GOP Freshman Returning Unused Allowances As Promised

In the 2010 election, a number of Republican candidates vowed to reduce spending starting with themselves.   It helped many of them to get elected to their first term in US House of Representatives.

Kansas freshman congressman Tim Huelskamp has just announced that he will be joining seven other Republican first termers in returning the unused portion of the Member Representational Allowances given to him.  He was allocated $1.42 million for the operations of his office in Washington DC and three offices in the district of Kansas he represents.  Heulskamp says he is returning about 10% or around $140,000 to the US Treasury.

Huelskamp explained the returned monies saying,

"I think we need to send a message, and not to the American people -- other than we're serious about cutting spending. But I think it communicates the message to the president and all of the executive branch that it's time to do more with less.  We're going to lead by example. Often times, members in Congress are usually saying, 'Do as we say and not as we do' -- but in this case, we're going to walk the walk and talk the talk."

"Not only do we return that money to the Treasury, but we call on the speaker to actually use it to pay down our debt.  Often times, when money was cut out of congressional budget, somebody else would spend it elsewhere. And this would take the money and dedicate it to debt reduction."

With all of the media focusing on the ongoing battles between the Republicans and Democrats, they failed to tell the American public that the US House of Representatives voted to take a five present cut in the 2011 budget and another five percent cut in their 2012 budget.

The ten percent being returned by Huelskamp is in addition to the voted budget cuts.

The other seven GOP freshman congressmen returning their unused allowances are Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Raúl Labrador (R-ID), Jeff Landry (R-LA), Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), Steve Southerland (R-FL), Joe Walsh (R-IL), and Kevin Yoder (R-KS).  The overall average amount being returned is around $181,500 or about twelve percent of their annual budget.

Just think, if every member of Congress followed the example of these eight congressmen, it would save the government $78.9 million which could go towards the national deficit.  If the Senators followed suit, that would be another $18.1 million for a grand total savings of $97 million.

Not only should these eight member of Congress be commended for living up to that part of their campaign promises, but also for demonstrating that they don’t need as much money to operate their offices as so many others of them claim they need.



  • John

    In private business, we are always looking to reduce waste. The government should itemize all the spending and ask if what they are doing is really necessary. I'll bet that more than 50% of the spending is on moronic, unnecessary projects or staff. So even though it's nice to see money that isn't being spent will pay down the debt, they should really consider cutting their budgets by 25% and then see what they can get done.

    • Ernie Cloutier

      Plus give back the 3000.00 dollar raise they gave themselfs when they took office in 2010 >. I guess 174,00.00 dollars is not a big enough salary to live on >> Let them Cut thier pension by 25% and raise the age to collect it to 62 instead of age 50 >> And apply that to the debt >>>> Plus force ALL comittees to complete all work in i month ,not 6 years of debateing and doing nothing



  • FakingShock

    So they took 2 5% cuts in 2011 and this year and they have all been able to return at least 10% of their budget.

    How much do you want to bet that the rest of the representatives will be asking for increases in their budgets, will probably overspend, and probably used the money for really unneeded expenses.

    Government employees and elected officials know that they must use all of their budget and then some in order to keep asking for more every year. Even if they don't need it, they will buy new computers that don't need replacing or purchase materials not needed and then discard them all in an effort to garner more money from the tax payer. If you are a low end employee and you find a way to save your department money, the rest of the departments will take it and overspend so they don't have a budget cut for the entire office.

  • Violet

    I think that the president and his family should return a portion of the money it cost us for their extravagant and needless vacations. Say %50.

  • thomas

    Somebody talk to the great SPENDERS......DEMOCRATS !!!!

  • Barb

    I bet you won't hear about this on the National News! Congratulations for keeping your word! It's time for all of them to reduce spending through travels, extravagent WH parties, vacations and the use of Air Force One and Two by Mrs. O.

  • charles B

    how many parties, how many vacations on our dime have they had ? most of us paying for them cann't take one week off for ourselfs because we dont have any dimes left instead of $70 steaks service him Ham bet he won't eat it

  • reelman1946

    Yet another example the Parties are NOT the same! You won't live to see the dimdems deprive themselves of a dollar of our tax money. More evidence we need a 2nd flush out of dimdems come Nov2012...the secular socialist utopians must go! This will not be seriously covered by the (aka the pawn press)...I wonder why?

  • azjbc

    Rand Paul Returns $500K of Office Budget to the Treasury - Erika Johnsen via @townhallcom

  • azjbc

    Editor : It is Actually PC & What the Party Calls themself >> Call it Progressive Politics Not the S word that gets Flagged.

  • ceejay

    CONGRATULATIONS to these GOP freshman. Voters please take note. Let us spread this NEWS around - the MEAN STREAM MEDIA will never do this.

  • David

    You need to add to the new Congessmen Rep Renacci R--16th district Ohio. A Good new addition to The Federal Congress.