South Carolinians Say Romney NOT the Man to Beat Obama

Going into Saturday’s South Carolina primary, Mitt Romney was portrayed by the media as the obvious frontrunner and most likely the winner of the Republican presidential nomination.  Even though Rick Santorum actually won the Iowa caucuses, the liberal media still portrayed Romney as the winner.

When the ballots were counted in South Carolina, not only was Romney not the winner, but he finished 12.5% behind Newt Gingrich.  Even more telling were the demographics and exit polls.

Romney only won 3 out of 46 counties.  Two of those counties contained the cities of Charleston and Columbia.  This should be no surprise as large metropolitan areas are traditionally more liberal than are the rural areas.  In the past few presidential elections, you can see the blue areas surrounding most of the major cities in the country while the majority of the nation is red, indicating Republican and more conservative voters.

In the exit polls, Romney picked up more of the liberal vote than any other candidate.  In conjunction with garnishing the votes of liberals, he also received more votes from those that identified themselves as ‘not evangelical’ and those that did not share candidate’s religious beliefs.

When asked about Romney’s work experience in business, 50% checked negative, indicating that they did not like or were not impressed with his past business performance.

Then they were asked the question: “Which one of these candidate qualities mattered most in deciding whom to support today?” with the sub-question of which candidate can defeat Barack Obama?  Only 37% said they felt that Romney could defeat Obama but 51% said they thought that Gingrich had a better chance of winning in November.

I’m glad to see that many of the folks in South Carolina see Mitt Romney as the liberal he is.  I’ve heard from some that he is nothing more than a Barack Obama in Republican clothing.  No wonder the media seems to be electing him as the republican nominee, he’s no different than their other hero, Obama.



  • ThomNJ

    Let's face it - none of the candidates are perfect, and then again - with the exception of Santorum - none can really claim to be Conservative. Gingrich's past and some what he has said in recent months make me question whether or not he will go "moderate" on us should he be elected - the same goes with Romney. I have not yet decided on which candidate for whom to vote - I just hope I get a chance to make a pick. I say that, because by the time the primaries hit New Jersey, we are usually screwed out of the same choices offered to OPEN primary states where everyone gets to vote on OUR party candidate. As blue as NJ is, at least we have primaries where the voters have to be registered in those parties. I am personally sick of hearing about how important the primaries are in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina where we allow independents and democrats to choose the Republican candidate. And really, 122,000 folks or so voted in an open primary in Iowa, and we are supposed to say that is a bellweather? Well, if the candidates drop out before we can vote on them, I guess it is.

    • guest

      Newt will give amnesty and sign NAFTA which is NOT fully agreed to yet--still. TG. If they fully sign NAFTA it will give Soc. sec. to all foreigners who have worked here and there is no law guaranteeing that US citizens are entitled to Soc. sec..Now do you get it? here in AZ. the illegals are all for NAFTA. We created it but will be fully removed from the system if it passes. That's why they changed it to an "entitlement". You have to be listed by Congress as "entitled" to get it and there is NO law that says that. How's that for crooked and guess who was in Congress and voted for it? NEWT I am still not happy and am for NONE of the above. I miss Dutch. Ron was a great President. Not perfect but good.

  • Patspa

    It's my perception that the liberal media is pushing for Romney as the "one who can beat Obama" while they REALLY believe Romney CANNOT beat Obama. While Gingrich does indeed have a great amount of baggage and may or may not face opposition because of that baggage, I feel the liberal media is actually afraid of Gingrich, knowing he definitely has the ability to win the White House in 2012.

    • Pegi

      And I think he'd kill Obama in the debates. Not many uhs and ums with Newt.

  • Earle Belle

    Mitt Romney Keeps Defending the Individual Mandate:

    The Romney Con Exposed:

    Rush Limbaugh: Romney Is Not Mr. Conservative!

    Why Did A Former Romney Campaigner Defect to Another Candidate?

    Study: On Spending Cuts, Most GOP Candidates Light On Details; Who Isn't?:

    Another great place for information on the candidates is The Conservative Scorecard, which is an easy-to-read description on the strength of the candidates on key conservative positions. The ratings are based on their prior statements and positions over their political careers. It can be found here:

    Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy?

    Gingrich would be worse than Obama on Foreign Policy:

    Gingrich Condemned How Reagan Ended the Cold War: Newt says he helped Reagan defeat the Soviet Union. Was that before or after he said this? Reports BBC: In 1985… Mr Gingrich referred to a meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev as “the most dangerous summit for the West since Adolf Hitler met with Chamberlain in 1938 at Munich”.

    • 1599

      Gringrich says that the Palestinians "are and invented people." Where does he get that, the Talmud? If they are an invented people, so are we Americans.

  • 1599

    As a Ron Paul supporter I believe that we are better off with Obama than Gingrich. If Paul is not nominated I plan to vote against the Republican nomonee as many other Paul supporters. There are enough of Paul supporters to make or break the Republicans.

    • ChillaKilla

      @1599 -- Truly you people will be the death of America with your mono-maniacal and cultic adherence to a man who could NEVER be voted president by the great and sane majority of US citizens. You are exactly what the kenyan's handlers are waiting for to split the vote among so called 'conservatives' and thereby have their puppet re-elected.
      If you had any doubt that yours is a minority then you were not watching the results in South Carolina. Further, on which one of the past primaries has your candidate won? That alone should give you pause for thought... but maybe rational thought is not something paulbots are capable of.

      • 1599

        The problems facing America are too serious to consider anymore of these run-of-the-mill politicians who are no different or worse than what we now have.

    • ricbee

      Really? You guys are as wacky as Henne says....

  • 1599

    Too bd but that is the way it is. Besides, I have heard comments from the 3 other candidates that would be halarious if they were not serious. Intellectually, they are not even worthy to debate Paul.

  • ChillaKilla

    @ The Godfather -- I see a warning posted below regarding the use of the word "***ialism" which cannot be used on a post.
    There must be others as well that cause a post to be excised. I have posted twice regarding the anointing of Romney as "the candidate of choice' by the Repub party. Neither one of my posts had any vulgarity or objectionable words, yet both were deleted.
    It would be helpful to know WHAT EXACTLY is the criteria to have a blurb posted. Otherwise, why waste time here??

    • 1599

      The owner of this site must be afraid of the word. You make a valid point. They should list the words that are taboo on here. Too bad George Carlin isn't here to help.

  • ChillaKilla

    Sorry, the post is meant for either GIACOMO or for the blog censors.

  • Carol

    By now I think we have a nation of zombies. What happened to people who research and study? What happened to constitution loving people. Will anyone even flinch if they say public servants no longer need to sware to uphold the constitution? It doesnt look like it. People love the way our nation is going or they would be voting differently.


    Paul is too old for the job and has no experice.

    • Myrtlelinder

      Which of those running has had any "experice"

  • ricbee

    God willing Mitt will bitt the dust in Florida. But the eye of the Newt is no lock. I'm looking for Santorum & Palin.

  • tncdel

    I wasn't aware that there were so many OUT-OF-TOUCH folks in SC. Gingrich would be a whole lot easier for Obama to beat, in light of Newt's ethical problems.

    Further, I'm wondering why there are so many big fans of illegal aliens in SC. For Romney is rated a C plus on immigration, but Gingrich a D. See:

  • ARMYOF69

    I just have a bad feeling in my guts about Romney. That's enough for me NOT to vote for him, unless he is the last man standing.
    I would rather take my chances with the devil I now, Newt.

  • Ann ilwson Kingsley

    This is not an either-or situation for Romney and Gingrich; it is neither. Gingrich was elevated to a win in S.C. only because of his debating skills. However, debates are only for the purpose of getting voters acquainted with how candidates stand on issues and policy. Debates are not for the purpose of deciding our next president, based on a candidate's debating skills. A good debater does not equal a good president. A candidate is best judged by his character, voting record, stance on policies and issues, and his plan. In addition, a candidate's plan should be consistent with his voting record. If a candidate's voting record is inconsistent with his plan, it should send up a red flag – something fishy here – an insincere candidate. I'm voting for the only candidate who measures up. View Ron Paul's "Plan to Restore America.":

  • Dianequestions

    Giacomo you continuously call Romney not just a moderate but a liberal. I have never seen you give any evidence to back this up. As a journalist, can you give any evidence to show why you continually take this position?