‘Monumental': America’s National Treasure Resides in Our Homes, Not the White House

Hard for me to imagine, but I am now 41. Amazing. It seems like yesterday my poofy mullet and parachute pants were all the rage, and Prince had a #1 hit on the radio. Now I’m married to the most beautiful woman, raising six children, and living the American dream. Our country has changed so much since my days of fighting with Carol and Ben on TV. America has always been known as “the land of the free” and “the home of the brave.” It’s the richest, freest nation the world has ever seen. Everyone wants to live here. But as I look around, I’m left with a sinking feeling that America is losing her way. Big time. The soul of our country is sick, and history shows me we are headed for disaster if we don’t change course now.

I’ve been looking around for answers, but all I hear is noise. Everyone is pointing fingers at the Left or the Right, blaming Hollywood or Capitol Hill. Time is flying by too quickly for petty arguments. My children’s future won’t wait. I’ve got to do something now.

Here’s my hunch: Could it be that we have simply forgotten what made us such a great nation in the first place? So many people are waiting around for our leaders to come up with a grand plan to save our nation. But is that really how America got started? What if things actually work the other way around? What if real change doesn’t start at the top but at the bottom? What if the best place to begin transforming our country is not the Oval Office but the dinner table?

For the past year and a half, I’ve been making a film called “Monumental,” and I am thrilled to announce that it’s coming to theaters on March 27. We are creating a live, one-night national event in 500 theaters where audiences can experience a monumental moment together. Then we will release the film in theaters in select cities, while providing helpful new resources to families, churches, and schools who want to go further with what they’ve experienced in the film.

In the film I retrace the footsteps of our Founders from England to America in the hope of discovering our true “national treasure.” I wanted to listen to them, to learn from them. Our forefathers knew we were a forgetful people, that someday we would lose our way as a nation. So they left us “maps” that would guide us back to the source of America’s success. What I discovered is amazing! This is one of the most important journeys of my life. America is worth fighting for, and so are our families. We can still be a “city upon a hill,” but we need to work together. With God’s help, we can turn this thing around. It’s been said, “Footprints in history are not made sitting down,” and I couldn’t agree more. I hope that our children will mark this moment as the turning point when we stood up, came together, and reclaimed the true national treasure of America.



  • Jean

    Why does this have to be only in "select" theaters? That normally means my smaller city will be left out. :(

    • The Godfather

      Trying to get a film in theaters the usual way costs millions of dollars. If you know someone who has millions of dollars I'll be glad to contact Kirk and let him know that he can go forward with a major theatrical release.

      • VirgoVince

        HOW do I get rid of that annoying little pop-up box in the lower right corner of my screen????

        • BornInTheUSA

          There's a little + sign in the top right corner. Click it and at least reduce the size of the annoyance.

        • VirgoVince

          Thanks, but have not seen that + sign, only a question mark, which enlarges it!!
          OK, Godfather, where are YOU when WE need you??

  • Popdru

    Hope it will make its way to DVD or TV also. I would like to see this movie.
    I am on oxygen 24/7, have a bad back. My wife is very hard of hearing. The variation in noise level in a theater is very uncomfortable for either of us. Consequently we quit attending theaters years ago. (We had only been going to select 'Christian Movies' even before that.
    Thanks, Kirk, for making this type of movie.
    God Bless all of you who support America!

    • BornInTheUSA

      God Bless you, too, Popdru & Mrs. - Americans!

  • http://www.rightsideuppress.com Tim

    For a really great take on how our republic was designed to work, and what it is going to take to restore it, read "Turning America Right Side Up". It is a free eBook. http://www.rightsideuppress.com

    • Evaluator

      Thanks for the reference. I sent the link to my brothers and sister for them and their children to read. We all really need to double down (to use Obama's words) on our constitution and it's founders. It's a great read, and we'll all learn something from it.

  • Jerry f.

    True the National treasure is in our homes,but we need to keep the raticals ,like we got now,out of the White House our the National Treasure will be gone.

  • VirgoVince

    HOW do I get rid of that annoying little pop-up box in the lower right corner of my screen????

    • Jonathan Gartner

      I agree every once in a while it will allow you to opt out

      • VirgoVince

        Thanks, but that hasn't been the case!!
        OK, Godfather, where are YOU when WE need you??

  • Maxine

    I have them pop ups in the corner of my scrren to I have tryed to get rid of them and cant

    • BornInTheUSA

      There is a little + sign in top right corner. Click it to at least reduce the annoyance.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    And the reflection of the true American life always will be by the individual. The reflection that is often seen by others however is that seen in our elected officails and how they conduct themselves. The Obamas have little or no morals or ethics shown by their disrespect for this nation in so many ways. The longer they are in the White House the worse it will get and on their way out check for the silver would you I would not put anything pass them remember the Clintons and when they left????


    IF this is a good film it certainly should be shown in all theaters. It is very UNFAIR not to let everyone who wants to see it--have a chance. MAYBE A TV SPOT would be a good place to view-- THERE ARE SO FEW GOOD MOVIES NOWDAYS--WE NEVER GO. It is no wonder the youth of our country are causing problems--IT IS WHAT THEY HAVE TO LOOK AT EVERYDAY on tv and video . THANKS MOSTLY TO HOLLYWOOD AND THEIR GREED FOR MONEY.

    • jhd

      PLEASE!!! Not the UNFAIR cry again!!!

      Hey, I'm 78 years old and will not go to these trashy movies in the theatre anymore but you can bet your bottom dollar i can find a way to see something good like this! Stop crying and do something for yourself!

      • BornInTheUSA

        Several years ago, Andy Warhol said he could make Americans pay to see trash. He kept mooning us, and he was right. PC was just starting and the "in crowd" had to ooo and ahhh louder than each other to be thought of as the intelligentsia. Rightfully should be called The Emperor's Fine Clothes Club. PC is the reason Hollywood can and does follow Warhol's bet.
        Because most movies are now trash, many of us simply trash them. TV has squeezed the morals out of their programs too. Even commercials are ignorant and crude, providing no product information just hype and personality. Ask your provider to permanently run The Waltons, and Mayberry for starters. Also, bring back The Honeymooners, Carol Burnette, I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke shows, including Diagnosis Murder. All had some humanity and encouragement and honesty. We are desperate for human comedy. TV has too many bloody corpses and so-called good guys dressed in body armor and black that separates them from any humanity they are supposedly dealing with. Such a downer. Lack of creativity and intelligence, only brainwashing going on.

    • BornInTheUSA

      There are rare, good movies. One was Michael Clayton with George Clooney. Shows attitudes and personalities inside those marble & stainless steel skyscraper corporation buildings and how they operate to various degrees in all too many cases. Greed, willingness to destroy their own countrymen and children with agricultural lies and do so without a second thought. To realize those types came out of our brainwashing universities should at least shake the shoulder of the viewer. When the Federal government controls education, it totally controls your children and the attitudes they develop. If you give a good care, then elect Ron Paul as President and he will close the pervert occupied Dept. of Education and give the responsibility and oversight back to each State where parents and citizens will know what is going on, and can hold the reins to direct the path. Say it. President Ron Paul. Sounds good. Sounds right.


    ‘Monumental’: America’s National Treasure Resides in Our Homes, Not the White House

    What you find in Washington, DC might be a national treasure if one is a dung beetle.

  • Fred Hammel

    The only way we will rebuild this country is to back to the family and the Constitution. We must put men back to work, and mothers rearing their children( full time ). Before 1972 , the year mothers stayed in the workforce after having there babies, the inflation rate was 2 percent per year( 1700 thru 1972), after 1972 the inflation rate has been 15 percent. Every country except the United states, are run by a national government. Our founding Fathers gave us a Country of Sovereign States, meaning independent . The States form the federal government, and they had a role, all listed in Article one of the Constitution. There has been a push since President Wilson to eliminate State Sovereignty and be like Europe.

    • http://jaderevelation.disqus.com Rosemarytearoom

      That means getting involved: Take back our government by electing our leaders and not having them selected and presented to us for validation. Learn the Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE's rights and authority under it. Stop being afraid to recall or impeach leaders who assume dictatorial powers. Rebuild our families. Take back our responsibility as parents and never relinquish authority over our children. Put God first in our lives- exercise all rights granted under the First Amendment: Freedom of worship, speech, assembly and to pursue happiness. Never allow any group to come to OUR nation and trample our sovereignty- we pledge allegiance, salute and fly our American flag at will. When WE THE PEOPLE grow up and refuse to be treated like children or slaves America will be TAKEN BACK / RESTORED to status of greatest faith based nation in the world. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

      • sootsme

        Start in community caucus and precinct meetings, and support those who are known in real life to be moral, upright examples of what citizenship and leadership are supposed to be. Reject all those, R or D, incumbents & newbies alike who espouse anything other than strict individual responsibility, a strong work ethic, adherence to our US and State Constitutions, and recognition of the Sovereignty of each and every Citizen. Learn about the Tenth Amendment movement to restore States' Rights, and about Jury Nullification, whereby jurors are permitted to vote "not guilty" regardless of the letter of the law or any judges' orders otherwise, when said juror's sense of justice requires such a vote in order for true justice to be served...

    • Evaluator

      Well said Fred!!!

  • Soy Milk

    "We must put men back to work, and mothers rearing their children( full time )."

    You're so "old fashioned." The 1950s are long gone.

    • Evaluator

      Soy Milk, I have to fully agree with Fred. I spent my youth in the 50's. No drugs, minimal crime, one wage earner families, full time mothers, etc. Now the push (and probably the need if your "greedy" enough) to "have to have" the biggest house on the block, a boat, a summer home, brand new cars, a nanny to raise your children for you, on, and on, and on. The happiest family I ever knew lived next door to me about 5 years ago. They had 6 kids, two older model cars, and a fixer upper house. The kids were always neat, clean, respectful, and VERY well mannered. It was obvious by their scholastic achievement in school (all were on the honor rolls) that the mother spent the time to help them in their school homework. The parents were beacons of the community. (I said BEACONS,not DEACONS)
      Whatever they lacked in material goods was more than made up for by the love and respect the entire family received from each other, as well as the neighborhood and community in general. If anyone ever needed a helping hand, a community committee or drive needed a volunteer, they were there to lend a hand. In stark contrast, some of the more affluent neighbors who had everything their hearts desired, (although it took two full time working spouses) they all seemed to end up with their children in jail for vandalism, drugs, income tax problems, as well as illegitimate grandchildren and cheating spouses. It seems as if their "materialism" led the way to moral decay. You only get one chance to raise your children into model citizens, and in this period of "me first", that is rarely happening. Once the children were properly raised, and on their own, the parents of the "50's" could make time for themselves, but until that time, they felt their responsibility was to family and community. I grew up in the "50's, and I really miss "that" America. I had a fabulous childhood as well, and I feel that I'm a happy, responsible, law abiding citizen. If we could go back to "that" America, I would be overjoyed.

      • BornInTheUSA

        Fred, Rosemary, Evaluator, Joyceann, you are very important people who are keeping truth in front and not letting the commies rewrite history... the history of the times you lived through and will defend. They were sooo good. As a kid you could leave your bike on the front lawn Friday evening as you went into the house for a nice supper made by your mom. Next morning you could take a towel and go wipe the dew off your bike and take off for a Saturday morning scouting around the neighborhood with friends, returning to do some chores and have lunch. Never a thought that your bike wasn't safe in the front yard or that you weren't safe exploring the neighborhood with pals. The key is that mom was the front door guard and protected all contents. It was the best job in the world and they were loved and trusted by their children and husband. There was a well known adage that has been redacted from our history. The Hand that Rocks The Cradle Rules The World. It was true. If women want to be important and do something effective for their country, they can do no better than to stay at home until children graduate from high school and participate in the children's school, social, athletic, musical, other activities and create a loving safe home environment. A place to start now, is to elect Ron Paul as President. He will close the Dept of Ed and send those perverts to the unemployment line, and give the responsibility back to the States where it was when it worked so well and parents, citizens, knew what was happening and had control. Let's do it. For sure you know that O can't stay, that Newt & Mitt are in it for the money and power, and Santorum, Newt & Mitt are scrambling to kiss up Jews in Florida for votes... all 3 promising to fight Iran with our troops on behalf of Israel. Paul says if things are done right we won't need to fight anybody's wars and can fight to hold our border which should be what those other 3 talk about instead of kissy kissy Jews.

    • Sue

      My question to you is why would anyone want to put their most precious commodities namely children in the hands of complete strangers? No matter how well meaning why would you want someone else's thoughts, practices and disciplines put on your child? It still boggles the mind.

  • Old Vet

    If the folks in Georgia think Obama is not worthy of being on their ballot, Why in blazes would anybody else think he is? Dump the dummy... Go American!!!

  • Joyceann

    What wrong with old fashioned? It worked. There was a few places we were wrong and we rectified it but on the whole, right was right and wrong was wrong - it still is but when we stray from our values we suffer as a nation. We can update to the age we live in but we've thrown virtues away. Honesty is no longer good - liars get the worm - Respect is gone because it is all about me me me and Responsibility is gone because we don't own up to ourselves - we blame somebody else. Gree and Corruption flourish and nobody cares enough to do anything. America was good people doing good - she won't be again until her people are good again.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Rome fell because its legions depended on foreign auxiliaries. (Re: mercenaries). We haven't come to that yet.

    • RW-in-DC

      Oh? Do you realize how many people are in our Armed Forces to become citizens?

  • heylittlefox

    Put this film on the iTunes Store!

  • krissy Hiller

    This is some of the best news ive heard in a long time,..there are many of us fighting for these exact beliefs,..but how many are starting to late to help the children that didnt learn any of this,..Thats the lost generation they were hoping for ,.. and the generation that we are fighting against now,..just look at the lack of motivated children and Occupy dirty wallstreeters that never had a stitch of correct history due to the Lame public corrupt schooling,..Go back to your roots and Family America,..Thats our Treasure,..Morals,..Values ,..dignity and Itegrity...that will inturn breed Honor.

  • Mike

    America will not start the healing process until the Progressive Socialists are defeated and sent packing. They have corrupted everything in the government and our schools and much of our business.

  • Peter

    I think Kirk's point is to focus on what is truely important because it has the biggest impact over the long term. Training your children and having a well run home fits the bill. When you do that you have a greater effect on society. Things won't really change on the national political level untill it does at the grass roots (family) level.

  • skai

    Time to wake up and fight back, or else you are doomed by this lot http://www.blip.tv/file/1382254

  • skai

    Please also see this and wake up. http://www.livestream.com/ideacity/video?ClipId=f... Or google Tarek Fatah

  • mayflower11

    Our family is a descendant of both Francis Cooke and John Alden, both on the Mayflower. We have studied our family tree and found relatives who fought in the Wars that established this country. By having the roots to the beginning of a new country we have studied why this happened not just that it happened. I believe that our forefathers are turning in their graves as to what this country has become. It saddens me to see what they fought for, some to their deaths, are being trampled on now. We as a people need to read and study this country's history, understand the liberties they fought for, and why they did what they did. I hope this movie does them proud.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1629755371 Toni Gaudiosi

     Good Morning America, A joy filled heart and a happy smile to all My American Friends !!!!

     on Life's busy thoroughfares we read the headlines daily and we listen to the news we are restless and sometimes feel insecure  for headlines that disturb the heart and mind. let us be reminded to walk this journey that every stranger is a friend and every man a brother, for our nations to survive, compassion & love reaches out for  familes friends childrens and all people around the world from all cornors of the earth for we live in this violent age lets take a minute to stop  listen and open our hearts life is too swift and the pace is too great take time to pause don't brush off the ""Saviours Touch""do not let another day go by and pass him by and remain unaware, beyond words that i can interpet let us open the ""Bible"" for his guidance and trust will provide the answer for knowing God is knowing wisdom. let us wake up there is hate and violence all around,we all want peace and to walk on common ground.  we can always find a refuge that is built on solid ground for God will not fail us.  Remember God is waiting and ready, for each life is in the  hand that's devine
    You have a friend from down under ""Australia"'  I'm very interested and can't wait, When will the movie be screening in Australia ... I Pray  for all my American Friends who i embrace with all my heart. may God Bless & protect and may  they be guided underneath his refuge & in his everlasting arms may peace walk on Earth and can all nations be united  for all,  keep them all in your care . Oh Blessed father, hear this prayer for your Goodness to prevail for never do prayers go unanswered and you show mercy &  your Love never fails. and endureth forever.