Is it My 'Civic Duty' to Pay for Other People's Stuff?

When John Harrison was a senior at Druid Hills High School in DeKalb County, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, he was miffed when he was rebuffed by parents at a private school when they refused to purchase a discount coupon for Domino’s Pizza. The money was to go to his public school’s art program. They told him, “We already contribute through taxes, and we pay for our children to go to school, so why don’t you hit up your own parents?” A little harsh, if it was really said that way, but right on the money nevertheless. Ann Coulter couldn’t have said it any better.

Young Mr. Harrison was “shocked and appalled” at the curt response he received. Well, I was shocked and appalled, but not surprised, at what I read next from the naïve public school senior who doesn’t own a home or pay very much in taxes and is on the domestic dole of his parents:

Paying taxes is a civic duty, and these people were arrogant enough to view their taxes as a contribution, not a responsibility.

Excuse me? Paying taxes may be a civic duty, but that doesn’t answer the question as to what things taxes should be collected to fund. My property is taxed to pay for the education of other people’s children. I don’t consider that a “civic duty.” I consider school taxes as a way to promote the government status quo. Public (government) schools promote government.

Let’s suppose that a majority of people decide that cars, food, clothing, and houses, like education, are necessities that should be funded through taxation. In fact, a case can certainly be made that food and clothing are more important than a formal education. And if you don’t have a car, it’s not easy to get a job. I should have added a phone to the list. Without a phone, how will you get a prospective employer to let you know that the job is yours? Would it be my “civic duty” to pay taxes to fund these newly established rights? If not, why not? Of course, there are quite a few people out there who believe people should be taxed to pay for these things.

In Cobb County, $63 million is going to be spent so lap top computers can be given to all teachers and students. Am I being arrogant because I don’t believe it’s my “civic duty” to be taxed so someone else’s child can have a lap top computer? If parents want their children to have a lap top, I suggest that they spend their own money. Better yet, have their children work to earn enough money to make the purchase. If lap tops are so important to a child’s education, then families need to budget enough money to pay for them. Don’t compel me to be responsible for the wants of others and then make me feel guilty for not performing my “civic duty.”

One letter writer, in responding to Mr. Harrison’s guest editorial, described students who attend private schools as “BMW-driving, uniform-wearing, spoiled elitists.” There a number of high tuition private schools in the Atlanta area, but most private schools have relatively low tuition. I’ve seen what students drive at the local government schools. BMWs, Jaguars, and even a few Corvettes come streaming out of the parking lots after school. Are these “spoiled elitists” as well? When we sent our children to non-government schools, my wife and I worked and went without so we could afford it. We drove our cars for nearly ten years. I finally gave up my 1987 Honda Accord after 267,000 miles. Sacrifice was a regular vocabulary word in our house.

Spending someone else’s money is always more profitable than spending your own. Public schools, by their very existence, will assure future generations that socialism will prevail in America. George Orwell could not have said it better: “Paying taxes to educate other people’s children is a civic duty.”




  • rationalist

    According to my calculations, with all the taxes I've paid, I've provided just about every illegal alien in Garland Texas with a decent education -not to mention, paying for their free medical care at Parkland Hospital.
    Gee, I love this country...

    • Bob Miller

      There already is public program for free cell phones and monthly minutes---ad runs all the time in the Chicago area---voice over says if you are on Medicaid, SS disability or food setamps you may qualify so call now

      • Black9

        This is why the social security system is broke, If a child has ADD they are put on SSI, never payed in any thing but reap the benefits , When you are disabled, you have to fight toi get your s.

        • righthook38

          There are all kinds of people on SSI who have no business being on it. I know a few myself. I also know that many public assistance programs push people to apply for SSI, so they're exempt from looking for work. The whole system is a scam.

        • Clan Mom

          Black9, your are so right about that comment. Many disabled adults have to fight for up to two years, living on hand-outs from family and friends just to get enough money to barely survive. Most of these kids don't need to be on SSI for life. Why can't they get an education and get a job like other kids. My nephew did it and he has torrette's syndrome. Both parents saved and worked hard to provide him with schooling in a small private school. They realized how he would be harmed by public schools who would have put him in special ed and kept him ignorant. His parents never applied for SSI on him nor did he ever recieve medicaid. He went on to get specialized technical training, is now married and expecting his first son.

      • TooToo

        Well isn't that SPECIAL!!!! I cannot afford to have a cell phone and the monthly service charge, but MY TAXES are purchasing phones for low-lifes that leech off the system!!!! Typical. Work 9-5 all my life, pay my bills and taxes and the thanks I get is the shaft!!! bho and jerry brown MUST GO!!!

        • daves

          Your taxes are not used. It is paid for by a fee that the phone companies charge. It gives poor people about 1 hour of phone service per month.

        • Brama

          So what you're saying is that it's not just the government that "taxes" it's people for social programs... that Private Instituions are joining the club. Charity is not charity when it's demanded and obligated.

        • daves

          You don't have to buy phone service.

        • Travis

          Yeah right.
          Thats a goverment mandated charge.
          Around here we call that a tax !

        • daves

          It is not a Government mandated charge - the phone companies do not have to participate.

        • Georgie

          Who do I call to opt out? Because the phone company seems to think it is a tax.

          I did see a "round-up" charge on another utility bill. I got that cut off right away. But I have a better idea: I can unilaterally "round down" and give the difference to a charity of my choosing, which will not be some lazy good for nothing bums living off of other people's work. What do you think would happen with that.

        • NymRod

          It's 250 minutes per month. I don't think it includes any free texting. That's what I get from the commercials I've seen.

        • Susan

          sorry, but it is 250 minutes free. I pay $30.00 a month for 240 minutes for my daughter. Of course, I make too much money to get a free government phone for my child.I work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day,and make $25,000 a year. That's too much to get all the freebies.

        • sidewinderaz

          @Daves, regardless what the phone company calls it the bottom line is that it is still a tax. They call it a service fee, surcharge or whatever buzzword is popular at the time. I didn't authorize them to take that money and they have no authority to take it. Period.

        • Kitty

          You are WRONG, Daves--they get 250 minutes per month and that infuriates me. We have to pay $70.53 per month for 550 SHARED minutes, shared with my husband.

      • NymRod

        A friend of mine I've known for over 23 years who is now 62 years of age that worked and paid into the system for over 40 years and is now disabled on SSD, Medicare and SNAP food stamps does not qualify for the free cell phone, his application was denied. He is a natural born white male US citizen. If he doesn't qualify for the free cell phone who does?

    • OMM

      I live in garland also, it is pathedic to drive by the schools I went to and love so dear.
      and play the game I call find whitey. and also the day labor site at saturn & kingsley that was paid for with our tax dollars so the illegals can be provided a income tax free wage.

      • daves

        Do you think that most of the students are not here legally? Why do you think that?

      • sidewinderaz

        Those used to be old stompin' grounds for me OMM. Sorry to hear things have gone down that far there. Same has happened to my home town too (Phoenix).

    • september

      Yep, and you forgot all the lobbists that fight for their "rights" in our country. Keep paying for it, or else you will go to prison, unlike them, they don't have to pay a dime in taxes, as a matter of fact, we even give them tax refund checks for their children. Plus, if you quit paying for schools, how will the liberals be able to teach our children their values. Keep paying, they all need your money.

    • Jesussaid Love

      If you are an employer the meager wage you offer in no way pays for whatever education your employees may have. But you make a profit on their labors. When you buy something at a store, the few dollars that you pay for those goods do not pay for the electricity needed to keep the store open during the time you are in it. But a society that contributes to mutual growth and well being, and combined labors and cost sharing make things like auto companies, grocery stores, and indoor plumbing possible. Maybe you did contribute to the education of Mitt Romney's illegal gardeners kids, some day they will feed you in the nursing home that you will end up in. You have a computer, you use electricity, you didn't pay for these things by yourself, you bought them with the aid of everyone else and that's why it didn't cost billions of dollars.

      • Harold Dean

        I think you either have a problem with your phraseology or else you do not know what you are talking about. How else do you think the stores stays open, pay their bills, pay their employees, stock their shelves except for the people who pay those same few dollars for the goods.

      • DrInColorado

        What are you talking about? I bought my computers with my own hard earned money. I pay my own electricity bill, water bill, gas bill, and property taxes with my own money. I pay more than my share of income tax. AND I love Jesus. He said, "You will always have the poor with you." He never said to work your butt off so that the poor can reap what you have earned. I agree with Brama--"charity is not charity when it is demanded and obligated." I want to give charitably to whom I wish, not those living off the backs of the hard working American people. Enough is enough!

      • PissedOffinAZ

        What a wonderful resitation of progressive tripe! I'm impressed! Did mommy help you get dressed this morning?

      • Clan Mom

        Check your facts our before you make such statements. Having to go to a nursing home is the worst thing that can happen. The dead beats I know of get round the clock care in the apartment your tax dollars pays for. Other people have everything they own drained off to pay for horrible abuse in nursing homes. The government then attaches their home to get money back for the substandard treatment they got in the nursing home. Wise up!!!!

    • J Pro

      Bi-annually I pay my property taxes in Grafton county, NH so the children of others can get an education. Just last year the property owners were told, "We are not raising your property taxes this year." Instead wha happened was our properties were re-evaluated at a higher amount. Okay, the percentage stayed the same, but, the cost went way up. NOt having any children I feel it is not fair.
      At one time I suggested that the parents of children within the school system helped pay something. The reply from those in City Hall was: Public education was free. I won't tell you what my answer was to them in the City Hall as it was not pretty.

      • Liberty

        The so-called public education system of America today is a total scam. A book written in the 70's pretty much sums up my feelings regarding pre-school, elementary, middle, high, and public colleges (redefined themselves as universities); THE SCREWING OF THE AVERAGE AMERICAN, was the title of the book.

    • loretta

      I,too live and pay taxes in garland,tx. i also sent 5 children to private school on a nurses pay while paying for other peoples kids to go to the gvny schools. i live in a small old house so i could support my kids while others lived in homes 3x the size of mine. i think its time people take responsibility for themselves and their family. let them pay for their own kids educatiom. they can get a house thy can actually afford and use their beer and cigarette money for tution.

      • Liberty

        I'm with you Loretta, and thank you for the sacrifices you've made; my mantra to the lazy, the entitlement class, and the illegals; "You breed 'em, you feed and educate them"; fairly simply concept in my mind.

        • sidewinderaz

          @Liberty I agree with you 100%. The problem is that their own country doesn't do it and it's being promoted everywhere outside the US that "Uncle Sugar" will do all that if they come here. Illegally of course. :^(

      • Elaine

        Loretta, I do understand how hard you worked and it isn't right to just "give" $$ to those who "choose" not to work.
        I raised a child by myself with no child support (dead beat dad) and no grandparents to help. I couldn't make it as a secretary as you can very possibly understand.

        I learned how to manage/promote and eventually owned my own restaurant/night clubs.
        I worked 6 days a week, 14 hours a day. I paid for my daughter's college education. She now has a Masters in business. Later I went to school at the age of 52 and finally received my Masters in Counseling and NO ONE helped us. NO ONE!

        I get angry at people who want the freebies from tax paying, hard working people.

        This is America! You can still be very very successful IF you WORK at it; and/or have an idea or a skill to expand upon.

    • Working Mother

      I live in Garland as well. My husband & I both went to Garland public schools and decided we did not want our children to do the same. For 9 years our children when to a private Christian school so we paid RISD taxes & for private school. During that time my husband & I each worked 2 or 3 jobs at a time & made sacrifices because of our decision. I would not call us "rich or spoiled", but rather hard working parents with goals for ourselves & our family. We pay our taxes & the government distributes it the way they want (redistribution). As for helping others, we decide where we want to give our time & money. To me that is much more effective than government "redistribution".

      • righthook38

        My parents did the same. My dad made a good living, but they struggled, because they put all 3 of us through private school, to ensure a good, solid education. I put myself through college, and in the meantime, I watch people walk into our offices, do nothing all day, and get paid for it, thanks to our taxes.....and then act like they're better than our employees, making demands of them and talking trash,calling the employees lazy. There's irony for you. Drives me bonkers.

    • Mona

      I think when your kids are out of school you shouldn't have to pay school taxes anymore.......what benefit it is to the ones who don't have kids......possibly and nearly always the kids leave the town anyway and there goes your investment. so let the parents that kids in school pay for it.......

    • John

      I have done the same thing myself for over 50 years & still remain single, what really bites me is paying for every god d---- illegal that manages to sneak into America. And as far as I am concerned joe "paying taxes is patriotic" biden can bite me & do it often. Why do democrats make such stupid statements when everone knows they try to not pay taxes themselves

    • Mary in Mission

      Yeah, and I did the same thing in Odessa, Texas.

    • Jerry

      Amen, I guess I'm not the only one sick and tired of being forced to fund the law breaking illegal aliens. My Cong. Randy Hultgren (R) refuses to co sponsor H.R. 2885. He too is afraid of the illegal's and their lobbies. He too should move to Mexico and run for office there, and get the heck out of "OUR ONCE GREAT" Country.

    • Willy

      Please call each campaign today and demand that these four candidates stop stonewalling gun owners on important Second Amendment issues.

      Make your calls right now:

      Newt Gingrich: 678-973-2306
      Mitt Romney: 803-575-0698
      Rick Santorum: 603-518-5199
      Rick Perry: 855-887-5627

  • Catherine

    Please cite source for George Orwell's quote, "Paying taxes to educate...." I have been unable to find it. Thank you.

    • Howy

      They can't because the article is not originally theirs. It is completely and in its entirety plagiarized from another site. Not the first time.

      • PJS


        • Skeptik

          name calling instead of dealing with the facts?

        • Howy

          Hate the truth, do you? This article was originally posted about six years ago and written by someone else.

      • Ithamar

        Nit wit, he did not say that Orwell said his remark in quotation marks. What he wrote was that Orewell could not have said it better.

        • Skeptik

          @Ithamar -- the quotes indicate that it is an Orwell quote. It is not.

        • jmj

          @ Skeptik -- "Orwell could not have said it better" indicates that it is not. The writer can also use quotation marks to quote someone else. In this case he was paraphrasing what young Mr. Harrison said.

    • Freedom for America

      Don't you just love it when these Liberal Trolls come to these Conservative blogs, and they never have anything constructive to say. Just Obama campaign speeches. And for paying for others toy's well that's the communist play rolls. Ask the 70% of Democrats in Congress that also belong ot the Communist Party of America. And by the way, not one republican belongs to Liberty Destroying Group...!!!

      • Liberty

        And look at the accumulated wealth of the Communist Democrats...................................anyone that believes these self serving idiots are looking out of the middle class, or favor non-predatory Capitalism is either ignorant or stupid.

      • TOM


    • David Williams missed the point. The author was not 'quoting' George Orwell, or saying that quote was attributed to him. He was saying that the quote from the high school senior, John Harrison, was right out of the Orwellian concept of 'Big Brother' is watching...and that Orwell could not have said it better than Harrison.

    • Skeptik

      He can't. But there are two Orwell quotes that fit very nicely here. "As with the Christian religion, the worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents," and "Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsibility."

    • Dennis Young

      Look in the novel "1984" by Orwell...I'm not sure but that is probably where it will be found.

    • charles thorne

      What part of "could" don't you comprehend??? :-)

  • Peter

    $2,000 of my yearly property taxes goes to the local School district where they spend $12k per year per student. We educate our kids at home for less than $500 each per year. Public schools are not a cost effective way to educate children.

    • MikeC711

      To be fair to the gov't school folks, that $500 does not include your time and effort. But without the gov't schools, we would have craziness like teaching Algebra instead of alternative life-styles, having all kids be able to read instead of having all kids be able to identify why alternate lifestyles are so cool. Kids would come out with critical thinking skills instead of a penchant for kool-aid. How wold we deal with that.

    • susie

      you probably don't pay yourself for full coverage health benefits including dental and eyes and a plush retirement after 30 years. Most of our tax dollars go to teacher and administrative benefits than go to educating the children. Get the unions out of education and government and the economy will no doubt flourish.

      • prsmith

        You prove his point!

      • budman

        susie: I totally agree. My daughter taught in the public school system, then went to private schooling before her children were born. There is no doubt in her mind that the public school system is overloaded with administrators and the curriculum less than satisfactory for students. She now home schools her two girls. The oldest is 15 and already into college courses; the other was born with sensory problems and is slower but still far exceeds the established grades for excellence set by the public school system. They must be tested by the public school system under current law to be eligible for scholarships and passed to the next grade.
        It is now proven that home schooling and private schools far exceed public schools in the standard in excellence
        and grade scores and precisely why I, along with others here push for the elimination of the Department of Education and allow individual states to run their own programs which would allow the same amount of money to go to private schools and monies to home schooled children for purchase of items needed in their education.

    • Handyman

      You are right. We did home schooling for our children, and most of them continued to colege and a degree.

    • Mary in Mission

      Even though we have excellent public schools in Texas, I would probably educate my kids at home today. And I am a retired Texas public school teacher.

    • Troy

      $500 in supplies... maybe. But brain child, what's your time worth? How much do you think you actually use for elect, water, etc.? You only spend $500 because you don't put a value on your time. And from what I'm reading... you got that part right anyway!1

      • Peter

        Just for you Troy, let's do add my time. Since being self directed and independant is part of my homeschool instruction, I spend about 1 hour a day actively directing my homeschool students. I'll value my time at $40/hour. That is what I could hire a private tutor to do this for me if I chose to do so. I'll also assume 40 weeks of the year are active. That would cost me an additional $8,000 in costs. Adding $500 material and other cost per instructed child for 8 children brings it to $1,200 per year per child. 1/10th of the cost of public indoctrination. My children all test well above the grade level of their peers. Note that time and cost incurred on my part have been overestimated for this illustration.

    • Guest

      Public schools are the only cost effective way to educate large numbers of children. Public education was decreed as far back as the Northwest ordinance to promote literacy as a means of having an informed electorate. The Department of Education was formed after the experiences of WWI when the military had difficulty training soldiers because of illiteracy. The taxes we all pay to support a public education benefit us all as well. Remember that the next time you go to eat out or to any store where basic math, reading and writing are required. The "public good" is just that.

      • Peter

        The most cost effective way to educate is with a parent that can stay at home and educate them or in small groups.
        Larger schools mean more overhead expenses and bureaucracy costs while limiting individualized attention and flexability.

  • david peacock

    of course you should if you believe in our CENTRAL PLANNERS AGENDA. oBAMONOMICS.

    • Michael


  • Brama

    The Constitution for one does not mandate or pave the way for a Federal Income Tax. Second, we Americans have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.... not the guarantee of happiness, nor the guarantee of happiness at the expense of, or on the backs of, others. All our Constitution does is give us the OPPORTUNITY to better ourselves; not better ourselves by taking from others.
    Ask yourselves a question, America: At what percent of your income needs to be taken away by government before it becomes stealing?

    • wildbronco

      However the 16th Amendment does mandate the Federal Income Tax. Unfortunately we the Citizens of today must live with the mistakes of the past. When the size of the Government began to exceed the ability of excise taxes on imports to pay for said government, Woodrow Wilson the first true progressive President conned the Congress and states into ratifing that Amendment. What the Government taketh the Government keeps until they can find someone to give it to inorder to purchase that persons vote.

      • Brama

        Exactly. That was my point though... that originally, it was not so. :-)

      • auntvick

        The 16th Amendment was never ratified. The fools just went about their business as if it were. It is completely illegal. How do you think so many people with big tax debt get away with paying such a small percentage when they get a lawyer involved?

        • wildbronco

          Auntvick, I receive Federal Court Decisions from all 12 Federal Appeals Courts as well as from the United States Supreme Court and could spend the rest of today and the next 52 weeks just listing them of people of all income levels who went to Federal Prison for Income Tax Evasion and who had their property taken away to satisfy that debt. Ask Ivona Trump how she like being in Federal Prison for Income Tax Evasion, or ask Will Smith (The Actor) how he likes his time in Federal Prison) or Willie Nelson how he liked loosing property for Income Tax Evasion. Wealthy people are more likely to go to prison than poor people for Tax Evasion. And yes the 16th Amendment was properly ratified contrary to the belief of those who make their money selling books saying otherwise.

        • Hat

          The 16th amendment even if it had been properly ratified, which is questionable to researchers, it conferred no new powers of taxation under the constitution. The Supremes have upheld this. It is very commonly applied illegally by ignorant juries and conspiring judges. Compensation for labor is not "profit" as defined by the law, it is an equal exchange. One problem is that people ignorantly sign the 1040 under penalty of perjury claiming they ARE liable for the tax. Over and over the IRS and DOJ have refused to show where in the law the ordinary American is made liable for the income tax. They can't because it isn't there. Look up the efforts Bob Schultz and the "We the People" organization have made to shame them into answering the question "where is the law that makes the ordinary American liable to the income tax." They have steadfastly refused to answer that simple question. Watch Aaron Russo's excellent film, "From Freedom to Fascism" for a complete understanding of this issue.

        • wildbronco

          Hat, I just reviewed 18 Cases last week of which 6 were from the US Supreme Court regarding the Validity of the Income Tax and the 16th Amendment. I am sorry sir that you do not understand that According to the US Supreme Court the 16th Amendment was properly ratified, and part of that relates to one single state attempting to have a new Legislature repeal the Ratification Actions of the Previous one, something the US Supreme Court has likewise held to be in violation of the 5th Article of the Constitution. The act of repealing the ratification of an Amendment would be legal if the United States were a Democracy, However the United States is a Constitutional Republic, and the issue of it being a Democracy was settled in 1865 with the surrender of Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Army at Appomatix Court House.

        • daves

          The sixteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States was proposed to the legislatures of the several States by the Sixty-first Congress on the 12th of July, 1909, and was declared, in a proclamation of the Secretary of State, dated the 25th of February, 1913, to have been ratified by 36 of the 48 States. The dates of ratification were: Alabama, August 10, 1909; Kentucky, February 8, 1910; South Carolina, February 19, 1910; Illinois, March 1, 1910; Mississippi, March 7, 1910; Oklahoma, March 10, 1910; Maryland, April 8, 1910; Georgia, August 3, 1910; Texas, August 16, 1910; Ohio, January 19, 1911; Idaho, January 20, 1911; Oregon, January 23, 1911; Washington, January 26, 1911; Montana, January 30, 1911; Indiana, January 30, 1911; California, January 31, 1911; Nevada, January 31, 1911; South Dakota, February 3, 1911; Nebraska, February 9, 1911; North Carolina, February 11, 1911; Colorado, February 15, 1911; North Dakota, February 17, 1911; Kansas, February 18, 1911; Michigan, February 23, 1911; Iowa, February 24, 1911; Missouri, March 16, 1911; Maine, March 31, 1911; Tennessee, April 7, 1911; Arkansas, April 22, 1911 (after having rejected it earlier); Wisconsin, May 26, 1911; New York, July 12, 1911; Arizona, April 6, 1912; Minnesota, June 11, 1912; Louisiana, June 28, 1912; West Virginia, January 31, 1913; New Mexico, February 3, 1913. Ratification was completed on February 3, 1913. The amendment was subsequently ratified by Massachusetts, March 4, 1913; New Hampshire, March 7, 1913 (after having rejected it on March 2, 1911). The amendment was rejected (and not subsequently ratified) by Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Utah.

    • Tom

      The 16th Amendment was not properly ratified by the required number of states but because the state governments did not communicate with each other directly, they never confirmed that the other states had done so. The result was that the Clerks in Congress reported that all the required states had done so and that was that. If you took the time to travel to each state capital archive you would find out the truth.

      The 17th Amendment...another Wilson legacy...was the one that put the coup de gras on control of the federal government. The senate was never intended to be elected by the people. It was the insurance policy for the states. Without that protection from an out of control government, guess what... they went out of control. Removing these two amendments from the books will be difficult, but unless we can, there is little hope for quick change to the better in America.

      • daves

        President Wilson was in office from 1913 to 1921. The 16th amendment was proposed before he was elected but ratified while he was president.

      • Dasarge

        Hey Tom, unfortunately the 16th amendment was properly ratified by the states and some even refused to ratify it, but one of the big reasons that it got passed by the senate and house was because Wilson and his sycophants promised both houses AND THE PEOPLE, that the income tax was going to be a temporary provision to help the US finance it's participation in World War I. But you know governments and politicians, they promise you the world and give you an acre of marshland in Arizona. This was like what happened in Virginia when they were trying to get authorization to have a state lottery. The politicians promised the people that all lottery profits would go to the Virginia education system. And they were true to their word, they just omitted the fact that all the tax money that was already in the education program would be replaced. Here parents were thinking that they were finally going to have money to create one of the best school systems in America and the politicians pull out all the original funds allocated in the budget. Needless to say...thousands of parents were outraged.

    • Dasarge

      According to Hillary Clinton, 90% of your income would suffice. She would willingly give 90% to the government...hhmmmm, that sounds like a lot of BS to me. She would have to give up her expensive homes, jet rides, high end food and clothing...wait wait wait, I forgot that she is getting all of this at the expense and backs of the American people. We all know that socialism will only work until you run out of other people's money. When you start taking more from a socialist, they will not stand for it and they fight back. Obama will not allow his plans for the socialist utopia to be ruined, but I will not sit by why MY constitution and country are crapped on by these socialist/communist/Marxists. Will you allow it to be taken from you using YOUR own tax money.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      I dont mind paying some tax to help run the Government . However I draw the line when people line up for generations to get a portion of my taxes with out paying any of their own and consider their children as a investment that pays out every month in a check from Uncle Sugar and of course the ever popular food stamps.

  • Made

    as i see it we have to do it against our will all the deadbeats have more benifits than i do and they get there money through what theey call is taxes .im dont paying taxes if it wasnt for us so called middle class this country will die thanks Dc for bending us over and remember you work for us we dont work for you

    • Lucky3511

      That maybe what you and many oof our country folk think. but our robbing politicians think we were put on earth as peons or slaves to work for them and give them big cars, comfortable homes and all the perks of good living. personally I cannot see what we can do to stop them, when they are in cahoots with the big unions who maintain the voting machines, the media who control what we are supposed to think, and all the rich demoncrats, such as the TV & Movie stars who get paid incredible amounts to do pathetically poor jobs in the entertainment industry.

  • Sue

    "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
    Thomas Jefferson

    • wildbronco

      Very true Sue. However under Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution we are not a Democracy we are a Constitutional Republic.

      • John

        According to the "Jeffersonian Cyclopedia" published in 1900 by Funk and Wagnalls and edited by John P. Foley, some quotes attributed to Jefferson are true and some are not found or misquoted.

        "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."-Unproven! This quote was not found in the Jeffersonian Cyclopedia but several people have attributed this to Jefferson. This is still under investigation.

        • wildbronco

          John, if you will notice I attached a caveote to what I said, that being that under Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution we are not a Democracy, but rather a Constitutional Republic.

  • CaptTurbo

    It's our civic duty to support Socialism until we wake up and elect Ron Paul.

    • Upaces

      I knew somebody would find a way to bring up Ron Paul's name and this isn't the time.

    • Upaces

      I'm going to give you a hint. We are not on the subject matter of Ron Paul. You are making the same mistake did with
      Sarah Palin. It didn't matter if we were on a "science fiction" site talking about a woman suddenly disappearing. Someone would pop up with "Well had she voted for Ron Paul, that wouldn't have happened". Yes, someone actually said that.
      WAIT until the subject matter IS Ron Paul...then jump in and say everything you want.

      The way you are doing it is actually harming him more than helping him.

  • samtman

    Its our civic duty to pay for education and all its implements, when my kids were going to Public School, people who whose children werer out of school helped to pay for my children, now that my kids are out of school, I'm helping to pay for the youner generation, thats hwo it works in a democracy.. If your an old cheap skate and think you will t ake your money with to your grave move somewhere else, where therer are no taxes and no children. You want all children to born, and once they are here you don't want to take care of them, especially to poor children,

    • seabee combat vet

      Apparently you got the short end of the education stick. Your syntax and grammar, not to mention your sentence structure are all abhorrant. I hope you paid more for your kid's education than the one that you received.

    • Bobseeks

      Most people realize that some taxes are necessary. If we didn't have to pay for welfare, phony disabilities, ponzi schemes like social security, inflated public salaries, inefficient and corrupt government agencies, crooked government vendors, schools that teach atheistic lies and marxist propaganda, and a whole host of parasites on the taxpayer, we wouldn't complain about taxes as much. Having worked for, and with, government all my adult life I can attest to the fact that at least half of our taxes are wasted.

      • Troy

        Then being a 'fine upstanding human being' that you are... you shouldn't have been a parasite on my back pocket by working for the gov't. By working for them, you my default were 'endorsing' thier behavior. If you worked for the gov't half your adult life... and it was so corrupt.... why didn't you try to find a private sector job? If you couldn't find one, then you too... were on the dole

    • skipfoss

      I bet you support Ovomit and his theiving Muslim Communist administration

      • RivahMitch

        Actually, IMHO, I'd suggest the Kenyan Muslim's administration is more a fascist than a communist one... but, pragmatically, that's a distinction without a difference.

    • Kalev

      Idiot and fool, you are a socialist robot in the hands of Obama and the rest of the DNC.

    • wildbronco

      Samtman please be so kind as to Cite the Article, Clause and Section in the Constitution of these United States and the 27 Amendments thereof which states that I or anyone else is responsible to take care of your child or anyone elses child. I raised six children of my own and took in and raised three of a family when the parents were killed by a drunk drive, and refuse to take one thin dime in taxpayers money to do so. I did it because there was no-one else willing to take all three of them, and children services were going to split them up. So do not preach to me as if I have any kind of obligation to take care of your children and pay for their education or for anyone else to live off my sweat, blood and labor.

      • Don

        Good Job! I'm with you!

      • WriterDudeLA

        Well said!

    • Jules

      The United States is a Republic and it is not our civic duty to pay for other people's educations. Your typically liberal arguments are ridiculous. Originally each town hired a teacher to educate their kids. The Federal Government did not get involved until about the sixties. Now we have "free-love" hippies all grown up and in our federal government trying to make us think that it is the American way to provide for those who WON'T, not can't but won't. It's not up to you to tell anybody else what they should do with their money. And don't use the "poor" children to try to sway the audience, it's been done to death. Get over it. The Constitution lays our our right to PURSUE life, liberty and happiness---that is no guarantee that we will get it, but we can try and that is the AMERICAN DREAM, not this BS you just posted.

    • FakingShock

      I'm sorry, you seem to have mistaken our government for a Democracy. I can see how that would happen, since we want so much to be like Egypt, leaning towards the complete socialization like Europe.

      It is a Republic that we live in, just in case that public school you were taught at, didn't cover that part of history.

    • Tim M

      WRONG Samtman....I wanted MY children to be born...then I WANTED TO (in fact, I had an obligation to) take care of them. I didn't seek, nor did I want, ANYONE ELSE taking care of them. By the same token, I do NOT have a responsibility, obligation or duty to care of ANYONE ELSE's children. If adults cannot take care of the kids they have, that's too bad, but it is NOT my problem. Maybe ankle bracelets worn before conception might be recommeded. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY...novel concept...Ever heard of it???

      • valerie

        How right Tim M, i to wanted children had 3 my husband worked very hard to keep me at home to raise them, i thoroughly loved that and him for providing me with that opportunity....i now have 7 grandchilcren and 1 great grandson, we took nothing from nobody we all including my children paid our own way, i am now 65 and work 6 days a week to support myself so samtman before you write a comment learn spelling and grammer

    • John

      Please learn to spell. Firstly, if that's what you believe, then be a grown-up and call for a Constitutional Convention and draft a new Constitution--because there is no such right to education, particularly at the Federal level. Secondly, do some research on vouchers, then even the "poor" children would be able to attend the so-called elitist private schools. Ah, but the teacher's unions will have none of that--the system is corrupt beyond imagination, and unfortunately the true elitists--read political class--think of people like you as "useful idiots."

    • Patriot

      "samtman", it is our duty to pay RESPONSIBLE taxes not OUTLANDISH taxes. This administration shows no restraint on increasing taxes and always finds ways to spend more by increasing the size of government. Just wait until next year when the biggest tax increase in our lives hits us through OWEbamacare. As for paying for students' education, the tax rate should be reasonable. Paying UNION organized teachers who cannot teach worth a hill of beans but are protected by their union for being mediocre is a disgrace. There are many FABULOUS teachers; however, the unions encourage them to only do their jobs and no more, do not go the extra mile. I know - I've been there. Being an outstanding employee makes the rest of the lazy union members look bad - an almost verbatim quote. As for calling folks who want to spend their money prudently cheap skates, makes me wonder if you weren't out there at some OWS site because you want what others have. Hmmm, seems like that's the truth - envy. Moreover, samtman, the USA is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. As for wanting all children to be born and not caring for them after birth - that is their PARENTS' responsibility, be they rich, middle or poor. It is not society's responsibility to feed, clothe, house, etc. a child. The parents chose to have sex; the parents are responsible. Ah, there's the rub - responsibility. People no longer want to be responsible - they want everything to be handed to them for free. Time to grow up and accept responsibility, samtman.

      • Guest

        But is is somehow, "society's" responsibility to prevent access to healthcare for poor women or birth control? Planned parenthood used to do that before the "society" represented by a minority enacted laws aimed directly at preventing family planning for the poor. Either "society" is all for regulating our lives or it should be all out of regulating our lives. In a true republic there is a mixture of both but, there has been a tilt in favor of regulating private lives while deregulating non human "people".

        • Peter

          Obviously "access to healthcare" for you means unresricted access to abortion. In that case the government should not be funding the PP propaganda and the patient is entitled to full disclosure of the consequences to the procedure. Something PP actively fights against. Private schooled or homeschooled students are 100 times more likely to be given full disclosure of the consequences of abortion and the promiscuous behavior PP promotes.

    • independantlyMinded

      What about those of us who home-schooled our kids to make sure they got a decent education? I still got charged education taxes. Government didn't provide anything for my daughter. Who graduated at age 15. I had to pay for her to do the last half of her senior year at a public high school to receive her diploma. I paid for her computer. I paid for all her books and everything. Nobody from the government came forward to provide, so why should I have to pay for stuff for other people's kids? Especially brand new laptops? Now, they are providing cell phones for the poor since they already have house phones on our dime. All to buy votes. I substituted at the high school here for a while and what I saw made me sick. Seniors that can't read or write. Kids that have the attitude, why learn, just gonna get a check after graduation cause I'm stupid. The stupid check! yeah. They will never learn a good work ethic cause they will never work but they will run around doing drugs and breeding more kids to get a bigger check on the tax payer's dime. There are people who have pulled their kids out of school for months because they were doing too well. Getting better grades. Gonna lose that stupid check if you keep that up boy. One had to agree not to get above a C average before his parents would let him go back to school. One just got kicked out by his parents because they lost the stupid check on him. And frankly, the school system smiles on the stupid kids. They coddle them and reward them for not learning. Let the poor parents take care of the children they bring into the world. If they can't or won't take care of them they shouldn't have them. There is a sure fire way to prevent pregnancy. Keep your pants on! If they are on the government dole for years, they should be fixed so they can't breed. Bleach that end of the gene pool, please!

    • Nogard

      "Its our civic duty to pay for education and all its implements, when my kids were going to Public School, people who whose children werer out of school helped to pay for my children, now that my kids are out of school, I'm helping to pay for the youner generation, thats hwo it works in a democracy...

      That is wonderful for a democracy but this is a Republic. You know the ...and to the Republic for which it stands.... part.
      We The People do have a voice and can use it with out needing to "move somewhere else,"
      Amendments are outstanding parts aren't they.

      Note: I do own a home, pay taxes, children are grown and have children of their own.

      • wildbronco

        Articl 4, Section 4 of the Constitution is extremely explicit in regard to what kind of Nation we are it reads: "THE UNITED STATES SHALL GURANTEE TO EVERY STATE IN THIS UNION A REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT." Now then just how hard is that to understand.

        • think4myself

          We were created as a republic, but we have been behaving as a democracy for so long now that it doesn't matter what they are calling it. So for all of you who are insisting that "We are a REPUBLIC!" , I say, "You shall know them by their fruits" and we are neck-deep in socialism as we speak! If we don't stop this TODAY by tomorrow we could wake up as communistic

    • Buddell

      This is not a democracy. It is a republic, if we can keep it.

      • think4myself

        oops, we lost it.

    • skipfoss

      When I said that Ovomit had communist Muslim admin,the communist applied to HIS communist background and HIS czars not his muslim faith which is really as bad if not worse

    • Jessie

      You are a moron.
      Your post is an example of what a public "government" education produces.
      How sad.
      And by the way, I take my money anywhere I want; it's not your place to tell me where and how to spend it.

    • Reformcongress

      No, that isn't how it works in a democracy. That's how a democracy gets destroyed.

      When you take the choices away from a person by requiring them to pay for something that they don't want or don't need to use, when they can educate their own kids at home or send them to a private school. Mandating taxes for a public education system is the exact opposite of FREE MARKET PRINCIPLES. You do understand that the reason most kids are sent to public schools, is because of the taxes they pay for it makes it unaffordable to pay for private school education, which by the way would cost MUCH LESS if there was not public education system.

      It is not a civic duty for others to pay for what you want. If you want to pay for someone else's education, or INDOCTRINATION that they get in our public school system, IT SHOULD BE A CHOICE, NOT A MANDATE. PERIOD.

      There is nothing logical to your argument at all.

      • Guest

        I'm perplexed as to why you think the founders of our country were "fools". It was in the late 18th century that our founders MANDATED a public education, in order to provide for an informed electorate. BTW there is no such thing as a free market and there never has been. Governments and speculators have always manipulated the markets for their own benefits - well up until recently when the government abdicated it's responsibility to the majority of it's citizens and bailed out the elitists, while pushing the price tag down our throats in 2007 and 2008.

    • paul

      my this post some kind of sick joke? or is this for real? am i reading this? does this individual know how to read, write, form a coherant sentence or know how to use spell check? this is one of the reasons my parents took me OUT of the PUBLIC FOOL SYSTEM because i fear i might have gotten the type of education it appears you got for FREE. Aint nothing free my freind. my dad told me "if you are looking for a hand better look at the end of your own sleeve.

    • Diondonne

      This is not a Democracy. People don't seem to understand that democracy would be two wolves and a sheep discussing dinner arrangements. We are a representative Republic. Republic comes first, then Democracy and then Tyranny.
      See Plato's Republic!

      • wildbronco

        Diondonne, You forgot part of tha expression, in a Republic the sheep is the only one Armed.

    • eezzed

      Your grammar and misspelling show how ignorant you are. Your lack of logic also display your gross ignorance. In the future remember this, "it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." You have removed all doubt that you are indeed a fool.

    • Jen

      These kids being born to welfare scam artists should not be my responsibility. Most welfare people know how to use the system. I say, If you go on welfare any children born after you are on welfare will not let you collect more money. Maybe you should use your free money for birth control methods. I am not your guardian, I should not be your money or life support for years. I am not against helping you out until you get back on your feet, but I am against you sucking from my hard work, and staying on welfare for your entire life and teaching your kids to do the same. As for education, I chose to send my children to a private school, done without alot of things and still paid my taxes for your public school childrens education. I am now retired and in my older years and if you want to educate your children, then you do it, its your turn to do without things like I had to. How you come to the conclusion that you can sit on your arses and get paid for it is beyond me, when I had to work hard for everything I have and still pay for your laziness.

    • barry


    • Jack Jones

      Hon, yes I am pro-life. However, having a child does not mean the public should support the child. The child wasn't created by the public. Two people had sex and whether or not they intended it, they created a child. So if two people were ready, willing and able to have sex, then THEY should be prepared for the consequences.

      • wildbronco


    • Guest

      Paying it forward is the American way.

    • Bud in Georgia

      Samtman: after trying to read this garble, I am convinced that anything we spend on public schools is well spent.

    • Linnie

      May I recommend that instead of buying every student a laptop computer, we invest in spelling and grammar books?

      My tax dollars not only pay for education, but also for breakfast and lunch programs, even during summer vacation, bus service to and from school and after-school programs, homework help-lines, and child care so babies having babies can complete middle school. When did it become my responsibility to raise your kids? When did providing health care become part of education?

      When I was growing up, it was a parent's responsibility to feed and clothe the child, see to his medical care, buy him his school supplies and provide guidance and encouragement. After all, if I wasn't consulted before you conceived, what makes it my duty to pay for your decision?

  • Pudbert_Savannah GA

    This about says it all, especially about building schools in the South and placing Northern teachers in them to teach "Northern" slanted philosophy,, just like the liberals do today.

    It was the North placing Northern teachers in the Southern schools.

    Why the liberal North won the war (A clip from Ang Lee's "Ride with the Devil" War For Southern Independence)

  • billstanley1

    The focus of public schools should be educating. Cuts in taxpayer funding of public schools should start with transportation, food and athletics. California has become the first state to completely eliminate transportation funding for public schools, saving the taxpayers $248 million from January through June. The same drivers using the same buses and vans would be happy to continue transporting students for fees paid by parents. Other parents can form car pools. Parents unable to drive in car pools can pay car pools a fee for their kids to participate. Other students can walk or ride a bicycle to school. If you do not think parents should pay for the transportation of their kids, why is it okay to advocate that the government force strangers to do so?

    • Buddell

      I've been saying this for years. Thanks for saying it again. It cannot be said enough.

    • Jen

      I totally agree. I rode my bike to school or I walked. When the weather was bad my parents paid someone to drive me to school with her kids. When will people ever learn that they need to take responsibility for themselves and not expect someone else to take care of them?

      • wildbronco

        I walked to school, the town I grew up in did not have School Buses at all. If you wanted to ride the bus, you took the City Bus to School. I walked to Grade School, Middle School and High School my entire time in school. I am 68 years old, and honestly unless you live in out in the Country and the School is over 5 miles away on a back country road walk, otherwise mommy or daddy can drive you there and pick you up, or learn to ride a bike.

    • Guest

      Living in a rural area where walking is not an option and the cars are not always available to tote children to school because of work obligations, I support providing transportation to and from school as part of education. If the child cannot get to school there is a denial of the right to,", liberty and the pursuit of happiness...". Selfishness is not part of being a civic minded American and in this age of greed is good, civics have been put on a back burner if taught or respected at all. I like the philosophy of Carnegie, who proffered that we should all do something, "...for the lasting public good..."

  • BERT


    • Mike

      Wrong if your an illegal everything is free, even the ones that work will do it for less than minimum wage just to steel a job that could go to a taxpayer to pay for there free sh-t

    • slapjack

      You got my vote!!!!!!

    • Guest

      What is the relevance of your comment to public education for our children?

    • think4myself

      Unfortunately, you do give to them and you must give to them because they now outnumber us and they voted in a socialist. By the time you consider income taxes, ss taxes, sales taxes, state taxes, city taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, sugar taxes, and all the taxes you pay on every service you get such as electricity etc, we pay well over 50% of what we earn. And next year we are going to have to pay on a lot more and we won't get many of the deductions we are used to. Just because those who think they are owed it outnumber those who work to pay for it. It is sad to see our country dying right before our very eyes. We know the diseases, we even know many of the cures, the main of the body just wants to feed off of the rest and the "idiot heads" want to commit suicide. I weep.

  • Robert

    Not being rude, but when I owned my house, I paid school taxes all those years and I didn't have children. At first it bothered me, but then again I figured what could I do about it. It does seem to rub against the grain having to pay for other peoples children to go to school (or for the needs of the school). After all if you don't have children, why is it your responciblility to help raise somone elses. I know, Hillary Clinton said it best:" It takes a village to raise a child ".
    The reason I didn't have children is the simple fact that I couldn't afford them. Lets face it, having a child, raising it, providing for it's needs is expensive and I didn't feel that others should have to pay for my children that I couldn't afford if I had one. No, I don't hate children.

    • Nelson

      Robert did you attend a public school? If so who paid for your schooling? Don't you think it is time to return the favor so somebody else can get a education? Oh I forgot you and all the other complainers held jobs when you were 7 or 8 years old in order to pay for your education.

      • Wayne

        Robert's PARENTS paid taxes for ROBERT to go to school. If you have children in school, YOU SHOULD pay the taxes for them to go. If you have children and they go to Disneyland, YOU should PAY for them to go.
        The society we live in always puts it on someone else to take responsibility.
        When will YOU- Nelson, take RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN FAMILY and stop "expecting Entitled to others hard earned cash?
        If YOU want something- "YOU" pay for it, not expecting someone else to have to pay part of what YOU or your children want.
        Like Robert, I could not afford my own children. Did I want to have some, YES!!! But at $5 and $6/hr, "I" could not afford my own, I had to help pay for everyone elses kids, but could not afford to have a little boy or little girl of my own. I wanted a little boy so we could do guy things, I could teach him martial arts, go fishing, etc.
        I am tired of footing the bill for everyone else and have nothing left for myself!!!

      • wildbronco

        My Mother and Father paid Taxes that enabled me to attend Public School, which then taught the trueth and did not attempt to paint over the mistakes made down thru the History of this Great Nation. They also taught the Real Founding of this Nation with all of its warts and bumps. I graduated from College while still in the US Army with a Degree in Criminal Justice in 1982, and no I did not have the Government pay my way, even though I could have done so. I paid my own way, and yes it took me longer to get my degree but I paid for it no-one else. I began College in 1968 and Graduated in 1982 between overseas assignments and being a target for the Communists I managed to do it on my own. So no I did not accept Pell Grants, or VA, neither did I allow the Army to pay the bill, it came out of my pay check and not yours or anyone elses.

      • Upaces

        Everyone, at least in my state, pays school taxes for public schools. I have no problem with that EXCEPT Illegals do NOT pay into school taxes.

    • dulceb

      Robert, I agree. I had one child because I thought I could raise and educate one. (Of course, that was before the "Great Recession, LOL)
      I sacrifice for my child to go to a private Christian school. I do not want 12 years of babysitting and wasting time in a public school, and I pay taxes for something I do not use. It is not my civic duty to pay taxes. My civic duty is to vote and serve on a jury if called. My civic duty could entail community awareness and participation etc.
      Being a parent is hard and expensive if you put in the time and do it right. There is no law to cause anyone to procreate in profundity. Birth control is available. Don't ask me to do for you what I will not do for myself, because you feel entitled.
      I see your children running around unsupervised as I come home late at night. Many scream for assistance, but turn that same child out onto the streets after assistance is received. The children never see it, and the parents cry for more.
      We cannot give the have nots what they will not work for and expect them to change. They are on the dole and they like it.
      Unless our elected officials listen to us and stop the entitlement programs, nothing will change.

    • Guest

      It is "other people's children" who provide all services to you. They are the electricians, the engineers, the plumbers etc. that you depend upon for a modern existence. Paying for an education so they can provide these services, is beneficial to you and to all others. I understand your choice about wanting to be able to afford to raise children and know that was a hard choice.

    • Babette


      Hilary Clinton is an idiot. It takes a village to raise an idiot. Get the connection?

  • john

    "Let’s suppose that a majority of people decide that cars, food, clothing, and houses, like education, are necessities that should be funded through taxation. In fact, a case can certainly be made that food and clothing are more important than a formal education. And if you don’t have a car, it’s not easy to get a job. I should have added a phone to the list."

    Uh, it's already happening, dude! Where do you think a big chunk of that trillion buckaroo deficit is going?

    An lest I forget, we ALL get to pay for low income cell phone service (those !@#$%^ TV ads are infuriating - "What if I have an emergency outside mah do I call for hep?) And the follow-up ad with the same woman bragging about how she tells all her friends to sign up! Yessiree Bob, the American (oops, Obama) Way...

    • Reformcongress

      Cash for Clunkers. The federal government is subsidizing cell phone service for "poor" people, or in other words, DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTERS, and it's called FASCISM. They choose to only represent those they give the money to, not those who they take it from.

    • Handyman

      John, you will be issued one government bycicle, if it is deemed a necessity, and you qualify!.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    James Madison (the creator of the Constitution) once wrote that no where is it written that public monies can be used for private charities (welfare) this was the law until FDR (the great american marxist) came in

    • DENNIS


    • Guest

      FDR and the majority of Americans who endured the Great Depression caused by greedy and wealthy elitists, fought for protections for everyone from the depredations of that group of self serving so called capitalists. The public good is part of the Constitution and not a private charity. Ensuring that those who have worked hard all their lives are able to feed, clothe and house themselves is not a private charity, it is for the public good. It rewards work. FDR was no Marxist. In bringing an entire nation, not just Wall street ,back into a healthy CIVIC minded, nation of workers and producers, FDR and the work the Government accomplished in building bridges,roads, dams for electricity and commerce helped float all boats ,unlike trickle down economics,or the current, I don't FEEL I should have to contribute to the public good because I never encounter the public nonsense. That is why our infrastructure is crumbling around us and our economic competitiveness as a nation is declining because of it. Taxes are a very cost effective means of providing for the common good as they are a very small contribution compared to the benefit all get from public works. For example, fancy sports cars for private use are pretty useless when the public roads are falling apart.

  • Elin

    Obozo's America is so very on point. I have it, and have played it.....sad, but true.... Some genius must have written this game...or some very cinical person.

    Come on folk, laugh at it all for a while...Then back to business.


  • Dusty1

    It is every parent's moral duty to provide support and guidance for their children. If the schools are teaching ideas which go against the parents' beliefs, the parents have a duty to correct the children in their perceptions of right and wrong. Does anyone remember John Kennedy's famous quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." I don't think Kennedy was talking about collecting more taxes to provide more gov't services. Rather, Kennedy was asking Americans to expect LESS and do more for themselves and their country.

    • Reformcongress

      Also, it should be noted, that JFK was assassinated by a Communist. There was a reason that communists didn't like someone telling them to figure out what they could do for their country.

      Task One:

      Fight to KEEP YOUR MONEY so you pay for what YOU CHOOSE TO BUY, not what THEY SPEND YOUR MONEY ON in an elitist way.

    • think4myself

      I saw a poster in the public library a few years ago where that saying was inside of a circle and crossed off, underneath it said, "No, ask ...Really!" Disgusting!

  • Thomas

    Talk About Plagiarized Look At Martin Luther King What A Joke And Now We Have A Monument in HIS NAME, Should Never Have Been Built, We Also Have Another Idiot Just Like Him In Our Used To Be GREAT "WHITE HOUSE" I Still Donot Know How They Will Clean It Once He Is Gone.

    • auntvick

      Obama isn't fit to shine Dr. Kings shoes. His message has been so twisted and distorted he'd probably roll over in his grave if he could hear how people misuse his good god fearing name.

    • Skeptik

      I see. So its okay for the godfather to do it because King did it. Not.

    • Glen

      Oh -- did you know that the monument to MLK was made in China?

    • wildbronco

      Martin Luther King was also a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN, and JFK was a LIFE MEMBER OF THE NRA. This is all fact.

  • @TutionBeliever

    Help WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!
    Info @ just as thousands of other people have joined WAKE UP AMERICA! I believe thousands more, hundreds of thousands, if not millions more will help take back Our Republic with Wake Up America! So The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!
    If we don’t WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!! This Is Our Future!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS!
    Constitutional Believers
    Mr. Harris

  • GaryG

    Thomas Jefferson has been proven correct. The democracy no longer exists. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always support you. With at least half or more of the American people on the government dole, the "Robbers" will always have the power until the Peters revolt again. If Obama is reelected, there's no way this nation will ever recover. Go into survivalist mode and be ready to protect whatever you do have because when these socialists run out of other people's money and can no longer pass it around to those unwilling to earn their own, it will be chaos in this country. The riots will start, the burning and looting will end our society as we know it.

  • Patriick Duffy

    I home school ALL my children because they are MY children, not the states children. I teach them, "You shall not steal" which is what the government does when they tax my property to pay for my neighbor's child to go to school. Paying for another person's child to get an education is NOT a valid function of government. The only valid function of government is to bring wrath upon those who violate my rights and libererties, but the goverrnment itself has become the violator.

    • Roy

      Patrick Duffy what you people are calling the Government or saying about it should Be Congress if you want it messed up let congress try to run it< and the EPA. PS you are the government!!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      I suppose you and your children will always remember, the second greatest commandment, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.."? This is the Judeo Christian context for being civic minded. This was never meant to be a "private charity" but a public good. Unless you don't want OUR Government to uphold the law. The Northwest Ordinance was passed requiring a basic PUBLIC education. Everyone at that time recognized taxes were the only way to provide for this and other measures meant to keep our young nation strong. Now, it seems, we have devolved into an, "It's all about me" attitude. Our founders would be ashamed.

      • Upaces

        Give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. TEACH a man to fish, he feeds himself for the rest of his life.

      • Peter

        I love it when liberals quote Jesus. This was the same Jesus who rebuked the brother for his coveteousness.

        And one of the company said unto him, Master, speak to my brother, that he divide the inheritance with me. And he said unto him, Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you? And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness:[ wanting what belongs to another]

        The message here is GO SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY and QUIT using the government to STEAL mine.

        Good job Patriick Duffy for taking responsability for what God has given you.

  • John P. Centonze

    In your statement about telephones, were you aware that taxpayers paying for other people's phones is already a reality. The recipients of these free cell phones refer to them as their Obama phones! They also get 70 free minutes of air time per month. When I first heard of this I thought it was a hoax but with very little research I found it was indeed true. John P. Centonze,D.D.S.,Waterbury,VT

    • michael

      Yes, this is true unfortunately. My mother's neighbor was bragging about her Obama phone. My mom was furious! She lives on a very tight budget and does not spend outside of her limit. Has worked hard all her life to support four kids without help from welfare. She cannot even afford a cell phone.

    • Richard Holmes

      I think I will try to get one. I'll call obooboy and tell him to f off.

    • Nanette

      .....and they also get food and clothing. Also, if appliances ware out they can get appliances such as a refrigerators and stoves. I do know there are those that do need help...but not for generations and not as a way of life! It is sad when you see those pulling up to the local public assistant offices in Cadillacs, dressed to the hilt in designer clothes, covered in gold, hair and nails just done! There are those that know how to work the system, and there are those who get little or nothing because they do not know how to get help or try to make it on their own!

  • Kalev

    We need another Freedom Revolution in this country like 1776.

    • GUEST


      • Upaces

        Ron Paul is 76 yrs old. We need someone who is going to live at least two terms.
        The first term will be to "un-do" all the damage; and the second term will be to make America Strong Again.

        Mr. Paul's health is not going to stand up to the stress of the office.

  • Joe

    Can't wait for the November election. Good bye Obozo.

    • DAVEY 2

      Right Joe, just hope we make it to November.

    • Lucky3511

      Sorry Joe,
      I doubt that will happen. Remember the time when they first brought out the new voting machines, Harry weed got elected with only 10% of the people voting for him. Besides which, I have already heard the Emperor "O" expressing the idea that Nov 2012 may not be a good time for the elections and maybe they should be postponed for a while. I can believe that from the great dictator. I do not know what our answer realy is?

  • skipfoss

    I paid for my kids to go to school by paying taxes and they did not get a real education ,we had an atheist teacher that spent most of their class time downing our churches and God ,I and several others started alaw suit to have removed the school got rid of this freak before we went to court. My kids are out of school but I am stiil paying for illegals and other such trash

  • William E Rauh

    The only time I think it MY resposibility to Pay for someone else is when I live in a Socialist or even better yet....a Comminist state.....which we in the USA are fast becoming.

  • lucitee

    The part of the article that infuriated ME was, the fee for lap tops! $63. million? For one County? And of course "next year' it will have to be done again! "Government Contractor"? Do these completely IGNORANT people even KNOW how to "bargain'? Of COURSE not! It doesn't cost them anything, but it "buys" support from the Contractors who vote for them and are like our Government! Ravenous, greedy, self-serving and triples the cost of their service! If you spent $63 million dollars at Best Buy or Wal-Mart for the same Lap Top, you would save at least 80%! But who's counting! Certainly not our elected Officials!

    • righthook38

      If they're paying $63 million for laptops, they should get rid of their textbooks, save the parents a $100-$150/year book rental fee per student, and download e-textbooks for them to use. Geez!

  • Dawn

    Why is this even a civic issue? It sounds like the guy was tying to sell coupons that his school asked kids to sell. The money would go for a good cause. Schools have always had students sell things. It's the way things are. If you think about civic duty and paying for other people's stuff what do you think you're doing when you pay for things at stores and restaurants?

    • umreb78


      • Alan McIver


    • Reformcongress

      The whole point here is, if this goes to a department within the school, where did the school spend the tax dollars these people already had to pay? Let me see, Pension plans that some teachers don't want to pay for themselves out of their EARNINGS? Or, maybe it was to give a bonus to the school administrators, for their 3 months off.

    • Reformcongress

      What a person does when they pay for things at stores and restaurants is buy things and food that they CHOOSE TO BUY. Nobody is required to walk into a restaurant. You do know how that's a FREE CHOICE, and that TAXES ARE NOT? Right? There is not any possible way to compare the two, unless communism is your thing.

    • Babette


      Do you even think Domino's (for crying out loud) would pass the childhood obesity test from the fat behind in the White House? And truly, when you are shopping or dining out, are you thinking of paying for other people's stuff? Or are you thinking of paying for your own?

  • Ed A. Ferrer

    Solutions we all can take: 1) Demand (yes, demand!) action on Obama's
    Impeachment, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He IS the main problem!! 2) Make sure you VOTE, specially in Congressional and Presidential Elections, DO
    NOT ABSTAIN, or you can't complain! 3)Prepare (lest) to fight for your
    rights as well as your children's (even with your lives!) 4) Get involved in
    marches (BIG!), protest rallies (MASSIVE!) and use them to apply pressure!
    5) DO NOT COMPLY (Be Ready!) with draconian laws ,specially Unconstitu-
    tional! 6) CLEAN up our police dept's (some of them are already CORRUPT
    TO THE CORE!)! 7)Take back your Civil Rights! Like it or not, folks we are
    ALREADY at WAR with this Rogue Government! Live Free, or Die! Keep The
    Faith! God is In Control and ABLE!!

  • perry

    we need to get the feds out of schools,all they do is brainwash the students. The states can handle it they did before 1965,it would save the tax payers 200.billion a year

  • joe

    Pay your own damed way or move to a socialist country. Drug testing for welfare and for having more kids!

  • Mike

    Let's see! If we provide a laptop for every kid at school, that means they will be spending more time on the keyboard and doing the couch potato thing while eating chips and drinking soft drinks and the obesity problem will get even worse. They already spend too much time on their iphone downloading apps and texting. No telling how much mischief they will get into with this program.

  • Patrick Henry

    McDonalds has a new Happy Meal called ObamaMeal, you order whatever you like and the sucker behind you pays for it. Trouble with Socialism is; it works until you run out of other people's money............Illegal aliens are "directly" related to many of our problems & spending, and they are NOT Immigrants, just trespassers.
    For those that feel that they are entitled to everything just because thet breath, sorry, you are Free to do and earn what you want, and it is Federal Government holding you back.

  • Paul B

    Time to remove all the freeloaders and illegals :they = Waste and Burden!! If you are tired of watching parasites eat better/ get better medical care than you, take action!
    Vote, scream, or more to get results. I don't mind helping people who need it but enough is enough, this is exploitation pure and simple

    • Paul B

      sorry- really didnt have anything to do with topic, just venting!

  • Billy F.

    I don't care what any other person says! NO ONE, outside of my immediate family members, has any right to my hard earned money. I worked for that money to support my family and my family alone. Therefore, IT IS NOT my duty to buy anyone else their needs or wants. After all, none of the anyone elses have ever purchased me any of my dream cars! I still have to work hard, skimp and save to purchase just one of them for myself! If any of them come to steal my money from my family and me; the only thing they will deserve is a permanent prison sentence. From my cold, dead hands.

    • righthook38

      Welcome to Obama's America. If he gets re-elected, your hard earned money will be everyone's. We're about 1/2 there already. 47 million people on food stamps, just to start, and that number is growing. Over 50% of Americans are receiving some type of government entitlement. Sad reality.

  • michael
  • Another Veteran

    Taxes pay for schools, books and the teachers as well. No one needs to come to my door asking for $5.00 "contributions" for a $1.00 candy bar or some other thing I don't need. Moreover, the constant growth of casinos and lotteries contribute to the schools. They don't need me, I have a hard aenough time paying for my own "stuff"-I work.

  • Capt.Ed

    Whose Laptops are being bought for the Gov. School Preachers and the Stupents ? 'Apple' for the teacher, cheap import for the kids

  • JC in TX

    So,,,, the next time I go to buy some beer,,,, I should first, go house to house "collecting contributions" for "my cause" because I don't want to spend my own money? BUT,, WAIT,,, IF I was on "food stamps", I could use them to buy beer, so, all the money I collected, I could just keep, wow,,,,, NO THANKS,, I WOULD RATHER WORK,,,,, because,,,, I AM AN AMERICAN.


    • concerned-grannie

      Yes, but first they would have to sell their FS at 50% off (by buying someone else's groceries)... the person buying the FS makes out (twice as much groceries than they could really afford).... only then can the person selling the FS buy their drugs and beer with the cash [50% - this is the going rate on the street]. You can't buy beer directly by using your FS. It is not allowed. My kids are grown but they know a lot of poor lazy folks in the hood. Ultimately it takes from the children's mouths that should be getting the food... their crooked parents only qualified for FS because of the number of people in the household. BUY YOUR OWN FOOD, or you are hurting children... and it's illegal to buy/trade FS.

  • William

    Amen to this. The schools around this country have gone wild to spend on things that the taxpayers have to pay for with the school taxes.. Here in Georgia the schools in Atlanta and Albany have come up with problems with teachers grading test to read better grades. We even have a person on the school boars and princple getting their kids free lunch by false papers. The princple makes 90 ,00o.00 a year. People are tired of getting the shaft from schools, unions and our goody good goverment.

  • Alan McIver

    Interesting that the Socialist loving people like Obama and his contributors (many near the mythical one percenters in income) do not send their kids to public schools. Socialists and Marxists seem to believe everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. And, like the Kennedy's, they make their family money via Capitalism (rum running) and then decide how other peoples' money should be spent. After all, they have the moral high ground.

  • independantlyMinded

    Problem is that only works with the tax payers. The free loaders figure they are the country the rest of us should be doing for.

    • 1599

      That is true. The drug pushers get all of their free stuff through their girl friends and others get their stuff while working under the table.

  • 1599

    Well the government is spending more and more tax dollars on food through food stamps. Then the food recipient is entitled to a free phone that is paid for through additional fees applied to our phone bills. Then there are those who refuse to insure their cars. In NC we are forced to take out insurance to cover the uninsured. And the list goes on and on. So yes, we do pay for other peoples stuff.

    • righthook38

      Meanwhile, people who are getting food stamps are selling them to others for cash, then using the cash to buy cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Great system, isn't it?

      • 1599

        It sure is, for those who are beating it. But, you know the biggest advocate for food stamps is the Dept of Agriculture. Really food stamps would be Ok if they were just for basics. Food stamps is another reason for the high price of food, I believe. Since it's free the recipients don't really care about the price of groceries..

        • righthook38

          Food stamps should work basically the same way WIC works. First of all, you have to show ID to use the WIC coupons, and they can only use them for specific foods, which are healthy and important to child development. Food stamps should have some type of restrictions on them. It's frustrating for working people when welfare receipients are buying filet mignon and lobster, while the rest of us are eating ground beef, and trying to survive in this rough economy.

          Also, I've noticed grocery stores in lower income areas charge more for their food, not less. It's because their customers are using food stamps, and couldn't care less about how much they're spending, so the stores can charge more. Walmart , CVS, you name it. I work in a low income area, and I've gone to a couple of places on my lunch hour, and was surprised to see how much more they charge than in my own city. It didn't take long to figure out why.

  • Tom

    "Is it my Civic Duty to pay for other people.s stuff ?" And the answer IS - Hell No ! I pay my taxes, work hard and buy my own stuff. Get off of your liberal, progressive, socialist butt and EARN your own stuff ! When you earn your own stuff you appreciate it more and care for it.

  • j.randall

    Who just come up with that rule, Welfare and immigration Dept.--- Democrats of course-- Feed me Feed me, thats all you hear from these people that never worked a day in there life or someone who is here illegally drawing illegal benefits.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Yes, there is a price to be paid for living in a civilized country, all the benefits voted by fellow citizens--even if you don't use them. If you opt out of schools for personal reasons/differences, you still pay for civilization. You may never use the police but it's your tax obligation even when you have private security as I do and pay for. I don't use the schools but I pay so the people around me can interact in my personal pursuits. I've never had a fire at home, but pay for them anyway. Everyone uses the roads and bridges and must pay for them. Same for national benefits.
    I use social security and paid for the right to use it even if I choose to live on wages or private pensions, which I do. I use medicare even while I pay extra for supplemental coverage and physician office maintenance as well.
    Yes, there's a price to pay for civilization--each according to his ability--progressive taxation. I like my modern benefits. If anyone doesn't enjoy them or finds them too expensive, it's still their civic obligation to pay.

  • Not a Fan

    Are you kidding me? I pay for things at stores and restaurants because I WANT TO. NOT because the government says I HAVE TO. HUGE difference. What a pay for at stores and restaurants is for ME not to SUPPORT OTHERS.
    Get a clue. Either you don't work (and pay taxes) or are not educated and WE the tax payers are supporting YOU.

    • RIDLY

      Not a Fan, You are correct Sir, you only buy and pay for what YOU want to....but the Government (Our Government) levys many imbedded taxes on ALL goods you decide to buy. THAT'S the PROBLEM. Then with no say on our part they decide where those dollars go, to whom evers vote they need....get it!!!!!!

  • smc

    Agreed. But what do we do about a government, the same government, that outsources the means for making a living while importing labor, legal and illegal, to take jobs for less money than it takes to support a reasonable standard of living. These foreign cultures they import live 10 to 15 per household. We exceeded that benchmark in this country years ago, but there seems to be some effort to return us to that lower standard.

    I don't think we can fix this until we bring back industry, stop facilitating the lives of illegal immigrants, and curtail legal immigration.

    The giant profits, bonuses, and salaries taken by corporate executives should cause us to consider whether these clever business practices (outsourcing, h1b visas, illegal immigrants) that enrich a few are worth the destruction of the core principles of this nation.

  • Babette

    Clearly this kid is in the "new education" system. Why doesn't he investigate where all the money is spent in his own school system rather than being sent onto the streets with a tin cup by the Fagan-like masters of his tribe? Another of the graduates of the keep 'em dumb, then send them either begging or strong-arming for food. A very clear picture of socialism. It is always someone else's responsibility or fault. What happens when these morons really grow up and there is no one else to dun for payment? What now, Chief?

  • pvbjim

    Lifetime government benefit maximums for all citizens of $100,000 for no high school graduation. $250,000 for high school graduates who pass a national exam at 70% comprehension level (basics reading, writing, math) - if you cheat you forfeit all government assistance. $350,000 maximum benefit for 2 -4 year degrees from acredited college program or job training group. No deficeit

  • racindavid

    Isn't it WONDERFUL that our public schools have educated SO MANY little marxists and socialists ?? YAK ! =:-8

  • the Marine

    " From each according to his ability, to each according to his need", hhmmm, sounds a lot like Barack Karl Marx Obama and the liberals in America, classic redistribution of wealth, you know, liberal opm(other peeps money)what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine, using the government to strong arm individuals...............not what our country was founded on, the pursuit of liberty and happiness, and may I add, private property, that is your money!

  • Larry

    Public schools do not educate, they indoctrinate! Public colleges are the worst, with liberal professors who instead of teaching what is in the book, they teach what is in their liberal minds. The teacher unions contribute to the liberal politicians, who in turn support the unions, so the teachers teach what the liberal politicians are selling. A prime example is the so -called Civil War. The North won the war so they wrote the history books to show the war was fought over slavery. The truth is it started over commerce and taxation. The states the succeeded from the Union were recognized by several European governments as a sovereign nation. The North held Fort Sumter, the south demanded that they relinquish the fort, the North refused and the South fired on the fort. Then the North invaded the South, in an attempt to put down the revolution that had started. The second revolution was fought for the same reasons that the first one was. In 1976 there should have been another revolution. The American People should have risen up a fired every politician in Washington, and started over with people who care more about their country than they do about getting reelected. We The People have the power of the Constitution on our side! It is a mighty sword that can be used to bring down the corrupt politicians that are destroying our great nation.

  • TooToo

    Let's roll!

  • lizaz

    Not only NO, but He-- NO!!!

  • Mrs_W_Snodhopper_III

    ” Maybe it’s time “we the people” just blew our educational system wide open, and I don’t mean improve the Department of Education. Improvements are for wimps. I mean abolish it. Deep six it. Eliminate, toss, and obliterate it; give it the old heave-ho; force it to walk the plank. It is broken and it’s wasting money our government doesn’t have while limiting education of our young people.

    Sweden, that bastion of progressive policies, let parents once again control where their children received their education. They moved from a school-district-controlled system to a voucher system that fostered competition and rewarded excellence in education.

    In summary, the Swedish model is built on two pillars of choice: a voucher system at both the primary and secondary levels and varied high school tracks that allow students to choose from a smorgasbord of programs centered on three paths: college preparatory, vocational and a more remedial track.

  • Guy

    I am a poor disabled used to be mechanic and electrician but when got hurt on job had to fight to get ant help ended up working min.wage job after trying for two years worked for ten years with numerous injuries finley employer and Dr's. said could not work put on work comp.until get disability after about 3 years but to make a long story short My wife and I took money from disability back time and settling with workmans comp. went and brought a new mobile home and lot of land and I don't like paying taxes to send these illegals and people to sorry to get out and work even if it is crop work work is work they need to get off butt and work and buy their own kids what they need

  • JB`

    I have no problem with home heat and basic electric bill assistance for needy, but this is BS. How did we get here and more importantly, where are we going?
    Here is the Appalachian Wireless flyer I received today. Ap Wireless is our local E.Ky. cell service provider.
    $59.99 unlimited talk, text and 5GB data! When added to our $99.99 plan!
    You may qualify for low income discounts and toll limitation via federal lifeline and link up services, if you are enrolled in, food stamps, fed public housing assistance or section 8, low income home energy assistance program, medicaid, supplemental security income(SSI), temporary assistance for needy families, or national school lunch program's free lunch program. And the admonition at the bottom...."Come see us today to find out how the best service provider in the region is helping EVERYONE get connected!"
    On every utility bill you pay, there is a small tax subsidized by the govt as well(your tax dollars) to get everybody a new cell phone.

  • Woolfy

    Spending other people's money is awesome for those receiving it....untill other people's money runs out. I'm pretty tapped out having my money ripped now THEY will have to sacrafice like I have. Don't you just LOVE Obama's economic policies? It's called "trickle up poverty". Wow....what a concept. Thought they already tried that in Russia and Europe, didn't they???? lol

  • jake

    Don't look now but you have two people in the White House that believe hard working "Americans" should pay for the freeloaders. " You work make money and I'll spend it on my stuff" Liberal-socialism at its core.

  • Liberty

    And ATLAS BEGAN TO SHRUG................................................

  • Susie 4 Liberty


  • Aligore

    As a single taxpayer I really get screwed. I pay property tax to fund the schools but I have no children and get no direct benefit. I only have one income in this home. My neighbors have 2 children and 2 incomes so they reap the benefits directly and since they have 2 incomes they pay half the taxes I do per person. Now here is the real kicker. THEY GET REFUNDS on there federal taxes for their children which offsets their property tax so they pay nothing for their children's education and I pay it all.

  • Richard Holmes

    Everyone should stop paying taxes.

    • Chuck

      And weindup in court, or jail

  • Pastor Carmen

    Public Schools excuse my language they suck!

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Where o' where is the Common Sense? Ben Franklin has the correct thought process down from 200 years ago:
    "I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty (INSERT - dependent on welfare), but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer." - Benjamin Franklin

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    No, it's not.

  • auntiecoosa

    I finally gave up my 1995 Ford Escort with 331,509.8 miles on it. I just signed up for a 6 year car payment and a 30-year mortgage. What happened to my independence? I'm living the American dream and it only took me to age 67 and five years after an early retirement to get here. But I still won't vote for Obama just because his economic policy gave me the opportunity to be $100,000 in debt for the first time in my life and for the rest of my life.

  • Mark

    I wonder what the liberals would say if the Apostle Paul were alive today? I believe it is in Thessalonians where he stated that if people will not work they will not eat. The HORROR of forcing people to work so that they can eat. That is the job of all of us lowly peon native Americans. I mean not only the Native Native Ameericnas, but also all of us who were born in the Good Old U.S.A. I bet the Founding Fathers would have echoed Paul's statement about if you want to eat, then do the old Smith-Barney way of doing things---EARN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the Marine

      Apostle Paul? You think the liberals believe or care bout what's in the Bible, The WORD of GOD?_In Obama they trust._As to the Founding Fathers, see above._

  • Yolanda

    Public schools are very necessary; however, many are not as well-managed as my husband's (he's a superintendent/principal). They always stay w/in their frugal budget, students are well-educated, and a large percentage go on to life-time successes. He and his school have also received many awards. In addition, compare the price of educating one child for a year to the price of keeping one inmate in prison for a year! I can't quote it, as I don't have the exact #'s; however, my husband uses this comparison a lot - - it's a HUGE difference! Dedicated educators in well-managed school (private or public) do a great deal to keep individuals out of prison! I, too, however, get tired of being expected to "pay" for lazy-butt parents' children who are a drain on our nation! It's the parents' fault - - not the children!

  • JOHN


  • Mark

    Socialism was tried in Jamestown, Virginia 405 years ago. It was a very short 'experiment'. They soon found out that if you don't work, you don't eat.

  • Mark

    Social_ism was tried in Jamestown, Virginia 405 years ago. It was a very short experiment. They soon found out that if U don't work, U don't eat.


    I got nothing free and worked for everything my family got.I never expected handouts as the more than forty per cent in this country now receive.Put the welfare scammers and druggies to work cleaning and rebuilding our roads.Ship all the illegals back to wherever they crossed the Rio Grande.Stop funding Planned Parenthood,the Muslims,and stop foreign aid.There is so much wasteful spending on Obama's vacations,that should save a bunch.

  • Delores109

    I don't even pay for the contracts I take out on other people's lives. I have connections.
    Delores Smith

  • Harold

    Raised 5 great kids now all grown with their own kids. First 2 went to public schools & colleges. Next 3 went to church schools, 2 were valedictorians and 2 became doctors. All 5 are doing quite well and choosing church schools for their own children. Public school costs are outrageous because WAY TOO MUCH is spent on so-called administrators. Church schools control their costs carefully and don't waste money on administrators. There is no Constitutional basis for Federal spending on Dept. of Education -- it should be eliminated, period.

    • Delores109

      You must be VERY proud of your children. You did a great job as a parent. I agree with you about the Department of should be eliminated. First grade books have been printed that tells our children....A family can be two men as parents or you could have two women as parents! So, this is not considered BRAINWASHING for first-graders???
      Thanks for your comments, Harold.
      Delores Smith

  • Jack Reacher

    Every time I go to the grocery store, especially Wal-Mart, I KNOW I'm paying for OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF. And I'm beginning to once again resent it. If there are those that think that "no one is paying attention to them at the check out stand", they have another think coming. Wal-Mart would be a great place for a dentists office as you will see a lot of hard working Americans gritting their teeth as the welfare generation moves through the checkout line at a snail's pace. And then demands MORE from the corrupt administration currently in power.

  • Covert1970

    I haave paid for a laptop for my son and one for myself and I contributed to Cancer still paid into social security because i pened my own business and ran it right, employed four people and paid my share of Social Security also for them and myself. always followed the rules and sit here and watch people capable of working getting SSI and food Stamps, the free phones and all the other perks that socialistic countries do. There needs to be certain tests given prior to awarding these benefits and retesting done annually which would take all of ten minutes and $2.00 per person ! Gt rid of all of the illegals only allow 911 calls on the cell phones and stop the B.S. !

  • gary

    Just say no to Obama, he is a festering piece of progressive brain worms at work. I don't know how anyone could or would vote for Obama, when they look at his lack of leadership, his hate for the Constitution and the spending habits of this moron. Obama wants our great,great grandchilder to pay for his social policitics of progressive liberalism.
    Voting for a whore you would get more fainess for what you pay for, than Obama taking your taxes to pay for programs designed to steal. Obama will spend every last penny you pay in taxes and never reduce spending.



  • home

    It's not my civic duty to pay for someone else free handouts... Try paying your own way throughout life..If you can't make it then jump off the nearest bridge and do the rest of us a favor...


    i pay for my own stuff if folks are too lazy to get a job tough titiie.

  • watchmen
  • Othello

    The public school system SUCKS! They are dumbing down the kids. It's pretty bad when illegals can go to a top notch college at the taxpayers expense, but the taxpayer can't even send their own kid to college. In my old high school, 90% of your grade was : just show up. You didn't have to learn anything to pass.
    I'm just getting so sick of the kids thinking the world owes them. "You OWE me a job" " You OWE me an education." " You OWE..........." BS! Personal reponsibility. TRY IT!

  • richbrat

    If there were no Federal Reserve, you wouldn't need to be taxed because the government could print as much as it needed without taxing you a dime. As it stands all the money printed belongs to the Federal Reserve and is borrowed into "debt" by the government in order to use its own currency. The banks are an unnecessary third wheel demanding money as their entitlement. Imagine the abundance once we kill such a ubiquitous and bloated parasite.

  • Nemesis of Empire

    You need to destroy public schools before they release another generation of drug dealers, prostitutes, muggers, and rapists into an already decaying America.

    It gets dark every night. Bottles, rags and gasoline are everywhere. Public school teachers are in the phone book. KNIVES KNIVES KNIVES KNIVES KNIVES are everywhere.


  • Wyatt

    When my children were going to school I was surprised when I found out the education they were receiving . One day at start of school year they told me that they needed pocket calculators , they were required for their math class . When I asked why I eas told so they could pass the tests . Rather alarmed by their explanation , I sought to question the teacher and the principal about this . I was informed that yes they did need the calculator for class and tests . Turns out , all the teacher was doing was teaching them to use calculator to solve problems and not how to do the actual math . So much for my tax dollars and our education system

  • bobinpa.


  • funu50401

    Other people's children's education? That's not the half of it.
    How about supporting other people's out-of-wedlock children?
    (I hope you know who you are and what your children are called.)
    That's what twists my knickers into a knot.

  • Ready to Fight

    I do not even have kids but I own my own home. Why should I have to pay for their education? I see in the tax laws you can get tax credit for kids but I think I should be the one getting the break I don’t have kids that are using up government funds.
    Look people if you truly believe we can fix this country by elections YOUR WRONG we have the second amendment to “KEEP & BEAR ARMS” I highly suggest we exercise our rights and bear are arms at WASHINTON!!!
    KEEP YOUR GUNS CLEAN & YOUR AMMO DRY we are going to need them very soon!!

  • Harry Prentiss

    A microcosm of what is wrong not just with public schools but the entire country. We also sacrificed to pay for a parochial school education and all I can say it is the best money we ever spent. My son is not a captain of industry but is a hard working member of society who appreciates everything he earns unlike the entitled majority of our society. He is sending his son to that same school by the way.

  • daniel

    Admission to the union as a state was contingent upon the said territory having either fulfilled and in its individual constitution the basic principles of the Northwest Ordinance. In that document was the establishment of a basic education system available to all. Please note I said basic which does not mean college or university. I also said available to all which means that since not all could pay for an education then it was paid for by the public at large usually by property taxes. We can see how that has morphed into a voracious right abused by the self serving.
    The right to an education as stated above was included in the collective state charters not to fulfill other peoples wants and desires. Instead the fathers of this country knew that a well educated populace was but another bulwark against tyranny. I am all for an education and would gladly pay more if there was an education being given. What I have witnessed is the indoctrination of youth at the expense of education which is opposite of how I think our tax dollars should go.
    I have friends that are teachers and good ones at that. They want to see changes made however the NEA and the Dept. of Education strangle any breath of fresh ideas or innovation attempted. In Nevada not only do the teachers belong to the NEA but the State Board is also made up of NEA members. That comes in handy when the union wants to duck responsibility of a failure in the system they just blame the regulations. They just don't tell you it was their regulations they were enforcing.

  • Jaye

    I am sick of paying for everybody else period!! I'm sick of welfare, I am sick and tired of all the entitlement programs. I wonder how ppl survived before the 1900's.... I have been saying personal responsibility is dead in this Country for years and it getsroven to me daily:(

  • givem a dirtnap

    WE need to rid this nation of scum that is sucking the life slowly out of us!! It is time to take this country back, by force if necessary and eliminate ALL entitlements across the board! If it takes a civil war so be it!

  • Upaces

    A recent patient survey indicated that 70 percent of the women who gave birth at Parkland in the first three months of 2006 were illegal immigrants. That’s 11,200 anchor babies born every year just in Dallas !!!
    According to the article, the hospital spent $70.7 million delivering 15,938 babies in 2004 but managed to end up with almost $8 million dollars in surplus funding. Medicaid kicked in $34.5 million, Dallas County taxpayers kicked in $31.3 million and the feds tossed in another $9.5 million.
    The average patient in Parkland in maternity wards is 25 years old, married and giving birth to her second child. She is also an illegal immigrant. By law, pregnant women cannot be denied medical care based on their immigration status or ability to pay.
    OK, fine. That doesn’t mean they should receive better care than everyday, middle-class American citizens. But at Parkland Hospital , they do. ” Parkland Memorial Hospital has nine prenatal clinics. NINE!!!

  • TheGizmo51

    Yes it is until everyone is equal.

  • Upaces

    So? You want Communism, The Giz....?
    Move somewhere else.

    It isn't morally or ethically right to work and give to those "who REFUSE to work."
    Yes, there are times when people get very very ill; and at that time, they do need help or a tax paying, hard working citizen will end up homeless.
    Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day. Teach him to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his life.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    Not only do public schools indoctrinate for the government, here in California the Legislature has explicitly mandated that the schools indoctrinate for the gay and lesbian "culture", including a "gay history month." When I had a child in public school I pulled him out rather than have him confronted with this garbage, telling the school principal that my child's moral and social upbringing was my responsibility and to have the school stick to basic education. The California public schools are no longer fit for anyone who does not subscribe to the myths of modern "sensibility." Period.

  • Gobbler

    After reading this. Lets go the charter school route. Where everybody sacrifies to give their kids,free from a socialist/teachers union! A education! Where everybody is held accountable for their responsibility!

  • Ridly

    Hey NymRod, your friend should qualify for the phone NO DOUBT, but the problem is he IS a Natural Born White male, US Citizen!! If he were a Black/Brown, Illegal Alien, NON US Citizen he could not only qualify for a free phone but FREE housing, FREE medical care, FOOD Stamps, WIC, pay NO taxes and get a TAX REFUND, amongst a lot of other Liberal Socialist Government FEDERAL/STATE/LOCAL freebies! To bad he is an American, Natural Born, Tax paying Legap citizen...HUH? It's time for the NEXT Revolution. The Political Revolution and get rid of ANY and ALL career politicians Republican and Democrat ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90% of the Democrat and Reublican, Independent, and general politicians in Washington are CROOKS anyway. Lets vote in Term Limits and get them all out and put the new ones on notice the Ruling Elite does not and will not exist any longer in America. Politician or not Federal, state, or local; you pay YOUR OWN way from now on and the rest of them that have already retired, your government paid by the tax payer retirements and Health Care are now solely YOUR responsibility, you py into SSI to get SSI, NO MORE FREE RIDES FOR ANYONE!!!!!!!!

  • wildbronco

    Harold, I was lucky, my TriCare increase did not kick in until December, and so did Medicare Increase I fortunately do not have to have any supplement in that TriCare is mine.

  • Pegi

    Only if I was a liberal full of socialist ideas...

  • Jeff

    "From each according to his gifts, to each according to his needs" . Gee, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. Let's see, I have to pay for someone else to go to school, get a free laptop, maybe a free phone, and a free car. I'm already doing that. I'm paying for the Occupier of my White House. I'm paying for the extravagant vacations that he, Michelle Antoinette, and their brood take. My wife and I haven't been on a vacation in 10 years. Is someone going to pay for that? Yeah. We are. When we can afford it, we'll take it. In my world, you buy something when you can afford it. You don't expect someone else to pay for it. Besides, if the government foots the bill, you're on the hook to them until they say otherwise.

  • Steve

    Right on. Government schools produce government lovers. The dreams, visions and desires of a few doesn't become my duty, and it is not reason to violate my right to be in charge of myself. The simplify and mix up the meaning of words to back why they feel they can use a gun to force you to build the world the way they see fit. Sounds Psychotic to me.

  • StevenI

    Is it My ‘Civic Duty’ to Pay for Other People’s Stuff?

    Only if you are a communist.

  • Silas Logshot

    Such is the mindset as programmed by our 'progressive liberal education agenda' that's been going on for a very long time. It's your 'civic duty' your 'patriotic act' your 'moral obligation' to support the welfare state. After all, how will all those freeloaders make it if they didn't have the hammock, oh, I mean 'safety net' of welfare to land in? A cradle to grave 'freebie' mentality has been fostered by the democrat party plantation owners. Chained to the party by their dependency on the handouts. But mostly comfortable with the lifestyle.

    The rest of us will just have to prepare for the inevitable dust up like in Greece and Italy when the 'rich' have no more money to tax. Click my name, see the website, prepare now!

  • Guest

    The pledge of allegiance only came about during the cold war and actually negates our founder's intent to swear allegiance ONLY to the Constitution.

  • azjohnny

    i've noticed the people who whine the loudest about people not paying enough taxes are usually those who pay little or none.

    • Upaces

      O' Man! You Got That Right!
      AZ, there was a young lady that lived across the street from me. I got suckered in to believe her entire family abused her, etc. You get the idea. At the time, I had an older car, but I did come into some $$ and offered to sell her my older car. BECAUSE I came into $, and (bleeding heart I was at the time), IF she paid just the first month's payment of $70 (way way below market value), I'd GIVE her the car. I didn't tell her the last part though. I wanted to see if she would go ahead and agree.

      She didn't. The car was NOT new. I looked at her just shaking my head. " I was going to give you the car IF you just paid the first month -- but it isn't good enough for you -- Okay, that's fine."

      She is one of those you are talking about... she wants everything NOW and not work up to earn it for herself.
      We live in an area that has NO public transportation -- so to live out this far -- you have to have a car.

  • Upaces

    @Babbett, Hillary Clinton is not idiot (I do know this is not the way you meant just reminded me of something.)
    She was offered a position at the World Bank; she was (is?) on the Board of Directors of Wal Mart.

  • Nancy E.

    I could not agree more with the illegal issue but having lived in a smaller town in Wisconsin for 5 years (coming from a larger metropolitan area) the white trash lazy slugs probably on their second generation is the common culture here. Food stamps and unemployment abounds and it is quite obvious no other goals are needed or expected of them. Being on the "obama" plan of extended unemployment benefits is the standing "joke" around here. There is no need to move from the area to better ones self. Why bother when you can sit on your dead ass reap the benefits of the working stiffs. Having cashed MANY of the unemployment checks on a weekly basis for some...I realize the check I get from being gainfully employed is actually less than some of these bottom feeders receive. It is unfortunate sometimes to have been born and raised with a work ethic and moral compass. No longer having any children in the socialist public school system, it is frustrating when I have paid my fair share, and now have to listen to the "welfare witches" complain that the school may expect a fee (paid by the parents) for extra school activities for the first time this school year. What a concept!! But they also complain that the newest warm-up pants in the trendy school colors may cost $50 or $60 dollars...wanted but not needed.

  • Talluluh


  • Tdevil3

    Civil war is upon us