Is Mitt Romney a Fiscal and Social Liberal?

• Unilaterally, illegally and unconstitutionally instituted same-sex “marriage” falsely claiming the “court ordered him to.” Proof here and here.

• Signed the forerunner to Obamacare (Romneycare) into law which includes $50 tax-subsidized elective surgical abortions including late-term abortions into law (3 years AFTER his fake “pro-life conversion”). Proof here.

• Boosted funding for homosexual “education” starting in kindergarten. Proof here.

• Opposes a ban on homosexual scoutmasters. Proof here.

• Promised the homosexual Republican “Log Cabin Republicans” he wouldn’t oppose “gay marriage” in return for their endorsement. Proof here.

• Instituted a quasi-socialist healthcare plan endorsed by Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and Planned Parenthood that destroyed the Massachusetts’ economy. Proof here and here.

• Forced Catholic Charities, the nation’s #1 adoption and foster care service to place children with same sex couples even though he was under no legal obligation to do so as even former Governor Michael Dukakis has acknowledged.

• Increased taxes and fees by close to a billion dollars which destroyed the Massachusetts’ economy and opposed the Bush Tax Cuts. The proof is here.

• Voted # 8 RINO by Human Events. Proof here.

• Passed over Republican lawyers for three quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he faced and nominated 2 open homosexuals. Proof here.

• Criticized Joint Chiefs of Staff, Peter Pace for saying that homosexual acts were “immoral.” Proof here.

• Supports passage at the state level of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which would force churches and other religious organizations to hire homosexuals and transvestites or face criminal fines and prosecution. Proof here.

• Romney supported McCain-Feingold “campaign finance reform”, McCain-Kennedy “comprehensive immigration reform” (i.e. amnesty), and parts of the McCain-Lieberman “carbon cap and trade” bill and opposed the Bush Tax Cuts. Proof here.



  • Cognitive Dissident

    HAHAHAHA. Yeah. Sink Mitt Romney. We'll see what snow ball's chance in hell you have then.

    • The Godfather

      So we should not tell what Romney's past positions have been? Romney won't beat Obama, and neither will the other three guys. Get used to four more years of Obama.

      • Cognitive Dissident

        Yeah but why?

        Because the Republican party is broken. You used to be the guys who closed ranks early and sent up an untarnished candidate. But thanks to your Tea Party revolution, the anti Romneys have already done all of Obama's work for you.

        • Ed

          It's not because of the Tea Party. It goes back further than that. It's be cause the republican party is split into different factions such as progressives, moderates, neo-conservatives, and conservatives. Romney is on the progressive end, while Paul is on the conservative end. Within the party, these different factions throw mud at each other like monkeys throwing feces at each other in a zoo. The democrats on the other hand, are mostly all united under liberalism and big government, and therefore have very little in-fighting. The dems will unite under the democrat candidate and vote for him/her, while the repubs will get a crazy idea that a third party candidate will win the election, which only succeeds in getting a democrat (re-)elected. The Tea Party is just trying to bring some fiscal and social sanity back to the country--peacefully, and restore the republic.

        • Cognitive Dissident

          The grass is always greener. My assertion that, in the recent past election cycles, the Republican primary processes was relatively congenial is a historical observation. (You are welcome to show something to the contrary if you can.)

          Likewise, believe me I can easily point to the frustrating fractures with in the broad range of democrats. Until recently with Obama, it was the Dems that couldn't get their act together and the Repubs that were much better at marching in lock step. I still think it is this way, actually.

          We have religiously conservative minority groups that are hostile to the gays. We have socially liberal jews who are hawkish on foreign policy (e.g. Lieberman types.) And we have the blue dog Dems. Who made no end of pain for Obama's agenda for the last few years.

          So it goes both ways.

        • EdB

          Ed, I have to agree with what you say. There's no cohesion within the Republican party. Unlike the Democratic party. These factions are so set in their way of thinking they are willing to risk defeat instead of pulling together. I haven't seen anyone rise to the challenge to make this happen. The Tea Party group are the only ones attempting to do so and even amoung them there is separation. The only hope is that the dissatisfaction within this country is so high that it will overcome these issues.

        • Ardnas

          Yes, Ed, it goes further than that all right.....Both parties are broken because this whole country is broken. Why? Because we refuse to honor God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, these three in one who created us and makes all things possible. We have become so self sufficient the we have no need of God anymore. We are a people who plan and scheme while keeping all things under our control and then end up making decisions by way of our own ideas and conclusions. We do not trust in God for our provisions anymore. Our government is working on removing all outward signs of God within our nation. Until we turn this abandonment of God around, our nation will continue to decline. Read all the truths in God's word about what happens to a people when they will not follow God's measure but their own.

        • Roger

          Oh coggy, did you find a place that will argue with you finally?

          Don't they realize why you're here?

          84 weeks ago @ Big Hollywood - Democrats -- Why so Un... · 1 reply · 0 points
          I don't post over at Kos and I never did. I am easily bored by "mutual agreement societies". If I felt the way you guys do about issues... my interest in these discussions would go for about 5 seconds.

          clearly, I'm argumentative and take pleasure in being the ants at somebody's picknick / rain on someone's parade. maybe there IS something wrong with me, in that, but I don't care. The way I see it- its a free country. Moreover, I value the "Socratic method". That may sound pretentious - implying that I'm here to offer "constructive" criticism. If I manage to do that then that's great, but I don't expect to be acknowledged.

        • Brenda Choate

          And your candidate was squeeky clean. No the Dems are as broken as the GOP. Both parties blindly follow the chosen on of the party. As to the Tea Party, someone had to stand up for all the waste, abuse, and misuse of public funds. Many equate the Tea Pary as revolutionaries, and wrongly so. Many Tea Party members are ordinary people who are overtaxed and not represented by their elected representatives or senators. Unlike the occupayers, the Tea Party had a clear message---Stop The Spending. They did not want more handouts, the government to supply them with houses or pay off school loans, or create class warfare.

        • Cognitive Dissident

          "Stop the spending"?

          "Taxed Enough Already"?

          Tea Party message clarity is overrated.

        • Roger

          No it's not. Coggy, why do you pretend to want to actually discuss issues?

          You pretend stopping spending and taxation is unrelated and unclear.
          If you want to push for clarity explain what you mean by this comment.
          77 weeks ago @ Big Hollywood - Where Offensive Speech... · 0 replies · +1 points
          I don't mean to advocate groupthink. I'm not sure where my above comment implies groupthink.

          I hate to turn to the over-used examples of Nazis and Je ws... (although in philosophy class I was taught to frame examples by using extremes, so...) back in 1930s Germany, there were no doubt individuals who thought individualistically. They may have not though of themselves as part of this group or that group. But then, next thing you know, they were carted off and labeled as Je wish - regardless of whether this was a personally important thing to them OR NOT.

          Indeed, isn't the more common sentiment from the death camp survivors that they now more strongly believe its important for themselves to identify themselves as Je ws... as a result of the experience?!

          The point is: Perhaps we do not want to think of ourselves in terms of parts of groups. However, if there are those out there that still do anyway... so then in self defense, we must!

          Is that logical? Is there a flaw with that?

          What do all you individualists say to the Israe lis and Je ws who think of themselves as a group?

      • Chas

        wanna make a wager on that? 4-1 says Odumba is GONE!

        • Cognitive Dissident

          you know I've been hearing that since 2007.

        • Roger

          And Pelosi lost the house.
          They lost state houses.
          They lost dog catchers in 2010.

          And you are still a troll just trying to divide and conquer here.
          Remember explaining it?

          "You'll get farther as a troll without blanketing your opponent from "Go". Try for subtlety, and remember that the otherside is not monolithic in their thinking. Do not help them unify with your firebombs. We should strive to psychologically divide and conquer!"

      • rosco2

        This blog has soooooooo many sad losers (Generally speaking) on it.

        Get used to it: Romney is the "likely GOP nominee, & "likely" next President.

        And, that is awesome ( - : !!!!

        • Cognitive Dissident

          let's chat in November.

        • Roger

          Why didn't you want to chat after the tea party gains last November?

        • Cognitive Dissident

          I did. First of all, that election wasn't as bad as y'all hyped it to be.

          Secondly, what have they gotten done since then? N O T H I N G

        • Roger
        • Cognitive Dissident

          yeah really. that's just more of your hype.

        • Roger

          Ofh coggy, you just never learn.
          That's why I keep your quotes around to explain why you're really here.

          84 weeks ago @ Big Hollywood - Democrats -- Why so Un... · 1 reply · 0 points
          I don't post over at Kos and I never did. I am easily bored by "mutual agreement societies". If I felt the way you guys do about issues... my interest in these discussions would go for about 5 seconds.

          clearly, I'm argumentative and take pleasure in being the ants at somebody's picknick / rain on someone's parade. maybe there IS something wrong with me, in that, but I don't care. The way I see it- its a free country. Moreover, I value the "Socratic method". That may sound pretentious - implying that I'm here to offer "constructive" criticism. If I manage to do that then that's great, but I don't expect to be acknowledged.

        • rosco2

          best idea of the day. november it is !

    • Jamie Shafer

      According to Rush today Soros says theres littel difference between Romney and Obama! Suck that up!

    • PJS

      Liberal troll spewing nonsense from its nether regions where its head is located along with its single dead braincell.

    • RobinforMitt

      Mitt is a man of integrity and we desperately need him in the White House. Newt is dishonest and then goes around calling others liers. Newt is disgusting.

  • Sam Fox

    I forgot the quote from Newt's mentor, Alvin Toffler. The quote is from Toffler's book, The Third Wave. You can find it in the link I'll re-post. It's about 1/2 way down the 2nd part of the article.

    The Third Wave was being touted by Gingrich who wanted fellow congress critters to read it. Here is the quote & a preface to it from the book. I call it a preface, not the the article author.

    " In 1994, Newt presented a list of 8 books he wanted everyone to read....first was the Declaration of Independence, second the Federalist Papers, and third was the THIRD WAVE by Alvin Toffler printed by the new age Progress and Freedom Foundation. Alvin Toffler is Newt Gingrich's mentor, so we need to take a closer look at what Toffler espouses in THE THIRD WAVE. By the way he never mentioned reading the constitution and for good reason. He wants to be rid of it.
    [The quote I had in mind, here below.]
    Toffler believes mankind is entering a new system. To the founding fathers in his book, he wrote, "For the system of government you fashioned including the very principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented, a democracy for the 21st century. For this wisdom, above all, I thank Mr. Jefferson who helped create the system that served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced." [End quote]

    This needs to go viral.



    • jammin2011

      Please provide proof for your conserns. I would like to know. Thanks

    • Christian Archer

      It's so refreshing to see that more people are waking up to Newt Gingrich's mentor Alvin Toffler. I've known about this for over a year and shout this information from the house tops. We, the electorate, must be FULLY INFORMED about those who are going to take the helm of this ship we call the Republic of the United States.
      Blessings on you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
      Christian Archer

    • mr suggs

      Well done and good work. Vote for anyone except Obama is what many people will do come election time. The Newt die hards need to do there home work and they will be surprised at how left he is on many issues. They also should listen to Sen.Bob Dole, who says Newt is not fit to lead, now that is from a rock solid Republican.

      • PJS

        Bob Dole was a loser of a RINO and led a lackasaisical campaign that caused him to get defeated and a democrat to win; His advice and endorsement is worthless.

    • redfish

      Gingrich back in the '90s was very clear about his differences with Toffler

      The only idea of the Third Wave that he supported was that the bureaucracy of government would be increasingly replaced as society moved towards decentralization. He felt though that Toffler was looking at things through a perspective that was too secular, and too modernistic. He was interested in a "conservative version" of Toffler's vision.

      • Jonathan Gartner

        They do not wish to hear it must be a lot of Paul bots about. Many here do not seem to realize that we take many things from many people not just on source in our education. We take what we believe in from several sources making it something new. As for George Will he is mistaken about Newt someone I have a great deal of respect for but in this case is incorrect

    • jreb

      For some reason the link to the article about Gingrich didn't work. Here is the link (I copied it from the website, and it does work. and here is the link to the second part (it's a two part article):

      • jreb

        BTW, if you read the second article there is a link at the end of it to a 3rd part that addresses Romney.

    • politiJim

      People who keep repeating this Toffler crap need to do their research. ALVIN TOFFLER ADMITTED DURING THESE SESSIONS THAT NEWT GINGRICH DID NOT AGREE WITH HIM ON MOST THINGS!. (

      And do you even know what the Tofflers were about? They started out as socialists and changed TO BE MORE CONSERVATIVE. Their books in the 70's and 80's were largely CORRECT on the impact of INFORMATION on a society. They were about THINKING about problems before they occur. You think Reagan was correct on signing Simpson Mazzoli that gve amnesty? No. But at least he TRIED something to make it work.

      You narrow minded people scream "THESPIAN" in a crowded theater and embarrass those of us interested in intellectual discourse and true conservative solutions. You're the Frankestein mob or the Blazzing Saddle town bigots who freak out at ideas other than your own.

      Here is CSPAN's Lamb interviewing Alvin Toffler in 80's. Not EVERYTHING they said was nutty. Unlike you. -

      (sorry for the less than civil tone. but people like this p' me off.)

    • hungry4food4u

      actually NEWT was Identifying the Trend which was evolving and was saying whoever harnesses it will have a advantage to leading the Splintered society , and today we have just that a splintered society but no leadership

    • Jonathan Gartner

      You must be another liberal marxist. Newt took certain things from him an left others his political philosphy is taken from many people not just one person. Oh by the way the Constitution was done by James Madison not Jefferson some thing I am sure Newt caught. It is the same with all of us who have studied we take the methods and approaches to problem solving from many and make it our own something different indeed.

      • Melody

        Did you ever think that the reason Newt wanted people to read the book was so they would be aware of the slippery slope we are on to losing our foundation of democracy? If Newt thought that way and was going to implement this, why would he forwarn people of what he was going to do by having people read the book???? Reading books makes you informed of what enemies of our country is thinking and socialist like Obama are wanting to do. I read what makes socialist tick, so I can defend and counter what they say and do. I suggest others do the same. Number one rule, know your enemy.... in order to defeat them.

    • Bruce D.

      I fear Newt more than anyone. He betrayed the Conservative movement in the 90s. He move the party in a progressive direction that lead to the ushering in of Medicaid and 'compassionate conservatism' under Bush which is debt spending. He is also bashing Romney for his stance on closing the borders and smart capitalism. He is an advocate of big efficient government and his big ideas most likely lead to change you did not expect.

  • SantaFeSteve

    Yup. Rommey is a moderate who could win the Presidency but Republicans want an extremist who will lose. If there has ever been a dummer political party than the Republican Party, I have not seen it.

    Will the Republicans carry 10 states?

    They will clearly lose the House but may win the Senate.

    What a bunch of fools Republicans are and Godfather Politics typifies the dumning down of the Republican Party.

    • Jamie Shafer

      Romney is a big business Socialist. I know that's hard for some to understand, but think of Waren Buffet as the top of that heap od steaming manure.

    • captelaine

      Use the BRAIN God gave you... Mitt LOST the McCain, McCain LOST to Obama... in what FANTASY land do you imagine that Mitt who LOST to Santorum and to Newt will magically beat Obama? The DEMOCRATS WANT Mitt because they KNOW he is a LOSER!

      • Brama

        Exactly. I the media continues to only focus on Mitt and Newt, which only makes the GOP nominations appear ridiculous... and causes more GOP watchers to focus their votes on only those two.... which they know will cause good men like Paul and even Santorum to not get the focus they deserve out of fairness, and deserve out of virture.

        • PJS

          SOrry, but ronpaul has the chance of a snowball in a hot place, some of his policies are plain COO COO

      • Bruce D.

        Actually it is just the opposite as you say. They know they can crush Newt. Pelosie has opening stated it. Romney has been a winner all his life so that argument is not true either and you cannot compare 2008 to 2010.

        • PJS

          Romney is a rino.

    • NoCAGal

      See the com mies are out in full force today...

    • Wild Bill

      Even Liberals have to run on conservative principles in order to win elections. The short lesson is CONSERVATISM will
      A L W A Y S win elections.

  • M. Carlson

    The radical religious right will force an unelectable candidate just because they insist on someone who will push their narrow resteictive social agenda. Fine in church, but not politics, They were so mad that Huckabee lost the primary that they didn't support McCain. The same will happen here. If one of their religious radicals loses and Romney wins they will stay home.DO these religious really want 4 more years of Obama? Many of are more concerned about the economy, the borders, and terrorists than banning all birth control, and telling women what to do.

    • Dallas

      The "Radical Religious Right" produced far more societal stability in the history of America than has "Radical Liberalism" One is based upon Common Sense, Moral Values and Individual Responsibility, the other upon "Freedom from restriction, even Moral Law." (Webster)
      Then talk about "force", legislation that forces upon society, Abortion, Gay Rights, Same Sex Marriage, remove God from every aspect of society and so on......................
      Compare the societies of what was to what is today. The evidence is clear and undeniable.
      You know what they say: "When you find yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING."

      • daves

        You have that backward. Outlawing abortion is forcing us to do what the Government says. Outlawing same sex marriage is forcing us to do what the Government says.

        If there are not any laws prohibiting these things then we as a people are much more free.

    • Padremike

      M. Carlson the problem with you God haters is you expect a Christian politician to put their faith aside and govern from a pure secular agenda. The trouble with your philosophy is that anyone who can compromise their faith is more than capable of compromising their country. Consider, for example, all the Socialists/Marxist Democrats who profess to be good Catholics and yet righteously put their political blessing on abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality etc., et al. In this age, I am considered part of the "religious right." I didn't used to be considered such, in fact I was a typical Christian believing those things that traditional Christianity practiced and knew as truth. I haven't changed and yet today I'm a religious right nut. Who changed truth? So the question for me is would I rather have 4 more years of an evil man like Obama, whom I know to be evil, or would it better to elect someone who would not compromise his faith? This would never have been an issue for America or the Presidency until Marxism's moral relevancy, and anti-Christianity made it's way into politics and a changing amoral/immoral America.

    • Mo_Minute_Man

      so you could not resist opening your mouth and removing all doubt that you don't have a clue or grasp of reality. ROFL

      • daves

        Do you think I should respect someone who argues with insults rather than facts?

    • Travis

      Four years of either is about the same.
      I will never vote for Romney or Gingrich!

  • Winston

    Mitt Romney would be a "do-over" of John McCain. Weaknesses are obvious and he is soft on social issues, including amnesty for illegals, is likely a globalist, and would be a dove in foreign affairs. He will NOT get this vote, nor will Newt because he's been involved in the CFR for years.

    • Mike Tanco

      You're correct about Romney but I hope you're wrong about Newt. Obama needs to be shown the door and ousted out of the White House. Mike Tanco

    • Larry

      I'm curious about one thing. All of these conservative blog sites were yelling about how Obama was illegally elected President regardless of where he was born because his father was born in Kenya and therefore Obama could not be a natural born citizen. If that is true, how come no one writes about the fact that Romney's father was born in Mexico.

      • timjb31

        I thought Romney's father emigrated to Mexio to flee persecution of Mormons? If so, his father retained his US citizenship.

  • Jim213

    Romney is the NATIONAL ENQUIRER presidetial candidate !!! He grabs your attention but there is nothing more on the inside !

  • hungry4food4u

    Just because Romney is Rich is why we should vote for him because he must Know something we don't so that makes him the one with a Plan ? He made his Money off Outsourcing all the jobs of our industrial base and the closing down and consolidation of our retail sector from the main street mom and Pop retail distribution system to the Big Box Mega mall era that Romney hedge funds and Multi-Nationalist Corps and wall street invest in and its only because they can access a Cheaper labor and manufacturing center in Asia due to a Currency swap thats fabricated because they lobby Congress to not enforce the Free floating currency rule of Free market trade , something most no nothing about and is why this Giant Sucking SOUND Ross Perot said would happen in 1991 DID happen if we did the WTO FREE Trade agreement !!!! And this is why Reagan had tariff trade was so he could negotiate Free and fair trade policy while still maintaining the intrinsic substance of value behind the Dollar as world trade currency. Now all we have in the banks and accounts like Hedge funds Romney represents is a paper Dollar that its intrinsic value of durable wealth is Located in a foreign land and they are building up their military and talking trash about the Dollar as trade currency so pretty soon Romney and the hedge Funds will be Cut off from their Durable holdings with a rejection of the dollar and all we will have left is a Very short supply of goods in the USA and Hyper inflation thats will bring a collapse of the free markets and a nationalization of the USA . Watch this Video it tells the story of how this thing unfolds , , So tell me How does Mitt make a case that he will Reverse what has destroyed the USA industrial base that is the primary wealth creator and provider of Unalienable rights to pursue a Job in America when what he made his money off of over the past 20 years is the exact opposite of what he did ? All these hedge funds and multi national Corps that Import products that prices are manipulated by NOT revaluing them at the port of entry to what it would cost to produce them here with US Jobs is what has wiped us Out and now has made us dependent on Foreign suppliers who hate us and are about to reject the dollar in the world market place . The BRIC nations they are called and they Now control the Majority of manufacturing and resource thanks to the paper profits chasers like all the hedge Funds and multi-nationalists who directly or indirectly we bailout in 2008 that has completed a Bond between what was left of the Separation between State and private sector economics , we are Now pure fascists we just have not been formally introduced yet to the New World order of this establishment .

    And How does Obama make the claim that he is wanting to rebuild the manufacturing base and invest in Innovation when he and his MIT supporters are on the record saying the exact opposite ??? Obama says technology has killed Job Growth ,
    How tech improvements can harm the work force

    MIT's Eric Brynjolfsson joins Morning Joe to discuss his new e-book "Race Against the Machine," which looks at how improved technology can have a harmful effect on workers.

    Obama CZAR John Holdren says Dedevelop the USA with FREE Markets tells us the Trade policy is flawed .

    There is so much NEWT can do to draw a Contrast between Both Romney and Obama as the Real Solutions generating force for US Liberty going forward instead of these Salesmen .

    • rosco2

      Oh "hungry4food4u; All the kings horses & all the kings men couldn't put humpty dumpty back together again.

      You remind me so much of what Reagan said; (Paraphrasing) You're not lying, your just so misinformed, that you can't tell what is real from what is not...

      Bottom line--Very, very "likely" Mr. ROMNEY will be the next GOP nominee & "likely" next President of the USA. And, then, our nation can begin to heal... Amen

    • rosco2

      Oh "hungry4food4u, you are so wrong dude...

      Go ROMNEY !!!

    • rosco2

      Go ROMNEY!

    • rosco2

      For a very interesting read about GINGRICH's stretches of the truth read this:

  • Brock

    You cite the NW Times as proof? Are you kidding me. Romney would never set foot in a "Gay Bar". Talk about making stuff up.
    Godfather politics is just another idiot trying to be provocative. I am not sure that this blog is just a Democrat plant. Another useful idiot to be quoted when trashing Republicans.

    • upaces88

      When he ran for the Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994, Romney supported “full equality” for gays and lesbians, a pledge that won him support from homosexual Republicans. But 12 years later, when going up against Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for the Republican presidential nomination, Romney’s record was clear on the subject: He had become an opponent of gay marriage. In 1994, Romney had opposed the federal marriage amendment but in 2007 supported it.

      Please read further:

    • Sam Fox

      Yo, Brock, how do ya trash some one by telling the truth? Did you check out the 'proof' links in the lead article?

      i take it you are for Mitt. Bad move if you want a free nation.

      Romney exposed

      Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

      Fake Conservative Mitt:

      OK. there ya go. You have a chance to disprove what these links say. That Mitt is a 2 face 2 tongue is beyond dispute. If you disagree, show us why.



  • Jane Baer

    phe is a conservative going right as fast ashe could still having any influenceat all best he could in an ultraliberal place...please show me a few other devote Mormon missionaries & ministers who are secret liberals and I will think you have some point

  • david peacock

    Romney is an Obammie plant;; do you want a white progressive or a black progressive?

  • GeorgiaJacK

    You sure have it right, SantaFeSteve! Romney is the only candidate that can beat Obama.

  • Karen

    Romney is a conservative, period. He is a moral man of integrity and is the only one who can beat Obama, and he will. Supporting Romney is the smart, conservative thing to do if one is serious about beating Obama.

    • sandra

      Romney also gets his campaign money from the same ones Obama gets his from. I am not too fond of how Gingrech voted when in the White House, but he says he has excepted the Lord as his Savior, and that he has changed because of that and because of his Grand Children. People can change, lets just hope he is telling us the truth. If I had to choose between the two of them. it would be Newt. I am still looking at Santorum, he may be the best out of the 4. I just don't know yet. but I am going to start listening more closely to what he has to say.

    • Bruce D.

      A lot of people distort who Romney is and I am with you on that Karen. Massachusetts is 85% democrat and they are trying to make Romney responsible for everything that was done in that state including after he left. No one wants to talk about all the legislation he vetoed which was considerable.

      • AL.H

        Romney Is Just Like Obamuse Another Commi !!! DOWN With There Hesds !!!!!

  • samtman

    Watching the Presidential debates last night in Jacksonville Florida, I thought that Newt Gingrich looked and talked old, tired and overweight and not ready to hold the position of the rigorous mental and phisical condition thats required of a President.

  • Wendell

    I don't know whether or not he is a social/fiscal conservative, and I doubt that he does, but if I have to vote for RINO Rhomney, I will do so. Anybody but Obama (2012)!

  • Doodlebug

    If Romney takes the WH from obummer, I hate the thought but, I'm afraid he will take over right where obummer leaves off. Obummercare would be here to stay. Is the second coming of Christ right around the corner????? None of us know but I sure hope so. No King but Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

    • grace

      Romney is the only one too bring sanity back to America, and he is so far ahead of Obama that he leaves him in the dust.

    • daves

      Why do you hope so?

  • Robert Ridge

    The ones running for the GOP may not be the greatist but far greater than any one the Democrats have had in a long time looks like another term for Obama but not four years no way will this country stand four years of these Communist running it !!!!

  • rosco2

    TOTALLY slanted article. But hey, what else would we expect from GODFATHER POLITICS???

    Romney is BOTH fiscal & socially CONSERVATIVE--you imbeciles @ Godfather...

    And here is the very most "likely" scenario: ROMNEY will "very likely" win the GOP nomination. And secondly, due to numerous scenarios--ROMNEY will "likely" be the next Pres. of the USA-period...!!!

    So, face the "likely" music Godfather Politics!$?@(

    Oh so sweet, makes the dancin' fun !

    • captelaine

      Based on PAST experience ROMNEY will "VERY LIKELY" continue to be a LOSER... HE LOST to McCain, HE LOST to Rick Santorum in Iowa, and he LOST to Gingrich... keep sucking up the drivel the liberal media feeds you... you are a less than useful idiot.

      • rosco2

        Takes one to know one---eh?


    • Aniko

      He sure is the perfect candidate for sodomites.

      • rosco2

        Aniko, we're left to assume you "personally" know such to be the case...?

    • barry

      Romney is far from any kind of are a tool...being used like a old rag. Get some thinking and reasoning ability before you post...please

      • rosco2

        It's strictly a matter of opinion there barry. A tool & rag are very useful to any person using them properly. And that I am. Having studied Romney for 6 years--I'm fully aware of his stances. Too many people (Maybe yourself) have let the media form the opinions which they have.
        The simple fact still remains-Romney will "likely" be the GOP nominee & hopefully President of the USA. And if so, I'll & millions of others be elated...
        Best wishes to you: - )

  • Roger

    That depends; which way are the poll winds blowing.

  • patriotrenegade

    I was real happy to see the insight in most of the above posts. It's good that pragmatism rather than ignorance is setting in. Nice

  • Larry

    Is Romney a natural born citizen since his father was born in Mexico? Just wondering because you folks have been saying that Obama is not a natural born citizen by virtue of the fact is father was born in Kenya

    • mr suggs

      Well Larry- Romneys grand parents were both USA citizens(not Mexican) and moved to Mexico. Mitts dad was born in Mexico. Later, Mitts grand parents moved back to the USA while Mitts dad was very young. Mitts dad was a USA citizen as both his parents were USA citizens, even if born outside the USA. Mitt was born in the USA to USA citizens and yes Mitt is a USA citizen.

    • Mo_Minute_Man

      Larry, didn't the state run media explain to us we, there is no need to investigate whether the Constitution was violated. Precident established. But seriously, every candidate must prove qualifications. I am sure Mittens can produce a doctored up pdf file.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    I don't know about that. Romney could win. George H,W, Bush was thought to be insufficiently conservative in 1988. He won.

    • The Truth

      Bush won because he ran on the Reagan conservative principals and fooled people. Again leaning to the left to win is a losing strategy, because even if Romney wins because obama's policies kill his chances, we have a self-proclaimed progressive in office. It would be better to run a strong conservative and educate the public on the reasons conservatism works, like Ronald Reagan did. Bachmann was the right candidate, now I would say Rick Santorum is the best bet to run a conservative.

      • Mo_Minute_Man

        Exactly, everyone believed he was conservative because Reagan picked him. Rush is correct when he states that people accept conservative ideas when they are properly explained. Most people live their lives as conservatives. they vote liberal thinking they have to give others a pass.

  • Robert

    Mr Obama needs to go dowon I don't care. Preferably I prefer Newt. He knows how to handle government because he reformed welfare. America does not need another liberal progressive. America also needs to go back to God and if it doesn't then none of this matters much.

    • RobinforMitt

      You think Newt is a godly man? Newt is only about Newt. The way he lies he is not very in-tune with God. Romney is a remarkable man. If you would take the time to read his history. Everything you have up in your article is also a lie. I've never seen so many lies purported about a good man. You guys are seriously doing the work of the devil. I just hope that voters can see through you. I hope they are better informed than you are. "By their fruits ye shall know them". Look at Romney's family and all of the political things he's done have been for the good of society. Newt's an adulterer repeatedly and his political life has been all about him. Romney collected $1.00 in pay per year as governor, and $1.00 for chairing the Olympics plus he donated $1 million of his own money to the olympics. He is a religious man and his life as a pastor has been all unpaid. Over his lifetime, and through his church and government service he has given thousands of volunteer hours, but you wouldn't know anything about that because he doesn't brag about it. You don't know Mitt Romney. You need to quit all of these lying reports and get to know him. I know you'll like what you find out.

  • NEWT 2012

    I'm a PROUD NEWT SUPPORTER! And I Love my country. I've been involved in politics for over 35 years. I don't care about gay marriage. We need a president and Congress that gives a dam about this country. And its those of us Tea Party members who just want our country back. Where Americans Loved and Stood Proud with other Americans, flew her flag and the world knew not to mess mess with her. People prayed to GOD that He would Bless the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. On Mittens he's no Republican

    • jreb

      You think Gingrich is conservative? You got to be kidding! Regardless, if you really believe that then you need to do some more research on him. Go here: and here: for starters. That ought to be enough to get you started.

      • hungry4food4u

        why is Reagans Son Mike supporting NEWT ???

        • jreb

          He's a neo-con; always has been.

        • awakenow

          Unfortunately, jreb, you are correct.

    • Mo_Minute_Man

      Radicial hom* sec u als dont want marriage. They said so themselves. Their goal is to destroy the institution. Marriage is the very first instituion established by God. It has been the bedrock of every civilization for over 6,000 years. It is the basis to propegate and educate the next generation. to fight poverty, to promote civility and stability, etc. divorce and children out of wedlock are the greatest cause of poverty and crime in our culture. Without the family the government raises our children from daycare to college. Or should I say indoctrinate them. You should care about marriage. Especially if you say you love your country. Which I do not doubt. if you claim to be a tea party member, then you have the duty and responsibility to yourself and to the next generation to carefully investigate these allegations and determine whether they are true or not. Do not have a knee jerk reaction and defend your guy at all costs.

    • Larry

      I'm sorry but, can we really trust a man who cheats on his WIVES? I just can't get there. Moral fiber DOES make a difference. Look at all the other cheater politicians. If a guy can't keep his zipper up we don't need him. All politicians fudge facts somewhat, some more than others. No matter who the GOP nominates there will be some baggage. Romney and Paul are the best of the group. Gingrich is close to Obummer when it comes to outright lies. I don't trust the man. Do we really want another Bill Clinton or JFK in the White House? The distraction at this critical time would be just too great. I would rather have someone slow and plodding that we can count on instead of flashy and corrupt. Just a thought.

    • RobinforMitt

      Newt lies when he says he's the Reagan Candidate. Haven't you seen the videos of him saying that Reagan's policies with Russia are going to fail. Then Newt claims he and Reagan did it together. Newt is full of Lies. I think it is all he knows how to do well. Anyone who was in congress with him is saying he was awful and destroyed the party. He's still doing it. How can you think he is a conservative? He sides with Pelosi and against his party and is thrown out by his party. That is the most telling thing of all. Newt doesn't love his country. He would throw us under the bus if it meant he would look good doing it. He is only about himself. He makes me literally sick. Please wake up. WE have a truly patriotic candidate in Mitt. He loves America and will protect and make us what we should be which is not what Obama has been making us. Open your eyes and compare Newt and Mitt. Mitt is who we need!

  • Evaluator

    It might do well for ALL to Google search Romney/New World Order, and Gingreich/New World Order. Both are advocates of the NWO plot to suspend our constitution and go under U.N. rule. Along with the NWO is Agenda 21 in which you surrender to private property rights. I haven't checked on Rick Perry yet, but what we have for a choice of a decent president is getting more and more limited.
    BTW, I'm not a PaulBot.

    • Carol

      Whats a PaulBot? Is it a robot pretending to be human? Or is it a person who perfers a candidate? And where did this term PaulBot come from? Where did the term UNelectable come from?

  • upaces88

    He has made his point VERY clear on the Muslims in OUR Country. He is a friend to Israel.
    OUR Two major concerns can only happen when Obama is out of office.
    1) Get the Muslims OUT of Our White House; and stand up to them that we will NOT support them $$.
    2) Regardless of how you feel about him personally, he knows our history and his greatest desire is to see America going forward again.

  • upaces88

    Newt, NOT Romney.

  • Sama

    Personally, sick of BOTH parties!
    America needs The Tea Party worse than ever. (quick, before it becomes corrupt like the others)

  • Carol

    They are all fake. And when the GOP is finished showing how corrupt it is in the matter of the issues Ron Paul raises, perhaps Amercians will be ready to grow some backbone and be willing to start fresh with Ron Paul. I just dont know of anyone that likes these other guys and yet they are getting all the votes? Whos voting for them? The guys who count the votes????

    • awakenow

      Carol. We do need a very fresh start with a president who will truly serve We The People by protecting and adhering to our Constitution ... Ron Paul.

  • tina

    Yep! true to the word. Romney=aka obama. for more on these

  • david peacock

    As we speak a judge in Georgia is preparing the motion to remove Obimbo from the 2012 Presidential ballot;; it was PROVEN HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE pRESIDENT OF THESE United States of America;; hoop dee do; Massachusettes and Illinois as well as Alabama are going through the same process.

    • jreb

      That's all fine and good, but guess who they'll replace him with: Hitlery Rotten Klinton. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

      • david peacock

        WELL IT IS THE PRINCIPLE INVOLVED; HILARY WILL BE tainted as well; she had hiliary care same old same old lib domination ideology;; America is tired of the lib/progressive agenda it matters not who brings it to the table, WE THE PEOPLE will be free.

  • david peacock

    Call your Secretary of State and have them file the same motion, he is ineligible and the plaintiffs also proved he has used a stolen social security number to file his taxes.

  • david peacock

    NEWS FLASH "OMAM THROWN OFF GEORGIA'S 2012 BALLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    he is a rino no romney for me.

  • Diane

    Why not a list of things about Newt's non conservative record. Glen Beck has shown all along that Newt is a progressive. Newt was great in Congress but he is not reliable. Now he wants to start colony on the moon????. Fiscal conservative Romney knows this is ridiculous. How much spending would be involved. Newt and Romney are like the hare and the tortoise. Newt is quick but burns out. Romney is coming along getting better all the time. He worked with Dems in Mass, saved the Olymics and is a successfulbusinessman with no personal scandals. We all agree we have to beat O. Polls of all voters show Newt behind of the 4 candidates.

    • wittsend

      I like a lot of Glen Becks views......BUT.....of course he'd much rather have Mitt Romney in the White House...they're BOTH MORMANS. GOOGLE "WHITE HORSE PROPHESY" and see why the Mormans want a Morman for president. They want the whole United States to be Mormans. I DON'T WANT TO BE MUSLIM or MORMAN.
      I wonder which POLLs you have been reading? Not the same ones I have. If Mitt Romney was honest , he wouldn't be spreading all the LIES about Newt. There should be enough about Newt that he has admitted to without telling LIES, but that's exactly what ROMNEY IS DOING! He can't even remember which dirty ads he has approved!
      OBAMA and his team is already planning all the attacks on his Mormanism. ALL THE LEFT WANTS HIM TO GET THE NOMINATION! What does that tell you?

  • baryoboy

    He's just a good all i'm for me liberal or what ever. The good ONES i'm for AMERICA,ARE RUN OUT BY THE COMMIE NEWS PAPERS ,and the brain washed people go wright along.[ SAY GOOD NIGHT AMERICA]

  • JMcCarthy

    Gingrich is attacking Romney for being a Capitalist for his time at Bain. Why would a "Republican" attack another "Republican" for being a Capitalist? Answere, neither one is a true Republican let alone Conservative. What's going on is a dog and pony show, good cop bad cop RINO spectacle to sucker the voter's. As for Romney, a "republican" doesn't get elected in one of the most Socialist States in the country-Mass., without being a RINO!

  • Judyann

    Listened to Soros interview to, in his words, matter not to him, Obama or Romney...he can work with either one of them. All worried about Independents? Last poll shows 53% backing Gingrich. Romney was all rough and tumble last night but I guarantee, time to go up against Obama, Casper Milktoast will show up. Romney asked if Obama is a socialist, he went into a long song and dance what a nice guy Obama is, Newt answered with: no, his ideology more in line with a Marxist. Sorry, Romney will be an exact McCain/Obama repeat performance. Obama said, "they bring a knife, we bring a gun" and believe me, Obama is looking forward to Romney bringing that knife to his gun fight. Gingrich will bring what ever weapon necessary. He has proven himself capable of extraordinary conservative advancements in government. So successful was he, no wonder Nancy Pelosi had every claw out for him...they had to neutralize hiim how ever they could. Unfortunately,instead of his fellow republicans backing him up, they stuck a knife in his back, bailed on him all for their own self survival. Certainly wasn't country first, that's for sure.

  • rosco2

    A great Gingrich read on how he TWISTS the truth:

  • rosco2

    Special weekend read about the real gingrich twists:

  • bob

    Romney told his true colors last night when he told us he can't handle his own afairs when it comes to money----he has to hire someone===i do not want big time businessman that admitted he can't handle his own affairs === why would anyone like him as President??? Romney is plant by Obummer and the liberal gang.

    • rosco2

      Do you have a hearing problem? Romney clearly stated he hired someone via a blind trust BECAUSE he wanted to have NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST of his finances...

      And yes, I and "MILLIONS" of others want him for President bob. He'll surprise you - how truly conservative he is dude !

  • Mo_Minute_Man

    Back when there were still eight (8) Republican candidates, I warned everyone (not sure what forum) that Mittens and Eye of the Newt were both big government guys. Both are perfectly willing to impose the government's will on the citizens, whether state or federal. Both of them see solutions coming from government, not people. We are down to one last conservative left. To-wit: Santorum. Is he perfect? No. But he is a far better selection than the other two. We have one problem. Santorum is running out of money. If you are a fiscal and social and national security conservative, I challenge all of you to put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, we deserve what we get. The problem with the primaries is my guys are gone by time I get to vote. We need to start using all of this energy everyone here seems to have and push for a national primary.

  • Biggun

    Romney is not and never will be a conservative, he is liberal to the core, and if he wins the nomination, nothing will change in Washington. But if Newt Gingrich ,who is the ONLY true conservative, wins, he will turn this country back to what is was before Obama and even better, And he CAN also easly beat Obama !

  • Bigghead

    if the argument continues on the basis of Obama's birthplace, Obama will win.
    If the argument is on the authority of any Court to remove a sitting president, for any reason, Obama will win.
    However, if the argument is on Obama being a "natural born citizen" based on the case previously decided by the Supreme Court, when it set the standard on what a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN" IS~~ and if the argument is predicated on the claim that Barack Obama cannot be a candidate for the 2012 Race, then there is a good chance that he will be disqualified. However, considering the 9th circuit appeals court is the reviewing federal court~ this could be a waste of time. However, since this is a "states rights' issue, that only affect the citizens of California. The appeals court could have no standing to hear the case.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I have been following the trial in Georgia regarding the eligibility of B.H.Obama for president on the Georgia Ballots. What most people are failing to see is that everyone is looking at this guy from his current position as president. Even he and his attorneys says that this court does not have standing to order the (president) or his attorneys to appear. Or, to state cause. This case is not about the current president. It is about any candidate applying for standing, in the state of Georgia, to have their name on the ballot. In this case, Mr. Obama missed the point. Presently, he is a candidate, no more and no less. His current position plays no role in the judge's decision.

    Running parallel to the case in Georgia I have the following position.
    The way to win the argument involving Obama~ is to put Romney at risk. This way, the argument is not about just one guy.

    In Georgia~~

    Oddly enough, if the judge rules against Mr. Obama, as some feel he might. Then his ruling will not only affect Mr. Obama, but it could affect Mitt Romney, if he becomes the republican nominee. Mr. Romney's father was born in Mexico. Although, he later, became a US Citizen and held high public office, this same situation could very well affect Mr. Romney.

    • wittsend

      I think, if I'm not mistaken...that Romneys grandparents were in Mexico, but had not given up their US citizenship when Mitt's father was born, thereby making Romney's father born to 2 US Citizens.....TOO BAD!

  • auntiecoosa

    Is Obama a Gramsci Alinsky Socialist?

  • Skeeter

    Rommey is a moderate, make no mistake about it. If you want to know what a person will do in the future look at what they did in the past. Rommey was a moderate when he was Governor. He will be a moderate if elected President. Look at what his actions instead of listening to his words. Words come easy, action not so easy. Rommey is telling an huge number of untruths just like Obama did in A huge number of people are buying into Rommey's untruths just like they did with Obama's untruths .Reason GOP establshment is backing Rommey is because McCain and company are moderates. They know Rommey will keep the status quo. They do not want any changes made to thier world. McCain and company along with Rommey could care less about your world. I for one will not vote for a President if Rommey wins Republican nomination. I will vote for all other offices. Both the House and Senate must be controlled by conservatives or the country loses.

  • Silas Longshot

    Let's also consider the 200 page dirt bomb that McCain, before he became Romney's new pal and was running against him, dug up on this Plastic Man the elite are pushing on us.
    Here's the top 50:

    Click the name, see the website, prepare now.

  • MalikTous

    Romneycare and the Taxachusetts Curse are Romney's boat anchors and millstones. While I'm for LBGT rights, I don't like his implementation - Massachusetts is a disgrace. I can't stand government health care outside the military and limitted subsidies. I can't stand how this twit sucks up th the liberals. I'd like to see a Constitution Party or Libertarian get the election, but getting rid of that filthy cæsar wannabe in the Whitehouse and his entire fake administration is a top order right now. Impeach or Refuse to re-elect!

  • Susan

    This is the biggest bunch of BS I've seen in a long time and I won't be seeing anymore when I unsubscribe to this blog. Did anyone bother to read the supporting documents?? The one I read dated back to 2007 and most of the trash was from 1994. It was hear say from some idiot journalist and was pure inuendo. I thought better of this site than that.

    Newt is a big-government, inside the beltway scam artist that had some good ideas and let a little success go to his head. He hasn't seen a federal government program he couldn't 'Fix' and if there's a problem with no program - he's got a 'model' to solve it - he's too smart by half!

    I've been in the tea party movement since I volunteer to work at the Washington March 9/2009 - and I'm not for any candidate that attacks capitalism and business success.

  • Patrick Henry

    Let me see. Ultra-Conservative Ann Coulter said on TV a few days ago that Romney is the most Conservative of all the remaining candidates and Gingrich is the most Liberal!

    • wittsend

      YEAH.....she's been saying that for a long time.....DOES THAT MAKE IT RIGHT? OF COURSE NOT!!!!

  • JMcCarthy

    A "republican", Romney, doesn't get elected to any office in Massachusetts, one of the most Socialist states in the country, without being a RINO. Mitt is doing exactly what Bubba Clinton did when he ran for president, talk like a Conservative and govern like a Liberal once elected. If THIS has to be "moderated before appearing in public" I would like to know why!

  • carolandv

    Yes, we have religious freedom in this country and I am not discussing Mitt's freedom to choose any religion his little heart desires. But and that is the big BUT...when one of the most important decisions a person can make in his lifetime is made--and with adequate varifiable information--incorrectly, do we really want a president to represent OUR choices and make the same bad decisions for us?

    After all who doesn't know that the Mormon "religion" is a cult...this is not news anymore!

  • D.C.

    I have yet to hear Romney say one bad thing about Romneycare.

  • Cliff Richardson

    I'm an old 86 yr. old WW 2 and Korea Vet. When I read some of the comments of you young people, I wonder where in the hell you come up with this stuff. Does it come from those young (teaching what they read out of a book) professors in college ?
    Voting in this country should be narrowed to those who can pass an IQ test....Prisoners should not be able to vote. If you are a welfare recipient, you can't vote. When they passed the age qualification to 18 yr. olds...that was a disaster...18 yr. olds are
    interested in social functions and finding a mate....not politics. I was 23 yrs. old when I voted for Harry Truman. Even then , I questioned my qualifications to make an informed decision. It costs tens of millions of dollars to run for dog catcher anymore.
    Politics and money are intertwined which has rottened the system. Our country is in one helluva shape and if we don't change the political climate in Washington and the present administration, we are not going to afford to spend $180,000. per hour to fly this spoiled brat around the world.
    May God intervene and bless our beloved country.
    Cliff R.

  • James Fontana

    Romney is not the man for the job. He is too much like the idiot we now have in office. I don't know which would be worse four more years of the idiot or four years of Romney. It is unfortunate we do not have a good man (or woman) to put up against Obama. This sounds crazy but Geoge Bush can run again. The constitution says no more than two consecutive terms. Mr. Bush has sat out a term and is now eligible to run. In my opinion he has seen enough and learned enough to give Obummer a real whipping. ( believe me the thought of running again has crossed Bill Clintons mind)

  • Patroit John

    Romney is the candidate that the Media Left wingers want to run against Obama because they know they can help Romney LOSE. The Media will shove Romney's Mormonism up his ass AGAIN, and use Romney's healthcare plan against him to counter any charges against Obamacare.BUT, why the hell are we letting the Media drive all of the infighting among Republican candidates? this is designed to poisen the minds of all Republican candidates in the minds of the voters. The Media ALWAYS does this. All of us, especially the Republican candidates should be focusing on Obama and his total failure as a president, and if we can SCREW the Media in the process that would be nice. One last question, why does the Republican candidates or any of us need the approval of the Media and why do we let them control the debates or anything else. The Media is on the top of America's enemies list, in my opinion. Anyone but Obama, yes!, Santorum looks like he has the least baggage for the Media to harp on so lets get behing him and get rid of Obama, the America hater.

    • Sam Fox

      Patriot John, They want Romney 1st, Newt 2nd or Rick 3rd. All 3 are big govt stooges.

      The big govt establishment is hedging their bets with these 3 clowns. They know 0 has little chance of winning because of his record, in spite of fringe media support. Also the Georgia qualification thing will hurt 0.

      The other 3 are like what John Manchurian McCain was last time. Insurance to be sure that if the right R wins [Mitt, Newt or Rick] they will still have their sock puppet in the WH.

      Ron Paul is the only one outside the establishment big govt loving R & D box. Ron has a some 30 year "Return to the Constitution" message that he has not flip flopped on. Ron Paul = the only true conservative running.

      Here is a bit on Rick. OHHHH Rickky!! You got some splainin to do!

      Santorum rails on freedom & individualism.

      Rick said:

      “One of the criticisms I make is to what I refer to as more of a Libertarianish right.

      They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low, that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues. {ARE YOU KIDDING ME???}

      That is not how traditional conservatives view the world. There is no such society that I’m aware of, where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.” Hear Rick's own words from the video in the above link. This idiotic comment alone should get Santorum bounced. Rick is diametrically opposed to Ron Paul's freedom & liberty message.

      Santorum's nephew goes for Ron Paul:


  • JMcCarthy

    Rainbows and puppy dogs. testing to see if this "needs" to be moderated.

  • Bill

    I have been saying all the while that Romney is just Obama in a different wrapper!!! He to is a socialist!

  • dnlchisholm

    Holy cow! You just got exposed for at least 13 deceptions from this piece. Why not lose the bias next time?

  • charles hyslop


  • giley

    No candidate is perfect and they all tell half thruths or lies to support their candidacy but the number one goal is to make sure that Obama is not longer in the White House come January 2013. We will be getting rid of the most polorizing and radical president in US history. Let the best man win.

  • Robert M. Anderson

    In a sense it does not matter; anyone less liberal than Obama is a better choice for the Presidency; if that is Romney, so be it. He does, after all, know how businesses run; he has actually worked in life, something Obama never has done (and still doesn't). The key thing will be having a Republican Presidential candidate who appeals to INDEPENDENT voters. I can not overemphasize how important that will be, since they will decide the election, and getting Obama out of office is the PRIMARY GOAL. After all, once in office, Romney will be brought up to speed by the more conservative base. Would you rather Romney, for example, nomimates a Supreme Court Justice or two, or Obama? If the House and Senate repeal Obamacare, Romney will sign it. These are more important issues than whether he is a pure conservative or not. In my case, he is nowhere near pro-gun enough; but that STILL makes him better than Obama. BEAT OBAMA IS THE KEY MESSAGE.