizen' weapons? Perhaps we need a movement, maybe the NRA, to GET THE U.N. OUT OF THE USA, AND GET THE USA OUT OF THE U.N.? That organization appears to be ruled by ultra left liberals whose interests don't coincide with ours!

    Any one know of an organization fighting to get us out of the UN?

  • Rjgarfunkel

    Part I

    The Dutch Connection

    How a famous American family
    made its fortune from the Nazis

    For the Bush family, it is a lingering nightmare. For their Nazi clients, the Dutch connection was the mother of all money laundering schemes. From 1945 until 1949, one of the lengthiest and, it now appears, most futile interrogations of a Nazi war crimes suspect began in the American Zone of Occupied Germany. Multibillionaire steel magnate Fritz Thyssen-the man whose steel combine was the cold heart of the Nazi war machine-talked and talked and talked to a joint US-UK interrogation team. For four long years, successive teams of inquisitors tried to break Thyssen's simple claim to possess neither foreign bank accounts nor interests in foreign corporations, no assets that might lead to the missing billions in assets of the Third Reich. The inquisitors failed utterly.

    Why? Because what the wily Thyssen deposed was, in a sense, true. What the Allied investigators never understood was that they were not asking Thyssen the right question. Thyssen did not need any foreign bank accounts because his family secretly owned an entire chain of banks. He did not have to transfer his Nazi assets at the end of World War II, all he had to do was transfer the ownership documents - stocks, bonds, deeds and trusts--from his bank in Berlin through his bank in Holland to his American friends in New York City: Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker. Thyssen's partners in crime were the father and father-in-law of a future President of the United States.

    The allied investigators underestimated Thyssen's reach, his connections, his motives, and his means. The web of financial entities Thyssen helped create in the 1920's remained a mystery for the rest of the twentieth century, an almost perfectly hidden underground sewer pipeline for moving dirty money, money that bankrolled the post-war fortunes not only of the Thyssen industrial empire...but the Bush family as well. It was a secret Fritz Thyssen would take to his grave.

    It was a secret that would lead former US intelligence agent William Gowen, now pushing 80, to the very doorstep of the Dutch royal family. The Gowens are no strangers to controversy or nobility. His father was one of President Roosevelt's diplomatic emissaries to Pope Pius XII, leading a futile attempt to persuade the Vatican to denounce Hitler's treatment of Jews. It was his son, William Gowen, who served in Rome after World War II as a Nazi hunter and investigator with the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps. It was Agent Gowen who first discovered the secret Vatican Ratline for smuggling Nazis in 1949. It was also the same William Gowen who began to uncover the secret Dutch pipeline for smuggling Nazi money in 1999.

  • Rjgarfunkel

    Part II
    A half-century earlier, Fritz Thyssen was telling the allied investigators that he had no interest in foreign companies, that Hitler had turned on him and seized most of his property. His remaining assets were mostly in the Russian Occupied Zone of Germany (which he knew were a write-off anyway). His distant (and disliked) relatives in neutral nations like Holland were the actual owners of a substantial percentage of the remaining German industrial base. As innocent victims of the Third Reich, they were lobbying the allied occupation governments in Germany, demanding restitution of the property that had been seized from them by the Nazis.

    Under the rules of the Allied occupation of Germany, all property owned by citizens of a neutral nation which had been seized by the Nazis had to be returned to the neutral citizens upon proper presentation of documents showing proof of ownership. Suddenly, all sorts of neutral parties, particularly in Holland, were claiming ownership of various pieces of the Thyssen empire. In his cell, Fritz Thyssen just smiled and waited to be released from prison while members of the Dutch royal family and the Dutch intelligence service reassembled his pre-war holdings for him.

    The British and American interrogators may have gravely underestimated Thyssen but they nonetheless knew they were being lied to. Their suspicions focused on one Dutch Bank in particular, the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart, in Rotterdam. This bank did a lot of business with the Thyssens over the years. In 1923, as a favor to him, the Rotterdam bank loaned the money to build the very first Nazi party headquarters in Munich. But somehow the allied investigations kept going nowhere, the intelligence leads all seemed to dry up.

    If the investigators realized that the US intelligence chief in postwar Germany, Allen Dulles, was also the Rotterdam bank's lawyer, they might have asked some very interesting questions. They did not know that Thyssen was Dulles' client as well. Nor did they ever realize that it was Allen Dulles's other client, Baron Kurt Von Schroeder who was the Nazi trustee for the Thyssen companies which now claimed to be owned by the Dutch. The Rotterdam Bank was at the heart of Dulles' cloaking scheme, and he guarded its secrets jealously.

    Several decades after the war, investigative reporter Paul Manning, Edward R. Murrow's colleague, stumbled across the Thyssen interrogations in the US National Archives. Manning intended to write a book about Nazi money laundering. Manning's manuscript was a dagger at Allen Dulles' throat: his book specifically mentioned the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart by name, albeit in passing. Dulles volunteered to help the unsuspecting Manning with his manuscript, and sent him on a wild goose chase, searching for Martin Bormann in South America.

    Without knowing that he had been deliberately sidetracked, Manning wrote a forward to his book personally thanking Allen Dulles for his "assurance that I was "on the right track, and should keep going.'"Dulles sent Manning and his manuscript off into the swamps of obscurity. The same "search for Martin Bormann"scam was also used to successfully discredit Ladislas Farago, another American journalist probing too far into the laundering of Nazi money. American investigators had to be sent anywhere but Holland.

  • Elaine

    The Paulbots are making the same tragic mistake that the Obamabots did.
    RESEARCH HIM. His name is connected with Soros, Ayers, and Wright.

    When the Muslims were/are building the Mosque on Ground Zero --yes, Freedom of Religion is correct Constitutionally); however, just like Cain and Romney, Ron Paul did not and does not understand Islam... Mosques are built on "grounds they CONQUER."

  • Viet Vet

    The Obama Administration, and Democrats in general, with their elitist we know best attitude, sure make my hemorrhoids bleed!

  • v steve

    You can rant and rave all you want, until you get the socialist communist marxist out of our Federal State and Local governments nothing is going to change for the better constitutionally. There agenda is to destory the constitution and the bill of rights. The bill of rights are restrictions for the Federal government

  • mitchell

    Obama is proud to be a Muslim.He don't know yet, but most Americans hate muslims.His term in office has done nothing but screw this country up.And he still has a yr to go, hopfuly it will be his last.And if it is'nt Americans will be doing alot of praying.And the first to be said is God help us.God knows who Obama really is.

  • paulrph1

    And some say the Obama. his methods are not a reality but it is just a misconception. The problems here is he thinks he knows what he is doing. That is right does know what he is doing and he thinks he is right.

  • TutionBeliever

    Biggest Threat to US Comes From Within Our Own Government!
    A Tyrannical Dictatorship! Dictatorships with the military might to yield on US soil with the reversed Posse Comitatus Act! And now Habeas Corpus with the NDAA passed into law the powers that be can have their way by hook or crook, as well as use the mere suggestion that anyone can be deemed “enemy combatant” because of a person’s belief and/or opinion that can be considered rebellious if it’s not the same as the Tyrannical Dictatorship’s view.
    This Violation should Never Happen Again! Impeachable!

  • TutionBeliever

    Now, you can help make the corrections to Our Republic, Help Save Our Constitution!
    When the people fear the government, that’s Tyranny!
    When the government fears the people, that’s Liberty!
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!
    Now Is the Time for All Good Men and Women to come to the aid of Our Country!
    Make the Difference and Take a Stand with other Good Men and Women.
    Info @
    Take Care and GOD BLESS The Whole World!
    Mr. Harris

  • Scorpion

    The first 3 letters in the word DIC tator describe ovomit.

  • applepickers

    It is amazing how all these posts know who we should vote for, as far as I know every person in washington should be dumped out of office.

  • http://yahoo thomas


  • Nemesis of Empire

    kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government kill your government

    Any questions????

    • canisfamiliaris

      Have you had a psychiatric evaluation? Might want to look into that...

  • Bill 1776

    When Bush was in office the democrats kept congress in session by having a couple of their people there during holidays and any other time that congress would not have been in session. The democrats gabble in every morning to keep congress in session, to keep Bush from going over them and placing Judges in the courts that would up hold the constitution. To get a judge confirmed Bush had to make deals with them by confirming some of their radical far left judges that would invent their own laws. Bush had over 100 vacancies on the federal courts due to the democrats blocking his appointees.

    President Bush honored the Constitution which does not allow recess appointments when the Senate is in session. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is now holding the same "pro-forma" sessions of the Senate but President Barack Obama is ignoring the Constitution and has issued recess appointments of individuals to the National Labor Relations Board who is radically pro-union. This is dictatorship and vote buying at its worst.

  • Guest

    Of course it is that's what democrats do. Nothing new, just more flagrant.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Keep pressing the issue of his birth certificate. His own grandmother said he was born in Kenya. Glad to hear someone in his family tells the truth. If he cannot prove that he is a natural born citizen as required in the Constitution of the United States then his term in office is not legal. All law that he has passed while in office are null and void.

  • heylottylotty

    Somehow this retoric reminds me of the saying, "Those who don't stand for something would fall for anything". While "God fearing" might seem idiotic to some, the concept has helped the lives of millions. I suppose Darwin would be a better role model than God, or maybe Adolph Hitler would?? God fearing is a term of respect, not bein afraid. It is used by those who believe in the laws of morality and respect of humanity. Sure, as there are bad car salesmen, there are bad (and good) proponents of the God known as YHVH, Jehovah, The LORD, etc. When we use terms such as "theocracy" ourside of religous context, it becomes all about EGO. It becomes nothing more than another way man can usurp a higher authority than he can handle. Mr. Santorum surely has good points or he would not be in the position he is. Can he be micro-anaylzed? Of course. Will some attack like wild dogs when a man stands alone. Surely. Do we need to lower ourselves to such animal instincts? I think not. Without honor and morality, how are we any different from mr. Matthews and his kind?