Urinating on the Dead: Marine Performance Art?

You may have heard about American soldiers who urinated on the bodies of some dead Taliban insurgents. I suspect that the dead soldiers tried to kill American soldiers. War is hell. People are killed. Bodies are mutilated, blown to bits by bombs and shrapnel, and incinerated. My father had his right leg blown off in the Korean War. He would have preferred to have been urinated on if he could have kept his leg.

Here’s how Dan Murphy of the Christian Science Monitor reported on the story:

The military is investigating, and appears to have identified the four marines. Their military careers, it's safe to say, are close to over and a court martial is almost certain. A deeper look into the Marine unit involved and its command environment is coming down the pike. That's as it should be.

But remember that if you put enough men in combat, for enough time, this sort of thing is likely to happen.

So there’s outrage by public officials and apologies are being sent at the speed of light. Here’s what Congressman Allen West, with more than 20 years of active duty service in the United States Army, had to say about the incident:

The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.

As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.

I find all this very interesting in light of another urine incident.

Where were our government officials when artist and photographer Andres Serrano unveiled his “Piss Christ”? It was a photograph of a “small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine. The piece was a winner of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art’s ‘Awards in the Visual Arts’ competition, which is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, a United States Government agency that offers support and funding for artistic projects.”

What was the response from the art community? Here’s one example:

The art critic Lucy R. Lippard has presented a constructive case for the formal value of Serrano's Piss Christ, which she characterizes as mysterious and beautiful. She writes that the work is "a darkly beautiful photographic image… the small wood and plastic crucifix becomes virtually monumental as it floats, photographically enlarged, in a deep rosy glow that is both ominous and glorious." Lippard suggests that the formal values of the image can be regarded separately from other meanings.

In 2010, there was the ants on the crucifix video that was being shown at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, another government-funded institution. It was later moved to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Wendy Olsoff, a co-owner of the New York City art gallery that manages Wojnarowicz's work, said the artist frequently used animals and insects to represent metaphors for interactions in human society. “This was not hate speech,” she said. “It's a compassionate look at how we live. He’s overlaying the insect world on the human world. ... And he used ants in a series of surreal images, using them on guns, clocks and toy soldiers.”

The urinating Marines could argue that all they were doing was engaging in “performance art” that was designed to serve as a metaphor for interactions in human society. And what does the metaphor represent? They were pissed off in seeing their fellow-soldiers killed and for their government sending them off to fight senseless wars.

It's OK to blow the enemy apart and bath them in blood -- and a lot of innocent people as well -- but don't y0u dare urinate on them after you just killed them.

Just one man’s opinion.



  • screeminmeeme

    1. History Lesson: Solders have been peeing on their dead enemies since the first solder killed his first enemy.
    2.It's good to be reminded that war is hell.
    3.If you don't want to be killed and be peed on, don't go to war.
    4.Pious outrage is cheap theatrical bluster. Solders are paid to kill.
    5.If you don't want to be killed and peed on, don't try and kill a marine.
    6. Apologies will be officially made to all aggrieved parties, but really, it's tough luck and they don't care what you think.

    This was post on youtube by thewodm. It reflected by views.

    • screeminmeeme

      TYPOs. sorry.

      This was posted on youtube by thewodm. It reflected MY views.

      • florida subshine

        NOlooks like we missed a bunch in the big house they are pigs so treat them as such
        but some judge under some one they will go to ft Leavenworth
        there are more here should be there and dr col larked needs a full pardon he had three term in the war and wanted to see proof obama was U S A BORN WELL QUICK TRIAL SENT TO PRISON AND LOST ALL BENEFITS
        way to go Obama than a man in the air force did the same Honorable discharge and sent home
        remember to vote ONE IS CHECKING

        • rafael

          They killed Germs and Bacterias

    • J Pro

      Maybe it will enhance their scent. The Marines in the movie, are AMERICAN MARINES. The fighting corp for the AMERICAN NAVY. That said, they are of the highest quality of military that exists now and in our future. It peeing on a dead enemy is the practice, then so be it.
      Till you personally have been in a situation such as this - shut up.
      AMERICAN MARINES here need to be decorated.
      Thank you.

      • David

        Well said... We should create a bonus fund to REWARD ALL MARINES WHO KILL AND PEE ON THE ENEMY!

        SAY... $1000.00 PER

    • RP MADRI

      Couldn't agree more. Semper Fi !!

    • Vet Bill


    • jojostar

      those liberal idiots complaining about this should also be pissed on!!!
      how dare they condemn our marine heroes for their vehement anger at OUR enemy!!!!
      LET'S SEE THEM IN WAR!!! they would be peeing on themselves!!!

      • Clan Mom

        Amen, they would probably pee in their pants and do #2. This is just a case of the scum up in Washington judging our brave military. Let them have to live being shot at and watching your buddies be blown apart for a whole year. It's enough to make you pee on the enemy. I believe I would have done worse. This should have never gotten into the media. The Marine command deals with this sort of thing all the time. I'll just bet they aren't the only ones pissing on the enemy. The moslems probably believe they can't enter their "heaven" if they get peed on.

    • jojostar

      I comment these marines for their actions...let's send a message to liberal America...if you don't knock if off, you will be publically peed on!!!

      • shill

        I couldn't agree more. I say piss on all the liberals. They are
        doing more to destroy America than the enemy abroad.

    • Anne_PA

      I think Col Allen West said it best.

      Allen West,from The Weekly Standard:

      “I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.

      “All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?

      “The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter."

      “As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”

      Note that Col West specified, apologize to "God, Country, and Corps" but did NOT include the Taliban.

      • anne

        Finally someone in the government with a brain and some patriotism.

        By the way. These guys were stupid. They should never have filmed it . Old adage "Never do anything that has to be surgically removed or bought up later." In short don't film anything that you don't want your mother to see. Maybe I should say daughter since most military moms would say hoorah

        Go Col. West. Maybe he should be vice pres. HMMMMMMMM

        • Anne_PA

          anne: I agree... on all counts

          Why these guys created their own evidence is beyond me, but

          Actually, with all that's going on with Iran now, I'm even more convinced that, as a long shot as it is at this point, Gov Perry is our best bet as pres. Not only does he have a Conservative record in Texas that we need him to bring to DC, he's he only one who has stepped up to the plate and said he'd send troops to Iran/Iraq if needed.

          I would be very happy to see a Pery-West ticket, knowing that we'd be as safe as we could be.

        • KY Redneck

          Probably not one of those marines are more than a 20 year old kid in reality. Kids find ways to entertain themselves. Leave them alone, it's their way of dealing with what is going on around them. It's good for their mental health.

        • Anne_PA

          KY Redneck: I replied to your comment, all positive, but the moderator deleted it IMMEDIATELY.

          Not sure how to contact the moderator to find out why.

        • rafael

          Perry is a kiss ass to illegal aliens and China; go to hell Perry,you are good for Nothing.

        • Anne_PA

          raf: Not sure where you're getting your information, but you need new sources.

      • jim

        He is SO RIGHT ON!! These OBAMABOT SOCIALISTS should SHUT THEIR MOUTHS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Raleigh

      Only the "Media" and a few sick liberals care about this.

      I don't like it but it is a non-issue to me. Let's just move on.

    • Mary Theard

      Also, where was all this outrage when our dead soldiers were being dragged through the streets and dismembered......did I not hear one single demand for a serious condemnation of the soldiers who did this to our dead, who incidentally were sent over there to help free the oppressed

      • leviticus

        Yes you are absolutly right! Their bodies were burnt and probably while they were alive, hung from wires dragged through streets and probably beheaded as others were. These people are now in control of the U.S. government scum, just what makes anyone evade the reasoning that it wont happen in our streets. The ones in office are cowards and so much worse as our boys told they cannot defend themselves and allowed only a 7 clip round and Im sure are told not to kill the en'emy. The only reason they are there is to protect the oil for the enemy that they are holding as a threat over America. They have already used this threat and continue by threatening closing the Hormuz waterways. To those who told me It cant happen in America(GO TO HELL ALONG WITH THE COWARDS IN GOVERNMENT) you have helped to destroy America and the price is worse than the nazie's !!!!!!!!!!

      • jim

        I wonder how many AMERICANS these SAVAGES who DESERVE the WORST, KILLED??!!! These OBAMABOT MORONS could care LESS about that!! The Useless SCUMBAGS!!

    • J. Ball

      As a 23 year Air Force retiree, I feel that the Taliban foot-monkeys deserve every thing they get. The degrees of degradation in war can't be defined by appropriateness. The mistake here was that it was photographed. There is nothing "fair" in war.

    • Buddy

      We should be flying tankers full of pig piss and droping it all over them. The war would be over in a month because the evil sob's would never go to that land again nor would they want it on them. I think the Marines have blazed a trail. Just like if you don't want a mosque in your neighborhood, bury a pig on the land. They will not build it. It works in Spain and it will work here.

    • Richard

      I would have just stopped with #5. More than likely those people had been trying to kill the scout/sniper team, and got what was coming to them. As far as the urinating goes, when you survive a firefight, your emotions tend to run high, not to mention your adrenaline, they are blowing off steam. Meh, don't like it, don't assault a US Marine.

    • stuart d

      every solder in the united states services should piss on a dead arab. you think they would take the liberty to try everyone? give me a dead arab and i will piss on him infact give me a live one and i will piss on him too.

    • TheEkstaza

      So it ok if Taliban fighters take a dump on dead American soldiers? Just checking whether I should be outraged or not when they equally dishonor our dead.

      • screeminmeeme

        WHEN they dishonor our dead? THEY ALWAYS DISHONOR OUR DEAD...they mutilate, behead, dismember and drag the bodies or hang them for structures. What RATIONAL person would equate such atocities with peeing on a dead body? Personally, I think they should have dropped their drawers and crapped on them. I

        What they did sent a strong message to the enemy and they understand that this could happen to them. As muslims, they'd know that uncleanliness would keep them out of Paradise. I think its a smart tactic.

        Do tell which is worse: peeing on a dead terrorist, or slowly sawing the head of a living person?

    • Gene

      Your response to this is Outstanding in the least, Well thought out and well said , Bravo
      These sad excuses for leaders in our country ought to consider resigning if they stand to criticise these warriors.
      I don't think an apology is needed , and the idiots in the officer corps who intend to punish these men by court matrial should also resign with no Benefits .
      Have we heard any apologies from the TRASH who sneak attacked the world trade center and Killed over 2600 innocent people,
      I have not heard any apology.
      These muslim groups violate all human standards and we offer them free tuition,use of our schools and freedom to live in our Beautiful Country, We Will Rue the Day.
      We need more people like You with the courage to speak out..

    • GoneFishing0502

      Total agreement! Compared to the barbaric way the Muslim dogs treat our dead, beheading, dragging the body through the streets and more, urination is NOTHING! Were I running the war we would have a scorched earth policy and kill every man, woman, child, and animal. The land would be desolate and the animals would eat the flesh from the bodies. The only way to win a war is to kill the enemy, all of them!

    • smokeyesab22

      Instead of punishing the Marines, I think we should give them a promotion. I also think that we should dip all the bullets and bombs sent to Iraq and Afganistan in (hog) swine blood. If the muslim faith hates swine as bad as they say, they will not want to die from a bullit dipped in HOG blood.

      • anne

        In world war II there was a Muslim problem in Southeast Asian Islands.. There was an officer who his group had caught I think it was about 10 of them. He put them up against a wall and then had his men dip their bullets in pigs blood. Then they executed 9 of them with the bullets dipped in pigs blood. The last one was set free with the message that all the bullets were going to be dipped in pigs blood. They didn't have anymore problems with them.

        Just a thought.....

      • jim

        Every one of these SAVAGES should have PIG BLOOD poured on their bodies!! IF they think they won;t meet those virgins in their after life, they might think Twice about fighting and KILLING OUR AMERICAN HEROS!! That should be the policy and WIDELY publicized so these SAVAGES know that is EXACTLY what will happen to their carcasses!

    • Jerry

      I agree that perhaps this was not the best thing to do, if a camera was available. But, as has been said, if this was any Christian, or Christian symbol, it would be just great that it was done. Why is it that we can be dragged through the dtreets, called all kinds of things, but yet we have to apoligize to these people who we are at war with. The only reason Afghanistan is a somewhat ally is because we have bought that supposed loyalty.
      Enough is enough, and war is war. Let's not forget that.

    • Uncle Pat

      In the course of discussing this problem with the Marines.I found out that they were performing an act of kindness. One of the Taliban said that he was still alive and was real hot, so they were simply cooling him off. The others were dead, and the Marines were helping to cool down their rotting bodies so their families could identify them. It just goes to show that our Marines are just a bunch of good guys performing a difficult task ! Semper Fi

    • Retired Marine

      If it was a member of my recon unit many decades ago we would of taken a dump on them so Semper Fi marines

    • billkini

      Hell, all combat soldiers should be issued small vials of pig blood to pour on the dead TALIBAMOMA'S. !!!!

    • attila the hun

      Actually, I'd like to take a dump on Allen West. And that's better than he deserves.

      • BUD


    • nana

      And number 7, Politicians cause all wars.

    • Misspat01

      I don't know what fool put that picture on youtube, but ask me if I care about the Marines peeing on a dead enemy. Just think what would have happened to one of our Marines if they had been captured by these thugs.

    • Pineapple

      What the Marines did is nothing compared to what O'Bama has done to the American taxpayer.

      • BUD


    • SpaceChief

      Actually this ritual is the ultimate demostration of respect for the dead enemy. There is nothing like
      a refreshing shower, albeit a "golden shower" to thouroghly cleanse the Taliban corpses for a dignified burial.

    • BUD


    • Dan is Right!

      I completely agree. If anything, the marines should be punished for wasting their perfectly good urine on these dead savages!

    • Jerry

      I wish I could have been with them

    • L.K.BLAIR,USMC,Ret.

      Mess with the Best, die like the rest. The ones making all the noise about this incident have NEVER "been there, or done that" and should appreciate the fact that those young Marines are part of what allows them to blather away about something they know nothing about. In "Nam, I watched the jeep in front of mine go 30 meters into the air, from a 25 pound "box mine" of C4. (now they are called IEDs) 2 Marines and a Navy Seabee were killed in the blast. My thoughts are with todays warriors in Afghanistan. God Love you, Brothers, and keep YOU safe. Semper Fi!

      • Patrick Henry

        too bad ovomit and his kin and allah where not there they need to be washed the bastrds.

    • fromer USAR

      Mrs. Clinton expressed her outrage at our solders and demanded that they be punished for there bad judgement. She wasn't as quick to demand inpeachment of her husban for what he did to the dress and person of the aid Ms Monica Lenwensky.He was at the time comander in chief of the United States Armed Forces. The Democrats at the time defended his behavior and those who demanded inpeachment were said to be excessive.

    • George

      "It reflected by views." What does that mean? So you are inarticulate and an idiot.

    • David

      I like your statement.. especially # 5. I'm making it a bumper sticker!

    • David

      I like your statement... especially # 5. I'making it a bumper sticker!

    • Guest

      The last remains of America soldiers recovered from "insurgents" could not be identified, the body parts required DNA testing for positive ID. Those Marines should be reprimanded for wasting perfectly good urine without authorization. All combat troops should be required to coat their ammo with pig fat just to help our old Taliban buddies on their road to hell. Semper Fidelis!

    • Ron

      Good for you! I agree that if they are dead so be it. The fact that we give more respect to all dead or alive then they do, I over look any actions done. We here in the US give more respect to any and all people. They behead people for believing in what they do (ie.Christians). They are the ones attacking the western way, choice! Well, they chose to pee on them, so be it! With that said, I would have wished that it never happened but it did! You don't respect life, why should we respect yours! We in the US give choice, you don't so F' you!

  • screeminmeeme

    Peeing on the enemy ought to be a US policy, IMO. It sends a demoralizing message to the enemy by using their own belief system against them,.....which to me, is a good strategy. It's smart to take advantage of your enemies superstitions.

    In fact, not only ought the bodies be urinated on, but they ought to be thrown into a grave, face down with feet facing Mecca, with a pig carcass thrown on top....and then pictures sent around the muslim world so that they know what will happen to them if they continue to fight us. If you know ISlam well, you know that this action would put the fear of allah into them as they believe that this treatment of their bodies would prevent them from going to Paradise. A wise tactic and one that creates incentive for them to think twice.

    We need to fight to win....or go home and suck on our thumbs.

    • guest

      Why send our best to fight if it is not to win? American's have been demeaned in every way. I concur with Congressman West and screeminmeeme's insight into the bringing fear and consequence into the Taliban and all Muslim jihadists. Time to fight to win. Time to use their culture against them!

    • stuart

      In 1911, General Black Jack Pershing did almost precisely that...and there were no more Islamist problems in the Philippines for another 42 years...AND...those deceaseds and their buddies do not conform to the Geneva Convention...Does nobody remember the four contracts hung from a Baghdad Bridge...and BLACK HAW DOWN????? Where were the liberal protests over those events????

      • Onyx

        My suggestion is to pass cases of water out to our troops and let them have a pee-fest! Pee on everything! As for peeing on their dead bodies? Bring in a herd of pigs and let them have their own pee-fest! Since the Muslims want so badly to go to their paradise, let's help them out by killing as many as possible. They'll soon find out their "virgins in paradise" place doesn't exist, but our hell sure does!

    • Susan

      Well said... AGREED!!!!!!

    • guest

      For me a more important issue: How can we as the general public voice our opinions to those who are condemning these men for a rather silly incident in light of being shot at, maimed, killed in gruesome ways, watching their mates dying before their eyes, and this is their only "negative" offense? How do we voice our opinion in light of Congressman West's suggested protocol? Ideas? Time take care of our men in uniform and not bow to the Muslim and Taliban and Jihadits and keep apologizing for being at war!

      • Onyx

        The Muslims began the war on 9/11. We didn't. For that reason, all's fair in LOVE and WAR. I'd LOVE to bomb them all in one afternoon and win the WAR! If civilians get in the way ... so be it. They'll learn how to get out of the way. With our brave and superior military, it could be done. The bring our people home and secure our own borders to keep out those who didn't get it in the first bombing. Hey! Can anyone think of any particular Muslim they'd like to have included in our efforts? Just say'n...

    • fedup

      Big Amen.

    • Wayne

      I'm with you! Fight to win or stay home. The war is going to be fought. America has only one question to answer: Do you want to fight it here on our streets or over there on their streets?

    • wolfbate

      Could not agree more. Its war. The muslims are seen hanging our troops over a bridge,or cutting off a reporters head where is all the out rage then? War is not a one way street, toes will be stepped on but that is war. Terriorists should be buried with a pigs carcass,but the one that are left are too dumb to get the message.

    • J Hines

      Gen. Patton did it, This is History

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      I agree with you screeinmeeme! They have desecrated American bodies in far worse ways! I agree with Col Allen West as well. The idiot libs make too much of this to make themselves feel better. it's a bunch of baloney in my opinion! The Libs need to wake up here ! The world is a bad place to be in especially when someone is shooting at you! Give it a rest! These Dems are so self righteous it makes me ill!!!
      Down with liberals no matter where they are!

    • joe meister

      i say their bodies should have been buried in a pigs skin. . they can't go to their fantasy land then . don't believe me just watch "life of a bengal lancer" Gary Cooper is in it. . if he's before your time theres always the search button to look it up piss on em ,they should have taken a dump on them joe

    • WARancher

      Your idea has merit.

    • Anita Phillips

      AMEN TO THAT!!! No one bellyacked at all when they cut Daniel Pearls head off or hung some of our soldiers from a bridge. We live in a politically correct world which is going to get us killed. I say go back to the days of the Indians who put the fear of God in people by scalping them. A little pee never hurt anyone so throw them in a pit with pigs and bury them upside down we need to put the fear of God into them!! Anita

    • Phil_in_VA

      You;re right sir... we should be out of there... but since soldiers and marines being agents of a f**d foreign policy are just making things worse for themselves by these stupid displays... next time some 14-yr old freakazoid killer hopped up on some youtube desecration comes after YOUR nephew... praise God it does not happen

    • Dan Dupont

      I agree 100000000000000%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

    • Mark

      In MY opinion, (and I speak from a position of some experience)...... I am a Retired Career Marine. I find what those four Marines did not only repulsive, and incomprehensible, but truly offensive to everything the Marine Corps stands for. I personally think it's wonderful that the Commandant of the Marine Corps has stated that all four Marines have been identified. I also think, that the very LEAST they should expect to recieve for their incredibly DIShonorable actions, is either an Undesirable or Bad Conduct Discharge. I'm not quite sure that what they did rises to the level of receiving a Dishonorable Discharge. These were United States Marines....... the famous and long running recruiting "motto" that you see on TV all the time...... "The Few, The Proud, The Marines"....... MEANS something..... at least to anyone who's ever worn the Marine uniform. What they did dishonors us all.... not just themselves......... truthfully, they don't deserve to hold the title, United States Marine.

      • screeminmeeme

        First I want to sincerely thank you for your service. While I respect an opinion of someone who is the Corp, I must disagree. I also believe in the concept of honor, character, honesty, courage and would appreciate your response to my questions.
        1. If we are in a war, should we be ''all in'', there to win, or ought we be concerned with political correctness and worried about offending those we are fighting?
        2. Do you think it smart to learn all you can about your enemy?
        3. Do you think it strategically wise to take avantage of an enemy's belief system and use it to demoralize them?
        4. Do you think it helpful to remain ignorant of the foundational motives that drive the terrorists to fiercely attack us?
        5. Who should decide the rules of engagement? Lawyers, politicians, generals?....or officers in the field?
        6. Why would our troops be working to ''win the hearts and minds'' of the Afghanis when their religion forbids alliances with infidels?
        7. Do you personally know anything about Islam?

      • C. Davis

        Thank you, Mark for your service and your courage to speak the truth. Among American Indians I've known it is believed that if you dishonor a foe, it dishonors you. After all, what great warrior exults over the death of a dog? As a Christian, I believe that the husks which are the recipients of the urine are no longer the homes of the spirits that animated them, their souls now are subject to the judgement of God, not mine, as will be the souls of those who killed them,in due time, being deceived into the position of having to do so though they may have been. They bear the burden of these sins for all men who rush to blood as spoken of in proverbs, but also those who sit at home and make apologies for their leaders who lie to them to get them to go to another's home to kill them. The bloody people who crow about the loss of another's life heap ashes upon their own heads, blithely ignoring the fact that the suicides among our servicemen now outnumber combat deaths. I feel sure that at least some of those who take their own lives do so as a grim statement to their countrymen. Perhaps through their service they learned that life is cheap, valueless, easily ashcanned. Sorry to go on, Mark, but just know that you are not alone in your attempt at decency.Thanks again.

      • Gunner0331

        Semper Fidelis
        As a fellow Marine and a combat Vietnam Veteran I do not agree with your assessment these young men showed very poor judgement and should be disciplined I agree with Col. West (not often I agree with a doggie) as you know when in combat our emotions are raw and the kill or be killed is what we have been taught. This not a beheading,hanging bodies from a bridge or cutting off the genitals and stuffing them in a Marines mouth.
        My Corps Your Corps Our Corps

        Semper Fi,

        Gunner 0331
        A1/3 66-67

    • Gene

      Agreed, in all cases..

    • david

      Well spoken. Fight to win and there will be much less war. David cut goliath's head off. The enemy fled.

    • Potsy

      I totally agree. Why in the world would anyone be outraged at our soldiers urinating on the dead enemy? That is completely better than cutting their heads off while they are still breathing, is it not? Maybe it will discourage some of the enemy from wanting to engage with our soldiers, in any way. The ways they use are generally cowardly with the bombs planted on the roads or on suicide bombers and such. Our military should always urinate on those cowards. If they thought they would not get to their ?? 7 virgins, perhaps they would be more manly and courageous with their attacks, or simply realize that it is not a good thing to attack or kill anyone. I, along with many many others, am sick and tired of this "political correctness" thing. I am in favor of planting dead pigs all over our country. Not one muslim would want to live near them or in the US if we did that.

    • Mo Better

      Absolutely correct, Screem - I've been saying the same thing for years. We ought to be dipping every miserable dead Mohammedan terrorist in a vat of pig fat, sew their carcasses up in pigskin, bury them face down with their feet toward Mecca with their shoes on their face. We ought to photograph it every time and post the photos on surrounding walls, etc. as well as on the Internet. Just as a subtle message to the jihadists - We hate you and we will kill you!


      The stupid media and people that are horrified by this act too soon have forgotten the killing and murders of reporters where they were photographed having their necks slashed, hung by their feet on bridges bodies slashed, and how many killed by methods unknown, their bodies never returned by our islam terrorist enemies.

    • chuckles

      You're right, screemin...

      Here's a lesson from the past. Baden-Powell was a British officer in Afhanistan in the late 1800's. To describe the mindset of British officers of that era, they would get deeply disappointed if the couldn't get to a battle in time to kill someone.

      Muslim extremists were a constant danger in camp and in town because they believed that the pathway to paradise for them was to kill an infidel. So they would kill British soldiers and then cheerfully accept being hanged by the British.

      The British put a stop to all this by burying each murderer with a dog's carcass. The British publicized this burial practice. The murders stopped.


    • Chris Brown

      I am reminded of an earlier opponent of militant Islam, Vlad Tepes (yeah, *that* Vlad). No effing apologies there. Just kill the enemy and impale whoever's left over. Perhaps America would think a little differently if we had a better understanding of the enemy and its motivation. I know many folks are afraid of calling this a religious war, but this is EXACTLY what we're in the middle of -- the 1400 year old crusade of Islam against Christianity. Guess who's been winning? Time to wake up and learn the facts! If a couple enemy soldiers get peed on, well, as they say, war is hell. And you're right -- good tactics. We've been over there so long, we should have saturated the whole place with a Bible in every home and a hundred in every mosque.


      Would have preferred the Taliban were still alive at the time - and less controversial.

      How about the Taliban dismembering, beheading, stoning, throwing acid at girl students, honour killings, Sharia Law - all less disturbing to or condoned by our leftard useful idiots.

      How can I offer my support to the four heros?

    • Charlie

      I totally agree with you,why is it ok for these scum to chop our militaries heads off,and blow there limbs off,and toss the bodies over the side of a bridge?And our government is going to punish them for pissing on DEAD bodies?When your fighting an enemy that doesn't follow any rules,and doesn't wear a uniform,then they don't get any geneva convention,or any other rights!Piss on them,throw bacon on them,and any other pig parts you can think of!


    • beachbumbill

      Right on if we go to war go to win, we are asking young men and women to sign a blank check that includes their life.
      Anyone who has never been in combat will never understand the raw emotions that occur when it is kill or be killed.
      I do not condon what they have done but I do understand why they did it. As others have said this has been going on since the first conflict.
      Col. West has the correct punishment these young men deserve a punishment for bad judgement this was not a case of torture or beheading.

    • MamaLuna

      I agree very much with but I would add an extra like sh---ing on the. I think the problem with those who see wrong in this are the ones who forgot 9-11 maybe they should be pissed on also

    • Geoff Stedman

      Congratulations - well said! Whole heartedly agree with you. They show us no respect why should we respect their beliefs. They are the enemy and if we don't fight to win we may as well go home and wait for the delivery of our Koran!!

    • Soldier

      War is what it is . nobody said anything when the viet cong cut our soldiers privates off and stuck it in their mouthsand left them hanging in trees.Only when we did things was it pursued.

  • FineTexan

    I agree with screeminmeeme! Are we to be so delicate with the feelings of the enemies during war when people are being killed and maimed? It is psychologically a good thing to humiliate your enemies. The things these soldiers are required to do in war as part of their service makes this nothing to be considered at all. Men pee on anything anyway...it is their nature to use this body part to mark snow, Chevys, Fords (as per the decals you see on trucks), and against walls especially when they are drinking beer. GET REAL folks. I have feeling they will not be able to ID the GIs. Hopefully this will be the end result. Besides ----the ENEMY WAS DEAD!! DUH! Give them a medal and a comendation.

    • Guest

      I agree completely. Give them all an extra Good Conduct Medal along with another stripe. In case there was a Msgt. in the group, promote him to Captain! If you ain't been there, STFUP.

      • 1599

        It's a sign of immaturity, but I suppose that is what is required to go fight these senseless wars.

      • jelloquest

        I'm a combat veteran, I served 24yrs 10months, started out as a Pvt/E1, retired LTC/05, I don't believe that you need to be a combat veteran to comment on this. I wasn't in any of the places that were hit in 9-11, and I feel that Osama Bin Laden, should have been stuffed in 50 pigs and placed in different places where he was responsible for killing innocent people. As for these Marines I don't feel that they should be given anything more than a reprimand. The Military Police invovled in the Prison Problem should have never been prosecuted either. Piss on my dead body or put panties on my head, I don't care. But cutting people;s head's off and blowing innocent people to pieces does upset me.Seeing your fellow soldier or marine killed by some coward will charge a person fast. As for people getting upset that have never been in combat, consisder yourself lucky. Because when you experience war, it's with you for the rest of your life. Every freaking night.

    • Elwood

      Let's see, didn't Winston Churchill do some urinating either on Hitler or some of Adolf's bombed out equipment after we had beat the you know what out of the Nazis in WWII. I was around at the time and I don't remember any outcry from the PC folks back then. But come to think of it, there were no PCers around back then. No wonder we were able to beat back the biggest threats to the civilized world in the history of mankind! Oh, for the bliss of those days. If the PCers had been around then we would likely be speaking German and/or Japanese now.

      • Speed

        You sure have that right! I think PC is part and parcel of the News Media's interference with the waging of War. During WW-I and II and Korea the media was kept on a tight rein,because broadcasting too much or too detailed info to the American public could clue the enemy in to our plans,methods and ideas,taking away our advantage. Part of the control was NOT broadcasting battle scenes in any detail;LOTS of soldiers were killed and injured,but only immediate family was notified,because if the media was allowed to make the War "personal",showing and identifying each casualty as they're inclined to do now,the Country would have come to a stop in grief. So began the PC movement as it relates to WAR. NOW,the MSM is right in the middle of everything that happens,and how they portray what they see directly steers American opinion of every thing shown on the Evening News. No doubt in WW-II soldiers urinated on dead enemy soldiers,probably worse than that,but if the media back then saw it,they understood why they did,and thought better than to show the public. Now they show civilian casualties of raids,helping demonize soldiers for doing what they had to do to survive and win. How soldiers fight has changed with technology,but the basics remain the same;it's us or them. Sometimes Civilians are hurt and killed in the process of winning the battle;I'm sure if the battle was on OUR soil,it'd play out much the same way.
        I've never been there,so I can't say what the conditions are like other than what the MSM shows and what others who've been there say. I don't approve of the soldiers' behavior,but if that's the worst thing the media can find to demonize the soldiers,I guess we're doing okay. I suspect if the dead soldiers had been fighting honorably,they might have earned a little more respect from the soldiers pictured. I don't know what sort of warriors we're fighting there,but I have to expect they have no pride,no honor. But if our enemies wage War using their own children to carry bombs,do their damage by using roadside bombs,take sanctuary in Churches and Hospitals,and other cowardly means,as was seen in Korea and was common in 'Nam,they got the respect they earned. So,do as Congressman West suggests,and lets move on.

    • 1599

      It's OK to kill those people but it's improper to pee on them.

    • Tiger716

      Yep. I'm with Screeminmeeme and FineTexan. They are the enemy and this is not new and unusual treatment of enemies. Listen! Has everyone forgotten that these animals (and I insult the four-legged creatures) beheaded an American and TELEVISED IT??? Sorry, but politicians and bleeding hearts need to just shut up....or else volunteer to be the ones to put their raggedy arses in harms way. THEN they can talk about how horrible that was. Let them have bullets and bombs wizzing past them and see what they act like.

      • 1599

        They don't even have consideration for the detail who has to pick up the dead. The wounds are bad enough, then ad add someone's urine on top of that! We are sending some sick puppies over there. Is it any wonder that they return with mental problems?

        • mickey

          Hey idiot you obviously never picked up the dead as I have. The crap and urinate all over themselves. I would rather have a good marines unine on me it makes the job easier mentally.

    • SkipinSC

      The same SOB's who were being subjected to the post mortem "golden shower," were, in all likelihood, the same bunch that just put an IED under a vehicle in an attempt to kill AMERICAN soldiers. War is Hell. Get over it.

    • mickey

      I agree the Marines were caught showing contempt for a sadistic and devisive enemy who has done so much morte to to our capured living and dead. However as an ex 82nd Airborne war vet I think it was in bad taste and puts our captured heroes in iminant danger to torture and sadistic treatment in the future. Those poor captured brothers in arms will have to pay for these marine's moment of revenge dearly. May God have mercy on all our brave men in combat and give them wisdom and comfort in their duty to protect and serve.

  • Guest

    I think these Marines should all be given Commendations, a $10,000 bonus, and given a boost of one place in rank. Who cares what the Taliban, and our other sworn enemies think of it? Not me. Shouldn't be anyone unless you are in the same boat as those American killing towel heads. That's my opinion.

    • screeminmeeme

      Amen to that. Exactly my sentiments.

      • Louise Unsoeld

        I agree! When did war become so politically correct? What kind of Americans have we become that we are so caring about enemies who just a minute before would have blown our soldiers to kingdom come! There should be a new Honorable Peeing medal be given. SUPPORT OUR SOLDIERS - NOT THEIRS!

    • evantoo

      I agree with Guest, EXCEPT I also think we ought to line up all of our politicians, starting with the Executive branch, and allow ALL those who serve or HAVE served in a combat zone to piss on all or any of them that they wish. After all, THEY are the ones who put them there in the first place.
      As for the 'delicate' Muslim psyche, I say give them a bath in urine. Then make sure the job is totally finished by submersing them in a honeyhole that has yet to be cleaned. (For those of you who do not know what that is, it's the pit under all outdoor toilets.)

    • Love R Military

      Wow Do I agree with you, you bet your sweet bippy I do. Give them the highest medal of honor possible and tell the complainers to kiss off

    • Chris P

      Yes - lets ignore the rules - after all we're CHRISTIANS. We can never do any wrong. We're always right.

      • screeminmeeme

        Take a slow boat to a muslim country and live under the boot of sharia. You might change you tune. There's no comparison between Christianity and the fascistic political system called Islam. You don't have clue.

    • KYUNG


    • just sayin

      They could take the bonuses out of the foreign aid we send to the PLO that they send on to terrorist familes after they blow themselves up.

      • barbpatton


    • Vincenta

      And an all expenses paid five day trip to Disney World. UUH RAH!

    • donjusko

      General Black Jack Pershing
      Just before WW1, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Buslim extremists.
      I copied this text from a photo I have.

      So General Pershing captured 50 terrorists and had them tied to posts for execution. He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughtered them. Muslims detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won't even touch pigs at all. nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, it's meat, it's blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise (and those virgins) and doomed to hell. The soldiers then soaked their bullets in the pigs blood, and proceeded to execute 40 of the terrorists by firing squad. The soldiers then dug a big howe, dumped in the terrorist;s bodies and covered them in pig blood, entrails. etc. They let the 50th man gol And for the next forty-two years, there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world.

      Don't let Obama tell you how to fight a war, he's a Muslim pussy.

    • Brian

      I think that the Marines did a good thing. I was reminded quickly of the urination and the cross. I am reasonably sure that most people recall the dragging of the dead bodies of our soldiers through the streets of Somalia. Consider this a payback.

  • screeminmeeme

    They've already ID'd them ( tho not yet releasing their names) and they are waiting for charges to be filed. .IMO, our appeasing PC gov will prosecute them and try to get them years in prison...just so that offended muslims (CAIR) will feel better.

    I am sick to death of sanctimonious, pontificating PC libs peering from their lofty climate contolled perches criticizing and judging our fine soldiers who were JUST DOING THEIR JOB OF KILLING AND DEMORALIZING A SAVAGE ENEMY.

    We need to call a spade a spade and tell the truth about ISLAM. It is NOT just another benign religion, but a hegemonic, misogynistic, fascistic political system that is seeking to dominate a world in which all will bow to allah or be beheaded. That is fact and Americans had better wake up and smell the sharia before its too late.

    • Willis

      Sorry to say, the upper brass of the military are more PC than the dumb dems. These poor patriots are going down. the brass have no b@lls and the thing they urinate with might as well fall off for all the good it does their character.They have traded their manhood for a little slice of puny power.

    • Robert Young

      Screeminmeeme, thank you for stepping up and telling it like it is. Most of our PC Government don't want to hear the truth and to them I say, you would do well to abide by Rep. Allan West's advice, "Unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, Shut your mouth. War is Hell."

      • Screeminmeeme

        I will always have the back of the troops. Without them, we'd not have our liberty, and I never want to forget the sacrifices they make daily on my behalf.

        And Col. Allan West is the bomb....a true patriot who knows Islam and isn't afraid to speak out about it. Would to God more like him were running our military.

      • http://yahoo.com samuel crisp

        Thank You Congressman Allen West. These troops are just expressing their selves, no harm no foul! Savin toilet paper!

    • jud

      Amen, and all our politicians driving from their very expensive desks which we, the taxpayers have provided in a very safe envirnonent, while our service men and women are being shot spit andhaving their bodies dragged in the streets and so forth. When will we show those clips? We know they exist. Let' get the hell out of there and protect our country from home and let them fight their own wars. Nothing has changed in years except put us more into debt and a much too high a price in the loss of young American lives for nothing.

    • dmdja


    • Maynard

      I couldn't agree with you more. The problem I had a few minutes ago was before I could even finish my reply, it was deleted. No reason that I know of and no one has posted the reason. I used good English that I thought everyone could understand and is not go overboard with "bad words" Nothing that I have not seen here today. Now, I would like SOMEONE to explain the reason for the delete and I can corrrect myself.

      • doggy241

        If you had not even pushed the post button yet, then You probably hit something else that deleted you back to where your cursor was. That happens to me often on the lap top and is very frustrating. I still havn't figured out which button I pushed that makes it do that, but, it's not this sight that is deleting you, it's you.

        • Maynard

          I thought the same thing too BUT it said "this has been deleted by the administrator".

      • DGJ

        I had the same problem, I am an English teacher I know how to write a sentence correctly.

    • RC Harvey

      You are so right. What has happened to being proud to be an American and being willing to take all comers, kiss ass and take names? Islam is THE greatest threat to world peace and free people all over the world had better wake and see it for what it really is.

      • Fed Up

        UH.....rc .........itz.... KICK not KISS!

    • http://yahoo.com samuel crisp

      Halalauyah! Ban the terrorist handbook, koran from the USA. All of us infadels need to unite to bannish both their book and their (rules) what they call law.

    • 1599

      Your beef is with your rulers right here and not some dead soldiers.

    • Marisa

      to: screaminmeeme: your posts are some of the best I've read - too bad some Americans are too stupid to
      see the truth - and because of deceived voters we are stuck with the slime buckets in DC and, God forbid, may
      be stuck with them again if we don't wise up.

      • Ardnas

        Yes, Marisa - I agree with you and so do many others...but it is so hard to get past the blind media out there. And screaminimeeme is right on with his description of Islam. They do not care ho much we war or how many we pee on...They would love it for us to back off with out military and step up our PC rhetoric. All the easier for them to step in and get rid of all of us infidels so they can make their utopian world materialize. I am not whistling dixie. Those of Islam persuasion have been brainwashed from the cradle to hate all Christians and Jews first and then all those who will not join their ranks. They do not think like we do in any way. They fight to conquer. We fight to maintain peace.

    • Angie

      Amen and well said screeminmeeme!

    • jimtibbs

      And the socialist/marxist Hillary is the big duck in the puddle, along with an unamed white house administrater. They are the ones who should be ashamed. They ask soldiers to go of to wars that they start for their own personal reasons, and they expect the soldiers to die for them, lose arms and legs for them, see their brothers blown to bits so bad that they are unrecognizable. Then when something as simple as this happens, they want to crusafie an American soldier just to apease the enemy. Then they say we should volunteer to protect the country. The soldier makes little money for his sacrifices, while the politions steal millions, and send their sons,and daughters off to Harvard,Yale, or some other liberal college where they'll be taught to dismantle the constitution, just like the tenants in the white house.

    • Cnutz

      Amen to that...!! Wanting to rake these Marines over the caols for doing thier job. Piss on u people that want Punishment for these men. If that's the case...then they mind as well be punished for killing the muslim scum. Oh yea!! that'd work...punish all our fighting men for pissing on and killing our enemies....Piss on Hillary and all the bleeding heart libs....Taiban should be pissed on and pig blood pourd all over them for a topper.

  • Steve Dalton

    From now on all Muslims captured in battle should be held in the basement of a latrine! Piss proudly soldiers!

    • Tomtom

      Right on!

    • Pete

      It would probably be the best shower they had in months.

    • Noel T

      I agree piss on all dead enemy. Wash them in pig blood and let the dogs eat them.

    • DELL

      When they wake up in hell they will wish some body would pee on them to put out the fire.

    • donjusko

      A little history you should be aware of about GENERAL PERSHING.
      General Black Jack Pershing was born September 13th, 1860 near Laclede, MS, he died July 15th, 1948 in Washing, D.C. Highlights of his life include:
      1891 Prof. of Military Science and Tactics University of Nebraska.
      1898 Serves in the Spanish-American War
      1901 Awarded rank of Captain
      1906 Promoted to rank of brigadier General
      1909 Military Governor of More Province, Philippines
      1916 Made Major General
      1919 Promoted to General of the Armies
      1921 Appointed Chief of Staff
      1924 Retires from active duty Education West Point
      Just before World War 1, there were a number of attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists.
      General Pershing captured fifty and had them tied to posts for execution. He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughtered them in front of the now horrified attackers. Muslim's detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won't even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, it's meat, it's blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise (and those virgins) and doomed to hell. The soldiers then soaked their bullets in the pigs blood and proceeded to execute forty-nine of the Muslims by firing squad. The soldiers then dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorist's bodies and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc. They let the fiftieth man go.
      For the next forty-two years, there was not a single Muslim attack anywhere in the world.

      Read more: Urinating on the Dead: Marine Performance Art? http://godfatherpolitics.com/3146/urinating-on-th...

  • valeryane

    Maybe these marines were trying to avoid peeing in the direction of Mecca????? LOLOLOLOL

    • Pete

      Ya think!

    • Jim Davenport

      They were just cleansing the bodies for burial.
      Bixby jim

    • Dave

      @Valeryane: As long as they peed in the direction opposite from Mecca, shouldn't the charges be dropped?

  • bsfurg

    at least they kept there heads on and they dint drag them down the street for all to see.... they dint use pig blood on them did they? punish them some and then shut up...

    • Elwood

      The Marines also didn't fly airplanes into their buildings and kill 3,000 of their innocent citizens!

    • Pamela Harper

      I wonder if Daniel Pearle had been given the choice of being pissed on OR being decapitated, as he was, which one would he have chosen?! These Marines in question should have also cut out their liver & fed it to the dogs........no pity from me!

      • David

        Well said Pam!

  • Detonics

    It will wash out

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      It's probably the first time they've had a bath in a very long time! They should be honored to have good American urine to annoint them. maybe it will do them some good when they get to paradise.....who knows??? Unless of course if one of tose Marines was Jewish....better yet!!!

  • steep1

    Bury them with some bacon. I'm sure they'd prefer pee. The beauty of pee is in the eye of the beholder. What probably passes for a date in San Francisco is the cause of anguish for those who feel the pee was misused.

    • Mo Better

      Bwarney Fwank likes it!

    • The Falcon

      Super. Loved every morsel; but you saved the very best for last. How many in San Fran are lamenting that the precious tasty urine went to waste.

  • wayner1950
    • Dennis

      What the hell does this link have to do with the story the rest of us are discussing here? Take your political chowder somewhere else as some of us are SICK to our knees from hearing it...

      • wayner1950

        It's a free country, or so that is what we say our troops are fighting for, why don't you just ignore what you don't agree with. Perhaps you don't respect our troops?

  • Bacon

    I guess it's proper for comedy to be funny. If the current American political ideology isn't comedy, I don't know what is!

    • Dave

      @Bacon: It may look funnier in retrospect. The PC expect to be taken seriously; smirking or worse yet, guffawing, not allowed.

  • Remington 870

    During the Vietnam War, some of my comrads cut off ears. I can certainly think of someones ears I would like to see cut off. I applaud these Marines. War is fought under conditions most people have no idea about. We have a president who urinates on the Constitution and people every day, he should be impeached. You liberals who read this better be glad there are men and women who give their lives to keep your sorry selves safe. I have no liberal friends, no Dem friends and will never have any of these slime balls near me. Semper Fi Marines. PS....My son is a former Marine.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Ooah! No such thing as 'former' marine. Semper Fi.

      • vesuvius13

        We call ourselves former Marines as there are no ex-Marines, the dad is right with the term he used. Semper Fi

    • jud

      Well said

    • Betty

      I love ya Remington 870 and you are telling it just like it is. These fat sob's sitting in their warm offices on their fat asses doing everything they can to destroy this country. Would like to send them all to the front with empty guns let them see what our young men go through. God I dislike politicians

    • kyung

      well said Remington 870 thank you for your service i greatly appreciate it god bless you and your family.

    • Dennis

      Exactly!!!! If you ain't "been there, done that" then you are too ignorant to have a coherent opinion on anything that takes place on the field of battle. Nuff said.

    • craig

      No such thing as a former Marine. Piss on islam and the taliban. A good muslim is a dead one, face down and sprinkled with pig blood. These guys deserve a medal Get rid of obummer, pelosi, reid, frank and the rest of the demonrats and muslims, make the world a better place. We swore to defend our Constitution both home and abroad, be ready. Semper Fi.

    • ScarletDove

      Bravo Remington 870 to you and your son and thank you for your service!

    • David

      I agree ! I think these PC correct asses should shut up! Who the hell are they to Criticize our Marines?
      And Yes for God's sake Obama should be impeached!

      Good Job Rem!

    • http://liberalnationalpartyusa.com keith a dewey

      Two things: I am a viet-nam vet; lieutenant Armor. Second, Mankind has improved in all the sciences for the last 27 thousand years. Since recorded history (6800 years ago) when the liberal and the conservative agree on an issue like the right for woman to vote or the second amendment, etc... it is the liberal posit that wins. This has always happened. Liberals always win conservatives always lose when the issue is finally settled.


    The fact of the matter is that War changes men's natures. The Barbarities of War are seldom done by abnormal men. The Tragedy of War is that these horrors are committed by normal men in abnormal situations.
    Major Thomas....From that Great Film "Breaker Morant."

    • Willis

      What horror? These young patriots simply expressed their opinion of the men who tried to kill them. It's incidental. Take Rep West's advice: Reprimand the for misconduct and send them back to their job of killing the enemy. And next time, young soldiers, make sure their is no camera around.


        The Horror of War...Wise-up Gung-Ho.

  • mike

    whos cares piss on them if they dont like it . i say keep up the good work boys good job and god bless you

    • Had E nough

      Bite me

  • Link Hogtrob

    Looks like one of them coulda took a dump, too.

    • TheBigLogic

      He would've been my hero.

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      Better yet!!!! I like that!

    • just sayin

      The Libs did not complain when an OWS protester toom a dump on a police car, why should this matter?

  • Carson

    I'm a 30 year old marine who pulled 2 turs in Afghanistan. Me and my men would get pork fat from the cooks and rub in on the bullet part of our amo. When you shoot one of the Taliban there body is contaminated with the pork. This did not help us "but" to the religious beliefs of the Taliban we sent a lot of them to hell. We would pass this on to all the new marines who came into Country. Forget about pissing on them send them to hell!!!!

    • Noel T

      You are a man after my heart. Thank you for your service. I say piss on all of the scum bags and the politicians that sent you over there.

    • tiger716

      God love ya, Marine. Brilliant.

    • screeminmeeme

      Carson...thank you for your service. Looks like some of the troops at least knew enough about Islam to use those beliefs against the enemy.Can't say the same for those PCers at the pentagon.

    • mrrzk

      Who did they piss on? OH SO sensitive, but when they want to build their MOSQUES ON GROUND THAT THEY HAVE DESACRATED, THEN THAT IS OK.
      ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. AS SOMEONE SAID!! I am sure obama will make a bid deal out of it


    • peteydee

      God Bless You and your brothers!!!

    • LARRY


  • James

    Let me see way are we fighting the Taliban? OH yes they were protecting OBL and they love to set off IED bombs and shoot US personel. Could it be our troops are a little stressed out and need a outlet. Better to piss on your sworn enemy than take it out on civilians. Semper Fi piss on the Taliban.

    • nmgene

      Islam is not a religion it is an occult !! It was made by Satan through his disciple Mohamaddd. Allah is not God he is Satan!!!! Muslims brain wash there children then send them to hell with lies!!!! The quran is nothing but a book of lies told by Satan. Any Taliban or alquida caught alive should be forced to dring pigs blood then beheaded, put that video on the internet. Then they will know that they are not getting to heaven period. !!!!!!!

  • kittikat

    I agree with all of the above comments. The enemy has done worse to our dead service people. Political correctness is fantasy, and should not be deemed reality. Also, the NEA funding should be stopped - let the elite support their own garbage (urine and Crucifiction piece of "art"). They have the financing.

    • The Falcon

      Not so fast! First, the Marine that took the photo should apply for NEA funding for his artistic rendering of group golden showers on Taliban. Then, on receipt of his taxpayer funded grant, further NEA funding should be stopped.

  • MikeC711

    What was done was wrong ... in the same way as a armed robber is wrong if he double parks his car while committing the crime. If we are going to sit in front of American Idol and say "we" need to go into Iran (or Iraq, or Yemen, or Pakistan, or Libya, or N. Korea, ...) and you want little Lord Fauntleroy's to do it ... then hire a private band of mercenary little Lord Fauntleroy's. They'll be dead upon arrival, but they won't offend anyone. If we want to get serious, we need to get OUT of the military conflicts that are costing us thousands of lives and trillions of dollars (and in this case embarrassing us to the point where politicians will be stringing up good Marines for a dumb display). In the most optimistic source, we've killed tens of thousands in collateral damage ... that should definitely help our image in the area. People tend to love you when you come into their country, prop up a puppet government, and kill their loved ones. They only hate us "because we're free". If you are going to send our young men and women into hell ... then expect hell to ensue. And while I think this was a mistake on the part of the Marines, I believe it should be treated as a parking ticket and instead our spineless politicians who have never been to war will treat it as a capital offense.

    • Travis

      Thanks Mike . You said exactly what thousands of us are thinking. When these people cut the heads off our live soldiers their people cheer. I say thank you to those four Marines and God Bless You.

    • Dave

      @MikeC711: Re: "Parking Ticket" -- "Public Urination"

  • Orlando Gallardo

    People that have never been in contact with a war, participated in a war or something similar, need to shut up. They kill our boys and mutilate their bodies.....what do you want, that after we kill them, prize their honor for dying by giving their families a lot of money and a new suit for burial....?.....I would give the Marines a medal each for completing a job well done.....keep on pissing Marines, you got my vote......Comman Sergeant Major,,,US Army

    • grandma liberty

      ditto..... thank you for your Service, seageant Major....

    • Gary

      Your another sicko running off at the mouth.

      • The observer

        Gary you need to take a fleet enema orally because your leaking bad.

  • Bill

    Why the hell shouldn't the Taliban shoot at the invaders. You people are sick.

    • Samuel Clemens

      You are the sick one; supporting mass murderers. You probably think Adolph Hitler was a great man.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Bill, if you were in front of at Taliban, they would cut your head off and piss down your neck...that's how much they like you. When would you like one to move in next to you?

    • gunny

      bill you are an idiot

    • Dennis H

      What the hell are you doing living in the USA if you care so much for these towel heads go live where they live.

    • Bill

      You are the sick one. Defending the Taliban???

    • Willis

      Standing up for the taliban? You are the sick one. The taliban simply invaded before we did and protected those who killed 3000 of us and more. We have every right to defend ourselves.


      Hey Bill, I really sounds to me that you are a Pissy Democrat that is not only a COWARD and has never served His Country,but a lilly livered Obamaite,that could side with anyone that treatens a free people from enjoying life. Were Sick, why don't you go to a Marine base or an Army base and see just how sick we are while keeping Your sissy ass safe at all hours of the day and night, Thanks, a Patriot Marine.

    • evantoo

      If you weren't such a pissant SOB you'd get your head handed to you. And it wouldn't be from the Taliban.
      I've got a one way ticket to Iran for you, just send me your address. (No, it can't be redeemed for cash, Demo, nor can you get a return ticket.
      You suck up to Taliban, we'll let you stay where you can suck up in person.

    • John

      Only because of our Military are you free to say that. I dare you to say it to some that are lucky enough to come home.

    • ForConstitution

      Typical Ron Paul voter.

      Go live over in Iran you traitor!


      Your the one that's sick, you Muslim.

    • PatroitOne

      Bill, do you not realize it is the Taliban who are the invaders? Terrorists? There is obvious sickness here, Bill ~~ yours!!!

    • Bill

      I'm supposed to care one little rat's a-- what the Marines do to a bunch of stinking muslims? The way islam has treated their adversaries for the past 1000 years plus removes them from the realm of humans in my book. Urinating on bodies is NOTHING compared to the way they conduct themselves. Sorry, no compassion. Semper Fi Marines, go for it.

    • howardfrombroward

      'scuse me, mr. wonderful, but it seems that the terrorists who attacked america had training camps in afghanistan. the last time i checked, our country was attacked by folks who travelled here from afghanistan. so please stfu and that doesn't mean "sweet tender fond universally".

    • mixplix

      Why the hell do they drive airplanes into buildings?

    • Skip Foss

      Screw you Mohamad Bill

    • DrG

      sounds like you need all of us to visit your mosque and piss on your head while you pray to satin. the last mosque I went in, I pissed on the carpet and rubbed pig fat on all the door handles and seats

    • Big Ugly

      If you need help packing, just let me know. I'm sure that you cannot stomach living in a country where such things are done by their military.
      Oh, the Taliban don't "belong" there either.

    • Teufel Hund 1965

      Do you remember the "rape rooms" operated by Sadam, the dead Americans burned, and hanging from a bridge, the beheading tapes?.. If you value the enemy more than our troops, I join my felloiw MARINES and say PISS ON YOU, and anyone that thinks like you!!...

    • freeamericausa

      Have you ever been face to face with a member of the Taliban, and their AK-47 aimed at you?
      If not. The least of your worries at that moment ISN'T whether someone is gonna pee on you after your dead.
      As many would like to say here. And I join them happily.

    • Cnutz

      Hey Bill...hit the campain trail with Ron Paul.....WHAAAAAAA!!

  • http://aol Steamboat Ray

    If they killed one of my buddies. I would defecate
    On their bodies. You think Muhammad will tell them when they get there ?

    • Michael P

      Peeing on the enemy is OK, crapping on them is even better.

  • WTF

    Every towel head you kill requires you to drink a 32 oz. bottle of beer. Now stand back and let er fly.

    • Had E nough

      Its SHEET head, because I don't give a sheet.

  • Jim Fields

    They pissed on the wrong Muslim!

    • Insurgent

      I would like to dump on the same one!!!

    • TheBigLogic

      We'll all get a chance to piss on the right one in November.

      • Insurgent

        Assuming the voting machines are not rigged!!!

      • American_1st

        You got that right!

    • Micileen

      You got that right!!!

    • justiceseeker

      Amen, Jim. ALL marines should go to the White House and piss on the Muslim In Charge. Afterall, HE IS THE PROBLEM!!!

      • Insurgent

        Lock and load

        100 gr. @ 3200 FPS

      • Gary

        Right on.

    • AlwaysRIGHT

      Good one! You're right!

    • Gary

      yeah, they missed you punk.

    • PatHenry

      I hope it's the one I'm thinking of. Good time to catch him is when he ducks out of the Oval Office for a cigarette.

    • sally


    • thumper

      Thats the truth the one they needed to piss on is in the White House.

    • Hog611

      You are right JIM fields, They need to piss on all of them and come home. We don't need people on the ground over there trying to sort out the good and the bad. When we go we should go by air from 30,000'

    • JeronimoDan

      Would you be refering to the one's in the White House?

  • justiceseeker

    Too bad they didn't crap on them first.

  • Janice Lowe

    GO MARINES!!! At least they left their heads on.

  • blockade runner

    If you are lucky enough to know someone from the second world war or Korea ask how they fought ask what was done to japanese as we fought a enemy who cut off our soldiers heads and mounted them on stakes to scare the American soldier who turned around and scared the crap out of the japanese. It wasn't pretty but war isn't a food fight.

  • Fish


    • Junior

      Dear Fish you sound like a Seabee. Junior

  • Charles


  • Derol F. Briscoe

    The only thing our brave marines did wrong was not to include pissing on the Koran as well!!!

  • Mlsvincent

    I agree with Congressman Alllen West. War is hell and so is our political atmosphere!

  • whocares

    I can't wait to start shooting democrats and pissing on them!!!!

    • TheBigLogic

      Cool post, Thanks!

    • Max

      I agree there is a lot of democrats in Washington that need pissed on,especially the one in the oval office,piss on you Obama

  • http://aol Steamboat Ray

    Do you suppose that if we cut off their heads. And hang them from a bridge , or drag them through the streets, do you think they would object to that?

  • Larry

    Anybody ever read what the Taliban do to our captured servicemen/women? Or to our dead recovered by them? I say pissing on them ought to be grounds for a Letter of Commendation for exceptional zeal in the performance of duty.

  • Kenneth

    They should crap on the taliban that would cover the stinch from the urine!

  • Noel

    What's the bg effin' deal? So they pissed on a few hair-bag rag-heads. They should have crapped on them as well.

  • Insurgent

    The administrator here must be another mooselem!!! He will not accept my comments!!!

  • Emmett

    The punishment should be for taping it in the first place and letting it fall into the hands of the left. I agree with Screeminmeeme. God Bless America

  • florida subshine

    looks like we missed a bunch in the big house they are pigs so treat them as such
    but some judge under some one they will go to ft Leavenworth
    there are more here should be there and dr col larked needs a full pardon he had three term in the war and wanted to see proof obama was U S A BORN WELL QUICK TRIAL SENT TO PRISON AND LOST ALL BENEFITS
    way to go Obama than a man in the air force did the same Honorable discharge and sent home
    remember to vote and never give up your weapons

  • d.c.schlosser

    well we know one thing, the dead pig-scum enemy in the hole getting a golden shower wont be cutting off american heads any more!!! go marines!! semper fi!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    Why does our government even care about how thees muslim maggots feel. These animals have no problem beheading bound hostages, flying planes into buildings killing innocents on the planes and in the towers, including several children. Our own governmentis our worst enemy. People in this country better wake up real quick or all will be lost. Let our soldiers do what has to be done

    • enrique

      Have you not heard? obama is one of them and so is the clinton B.

  • campfire

    Why is this even an concern. The Marines were peeing and the Taliban fell dead at their feet.
    NO crime here. Why should they be punished??? I Don't agree with Col. Allen West at all. The Col. is only suggesting punishment to look good. I really support Col. West but not this time.

    • Ron

      Quite frankly, taking a leak on the enemy is a waste of time. Our Marines could be killing more of them. Not concerned with the enemy dead. Just keep them n neat piles so the Master Sergeants do not get mad at untidy piling of dead. Pour on the lard, and light the fire. When they stop the attacks, then we stop the piling and burnng of them. That burning lard prevents them from entering Paradse. During WW II we burned japs with napalm aand let them lay where the were.

    • Mary Ellen

      it would have been better if the taliban fighter's heads fell off and the marines peed in their necks!
      and our political in power could have been present to cry!



  • smdares44

    They should have been decapitated and their heads FedEx'ed to their wives; children , and parents!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    You are right they should not have pissed on them. They should have fed their bodies to the swine and allowed dogs to defecate on them. They kill women,children and anyone who gets in their way. They kill our troops by beheading with dull swords. We owe them nothing or the administration that allows one side to violate the rules of war while maintaining the facade of Political Correctness such as Clinton has done

  • Clarence

    A small point of correction. Those are not "soldiers", they are "Marines". There is a difference.

    • Phil H

      This the problem with the Marine mentality. Those who are fighting for the United States are all soldiers. Air Force, Navy , Army, Marines , Coast Guard and so on are all soldiers. I respect them all the same. None are any different than the other. They all fight, become wounded, suffer from mental fatigue and , yes, some die all for the same reason. They are all soldiers. the Marines are no better than any of the others.

  • Had E nough

    Like I said before, the left wouldn't say a dam word if the 4 Marines were hanging from a GD bridge. Kill them all and let the Lord or ALLAH sort them out.

    • TheBigLogic

      We should hang the Left from bridges, along with the towel heads.



    24- MARCH-1945 PATTON Stopped in the middle of the Rhine, and took a PISS.

    WINSTON CHURCHILL Ordered his Generals to join him in URINATING on the GREAT WEST WALL OF GERMANY..


  • Noweareman

    Next time maybe they should just pour PIG FAT into their mouth-YUM!

    • Robert

      Before they kill them!

  • Insurgent

    The administrator on this website blocks all of my comments. Do you work for Urkel?

  • Big Red

    Better than cutting off their heads and hanging them over a bridge for all to see. There should be no embedded photographers that want to become the next Peter Jennings or Walter Cronkite there in the first place. Things like this has always been done , this is war , even though it has never been declared. We can not call it a war , we can not even call them terrorists.I for one am fed up with this PC BS, it will be the ruination of this country. Urinate on Marines " Semper Fi". Urinating on a terrorist is not nearly as bad as defucating on the Constitution and the people of this once great country by the man in the former White House".

  • Lisa

    I am sick of the PC world we are in....its okay for any of our enemies to burn ust the stake and decapitate our soliders, and I am fairly certain that our troops have been pissed on by an insurgent or two...but it beccomes national news and a possible end to these soliders careers because they conveyed their sentiments...please....give me a break

    • Michael

      Give our soldiers in this case Marines a break.
      Congressman Dr. Ron Paul wants our troops home where they belong. Our border patrol could use some real bullets.

  • PED1286

    Taliban can go to hell! Why should we care if the U.S. Marines piss on the enemy??? Leave it to liberal obama to do the politically correct thing & try have them proscecuted. But, it's an election year and obama doesn't want to cause an upheaval. This incident maybe obama's opportunity to campaign, not that he hasn't been campaigning sice elected in 2008. Dems think very little of USA military anyway!

  • Dean

    I hear Panetta is calling for a court martial.I say to Panetta, get your A-S out in the front line in Afghanistan for one week and then tell me about urinating on the dead Taliban that just tried to kill you, IDIOT, TRAITOR. Then you can apoligize to the Alghan government..

  • bpaolucci

    I'm not saying what they did was right - but as far as I'm concerned, a mild reprimand in their files is all that's warranted!

    • budapilot

      The mild reprimand in their files should only be for taking a video of the event and posting it on-line.
      Semper Fi !

      • bpaolucci

        You’re right – I can’t believe one of them was stupid enough to post it. Now look at what they are facing.

  • bruce

    in vietnam we rarely peed on the vc or nva, but, we did cut their ears off. tell clinton and panetta this is war not a cub scout meeting. get real. court martial for peeing but, not for killing. no wonder this country is so screwed up

  • Ben

    The marines should go to Washington. There are a lot of people there who need peeing on as well.

    • Ron

      After all they keep sh!tting on us.

  • Jenny

    who took the picture? I would not want to go to war with such division of purpose. This has been blown out of proportion by some many factions it is sad. How many have the Taliban murdered? Drawn and quartered? Buried alive?

  • ReaperHD

    screw the administrator to

  • ForwardObserver

    The enemy beheads innocents. They burn American soldiers, drag them through the streets and hang them upside down. The people in America that support Sharia Law would be some of the first executed because of their life style. You cannot respect a religion that does not respect other religions. We need to ban them just as we guarded against the Japanese, Italians and Germans when World War II started. Those people are sworn enemies of the United States. No need to appease them. So, let's Pees them all. The war is not over. Millions of John and Jane Waynes in America are fed up with threats.

  • jim28threg.

    Tell you what my friends. I'm just an old fart and not much count in hand to hand stuff but if I.m near one of those idiots condeming these troops and you're there too. - knock them down with a club and I'll piss on them and do it twice if it happens to be one of those loud mouth politicians . Especially if it that lezy bit

  • Victor

    I wonder what would happen if someone put an image of Mohamed in a bottle of piss. Would they receive the accolades that Serrano got?

  • John G

    Give them a medal for peeing on the scum. War is filthy dirty and discusting. The kiss ass politicians should put on a uniform and pick up a weapon and get their slimy butts out there.

  • J.A.A.

    so what,I wonder if they would care if it was the other way around? What have they done to our men. What about the head cutting off that was okay. you can tell Obama and Hillarey To kiss our ass's

  • samtman

    Its somerthing NAZIS used to do after they killed Jews, its been documented. Our Marines and Soldiers are not suposed to be NAZI like.

  • JonZ

    I'm totaly against peeing on the dead Taliban! Rather the Marines should carry viles of pig blood and dump that on them.

  • http://visiontoamerica.org everett

    In an obimmamified PC alternate universe here in the safety of our living rooms and collitch classrooms, it is painless to become indignant to the realities of the war with muslims...keep in mind they declared war on us in 1993 with the sworn purpose to kill us infidels

  • gunny

    when i was in kuwate we peed on a many enemy than shot them once to make they were really dead, so if any of you pansys want to feel sorry for them why dont you just move there and see what you get!

  • IR1

    I'm only sorry they waited until they were dead .

  • d.c.schlosser

    well, we know one thing, the dead in the ditch wont be around cutting off heads no more!!! giving them a golden shower is the only shower they problely had in there life!!! go marines!! semper fi!!!!

  • GVHpark

    The soldiers wanted them to smell better when they got to all of their virgins.....a little perfume is not bad.



  • Terri

    I typed a comment and the biased liberal watch dogs deleted it. I think its a disgrace to punish our troops and yet its ok to chop off their heads drag them down the street. Shame on the government. I would never encourage another young boy to enlist if we cannot support our own then let the politicians send their families over there.

  • Insurgent

    OPEN the season:

    1. No restrictions on calibur
    2. No license required
    3. No permit required
    4. No daily bag limit

  • louis

    while i don't condone what these marines did, war is hell, i will leave it at that
    to be honest from this point on we need to support these marines because they are probably going to be made an example of
    the system is going to chew them up and spit them out and no matter what they did they don't deserve whats coming

  • Micileen

    I would like to see how long Hillary Clinton would last over there. Her smug sanctimonious countenance might work for the liberal press but it is way out of line. Let the cabinet members put themselves in harms way before they judge those who put their lives on the line to protect them. Total B.S.

  • Dennis Hoffman

    Let the marines do what they are sent their to do. If it gives them relief to piss on dead bodies of thoes who tried to kill them so be it. War is hell and may these dead ones take the express train their piss on all of them. Stuff a pork chop into their mouth when you get done peeing hahahaha

    • VirgoVince

      Eat the pork chop first, just stuff their mouths with the bones, fat and grease, that's good enough!! LOL

  • Jack Reacher

    One thing the Taliban cannot argue with... Those piss-drenched cadavers were at that very moment the most intelligent members the Taliban ever had. Imagine if next time some of the boys take a dump on a handful of those dead morons. It would improve the intellectual DNA for all those cam-herds for decades to come.

  • troy

    The lesson for Marines is to "just hold it". This did appear to be a waste of perfectly good urine.

  • JOHN

    HOO-RAH! I would have done a lot worse things to the carcasses of those filthy savages. Our brave men should be awarded medals for this act of defiance in the face of a monstrous, evil enemy who are the Nazi's of the Twenty century!

  • Watcher

    I'd like to court-martial the lily-livereds sitting on their OBOY seats of infamy, who want to mess with these guys. What a bunch of traitors they are. They could have saved the world a lot of agony and these guys a lot of trouble if they had fought the war they way they should have and dropped a bomb on the terrorists to begin with. We would have a lot more valiant men and women at home fighting the terrorists in the WH instead of being dead and maimed by the black-wrapped diaper heads, who hide behind women and children while they fire their guns and pant their road bombs. Anybody remember them dragging our men through he streets, chopping off heads and all the rest the media is too bought out to tell you? When are they going to figure it out? The ENEMY gives US no quarter....should we play nice while they turn the whole globe into a fireball of Sharia excrement?

  • AlwaysRIGHT

    I like/appreciate/agree with your thoughts. If placing a symbol of Christianity in urine, according to the liberals, well, then why isn't peeing on the deceased Taliban considered performance art as well? I heard some liberal dufus on TV today say something about how those soldiers' actions were offensive to Muslims all over the world. Well, excuse me but the actions of about twelve muslims on 9/11 (and in many instances thereafter) have been offensive to 300 million people in USA and millions abroad. Our enemies hack the heads of our people off while they are still alive. Our soldiers "merely" peed on dead bodies. Which would you choose to be your fate if you had such a choice?

    The soldiers should get a very lenient slap on the wrist. That's all.

    Now, if you want to talk about who is deserving of real severe punishment - how 'bout what should be done with someone who usurps the office of Presidency without being eligible? And the cohorts (Pelosi) who removed the phrase "constitutionally eligible" in the Word document she signed authorizing him to be the democrat candidate?

  • NoCAGal

    You can't tell me that the Muslims who have killed our men haven't done worse! This is ridiculous and we need to get the com mies OUT of office NOW! Vote with your country in mind this year! Libs have got to go before we lose it!

  • david

    Well, they didnt cut off their heads with a dull knife,,Daniel Pearl,,,or drag them though the streets,,,,Blackwater contractors or hang their bodies from a bridge...Shugart and Gordon.....Mogadishu... These folks are animals and have been killing each other for eons. I say let them be. Bring our boys home ....I salute the marines!

  • louis

    if we want to bring our troops home, or if we want to stand united i hope all the troops start pissing on the enemy
    when they punish these marines, if everyone does it, they can't punish them all
    united we stand, right now we are too divided and heading for a big fall

  • Bernie

    Personally I would cut their heads off and piss down their necks, for what they have done in mutilating our troups. I was speaking to Brit soldier a couple of months ago, where two brits had been found dead with their balls cut off and stuffed in their mouths which had then been sewn up.......... this was discovered that had been done by their women, when subsequent "questioning" of local tribes was carried out. ...................

  • giley

    The political correct in Washington should just say, the incident is under investigation and not judge the Marines. Shame on Hilary Clinton and other sanctimonous do gooders that have no idea how it feels to be under fire and see your fellow soldiers blown to bits by IEDs. The secretary of defense should also with hold his comments until the investigation is over. War is hell.

  • mobuilder

    How to Stop Islamic Terrorists.... It Worked Once in Our History

    "Just before World War I, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists.

    In response, General Pershing had 50 terrorists captured and tied to posts for execution. He had his men bring in two pigs and slaughter them in front of the now horrified terrorists.

    As you know, Muslims detest pork, believing them to be filthy animals, which they refuse to eat, touch nor use the by-products of. To them it is believed that doing so will bar them from paradise and their 72 virgins, dooming them to hell.

    The soldiers soaked their bullets in the pigs blood and then proceeded to execute 49 of the 50 terrorists by firing squad. Next the soldiers dug a mass grave, dumped in the terrorist corpses and covered them in pigs blood, entrails and body parts. Next, they released the 50th terrorist. For the next 42 years there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world."

  • http://www.chick.com Raymond

    News Flash:
    Obama's Campaign Theme Song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KynpC1e9I9E

  • Infidel

    "War is for those with a will to Live!"

  • Gary

    right morons, be sure to let the marine corp lower itself to the levels of the enemy and then we as Americans all end up being each others enemy. It was a mononic low class act performed by punks and another disgrace to the USA.

    • Watcher

      Gary, you are an ignorant bleeding heart moron. You better get out the unrevised history and try to read something true before the rest of you turns to slime. People who know how meet heir aggression and who have been successful at keeping this evil at bay are our only hope for changing their demented ways.Learn that these Islamic terrorists are only stayed in their anti-Christ, peace-hating steps when they are met with terror themselves. Personal family history coming at you here, Gary boy. My grandfather stood in his village in Cypress while the Muslim, scimitar wielding, Turks gutted his mother who was eight moths pregnant, right in front of him. Everyone he knew was sliced and hacked to death. The whole village save him and two other kids were hacked to bits, and they were covered in blood when they were found alive. "WHY", might be a question from someone who did not have his head buried up his liberal behind, full of fecal material and loaded with infection to the brain-stem and back. I'll tell you why, Gary boy. Because the village would not accept Islam...no sharia for that Christian village of farmers, Gary boy. They were judged, tried and executed by a bunch of half-crazed Ishmaels from the pit of hell who hate Jesus Christ and all that He stands for. I hope to heaven someone ties you up and dumps you in the middle of an Arab sand dune so you can live what is left of your short life as the sword of that peaceful religion, Islam, removes your stupid head from your useless body. BTW, Gary boy, the minute my grandfather hit 16, he picked up the sword, killed the diaper-heads himself and I am SURE, he doused them in a little urine, and not only that, if there was food enough to go around that the donkey of men, Arabs, did not steal, then he gave them a good dose of pig blood in the bargain for good measure. I wish there were time machines to transport nothings like you back into time to take the place of the good who have been murdered. My grandfather died at the age of 119, and he was sharp as steel when he left this world. He never regretted what he did in defense of his people and country. Kick Ass, Marines, and if you can desecrate those demon-embodied terrorists on the field of battle, then you are only serving to keep the rest of US safe as they poop in their diapers and contemplate what awaits them in hell and all the other lies their stupid false religion teaches them.
      There is only One True and Living God, His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

      • mark


    • mark


    • mark


    • mark


    • mark


  • 3rd ID Vet

    Don't condemn the guys unless you have been there. Emily Post never served in a combat unit. Does anyone think for a moment the other side doesn't commit atrocities that aren't shown by the somewhat biased media? Give them an Article 15, charge them a few dollars and put them back into action.

  • bob

    They were right in what they did. The muslins would cut thier heads off and p--- down there neck if they had a chance, Marines should be given a bonus and some leave time. Treat them like heros not murders and remember you put them in that situation.

  • Ronnie

    Let me see if I understand this, it is OK to kill them, but it is not nice to pee on them, I bet if they had a choice they would rather be pissed on then KILLED

  • George_S

    The military should purchase a large number of poles. When an enemy is killed, his head is cut off and placed on a pole. This was the way they used to treat enemies.

  • VirgoVince

    Thank you, Marines, thank you for a job well done!! Wish I was there to join in!! Would have been my pleasure and privilege!!
    What's all the fuss about men answering the call of nature, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go and they don't have the luxury of private toilets??
    Too bad you can't find any pigs in an islamic country, you could spray them with the blood and dip your bullets in the blood ahead of time, so they die for nothing, they'll never get to Allah or their virgins!! Wouldn't that be a shame?? LOL
    Keep up the good deeds, but keep them private and don't let anyone disgrace you or dishonor you for serving OUR country and protecting US from the ugly garbage arab moooslimes, dead or alive!!!!
    Thank you, men, Semper Fi!! ALL opposed, STFU!!!!

  • gasman

    Whats wrong with pissing on the guy who was just trying to kill you. Now if he was trying to drop a turd in his mouth perhaps that would be a bit to much.
    Dow you know that in the South pacific very few Japs were taken prisoner. They simple just did not give up, or they were shot.

  • american seabee

    All politicians should serve on the front lines, see death up close and personal, way before passing any such moral judgements.


    • Junior

      Go Brother Seabee. Junior- MCB6

  • Smokey

    Camera equipped smart phones will get you in trouble every time. Do what you have to do but be smart enough to leave no evidence! In today's world video like this will go viral before you know it. Next thing you know, you're standing tall before the man! BTW that man would be the same one who ordered you to kill the guys you just pissed on. Message to the man"you take care of your people and they'll take care of you.". Semper Fi!

  • captnorman

    WAR IS HELL!!!! Been there, Done that!!! They really really should have dumped pig urine on them. Just look at all the history that the Taliban have destroyed since they have taken over Afganistan!! The taliban need to be totally destroyed.

  • AF ret Guest

    I agree with Remongton870 - We have a president who urinates on the Constitution and people every day, he should be impeached. You liberals who read this better be glad there are men and women who give their lives to keep your sorry selves safe.

    Wake Up America - It is WAR - we didn't sensationalize it when they cut off our guys heads and drug them thru the streets - No different- Just slightly reprimand the marines and let them get on with fighting the Evil doers!!

  • Capt Blasto

    Maybe they were in need of drink??? no cold beer was near.

  • Lynn

    Mr. President, do you remember Daniel Pearl?

  • z328

    kudos to the marines....terminate your enemies with extreme prejudice and piss on them afterwards.

  • James St. John

    As soon as they stop cutting the heads off live people, we will stop pissing on dead ones.

  • Dan

    Were Is All The Screaming When They Behead Our People And Burn Them A Drag Them In Back Of A Car Thought There Streets. Were Is The Outrage When They Do This To Our Dead . I Must Say They Are Luck That’s All They Did To The Body’s. I M Sick And Tiered Of The Out Cry From The Mussys About Every Little Thing That Is Done To Them .But Don’t Say Anything To Them About How They Treat Our Dead Or Wounded. I Say To Bad There Sucker

    • Tag

      Ya know, every were you place a comment you do so using all caps on your words and it makes it VERY difficutl to read. If you want someone to read you, then STOP USING ALL CAPS!!! You've been told this before!!!

  • Grimm

    I would have Crapped on them. This Government of ours wants to fight wars, what they are forgetting is, its an all volunteer force and its called WAR! Press to test with our military Mr. Secretary of Defense and your going to find yourselves starting a draft. Did we forget what happened to our Marines in Somalia? Dragged thru the streets, strung up and burned? Muslims decapitating prisoners? Hey...so they they did a little R. Kelly on the Muslims. BIG deal.

  • Grateful 69 yr old.

    Well geez!!! They can cut the head off of a un armed living non military US citizen on TV and where was the outrage? No identification no apology no action. War is hell no matter where you are. If you have never been in combat you have no right to disparage these men.



  • Mad

    administrator i resent you taking away my freedom of speech i did not say anything affensive in my post

  • BeBe

    Never been to a war whereas I had to use firearms, and I'm certain our troops have seen terrible-traumatic sights that are hard to forget. Do I support their actions of urinating on the dead? No. I believe that they shouldn't stoop to the level of their enemies. I still support my troops, but this act I will not support. I'll leave it at that.

  • CheyenneAutumn

    Amen, Amen to all comments. I read where Backjack Pershing had an effective way of dealing with Muslims. HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS...... It worked once in our History...

    The 'pig's blood" incident was an early psychological tactic invented by Pershing, possibly basing it on the use of threats of violence on the part of Nathan Bedford Forrest in his raids during the Civil War.

    THEN: Jack Pershing gets the bucket o' blood and the dipper and informs 'em that unless they sign the peace treaty he's got for them and lay down their arms, they're all going to get splattered and thereby be defiled & unclean and unable to enter Paradise.

    They all signed. None of them dared risk being splattered.

  • Mad

    congressman need to leave these boys alone .If you have seen what the taliban does to women and children then peeing on them is to good for them after all there drag our boys bodies threw town when they kill them i saw Oorah good job

  • AF ret Guest

    I agree with Remongton870 - We have a president who urinates on the Constitution and people every day, he should be impeached. You liberals who read this better be glad there are men and women who give their lives to keep your sorry selves safe.

    Wake Up America - It is WAR - we didn't sensationalize it when they cut off our guys heads and drug them thru the streets - No different- Just slightly reprimand the marines and let them get on with fighting the Evil doers!! When are we going to let the soldiers fight the WAR and not let the public or the congress run it?? Isn't that what we have Generals for??

  • Tag

    Where were the apologies for 9/11? No one apologized then! They've been responsible through their jealousy of the way American live and our rules so they want to destroy us - and they kill thousands of innocents in one danged day! Where did ANY of the r ag heads say they were sorry for being terrorists? Now they get all bent out of joint because some marines pissed on their dead? Big F, ing deal! It's WAR - things happen in WAR - and we wouldn't be over there if you hadn't started this crap in the first place! Get over it!!!



  • change in 2012

    Congressman west has the right idea. War Is Hell! Anyone who has never had to fight shouldn't be so quick to judge. The line between right and wrong is fuzzy at best over there. When you have watched your buddy die in your arms with his blood all over you in a firefight, you may get it. Till then, shut the hell up and leave these men alone! SEMPER FI MARINES!

  • Bob

    Why are we even there ? the AlQaeda training camps have been destroyed a long time ago, that was our purpose to go there in the first place. We didn't invade Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, Osama is dead and our troops should have been home years ago. We are nation building while ours is falling apart, physically and morally. The Taliban and Iraq were never a threat to us, but we invaded them and destroyed their country anyway. Is it any wonder they hate us, how would feel if another country invaded the U.S. and killed your family and friends ? 9/11 was a tragedy no doubt, but these people fought back the only way they knew how. If we minded our own business, 9/11 would have never happened and we would have a lot less dead and wounded soldiers. The Russians were winning the Afghan war until the U.S. supplied the the Mujahedeen and AlQaeda with stinger missiles. If we kept our nose out of it, we never would invaded Afghanistan. Decisions, decisions we always make the wrong ones, but that's because we elect the wrong leaders. Give peace a chance for once and maybe the rest of the world won't hate us so much. Elect the only candidate that has any sense, Ron Paul.

  • Padremike

    I simply saw the whole thing as non-verbal communications.

  • Chuck

    I have no problem with this, they should have pured pig guts on them and left them for the buzzards.

  • JohnC. Freeport, NY

    These Taliban are not soldiers, they are not insurgents, they are not enemy combatants. They are islamofacist terrorists. They are killing our brave men. There is not enough piss in the world to give these towel head terrorists what they deserve. I just wish I was there with those brave men. I would gladly have joined in with the piss party.
    JohnC. US Navy veteran, and Proud.

  • Ruby clark

    I am a 76 year old female. I am proud to know our men in arms did what I consider their DUTY to protect me. If it were possible, i would proudly take any and all punishment that their so called goofball superiors hand out. Why is it necessary for them to be punished at all? They should be given medals of the highest rank. We seem to be so afraid to speak out against islam and shariah law that we cannot say or do anything but backpedal when we Americans should be yelling at the top of our lungs, that we are proud of our men and women in arms and that islam and all associated with it can go to HELL, where they will end up anyway.

    • J. Dirks

      A big Amen, Sister. I'm with you, 100%.

  • Travis T.

    Stand behind your boys, because they are the ones that stand in front of you and are the ones that sacrifice everything for keeping this country safe.

  • Kevlar Linc

    I am currently seeking National Endowment for the Arts funding for my "Piss Pelosi" series of exciting images, and for my sequel series "Dump Obama". The last one should draw quite a lot of attention next November....

  • Ready to Fight

    Kill and PISS on ALL MUSLIMS they are all pieces of CRAP! The only good Muslim is a DEAD Muslim!!

  • Ronnie

    The Military and Peace Officer In this Great US of A are getting to easy on the Bad people in this world !!!!!!! All they belive is to help them, and then they turn around and kill the good.....wake up American before it to late

  • fieldworker

    They should all be given medals for their act. i commend all of them. A billboard should be erected in their honor with their pictures denoting what they have done and placed at the front gate of the Marine Base for everyone to see.. To bad Hanoi Jane wasen't there laying on the ground with them along with the rest of the MSNBC reporters....

  • Ken Kelly

    Semper Fi !!!!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/StandUnitedWithOurMarineHeroesAgainstUrinegate Ernest ODell

    Screw the Taliban, the Liberal Lame Stream Media talking heads, and the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and anybody else who doesn't like it. We stand united with our Marines!

  • Don Archambault

    This is just another case of "workplace disruption" Ft. Hood and "Blackhawk Down" were not acts of terroism... according to Obama and Hillarious...aka The Joker, or am I being to obtuse.

  • Bill, USN Retired

    Let's not confuse the respect owed to uniformed armed forces personell and renegade Taliban "insurgents" who prey upon their own people. An Article 15 hearing for bad judgement may be in order - perhaps - Court Martial? - don't give the Taliban this official recognition.

  • PatHenry

    So? Didn't couldn't one of these Marines need to have a bowl movement? Would have been more to the point. Let me see, how many of these Talibans cheered as innocents either jumped to their deaths or were burned alive before the 9/11 towers came down? None? Right. Let 'em tell it to the Marines.
    PS: If our leaders, military or otherwise, don't stand up FOR their troops then maybe somebody should uninate on them.

  • Bob46

    I laughed when I first heard of this. We're at war. Now, if we could just figure out how to rid ourselves of the 300 million whinning pansy, tree- hugging, evolved from a rock idiots then they we could begin to to right the ship.

  • Klaus

    Now let me get this right. The enemy drags the bodies of our dead soldiers through the street and mutilates them, and our politically correct liberal morons take more offense at our guys peeing on the terrorists. I agree with Allen West, give them Article 15, place a letter of reprimand in their file, and let them apologize for their un-professional behaviour.

  • ConservaDave

    I consider this payback for the bodies of the dead soldiers and Marines who were burned, hung on bridges and dragged through streets. Col. West for President!

  • Big mike

    I agree with west, retire them, it's obvious, I have never served, I don't ever pretend that I did, I would give my life for my country as most Americans would!!! Only those that have served understand!! I support our troops no matter what, God Bless our brave soldiers!!!

  • Maynard

    Why was my comment deleted? There were no words that were vulgor. No comments that others haven't made on this page today. Please explain.

  • sally


  • jjhan2

    We civilians should be pissing on politicians! They are as reprehensible as the Teliban! When Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, have the audacity to criticize our military who are fighting for our country and have witnessed the atrocities these, barbarians have perpetrated on their own people and ours, I say, "Screw Them!"

  • Fireplace

    Allen West has the right idea...Give the bleeding heart libs their little show, then return these men to their units for their deserved high-fives. Love the proposed apology and singing the Marine Corps Hymn "without a teleprompter"...Haha, that's a huge spit in the eye Hillary, the Obama Administration, and the rest of the so-called "offended" politically correct hand-wringers. Love it! God bless Congressman West and the United States Marines!

  • Chris P

    Christians - aren't they wonderful. No respect for anybody dead or alive. Just kill anybody you don't like and then pretend you have morals that are better than atheists.

    Total hypocrites.

    • bobinpa.

      Well, I certainly have no respect for you dirt=bag. "Semper Fi"

  • VirgoVince

    Thank you, Marines, thank you for a job well done!! Wish I was there to join in!! Would have been my pleasure and privilege!!
    What's all the fuss about men answering the call of nature, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go and they don't have the luxury of private toilets??
    Too bad you can't find any pigs in an islamic country, you could spray them with the blood and dip your bullets in the blood ahead of time, so they die for nothing, they'll never get to Allah or their virgins!! Wouldn't that be a shame?? LOL
    Keep up the good deeds, but keep them private and don't let anyone disgrace you or dishonor you for serving OUR country and protecting US from the ugly garbage arab moooslimes, dead or alive!!!!
    Thank you, men, Semper Fi!! ALL opposed, STFU!!!!

  • Rose

    Give those Marines a Medal. They should have taken a CRAP on them as well. NO apoliges are necessary either. My father was in the USMC, these people who give up life and limb for our country should be apprecited more!! For those goodie-two-shoes, don't like it, go suck a sock.

  • kennedy pena

    Is this the same enemy that cuts off heads, leaves our fallen soldiers bodies dangling off bridges. Or uses children on suicide missions to kill opposition. This Administration gave Bin Laden, a sadistic mass murder of thousands of innocents an honorable Muslim burial; however, honors the enemy, and disparages our hero's who gave so much for country. Consider Attorney General Eric Holder, whose war has been against CIA interrogators, whose efforts possibly saved thousands of American lives with interrogating methods which the Administration calls torture. I am sure that Obama Administration won the hearts and minds of Muslim Jihadist's whose sole goal is to annihalate America and Israel. That Hillary Clinton is outraged, gives memory to her hubby that had Bin Laden in the military's sites in Afghanistan, before 911 and he declined to do what a sitting President has sworn to do, and that is to eradicate our sworn enemy.

  • author5555

    Where were all the liberals when American hostages were being beheaded? Nothing was said denouncing those barbaric acts.

  • Elizabeth

    Our men may have peed on them but what do they do to our men? Behead them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Proud dad of Marines

    They should have laid them mouth open and dropped a load where the rest of their sh_t comes out of.



  • bobinpa.

    I can't believe that Dip-Sh// Hillary Clinton made the comments about ths incident that she did considering how her Draft Dodging, Lying, Weasel, POS Husband disgraced the office of the Presidency of this Greatest of all Nations by his actions in the Oval Office with Monica and the Blue Dress Incident. Does she Bow down to Rag-Head leaders like Obama does too???

  • WarArt

    ...and to think that some people would PAY to have this happen to them!

  • Terry

    I recall photos of a dead Marine being drug tghrough the streets in Somalia. So a Marine who has been in combat and has seen what the Taliban does releives himself on a dead one. Big deal. Your making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • catchesthewnd

    I agree with Col. West in that they should not have done it. Having said that i am looking at a newspaper photo of the bodies of four contractors that were killed, mutilated and burned beyond recognition. WHERE was the muslim ouitrage over that incident. WHERE was the apology from the Iraquis over that mutilation. Respect is a two way street. I for one would not have done it. I would have thrown them into a pig sty.



  • http://yahoo.com sadie

    i say good for them if they were trying to kill me i would do the same thing or worst i say war is war do all you can to stay alive boys take care and stay safe kill the savages and get the hell home i will be praying for you all these stupid people that want to punish them shoud be over there in the war zone are fighting with the taliban let them kill you and piss on you too that would be just fine with me these boys need our prayers not apology we should be thanking these boys for what they are doing for us and our country oh wait the ones who wants to punish these boys wants to help destory our great country right

  • http://godfatherpolitics.com steve

    If you don't want them peeing on the enemy don't send them over there to do the dirty work of the political cowards running this country...I didn't see any of them wanting to go....piss on them!!!!

  • James Fontana

    Give them a medal. What would the insurgents have done to their bodies had they killed the Marines? This is some busy body making something out of nothing. Get over ot.

  • Capoprimo

    Administator, why did you delete my post, there was nothing vulgar there or words used that weren't used by others?

  • http://neuezeitgeist.wordpress.com/ Cold War Veteran

    Big pissin' deal. Some Marines peed on some Taliban fighters. Give them a lecture on not allowing such acts to be recorded and let's move on. No harm, no foul. The Taliban and our own liberal-progressive communists with all of their fake outrage deserve to be pissed on. I don't plan on losing any sleep over some Taliban scum (or liberal America-hating scum) being offended. Piss on 'em.

  • Scotty Hughes

    Now that the libs led by Hillarious anti-military Clinton and Leon have publically apologized to the "War Lord" Karzai, it's time to put the creepiest, low life Ft. Hood Jihadi Hassan on public trial. That scumbag should be peed on daily and forced to sleep with pigs.

  • tiredofthecrap

    Frankly, I wholeheartedly applaud the event but don't know why they would have video taped this event unless the Marines wanted it for posterity. Suddenly, everyone's up-in-arms because of a wholly deserving act while forgetting the blatant treatment Muslims administer to others (beheading, etc.). Where is the outrage there???!!!!!!!!! Yes, the military will most likely punish these heroes (and yes, they are heroes) just to make a statement and atonement to a bunch of Muslim scum (that was redundant)--because of an event that SOME will say violates their delicate sensibilities. As a (now retired) Infantry Colonel, I might have administered a verbal reprimand, but nothing more! After all, we are supposed to have a modicum of decorum, but WAR IS HELL!!! On the other hand, TO PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE, our Congress and Senate (who apparently have no morals whatsoever) having already approved open homosexuality in our Armed Forces is now either pushing for or has already repealed the portion of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that forbids sodomy and bestiality (having sex with animals), but God forbid some Marine urinate on a despicable piece of Muslim trash. Oh, that was redundant again!!!!

  • libdetester

    My vote is for the Marines. Colonel West offered a good solution and a very good response. Our political correctness will get more killed. This nation better grow up. Those of us who have not experienced combat should just shut. Remember, these young men and women volunteered to put themselves in harms way and protect us while most Americans sleep well at night in a warm bet and no one is shooting at them. They made a bad judgement call. They photographed it then posted it.

  • blackpowder

    whats the problem? obama pisses on america every day

  • Dennis

    I have only ONE complaint with their actions: Taqking a photo of a sacred rite of war and letting iot get into the wrong hands. What happens on the battlefield should remain on the battlefield. I disagree with Article 15 Non-judicial Punishment for these men. For those that would like to judge these men, you are wrong to judge them if you have not been EXACTLY where they have been. There is nothing clean or righteous about war. It is bloody and heartless, without feelings or a sense of propriety. It is niot like the world we believe we live in but a peek into the world of horrific reality. We can only defeat the enemy if we are stronger than they. Stronger not in a sense of power or numbers but stronger in our resolve. I see bumper stickers everyday that say we should SUPPORT our troops. Is this just a PC mantyra made to make us feel better about not being there personally? If you want to support the troops then put yourself in their dusty boots on weary legs and sore feet, then forgive them for what they must do. There is nothing more degrading than to deprive a man or woman of the precious life they were given by God.

  • bobinpa.

    I see where they were able to find out the 4 Marines in the picture with no problem at all. But, how come they are having so much trouble finding the POS who took the picture and turned around and put it on the internet??. This Retired Marine and Viet-Nam Vet would REALLY REALLY like to know who this "TURD" is. "Semper Fi". The only thing those 4 Marines did wrong was not burning those Rag-Heads qurans, and checking to see if they had copies of Obamas Birth Certificates on them.



  • Motor2

    Basically, the wrong country is fighting the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. During Viet Nam, one of our allie countries would go out and capture 5-6 Viet Cong. They would torture / skin alive all but one. That one was then released and sent back to the Viet Cong to tell what he saw. The country that did this had very little problem with the Viet Cong and were recognized as the military enforcement we wanted with us. Retired Air Force E8

  • Carol

    You might say that is what Obama has been doing that to us for the last three (3) years and now they are peeing on his war.

  • Sumo

    They went easy on them they should have POOPED. It is sickening how this liberal world is always out to condemn the people that die to protect us . God Bless these brave men & leave them alone.

  • Norman

    We have to endure the beheading and burning of American people on TV. Furthering insult the dragging of bodies through the streets. Let us back track to the WTC and watching the fellow Americans jump to their deaths.

    I do believe the digidudes are relieving them selves from the daily tensions of being a warrior at the front lines as apposed to a couch with a mouth and opinion that has to get flushed during the commercial.

    This squeaky little rat dog of a complainer has no memory or allegiance to the beauty that the Americans have and give. Way to much devil time on their hands and they sound like a hypochondriac of liberal ideals.

  • wlllbjr5

    I agree with Congressman West. The present administration went overboard. I want to know who recorded this! More importantly I want to know who released these picture/video to the public! I am not saying these soldiers should not be punished for what they did, but really! this should have been given to the soldiers chain of command and dealt with within the USMCJ(United States Code of Military Justice) and ended there without "Destroying the "Morale" of our Marine Troops there and giving our enemy a moral high ground. Is there any "common sense" left in this "administration!" I do like the part of putting Bacon and pork product in the burial site with the bodies! under Muslim Sharia the Spirits are banned from thei holy place! I think their should be no doubt about it and place it inside and through out the body! On to my Standard Response modified--This is "LUNACY" as compared to "SEVERE TOTAL STUPID LUNACY."

  • Ole Man

    Congressman West thank you for standing up for our Millitary! Greatly appreciated! WAR IS HELL! If we aren't interested in going to war an WIN we have no business getting involoved! Our soldiers relieving themselves should be praised and rewarded not condemend and peanalized for their conduct! Pissing in a bottle with a cross is "art" getting your head cut-off and your body hung from a bridge and burnt is "work place violence," that conduct is defended by ourJustice Dept (Mr. Holder), State Dept (H. Clilnton) and our Marxist Muslim White House but pissing on "our" enemy is a crime?

  • Jeanne M

    Ironically, the same pinheads who are praising this "so-called" artist for urinating on an image of our Blessed Lord and Savior, are probably the same ones who are criticizing the Marines for their actions. I am soooo sick of political correctness. It is a cancer on our nation, and will be the downfall of our civilization if we don't stop kowtowing to it. So what if the Marines urinated on these bodies? Who knows what they went through before they killed them? Maybe it was anger and frustration at a mean and vicious enemy that caused them to do it. "War is Hell". Give our brave fighting men a break and let them fight for our freedom without the shackles of "polical correctness". bogging them down.

  • Willis Craig

    The adminstrator is a liberal and should be removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delete my post.

  • ronbrns

    Try as I have - I just can not see the problem with this. It seems harmless enough and if the enemy finds it sufficiently appalling perhaps it might even serve as a deterrent ... as in "Attack us and we will kill you and pee on your corpse". Seriously - why would anyone care unless they sympathized with the enemy?

  • Michael F Douglas

    I wish we would get a true tough American as President.We need Allen West.Not these losers like Obama & Romney!

  • deprofundisclamavi

    Those poor camelmounters are so sensitive that they cannot bear the idea of Marines using as latrines the bodies of fellow camelmounters who are out to kill our service personnel. You can bet dollars to Ronald Reagan braincells that Worid War II soldiers did comparable performing arts on dead German and Japanese soldiers, and nothing happened to any of them. I would gladly urinate on a dead camelmounter any time, preferably with my yellow stream going in the direction of Mecca.

  • Eagle

    While I have the greatest respect For Congressman West, This is what this old ground pounder thinks. You take a young man, or woman off the street and put them through a brutal training school. They are trained to Kill in the blink of an eye, no hesitation, or you are the one that is dead. It it a pressure cooker that unless you have been there, in any combat any where in the world you have no idea what it's like. I have been there as has thousands of other American troops. I won't say what we did or didn't do, but it was worse then taking a piss on some dead enemy. They should give these guys a medal. I'd like to design it. It would have a yellow ribbon, and a golden burst on he medal it's self, and would be called the "Golden Shower". and it should be revered by all. Our troops are the best in the world, pissing on some troop is a long way from cutting one of our peoples head off while they are tied up and held down, And then shown all over the world. Way to go brothers.

  • Bob Williams

    They were just following orders. They asked the CO what they should do with the dead Taliban, and the CO simply said "Piss on 'em!".

    So they did.

  • Dennis

    FACT: Urine is sterile, without anything offensive and is sometimes used to cleanse wounds on the battlefield.

    Fact: Taliban wipe their asses with their bare hands...very offensive, smelly and full of bacteria.

    All the Marines were doing were cleaning them up for a proper introduction with the Creator. Our guys should be congratulated for a religiously humanitarian act done without prompting!

  • TJD

    They are the enemy. I don't care what you do too them whether they are alive or dead.

  • ingrafted

    This brings to mind the scene that was broadcast worldwide of the barbarians abusing the body of the Blackhawk helicopter pilot shot down in Somalia back in the early '90's. They spared no form of desecration and bloodlust on our man, stripping and disemboweling a son of America. WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE from our government, our media, our people!?!?

    These men are combat weary, and frustrated by watching their friends blown to vapor and having their hands tied behind them by the current asinine "rules of engagement". War is not a football game. The objective of war is to render your enemy incapable of fighting. That means, Kill him and break his stuff. Kudo's to Allen West and "Semper Fi" to my son, Lcpl USMCR, Camp Leatherneck, Helmand Provice. OORAAH!!

  • Melody

    That wasn't enough. They should have done more.

  • Truth Seeker

    Their empty body's signified the results of their gift to mankind, Hell, they did't get pissed on, they were up stairs entertaining 72 virgins, whats their beef?
    ALLAN WEST for PRESIDENT, His leading with true Americans would straighten this corrupt Government out in one term.

  • Bill

    The marines were wrong. Summary court "as conduct unbecoming" with a GENERAL discharge.

    Vite nam 67-68.

    PS, while I generally like Allen West, his recommendations "to stand before other marines and sing the Marine Corps Hymn" is totally off-the-charts. You don't fix one humiliation with another.

  • Fireplace

    Suicide bombings are almost nonexistent in Israeli Airports because containers of pig's blood is scattered about. No Muslim wants even a drop of pigs blood mingling with their body parts upon death as they believe it'll keep them from Paradise. I think pigs' pigpen crap ought to be stuffed in the enemy's mouths or at least shoveled on any Muslim enemy corpse ANYWHERE. If this simple act were policy, the Muslim combatants would be running for the hills and the war would reflect that....but because this Administration is into "appearances" only, this will never happen. I'm going to have a BLT for lunch.

  • joev

    Our soldiers can pee on enemy combatants as much as they want, in my opinion. They are effing the enemy and dead!

  • TheEkstaza

    While both show bad taste, there is a huge difference in urinating on the remains of an actual human being and submerging a symbol of a man who has never even been proven to exist in a jar full of urine.

    • http://www.definingthenarrative.com Kiril Romanov

      So Eks...how do you know anyone has existed 2000 years ago?


    all invasors must die. Every people have the right of defense their country. you are just murders.

  • dennis w

    I'm FIRST IN LINE............I'm already LOCKED and LOADED...............


    If the hijackers in 9-11 would of peeed on rather than ramed the twin towers we would not of held this conversation.

  • arthur wager

    Hey Mr. Administrator are you trying to protect me because of my statements, If this is why you delete my comments I thank you but believe me I can take care of myself and one more thing if the enemy thought I was aorth killing I would be proud to go down fighting for My America.

  • Jack

    I think the whole darn military Force - Army, Navy and Air Force shoud strike - and demand these soldiers be released with only a reprimand for getting caught. I resent the fact that these soldiers are being judged by people who have not seen one day of warfare.


    Pissing on the dead enemy is not as bad as what the extremists do to our boys.Hell,they cut off their testicles and put them in their mouth. Give the Marines a break.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    The Obama Regime and our Lame Stream Leftist Media has created a typical Libtard response. Blame our men and women heroes and victimize the 8th-century terrorist who regularly beat their wives, stone to death other women, wipes his behind with his hand and says TV is filthy, cuts off the heads of non-Muslims and has sex with his livestock. Too bad our marines didn't take a leak on them before shooting the SOB's. What part about war is missing with the Taliban butt kissers in the Obama Regime?
    Fundamentalist Islam is not a Religion. It is a legal, political, economic, cultural and social way of life. Fundamentalist Islam demands strict adherence to laws, rules and regulations or face sever punishments for any lack of compliance or breach of conduct up to and including death by beheading.
    We need to call a spade a spade and tell the truth about ISLAM. It is NOT just another benign peaceful religion, but a hegemonic, misogynistic, fascistic political system that is seeking to dominate a world in which all will bow to Allah or be beheaded. That is fact and Americans had better wake up and smell the Sharia before it’s too late.

    The Taliban is our sworn enemy. They called this fight. Let us finish them and place their memory into the dung heap of history.

  • Bubba Joe

    Piss on the enemy! He'd do the same to our bodies. Moohammed has no idea what the Geneva Conventions are. Maybe a party to bomb? Hillary and Obummer really don't understand we are at war!

  • PatroitOne

    I concur with the sentiments of Col. Allen West.....

  • Angela Fox

    It's disgraceful to reprimand the marines for their actions. Considering the stress their under. They risk their lives every day for us. If they let out their frustrations in such a manner So What! God Bless the Marines! They could have done a lot worse and didn't! So lay off them! We love you guys and stand behind you 100%

  • Andrew

    Yes, they were wrong, enough said. Now consider that everyone out there considers that some Taliban, Terrorists, Marines, Drug dealers, Pimps, Presidents, etc...should be killed and pissed on. Personally, if thats the best you can come up with for retaliation, why the hell do we have Nukes to begin with.

  • Chiefbuck

    I really like most of the comments and would urge the troops who plan to take a dump on the animals to eat a ham sandwich first. I will never vote for any of the politicians who berated these Jar Heads who deserve at the minimum a Navy Achievement Metal. Two things to consider, wizzing on the savages does two things, it keeps the dust down and improves the smell.Take note that most of the whiners never even wore a boy scout uniform and the one whiner who has the highest testosterone level was probably Mrs Clinton.

  • Rocket Man

    The Obama administration is more concerned about "proper" burial respects for Bin Laden & their Taliban buddies then our Marines!!

  • Ed Orr

    During my three years as a combat photographer in Vietnam I saw and photographed what both sides did to the dead and it became a pay back thing. Those things are not something you really want to hear about and things which I do not want to talk about. Suffice is to say that war really is hell and does strange things to a soldiers mind. With regards to the Marines pissing on the dead which has been blown way out of proportion in my view, if I were their commanding officer I would have said naughty , naughty Marines you really should not have done that so get on the ground and give me 25! Afterwards the beer would have been on me.

  • carol

    The way I look at it is I would rather be pissed on when I am dead than have my head cut off when I am still alive which is what the Taliban does. Example Daniel Pearl. Case closed.

  • http://www.wesupportthevets.com Actionwriter

    Combat is hell. If you understand the Asian mind you know that this is an act of the Victor. It humbles your opponent. You have challenged the gomer and won. It is your right as victor to piss on the fallen becuse they would do the same to you or worse. People that do not understand the mindset of combat need to stay in their safe, protected domiciles and speak only of honor of those that protect their quality of life. Consider, if, in the event that these Taliban, say about 20 of them were to invade your quiet, protected, safe, comfortable neighborhoods what they would do to you, your little girls and your family. THEN, reevaluate your opinion of what these warriors did in the photo. I think the photo should be reproduced a million times and air dropped over the Taliban strongholds to let these Tangos know what happens when they come up against America's finest.

    • screeminmeeme

      Well said. Thank you . The reaction of our PC gov to this incident will no doubt end in prosecution of those troops, and prison terms...and all to appease the offended muslim populace. Would to God those at the top had the character and courage of Col Allen West and others like him who speak out about our enemy, Islam.

  • Pastor Carmen

    Japanese would lock Man up in little bunkers fill it with American and English Solders Fill it with Gasoline then set them on Fire. War is hell Our enemies do worst to us yet the same Liberals that are crying about this say nothing of what Our Enemies do to are Man and Woman

  • Bill

    Everyone remember Abut Graying??? Remember how the dens wanted Bush to take the fall for that??? So in that context isn't this Obama's burden to bear? After all isn't he always saying "the buck stops here"? I bet he lets the buck trot on by on this one. He'll he will probably blame Bush for it.

    • Pastor Carmen

      Yes , Bill it is BHO is responsible for their Actions it is his FAULT!

  • Supporter

    Bravo, Carson!

  • Richard

    The only mistake these men made was UTUBE. Well said screeminmeeme, I agree, our men need to piss on all of them, just not televise it, but do tell the taliban about it, and before thi year ends the people in ths country need to piss on ou president and every other dumbocrap dragging out government ad our way of life thru the dirt.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Are we really to believe this is the first time soldiers have pissed on the dead after a particularly fierce battle in which their comrades fell all around them? If "Thou shalt not piss on the fallen enemy." is in the code book of military regulations then they are guilty, but of no severe offense at all. Leave our poor guys alone. The Liberals want to turn our soldiers into fags wearing dresses. War is hell! In any case, they should get an extra dessert tonight because on the one hand they have been vilified for something of little consequence, and on the other they were never guilty in the first place..

  • Linda Persails

    I have friends who were among the ones who wore the "ear necklaces in Nam." I can't comprehend what it's like to be there, but I'll tell ya that "ladies who came to the guys for sex did hide broken pop bottles and grenades" in thei vaginal area and thought nothing of killing or maming. Did they get punished? Not unless they hurt or mamed a soldier too.
    It may not have been right for the guys to "piss on the enemy," but at least they were dead. The enemy does that to our guys while they're alive and have been w/o food or water for days. We're not wanting to hurt the feelings, but these men and women have seen and heard things that will never leave them mentally. They shouldn't be locked up. We already paid them to kill them, so why make a big issue out of it? Let them get some mental help, but don't take away their pensions and lives. Help them. I for one think this isn't worth turning against our men. Can you imagine how our America would be if they came here? We need to find ways to support these guys!!!!!

  • Dennis

    Obama and congress do that to me every day! Where's my apology, etc.?

  • Pat

    Marines , your piss was too good for them rag heads! God Bless each and every one of you!

  • Junior

    Semper Fi Go Marines.
    The Teliban said you can't kill us. The Marines were just putting a little water on them to see if they will grow back.

  • Robert

    There is only one thing wrong with this whole thing . Our military men and woman are some of the best and they are doing a very dirty job that most Americans would or could ever do . I know i am a 61 year old Vet. and have saw worst a lot worse . THE PROBLEM IS the nut job who took the video . That is stupid and they should know better . If anyone sees any punishment it should be the clown with he camera and he should be punished for being stupid nothing more .

  • USAF Vet

    Our society has gone to hell when they feel it is worse to urinate on a dead scumbags body but it is okay for that same scumbag to behead one of our soldiers. I'd say piss on all of them.

  • Ed Mallory

    This is nothing but bravado camaraderie in a war time scenario. I would happily do the same. In light of the atrocities committed by the pisslamic animals this is ridiculously benign. As usual this shows the idiotic mindset, politically correct, liberal anti-military bias in the drive by media. Piss on islam and piss on the main stream islam loving drive by media and their muslim communist leader Hussein Obama.

  • Databyter

    I can't believe the posts I am seeing here.

    This was a cowardly expression.

    We need to hold our side to a higher standard not for them, but for us.

    And yea war IS hell, because you have to kill and be in harms way and STILL DO YOUR JOB RIGHT.

    What you see here is weakness and lack of discipline. THey KNOW they were wrong, and when they videotaped it and shared what did they expect would happen.

    I'm sure they are nice guys and it is too bad about their careers on a personal level. But on a professional level there is NO defense for what they did. They are not just a bunch of chair jockies on the internet, they are AMRINES and there are rules. They broke em and they will be kicked out. The photoographer as well, and they earned it.

    These guys not only went against standing orders, but they videotaped it.

    They just aimed a machine gun at our own PR mission, which our government tells us is as important as the kill missions these days.

    They dishonorored therefore themselves, The mission, the core, and Americans in general whom they represent.

    • Databyter

      Mis-spelled Marines, it was not intentional.

      • Robert

        Have you ever been in Combat ? Have you ever been shot at ?
        These men are doing a job that most people could not do . Higher Standard in war means YOU AND THE GUY NEXT TO YOU ARE ALIVE when the smoke clears .
        If we are not willing to take the fight to the scumbags then we will be DEAD.

  • The observer


    • Robert

      Hell lay old lady Hillary and Jane Fonda in with them . They are cut from the same stuff .

    • VirgoVince

      You really DON"T want to see hillary in a bikini, do you?? Although, that would scare hell out of the mooscums, wouldn't it?? As long as I don't have to see it, go for it!! LOL

  • Zulu

    So what? I realize that two wrongs don't make a right, but they have done far worse to our soldiers. America needs to quit turning the other cheek. These guys deserve a commendation!

  • Rachel

    I think they are urinating on the wrong people. It's the ones in the White House that need urinating on!!!!!

  • dragonfFIRE01

    what's the big deal? Are Muslims the only ones allowed to be outraged? the bodies were only peed on they could have been mulitilated like some americans have.

  • Carol Gabor

    I am truly glad of all the comments. Coming from a Military Family, I so pray daily all of our men and women are safe, since they are defending OUR Freedom. It is our politicians that are truly out of touch, where are the Ike's, Churchills, Roosevelts that need to back OUR troops. Our politicians should all go through the hell these Marines have, send them over for one term with the pay our troops get and see the total turnaround. WE all should pray for every soldier out there, while we are here in our SAFE HAVEN. Troops, you are doing a wonderful job, and I say shame on anyone who would degrade THEM, Our enemies should have Port sprayed on all of them.

  • Genny Wilkinson

    If we didn't have such a liberal media, nothing would have been said about this. I don't agree with it, but who knows what our men go through with serving in these countries.
    I say the media did an injustice to our soldiers for putting this on the news.

    • VirgoVince

      Is anyone bothering to write or call the TV networks with these same opinions seen here?? Haven't read any of those comments yet!
      YES, I wrote to CBS, NBC and my local stations!! NEVER watch anything on ABC! Didn't change their libturd programming, but they never do anything RIGHT! I hope they were swamped with hate mail, but they mostly delete it anyway, reading it would be too upsetting for the little panty-waist commies!!

  • Tijonyc

    Godfather, YOU would try to argue it is performance art. Desecration of a religious icon as art = desecration of the dead on the battlefield?
    When people start arguing "don't you know what they did" "you should see the butchery "they" do, "oh, that's not as bad had chopping of a head" etc. you're using moral relativism to argue and rationalize your desire to do the same thing back to "them." You've un-pegged your standard of ethics and morals and now float them on the current tides of the whims of public opinion. Mob mentality is the ultimate danger of moral relativism, where the majority's impulse becomes rationalized as acceptable behavior. The "tit for tat" arguing becomes a declining spiral of loss of moral integrity, and loss of respect and individual integrity. To not condemn this type of behavior is implied tolerance. When the general culture begins to accept this as "that's just how it is" then the danger becomes even greater that "that's how it will be" to us as well. A vicous dog cannot be trusted even by it's master.

  • Tijonyc

    It is criminal behavior; International rules about the treatment of the battlefield dead date back centuries. Article 17 of the First Geneva Convention further requires that enemy "dead are honorably interred, if possible according to the rites of the religion to which they belonged, that their graves are respected, grouped if possible according to the nationality of the deceased, properly maintained and marked so that they may always be found." Geneva Convention IV and Article 8(2)(b)(xxi) and (c)(ii) of the 1998 ICC Statute, “[c]ommitting outrages upon personal dignity” constitutes a war crime in both international and non-international armed conflicts. The US Naval Handbook (1995) provides that “mutilation and other mistreatment of the dead” are representative war crimes. Violators have been convicted and imprisoned. The moral disposition of the general population of this nation is withering into apathetic tolerance throuh moral relativity.

    "Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt." Samuel Adams

  • Phil F

    Piss on the Taliban.

  • jack cottle

    Why is it OK to kill them but you can't pee on them?

  • Anne

    My husband has been in combat in Vietnam and was a police officer for 35 years. I have not been in combat or dealt with the stress of police work. No person, including myself, has a right to judge a soldier or anyone in a stress filled, adreneline pumping and heart pounding situation unless you've experienced yourself. None of us know how we would react in that kind of environment. Political correctness and combat are like oil and water. Get over your hyper sensibility and just try to imagine watching your buddy get blown up or having to overcome fear and actually kill someone. Unless you've gone through it I say people should just shut up!

  • Stateville1991

    Hmm....Maybe, this was the Marines way of saying: 'Rest in Piss?'

    • howardfrombroward

      for decades the left has sneeringly called our marines peons. then when our marines "pee on" enemies, the progressives are still angry. there's no pleasing some folks.

  • ag8tor

    It's a bit more humane to piss on you "dead" enemies than to cut off the heads of your live ones, don't you think? Where was this type of outrage from the left when Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg were beheaded?

  • Steven

    What is amusing to me is that the same people that had no problem supporting a group that crapped on police cars is getting all bent out of shape about peeing on terrorists.

    • howardfrombroward

      who would you trust as a babysitter for your 5-year-old kid? the pissing marines, the whining progressives or the terrorists.

  • Gwendolyn

    I am so sick of the goody two shoes who think they have the right to judge the actions and the VERY THOUGHTS of our fighting service men and women during their time serving in a WAR!!! We have a good for nothing President who apologises world wide for our successful Nation. WHAT??? A Congress that hasn't the B---s to have him arrested and tried fot the treasonous acts he has commited. But they can dictate "political correctness" til the cows come home. LEAVE OUR MARINES ALONE until you can grow a pair!!!

  • Sunny

    This is much to do about nothing. Political correctness rears it's ugly head once again. When the Islamofascists stop their evil deeds I suppose we can reassess the whole urinating episode but until then, get over it.

  • greg

    Shoot em, Knife em, blow them up, hit them with a 50 cal at a mile range and watch body parts fly in every direction, booby trap their vehicles and watch them detonate with extreme prejudice, etc etc. After a long period of time in active combat, expect our troops to be choir boys and sing kum baya. After all, the dictator in chief has a lot of combat experience doesn't he?

  • AuntJane

    Someone peed on a dead Taliban, so who cares? this should be left up to the armed forces to handle as they see appropriate. As for me I don't give a piss!

  • Pat

    Who ever wrote this story doesn't know their head from their arse. The term "SOLDIER" refers to someone who serves in a standing ARMY. The term MARINE refers to someone serving in the MARINE CORPS. Marines are NOT SOLDIERS and SOLDIERS are not MARINES. Real simple to understand.

    As a former Infantryman who served in the war on terror, I can understand why these Marines did what they did. The Taliban do much worse to our dead and wounded like burning their bodies or beheading them outright. See what I mean here ? The Taliban are animals not to mention terrorists. They deserve what they get. Our poor Marines serve multiple combat tours over there with little support from Obama. No plan for victory to crush and defeat the enemy where they hide. Obama doen't have the guts to defeat the enemy, he just wants to walk away like the coward he is taking yet another vacation to forget reality.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I have to admit that I’m somewhat bemused by the furor created over the Marines’ urination on enemy bodies. Horrible, disgusting, and frightful are some of the words coming from political hacks and State Department wussies who could never understand what these Marines do on a daily basis. People in these latter groups couldn’t last a day with the dust, blood, loss, and fear these men live with for months. Nor could they survive under Rules of Engagement designed to sacrifice American lives rather than offend the enemy.
    While it never occurred to me to urinate on enemy bodies; I can’t say the same for political hacks and State Department wussies (or for some senior officers I’ve served under).

    • screeminmeeme

      A big ditto to those remarks. I could not agree more.

      And sincerely, thanks for your service.

  • DaveJ

    When it comes to the enemy, I say "piss on them."

  • billy miller

    semper fi ,,,,MARINES,,,,& gung ho,,,,,piss on all talaban,,,,,,,dead or a live,,,,,,,,,,god bless you mariens,,,,if i were there ,i would piss on`em, god loves the marine corps.......

  • beach

    Everyone is upset over some urine?
    I'd have taken a dump on them.
    If I were over there fighting I'd have crates of pig penis' shipped over and every taliban I killed would get one in his mouth.
    They are not our friends otherwise we wouldn't be killing them.

  • SFS444

    "To the victor belong the spoils", any body heard of that before? This government has us there fighting with one hand tied behind our back, giving the enemy an edge. And why are we there? We are importing these Muslims into our country so that they can attack us again in the home front. It's a game to the politicians , and our men and women are coming back with strange ailments and diseases, and they are getting no help. Soldiers coming back with no limbs, waiting over a year for disability, and can't pay their bills. The government won't admit that our spent uranium munitions and experimental vaccines are sickening our soldiers, but they'll court martial them because they're mad at the enemy, and pissed on them, after they are dead? This one reason I don't subscribe to the Tea Party. They seem to immediately champion any idot who claims to be a conservative, like Allen West. Just because he was an officer in the military does not mean he is good, or a conservative. I would say that over half of the officers in the military are worthless, but the general public with no military experience do not realize this. Most of them will throw their troops under the bus for a promotion, or to save their asses. Here is a prime example.

  • Dont Tread On Me

    Anyone who has experienced combat first hand, will tell you this is not that big of a deal. Semper Fi!

  • Magherm

    Was next will they try to make our troops do? The dead men did not raise hell--So let it be---if you can't---Then bring every soldier back home now..

  • Skip Foss

    This typical of this sorry ass democratic liberal Muslim communis administration.I don't know why am writing this the administeator is an ovovit supporter,but what the hell. These jerks in Washington can give millions to a bunch of so called artist to paint Christ in piss but they are going to take money or more from these Marines that did what most of us would love to do starting with the Muslim & chief posing as a president . Leave these guys the hell alone ,they had more than likley just came out of a fire fight with these towel head POS's and had some buddies wounded or killed and were taking out their frustration at least they didn't behead them set them on fire or hang 'em from a bridge. Man if you haven't been there keep your frikin moth shut

  • screeminmeeme

    Just watch, people, as the PC media and gov figuratively CRAP on those troops for doing their job. Soon Obama will be out front condemning the incident and humbly apologizing to muslim brothers at CAIR. Hilary already did as soon as it hit the airwaves. They are both reprehensible POS and deserve to live under the boot of the sharia law they are so enamored with.

    I will always have the back of the American soldier. We asked him to risk life and limb in confronting the most evil of opponents, and then we tie his hands behind his back and tell him to smile pretty at the enemy. It sickens me to see how the wars in the Middle East have been prosecuted by a military that has caved to PC gov pressures.

  • MBondSr

    When I was in Viet Nam, I was introduced to real war. Yes they teach you about Combat in Your Basic training, or Boot camp, but it is a shock at first, watching emotions added to what they call War! The way Soldiers, and Marines react.... and then you catch on, we are not here to be nice guys! The rules have change, but the Mission remains the same. I wittnessed Arial Interagation, cutting off body parts as trophies, Young Men acting like they would on a Hunting trip, but serious about the KILL!

    So this is truley a situation of " Have you walked in their shoes" regarless of an opinion of a General, Retired. Was he ever in that position? I doubt it, because our last Combat experienced General was Collin Powell, and his experience was Viet Nam.Pissing on the Dead is a Marine tradition, and all Marines regardless of Rank know this to be a fact! when they bury their own Dead they Piss on the Grave! Get use to the Soldiers, and Marines You love so much.

  • Tom

    Pissing on the enemy that has killed your brother Marine and tried to kill you is understantable when you think of the frustration that our fighting men and women have serving under their present, so-called, commander-in-chief. By pulling them out of toughly contested territory which was paid for by their brother's blood, without a victory, their bravery has been cheapened. Our brave soldiers should be allowed to smear pig's blood on the Talliban dead and put a porkchop in their mouth or elswhere. HEY GUYS, JUST DON'T VIDEO ANYTHING, OKAY.

  • William

    It is a wrong and vulgar act to urinate on anyone--dead or alive. However, Allen West is correct in that a stern reprimand should be the only consequence, considering what these Marines have had to endure for all of us.

    • screeminmeeme

      It's RIGHT to show disdain for and demoralize the enemy.
      Vulgarity is the least of the issues here.
      They ought to be reprimanded for not dropping their pants and crapping on the enemy.
      How's that for vulgar?

  • Ray

    First of all the last line of the article "Just one man’s opinion" I have to disagree with. You are not a man but a pig. For us to stoop to the level where so many people think it's ok to urinate on dead people, regardless of who they were when living is disgusting. Pretty much on the same level as what fueled America's outrage when we saw pictures of our service people being drug through the streets, or burned and hung. Wrong is wrong, and this action is very wrong on all fronts. First of all we are supposed to be the good guys, not some playground brats that cry "well they did it too" when caught. Secondly these wanna-be-marines no doubt cost the lives of real Marines by their stupid actions due to the outrage it will cause our enemies, as well as recruiting many to fight against us that otherwise wouldn't have. I'd give them all an immediate dishonorable discharge and a minimun of 20 years in a Marine prison where every day they could deal with the real Marines whose lives they endangered by their actions.

    • screeminmeeme

      Ray....You're drinking the PC cool ade. It had nothing to do with their being "playground brats'. You can't fuel rage that is already there and aimed at America. and you'll never extinguish it either. You apparently have no understanding of the underlying motives which drive these savages. To gain sympathy from a complicit, appeasing world, the muslims will once again use their victim narrative and use this incident to JUSTIFY what they are ALREADY committed to doing. Anyway....SINCE WHEN DOES ANY REASONABLE PERSON EQUATE PEEING ON A DEAD BODY WITH BEHEADING A LIVING ONE? Ya moron.

      Those soldiers peed on the dead as a way of demoralizing their comrades. They were sending a message.
      Urine contamination is a sinful thing in Islam, and uncleanliness prevents entrance into paradise. That's a message that would frighten the terrorists if they thought it would happen to them. Muslims have an astonishing fear of not going to paradise and we ought to use that fear to our advantage.

      What YOU are doing is crapping on the ''good guys'' when they were doing their job.
      So..what do we call you?

    • Sheindel

      Ah, Ray~20 years minimum? Someone kills or rapes and they get less then that. What planet are you from? Did you ever serve in a real war? Did you ever see your buddies get blown away? Was your first child born while you were away serving your country? Man, get a brain. The Taliban are animals, pure and simple, raised that way, raising their children that way, allowing their women to be treated as less then animals, what the Marines did may not be right, but if you were there you might be doing worse.

  • cat

    The enemy needs to fear us! The "uproar" over this just make them laugh at US!
    These extreme muslims want to kill every person in the US that are not muslims!
    The FOOL liberals want to be nice to these terrorists, PISS on all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • msbets

    Tie a dead pig to them, to a tallybon (as ovomit pronounces it) that would be worse than a pissin match!!!!

  • Truth Slinger

    Pissing on them beats sleeping with them. Pee away, gents.

  • paul

    Where was the outrage when the taliban cut our soldiers in two and set them on fire dragging them thru the streets of iraq a few years ago. lets level the scope of outrage to war is hell

  • Devasahayam

    How about drop this issue, given that what the Marines did was far tamer than the grotesqueness with which the Taliban hellhounds would have mutilated their corpses?

    Treating dead enemies with any degree of honour is NOT a tradition of Muslims, quite unlike in the West where we have the examples of Protestant Swedish king Gustav Adolf at Battle of Rain (where Gustav's own physician treated his mortally-wounded Catholic German opponent Johann Tserclaes--who when he died complimented Gustav as "noble knight), and post-WW2 example of Italy (which honoured Canadian "defender of Malta" Flt. Lt.. George "Buzz" Beurling--who had dropped several ItalAF pilots into the Med near that island--by promoting him posthumously to Colonel and marking his initial gravestone "Col. Giorgio Beurling"):
    (*) on 1947/12/12, Indian jemadar Nand Singh--a Victoria Cross winner--was killed in action by Pashtun (same tribal group as Taliban!) at Uri. His corpse was then taken onto a lorry, spreadeagled and paraded through Muzaffarabad with loudspeaker "this will happen to all Indian VC's", and afterwards tossed onto a tip.
    (*) Taliban were known to have grotesquely mutilated corpses of Hazaras and Tajiks (Northern Alliance) dead 1996-2001
    (*) best example, Pakistani treatment of killed Indian soldiers at Kargil (grotesque) vs honourable treatment of Pakistanis (burial done by Indian Army Muslim cleric) in 1999.

  • d.stout

    Congessman West probably said it best.............However when you see the treatment our boys have received by the enemy you want to say "so what" shows the difference between animal life and our military which shines bright in a dark world...

  • Eli Jones

    What's the big deal. I heard of this happening during WW2.

  • just sayin

    The Libs did not complain at all when one of their own, a OWS protester took a dump on a police car that was still being used. Why should this be a big deal to them? We know why!

  • DanDy

    These men were members of an elite group called Marine Snipers: When they arrive at a fight zone they become high priority targets for the enemy! When they take out an enemy combatant they have eyes on and are witness to the agressor's actions.

    These men are selective in who they shoot and they often save many lives of our forces and our allies. (and they don't hide in hospitals and churches to do their skillful work.

    Give each of these men a medal and send them home to see their families for a while and then give them a promotion if the wish to continue on active duty! We need more men like them with their dedication and skill so the libertaunts can sit at home and complain in comfort.
    and by the way; if any idiot releases their names to the press they should be court martialed!

  • http://yahoo.com samuel crisp

    Tiz far Better to be pissed off. Than tiz to be pissed on!

  • Dave

    I'm telling you if i were a kid i think twice about going into the millitary anymore.These waco's will get you killed.All there stupid rule's.They want to fight a civilized war.What the hell is that?I say big deal those muslim don't take prisoners.They skin you alive and than cut your throat.Why do you think you haven't heard to many time's about those muslim ever taking prisoners because you would have to fight to death rather than get capature by those muslims barbariens.And another thing my dad fought in the Koren war and i seen picture of him standing on dead north korens like trophys kills.And he was just a grunt in the Army.And i am a Viet Nam era Vet U.S. ARMY 72-78.I say back off a leave these soliders alone

  • John Hand

    'They' can capture and behead captives while still alive, they can put bombs on women and children and send them in to blow up their fellow Muslims or the Christian enemy, they can plant bombs along roadways and in fields, leaving their own lifeless and limbless as well as American soldiers, and all in the name of 'Allah,' but we are not allowed to piss on already DEAD Taliban. Yes, we are sooooo politically correct, and being laughed at constantly. They will respect us when they FEAR us, and not until then.

  • Nemesis of Empire

    Piss isn't enough -- we need to make AFGHANISTAN RED WITH MUD BLOOD! MUD BLOOD! MUD BLOOD:!:!:!:!:!:!:!


    B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:!



    K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:! K:I:L:L:!:!:!:! B:L:O:O:D:!:!:!:!

    UNTIL THE WORLD IS CLEAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • screeminmeeme

      Good grief.
      Thorazine, anyone?

  • carl "GRUFF"

    Somthing this serious should be a mandatory two nights of K P duty (pealing potatos).

  • TOM


  • KPJ2

    Do not pee on them! Pouring pork fat on them gets a better result for them in the afterlife.

  • Tag

    I'd be looking for the jerk that posted the picture on Youtube and caused this entire problem - if that birdbrain hadn't done that then none of this would be happening! Take a picture of some thing? Be danged careful who you give it to or give access, it could end up being published without your permission. BTW its against the law to publish pictures without a release - check it out - the jerk water that put this on Youtube should be held accoundable! Go get 'em!

  • Not a Paper Patriot

    I agree. Piss on them all before or after dispatching them - or both - then throw them in a pit face down with a dead pig on top.

    These savages must be taught respect.

    They are under the illusion that they are going to forcibly spread Islam crap all over the world. I wouldn't bet on it.

    Semper fi.

  • Shell

    While I don't condone this behavior, it's time we cut these guys some slack because they have to endure a daily dose of dread going into battle for unknown people who want to cut their heads off and will plant IED's to blow them apart, piece by piece. I don't know who took the picture or who released it but somehow that was a travesty of loyalty toward your fellow soldiers. This is the part of the web that is disgusting.

  • Tchiock

    That goes for your administrator as well!

  • R.Blakely

    I would like to cut there heads off when they are still alive,on t.V.Pay back is hell isn't it.

  • http://BorderMarines.org Gregory Romeu

    HEY! When you gotta go, YOU GOTTA GO! Doesn't matter if you're at the mall or in combat!

  • CAV69

    I sure our government wasn't apologizing on my behalf, I personally think that a #2 would have been more appropriate.

  • Tony in MO

    Those marines should have urinated on General Casey's staff car. He's the one who lamented that when that traitor/murderer, Major Talibanista who killed all those G.I's at Ft. Hood, said "I wonder if this will harm our diversity program in the military?" Gen. Casey should share a seat on the defendant's side in a court martial.

  • senior viking

    There was no error in pissing on the taliban scum. The error is taping it, or allowing it to get out.
    People, we live in a pc gone mad world.
    Until we're pissing on room tempreture progressives let's keep our entertainment to ourselves .

  • Colorado Joe

    It's a sorry up side down world when the left, as usual, raises a stink and is making political hay out of this incident. And nobody says peep about the Taliban custom of throwing acid into little girls eyes for going to school. Or what about the woman who was raped and her crime for being raped is to be sentenced to 12 years in prison. I suppose she must be thankful she didn't get stoned to death. My sympathies go to the piss that became contaminated after mingling with such filth.

  • joe1030

    If it will increase moral, then piss away. People don't realize these troops are out too long fighting the biggest sneaks on earth
    that kill at will and mangle. The same group that beheaded a poor reporter for reporting on them. Put yourself in a marines boots and see how you would act. My older brother was a marine in WWII and he said they never took Jap prisoners because they did not trust them.

  • Tag

    Where is the USA government when our dead military are treated in the most heinous ways? Where is the objecting and screaming about that treatment? Where is the demand for an apology and a court martial for the offenders? Has the USA gotten to be a bunch of woose's and can't even stand up for those giving their ALL to protect this country? Where are they when it comes to supporting our troops? Where are they!

  • Russell McManamy

    Well said. An apology and Article 15, and move on. The PC advocates want the US to be a mamby pamby nation. As a proud American, we need to support these soldiers and protect them from the PC police. GOD bless America.

  • russ Piet

    I dont know why this is such a big deal. The marines and the rest of those fighting in that Godforsaken country have seen things that we couldnt imagine.Let it go,I only wish I had the chance to pee on the taliban dead or alive.

  • nifongnation

    Have a military coup, and have all the military pee on Obama

  • Joe Sausage

    They guys were on target, only if they did it right like Let some of the Taliban see you pour pigs blood on the bodies, That will make them run for their holes in the hills. This was done a long time ago when the Philipians were having trouble with the Muslins...They captured about 25 and lined them up and shot all but 1, then they killed a hog and poured the blood on the bodies and let the 1 go. They had no trouble for the next 50 years OBUMA SHOULD GO WITH THIS IDEA he's such a wonderful iligitiment

  • DoctorBob

    I only have two suggestions for the Marines. 1) drink plenty of coffee before you go on patrol, and 2) leave all your cameras back at the base!

  • ScarletDove

    We have no idea what kind of day at war these young marines faced that day. It is OK for OWS to pee and defacate in the streets, it is OK for Obama to ravage us and the constitution with his dictator behavior, and these marine are keeping him safe to do his dirty deeds. They did nothng different than is done in any war, and these progressives like Clinton and others in this article should be thankful these fellows are keeping them safe, yet these creepy progressives want to punish these kids--absolutely not!

  • john



    Im glad they pissed on there graves they should have crapped on them 2 .. the way i see it is them scumbag worthless muslims do far worse than our American troops do so Muslims can go to hell where there all going anyway !

  • Tonto

    Not only was it "artistic" in the leftist sense, but was a "statement" with emphatic punctuation.....the statement being: "Yo talibangers, you ain't worth the stuff they scrape off of feedlots and sell for fertilizer. We have nothing but contempt for you and all of your idiotic customs...to include islam and the accompanying craziness." >>>>.signed, US Marines

  • DrG

    anyone with a mosque near then should go in as a visitor and pee on the carpets where they stick their noses as they pray to satin

  • old-wise-one

    If I could be King of America, ALL combat enemy muslims would be pissed on just before bulldozing them into the ground and be covered with the remains of a hog slaughterhouse. DESECRATE ?? Muslims desecrate 3000 christians each and every day with their continuing jihad against Christians around the world as those Christians are slaughtered just for not being muslim. Black Jack Pershing did it right in the Phillipines many years ago when he buried 49 enemy muslims in pig entrails and released the 50th to go back and tell the story to his leaders of just what was in store for all deam snemy Muslims.

  • DALE

    It is OK for Haji to cut off the heads of American soldiers and civilians or to cut off their arms and legs or to draw and quarter them in front of a video camera and broadcast it on the internet while parading the bodies down the street. But if our boys pee on them it is a crime. War is hell. Our government rules are stupid...and as long as they handcuff our troops we will have problems in winning. But, Obama has no problem in sending in a drone attack and kiiling civilians. Dead is dead so what's the big deal about pissing on some cockroaches.

  • SweetOlBob

    Did you delete my comment because I called the liberal, OH SO UPSET, spinless, pin--a-rose-on-me, cowardly, never been shot at, jerks at a garden party or because I pointed out the peed on taliban were trying to KILL our guys or because I said they deserved a medal ? Or maybe it was I said they were pansy-assed liberals.

    Anyhow, I said and I'm glad !

  • Cincinnatius

    Like this makes a rat's a&&. If someone wants to piss on me after I'm dead, have at it! I'm not there, I've gone home. This is a tempest in a teapot for the leftist apologists, Obozo and his ilk, period. IF we had any real warriors in any position these days, they would tell the world TO GO TO HELL, we're Marines and this is what we do! This certainly is not the Marine Corps I served with, we would have blown them to tiny pieces too small to pee on!

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    That's the ONLY thing dead Taliban are good for.

  • RiverFred

    Bravo and piss off government or better yet piss on the government.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I would have cut their heads off and poured hog blood down the hole just like they cut the heads off of our military and Contractors, we should show no mercy for these animals treat them as they treat our young men and women. Let them know they are not going to see Allah. Screw the rest of you Liberals that want to kiss their _SS.

  • Pat

    If these critics had been around in WWII, we would have lost the war because every Marine in the South Pacific would have been on trial for war crimes. Our Marines survived because they learned to be tough and they made the Japs fear them because they became more brutal than their enemy. When the Japs cut off our Marines' heads, pulled their gold teeth, or cut their penis and stuffed in their mouth, our Marines learned to get respect from the enemy by taking their heads, boiling them down to a skull and making a garland of the skulls that they hung off the side of their ships. None of them came back to America and became mass killers, they took up their lives where the left off and went on to raise families and have careers. Go Marines!! Be what you have to be to survive and to hell with everyone else. Semper FI!!

  • Fran

    The whole act of urinating on dead bodies is atrocious and disgusting, no matter who the bodies are. They are dead, asleep in death, not conscious of anything happening including this gruesome act!! Jesus instructed us to love our enemies and this is total oppositie of that action. I sincerely doubt that any animals would do this to their fallen enemy... It just amazes me how "low" man's actions among themselves can go!!!!

    • Jennie

      Fran get off your high horse. Didn't it bother you that our men were beheaded, dragged and burned to death on camera? Or have you been hiding under a rock? Pissing on them was being kind considering what they did to our troops. Get a life, you idiotic pacifist....

  • Jim

    What is amazing to me is the lack of education that so many have. I do not see any issue with what the Marines did. If anyone has spent any time in the desert one knows that most Arabs urinate on their head dress. This cools their body. Urine is sterile - just bile and water. So, if it is acceptable for them to urinate on themselves then wouldn't it be acceptable for others? People please, educate yourself on our enemy. Our President and his posse will go to great lengths to pull your emotional cord. Stand up and tell these elites to stop.

  • Jennie

    Outstanding performance by the Marines!!! It deserves an Oscar. Proud of you guys, now go poop on Obama....

  • Matt

    War does not require manners. If it did both sides would say "after you dear enemy" Then no one would want to fire the first shot. Get a life wimps, war is hell and pissing on a carcass is not something to fault our troops for. If anyone doesn't think so, then they should enlist and go fight the enemy, then see how long they stay "nice".

  • Billy

    It's just to bad Col West, has not ran for President. He is who we need at this point!

  • DGJ

    The New York Times wants us to adopt Sharia law. Good idea and when the newspapers say something about us we cut out their tongue. Hows that for punishment.

  • aurora35

    Now where is the lame-stream media at? Why aren't they making a fuss over what the Taliban has done to our troops and their horrible desecration? Like chopping our troops up, for one. What a bunch of hypocrites. Now, is BO going to apologize to them?


    I remember a few years ago when our soldiers bodies were dragged through the streets by the Taliban and then burned, and then hung from a bridge for all to see and celebrate, while burning the American flag. I also remember a news reporter shown on T.V. with a guy in a hood and then HIS HEAD was cut off, because he was an American. There was also a young contractor whose family begged for his life since he was on his way home in a few days, they put a hood on his head and I still hear his screams as they cut off his head. They actually held his head up for all to SEE, I THINK I'd RATHER THEY TOOK A PEE! Double-standard always when it comes to our soldiers and the ENEMY, while our representatives sit on the derriere and decide what's right and wrong in war time. Yet the representatives themselves continue to VIOLATE the rights of everyday Americans and our Constitution;, while our soldiers fight, lose life and limb to protect the HOMELAND. MANY HEARTS GO OUT TO YOU MARINES!!!! You are all in the depths of WAR, while we sit in judgment in our warm homes and cushy couches.

  • VTX1300R

    These Marines do not deserve to be punished for anything. If they would apologize to the Taliban in person, the Talinban would still hate us and want to kill us, period. All this BS about having these marines prosecuted is absolute Bull S--T and nothing more . To Criminalize them is a crime in its self. Its the same thing they did to those marines at Aubugrab prison. They didnt hurt those towel heads, they just put them in a pile and took pics of them naked. They are the enemy. You don't kiss up to the enemy. No amount of PC crap is going to make them like us. They blow our soldiers to bits, or behead them on video, hang their bodys up in public to throw stuff at and who knows what else. This is absolute BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the Marine

    for all you liberals, you fools, appeasers, cowards & traitors, who sit comfortably in your heated/air conditioned office, drinking your latte, on your word processor, daring to judge our hero/warriors of the U S Armed Forces, I will tell you, when it comes to war, observe the 3 S's, either serve, support, or shut the f-ck up, this is not, The War on Terror, the video game, it is war, kill or be killed, if you can't stand the truth, then don't send our hero/warriors to war!

  • Rubio4u

    LOL, you can delete my posts as much as you wish!!!! The truth absolutely kills you commie fruitcakes doesn't it? If it was these murdering savages urinating on the mutilated remains of Marine YOU IN THE MEDIA would have been squealing with delight. NUFF said...now post this!!!!!

  • Ross

    Keep up the great work guys and gals, next time drop the big "duece" ! If you need some bacon give me a call!

  • jb80538

    If our military people didn't feel like they needed to video their exploits, no one would have ever know about what MAY have happened.

    Oh yeah, there are also lawyers embedded in each unit. Combat is no place for a lawyer. IT'S war folks!

  • Cape Conservative

    Forget vice president, I recommend that the Republican Convention nominate ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

    HE WALKS HIS TALK!!!! And I thank you very much for your service to our country, both military and now in Congress!!!!!

  • usmcone

    I would like to be on the Courts-Martial or jury trial - NOT GUILTY. Have a great Semper Fidelis

  • DaBear

    Would it be OK if they pissed on the muzz BEFORE they killed them?

  • Dan

    you better look again there spelling police . if that is all caps maybe I should have smaller fonts for you .

  • Dicken

    What about those sheet-heads that killed the two soldiers in Somalia, stripped their bodies and hiung them from a bridge for all to see, or the ones that cut off Daniel Pearle's head on video for all to see? That's just a tad worse than peeing on their dead bodies. I like the story of Black Jack Pershing's treatmemt of those scum-suckers in the Philippines in 1915. They had 50 or so sheet-heads in custody and he wanted to end his trouble with them, so he had all but one of them shot with bullets smeared with pig's blood, then had them buried with pig carcases on top pf their bodies. They turned their backs on the one who was not shot, and he escaped to tell his sheety brothers what was happening to their captured comrades. They had very little trouble after that.

  • teddy

    Facing our Marines these individuals had probably already soiled themselves and not just urine before they met their fate!

  • JMcCarthy

    These Marines are just following obama's lead in what he has been doing to America and our Constitution for the last three YEARS!

  • JFlinn

    Cmon, you gotta be kidding me. There are lunatics out there that like being urinated on while they are alive. If you are into that kind of thing you would definatly be pretty liberal. I don,t know why nobody remembers what those crazy fanatics do when they feel like making a point. After they kill a foreigner, they burn their bodies and drag them through town on national T.V. So all you liberal whiners out there, shut up and stop being such drama queens.

  • ricbee

    My turn next....

  • http://www.whenthefatmanspeaks.com gary

    I would like to urinate down Obama's throat for his bullcrap coddling of our enemies. These seat polishing warriors need to be run out of DC for their cowardness. The military personell should start killing their enemy, urinating on them, eat pork and produce the feces to feed them. Obama is a traitor and the men should come home after winning the war and then terminate Obama and hiss Czars. Save the tax payers put a bounty on Obama.

  • SittingMooseShaman

    ...if one looks closely none of the dead heroin pushers are wet- neither is the sand around these rightfully and righteously deceased smack-hackers...so yes, these Marines were merely, "acting-out". This IS truly a piece of performance art.
    Conclusion: The Marines were actually rehearsing roles for an up-coming USO show named simply, "....on it!"
    Actions: Everyone go out, find some left-wing scab and whizz on 'em...since many are g.y a golden-shower probably won't bother 'em ennyways...

  • Danette Ellis

    Give the Marines a medal! Muslims TARGET women and children. Do you ever hear the liberals whine hysterically about that? Piss on the liberals, too!

  • Steve Rhinehart

    I do not know why my last comment was deleted by the administrator, so let me rephrase. For get about the mariens and win the war.

  • fish

    Someone asked me what i thought about this. I said "piss on em".

  • American Paratrooper

    just a note to thank the candy assed admistrator for deleating my post, piss on you too

  • Sonata

    Oh we can shoot them..kill them but we can't piss on them..don't make me laugh! They did worst than that in Viet Nam! They killed our men so piss on them and piss on the Socialist left/Obama & his agenda gang! Vote them out!

  • Gisela

    It is ok for them to show our guys being beheaded but we do one thing they don't like and our Soldiers get it They should get a Medal for urinating on the Enemy .I like to know why who ever took that Picture found it nessisery to show it and put his buddy's in this position.

  • Tout

    I do not agree with such act. Bur I was in war and can not judge my brothers soldiers. You think you know what war is like ?

    • mark


  • Mr Mike

    If it boosts their moral and demoralizes the enemy fine. I don't care if all our soldiers do this to all our dead enemies. I never had the privelege of serving but I repect those who do and would have done the same. I regret I couldn't be there myself doing the same. My heart and prayers sincerely go out to these heros & their familys. Im praying against the critics and the enemy literally..

  • nemo

    To make a fuss abut this is crazy. Those responsible either don't know what war is, or want to demoralise US forces. Go it, Marines!

  • Ken

    I,d Piss on all of them! Anytime!

  • sirvando vargas

    Wait til Bob Kennedy hears about this Pissing incident, on these towel Heads, he'll pop out of his Grave just to make sure our Heroic Marines get prosecuted.

  • RLM357

    Let's see if I get this right.... They murder, maim and horribly mutilate and behead our people and drag them through the streets while celebrating and that's acceptable. But we have a couple of Fabulous fighting men urinate on these vermin and the medias senses are hurt???? Every time I had to use my gun I survived. For that and my training I am eternally grateful. I guess the theme song could be "You call everybody number and everybody call you number two !!!" 'P' on 'em all and Semper FI Marines! ~Rick Magee, FL

  • Ellman

    Whatever our troops do in war produces liberal hypocritical outrage but when the Taliban slits throats and shoots women for exposing their elbow there is no outrage. The mainstream media is irrelevant!

  • EddieJ

    It's war. Some marines pissed on the enemy. Who cares? Our Government is pissing all over us to placate the muslims. Come Nov. we should vote out every incumbent running for re-election.

  • Dick

    I am a WW II veteran. I was in Salzburg, Austria at war's end and had the opportunity to visit Bertchesgarten and see Hitler's and Goring"s houses. I did in Hitler's house what almost every GI did. I peed in the corner of the living room as a form of derision. Hitler was dead and gone so that was my (our) way of expressing our displeasure. Piss on it. The people who are upset over this Marine incident have never been there or saw what had happened. Are they supposed to have compassion for the enemy who was trying to kill them. If such incidents are not wanted then don't put troops in such a position. I must agree with Lt.Col. Allan West's opinion.

  • http://exposeobama.com Stephen

    From a Former U.S. Marine. If Were Going To Continue To Fight Wars. We Need to Fight Them The way We Did In the Pacific, Break Out The Flame Throwers & Burn them All Down. Show The Enemy No Quarter What So Ever. It's The Only Thing They Will Respect Our Total Committed Resolve To Defeat Them Just Like We Did To The Japanese In The Pacific. Even If We The U. S. Did'nt Use The Atomic Bomb & We Had To Invade The Home Islands Of Japan We Still Would've Prevailed At A Much Greater Cost Of Our Fighting Men. Even Though We Did Use The A -Bomb, By Doing So We Saved Hundres Of Thousands Lives On Both Sides By Doing So. The End Result Was A Total Unconditional Surrender By Japan. Which Meant We set All The Conditions. Bottom Line If we are Not Going To Fight Wars To TOTALLY WIN THEM!! Then We Need To Bring All Our Troops Home And Use Them To Remove All The Illegal Immigrants That Have Invaded Or Country & Turn America Into A Immpregnable Forttress!!

  • Sam

    Where do we line up to piss on the commander in chief ?

    • Screeminmeeme


    • RightWrezko

      Based on the number of people who detest the bogus CIC, it will take years to reach the head of the line.

  • What chu mean
  • Co-opted Confederate

    Real Marines eat Pork!

  • http://www.freedombulwark.net/community/337-john/profile John K

    Actually, this kind of battlefield behavior can help bring peace and save lives by discouraging Muslim terrorism just as the Hiroshima bomb saved far more lives, Japanese and American, than would have been lost had the war continued. General Pershing broke the Muslim rebellion in the Philippines by burying the dead with pigs. (Some say bullets were dipped in pig's blood as well.) It was thought to be a rumor, but it's in his autobiography at the National Archives. Jim Lacey quoted it in his new Pershing biography in the MacMillan Great Generals series on page 66:

    "These juramentado attacks were materially reduced in number by a practice the army had already adopted, one that the Mohammedans held in abhorrence. The bodies were publicly buried in the same grave with a dead pig. It was not pleasant to have to take such measures but the prospect of going to hell instead of heaven sometimes deterred the would-be assassins."

    The point here is not desecrating Muslims, but rather as your article points out, in war victory is supposed to come first. Whatever can be done to bring victory saves lives on both sides. We have all seen the horrible things the Taliban and al-Qaeda do to infidels, living and dead, but there is no shock in the media over that because we know they are like that, and so it's not news.

    Pershing also had this interesting commentary on Muslims on page 35:

    "The Moro is of a peculiar make-up as to character, though the reason is plain when considered, first, that he is a savage; second that he is a Malay; and third, that he is a Mohammedan. The almost infinite combination of superstitions, prejudices and suspicions blended into his character make him a difficult person to handle until finally understood. In order to control him other than by brute force, one must first win his implicit confidence, nor is this as difficult as it would seem; but once accomplished one can accordingly by patient and continuous effort, largely guide and direct his thoughts and actions. He is jealous of his religion, but he knows very little of its teachings. The observance of a few rites and rituals is about all that is required to satisfy him that he is a good Mohammedan."

  • mark


  • mark


  • mark


  • Joyce

    A noble deed!

  • JR M40A3

    Who is to say that this is not a spliced film made in Obamas basement at 1600 People House??He may feel the need to kiss some of his mooselem brothers asses.Piss on'em all!

  • Screeminmeeme

    @ Fran, who reacted with revulsion concerning the incident:

    Fran, baby......you just don't get it.

    1. Atrocious? Gruesome? Ya gotta be kidding. Only an irrational person would equate peeing on a dead enemy with slowly sawing off the head of a living person.

    2. You don't have a clue about Islam or you would know exactly why this was done. Urine contamination is a sin in Islam and prevents entrance into Paradise. Peeing on a muslim is demoralizing for this reason. That's why it ought to be a US policy to pee on every dead muslim.

    3. Take your sanctimonious spew elsewhere where your other PC appeasing liberal friends will stroke your back while nodding their little heads.

    You're figuratively peeing on those troops. What does that make you?

  • Kevin Miller

    It's past time that we Stop bowing to our enemies because of political "correctness" STOP IT! islam is our enemy! PERIOD!
    It's NOT a religion of peace.They're not divided by "radicals" and "peace lovers".The whole system of islam IS RADICAL!
    It's a system made up by evil people and run by evil people! The koran is evil! As far as I'm concerned,if one is a muslim,
    even if I'm forced to deal with him or her,that one is part of an evil political system. Whether they try to murder me or not.
    Just because some muslims don't COMMIT these Heinous acts others do,doesn't mean they are against those acts,either!
    This world would be Better Off without ANY of them....and that includes the oBUMas! To tell you the Truth,there isn't anything
    you can do to these muslim monsters that is wrong. So go ahead...piss on them,do # 2 on them if you'd like! Bury them in the
    most disgraceful way you can as mentioned by someone I read,already!

  • Byron Mullet

    If the Marines just claim they were expressing frustration over the DADT policy, which was still in effect at the time, and posted the video only after it was repealed, they will probably qualify for the Medal of Honor in this New World of Values Order President Obama has "created".

  • Nightlyonewolf

    Urinating on a corpse has no honor. Understood. Should these men have to endure all of the aftermath/punishment of this? Not so much I think. Far worse has been done to our men and women throughout the years, but do we hear about any of that? No. Do we have those who desecrate our men and women who have been killed. It is as if those in power here enjoy eating there young. Punish them yes, but to this extreme?....definitely not. War is hell. Always has been.

  • Lee Bird

    The most important issue to remember WE THE PEOPLE have sent our Marines anywhere to defend each of us and our country. I would like all politicians to serve ( most of them never served one day of military duty) and experience what our soldiers go through under combat conditions. We have many veterans to date that will never be the same (HOMELESS,CRIPPLED OR A MENTAL VEGETABLE IN HOSPITALS) because of what they experienced. WAR IS NOT A GAME and many acts of torture and tactics far worst have been done to our men who where captives and prisoners of war. I am not in agreement that these Marines committed a court martial offense. The moral of our military could be sadly marred and we must back our soldiers. This should only be addressed by their commanding officer and any good commander backs his men.

  • Screeminmeeme

    To those who are so offended and appalled by the peeing incident: You need to learn more about the enemy: Islam.

    A good place to start: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

    A very informative site, where you can look up any subject and see what Islam says about it. Also, there's a daily tally of all the Islamic attacks worldwide and reports of heinous acts against mankind which are the trademark of Isam....plus other disturbing news that ought motivate us to oppose this evil more vigorously at home as well as overseas.

  • JeronimoDan

    It's just a crying shame we haven't shipped hundreds of hogs to Afghanistan so as we kill the Tali ban and then we could gut the hog and put the combatant inside and sew the sob up and kick him to the side of the trail, or road. Be sure to piss on them before placing them inside the hog, hogs are not bad guys...

    • Screeminmeeme

      Geez...I feel sorry for the hogs. Am I wrong?

  • Dennis

    America no longer knows how to prosecute war.

    I 100% agree with Alan West.

  • Dakota

    It has been reported this incident is thought to have happened last Spring. So why is this being released now? Does anyone think it will be used to justify our gov't caving to demands by the Taliban during their "peace" confab?
    Something just doesn't pass the smell test.......

  • Harry19

    I think if the Obama administration punishes these soldier s ,we the American Public should have a protest that they have never seen before at every state capital in The Usa. Come out in number, bearin ARMS ,but being peaceful. Just to let these SOB's know who we are. God Bless them Harry 19

    • Screeminmeeme

      Harry....while I"m with you on your intent and would march on Washington in a heartbeat.....do remember....Obama is just waiting for the right time to declare Marshall Law and suspend our Constitutional rights. He is looking to be the supreme ruler and will stop at nothing, IMO, to get what he wants.

      So..we have to be wise in what we do and how we do it.
      But I'm definitly on your side, brother.

  • JeronimoDan

    I see nothing wrong with what these Marines did, what I do see wrong is, young men and women are sent to fight and die for old men's war's. I'm a far right conservative, but G.W. Bush will some time in the future stand before God and his judgment for taking this nation into a unwarranted war. The murder's, of 9-11 were fifteen Saudis out of nineteen, this is the country that should have been taken over, I don't care if the 19teen were trained in Afghanistan.

    • Screeminmeeme

      I agree Dan. I voted twice for Bush but after his decision to go to Iraq, and his unwillingness to secure the border, I vociferously opposed him...wrote him emails, faxes and letters. I have no doubt that I'm on Secret Service list somewhere as someone who needs to be watched. Whatever.

      You're absolutely right in saying that Saudi Arabia should have been invaded..but NO COULD DO cause the kings are friends with the Bush family. The Saudis are supplying the funding for all the Wahabi schools worldwide, including right here in the US and infecting kids with an ideology that is seditious, violent, and totally anti-American. And yet we permit it. It's insane if you ask me.

      The Saudis are not deserving of any respect or loyalty from us. I'd love nothing more than to see Mecca leveled and the Dome of the Rock blown away.

      Now THAT would be a pisser.

  • General Bull Krapper

    Peeing on them doesn't makeup for the dragging, hanging & burning that our dead soldiers have endured. How about we let our soldiers do what we train them to do. Kill every Taliban & terrorist scumbag & come home. --- Stay Well/Stay Safe/Stay Free

  • JeronimoDan

    We all know that the Pentagon is in one hell of a turmoil about what to do with these four heroes. They better instated a piss medal for them to wear with honor.

    Something like: I kill, Piss and move on to the next one...

  • J. Dirks

    I think the person or persons who took the video and distributed it should be investigated. They are the ones who should be in trouble. NOT THE MARINES, FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

  • Husker28642

    I volunteer to go to Afganistan and be assigned to a unit specifically for the purpose of pissing on the dead enemy. All the Marines need to do is shoot them and get them on the ground. My Piss Unit will then take over.

  • infidel81

    I pissed on the grave of someone once. It felt good and didn't bother me in the least. He was a POS and deserved what I did.

  • http://neuezeitgeist.wordpress.com/ Cold War Veteran

    A couple of urine-soaked Taliban terrorist subhumans are not worth the lives and careers of these American Marines. These cowardly, screeching, America-hating liberal-progressives need to shut the Hell up and put an end to their fake outrage. I consider them to be no more valuable to America than the urine-drenched terrorists.

  • Rocket Man

    Take a Look at the 274 of our troops dumped in a Virginia landfill like garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William

    A waste of good piss if you ask me.On the other hand piss on all of those" little sheet" heads.Thier actions against us are far worse!

  • Rocket Man

    Why is nobody talking about this?????? 274 troops tossed like garbage in a Virginia landfill. Does anyone out there care???
    Please paste this news item elsewhere and get this story going folks!!

  • Cal

    Comparing this to "Piss Christ" is a stretch. Marines pissing on dead Taliban doesn't bother me at all. We can't fight a ruthless enemy with a patty-cake attitude! Our enemy needs to know who they are facing & fear us.

  • Larry Hood

    Pissing on them is not enough. Take a dump on their face before you cut their heads off.

  • flameinhair

    OK I'm put it these why....I just wouldn't NO.1 on them...I'd NO. 2 them also!

  • Airdaleusn

    What is wrong is it was videoed


    I don't see anything wrong with these marines venting their frustration. They were just doing a little water boarding posthumosly.
    Hillary looked like she had reached critical mass for some kind of break-down.
    Queen Nancy will probably have to be sedated to get through this little piss party.

  • Husker28642

    Isn't it written that a dead muslim cannot enter Paradise if they are soiled in their grave with urine? Now isn't that special!!!!!

  • Robert little

    It's yet another example of our upside down world of political correctness. And, it's getting worse!

  • Ronald cawthon

    I totally agree with th colonel. Screw all you left wingers

  • twandx

    Why select out the Marines? Many men piss on their wives/girlfriends/rape victims after they have beaten the hell out of them. It's called the penis as hose syndrome. Some men have no way to express themselves except with their piss. But although police reports are loaded with this sort of behavior, one seldom sees anyone standing up for abused, alive women.

  • William

    The marines did what most of us vets would like to do to those over in the mideast. That is the type we have to war with. What these marines did is tame to what they have done to our boys and people that they take. So the WH and the rest of washington can lump it if they don't like it.

  • joe

    LOVE YA MARINES!! Next time, drop trow and crapped on the animals.

  • joe

    Next time you're in D.C. Marines, go to the black house and piss on the muslim that lives there.

  • Charles Jones

    I can understant these young Marines contempt for the enemy. BUT you have to look at the consquences from their action. We have enough problems dealing with the Muslim world, we don't need more. As with out local police and other agencies, we need the support of the local populations in winning a war. This action does not get us that local support. I hope that the Marine Corp is not too harsh on these young Marines and I would hope they run down the idot that took the photos and allowed them to go viral and beat the crap out of him for he is one really stupid idot. I hope in the future, our troops will use their intelligence and attempt to understand that you have to treat other religions more respectfully whether you believe in them or not.

    Charles B. Jones
    MGySgt USMC (Retired)

  • Kurt

    I had a friend whose uncle was in Vietnam. He showed me a bunch of photos of where they took the heads of the people they killed and nailed them to the fence by their ears. I had the impression that it was sort of normal to do that during a war and wonder why suddenly this stuff is getting people in a big fuss.

  • Hal White

    I am a Christian and a Viet Nam viet. Wish I had collected one of those necklaces when I did my tour. If it was me, besides a dead pig carcass I would have wanted to take a dump on them just for good measure.

  • Sonny

    The scum who don't defend our military, never served. Like Hilary who happens to be the worse of the lot. As far as the Generals, they can't say anything until they retire.

  • donjusko

    A little history you should be aware of about GENERAL PERSHING.

    General "Black Jack" Pershing was born September 13th, 1860 near Laclede, MS, he died July 15th, 1948 in Washing, D.C. Highlights of his life include:
    1891 Prof. of Military Science and Tactics University of Nebraska.
    1898 Serves in the Spanish-American War
    1901 Awarded rank of Captain
    1906 Promoted to rank of brigadier General
    1909 Military Governor of More Province, Philippines
    1916 Made Major General
    1919 Promoted to General of the Armies
    1921 Appointed Chief of Staff
    1924 Retires from active duty Education West Point
    Just before World War 1, there were a number of attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists.
    General Pershing captured fifty and had them tied to posts for execution. He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughtered them in front of the now horrified attackers. Muslim's detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won't even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, it's meat, it's blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise (and those virgins) and doomed to hell. The soldiers then soaked their bullets in the pigs blood and proceeded to execute forty-nine of the Muslims by firing squad. The soldiers then dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorist's bodies and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc. They let the fiftieth man go. For the next forty-two years, there was not a single Muslim attack anywhere in the world.

  • Fran

    I'm a theocrat, not a democrat, republican or independent.... All of these atrocities, including war, will continue as long as man rules over man. That is why God's kingdom or heavenly government will put an end to all of man's governments (Daniel 2:44) and all the wicked ones that meek persons have to contend with (Psalms 37:10,11). Only then will we experience true peace and security... right now, it's a hopeless situation.

  • Wild Bill

    Wonder what would happen if some "artist" put up a picture of Martin Luther King with ants crawling all over it. would Lucy R. Lippard consider it "mysterious and beautiful." or “a darkly beautiful photographic image… " I seriously doubt it.

  • firehose

    This is no issue! These are our men, risking their lives against an insane enemy....I condemn anyone who pushes any form of punishment towards these Americans, who are protecting us, and the rest of the rational world. There are real issues to deal with, it's time to leave this one.... No Punishment For These Marines, A Promotion. panetta, I knew you were a pantywaist, just like obama!!!

  • Fran

    It's a sad state of affairs when hate and prejudice (which uusually result in wars) are the "norm" and love and compassion (which result in peace) are so looked down and passé in this world of ours...... :-(

  • GramSam

    If it had been the Taliban peeing on our dead soliders, we would have apologized for being in their way.

  • CD Novy

    One of the many times I am proud to have retired from the Army.

  • W. Kerr

    If these Marines face court martial or any punishment for urinating on our enemy, it will prove my opinion that this nation has gone absolutely crazy. The Taliban believe a system of laws so contrary to our system of government and our way of life that they do not deserve respect. They punish their children and their wives and would just as soon kill a US person as not.


    There is no such thing as peace.. no two nations will ever get along.. no one person can rule the entire world ..race differences will always exist until the end of time ...there are so many religions that its hard to believe in what a preacher says .. and gov is corrute .. evil will be around for as long as good is present ..there is all this choas bubbleing over in this world and no one can stop it from happening all we can do is stand beside the ones that can see clearly though this veil of darkness we need leaders we need fathers we mothers war is something a citizen can understand let theses men do there jobs who are we to judge them when they fight for your freedom to even speak as you please these troops have watched there fellow brethren die beside them with pieces of there body missing America should be feared and examples should be made with that fear that if anyone messes with the U.S.A there going to pay a high price for all the people that think there civilized think again because you have no clue as to what you would do if you were in there shoes these soilders are heros modern day warriors ..our enemy has no heart and are weak cowards piss and dump on islam while i wipe with the coren

  • Corky

    I, the father of a Navy SEAL lost to the Taliban, salute the four of you. Just keep the cameras off next time as the feeble, the Politically Correct, etc., just love to criticize the strong that are placing their lives on the line for us. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Ben There

    Let's send all the rich, elite, and Harvard educated men to war because they know better not to pee on a dead enemy soldier that these poor uneducated teens who have seen more ugly war than their minds can stand.


    Piss and dump on them worthless muslims but dont forget to wipe with the quran

  • Ken

    They should have taken a dump on them while they were at it.

  • Skip S.

    Bathing them in pigs blood would have been more appropriate. At least pee is sterile. They should be punished no more than Congressman West suggests.

  • chvietvet

    There is a definite connection between the descration of a religious symbol with meaning for millions of Americans, done at government expense and with official sponsorship, and the desecration of the bodies of enemy soldiers. The first act justifies the second. Under whose system of morality are these marines to be condemned? If our government belittles the source of our moral standards, it makes an act of contempt for a defeated enemy of no significance. If regulations do not state specifically that an adequately described act is subject to punishment, then it cannot set moral standards as a reason for punishment when those standards are publicly rejected and mocked by the government which metes out the punishment. If it metes out no punishment to the so-called "artists," then it cannot legally mete out punishment to the marines. A moral standard of behavior cannot demanded of one citizen and not another without violating the rule of law.

  • Lee Bird

    We have sent soldiers all over the world to defend our freedom and protect our country, I want each politician to serve in the boots of one of these men (many have never served and used all means to make sure they didn't serve in the military ) There are no rules in WAR and we should be proud that our soldiers to do anything to beat the forces againest us. THIS IS NOT A GAME, IT IS SURVIVAL AND WE MUST USE ALL TACTICS (EVEN MORAL ISSUES TO DEFEAT THE ENEMY. The Taliban kill our soldiers and mutilate their bodies and if not Muslim all must be killed and beheaded. This is not a is not a capital and court marital offense

  • Mike

    Give them a medal and a ticker tape parade. The Taliban beheads and mutilates our soldiers if they get a chance.



  • William

    Good show marines.



  • FED UP

    Whoa ! Your missing the point here, These are pres. obuttheads people how dare we do this to his kind.After all he is taking OUR Country down , making us weak enough to let those muslim PIGS get strong enough to KILL US.
    I say VOTE FOR RON PAUL He will pull out all our troops from around the world and then we can sit back and watch all the trouble makers in these muslim garbage cans kill each other.Ron Paul will keep Our Country safe and blow up anybody who tries to do any harm to the USA. GOD BE WITH US.

  • JohnfromChicago

    I wonder what would have happened if they had instead peed on a Koran or a whole pile of Korans??? It probably would have started world war III in the Muslim community. Though I disagree with their actions because I think we should take the high road and not stoop to the level of the enemy, it is the liberal left who is so opposed to it, but won't call a kettle black when it comes to Muslims raping women, torturing men and other blatant violations of human rights.

  • Nils

    WHEW!!! Long drive, my teeth are floting, anyone know where there are some dead Talaban murderers I can piss on?

  • PNP

    You may be looking at this wrong. They may have been trying to clean up the bodies for a proper funeral and were using the only resource they had.

  • Betty

    The United States traines "young" men to be killers and then when they kill, instead of being killed, the gutless wonders of the government are upset that these marines are pissed and angry. Send the politican's to war and see if we win or lose.

  • dockywocky

    Who says it was wrong for those Marines to pi55 on those Taliban ashholes? Minutes before, they were probably cursing those very Marines and praying to their Moon god to allow them to kill the Marines and give them the chance to mutilate their bodies, or even better, wound those Marines so they could practice their even more primitive and sadistic wishes to mutilate them while they were still alive.

    I say those savages got off easy.

  • oldwhitehair

    I am so sorry, I thought there was someone there with balls.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    It's also OK to send predator drone strikes to assassinate an American citizen and Taliban leaders, but heaven forbid we actually capture them and hold them for a military tribunal.

    But while we're on the subject, since Bush was supposed to be personally responsible for Abu Ghraib, why is Obama not personally responsible for this incident and the murders by the Stryker batallion? Oh, yeah. I forgot. Obama doesn't want us to be there, so whatever we do while there is Bush's fault.

  • greg

    So let me get this straight, according to our PC culture, and those in Congress, at the White House, and our liberal press, it's OK to urinate on the Bible, images of Christ, and anything Christian, but please don't desecrate our enemy, right? If we treated Islam and libs the way they treat us, there would be WAR waged against us. So, let's let the battle begin. Time to nail them, literally either them, or us.

  • Douglas PANNEBAKER

    Better to be pissed on than being beheaded!
    All I have to say is Semper Fi!!!
    If the Marines charge & convict these four Marines, than it just shows how freaking weak & way too politically correct bull crap.
    Let our Marines alone. I want to see every single sissy ass polotician & Naval officer do what these guy do. Fight.

  • Fran

    What the world needs now is LOVE, sweet LOVE.. It's the ONLY thing that there's just TOO LITTLE OF.... Burt Bacharach

  • Fran

    Jennie, what people don't understand is that God, and not man, will get rid of ALL wicked persons on the entire planet!!! No man or government can or will accomplish this. It's just that simple.

  • heylottylotty

    So who was the low life that filmed and reported the troops performing a ceremonial rite of faith while attempting to put warmth into the bodies of fallen enemies? Why has this potentialy life giving rite been criticized by the unbelievers in that
    backward country? Do they not understand that just as they believe that suicide bombers who kill civilians in non-combat
    areas are going to be rewarded, these men may have attempted a proper (yet pagan) ritual to help? Seems simple to me.
    I just believe the person who stooped so low as to pervert the intentions of the troops should have consulted those men
    before blindly going to others with his/her version of the special ceremony.

  • Stanb

    This nation was all but out of Afghanistan when Bummer decided that we should send in new troops. So, instead of the Afghans going out on patrols, OUR sons were sent back out into harms way. Most of these young soldiers were ordered to that latrine from the reserves. They left their families, their jobs, their security and answered the call that they swore to uphold. They are in harms way EVERY day. How much harm does or has the Village Idiot EVER placed himself in. He may have suffered a paper cut at one point in his illustrious career as a "community organizer". These troops deserve better than what they have coming their way from a corrupt, inept government.
    Dad of an Army sergeant and a Marine Corporal who have been there.

  • johnee2

    There are muslims and then there are these animals,the same murdering pigs that hang people working in their country to improve the lackey conditions off of bridges and set them on fire,so-be it,it all depends whose ox is being gored.These marines should get theCMH,and have a parade down broadway.Enough already of these whining sniveling crybaby's that have never seen the ugly face of war and the animals we've had to fight around the world ""ENOUGH """walk a mile in our marines shoes,or shut up.

  • bribozo19

    Give these four marines a break,If the Feds have such a short memory of what was done to our guys, would you rather see your commrade get pissed on or perhaps have his head removed and dragged thru the streets, or his head put on a post in the middle of the town square..Thats the way they treat our guys, I would rarher get pissed on instead of decaputated.Let those four go back and make things right...I can lend them a nice machetti.

  • freeamericausa

    Where.....I say....WHERE was all this outrage from the likely suspects of Liberalism when a demonstrator URINATED on a photo of JESUS on the cross?
    Double standards? Or just plain Ignorance from the left, liberals, and perpetual CRYBABIES who are insulted if you spell ONE WORD incorrectly...and blame everyone around them for being JUST AS DUMB as they are.

  • indian cowboy

    John McCain needs to be sent back to "win the hearts and minds" of the the Vietcong.

  • john s

    Please, every patriotic reader, blitz the Commandant USMC with mail telling him to get off these Marines asses, and at the very least promote them one pay grade and 2 weeks Rest and recreation

  • jim

    Dear Dear HILLARY, I understand your outrage over the marines peeing on the enemy, the same way you got on TV and comdemd former Pres. Clinton for making AMERICA so proud for his actions in the white house. I hope they get the same punishment he got. I think he is a multi-millionare now.

  • soldier

    The only ones to be punished are out of touch with the real people of this country. Lets not for get its war .GIVE THEM MEN A MEDAL.KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP

  • Phil H

    I guess the 1st amendment only applies to those who go along with the administrators views on certain positions.

  • Ayanity

    Urinate on all the old used ones who don't know their fathers and give an award to all brave American service people who do!

  • Dave

    I have spent some time in the Vietnam "conflict" in the 1968-1969 years. The Vietnam conflict was similar to all wars in that the enemy deserves whatever they get.
    Urine is the least of weapons that the soldier can use .

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