A True Principled Voting Lesson for the GOP

The GOP is in a serious dilemma. It has two warring factions.

On one side are the traditional Republican voters. They will vote for any candidate with an R behind his name. They have one goal: Defeat Obama.

On the other side are the Ron Paul voters. A growing minority, they present both a threat and a promise to the GOP. A threat, because they won’t vote for the Republican establishment’s candidates no matter what. A promise, because they inject new blood in a party that has grown so old that its party rallies resemble the Soviet Politburo in the 1980s: a gerontocracy that doesn’t even remember what it is there after.

These young Ron Paul voters have one goal: Elect Ron Paul.

The GOP leadership knows that without these young voters they won’t be able to defeat Obama. The only serious candidate besides Ron Paul – Mitt Romney – has no appeal to them, no matter how deferential he is to Ron Paul on the stage. Senator DeMint – by far the most principled conservative in the Senate – already knows it and spoke about it. Even FOX News and its pundits know that there is no path to the White House without Ron Paul’s supporters. If FOX News got the news, then everyone else already knows it.

For some reason the two factions are in a war against each other. And that’s the GOP’s dilemma. Mitt Romney is unelectable in a general election. Ron Paul is opposed by the traditional GOP voters. Is there a solution?

There is, of course. The goals of the two factions are not mutually exclusive. Defeat Obama is not opposite to Elect Ron Paul. In fact, as the GOP and FOX News already know, there is no defeat of Obama without Ron Paul. So the solution is obvious:

Nominate Ron Paul.

It achieves the goals for both factions in the GOP. Ron Paul will bring with him the fresh blood of his supporters who will be happy to have their man nominated. And the unity in the Republican Party – plus the countless non-Republican votes for Ron Paul – will help defeat Obama. Any other attempt at a solution is hopelessly utopian given the reality of the political dynamics within the GOP. A simple solution given the fact that it is too late to change anything and make Romney appealing to those young voters. Apply the solution, and Obama is toast.

I want to see Obama defeated. I hope the GOP voters will listen to reason and vote on principle, and practical wisdom. It is the way the political system works. They will have to compromise in supporting the best candidate that can get elected, not who they believe is the best candidate. This means, in turn, that they must always account for how their fellow citizens will or are likely to vote – specifically the Ron Paul voters. This means, in plainer words, that no person is an island: we’re all in this thing together, and we can’t pretend that an individual or a comparatively small group can dictate who the candidate or President will be. We have a name for societies that can do that: dictatorships. In the United States, you have to win over a majority of votes (or, the electoral college, a majority of electors). If they think about it, this also means that in a general election, every principled non-vote for the best electable but not the best candidate in favor of the best non-electable candidate is a vote for the worst-but-very-electable candidate. Which means, that a vote for Romney – who can’t win without Ron Paul’s voters anyway, against Obama – is a vote for Obama. Well-intentioned GOP voters may have felt very pleased with themselves for their principled vote, but intentions aren’t counted at the ballot box. Only votes are. Perhaps GOP voters should consider adopting the principle that they will never help elect the worst candidate and abandon the principle that they will help elect the unelectable best candidate.

In making political decisions in a modern Western constitutional democracy like the United States, the first lesson you learn is that the best is often the enemy of the possible. As the pundits already know, it is only possible to defeat Obama with the votes of Ron Paul’s supporters. It is impossible at this stage of the game to transfer their votes to Romney (or to Gingrich, or to Santorum, for that matter).

This leads to a final point. Politics is the reflection of culture. Citizens get generally the candidates they deserve — or at least that they collectively want. This means that if you want to change politics, you should work to change culture. If Ron Paul is unacceptable, work hard so that in a few years, better candidates will survive the primary process. But as of now, look at what is possible. If it isn’t possible for a certain candidate to win without the support of a significant bloc of voters, drop him. Vote for the one that can bring all the voters in the party together.

The solution for the GOP is simple: Vote Ron Paul. It will solve all the problems, and will restore all unity in the Party. And if you don’t like Ron Paul, work for the next four years to convince those Ron Paul voters. It is too late at this point. Compromise, give them what they want, so that we see Obama defeated. In four years, when Obama is not running, work again for your preferred candidate.



About Bojidar Marinov
A Reformed missionary to his native Bulgaria for over 10 years, Bojidar preaches and teaches doctrines of the Reformation and a comprehensive Biblical worldview. Having founded Bulgarian Reformation Ministries in 2001, he and his team have translated over 30,000 pages of Christian literature about the application of the Law of God in every area of man’s life and society, and published those translations online for free. He has been active in the formation of the Libertarian movement in Bulgaria, a co-founder of the Bulgarian Society for Individual Liberty and its first chairman.
  • http://www.libertyandhope.com xRedfoxx

    There is little doubt that the Republican Party is no longer the conservative party. Thus the birth of the Tea Party. Ron Paul is simply trying to get the party back to being conservative.

    Ar great place for information on the candidates is The Conservative Scorecard, which is an easy-to-read description on the strength of the candidates on key conservative positions. The ratings are based on their prior statements and positions over their political careers. It can be found here: http://www.conservativescorecard.com/

    Ron Paul scores very well!! Let's unite behind him and take Obama down!!

    • Myrtlelinder

      We often forget to look at what a candidate is supporting, his voting records, his faith and so many things which make a difference, we vote for a name not a man/woman.

  • Conservative Patriot

    I am no establishment Republican, but that is the dumbest argument I have ever heard. Ron Paul is neither a conservative or a Republican. Here is something that Republicans, especially conservatives, should remember:

    Progressives are the liberals on the left, and Libertarians are the liberals on the right - the problem is, they're both liberals!

    Ron Paul is not even a mainstream Libertarian, but rather a paleo-libertarian, neo-confederate, cultic fringe, college pothead icon.

    • RioSam

      I can only assume you just don't care if Obama gets another 4 years...
      When the solution is so simple...if you still feel the same way in 2016 you can vote him out then... but for now let's get Obama out...and the one sure way of accomplishing that is to make Ron Paul the nominee... He will have the majority of the Repub's and the crossovers from the Dems and the large portion of Indep's...and they will vote for him, no matter how he sounds in a debate with Obama, they WILL vote for him!! Put aside your complaints and do the right thing for this country...and that is to make a Obama a ONE TERM PRESIDENT!!


    • Ann ilwson Kingsley

      Please do your research! Libertarians have the same philosophy as our Founding Fathers. They are the most Conservative group. You are being confused by the fact that Libertarians turn social issues back to State's Rights along with most everything else. http://godfatherpolitics.com/3097/senator-jim-dem...

    • Peter

      If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. _ Ronald Reagan 1975.

      But, You probaly didn't like Reagan either.

  • Vincent Gore

    Ron Paul is a joke. Period. His debate performances have proven that he's mentally unstable and laughably naive. His foreign policy is so dangerous and child like as to be unforgivable to any thinking adult. He's not a REAL candidate. He is a PRODUCT. He runs for president just often enough to sell books and newsletters and to massage his ego. He knows full well he cannot win. Is he right about the Federal Reserve? YES. Good for him, that doesn't make him a legit candidate. He's got an extensive pork barrel record, and in his time in public office the simple FACT is that he has proposed over 600 pieces of legislation, only ONE of which has passed. I don't think legalizing drugs and whores and ignoring Islam and Shariah law makes sense for America...and clearly neither do most other Americans. I am in total agreement that BOTH parties have become out of control. BOTH parties spend too much, BOTH parties lack the moral compass to lead. But Ron Paul is not the answer.

    • 1599

      Are you related to Al Gore? And just where is America headed under the "legit" candidates?

    • tricky

      I guess you have a strategy to convince those Ron Paul votes to vote for anyone else? As Marinov puts it, it's a little too late for that. If you don't have such a strategy, just shut up and vote for Ron Paul, if you don't want another 4 years of Obama.

    • Kent Perry

      I'm afraid you're DEAD WRONG Vinny,

      Ron Paul happens to the ONLY answer and if you haven't noticed, the same media who sold us Obama, watched by the same viewers who though no one could be worse than bush, has only ONE choice to make. The media obviously doesn't care who you vote for because they own all of them so go ahead and any one ya like. As long as it isn't RON PAUL.

      I'll let that sink in.

      Now as to your criticism of Paul let me say again as people like you are just a punch in the face waiting to happen just to knock the stupid out of them. Ron Paul doesn't want to legalize drugs and to suggest that, I have to ask where are the quotes of Ron Paul endorsing Heroin use? Ever see him talking about the virtues of drug addiction? No? Ill tel you why you haven't and that is because THAT IS NOT WHAT HE IS ABOUT! But people like you always fall for the twisted convoluted motives for Ron Paul's madness. Ill tell you why he wants the Government out of the drug war.


      So you see the facts of human nature override common sense on whether someone uses drugs or not. However, logical you think putting warning labels on cigarettes is to stop people from smoking, is probably the same way you think that laws will stop people like you from using heroin right vinny. No problems like this take TWO SOLUTIONS AND ONLY TWO because they are the only two that work and they happen to be missing form all but one of our S-elected officials and they are Personal Responsibility and Accountability.

      Now on to your assertion Ron Paul's foreign policy is whako. Let me remind you that had we used Ron Paul's foreign Policy the following events would have never happened or been solved a lot earlier and this goes to the one you have about his legislation never getting anywhere which is even more stupid a reason NOT to vote for him.

      1) We would have never had a 911 tragedy because we would have never created the Taliban. Ron Paul's common sense warnings he gave in a Nostradamus like speech in 2002 where he warns training jihadist how to commit acts of terrorism is not in our best interests and as we have seen by the blowback coming back to bite us in the ass, RON PAUIL WAS RIGHT. Get used to hearing those four words in the future.

      2) Had we approved Ron Paul's legislation to arm Pilots and let Police bring hand guns on-board planes, we wouldn't need the TSA groping us and making nude pictures of us. We would be like Israel who does that and has no problem with terrorists on planes anymore. Yes very stupid not to have passed that bill just as it was stupid not passing the bill he wrote which would have ended all immigration of Muslims. Betcha wish that would have been done now eh Bunky.

      3) had we listened to Ron Paul back in 2004, we would have caught Bin Laden back then because as it turned out, he was living in the very vicinity Ron Paul said he was probably hiding all this time and everyone laughed at him. Well, I have to say it, Ron Paul was right.

      5) When Ron Paul consulted Ronald Reagan that installing a tyrant like Saddam Husein in Iraq, was not the wisest thing to do and that he would be the future enemy of the United States, I guess he was pretty right about that too huh.

      6) Had we not sold the chemical and Biological weapons to Iraq that they used in Iran, I guess Iran wouldn't have had as much against us and had Carter not interfered with Irans elections, we would have not had the Hostage crisis. So Ron Paul's endorsement of the Golden Rule Foreign affairs philosophy is like this one and is also the BEST policy of any policy at all. Notice how the media has spun Ron Pauls answer to one that he supports islam. Isam is not our enemy the Islamist is. Terrorism is not our enemy the Terrorist is. Drugs are not our enemy the drug cartels created by laws and profit are the enemy. Notice Ron Paul isn't saying HE thinks we invited the attacks, but is RELAYING what the Jihadists said was the reason and one your very own 911 commission gave as the reason http://youtu.be/3otk4g4aYiM

      Now lets get real Vinny, the muslims are not something someone like Ron Paul is going to worry about because our Constitution under a Paul President would NEVER allow sharia law to see the light of day. They don't hate us for our freedom our Government does and if you had not noticed,, with the test of our resolve applauding the anwar aliwaki murder, it paved the way for the NDAA bill you neocons fell for it again. Yeah it is our Government doing the attack on our freedom Vinny and all three branch's of Government have been infiltrated and committed to that end.

      Our Government is MUCH more evil an enemy than Iran is to us

      Be smart, support Ron Paul or

      don't support anyone at all

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      @Vincent Gore: Please do your research and state only facts next time! Jim DeMint on Ron Paul’s foreign policy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSFwDLPCfh0 The Israeli Mossad says Iran does not pose a threat to Israel. http://in.news.yahoo.com/iran-no-threat-israel-mo... A former head of the Mossad warned that Iran should not be attacked because it will set off a regional religious war. http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/for... Lt. Colonel Shaffer says Ron Paul’s Iran Policy Most Accurate: http://by170w.bay170.mail.live.com/#n=1259539391&...

      • 1599

        Another interesting point is that the main supporters of Paul are the young. The reasonfor this is that they do not see a bright future with the "legit" candidates.

    • Billplat32

      Ron Paul is no joke my friend. Just because some one is not a good speaker does not mean they do not know what they are talking about. If he does not get the nomination you will think joke when Obama beats the Republican candidate. Can it happen? I will defiantly happen, everything on the known planet points to it. As to his foreign policy, I am a Vietnam Vet and I think I am well qualified to discuss this thing called blowback and I say Paul is completely correct on that matter. Even some of our best field commanders have said the same thing. As far as passing legislation he has always considered the Constitution when introducing any legislation. Now if only one has passed out of 600 as you state then should that not tell you something. Obviously you will never vote for Paul but to not do so will be a fatal mistake on your part as will it be for our country.

  • Sharrol

    It is interesting that the one candidate that has a proven record of supporting the Constitution, not working with lobbyists, and the only real plan to shrink the out of control government and some claim that he is not "conservative". For those folks I would suggest that you examine your definition of conservatism, because globalism and central planning has never been a conservative idea. Instead of calling Paul and his supporters names, try showing how ANY of his ideas are against the Constitution and real conservatism.

    • Steve H

      Ron Paul's isolationist policies and anti-Israel comments make him a very dangerous man in any position of Great Responsibility.

      • Peter

        non-interventionist, which Ron Paul is, is not the same as isolationist.
        Even bush ran on the "we should not be the policeman of the world" platform. It's hardly isolationist.

        Please do quote for us an example of an "anti-israel comment" made by RP. Good luck finding one.

    • 1599

      Well said Sharrol/

  • premonition010

    Despite all their rhetoric the GOP Establishment has monumentally failed to learn anything from the 2008 Elections or for that matter 2010 Elections.

    Dumb and dumber stand head and shoulders above the GOP Establishment which is solidly entrenched in denial !

    Vote in every true conservative you can find on the ballot come November, Dump the RINO's in denial .

  • 1599

    The Ron Paul supporters tend to be more intellectual and better educated. They can see through the masquerade of conservatism on the part of the other three candidates and their twisted view of history for a vote. They realize the seriousness of America's problems. Maybe we are better off with what we have, considering the options.

  • C. Davis

    Finally, Mr. Marinov, someone who has the capacity to figure out what all the bloviating lamestreamers, are not allowed to admit, and the fortitude to stand up to those who would hide it from the public.
    I have been very favorably impressed with the insight you have exhibited in the many excellent articles you have posted over at Vision to America. It, to me illustrates the eloquence that can be inspired from a Godly worldview as opposed to a worldly God-view, if that makes any sense to you.
    I wish you the best of success, and I hope those over at Vision to America are taking real good care of you and that they realize what a star they have in you. Thank You.

  • ConservaDave

    Ron Paul will be 81 years old at the end of his first term. He also seems to not understand the dangerousness of the evil aspects of the world we live in. These factors work against him and will be exploited by Obama. It is imperative for the survival of our once great nation to remove Obama from office. Ron Paul supporters need to realize these things; face the reality that the world will never be perfect and back enthusiastically whomever is the Republican nominee. If Obama gets to complete what he intends on doing there will unfortunately be no room in America's future for new versions of Ron Paul or his beliefs.

    • tricky

      People like you will give us another 4 years of Obama.

    • Ann ilwson Kingsley

      There isn't any more time. One more Democrat Administration, and we will have "Land Reform", and we will lose the rest of our middle class. Socialist nations institute "Land Reform" when people are starving, and our nation is just about there. The time for Ron Paul is now or never. Have you noticed that Bloggers are now talking off-topic violence? It just started yesterday - not widespread yet. Vote for Ron Paul, the peaceful solution!

    • C. Davis

      You'd better believe that Ron Paul is fully aware of the dragon's den he's been placing his body across the entrance of for the last 30 odd years. Do you honestly think after all those years of watching what happens to those who oppose the federal reserve and the military-industrial complex, that he wouldn't be aware of the peril he and his family is in? Your mistake is in misinterpreting his bravery and resolve as naivete". The only 2 reason he is in this fight today is his moral impeccability and his reliance on the power of God to protect the defender of Godly principles.
      Your strategy did not work in '08 and it will not work in '12. No other Republican candidate would be able to marshall enough support from independents and disgruntled democrats to defeat the usurper you claim to despise, though he simply follows orders.
      Obama, like Paul's republican opponents simply have no answer for the threat he represents to their candidacy, so they ignore him and keep the public attention upon themselves.
      What republicans need to realize is that their party's leaders are 100% in the tank for the same new world order Social control through debt via endless warfare system that the democratic leadership is, and get behind the leader who is committed to overturning the money tables in the temple of the republic. If Dr. Paul should go to his rest in peace it would be a statement of the benevolence of our God who can raise up whom he will, and cast down whom he will. But Dr. Paul is the statesman of our time, and he will not shirk the duty to uphold the oath he swore so many years ago. Simply put he is the inspiration for millions of patriots in the world today, disparage them as you might, and they're committed to this fight, with the fervor of righteousness forging the resolve in their breasts, and unless you've discovered this you will remain on the wrong side of history.

    • Billplat32

      Well if you believe this about Obama and it is a fact that Romney nor Newt can be elected without the RP supporters then why do you not just vote for RP. He who would give up his freedom for a measure of security deserves neither. There is no chance that you could be wrong about the evil aspects of the world we live in is there. I mean could we not be bringing all this on our selves. How do we know, all we have ever done is use the great war machine. I am ready to try something else because what we are doing is not working. I am normally a piece loving person and I do not mess with any one. But if some one comes to my home and kicks down my door then things change very fast. We need to stop kicking down peoples doors.

    • Gail

      amen, ConservaDave!!

  • 1599

    Paul is still sharp and intellectually superior to his Republican rivals. As for the evils of this world he advocats a strong military and if directly confronted with one of these evils dealing with it quickly and dicisively. Just maybe, his foreign policy would make the world a bil less threatening and give us a chance to rebuild our nation economically.


    No paul for me.

    • Peter

      voting 3rd party, eh?

      • SEAN MURRY

        hell no.

  • dr dbiggs

    My father is 89 yrs old & also sharp as a tack!! He also is a Dr and has an instrument rating and fly's his own private plane every week to a practice 200 miles from his hometown practice, I think the piling on because of Dr Paul's age is very petty.
    I don't agree with all his policies but he is the best out there by far.

    • 1599

      The other three candidates are younger, but they sound pitiful trying to debate. There is no creative thinking among any of them.

    • Billplat32

      I sure can't ride a bike 20 miles in the 102 degree TX heat and I am a lot younger that Dr. Paul.

  • Ann ilwson Kingsley

    Very insightful good article! Very honest about the split in the Republican Party.

  • Chad

    Ron Paul or bust!

    I'm not voting for the ugly bar wh**e at the end of the night.

  • JG1000

    This piece should have been tongue-in-cheek, but somehow I don't think it is. Mr. Marinov is as nutty as Ron Paul. Let me come clean. Ron Paul is not really "nutty" as in a white jacket kind of nut. He is rather off the bend in a skew sort of way that nobody can straighten up.

    So I'm going to waste a bit of my time and refute two of the "nutty" premises of Marinov. First, the young voters of Paul are not Republicans. The majority of them have never participated in the electoral process or are liberal none-identity types. Paul is as likely to take them away from Obama as from Romney.

    The second premise is faulty because Ron Paul won't, and cannot, be elected simply because he won't be in any ballot, third party or otherwise. We published our reasons why in the piece, "Ron Paul Is No Titan Saturn - No Third Party Run." The Saturn reference should give the reader a cue of why, otherwise read it at http://www.robbingamerica.blogspot.com/2012/01/ro...

    • tricky

      Scared of Ron Paul, heh, JG?

    • C.Davis

      I am afraid the liberal useage of disparaging remarks can hardly qualfy as refutation, however I can understand how you would believe that it did, since I have gone and checked out the tabloid broadsheet you linked to. I have visited many websites in my numerous years of discovery on the internet, and though I can not say that the rag you are citing is not the worst I have ever visited, it certainly would be one that I would advise anyone who is a friend against visiting, unless they are seriously dedicated to wasting a lot of time reading a plethora of inscrutable screeds written principally by self obsessed party hacks, with an unnatural fetish for Willard Romney, and a categorical willful ignorance of the idea of a principled existence.I can understand the posting of links around the web by jg1000, as the article this person referred to has had five comments, two disagreeing and two by the author. I went there with the intention of adding a comment, but the article was so overburdened with misstatements, exaggerations, misrepresentations and faulty reasoning, that I was moved to have mercy on whomever was the unfortunate recipient of the karmic debt surely to be incurred for the publishing of such an infamous example of yellow journalism, and I came to the conclusion that it was a gordian knot that simply was untieable, so I demurred, and decides my time would be more wisely spent attempting to erect some sort of barrier to be used in the service of cautioning the general public about this particularly bizarre part of the internet. I mean come on, the site is named Robbing America and from what I can decipher its credo is just that, the viewpoint of a vulture capitalist, enshrined in a board plastered with Romney ads and pseudo conservative inanities. Go if you must, but in advance I'm telling you- I told you so.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_jamming Cognitive Dissident

    Your factions are cancelling each other out.

    Each believes the others are sell outs and their own view holds the true best path towards victory.

    Its a perfect storm of spoilage.


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpgiYe6LToc Roger

      Oh coggy.
      Don't you remember your own advice to a new troll?

      "You'll get farther as a troll without blanketing your opponent from "Go". Try for subtlety, and remember that the otherside is not monolithic in their thinking. Do not help them unify with your firebombs. We should strive to psychologically divide and conquer!?

      You're also making a typical liberal mistake. You don't think republicans can get past the primaries and rally behind the candidate.

      I'd vote for a sick squirrel over Obama. At least the squirrel won't give Al Qaida a safe haven country with oil revenues.

      • Gail

        The problem is Roger, that so many Paul supporters have stated that they will NOT vote for the GOP candidate in the general election. They have stated that they will write in Ron Paul's name.

        The Paul supporters have decided that it's more important to "punish" other voters than to insure we get rid of Obama. Like little children, they will take their marbles and go home. It's more important to Paul supporters to sulk than to fight for their country.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpgiYe6LToc Roger

          Do you think they would have voted for the republican establishment candidate in any event?

          The republican establishment ignores it's base and puts up an out of touch country club candidate and looses regardless, it's happened way to many times to blame just on Ron Paul. Dole comes to mind.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001067165247 Monica Gaither


          Sorry Sir, but my only goal is to vote for the only PRINCIPLED man in the race.  It's called having ETHICS and it's not a game of punishment towards anyone. It's called, BEING ABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU DIDN'T COMPROMISE YOUR ETHICS.

  • hot02rod


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001067165247 Monica Gaither

       You are disgusting.  Why you would be behind a man that has stolen and cheated is beyond me.  But your Islamo-phobe rhetoric is ridiculous. 

      IF we were in such fear of terrorists...why the hell do we have our borders WIDE open?????

  • Vic Vixvi

    I am a 52 year old, life-long Republican 'super-voter', Air Force veteran and I will be supporting Ron Paul. He's the only one that can defeat Obama. Without him the youth vote swings back to Obama, the Paul Indys vote 3rd party and Obama gets another four years.

    i agree wholeheartedly with the author of this article.

    • Gail

      Except that national polls clearly show that Paul can NOT defeat Obama. Have you ever looked at the polls? Seriously? Polls of AMERICANS across the country (not just Republicans) show Paul losing in a landslide to Obama.

      Your notion that he is the only one who can beat Obama is not based in reality. Polls show that's simply not true.

      • JustMeBB

        Have you observed to what degree Senator Paul has been disenfranchised? By the media? By the GOP? It is people like you who keep the "un-electable" lie alive.  By some, that's called  "poisoning the well".  Tell people the well is poisoned (or in Paul's case, "un-electable") & no one will drink, no matter how refreshing the water really is (or in Paul's case, votes suffer).  I'm hearing that NO ONE can defeat Obama! Is that believable? Does that mean I should stay home? Or does that mean that it's time to take a stand? 

  • 71cijug

    If you can get the Independent vote and enough Democrats, you, Paul, will win.

    You'll be doing it without the majority of Republicans, and Paul won't unite the Party.

    There is a disease within the Party from top to bottom that may be incurable. The bigger question in my mind is whether we continue to try, or say "Goodbye!" and prepare for the next cycle. As a practical matter, we have a one-party system. It needs a counterbalance.

  • Gail

    First of all, nationwide polls show that Ron Paul can NOT beat Obama; he polls way behind Obama. So your claim that only Ron Paul can beat Obama is ludicrous.

    Secondly, it's pretty stupid to say that we should just all get behind Ron Paul since the Paulbots would rather see Obama elected than vote for the GOP nominee. The Paulbots are throwing a temper tantrum and Godfather, you're giving in!

    • Gail

      It is WAY past time for the Paulbots to admit that any of the Republican candidates is better than Obama.

      Romney may have authored Romneycare and flip-flopped, but he also balanced the budget of Massachusetts, turning a deficit into a surplus. Obama is committed to HUGE government debt. So, as you can see, Romney is better than Obama.

      Newt may have made an ad with Pelosi and not approved Ryan's plan, but Newt was responsble for 4 consecutuve balanced budgets under Clinton and the resulting budget surplus. First time since the 1920s. Obama is committed to huge government debt and driving this nation into the ground. So as you can see, Newt is better than Obama.

      Santorum may have supported Specter over Toomey, but he supports closing the borders. Obama wants the borders wide open. So as you can see, Santoum is better than Obama.

      • Gail

        Then there is the fact that Obama constantly ignores the law and behaves as a dictator: refusing to attend a hearing in Georgia, signing treaties and saying they are now law, making appointments when he is not authorized, etc. There is no way that Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum would EVER do such a thing. Any one of them would be better than Obama.

        In addition, you are failing to acknowledge that most voters (not all, but most) vote straight-party. They pick a presidential candidate and then pull the lever for that candidate's party all the way down through the federal government, the states, and the local municipalities. A pull of the lever for Obama means a Democrat sweep of the NATION. A pull of the lever for ANY Republican presidential candidate means a Republican sweep across tne nation, throwing Democrats out of the Senate, state legislatures, governorships, and city councils.

        • Gail

          It is WAY past time for Paulbots to admit that defeating Obama is far more important than throwing a temper tantrum. I know, I know, you're going to insist that you won't compromise your principals and vote for the lesser of two evils. But you know what? The Tea Party does have REAL influence, and the Tea Party freshman class sent to the House in 2010 has passed more than 30 bills overturning OBamacare, lowering taxes, boosting the economy, and restoring our freedoms. Trouble is that their bills are being ignored by Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader. But if you will just hold your nose and vote for whoever the GOP nominee is for president, you will help usher in MORE conservative Tea-Party-oriented legislators at the federal, state, county and local level.

          Staying home and letting Obama and the Democrats crush us is treason. Paul supporters, stand up for your country and defeat Obama! Vote Paul in the primary, but if he doesn't win, don't let Obama destroy us!

    • mridens

      "First of all, nationwide polls show that Ron Paul can NOT beat Obama; he polls way behind Obama."

      I guess that depends on who you listen to.  Rasmussen Reports, probably the most respected polling organizations there is, consistently puts both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in a virtual tie with Obama nationwide, while Santorum and Gingrich are significantly behind.

      Turn off Faux News, they lie and distort just as bad as the MSM .  All media is for big government.  Pretty much like our politics.  A democrat will come right out and tell you what he plans to do and you can argue socialism with him.  A republican will say they are for limited government, less debt and so forth and then pretty much screw the public once they get elected.  I would rather deal with scum who do not try and convince me they are really whipped cream. 

  • James G. Needham

    If Obama wins, noone wins!  If there are more than two candidates on the November ballot a vote for any candidate other than the Republican candidate will be a vote for Obama.  This is the fruit of the two party system - any other party candidates will be votes for Obama!