Head Democrat Blames Tea Party for Shooting

Once again Liberal Democrats are trying to blame some of the violence that is going on in our nation on the Tea Party movement. Democrat Party Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the latest example. She “has refreshed the false and disgraceful meme that the Tea Party is at fault for the tragic Tucson shooting in 2011 that resulted in the death of six people,” The Washington Times reports.

When Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said “Let's take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong,” a reference to the Tea Party, she didn’t offer one word of protest.

After the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Left went into full blame mode by claiming that it was Tea Party rhetoric that led to a lone gunman to shoot Giffords and others.

One liberal group said, “It is fair to say – in today’s political climate, and given today’s political rhetoric – that many have contributed to the building levels of vitriol in our political discourse that have surely contributed to the atmosphere in which this event transpired.”

Giffords’s father was more direct. When he was asked if she had any enemies, he said: “Yeah, the whole Tea Party.”

It doesn’t matter what someone like Wassermann-Schultz says, whether she has any facts or not, the media will regurgitate her words as true because she’s as liberal as they are. They are Liberal Plantation journalists. They report what their masters want them to report. They are media Uncle Toms.

The violence in America is coming from Islamic extremists in our midst (e.g., the Santa Claus killer and the Fort Hoot Shooter), gang and drug killings (often related), domestic situations, and people who follow the survival of the fittest assumptions they were taught in government schools.

Public school children are taught that evolution – from nothing to something with no way to account for morality – is true. Some people act on these government-mandated assumptions.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine shooters, justified their actions based on Natural Selection (see here). Harris was wearing “a white T-shirt with the inscription ‘Natural Selection’ on its front.” It was based on a video game of the same name. “The game’s World Wide Web site says it encompasses a ‘realm where anything can happen,’ a place for the ‘bravest of the brave and the fiercest of the fierce. . . . It’s a place where survival of the fittest takes a very literal meaning. . . .  It’s the natural way, it’s Natural Selection.”1

It’s not just in the United States. Finland had its own mini-Columbine when

“at least seven people were killed when a teenaged gunman opened fire at a school in southern Finland on November 7, 2007 hours after a video was posted on YouTube predicting a massacre there. . . . The YouTube video, entitled ‘Jokela High School Massacre—11/7/2007,’ was posted by a user called ‘Sturmgeist89.’ ‘I am prepared to fight and die for my cause,’ read a posting by a user of the same name. ‘I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection.’ Sturmgeist means storm spirit in German.”2

The shooter described himself as “a social Darwinist.”3

I would not be surprised that the person who shot Rep. Giffords saw no moral problem in shooting her or anyone else. He acted consistently with a worldview that told him that we are all animals. The species moves forward with the elimination of people who stand in the way of evolutionary progress. Only the stronger biological entity can make the necessary decision to “chop the cotton,” so to speak.

Barbara Reynolds, writing in USA Today, concluded her article “If Your Kids go Ape in School, You’ll Know Why” with these words: “If evolution is forced on our kids, we shouldn’t be perplexed when they beat on their chests or, worse yet, beat on each other and their teachers.” We can add to this, and shoot a congresswoman and bystanders.

  1. Kevin Vaughan, “Judge Unseals Autopsy Report on Eric Harris,” Denver Rocky Mountain News (June 25, 1999). []
  2. Seven killed at Finland school after YouTube post,” Reuters (November 7, 2007): An almost identical article by “Sky News” does not include the “natural selector” and “natural selection” comments. []
  3. David Williams, “Eight shot dead including principal in school massacre predicted in YouTube video,” Daily Mail online (November 7, 2007). []



  • ordman

    “DNC chair blames Tea Party for Tucson shooting”
    “You had town hall meetings that they tried to take over, and you saw some their conduct at those tea party meetings,” Wasserman Schultz said. ”

    Yes, yes, yes, the Tea Party was to blame for the Weather-Underground bombings, Richard Jewel planted the bombs at the Atlanta, Georgia’s Centennial Olympic Park in 1996, the Jews obviously brought the gas chambers on themselves, and you and Michael Nifong are both such strong proponents of the American justice system and the search for truth.

    Thanks Debbie where would be without you?

    • Jean

      She is a sad human being ! DNC Chair

      • bobby nealey

        Can you prove she is human, a monkey has more sence than her,at least they can act on their own, she has to be told every to do or say .

        • JimB3

          If there is such a thing as "evolution" then it is equally likely that there is such a thing as "devolution". It's all devolving into a putrid mess with the demoncrats stirring the pot.

        • Willy

          Please call each campaign today and demand that these four candidates stop stonewalling gun owners on important Second Amendment issues.

          Make your calls right now:

          Newt Gingrich: 678-973-2306
          Mitt Romney: 803-575-0698
          Rick Santorum: 603-518-5199
          Rick Perry: 855-887-5627

    • lucitee

      "Blame" is a game all "clueless" play! "It's not my fault" they always say! No PROOF, but WORDS said to inflame!
      Don't they get TIRED of repeating the "same"? Yep, they have nothing else to offer! It follows the pattern of ALL Left Liberals!
      The Government Dependants, encouraged by the Left embrace the same mantra! "It's not MY fault that I have nothing to do but watch soap operas, play video games, drink my booze and smoke my cigarettes all day long"! If the stinking "rich" people would "share their wealth", at least I could go shopping"! For booze, video games, cigarettes and lottery cards! The vitriolic
      Left Liberals are so "egotistical and aggressive, they couldn't even qualify for a "paint-drying" watcher!

      • bobby nealey

        AGREE !!!!!!!!!

    • budman

      I am sorry to say this piece of garbage is from our State but know she is not liked here.

      She truly is a reflection of the Democratic logo and that is a dumb ass.

      • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

        Well, someone must like her, because she's still serving. How anyone could vote for her is beyond me.

        • Patriot

          The reason is she's from an exceptionally liberal part of the state. Look at the demographics of the east coast of FL and you'll understand. They are the more affluent, former city dwellers who despite the heat love to go out adorned with their furs and jewels. Yup, true lib Dems from the northeast USA who vote the party and not the person. Sad, but true. Great folks to talk to as long as you do not discuss politics.

        • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

          Right...I understand. Same thing with Pelosi and Boxer....they'll probably never be replaced.

        • Rip

          Yep ! I used to live on the East coast of Fla. and I was always bristled by the people who came from the northeast wanting everything to be like it was in N.J or N.Y etc. I asked a lot of them "If you liked it so much, why did you come here? you guys are always trying to push Your beliefs on us" that always got a fight started, Glad I left that State... I have found a hilltop that I can defend....

        • JimB3

          Dead people don't have any choices about which Democrat gets their votes.

        • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

          Haha...good point!

    • Robert F. Casale

      I listen to most of the political talk on various TV shows and Debbie Wasserman is totally uniformed or an out and out liar.
      This woman is a disgrace to the Democratic party regardless how much money she raisies.
      I cannot stand listening to her as she all false and full of inacturate propoganda.
      She is a turn off, lets get some one beleivable.

    • Leo

      Why are Democrat women so damm ugly can't they find good looking one to run for office

    • Ben

      Everyone knows John Hinckley, Jr. was a member of the Tea Party; why not blame it for the Tucson shooting? Gezzzzzzz!

    • Listener

      Speech tharapy Anyone ? Fact is the AZ congresswoman wasn't very well liked by alot of people and one looney acted because he's nuts. DWS just repeats Dem talking points and can't think on her own.

    • TOMMY

      I wonder what Gabby Giffirds has to say about her pee-brained best friends comments

    • Robert

      Would someone please ask Big Mouth grossi pelosi Debbie Wasserman Schultz who pissed in her cornflakes or is it that someone like her crapped in her hat and she had to wear it rather than it be fitted to someone elses scalp! That woman is the second most warped mind in this Universe. She definitely got her Democratic lobotomy for she is an out and out halfwit positively!

    • Guest

      Yes, all of the Liberals and many Dems want to blame the Tea Party or BUSH for the shooting and much of the Violence in our Nation! What boggles my mind is they don't drop the spin and tell the truth about the shooter's mental condition! He isn't even mentally stable enough to stand trial! I am so sick of the lies and mind games from these people and the Lame Stream Media! What about all that is going on in the rest of the world where there is NO TEA PARTY and no BUSH! They need to give us a break!!!!

  • ElizabethMC

    Debbie 'was a man' Schultz is playing last year's recording.

    • http://testra.com John Hart

      Mention the failed WTC7 investigation and you're a wack job conspiracy nut, blame the tea party and Democrats will give you an award. Something is seriously wrong at the DNC, mental illness must be a requirement. The sick person responsible for Tuscon had nothing to do Taxed Enough Already, he was a deranged idiot Described by Classmate as "Left-Wing Pothead"

    • David

      There is no Debbie Wasserman Schultz. There is no Anthony Weiner. This is a Democrat robot that can be dressed as either and has a slot in the back of the head where the brain is supposed to be. The party memory chip of the day is inserted and all the talking points spew out of the mouthspeaker. Note that both assignments look very much alike.

    • Robert

      Oh my pardon my ignorance but I bet you have hit on something here ElizabethMC! You don't suppose that it is a heshe, Oh that would explain it all without question!

    • Myrtlelinder

      It was a Democrat who fared worse in the shooting and it was a Democrat who did the shooting. Another ruse to put the blame where it does not belong.. It is beyond sound reasoning, the tricks with which the Demoncrats, excuse me, the Democrat party, tries to demean the GOP

  • screeminmeeme

    Typical spew from little Debbie cakes.
    Funny how the liberal left has no memory of their merciless, scathing remarks about Palin, Bush, et al...including their families. She was outfront condemning the Tea Party when Giffords was shot.

    She's a reprehensible POS and a perfect exemplar for the democratic party.

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      You are so right about Debbie! she's nothing but a brainwashed liberal, bad hair skank!!! Liberals have only 2 cards to play, the race card & the Tea Party did it! She should ask her buddy Michelle how to get her ugly hair straightened!!! I've never seen such a mess! she could pull a Spears & shave it all off!!! Wouldnt that be something she could blame on the Tea Party!!!

      • Rip

        You are right about the only two card's they have Rose-Marie, the blame Bush mantra is worn real thin, but I did hear it again within the last couple of weeks.

    • covert1970

      Administrator : kcuf ouy

      • covert1970

        They don't want people speaking the truth here !

    • Billy

      I agree she was like that fruit cake little J. Edwards who can't get her facts straight...liz "rest her soul" said Cheney's gay daughter was fair game...What a bunch on BS artist.

    • mudguy

      Don't degrade little Debbie cakes. She is more the Hostess Twinkies there are going bankrupt.

    • ReapWhirlwind

      Good points.

      I remember the enormous media outcry when the assault and rape of Palin was advocated...oh that's right there wasn't any.

      It sure seems we're coming to a point in this country where left/right violence is indeed inevitable, and that is fueled by useful idiots such as Dummy Dem Debbie.

  • jb80538

    I don't think Debbie has the brain God gave turnip. She should just go find her hole and crawl back into it.

    • Joan

      The woman is a big fool!!!

    • lucitee

      I resent you comparing a turnips brain to hers! Turnips at LEAST offer nutrition and are very tasty! Everything SHE does is in BAD taste! HER two brain cells haven't "rubbed together" enough to cause a beneficial "spark" since she was "born"! In fact, they can't even get close enough to wave at each other! Turnips at least know how to stay in the ground until someone jerks them out by the roots!

      • lucitee

        JB, I hope you know that I agree with you even if/as I tried to be funny! God gave the turnip more brains because they wouldn't be wasted! Or misused/abused! Have you noticed how much she is beginning to look like "Rudecow"?

      • bobby nealey

        Two brain cells , you have a higher opinion of her than I do .

      • http://twitter.com/debraraes @debraraes

        The problem is Schultz does have a brain, but she's using it (like all leftist thugs) to destroy our constitution! Debbie Wasserman- Schultz is absolutely EVIL to the extreme!

    • bobby nealey

      So that is what happened to her mother .

    • shep

      oops thought it was a squirrel.

    • spotted owl

      My old pappy would have said she doesn't know whether she's punched or bored!!

  • Southern Jew

    What do you expect from Wasserman she is an assimilated Jewish traitor! The only thing Jewish about her is her last name! Brain dead a long time ago! She is in every definition Anti Israel, anti Observant Jewish, As well as anti anything that is what America is really about! How can you expect anything logical or reasonable thought from this kind of people? You would have a better chance of picking pinto beans out of bear manure!

    • Mike Tanco

      She must be a Jewish traitor if she supports a Muslim President that is selling Israel out. I don't understand how any Jew or educated Black person can support Obama. All he's doing is holding them back. The Democratic Party has not help these people since he took office. If you don't give people incentives to better themselves, you are keeping them from succeeding.
      society that continues to expect one group to support another group will fail. Mike Tanco

  • Kevin wiht the truth

    she seems like am old German POW camp Sgt. from an old TV show. ie: I see nothing I hear nothin, I KNOW NOTHING>>>>

    • Maranatha Mark

      Sgt Shults - Hogan's Hero's! LOL!!! Obama makes a good Col. Klinck!

      • fiddler

        And Axelrod is Maj Hockscheder, and .let's see, who is Gen Burkhalter?

    • Mike

      How about their wonderful denial of wrongdoing - I was only following orders. This Jewess is only following orders from the Obama campaign to denigrate decent people of the Tea Party. Perhaps she is seeking revenge for the shellacking that she and her minion followers got in the mid terms. That is nothing compared to what is coming in Nov 12.

      • diverjimk

        ,,,the shellacking that she and her minion followers got in the mid terms. That is nothing compared to what is coming in Nov 12.

        Here's hoping! Get the vote out, and vote yourself, or those idiots will win!

      • http://twitter.com/debraraes @debraraes

        I am Jewish. And I happen to be a conservative. So, are you implying that all Jews are traitors like her?

    • Robert

      Kevin wiht the Truth, I had to thumbs down you for That Sgt was or played a Genius compared to this witch. She talks like a woman with a paper ask-hole!

  • Weasler

    And these people wonder why REAL Americans can't stand them.

    • christin

      i dont think that ever enters their worthless minds.

    • Patriot333

      You are so right. I have come to the point that just listening to idiots like her make me sick. They hate America and everything it stands for. If we don't get tough with these jerks we will loose everything!

    • Richard Wagner

      First: She is exhibiting behaviors George Washington spent a lifetime encouraging Americans to rise above. Too bad George can't be here to help her now. She falls short of any degree of human civility. Not surprising to anyone!

      Second: I encourage Jimmy Hoffa Jr. to dine often at the Marcus Red Fox restaurant in New Jersey. His father had his own special table there. Jimmy Jr. should be respectful and carry on the family tradition. His comment reflects the same degree of illiterate wisdom his father displayed repeatedly. Wishing you pleasant dining. And you too Jimmy Sr. where ever you dine now.

      • Robert

        Yes Jimmy Jr. Does your Dear ole Dad Sleep with the fishes. Careful jimbob you might come up missing too! For all of you and your sweethearts are always looking to move up that ole ladder bye force !

    • Robert

      Those halfwits of which you speak think that we like them and want their protection and overtaxation for to them we are the mindless masses just ask one of them!?

    • Robert M. Anderson

      Actually, you really hit the nail on the head; they simply don't get it, and never will. Until we run them out of office, preferably by impeaching them for treason - giving 'aid and comfort' to the enemy in time of war IS the definition - and she certainly provides our enemies exactly that. Doesn't she realize that it was 'gun control' that enabled the showa (the holocaust)? Idiot twit of witch.

  • ScarletDove

    For one, thi woman is the nastiest, most vitriolic talking progressive head out there. This is a huge stretch for her to make to vilify the conservative Tea Party. This shooting was done by a nutjob who was not part of the Tea Party--she tries very hard but continues like this administration to lose!

    • Joan

      Hey, Watch it she might be Hillary's running mate in 20016! YIKES!!!

      • Robert

        Hope Hillary is running in 20016 as typed for I surely will not have to live to see it! Oh Happy Days!

    • bobby nealey

      Nut job , you are saying he is a demacrat . All the demacrats that will admit they are demacrats are big time nut jobs .

    • http://twitter.com/debraraes @debraraes

      It's pretty bad when she is making Nancy Palosi sound NICE!

      • Robert

        OK now you just goofed and I gave you a downer for not indicating that you were joking. Nancy is still the #1 Baddie and she will hold lead female Dog ( Starts with the second letter of the alphabet ends with 8th letter and it is an itch in between)!

    • Robert

      Perhaps the Floridians will get sick to death of her and replace her with someone like Allen West on her next go round. I had a German shepard dog that I buried in Florida upon his death and he would Represent a whole lot better than she. And as for the dog he never met anyone like her that he didn't like to bite!
      Boy was he a good Dog!

  • Insurgent

    The administrator of the website is clueless about the First Amendment. Must be another Obama supporter !!!!

    • Nick

      What does Freedom of Religion have to do with this article. That's what the First Amendment is all about. Here is what it says - "Congress shall make no law respecting to an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof; nor abridging the freedom of speach, nor of the press, nor prohibit the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievences". People have take the freedom of speach out of context. It was put in there so the government would not prohibit groups from preaching publicly out in the streets. Go back to History 101. Don't rely on the government controlled education system to teach the correct version of history. You have to do the research and go to outside sources of the main media.
      Anyways - The First Amendment is addressed to Congress, not to to anyone else. There is no separation between church and state anywhere in the constitution or any legal document in history before 1940. The separation between church and state came from a private letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Baptist Church while he was in France. Private letters do not make for public policy.
      Nicolas Lomas

    • Robert

      Insurgent you just have to screw withem a bit csuse they are female Doggies (Starts with 2nd letter of the ABC"s ends with the 8th letter and it is a real itch) don't you know!

  • PecosBob

    The Warriors did it!....The Warriors did it......

    • Tammy

      Ha, yes, I remember The Warriors. This is soooo true - blame someone else!

  • Othello

    Typical Liberal, BLAME someone. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her liberal croonies always have to blame someone else for whatever goes wrong. How about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Ever heard of it Debbie?!

    • Insurgent

      How about the fact the DNC put an illegal Kenyan chigger in the White House!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/debraraes @debraraes

      Yes she did, but instead of taking responsibility she and her fellow libthugs falsely accused West of Sexual harassment (for daring to defend himself against her outlandish lies)!

  • Maranatha Mark

    Isn't it funny how we are being blame for everything short of Linburg's baby's disappearence, and the Occupy Wall Street scum, are just patriotic American's expressing their concerns! LOL!!! I think there is something in the Bible (Christian's Holy Bible) about a time to come when 'evil will be called good, and good called evil." I think that time arrived about 11 years ago, and has gotten more and more the norm with each passing year, especially since 2008!

    You have to laugh about this, or you will will be so depressed you won't be able to function! I have spent 11 years being mad, and it hasn't helped anything! At least laughing about how stupid all this is, helps ease the pain of watching the country I love so much wither and die, by suicide! I say suicide, because we keep electing progressives to 2 out of the 3 branches of Government, so what is so surprising when they act true to their hearts and push in socialism and push out Judeo-Christian values!

    • MikeC711

      I think 11 is optimistic. I think this started 50 years ago or more. There are countless examples of it. Ironically, in this case, the shooter was very leftist and had no ties to or shared beliefs with the Tea Party. As a matter of fact, arguably he was listening the leftist blogs who after Giffords had voted in a way they did not like said, "She is dead to me." Apparently, that leftist blogger (who did later apologize for the comment is the real source of the violence and death ... but the MSM will make sure that that never gets out.

  • Coldcowboy

    What hole did this she worm crawl out of.

    • David in MA

      it was short, skinny and circumsized.

      • http://yahoo.com chris

        i thought it was a brown hole.

  • Gary

    Who cares what this POS has to say, she is hanging on obammy's nut sack like reid and nancy, etc. Communist every one !!

    • http://twitter.com/debraraes @debraraes

      If we refuse to know what people like Schultz, Palosi, Reid and Obama have to say ......we lose. It's because many of us are keeping up on what these miscreants are saying that we are aware of HR 1540 and the indefinite detention clause - still within that piece of 'work'.

    • Rip

      Your so right, and a day of reckoning is coming, esp if o refuses to leave when we vote him out. These communist are keeping a list of all of OUR names, that they are gleaning from all these sites.... what makes them think that we (as a nation) are not compiling a list of our own ?

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    Why would anyone listen to Debbie Washerwoman Slutz? She is the paid liar of the Democrat Socialist Party of America.

  • proudamerican

    Considering the substance emanating from her mouth, her breath must smell worse than a hobofart

  • Link Hogtrob

    "Head Democrat Blames Tea Party for Shooting"
    I blame her.

    • Ginger

      Every word out of her mouth has bypassed any brain activity. She is as stupid as a box of rocks and lies and lies and lies and lies ad infinitum. I cannot believe anyone gives her air time...oh yes...I forgot...it is the job of the "media" to help spread the lies.


    The Day's coming when this Lobster faced Demorat harpie will say ...The Tea Party shot Liberalism to pieces.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    Debbie of course is as nuts as the rest of the marxist branch of the Demoncratic party (not all have gone to pot but a great number have the rest will come over either as Independents or Republicans) her words and accusations by both her and her party have no meaning because they have no facts and if the facts were brought out by the media these miscreants would resemble the demoncratic party far and away than those of the Republicans or Independents

  • tony

    As a tea party liker ,and proud black republican voter , i can't wait to cast my ballot.. bomb throwers like her need to be voted out.

    • James Andrews

      Proud of you man! Both parties have been screwing us for a long time, which is why I love the Tea Party and their concepts-but the lefty Dems are the WORST, and the scariest, because it is they who continually want to take more of our Costitutional rights away-especially our gun rights!

    • fiddler

      I tell you when I hear her or Nancy Pelosi talk about "those radical Teapartiers" I feel that my head is going to explode. Where do we get people who are so jaded? They need to be repudiated publicly and challenged to substantiate their accusations. All they are good for is an un-challenged sound bite. Nothing of substance. Just sort of "neener, neener, neener" schoolyard antics that our tax dollars (uuugh) support!

      Friend, we need many more like you.

    • http://twitter.com/debraraes @debraraes

      God bless you Tony!

    • Rip

      Thanks Tony, we certainly do need more people of color to wake up to what the DNC is doing to this nation. Just a word of caution, Watch your backside, there are a lot of obots that would stab you in the back if they got the chance.

  • No Tax Max

    Shultz is a puppet socialist pinhead ! She should be shipped to Venezuela and take it on with Chavez! That would be a great environment for a angry a..hole woman like her! The TEA Party is our future, not Occupoo socialists!
    Shut the hell up already little Debbie!

  • JMcCarthy

    Once again a Marxist pretending to be a democrat dances in the blood of innocents to advance their Communist agenda. Next they will try "if it would save just one life" and if that doesn't work they'll use "do it for the children". Democrats truly have NO Morals, Ethics or traditional American Values.

    • Patriot333

      Excellant! I wish most Americans would figure out how out of touch the democrats are with American values.

    • budman

      JMcCarthy: I don't think they are pretending any longer as they obviously have blessed the Communists marching with the Union people. The Socialist Democrats have taken over the White House and they are in key positions in Congress.
      The good thing is people are beginning to wake up to this fact and already the Socialist Democrats have recognized they are in trouble and why they have stepped up their propaganda to curb the flow. One in six democrats are moving to Independent or Republican now and they are running scared. Barney Frank is retiring and Pelosi likely will as well soon as their house of cards begin to fall.
      The only way Obama can will reelection is through fraud and you can bet they will do every dirty thing they can to get it done.
      Just remember, we will need double their vote to counter all the illegal votes they will have so remember to vote this November. Another four years under this administration will be disastrous for us.

  • Dean

    Gosh, I would never have guessed that the person talked about in this article would be Wasserman-Schultz. Her comments are showing how stupid she really is. The republicans must be happy to have a dimwit like her in the opposite party.

  • Dennis O'Brien

    Typical liberal, always point the finger at someone else.... and if you repeat lies long enough, the media will publicize it long enough it will be taught in public schools as being fact ! It's the liberal way of revisionist history !

  • http://advocates-wvox.com Rjgarfunkel

    There is no doubt that right-wing rhetoric, bordering on the lunatic fringe is alive and well on this site. Just read the responses above. Even though she has a right to her opinion, in the same way, every nameless, unidentifiable soul here does, she is victimized by irrational slurs.

    "What hole did this she worm crawl out of." How about the fact the DNC put an illegal Kenyan chigger in the White House!!!!!

    One has the right to disagree, but name calling, insults and slurs are the language of the desperate.

    • Maranatha Mark

      Who are you talking about?! If you are going to accuse someone of being nuts, have the courage to at least state their name! Are there disturbed folks on the right... of course, apparently not as many as on the Left - Occupy Wall Street should have clarified that. Debbie Shultz is a flaming nut, as are most of the main-stream media anchors and reporters, and most of Hollywood. Do you really want to compare who has the most "nuts" on their side? The Tea Party might have a few nuts here and there, but the left (Progressives) have an whole nut tree forest on their side!

      If you can be honest and do a side-by-side comparison of both the Tea Party rallies and the Occupy Wall Street demostrations, even a blind man can see it is the Occupy folks who are nuttier than a peacan roll!

      • bobby nealey

        Maranatha Mark , You read what he said, do you think he can be honest,I don't.

    • Curtis

      You are another Democrat idiot.

    • freeamericausa

      Nothing irrational being said about Debby. And YES. She does represent the language of the Desperate Liberals who still live in fear of admitting their BUYERS REMORSE...when they voted for Obama.
      I hope Debby has applied for a position in Chicago, with Obama, when she is voted out, and becomes Obama's Right Hand Acorn.

    • DLH4770

      I hope you post this on your DNC sites.

    • mesaman

      Rigar-mortis, you are a lame-brained, egregious, bottom-feeder whose lineage reads like a barnyard stable. There now, I called you names and don't mind leveling the playing field with a nit-wit like you anytime.

    • Regina

      No sir, they are they are the language of the left, or does no one over there proof read their drivel.

    • fiddler

      You know, I understand your point, but you need to get a clue. This woman is nothing but an angry loudmouth. The other day she was interviewed and said that when Obama took office unemployment was up to 11% and Obama brought it down to 8.6 percent. When someone tries to correct her with facts she says, "That's just your narrative".

      The only thing you can do with someone like that is demand that they offer proof. Sadly the "professional media" just look the other way and grant her tacit legitimacy.

    • Patriot333

      "Name calling, insults and slurs are the language of the desperate".
      It is also the language of people that are sick and tired of watching their country, morals and way of life going down hill because of fools like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. It is hare to be rational, when idiots like her and her party constantly lie and talk such garbage about a decent grassroots movement.

    • Maj John

      I tried to reply to racist Garfunkel calling the right wing lunatics but evidently he can race bait and call others names and we are not entitled to reply. My post was deleted in less than 1 second after I hit the enter key, Evidently, you get deleted even before your post is read.

    • Phil

      Well,you what they say, "IF THE SHOE FITS~WEAR IT". DWS is one of the worst representatives of the human race. Although that being said, one would have to question with what Socialist , communist enclave her alliances lie.

    • Tim Theron

      I will get you, Rfagfunk. I will find you and get you.

  • Pastor Carmen

    She has no Morals and Marbles just a STUPID Liberal at her best.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz is one sick idiot. The MOST hate speech comes from the Libtard quarters. Liberals/Progressives are incredibly mean. More so, she has her facts WRONG. The shooter was a BONG hitting Liberal Doper. She is World Class Hypocrite. Like all Marxists, look at what she does, not what she says. She is your typical Democrat LIAR.

    • June

      Roscoe-What else can anyone expect from the daughter of Ed Schultz - -you know, the ugly, radical, hate-mongering tv commentator! "Like father, like daughter"??

    • James Andrews

      She's a communist, plain and simple.



    • June

      And WE THE PEOPLE are even "more" fed up with the lies thrown around by the progressive/liberal/commie "retards"!

    • Mullis

      Oh they understand it, they just don't care. Its their way or the highway. They are the only ones who can be moral, rational, etc. Anyone who disagrees must be insane. If they loose on 2012, watch out. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they resort to worse than what they accuse the Tea Party of.

    • Rip

      You know, I hardly ever read posts that are written in all CAPS!

  • Elleryqueen

    Duuuhhhhh. If her brains were in a humming bird she would be sucking a dogs @ss for morning glory.

  • Jim

    What does this socialist know about anything. Couldn't these liberal morons find somebody with better hair and looks to be their spokes person. Debby really turns people off with her left wing lies. She has to be going down on Obummer and Reidy. How else could she get the job. A no skills, communist, ugly piece of garbage.

  • Michael Lookaway

    We all ought to be rejoicing! 1. If the TEA party was having no effect, nobody would be vilifying it. 2. One of the best things that can happen for Republicans is For Schultz to open her mouth!(This is the same DWS who said we all should drive American cars and she doesn't!). I live in South Florida, and have seen/heard her in person, she does not even pretend to be cordial among her own supporters!

  • http://advocates-wvox.com Rjgarfunkel

    By the way, the former Head of the RNC, a GOP power-broker, the Governor of Mississippi and a law and order Deep South politician, just released 200 convicts, which included a number of murderers on to the public of his state. In a last moment pardon, Barbour violated the the law in his state, which required a 30 day hearing. But, who stopped this flood of miscreants, sociopaths and murderers back into the public? It was the Democratic Attorney General of Ole Miss. I thought that all Democrats were commies and traitors! By the way Barbour left off his list two African-American sisters who were imprisoned for decades in what was considered a notorious conviction. No bigotry here?

    • David

      Ok Rj. Don't usually like your stuff, but you got us on this one. BUT only on 10%. 90% have been released for years and the pardon was a technicality to let them vote, etc.. At least that is one story.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Communists/Socialists do nothing but lie> otherwise no one would follow their Marxist philosophy. It benefits none but the elitists all empty promises to the middle class.

  • Beachgal

    Yep, Debbie's got no new rap... she just mimics all the same old crap... guess the "righteous wind" from 2008 has turned stale and pitiful... but she just keeps crankin' it out , along with her old "pal" Nancy... & by "pal", we know what's shakin', ladies.

  • flameinhair

    HA! Debbie talkin' trash again.
    Stupid womb.

  • JohnM

    Isn't this tipical for the Democraps...blame. They do nothing wrong! Well at least half of that is correct they do nothing. Okay, lets address the subject of blame...look at the state of the country, who are they going to blame that on? Non citizens taking away everything that generations of true Americans worked for and getting away with it. Whose to blame for that? Hell, the head of their party is one of those isn't he, a foreigner. Believe me, term limits for all congress would end a lot of this crap...blame. Iwas sick when I heard the results of the last Presidential election, I am totally disgusted now. How could anyone continue to believe in, what's his name and his frickin' Czar's, that discusts me too, An just like their Russian counterparts who screwed up that country, they have screwed up this one...in less than 4 years! Oh, lets blame Bush.

  • Dusty1

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the attack dog-mouthpiece of the Democratic Party. That she and the unions hate the Tea Party is understandable. Until the Tea Party, the Democrats and unions were running wild, unchecked. The Tea Party has shined a light on the TREACHERY occurring in our government today. The scoundrels operate better under cover of darkness. The last thing they want is attention and accountability. The Tea Party and all conservatives are awake and paying attention to what's going on and we are ready to INDICT those who violate the US Constitution.

  • stevor

    The words, "head democrat" explain it. Anybody who managed to become a head democrat has a major mental disability

  • bob

    Why don't they get real and blame Fast and Furious or Erik Holder, think of it GUNS AND DRUGS.

  • Kit

    Seems to me that every time I hear Debbie Wasserman Schultz talk she's plucking information out of the air. Does she not know how to tell the truth or is she just plain stupid? It must be a talking point on the democratic side to blame every thing on the Tea Party and the Republicans. Did they ever stop to think that maybe their own actions cause alot of the problems that we have to deal with today.
    We must do every thing in our power to wake America up and support the Republican party to take the WH, Congress and the House back in 2012.

  • Alfrea A. Thomas


    I`m in despair to day.
    I`ve lost confidence in the U.S.A.
    The scheme of some is to destroy.
    We can`t even trust our envoy.

    The strength of this nation is weaker.
    Do you hear me Mister Speaker?
    A certain view is in the White House room.
    Will our beloved nation meet its doom?

    We can take our nation back with enough scope.
    Pray, trust in God, vote right: there`s hope

    © 2012 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)

    • http://godandspirit.com Tina

      i like your poem visit my web site http://www.godandspirit.com i am an author that writes spiritual poetry :)

  • RPS

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a demcrat in good standing and I doubt she has an original thought in her life. She represents perfectly the drone mentality that has pervaded the democrats and liberal establishment in general. When she speaks, I automatically smell the stench of marxism making its way out and poisoning the atmosphere. For her to blame the Tea Party for the Giffords shooting is par for the course. She will probably proclaim that Obama can walk on water anytime now, because this will be suggested in a White House memo, probably authored by Jay Carney who so eloquently echoes Obamanisn for all its worthless diatribe. The fact that she is the DNC Chairman should tell you exactly how misguided the DNC had become. Oh yes, and there is a new word to describe all of these people....."ineptocrats," a people who believe in a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing

  • JOHN


  • djw663

    Us Tea Party types are a violent bunch so you better watch out Democrats. We are what you think is wrong with America. Freedom, freedom, an oppertunity to become successful, principles, values, morals you know we are destroying America. You are such an angry, ignorant woman Debbie.

  • Bill R.


  • Daniel L. Skillman

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is without a doubt one of the biggest and complete wack jobs in the open today. There is no way that any remotely or even partially sane person could start to believe any of the metally deficient and totally demented things that this woman says. I cannot believe that they seriously have her in charge of the Democratic Party. No wonder its so messed up. If this is their idea of leadership, it explains alot about the Hollyweird/LaLaLand connection.

  • WARancher

    Debbie is a stunningly appropriate choice for chairr and spokesperson for the Democratic Party.
    Keep it up, Debbie; you and your members sound more vile and rediculous - should I add desparate? - by the day.

  • greg

    now they are editing comments on this site seig heil!!

  • Alfred A. Thomas

    YOU WILL NEVER BE SAD - An abecedarian poem

    After a short time
    I thought about writing an abecedarian.
    It sounded hard to me.
    But it got to be fun.
    Now, I`m on the run.

    Before you call me dumb, try it.
    You may find out, you like it.
    I`m loving it this time.
    It goes better with rhyme.

    Call me coo-coo, I don`t care.
    I`ve got plenty of time to spare.
    I`m sitting in this easy chair.
    There`s no music to blare.

    Do you think I`m crazy?
    I`m not crazy, maybe a little lazy.
    I don`t have to milk Dasie.
    Out side, it`s a little hazy.

    Effortlessly I write.
    It may be wrong, it may be right.
    But it`s far from out of sight.
    Anyway, it`s almost night.

    For Marvin`s sake, I write this form.
    Although it`s not my norm.
    After all, who wants to get in a rut.
    I hope you don`t think I am a nut.

    Good golly hot tomali.
    Bear with me and my folly.
    Sing ''O by gosh, by golly.
    It`s gonna be me and my Mollie.''

    Honk your horn if you like this song.
    Come on now, sing along.
    Sing it loud, sing it strong.
    Play your music, sound your gong.

    Inhale, exhale.
    Choir, let your voices sail.
    Musicians, make your music swell.
    Do your job and do it well.

    Justis will be served if you do.
    Through Washing D.C., march on through.
    The T-Party is marching through.
    How many of us will follow you?

    Kindle a fire and let it burn.
    This is the fire of freedom that we yearn.
    Stir up the freedom fire, let it churn.
    Freedom is alive, don`t put it in a urn!

    Love freedom with all your heart.
    You won`t let it die if you are smart.
    Of the solution, be apart.
    Be on the cutting edge of tart.

    My man Marvin and me are one.
    One mind, one accord. Don`t you see?
    We want freedom we have to remain free.
    Follow us, that is, if you agree.

    No man can fight this battle alone.
    Everyone has to be a steppingstone.
    Follow us if you are maturely Grown.
    Be a brave warrior, you won`t be alone.

    Over the hill gang, we may be.
    We remember most everyone`s personality.
    We`ve lost so much morals to carnality.
    My friends, this is reality.

    People wake up before it`s too late.
    At least now, we can debate.
    Little is better than none at any rate.
    What will be your eternal fate?

    Question your leaders if you can.
    Ask him to lead us if he wants to be our man.
    Remember, it`s our votes on which he ran.
    If he doesn`t do the job, he`s not our fan.

    Republican, or Democrat, it doesn`t matter.
    We didn`t elect you to stand with flatter.
    We didn`t elect you to scatter.
    We elected you to make it so we could fill our platter.

    Save our ship, or it will sink.
    Take your job seriously! We`re at the brink.
    Turn this ship around, think man, think!
    Don`t use your computer to add another bad link!

    Tomorrow may never come.
    But I won`t drink rum.
    This answer may be for some.
    But my answer is God. He`s the right sum.

    United, we stand. Divided, we fall.
    God redeems the great and the small.
    Give Him your all, I repeat, give Him your all.
    He is our leader, He is our all.

    Victory is ours in the end.
    He came to save us from this bend.
    Great Judgement on evil, He will send.
    Are you with me my dear friend?

    Why do you linger for so long?
    When we are weak, God makes us strong.
    Come on now, join in singing our song.
    You can`t go wrong, you can`t go wrong.

    X sinner born again.
    Now you are a King`s kid, with Christ, we`ll reign.
    There`ll be no more pain, there`ll be no more pain.
    Heaven is our gain, Heaven is our gain.

    You well be glad.
    You will never be sad.
    All is good, gone is the bad.
    There`ll be no one to make you mad.

    ZION will be our new home.
    Wild animals will be tamed, together we can roam.
    We will live forever under God`s Dome.
    His Dome will be forever our home.

    © 2012 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)

  • George L. Randle

    I think the most reprehensable words were that of Giffords Father. blindly thinking that anyone who opposes his daughter would stoop to try to kill her. Maybe we should blame him for making her ideolog of the left. These fools with their feet firmly planted in mid-air are on the road to being dammed fools for eternity. As Forrest Gump says, stupid is what stupid does.

  • http://MSN.COM Dick

    Just another POLITICAL PROSTITUTE who sits on her BRAINS being fouled by POLUTED AIR!!!

  • Carolyn

    She will say anything for attention as she is sucking up to Obama to get Momma Nancy's job. The Nut job Here in Tucson didn't even know what the TEA PARTY WAS. He was too far strung out on the drugs this bunch are letting come across the border.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Of course she blamed the Tea Party. That's what all good liberals do when something reprehensible happens; blame their opposition. Schultz is still looking for her first rational thought. If she would only get her head out of her butt, she might start to understand that she is part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Noel

    The head douchebag Democrap needs an Orthodontist.

    • Tony

      And, a Plastic Surgeon to, correct her ugly "beak," which ironically, matches her brain. Whoops, what brain???

  • Patrick Henry

    Whiny liberal Democrats never stop whining until they get their way..........Well, not this time, grow up and understand MOST people in the U.S. are NOT like you.

  • John Hardman

    After the last bullet has been fired and the last corpse identified, we will bury our dead. The Conservatives will thank God for their victory over the misguided Liberals and their legions of Urban Captives. While the tell-tale odor of death still lingers in pockets on warm humid days as a reminder to all of what is possible when Patriotic Men feel the yoke of bondage descending on our Land.
    The Liberals will once again turn to Their Dream of a Utopia where Common Sense and God are replaced by an all pervasive Big Brother Government that manages every aspect of every persons waking and sleeping moments.
    Have Liberals not learned from History that Socialism is unworkable for most intelligent Human Beings. and has failed each and every time it has been attempted.

  • PissedOffInAZ

    This amazes me. Moron's like Schultz can't think of any truths to provide in order to further their agenda so they ignorantly replay proven lies in the hope that if they tell them often enough people will think they are truths.

    Progressives have lost and they can't admit defeat. Pray for them.

  • http://godandspirit.com Tina

    we are watching the liberals self destruct as they scream in agony knowing they have lost !!!!

  • RPS

    Continuation of my definition of an ineptcocrat who believes in a system of government " where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where those members of society least capable of sustaining themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of the diminishing number of producers." I do not own this definition, but it certainly fits the DNC bag lady and her associates perfectly.

  • Donnamohler

    Drug testing for GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES- She is the perfect example why this needs done!

  • gbandy

    Oh Debbie! This offspring of relations with a buffalo just spews hate, dishonesty, and outright lies. What is so bad is there are so many people who are just so ignorant they cannot hear the truth or the facts and just believe the words from such a person as Debbie W-S. Before her it was that other nut case head of the DNC.


    The great philosopher Pryor said" you going to belive what I tell you or whar your lying eyes see".Schultz is just another pawn in line to take away our freedom.I do admit I lose a complete meal everytime she commets on any subject.

  • Joanne

    Meanwhile the Occupers continue to get arrested and destroy property costing cities much money and the media shoves it under the rug. Guess it's supposed to be a well-kept secret.

  • Tomas

    Is there any relation between Her and the Wasserman test for Syphilis, a spirochete that causes brain damage?

  • Pastor Carmen

    As a Pastor I must say this Please forgive me if I offend anyone but who in the hell votes for these Communist?

  • Bud

    Ms. Wassermas Schultz gets airtime from the Lamestream Media to advance her propagander, we need to be heard in any way possible (letters to newspapers, e-mails to Fox News Correspondants,etc. etc.)

  • Rick H

    If Debbie had a brain she would be dangerous. She has filled in the shoes of pit bull Anthoney Weiner. Always a big mouth with no substance. Compare the two. They never answer the question and go off on tangents rehearsed over and over in front of the mirror. Debbie don't pull a wenner on facebook please!

  • Dave

    I hope you can now see why the Democratic Party has a problem. When the DNC Chair opens her mouth and spouts this kind of defication and a President hell bent to destroy the Nation only the stupid hear the remarks. Those with some type of intelligence now should understand that American is in real trouble due to the present leadership.Unfortunately the Republican Party is almost as bad. God Help Us!!!!!!!

  • T.Rex

    The Nazi ideology and Hitler's acts were all based on Social Darwinism. It's very strange that the US fought this to destruction in WWII and tried the perpetrators at the Nuremberg Trials. And now we have this diabolical plague taking over the US. The culprits: anti-God academics who don't want to be held resposible for anything. Now we have to fight this racist scourge in our own country.

  • dstudie

    Now, now now. Let's not make fun of the handicapped. It should be quite apparent to all that Debbie suffers from liberal dimensia, a mental disorder which is a form of insanity, not to mention she suffers from terminal ugliness which I hear can now be cured with plastic surgery.

  • Mr. K

    If one were to ignore the facts, her accusation could seem possible to someone on a steady diet of mainstream media news. However, the facts indicate her accusation is 100% fantasy. The Tea Party is dedicated to making change from within the system by following the law. And there is no indication that Loughner was remotely interested in or affiliated with the Tea Party. The facts are Loughner is a mentally disturbed person who experimented with illicit drugs. A combination that virtually guarantees tragedy.

    Since leftist ideology is firmly rooted in fantasy, one would think Ms. Wasserman-Schultz would feel a close bond to someone as twisted as Mr. Loughner.

  • Susan

    The DNC head is a strident, closed minded liberal. Like all "liberals' - her way or the highway. I pride myself on being conservative but open minded about many things. I may disagree but will defend your right to differ to the utmost of my abilities. Liberal Democrats cannot seem to say the same thing about themselves. Narrow minded and close minded so I guess she is a good choice to lead that small pack.

  • skipfoss

    Iforgot that you can't mention the half breed on this site

  • tigersgeaux

    The talking head demonrat spewing caustic venom. No surprise here. She can speak without accoutability. The demonrats can advance any policy or aim their barbs at everyday Americans and think there is no consequence. Oh yes, there is a day of judgment coming. May God have mercy on their souls, while we eliminate them from all areas of power.

  • Bill

    Madame Chairperson, knows the facts before you open that mouth.

  • BOB

    -------------------------- DO PEOPLE STILL LISTEN TO DEBBIE???---------------------------------------------

  • June

    Wasserman-Schultz is "senile and delusional" - -she evidently inherited that "gene" from her father!

  • bill

    She has waited just long enough, about a year after the tragic event, so that most folks would probably have forgotten that the shotter had told athorities he does not read papers or watch television. Soooooo how did he even know about the Tea Party movement ? Debbie, even as far out of touch as you are, should have remembered this fact. Shame on you for being so stupid, a wise man once soid' "It's better to have folks think you're stupid than to open your mouth and prove it. "

  • Rickoff

    It's almost comical how leftists like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have been so quick to forget that the shooter, Gerald Loughner, was a Democrat, and one who had worked as part of Gifford's campaign staff. Authorities found a letter at Loughner's home which Gifford had sent to Loughner thanking him for the work he had done on her behalf. Loughner was never a TEA Party participant, and being the leftist that he was would most likely have chosen to shoot up a TEA Party rally if the motivation was political. I would think it far more likely that either Loughner became angry over some kind of disagreement with Gifford's staff, became obsessed with Gifford and felt scorned by her for canning him, or that like Oswald, Ruby, Sirhan, and Hinckley, Loughner may well have been programmed, through hypnosis, to commit these atrocities.

  • Tom

    Did the Dems ( Dims ) pick the nastiest, most intolerane, defaming, brain-dead, arrogant, self-loathing numb-skull to be their Leader ? Why yes they did.

  • Carol Gerber

    Head-Job Debbie Wasserman Schultz Maybe You Could Give Jimmy Hoffa Jr Some Of Your Head-Job , Yikeess, God Bless America And The Marines Pissing On The Muslim Brotherhood Army.!

  • mesaman

    All those who wish to believe the comments of a confirmed, USDA approved idiot, please form a line to the extreme left. There you can whine and complain and find fault with everything and everyone that does not fit your insipid agenda and become confirmed members of the dung beetle corps, AKA democrat party.
    Those who think she is a total idiot, stay put. There isn't room for you to form a line that criss-crosses the entire USA>

  • David in MA

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a brainless emotional
    defecient twit who needs a good weekend of naughty sex..
    Then traded to a saudi prince who would show her
    how valuable she really is compared to a goat.

  • Grimm

    Other than blame...blame...blame. Does this party take any resposibility? Really?! Been hearing this since the monkey took office. Bush this, Bush that. Tea party this etc...

  • freeamericausa

    Debby is the Democrat answer Bill Clinton looked for, and instead, had to settle for Monica. Now, the leader of the Dem party has the PROPER name of "HEAD DEMOCRAT"???
    How fitting, and so appropriate could they get?
    Like Joe Biden. Debbie is another GIFT from the Democrats to Republicans...'That never stops Giving!'

  • JAB

    The Blame Game continues on the left, just like their leader . A partisan bunch they are! No blame can fall on OWS,.... just the Tea party, the conserves and the repubs., (the only people who are concerned about which way the country is headed).

  • Dano

    Why , because it's true?

  • Fed~Up*

    It is sickening how the liberal left is so quick to point fingers and blame the Tea Party and GOP for this shooting, the fact remains the the majority of RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE don't like the direction the liberal left is taking our country, it's totally Unconstitutional what they are doing. Why would anybody in their right mind go along and defend this MARXIST/COMMIE joke in the White House , oh we better watch what we say because the joke passed NDAA behind our backs because he fears 'We The People', well guess what? 'We The People ' have had enough of this, 'We The People' will not allow this joke to turn OUR Country into some 'FAILING EUROPEAN SOCIALIST' Country... Some people just carry it a little too far and 'We The People' cannot be held responsible for the Jared Loughner's of the world. Too bad Democrat Party Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz wasn't in Tucson, we don't need her or her trouble making kind!

  • Tank

    Debbie Wasserman-Shultz said..... and you lost me... Who cares what that manshe says... She is nuttier than squirrel sh!t!

  • Rich

    Now that I am a Florida resident I will be more than happy to help vote her out. Born without a brain and still breathing.

  • joe

    this femi-nazi schultz slut needs her ass kicked.

  • schreckenlicht

    Debbie Wasserman Gulch - da-da-da-da-DA-da! What's she's really afraid of is that some tea party member might just toss a bucket of water on her...and then it would be "I'm melting! I'm melting....'ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrr! Gee, if we could be so lucky....

  • old ben

    that poor debbie whatsname looks likt thr goats have been sucking on her hair. if thats the best the dems have well why worry/she is a sad sack. .

  • The Truth

    We presume you have evidence to back up this accusation Wasserman-Schultz? The liberals never do; they try to pass off their opinions as such. Liars and thieves all of them.

  • Rose-Marie Noa

    One needs a functioning brain that hasnt been killed by all the drugs their parents took in the 60's. This generation of brain dead idiots is the result of the drug crazed, free love 60's.....these are their offspring. It's no wonder they are idiots. Those people also ruined a lovely city....San Francisco & a lovely state....CA so that no sane person could live there! This is what spewed forth Pelosi, Boxer,Waxman, the EPA etc etc etc!!!

  • ethridge wells

    do you need any more evidence that the democrat party is ruining this country. obama pelosi, reid ,schultz, clyborn, hoyer,weiner waters, frank, how did they get such a group of incompetents at the same time.

    • Tony

      You didn't include Rep. Sharon Jackson-Lee, from Houston, TX. Not only is she a total Liberal, but also, a Racist!!!!

  • Tom

    I am so glad that she is the spokesperson for the democrats, it show just how goofey they are. Rock on Debbie, everytime you open your mouth you make proud to be a Republican who believes in the tea party.


    First off you can take every problem we have in this country an trace it to a liberal democrat,,Everyone without no exception.
    It was a tragedy that 19 people were shot and six died. As a result Giffords will be held out as a saint, when in fact, she is an idiot , a left wing "enviro-nut" who should not be in Congress. The media only cares about her because she is a Democrat. Had she been a Republican, like the federal judge who was killed, she would have been off the front page the next day, as he has been.
    Poster-child for what is wrong in Washington , DC Our Arizona 8th District US Congressional representative, the Hon. Gabrielle Giffords, in a meeting of the House Armed Services Committee, asked General David Petraeus the following question: "General Petraeus, what are you doing to reduce carbon emissions in the war on terror?" Wow. I had to read, and re-read this several times to believe it. Folks, there are American sons and daughters dying every week on the foreign battlefields of southwest Asia . an this TWIT is worried about ---------

  • poacher

    the shooter was a leftist extremist that felt his target was not left enough. how is that the tea party?

  • Red Rock

    Debbie , needs to be put on the front line . Standing by her Illegal Boss , Fire , Fire , Fire . Now go tell some more lie's.

  • Robert

    Why are Americans mad as hell . Simple the government has been high jacked by Progressive nut jobs that want to destroy the American way of life , They are doing a good job of it to.
    America was born in a revulsion and that may be what we need to do again .
    We have a Diaper Head in the White House , anarchist as advisers , anti -Americans holding offices , and judges that don't care about the law but their agendas .
    This year will be the tipping point ,America will live or die . Obama has made it clear that he will take over one way or another . The Question is are YOU the American People going to stand by and let it happen or are you going to take a stand when the Crap hits the fan !

  • jjjjjjiiiimmmm

    delete my asssss

  • jjjjiM

    funk all demunist party gafs,,, obUma 2

  • Ben B.

    Is this the best the DNC can come up with. This person could n't make top button on a Rabbi's fly.

  • steve

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is completely delusional, or a pathological liar. Or both. The only group she has any credibility with is her fellow far left loonies who drink the same kool-aid. I no longer give any credence to anything she says. I would love to see somebody do an article on her debunking all her lies, and see that published far and wide.

  • Bob D

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz? PUHLEEEESSSEEE!

  • covert1970

    HEAD DEMOCRAT: The one with the dirty knees !

  • http://google.com Bob


  • http://google.com Bob



    She is another air head lib the libs will not understand that we have the right to have a gun.

  • floyd

    Think You Know Mitt Romney..You owe it to yourself and America to watch this video..Real American citizens LOSING their jobs cause of Mitt Romney.. You better get to KNOW who the Hell your voting for..!

  • Guest

    Wasserman-Schultz is proof that in order to be a Democrat you must be brain dead and insane.

  • Regina

    My understanding was, that with the limited brain function the shooter possessed, he was obviously a liberal.

  • mesaman

    All those who wish to believe the comments of a confirmed, USDA approved idiot, please form a line to the extreme left. There you can whine and complain and find fault with everything and everyone that does not fit your insipid agenda and become confirmed members of the dung beetle corps, AKA democrat party.

  • http://bowlingsurfboards.com pete

    what a liar that is all you can say she is a liar , that nut job was a pot head wack job not a tea party activst.

  • jwsat

    As I was watching the news tonight and reading on the internet all that is going on in our country – appointments being made outside the Constitution, numerous rulings by the courts, requests being made to raise the debt ceiling again – I nearly felt a feeling of helplessness and frustration try to come upon me. It was like “if our elected officials will not do anything to stop this, what are we supposed to do about it or is there even anything we can do?” The elections seem so far away and what damage might be done until then!

    Then this feeling arose inside of me that said “You know what, Enough is Enough! It is time for God's Warriors, His Church, the Body of Christ to shake off their slumber and take a stand! Stand together as a unified body, with one voice”. And I mean that literally.

    We need to have our own grassroots National Day of Prayer. This is what I would like to propose: On Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm Central Standard time, I would like each one of us to come before the Lord, at the exact same time, in unity. First (with a resounding voice) to praise and bless His Name, proclaim His Awesomeness, to honor His Faithfulness, to thank Him for His Grace, His Mercy and for all He has done for each one of us, our families and for our Nation. And then, standing in agreement and unified, cry out to God – ask for His Divine intervention on behalf of our Nation and each of her citizens and for protection against anything that might cause lasting damage to our Nation!

    “Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about whatever they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in Heaven” (Matthew 18:19). “For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment” (Luke 1:37). No matter how difficult or impossible the situation may seem, God can always bring change and restoration!

    It is time for this “sleeping giant” (the Church) to arise. If you will stand in agreement with me on January 19th (1:00 pm. CST), please copy and re-post this everywhere you can. E-mail it to friends. Lets get people all across our Nation, at one specific time, who will stand together in Spiritual unity and pray with a mighty voice!!

    Then we will watch as the miraculous takes place!!!

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Time for SarahPac to target Debbie Wasserman-Sergeant Schultz for defeat,

  • patriot

    deb, take on some more fiber in your diet then crawl back under the rock you came from.

  • JMB

    If any of the libs. political and media would research the shooter in Tucson they would realize his problem was with the judge who was presiding over a trial between the rancher on the border and the illegals that he stopped and turned over to the Border Patrol. The judge was about to award 175 Million Dollars to the illegals. The Senator was colatoral damage, he wanted to kill the judge which he did.


    The man who shot all the people in Arizona was insane not a Tea Party member,for all we know he may have been a Democrat, supported by Schultz so she can blame the Tea Party,this woman is nuts!!she a Brown Shirt for Obama,just like Hitler had in WWII,they would commit murder to please their leader,she's doing all the lying to please her radical President,,she doesn't know any thing about the Tea Party,they only want the Government (Obama) to stop spending all of our money and stay out of our lives,Obama wants us to call him King so we have to go to him for all our needs,just like the Communist,if we don't vote this radical out in Nov.we will be Communist and doomed.

  • qil

    Another LIBERAL nitwit promoting hate!!


    Wuzz-a-man has issues with validity, the truth and her are distant and by the time she chews it up it is unrecognizable. Ol'Deb is in real need of a soap mouthwash.

  • change in 2012

    She is a disgusting human being

  • wally

    I give Greg Gutfeld of the five and "Red Eye" for his observation of Ms. Schultz. as the best I have seen so far He said she is a welcome sight to the Reublican party as she is an ambarassment to the DNC and brash, abrassive, and a vexation of the spirit and not only that her appearance could use some serious makeover. The hair and eye dressing have to go. So obnoxious with the lies spewing all over the place. Greg asked were not "Shawn Pean or Joy Behar " available ? the BEST. She is perfect as a representative of the DNC and all that they stand for. --CR#* !!!

  • dhornblower

    Its a wonder they didn't blame George Bush! He gets blamed by them for everything else! Why don't you look in your own ranks, you stupid idiots! The Tea Party is trying to get some sanity into this administration that can't see the forest for the trees! One thing that needs to happen immediately, if not yesterday, is that this illegal, socialist, kenyan muslim must be IMPEACHED NOW. If we wait for the 2012 elections, it may be too late as this anti-American has far too many Americans duped who, along with all those illegals and dead people, will vote for this guy. Furthermore, if he does get elected, God forbid, we could see the end of one or our most precious rights as citizens which is that of voting. I could easily see this muslim becoming a mullah dictator. I pray that America will wake up and get this guy and several of his staff members out of office, along with some of those dumbocrats such as Pelosi, Reid, Schummer, etc. as they are nothing more than puppets for this administration! God save America!!

  • Jennie

    Yes, yes, yes, and the Tea Party was responsible for 9/11...Demwits will always find somebody else to blame for everything even when it doesn't make sense. How do these lunatics get elected?

  • haroldson

    you know I have never heard any one express any hateful terms toward Gabby all I ever heard was pity and sorrow and hopes and prayers for her to get better and pull through that ordeal every one republican democrats , All were the same. Debbie Shultz you are in plain words a hate monger and not fit to speak Gabby Giffords name. Crawl back in to you hole and keep away from the good people of this world you are trash

  • Leon Ewers

    I see that social engineering is still hard at work.

    "There was an error posting your comment. Maybe it was too short? "

    Or maybe this site isn't sophisticated enough to handle short comments. Thes has to be the most ignorant error message I have ever seen.



  • crosshugger

    At least Giffords came out ofher coma...debbie and the dems are still in one...look in their eyes, nobody is home....

  • keepyourpower

    I read that the shooter of Giffords was a Democrat who gave to her campaign. He was angry at her because she would not listen to him...and..he was mentally deranged!

    He was in NO WAY a member of the TEA Party...he is a LEFTIST!

    Too bad no one mentions this.

    I would LOVE the opportunity to walk up to her and say...."PROVE IT!"

  • Pegi

    Have you ever listened to her on Fox? She's brain dead! The silliest things come out of her mouth. Far as I can tell, the Tea Party has never been violent like their OWS buddies. CLRAE is correct in his accessment and she is dead wrong. She's another one of those deaf, dumb and blind liberals spouting the company line without any facts. When will they learn we're not as dumb as they think?

  • Wayne

    If a few Democrats of this country would go to Tea Party club meetings, many of them will not longer be Democrats. This will not work for the Socialist/Marist Democrats as their odds of commen sence are gone!

  • American

    Why do democrats look for the stupidest people to put in positions that require enough intelligence to at least tie their shoes. Good examples are Obama, Pelosi, Reed and of course their leader Debbie.
    She would blame God for putting that tree in the Garden of Eden is she knew who He is.

  • Outlawcajun

    D.W-S's theme song....."If I Only Had A Brain"

  • 1marg

    And I blame ALL of the deaths at WACO on the Democrats.
    Also, the death of the US agent in the Fast and Furious debacle, as well as the deaths that are sure to happen in the future with those guns, belong to the Democrats.

    Bring it on, Debs, we're ready for you. Lying piece of donkey dung.

  • gepops58

    well good old Deb is at it again,I reckon she is now the poster child for the left's immorale moron department, is there ever a time when this woman does not have her foot in her mouth and as far as this giffords woman being shot was this crazed gunman not a card carrying democrat?and a big follower of the left's "its only about me"following so just how the hell can these idiots blame any of this tragic mess on the tea party,I reckon its the barack obama mentality you go out and stir up all this trouble spread as many lies as possible and then put all the blame on the only people with any sort of morale backbone and common sense in north america, it certainly does not fall on the empty headed idiots on the left all they're good for is trouble and truckloads of stupidity,these folks have no idea what truth honesty and justice is about

  • lizaz

    Dumb as a stump!!!!

  • Slanted Heart

    We need to all come together to help our failing nation. Vote and get the Muslim criminal out of office. Put your children and grandchildren in Christian schools or home school them. They are after the minds of our young and we have a generation that has already been affected. Stock up on guns and get ready to lock and load. If Obummer cheats his way back in America will be at war right here all those Muslims will be coming out of their training camps that our govt allows and it's gonna get ugly. We have to clean up the mess he has made since he took office Vote out nut cases like this woman head of DNC just shows how dangerous their party is and she talks bad about normal true Americans the Tea Party I worry for my Childrens future need to close our borders. God help us

  • Mark

    The Tea Party's main agenda is CUT SPENDING, CUT THE BUDGET AND START PAYING OFF OUR DEBT!!! What's the problem with that. Sounds like a good plan to me. The killings were just an act of a crazy man who should be punished for his crimes.

  • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

    Democrats are the terrorist that live in this country and you should dang well fear them as they would kiss satans arse to stay in power.

  • herb

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz...AKA "HARPO MARX"...what an a..hole!...her middle name is "was a man"

  • heylottylotty

    If, that is IF that woman has a husband, he has earned his place in heaven. Somehow I feel I must apologize for that woman since I live in Florida. I am not, nor have I ever been responsible for her being in office or for her as a person. It is such a shame that the democrats even let her in the building much less listen to her viscious lies and rude mouth. Her momma ought to be ashamed for not using enough soap on that dirty mouth when she had a chance. Where is the pride?? How can an adult American with any pride let her be in charge much less a peer to the Congressmen and women representing our Nation???

  • MrBill

    Is it even remotely possible that this bimbo has even one functional brain cell left ?

  • SittingMooseShaman

    ...figures...coming from that postWW2 nahtzee hag...and Rep Giffords was set upon by her OWN PARTY for leading the Democratic representatives who voted hagdermeister Pelosi out of the House Speakers' defiled Chair. Loughner is a left-wing nut maniac sent out to kill Rep. Giffords...which is the reason we SELDOM hear much about it...as now...someone or body is zeroing in on these 'left'-over nahtzee pig-rats' act against the heroic congresswoman...

  • Johnny U

    How in the heck can the good people of Florida elect, at the same time, a brilliant man such as Col Allen West and a meathead, dead from the neck up, as S.W.S. Her head is so far up Obummers ass that if he make a sudden right turn her neck would snap like a turkey at Thankgiving.

  • Robert

    Halfwit,Halfwit Debbioe needs to take a s- it. Oh! no if she did that the other half of her brain would get Flushed along with the rest of her Sewer thoughts and Statements!

  • Robert

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz go genoflex yourself!~

  • Elwood

    So the DNC is blaming the TEA PARTY for the Arizona shootings? What's surprising about that? Between now and November everything that goes wrong anywhere in the world will be either the TEA PARTY's or GEORGE W. BUSH's fault! You can bet your sweet bipsy on that! After all, the poor baby in the White House inherited the mess, right? He has told us that at least a million times, right?

  • Dexter

    When she opens her mouth, a flood of irresponsible, non-factual, unfounded distortions pour out to such an overwhelming degree that it totally confounds me as to how a person like her every got elected. Every time I hear her I laugh, I am infuriated and sickened. I much prefer a comedy club!

  • Lou7

    The only people this person (male/femle?) appeals to are hate mongers. She is Despicable. There just aren't any words horrific enough to describe this horrible person.

    Who votes for such hateful people? Tell us who you are so we can avoid you.

  • Mike Travis

    How is it that people like DWS get elected and re-elected? Are the democrats really so blind that they do not listen to anything she says? It is absolutely beyond belief that the left, who is directly responsible for the deaths of 100 million people worldwide in the 20th century, can get away with making public statements like hers!

    This proves once again that liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  • Gear

    The Tea Party demonstrations are notoriously peaceful - The Occupy Rally's a notoriously violent and filled with criminal activity!

  • Vance

    Read a book once in a while before you make a comment on it. That "Uncle Tom" reference pisses me off every time I hear read or see it, because it is invariably a mis-characterization of who and what Uncle Tom was in the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Uncle Tom was murdered (beaten to death) by two savage slaves who had bought into the plantation experience and were the enforcers of the perfect picture of a ruthless plantation owner; because he would not reject his conscience and faith. Those who torture and persecute others at the behest of their liberal "masters" should instead be labeled Quimbo or Sambo. Uncle Tom gave his life in defiance to the tyranny of one race over another while still refusing to allow hatred to rule his heart. Using a term that those still on the plantation (and don't want to get out) use is asinine and shows a willingness to conform that I, honestly, did not expect to read from you.

  • poss



    This is EXACTLY WHY it IS FUTILE to talk to a democRAT!! They can NOT, will NOT, EVER SEE OR BELIEVE ANY KIND OF FACTS or even COMMON SENSE that is put in THEIR FACE!!
    Ask a LOT of the BLACK VOTERS who they are voting for and they will tell you in a HEARTBEAT obama!! THEN ASK THEM WHY ARE THERE MORE BLACKS OUT OF WORK THAN EVER and WATCH THEM SEARCH FOR ANSWERS-BUT STILL BELIEVE he is a great president!! You can NOT CURE IGNORANCE!! (it goes for the white "O" supporters as well that are shown obamacare for example and they do NOT KNOW what it contains much less the number of pages!!)

  • Sharon

    PAY ATTENTION to how Wasserman-Schultz NEVER ANSWERS the media questions??? She just goes right into diarrhea and foaming of the mouth with her Radical Liberal Socialist Democrap Talking Points defending ODumbo!!!!!!!!

  • NoSuperman

    She has nothing on us--so she whips up lies! And more lies. And I am being charitable with my words about her.

  • SSG

    did i here wright that the oboma administration paid some one to do the shooting ,WOW.thats terrouble. poor stupid DEMOCRATS QUESTON did they catch them ,

  • iwojimafan

    Debbie is just your TYPICAL LEFT WING LYING PEA BRAIN NEO NAZI SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT. THIS IS THE SAME TACTIC HITLER USED AGAINST ANYONE WHO OPPOSED HIM. They continually LIE and along with there Scumbags in the so called main stream news media

  • johnee2

    Who ever said ignorance is bliss?didn't know there was Wasserman schultz's crawling out from under the rocks,everyday.Blissful ignorance is one thing,but this degenerate reprobate is so visciously ignorant that she doesn't realize every time she opens her infected mouth ,more and more people realize just what lying pigs these people are,so we should thank her and her America hating crony's Reid,Pelosi,Hoyer,and all of the human flotsam and jetson AKA as the democrat party.

  • Marlin

    As long as we're playing the blame game: how about the soft, weak judges produced by liberal universities, judges who seem to find any excuse to let criminals off easy. And I agree with those critical of Darwinism. The attitude toward society that Darwinism has fostered means to many that a life is only worth the bullet it takes to snuff it out. Wasserman-Schultz should be ashamed of herself, but she doesn't have the moral foundation or self-awareness to be ashamed.

  • Douglas PANNEBAKER

    Tea Party had nothing to do with it. It's liberal laws & liberal reps in office & liberals on the street.
    Liberals & their beliefs are the problem. I believe in certain parts of Sharia Law. Kill, be killed, steal lose a hand, lie lose your tongue & so forth.

  • Rosco

    The D N C has generated more hate than any other group I know of. They have more dead people voting than live people.
    That's it rule the dead.