Ohio GOP Wants to Shut Out TEA Party

Ohio Republicans are rewriting the rules in an attempt to exclude TEA Party members from being members of the State Central Committee. As I’ve written a number of times, Establishment Republicans want Democrats out of office so they can spend our confiscated tax dollars their way.

Republicans haven’t been that concerned about spending limits, deficits, and long-term liabilities. In fact, they have used the looseness of the rules to pay their political benefactors with payouts to keep them in power. The Democrats are honest about their payouts; Republicans have learned to lie well.

We’re seeing how the RINOs want to take their Party back. Romney operatives, with the help of McCain and Dole, are trying to redistrict Allen West out of his seat.

[U]nder a redistricting plan put forth by the GOP-controlled Florida legislature, West could have a hard time winning a second term — a situation that has some conservatives suggesting a conspiracy by establishment Republicans, including GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. . . . Some are pointing out that House Redistricting Chairman Will Weatherford has been a Romney surrogate and suggesting the former Massachusetts governor wants to be rid of West — and, by extension, the Tea Party. (source)

Romney knows that if he’s elected, West will be a thorn in his side. Better a Democrat than a Republican who speaks his mind.

A similar thing is taking place in Ohio. In 2010, the Ohio GOP was trying sell its Establishment candidates as TEA Party candidates. “[T]he [Ohio Republican Party] outraged many conservatives when it used the tea party brand and sent out mailers with a ‘Tea Party Values’ logo that endorsed . . . Jon Husted. Ohio conservatives know that Husted can hardly be described as ‘Tea Party.’” (source)

Now we learn that the Ohio Republican party leadership is rigging the game by requiring that to be “seated and sworn in as a member of the State Central Committee, a person shall have voted in the three immediately preceding Republican statewide primary elections, including in the year in which the person was elected.”

Many TEA Party members are new to politics. “This rule, if adopted, is clearly intended to make it harder for outsiders to be seated on the State Central Committee, even if they are elected to the position.”

The Ohio Republican Party wants the votes of the TEA Party movement, but they don’t want their candidates.



  • MR2

    Shut out the Tea Party at your peril GOP. You are perilously close to having your mascot changed to a mastodon...

    • daves

      Typical Republican dirty tricks to stay in power.

      • stephenfroweblog

        Like the Democrats are any different? They all are a bunch of hypocrites.

      • Ardnas

        Wow! what a revelation daves. Now shall we talk about the Democrats? HUH??? The corruption is beyond dirty tricks with that bunch.

      • Myrtlelinder

        Is the Tea Party too conservative for them??

    • http://jaderevelation.disqus.com Rosemarytearoom

      Sarah Palin's advise to keep the VOTING going is being validated everyday. TRUTH is being revealed with every passing day. R.I.N.O./Established Republicans/Professional Pundits/So-called Experts were desperate to nail down the 2012 election before the first (Iowa) vote was cast- they lied for days about Romney's win! They gushed about his New Hampshire win ( he owns a home there and lives there part-time. Why wouldn't he win? Then, Virginia, they rigged -stole Gingrich', Santorum, and Perry's possible vote by tossing out most of the collected petitions -some, never reviewed; sought signed oaths from GOP State/Committee leaders to support THEIR choice for 2012, candidate. Then, they spend millions- that Newt could not possibly match-to get savage Newt and glorify Mitt. In the end ALL their schemes will FAIL. WE THE PEOPLE will TAKE BACK / RESTORE America. America is composed of 50 States + territories and 1 dubious win does not get ONE the key to the oval office! Keep the faith and the conversation going.

    • Ron

      One more reason for the Tea Party to organize a true concervative party after the November elections. It's too bad the requirement to throw obama out takes precedence over principle for us true conservatives. But square the political scene away in 2014/16 a new party is definitely needed.

  • War Dog 6 Actual

    So, Why is the Tea party playing that game? Past time to run independent candidates as write-ins. Screw the parties and their process.

    • Rich

      I think that Newt Gingrich should start a run as an Independent right now. Would love to see the GOP establishment pee themselves!!

      • iwntmychangebck

        Newts establishment also, just not their favorite like Obama and Romney, Ron Paul is the people candidate and the only one who has earned our trust. Google Trend tells the tale for those who cannot read between the lines.

        • War Dog 6 Actual

          I can't deal with Pauls lack of commitment to fight Islamic Jihad.

      • War Dog 6 Actual

        He would probably have to run as a write-in independent at this stage. I don't know just a guess. I wouldn't vote for him anyway. I think I will vote for Him as the best one to represent America to the world.

  • Pat Henry

    Gary this is a simple one

    When the Black people wanted the Dixie flag off statehouses
    they did not visit Georgia and South Carolina. for vacations or conventions

    Ohio , Wisconsin, and Florida can have the same medicine applied
    American's who want more Freedom or HOT TEA in the cup send the message
    to the three states.

    Tell them we will not come to your state and we will not support your state
    if you do not support the country from tyranny

    • Pat Henry

      Do this by writing to their newspapers and contacting their hotels as well

    • DoctorBob

      I don't believe that will dissuade the establishment RINO Republicans. Like the DemoRATS, they don't care how much damage they do to ordinary citizens, provided THEY can retain (or grow) their power. A threat to boycott their State would hurt the ordinary businessmen, but it wouldn't hurt the establishment Republicans, and would therefore almost certainly fail.

  • RT knows

    Ron Paul
    neck and neck with Obama http://rt.com/usa/news/poll-ron-paul-obama-467/

    • Dalek

      But has not won a primary yet. If Ron Paul is going to be the nominee, he better start getting votes REAL soon.

  • Michael

    i'm in Ohio. the state GOP is as corrupt as it comes.

    • Dave

      I live here too and see no difference between the Dems,and Repubs. Unfortantly it goes all the way down to the Townships.

    • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

      What do you think of your governor?

  • beccaleigh757

    they don't have real conservatives up there....they're too consumed with the fantasy of unions having a vital purpose....my relatives all live up there

    • jjkrjw

      I support conservative republicans financially in every state, but if Ohio wants to kick out conservatives, no more money from me.

  • arlo

    Is George Bush to be blamed for this?

    • Leo Slaughter

      No Bush is not. It goes much deeper than Bush. It goes back to Adam and Eve in the garden or even deeper than that. This fight started in Heaven eons ago and will end at the judgement.

    • Ragnar_D

      Of COURSE George W. Bush is to blame. Who else?

    • Dudley

      No get serious

  • JimN.

    We the Patriots, guardians of Liberty must rise to the occassion and support Constitutional Conservatives. We must not be quieted by the ceaseless droning. Our time is now, America needs us.

    • daves

      Isn't Ron Paul the only Constitutional Conservative running for President?

  • VirgoVince

    Many of us still have family and friends living there!! WE visit frequently and spend considerable amounts of money!! NOT all of them are idiots, but the politicians are just like elsewhere !!

  • poacher

    the republican party has betrayed conservatives for long enough. i will never give one penny to the rnc. i will only donate straight to candidates that i approve. alan west is one of the few that i approve.

    • Gene

      ditto. i get mail from the RNC constantly. I never give a dime! I too donate directly to candidates, the TP, & SCF (DeMints org) only.
      The GOP is going to go the way of the Whig party. They are now a bunch of well trained circus animals w/the DNC holding the chair & whip. As a recovering Dem, I think I've just had one disillusionment to many. Ohio GOP, this is unacceptable! Go pound sand.

      • comsense08

        I used to write all over they begging papers that I will not donate until they fight obama. This went on for about 3 months. Now I don't get anything. Suppose they are getting short of money yet?

    • Robert Janicki

      I concur. I gave up contributing to Republican groups four years ago. Instead, like poacher, I only contribute to select candidates that most closely mirror my political principles as a constitutional conservative.

    • libertyordeath

      Totally spot on poacher. Everytime the rnc calls I tell them the republican party left me, I did not leave what republicans should stand for. They don't get one penny from me. I to told them I will give to candidates.

    • azjbc

      Rand Paul Returns $500K of Office Budget to the Treasury - Erika Johnsen http://townhall.com/tipsheet/erikajohnsen/2012/01... via @townhallcom

  • http://Visiontoamerica.com notassmart

    August 2010. It was nice; brought the dogs to the woods and hikes the Buckeye Trails.

  • auntiecoosa

    OF course ... a TEA Party enthusiast is running against mainstream, old line GOP, John Boehner ... who likes to pretend he's a conservative right around election time.

    • seabee combat vet

      Lies and cries!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/catsune @catsune

      Yes an Husted has not done his job and has worked for the Dems and Liberals so he needs to go. Tea Party my eye. We has Tea Party candidates but no one would support them come vote time they went right for the GOP. I hope those people get it by now.

  • TimV

    Why does having a requirement that you voted in the previous 3 primaries an issue, shouldn't everyone who wants their voice heard have been a regular voter anyway? Does being "a new Tea Party member new to politics" mean these people haven't been voting before as they should have been? I see nothing wrong with this rule, as I've always voted in all elections, as all Tea Party members should have been doing also, even before getting involved in politics.

    • xRedfoxx

      It is un-American to exclude new voters. Time to revolt!!

    • America1

      I have been voting every election since Reagan, but I must disagree with you. Yes, there are those who could have been voting and haven't, but they probably weren't informed, and I'd rather those did not vote until they became informed; but aside from that, there are many young and in these days, politically active citizens who care deeply for this country, and I would not preclude them from running and getting involved with these boards.

    • Luan

      well then, what about all the minorities and young people who voted for the first time in their life - 2008 for Obama - so, under the rule, none of those votes will count, therefore a dream come true - Obama is not President...Yahooey!!!

    • Tom

      How does anyone know how someone voted in the last few elections ? Doesn't Ohio have a " secret ballot " ? Coundn't some of the Old GOP boys cross the line and vote for a democrat ? It is past time for the Republican Party to move back RIGHT to the Conservative values of Ronald Reagan. First the Democrat party left us and now the Republican party. Allen West for President in 2016 !

  • keith

    If the Tea Party has sold out to GOP conservative traitors, then why complain. These 2 Lodge frauds (Grinch, and Robme) are not going to beat Obama. We're getting the same McCain Lodge sham as last election.

    RON PAUL, or Barack Obama. This is our choice!

    • dreamhippy


  • Michael

    Unions are appearing to become a thing of the past or at least not having much power anymore because their demands are causing our business to be outsourced to other countries. Union violence is hurting themselves.

    • comsense08

      It's amazing when you realize that unions constitute only 11% of the work force, yet screw up the working environment so bad? It's like most of America's problems, we let a few minority groups "dictate" policy. This kind of crap has to stop!

    • Padremike

      I wish what you said we true. Unfortunately Unions added 50,000+ to their rolls last year. When you see their signs "Workers Of The World Unite" understand that that particular mantra came straight out of the old Communist Manifesto. In fairness, the rank and file union worker does not know this and, I suspect, doesn't really care as long as he gets a good paycheck and benefits. Therein is part of the problem: too much personal self interest and a "let someone else" take care of America attitude. There was once a time when Unions protected their craft. If there was a union worker who was not up to standards and a poor worker they would ensure his discharge. No longer the case - they are merely a thuggish protection agency and responsible for the departure of American business overseas.

    • BGinTN
    • Patriot Niki

      Michael: Union violence should make people STOP and realize - is this what they want for America. These people are THUGS period. The people that follow this are not people you would want for neighbors. Their kids are probably bullys in school also. We need to post the money the UNION leaders make and show how they live vs people that have the "Right to Work" and that they do. Union people are told to slow down when they are doing their jobs because god forbid they work for their 8 hours of pay. When I worked for the Chrysler UNION I was told "You work to slow" "Slow down". The fact was, I did my job and did not stand around and as of that day I Really Think UNIONS destroy the people that work for them. So I do not work for them..Many lazy people work for them. Just look at how many SEIU members were in Wisconsin day after day. Read their signs: Solicalist, Marxist, Communism. It does not work anywhere else-and this is what the current and some of the past administrations want for America. They stay RICH at our expense and we struggle and our children lose.

  • http://google Orville Covert

    As I see it as an 81 year old man very interested in the welfare of this great country.....we are at the brink of completely going bankrupt like Greece. Our politicians have spent us into the poor house. These greedy power monger politicians demo & repub both and with this AIRHEAD president have got us into a mess we will never get out of. If this next election doesn't get some smarter people in there the only thing left is a REVOLUTION. IT DIDN'T TAKE Egypt or Lybia long to take their countries back and they had no guns until they stole some. We have millions of guns so it wouldn't take long at all. Those in Washington are so corrupt and they will never change making laws in their favor. And this homosexuality mess......I wonder why GOD destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah? Something so evil and we make laws to let them marry. Wake up and see where we are heading.....same fate as Rome and for the same reason.

    • Mrs_W_Snodhopper_III

      Orville, like your comments and would only change one thing. Americans have HUNDREDS of millions of guns !

    • klockwerks

      Well said Orville. At 67 I am sad to see where we are and where we will end up at the end of 2012. At the current pace every country will be broke by years end. Very sad indeed. Watching all of the different actors and the liars spout the continious lies to the American people I see no way out. Somehow it may end up in our lap to step up (slowly at our age) and take our country back. Raise them high, and I'm not talking glasses, and aim.

      • comsense08

        Orville, good comments. I have to wonder how the generation that saved the world from communism and nazism in WWII and lost literally hundred of thousands of friends and family feels about this idiot just handing over this nation over to the very policies they all died for? I didn't live WWII or Korea, but I have lived Viet Nahm and all the rest of them, and I can tell you it ticks ME off!! This administration needs to be in prison, not in Washington.

  • xRedfoxx

    It amazes me that the two candidates that are rated the most liberal by http://www.conservativescorecard.com are the ones leading in the polls.

    What are we doing to ourselves?!?

    • Janet

      A very large percentage of voters are moderate about our government
      and society. The conservative GOP want the party run by real republicans.
      Not people that are all over the place in their politics. I think it is a good
      thing to have a proven record. Most organizations are run by rules and
      requirements that must be met.

  • Chad

    When they somehow get the RINOs out of the TeaParty..I'll return... For now I'll stick with the True Tea Party... Ron Paul

    • xRedfoxx

      Amen. By the way I started a new Tea Party group on Facebook that isnt owned by any rich people. Its dang important to stay united and not be hijacked.


      Please join and participate in the discussion.

    • JJR

      I could be for Ron Paul except for the fact that his foreign policy is hopelessly naive.

      • William

        Should Americans continue to adhere to the Foreign policy of the last 30 years we will find ourselves with no foreign policy except to bow down to nations that can financially support their war machine. It is a sad reality that the majority of this nations financial and social problems exist because our own war machine is siphoning huge amounts of our tax dollars. What the American war machine is not consuming, our continued export of financial resources (Financial aid) to other nations and interest payments to the world on our 16 trillion dollar deficit are.

        When we can no longer borrow monies to support our war machine we will then have returned to the true course of this Nations founding "National defense provided by the American people; the "Militias". At the given rate in which our government is assaulting the 2nd Amendment we mat soon enough find that we will not even have the capability of a "Militia Defense".

        With the majority of our troops and assets spread thinly around the world, how will they defend us or themselves when our financial situation collapses?

        To believe that we can endlessly carry on the task of being "Team America, World Police" is nothing more than fantasy.

        "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within". Ariel Durant

    • dreamhippy

      You got it, brother!

  • http://twitter.com/debraraes @debraraes

    Time to boycott Ohio.

  • The Truth

    Liberals to the left, liberals to the right. Time for a third party to rise up and run a strong conservative constitutionialist in the 2016 election. I pray that it is not too late for our great nation by then. When the GOP establishment were pushing RINO Romney, despite the message sent to them by the Tea Party in the 2010 elections, I knew that the republican party was doomed.

    • poacher

      rand paul would make a good candidate to lead that third party move. his father has certainly laid the foundation.

    • comsense08

      Hate to say it, but I think true constitutional conservatives are now a minority. Should we launch a third party, as conservatives, it would never be competitive. I feel we have lost the moral fiber of this nation, and thus it's core. Personally, I think we are done. There are way too many people standing in line with a hand out to Washington. When that happens, we are finished. A nation that puts Obama in the White House is beyond help.


    Ohio is a swing state, and yoou can bet that somewhere, somehow, the OBUMMER goons are behind this ploy.


    • jersey

      I hate obama as well. GOD HELP US ALL IF HE IS RE-ELECTED, WE AMERICANS ARE DOOMED.............DOOMED ...........DOOMED

    • JACKEL


    • Anna

      I live in Ohio, and everytime Obozo comes to this state the "ONLY" places he goes to are where the UNIONS are. So yes, you're right Obozo's goons are out in front with "The Great Ones" blessings. It's enough to make one sick.

  • Scott

    The GOP so-called establishment and others certainly have no clue about the independent voters in Ohio. Meddling and tweaking districts will back-fire. No polls show how regular people feel. Meddling fires people up.

  • Robert

    I could never vote for Mitt Romney As president, i just can"t believe he is spewing out the lies about another party member tht he is.

    • Rich

      Robert, I totally agree with you!

    • Okwaho

      I agree and I see no way Romney will beat Obama, Looks like its up to Ginrich and Santorum to come alive maybe even as a team!

      • comsense08

        He sure won't be obama with attitudes such as yours!! Holy cow people! this is important. You may not like Mitt, but if he's the candidate, we HAVE to get behind him to take obama out. He has to go at all cost!!!

    • robert carrol

      Amen, and the media is trying to make him seem like a long time Sunday School Teacher. I want the smartest one, the one who knows how to run a country, one who will not try to follow the Mormon codes to run a country for all Religions or non religious people. Mormons refer to their Mormon book of ethics in anything they do. The Mormon book of ethics was written by a man. So in reality, that one man made the rule for the entire group or Mormons. I believe Newt is the smartest most capable and experienced man for the job. As far as unions, Obama said, on National TV , Unions made him what he is today, that he owes everything to Unions. And guess what, The Unions are proud of their accomplishment. I hope we get a president that will not be dominated by the Unions.

    • Patriot Niki

      Robert: I agree with what you are saying but as the current POTUS spews his lies and acts like he may like America and stand for the American People it makes you wonder about both parties. The POTUS claims he has done alot - but alot of WHAT? The democrats claim the republicans are the party of the RICH but has anyone paid attention to how much money is spent by the "POOR" democrats. The people "we the people" have paid to watch their movies and listen to their songs are the worst of all. They are so "RICH" and so many of them are supporting OWS just like the current administration and sending them money - Well if we are SMART-we will write down the names of these very RICH people thanks to:"We The People" and stop buying their songs and going to their movies. If they do not like America and do not like the constitution as it was written - they can leave America and don't bother to come back..

  • Ultor

    "The States created the federal government, not the other way around." It is about time American States started representing the declaration and constitution they endorsed in "76" and "88." The only leader in this race to have had a hand in balancing the federal budget and lead that charge is Newt Gingrich. If TEA party stands for Taxed-Enough-Already no other candidate need apply. If TEA party stands for The-Erratic-Apposition bow down now and kiss the hand of your masters. May your chains fit lightly upon you.
    I remember the good old days when this behavior was described with a bit more graphic imagery. Now the "so called conservative" sites sensor the more accurate erudition instead preferring the vernacular of the proletariat. How can one argue a case while the diction is defined only by the bent over and begging for more?

  • bob

    George Soros endorsed Mitt Romney said there would be little difference between him and Obummer.


  • captelaine

    Read your Constitution... changing districts is NO BIG DEAL... anyone that LIVES in the state can run for Congress in ANY DISTRICT... Allan West can CHOOSE to run anywhere in Florida he wants, I hope he chooses to run against the dumb blond washerwoman-schultz.

    • jjr153

      While that is true, most people will not vote for a candidate who does not live in the district.

    • Charles King

      What have Allen West done to help the poor people in Florida? He is so quick to critcize President Obama when Florida still have segragated towns as in the fifities. When I hear that he's the tea party canidate I can believe it. Before he began to talk about the President get out of the country it's people like him that needs not only leave america he needs to leave Florida. Ask Mr West what have he done to help the President? He was picked by the teaa party for one reason only and that was to belittle Preidedent Obama he was not sent to help in any way only to hinder.
      West donot care if the minority getb to vote just so he can elected.

  • Mrs_W_Snodhopper_III

    Yes, there are RINO(s) like McCain in the last election and MANY GOP Senators, but remember this:

    The Failed President is both a liar, loser, and is destroying America. . He is a very dangerous man and ignores the law in general, the will of the American people, Congress, and the Constitution.

    Obama has never stood for individualism, capitalism, or liberty. The citizens of our country naively gave the reins of power to a tyrant. The White House has been marginalized and he has proven himself to be the most inept president in modern history. He is symbolic of a man who has downgraded the White House, the Constitution, human life, foreign policy, race relations, and America herself.

    The majority of Americans are sick of his condescension, his policies, his racist bigotry, and his incompetence. Obama is “the most disastrous president in our history.” This is the most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous tyrannical administration in American history.

    • Carol

      I couldn't agree with you more if I tried I am so glad you said because I was afraid to so because I might be blocked by this web-site but you did so THANK YOU!!!

    • grandma for liberty

      I am with you.... anybody but Obama.....

  • julian

    Let us see the so called conservative party wants to bar conservatives, the true color of the GOP is coming out. We need a Democratic party (left) a RHINO party (middle) and to take back the Republican party (right) and make it what it once was and is supposed to be. The RHINO's are trying to shove Romney down our throats just like they did McCain, don't stand for it, they would rather loose to Obama than have someone in that "they" do not control.

  • Sasha

    If the GOP is unwilling to recognize that this is a bad idea they may just find that the TEA party supporters will stop supporting GOP candidates and that will hurt the GOP far more than they think it will. We are sick and tired of the games, of the lies, and of the RINO's and I for one am more than willing to put my full support behind independant candidates who are willing to do the job as they are supposed to be doing it and not as a means to further their bankbooks.

    • upaces88

      Something is not right about this article. IF this is true...we need to find out the names of the GOP people who who is behind this. Who do they think helped to keep them in office? They are cutting off their nose to spite their own faces.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Why? Doesn't the Ohio Republican Party believe in lower taxes?

  • American ex-Pat


    • upaces88

      Please do NOT use all caps except for your major point. It is very difficult to read.

      You are 100% correct on Term Limits;
      Nobama & No incumbents in 2012!!!

  • ron robbins

    tellt the G O P to kise youre arse. just like the ultra libs there are more us than them we are still growing. if we can all vote togather we can attract others and not let states like ohio party leadership try to stop tea party members from voting. we must grow strong enough move them out. we have a lot of dems who will be happy to help us.if we fail to move them out we will never be able to pick our choise for president.

  • Bill L. Trindal

    Only idiots are liberal Republicans. The Tea Party movement is designed to thwart "Liberal Republicans" who are the ones who don't get what the Tea Party stands for. As Allen West, from Florida said it best. "Get the Hell out of this country", to all Liberals regardless of your party affiliation.


    Conservatism is oftentime hard to sell because the left has convinced so many that hard work, commonsense and self reliance will ruin a person and that being a parasite is a lot better deal, this thinking has apparently spread deeply into the heart of the republican membership, they forget about the party platform and go on to being a worthless moderate who will shake hands with the devil.....moderates, how's that barbwire crotch rash doing ya?

    Having said all that, we conservatives know and this includes the "T" Party,that we are not going to get a real Republican of the conservative ilk for a nominee this time either, the pragmatic side must now make itself known and "hold your nose" will have to do inside the voting booth. We can buck up and support all the conservatives running for the house and senate to circle the wagons and keep the libs out of sorts, we can push to overwhelm the judiciary with non acivist judges and then try harder in the next election to make the right stronger.....best of luck to us conservatives, we have a real goal.

  • upaces88

    This doesn't sound right -- however, if it is true -- does anyone have a list of GOP who opposes the Tea Party -- we'll know who to vote AGAINST.

  • Eileen Pressler

    The GOP and the RNC deserve to get beat by Obama. BUT, we the peope do not. You people are oastif u don't wake up.

  • Sama

    I am registered as a Republican.
    I am NOT a puppet for the Republican Party.
    I WILL vote Tea Party values.
    The Republican Party (like the Democratic Party) can do all in its power to cause me to vote for them. I do NOT vote for a party. I vote for/against individuals. Based on my own studies. Lies are flying everywhere, from both sides.
    Lord help us discern Truth where it can be found!

  • Guest

    Neither the republican socialist party or the democrat comunist party are worth saving and neither is the current election process. Every non socialist should quit the republican party and every non communist should quit the democrat party, and all should register as independents, or perhaps INDEPENDENCE PARTY, and that would automatically force the states to recognize the independent party as the major party. Leave the socialist and communist to themselves and they will become what they once were, a small and ineffective bunch of anarchists and losers. Without the power of having great numbers of registered voters, they will be reduced to insignificance before the next election cycle. When the GOP and DNC is forced to the sidelines, they will quickly be replaced by new parties or existing parties that will then be able to gain some major traction. Elimination of both existing political parties is essential to permit the voters to regain control of the voting process. As long as people remain registered in either party, there can be no hope of honest or fair elections, and we continue to get only the worst of all possible candidates to vote for.

  • Okwaho

    Obama is all that you say he is and more. I believe he's the Anti-Christ! I also believe if he delivers himself a second term he will deliver us a dictator (HIMSELF). His real ambition is ti be the leader of the new world order as head of the UNITED NATIONS of EARTH or whatever he decides to call himself. He might just be the most dangerous man on the planet!

  • http://msn.com Tim k

    the NDAA and West are as one west helped WRITE the NDAA...so the HELL with WEST...

  • Carolanne

    Just because you read it, don't necessarily believe it. All of the Tea Party are on the same page, so how can our votes be controlled? That is to say, short of voter fraud.

  • Concerned Taxpayer

    Here is Mass - the GOP is just a social club, headed by a new chairman that donated to Chuck Schumer and Deval Patrick - TWO DEMOCRATS. What is wrong with people!

  • Patriot

    Romney is another Rino McCain. To this date he refuses to acknowledge that Obama is a socialist. Like McCain who lost the election because he ws above exposing Obama for who he truly is, Romney will play nice with Obama and refuse to expose him as well. I don not trust Romeny and will not vote for him!

  • http://antinaftaparty.org brother james

    The godfather of the tea party... Ron Paul!
    No wonder the gop are excluding tea party members.


    They are a bunch of rinos .

  • GramSam

    It's not only in Ohio, but the established RINO's in DC and most states do not want to associate wtih the Tea Party unless they want their vote. The RINO's are no different than the liberals, so says Pelosi and Schumer. It's those TP Patriot that are causing trouble.

  • Billy F.

    The Republican base has no right to shut out tea party members. If they do shut out the tea party members; those members should take out a federal law suit against the Republican base. In this case the Republican base in Ohio; are acting like the Nazis who murdered German Israels. They would be violating the Constitutional rights of the tea party members in question.

  • Patrick Henry

    I am a Tea Party Patriot and am very comfortable with Gov. Romney as President. It is getting a little tiring hearing the Tea Party cutting down a candidate like Romney who was endorced by Santorum in the last election. Had Romney been the nominee the last election, instead of McCain, I believe Oblamer would NOT be in the White House right now. I know many people that did NOT even vote! I personally did NOT like McAmnesty McCain, but voted for him over socialist Oblamer.
    My 1st. choice was Michele Bachmann, but Romney is my 2nd. choice..............If you believe anything Socialist George Soros says...............by him saying that he is trying to weaken Romney.

  • Carol

    Ohio are you afraid of TEA PARTY?

    It not fair for the people in Ohio not to have a full choice and not a partial choice because that is NOT what the USA is built on.

  • J. Hunter

    Until recently I also was a card carrying, donating, Republican. Now I take their continuous mailings asking for money and toss them in the trash. I will vote for anyone but Obama, but I won't necessarily be "proud" of my choice! Unless Paul gets elected, I don't see much change in the wind and I am not even a Paul supporter.

  • Meribel

    Who is their right mind would want to support the R.I.N.O.'s of the RNC anyway?

    The RNC has given us losers like Bob Dole and John McCain and now want to foister another USELESS "PROGRESSIVE" R.I.N.O. by the name of Romney on us. NO THANK YOU!

    The TEA PARTY is the only true CONSERVATIVE party. I have quit voting for R.I.N.O's and will NEVER support Progressive R.I.N.O. Romney.

  • Mark in LA

    When I got Dick "bought and paid for at 700,000 dollars a year" Armey was heading up some Tea Party group, I knew they had become a joke and a racket.

  • Rocky

    I have been a life-long Ohio Republican (65 yo) and was a male teacher in a state prison under the RINO George Voinovich regime. One of his good male friends and my principal raped me and I had a nervous breakdown. Voinovich and his cronies covered up the crime committed by his friend and I had to go on a limited disability pension. The guy was promoted and I was out of a job. The Ohio Republican Party has always been controlled by RINOs after Governor Rhoades went out of office. He was the last of the conservatives. Nothing surprises me anymore. I would not vote for anyone who is associated with Voinovich even if paid a millions dollars. If this crime had happened outside of jail, the principal would be in jail. Thanks to Voinovich he is a principal of a major Cleveland OH suburb. So much for morality in the RINO world.

  • Melvin

    Its time that we expose what the GOP is. They are nothing but a Baby sister to the Demos. I have called my congrassmen in Alabama in have imform them that unless they start acting like Contitutionalist and doing what is right they will face the upmost from us Tea Partiers. I am sick of the GOP. Hell if I want to vote democrat all I have to do is vote GOP. America it's time for an uprising in this country. Don't tell me you can't get the black vote. I'm black and I want to remain a free man.

  • Dagny Trinity Knows

    The real reason behind DeWine's move to institute this new requirement is because he and Governor Kasich are at war with each other over who is the leader of the Ohio GOP. As Governor, it is Kasich, and DeWine is so full of hubris, he has a difficult time ceding to Kasich's authority. This has been going on since they both took office. So, in order to have the Central Committee vote out DeWine, Kasich stacked the March 6th primary ballot with State Central Committee challenger candidates who, if elected, would do his bidding, and replace DeWine. DeWine knows this, and is pulling this last ditch counter-attack for the sole purpose of disqualifying Kasich's candidates if they should win. Some of the candidates are Tea Party and are known to have voted for Hilary as part of the "Operation Chaos" scheme. DeWine knows that some of them will not meet this new requirement because of that reason and others, and is using this tactic to disqualify them. The Ohio GOP will be voting on the proposed new rule this Friday in Columbus at 9:00AM, and every concerned Ohioan should be there to fill the room in protest to let them know that we the people are not we the sheeple. The Governor and his underling need to stop this junior high school sissy fight and get down to business and do their jobs instead of behaving like children. This is why our state is such a political royal mess.

  • shadow

    GREAT COMMENTS ESPECIALLY BY CAPTELINE AND SNODHOPPER 111 . I could not agree with you more!! we need a revolution peroid.

  • Karolyn Sailer

    The "Repub club" had better look out. Most Tea Partiers are registered as either Independents or Repubs (by default). We are as angry at the "Repub club" as we are at the Demos. The "RC" are as guilty as the demos for the situation that we are in. We must not form a 3rd party and thereby committ suicide. We must take over the RC and do it right.

  • Karolyn Sailer

    You folks just don't get it. Obamanation is Not inept or incompetent. He is highly skilled and highly successful in persuing his goals e.g. the destruction of the US. You are underestimating him entirely. He is the most dangerous man since Hitler and he will probably be more successful than Hitler. Do Not Underestimate This Man!!!!!

  • teadog

    I'm convinced Rino's are just liberals with big noses and drop crap by the ton................they're all a bunch of crooks. I live in Ohio and I will not let them push me around.

  • JR Patroit

    Ron Paul is the only HONEST man running for president. This man is brilliant, can and will get this country back on its feet. All people are interested in is voteing in someone who can beat Obama. Ron Paul can beat Obama. The rest of the pack are proven liars and thives, is that what you want as your president????? Are you insane.?? You are being lead around by the establishment of evil.
    We also need to pray to the GOD that has made this country so great. We used to be a Christian nation and need to get back in GODs grace to get ourselves out of this mess that the devil has lured us into. Ron Paul is a good Christian man with a great record, and is totally competant to do THE PEOPLES WORK.

  • jerry1944

    if they chose romney then we ARE going to have 4 more yrs of obambo

  • http://www.chick.com Raymond

    Do you believe that you have freedom of speech?
    Do you believe that you’re free?
    Do you believe that the government is your friend?

    Please watch this…… http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7n2m-X7OIuY

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    So...let's get this right. The Repubs treat the Tea Party just like the Dems do. Sounds like a 3rd Party is needed to cut down both of these thieving gangs. America deserves better. The Tea Party Rocks.

  • Bruce D.

    This is just a ridiculous article. I am from S, Florida. Governor Romney nor does the Republican Party want to get rid of Allen West. That is just a flat out unsubstantiated lie.

  • Richard Wagener

    Yes the Republican Party has to have a house cleaning too. Get rid of the RINOs, the Dems would be glad to have them. They always have their votes also. I'd like to see the tea party as a third party. Maybe someday, but right not it would be political suicide for our cause. There are just as many dumb "republicans" as there are dumb "democrats", they don't look into the issues and candidates any deeper than to see if they have an (R) after their name. That's just the way it is. We won't get their attention until we see Chinese Troops in our streets and the red flag with the hammer and sickle flying over our public buildings. They are too busy entertaining themselves and are "Stuck on Stupid". Their main source of news is the Liberal Media, like the saying put garbage in, you get garbage out. But the rest of us have got to stand tall and battle like we are in extreme danger, as we are.

  • tncdel

    John Boehner is the highest ranking GOP in Ohio. Should he be replaced as Speaker of the House?

  • http://hats392.blogspot.com Chief_Cabioch

    It isnt hard for Americans to see what these "politicians" are up to, and if they continue this track it's going to get ugly, Americans are sick of all this , Every single issue facing Americans is attributed to NOT Following the US Constitution, our money isnt worth anything, our borders arent secure, our `government is OUT of control and handing US The bills......let me ask you Non Tea Party readers.....How much Longer do you think thats going to remain ?.........guess..

  • Dudley

    Everyone it's going to take time to root through the "Good Old Boy" establishment. Just stay steady, we are going to win some and we are going to lose some (let's try to keep the lose to a minimun) STAY TOGETHER and don't let them get to us. Stay strong we have the momentum, they are trying to stop that. The only one who can stop that is us.U need to getout and support ur candidates not sit and do nothing. Talk no matter where u go, use every minute to support ur candidate store,church,grocery shopping etc...

  • Dudley

    Don't forget we have everyday regular people standing up and running for office. They have career politicians

  • Pharaz

    Romney, the product of a polygamous cult, now the GOP's establishment candidate, as well as, that of Fox News and Wall Street. What insanity, we are expected to exchange a generational Muslim Marxist Democrat for a Mormon money grubbing, swindling socialist as the president of a Western Protestant Christian nation. It would appear that Ichabod has been written across our United States.

  • doghouse_thumper

    This is a discussion that strikes at the ethos of the Republican party. The GOP has ALWAYS been the party of the big business elites. Big business' money is the blood coursing through its veins. Their problem is the USA is a constitutional democrat republic with a simple law of one man - one vote. In the voting booth each and every one of us has the same power as a Jamie Dimond of Chase bank or Charles Koch.
    And most Americans know all too well that a vote for a Republican who's shilling for Big Business is a vote AGAINST his own economic self-interest. That's why the GOP always has been and always will be a minority party.
    But then enter Ronald Reagan and his genius (or so it seemed at the time) was in bringing into the GOP tent enough conservative Christians who could be led to believe that criminalizing abortion and putting prayer back in our schools were more important to individual Americans than: a living wage; health insurance; job security; a safe work place; a secure retirement; a clean environment; etc., etc.
    But as the GOP has in thirty years been unable to deliver on its promises the Christian right (with minor niggling annoyances abortion-on-demand is still the law of the land; and since "sex sells" our commercialized society has become even more hyper-sexualized, crass and debased) is now demanding what was promised them. So the GOP is losing its ability to keep this stampeding herd corralled.
    So get ready for another four years of Barack Hussein Obama because none of the 4 GOP candidates has a plan that will be true to the bankers, Wall Street, vulture capitalists, etc. AND appeal the majority of the electorate.

    • pofalici

      Well no, the Republican party has NOT always been the party of big business elites. The need to remember how that got to be one of the two major parties. The Whigs and the Democrats were the two parties and We the People got sick of them and the third party, Republican, took their place. I do not totally agree about this description but, the Rinos have definitely taken ahold of things. The are a couple steps behind the Democrats but, that is not good enough. We must keep after them and pressure them. If the force Romney on us we must bew sure to load Ccongress up with people like Joe the Plumber who are Americans first and care about our country. Obama is NOT acceptable. The Rinos are hoping that push come to shove we will vote for a Rino rather than not vote and let Obama win. That is preferable but waaay not good enough. The only time I dind't vote we almost got AlGore as President. Ugh. Tea Party keep on fighting for us.

  • Jack F.

    CORRUPTION. Look it up and understand it. The truth will set you free.

  • Mike C.

    It's not surprising. I have copy of a Godfather article from 10 days ago that quote the Tea Party as saying,"it's not our position to ensure a Republican majority in the Senate". And 2 days ago, a Conservative here said, "neither of the two front-runners are fiscal conservatives, so I might as well vote for Obama." I missed something. If all the T.P. is concerned with only spending; the USA is lost as we know it. If whatever group you belong to doesn't see the danger to yourselves and the nation of another Obama term. yhe the USA is lost. ANY AND EVERY ISSUE YOU CAN THINK OF, IS SECONDARY TO THE DEFEAT OF OBAMA. Spending?! Security?! Prosperity?1 Jobs?! Immigration?1 et al will be beyond the reach of the American people, with another Obama term. The angst, uneasiness, anxiety, and, yes, fear seen rippling across the country today will be minor compared to the negative effects of another Obama term. Spending? Fiscal issues? WHAT ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY? Wake up, man up, take a deep breath and get rid of Obama! How great fresh air and a positive attitude will be when he's gone. I wish you people could see how damaging being a one-trick-pony can be.

  • Mutantone

    First time I have herd of a rino state

  • http://www.kidon.com/media-link MalikTous

    isn't Ohio the state where rivers catch fire and the campus cops shoot students in the state universities? Who the h!!! are they to try to limit any party's access to their lousy state?

  • libertyordeath

    With the exception of a very few congressmen and women we have no representation. We are on our own just like the Colonies were in the 1700's and we know how they handled it. I will be the 1st to admit I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but we have somehow got to find a way to join together with like minded Americans. Something more tangible than just posting online, but a way to physically get people together to discuss the crapholes in D.C. and the States. Then once we have put a lot of thought into it, come up with a plan to take back this country from the elites on both sides. As I have said before, we have one political party with two wings of that same party. We are this nation and they have been stealing it from us for many decades now.

  • jmsmaxwell

    The GOP is like a dinosaur who has fallen into the tar pits. The want to continue with what obama called "Professional
    Politicians" who do not live in the real world today. The TEA party on the other hand is made up of people from across the
    United States and from all walks of life and racial backgrounds. Unlike the GOP leadership who wants to continue putting up
    candidates that have been in the party for a long time and didn't make waves. This gave us John McCain and now Romney
    which are weak at best. They picked Sara Palin to run as VP and if McCain had woke up and actually campaigned he might
    have won. Until the Old Guard wakes up and starts to recruit and actively get you Americans in the party and openly recruit
    people of different Racial backgrounds they will continue to fall by the wayside and be replaced by a younger and more open
    group that will actually represent the Conservative values we hold true and follow the U.S. Constitution the way it is written and
    not by some political correct whinny liberal.

  • Mike C.

    You're probably tight about Romney and McCain. And the lady Kathryn before you you is absolutely correct about Obama. Romney and McCain are pipsqueaks in deed and future actions. We all heard of Saul Alinsky. Frank Davis, Anita Dunn, "Rev" Wright, Van Jones. Bill Ayers, and more. They're are Obama's mentors, collaborators, or associated with him. This isn't rumor stuff, unfortunately it's real! It's also obvious many feel abandoned by elected officials = I'm one of them. But before we tackle the wrongs, THE LARGEST WRONG OF ALL,l OBAMA MUST be defeated! Otherwise, all the valid grievances brought up here WILL BE MULTIPLIED - BY ONE MAN! No you say? He's doing it now. Open your eyes!. With elections every two years, the "bad" can be removed, and replaced by the "good". What's the option? Libya? Or, maybe, Egypt? Get real; get rid of Obama, and the "bad". and we can have a new day.

  • DEfromDC

    What is it going to take for them to realize the majority of the party wants the tea party ideas not theirs.
    The ideas are not new. Here is an old cartoon to show it

  • Gringo Infidel

    Typical 'old boy' politics as usual.

    Vote them out, Ohio.

  • azjbc

    Rand Paul Returns $500K of Office Budget to the Treasury - Erika Johnsen http://townhall.com/tipsheet/erikajohnsen/2012/01... via @townhallcom MAybe they don't like the Fine Example they are setting . . . .

  • Capt RCG

    The Ohio GOP will all be on the unenjoyment line come next election cycle - which will be none to soon - have a great future RINO's - it won't be in politics.

  • way one

    Muslims, treasonists things should be taken to benefit America. America needs another AWAKENING to many of it's Christian principles. way one now

  • Kratzer12

    Tea party is good for the people but needs more of God to win.  If  sin and perversion continue we will go the way Sodom destroyed.  way one

  • MSB

    Shame on Ohio, and other states that want to "oust" or keep out Tea Party candidates, and/or their support.
    The Te Party does seem to be the "only" true believers in our constitution, and will stand up for it.
    We need MORE in Congress, then perhaps we could bring our country back to its origianal standards and beliefs!
    Support the TEA PARTY!

  • Bill Weston

    "Business as usual" politicians hate to be confused with facts, it upsets the poll results. These politicians don't have to be democrats, though most of them seem to be. Here are some facts to consider. The vision of our founding fathers was so radical at the time, many thought that the country would collapse in 40 or 50 years. 236 years later, modern politicians want to return to historical "tried and true" concepts - tyranny! "We, the people...." don't have to accept it. If present-day political parties won't work, new parties can be formed. Remember, there once was a whig party.

  • teadog

    I live in Ohio and believe me, I'm no fan of republicans.............maybe it's time for a third party.  Ya think the repugnants will like that?  Bet they'll come around real quick.  May get obama another four years, but sometimes it has to get worse before it gets bettter.  Might as well face the "reaper" sooner than later to get this country back from the liars and thiefs. 

  • Bhs3kgt

    "The Democrats are honest about their payouts..." HaHaHaHaHaOhMy That's a Good One!  HaHaHaHaHa HaHaHaHaHa HaHaHaHaHa"

  • Jeff

    "We’re seeing how the RINOs want to take their Party back."

    By the authors own admission, the Republican party is not as conservative as the tea baggers like to think. Oh the irony of it all!