Obama Promises Jobs to Americans While Outsourcing Them to Brazil

A large part of President Obama’s State of the Union address had to do with jobs and the economy for working class Americans.  He paraded figures that were supposed to indicate a recovering jobs market when in fact the figures he used did not reflect the millions of jobs that have been lost under his administration.

He promised middle class America that more jobs would be coming their way.  He told them to rely on him and the government to help create jobs so that families could keep their homes and recover from the economic funk the nation is in.

While Obama was standing before Congress and the nation telling them one thing, he’s actually doing the opposite.

The Obama controlled Pentagon has awarded a contract to Sierra Nevada Corp who in turn will work closely with Embraer, a Brazilian company to produce a light attack aircraft for the US military.  The contract is worth $345 million dollars and would have provided work for 1,400 American workers, most of which would have been union workers, but since it appears that Embraer will be doing most of the work on the aircraft, those jobs will be leaving the country.

Hawker Beechcraft Corp, a Kansas based company has reportedly filed suit, forcing the Air Force to stop all work on the aircraft.  Their suit claims that their company was blocked from presenting a bid for the contract and therefore the awarding of the contract was unfair.  They also claim that their AT-6 aircraft performed better than the Brazilian made counterpart and that it was more popular with the pilots that tested the planes.

Former Republican congressman Todd Tiahrt from Kansas, worked for Boeing before going into politics and now serves as a senior advisor for Boeing Defense, Space and Security as well as heading up his own aviation consulting company, Tiahrt Enterprises LLC.  Tiahrt said the Pentagon’s decision made no sense and,

"The amount of American jobs if Hawker Beechcraft won would be 1,400 American jobs -- many of them union jobs and many of them veteran employees.  But in selecting Embraer, there will only be 50 American jobs, and the airplane will actually be built in Brazil.

"He just recently proposed a program called 'insourcing,' where he wants to punish corporations that are looking for less expensive work and shipping outside the nation.  Yet that's the very same thing he's doing. He's doing it with the Keystone pipeline, he did it with Russian helicopters, and today he's doing it with Hawker Beechcraft national security jobs."

So tell me Mr. President, in light of what you’ve done with the issues raised by former Congressman Tiahrt, how can you stand before Congress and the American people and so blatantly lie while keeping straight face?  Or is it that you are so used to lying that you no longer know the difference between lying and telling the truth?



  • TradeDeficit

    Obama, Clinton, Bush, all "free traders" love doing business with Criminal State Capitalist Communists, pumping up these regimes economies that would otherwise fail and be overthrown. Our nearly $300 billion dollar a year job and technology exporting trade deficit with Red China, the world leader in mass murder, is a perfect example. India, Viet Nam, Mexican criminal government, OPEC, South Africa, nearly all of our "free trade" special interest agreements are with criminal governments the US spurned just 30 years ago.

    Meet Dilma Rousseff, the Communist president of Brazil that BO and CATO promote free trade with:
    "during her youth, and following the 1964 coup d'état joined various left-wing and Marxist urban guerrilla groups" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilma_Rousseff

    Each billion in trade deficit equals 20,000 lost American jobs, the 2010 trade deficit was $635 Billion:


    • Mattwm

      If America does not trade with other countries, we will have fewer jobs and lower standard of living. yes, we should do business with the likes of China and India who allow children to work in their factories, and prop up their currencies to create an unfair environment, but to attack "free trade" as if it's a bad thing is simply wrong.

      • An Average American

        None of the Free Trade Agreements have helped the average American. It's only helped the other nations, and heads of & stock holders for those American companies. Just look what has happened to all the factories since 1994. Don't try and bull---- us Mattwn. The "Global" crap is all bull----. You can have your global trade and stick it !

        • perry

          That was what they wanted read agenda 21

      • carol

        Why do they call it Free trade when we Pay for it with American Jobs?

      • Brian Gunderson

        why dont you go live there then commie

      • TradeDeficit

        Matt, only the US practices virtual free trade, 140 other nations plus still maintain their tariffs, border duties and have a Value Added Tax, which the US does none of. Hardly fair or competitive. This includes the nations we have special interest trade agreements with. The US has lost over 42K factories and many millions of good jobs in the last 20 years, while giving away our techonologies and prosperity.

        Unilateral US free trade [our tariffs hover around 2.5%] while most other nations are around 25%. Add in their Border Duties and VATs, and they are taxing US made goods at 60% or more.

        This is absurd, the US is being looted by these nations and our politicians are being paid off by their agents- foreign lobbyists, foreign corporations, etc. and our own corporations.

        Watch the video I posted from Fox, I have seen Clyde Prestowitz speak in person.

        Live and learn what is really happening in the US economy:

        Every other nation is practicing their own form of the American School of Economics, what we did from 1789 to 1970.

        • TradeDeficit

          "The American School, also known as "National System", represents three different yet related constructs in politics, policy and philosophy. It was the American policy for the 1860s to the 1940s, waxing and waning in actual degrees and details of implementation.

          1.protecting industry through selective high tariffs (especially 1861–1932) and some include through subsidies (especially 1932–70)
          2.government investments in infrastructure creating targeted internal improvements (especially in transportation)
          3.a national bank with policies that promote the growth of productive enterprises rather than speculation.[8][9][10][11]
          It is a capitalist economic school based on the Hamiltonian economic program.[12] The American School of capitalism was intended to allow the United States to become economically independent and nationally self-sufficient.

          During its American System period the United States grew into the largest economy in the world with the highest standard of living, surpassing the British Empire by the 1880s.[14]"

        • Wish I Could Go Back

          Being an older gentleman, and actually living thru the best times in the U.S., I can tell you, the U.S. was much better off in the old days, the days WITHOUT Free Trade !

      • Rock

        It is a bad thing when the playing field is level...

      • william Ketchersid

        it is illegal to do so in this country think on this Mattwin look at that abandoned mill that was used for child labor is now condemned/haunted and it is still so to this day ponder on that if the children die in a international country there spirits will be stuck in that place forever without anyway to move on to the after life etc.

        • Ed

          Please use punctuation. I'm not nit-picking you man, but your post was nearly unreadable because it was one giant run-on sentence.

      • JACK L


    • daves

      Don't forget Newt Gingrich in your list. He and President Clinton worked very closely on free trade.

      • patriotrenegade

        yes, a CFR and globalist pig. NAFTA KNEWTIE. HYPOCRACY!

        • TradeDeficit


    • Jonathan Gartner

      Free trade is very important but, it must be played on a level playing field. For example Japan at one point the government would tell the car manufactors how many cars to make and then buy any that were left over this policy of course was a failure in the end just like GM will be. Your usage of criminal governments places you squarely with the marxist's of course

      • TradeDeficit

        Bizarre comment Jonathan, my being an anti Communist, implies that I am a Marxist? Perhaps there is a misunderstanding.

        The comment here is me: http://www.tradereform.org/2012/01/connecting-the...

        • Jonathan Gartner

          Hardly bizzare in that you call certain governments criminal and making judgement calls with out facts or your interpetation of them is off the wall and yes I would call it marxist because they are the ones who have played the same game for years

    • Carol Gerber

      Right-On TradeDeficit However When King Obama Outsourcing Jobs Too Any Country, Yikeess, Truly Moral And Civilized "Tea Party Patriots" Can See Thru Barry Soetoro AKA ?? Chi-Town Rope-A-Dope Only Works For AFL/CIO Trumka, With Comrade Van Jones, Yikeess, Because They Know After Nov 2012 Election The "Complete Obamanation" Will End Up In Brazil. God Bless America And Sheriff Joe Arpaio With Newt/Palin.

      • poacher

        it must be coincidence that sorros is a large stockholder of embraer. much like the coincidence of petrobras drilling in the gulf while american companies were being hamstringed. sorros bought a large position in pbr while the market was crashing.

        buffets railroad will be hauling in place of the keystone pipeline. another coincidence. while buffet held his position with obama he shepherded berkshire hathaway through. his company came in just under the limit in the cds mess to stay out from under oversight. and his banking investments were bailed out and protected by u.s. taxpayers. what a guy. oh and buffet doesn't mind if your irs rates go up. his money comes from investments. like there is any excuse for this rogue government to ask for more money from anyone.

        • william Ketchersid

          what about the wildlands etc. where that very same pipline will run through will destroy an entire ecosystem etc. so poacher try to think about the wild life that lives there and on the mess BP still left a mess in the gulf which will never recover from

    • Retired Marine

      I fully agree but why has Obama hidden from the American people he is GAY__Truth In Our TimeWhere The Whole Truth Is Our Only Goal__Obama’s Sodomite Past Comes Back To Haunt Him__By Wayne Madsen____President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago’s gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.____The bath house, Man’s Country, caters to older white men and it has been in business for some 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago’s “grand old bathhouses.” WMR was told by sources who are familiar with the bath house that it provides one-year “lifetime” memberships to paying customers and that the club’s computerized files and pre-computer paper files, include membership information for both Obama and Emanuel. The data is as anonymized as possible for confidentiality purposes. However, sources close to “Man’s Country” believe the U.S. Secret Service has purged the computer and filing cabinet files of the membership data on Obama and Emanuel.
      This can be verified on Gogle by typing in Dowm Low Chicago

      • Jonathan Gartner

        Finally some one with some facts thank you very much drive on

        • TradeDeficit

          I gave you the facts, Jonathan. You did not bother to read them, or watch the videos.

    • Mark in LA

      Why do you guys always lkeave out the most corrupt and stupid of all the free traders - Ronald "amnesty" Reagan. Reagan campaigned on doing NAFTA. The only thing that prevented him from negotiating NAFTA instead of Bush was that the Mexicans didn't want it originally. Only after another Mexican economic crisis (and possibly our bribes) did Salinas agree to joining.

      Reagan was the great destroyer of the middle class. Every scheme designed to rob the middle class of its wealth and give it to the wealthy was devised under his watch. Guest workers, looking the other way on illegal immigration, and tax policies that favored capital over labor all his administrations doing. That Reagan was little more than a ventriloquist dummy for the elites does not absolve him of responsibility. He was simply too stupid to be President.

      • PJS

        Another liberal whose brain has been addled by the smog of California and the lights of Hollywood.
        You speak without a lick of truth; Now back to your topless dancers, Illegals and the rest of the liberal crowd that has spent California into the hole.

    • Sama

      The 300 million jobs the president says he is responsible for have been found.

      They are the 300 million work permits given to illegal aliens.

  • Myrtlelinder

    America, Obama's promises are like "pie crust." Easy to be broken. Anyway he tells them with the intention of breaking or knowing full well that "He cannot produce promised goods."

    • olinda moore

      i believe people are awake,now you guys know what i mean?the men is cutting the military and he will sale out planes we use in the war,less wepons and the cut in the pentagon look like they want to destroy America,they are talking about89 thousand troops,close bases in europe,this is crazy,every body vote REPUBLICAN if you want to see changes on the top hill other wise is going to be a disaster,and we dont have help from other countries becouse every one is making look usa bad.help to bring our country back please pick a good republican and vote for.

    • grannyb

      He lies so much he believes it himself. What a farce.

    • SweetOlBob

      He will not produce for any but his lords and masters . Don't forget that Brazil is a country that has received a billion from us to help it's offshore drlling effort which is backed by George Soros. Nice shot. He is in it for profit and we foot the investment cost. I'll bet if we dig a little we'll find that he or one of Obama's buddies has a couple of bucks in the airplane outfit too.

  • John

    He's a muslim people! He tells us what he thinks we want to hear. What he says has nothing to do with the truth. They lie to make you believe in them and then they stab you in the back.

    • Skeptik

      Great logic. He tells us what we want hear and then stabs us in the back because he's a muslim? How about because he's a politician.

      • John

        The jihad is all about doing whatever it takes to destroy your enemies. Get close to your enemies no matter what it takes. Obama and his handlers want to change the framework of the USA. So yes, politicians are liers too, but Obama has more on his mind than breaking a campaign pledge.

    • Gary

      Or cut your fn head off!!

    • http://politicalrevelation.com Dan

      You are so right John, how long will it take for the American people to relies that Obama is nothing but a Muslim liar.

    • 1599

      Yeah, and stupid us, we continue voting for them election, after election, after election.

    • dragonfFIRE01

      not only that then they cut your head off.

    • Bo Kassa

      As a muslim he is permitted to lie to infidels. That is stated in the Koran from which this usurper has previously quoted.Obama is an unqualified liar, cheat and a con!!! He should be impeached, removed from office and be forced to receive no fed gov pensions because they were gained illegally. I would love to see this clown in Leavenworth.

  • screeminmeeme

    Anyone who has been paying attention knows full well what a pathological liar Obama is.
    Always with chin lifted and a toothy grin he spews out his lies and fabrications about the great things he will do to help America, and the whole time he's giving us the shive in the back.

    A POS pathetic excuse for a President and worthy of all the disdain we can muster.

    • Gary

      Yeah, I am sick of looking up this swines nose!

      • 1599

        Yeah. Doesn't it ever rain where he is?

    • del

      helping his puppetmaster soros with the brazilian outsourcing....both he and the old buffoon soros need to be in prison along with the other commie/socialist dopeocrats

    • Mike

      One of the major traits of Muslims is they are masters of deception. He has mastered the art as President. He also gave Brazil $2bil for drilling while denying permits to US drillers. He told Brazil we would be their best customer, but it has come out that China will be buying the bulk of their petroleum. America gets the shaft again.

    • 1599

      There should be a Liars Party so that these politicians could properly identify themselves. We vote for enough of them.

      • Ed

        There are already two Liars Parties: Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, the two party system is all we've got :(

    • NancyJ

      I sure am tired of looking up his nose holes, too.

    • lucitee

      He has bilked/milked others for his financial support and power all his life! His Ego has grown MUCH bigger than his two brain cells! He will NOT "change", but has forced America Citizens to! The lifestyle we have given him/them with NOTHING to show for it, is according to HIM his "DUE"!! The millions of dollars he has bilked/milked from us, added to the millions he has "earned" from his "creators". will coddle,support and protect him for the rest of his dad-burned life! While WE have to decide how to "correct' his mistakes, harmful decisions, and destructive detours in our beloved Country!! He is WORTHLESS
      except to his oil rich billionaire"groomers'! "Dreams from my Father" is HIS dreams patterned after HIS fathers! And we already KNOW how HE felt about America! His education at Harvard, bought and paid for by Rebel Countries, did him about as much good as it did his son!

    • Don DeHoff

      Sir or Madam, there is nothing pathological about our President, Each and everything he says and does has been carefully scripted. Just keep alert for daily "red herrings being drug across the trail" designed , to keep our attention elsewhere--focus people, focus.

      • screeminmeeme

        Don DeHoff...
        Pathological = Being such to a degree that is extreme, excessive, or markedly abnormal (such as pathological liar)
        While I believe the blueprint for Obama's administration has been laid out by Soros and others, he remains a compulsive liar.

        He has frequently contradicted himself. In his first OReilly interview, he flat out lied about Rev Wright, saying that he was JUST his pastor and an acquaintant only, but in his book, The Audacity of Hope, he wrote that Wright was 'the father I never knew' and was his main mentor. This is only one of hundreds of examples I have in my files.

        I believe his penchant for deliberately misleading the public about his policies ARE scripted, though, many times and are a way to obfuscate the factson certain issues.

        His duplicity is only exceeded by his massive ego.

  • bribozo19

    Obama lie? Yes , we all know that, as far as these jobs go, they are being outsourced due to ridiculous union wages and benefits, no company in their right mind would build a widget for 80,000.00 if they can build the same widget for 20,000.00 in a different country. Maybe the unions need to wake up and ask why the jobs are disappearing...look in the mirror Mr. Union member, there is your answer.

    • chas

      Amen--God knows unions were a good thing when they were born here---but union members (and many are good hard working flag waving citizens) have been put in the same slave camp as the welfare parasites
      Once you no longer have to believe you need to care for yourself and you will be cared for by others you have become a slave
      The Union leaders are vermin and like Democratic leaders have none or little respect for those supporting them

    • seabee combat vet

      Good post!!!

    • lucitee

      brib, The UNIONS are going there TOO! They have a stake in every Country around the globe, and are adding new ones every day! They will NOT miss the chance to "control" the path all money takes! "Trap", "Gate", welcome party, no stone will be unturned until they "own" everybody! If they make a million, "operating expenses" will total $950,000.00! Grease a few palms periodically, promises too good for the "gullible" to pass up! Graft, fraud, waste, and theft, is breaking Americas back!
      Only GOD can help us now! We, demanded to by a few, have pushed him so far our of our lives he has almost given up on us!

    • Brigid Feydo

      Really anyone paying attention this just another step in bringing down America. This is his stated plan and he has been doing it one step at a time

      • RGH

        Brigid, he promised us "change" right? This is the only promise he's keeping... To destroy America, for good.
        Can you imagine how famous he'll be? I wonder how much higher he can hold his nose.
        I tryed so hard to tell people NOT to vote for him the first time around, hope they've learned the lesson this time around.
        If we get him again it is because we have not learned that we need to turn around and seek God again, we have kicked him out, now we're on our own, scary...
        PRAY America! Turn around and God will heal our Land.

    • grannyb

      How true

    • Guest

      First, I think the person occupying the WH is a walking turd but as to the subject of these aircraft, if Sierra Nevada wants to use Embriers there has to be a very valid reason. SNC is about the best in the business for these type of projects. The aircraft may be built in Brazil but the rest is done in the US. Their systems operate well and are very reliable. The citizens are getting their monies worth especially when success on the battlefield is concerned. Just because a few dollars are saved on the airframe does not mean the weapon system is better. A cheap "lowest bidder" system is usually a big pain in the neck.

  • Carolyn

    Dear God. I can't read this crap anymore...

    • Russ

      I agree with you it gets old .All we need to do to stop this is cut the snakes head off

  • Brama

    Whew! For a minute there I thought he was outsourcing them to Kenya. What a relief!

    • lucitee

      He's already done that! The first year!

    • SweetOlBob

      I understand that Kenya is a pioneer in the art of making light attack planes out of grasses and mud.

  • John Stewart

    This habit of lying is a symptom of the "Ruling Class". They can no longer tell the truth, they have lied so often they beleive the lies they spew.


    The great deceiver, usurper clearly ,if anyone has not noticed yet, that he has no american values in him. A perfect case in point, he needed a teleprompter to speak to 3rd graders. My god, he cannot articulate anything like normal /acutal exceptional driven americans can. It's quite obvious. The trrash must be taken out if not before in Nov. If it reamains..we are done for sure.

    • Gary

      Because he is NOT an American!

  • spelunker7

    He is doing exactly what he promised in 2008, he is "transforming" (destroying) the government of the USA. He is crippling the economy so that the majority of the population will be dependent upon the govwernment for survival. The conversion to a socialist state is well underway with little opposition. The coming election will be our last chance to stop him. Register and VOTE against his socialist takeover of the government.

  • Mattwm

    Obama doesn't care about jobs in America, he thinks giving jobs to Brazil is the smae thing. Someone needs to tell Obama that we need jobs in NORTH America first!

    • http://bellsouth.net Duke

      Ya' wonder where "The Great One" dug up these extra states in his speeches that no one knew about, here you go, the other six or seven. Who knows, he may have added more last night. Before too long, he will have the world as one big state with his Court Jester A-s as the king. Do you wonder why he didn't show up in GA today? He doesn't have the appropriate documentation and has openly admitted his(?) father was Kenyan here on a student visa. He's a fake as a tree dollar bill and who knows, he may have one of those printed in his likeness soon...........

    • Beck

      You imply that he is doing this thing because he is incompetent...he is not incompetent. I wish people could see him for what he is...the enemy within. He is destroying by design. My question is, should he be re-elected by the ignorant masses what devilish evil will we be dealing with then.

  • skipfoss

    Is anyone really surprised about this news,this half breed son of a white trash communist whore is dead set on becomeing dictator and this is just one more move toward his bankrupting America so that people will strt an uprising and this muslim sleeze can declare marshal law and declare himself president for life ,which I hope a very short one

    • Mike Clark

      Don't worry skipfoss, what Obama doesn't understand is there are over !*)one hundred eighty million gun toting citizens & members of the NRA, that won't allow him to continue. Things are in the planning stages as we speak today, the military are aware plus other agencies,that the citizens are at the braking point. There is no way anyone in the gov't or military are going to stop over eighty million citizens with guns,Cfour,rockets, from taking our country back. It won't take long either, it took the Egyptians eighteen days to overthrow the gov't it will only take us one week and even the legislature plus the justice dept will be the first to go.

      • Edith

        I surprised Obama's face is still black. His head has been up his butt that it hasn't seen sunshine in decades.

  • djw663

    And he buys his campaign bus from Canada and awarded a multi-million dollar statue contract to China. Again do as I say not as I do!

    • mudguy

      California did what he dose out sourced the the new bay bridge to China. Next will be our soldiers to be out sourced.

  • Orville

    Are any of Obama's cronies involved with or own the Brazilian aircraft company? Same question on the auto company that got stimulus money only to build cars in Finland. Is anyone tracking the stimulus money?

    • Carl

      Soros is making profits out of Brazilian's oil company while Obamy shuts down Gulf oil productions. Same thing happened here too..

    • Kay

      Orville, Supposedly his handler George Soros owns 20% of the Brazilian company.

    • judy

      yea you know obama has given 2 billion to brazil to drill for oil and guess what they are selling to china

    • grannyb

      No they are not since they have the kickback from the money

  • Larry

    I can guarantee that he can not do anything but Ly he has been doing it his entire life he has been lying about where he was born he has been lying about how he got his Social Security number he has been lying about his birth certificate and he has been lying to the American people about anything and everything he does . The only time he has told the truth is when he scratched his head because the lice were crawling on his head.

    • Garry

      Kind of reminds you of "the father of lies"; none other than Satin himself, doesn't it?

  • Orville

    Also, I would be curious to know Obama's and Biden's tax rate, income, and net worth since the Republicans have disclosed that info.

    • Lois

      The big thing you need to look at is taxes plus charitable contributions. These two pay more in taxes but donate next to nothing, as in maybe a few hundred dollars worth of old clothes, not real cash contributions, just like Clintons $2.00 used undershorts!

      • lucitee

        It would be interesting to know what "charities" the O'Bamas supported! Are they tied to Rebel Countries with "conduits" in America? Check it out!

    • lucitee

      Orville, THAT will never happen! His previous tax statements have been sealed! He could never explain how he got a refund
      while he was an organizer, and now has to PAY taxes! In a few short years, he has gone from being/doing/having nothing to being a millionaire and earn enough to PAY taxes! HOW did he get "rich" so fast? THAT would explain a LOT of his actions, but fat chance of ever finding out how he did it and where the money CAME from!!

  • Brian Gunderson

    BIG BIG BIG problem here in the USA all our military spending should be kept here on our soil .
    If a company is not on American soil to develope and build the American military arms then that company should NOT get our tax dollars for making military products PERIOD . If they steal our money in taxes they should at least give us the work here . STOP all this damd outscourcing of work you beaurocrats you are killing us the people and the base of this great nation under GOD .

    • patriotrenegade

      well you can thank NAFTA knewtie CFR for a lot of this. He was lilbilly's point man for NAFTA and GATT. MILLIONS OF JOBS KILLED.

    • tierbb

      Spot on. How do you protect yourself. We can be cut off anytime by anyone.

  • spelunker7

    Obama is doing exactly what he promised in 2008. He is "transforming the govenment of the United States of America." In order to do that, he must cripple the economy and make a majority of the population dependent upon on the government for survival. He is destroying the government fronm within, as espoused by his idol, Saul Alinsky. Radicals believe in "any means
    to an end" and the end is always, revolution.

    • Edith

      And, therein is why they want our guns!! Good luck with that buckos! But it is a great image to imagine Obama leading his troops right out in front, eh?

  • BGinTN

    This thought always seems to come to my mind when I hear Obama speak.

    John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    • patriotrenegade

      you must be talkin about globalist pig NAFTA knewtie as well as bama. They work for globalism.

    • screeminmeeme

      BGinTN...amen. Describes him to a T.

  • Jim

    What else is new? What has he actually done to benefit this country? I keep telling you people if you reelect him, you will only reap the evil that he will unleash.


    Better to out-source Obamao and His Administration to Brazil...Better yet make that to the Sh-t Can of History

  • D.J.F.

    You can see it here. Biden gave a little over $5,000. to charity. Wow what a great AH he is.

    • Joyce

      It was reported the other day that Obama only gave 1% to charity, and in reality most of that will go to the blacks because there are more of them on government giveaway programs to begin with.

  • John a

    I am laughing out loud thee stupid unions supporting there president and he is sticking it up all the union workers butt when will they learn

  • Concerned Citizen

    In an interesting side note, it turns out that Obama's buddy Soros just happens to be a major stock holder in the Brazillian company. But I'm sure that had nothing to do with the outsourcing.... Much like the Brazillian oil company that received $8B from Obama to develop their offshore oil fields...right aroudn the time he shut down our offshore efforts...oh and Soros is the majority stock holder in that company as well. But again, nothing to do with anything, right???? Where's the mainstream media's reporting on those pieces of information?

    • Edith

      If you'll provide your sources for this, I will pass them on to Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh (or you should!)

    • lucitee

      He ALSO owns most of the Company that makes the VOTING machines! Which are pre-programmed! How do you like THEM onions!

      • Shishi

        Is this satire or are you a dumb twat??

    • Joyce

      Where's the mainstream media's reporting? Right in Obama's pocket safeguarding against accidentally leaking any unsavory information about him, just as he's ordered them to do.

    • Gwen

      Didn't you know that Soros is the puppet master? Check out what he owns, including GOOGLE. Why do you think they want access to the internet? Getting closer to the Hitler Regime every day!

    • richard holmes

      hang all traitors to the constitution of the United States of America.

    • StevenI

      No surprise considering BOH's blocking of the Keystone Pipeline benefits a company that converts Diesel Engines to Natural Gas that soros owns over 3 million shares in.

  • Dani B

    Question: How can you tell when Obama is lying? Answer: When his lips are moving.

    • dolagibb


  • Randolph Rivers

    Nothing the military uses should be made outside of America. Not even toilet paper!

    • dolagibb


    • Don DeHoff

      Randy, your post was short but contained much. Yes, we should have federal legislation that demands all military equipment be of American manufacture, particularly space vehicles, airplanes, tanks, ships and vehicles, down to and including combat boots and undershorts. With the minuscule high explosives, computer chips, etc.,. it is easy to install undectable explosives, faulty chips in our high value weapons.I note we recently had several combat airplanes grounded for faulty made foreign computer chips. Everyone "out there" should be contacting their congresspersons as to this issue.

  • Ron Kenwisher

    Stupid is as stupid does and if anybody votes to re-elect the habitual liar then they are really stupid.

    • Dani B

      Unfortunately, stupid people vote and we may be stuck with that lying piece of crap for another 4 years!

    • judy

      obama is a nobody, just another black man



  • Steven Coy

    Anyone have an American made SNIPER Rifle???


      I do....

  • Cheryl

    That chin going up all the time is to let the folks of America he's looking down on them - never will look you in the eye for he is afraid you might see his evil soul. Eyes are the window to the soul and believe me folks his eyes give him away>

  • Bill

    This is peanuts compared to the Chinese Contracts the Obummer admin. has for bridge rebuilding by importing cheaper labor and steel from China. Hey, union boys, how come your tight buddy screwed you out of tons of jobs and Billions of Dollars?
    Better find some different boys to play with and waste your money on before he throws you under the bus.

  • Les

    Why is anyone whining? He promised American jobs and he's delivering American jobs. He didn't state that it would be in South America. So technically it's not a lie. rotflmao

  • Ultor

    “I have ways of making money that you know nothing of.” John D. Rockefeller
    “The best slave is the slave who thinks he is free.” John D. Rockefeller
    “Competition is sin.” John D. Rockefeller
    John D. Rockefeller was a "republican" like Willard Mitt Romney, a republican out of touch with what the elite-establishment republicans like to call "lunch pail republicans," and "soccer moms." To people so out of touch with "main street USA" the public is an obstacle that only requires lolly-pops and pole-tested oratory of patriotism to control. In this GOP nominee process, you have Willard Mitt Romney who is a Rockefeller republican, supported by Ann Coulter, Chris Christie, and Nancy Polosi, or you have Newt Gingrich whom "did" balance the budget, "did" help put us "lunch-pail" republicans back to work, and "Is" a man of action with a track record of "major" policy reform. So the choice for we members of the GOP is between the Rockefeller and the lunch-pail candidate. Since Newt is the "only" leader to have actually achieved "conservative" policy as compared to Romney whom achieved "socialized" health care. Romney is the candidate that, "has ways of making money that you know nothing of," as Rockefeller boasted. Newt has offered the American people an opportunity to keep your money out of the hands of people like Polosi and Romney.

  • mike

    lie after lie after lie. obama can't open his mouth with lying

  • Chiefg

    Did you ever notice he never gives details about how he is going to fulfill his promises? Why? Because he has no idea.

  • Doodlebug

    Oh yes, and didn't he also give money to Brazil to drill for oil and also promise that the U.S. would be their best customer? This lying idiot doesn't know how to tell the truth. He definitely has told so many lies that it is so much a part of him and he thinks we, the American people, don't know the difference. One of these days, (soon I hope), he will find out how wrong he is about that.

  • patriotrenegade


  • JOHN

    Satan's Law

    Gays Rights

    Gays Marriage


    Satan's Policies Rule Of Law





    George Soro Is Satan's World President World Financier Destroyer Of Globalism

    Obama Is Satan's Chosen One & The Democrats & Muslims & His Followers Are Obama's Disciples

    Obama's Evil Disciples Organization Of Destruction

    Labor Unions

    Teachers Unions


    Apollo Alliance

    Liberal Media & Media Matters & Tides Foundations

    Communist Party USA


    Workers Of The World Unite Communist Group Organization

    Code Pink

    The EPA

    The FCC

    Obama's Organization Leaders Disciples Followes

    Richard Trumka

    Eric Holder

    Nancy Pelosi

    Van Jones

    Jackson From EPA

    Bill Ayers

    Bernardine Zorn

    Leonard Stern

    Steve Lerner

    Michael Moore

    Frances Fox Piven

    Dirty Harry Reid

    Mark Lloyd

    Liberal Universities Professors

    Liberal Public School Teachers

    All Of Them Working Together To Intentionally Destroy Our Country Transform Into A Third World Communist Poor Country To Begin Living Like Cuba Eating Cats, Dogs, Rats, Birds Like Cuban Do Today. This Is America Future Will Be People. If We Don't Unite & Kill All Thy Enemies & Organizations In America For The Good Of Our Country & Freedom & Our Westen Wat Of Life & Capitalism & God.

    Rather Than Complaoin America's Economy Being Destroy By Obama. Time To Elimnate Obamma & His Traitors Disciple Of Hell. Time For All Them To Die For Their Crimes Against The Constitution & The Republic. We The People Are The People Army That Can Destroy Thy Enemies & Save Our Freedom, Christianity, Liberty, Capitalism, The US Constitution & Our Western Way Of Life. We The People Are An Army. Obama & His Traitors Conspirators Disciples Are A Few. We The People Can Kick Thy Enemies Straight To Hell To End Communism In America.

  • Dr. "J"

    That BP explosion in the Gulf, looks more suspicious all the time, doesn't it.....

    • Ultor

      Slam dunk Dr. J - "Never let a good disaster go to waste," was for sissies - the Obama administration's policy has been to attack energy all along.

    • Steve Rhinehart

      Hate to sound like a consperisy theriost but I have been saying it is suspitious sence day one, incredable timeing

  • Erika

    Here's the answer, folks: Just outsource all Federal Government jobs to China and India. Pay will be $17 per day instead of $50,000 per year. Get rid of all current Federal employees working in America. Problem solved!

  • Kalev

    What? deleted by administrator for advocating a legitimate third party?

  • Kalev

    So this web site is a shill for the GOP?

    • okole

      No, it is a website for mentally, morally challenged f--knuts

  • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

    When you vote in and American hater like obama into office what do expect? Anyone who voted for obama had a grudge against America themselves.

    obama is a liar and he finds it easy to attract idiots to support him so he can continue to destroy America.

  • Robert Swartz

    Well all I can tell you is this, all the Lies and false truths will end when we vote all the Crooks and thieves out NOV-2012 includeing OBAMA. Time to Save AMERICA !~


      megalomaniacs never leave, even after being voted out. Look at the clintons. The gender confused hillary and that troll offspring are still at it. Good old blow me bill is still advising. And look at the Bush, he is staying out of it. So did his dad. look at Regan, he got voted out and left. not carter.......Can you see the trend I have place before you. THE OBAMA'S WILL STICK AROUND FOR YEARS TO COME. Kinda like herpes. One night of fun, and it never washes off. What do you expect from the kind/breed that got this Oreo vetted into politics.

  • jmsmaxwell

    The only so called jobs obama created was his Czar that are abusing the Tax Payers constantly and are a drain upon our
    society. The only time obama will be able to creat jobs is when he is out of the White Houst and painters come in to repair
    and remove the libeal stain he will leave.

  • Edith

    Mohammad Buckwheat!!

  • Eli Jones

    Obama would walk 15 miles out of his way to tell you a lie when the truth would sound better.

  • http://yahoo.com Bob flannery

    You cannot Believe anything He says, He is a LIER and You can even tell when He is Lying, His mouth is open ! Odummer the Illegale Prez whos father wasfrom Kenya , Odummer not natural Born !!!!

  • 1599

    Of course, but America didn't mind screwing its NATO allies (Airbus) out of the transport plane deal. Where are America's priorities?

    Ron Paul/Jan Brewer---2012

  • Ray Butts

    According to Florida Governor Scott, Senators Nelson/Rubio and politicos on down the line including local Mayor Brown of Jacksonville, Fl, the aircraft in question were to be built here in Jacksonville with American labor/parts, etc. Hawker Beechcraft is screaming "Fire!" BTW, Boeing is pulling out of Wichita, too! Now, that really has them upset.

    • Skeptik

      Somehow this truth escapes them.

  • racindavid

    The corrupt prick must have gotten a campaign contribution from the brazilians....

  • Andy94538

    All manufactured products have bugs that need to be worked out. Hawker Beechcraft has an existing aircraft that can be modified to the new configuration. The Brazilian aircraft is built from scratch. The manufacturing of Hawker’s aircraft is here in the U.S.A. with U.S. labor, and is already a proven platform. Any debugging would be to the modifications at relatively minimal cost in taxpayer dollars. Obozo wants to use an untested foreign-built platform built with non U.S. labor, and will need to go through the entire debugging process at much greater cost in taxpayer dollars, and possible additional risk to people who have to fly them. The fact that the test pilots prefer the American platform also says something. No amount of testing by test pilots using test protocols is going to find all the bugs the American pilots will find under field conditions. This is true of any product, from individual and crew-served weapons, to aircraft, vehicles, tools, and equipment.

    • Andy94538

      I might add that Hawker’s method is like a computer programmer using pre written and tested modules from previous programs, or an existing, proven, program that only needs minor modifications to do a new function. Any debugging would be to the new subroutines. Obozo’s method would be like writing the entire program from scratch and have to debug the entire thing. When I took programming classes, do you think I wrote everything from scratch? Heck, no! I used modules from previous assignments, or modified an existing program to do the next assignment. This is just plain common sense, something sorely lacking in the Obozo administration.

  • Candy

    This may be more of sparring between Sierra Nevada Corp and Hawker Beechcraft Corp and who whines the loudest. Claims of performance can be skewed, come on now everyone always say theirs is the best. Side by side comparisons by the same pilots would settle which is better. Then number of planes being built and the final cost are factors to consider - after all the government is gutting our military. It would also be relevant to know if the entire assembly was to be done here. As for the number of jobs, 1400 existing union jobs compare to the 50 new jobs in Florida, a Right-to-Work state, think that doesn't have something to do with this? Maybe we should shelf the planes altogether if they are not an absolute necessity until the juvenile behavior stops.

  • Don

    Listen Mr. Administrator, you either are an odumbo supporter or a dembocrat. There were no foul words used in my comments, so they should never be deleted!

    • Don

      Mr. or whoever you are, give me one good reason why my comments were deleted???

  • DoctorBob

    Now we just need to get the REST of the story. How much stock does George Soros, Jeff immelt or Warren Buffett own in Embraer? That needs to be investigated. This President doesn't do anything by chance. If he's done something, it's because it benefits one of his major donors, directly or indirectly. We just need to know which one.

  • B. Hill

    Well, of course President Obama is outsourcing American jobs to Brazil. This country will reap the benefits of Americans hard work and taxes and George Soros will make his billions on the investments...again.

    Remember the BP spill in the gulf? Sure you do! That happened in Obama's first year in office. Remember the moratoriums Obama put on the drilling of oil, then waited out CEO Tony Hayward for almost three months before meeting with him? In that time the owners of the oil rigs, dismantled them and boated them to Brazil to be set up for deep sea drilling.

    Nothing wrong with these drill platform rigs there, but somehow they were unsafe to deep drill in Brazil. What happened to all those jobs in the gulf? Gone!

    George Soros invested in the oil in Brazil and has been making tons of money on the crude as they ship it back to the United States and other countries.

    Now, you know why the cost of a gallon of gas cost over $ 4.00 as the pumps across the United States. Obama stikes down jobs in America again, but he puts on his glee face on national TV saying how many jobs he has created in his term this past year. Bogus!

    Obama should not be impeached, but be brought up on treason charges, found guilty and then deported or imprisoned for the remainder of his life. But you know as well as I this won't happen. Why? Because Americans are not that upset about what he is doing. As long as they have their toys and monthly government check, Obama can continue what he has been doing.
    But,wait until other peoples money runs out like it has in Greece. This will get them off their dead asses to do...something!

  • LWH

    Would someone please shoot obama right between the eyes and save America!


      How about that great navy seal guy who just retired and wrote a book about killing 160 enemies in the war.
      he shot one dead between the eyes from 1.25 miles away and waited day and night for 15 days for the guy to show up to plant the road side bomb, and the guy who planted it also got to test it and sure enough it worked when he fell face first on top of it.

  • Skeptik

    I don't suppose its too much to ask you to tell the truth. The planes will be built in Florida, by Americans. In fact, FLORIDA was a major lobbyist FOR the Brazilian plane as the US headquarters are there, which is also where the assembly will occur. The plane will be over 85 percent US parts.

  • bernie

    Hawker Beachcraft make great reliable fast aircraft....I have been flying a 1966 Bonanza "V" tail....constantly updated and looks as good as new. I believe that this a/c platform through its latest derivatives would make a great Military non jet attack aircraft............HB should be given the contract, not the "US paid for oil to China", Brazilians!!!!

  • Joanne

    This "President" knows exactly what he is doing. He's creating a one-world economy, a one-world government, a one-world religion, etc. at our expense. He is destroying us economically from within. We all need to VOTE him out, regardless of the candidate that stands opposite him. Also, talk about Sol Alinsky--the Clintons and others are his followers, too! We need to support our good men and women--U. S. Citizens--in their need for jobs and security. Remember, one person--that's YOU--can make a difference! P.S. Scared to eat our food--could be poisoned like the dog food was!!!

  • lizaz

    Don't listen to what he SAYS, watch what he DOES!!!!

  • Rev. Jack M. Beck

    There was once a little German Corporal from WW I who had the power of persuaion. So the German General Staff and People supported him to become Prime Minister. He soon became the Fuhrer who had a simple principle of speech, "Tell the people a lie often enough and big enough and they will believe it". It is blatantly obvious that the B. O. that has contaminated the White House has adopted that principle of speech.

  • Bob D

    No need to mention Job Czar Jeffrey Immelt shipping one of his companies divisions to China!


  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Obama interested in American Jobs for Americans? Don't bet on it! He is a Marxists that panders to the International Communist set. No phreaking good for America though.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Obama also promised to be Brazil's best customer for its oil. But what happened? China beat us to it. China's also going to beat us
    to the Canadian oil sands. So much for Obama keeping his promises.

  • bhs3kgt

    Communism is alive and well in America and has been for decades. The Left is still hoping they can create a centrally-planned utopia that avoids the problems that Russia had. Sounds ridiculous but they are a very active danger to our Republic.

  • Sandra

    Remember the song "The Great Pretender"? A better example would be "The Great Deceiver". Does this ring a bell?

    • Pastor Carmen

      Amen Sister Amen.

  • Pastor Carmen

    Can anyone please tell me why anyone would Vote for Him?

  • John

    Do you suppose that George Soros' owning an interest in the Brazilian company has anything to do with it ? Remember George, the guy who baknrolled Jugears in the 2008 campaign ? Could this be a form of pay back ? Just wondering...

  • Faith and Hope

    Why arn't the Republican Candidates talking about what's in this article instead of shooting at each other?

    • littledee

      Because they will follow the same policies when they get into office. Think, no Republican or Democrat has tried to save America back to the Constitution. Now we have a man that is running that does and everyone one downs him. Because they believe in the lie that is being told to them on the major networks. Haven't any of you people figured that out yet? You all believe what Newt, Romney, and Santorum is telling you. All they are doing is saying what you want to hear. You are sheep going to the slaughter. Just as the Bible states. Ron Paul is telling you all the truth and you are throwing it away. May God have mercy on us. Remember what the USA have done to the Indians? Putting them on reservations without any Constitutional rights. Well what do you all think the FEMA camps are for? Ron Paul, if you all would listen has been warning us. But he is just an old kook right along with his supporters Right. Wake Up. You are all still asleep and the elite know ecactly what buttons to push on you and you are following them into darkness.

  • Faith and Hope



    He is a lying POS.

  • Brenda Choate

    Obama lie!!! He just filed to tell you where the jobs he created were. Maybe we need to move to the next country he chooses to help. We may be able to get a job.

  • Mutantone

    another Soros backed plan for jobs

  • j_berry50

    What is the "FAIR SHARE" the US government should be doing? Don't you think the government should be doing things to help "non-government" workers by spending less?Our govt only wants to keep spending and taxing us . It's time to get rid of those lawmakers.

  • Nightlyonewolf

    Lying is equivalent to breathing with him.

  • wolfbane39

    I guess that is what you (the taxpayers) get when the "O's" handler (soros) is invested heavily in Brazil.

  • Larry Owens

    The union workers are so Stupid to put up with Obozo's lying crap, they make me sick sucking up to get their few jobs and Free Money. Of course they will still vote for their Boy since he takes care of them. I would hate to think I have to depend on obozo for my living.

  • dolagibb

    He thanks it is OK to lie! Because I think he is islam follower!! They believe that it's OK to lie to non-believers. Love DG

  • Pazuzu

    Obama is a master of taqiya. If his mouth is moving; he's lying. Truth to a moslem is like garlic to a vampire.

  • beach

    Wow, I haven't been to Brazil since 1998 but I do remember this... "Obama, vai tomar no cu!"

  • Ken

    Obama is a deamon bent on the destruction of all Christian nations starting with N America.When are we strong enought to Hang the Kenyan and his partners in grand crime!

  • floyd

    This President does not represent anything my family and I stand for. He is anti-American, he exports our jobs and allows ILLEGALS to take those that are available, he sends OUR money to other countries to boost their economies, he sleeps with terrorists, he sues states for upholding laws that are on the books that he does not deem necessary, he disrespects the flag, national monuments and the military, he has de-friended one of our greatest allies in Israel, he forces the country to accept his biased Obamacare and then gives passes to corporations who either donate to his campaign or that hire ILLEGALS, he regulates industry to the point of destruction, ad infinitum.... and then he blames everything else for his failure.
    This traitor quit representing the Great United States of America the day he started appologizing for her greatness. He has done nothing but trample our country, our flag, our history, and our Constitution all of his life, while living off our our tax dollars. It isn't the color of the skin, it is the lack of Red, White and Blue!

  • http://apprivers.com John Griffin

    Okay people!! Here it is. While we are reading stories like this and expressing our righteous indignation over the lies of Obama, what are most of the people in this country (including my own flesh and blood) doing? They are playing video games and watching sit-coms!!! They are going to vote in 2012 despite their lack of understanding and ignorance. Obama is only the prince of fools. If we were rid of him, we would still have to cope with all the fools who, in their stupidity and ignorance, elected him in the first place. Pray that your children will wake up!!!!

  • jim in TX

    The best way to tell when obama is lying is to watch his ears they grow with each lye. this should not rely surprise
    anyone just like the Keystone pipeline he is playing up to his muslim buddy's to keep dumping money into the
    pockets of the very same people that flew 2 planes into the Trade Center `in 2001 and blew up the kobar towers
    and tried to sink the USS Cole but they are a peaceful religion yea right it says in the koran that it is ok to lye to the
    If this scum bag is re-elected in November don't be surprised when he comes out as a towel headed muslim and
    try's to declare himself king of the United States as the old saying went save Your confederate dollars boys and girls
    cause the south is gonna rise again and we will let the scum in Washington dc freeze in the dark .

  • Not A Farmer

    Obama with Congress and the Senate is taking their play book from the book: "Atlas Shrugg" by Any Rand. It is so scary to see the similarities.

    • TradeDeficit

      So many folks do not see this, that Ayn Rand's Objectivism is just Anarcho-Communism dressed up as Conservatism.

  • jim in TX

    Hmm I forgot to mention I thought obama was a big union buddy wonder how his bud jimmy hoffa jr is feeling
    right about now and did obama give him a kiss

  • bob

    Obummer hates Wichita ,Kansas that is where his mother grew up. Besides he giving the business to one of Geoge Soros
    copanies so the whole world will know what secrets we have. Do not be surprised when Iran delivers a drone in the United States in full flight.

  • http://www.dauntlesspost.com douglasdauntless

    Obama and his Regime are here to destory jobs and the United States of America. Lets hope and pray that more States do as Georgia did today to keep Obama off the ballots.

  • mike

    The Fraud in chief is treasonous !

  • Okole

    This plane will be built in Florida with most parts from US manufactures. The outcry here from Obama haters is pure f...ing BS. Get a life, you morons.

  • Okole

    Are you people really as stupid as your comments make you out to be or are you all on some idiot enhancing drug.

    • KHM

      You don't have to insult people.
      My retort to you is what koolaid are you drinking that you believe Obama after 3 years of failed promises?
      Maybe you should post on the Daily Kos or Huffington Post where your comments would be in synch with that audience.

  • KHM

    I am in agreement with the majority of replies here. Most agree that Zero says one thing and does exactly the opposite. That what he does is bad for business and bad for Americans. Even unions aren't exempt from his deceit. All military equipment should be produced in-country. It makes sense from a security standpoint. Economically, the initial price may be higher, but it will be well made and give Americans jobs.
    To lose our military production and the way he is gutting our military will put us in a very similar position to that prior to WWII. Very dangerous.

  • Mike

    Along with lying this guy lying he doesn't tell the whole truth. A lib friend asked me when he lied and I told him, everytime he speaks!

  • Wyatt

    Why is an aircraft intended for use by the American Military being made in Brazil ?

  • Southern Bell

    He's been lying ever since he's been in office. I don't know how he keeps his lies separated from those he tells one group one day and changes his story to another group the next. He's been outsourcing to other countries since day one. If the small companies don't do what he tells them to, he shuts them down. Example : Gibson Guitar in Tennessee. Update: Gibson Guitar CEO Says Feds Told Him Problems Would ‘Go Away’ if Labor Done in Madagascar (Updated With Beck Interview) Printed September 1st in The Blaze and also Godfather Politics and others. How could anyone ever vote for him again after he has broken the United States down so badly in the past 3 years unless they have their head in the sand or up to their ears in foodstamps?

  • Kenneth

    If you really want to know what is going on in America,go to youtube and watch GRINDING DOWN AMERICA.This is a 9 part expose of exactly what obama and his ilk are doing in America. God please save us.

  • Kenneth

    More American technology give aways.

  • clarence whitney

    Wouldn't it be funny if one of the big stockholders of Embraer happened to be Soros, Hmmmmmm. Do I remember that he was a big holder of stock in Petrobas, Prior to our loaning them billions to drill ofshore. Just thinking out loud !!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Let's not forget that George Soros has massive investments in Brazil's oil/gas industry. Could this be a payoff to the Brazilians for allowing Soros in? And what about the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline?

  • Larry

    An American Company should be building our military aircraft. Hawker Beechcraft had the better product and should have gotten the contract. Is the administration trying to move our military aviation program back to where it was in the first world war ? We must make our own weapon systems inside this country. No other plan will serve our national interests.

  • Howard Lowe

    The problem results from - if costs are outrageous in the US, then companies must go elsewhere to cut costs. Otherwise they go BROKE! Maybe we should blame the Labor Unions - they have priced our companies out of a competive market? How about Gov't. Unions? They are draining our economy - we taxpayers are being penalized by government. Cut government employee salaries and benefits until they match those being paid in the private sector. It really boils down to - our values have gone to HELL on every level. Welcome to equality on all levels as proclaimed by our incompetent Obama administratiion. We are going to be governed like France, Italy, Spain and yes - Greece. de Toqueville was right about America in the early 1800s - we will collapse under our own weight - too few left to pay for too many. It is called COLLAPSE!

  • Gringo Infidel

    The usurper's words are meaningless as today as they have always been.

    His tactics are right out of the communist party handbook - whatever he says - it will be the opposite. It's like all the commie states have 'People's Republic' in the title. They are neither republic's nor people friendly societies.

  • William

    This should be number one on our congress to try to get deals as this stopped. This is not the only job deals obama has made that have sdhut out or will shut out american workers. The chinese and Russans are sending companies over here to build. When is the dems and some repubicans going to learn tyhis guy is worthless to our country.

  • Lawrence


  • americathebeautiful

    Please America wake up and not elect this man again. Our country's existance depends on it.

  • Charles

    how about the 2,000,000,000 he gave barzil to drill for oil but wont let us drill here

  • Big PaPa

    Vote for Jim De Mint

  • ausongbird

    Most of the stimulus went/is still going to Obama supporters; he has agreed that Brazil can drill for oil in the Gulf but we will import our oil from Brazil; he vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline to give thousands of jobs to American and now he sends our military aircraft to Brazil to be built. Re: the new plane--can anyone say SECURITY RISK???!!!

  • Honest1inVA


  • Steve Rhinehart

    He reminds me fo a guy I knew in the state of New Mexico. I relly dont think he knew he was lying. He once told me when he was a Navel Aviator (he was 18 at the time) There was a guy in his squadron who wanted out so bad he tried for a section 8 by cutting off his er um privets with a razer blade, but insted of a discharge they transferd him to the WAVES. I think he relly belived that.

  • Robert

    I don't believe it, Obama lied !!!
    You mean like he lied about : Transparency, any bill passed by me will be available to the public to read before passing it, ( " You have to pass it to know what's in it - Nancy Pelosi "). " I will close down GITMO within the first year of my presidency " (Now we have NDAA where the president can " detain " anyone deemed a threat to national security ( terrorist ) for and indefinate period of time without a trial or charges being brought against them ). " I have created "shovel ready " jobs " ( we just can't find the shovels yet, the factory that makes shovels just went out of business ). " I am focused like a laser on creating jobs " ( just curious Mr. President, have you ever seen a laser ?).

  • Bob

    It is obvious and simple for Obama to lie, he has the Senate telling everyone that Obama is telling the truth.

    No one, "The Simple Hard Working - Legal American", has time to look into the real story and the Standard News Media is bought and paid for by Liberals, Communists and all others that want to destroy Our Country.

    The Liberals, Communists and Anti-American's has been planning this style of internal take over of Our Country for decades and have placed many of these like minded home grown and foreign terrorists in well paying government funded jobs and positions as teachers and educators so they can teach Our Children the New Truth of the One World Communist - Liberal, New World Doctrine being taught to Our Children - Even worse, they have us pay for it as we are

  • Shootist

    How can you tell Obama is lying? His lips move!

  • msbets

    aaaaahhh this pos is a real Georgia peach isn't IT...............nothing but a bottom feeder!!!

  • StevenI

    Why are there not ADs that show Obama's Decisions in connection with Soros?

  • Navy Vet

    The contract goes to Sierra Nevada Corp., who in turn gives it to Embraer. I smell a rat in this deal, and his name is Harry Reid. This is just Obama's way of funneling money to Democrats. I would bet you might find that Harry Reid is connected to Sierra Nevada Corp. in some manner, but it will be hidden. Just another part of Obama's plan to destroy the country. The greater number of people put out of work in this country means more dependency on government. I wish Hawker Beechcraft the very best in their lawsuit, but they must remember that Eric Holder will figure heavily into the outcome.