Pentagon Moves to Weaken Combat Troops and Family Values

Since President Barack Obama took office three years ago, he has pushed the Pentagon to weaken the US military from within and it seems he’s not done yet.

The Pentagon dropped ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’, ordered chaplains to perform same-sex unions and make chapel facilities available for such ceremonies, and then there is the push to overhaul the military retirement program.  After each of these policy changes have taken place, I’ve received reports of a number of career servicemen and women decide to resign from military service and turn to the civilian workplace.

In the latest move to weaken the military, the Pentagon just announced that it plans to open up more positions to women that were previously unavailable to them.  A number of those positions being opened up will put more women in combat situations than ever.

Now I know that there have been women that have and are still serving in combat already, but history has shown that it has created a multitude of problems and issues that the military would rather hide than make known at the recruiting offices.  For instance, where men and women serve together in close quarters, the incidents of rape, sexual assaults and pregnancies have increased.

A growing number of military women have reported being sexually harassed and assaulted and then threatened to remain quiet about it not only by the male attacker but also by commanding officers over them.  A couple of years ago there was a report of a woman in the navy that had been sexually assaulted by a group of her male peers on board ship.  She had literally been gang raped.  When she reported it to the one of the ship’s officers, she was told that she had probably asked for it and to keep her mouth shut.  When her male peers heard she had reported the incident, they launched a campaign of mental and emotional terror on this woman who ended up committing suicide.

Let me ask you husbands and fathers if you would like your wife or daughter to serve in the military and be in a position where there is no personal privacy, such as in many combat situations or on board ships?  Would you want her to have to drop her fatigues to relieve herself in front of the men she was serving with?

What effect does this have on their families when they get home?

They return home with a deep seeded fear and mistrust of men in general.  In many cases it affects their relationships in marriage and in the workplace.  The emotional scars they bring home may never heal.

I believe there are many ways that women can effectively serve in the military and still be able to keep their modesty and self-respect, but combat is not one of them.  Call me old-fashioned if you want, but I just don’t believe that we should be putting our young women in these kinds of situations, and for the Pentagon to take the actions they announced will only help further undermine and weaken the integrity of our combat troops and family relationships back here at home.



  • corey

    Obviously, They are focusing on the wrong issue. Whether women should be in the combat forces is ridiculous if they want to be put in the frontlines to die that should be their decision to do so. The issue they should be worried about is our troops being spread thin across the globe. They should question whether they have an effective national defense with so many troops spread out on hundreds of bases in the world. If they are brave enough to serve our country who cares if its a woman or man. The president should at least have the decency not send them in harms way without proper authority.

    • @Garathorn

      I would argue that I DO care about whether they "are a woman or a man". It does make a difference. I agree with you that we are spread to thin, certainly. But men are not women, and vice versa. Bravery has nothing to do with it. The average woman is not equipped to fight hand to hand against the average man. Women's psychology and physiology is different. This has been pointed out time and again, yet people keep talking 'equality'. Equality has nothing to do with it, because in regards to combat, MEN AND WOMEN ARE NOT EQUAL. Besides, the subject at hand is larger than this; Whose side is Obama on? At no time in history has the Commander in Chief hog-tied his own team and sent them into the theater. Obama is a menace and should be impeached. Why do we keep electing people who swear "to uphold and protect the Constitution" but DON'T!?

      • Tim BAH

        One of the biggest kept quiet statistics is the number of pregnancies, abortions, and less than honorable discharges for prostitution. Aircraft carriers (six months and more at sea) are where these numbers are off the chart, because the charts are "misplaced", or those statistics are not available at this time type stuff.

        The theocracy of secular humanism has tenants that are not rooted in wisdom. Let alone in traditional wisdom.

        Pray hard.

      • screeminmeeme

        While they may have a heart to do it...while they may have the training to do it....while they may have the courage to do it........while they may have a great loyalty to their country and a desire to defend it, female soldiers should not be put on the front lines. And anywhere else they are stationed, they should have their own separate quarters. The military code ought to require rapists to be tried like any other criminal..and those officers who try to cover up, need to be court-martialled.

        Women are not men.
        Men are not women.
        Different bodies.
        Different hormonal drives.
        Different abilities.
        Different capacities.
        Different roles.
        Acknowledge and respect and celebrate the differences.

        • Bryan

          Well Said!

      • evermyrtle

        When it comes down to equality between men and men fight a war. I have three brothers and I know for a fact I would not be up to their strength and ability to fight, especially, hand to hand fighting. My son is a big husky, brawny guy, my daughter is about 5 feet tall and I know for a fact I would trust him to defend the household more than the little daughter. With training and practice will up the ability but there is little you can do about the difference in the natural strength of a man and a women, makes no difference how we would like to do so.

    • eddmain

      no , you might as well have 7 or 8 year olds on the battlefield with you. The effect would be the same. The reason being that seeing wounded and dead young women on the battle field , and they being your comrades, would be too much of an emotional distraction to the men.

  • Junk Bin

    A number of those positions being opened up will put more women in combat situations than ever.

    This can be stated as male billets in safer areas given to females . Less male billets in safer areas result. Greater chance of male , military members being killed or maimed.

    Equality is not being exercised but sexism against males is.


    SORRY, you can call me old fashion, but the battle field is no place for women NOT that they aren't capable as the next person, its just not the right place to serve IN our military I see no where in GODS word where he allowed women to go into BATTLE, it was always the mens JOB

    • BMG

      I agree with you 100% and I am female. I dislike women who think they should box- wrestle be allowed on football team and on and on. These women should get their heads from where the sun never shines. To want to compete with the men is down right stupid. Women in a sub is laughable unless they are in a locked chastity belt and the key tossed overboard.

    • Black9

      You are correct, The long times spend in battle is not good for women, As a drill , I saw the injuries that women had from carring a full combat load, numerous stress fractures to the pelvis etc. These people want to put women in to harms way, a male can use his canteen to wash his hair, take a sponge bath, but women cannot. A lot of thought was not given to this, I served and respect the female soldiers, most will tell you they don't want to be in combat units, I served my carrer in the Armored Cavalry, served long field training exercises, back to back, later at senoir rank I served in a unit with women, they are dedicated, know their jobs,100% soldiers, I understand why most will tell you they don't want to be in a combat unit..

  • samtman

    I would rather have a person like my wife in foxhole next to me than many of the less than smart guys I served with. In many ways woman can make better decisions than men, quiker and take action faster. Its not all about how much weigt you can carry in a modern army, its about how fast you brain works. Its about time that our doughters, wife's, sisters and mothers get to choose what they can contrubute to the securety of our country. THose are the real family values. Its time to stop this biblical and social war against woman.

    • mi6james.

      You are a total F_ _ _head!

    • don

      your wife in the fox hole in front of you with you hands and feet tied while the enemy rapes her right in front of you with your eyes taped open, then cut her breasts off, followed by beheading. YEA RIGHT!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

    • RivahMitch

      If that's the case, IMHO, and I've been in a foxhole, you haven't thought it through very well. First off "in a foxhole" it can be largely about how much weight you can carry and how strongly you can use your bayonet. In combat, also, you've got to have your mind totally on the task right in front of you and the folks around you focused on the task directly in front of them with absolute trust that you'll both do your job. Maybe you're Superman but i coubt that my mind would be totally focused totally on my front if the person I loved most in the world was in immediate danger close by.

      Combat is stressful beyond the imagination of anyone who has never experienced it. I'd submit that adding a situation likely to engage the emotions of the participants in romantic relationships (a likely outcome when men and women are put together under stress) can only make it worse for all concerned. The military should concern itself with reducing, rather than enhancing, the stress undre which our combat troops operate. The sole goal of the military should be to fight and win wars, not engage in social engineering.

      • Black9

        You hit the target my friend...

      • Jonathan Gartner

        Absolutely both the Soviets and the Israeli's relealized this that men and women in fox holes is conter productive because the man is protective of the women and that screws everything up. Carter tried to intragrate both men and women into the infantry many years ago the result was every women was pregnant at Fort Benning

      • Mark

        Yeah .. I'm with you. Honestly I don't believe he has ever been in a foxhole.

    • havoc68

      I suspect that were you really in a foxhole you would not want your wife there next to you. Deploying women with a unit into a combat zone (or other remote, stressful situation) caused multiple complications with the group dynamics of the unit, IME. Nothing can cause friction between guys like throwing a girl or two into the mix, 24/7. Men and women are NOT the same and we should not kid ourselves that they are.

    • plainscary

      I disagree with your thought processes on this post-and as I'm the only female to comment (so far, I think) on yours in the replies, I have say thanks for all the men and their well though and well said reasons for not having females on the front line or in a fox hole...

      I spent 8 years in the Military, and not in a million years could I do what the men are required to do-and I'm not just talking PT...The training standards in most units do not train to the strongest; and that is exactly where the training should start. Training aside, physically, females are not built to carry a person off the battlefield that meets or exceeds their weight.

  • Tonto

    Another brick in the wall. The left is so far removed from reality that it would be laughable if it weren't so pitiful. They have all these wonderful ideas of what THEY think the world should look like all the while completely ignoring actuality....the way things really are. As the left gets sillier and sillier, the reality of life isolates these idiots from the rest of us......who live in reality, Bless their pea-pickin' hearts. They talk and act like spoiled children (ie. "occupiers") and are due for a good spanking soon.

    • Michael

      Roman whips!

  • Ithamar

    Cory, it is most evident that you don't have a clue as to what you write. Integrating women into military units has been the most destructive factor for military readiness, morale, efficiency, etc., thus compromising national security. It is yet to be seen how much more destructive the new policy of sodomizing the military will be.

  • Mike

    I am an older male and was always taught to protect women. As a Nam combat vet I do not want a little woman with me in hot situations. I want a some one strong enough to carry me out if I get hit.

    • plainscary

      About 25 years ago, I would have thought your comments were sexist. I realized, reluctantly, that women are not geared for "hot situations" matter how quickly we think. Physically, women are just not able to meet standards that men must.

  • sofouch

    Bad Decisions make good stories

  • http://MSN.COM Mark

    ovomit is a characterless, luciferian with-out shame.

    Who would have ever dreamed that adolf hitlers level of hideousness would someday be equaled by a president of the United States.

    ovomit is protected by the prince of this world; satan(who knows his time is short).

    Yeshua/Jesus will be here soon to clean-up this mess, and ovomit and friends will “NOT” end well.

    Time is short to commit to your Creator, if you have not; please make the good confession before it is to late:

    Believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua(Jesus).

    Call on him to be saved:
    Yeshua, Im a sinner.
    Yeshua, you save sinners.
    Yeshua, save me now.

    • deprofundisclamavi

      Actually, FDR, Harry Truman, Ike's surrogate brains, JFK, LBJ, Tricky Dick, the Peanut Man, Daddy Bush and William The Impeached all equaled Hitler's level of hideousness. Ovomit for now gets away with it better than most of the others did.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      You forgot a line: Yeshua, I'm an idiot.

    • Don

      If you are a converted Jew, God Bless You!! It is Jesus who saves souls, no longer are the 10 commandments able to save a person, but they are something we should abide by! It is by grace alone that God gives, through Jesus, that we are saved! Women have their place in our world, but not in the battle front, on submarines or battle ships. If they desire to serve in the military, there are many other places where they can serve. In addition, they should never be placed in coed living conditions. Our colleges are getting out of hand with this kind of living. And things are getting worse in the US because of this administration. If he isn't stopped NOW, this country will be history perhaps even before the next election. He and several of his staff members, along with several liberal congresspersons, should be given the boot from their positions asap before its too late!

  • Gay Patriot

    The suicidal Left always admires and caters to our enemies, foreign and domestic. The idiot left hates our military. It considers our military a force for evil in the world and a social engineering experiment. The buffoon in the White House is hollowing out the military. He's projecting weakness around the world, encouraging our enemies and speeding the day when we're next attacked. It will probably take a direct hit on one of our expensive carriers or one of our cities, with a tragic unnecessary loss of life, to serve as a wake up call that we need to get Lib buffoons out of government at all levels. You can bet none of these flaky leftists will be putting their lives on the line to defend what's left of America and our freedoms. I'm a gay veteran who wants everything Ohbummer has done reversed, except the Bin Laden execution, and I don't give him credit for that.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Bush signed the kill order for Bin Laden a long time ago. He has torn down our troop by insults around the world and the moral fabric of the military by forceing the gays to have more rights than a regular service person. If you want to be gay and in the military work like anybody else do not make a big deal of it and no one cares more or less. When you start putting in rules that one group is favored as Obama has done he brings the military down. I do not like gays nor their life style but, if you do not stick it in my face I am likely to ignore it. Gays have to deal with it themselves and God.

    • A_Nobody

      Mike the Vietnam vet above has the right reason and samtman is just the opposite, thus stupid. It IS about weight you can carry samtman. It's about whether the man next to you can carry you out of harm's way if hit. There are a lot of women around who think they're tough enough to serve and maybe so, but few who can carry a compatriot. Obozo is incompetent as any kind of leader. ANy one of those on the right might be mediocre only but that's yet to be proven. Obozo has already proven how bad he well as criminal.

  • Willy

    It's is normal for the male to look out for the female of the species.
    It's hard enough to cover your own butt with out looking after the females butt.
    It's real hard to bring a portapotty with you in a combat zone,men are equipeted to handle a pee call with out
    dropping there pants. I think the boys with the chicken s--- on there hats need to rethink this move.

  • 1599

    I believe that the writer of this article is correct, having been in the military. The military is being turned into a large gay/immoral community. Christians should stand up and demand that the benefits paid out is too high for this sort of trash. Cut all VA benefits.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    There have been only 2, (TWO), countries that tried women in combat in the past seventy years. What are they, you ask? The Soviet
    Union, and Israel. Both countries abandoned the idea. The last country to use women in combat? Bosnia, during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.

  • hank aaron

    and next the military will have their little hitler child brigades,hiel obumer

  • upsideDownInsideOut

    Women on the front lines was good enuf for Stalin and other Communists, by hell, it's good enough for Amerika!

    First we put 'em to work in dirty factories to produce the things needed for war, now they are every aspect of war. Kommunists and NAZIs (National Socialist party) love it. Don't raise your kids, let the kids go to hell (literally) without proper training, put them in day car, no care, who care? Gubbermint will show us the way, they'll fix it all.
    We're following right along the path they wanted.

  • EdinNOLA

    We have some very sick puppies in charge of this government. OMG - Obama Must Go

  • Patchel Saige

    and Bamm Bamm has repeatedly said that he wants to form a 'Shutzstaffle'. I be beliebin' dat's nex'. Seig Heil, baby.

  • Doug Enyart

    The military, as well as public schools, is being used as a tool to force social change on society. The majority of us just want to be left alone. It's time, long overdue, for push back.

  • deprofundisclamavi

    All this stupidity emanating from Obama Sin Laden and his henchlings makes the military less and less able to compete with other professions for the available talent.

  • DEB

    I believe in a strong military and I honor all who have served. However, some of you still think women can't serve in a combat role. Combat today may not be entirely what it has been in the past. I would offer that women already have served in combat roles and they are serving now. Some have given their lives. We should honor them equally. Further, let's blame those who would commit a crime against any woman and stop blaming the victims. I have students serving in ROTC and aspiring to be military. I do not discourage them. That is the choice they make for their country. God bless them.

    • just sayin

      No one said anything about not honoring them Deb. Women DO NOT have the same physical capabilities to do BATTLE (the dirty stuff). Wake up and stop being a liberal tart who thinks you are equal physically. I had a girlfriend of 6 years who wanted to be equal in everything. I "let her" believe that she was when we played in tennis and other sports because beating her was not why I played with her. I played to enjoy the time. If my life were on the line, I would have slapped her silly, told her to shut up and get out of the way!

  • Evaluator

    I served in the military in the 60's, and would not volunteer again in today's military, and would not want my son to. (although we both might end up joining the Patriot side if things continue as they are going) The liberals are taking this country in the wrong direction, and unfortunately, we all have to pay for it.

  • BOB

    On an unrelated note. I heard the other day that, i think is was some branch of the army had to remove the word God from there uniform.

    • rrsarge

      It was a unit patch.

    • KHM

      It was the Air Force. Not sure if "God" was in English or Latin, but it was removed.
      All who read this article and commented know that O is anti-Christian and does not begin to understand the military. These latest moves of his administration definitely undermine the strength of our military.
      Then Michelle visits the Air Force and in a mess hall talks to the fliers as if thy're 6 year olds who have to be encouraged "nudged" to eat their vegetables.
      These 2 and all of their cronies need to be gone in 2012. The solutions are not only political though.

  • Lloyd

    Apparently, Obama, his followers, and those who provide backing, along with the liberal media and Democrats, have found thet the majority of the military do not support their evil plans to destroy our government. With a large military force ready and willing to fight for the American people, they need to cut them down to sixe. The Congress of the United States is the only branch of our government that has the power and responsibility to control the military, and its about time they exercise this responsibility.

  • Only God knows

    Obama is appalling, and just as appalling is the methods by which this man has managed to get elected – not only apparent voting corruption, but America is accepting European thought over the traditional thought/values that is the foundation of America. The media, schools & colleges, gov. buddies/unions/federal agencies/goons all need to be described accurately with no scapegoats, poster children, and misinformation directing the future for America. America is so demoralized that good change won't happen in one election – people need to be aware the values that make America the land of the “free” are not found in present teachings; - we must return to the teachings/principles in the Bible (as the founders did), not media to improve life for future generations.

  • Mutantone

    Based upon how other nations have done so, like Israel women in combat do their duties just as well. A rifle is a great equalizer. Look at Russia during WWII they had many women in the front lines and as snipers which gained the greatest number of kills over their male counter parts. I can see a woman commanding a tank or a gun ship just as I can see a woman in command of infantry units to limit them via old stereotypes has already been shown to be wrong.

    • just sayin

      I wonder why both Israel and Russia do not do it now! Can you think of a few reasons that might counterbalance your thinking? Probably not.

  • msbets


    • higley7

      Don't forget that Justice Ginsberg thinks the Boy Scouts should take girls. Then, there are the counties in Maryland who think that, if you feel like a woman today you can go into the ladies room. Physically being a male is not important, appearances are. So, if you are in drag, use the ladies room. Crime is up and guess where?

      • msbets

        OH, I WON'T FORGET THAT BEACH!!!!!.................EVER!!!!!!

  • RivahMitch

    Of course, the Kenyan Fascists motto is.....Creating a Military Less Capable of Fighting while we Create a Country Not Worth Fighting For... His idea of the perfect state is why the population of Europe has been declining... there's nothing left worth living for in the great collective.

  • Larry Owens

    Thanks to "The Chief of Do Nothing" except Destroy our Country by allowing gay marriage and Infesting the military with those people and now more women in combat, where is the Logic and strategy to make our Military Stronger? It does nothing but to Weaken our Military. I can see why Lots of veterans serving are Opting to just get out I would to. As a vietnam vet I would NOT serve under this Yahoo Ding-a Ling. Next old men and boy scouts will have to fill in. No more Obozo in 2012!

  • ave9

    Silly me took me a couple of days to figure out hidden word in this site's forbidden word. and it's all about s - x... your censors have got to be kidding us..,.. is anyone on the site even thinking about such a thing whenevr I think about obama it's got to be the world's biggest turnoff..GAAHG.....

  • Boyd Herrst

    al obumbles is working through the Pentagon to weaken the Military from within. His cranial rectal inversion is clouding his thought processes and leads this whole country into the dumps...

  • Dennis

    Woman should be serving in a combat roll if hey are combat capable? If she is weak enough to be raped, she is not capable to be combat ready. This is a fighting machine , every gear must work for it to be strong. Woman need to know this

  • Ken

    That women are to be put in more direct combat roles is a serious issue, but it's not the only issue. Your article fails to mention a dozen other problems with current Administrative and Pentagon proposals.

    A significant one is that DoD and the Administration plan to alter retirement and benefit plans in a way that will drive away the best of the best and leave only the hangers on.

    For instance, one of the prime incentives for serving a career and retiring honorably is that one will, as promised, receive medical care in military facilities for the member and his spouse for the remainder of their lives. So what has happened? Due to cutbacks and base closures, military medical facilities have become fewer and fewer. To compensate, Congress created a plan known as Tricare to have some active duty and most retirees go to civilian medical providers. It's kind of an insurance plan where recipients pay co-pays and deductibles and the DoD picks up a portion of the remaining cost while forcing providers to eat much of the actual cost.

    But there's more. Retirees who become eligible for Medicare are kicked out of Tricare and instead get "Tricare for Life" as a secondary provider with Medicare being the main provider. TFL is free, but it only picks up a small amount of the cost that Medicare refuses to pay providers.

    The latest wrinkle is that DoD and the Administration want to increase the co-pays and deductibles for all recipients and add a fee for TFL. Further, they plan to means test the system so that persons worked longer and achieved higher rank will pay even higher rates. In other words, those who worked harder and climbed the ladder of success are to be penalized.

    There are more issues, including capping cost of living pay increases below those that go to "equivalent" civilian workers (whatever that is), closing Commissaries, reducing housing allowances to well below the actual cost of housing, etc. Their whole proposal is rotten to the core.

    The bottom line is that recruiting will suffer, the best people will seek their fortune elsewhere, and this country will be left unprotected. Defense is the one function our Federal government is Constitutionally responsible for. If it fails in that, it fails period!

    The bottom line is that the current "leadership" is plotting to take

  • Mike

    My question is: How many other countries put their women in the front line of combat? I doubt there are many that do. Not even the so called cradle of democracy.

  • higley7

    Our Undocumented Worker-in-Chief hates the military, which is classically conservative and the members love their country. They are sworn to take orders from him, but there is a limit and he knows it.

  • Gregg Weber

    The founding fathers didn't want a standing army but knew that one was necessary. Therefore the Militia was set up to do three things listed in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15. I suspect the army was to project force outwards, provide a profession teacher (Baron von Steuben).
    Breaking the ties with civilians makes it easier for a tyrant to have a willing army to terrorize and control the people (Tiananmen Square).
    It is only the Militia (National Guard among others) that is to put down insurrections. Not the Army. Look at the 20th Maine at Gettysburg.

  • Texan

    Sorry ladies, but you do not belong in combat. It is bad enough what happens to you by fellow servicemen but what do you think the enemy will do to you?

  • Don Roberts

    Call me old fashioned, but I don't want my grand daughter on the front lines. War is a horror best left to the imagination.

  • Lowell T.

    If you are concerned about what is going on with our military then you must see, Agenda- The Grinding Down Of America. The 90 minute movie is right on and explains what is happening and why.

  • aurora35

    Yes, the government is weakening our defenses and wants to strip its' citizens of the ability to defend themselves by disallowing privately owned firearms. They encourage birth control and abortion to limit our population. Why? Why do they allow women to physically fight the enemy when they have small children at home and they should be their primary concern and job? We have an evil government that will do anything, that they find necessary, to destroy our people, culture and country. They have been methodically trying to destroy us from within our own borders. Don't cave in to their devious plan. BO is paving the way for is lam to conquer our nation!

  • Karl

    I watched the Navy being feminized shortly after I got out in the early 70's.

  • Brenda in VA

    Pentagon Moves to Weaken Combat Trps & Family Values -
    Folks This has been happening for YEARS! Many, many (not all) women get prgnt, get off of ship duty - going out to sea. Next obtain, housing, day care, (socializ'd) medicine, etc, etc, Notice what's missing? A Husband/Daddy to share life & its responsibilities. More singe women families are groomed & become dependent on Big Daddy Gov't. Again, not ALL women do this, but there SURE IS A LOT who do.
    & then ya going send these SAME women out to combat? O M G!
    Who will watch their kids for 6-9-12 months?
    If no one is availbe, will the female solider get an exemption? & some other sad kid will have to go in her place?
    Well, I guess this is Hope & Change, some of ya'll were waiting for ! ?

  • spelunker7

    It make the transition into an Islamic state much easier. Especially if he can take our guns away. Hard to believe that 60 million people voted to destroy their own country!

  • AL.H

    I' Hope And Pray To GOD That One Of Those Brave Woman Sniper Blow The Muslim Communist Pig AWAY

  • Robert

    If you want to destroy a nation and do it from within you cannot have a strong military, that is dedicated to the sovereignty of the nation.
    When this whole thing started four years ago, this Bozo the White House told everyone that he was going to change America. He didn't say how many didn't say whether it would be good or not he just said he was going to do it.
    First he said he needed a national police force that answered only to the executive branch, and were as well equipped and trained as a military. He has that homeland security now has all the goodies that our military does, but they lack the leadership and responsibility of good Americans.
    Then he set about reforming the banking system the health system and taking over personal management by proxy of the national energy supply. He set up to control medical he also has the manufacturing for heavy manufacturer with General Motors. The unions have their heads so far up his dark spot that their ears are full of crud.
    he's always had control of the press but now he's trying to control the Internet, talk radio, and any televisions Corporation that stands in his way.

    This latest step is directed directly at our military to make it more inefficient, demoralizes, and compromise its mission. This has nothing to do with whether a woman can do the job or not, that has been proven over and over that it is possible. Where the problem is is with the males in the military who still seem to believe that it is their duty to protect the female. You may laugh but chivalry is not dead. The don't ask don't tell policy was a very good program and that it did not ostracize anyone ever gay wish to serve there was no problem as long as he left his sexual preferences outside of the barracks. Heterosexual soldiers of had to do that for years so what's the big deal.

    Dirty diaper head Obama has set out to systematically destroy this nation! If you doubt that for an instant look at everything that he is done none of that has been for the good of the nation. All I ask is that everyone look at the situation honestly, not through rose colored glasses, or through the haze of hero worship or anything else that clouds your vision. Honestly look at what he has done and explain what he plans to do so for God stakes people vote. Vote like your lives depend on it because they do this very well may be the last free election in the United States of America

    • SpaceChief

      The words, "good order and discipline" mean nothing to Obama. Neither do the words "duty, honor
      and country". I served 26 1/2 years in the US Military starting during the Korean War. Those were
      my watchwords. The US Military has been the most effective and proud military in human history.
      I can't imagine what it would be like to serve under a "gay" commander. Nor would I want a woman
      next to me in a combat situation. I would never serve in today's military under this most despicable
      commander-in-chief in our history. It only makes me sad to remember those who gave their all for what was once a noble human experiment and now watch it being purposefully dismantled.

  • LiNDA

    Obama is out to destroy the entire country, including the military. In his true religion which is MUSLIM no matter how often he says he is a Christian..............woman are second class citizens. He doesn't care if they are gang raped and threatened to the point of hopelessness..........and suicide. There are always more to rape and threaten.
    I hope his daughters reap what he is sewing.

  • LiNDA

    I know women in the military who are doing a great job. Woman and men in the military deserve a REAL TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT to be a commander in chief. Not the Obamination we have.

    In my previous comment.....I correct my choice of sewing to sowing. Sorry.

  • Eli Jones

    Obama wants a weak US Military so his personal Million man civilian army will be stronger. We the tax payers are paying for the rope that could hang us. Get Informed!

  • Slarker

    This reminds me of Stalin in the 1930's, just prior to WWII. He purged his military of all of their highly qualified and capable officers. of course, this also had political aspects. Wait. Then Hitler for about a year, kicked the Russians butts and nearly defeated them. America came to "Ally" Stalin's rescue. Who will be coming to rescue us?

  • Raymond

    A friend of my sent me this & i'd like to share it
    with you. This sign was posted on a conservatives
    front lawn with a large red arrow that pointed to his
    neighbor's house. This sign sent their neighbor into
    a rage. Raymond

    My Next Door Neighbor wants to BAN all GUNS.

    Their house is NOT ARMED!

    Out of RESPECT for their opinions
    I promise NOT to use MY GUNS to
    protect them........................

  • ElCid

    I'm far from a know-it-all, BUT I will tell you that such a mix in that environment does not work very effectively. I entered the US Army when it was NOT PC, and could see solid signs of it as I departed two decades later. Plain & simple...women in combat is not the way to go!! There's a realtively small percentage of females that want to do it, but that doesn't make it right. There's also a small percentage of males who see nothing wrong w/it either, BUT that still doesn't make it right. Combat is a condition that cannot be taken too lightly. It's an animal-type of world and throwing females into the mix makes it even more troubling. We do not need that. It's bad enough that "Don't Ask Don't Tell" has been repealed. This is another blunder that will cause many problems for unit commanders, the very ones who have to carry the burden of such naivete. It's imperative we strive to get PC out of the military for a more combat effective force.

  • Patricia

    Well, I AM old fashioned, even though my daughter did serve in Desert Storm and she was nearly raped 3 tmes. She said she learned to use her combat weapons very well, even against her fellow soldiers--men. If women are put on the front lines, who the hell are we even protecting....our old people and children????? Men are supposed to be protecting our women, children and elderly. What ever happened to chivalry (protecting the weak in our society...women are also considered the "weaker" sex???? Oh yeah....liberal women and queers must have had something to do with that.

  • Repinthe world

    Can you guys get anymore paranoid. Liberals do not hate the military, many women want to serve in combat, gay men get raped (but you could care less about that). Obama is Hitler....but but he's from Africa and a Muslim. If you don't tone down this senseless non fact based jabber President Obama will be Pres for 4 more years, followed by another Democrat. The minority right wing part of the Republican Party is not large enough to elect a president. I'm a Republican and I am totally disgusted by what you have done to smear the name and reputation of the Republican party. It sounds like some or a majority of you are Christians and I thought this would be against your religion. You make left wing extremists look docile. Wake up and think about what you want.