The Obama Administration's Hypocrisy on Manufacturing Jobs

Hypocrisy: The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform

In President Obama’s State of the Union address, he spent a great deal of time talking about the need for what he calls, ‘insourcing’ jobs, particularly the “opportunity to bring manufacturing back.” And he received strong applause from both political parties for this comment.

The president argued, "It’s not fair when foreign manufacturers have a leg up on ours only because they're heavily subsidized." And more applause ensued.

President Obama then went on to tell Congress they “should make sure that no foreign company has an advantage over American manufacturing.”

What President Obama did not mention is that his administration recently disqualified an American manufacturer from competing against a heavily-subsidized and government-controlled foreign competitor, giving no explanation and costing hundreds of American jobs.

Hawker Beechcraft – an American aircraft manufacturing company – was abruptly barred from receiving a Department of Defense contract. The only company left to compete for the contract was Brazilian- owned Embraer – a government-subsidized foreign entity currently under investigation by the SEC for corruption and bribery.

In Defense Department terms, the contract is relatively modest at $1 billion, but for our economy and our national defense, losing this contract has steep repercussions. The contract would have provided hundreds of American manufacturing jobs in places like California, Connecticut, Kansas and Arkansas. It would have afforded 500 new engineering and 300 aircraft manufacturing jobs in Wichita, Kansas, where Hawker Beechcraft is headquartered.

In addition, by awarding the contract to Embraer, we are placing a critical Air Force program in the hands of a country that has been at odds with our military objectives numerous times over past decade.

Embraer will build these aircraft in its country of origin, Brazil, using their Brazilian workforce. Though Embraer touts itself as a private company, the reality is quite different. Embraer is subject to the control of the Brazilian government under a “Golden Share” provision in its governing documents, which gives Brazil the right to stop or meddle in production at any time for any reason.

Embraer will then fly the aircraft shell to a rented hanger in Florida, allowing 50 American workers to complete the final assembly. And there you have it—paint it red, white and blue and call it American made.

Given the President’s own words during the State of the Union, it is baffling to understand how this administration could trust America’s national security to Brazil instead of relying on a proven American company.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration still refuses to provide any explanation for their decision to exclude Hawker Beechcraft from this contract competition. What is blatantly clear, however, is that the administration made the wrong decision by choosing a foreign company rather than creating and sustaining jobs in America. This is particularly clear given the company will be tasked with building aircraft that are expected to protect our national security interests.

The Obama administration’s decision to discard an American company for a foreign company means our tax dollars will fund job efforts overseas instead of creating jobs at home. The applause-winning claims versus the actions of this administration do not align. The Obama administration should be focused on rebuilding America’s economy, not Brazil’s. American workers and their families deserve more from the White House.

Please contact your Member of Congress and tell them to let Americans build the planes charged with protecting our national security and learn more about the issue at



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  • TradeDeficit

    The US Government needs to return to our past policies regarding trade [little to none] with Communist/Totalitarian nations. Brazil's current president, Dilma Rousseff, is an acknowledged Communist and we are suffering from a trade deficit with them, now.

    Of course the world's major criminal enterprise, Red China is currently looting the US of jobs, factories, technologies, science and industry, with the cooperation of the Federal Governments promotion of unilateral US "free trade".

    • LTCB

      The bottom line is, ALL Defense jobs are supposed to be US unless IT CANNOT BE MADE HERE. As there is little that cannot be "Made in the USA", that means this deal is illegal on it's face. I'm not sure who's pocket is getting lined and I really don't care. This is EXACTLY the sort of manure that the current administration passes off as "normal" and "business as usual"; therefore OK. There is no grounds to move ANY Defense work outside the US unless the patents are held elsewhere and, even then, US companies are required to obtain the rights to those patents under license and do business HERE. Someone needs to go to jail and this shouldn't even wait for the close of THIS BUSINESS DAY 2/2/2012.

      • TradeDeficit

        Agreed, if we made our own stuff like we used to, all of the other problems would pretty much disappear.

    • B Seltzer

      Obama did this same thing to the "off shore" oil drilling placing a band here but giving his buddy in Brazil, I believe, over $1B to help them develop their off shore drilling so oil could be produced and sold to another friend of Obama's in China. Obama is all about killing American and Americans!

      • Charles

        it was 2billion

    • justack

      I would like to know who Obama knows that has BIG BUCKS in this company?

      • wayne74467

        You don't suppose that could be the spooky dude, do you? Soros has already invested in Brazil's oil industry, why not spread out?

  • TradeDeficit

    We should return to very limited and regulated commerce/contact with the Corporate Communists until these types of horrific issues are resolved and not treated as business models by many “American” Corporatists, such as GE’s Immelt and many US politicians.

    Below is an example of CCP Communal factory work. After 60 years in power, they really know how to exploit slave labor for maximum profit.

  • TradeDeficit

    Most people do not realize that Communism is Corporatism run amuck, the above John Stewart video explains that in a short and somewhat humorous manner.

    US unilateral “free trade” is pathetic enough on it’s own merits, throw free trade with Protectionist Red China into the recipe and the entire concept is revealed as the largely foreign and Multi-National Corporation financed hoax it is.

    Unarmed, unresisting civilians trying to escape Red China, gunned down USSR style, in September, 2011. As Stewart says above “We have contracts with these people?”.

  • Myrtlelinder

    Have you been able to find anything hypocritical about from his healthcare plan on the bottom and JESUS CHRIST AT THE TOP.

  • Navy Vet

    This contract was awarded to Sierra Nevada Corp. who in turn past it on to Embraer. By doing it this way, he is lining the pockets of Harry Reid and George Soros, and Soros is a major stockholder of Embraer. Obama always takes care of his CROOKS.

    • FlaJim

      That would then make this the second time that a favor was granted to Brazil at the bidding of Soros. The first being the loan given for off shore drilling, just before Brazil made a deal to ship their production to the Chi-Coms.

      As for the national security aspect, it wouldn't be surprising to find that the illegitimate regime in DC has been trading military and technology secrets to the highest bidder in exchange for 'campaign' contributions, as Clinton did.

    • Mike

      Just like they gave Brazil $2bil to drill for oil. That went right into Soros pocket since he controls that company. Then, he said we would be their best customer. We can't drill here or have the pipeline, but we can outsource and buy foreign. Not the way to create jobs in this country.

  • M Carlson

    Sadly most new jobs are low pay, no benefit, non-union jobs. These "new" jobs will not allow a middle class like the good union jobs that are lost forever.Ttake the non-union auto plants. They pay better that Wal-Mart, but benefits are low and costly. Most new jobs are Wal0Mart type part-time, minimum wage, no benefit, no future, treat you like crap jobs.

    • D Isaksen

      Who cares if the jobs are union or not? Because a company is non-union, doesn't necessarily mean the workers are getting less pay or benefits. At least the non-union workers don't have to pay off somebody to work, like union workers do. (the same way the old Mafia used to control the businesses in areas under their control - pay us off, or you don't work)

      Businesses should NOT be hobbled by having to deal with a union mandated contract., and even if a companies workers do have union representation, it should be up to the individual worker to decide whether he/she wants to join the union. With the economy and unemployment the way it is, .. I would most certainly bet that every one of the people who would be working on that contract, would care less if the union was involved.

  • Steve the Great

    How many different issues is Obama a hypocrite? Way too many to list. It's not only Obama though - the entire Congress knows about these types of dealings - and say nothing!! Wonder why ?? All the politicians in DC do this type of crap. Wonder if Mitt Romney would do this? Duh ... How about Newt the socialist ? Duh ... They are all snakes and don't want this economy to recover. Why did we send over 100 tanks (with civilian disturbance camo) and over 20 half tracks? Was it reported on the news? NO - In fact an article by the EUTimes reported it and then all there links to this story were made inoperable. We're in bigger trouble than a few hundred jobs my friends. But this is just more proof that we are lied to all the time - on many, many different things. Prepare for the wors. Now someone will call me a loon - but at least I know some truths. I've stuck my head down the rabbit hole. Which pill are you going to take ...

  • Steve the Great

    Almost everytime I submit a post it has to be reviewed by site admins - I didn't use any foul language ot threatening comments. What gives. i'll bet it doesn't get posted...

    • Are You Serious

      I'll bet it does. Lol

  • Sam

    Typical Obamaspeak. Talking out his butt, and crap comes out his mouth.

  • soldier1980

    Words in conflict with actions equal lie.The change that he is about is obvious.

  • John Galt

    People need to face up to the fact that we have a crook for President. He does nothing unless it benefits himself in someway.

  • GDM

    Perhaps he simply meant that he intends to heavily subsidize businesses in the US and bring them under Government control? It's all in the wording and I have been noting that it takes alot of interpretation to get to the core of what he seems to intend in his remarks.

  • Korean Vet

    It's Probable--that this is the "Only Time'" that he's speaking the Truth--! ABC has a TV Video on Line--"Every One Won't See"-!
    "U.S. Bridges & Roads are being Built by Chinese Workers"-! Type-this in--for Your Knowledge about What Obama's Doing-!
    "Where"-! --In San Francisco, Oakland, Alaska, & New York-! WOW-! You mean--"This is Part of the "Job Stimulus Billions"
    --Tax-Payers' Money, Going to "Create Jobs for Chinese Workers-but Not American Workers-? "Sounds like a 'Bait & Switch Fraud'--to ME-!" And President Obama "Verifies-- This is 'His Plan' to 'Redistribute the Wealth to the Chinese Communist Workers-!" Come-On Now, He's Not that 'Stupid'--"Is He"-!?" This may "Lose" the 2012 Elections--if the Unions & unemployed Americans" Don't VOTE FOR HIM-!" The TV News said that--"This is 'Good News'for the Republican Party & the Tea Party-!" Guess What--They're WINNING--"Finally"-!

  • Keith

    I'm shocked shocked I tell you that lies or going on in the Oblammer Administration!

  • bill

    Come on guys. We can do all Obama wants. All we would have to do to pay for it all is to raise all tax rates to about 99%.

    • HopinForChange

      But only on productive people and most whitefolk. Everyone else, the rate is ZERO. From each according to his ability to be robbed, to each according to his need to plunder the wealth of others.

  • JMcCarthy

    The only question is-how bad does it have to get before those with the power will stop obama from destroying America?

    • HopinForChange

      Why would they want to stop him? They fund him and give him his marching orders. The problem is WHO is in power. It is the hard left and people like Soros. The communist overthrow of the American government is a fait acompli. As Stalin said, the important thing was who COUNTED the votes. Gee, that would be mostly DEMOCRATS.

  • Breeze

    I recently got an official "CAP, COMBAT, BDU". The little tag now says, "Made in China". So, are all of our uniforms being made in China now? This is putting our AMERICAN citizens back to work? Maybe they will start building our nuclear warheads too?

  • bribozo19


  • susan greene

    Too bad the Kock brothers didn't have airplanes in their bag os things then we'd get that contract. And to think beat out by that commie Soro for a Billion $. Scandalous. Bet Mittens will make sure this never happens. He'll just make sure all the top 1% have plenty of mney to invest and create thos favulous jobs. I'm telling my uncle and friends to just hang in a few more months. Uncle Mittens is comming.

  • LK

    The obama administration Hypocrisy on jobs is through class envy propaganda, just as Tikkun proposes Politics of meaning to be a loony form of socialism. The Left and Postmodern are all one with describing those individuals or groups that embrace the philosophies of progressivism and secularism and which use the tactics of deconstructionism and poststructuralism.

  • Slim

    Hawker Beechcraft 's political contributions must have gone to the Republicans.

  • Dave

    Why does anyone think there is a mistake with the award? When things don't make sense it is just because you don't understand the plan! If the plan is to economically destroy the Amreican Middle Class - then he did well.

    Well done Barry Sotoro!

  • richard holmes

    Hang all traitors to the constitution

  • richard holmes

    Those committed to socialism don't need to live in the USA

  • richard holmes

    socialism is a form of government that has been tried in other countries through history

  • richard holmes

    socialism is against free speach

  • richard holmes

    So GP has rolled over for the commy SOBs in the government. Now this web site is crap

  • Walt

    Obama is so full of crap that he lies everytime he opens his mouth. I cannot believe the people in this country would even consider putting him back in office for 4 more years. I will vote for anyone who is running against him. While the competetion is not very good at least they are Americans for America; and that is better than what we have now.

  • Raymond

    Q. How can you tell when Nancy Pelosi has been smoking dope?
    A. she answers the door when the phone rings.

    Q. Why did Jane Fonda vote for Barack Obama?
    A. Because Ho Chi Minh is dead.

    Q. What sign was Barack Obama born under?
    A. For Sale.

  • floyd

    Obama: Jesus Would Back Higher Taxes
    President Barack Obama linked his economic policies to his Christian faith, saying on Thursday that meeting the nation's challenges requires strong values as much as smart policies.
    Obama, making his third appearance as president at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, used his remarks to justify many of his actions, such as his call for the wealthy to pay more in taxes and his health care overhaul. He said they were not only economically sound but also rooted in his Christian values.

  • floyd

    "When I talk about shared responsibility, it's because I genuinely believe that in a time when many folks are struggling and at a time when we have enormous deficits, it's hard for me to ask seniors on a fixed income or young people with student loans or middle-class families who can barely pay the bills to shoulder the burden alone," Obama said.
    "But for me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus' teaching that, for unto whom much is given, much shall be required," he said...
    i can't believe how far he'll go to get votes..He's not a Christian ...he's muslin... they will lie ,,cheat,,and steal to get what they want..

  • screeminmeeme

    Those of us who have been following Obama for years, know very well his penchant for lies and hypocrisy.
    It is exceeded only by his monumental ego.

    Our government has sold the American worker down the river. It's time we take THEIR jobs away and replace them with American patriots who will do all they can to help us rebuild our industrial base, which IMO is foundational to our whole economy.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    The only way to create jobs here is to outsource Obama to another party.

    • j.j.

      @ blair-------That would be THE GITMO PARTY,and he should be the PERMANENT RESIDING LEADER OF CELL BLOCK 15.He and his prayer rag.

    • HopinForChange

      I vote for outsourcing him to the DONNER PARTY. Yummm... would you like some BBQ sauce with that?

  • Silas Longshot

    This is sooo typical of the traitorous lefty socialist that occupies the white house today. There's a backroom deal in this for dxmn sure.
    Either that or this fool is about as smart as a loose doorknob. That this fool would give a DEFENSE contract to ANY country other than our own companies is just un-freakin'believable.

    Click the name, learn to survive!

  • HopinForChange

    I'm sure the U.S. firm did something really stupid to lose that contract, like not contributing enough to Obama's campaign.

  • marysteeleyorktownva

    Stop outsourcing our defense contracts!

  • tbird55

    KING BARACKO CHAVEZ could care less about the american worker.KING BARACKO want to destroy this country and turn it into the UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICAN PERIOD.

  • William H. Dewyea .

    I don't know when the American people are going to get it through their heads that Obama is not a legal citizen of the United States and is a puppet for those who want to destroy America as a nation of greatness. Obama and his co-hoots are so agressive and cunning that many cannot see the horrors coming. Good luck america when yuour children become slaves to the communist goverment.