What has Obama accomplished as President of the United States?

Obama's Report Card:

Increased America’s debt by 35%.

Increased unemployment by 18%.

Falsified Hawaiian birth certificate after illegally holding the office of President of the United States.

Violated the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution by exerting federal government over state’s rights.

Largest increase in federal government in history.

Created a national health care system, modeled after the failing systems in Canada and Great Britain, and which creates nearly 100 new government agencies and programs.

Made the federal government the monopoly agency for student loans.

Made the federal government co-owner of various industries.

Alienated one of the US closest allies –Israel.

Weakened the military by allowing gays to openly serve.

Refuse to defend US borders against illegal aliens.

Violated the US Constitution by requiring every American to purchase health insurance.

Openly embrace Muslims who have vowed to destroy America while at the same time pushing to remove more Christian rights from Americans.

Established more socialist policies than any President in history.

Removed more citizen’s rights than any President in history.

Striving to make 15 million illegal aliens US citizens in time to vote in 2012.



  • Bigmac495

    He violated his oath of office to uphold the constituion . his first official Presidential deed was to lie on the bible!
    He told various officials not to inforce immagration laws,not to enforce the border laws,His Obama Health Care is so great he has allowed 500 exemptions for companies and unions.

    • Robert

      up to 1300 countries now....... mostly all unions.

      • Robert

        up to 1300 companies!!!!!!!

        • Charles H Mason

          I think it is more like 1500 now.

    • Shawn

      hey it wasn't five hundred, it is more like 1200, plus some states even got out of it :)

    • Edd

      You are forgetting one very important thing. The Koran allows and even encourages LYING to infidels (Christians) to accomplish achieving Islamic goals of WORLD CONTROL. oBOMBa is a muslim first and foremost, born to a muslim father, raised ina muslim society and trained in the muslim ways by his step-father and adopted country.
      His aim is to DESTROY CHRISTIAN AMERICA from within the system.

      • Mark Las Vegas

        Dumb-ASS!! He was raised by his white mother and white Grandmother. He saw his father for a week when he was six. He grew up in a Christian home (remember his minister saying not so nice things?) in a black community. Everyone says that he is our first black President. Well, he is more white than you are! He is highly educated, unlike you, and he has served his country in more than one area. What have you done for your country?

    • Pinky Lee

      I don't think that our illegal president ever made the oath on the bible. I know that he didn't do it during the inauguration ceremony. We were only told about it happening later in the oval office. You know how we can depend upon verbal verification from that office.

      • Mark Las Vegas

        Ever hear of "separation of church and state"? If you make a President swear and oath on a Bible, you are breaking one of Jesus' commandments. "do not swear on anything...let your 'yes' be yes and your 'no' be no!" What kind of hypocrites do we have in the Republican party? They scream to have the Constitution held up, but yet they want to take away a woman's right to chose, they cry "foul" if a Muslim boy wheres a towel on his head or a Jew that wears a funny hat! But if they want to have a Christ-mas scene of Jesus in a manger on the lawn of the High School, well, that's O.K.! As long as it isn't accompanied by a statue of Mohammad! Go back home and think again. The "do nothing" party will be defeated by their own stupidity in 2014. BTW, I have the right to bear arms. An atomic suitcase bomb is an "arm"ament, so therefore I demand to be able to own it along with a rocket launcher complete with rockets. Oh, did I say that I want to live right next door to a Republican????????

    • Mark Las Vegas

      Ummm...I beg to differ! Obama has been the toughest President on illegal immigration. He just wants to keep the "good, law abiding ones that came over on a work or educational visa". Why send some of the most brilliant Russian scientists back to their country? Why not keep the brilliance here? Why send an acclaimed brain surgeon back to India if we can benefit from their knowledge? The 500 exemptions for companies and unions are because they provide a better benefit than the government reforms even call for. You really need to watch a different news channel than Fox!!

  • mtnmantn

    Forgot to add violating the 4th Amendment by allowing the TSA to conduct illegal searches of people without reasonable cause and attempts to remove our right to keep and bear arms.

    • Mark Las Vegas

      That, sir, was implemented during the Bush administration, due to the attack of the twin towers! Wow, where do you get these readers from, Giacomo?

  • Miroco

    Please note that Jeff above proves my point on an hourly basis. "Liberal", a subhuman parasitical creature incapable of survival on it's own. Hiding behind pseudonyms like Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, the psychophants main goal is to suicidally devour its' host. The only value for this of abominable lifeform is "Target Practice".

    • Chas Butterfield

      ...The BSLN virus(..Blue-shirted Liberal NAZIZM...)...attacks the cortex(.."thinking" part of the brain..), leaving only the limbic system( the "feeling"part of the brain..)...As it"progresses", it leaves nothing but an automaton..(..the"base" reptilian portion of the brain)...The ONLY cure( ..if the brain is not "conserved" in time..) is HVLI..(...High-velocity LEAD injection...)....

    • Mark Las Vegas

      Agreed! I think all libs should go live somewhere else. Now the Democrats have it right. A swing to the left, a swing to the right. More moderate than anything now-a-days. Just watch out for the Right wingers. They say that they are for constitutional rights, but want to ban a woman's rights to an abortion. Even God gives HER that choice! They say that children should be able to pray in school, unless you are a Muslim (what happened to religious freedom and separation of church and state?)! Well, then you have the slight to the right Republicans. They neither want to agree publicly with the Democrats, nor make them mad. So they do nothing in hopes that the problem will be tackled by someone else. Yes, the "do nothing" republican House, ya gotta hate 'em!

  • BDKatt

    Lots of room on the hanging tree,Buckwheat's limb is reserved,as is one for the puppet master Jorge Soreass, Erich Holdingit, Botox Pigloosi & Hairy Greid.Others to follow in turn as space becomes available.

    • Paul E Taylor Jr

      Great play on words with their names, I prefer calling Pelosi the Wicked "rhymes with WITCH" of the West LOL

    • Mark Las Vegas

      Oh, and there is a Bush that grows just at the base of that tree that needs to be plucked and hung up there too!

  • Jeff

    He also captured and killed Bin Laden...

    • elysianhunter

      You mean the Navy Seals- give credit where credit is due!

    • Wayne

      No - the policies and military built by Reagon and Bush made it possible to get Bin Laden.

      If the leftists had been in control it would never have happened.

      • Robert

        Wayne is correct. We should not forget that people/countries around the world thought us weak and non-committal during the years the peanut farmer was president, Jimmy Carter. We were actually laughed at, I shall not forget. Thanks to Reagan/Bush/Bush we did have a great military as this president starts to strip the money away from the Defense Budget..... God help us.

        • Joseph deVi

          You are right. I was laughed at several times as I entered some countries in south america, for being an american!
          Quite different once Reagan was president!

    • Jim

      No "He" didn't kill Osama bin Laden!
      Seal Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden
      Lets be perfectly clear on that!

    • The Frog Prince

      No the Navy Seals captured and killed bin Laden.

    • BOB MAC

      He didn't do anything! Seal Team 6 got bin Laden. By the way, he didn't even give the order, he couldn't make up his mind. Leon Panetta actually gave the order.

    • Tony B

      Yeah,Jeff keep drinking the Koolaid LOL

    • Dave

      He screwed around for about 20 days deliberating the use of Seal Team six. Before the election he called Team 6 "Cheney's private assassination squad." After the capture of Bi Laden he said that he had created Seal Team 6 so the HE could get Bin Laden. As the Washington Times has observed, he is pathological liar.

    • Ken McDougsal

      Bush put all that in motion earlier on. Did you notice this is the only thing he didn't blame bush for?


      So he had a man murdered while laying in bed with his wife & children
      Osama was dead weight on taliban anyway. He served his purpose and was no longer needed.

    • Bruno

      Really breaks your heart on that one ,huh Jeff.

    • Mimi


    • SONNY

      Jeff: YOU need to get your "facts" straight. "He" did neither "capture" nor "kill" OBL. The military snipers were simply in the right place at the right time. IF you like socialism so well, GO TO CUBA OR VENESUALA. GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY.

      • Gdrn

        And Jeff - take Obama with you!

    • Commish

      Yeah... I'm pretty sure I read that it was the US Military (The Best and the Bravest on Earth) and the exceptionally trained and prepared "Seal Team 6". Yes... the president tried to take credit for it (amazing), but also, it requires mentioning that he made Penetta give the "official order" fearing that if anything went wrong he could distance himself from THAT decison too. Good Grief!

    • George Fuller

      He happened to be Prez at the time.......they had been trying for 10 years.......

    • rbasford

      lol, yea, believe that if you want. His sorry butt had to be dragged off the golf course while the plan to kill Bin Laden had already been put in motion by Leon Panetta!

    • invest

      He didn't capture anybody. Every member of SEAL TEAM 6 was trained before Obama took ofice..Not a single one on that team was trainedby the US military under the Obama leadership...Not a one..

    • truthseeker

      sorry jeff, but bin laden was in the right place at the right time, and obono just happened to be in office when bin laden was found. Face the facts. Navy Seals Gets the credit. obono didn't pull the triger. And while he's trying to make everyone think he was the man, he's destroying our country.

    • Capt.erry

      You dufosse, you mean he did all by himself, this jerk is afraid of weezy. History tells us that Bushy began all this search for the bamsters father only in hte end did this little pee wee herman step in and was forced to finish the deal. Are you telling me he killed another muzzy buddy, get a life jerk.

    • Peter

      Jeff, you sir are part of the problem not the solution. Barry Soratoro couldn't lead a high school marching band! You obama sheep, you fools, you have nothing else to bring to the table other than this bil laden nonsense. Barry is the WORSE pres in history, he is a traitor, usurper, radicle, Christain hating, America hating muslim! Wake up you fool!

    • WAYNE

      No he did not, his fanny was hiding in DC, he did not even authorize the operation!! He is also a Muslim his job as is written in Sharia is to lie cheat steal mislead and destroy all Infidels. A hint for you AMERICA IS HIS SATAN HE IS MANDATED BY HIS MUSLIM UPBRINGING TO KILL AND DESTROY THE UNITED STATES PEOPLE. WE ARE THE INFIDELS. FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ARE CONVINCED THAT CONVERTING TO ISLAM WILL SAVE YOU OKAY WELL WE'LL SEE WHERE THAT GETS YOU. CHRISTIANS ARE ISLAMS ENEMIES LOOK AROUND THE WORLD .


    • http://godfatherpolitics.com/322/obama-report-card/ Peegeaz

      Jeff, your right about Bin Laden.He Recently registered to vote in Chicago............

    • Jer

      Just happened to be The Pres. when the muslim dog was executed. You ding bat.

    • wayne

      hEY DUMDUM,
      The only ones left in Oidiots family who have told the truth are his Gma in Kenya, The chief of the village, and his Aunt who is still here in this country illegally and as she admits is collecting welfare and has dared this govt to do anything about it.

    • markdennis

      Wrong, Can you really believe that B.O. gave that order, the guy that voted present more often then ya or na while in the senate. When the real truth is exposed I am betting that the order was given by another senior staff member. It only makes sense. B.O. was out playing golf when the operation began, they had to retrieve his dumb ass to tell him about it. Also, now that it was a success, B.O. can take credit, if it had gone down in flames, B.O. would have cover to say that someone else gave the order. No way this president made that call, he lacks a spine.

    • Jeffrey

      Bin Laden died of liver failure several years ago..... Don't fall for the media stories (most media is the propaganda arm for Obama).

    • http://WWW.RUDYLOGOS.COM R. T. Tidwell

      WOW!! Obama caught Osams bin Ladin!! Man! That is an accomplishment for a guy like him! Of course, Obam,a didn't actually kill Osama, he had highly qualitifed and trained servicemen to do it. He would never dare put himself in the way of danger. No, not this wilting wall flower! He bravery goes no further than telling people to rev up the big Air Force One and take him and Michelle on a date to New York or some other exciting location!

      Obama is a liar and a wimp! I really...really...want to see him defeated in 2012m or better yet, impeached in 2011!!

    • Franklin Hall

      He did no such thing! I know he is trying to take the credit for what the real heroes did, but you need to do a little research and find out what really happened. He refused to give his approval for the mission until he realized that the team was going ahead with it with or without his approval. They had been working on this for years, and they were not about to let this opportunity evaporate because of BHO's cowardice and stupidity or treason (whichever it is). He gave his consent about 20 minutes before the fatal shot was fired, just before the mission was completed.

    • http://fhtmus.com/salapicelli Salvatore A Apicelli

      No he didn't. Our brave military accomplished that one. m And he is cutting the military budget.

    • bobmann101

      No one captured Bin Laden. Seal Team 6 killed Bin Laden. When Seal team 6 found Bin Laden they notified what's his name..... oh yes barry he gave them permission to do their job. That is all he did!

    • bobmann101

      Hey Jeff,
      No one captured Bin Laden. Navy Seal Team 6 killed Bin Laden. When Seal team 6 found Bin Laden they notified what's his name..... oh yes barry he gave them permission to do their job. That is all he did! was give his OK.

      Read more: What has Obama accomplished as President of the United States? | Godfather Politics http://godfatherpolitics.com/322/obama-report-car...

    • guest

      Gee, Jeff, I thought it was the Navy Seals who accomplished that one.......................................................get your facts straight, Jeffy.

    • http://yahoo.com Michael W.

      No he didn't, "It's just a smoke screen to try to help save his ass". And all the while, blowing smoke up yours - Stupid.


      I am not so sure our forces killed Bin Laden. I believe he was killede by his own men and then the body was giveh to the seals. That was only a ploy to boost the ratings of Obhama, something to make him look good for a few days.

    • DMD

      Really??? I thought the Army Seals shot & killed him. Didn't know of any capture.

      • Dawn

        NAVY NAVY NAVY SEALS. The Army has the Special Forces.

    • Charles K. Crumb

      He did not kill Bin Laden, he allowed the system that was in place to work (I am surprised that he allowed it to work).
      He has done one thing that no one else has been able to do. He makes Jimmy Carter look good.

    • Harrison

      He sure did, after he was dragged kicking and screaming from the golf course. Wake up you useful idiot. He was made aware of the hit after it took place by Panetta and Hillary, otherwise the incompetent phony would still be trying to make a decision on what to do.

    • Connie

      Singlehandedly????? The Navy Seals did it. You are clueless.

    • gil57

      He did NOT kill Bin Laden. The Navy SEALS did. And for your information, The operation was kept from Obama until the very last minute so he could not stop it. This imposter is on a mission to destroy the American way of FREEDOM and LIBERTY. He has said himself that if things go bad, he will stand with the muslims. This is indeed a dark time for America. It is time for good men to stand up for Liberty!

    • SC_Gal

      Excuse me..... I believe it was the Navy Seals that killed Bin Laden. I didn't see Obama rappelling out of a helicopter, did you?

    • Peggy Gill

      Obama is a Muslim, also, he is a socialist. He is a joke. Also, the Christians need to rise up in the country and bring
      American back to GOD. GOD is in control!!!!!!!!

      God Bless the United States of America.


      Peggy Gill
      Christian and Republican

    • Pam

      Get real. He was golfing or vacationing. That's all he does.

    • Teresa

      you voted for him didn't you ? gotta look at the silver lining perhaps ?

    • "OSCAR"

      He had NOTHING to do with the Bin Laden capture. He was in the dark til the very end. He just took credit for it. Maybe we should award him another Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Don I

      @Jeff,__Obama didn't kill Bin Laden, and didn't even have the balls to give the order to kill him. Obama couldn't give the order himself because his Muslim teachings forbid him from killing another believer of Islam. Seal Team 6 did the deed, and they did it with intelligence obtained from Gitmo detainees, and training received during the time George Bush was in office. Without that intelligence, Obama wouldn't have a clue. And now, even though Bin Laden is dead, ... Obama STILL hasn't got a clue.

    • ltlolady

      Whoops I am glad you think so! I don't think he was responsible. This had been in the works for a long time. obama didn't even want the water boarding to be used on such as these.

    • Marge

      BO didn't do it, it was a goal by our armend forces since the war on terrorism began

    • jorgaone

      He did--? And you know this? What we KNOW--I submit--is that SOMEBODY who looked somewhat like Bin Laden was shot and killed while he stood unarmed near his wife and daughter--under the nose of people who did not report he was there. THIS was shown on a blurred and jumpy video...Do you have any idea how many people have been surgically altered to impersonate Castro, for instance?
      We really know NOTHING else.. BO did NOTHING to push this forward until he needed a distraction from his awful policies he was pushing; then he lied about "watching the operation". As far as the pictures a few people saw of a dead face; remember Castro? AND we have seen NO DNA evidence, have we?

      • Dawn

        Another conspricy theory? How about the 20 Navy Seals killed by the Taliban? Could information have accidentally been leaked to them? Why 20 of our elite on one "usual" mission? Several sources say thay only 6 men from a team are allowed on such missions. Were there 20 men on the team that got Osama? Lots of questions but, of course, we have a questionable "American" as president. An "I'm sorry" to the Muslims? All kinds of ideas floating around.

    • My Thoughts

      He neither captured nor killed Bin Laden. He only gave the nod for others to carry out plans developed by others over a long period of time.. What he did is what he does best-take credit. One of the most dangerous places to be is between Obama and a camera with his teleprompters carefully placed on each side.

    • Dewey E. Du Bose

      Was HE a member of SeAL Team Six? Didn't think so. Therefore since he was not a member of SeAL Team Six, how could he have captured and killed Usama ben Laden. While zer0bumma may take credit for this action, he sure as hell didn't have anything to do with the final action. So, in the future, don't be giving credit to the illegal alien in the White House for something that was done by the TRUE AMERICANS of SeAL Team Six.

    • invest

      He didn 't captured anybody SEAL team six got Bin Laden and NOT a single SEAL on the team that got him was trained under Obamas watch.. Not a single one of those guys...

    • Dave Z.

      Why wouldn't he do that? Bin Laden was already targeted, and the Seals had only to execute the process. (--by the way, congrats to the Seals even if we did give China our secret helicopter secret(s)).

    • bob

      Wow another stupid liberal who doesn't know history. Bush signed the orders to find osama. It took the military 10 years to do so. But it was still Bushes orders. Obama had nothing to do with it. All credit to Bush and the military. Its funny though when it comes to victories Obama rushes to get the credit. But when its pointed out that he is ruining the economy he points the finger at everyone and everything. He is a horrible and illegal president and should be tried as a traitor.

  • elysianhunter

    Worst President Ever...however, Obama has made Jimmy Carter look good, Bill Clinton look honest, and Dick Nixon appear to be a choirboy.

    • Indy500Racer


    • Carolyn Watson

      Amen to that (Impeaching Obama). By 2012, what will be left to save by another election?

    • Richard

      You are 100% correct!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bigotblog

      If we had followed Jimmy Carter's environmental and foreign policies, The US would now be reaping the rewards of selling sustainability to the world as opposed to paying for the very paying to be attacked via petroleum funding. You can thank yourselves for this situation thugs.

  • BJZ

    Hey Jeff! Didn't see Obama risking his life in camouflage. He's very good at taking credit however. All talk - no action!

    • Robert

      Camouflage...... hmmmmmm.... has anyone ever asked him to produce his selective service card????? If he was not a citizen, he did not have to register. Oh yeah, he whipped up that lousy copy of a birth certificate that someone phonied up.

      • Frank

        Interesting point because he actually did produce one. But at the time he would have been required to get one they weren't registering anyone. And the one he produced was for year 1990, way after his 18th birthday. More forged/fradulant paperwork.

    • ITYS

      What you're really trying to say is:
      "He's all mouth and no ass" ! ! !
      No ass because he sold to the big money boys and now he's bleeding,
      He talks out of both sides of his mouth because there is something else in middle..


    He has" fund"a " menatlly" tranformed our beautiful nation into the hopelessness of his home Kenya. He is a usurper and a betrayer of the American system of love of country and patriotism. He hates this country and he like Hitler, wants it his way or the biway.

    • ben

      No way muffin mouth,
      Hitler got rid of the jews because they were ruining Germany and bisiness. Now their in our country and control almost every facet of our life...... Try reading before running your key pad!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rob

        The Jews had much of the wealth on Germany. While germany was in a depression Hitler simply took the wealth. The Jews were business in Germany. Hitler vwas also a New World Order puppet. You sir, obviously have no clue.

        • Richard, a Jew-

          The scumbag jews stole the business with all their money, just like in this country.. All you crybabies do is complain about the major chain stores putting the small independent out of business, a mirror of the German situation in the thirties.. You should do some research clueless, before you run your ckskr.........

      • Rebel 44

        Ben,zip your lip's and put your head back in that "dark" hole.

        • ben

          You should take your head out of your ass and learn something, before you zip up your buddies fly and try to make a statement.. I guess you could still type with a mouth full !!!!!!!!!

  • Charles

    It is clear what obama did and did not do as president of these United States. The real question is "what is being done to recitify the problem?" Seems like there is nothing is being done which means there is no fail-safe measure to prevent the overthrow of our govenment and the destruction of our liberty and constitutional rights. Clearly, this is what obama has acomplished. He has created chaos and instilled fear regarding our freedoms and liberties grant us by the Decloration of Independence and the Constitution.

    • MrL

      NO! Actually it is the terrorist group going by the name "tea-party" that has done that. What they are doing and have done will be made illegal one day.

    • Mark Las Vegas

      Cool!~ A "dooms day-ist!" ...'and because of what obama did to health care, all the hospitals are going to fall down and the doctors are going to go to China to practice medicine' Hmmm...what else...oh, I know! Because Obama bailed out G.M. and forced them to be fiscally responsible in return, we will all lose our houses to the government unless we can show good cause to have one. Hmmm...I can't think of any more good dooms day thoughts...your turn!

  • http://visiontoamerica.org Gary M.

    He has ruined the image of America to most countries of the world who are still searching for role models!

    • 1599

      That's true. Another thing, Israel; is not our friend!!

    • Daphney

      Well Gary he wants to rewrite the constitution, how the hell he comes up with this when he can not create jobs. He needs to be out and the public should be in outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He want to rewrite so it will fit his plans he has for the american people.

      Vote him out!!!!!!

    • Larry

      Having served in in American armed forces and a contractor in over 20 countries, 2 wars, 4 military actions, I know what the troops are saying and other nationalities are saying without their boss watching. Our media is wrong or doesn't just does not tell the whole truth. They are not risking their lives anymore myself included. You can not with superiors like we have. America better look closer at what is going on. The Atlantic and Pacific as in WWII will not protect them.
      Our founders must be turning over in their graves.

  • Guest

    The CIA got Bin Laden. The Jerk in the White House only gave the yea to do so. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • Rocky

      From what I read he didn't even do that.

      • Bundoker

        Roger that Rocky ... MSM even said it was Leon Panetta that gave the order. Don't know for sure who hired the funeral director but rumors say it came from the WH.

    • Nathaniel

      You can say that again.

    • rose


    • Mark Las Vegas

      You are an idiot! The CIA?? Really?? And all this time I thought it was the Navy Seals! Get a life!

  • mrojas


    • DMD

      You're RIGHT!!

      • Matt

        No you're not.

  • Carol Perkins


    • Bill Patrick

      Yes, what we need is another President like Bushy Boy, lower taxes while we go to war in Irag? Where are all the weapons of mass distruction. I've heard that Bushy Boy's administration felt the oil in Irag would pay for this war. How many lives were lost because of this war. I'm sorry, but I can never be a republican. If space and time would allow it I could tell you a lot of reasons why I'll never be a republican.
      I'm sadend by what is happening in this country. I'm disapointed with our former President too, a bit like a jelly fish he is to me. I hat the fact that Lobiests (forgive my spelling) run this country, the republicans have theirs and the Demacrates have theirs too. In short, this country is for the money, by the money and of the money. And my name is Bill Patrick.

    • http://Knightsofgod.org Morgan Stone

      I ask you, what would our forefathers do in this situation? What would George Washington, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson do if their freedoms were threatened in such a way? I assure you they would know exactly what to do. Do we have the same courage to do what must be done to put a stop to all of this?

  • PenderRedHed

    He has caused millions of American workers to lose their jobs and countless families to lose their homes to foreclosure because of his refusal to deport people who are here illegally.

    • maxwell

      OH MY GOD!! I get now!!! Obama's solee responsible for the foreclosure crisis - due in LARGE part to risky selling of bad mortgages pushed on people whom broker and applicant both knew could not carry but that didn't matter to broker because in the end they then would sell bundles of good and bad mortgages together - make a huge profit and laugh all the way to the bank. But none of this was happening on Bush's and Clinton's watch, huh? And the job losses due to illegal immigrants, those occurred exclusively on Obama's watch also? HHMM. The things you learn....

      We need to start looking forward--one thing would be to focus on what would bring this country back to #1 status in the world and one of those would be green technology which would create jobs, stimulate the economy, reduce dependance on public aid and reduce our dependence on foreign oil - we have the means and the will, we just have to stop the insane, insidious infighting in government. No matter what the president or party does or says, they're shot down by the other party. THIS PARTISANSHIP has got to stop, it's moving us nowhere but backward. It's insane and I for one am sick of it. Maybe getting rid of lobbyists and special interests would be a positive step forward also. Maybe then they might be more inclined to listen to their constituents.

    • Dave Z.

      No he didn't. I was Bill Clinton who created that mess. Ovomit just doesn't know how to deal with it.

  • jerry

    I cant believe how many idiots are still sticking up for this clown after what he has done to this country in the short time he has illegaly been in office he has to go

    • Mike

      If all of those who know how detrimental he has been to our nation vote against him in November of 2012 a new mandate will be sent loud and clear. No more Socialist in the White House. Wilson, FDR, Carter and Obama have done irreparable damage to our nation's global status and to our citizens. Even those fools that believe he is their savior should be able to visualize that picture. Perhaps even Juan Williams!

    • SONNY

      jerry: The people that are still sticking up for him are "party people." You can't get more stupid than a "party" person.

      • Gladiator

        That's right Sonny. Case in point back during the period of the Roman Empire, the politicians were well known for commenting about anyone who was not a politician was an idiot.

    • Bill Borgardt

      He’s gotten away with because he is promising to those who support him free money - essentially. His support is from that part of our society that lives on the other half. Its the users against the doers. Simple as that. And, by the way, the users and doers are just about a 50/50 split nowadays.

    • Guest

      The ones who still Obummer is the Greatest, are the ones with their hands out!! Gimme!, Gimme! I just hope there is more of us then them 2012. Because we all know the reason Obummer doesn't want to pass a law that you need to show ID in order to vote. He and his croonies have cheating up their sleeves! He figures its the only way he will be able to STEAL The Office Of The President AGAIN

  • Jim Delaney

    What a great question! And, for the most part, I'd say you're right on. HOWEVER, Obama didn't inflict these horrors on the nation in a vacuum. Only with the aid and comfort of Congress was he able to perpetrate this carnage. Also, the spineless States share much of the blame for Obama's destructiveness..They could have stood up to him by simply nullifying his arrogant overreach. And, of course, we the people could have been considerably more effective in our resistance, but we weren't.. And though many of us tried, there were simply not enough of us to make a big enough difference. Ere this a full blown dictatorship, then we could justifiably blame Obama for the non-stop destruction. But, it isn't as yet a dictatorship, so we've only ourselves, our representatives and our States to blame.

    • Margaret Brewer

      Pelosi and Reid are also to blame

    • Liberal-R-Stupid

      It is true that Congress can be held accountable for much of what ails this country, but you seem to have forgotten all the czars odumbo appointed and all the new agencies he created... all without Congressional approval. Oh, and do not forget the overuse (abuse) of his mighty pen when signing all of those executive orders!

    • Ken Marsiglia

      Well said Jim. I think this great country will rebound once Obama is out of office, but if he gets elected for another term all bets are off. Thats when it will be up to We The People!!!!

    • cindip

      Jim, Good points!

    • George Stevens

      Hey Jim..you're correct in that he didn't do it in a vacuum, however when the 'states' did object, he sued Arizona over the Illegal Alien legislation. When the states protested about ObamaCare, he countered their suits with blocks and stall tactics. Read "The Roots of Obam's Rage" to get a clear insight in to this Anti-Colonialist, Socialist and American hater.

    • Dewey Du Bose,SGM

      Jim I agree with you. The biggest problem is that states have grown so use to having the federal nipple to suck on, they have forget that the money they are taking from the feds is our tax dollars to start with. In reality, we are giving our money back to the states through a second party, that is taking credit for being so big with our money.

  • Charles H Mason

    Don't miss that he is relinguishing our rights to the UN. We are a violator of human rights and they are going to have us register our guns with them. Who the hell do they think they are: George Soros's goons!!!

  • Terry

    Jerry, you can't fix stupid and that's what anyone who voted for Obama and hasn't realized the error of their ways is! If a crook were to invade any liberals home and do to them what Obama has done to this country, they'd have him arrested. And that's what should happen to Obama.....he should be arrested for treason, jailed, tried and convicted

    • Qwerty

      He should be handled the same way the KGB handled those who were arrested

    • charles

      i cant understand why people call him president the illeagl muslum isnt president according to the constioun he is a illeagel alien he cant produce a birth certifficate that is legal if so why would the muslum bas-- - rd spend 2 million dollars to keep his records sealed you are 100% correct about impeaching the s.b strip him of every penny he has got and send his lying rear to the worst federal prison we have for life and send that globe trotting family including that illegal muslum grandmother that the taxpayers is supporting to kenya where the belong

      • MrL

        Do you people have dementia or are you really just that blatantly stupid? How on earth can you justify your hatred towards Obama and liberals while upholding your love of Bush and republicans? The problem with this country is not Obama, it's with all the backwards hill-billy morons who view the bygone days of restricted rights and legal discrimination as some kind of whimsical era they'd like to revisit. The imbecile tea-partiers and their mad-hatter spokesperson Michelle Bachmann are the ones trying to destroy this country to turn it back into the gun-toting wild-wild west. Get rid of minimum wage? To hell with suffering, starving children? Forget about aiding aging retired parents? Cut education funds? Cut social programs that actually keep you safe and stabilize our society? Blacks were better off as slaves? Fight universal healthcare which actually will cost you LESS in the long run?... Those tea-party hypocrites, taking federal money with one hand while wagging their finger at federal funding with the other. Opposing reducing the tax loopholes for greedy corporations who have the pleasure of doing business here, while moving job growth overseas where we not only don't benefit from it, but suffer two-fold.... Seriously, I can't even relate to half the people in this country. There's no sense of obligation to compromise. No reasoning. No discussion. No ability to learn and grow and adapt.... The truth is, you folks don't like him because he's black, has a funny name, and is a liberal.... All I can think is, this must have been what the homo-sapiens felt like living with the neanderthals.

    • Gerald

      And hung in public, there would be a crowd so big the milion man march would look like a pimple on a donkeys ass.

  • edward

    Have no fear people....this impotent moron will never be reelected......Obama makes peanut man (Carter) look like george Washington

    • rbasford

      As criminal as that man is, do not be surprised if he flat out "STEALS" the election!

    • Paul

      Edward, best not to say "never", the voting fraud and illegally registered illegals may very well get the usurper back into office. Let's not forget all the union Communists, welfare cheats and recipients, gov't workers, and of course the Blacks that will vote for the idiot even though he's not truly Black (most of them are too ignorant to understand the long term consequences of this Marxist phony as he promotes his ideology).

      • kaygem

        I work with a black woman who just today said that the white people don't like O because he's black. Told her I didn't like Clinton and he was white (as am I). Didn't make any difference to her. O is the only one trying to get the Social Security for the seniors. After all he gave up $100,000 of his salary back saying he didn't need it. Don't know how to convince her. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands in the air and give up.
        We have GOT to have someone run against him that has a chance of winning. We cannot afford another 4 years of this clown. He's an America hating Muslim. And he's bound and determined to destroy us. He's getting there as fast as he can.

    • Dick

      He WILL be reelected if he's successful in legalizing those 15 million illegal aliens. He's made
      it obvious to one and all what his goals are and amnesty is way up there on his list of priorities.

    • terry

      edward I hope you are right this MORON don't get reelected . 99% of the blacks will vote for him no matter how bad of a job he has done just because he is their BRO.

  • wisdomcries

    I'll paraphrase the popular quote going around: It's not Obama we should fear but the people who still believe he is doing a good job.

    It's these people who would see someone get bit by a snake, be writhing with fever and shaking in pain, and then tell you anti-venom is a right wing plot what you need is more snakes.

  • Juan

    Is that all you can think of ??? He killed Bin Laden. Your short mind is as big as his. But his ears are bigger !!!!! That ought to console you.

    • Paul E Taylor Jr

      Yeah and if had his way, he would have stopped the interrogation that allowed the US Navy Seals to kill him. Another Obummer idiot!!!

    • Bossdog803

      Are his ears really so big because that is where Soros grabs Obama's head to guide Obama's lips to kiss Soros's azz?

    • Dwain

      He didn't kill Bin Laden.Most of what helped them get Bin Laden happened because of Bush's policies.All Obama did is give the go ahead.Probably would not have done that if He could have gotten arund it.

    • Reb

      He did not kill Bin Laden. The Navy Seals did. They are patriots. He is a Socialist.

  • Miroco

    Guess my comment didn't make it past the censor, oh well, not a particularly good site anyhow.


    The CIA got Bin Laden. The jerk in the White House only gave the yea to do so. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • Bundoker

      His decision to assassinate bin Laden took 16 hours before Leon was allowed to give the order ... can you imagiine how far the late Jihad leader could have flown if the Pakistanis were truly our enemies? Then bizzare burial at sea 'IN KEEPING WITH TRADITIONS OF ISLAM' ... one question about the latter ... how many folks are buried in the oceans nestled between the sand dunes of the middle east countries?

    • http://godfatherpolitics.com/322/obama-report-card/ Peegeaz

      Iread an artical that said he fought hand and tooth to stop the operation http://patdollard.com/2011/05/obama-hesitated-%E2...
      My recent post Gerrymandering Alive and Well in California

    • lichief

      Leon Panetta, Gates and H. Clinton planned the whole thing. Obama and Valerie Jarrett was against it. Therefore, Panetta gave the go ahead to begin the attack and while that was going on, they summoned Obama off the golf course and he came into the Situation room. From the photo, there was no place for him at the table as he sat off on the side lines.

      In the entire room, he was the rookie.....

  • Inez

    We have always been Democrat until Obummer came along.. We did,nt vote for him then & we certainly won't this time. He is a hell of a lot worse than Hitler ever thought to be. He will go down in history as our worst President ever. He is the DEVIL in disquise.!!!

    • Daphney

      I am with you Inez he is a devil and disquise!!! but so many people like him not just black people all races. He is a dam good liar for one thing.
      Vote him out!

    • maxwell

      Could you explain more clearly for me your reasons for claiming Obama is worse than hitler? Do you really know anything about hitler, third reich and the horrendous atrocities they inflicted on millions and millions of innocent people? If so, please enlighten me so I can better choose whom I'll support in the next election.

      Thank you

      • MrL

        "Devil in disquise"
        "worse than Hitler"

        How sad some Americans are. And dangerously stupid. Meanwhile, Bachmann is using rhetoric much closer to that which Hitler used, but nobody can see any relation there. I wonder if your blindfold was made in US or outsourced labor overseas?

        And Daphney, you're clearly just a racist.

        • Robert

          MrL, you sound more like the racist than Daphney.

  • Gil Jenkins

    Obama is America's Trojan Horse...anyone that actually looks for the truth for themselves, and does not rely on the government, or the news media to give them the truth (you'd have to be brain dead to believe these sources, which by the way are currently owned by wealthy corporations) sees very clearly what's going on. Thank Gods there are more, and more people waking up, and deciding to be "people" rather than "sheeple." Obama is a complete fraud, and should be in prison, and the politicians are nothing more than "puppets" for the elitists.....ever wonder why they cannot seem to get the rich to pay their fair share, and give nothing but "new lip service" when ever the idea comes up? It's because the rich are running things, and the little guys are getting raped, over, and over again! Ever wonder why not one single person responsible for the world wide recession is not being prosecuted?

    • Daphney

      Gil I sure hope so! This man is insane he has no shameof what the does to the american people. I am beginginng to think it is about power and control with Obama.
      Vote him out next election!!!

      • MrL

        Obama tried to close the tax loopholes for the wealthy while the tea-party republicans did everything short of bringing the government to a halt to prevent that from happening. The people about power an control are the tea-party, not Obama. He and the democrats compromised. The tea-party needs to get voted out next election or we'll all be in trouble in this country.

  • Lloyd

    In other words, he is accomplishing just what he set out to do, and what is worse, there are many in our government, our media, and the public that help him. His intention was, and still is, to tear down our form of government, and take it over as a socialistic form of government with him in total charge. He has told us what he wanted to do many times, going so far as to say that he would stand with the Muslims (our enemies) should a conflict arise. Meaning that the President of the United States would stand on the side of our enemies, against the citizens of the United States, should we ever get into a war with Islams. He has violated our Constitution several times, and neither Congress or the Supreme Court has said one word. That seems very clear to me, but I could be wrong, and I would hope that I am. However, his actions, and the actions of those he has selected to aid and advise him, are such that I am of the impressions that he has one thing in mind. That is to ruin our government, and so far he has done a good job by putting us so far in debt that is doubtful we can ever do anything but delcare bankruptcy. Beside the financial problems, he has attempted to destroy our religion, our education system, our labor forces, and the health system. Like sheep going to the slaughter, or lemmings following their leader to total destruction, many have stopped using the words "God" or "Jesus Christ", eliminated prayers in some cases, just because said they had to.. It is beyond me that citizens of this country pay any attention to the illegal and unconstitutional rules that he has made. They should be ignored completely. Any changes in our constitutional laws must me made by our Congress, and ratified by the States. We are still a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, as long as we demand. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray to God that we all demand it.

  • Walt

    I wonder what he has planned for the next term? VOTE HIS ASS OUT. We cannot afford to keep this guy any longer.

    • JEN

      Yes .


  • tulsaman

    It’s hard to imagine why Democrats and even liberals don’t see through the lies and underhanded dealings of this so-called leader. He is either totally lost and inept or he is purposely driving this country into the ground.

    It seems like everyday I read or hear about some bonehead move made by or associated with Obama or someone in his administration.

    • Jim

      Obama has done nothing good for this country but he still sits in the White House crapping on American values with his gang of czars!

  • lane

    dont blame Obummer blame the people who put him into office and the ones who are of a mindset to put him back in...wake up America. It is time to take our country back.

  • jmcine01

    Couldn't have said it any better...the people have gotten exactly what they voted for when voting for Obama. What were they listening to when he said "fundamentally change America" or "redistribution". Obviously they did not understand the semantics. Listening to the pundits, reading the editorials in the local paper and the Wall Street Journal leads me to believe that it is a distinct possibility that the intruder will once again mislead and win the top office. Then whatever happens will be deserved and the suffering will just be beginning. Unfortunately those of us who disagree with this socialist philosophy will have to suffer with the uninformed.

  • John

    Wow ! This is my first time on this blog. I thought I had a negative rating for Obama, but the folks here outdo me by a mile. I suggest to all bloggers that they get a copy of David Horowitz's booklet entitled BARACK OBAMA'S RULES FOR REVOLUTION THE ALINSKY MODEL. You may download it for FREE at Elizabeth
    @horowitzfreedomcenter.org. This booklet is dynamite, and will give you true insights into what makes Obama and his minions do what they do.

  • jorge de zamacona


  • OUkidz

    The real power is the CFR, TRI-Lateral commision, beildebreg, there all eugenics NWO SCUM! Dont belive that.....? watch freedom to facisism& loose change 9/11... There is no law that requires u to pay taxes.. THERE IS NO LAW! And building 7? And if u really belive jet fuel burned down the world trade center!? U need ur head examined. Viva la revolution!!

    • no time for fools

      you sir are an unmitigated Idiot

  • msbets123


  • Will


  • waltjr

    Has been found in contempt by a Federal Judge in Louisiana for not lifting the oil drilling moratorium, yet flies to Brazil meets the Marxist Guerrilla Brazilian Leader and gives her $2 billion or United States Taxpayer money for Brazil to drill their shores to a company name PetroBra, which coincidentally George Soros has a very large portion of his earnings invested into PetroBra. Yet another reason to Impeach Obama has gone to waste by the Republican Party.

    • Nancy

      I agree with you up to the point of Impeachment of Obama being wasted by the Repbulican Party. Remember only the house of reps has a majarity of republicans and you know the dems will not impeach.

  • Stephen R. Zimmett

    Weakened the military by allowing gays to openly serve.
    I certainly do not agree with this one

  • Nancy

    Well....Hopefully his golf game is improving. I've noticed John Boehner has taken over the lead when 'THE ONE' is either too busy with his golf game or on another vacation trip....Oh...and then there's his "stimulus" package that he made an attempt at. How is that going???!!! I think I heard it was DOA.

  • Humble

    He is the worst president ever and hate the US just read his book he also hates all whites read the book he is being allowed to hold office illegaly and congress and the senate are very aware of this fact the live birth certificate has been proven several tims by experts document inspectors some who previously worked for the federal gov.and still plods on to bring more ruin to theis great nation

  • Darth Vader

    Don't forget Michelle our 1st Lady made a "personal pilgrmage" to S. Africa so she could sit with Tutu to the tune of $800,000 on the taxpayers dime!

  • BlackSunshine84

    Stole $16 trillion of our tax dollars and doled it out to international bankers without a repayment schedule at 0% interest.

  • viper

    Why is he still in office and not behind Federal bars or in fort Leavenworth? Serving the appropriate sentence? Is there no justice in America. Why? Are all our leaders cowards? It's on us for allowing any one person or group of persons to obtained all this power stop crying about it and get rid of the false prophet there are very few americans left in America what we need is some old fashion justice. Where is Marshall Earp when you need one Hey I would settle for Doc Holiday words don't cut it any more

  • Chris

    Forgetting? Justice Department pushes to give Federal Trials in the Continental U.S. to Foreign Terrorists.
    President and Justice Department have pushed to give Constitutional Rights and Read to Terrorist Miranda Rights when Captured.
    President Obama and Justice Department in a Conspiracy to sale Arms to or allow for the purchase and acquisition of high powered weapons to Mexican Cartels to create chaos and havoc in order to stamp our Second Amendment Right.

  • Ken McDougal

    It is extremely encouraging to hear these reply's. Did I hear throw the Bum out? I Hope.

    • R.A. Bullseye

      I'm encouraged too for a little bit but then I realize we are in the minority and I am sure the 2012 election is being fixed as we speak.

  • APatriot

    Answer to Charles H. Mason: the United Nations Arms Trade treaty will be defeated before it even reaches the Senate. Take a look at Kansas Senator Jerry Moran's letter (signed by 44 other Senators), the Democrat Senators' followup letter echoing it, and Wayne LaPierre's (NRA) address to the U.N. At least we have some people who are not going to take this lying down! You might actually applaud and cheer!

  • Nick

    We as Americans have to stand up to these so called leaders. Did you know that this fraud of a President wants to cut military spending by 8 Billion Dollars!
    I as an American do not have any party affiliation I vote for whomever I feel is best qualified for the Postion, and NO I did not vote for this alien.
    I will tell you this it seems to me that the Democratic Party is a party of People that want to keep the people down, Why do I say this just look at what they have done throughout their history, They have continually voted for bills and passed laws to give people that do not work money and shelter, these people then keep them in office. Study it you will see what I am saying. it is the socialist way keep the peoples attn: away from what you are doing and you will soon have the control of the people.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Why haven't I heard the word "IMPEACHMENT" before he buries us?

    • 47tech

      There are people who fear there will be race riots. I,m not too sure because everyone is getting screwed including children not even born. He's even screwing
      the people (insert dumb or smart? enough to vote for him. Impeachment isn't
      enough unless we get a conviction. The House has the sole power to impeach(section 2. Article 1) and the Senate has the sole power to try impeachment( section 3. Article 1). And we all know that the Dems are not going to admit their mistake. However, it seems that intellectually, they would have tried to make amends for their error in backing this pseudo human by the end of January, 2009. After all he violated his responsiblities in his oath. In this terrorist attack on the United States Oblabla has been been truthful about one thing - The Constitution is flawed if it allows a piece of crap like him to occupy the Oval office.

    • kaygem

      We don't want impeachment. What we want is for him to be declared as an illegal president so all of his policies and changes can be thrown out.

  • David in MA

    I wonder if the welfare, hoop shooter, ripple drinkers have a new appreciation for the saying: "Be careful what you wish for, You just might get it."? Well, the moron obozo supporters got "IT", problem is, the rest of us have to suffer with the idiots.
    2012~~~RON PAUL/MICHELLE BACHMANN ~~~~ or am I wishing for something i could regret?

  • Sam

    Obama should be recognized for his having accomplished some of his assigned goal. He isn't done. George Soros is his boss. Soros found a patsy in Obama, and financed him. The goal is to ruin the economy of the United States, so that Soros and his associates can pick up the pieces.

  • kenny1801


  • Adam's Rib

    Until we are rid of Obama and his cronies, America will be on shaky ground. This coming election will be the most important election in the history of our country. If Obama should win a second term........America, as we know it, will be totally destroyed! "United we stand, divided we fall." We must stand together and vote him OUT! We have to eliminate this "CANCER" from our beloved country before it's too late! Don't let America become "terminal."

  • Marion L. Baker

    Obama is the head man, but he has the majority of the Socialist Democratic party pushing the same ideas. All of them need to be voted out of office when their time is up.

  • http://NETZERO.NET Mike Gray


    • 47tech

      Typical Dem!! Take credit and reward for others labors!!

  • Wolf-Talker

    The Great Black Father in Washington has done so much for "His" country. Only a few steps short of making it thrid rate. Now the Great Black Father wants to re-write the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They may be out dated but they have served us well for over 200yrs. Just wait next will be the worthless paper our govt. is printing. With a little bit of luck you will soon find his picture on th hundred dollar bill, hillary's on the fifty and so on! Then will come the change from "In God We Trust" to Alla Ackbar! I for one would rather see Alfred E Newman's picture on all bills with the "What Me Worry' Logo! The U.S. dollars have always been called funny money!

    • A Miller

      How bout putting all their pictures on milk cartons.

  • steve

    Don't Impeach....prosecute. Obama makes Bernie Maddof look like a cheap carnival huckster. The level of theft from the American people is EPIC, and the punishment should suit the crime. We as a nation need to send a resondingly clear message to our civil servants (and let's not forget that is what our politicians are) that we are awake and dilligent and that it is OUR money and will be used in the service of ALL Americans. We are the stockholders and if we don't see a return or even suspect misappropriation then your services will be terminated with predudice and we the people will use every legal means available to prosecute

  • Bruce

    Just a word to the wise . . . He's also alienated Great Britan and, to an extent, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and even Russia. Now for the facts . . . McCain (Palin) won the popular vote (more people voted for the Republican ticket than the Democrapic ticket). McCain/Palin won more states than the mighty muslim did. The square mileage covered by the voters that voted for McCain/Palin is significantly more than that covered by the sock monkey's voters (largely urban blights). It's the way the electoral college is set up that screwed the American people! How can you win the election by around 6 million votes and still lose?!?

    • 47tech

      Just ONE of the inequalities in the system!

    • metsscotty

      You might want to recheck those facts

  • Lollie

    So just what does everyone intend on doing to rectify this problem? Writing posts here really doesn't solve the problem. We see how many of us there are who want OUR country back but what are we willing to do?

    • VT Patriot

      Some folks I know are 'lockin & loadin'. They aren't going to take it much longer. Like Concord in 1776, there will be the shot heard 'round the world'. Then the stuff will hit the fan. Not me of course, I'm just an old fishin gentleman.

  • Samahon

    What about him being the President who put the most people on food stamps???? More hand outs to keep those people dumb, with low self esteem, enslaved to the federal government because they do not even have a clue how to take care of themselves. If you give a man a "fish" he eats for a meal and he will be back knocking on your door for the next hand out at the next meal time, but if you "teach the man to fish", he will eat for a lifetime because he has been taught how to take care of himself, rely on himself, becomes independent of the government and has the right to tell the government what to do instead of being enslaved to the government doing what the government tells them to do.

  • invest

    Vote the sock puppet out of office..

  • John Steyer

    As long as the Muslim movement (or any other group) around the world supports Socialism, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, and anti-American ideloogy then Obama and his progressives (fems, libs, etc..) will fund it and support it. It’s that simple. Obama does not care if Bin Laden dies any more than he cares for your own children or our constitution.

  • sharon

    Don't forget selling guns to Mexican drug cartels and getting a border agent killed.

  • KenT

    obama should be impeached for all the reasons given above!

  • Anonymous

    Subpoena for Obama Birth certificate being delivered to HI on 8/8/2011



  • Dewey Du Bose,SGM

    Barack Hussien 0bama is an Illegal Alien living in Our White House. Impeach as soon as possible, before he completely usurps the entier Consititution.

  • Dee

    Where are the links to the facts to back up these statements?

    • charles

      you must be a muslum lover or just to dam stupid to know the truth

      • Tht_Muslim_kid

        Muslims built this country just like every other ethnicity in this nation. Apparently we got a case of an Islamophobe over here.

  • Tony

    ok you all complain...but what are you gonna do about it.....

  • SHER


  • Jeannie

    Let's get its name right. It is not obama, it's CZARBAMA. That is the way he acts. It is my way or the highway. If you don't like it, tough, I am the president, and I can do whatever I want.

  • seanog

    American people are beginning to see what a foul-ball the president is. The next pitch is to strike him out in 2012. End of game. In the on-deck circle...a Republican president.

  • A Miller

    It appears that Jeff is probably Obummo's pen name in this instance. Only he could be stupid enough to give all the credit to himself. What a MORON......

  • Boman

    Why should I believe in binLaden killing story? Any proof? Especially after release of birth certificate...

  • charlotte

    If a another president had done this he would have already been put out of office before he had done this much. And he is not our president because he was not born here, he's not American citizen, so he can't legally hold office. Yet our government let's him stay in office where he has accomplished making them look like spinal less fools. We have the power and they are suppose to listen to us and protect our interest and the well being of us and our country not what Obama wants. Get busy get him out of office.

  • Rich

    Hey Jeff, if it weren't for Hillary Clinton stepping in and advising him that he better make a fricken decision he would be ridiculed. Oh, and by the way, it was against his wishes. He was opposed and procrastinating, not leader material at all.

  • Tyler

    Do I need to remind you that Bush got us into this mess in the first place?

    • kiss my ass

      bush didnt have unemployment at 9.3 % bush didnt take peoples jobs away by taking drilling away and spnding tax payers money on crap,he didnt make the gov . so big it is out of control.he didnt take a 10000 vactions a yr and have us pay for it and he didnt put a bunch of morons in the white house. so get it right lib.

      • conservitive

        when does obuthead take responsability for his mess damb lbs always playing the blame game, and we need to raise taXES no we need jobs ,jobs make more taxes so tyler tell your crap of a dimi go to do his job and stay out of ours

  • Bob Marshall

    Failed in his duties as president of the United States of America TheRealNews.com ActivistPost.com

  • Roy

    I constantly see where people still think that Bin Laden is dead I for 1 will never believe it until I see his cold stiff body laid out and a impartial MD. checks it out on national TV with witnesses. Obama his muslim buddy has lied to the American people so much who can believe it if people believe that BS I have ocean front property in Ga. to sell. As for him accomplishing anything here in America nothing but putting the greatist nation in the world to shame we were once a proud country but now we make nothing but buy from other countrys and it is 90% junk we need to open up the closed factorys here in the U.S. take the money that we are sending to other country's only deal with our allies the money we are sending out the door use it to put our people back to work then we will not need to borrow money from other country's. I love this country my family has fought in 4 different war's for our country and we swore to protect it BUT HOW can we fight our own Govt, when the man in the white house isn't even a CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Bebo

    Wake up America ... and if you voted for Barry Soetoro (the Dem's Obama) so you could prove to others you loved folks of various colors ... then you must vote him OUT in 2012 to prove to others you are not an idiot. Barry with his buddies like George Soros, John Kerry and that camp are laughing as the ship Sinks! Wake up now America or we will be living very soon in a Communist country. - Dave Bebo

  • charles

    why is it that bunch of thives and crooks in dc are so stupid its because they arent satified with a few million dollars they want more millions under the table they dont give a damn about the taxpayers all they want is more millionsand that muslum of a socalled muslum in the whitehouse wants to make the us a muslum country and most of those crooks go along for the money how can anybody call a illegal muslum president that is a disgrace to other presidents he dont need to be impeached he needs to be convected of treason and imprisoned for life in solitary confindment or a army firing squat with all rifles loaded and if one rifleman missed give him 30 days solitary

    • Robert White


  • pierce

    His major accomplishment so far is bankrupting America.
    Next he will bankrupt the world. The man has made his mark.
    Long live Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hail to the chief!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie

    I actually think Obama sat back and watched the seals kill Bin Laden in hopes they'd make him look good. The one thing he has done since being in office is get his girls a dog

  • Logan

    OBAMA is an acronym it stand for One Big Ass Mistake America

  • hommedespoir

    How in Hades did you manage to get hold of Obama's Report Card?
    I thought it would be locked away with all His birth cert and all His school records 😉

  • hommedespoir

    Barry Soetero is a staunch Marxist....
    and so are all His Minders

  • TBD

    With all of his minions under attack, like ACORN, we will have to be very vigilant at the polls next year. Let's make sure that Mickey mouse and Donald duck don't get to vote again. All states need to go to State ID cards issued by the state the person lives in. If you conveniently forgot your ID Card when you show up at the poll, you don't get to vote.
    Right is right
    Wrong is wrong
    Obama's been in office
    We're tired of his lies
    Socialism he's preached
    The day of reckoning is here
    He must be impeached!

  • Dave of Tennessee

    You mean of course the system that had been tracking bin Laden for years confirmed his whereabouts, after which a Team of American military personnel (you know the very same guys Obama suggested should pay for their own medical costs when wounded) risked life and limb to rid the world of a murderous terrorist because the wannabe King Barack decided he need a boost for his sagging polls? Are you talking about that bin Laden?

  • david

    Let's see. Who could possibly be for this turd to be elected? There's the queers, the big percentage of blacks, muslims, people on welfare or extended unemployment, some union members, most government employees, socialists, communists, liberals, illegals, the insane and the real stupid democrats. That's a good bit of votes to overcome. Course some of those people are in two, three or more of the above catagories. I say his ass will be kicked out and a large part of congress with him.

  • jimmy

    I blame congress cause they could get rid of this clown,the trouble is they are affraid they will be in trouble too,for letting him in office,how about the fake ss#,or not paying taxes,and where is the money coming from to pay for his zars

  • Kyle Fradenburgh

    People grumble because The Fraud spends so much time on the golf course. I'd like to see him turn pro. Anything to keep his mind off politics.

  • Dusty

    Carol has a fantastic idea. If every who wants a new Pres in 2012 would donate something, that would be a BIG help. Contact your local Rep. party chair or someone affiliated.

  • Robert

    He's taken us farther down the globalist road to the New World Order than any of the last several Presidents. By the time he's finished with us, America will be such a basket case that we'll cry out and accept any solution they offer to feel safe and secure. And once we accept, even bread will become priceless.

  • robert l craft

    this person,obama has done nothing for this country except take this country down.and any thing out of his mouth has been nothing but lies,what i don't understand why and how he is getting away with it.that shows our politicians is for their self's and not the people of America.we have the most corrupt government in the world,and no body doing any thing about it.all i can say is,God help us.

  • Vexed Vet

    What has the 'empty suit' evolved into a 'king with no clothes' accomplished in his reign?

    Lets see.....he's bowed to everyone but the will of his bosses, (not soros and the unions but US).
    He's pissed on our constitution on a daily basis
    He thinks the treasury is his personal bank account, (funny when I was in basic training and went to the firing range we were told we could go to jail for just taking a shell caseing)
    But above all else he has proven to any American who doesn't have their heads you know where exactly what a "progressive" democrat is.
    It is obvious from Johnson, to Carter, to bubba, to Obummer each democrat president is progressively worse than the last! With that in mind I shutter to see what the next wanna be home grown progress-o-crat marxist will do.

  • Mary Forrest

    Obama needs to go; he approved billions of dollars to a firm to make solar panels and the company is now going
    bankrupt. Millions of dollars use to bail them out and the citizens of this country supplied the money. How many others
    did the stimulus go to that did not create jobs; but the taxpapers paid the fee. I say impeach Obama; but Congress does
    not have the guts to do it. He is the worse president we have had in president line-up.

  • Matt

    None of the stuff on this list even remotely true. Aaaaand it should also be pointed out that this is merely opinion NOT reporting. Where are your sources? Have you even read the health care plan? Do you even know how health care in this country works? My challenge: list 1 hard, incontrovertible fact with hard metric evidence and a source(s) that are not editorial. Bet you can't.

  • Matt

    Also, can anyone spell or use proper grammar on this site?

  • Mark Las Vegas

    Wow! Did you know that even in a blog (because it is in written form) you can be sued for slander? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation
    I have forwarded this statement to the legal department of the Office of The President.
    First of all, When Obama took office, the country was in a downhill spiral due to bush and his banking cronies bad lending practices, trying to accomplish what Bush saw as the "American dream" for everyone". This caused the housing and real estate market to crash, and thus sent the economy into a tail spin. The 18% unemployment rate (which is now at 8.3% because of Obama's policies) was due to a strong lack of consumer confidence which stopped spending, manufacturing, hiring and caused mass layoffs. You should stop being so biased against a President that has done more for this country in 3 years than Bush even thought of in 8 years! It took the last President 8 years to screw us out of our 401K money and you won't even give this President his full term! I'm an independent and will vote for how I feel will do the best for all. So far, Obama is still the man for the job. As far as accusing him of falsifying a State government document in order to defraud the United States is a serious charge, and I hope you have some proof to back up your statements to the general public....CAN YOU SAY LIBEL!??!

  • Obama Wins

    Ok im fourteen and highly into politics and military issuesi agree with Mark las vegas
    in addition what the f**** does gays openly serving have to do with weakening the military stop being like santorum or you might as well be the definition

  • Jimgo

    Nothin more than chitown alcapone manning the base at we the peoples highest//finest class house who change we can believe in is a swindler and thoroughly corrupt + Twain my pal x 535 = 536.. nothin more than a bunch of CON ARTISTS at their swindling CON GAME

  • metsscotty

    Weakened the military by allowing gays (who are already serving) to acknowledge their preference if asked?