We Need a Ronald Reagan, Not a Mitt Romney

As I’ve listened to Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, I can’t help but wish that we had another Ronald Reagan.

Mitt Romney does not appear to have the ability to stand up in a debate with President Obama. He doesn’t have the direct hard hitting tactics necessary to discuss the topics that matter most to the American people. Romney just isn’t a Ronald Reagan, but oh how I wish he were.

Listen to these clips taken from the debates that Ronald Reagan had with then President Jimmy Carter.

While inflation may have been one of the biggest concerns at the time, many of the things that Reagan says are still true today. He hits on big government, government spending, energy, defense and the American way of life.

Of the Republican candidates still left in the race for the GOP nomination, the only one that comes close to saying some of the things that Reagan said in 1980 is Ron Paul. He may say them in a different way, but what Paul is saying is basically many of the same things that Reagan not only said, but did. And look at how he turned the nation around into one of the most prosperous times in our nation’s history.

If any of the Republican candidates are serious about willing the GOP nomination and defeating Obama in November, I would strongly suggest they spend some time studying this video and others of the Reagan – Carter debates and implement many of the same things that Reagan used to win the election and save the nation.



  • Rusty McBanjo

    Regan's wisdon and logic was undeniable. His record proved it. I don't know about anyone else, but I got a little deja vu thinking about the problems from the late 70s vs. the problems we are facing today as a nation. How quickly we forget...

    • Mark in LA

      How quickly we forget the tripling of the national debt, the flooding the country with illegal aliens to destroy the labor movement and then signing a fraud ridden amnesty, getting Marines killed in Beirut after the navy shelled the place and invading Grenada and its contruction workers to make us forget. How soon we forget arming Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and selling arms to Iran. How soon we forget ramping up the war on drugs and militarizing the police while the CIA was helping the Contra leaders smuggle the stuff in. How quickly we forget the belligerance nd wasteful military spending that gave the neocons he put in the executive a chance to pull their crap in Kosovo and then Iraq, How soon we forget free trade and guest worker all designed to shift income from the middle class to the upper classes. How soon we forget tax cuts for the rich while increasing the payroll taxes to help sop up some of the deficits.

      Some of us are like elephants.

      • Annie B

        MARKINLA, I've been to Grenada. The people there love Ronald Reagan. The communists were trying to take over the island and there was a school there for training of doctors that a lot of U.S. students were attending. He sent troops to protect them and to keep the comminists from taking control of the island. On a tour our driver stopped by the side of the road and spray painted onto the side of a building were the words" Thank God for the United States and thank God for Pres Reagan."

        • Mark in LA

          Annie B. maybe you forgot that the troops "saving" the students had old maps and didn't get to the students until two days after the invasion. The students were never in danger. If they were they could have easily been murdered while the army was out trying to figure out which way was up. Everybody in Grenada probably says what you say they do knowing it is what American tourists want to hear. There is no evidence that the leadership in Grenada was doing to the detriment to the people. The airport that was being built was no "staging area" like the old imbecile himself said. It was a commercial airport that we ended up paying for.

        • daves

          After the weapon sales were revealed in November 1986, President Ronald Reagan appeared on national television and denied that they had occurred. A week later, however, on November 13, 1986 Reagan returned to the airwaves to affirm that weapons were indeed transferred to Iran, but that they were not part of an exchange for hostages. On March 4, 1987 in a nationally televised address to the nation he took full responsibility and admitted that "what began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages."

      • toto

        How interesting that the Democrats are the ones courting illegals are the ones doing all these kinds of things now! Only much worse.

        • USAmerican100

          Newt is also courting illegal aliens, he wants to give them amnesty.

        • daves

          "I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally," Ronald Reagan

      • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

        Mark, go crawl back to your corner and STFU you imbecile.

      • christin

        whatever, mark. for those of us who had nothing to do with any of those decisions, hearing that you remember it all so well is like...so what? what is your point? were you alive during those years (80's)? did you hear how much blame the previous group of numbnuts got from Reagan? Like none---unlike the present fools in charge continually complaining about what the previous administration dumped on them...Reagan cleaned up the crap and made america feel and be great again while the current fools in charge are adding a ton of crap every day and smearing it around. I like elephants, but i dont think i care for you ( : vote GOP whoever it is.

        • Mark in LA

          The point is that all the nonsense about Reagan's greatness is well nonsense. Reagan was the start of the Republican Party's war on the middle class.

        • madmaxUSA

          Mark in LA: Your name speaks for itself. You should try living elsewhere. Is Maxine Waters your congressperson?

        • shutty

          markinla--you need a brain transplant--asap--

      • CJ_Pennsylvania

        Yes, Mark ... How SOON/QUICKLY ... we forget that DEMOCRATS (Congress spends $$, not the President) tripled the National Debt - $1.37 spent for every $1 of Tax revenue to Government during Reagan's presidency.
        How SOON we forget that Ronaldus Magnamus brought us ...OUT of a Carter recession (22% Plus) into Real prosperity.

        How SOON we forget - the Democratic party (Racial bigots - who fought Civil Rights Act of 1964/65 .. until the Republicans voted this Bill into Reality, Democrats who were actually KKK members - high up the Totem Pole who fought Blacks in every way as Gov Wallace of Alabama, Democrats who PILFER $$ and Boast about being Tax Cheats !!
        Now we have Democrats going beyond the pail ... actually Giving Citizenship to Illegal Aliens !!
        Talk about WASTEFUL Spending ... Now we have an Illegal Alien - giving Millions $$ to Green Energy BOGUS companies and this Green Energy/Global Warming .. HAS NO PROOF of these Products actually Working !! Yet, as Military Vet, we may work ... Normal hours BUT at a moments notice - Work All Hours until the Mission is Completed. Yet, you ... Civilians may never have to "Put Up with the Working Conditions" .. the Military endures. GET YOUR FACTS .. STRAIGHT or you have my permission to Leave this COUNTRY and see what other Countries' Living/Working conditions are like ..... Pick your 3rd World country of your choice !!

    • MikeC711

      I'm not anti-Reagan ... but while he did a fair amount to tame (temporarily) the welfare monster ... he grew the warfare monster. The left only sees the evil of the warfare monster (then they use the military for their own purposes anyway), and the right only sees the evil of the welfare monster. Looking at the fact that we are spending $20 for every $12 we take in ... we've got to tame both the welfare monster AND the warfare monster. We don't 900 military installations in 130 countries, we need 90 installations in 30 countries (maybe less). We don't need to be playing global policeman, we need to defend our borders. And guess what, when we are no longer a great site for welfare and entitlements ... that job becomes a lot easier. And when we greatly lower our tax rates and make it harder to claim deductions for illegal workers and penalize for employing illegal workers ... there will be much less incentive to come across the border. I'm not proUnion ... but a guy off the grid who is not paying taxes and who is receiving entitlements is always going to be able to undercut a legal citizen who is paying taxes and is not receiving entitlements. Bottom line, we don't need another Ronald Reagan, we need a first Dr. Ron Paul.
      PS. If you think his military strategies are absurd or that he is anti-military, please first say whether or not YOU are a vfw and if you or your immediate family (not counting co-workers nephew as immediate family) will be impacted with a deployment if we keep up our warfare machine and go into Iran, N. Korea or elsewhere or if we stay in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Kosovo, .... Because if you're sitting watching American Idol and saying "we" need to do this and that militarily ... your opinion does not count. And if you think you "support the troops" by sending them into harms way all over the world, then ask yourself why active and retired military support Dr. Paul more than all other republican candidates combined (and they support him more than Obama).

      • christin

        vote for whoever the gop nominee is.

        ron paul is too old and weird.

        he would not ever win, but if he is the nominee, i will vote for him.

    • 1599

      You are right, how quickly we forget. I lived through the Reagan years and we sure don't need him or Romney, or Gingrich or Santorum.

    • guest

      SAVE AMERICA, "NEWT" obama!!!

    • cdl

      Gingrich is no Reagan. He is no conservative. He is immoral, unethical and a narcissistic pig that left one wife when she got cancer and the other when she was diagnosed with MS. Had an affair with this current women for 6 years. Wrote fraudulent checks as a Senator, his own party could not stand him and did everything they could to get rid of the unethical AH who blackmailed and strong armed to get his way. His most favorite past Presidents were progressives, he was for cap and trade, national health care and global warming. You all have bought into his lies. I will either not vote at all or may actually vote for Obama over this evil man. And that makes me sick.

      • daves

        Ronald Reagan Republican President of the United States, excerpt from Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography (1991), discussing the later years of Ronald Reagan’s marriage to Jane Wyman; Reagan started dating Wyman while she was still married to Martin Futterman. A series of women passed through Ronald Reagan’s bedroom in those years, so many, in fact, that he later told Joe Santley, a publicist, that he once found himself in the Garden of Allah Hotel with a woman he didn’t know. “I woke up one morning and I couldn’t remember the name of the gal I was in bed with.

    • shutupo

      so true

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      Unfortunately Reagan helped to set the stage for Today's problems: When defaulting developing country loans bankrupted our banks in the late 1970s, Reagan should have gotten us out of the World Bank and the IMF. Now we still have the original problem, plus a different economic crisis.

    • BARB




      CHECK OUT:

  • Victoria DeLacy

    Of those remaining in the candidate pool for the Republican nomination to the Presidency, the one closest to Reagan would be Rick Santorum who is a proven compassionate conservative and thoroughly pro-life - Santorum for President in 2012!

    • MikeC711

      Santorum has much of what we need, he is a powerful lobbyist, he is pro-forced-unionization, and he was pro bank-bailouts. Exactly what we need ... wait .. no ... exactly the opposite of what we need. Sorry, look into Rick's record, not his rhetoric.

      • christin

        on top of all that, he is a whiner.

        • hot02rod


      • 1LTLos59

        I call him Insanitorium

    • Dean

      The man is no more legally able to run than obama was so what it is OK for a republican but not a democrat?

    • Harry

      We definitely don't need Gingrich!!!! He was ousted from government years ago for ETHICS violations. We need people to wake up. There is no way he can beat Bummer.

      • Roger A. Congdon

        Harry, if you would just look up the information about those so-called "ethics violations" instead of parroting the
        MSM disinformers you would see that the violation was a technicality about his teaching a class. He doesn't need to release this info, it is a matter of public record and available on-line. Mittens people know this. They wanted to create
        the impression that Newt is somehow a crooked political operative of some sort.
        That in and of itself is enough to eliminate Mittens from my list of choices.

    • Roger A. Congdon

      I know Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum was my senator.
      He is NO Ronald Reagan.

    • Joe

      Your close. At least your not saying Romney or the Grinch. Keep digging and doing your own homework, you'll arrive at the right answer. Whatever you do, DO NOT listen to anything the sold-out whore media has to say, other than the brain dead, distracting, irrelevancies they spew out on a daily basis, by intentional design. This is not to say don't ever watch tv. Everything in moderation and think for yourself. Like I said Victoria, YOU ARE CLOSE! As adults and parents, we must insure the stability of our children's future's.

  • Dr. Barbara

    History will record that Reagan was the best president of the 20th Century......and, so far, of the 21st Century. Ron Paul can't even begin to be Reagan-like. Mitt is too weak, and Santorum is too nice. The only candidate that will put Barry in his place is Newt. No, he's not perfect; and he is no Reagan either, but he is smart and just mean enough to give the liberals what they've got coming.

    • MikeC711

      I don't care about Newt's horrific morals, but his being in favor of every bank bailout that ever came down the road (including breaking with republicans on the Mexican bank bailout in the mid-90s. He is in favor of an insurance mandate (ie: ObamaCare) ... and he is a big gov't man. The last thing we need when gov't is spending $20 for every $12 we take in ... is someone who thinks big gov't is the answer.

    • christin


    • KNY

      I doubt that Newt could beat Obama. He may play well with Repubs/Conservatives, but he would be a turn-off to Independents who we definitely need to unseat the muslim-socialist-commie-in-chief.
      I look at Newt as Obama on the right...hyper-partisan and snarky...his arrogance is a real turn off and would not work to address any of the current DC gridlock.
      I'm a committed Conservative, but I am not comfortable with his character and his inside the Beltway attitude. Look at the way he tried to destroy Romney - a fellow Republican. That should prove to you that he's no Reagan. He's given the opposition more ammo than even they could have come up with...some of which are very poor arguments against Capitalism.
      Romney may not be the perfect candidate, but he's a step in the right direction...and he's a smart guy who has a record of getting things done. I'll take my chances with him rather than the risk Newt's volatility.

    • RFDsteve

      Agreed 100%!

    • Nltobey

      And, he leans PROGRESSIVE! Please, listen to everything he says! Yes, he's great at slapping the media around, and I do agree with his stand for Israel, but, he also has some Big Government ideas, so, please be cautious!!

    • Andy

      Ron Paul may not be charismatic, but his principles are more Reagan like than ANY other Republican on the roster. And if you think Newt will address the issues plaguing, guess again. He supports nearly every principle Barry stands for. Not in vain is there a book out there called Dupes describing how the wool gets pulled over the eyes of many - and we end up with a choice between two progressives.

    • Willis

      I don't care how smart he is, Newt is not the Reagan Conservative he says he is. Simply look at his record and see that he is a oneworlder. He still belongs to a oneworldorg. Leopards do not change their spots and neither has Gingrich, it's a simple whitewash job that will wash off at the first inaugural speech. One spot was not whitewashed and nobody seems to notice. It is on his underbelly and is not so well inspected; that is his propensity for oneworld politics. Romney is not weak. He didn't amass a fortune by being weak. Santorum is not too nice. Niceness is a strength not a weakness. It is not a good thing to be mean. Liberals are mean and Newt's meanness belies his liberal bent. Beware of the gladiatorial atmosphere of these debates, thumbs up to the sharpest tongue as if that is any indication of how he will rule. Liberals are lemmings, but sometimes conservatives are just like dumb cattle being driven to the slaughter. God save America because we certainly aren't!

    • Ralph A. Kelley

      I'm with you girl,tell the whole world. Although my pick for the best of the 20TH was Ike. I served under him for 8 years.

    • Judyann

      Absolutely agree. Romney is a wimp, when asked if Obama is a socialist, he answered all about what a nice guy Obama is.Same question to Newt: "no, judging by his ideology, his actions he's more of a Marxist." People need to smarten up, Gingrich is Obama's worst nightmare, he's PRAYING to run against Romney. Do you think for one minute, ABC would have released the interview with the ex when they did if not looking to help Obama by eliminating Gingrich now?

    • madmaxUSA

      At the end of the day, it has to be Newt. All the candidates have baggage. Newt, arguably more baggage than the others. However, Newt is the only one who can skillfully dismantle Obama in a national forum.

      • D rash

        In a "one on one debate", inside of 30 minutes, Newt will have Obama, curled up on the floor in a fetal position, sucking his thumb, starry-eyed, screaming "where the hell is my teleprompter???

      • Ann Wilson Kingsley

        Debates are only for the purpose of letting voters know how candidates stand on issues. They are not for deciding our next president by a candidate's debating skills. A good debater does not equal a good president. A candidate is best judged by his character, voting record, and his plan. View Ron Paul's "Plan to Restore America."

        • Ann Wilson Kingsley

          One other item to add to the above post: A candidate's plan should be consistent with his voting record. If a candidate's voting record is inconsistent with his plan, it should send up a red flag. Ron Paul's "Plan to Restore America": http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-pl...

    • Patriot7

      Newt is a product of the Reagan administration having been Speaker of the House during that time and he helped to produce millions of new jobs and a balanced budget four years in a row. You are right about his ability to confront Barry head on and he is more than able to best him in a one to one debate. As you say, he is smart and mean when he has to be and that is the kind of person it will take to beat Obama.

      • Ann Wilson Kingsley

        In response to Patriot7: Newt was House Speaker from 1995-1999, during Clinton's presidency. And, Newt engineered passage of the Expanded CRA , the law mandating banks to loan money to under-qualified borrowers. That was the law that caused our current economic crisis.

    • The Bobster

      Not perfect? The Tea Party was created to get rid of creatures like Newt-wit.

      And smart? His brain farts are epic.

      • D rash

        Newt's brain farts, are far more intelligent, than anything that Obama has ever come up with!

    • USAmerican100

      Why do you want to replace our current slick talking globalist traitor with another slick talking globalist traitor (Newt)? They both support amnesty for illegal aliens, Newt will give the liberals what they want.

    • Joe

      Seriously? There is absolutely no way that your brain-dead, brainwashed, suckerbob butt is a DR, no way. Cracker Jack's or what? If I ever get sick, please, don't come near me. If this is an example of your critical thinking skills, I'd rather have the janitor working on me. You are proof positive of the decay in our educational system. I can't let you cheat and look at my paper for the answer, I can only hope that your dumb ass wakes up in time. For all of those who aren't afflicted as the good doctor is, WAKE UP!! I guess she'll just benefit from the common sense from those of us who have a clue.

  • Winston

    Understatement if there every was one. We would like a Ron Paul/Michele Bachmann ticket.

    • Mike

      Winston, Michelle Bachman would never attach herself to a Ron Paul ticket. She is a true conservetive who knows we must have a strong military. You Ron Paul Idiots need to wake up. The Germans thought they wanted Adolph Hitler.
      Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

    • LEL

      Foreigh policies incompatable. Put Michele up front and I'm in.

    • Erich

      I agree the rest of the bunch are just there for themselves.

    • RFDsteve

      I always liked Michele, especially from the get-go, but she proved that she is not ready for prime-time. Given time, she could be our Margaret Thatcher. But for the present, while Ron Paul occasionally sounds like Reagan, his foreign policy naiveté is way too "Neville Chamberlain" for me!!! Newt is the only one who can stand up to the evil within (the Democrats) and the evil without (foreign aggressors).

    • D rash

      Your kidding of course??? You want someone who thinks 9/11 was our fault, wants to legalize meth and cocaine, wants to literally gut the military, isolate America, allow Iran to have a nuke, "simply because Isreal has nukes", and wants a federal tax rate of zero??? Paulbots are as totally frikkin nuts as he is!!! Ron Paul's ideas are finally coming home to roost, as he came in a distant 4th in South Carolina. But he is just plainly too stupid to pull in his horns, and realize that the American public, outside of his small army of obnoxiuos supporters, will NEVER allow him anywhere close to the oval office. THANK GOD!

    • Joe

      I'll settle for Michelle Bachman as VP, but only if Ron Paul is President.

  • Phil Byler

    Reagan's speeches and debate performances are well worth watching. But Ron Paul is no Ronald Reagan. In fact, Ron Paul left the GOP in 1989 denouncing Ronald Reagan.

    The only candidate eloquently expressing conservative principles today is Newt Gingrich.

    • Mark in LA

      That is why we should support Ron Paul. Like me, Ron Paul could see through the fakery of Reagan and understood him for the worthless imbecile he was.

    • steve tanton

      Hear! Hear!

    • cameronc

      Newt is trying to take credit for everything Reagan and Clinton did. Do you really believe that the Speaker of the House can create jobs , fix the economy or balance the budget. I guess John Bainer is responsible for our current job recovery! Don't the president of the Senate get any credit?

    • Willis

      Expressing, you mean like urinating on the public? Eloquence? You are probably too young to remember the eloquence of Benito Mussolini. Eloquence is one of the finest tools of a dictator.

    • mudguy

      Ron Paul has yet to fully explain fully on any of his positions and how he would carry them out except that he would pull all of military solders home and let Iran have the bomb. On all the subject he talks about when is done talking about what he was asked I have to ask what did he really say .

    • Joe

      Ding, ding, ding, we have a loser! Seriously Phil? Let me talk to your two year old, you brainwashed moron. Quit looking to the whore media for all of your answers in life, you lazy turd muffin'. The least you can do is to do your own homework. It's simpletons like you, naive, moronic, sheep like idiots, that have gotten this country to the precipice. Please tell me you are sterile and didn't bring any kids into this world?! The dumb beget the dumber, and on and on we go. Sometimes I am amazed at just how naive, gullible, and stupid some people are. You sir are in that top 1% of retards who truly take the cake.

  • chuck wasserman

    The closest we have at this time to Ronald Reagan is Newt Gingrich.

    • LEL MN

      I've heard that Newt admires presidents Wilson's foreign policy (League of Nations - United Nation), FDR's economic solutions, and Andy Jackson's concept of kill the enemy. Ronald Reagan, Abe Lincoln, or GW aren't in Newt's book of favorite.

    • jada

      let's face it obama is an sob....it takes an sob to fight an sob....hello newt he's very intelligent, has a great sense of history and can stand toe to toe with his royal majestry in a debate and bring him down...He's a solution kinda guy...romney on the other hand is a wonderful man and obviously knows how to make money and it would be exciting to see america back and running again like our forefathers gave us..but we have to beat obama. forget ron paul, michelle bachman,santorium, it's to late for them. We all have to support newt or romney and put the one that can beat obama and work as hard as we can to see him elected whoever it is.....

      • Fyre Wolffe

        Romney is a Communist. Don't take my word for it, research his policies as governor of Massachusetts.
        FYI, Romneycare formed the foundation for Obamacare!

    • Willis

      You mean mean, spiteful, vengeful Newt Gingrich? These are not the qualities of Ronald Reagan.

    • Pamela Harper

      History has shown that Newt, at one time, was as conservative as Reagan. If we will all get behind him & demand that he goes back to ALL of his conservative roots, we will have a real winner in him. He CAN tear O apart w/out laying a hand on him. With Newt, Obama's reign will be over, thank the Lord!

    • TashaTchin

      Anyone who would favorably compare Newt Gingrich to President Reagan is insulting the memory of a great man who is not alive to defend himself from the slander. Newt Gingrich is the Republican version of BJ Clinton, but without the executive experience. And, comparing Newt Gingrich to BJ Clinton may even be an insult against Clinton -- both are man-whores, but at least Clinton didn't shed wives and religions like dirty underwear the way Newt has.

    • tncdel

      Yeah, both were / are lousy when it comes to illegal aliens.

    • D rash

      Newt is no Reagan, but dang, but he has the guts to say whats on his mind, leaving no doubt. It's time someone stood up to the democrats, and the media! Newt does that! If I was a democrat, a dead person, an illegal alien, or a union member, hell, I'd vote for Newt several times, like dems do for their candidates.

    • Berengaria

      I agree, Newt was the hero of the South Carolina Republican debate, and Yes, Newt is the best debater tp go up against the Chicago machine.. We need someone with the " Fire and Brimstone" response against these professional thugs. Thanks, Berengaria

      • USAmerican100

        So you want to replace one Globalist traitor with another Globalist traitor.

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      The closest we have in the race to our Founding Fathers is Ron Paul. http://godfatherpolitics.com/3097/senator-jim-dem...

    • USAmerican100

      Newt supports amnesty for illegal aliens, just like Obama. He will keep the USA moving toward oblivion via amnesty which will eventually produce the North American Union. He supports amnesty because his billionaire campaign contributors want it. See the details here: https://www.numbersusa.com/content/action/2012-pr....

      Yes Reagan signed an amnesty bill, but later said it was his "biggest mistake". Newt wants to repeat that mistake, he is not like Reagan at all.

      Read more: We Need a Ronald Reagan, Not a Mitt Romney http://godfatherpolitics.com/3257/we-need-a-ronal...

  • Bruce D.

    There is no Ronald Reagan in the race. All the candidates at one time or another have betrayed conservative principles. Newt is deceiving people. His has betrayed the conservative movement in the past and the recent past and will continue to do so in the future. Debates will not be as important in the general election and there will only be a couple. The last thing we need is another career politician in the White House. Romney is a capable businessman and will make an excellent president.

    • christin




      • LEL

        Do all those CAP letters indicate you're screaming at me?

      • USAmerican100

        Romney has a 10 point advantage over Newt in the general election: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/pres...

        Why do you think another slick talking globalist traitor (Newt) can replace the current slick talking Globalist traitor?

    • Mark in LA

      There is no Ronald Reagan in the race because at some time everybody has actually followed conservative principles. Regardless of how many times the braying Reagan spewed conservative bromides, where the rubber hit the road he was anything but. There was nothing even remotely conservative about the Reagan era.

    • Aniko

      How DID Newt "betray" the conservative movement”? If you say I am a thief or a liar I expect you to show me the goods I've stolen or the antithesis of what I say; otherwise it is mere malicious slander and stupidity on your part!
      Newt could not have outsmarted and, yes, outdebated the entrenched Democrats after decades of overlord ship, if he would not have been able to have the PEOPLE on his side! It takes "bold colors" ( bold ideas) as the Gipper said, to contrast yourself against the opposition; Newt did it before and he is doing it again! Unfortunately the gains of his first victory went to benefit Clinton. This time, if and when Newt will be merely remembered he WILL be remembered as the president who saved the nation from the catastrophe liberalism pushed it into!
      Ron Paul in comparison is a mere country doctor who has NO accomplishments (not unlike poor Michelle Bachman) in spite of his rather long tenure in Congress. It is not enough to just be a contrarian! You have to have the ability to get a following, where it is not easy but it really counts!

      • Bruce D.

        There were many young true conservatives who were elected into the party in the early 90s but Newt lobbied for and got a more moderate agenda. This allowed the Bush era to usher in Medicaid and the idea of a debt abusing compassionate conservative. It is no secret they all claimed Newt betrayed the movement. I do not think Newt would be strong on protecting our southern border. He is an enabler and I think Romney would be strong there. He went against a true conservative in New York in 2010 to back a RINO. His comments about Ryan's budget as right wing social engineering should tell you all you need to know about Newt. No true conservative would use that kind of language in a non election year against a sincere and honest Republican who was only trying to offer a path to go in when no others even dared. There is a lot more I can say about Newt but it will all come out if he wins SC for you to see.

    • steve tanton

      Bruce, not sure what betrayal you're speaking of, but Romney has "betrayed" more conservative causes than almost any Republican I can think of. See my comments on the Newt/Romney debate in a fresh posting.

    • Willis

      Thank you Bruce, you apparently are not one of the gladiatorial group that love to see blood in the debates. I am a Santorum man but Romney will do.

    • Howard Hatch

      Bruce, you've got it right. Newt is the big deceiver, no doubt about it. He's got only one thing in mind, promote himself. He would continue to do the insider's business once in office. He's the real wolf in sheep's clothing here. He's a bigger flipflopper than Mitt ever was. And he would be flipping the wrong way. At least Mitt would be flipping in the right direction, would be a true conservative once in office, not the other way round.

  • stevor

    So, we need a guy with Alzheimer's? Ronnie had Alzheimer's disease while governor of California. My mom worked in an office very close to his office and had some tales of how Ronnie was out of it. Nancy was the person who ran things, using Astrology or whatever else (witchcraft?) to get her ideas.
    But to be clear, I DO NOT like Romney, either. He's a globalist and another puppet, just like O'Bummer and Gingrich.

    • Mike

      Stevor, Why do you bring up Ronald Reagan"s problem of Alzheimer's. It had not one thing to do with His presidency. Ronald Reagan saved America from Jimmy Carter's screw ups.
      Your mother may have worked In an office close to His, but you didn't. That is third party hearsay and I don't believe it. I do know for a fact, Ronald Reagan was the best president of my lifetime. The Alzheimer's did not become an issue till after His presidency.

    • christin

      we certainly dont need a lying liberal freak and his angry looking wife continuing to take up residence in the white house.

      vote GOP whoever it is.

      • TashaTchin

        You know, you just described Newt Gingrich and his harlot with the plastic hair.

    • Stevo

      Stevor, thanks for your medical analysis. There are many who disagree with but that don't matter, eh? And if Gingrich is a puppet, guess we all are. Puppetry after all is the check and balance, dealing with the bureaucracy, big business for sure, constituents and even one's spouse. Have you considered moving to Cali and getting on medical marijuana - it can help your condition!

      • TashaTchin

        Medical cannabis wouldn't help Stevor's condition.

    • Jerry F.

      stevor if President Reagan's Alzheimer's disease was a real problem he sure hide it real good,I got's a feeling you might be one of them so-called 99er's,cause you surely write like one.

    • Willis

      No he is not! Where did you get your information or is this just a sleezy slander to express your bigotry.

    • guest

      So , as I read your childist posting, you say Mr. REAGAN was out of the office close to your mom. Who cares, he did not belong in that office. Your mom tells "tales" about REAGAN, I wonder if obama can tell tales about your mom?

      "NEWT obama, SAVE AMERICA and STEVOR'S MOM!!

      • TashaTchin

        I'll bet Newtie was doing Stevor's Mamma... Or, she was doing him (he is a BJ lovin' guy).

        • Jen

          I assume you would know?

    • johnny h

      Stevor: Ronal Reagan with Altzhiemers was a better man and a better President than ANY of the clowns we see paraded before us.
      If just ONE of the contributers could raise the very issues that Pres. Reagan did so successfully!!
      Has ANY California Governer since Reagan ever gone through the "Programs" with a red pen to scrap wannabe spending? And then RETURNED the money to citizens???
      One other thing that is also not evident today: Ronald Reagan so obviously loved the USA, its constitutional freedoms and its way of life. He commented on that "City on a Hill".
      He also obviously loved his wife Nancy. (Compare that the Gingrich who would aspire to the White House)
      Every time I watch any of the Republican candidates, I compare them to that Great President who succeeded in thwarting the USSR, a lot of the time against the advice of the AA (Administratiion Appeasers).
      Reagans comments as to the Cold War show his commitment to Freedom. His laconic "Simple. We Win....They Lose!"
      His: "Mr Gorbachov, tear down that Wall", I can still remember even though I was young at the time.
      Ask me to remember lines from Clinton, Bush 1 or Bush 2, let alone Obama, and I struggle. For they were and are not memorable.
      Reagan was, like him or not (and Liberal Dems will not!). When he died, part of America died too.
      It would be good to think that Americans could get back some of that pride in November, but all the runners, inc Pres Obama are unable to do what Reagan did. Communicate Freedom and love of Country!

  • Jeanne Matisse

    Rick Santorum is a new bud off the same old tree. He came out and supported fellow republican/democrat/republican Arlen Spector. Arlen Spector was with the attorney general's office and foisted the 'magic bullet' theory accepted by the Warren report. President Kennedy was assinated by a high power private and government coup and Arlen Spector was protected by both sides after the Warren Report.
    This is the base of both parties and anyone standing with them is as dirty as they are.
    Newt Gingrich is an abomination who wants a one world power, one world bank and is very active in the council on foreign affairs and Agenda 21 at the UN.
    If you are an American who wants to keep your freedom and free enterprise for future generations Mitt Romney is your candidate.
    He does not have such ties.
    It is appalling to see the attacks set on him by supposedly conservative media like Newsmax.
    There is nothing fair in this reporting-
    I am through with the Newsmax group after this week.
    I can't believe that Michael Reagan would endorse Gingrich . He is such a piece of work!

    • christin

      vote GOP whoever the nominee is...there is strength in numbers, and we need to be rid of obama...anything would be far better. stop being such a sourpuss...obama needs to go and you need to do what is necessary to achieve that goal.

    • Bruce D.

      I agree with you Jeanne. I think Michael likes Newt because he has done some work in promoting Reagan as a man of history but Newt does not walk the talk. Newsmax sucks up bad to Newt. It is one thing to promote Newt but they should have news integrity to not misrepresent Romney's positions. Also I am sure you have noticed Newsmax misleads in their headlines even if the article is correct. as a form of propaganda. Newsmax is mostly free advertising for Newt. If there is anyone that is part of the inner circle of the oligarchy of all the candidates it is Newt as you suggest. Newt is too clever for the average person to see through him and people like his gift of speech.

      • Howard Hatch

        Can't help but agree with you Bruce D. It's hard to believe so many are being taken in by Newt G. He's the ultimate deceiver in this race. Romney may be a flipper flopper but he will at least flip to the right.

    • TashaTchin

      You forgot to mention that "Magic-bullet Arlen" started out as a Democrat. So, it should be:

      "Rick Santorum is a new bud off the same old tree. He came out and supported fellow democrat/republican/democrat Arlen Spector."

      And, with Newt, you forgot to mention that he started out (1970) as a part-time professor of Environmental studies (the rest of his time was spent getting BJ's from his colleagues' wives and running unsuccessfully for a seat in Congress).

    • jnri

      jeanne you're a product of an american educational system who ranks # 12 or 13th in the world in math and science i'm a republican i don't support Romney is this primary I support Gingrich, what if Romey wins the primary and you've such disgusting words to Newt what you want me to do vote for Obama? this the problem of some republican cannibalism. i could change my mind i'll go democrats even if i can't swallow their principles and lies but its' a little better than eating my own species

    • Howard Hatch

      Jeanne, I like your take. You obviously have followed politics long enough to know what is really going on. Hang in there and continue to tell it like it is.

    • johnny h

      Jeanne: I agree. I was watching even BBC World Service last week, and even their newsies do not mention Ron Paul.
      They all seems dismissive of Romney too, and apologetic about Gingrich.
      Must be something to do with Socialism, not to give anyone but the Left (Socialist), an even break!
      Citizens are fed a loada horsecrap by media. Perhaps it is the fault of citizens, who depend on the media TV especially.
      Libraries are chock full of real FACTS that people can check. But folks seem to want ReadyNews as well as ReadyMeals

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      In response to Jeanne Matisse: Sorry, Romney, Gingrich, and Perry are all New World Order Globalist Corporatist Progressive same as Socialist candidates. Santorum is a Statist (type of Socialist). Ron Paul is the only candidate who is not tainted either by Socialism or the New World Order agenda.

  • Kevin Miller

    And lest we forget,the Strong Hand used against communism which eventually led to the destruction of the Berlin Wall and
    the Soviet Union.And lest we forget the way the Reagans lent their shoulders to a mourning nation after the Challenger
    disaster,especially to the families of the lost.And lest we forget,Pres.Reagan never sold us out to Socialism,never
    allowed a minority to silence Christians and American Patriots and never allowed liberals to have a Free run over our
    Constitutional Rights! Yes,the 40th President made his share of mistakes...because,like all of us,he was human!
    The only thing is,he NEVER endorsed the socialistic programs both Romney and oBUMa support and he knew how
    to handle a Tough debate.He wasn't called the Great Communicator for nothing.And by the way,WE WON in GRENADA!

  • Ty Merrill

    Paul = Peace through ignoring the world around us. Santorum = Big Government interventionism. Willard Mitt Romney = member of an apocalyptic, misogynistic, Afro-phobic, sexually-deviant, cult. The only candidate whom has said, "The middle-east problem is at the end of the day NOT a military one, the solution is not more conflict, it will require a political solution." is Newt G.

    • Bruce D.

      That is just inane political trite. You expect anyone to take a post like that as sincere.

    • Watcher

      I was for Bachmann and CAin, but what is left looks like it is old gaurd GOP---yeah the ones who coulda exposed OBAY for what he was, but did not. RP and all his 'followers' are a scary bunch of zombies. MR is out of the pit. I will not vote for that Baal worshiper. He is just as bad as the one who worships the moon god, allah---yup, OBOY.
      God help us. We have so many screwed up 'pastors' opening their ignorant mouths for PR that I wonder what in The Word they missed when it comes to letting people figure out iof they want to abort, smoke pot and engage in adultery, fornication, homosexualtiy and all the rest. I want to puke every time I hear some lame brain go on about RP being a Christian.

    • tncdel

      Newt's a bigger RINO than Romney. Rated a D on immigration. Romney a C plus. Gingrich has proven in family matters and business, lobbying for Fannie and Freddie, that he has no more ethics and integrity than the fraud now in the White House.

      Rasmussen rated Romney still as the best to beat Obama. And Gingrich was denied placing his name on the ballot in Virginia, putting him at a serious disadvantage spotting Romney his share of Virginia's two million plus registered voters. In a close election as next November is predicted to be, the margin of votes from Virginia could mean the difference as to whether we get rid of the usurper or not.

    • SirJohn2

      If elected, Paul will be OLDER upon ENTERING the presidency than Reagan was LEAVING. And I hear its a very demanding job...

    • scotwright

      You have it all wrong. Mitt is a CHRISTIAN and you probably aren't. Sexual deivancte describes Gingrich. Hater of Capitalism also describes Gingrich. Saying Mitt is Afro-phobic is another informed assertation by someone who knows almost nothing. Find out about your subject before following in line behind a big-mouth, short tempered Georgian who lacks any business or management experience and has made all of his money off of government. Mitt Romney also doesn't have Gingrich's baggage which in sexual misconduct alone could fill the cargo hold of a Boeing 747 and leave no extra room. If we Republicans are dumb enough to put Gingrich in as our nominee we will surely lose and put the idiot Obama back in office. God Help Us if that happens, because Obama will complete the destruction of America if he is re-elected.

    • Joe

      Der, where am I? Ty, is that you? Way to reduce to the lowest common denominator. Let me make one clarification on your oversimplification. Ron Paul isn't proposing that we hide away from the world. He's saying, in the few minutes they allow him in every debate, that America cannot afford and has no business policing the world. These conflicts we are in are not because we are in immediate danger or that a particular country poses an imminent threat. It's because the Elite (the puppet masters pulling our puppet government's strings) want to bring ALL of the countries in the world under their control. They are using America's might for their own ends, to our peril. Most (if not all) of the world's elite are not even American. I don't have the time to give a history lesson. Suffice it to say, if we keep electing establishment crap, we will have no future at all, neither will our children. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  • christin

    Ron Paul? Is this guy serious? Paul is way too old and weird to be taken seriously...and the things he says concerning the Iranians...Scary.

    • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

      He always smokes a joint before he talks so he may be tripping, LMAO

    • doghouse_thumper

      Ron Paul might SAY scary things about the Iranians but he wouldn't DO scary things about the Iranians the way Reagan and his bootlicker Ollie North did selling them weapons all those years - just to fund their illegal vicious little wars in Central America.

      • just sayin

        strange bird you are. I remember Iran returning the hostages the minute reagan came in My guess is the minute Gingrich is elected and Obama removed, Iran may change the tune of its song!

    • The Bobster

      Quit drinking the Israel first Kool-aid.

    • Joe

      You're right, well, you're right. we should definitely start a war with Iran! But hey, why stop there. Let's start wars with Russia, China, and the rest of the world. That Ron Paul, he's weird, he would rather keep our military safe and have them protect us from real threats, and quit wasting TRILLIONS on wars that do nothing but make the Elite richer. Funny, I don't remeber getting my spoils check, how about you? Not that I want/need it. I'll settle for steady work. This brainwashed, get your facts from the biased whore media, naivete, sheep like behavior must cease and desist if we are going to save this country and have something to leave our kids. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Don't be like Mike, I mean christin! Time to man up and quit being effeminate, sissy, cowardly, little twits!! Our kids need fathers in their lives, not two mothers.

  • christin



    • Dean

      Fact is we have been voting for the least of two evils for years a progressive republican is no better than a progressive democrat . Elect one and watch nothing will change. if the Republicans can not find an honest conservative to run and
      people continue to believe that a third party can win then kiss it goodbye. Look at this http://www.laurieroth2012.com/
      If enough people decide to go with a true conservative we could scare the establishment into real change.

    • The Bobster

      Newt-wit (The Amricano) would grant amnesty for the ugly brown squat monster invaders, thereby destroying this once great nation.

  • Bill Grisham

    I'm afraid I have no love at all for Ronald Reagan. The man spoke and preached libertarian principles amd then proceeded to act in fascist ways. His administration enacted Asset Forfeiture laws and declared war on peaceful persons because they chose alternate methods of mental alteration and thereby drastically increased our prison population. He never walked his talk and had no respect for the little people of this country. Individual responsibility only mattered to him if they conformed to his views of life and power. Quoting Reagan on most anything is the greatest hypocrisy to freedom.

    • Mark in LA

      Yes Bill these guys always pull out some you tube of a Reagan speech or transcripts of his speeches as though that is the full measure of the man. The minute you get past the saiding part and talk about the diding part of Reagan they all put their fingers in their ears and scream Na Na Na or they blame somebody else for his failure to follow through.

    • mike geremia

      RR was the best president of the 20th/21 century. He defeated Communism without firing a shot. Obviously you are an Obama supporter and he shall go down as the worst president in the history of the U.S.A.

      • tncdel

        Former-Democrat Ronald Reagan is one of the most over-rated presidents of all time, and a bigger flip-floper than Romney or Gingrich. Raised taxes many times. Made perhaps the biggest mistake any post-WW II president ever made, giving amnesty to the illegals, thereby encouraging millions more to come here since then.

        Ike Eisenhower was the BEST president since TR. Gave the illegals "Operation Wetback," mass-deporting over 1.3 million of them as an example to the rest, who promptly took the hint self-deporting back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense. Ike also balanced the budget THREE times without raising taxes, as Reagan did MANY times.

    • steve tanton

      Whow! No man (or administration) is perfect, but "no respect for the little people of this country"? Watcha been drinkin' Bill? I have a policy of not debating idiots, so choose to leave no real criticism...

    • Watcher

      Oh yes....continue to alter your mind Bill. It will make the next decade as big a blur to your reasoning as it has done this time! "chose alternate methods of mental alteration" ...pretty telling what your real beef is. BTW, Is your middle name Cheech?

    • Ron

      What planet have you been living on???? You must have been a Jimmy Carter slug.

    • LEL

      Party on dude.

    • tncdel

      Reagan is one of the most over-rated presidents of all time. Raised taxes many times. Made perhaps the biggest mistake any post-WW II president ever made, giving amnesty to the illegals, thereby encouraging millions more to come here since then.

      Yeah, Gingrich is more like Reagan in that regard. Newt is rated a D when it comes to immigration. But Romney is BETTER than Reagan was or Gingrich is, getting a C plus! See: https://www.numbersusa.com/content/action/2012-pr...?

  • Frank Suszka

    Yes we do need a Ronald Regan not a Mitt Romney but where is this person? Why has this person not come forward to run against Obama? It will boil down to the lesser of two evils on voting day. Of course we know that the lesser of two evils is still evil but then again, look what happened in 2008, Obamanism. Holy Moly this country was blinded by the sweet taste of honey only to find out it was vinegar. It was s3weet going down and then it soured on our stomachs and caused us to vomit. Enter the biased news media and the chicken dropping reporting they are doing and stacking the deck according to their liking. But then again, that is no surprise. They have been doing that for quite a long time. As far as polls go??? Can you rely upon them? Not really. Who produces them? What choices do you have if and when you take them? Don’t have the exact answer that you want, pick one that is close and it is tabulated and the results are presented in a very biased slanted way… As it stands, the American people have little or no choice this time around as to who we should vote for.

    • Les G

      Why do you listen to the liberal news? Why would you care what they say about our folks? Are you liberal? If you can't find anyone of these to fit you how about writing in Mickey Mouse? He'll win!

    • SirJohn2

      We need a president who has executive experience in both business and politics..and not just writing bills but who actually ran a state... and not just IN business but one who has shown MUCH success in business... and one with no family skeletons or past questions of his morality. ..and one who can work across the aisle to really get things done.... and throw in articulate and "presidential looking" for those so superficially inclined. ...Someone not too old or too young. Hey!! We have such a candidate.

  • http://www.blackindependent.wordpress.com Stephen Frazier

    The thumb sucking liberal censors wouldn't print my response.Thank God for facebook.

  • Ralph

    So,as I look at these patheric excuses running for President of the United States of America today in 2012 and then look back
    on President Ronald Reagan,frankly I shudder to ask are these fools of today "The Best & The Brightest America Has To Offer?" And,every time the same answer seem to vividly come back to me," God Save The USA From Fools Like These!"...
    As,even when President Reagan was at his worse,Ronald Reagan was still one thousand times better then everyone of these pathetic fools like Barack Hussein Obama,and the likes of Bain Capital Vulture Business Man,RINO MItt Romney,
    Amnesty & Illegal Alien Panderer Newt Gingrich,old senile fool psycho Ron Paul and Do Away With Our Social Security Rick Santorum now then. So, I say to the whole bnch of them,'I knew President Ronald Reagan and None Of You Are Ronald Reagan or even fit to shine President Reagan's shoes. So you bet we need a new President Ronald Reagan again today
    and none of these Presidential Wannabes,including the fool currently in the White House and these GOP/Tea Party clowns
    are the New President Ronald Reagan. 2012 Presidential Do Over Anyone?

    • Sam Van Nistelrooj

      Yeah & it's a scandal that Gingrich wraps himself in Reagan's mantle - even worse than Obomber wrapping himself in King's. I for one don't believe all that stuff about Reagan being a rat fink for McCarthy, who everybody knows was a deep-down Communist himself and gave them years of good publicity due to the persecution. Sure Reagan was a straight man to a chimp and he ratted on some people, but he was playing the game too. He was taking signals from Stalinist Russia. Denounce thy neighbor. He was convinced that it's what he needed to do to get in, and then he'd serve the people rather than the corporations. Well okay so he looked like he was working for the corporations and the military, but that was all part of the act. The tragedy is that by the time he was ready to show his true self as a hero of the working class, he'd become senile and had to have all his lines fed to him through what we were supposed to think was a hearing aide. Still they don't make politicians like that today. The Gipper!

  • Jerry F.

    With Micheal Reagan endorsing Newt,he must think Newt is close to what his dad believed in,and now Chuck Norris's endorsement,which he endorsed Huckabee in 2008,so he must think Newt is as conservative as Mike.Plus Sarah sort of endorsement,I think we have found the closes thing to the real thing.

    • Mark in LA

      Micheal Reagan is a bought and paid for shill. He is even dumber than his dad (if that is humanly possible). He is doing what he is paid to do.

      • Jerry F.

        Mark your on the wrong webpage this is a consrevative websit,yyou need to go to Home Page For Loser Leftwingnuts.Ronald Reagan wwas the best president we have had in modern time.Go print your swill on page that believes the way you do.

      • just sayin

        You want to talk about dumb? How about ALL of those who didn't believe Obama was a Marxist and elected him along with the boy genius Biden. Between needing a muzzle for Biden, and a teleprompter for the Messiah, I am not sure which of the trifecta are the dumbest. The particiapants or the voters who put them there!

      • Bruce D.

        Michael has his reasons and I disagree with him on Newt but it is not about money. Your comments on Ronald Reagan are despicable. If you have something to say-say it. Why the cheap shots which only makes you look like a low life.

        • Mark in LA

          I said plenty about the great St Ronnie the lionhearted above. Maybe you can't read stuff at grade levels above "See Jack run, run run run". The truth about Reagan isn't a cheap shot it is simply the historical record.

          Ever wonder why when a story comes out about bombing Iran, all the same pundits put out basically the same story with slightly different spin? It is because thay are all paid by the same people to try to manufacture consent to get the people behind the idea. Michael Reagan is a member of that collective, so of course his opinion is bought and paid for.

        • Bruce D.

          I stand by my comment. Mark.

    • Willis

      If four people told you to go jump in the lake, is that sufficient reason to do so?

    • The Bobster

      A Suckaheeb's endorsement means nothing to me. That clown set up a Mexican consulate in the the Ark. state house.

    • SirJohn2

      I will see your endorsements and raise you Christie, Barbor, and McDonnell (of VA) for Mitt

  • 1LTLos59

    Socialism is a drug!

    • Gene Poole

      And money is the Methadone!

  • bruce

    reagan was good. wish he had balanced the budget, but, that was tough with the congress he had. clinton did balance the budget due to newt gingrich proding him. only democrat i like. fiscally conservative billy. bill and newt are similar in that respect and they did indeed like the girls, now didnt they???

    • just sayin

      the only way clinton got re-elected was to change to some of the republican principles! He was forced into balancing the budget and abandoning Hillary Care! They attempted to slide that in quickly just like Obama did!

    • Willis

      Good evidence of a great president: He can't keep it in his pants.

  • corautmors

    Sorry GOP but no Dr. Paul = GOP loss. ( and Reagan and Dr. Paul are espousing the same message )

    Gingrich = endless wives, endless wars, freddie-mac 1.8 Million $, medical mandates, 3rd world amnesty/welfare, TARP/bailouts CFR member.

    Romney = commie medical care, racist quotas, bailouts, TARP, abortion, gun control, bloodthirsty war-lust, campaign funding by Banksters.

    Santorum = Theocracy, ( his ) morality forced on the masses, warmongering hypocrite, anti-gay, etc..

    End the wars/empire, end the federal reserve/IMF/World Bank/BIS, end UN/WTO, end racist quotas, end unconstitutional departments, end TSA/DHS/ADL/SPLC and other crime syndicates.

    Ron Paul will restore Sound money, strong national defense, liberty, free enterprise, local government, strong traditional families, western civilization.

    • just sayin

      and battles on our own soil with our enemies, No thanks. Make him Secretary of the Treasury. Well used asset and replace tax cheat Geithner.

      • Libertarian58

        Phooey! RP is not against defending the country, he is against empire building in every one else's. With our military defending OUR borders, instead of every one else's, our enemies (that we created) won't be able to get to us. Tell me, even if Iran had a nuke right now, how would they deliver it, throw it at us, maybe? You've allowed the fear-mongering to get to you, which is exactly what the war hawks want. Perpetual war makes bankers rich and gives them the excuse they need to erase YOUR freedoms, Patriot act, DHS, TSA, NDAA, etc. WAKE UP. Those who trade their liberty for PERCEIVED security will soon have neither.

    • The Truth

      Ron Paul has been in Congress for 21 years and has only passed one bill. His record of achievement leaves much to be desired. I agree with some of his fiscal ideas but his stance against Reagan on the cold war was a huge mistake and makes me question his foreign policy even more. Coming down on Santorum for his moral beliefs makes me wonder about the fate of our country. How can you believe someone if morally they are not sound? Not sure what you mean by ‘anti-gay;’ another liberalism I guess. He simply does not believe in it, as taught to us through God’s word in the Bible. He does not believe that marriage; a long standing union prior to even government should be redefined as it does more to hurt society than help it. By your rationale, we should vote for Paul because he is for legalizing drugs and prostitution?

    • USAmerican100

      While Speaker, Newt helped Clinton pass numerous illegal alien amnesties, even though Reagan had already stated the amnesty he passed was his "biggest mistake". Also Romney has a 10 point advantage over Newt in the general election: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/pres...

  • Rachelrao

    Yes, we may need a Reagan, but definitely an imposter who calls himself one. Newt's past has not been as a setllar conservative. He has sat on both sides of the fence JUST AS HE ACCUSES ROMNEY. He has lined his pockets well. Asking for forgiveness AFTER THE DEED may be Christian in some circles, but in my book not enough when you keep committing the crime. CHARACTER COUNTS as a leader. I think Fox is playing a dangerous game. For now I will sit on the sidelines and not even support the Tea Party or the conservatives in any way, shape or form, because I do not want another arrogant pompous President to follow the one we already have. We need a SOLVER, not a talker!! So the Newt/Obama debates will be fun, we will be stuck with Obama for the next four years........... And Newt when you call the kettle black (Romney), give us a list of your Ethics violations, your list of baubbles to Calista, your Fannie Mae consulting fees, and be man enough to say that you left your second wife when she had cancer, no matter how vicious she is now. No more bombastic talks of WHAT YOU DID. Tell us what you will do. Santorum was right - you will explode!! And Palin is playing you for a cabinet role, and you are playing her.

    • Willis

      Good analysis. Except it was his first wife that had cancer. Vote for Newt and put an adulterer and adulteress in the white House; she who sits on the seven hills.

    • Bruce D.

      I agree with you on Palin and Newt.

    • Ron

      So, I guess you are perfect enough to judge and cast stones??? Let those that are perfect, cast the first stones?

    • tncdel

      You called that right! Gingrich is even worse of a RINO than is Romney. Look at Gingrich's rating when it comes to illegal immigration: a D. Romney a C plus.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Reagan was good in his debates with Carter. He mopped the floor with Carter.

    • Willis

      Carter was not "eloquent" like our present potus. We have had enough eloquence in the White House for a generation or two.

      • Richard Fortunato

        Amen. Let's go back to a guy like Jr. who prided himself on never uttering a comprehensible sentence. He was all accent. Sure his "Texas" accent was about as authentic as Elizabeth Taylor's _Cat on a Hot Tin Roof_, but it did the job. He *became* a Texan. He became what we needed: a real man. Not a brain, but a pair of b*lls. And don't say he ran from a fight on that Vietnam thing, either. It was the better part of valor. If my daddy had been a big shot you can be sure I'd have played that card too. Live to fight another day. "Bring "em On!" As for Obomber, he's too much of a godsend for Wall St and the Pentagon for them to let anybody else in. Just watch.

    • Sam Van Nistelrooj

      Plus he had that little inside deal with the Ayatollahs going for him - the plane with the hostages touched the runway just as his hand hit the Bible to swear the Oath. Little joke on their part. But collusion with the enemy? Treason? Come on! It was realpolitik, faith-based realpolitik.

  • DebraD

    Wow. I just watched the Reagan clip. First of all, I felt compelled to apologize to him for my comments about him in the 80's-I was young and uninformed. The things he said apply to today. We need somebody like him, with the faith and the courage to do what is best for our country! God Bless You, President Reagan! He was (and still is) truly inspiring!

    • Watcher

      Yeah, and the ill-informed today are for RP when they ought to be running from that loser. He is NO RONALD REAGAN. That man had a brain and experience. IF we have a history after Oboy and the losers get finished with the U.S., and the revisionists and Islamists don't have us by the sharia, you may all be able to see your folly, but it will be too late by then to do anything about it. The only chance we had at a Reagan was M. Bachmann, but the powers that be have snuffed her out, so the good ol boys can go back to fouling things up. What a joke to ridicule Hermann Cain in light of the garbage we have had in and out of the WH since the Kennedy, Clinton fiascos.Newt better get it right if Santorum is run off, cause America has no more chances...and from what I see as Newt and the good ol boys looked the other way while OBOY was lying about his credentials, looks to me like they are all on the 'sell-out' team, anyway. If Newt is lying about making his peace with Christ, then he is going to pay for his lip-service in eternity b/c God will not be mocked. I'll vote for Newt, but not for that culty kook Romney or the brain MIA mental case, RP. What a mess from hell we have brewing here. This whole thing was crooked as the day is long that got OBoy elected,a nd as far as I can tell, no one is putting the focus on where it ought to be....securing the election from the Dems voting the dead and their thugs shoving it down our throats. They have stolen America and the Presidency while the GOP, and ALL the rest of the ain players looked the other way.

      • yngthght

        The policies of both men are essentially the same, but Ron Paul takes them further.
        Reagan endorsed him for Congress, and he endorsed Reagan for the Presidency. There's a reason for that.

    • Cathy

      In listening to the Reagan clips, it was like listening to the arguments that Obama espouses. He must be a Jimmy Carter clone. I didn't pay too much attention during those years as I was busy working and raising a family, but I do remember being very disappointed when Carter beat Ford. I also remember feeling very despondent during the Carter years especially about our citizens being held by Iran. The day Reagan was inaugurated, and those hostages came home was when my despondency was lifted and I began to have hope for the country again as I liked the way Reagan stood up for this country and its citizens. My family enjoyed great prosperity under Regan, but now as a senior citizen I have the same feelings about this country under Obama as I did under Carter. I fully believe that the day Obama is defeated, prosperity will once again come to this country as it did when Reagan was elected. We need a president who loves this country and who is strong in his beliefs about America and its citizens. We do not have this in Obama as I personally thinks he hates this country, otherwise he would not make the decisions that he has made. He has done everything to hold down business, to make citizens controlled by the government, and to create class warfare and divide this country. I don't know who would make the better president of those who are running, but I do know that anyone of them would do a better job than Obama.

    • cheryl jessup

      You betcha. The one big difference between Reagan and Obama is that Reagan truly loved this country.I've watched at the debates and sometimg twice. I've decided that Newt has the best record of getting things done. He knows that if he sways away from conservative values in the future he's history.I like his intelligence and knowing how to work with the otherside. Believe me, if Newt gets in and we take the Senate, Democrats are going to change their tune. We need conservative Democrats which we have none now. The are on the ropes and they know it. I was born and raised a Democrat , but the Democrat party of 60 years ago bear no resemblence to the democratic party today. It has been infiltrated by socialist and Marxist. The only hope for American's is to elect more and more of conservatives. I would like to believe we could have more democrats to come over to the side of the conservatives.If you believe I'm all for all Republican's your wrong. Some of these Rinos should be votes out and replaced with conservatives who want this country to take the right path.





    • argoman

      Herman Cain or West.

      • tncdel

        West yes, Cain a big no. Not only is West a lot better and has far more integrity, but Cain couldn't even win an election in his own home state. So how could he help carry a national election?

    • just sayin

      herman cain

    • ozwizard

      Frank, what the hell are you shouting about?

      • FRANK L

        this election...
        that is what

    • tncdel

      Allen West. He would also neutralize many of the 12 million black votes that Obama would otherwise get. West actually would be a much bette president than any of the current lot of clowns running for president. With Jim DeMint as his VP.

    • rubio4u2001

      Mister Magoo, what the he** is the difference?

  • mike geremia

    and Newt will mop the floor with Obama. He will have met his match no matter how good a talker he is. He will probably have his telepromters ready

    • Sir John2

      I agree with debating skills. But there are only 2 Presidential debates (and 1 VP). It's his behavior as president (not candidate) that worries me.

  • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

    It's curious equating Reagan and Paul. An original Democrat and Libertarian. The tiger doesn't change his stripes so Reagan Democrats recognized a fellow traveller. Today Libertarians aren't a dime's worth difference with Liberals, except direction of movement. None of the current right wingers reflect Reagan or any other moderate like Obama--unless you count liberal-state Governor Romney. No wonder the right is so confused they rotate leaders so readily. I'm for the steady one, the forward looking one, the President. Most of the country 70% or so agrees. . .

    • Nick

      If you think Obama is a moderate, I have 200 ounces of gold I could let go for a couple thousand bucks.

      • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

        President Obama IS gold--compared to the dross of the right wing candidates pretending to the presidency and the obstructionists populating much of the 112th congress, a half dozen 'red' statehouses, and multiple state legislators. He's worth more than your price to insure voting freedoms, job creation, budget sensibilities, taxation fairness, affordable healthcare, clean air/water/ground, limits to greedy bankers and Wall Street, women's self-determination, workers' rights, safety net continuation, responsible drilling, consumer protections, veterans support and much more. That's moderate to about 70% of the population including me.

        • Jim

          Dr. Bill, You talk about Gov this and Gov that - you are a Twit! "Greedy Bankers" You are ignorant! The International Bankster are the ones controlling Obummer and the Demon-rats, baby murderers! Usurpers, Paternalistic haters of God. They are always trying to control the peasants! Are you a "doctor" of social engineering? Who do you think murdered the 4 presidents including Kennedy who was the opposite of Obummer and nit wits like you...You J! By the way, the problem with the Republicans, especially in the Senate is that they are gutless - not obstructionist enough! Give us another Calvin Coolidge!

        • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

          Time to get into the 21st century. Every successful government partners with private interests to advance their people and economies--China, Japan being the biggest. You paranoia is showing. Maybe you think Oswald's 'partners' got away--conspiracy tripe. International bankers have saved Europe and the U.S. from depression--you probably lived then, just oblivious. And controlling--what do you call Citizens United PACs today? Only right wingers favor turning the middle class into peasants, serfs from yesteryear--romantic, but primitive. There are no more Republicans--fragmented beyond belief by social, political, fiscal ideologies--thanks to TEA partiers--only antebellum, hateful, suppressionist, bigots and robber barons subverting the country even more than McCarthy in his communist hearings more than half a century ago. That's you time--fixated in the past.

        • djw663

          Progressive retired former educator, are you gay too? No wonder you are so far gone either that or your Alzheimer’s is at an advanced stage.

        • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

          The subject is Romney being no Reagan. You have the advantage hiding behind your anonymous avatar. But real political animals like Reagan and me are too far from right wing partisans of today to pay much attention to gender slurs that add nothing to the debate. Reagan started public life as a Democrat remember? Acted center right, just like many rational, compromising and flexible pols--NOT like the radical, racist, sexist, regressives you find in these blogs. Either state your point of view for discussion of the subject/issue or leave the debate comments to capable hands.

        • djw663

          Reagan may have signed up for the Democratic Party but that is not what the man represented just like McDonald was a registered Democrat but he voted almost 100% conservative. The Politicians of today do not represent their parties like it was in the Kennedy era. Democrats of today are closer to socialists whereas most Republicans are similar to J.F.K. From your posts you are even more radical than most of the republican or conservative posts on this blog. You come from an environment where you needed order, where you needed to treat every child the same, where you could not punish a child for being disobedient instead you used manipulation and power to control the students that came through your classroom so it is understandable that you think the way you do. You are right about one thing though-Romney is no Reagan, none of these candidates are a Reagan, although they will have the opportunity to prove their stuff in the next election. BTW I am a husband, father of two, manager of a retail business and a coach teaching kids to succeed. Not to be content with mediocrity. How well did kids do in your classroom? Did you teach them all or did you allow your kids to fail?

        • yngthght

          You do realize that you just advocated fascism, correct?
          Just making sure.

          Btw, a shift towards capitalism is how we escaped the manorial system of feudal Europe. Total government control of the economy is what will bring us back. You're clearly not very informed about history.

    • just sayin

      Not sure what kind of a doctor you are, but probably some kind of Mad Scientist Doctor! Or a PHD! YOU are a liberal Marxist thinker and just complain about anything to do with conservatives. Why do you waste your time here babbling?

      • MM from Georgia

        Amen, just sayin - this guy thinks marxist O is a job creator? Amazing the stuff he spouts. Dr. Bill is bad medicine.

      • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

        There are few marxists left--only 1930s fascists and nazis--running the right wing party. If it's babbling, you must be gurgling and drooling.

        • Libertarian58

          Few left? I'll show you one, LOOK IN THE MIRROR! By the way, fascism is a LEFT WING idiology, big government. You should LOVE it! NAZI = National SOCIALIST, Get it?

        • djw663

          The school system is a socialist environment just like the military and who runs the schools left wing whacko's like yourself! It is sad that people like you become teachers.

    • tncdel

      What are you smoking? You've got to be out of your mind to come out with that "70% or so agrees" nonsense. Or were you just being sarcastic?

      The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 23% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Thirty-nine percent (39%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16.

    • Jim

      Bill, send me your guns - oh you don't have any? Ya twit! - Politicians prefer unarmed peasants - you talk like a peasant. The liberals will force you to swallow their commie health care.. and old people - f'gedabout it! They will cut care to the elderly.
      Drs.? You won't be able to treat your patients based on your best educated opinions. You will be told by big brother what to use in treatments and when to withhold treatment. Have you read the Healthcare Bill or know what is in it? You nit wit! Have you read "1984" by George Orwell, or "Animal Farm" Obummer is like the pig Napoleon. You are like the stupid but faithful horses in Animal farm. Me? I prefer freedom from big brother. People like you are ruining our nation! I will vote for whoever opposes Obummer. Reagan was our number 4 best Pres in back of Washington. #1 ? Jefferson! He believed in freedom, free market capitalism, a money system under the authority of the government - not the Rothschild banking dynasty. Have you never heard of the CFR, The World Bank, The Bilderbergers? You stupid twit! People who are ignorant of history can doom our nation. Go retire in Albania or work in Siberia, just leave the USA!

    • Libertarian58

      You wouldn't know a Libertarian if you tripped over one. TOTALLY opposed to all things liberal and statist.

      • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

        Yes, they're pretty outstanding--if you want to repeal the 21st and 20th centuries like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan. The latter supported presidents who were moderates compared to todays wacko rightists, ran atop the ticket and supports right wingers today. I don't want to revert to freedoms and rights of the 1800s. I like modern life, greeting strangers, traveling the world, voting with women, owning property coequally. But, I can see the fear in right wing eyes at the mere thoughts of immigrants (not WASPs), women's self-determination, growing minority populations, et al. I'm not a fearful person and can adapt, unlike the Libertarians.

    • floyd

      Hey D.Bill..You must be a liar if you likes the obama train..You'll get a first class ride to obama camp and hang out with the FEMA guys..idiot.. this page wont let me write ALL obama has done since he's been ilegaly in the White House,, but just a fact or two for ya..
      In a liar’s mouth, the truth becomes a lie. Remember these whoppers ? I bet Obama is counting on your forgetting them by the time the 2012 elections roll around.
      “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”
      “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”
      “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”
      “I will remove earmarks for PORK projects before I sign any bill.”
      “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”
      “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”
      “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”

      • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

        Once again we have the anonymous comment. You fail to distinguish between campaign hyperbole and governning reality. In office governing the world's premier nation, the president IS transparent compared to Citizens United PACs. Everyone has bigger paychecks with payroll tax CUTS today. Absent normal hearings in congress on bills, public comment is desirable, but policy vetting during the long way to passage obviates more delay. Congress eliminated its own pork by rule. Middle class retired can and are paying no taxes under existing rules at any income level. Affordable Healthcare passed though not with single payer. What's the difference between a politician and a lobbyist? I'll take the effective budget cutter and open input President Obama over liar-in-chief 'I'm the decider' and 'mission accomplished' Bush2 any day.

    • floyd

      Obama may have a criminal past…
      This is an article written by an ex IRS investigator….very interesting. My question is, Will BO be vetted for the 2012 election?
      Trump is correct, Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama is hiding something in his past that is very bad… and it may not be his citizenship. (Trump would not say this if he did not know something, and he has the money to get the dirt….)
      As an IRS tax examiner, one of many former federal jobs, I have seen what it appears Barry Soetoro has done; mostly by illegal aliens attempting to acquire a new identity in the U.S and/or criminals looking to acquire a new ID.
      Barry, AKA Obama, was lawfully adopted by a foreign national, Lolo Soetoro, and Barry’s name was legally changed to “Barry Soetoro”. (Barry’s own admission) Barry Soetoro was also made an official legal Indonesian citizen. (again Barry’s own admission) The adoption would be noted in Barry’s vital statistics record in Hawaii on his original birth certificate…OR Lolo Soetoro may have always been Barry’s legal birth farther. The public does not know for sure at this point who Barry’s father really was and Barry himself may not know.

      • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

        Trump is a showman--not an investigator. He could be bankrupt tomorrow as happens to many of his ilk and he himself in his past. He's played you pretty well, I see. Your own investigation is lacking as you confuse the president with his father. No wonder righties want to abolish the IRS. You're a conspiracy theorist--like the Kennedy conspiracy syndrome, right?

        Never heard of dual citizenship, Mr. federal employee. Get your information from Rush, dittohead? Your racist ending reveals your white supremacist, hateful and bigoted viewpoint--end of story.

        • Cathy

          You must be from academia with your views. If you think Obama is a moderate I have a piece of land under water in Florida to sell you. Even people who voted for him are not supporting him again as he has made a mockery of everything he said when running for election. He is doing his best to destroy this country through his policies. With the unemployment situation so grave in this country, the first thing I would have done as president would have been to get people back to work with my policies, but instead he spent his first years throwing tax money away on non-shovel ready projects and shoving Obamacare down our throats. Now he is crying that he wants four more years to work on unemployment. He will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had, but its people like you who will continue to support him.

        • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

          Another avatar, unidentified. Destruction--how about gridlock passing jobs bills to reactivate 'demand' in this consumer-driven economy? Despite obstruction in congress, the destruction of jobs is reversed for more than a year. The nominal Christian Right, 'their brother's keepers', failed to pass universal healthcare as Obama did--destruction; I say historic? Experienced with urban planning to make local shovel ready projects, I know it still takes months or even years to implement them once money is available--slow, but not throwing money away. With working majorities in House and Senate we'd be out of trouble already economically leading Europe and Asia out of recession--worst, or potentially the best since FDR? Your viewpoint smacks of anti-intellectualism, dearth of governing experience, and disinterest in real time lines.

  • Walt

    I am not a Mitt Romney fan however, he isnt an illegal alien, a muslim or a complete liar. I dont think he will try to ruin our country like Obama. I will vote for him or anyone else running against Obama. I hope most of people of this country have the sense to do the same.

    • guest



    • guest

      SAVE AMERICA, "NEWT" obama

  • John N

    WOW, who'd a thought "conservatives" would jump on ANY "anti-religion" band-wagon; forgot Reagan was called at some point the GREAT COMPROMISER or that he (Reagan) was a Democrat/Republican who THEN became conservative. His core values were not sound the FIRST TIME he ran but he developed them into what we fondly remember as making him "the greatest ..." Oh need I mention that Reagan too was divorced? I don't recall a president in MY lifetime that didn't have "baggage ... and I'm 60.
    Every candidate has similar CORE values though some see the constitution differently than most others; some see states' rights as important while others see the Fed. Govt as premier; and until recently I didn't know the Mormon church was a "cult" - strange because I grew up in the Lutheran Church Mo Syn. not the liberal stalwart some churches seem to be.
    The same LAME arguement was used against JFK in the 1962 election - "HE'S CATHOLIC" and was last used against Joe Liberman "HE'S Jewish" ... I missed the RELIGION test in the constitution so forgive me for thinking some folks need to GROW UP!

    • John N

      Truth is, I am tired of the "evangelical right" dictating politics to the WHOLE party as if ONE ISSUE is the defining truth of whether someone is conservative ENOUGH. Here's one for you all ... what DOES the constitution say about religion? How about States' rights? I'm pretty sure my "conservative" up-bringing could stack up against most "born again" folks but THAT is religion and THIS is politics.
      Ronald Reagan is DEAD and I am pretty sure he won't be rising from the Dead to run again. Get over it - play the cards you have not the hand you WISH FOR.

  • steve tanton

    There never will be another Ronald Reagan, it's just the way God planned it. But the closest thing is Newt Gingrich. Yes, there was Cain, but he was character-assassinated by the "Bamer" regime (3rd time he took down an opponent with sexual charges no less), which is simply democrat play book tactics. "Ruin the character, dodge the issues" and count on self-righteous Republicans to buy into it - most of 'em are just too happy being second-class citizens - at least they have their warm spot in D.C. - they're just too happy to tear down their own for indiscretions best left up to God to judge. Just look at who got us into trouble and who is supporting Romney. RINO behavior for over 75 years has taken its toll. The reason that Karl Rove, John Sununu and other "mainstream GOP" supporters of Romney such as George H.W. Bush, Elizabeth Dole and John McCain are with him, is because he's the consummate party insider, i.e. another roll-over Republican. Note who is supporting Newt: Michael Reagan, Arthur Laffer, Chuck Norris, Fred Grandy, J.C. Watts, Rick Perry and a variety of other mostly "outsiders" and political novices or "Tea Party" type revolutionary non-traditional distinction. Read Angelo Codevilla's "The Ruling Class" for a better understanding of why "same-old", "same-old" is not the way to go for the GOP! Newt tells off the leftist media, the Big-Government ghetto incubators and "coastal elites" as I would. He's the man. Yep, I've met him and he's no Ronald Reagan, but he sure takes a lot of Reagan positions and he's bound to set us back on the right track rather than just manage a sinking ship. Time to bury the old generation of GOP 3rd class losers and revolt! “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” - 
Thomas Jefferson Tom, COUNT ME IN!!!

  • jerry1944

    2 i want vote for is romney and paul even if its 3rd party for me We need a 3rd party if the gop keep putting up these so called conservatives

  • David

    The ONLY important question is can the candidate beat Obama!!!! That won't be the Fraudulent Republican Ron Paul who is REALLY a LIBERTARIAN, NOT A CONSERVATIVE!!!!!!! Ron Paul is committing criminal fraud by pretending to be a Republican in order to get GOP money. That is FRAUD! Do you want another FRAUD in the White House????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Walt

      It would seem that Obama has made Fraud, lying, violating the constitution, circumventing Congress and a whole host of other laws OK and has set a president. For some reason it seems that the American people simply want to be willing victims.

  • Harry

    We may need a Reagan to win debates with Obama but we need a Calvin Cooledge to run the Country. His "do nothing" reputation averted a depression in the 20s that would have made the one in the 30s pale by comparrison. He turned the nation around, prosperity was everywhere, unemployment was at it's lowest and only about 20% of the people were required to pay any income tax/s at all. We didn't start having problems again until he left office and there was not another like him to be found. The liberal minds took over and then the depression of the 30s. It wouldn't have lasted as long as it did if it hadn't been for the liberal mentality.

  • david

    obivously censorship is alive and well on this site

  • argoman

    The strongest opponet against 'Bama is Newt. If you want a constitutionist, it's Ron Paul. I want a supporter of the constitution, but if he can't beat O'bamma, then it's got to be Newt.

    • just sayin

      Make Paul Secretary of the Treasury. He wil be safe and effective there away from foreign policy. I would trust him there!

  • Indigo Red

    We also need a George Washington, but Washington and Ronald Reagan are both dead and not coming back. We do have Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum. Okay, Ron Paul, too. Those are the choices - no Reagan, no Washington, not even a Jackson. No clear cut man to clearly defeat Obama exists. We have to work with what we have while Obama just has to sit back, say nothing while the media portray him as the downtrodden field hand with the Republican nominee as the cruel, bullying overseer.

  • Nick

    Reading these posts are making me as sick just as much as reading the article. All of these "thumbs up" for Gingrich being the closest to Reagan. That is pathetically false. 3 simple things to think abaout:
    1) Would a Reagan conservative ever think, let alone say, that the era of Reagan is over? Newt did after the last presidential election. After realizing what a STUPID thing that was to say, he wrote a book about him.
    2) Would a Reagan conservative ever think, let alone ask for bigger government to limit green house gases? He made a commercial with Nancy (plastic face) Pelosi doing just that.
    3) Would a Reagan conservative ever back a liberal republican over a tea party conservative in a race just because he thought they had a better chance to win? Newt did in New York's 23rd district.
    Newt is a big government republican plain and simple.

    Whomever gets our nomination has my support. But if any of you think he is a Reagan conservative you are just being ignorant.

    • guest lew


  • just sayin

    spammer, Paulbot

  • bob

    Jimmy Carter and Ombaba sound like the same person --- view wise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel

    "He may say them in a different way, but what Paul is saying is basically many of the same things that Reagan not only said, but did."

    LOL!!! Please don't insult Reagan's memory by comparing that crackpot to President Reagan. He might have some reasonable domestic ideas, but his foereign policy would be even a bigger disaster than the present buffoon in the White House!

  • tommyee

    I think the only possible Ronld Regan like candidate is ME!

  • Bill 1776

    Reagan had charm and was a great communicator he made people feel good to be an American.

    Quotes from Reagon:

    "If we ever forget we are one nation under God, we will be one nation gone under."

    "The most sublime picture in American history is of George Washington on his knees in the snow at Valley Forge. That image personifies a people who know that it's not enough to depend on our own courage and goodness; we must also seek help from God, our father and preserver".

    On evolution Reagan said, " It is a theory only, and it has in recent years been challenged in the world of science and is not yet believed in the scientific community to be as infallible as it once was believed. But if it was going to be taught in the schools, then I think that also the biblical theory of creation, which is not a theory, but the biblical story of creation, should also be taught".

    On inaugural day Regan said, "I am told that tens of thousands of prayer meetings are being held on this day; for that I am deeply grateful. We are a nation under God, and I believe God intended for us to be free. It would be fitting and good, I think, if on each inaugural day in future years it should be declared a day of prayer".

  • George_S

    Ron Paul is the one person who might make me inclined to vote for Obama. Otherwise, as Newt has said repeatedly, any of the candidates is better than what we have.

    • ltorm

      I'd go further and say that anybody would be better than any of the candidates we have, including that monkey that acted circles around Regan in _Bedtime For Bonzo_.

  • BLK

    I disagree about Mitt. I think he is sharp as a tack and will take down Obama, but most of all be a good Prez for these times.

    • guest

      IS there any doubt that MITT LOVES AMERICA?, Is there any doubt obama is purposely DESTROYING AMERICA?


    • MrInterpid

      If he will for sure and positve sign the bill that REPEALS obozo care!! With Mr flip-flop it's hard to tell.

  • guest

    " NEWT" obama, SAVEAMERICA!!

    • USAmerican100

      Newt also wants to eliminate America, by replacing it with the North American Union, it's why he supports illegal alien amnesty just like Obama.

  • Steve

    Why was Reagan so successful? it had very little to do with his fiscal conservatism. Though that was an added benefit. It was his foreign policy. He had to reverse 4 years of the mistakes that Jimmy Carter made, and he did so, putting America back into a respected position in the world. We are still suffering from the policy mistakes Jimmy Carter made in the middle east. We also now have to recover from what Obama has done- he is like Jimmy Carter on Steroids. Mark my words that the key issue of this election will flip from economics to foreign policy before it is done. And on that front, Mr. Paul is very close to Obama in his policies. We cannot afford that type of person for four more years. Much as I deeply respect ROn Paul's stand on domestic issues, he is a bozo when it comes to international politics.

    • piper scheinsdigger

      Paul wants to stop the hemmorage to the Pentagon and Oh Bomb Us is giveing them all they want on a silver platter and wants to take us to WW III with China/USSR and you say paul & Oh Bomber are close? This forum has been taken over by surrealists.

  • Larry

    We have had a Ronald Reagon why the hell can't we have someone that is able to do what is good for the United States and all of those that have compared themself to Ronald Reagon could not make a pimple on his Butt. This thing that we have as a President now can't make up his mind who he is but I can tell him he is a worthless piece of chicken crap Muslim.

  • Backgammon

    What Romney does not understand is that Newt talkes and acts like he will blast Obama. Mitt will be another Pink Panties (like McCain) and not attack Obama. We need a street fighter to get to the Chicago Mafia

  • guest


  • KNY

    This is a highly edited site....apparently big brother is in control. Reasonable comments are not posted...maybe we should be more careful.

  • Bruce D.

    What a great video. It makes me pine for Ronald Regan. Conservatism was just about dead when Reagan took office even in the Republican party. With Goldwater's loss and the presidencies of Nixon and Ford the Republican party was leaning more and more to the left as they viewed that it was their only way to win election as do the RINOs of today. Reagan was such a great statesman that he worked with RINOs and liberals and in the process brought back the ideals of the American character that Obama and his wife show such disdain for.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Unfortunately Regan did not veto Senator Kennedy's bill that upped the number of legal immigrants into the U.S. each year. This has lead to educated in other countries colleges, people who are taking jobs away from our own U.S. college educated graduates. This has also lead to foreigners becoming college professors and teachers in our schools with their own agenda's. Granted I pretty much thought Regan was great as a president, but on this one point he failed us.

    • Mark in LA

      If you think this was Reagan's only failure, you need to start reading something other than these so-called conservative web sites or listening to Rush Limbaugh. There was a hugh effort called the Reagan Legacy Project to rewrite history to make people think he was great. It was full of lies and propaganda. Do some real research. All the policies that were designed to destroy the middle class, illegal immigration, guest workers, free trade, and shifting the burden of taxes completely onto the middle class started under his administration. His administration brought the neocons into the executive branch and reagan never fought against affirmative action or political correctness. In fact, he have East Indians and Hassidic Jews "disadvantaged" status for the purposes of government contracts and loans.

  • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

    I'm actually a practicing businessman who also worked in the public arena. I'm a moderate and recognize it in this Prez. You tell me which freedoms and rights, which solutions and assists, above, you don't like--not just 'anything' as you misrepresent me. Check with 70% of the public who agrees with me. . .then with those who've lost freedoms and opportunities to the conservative agenda.

    • Libertarian58

      70% of the public no longer understand liberty and follow along obediently as led by the Hegelian Dialectic. Look it up if you don't know what it is. The "liberal" and "conservative" agendas are EXACTLY the same, they just go about it differently.

  • Karen

    The Democrats will mop the floor with Newt. We need a Mitt Romney, not a Reagan. Reagan is no longer with us and he made his own mistakes.


    Ronald isn't in this earthly rehlm any longer. The country has been bankrupt by the policies that were supposed to save us. We're in need of a President, who can rebuild this nation, bring us together, and ballance the budget.

    • Mark in LA

      Well the last time I checked Reagan, Mao, Hitler, and Stalin were playing bridge together.

  • Mike

    Jefferson’s Rules for a Good Life

    Thomas Jefferson compiled this list at the request of a father who had named his baby son Thomas Jefferson Smith. They were pared down somewhat from an earlier list Jefferson had sent to his granddaughter, Cornelia Jefferson Randolph. Here are 10 rules for a good life:

    1.Never put of until tomorrow what you can do today.
    2.Never trouble another for what you can do yourself.
    3.Never spend your money before you have it.
    4.Never buy what you don’t want because it is cheap; it will never be dear to you.
    5.Pride cost us more than hunger, thirst and cold.
    6.Never repent of having eaten too little.
    7.Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly.
    8.Don’t let the evils, which have never happened cost you pain.
    9.Always take things by their smooth handle.
    10.When angry, count to ten before you speak, if very angry, count to one hundred.

  • http://DodgeCountyNews.com MM from Georgia

    Don't forget - Ron Paul was the first Republican House member to come out for Reagan vs. Ford in the 1976 primary. Only three others from this timid Republican bunch joined Dr. Paul in backing Reagan. Ron showed political savvy then and has it now. How long do we stay in those mideast hellholes anyway ? Big media carried the mail for Carter in '76, while telling Repub voters that Reagan could not win in November. He'd have won and spared us Carter. We were set up. Their boy Carter was a nitwit loser, a terrible choice. Ford was a weak candidate.

  • Joe

    The only one I have heard lately is Michele Bachmann and everyone turn their back on her and voted fot the demorcats (Romney, Ginghic, Santorum, Paul, and Terry) that was running on the GOP ticket..

  • Daniela

    What if America may reconsider the very opportunity to liste more by God than perenial people?! By simply following the Instruction Manual about HOW TO LIVE THE PARADISE ON THE EARTH IN SIMPLE STEPS?! 2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be fully competent, COMPLETELLY EQUIPPED FOR EVERY GOOD WORK .

    Soo let*s see! God gave us a paradise, a Bible as Instruction Manual for it and more His Son to teach us by example the Pathways not taken ! as mother I allways say that the kids are learning the bad sooner than the good, because to learn the goodness it require discipline and self controll! soo what is easy*er? The Bible advice in this case is:

    Ezekiel 43:10 “As for you, O son of man, inform the house of Israel about the House, that they may feel humiliated because of their errors, and they must measure the pattern. 11 And if they actually feel humiliated because of all that they have done, the ground plan of the House, and its arrangement and its exits and its entryways, and all its ground plans and all its specifications, and all its ground plans and all its laws do you make known to them and write before their eyes, in order that they may observe all its ground plan and all its specifications and may actually carry them out. 12 This is the law of the House. On the top of the mountain its entire territory all around is something most holy. Look! This is the law of the House.

    soo no wonder that the Builder is set apart and they*re building on other foundation than Jesus Christ the Corner Stone!
    like the rpublic and the cutting corners as the kissed stne at Hajj and circumambulated in the very feinine way! (the counter clock as the Feng Shui Ba gua and the octahedrom layout since 1187 also for the Jerusalem Dome layout also for the Piccadily Circus Eros wheel of poisoned water! the lawlessness in familly! Distroy and domini satan! comunist engineering
    since the Roosevelt kennedy Sr black brain trust Mc Leod Bethune travesti cursing of the Holly Seed mc leod the hard hunted one by the UK Mc kenzies, see the Quadrant conferency Canada and the backing political cards to the Quinn Elisabeth IInd! http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20Ameri...
    soo hopefully Mr Nancy Desmond and Newt Gingrich are not thissame kind of engineering task of Health Transformation http://phoenixteaparty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/ne...
    No one of that candidates can winn Mr Obama and his backing cards as are all part of thissame team ! by follow the money and the politics anti humanity it confirm it hardly! But when Mr Obama attack Mr Trump that hard and all Mr Trump activitys are breackengined than may promote it as the only one able to clean all that mess the America find itself economically socially and not at least politically!

  • Ed McMullen

    What we really need was for Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to have entered this race. He's got Newt's brains minus the baggage and grandiositiy; he's got a proven track record as a tax and spend cutter; he's consistently shown leadership (like Reagan), and he's got energy and enthusiasm. I wish the GOP would try to draft him. Unfortunately, we might have to settle for Mitt the Moderate. Better than four more years of Obama's mad statism but it could have been much better with a Jindal.

    • Patti

      I don't think Bobby Jindal can ever be POTUS because his parents were not citizens when he was born. Same for Marco Rubio. Shame to lose these two to the rules when Obummer got away with it.

  • joe

    I want a kick-ass president in Washington, not the little girl we have now.

  • Daniela

    The importance of building on the Corner Stone Foundation Jesus Christ!
    with personal contribution shared responsibility of a global half shekel instead the ruining comunist politics
    http://www.trump.com but serving the God purpose of building the Temple! why not?

    •Luke 19:45-46
    And he(Jesús) entered into the temple and started to throw out those who were selling, saying to them: “It is written, ‘And my house will be a house of prayer,’ but YOU made it a cave of robbers.”

  • Daniela

    •Haggai 1: 2-11
    “This is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘As regards this people, they have said: “The time has not come, the time of the house of Jehovah, for [it] to be built.”’ And the word of Jehovah continued to come by means of Hag´gai the prophet, saying: “Is it the time for YOU yourselves to dwell in YOUR paneled houses, while this house is waste? And now this is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘Set YOUR heart upon YOUR ways. YOU have sown much seed, but there is a bringing of little in. There is an eating, but it is not to satisfaction. There is a drinking, but not to the point of getting intoxicated. There is a putting on of clothes, but it is not with anyone’s getting warm; and he that is hiring himself out is hiring himself out for a bag having holes. “This is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘Set YOUR heart upon YOUR ways.‘Go up to the mountain, and YOU must bring in lumber. And build the house, that I may take pleasure in it and I may be glorified,’ Jehovah has said.There was a looking for much, but here there was just a little; and YOU have brought it into the house, and I blew upon it for what reason?’ is the utterance of Jehovah of armies.‘By reason of my house that is waste, while YOU are on the run, each one in behalf of his own house. Therefore over YOU [the] heavens kept back [their] dew, and the earth itself kept back its yield. And I kept calling for dryness upon the earth, and upon the mountains, and upon the grain, and upon the new wine, and upon the oil, and upon what the ground would bring forth, and upon earthling man, and upon domestic animal, and upon all the toil of the hands.’”
    •Malachi 3: 6-11
    “For I am Jehovah; I have not changed. And YOU are sons of Jacob; YOU have not come to YOUR finish. From the days of YOUR forefathers YOU have turned aside from my regulations and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to YOU,” Jehovah of armies has said.
    And YOU have said: “In what way shall we return? “Will earthling man rob God? But YOU are robbing me.” And YOU have said: “In what way have we robbed you?”
    “In the tenth parts and in the contributions. With the curse YOU are cursing [me], and me YOU are robbing—the nation in its entirety. Bring all the tenth parts into the storehouse, that there may come to be food in my house; and test me out, please, in this respect,” Jehovah of armies has said, “whether I shall not open to YOU people the floodgates of the heavens and actually empty out upon YOU a blessing until there is no more want.”
    “And I will rebuke for YOU the devouring one, and it will not ruin for YOU the fruit of the ground, nor will the vine in the field prove fruitless for YOU,” Jehovah of armies has said.
    •Isaiah 2: 2-4
    And it must occur in the final part of the days that the mountain of the house of Jehovah will become firmly established above the top of the mountains, and it will certainly be lifted up above the hills; and to it all the nations must stream. And many peoples will certainly go and say: “Come, YOU people, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths.”For out of Zion law will go forth, and the word of Jehovah out of Jerusalem. And he will certainly render judgment among the nations and set matters straight respecting many peoples. And they will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.
    •Romans 12:2;4-8;13
    And quit being fashioned after this system of things, but be transformed by making YOUR mind over, that YOU may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. For just as we have in one body many members, but the members do not all have the same function, so we, although many, are one body in union with Christ, but members belonging individually to one another Since,then, we have gifts differing according to the undeserved kindness given to us, whether prophecy,let us prophesy according to the faith proportioned [to us];or a ministry,let us be at this ministry;or he that teaches, let him be at his teaching; or he that exhorts,let him be at his exhortation;he that distributes, let him do it with liberality;he that presides,let him do it in real earnest;he that shows mercy,let him do it with cheerfulness.Do not loiter at YOUR business. Be a glow with the spirit. Slave for Jehovah. Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in prayer. Share with the holy ones according to their needs. Follow the course of hospitality. Keep on blessing those who persecute; be blessing and do not be cursing. Rejoice with people who rejoice; weep with people who weep.
    •2 Timothy 3: 16
    All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work.
    Do we?!

    • godsownmechanic

      yes, a 1,000 times yes.

  • pumpwoman

    A governor of a liberal state who did not win the Republican nomination for President on his first try, a governor who RAISED taxes while in office, who was pro-choice before he was pro-life, who was a Democrat until he was 51 years old. This was Reagan. More like Romney ... Romney is the only candidate who can beat Obama. So stick with anyone else and watch this country reach the point of no return under Obama's second term. It is like Clinton-Dole all over again and it makes me SICK!

  • Daniela

    So between soo many governments I wonder why:
    * every government may have such global organizations like EEUU E.U. U.N. NATO World Bank plus the private ones and all catched in the socialist gitter but when the Ton making the music it would be the 1963 Riots like the black power display in the big city*s of the USA until the Kennedy CRA plan forced at high evel to be signed , the Mr Luther King Dream have a Dream! the 10 points they wish they wish to obtain it by the shortcut without the 10 Commandments of God which IF OBEYED the Paradise is available for all and the Exodus and the inmigrational issue would be healed from the roots! of Paradise at Home, soo that could be at Mr Obama Home before teach us in USA without the legal right to even live there, curious to follow his money sustainment legacy route to understand ho wit is possible? but as long the Black Brain Trust get ot a Roosevelt government by 2 world wars rised up by radio speeches in the hands of Kenedy Sr Orpheus and by media as teh Hollywood not Hollyrood is prevailing! is a small difference of Location and Quality that just the President Benjamin Franklin may opose the quality he delivered as President VS Mr Obama Nobels a.s.o. from the talk to the job well done is a huge step! and am not curious to test the ninja Loans of Mr Obama but very impressed about the Mr Trump 3 generations hands on to build a name worth of teh President Role! Let*s name it the hybrid of the socialism and capitalism able to fulfill by birthright and know how based on God plans and pray us all for the BENEDICTION! FROM GOD NOT FROM THE PEOPLE ! BUT IN ORDER TO BENEFIT THE HUMANITY ! So as long the Washington DC has the form of Vatican and teh falic pillars of Absalom in the worldwide plaza of the big citys ad that the peack of the Rotunda is Persefona the Hell quinn than may understand the Prophet Daniel 7:23-28 “This is what he said, ‘As for the fourth beast, there is a fourth kingdom that will come to be on the earth, that will be different from all the [other] kingdoms; and it will devour all the earth and will trample it down and crush it. 24 And as for the ten horns, out of that kingdom there are ten kings that will rise up; and still another one will rise up after them, and he himself will be different from the first ones, and three kings he will humiliate. 25 And he will speak even words against the Most High, and he will harass continually the holy ones themselves of the Supreme One. And he will intend to change times and law, and they will be given into his hand for a time, and times and half a time. 26 And the Court itself proceeded to sit, and his own rulership they finally took away, in order to annihilate [him] and to destroy [him] totally.
    27 “‘And the kingdom and the rulership and the grandeur of the kingdoms under all the heavens were given to the people who are the holy ones of the Supreme One. Their kingdom is an indefinitely lasting kingdom, and all the rulerships will serve and obey even them.’
    soo when we get to Daniel 12: 11-12 “And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.12 “Happy is the one who is keeping in expectation and who arrives at the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days! and look about the Ofra coins from Kent to Allah 764! may understand the Ba Gua octahedron form of Feng Shui made in China, in the Rock of Jerusalim layout and the orb and the sceptre REX in hands of Saladin from 1187! and from the Jedda treaty until now a day slavery yoke despite the downtowns worldwide rised up after the Nixon Hotter than July night a la Stevie wonder but with the Candy Man Sammy Davis the backing of the Luther King speech at Absalom pillar! when Absalom ruled as judge than 70 familly members where killed in one stone as that Absalom stealed the hearts of the mans by kisses! is something new as behaviour of Mr Obama publicly and the most disgusting the Mrs Clinton visible uncomfortable one ! So when teh prince Charles coronation was more in teh terms of the Sioux constitution promoting more teh quinn of heavens worship than God than may look his backing of the Carter peace process at David Camp and the personal meetings with that false peace protagonists until Mr Bandaar and the shake hands and the religion as a show
    Mr Graham is the shepherd worlf in sheep clothes backing the Bush dynasty era with the bloody fruits and Mr Obama Kennedy Satanic hand symbols inheritage toghether with the hardest slavery yoke ever lived since Moses!

  • Daniela

    Revelation 13:2-18 the huge beast with the hurt head by the Napoleon republic! and look the Mr Pope Benedict coat of arms is the black crowned king left side profile even when the Revelation 2:17 said that the new white peeble where the NAME of God will be written IS A WHITW PEEBLE! the lion with human heart starting the foundation of the Temple of God and 7 times than chopped tree! the Alpha Neuron center of the Scotland heading form of the Skye Isle(the meeting point of the conundrum of as in heavens nY city and the Erie Lake reaching the Death Sea and make it sweet water as the aweetwater reserves are 2% in the wolrd!until the Death Sea of Jerusalim!see it? the Alpha neuron in the sacred secret of the body is the center of the hearing and the speech soo whom have ears to hear than HEAR it!) and the Dunvengan Castle with his Mac Leod roods for 700years until the Mac Kenzies which until now a day share the wealth to the ones serving teh fortress god see the Dubai financial center palace star on the black and white tiled floor!as the basementofthe LibertyStatue in hand with the unpermitted fire of the Alladin lamp and his olympic sustainemetfrom Fair World celebrations hand in hand with olympics ..theearth was shakingas at the New World Order1980! Mr Bush Gorbatchev and mount Helen shaked after papal speech in Wienn and Washington! So Marianology worshipper change the glory of God into a woman whic God surely know her place and honour! it is not our duty to use the massacres appear as her mesages as Fatima of Portugal announcing us the 3rd world war and at the MAD capacity believe me that no one may remain alive from! as 5000 times higher capacity bombs than Hiroshima which in 2 minuts killed more than 200.000people!and the contamination efects are uncountable!Soo when they use the Mac Leod name as a travesti shame in the person of the Bethune Mac Leod as Roosevelt Black Brain Cabinet Trust! than the Prince Charles trust is in the anglican church common in the east block and asian morrocan borders and as the Agustin pope is busy with the just war class of the china Tao Tse than by doing thissame thing and expect different results?! And the collar gold gift Mr Obama and some arabian sheicks! Than as 3 generations Trump from the Gold Rush married with the lady Christ and giving birth to Mr Fred Trump married with Mrs Mary Mac Leod from Scotland, than may follow with attention the birthright of Mr Trump in conformity with the Bible I suspect he is Master in the Bible as dominate his sentences, he speack less but at subject and from know how p.o.v.! Soo, Ezekiel 21: 25-27 said that: And as for you, O deadly wounded, wicked chieftain of Israel, whose day has come in the time of the error of [the] end, 26 this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, ‘Remove the turban, and lift off the crown. This will not be the same. Put on high even what is low, and bring low even the high one. 27 A ruin, a ruin, a ruin I shall make it. As for this also, it will certainly become no [one’s] until he comes who has the legal right, and I must give [it] to him.’

  • Daniela

    Mr Trump birthright rights must present the books on the table from the Mary of the Scots times, and the Elisabeth cutting vineyards by declaring a feast to get the vineyard of Nabot is what the White Tower bloody history is all about! so they do what they re forefather does, killing Abel from brotha Cain! but in place of Abel which was RED SKINNED came another seed of God, Set! as Moses came from Egypt to Madian county and after deliver them as the burning bush required by God itself! there is the Holy Place of Hollyrood Jacob started his travel Egypt ad come back but there was the gate of the heavens! and as his lies worked is becaus ethey re father do not get his word back and the blessings for Esau got by lies Jacob! until the yoke is over because of the OIL! and as the two olive trees with gold oil stand near the Menorah! are the choosed ones of God! and as the quinn cakes worship
    let more happy widows with flesh practices than because of the oil the death treaty is OVER! and Mr Trump fulfill the long hunting of the tribe Kennedy as we look the delimitation of the Hadrian Wall! the tree with fruits until the Apple of NY! Genesis 49:8-11 “As for you, Judah, your brothers will laud you. Your hand will be on the back of the neck of your enemies. The sons of your father will prostrate themselves to you. 9 A lion cub Judah is. From the prey, my son, you will certainly go up. He bowed down, he stretched himself out like a lion and, like a lion, who dares rouse him? 10 The scepter will not turn aside from Judah, neither the commander’s staff from between his feet, until Shi´loh comes; and to him the obedience of the peoples will belong. 11 Tying his full-grown ass to a vine and the descendant of his own she-ass to a choice vine, he will certainly wash his clothing in wine and his garment in the blood of grapes and Genesis 49: 22-26
    “Offshoot of a fruit-bearing tree, Joseph is the offshoot of a fruit-bearing tree by the fountain, that propels its branches up over a wall. 23 But the archers kept harassing him and shot at him and kept harboring animosity against him. 24 And yet his bow was dwelling in a permanent place, and the strength of his hands was supple. From the hands of the powerful one of Jacob, from there is the shepherd, the stone of Israel. 25 He is from the God of your father, and he will help you; and he is with the Almighty, and he will bless you with the blessings of the heavens above, with the blessings of the watery deep lying down below, with the blessings of the breasts and womb. 26 The blessings of your father will indeed be superior to the blessings of the eternal mountains, to the ornament of the indefinitely lasting hills. They will continue upon the head of Joseph, even upon the crown of the head of the one singled out from his brothers. are fulfilling the 3 generations of Trump from germany Scotland noble roots as we look back at Pepin the cut hair picts history Charlemagne and the Trifels mixed root with Scots until fulfillment of the 1rst prophecy of Avraam to get out of babylon in order to find the city with the REAL FOUNDATION! the familly cell! and the blessings for the whole world familly*s Genesis 12:1-3 soo the USA period is just the fulfillment of the 400years service to come back and enter the gates of teh kingdom, the one leaving from south Jesus Christ come back by the north gate! Scone and Hollyrood by birthright! TRUMP MAC LEOD CHRIST!
    Message sent!

    • samtman

      Daniela,after reading all that mumble jumble, you should also know that the great Christian Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne convinced the whole tribe of German Saxons to become good Christians by lcuttaing off 4500 Saxon chieftains and leaders heads in just one week. Perhaps this information will give your story the only truth.

    • Sam Van Nistelrooj

      Nobody else out there seems to have the courage to say what your saying.

  • Barney Murrell

    The demise of America and the middle-class began with the election of conservative Ronald Reagan who, in his autobiography on page 237 and 238 (paperback), admitted his administration did not win the Cold War by writing that his first NSA briefings informed him communism was on the brink of collapse, thus his 80 percent increase in defense spending was not justified.

    And neither was his tax cuts and a 160 percent increase in federal debt, while non-Social Security revenue increased only 38 percent. Reagan was so successful in creating deficits that VP Dick Cheney told Treasury Sec. Paul O’Neal that “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter; ” and jobs created were mostly in the service sector with little increase in higher paid manufacturing.

    (Cheeny on Weekly Standard) http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Arti...
    (Bush Treasury Sec. Paul O'neill on 60 Minutes) http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/01/09/60minut...

    • Mark in LA

      You truth teller - soon some moron is going to come along and call you a name because you had the audacity to write the truth about Reagan and not stick to the fairy tale mythology about him.

  • Jennie

    With most of you putting down Newt, Romney and Santorum, who gives an S....? The most important thing is to beat Obama and Newt is the best one to do it. He is the opponent that Obama fears most because Obama is not a match for him.

  • Ronald D Thompson

    There isn't a Ronald Reagan running nor are any of the candidates anything close. Mitt Romney is the closest, though. He has the experience and the skills to figure out what to do to fix our government's problems. NOBODY else has these skills.

  • Steve

    newt is a leftist pig, not at all like Reagan. Mitt has business experience and was a governor like Reagan. If Reagan was running in the race today, he would be accused of being too liberal because he raised taxes during his term as governor. Lets face there is NO such thing as a pure conservative, Romney would make a great President, while newt is no better then prez osama!

    • RonaldT

      Yeah but he only raised taxes on the poor!

  • Pegi

    The problem with Ron Paul is...he isn't a Ronald Reagan. Reagan had that elusive something you don't see everyday called extreme likability.


    Newt Gingrich WON BIG in S.C. It is very clear that Newt Gingrich is the only man that can beat Obama. Let's face it. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul did NOT even come close to Newt Gingrich.

    Of all the money that Mitt Romney spent at South Carolina. The people of South Carolina have spoken loud and clear who is the real Conservative and who is not.

    Their in only one conservative has demonstrated that he can stand up to Barack Obama in that final television debate - go mano a mano with him - and decisively WIN.

    That man is, Newt Gingrich.



      I said this while back that, NO TRUE BORN AGAIN Christian will vote for a "CULT" member. That is a Mormon or LDS or RLDS or what ever you want to call them.

      Again. Mormonism IS A DANGEROUS "CULT".

      TRUE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN no what a CULT is. Like I said. It comes down to this question. WHO IS JESUS?

      TRUE BORN AGAIN Christian believe and know that JESUS IS GOD. And that, HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER.


      • dgaines

        @BIG K --- I am a Christian and I have many Mormon friends. I happen to know about Mormon beliefs AND have read the Book of Mormon. My Mormon friends have an utmost belief and faith in, and love of Jesus Christ, and also consider Him to be their God and Savior. There are and have been branches and offshoots of the LDS Church, and perhaps one or another might fall into the "cult" category.

        But the mainstream LDS Church is as Christian as they come, and my Mormon/LDS friends are dear to me. For you to bash them, call them a cult, dangerous, etc. is absolute ignorance. You obviously know no real truths and facts about their church. I consider myself born again, as Christ Himself prescribed -- what YOU are, I have no idea -- the Savior Himself admonished His disciples that "those who are not against us are for us" (not to mention, commanded every one of us to love all, not just those who align perfectly with our ideas, beliefs and wishes.

        I've spent a bit too much time on the 'religious side of things,' but I feel that false information, uninformed attacks, demonizing others without facts, intolerance, bashing others etc. don't serve well in the political arena, either. In this regard, I feel it is *you* that is the dangerous entity.

    • Bill Willy

      I SAY A-MAN to that, BIG K. I am learning more and more about the Mormon CULT. The thing that bother's me is that, the Mormon's record claims that Christ visited the American continent, revealed Himself to the Nephites, preached to them the Gospel, and instituted both baptism and the communion service.

      Further more, they claim that the Nephites, unfortunately, proved to be no match for the Lamanites; and they were defeated by them and annihilated in a great battle near the hill Cumorah iin Palmyra, New York, approximately A.D. 385.

      I don't find these claims in history any where.

      The Book of Mormon purports to portray the rise and development of two great civilizations. As to just how great these civilizations were, some excerpts from the book itself adequately illustrate:

      ….fine workmanship of wood, in buildings, and in machinery, and also in iron and copper, and brass and steel, makings [sic.] all manners of tools…(Jarom 1:8 and 2 Nephi 5:15).

      The problem is. I don't find these claim in history books. NO where. The man that wrote these things must have been under the influence of some kind. Or, this man was DEMON POSSESS.

      • Newt Berry.

        We the South Carolinian have spoken LOUD and CLEAR. Newt Gingrich is our NOMINEE for President of the United States of America.

        His record is very strong his critics can't argue with it, so they focus on other issues. Like his marriages as well as his business dealings. Even FOX NEWS don't get it. Enough is Enough. Their is only one man that can and will beat Obama.

        And that man is, NEWT GINGRICH.

        • SUE A.

          Newt Gingrich is appealing to the anger in this country toward all politicians, and the NEWS MEDIA, include. FOX NEWS. But, particularly those in Congress. The country is looking for a leader, UNAFRAID to tell the TRUTH like it is. And we think that Newt Gingrich is that person.

          For those who still think Mitt Romney is a stronger candidate against Obama. Well. It did not show at South Carolina To night. Newt Gingrich WON BIG. 42%. Way over any of his friends.




        • USAmerican100

          If Newt gets elected there soon won't be a USA, he supports amnesty for illegal aliens which will eventually result in the North American Union supplanting the USA.

    • USAmerican100

      Romney has a 10 point lead over Newt in the general election: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/pres...

  • Pat

    I hear some of Reagan's thoughts in what Paul says about the economy. They are polar opposites on national defense.

  • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

    Pretty heartless, Jim. No healthcare, resurrect death panels, resume skinheads/white supremacists hate groups, believe Orwell's modern day propagandists called right wing presidential candidates. We'll all be just cannon fodder following right wing principles--unending wars, suppressed voter rights, suspending elected boards/officials, making children work, controling women's bodies, polluting the air and water, giving all our money and benefits to fat cats. I knew this would happen when we stopped filling the asylums.

  • Freedom Lover


  • Freedom Lover


  • floyd

    Barry was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and attended a Catholic funded school that permitted all faiths to attend.
    Barry’s mother dropped him as a dependent for some reason, maybe even when Barry was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. His mother’s passport records dropped Barry as a dependent indicating Barry was no longer a legal dependent of his mothers. (The passport records of his mother have been produced showing Barry was no longer a dependent when Barry was permanently residing in Indonesia.) Barry went to Hawaii to live with his alleged grandparents after Lolo Soetoro and Barry’s mother divorced.

  • floyd

    A “certificate of live birth” can have names changed on it including a child’s birth name, and birth parent’s names. Even a modified date of birth can be on a “certificate of live birth”. This occurs frequently for adopted children where the birth parent does not want the child to know who they are. The public has no idea who Barry’s real birth father is or who Barry’s real birth mother is. (Barry could have been adopted by his mother) The original birth certificate is the only legal vital statistics record of a person’s birth parents, birth location, birth date, etc… I can get a “certificate of live birth” for a dead person; I cannot get a birth certificate of a dead person without “Deceased” on it. (I’ve tried)

  • floyd

    There is no evidence Barry Soetoro ever lawfully changed his name to “Barrack Hussein Obama”. There is no proof Barry Soetoro was born with the name “Barrack Hussein Obama”. I’m willing to bet the name “Barrack Hussein Obama” is not present on the real birth certificate as Barry’s birth name or as Barry’s birth father. I have pictures of me with my mother and Jimmy Buffet… that doesn’t make him my father even if I start using the name Jimmy Buffet.

  • floyd

    The public knows Barry Soetoro finished high school in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and attended Occidental as Barry Soetoro where he did drugs and flunked out of school. After dropping out of Occidental, Barry showed up in New York, homeless and on drugs. (Barry’s own admission) Barry then hooked up with a Pakistani to live with and traveled back to Indonesia on his new boyfriend’s dime to renew his Indonesian passport and traveled to Pakistan with him.
    Ask any law enforcement officer in a large city or detective and they will tell you homeless young men on drugs in large cities usually end up as male prostitutes. Barry ended up as a world traveler with a degree… (Not likely)

  • floyd

    Barry Soetoro returned to New York from Pakistan and began using the fictitious name “Obama” for some reason. (Again Barry Soetoro’s own admission) One could only suspect that a person addicted to drugs returning from Pakistan to New York, the main route for Afghan heroin into the U.S. , maybe Barry had a reason to start using a new name. There are literally over 1 million open warrants on file in New York … maybe Barry is one of them?
    After spending some time in New York allegedly working under the name “Obama”, it appears Barry used the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” for the first time to file his federal taxes in Connecticut at a Post Office Box for the purpose of evading paying taxes in New York and /or to establish a new identity. (This is a felony with no statute of limitation.)

  • floyd

    When the IRS received Barry Soetoro’s federal tax filing, the IRS could not attach the name Barrack Hussein Obama to the SSI number provided or the address provided. So the IRS assigned the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” a tax ID number for a person from Connecticut (Where Barry unlawfully filed a federal tax form using a false name). Barry Soetoro began using the tax ID number as his SSI number when using the fictitious name Barrack Obama. This is why Barry Soetoro has a Connecticut SSI number. When I worked for the IRS, I saw this occur more than once and yes, it is a felony to knowingly file a fraudulent federal tax forms. Most of the politicians that cheat on their taxes claim it was an accident. That is how they get away with their tax cheat crimes. Using a fake name is no accident.

  • floyd

    It appears Barry fled New York to Chicago using his new identity to get a job. He likely ordered a fake diploma to bolster his new identity as “Obama”. Fake Diploma’s were very big in the 80′s and diploma mills were even being used by federal workers to get promotions. There is evidence his alleged attendance at Columbia was faked (Barry never attended Columbia) and Barry lied his way into Harvard (he had no transcripts to get in)… Including telling the Saudi royal family he was fighting in Afghanistan with the Muslim Jihad against the Russians, so they would help him get into a law school.
    The Saudi’s apparently loved Barry’s story of Jihad in Pakistan/Afghanistan and paid for Barry to attend Harvard under the name “Obama”. The Saudi family has admitted to paying for Obama to attend Harvard and gave Harvard a gift of $20 million dollars. Harvard in turn made their special attendee President of the law review; a person that never wrote a single law review…. I guess that is what $20 million buys at Harvard.

  • floyd

    It is unlikely Barry was a Jihadist and was most likely a drug mule if anything, maybe even a CIA street hire to haul Afghan heroin back to New York, so the Afghans could buy U.S. made stinger missiles with U.S. dollars to shoot down Russian helicopters? I hired people overseas to do work below my pay grade all the time, even foreign nationals. I think this is the story Barry told the Saudi’s, but he was most likely really just a drug mule/dealer and probably still wanted on an outstanding warrant in New York.
    Barry’s selective service registration is not normal

  • floyd

    either&hellip ;http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4428/exclusive-did-next-commander-in…
    After I looked at Barry’s selective service filing I noticed it was most likely fraudulent too based on the name he used. Barry did not start using the name “Obama” until he returned from Pakistan (long after he flunked out of school in California) His selective service record (maintained in Chicago coincidentally) shows he registered at a Hawaiian post office as “Obama” in Sept 1980… Problem: Barry was getting high in California at Occidental in Sept 1980 (Barry’s own admission) and was not using the fictitious name “Obama” at that time. Barry began using the fictitious name “Obama” only after he returned from Pakistan. The selective service filing is fraudulent.

  • floyd

    NEW NOTE – On the Selective Service Registration, Barry did not have the Connecticut Tax ID number he used on the Registration until after he began using the name “Obama” in New York. More evidence his Selective Service filing is fraudulent.
    Barry returned to Chicago and attend a semi-Christian radical black church with his first female love Michelle. Barry admits keeping in touch with Phil Boener, who traveled to New York from Occidental to be with Barry, and was most likely Barry’s first love.
    Barry still could not get a real job, because he was still a fraud, even with his Harvard degree in hand he could lie and take the Bar exam, but he could not work as a lawyer for a major law firm without a back ground investigation and he would never pass one. So, Michelle got Barry a job at her law firm. Barry never filed a case alone and never filed a motion. He wrote most of memos according to the law firm where Barry worked.

  • floyd

    (I think they know Barry is a fraud and don’t want to be sued by previous clients) Barry rescinded his law licenses, so as not to be disbarred for fraud. The Bar knows Barry lied on his application. Michelle also had to turn over her law license for her involvement in corruption with the Chicago mayor’s office.
    With time on his hands Barry, a well spoken black man, was able to get elected to a state office, oddly because he looked for fraud in his opponent’s voter registrations and got his opponent disqualified from running. Barry a well versed liar was a natural in state politics. He used his political influence to get himself a position as a lecturer at Chicago’s law school. Barry embellished this position as a “professor of law” which everyone knows is completely false. Barry was not a professor or even a specialist at anything but lying.
    On a whim Barry ran for United States Senate for the State of Illinois. Politicians do this all the time to make a name for them even if they can’t win. At the time the Republican Ryan was a shoe in for the Senate seat,

  • rubio4u2001

    I loved the "Gipper" as much as most of you. It is proof that we could take an actor and make him a president and showed us that we with Obama we can take a puppet and make it a president! But let's not get all giddy here. The Iranian hostage release was intentionally delayed until the "Gipper" was sworn in for fears that if the Peanut Farmer was allowed to take credit for their release it might have swung the votes his way therefore re-electing him. Then, we had the Iranian-Contra/Oliie North debacle!!!! Instead of wishing for another Ronnie Reagan, why not take the who darn 2 "crime family" (2 party) system and toss it in the garbage?

  • http://www.revolutionpac.com Earle Belle

    Mitt Romney Keeps Defending the Individual Mandate: http://spectator.org/blog/2011/12/28/mitt-romney-....

    The Romney Con Exposed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed... http://inflation.us/videos.html

    Rush Limbaugh: Romney Is Not Mr. Conservative! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed...

    Why Did A Former Romney Campaigner Defect to Another Candidate? http://www.revolutionpac.com/2012/01/former-romne...

    Study: On Spending Cuts, Most GOP Candidates Light On Details; Who Isn't?: http://dailycaller.com/2011/12/30/study-on-spendi.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSVi45vfA6o

    Another great place for information on the candidates is The Conservative Scorecard, which is an easy-to-read description on the strength of the candidates on key conservative positions. The ratings are based on their prior statements and positions over their political careers. It can be found here: http://www.conservativescorecard.com/

    Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed...

    Gingrich would be worse than Obama on Foreign Policy: http://dailycaller.com/2011/12/28/gingrich-would-....

    Gingrich Condemned How Reagan Ended the Cold War: Newt says he helped Reagan defeat the Soviet Union. Was that before or after he said this? Reports BBC: In 1985… Mr Gingrich referred to a meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev as “the most dangerous summit for the West since Adolf Hitler met with Chamberlain in 1938 at Munich”. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-1336672...

  • daz

    You people are pathetic, you talk about throwing Obama out in 2012 yet many

    are supporting Gingrich who cosponsored the Fairness doctrine, supports

    Amnesty by his own words recently, believes in manmade global warming,

    supports cap and trade. He is a big govt globalist who said in his own book

    that the constitution served us well but the time has come for it to be

    replaced. He supported The Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. That

    law placed additional restrictions on our 2nd Amendment Right to possess a

    firearm. By the polls so many idiots have jumped on board to our demise. You

    started out with the only conservative , Bachmann, then jumped ship to Perry,

    then Cain, now Gingrich, now Santorum! Bachmann who proved for the last few

    years who side she is on as she has worked tirelessly for conservative causes

    in Congress, you rejected! If you really want to know what Newt stands for

    read this, it is well documented. I dont like any of them but am starting to

    lean toward Paul. At least i know he will cut govt down to size and get rid of

    the Fed, though he's terrible on immigration. http://emergingcorruption.com/2011/11/newt-worthy...
    One of the main bulwarks of the Progressive Establishment is the Council on

    Foreign Relations (CFR). For over twenty years since 1990, Newt Gingrich has

    been a member of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations. Since 1921 the CFR

    has been single mindedly dedicated to the goal of undermining our National

    Sovereignty in order to promote a One World Government.

  • Howard Hatch

    Newt Gingrich is the furtherist one from Reagan in the field. Any one of the others would do.

  • Patriot

    McCain lost the last election because of his failure to go all out to expose Obama's history of his association with the most extreme far left radicals in this country. I respect his War Record, but he was very weak as a presidential candidate. To this date Mitt Romney refuses to label Obama as a socialist who wants to transform this country into another European Socialist failed state. Newt has made some mistakes but he is clearly the candidate that can beat Obama. We do not need a nice guy to face off with Obama. Newt is mean enough to expose this impostor who currently is in the Whitehouse.

  • http://www.arabjob.info arab jobs

    Its such as you read my mind! You appear to understand so much about this, like you wrote the e book in it or something. I believe that you just could do with a few percent to power the message home a little bit, however instead of that, that is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  • http://godfatherpolitics.com everett

    Politically, it is a huge mistake for GOP and conservatives to wax nostalgic for President Reagan. Reagan was a great president in the 80s and he had what it takes to lead. For a GOP hopeful to know history and study Reagan is expected. However, the political rhetoric of our time 2012 must connect with those in Pampers in 1989 and inspire them to appreciate what being an American means in a republic that guards a free society with free enterprise and what that means...colleges and the federal Dept. of Ed. have just about destroyed American history with PC stupidity so that the average voter age 18 - 40 is intellectually unprepared and emotionally self-centered for rational decision making. Most of them do not even know who Ronald Reagan was, but do know who Tupac Shakur was.You Republicans, you got your work cut out for you. Our election 2012 is a life and death matter for our grreat republic.


    We need another Reagen not anyone like romney.

  • http://www.drbilllemoineandassociates.com DrBillLemoine

    I notice that most responders to me at this site fail to identify themselves. Background, point of view, current status are important to understand replies. Citizens United hides financial IDs; responders hide behind anonymity. That said, you're delusional thinking agendas of right and moderates--there're no liberals running for president now--are the same. Paul regressing to the 19th century is the most extreme right wing position, one reason he gets a very small but steady following--impractical this days. Perry agrees, reducing national government to insignificance--is it the water in Texas?

    This contrasts starkly with economics, with capitalism's supply and demand. The fat cats, riding popular discontent with unemployment and fiscal bubbles bursting in 2008, seized power and are switching aims trying to minimize government to liberate their antebellum and robber baron eras again. Not the same as moderates who would put the 'demand' back in the equation giving jobs and paychecks back to the middle class to expand not contract the economy. Under crisis, right wingers gain, moderates lose--not the same goals. Your hubris, pseudo-intellectualism is confusing READ differences and their methods follow.

  • http://www.chick.com Raymond
  • soldiermom11

    Gingrich will implode and he is still saying that he has big ideas to fix things. Again, a top down big government solution. I want a businessman that knows how to get the economy (businesses) running. Mitt needs some coaching on how to let it rip without looking vindictive. He is just so darn polite....and normally I would say that that is what this country needs is some civility but we are up against a 1B$ hatchet machine. We need the Mitt to be like Edward Scissorhands!

  • Steve

    We need a Ron Paul!

  • Keith

    I am beginning to get very confused? I thought we were conservatives here. The sights I have seen so far tells me NO ONE can be president........ So what are we saying unless we get the ONE person we like are we NOT going to vote for anyone which is a vote for OBLAMMER> He has the college vote(parents fault),gay vote, minority vote(our fault because we can not seem to show them that conservatives have the best Ideas).Why oh why don't minorities look into the politics of the Demon rats over the last 150 years. See who the memebrs of the Klan were Dems ("just to be elected to CHANGE" things) I know there may be a few Reb in there too but the majority were Dems. LOOK IT UP! and wake up ! sSlavery has changed instead of buying and breading and murdering minorities it makes them dependant on GOVERNMENT. BUT ask minorities aow the run there lives ad and families they ARE CONSERVATIVES!!!! Some one just sold them a bill of goods and we need to change our method of gettin the word out where the DEMONCRATS have to explain therew REAL history.

  • Patrick Henry

    Give us a break, Reagan ain't running and Gingrich, Paul, Romney, or Santorum aren't a Reagan either. We go with what we got and whoever wins the Republican nomination is good enough for me. Time for all the candidates to quit with all the negative attacks to win and go only after Obama, we will decide who we want! Obama MUST be defeated!

  • http://www.liberty-in-our-time.com Rocky Frisco

    Has everyone forgotten the shallow, inane BS, "Just say no?" We certainly don't need another Reagan; we need a Ron Paul.


    President Ronald Reagan is truly a man this country needed in the time after Jimmy the Peanut was ousted from the WH and yes, it would be great if we had another like him now. Unfortunately all men good and bad have to prove themselves in th eyes of others and who is to say within our meager ranks that we do have the answer to this abomination and fraud we are now saddled with. Our primaries are unsettling when they are in progress but this one has let the RINO element know, we the people are no longer going to follow them, in fact we intend to replace their elite incumbent butts with those more in line with the Reagan constitutionalist thinkers and plan on overwhelming the left side to replace that lowly bunch also. So we had better be prepared to govern and govern well or it will be the Republican party that will get kicked down the road.

  • cheryl jessup

    You know every time I voice my opinion that the Democratic party has been infiltrated by communist and Marxist they refuse to print it. This is my opinion and my opinion alone. The first ammendment gives me the right to say this, so why to you keep from publishing it?

  • skybikerforreal

    We need another Reagan, but that AIN'T gonna happen. Any of the candidates will be better than what we have now. The president can't do it by himself. So make sure his back-up is there too. Vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://captelaine.blogspot.com CaptElaine

    Oh PLEASE... stop with the RON PAUL... he is NOT a conservative... he's NOT a Republican either.

  • yngthght

    What you have in Ron Paul is a man who is basically more Reagan than Reagan was -- remember that Ron Paul left the Republican Party for a time because he was upset with Reagan's failure to balance the budget, which Reagan mentioned as a major failure in his farewell address.

    If you want to see an even clearer similarity between Reagan and Paul, you might want to watch Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" speech.

  • samtman

    Thats all we need is another old President with Alzheimers, repeating, here we go again when someone asked him a simple question. Newt is 76 close to77, he is to old to run.

  • GJR

    Romney is still our best chance of beating Obama. He may not be a Reagan, but I am not sure we will ever see another Reagan in our lifetimes. People like Reagan are once in a hundred years. If we hold Romney accountable to conservative values, he will be more like Reagan than some of us think.

  • USAmerican100

    Newt supports amnesty for illegal aliens, just like Obama. He will keep the USA moving toward oblivion via amnesty which will eventually produce the North American Union. He supports amnesty because his billionaire campaign contributors want it. See the details here: https://www.numbersusa.com/content/action/2012-pr...

    Yes Reagan signed an amnesty bill, but later said it was his "biggest mistake". Newt wants to repeat that mistake, he is not like Reagan at all.


  • Not A Farmer

    Have anyone read/audio book: "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand? I believe this book is the Democrats Bible.
    I'm almost at the end of the book. I hope there is a happy ending.

  • USAmerican100

    While Speaker, Newt helped Clinton pass numerous illegal alien amnesties, even though Reagan had already stated the amnesty he passed was his "biggest mistake". Also Romney has a 10 point advantage over Newt in the general election: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/pres...

  • USAmerican100

    With Newt we will simply be replacing one slick talking globalist traitor with another one, both Newt and Obama support amnesty for illegal aliens which will eventually result in the USA being replaced by the North American Union.

  • Dan

    Mitt is the only one with a chance to defeat Obama and that should be our number one goal.

  • Fred M

    I think we all need to get over the Ronald Regan era. There is none and probably never will be one just the same with George Washington. So we better begin evaluating the present candidates pick the one who maybe able to defeat the present administration.

    • MM from Georgia

       We have several Fred Ms in our family - good name. You're right - we're dreaming of having another Reagan. Remember when the Repub establishment claimed Gerald Ford and George Bush I were stronger than Reagan, that Reagan couldn't win in November? I was a volunteer for Ronnie in '76 and heard that garbage every day from establishment types. Maybe they eventually figured it out. What shocks me is the realization that 70 percent of single women voted Hussein in '08. Let's hope those types forget to vote this year. Maybe Mitt will be a pleasant surprise. Remember - the last Demo to carry a majority of the white vote for pres was LBJ in 1968, one of the worst presidents of all, sleazy and corrupt, ugly, too. O must go.

  • hungry4food4u

    Give a Hoot Root for NEWT !!!!!!!!

    Mitts Lying http://mittromney.com/embed/video/history-lesson

    MITTS LYING What really happened in NEWTS ethic case http://tinyurl.com/7bkexma

    Romney Shanks Medicare gets tagged .... Ha typical of a Man who says it was not his fault it was his Blind Trusts Fault .
    Romney On Board Damon Laboratories Bain Capital Portfolio Company Fined 120 Million 1996 Medicare Fraud. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/01/18/1056097/...

    Romney doing Business with Iran after Bush said Iran part of Axis of Evil
    In 2004, Bain & Co.’s Italian Branch Was Hired By National Iranian Oil Company To Conduct Study On“How To Make The Bureaucratic State Company More Efficient.” http://bigpeace.com/jpollak/2012/01/18/mccain-opp...

    Did you know Newt's Moon idea is Very valuable for energy development in Helium 3 ????