Ehud Barak Believes Iran Is Not Building a Nuclear Bomb

Ehud Barak is the Minister of Defense of Israel, and by far the most hawkish of all the cabinet members. While the rest of the cabinet believe that even if Iran had the bomb, the Iranian government will act rationally, Barak believes that if Iran had the bomb, Israel should deal with it by a massive air attack against Iranian nuclear facilities. The key word here is “if.” If, Iran had the bomb, or planned to build it.

But does Barak believe the Iranian government has decided to build a nuclear bomb? Judge from his own words. The following is an interview he gave last week to Israeli army radio:

Question: Is it Israel’s judgment that Iran has not yet decided to turn its nuclear potential into weapons of mass destruction?

Barak: … [C]onfusion stems from the fact that people ask whether Iran is determined to break out from the control [inspection] regime right now … in an attempt to obtain nuclear weapons or an operable installation as quickly as possible. Apparently that is not the case.…

Question: How long will it take from the moment Iran decides to turn it into effective weapons until it has nuclear warheads?

Barak: I don’t know; one has to estimate.… Some say a year, others say 18 months. It doesn’t really matter. To do that, Iran would have to announce it is leaving the [UN International Atomic Energy Agency] inspection regime and stop responding to IAEA’s criticism, etc.

Why haven’t they [the Iranians] done that? Because they realize that … when it became clear to everyone that Iran was trying to acquire nuclear weapons, this would constitute definite proof that time is actually running out. This could generate either harsher sanctions or other action against them. They do not want that.

Question: Has the United States asked or demanded that the government inform the Americans in advance, should it decide on military action?

Barak: I don’t want to get into that. We have not made a decision to opt for that, we have not decided on a decision-making date. The whole thing is very far off.…

Question: You said the whole thing is “very far off.” Do you mean weeks, months, years?

Barak: I wouldn’t want to provide any estimates. It’s certainly not urgent. I don’t want to relate to it as though tomorrow it will happen.

So, again the question we need to ask is this: Is the war-mongering of our neocon politicians really helping our ally Israel? If their Prime Minister said that they don’t need our help to defend them, and if their most hawkish cabinet member says that Iran has decided to not build the bomb, why is there still war-mongering?



About Bojidar Marinov
A Reformed missionary to his native Bulgaria for over 10 years, Bojidar preaches and teaches doctrines of the Reformation and a comprehensive Biblical worldview. Having founded Bulgarian Reformation Ministries in 2001, he and his team have translated over 30,000 pages of Christian literature about the application of the Law of God in every area of man’s life and society, and published those translations online for free. He has been active in the formation of the Libertarian movement in Bulgaria, a co-founder of the Bulgarian Society for Individual Liberty and its first chairman.
  • icouldahad

    This is rather amazing commentary. I think the warmongering is more a ploy to abrogate our nature rights through passage of legislation like the unPatriot Act, Military Commissions Act, NDAA and used to expand the presence of the TSA and make money for the military industrial complex than it is a way to keep America informed. What is just as bad is that the warmongering is married to the fear mongering. I am truly disgusted when I read comments where people say things like, "The TSA goons can touch me wherever they want if it keeps me safe." The obsession the neocons have with war must end. We have a Dept of Defense, not a Dept of Offense.

  • Myrtlelinder

    I think it would be very rash of Israel to discount the idea that Iran is not armed to the teeth. I believe Israel would be their first target and they needs to be very aware of this. To think that Iran would act rationally is also taking great chances????????

    • tricky

      Don't you think it would be very rash of us to discount Israel's opinion and intelligence?

      • Myrtlelinder

        I am not saying Israel is rash, read the comment, again. I said that if, not they are doing this. Israel knows exactly what the is doing, She is taking all precautions to protect, herself, far more than you can even imagine!!.

      • Myrtlelinder

        ABSOLUTELY. i think that Israel is ready for Iran.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Or are they just giving disinformation because of Obama which makes a lot more sense.

  • Ben

    "Ehud Barak is the Minister of Defense of Israel, and by far the most hawkish of all the cabinet members"

    This is a huge lie. Anything following is based on it.

    • ellen

      I dont trust Ehud Barak. I think he should be removed from Israel office. Too anti Jewish.

  • NoPaulNoPork

    You, Bojidar Marinov are an anti-semite.
    "War-mongering Neo-cons" indeed.

  • awakenow

    Apparently there are those on this site who believe that they know far more than Israel knows about Iran and its nuclear aspirations.

    Simply, unbelievable.

    Btw, the link below is to a speech last May to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Bebe Netanyahu informing us that Israel does not need the United States to defend them. Israel wants us to let them do whatever it is they need to in order to defend themselves and exactly as Ron Paul would allow them to do.

    Listen to Netanyahu.

  • dockyWocky

    For all I know, Ehud Barak could be a moslem engaged in the typical islamic virtues of deceit and misleading everyone, too. Any culture that OKs deceit any time they feel the need is the last culture to trust - especially since the Iranians seem to love deception and have an unusual aversion to Joos.

    I would not recommend using the UN International Atomic Energy Agency inspection, or inspectors, as ANY determinant as to whether Iran is building the bombs or not. The only way to check is to put the boots on the factory floor and look around.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    I have heard a great deal of Mossad and others not worried about Iran. Give me a break Israel will not publish articles or have their people give the left wing media fodder to attack them. They are worried very much about Iran but, will not show their hand until they actually do some thing any who thinks differently might want to look in history for the word diversion watch the right hand so you do not know what the left is doing. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and what is really going on . Are you people really so stupid?????

    • awakenow

      Jonathan, no, we are not "so stupid."

      Some of us, actually do more than go around parroting those who are continually beating the drum wars, once again. Some of us actually do their own research and provide links to our research so that others may get differing viewpoints.

      Most importantly, some of us and hopefully more and more every day, are actually using some critical thinking skills as we form opinions that go against the establishment two-party system ... as we select and pledge to support our political candidates that stand in support of the Constitution and against Big Government and its authority over us ... like Ron Paul.

      Btw, Gingrich is trying to pass himself off as an anti-establishment kinda guy. Come on. Gingrich is the poster child for the Washington D.C. insider, establishment, class hell bent on growing the federal government and increasing our tax dollars to pay for it. Just ask his couch sitting partner and co-sponsor of 418 bills ... Nancy Pelosi.

      Hey, Jonathan. Have you ever Googled "Gingrich and The Third Wave?" If not, you really should.

      • Jonathan Gartner

        I smell a Paul bot and I have some skin in the game. As for support for the Constitution Paul reads very nicely no morals or ethics in his reading however very amoral and very dangerous. For example lets have drugs and they will do no more damage oh really child abuse and spousal abuse is directly connected to drugs along with they would still have to pay for them more people on drugs means more robbery

        • awakenow

          Jonathan, please stop parroting Bill O'Really. Dr. Ron Paul brought some 4,000 new lives into this world practicing as an obstetrician prior to becoming a congressman. As a doctor and someone who has always been solidly pro-life, Dr. Ron Paul values life and the protection of it.

          Ron Paul isn't advocating the use and abuse of drugs at all. In fact, if you had ever really listened to him, you would know that he wishes no one would use either drugs. But, he does not believe that the federal government should have the authority to tell you, or anyone else, what they put into their own body.

          He believes that there is absolutely no provision in the Constitution which grants the federal government this tremendous power over the individual. Rather, he believes this should be a state issue and, by extension, an issue voted on by the people living in that state.

          I would like to add that alcohol is very addictive and often leads to spouse abuse and abuse of children. In addition, many fatal car wrecks are caused by drunk drivers ... far more than from those resulting from drugs. Yet, alcohol is legal and I believe that most conservatives would rise up against any attempt by the federal government to bring back Prohibition.

          Yes, drugs equals crime ... there is a lot of money to be made by drug trafficking, or the drug lords, mafia, wouldn't be interested. It is precisely because these drugs are illegal, that makes them so valuable. The War on Drugs is a failure and it has cost this country close to 4 TRILLION dollars and there is no end in sight.

        • awakenow

          ... he wishes no one would use drugs.

  • BOTK

    This article is nothing more than an article defending Ron Paul's liberal "non-interventionist" views while trying to avoid mentioning his name. (I put "non-interventionist" in quotes because there is no such thing. Either you're an isolationist, which Ron Paul is because he is a big supporter of tarriffs, or you're interventionist. There's nothing in between)

    • Jonathan Gartner

      And of course your article was two thumbs down I put one up at least beware of the Paul bots they are as insane as their great leader Uncle Ron

  • slickmick

    Why was my last comment deleted???


    i think you better take another look.

  • 1599

    This is a good commentary. It is clear, to any rationaly thinking person, that Iran is not working on a nuclear weapons program. Between the IAEA and the many spies and intelligent gathering devices, we would know about such a program.

    Even if they were seeking to weaponize their technology, and they could fairlky quickly if the need arose, Israel would be safe from an attack because of the Palestinians. If Iran planned to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth, with nuclear weapons, as some of the politicians are stating, wouldn't the Palestinians be in an uproar? Wouldn't the Palestinians unite with Israel to prevent such madness?

    I believe that Israel is concerned about the future. It plans to drive all of the Palestinians out of Israel. We see this trrough new settlements, stripping Israeli citizenship from arab Israelis, the harsh treatment of the Palestinisns and other inhumaine acts. When the Palestinians are gone then, yes, Israel would be open to such an attack by a nuclear armed neighbor. It's this future that is unseen by the majority of the people.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Actually according to several intell reports they are operating in a compartmentalized enviroment makes it harder to know exactly what and where and how far. Newt is correct in the assumption that Palestinians are a made up people look at the history of the region. Right now a Arab Israeli has more rights in Israel than any where else in the region. You also assume that Iran is a rational regieme like that of the old Soviet Union they are not they are driven by religion which in itself its whacko read the quran some times not the english version but one in Arabic or perhaps an early Farsi version

  • Dan

    The position of the United States should be, in my opinion, one of a simple policy. Iran, and the rest of the world, should be advised that we, the United States, will come to the aid of Israel in case of nuclear emergency and we will utterly destroy any nation that threatens Israel or the United States period!

    Radical states like Iran need to be reminded the US is the one expert in nuclear weapons and will not hesitate to prove it as we have before. We are the ones with the advantage having used them not once but twice to destroy our enemy! It is not wise to overly provoke the giant or pay dearly for it.

  • Eli Jones

    With all due respect to Mr Marinov, Ehud Barak is not considered to be a hawk in Israel. I used to post regularly in The Jerusalem Post and many of the Jews posting there felt that BIbi is much more hawkish. However, Israel is surrounded by a sea of hostile Muslims and is a land under constant siege so you can figure that any Jew of Israel can be a Hawk if necessary. That said, I am also a Hawk when it concerns Israel's survival. Am Yisrael Chai

    • awakenow

      Yes, Bibi Netanyahu is indeed very hawkish. This is well known.

      Interestingly, I have read via the Jerusalem Post that Jews are nearly split as to whether Israel should take make a preemptive strike against Iran.

      Ron Paul believes that Israel is a sovereign nation and, as such, has the right to take any action it deems necessary in order to protect itself and to ensure its survival. Ron Paul would not interfere in any decision Israel makes in this regard.

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