More Tea in 2012!

You’re ticked off by the budget and deficit deal. The old-guard Republicans caved again and took a few Tea Party people with them. So now what are you going to do? Sulk? Whine? Bitch and moan? Not me. There’s one thing about liberals that I admire. They never quit. When Jimmy Carter and a whole bunch of liberal Congressmen were thrown out in the 1980 election, conservatives declared victory and liberals planned how to win it all back. And they did.

Saul Alinsky (1909–1972), author of Rules for Radicals, is a favorite strategist of the Left. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are students of Alinsky’s methods. Hillary had met Alinsky at a Methodist church outing when she was a teenager. They were impressed with one another. In late 1968, Alinsky offered Hillary Rodham a job working for him. She had insider aspirations. In 1969, she wrote her Senior Thesis on Alinsky: “There is Only the Fight . . .”: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.

After Alinsky’s death, “a group of his disciples hired Barack Obama, a 23-year-old Columbia University graduate, to organize black residents on the South Side of Chicago, while learning and applying Alinsky’s philosophy of street-level democracy. The recruiter called the $13,000-a-year job ‘very romantic, until you do it.’” The rest, as they say, is history.

She and Obama drank deep from the Alinsky strategy well, and it has paid off for them and their fellow radicals. There’s one particular Alinsky line from his Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals (1971) that is inspiring, even for someone like me on the right side of the political spectrum. Liberals must be doing something right to continually out strategize conservatives. Here’s one of the reasons that comes out of the Alinsky playbook:

“Do one of three things. One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing — but this will only swing people to the right. Three, learn a lesson. Go home, organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.”

So what are you going to do? Cry about the betrayal? Not me. Blow something up? How foolish and counter-productive and morally wrong. What’s the lesson? Work harder, smarter, and longer. To quote Tim Allen’s character Peter Quincy Taggart in the film Galaxy Quest, “Never give up, never surrender.” I can assure you, liberals never will. It's time we beat them at their own game.

You, I, and every person we know have to make a decision . . . now! We can’t wait for the next election. We must engage to find good candidates who can replace the faux conservatives and self-avowed RINOs! The liberals are already planning their 2012 take-back strategy.

The 2010 election is over. It’s old news that we can’t rest on. We’ve made some progress, but it’s time for “More Tea in 2012.” Make it a rallying cry.



  • 'jake

    unfortunately so many TP Conservative/Republicans are wimps when it comes to Politics and fighting for what is right. It is time to get "Damn Mad" and get involved with your local TP group.

    • skip

      if you want to see for yourself some of the articles re the links to obama/clinton and deceased radical chicago community organizer and communist fellow traveler saul alinsky, who is obama's apparent hero as all of obama's rantings, ravings, ridicule, fear mongering, playing God, etc., are straight from the alinsky book, something that obama is totally into to the extent that he even taught it, check these out - and and and

      please do all of us a favor and send this godfather article and the above stuff to as many people you can... the voting and otherwise public really need to know this in order to make informed decisions re 2012 elections... thanks...

    • dragonfFIRE01


    • Guest

      Is it too soon to ask when the debt limit will be LOWERed?

  • Rick Lutowski

    "We must engage to find good candidates who can replace the faux conservatives..."

    There is now an organized process for that. It is called GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House). Often wrongly labeled a "third party", GOOOH is a _process_ (not a party) for nominating grassroots candidates to challenge incumbents, starting with the 2012 primaries. GOOOH nominees will run against the incumbent in either the Democrat or Republican primary (NOT as a third party, so GOOOH can never "split the vote"). GOOOH candidates are prohibited from accepting political contributions, thus ensuring they will have no personal ties to lobbyists once elected; rather, all contributions go to the GOOOH organization for use in promoting ALL the GOOOH candidates. For more information, and to sign up to participate in the GOOOH grassroots nomination process, go to

    • Jim Buzzell

      Excellen grass roots organization Tim Cox is a master mind in internet marketing, and resources.

    • Bettyann

      Yes. Candidate searches for all Democratic Congressional Districts is the only way and the most effective and correct response for conservatives to do! The qualities and qualifications of candidates are the next important thing. We need candidates who have done something and can convey his ideas , not in broad generalities. Meg Whitman did something but spoke in generalities for 9 months. Never a detail. Just threw money at it. Same with Fiorina. Angle in Nevada was too inexperienced at campaigning. The man (I forgot his name) would have put Harry Reid to bed! Miller in Alaska should have shaved! He looked like he was running on the Bachelorett. So no crazies please. Sometimes newcomers are so idealistic they lack a depth of understanding, experience etc. Pick someone who is not only a patriot but has a track record, is savvy, articulate and appealing to independents. Like Rubio.
      San Diego

    • Nick

      I hate hearing that third parties "split the vote". The only thing we are splitting is our country in half if we keep on voting for the lesser of the two evils. We as Americans need to start voting for principle rather than voting for the lesser of two evils. We have played this game long enough of voting left then right. The left and the right politicians are in the same boat so you cannot tell who is who. Their deception has come to light and there is no difference between democrats and repulbicans. If you wish to throw away the future of your children and grandchildren, keep voting for the lesser of two evils. Ask yourself these simple little questions:__1. Who makes the tax laws? Congress__2. Who has the authority to send us to war? Congress__3. Who makes laws that take away your God given rights? Congress__4. Who makes the laws to coin and regulate the value of currency? Congress__5. What two major political parties have been in power since the early 1900's? Democrats and Republicans__I would say that anyone who continues to support any of these two parties are co-conspirators to overthrowing our repulbic. Harsh words - yes - but someone has to bring the truth to light.__Nick

      • Rick Lutowski

        GOOOH candidates are selected by those who sign up for GOOOH, that is, folks like you and me. They will run in the primaries against the 'evil' incumbent and/or those selected by the usual politics of the party system. To the extent the GOOOH candidate is a true champion of the voters of the district (at least, those who care enough to participate in GOOOH), the primaries will then no longer be a "choice between two evils" but a choice between GOOOH and evil. Become part of this solution and sign up to participate at

    • Jim

      Let's find candidates that will talk like flaming libs to get elected in lib districts, then vote conservative once they're in. Turn about is fair play.



    • Charlie

      I agree with Nancy. This is a good idea, and needs to be more widely publicized. It will be the only way we can get real change. I'm going to take a look at this...who knows, maybe this is the poke I needed to run for office.

    • Jim McCarthy

      Nancy, GOOOH just started running ads last week in USA Today and on radio stations in the Houston area. Check out GOOOH.COM and get on board. If we could get at least 1000 concerned citizens in each of the 435 congressional districts to join and get to work, the process will take care of itself. Please become one of us!

    • Rick Lutowski

      Every major conservative radio and TV personality has been contacted by GOOOH supporters multiple times. Very rarely has any of them seen fit to mention its existence, let alone have Tim Cox or another GOOOH representative on the air. The conservative media knows about GOOOH but, for whatever reason, are choosing to ignore it.

  • MinnDakota

    Needless to say, there is plenty to do. Candidates are being vetted and fund raisers are being held. Channel emotions (disappointment, fear, anger) into positive and constructive action.
    Close to me, there are legislators in Wisconsin who are facing recall elections, next week, resulting from the courageous stand that they took in the most recent session. Find a way to help them.
    No disrespect, Godfather, but it's "TEA" Party, and it's brewing, now!
    My recent post The 9/12 Project of Minnesota Restoring Courage Precursor

  • TaterSalad

    It is already starting to happen. Recruiting is happening and the Tea Party will grow and become even stronger in the next coming months!

    • URKiddinMee

      We had damned well BETTER! And we should start by denying the current herd of RINO's any wins in their PRIMARIES! That's where the REAL political vhange happens. We in SC showed Bob Linglis waht it was all about and Trey Gowdy has proven to be a good conservative replacement. Now if only other states would get the message across. Starting with Arizona's Senior Senator! It would be great if the "Hobbits" would send a message.

      • URKiddinMee

        Yeah, I KNOW. With gnarly, arthritic fingers, you TOO can type "vhange" when you meant "change!"

    • John

      I was thinking earlier today about the tea party - nationally. How many of us are there? I would like to see some numbers and they should be made public knowledge so that people like the VP and McCain know we are not just a few - and take notice. People tend to follow the hird. We need a big hird and the numbers should be known.

  • James L. Baker

    How can we create jobs without a good government to negotiate sound trade agreements to make the international play ing field level? Our free trade agreements cost us millions of jobs. How can we be level in NAFTA when it cost us a millions jobs since we can compete with unfair USA regulations like, OSHA, EPA, NLRB and the list goes on.

    James L. Baker

    • Terry

      What James L. Baker said! RIGHT ON.

    • lewis

      You are right about that! Every step of the way Government puts up road blocks to free inter-prize! And it's not because they are fools,but because they want WE the PEOPLE on our knees begging for what is OURS by ALL RIGHTS! FREEDOM is not FREE WE the PEOPLE must fight for what is ours! Get ACTIVE, Get out and talk with anyone who will listen and VOTE!

    • RiverFred

      That is exactly the way I feel, thousands of manufacturing companies have gone BK in the US resulting in millions of lost jobs because the idiots started world free trade (I voted for Ross Perot.) There is no way out unless the US comes up with another Microsoft, etc. As to 'green jobs' China is already way ahead of us on this. Sit back watch the roses die and buy gold because that is all that can be done now. What is amazing is this subject matter is never discussed, it is always something else they claim is hindering our economy.

  • terry


  • Gerald Smith

    I wonder if the likes of Boehner and McConnell even have a clue as to what's really happening and what the end game is for the marxists.

    • Helen

      I believe they have a clue but they are only in control of 1/3 of the government. It would be rediculous to send freshmen to Washington without people like Boehner, McConnell, Pence, etc. We need strong conservatives who have been fighting the good fight for years. The people who allowed to let this happen to our country have to take some of the blame. Now "Let's Roll!

      • flajim

        Wrong. We don't need either Boehner or McConnell. We've got the likes of Bachmann and De Mint.

    • Guest

      No Most DEFny NO NO NO . they just got duped plain and simple .. they are not horse traders. I can still hear them saying We worked hard and got the best deal. ..---NO they dident . They was holding the best hand and folded... Just plain lazy. they wanted to go home. So Boehner and McConnell you must go..

      • Fed Up!!

        Not much the house can do the Senate is controlled by Democrats , we have to get the Senate and president then we can clean those agencies EPA , HUD , h/c and others. Bring corporate tax down to a reasonable tax to create jobs.

  • Gary

    The powers that be ie, the Dems and the Demopublicans are afraid of three things 1.Not believing their B.S.
    2.Becoming active in the Tea Party
    3.Joining the John Birch Society, The
    JBS is one Organization they're really afraid of. They have the historical facts to scare the daylights out of them.This
    terrifies the Libs and the RINOS.

    • Nick

      Don't forget #4 - Voting out democrats and republicans and voting in third parties.

    • RivahMitch

      I think you missed the 4th: Be Armed, Be Ready, Be Willing. The powers of the government and it's minions must stop or be stopped at the front door of each sovereign citizen.

    • Jag

      If is wasn't for the John Birch Society working to get rid of the UN terrorist organization, we would have already had all our liberties taken. They are still trying to disarm law abiding citizens, with illegal and unconstitutional treaties like the one Hillary is pushing for, the "UN terrorist Small Arms Treaty. I wrote to my Senators and said they were trying to take us back to 1776.

  • jdemar

    We need to get rid of all the old dogs. I'm tired of the Republican leaders caving to the Dems. Take a real stand for once!


    I just sent in a comment with capitals ( sorry ) I didn't see the NO CAPS until the end of the message. But I am a writer and I have very little monetary resources but I am appalled at the way America is handling all of what is happening. Surely there is something that I can do with my writing capabilities.Can you steer me in the right direction I want to send out some real bombs by way of WRITINGS...

    • captelaine

      Get yourself a blog... and write and write and write... putting 'netscape' in as your website means nobody can contact you... Check out my art blog... contact me and if your writing is good I can post it on a website that gets millions of hits a month...

  • Freddel

    Many citizens watching their TVs may have concluded that the debt ceiling has been raised—the crises is over. The conflict was never about the debt ceiling per se, but excessive government spending that will weaken and bankrupt our country if allowed to proceed. The danger is real and immanent. We are reaching the point where governments’ controlling presence in regulating production, specifying the allocation of resources, and redistributing income will sway so much political and economic power that the momentum toward socialism is irreversible. We will be stuck with the failed economic system of the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, or Greece without ever taking a vote or amending the Constitution. Keep the pressure up, but more than that, keep educating the American public about what is happening to our system of representative government and free market capitalism.
    Fred Thompson

  • Bear Paw

    "TP" the red badge of courage in the "new Age" of politics. A force opposite the progressive agenda. We are not traitors (like the liberals, progressives and RINO's). We are NOT terrorists (like the politicians who want to 'change our history, our culture our constitutional form of government), We are PATRIOTS like the founders of our great country who stood up to a totalitarian government who put their boots on our necks to rule us through their seemingly endless financial, economic and physical power. We will stand up to them and we will prevail. Wear your colors proudly "Tea Party" people, the future of of America and FIGHT!

  • Conservadiva

    I do not mind ALL CAPS at all. Some folks say they can't read them. Well, I can read them very well, and without my glasses on! But rules are rules. Someone's toes are getting stepped on.

    • The Godfather

      Some ALL CAPS are OK, but not for the entire comment. It "sounds" like your yelling. Even a good yell is hard take.

  • voteright2012

    I just finished reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island" -- 5th Edition by G. Edward Griffin. Every one interested in learning about the cabal and conspiracy to impose Socialism & Totalirian Regime upon the world should read thsi book. After reading thsi now I am thoroughly convinced that the Nobel Peace Prize given to Carter & Obama were down payments for the JOB of delivering The United States of America to the One World Progressive Socialists.

    Also read "Bought and Paid For", by Charles Gasparino and the "Barbarians of Wealth" by Sandy Franks and Sarah Nunally. Other books I would recommend reading are "Capitalism & Freedom" by Milton Friedman and "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy" by Byron York.

    • George

      Try Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In Our Times by Carroll Quigley.

  • OutragedinTX

    More TEA betcha!!!

  • voteright2012

    What happened to the comment I submitted.


    It takes a great deal of work to build anything of exceptional value . America is an Exceptional Value which has already been built . We simply need to maintain and upgrade it. That doesn't mean Americans get a free ride, no , we have work to do but the measure of sacrifice is considerably smaller than that imposed upon earlier generations of Americans. Stand UP ! Grow UP ! Man Up ! . . . . . Get-er-done !

  • Dennis

    We need to get a leader that can fix the country. My vote is for Mitt. I don't see any other candidate who has as much experience as he has. Go Mitt 2012

    • captelaine

      YUK.... really Dennis? Romney? the RINO who gave us OBAMACARE lite? You think he's what we need? Good grief people just DO NOT learn do they?

    • flajim

      Romney's even worse than McCain! Didn't you learn anything in 2008?

    • Ron

      Dennis Mitt Romney is a rino his health care plan is breaking Mass.

      • Fed Up!!

        Don't forget Romney also signed into law gay merrage in Massachusetts + the h/c he is a rino of the worst kind.

      • Fed Up!!

        Sorry i misspelled Marriage!!!

    • lewis

      With mitt Romney We the PEOPLE will get the same old BS,Big Government higher taxes.

      • terry lou

        I agree. first he is from the dem state of mass. second , his $ is his advantage. he is too full of smiles and knows how to skim around his failed healthcare in mass.
        he is just one of the good old boys playing the politics game as always.

    • Stan Lee

      Mitt Romney won't be my first choice, but if it happens that he wins the Republican nomination, he gets my support. We must be united!
      While we all posture for our own particular choice, please let us all be aware that above all, we must beat Obama and his Democrats. This country can't stand more of their programs and recklessness.
      We have expected one helluva lot from half+ in the House, but we have to elect more Republicans, preferably Tea Party types, in order to start on the road back to governmental sanity. The House victory was only a start.
      As I examine at least 90% of the Republicans who've entered the race, every one of them would be far more acceptable than Obama, and not a one would scoff at the Constitution like Obama has been doing.

    • Ron

      Romney is nothing but a Obama of a different color!

    • don parker

      How about Rick Perry look what he has done in Texas in bad economy

      • LTay

        Both Romney and Perry and Bilderberg favorites. If you don't know what Bilderberg group is just google it.

    • Micki1

      Mitt is not the man for the job. He belongs to the Bilderbergers group.

    • Ro Miller

      Unless someone new declares.Romney is too meek. We need a strong candidate.

  • lewis

    Saul Alinsky (1909–1972), author of Rules for Radicals,I tell everyone who will listen READ IT! If you want to know what's coming next,READ IT! It IS THEIR BIBLE,IT IS THEIR PLAY BOOK! 2012 is the end for FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS if the MARXIST go unchecked in 2012! The RULE of LAW means nothing to them! IT's there for anyone who will see it. Every day American law is broken and no one in power steps up and speaks out,NO ONE! I'm NOT for a 3rd. party,but for retaking the Republican Party from the Clowns that now control it. DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO THE GOP! GIVE IT TO YOUR CANDIDATES of CHOICE !

    • George Reagan

      I remember about a year ago, Glenn Beck had a detailed program on Alinski and the issue came to life. While I was in civics classes at college back in the 1960s, one of our professors had a lesson on Alinsky and his pals. We studied his 'Rules for Radicals' and some of their actions. Talk about RADIAL. These guys were dangerous. It's disturbing that some of Alinsky's students are associated with BO and his party. We need to pay very close attention to what is going on wirh these guys.

    • Irked!

      To know your enemy, READ HIS BOOK (S) and take them seriously! Mein Kampf was out there for years, and only Churchill read it and took Hitler seriously. Read Mao's Litttle Red Book. A lot of it comes from Sun-Tzu's The Art of War. Read that. Read Machiavelli's The Prince. And read Obama's books, and TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! He MEANS it!

  • J. Dardard

    Count me in! We can liberals at their own game -- big time.
    My recent post Federal Spending Needs Emergency Surgery Now!

  • Winded

    There must be a way to overcome the "Good Ole' Boys" club in Washington. Newly elected reps are at the bottom and the old establishment continue to control the House and Senate due to an old rule of seniority. We need to replace Congress from the top down. We do not need the "experienced" representative(s) left running the show! How do we accomplish that?

    • Donfucius Say

      Dear Winded, a new point to share with everyone has to do with that "Super Congress" they just set up - to control spending, supposedly..... What that does is let the Old Guard pick six members from each side of the "alley" to represent their PARTY (as we used to see connected to "Communist") This has now enabled them to totally negate the Tea Party chosen members. Q. As a youth, I remember reading about the leaders of countries and empires honing their skills at interpreting opponents' moves by playing CHESS! Ever hear of that? Do American "leaders" ever do that?

      • Daniel from TN

        There is no doubt in my mind that not one TEA Party Republican wil be a member of the super committee. The Republican choices for the committee will all be RINOs.

    • Daniel from TN

      Elect enough TEA Party candidates so they are in the majority in the Republican Party.

  • teadrinker

    It is not just the Congress.....beware of democrats in charge of the White House particularly, because there will be another Supreme Court appointment!

  • URKiddinMee

    Jim DeMint, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Michelle Bachman . . . pick any TWO for the ticket in 2012 and I won't have to vote "Third Party."

    • Candycane

      A vote for a 3rd party will mean that Dems will go right back in. This will split the ticket and allow them to finish off the country. We are going to have to make sure we have one good candidate (no John McCain type) and vote for them. God bless America!!!!

    • lewis

      URKiddinMee · I agreed with that line up for the most.but a 3rd. party would mean a win for the MARXIST! Please Stop thinking 3rd. party and lets work to retake the Republican Party. WE the PEOPLE can do it if we work together.

    • Dave

      Let me give you a piece of advice from someone who voted Third Party in 2008.....don't pick 2012 to register a protest vote. In 2008, I figured Obama would be a horrible choice for POTUS, but I never dreamed he would be THIS horrible! I used to think Hillary as POTUS would be my worst nightmare until I saw Obama in action. Our Republic cannot stand another 4 years of Obama and his "South Side Gang" and still resemble in any way the America we all know and love. A friend of mine said if we conservatives are given a choice of voting for Obama or a rock, vote for the rock. At least it will just sit in the Oval Office 24/7 for 4 years and not do anything to further screw up the country! The same can't be said about Obama.

    • George

      I would rather vote third party. Ron Paul is my choice.

      • Fed Up!!

        Ron Paul is also my choice he is running on the Republican ticket ,never vote on a third ticket it would split the vote insuring 4 more years of destruction bamby has to go.

        • Jen

          Ron Paul makes me wanna puke he will NOT win the republican nomination cause he is nuts.

    • Ro Miller

      "Third Party" will mean defeat!

    • EDDIE

      You forgot Ron Paul . My dream ticket would be Ron Paul and Allen West.

  • Bill from Laos

    It starts with getting rid of Pinnochio from our White House. Soros & the Libs will go beserk if their boy gets into trouble & is removed & arrested. We will then continue cleaning up the rest of the scum. We have our work cut out for us if we're going to save our country, but we must begin. Are you with us?

    American Citizens Class Action Against Barack Obama

  • skip

    if you want to see for yourself some of the articles re the links to obama/clinton and deceased radical chicago community organizer and communist fellow traveler saul alinsky, who is obama's apparent hero as all of obama's rantings, ravings, ridicule, fear mongering, playing God, etc., are straight from the alinsky book, something that obama is totally into to the extent that he even taught it, check these out - and and and

    please do all of us a favor and send this godfather article and the above stuff to as many people you can... the voting and otherwise public really need to know this in order to make informed decisions re 2012 elections... thanks...

  • James Francisco

    Not only do we have to find and qualify people. We need to start defining how we want the government out of parts of our life. Obama health bill is one, but we need them to return the department of education to the states, where we built our last great classes of leaders. We need tort reform! To many lawyers are involved way to much in how we do business. How about all of the subsidies? Can't we as the TEA PARTY get behind a a fair flat tax? How about a .01 cent tax goods we buy, to cler up the mess they have got us in. Even I, who hatre the word tax would do that over a period of ten years to help put our hose back in order. Just some ideas

  • Xenuism

    Ron Paul please!!

    Many of the "Tea Party" elected freshman senators and congressman folded under pressure. Not surprising to see a politician not do the job they were elected to complete. Hopefully, we see more of the old guard Repubs get knocked out and more Libertarian, Tea, Independent party types get elected. The 2 party system must end, whether it be by increasing party types or increasing liberty or Constitutional types within the Republican party it must change.

    Dr. Paul has shown with voting record, not just talked about standing ground. All of the Republicans need to take a lesson from Dr. No.

    Ron Paul 2012!!

    • Betty....

      I realize they are both crap, so it is up to us to change things. The good-old cow Nancy said she wanted a one party and no election, BO told Polico he would like to be a dictator. I guess in the back ground he is, he slips everything through to bind the American people. So you see we can't give them what they want. How about kicking sand in their faces like you would do to a bully.We can hope Geo Soros drop dead(natural causes of course) and all his news media and companies that are dictating to us fall. I can hope. The U.S. would save a lot of money BO is supporting good old Geo's companies. Just remember you don't want any of Geo's people or BO in the schools with our kids.

      • Xenuism


        BO has the same policies and tactics as GB (George Bush).

        BO favors Soros. GW favored Haliburton.

        Anyone who favors GW to BO suffers from 1 of 2 complexes. Either they are delusional or like 1 brand of horrible leadership over the next. Either way, there are no real differences. And, if one could find any difference it would be a silly semantics argument.

        Out with the neo-cons and in with the only real conservative choice. Ron Paul!!

        • Betty....

          You are right and I really like Ron Paul, and think he would be the best for this country. But in my heart I know he has no chance. By the way one of the comparsions between Bo and GW is Haliburton, Soros now has a big interest in it and they were managing the oil plateform that just happen to blow-up. And Bo gave Soros 9 billion $ for his oil plateform in Brazil.

  • Disillusioned

    I'm voting for Ron Paul if I have to write him in.

  • DockyWocky

    Was the circumstance of Alinsky's death questioned in any manner, you know the way those commies work. Or did comrade Hillary, as the senior henchette in his immediate cadre, just work on the legal aspects of his life's termination?

    When a entire administration demonstrates a history of deep ties to known subversive people, how come nobody ever questions their faux patriotism, or are we just too deep in the hands of these schmucks to worry about anything but their violent removal of their metastatic grips on the government?

  • Old gray haired lady

    The 'good ole boys' have screwed up our country until I don't even recogonize it anymore. Quite frankly I think it's way past time to give the "girls" a crack at running things. And I'm NOT talking about Hillary. (Good grief, that woman thinks she is a man). Michelle and Sarah....let's give them a crack at it. God knows they couldn't be any worse that the tripe we have in there now.

  • Daniel

    It is time to roll up our sleeves and work as never before. The 2012 election starts NOW! Yes, more TEA in 2012. And if you're currently represented by a Democrat Socialist or a RINO enabler, look for the TEA Party candidate in your district. If there are none available, then BE ONE!

  • flajim

    Like Santa Claus, many TEA Party members are taking down names and keeping score on who's doing good and who's abetting harm. Some of those sellout freshmen GOP members are going to be wondering where their support went next year. Here's a clue to them: You've either got principles or you don't. There's no gray area.

    Many of us are tired of variations on "I was against it before I was for it" and vice versa. We hired you to do a job and if you fail us, you're fired. 'Compromise' is Dem-speak for "You give a mile, we'll grant you an inch -- maybe." This is a war for the soul of our nation and we can't afford to take prisoners.

  • Rodney

    AS Minnesota, Florida and Nevada has shown us, IT is almost an important to force a photo ID requirement for any Federal Election. The reason is that Federal elections do not require long time residence and can easily be overwhelmed with fake, ballots, fake voters, and crooked voting machines. What is wrong with the picture of SEIU being the responsible authority for repairing and certifying voting machines?

    • SC_Gal

      I think we should adopt the voting methods of the Middle East. Dip your forefinger in indelible ink that won't wash off for a couple of days. That is probably the only good idea they have ever had. It eliminates voting more than once, unless they cut their finger off.

  • Elzie

    URKiddinme, While I really "like" your choices, I think it would be advisable to check each and every one the people that is being nominated, and be sure that would be "elgible" to become POTUS. It has been mentioned severall times on the internet that neither "Rubio or Jindal" are elgible due to the fact that their "parents" were "not" citizens at the time "either" were born. TRUE OR NOT, I do not know, but believe it should be "checked THROUGHLY" prior to "making a choice"!

  • ChillaKilla

    #1 -- You foolish people, concocting conspiracies and listening to 'Chicken Little' advisors (like Gerald Smith whose post is above), telling you that one "solution" is to join the John Birch Society!!
    For heaven's sake... the only thing you'll get following that kind of idiocy is to confirm the opinion the quasi-intellectual lefties and the highly indoctrinated youth have of you: namely that the right is composed of slobbering ignorant red-neck fools, who have about as many teeth as brain cells!
    Instead of instilling 'fear' among their ranks or gaining their support, you'll irretrievably loose not only them, but the wavering independents as well... Then, you can be sure the idiot usurper community organizer now in the WH will get another 4 year lease to that property. Worse yet, he'll get a free hand to finish the job of wrecking this country, which is precisely what he was conscripted to bring about. (cont'd)

  • ChillaKilla

    #2 -- Why instead of falling for their game do you not pay attention to the rhetoric bandied about by the MSM monkeys at the service of the administration. They have been given 'talking points' by their communist masters (the same ones who are managing barrack's come-back), to brand you as "terrorists worse than muslim jihadis," "terrorists bent on bringing about the economic downfall of the country."
    Here's a piece of effective advice for your. ORGANIZE PEACEFULLY but massively, day after day in 'Prayer Crusades' taking turns in front of whatever local politician's or government office is in your district. Show them how many you are and tell them --all the while you pray unceasingly for your country-- how close they are to losing their job.
    That, and that alone I guarantee you, will put the fear of God in them. That is your only chance to bring about some new HOPE AND CHANGE!
    Your problem is that you want to trust in some form or another of violence and in your power alone. You are wrong! Remember what Jesus said:.. there are some demons that can only be expelled through prayer and fasting. "

  • Stan Lee

    It can be very ingratiating to get onto a website and exchange like views with "birds of the feather." That's really what was called being in the "warm zone" by sales managers. The other zone, where results can be secured to add more of us to the head count is the "cold zone." That's where we must go to enlist more converts to Tea Party activism.
    Even if each of us got only a few new Tea Party citizens, there would be many more of us walking, talking, and educating.
    We have to know that many Americans hardly bother reading and learning what the issues are. To an old insurance agent like myself, that is opportunity. And, opportunity is all we can hope for, to spread the word that there's a choice out there, either to be stumbling blindly and electing the wrong people, or becoming a Tea Party citizen and motivating people to become the same.
    The "No's" you may get, you shrug off. The "yes's" you'll get mean a lot to saving our nation.

  • Rick Lutowski

    "We must engage to find good candidates who can replace the faux conservatives..."

  • John

    All establishment Republicans need to face primaries this election cycle! Boehner the bonehead needs to go home! McConnell is not up for the fight, he needs to go home! Its bad enough that we have to fight a well organized and funded liberal Democrat machine that has a sympathetic liberal media to help it s cause, we do not need wishy washy, spineless Rinos to help them along. The TEA party needs to take back the Republican party from these wimps and put real mean and women who will get the job done!!!!

  • pointdan

    More TEA in 2012 !!
    Sounds good . . . let's do it !!

  • Frank

    You need to find candidates, that aren't money people. What do I mean by that? By people who are normal without jobs, businesses thus being business minded and those who know right from wrong without having to know the law of the land. People who's character is mighter than their wallets or business sense. People who live by Gods laws, within. That will be a hard challenge for many follow the God of Mammon. Find a candidate who doesn't follow mammon, and thus you have the new future senator to represent the people and not big money.
    Mammon; The greed for money personified; Absorbed in the services of mammon-intent on getting money; Mammon, the God of gertting money. Think about it tea partiers; Jesus himself made the statement; "You can't serve God and Mammon too,"
    Now you know the common denominator that touches all politicians. Now you know who our leaders serve and it's not us. God bless.

  • Buck

    . We have to choose those really dreadfull Patriotic Christians who have honor and integrity and standards of decency to regain all that has been lost or destroyed by the progressives . Our problems are much more than financial in nature . We have to get back to American values . They did not just fade away by accident , they were trashed by the media elites who consider us the " hobbitts " to use their own vernacular . Well , we "hobbitts " have what is important in life , personal standards of dignity , honor and decency that sets humanity above the "basic animals " who call themselves intellectual superiors as if more education automatically promotes them to a higher plain .I will tell you my " plain " , Abortion is murder , homosexuality is perversion , indebtness exceeding your assets is dishonorable , accepting or taking other peoples money or assets and giving nothing or something less in return than their worth is THEFT , stealing a mans privacy is dishonoring him , and what our current goverment is doing to us is enslavement . And they want to call US terrorists .

    • Frank

      You are correct on all counts, but an honest God fearing person who would actually represent his constituents without a paycheck is what it's going to take. I'm not talking about someone already rich. You all got an example last Nov. When by accident, a Mr. Green was chosen over the rich elected representatives of the people and a completely unknown won by votes alone. Until the media and the people who voted for him realized that the man was a slightly off and thus he walked away from it all.
      That is what we need. A common folk. who's laws come from within.
      There's this short scripture in the bible, which states this very astute comment; "No one listens to a poor man."
      Think about it. And I'm not especially talking about church going people or business men, either for many of Washington goes to church and have a business.
      God bless.

  • Sunny97478


    "More Tea in 2012!"

  • Juris Doctor

    I read in one of these messages that the Tea Party are whips. HMMMM, we were able to bring the Democraps to:
    1. The budget table
    2. Get the Dem's to create a budget (after over 800 days)
    3. Stop the Dem's from getting there new taxes through (for now)
    And much more. Sounds to me like the Tea Party has Brass Balls. And they are turning into Titanium Balls. When We the People, which includes the Tea Party Patriots, get finished with Obama, Reid and the rest of the Communist/Progressive/Terrorist Democraps that party will look like the walking dead. Armageddon is coming to the Democatic Party they are just to Arrogant or Stupid to see the coming STORM. When all is done and finished the Democraps will be praying for the Mountains to fall on them and cover them over so to hind from the Tea Party/Conservative total and complete take over of the Federal, State and Local Government.

    • Jim

      The Tea Partiers are simply not that used to this yet. They've been quietly going about their lives and working their jobs. After this debacle and another year and a half of this scary-ass crap and they will become tigers of pure necessity.

  • Tdot

    Are you kidding me? Your statement that you admire Liberals, because they never quit is absurd. They never quit taxing the American people that's for sure. Liberals plans have always been for higher taxes. We need someone with a backbone like Reagan and someone who can "pucker up" and use the words, "NO WAY" to the Democrats. NEWS FLASH - it is both parties that have sent us down this apocalyptic horror trail and we get to go down that trail again in December right before Christmas. Our government is comprised of children with children behavior. Both parties are to blame. Americans have been sacrificing and will continue to do so. "Sacrificing to the members of the White House means - spend our money on frivolous things. What the American people need is "smaller government." We as Americans need to go back to being a "Republic." It's the same old story - it is always the middle class that has to bear all the sacrifice, because of White House GREED!!! It's simple to me - LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS, NO MORE BLANK CHECKS FOR OBAMA AND A SMALLER GOVERNMENT WHO HAS TO SACRIFICE ALONG WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Liam

    perhaps its just me and my PTSD, blinded by the light
    WHY need mention the UMC in this deal w/Hillary and Alinsky meeting? Do you slight my Church as being left wing ? in the USA, or not mainstream enough for you? The Communist party also feel threatened this way in Vietnam today along w/ many other religions.
    I consider myself to be a Right wing conservative, I am also a 100 % disabled Vietnam combat veteran and both a DOD and Military retiree. If you attack my religion you attack me. Wise up for 2012 is closer then you think?

    As for the rest I agree, KNOW THY ENEMY!

    "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint"
    (Isaiah 40:31, NIV).

  • rockasanted

    It is not over till we win! No third party why you ask. There is no need for a third party we have a party called Republicans it is a weak party and has been since the 80s. The objective for us (the people called Terrorist by the Democrats) is to deepen our hold within the Republicans Party to a point where we strangle the current weak gangs in the party into submission. Then we restore a platform around the Constitution.
    We are at war in America for her survival! We don’t need the faint at heart or those who fear other.
    Obama walked away from the table with 2.4 Trillion Dollars to spend as he wants. There are no cuts, only promise’s to cut. The winners in this situation are the Marxist.

    • Jim

      With the bunch that we are up against, winning will have to be an ongoing process, not a one-time goal.

  • Windy

    You know who else doesn't give up? Libertarians, we do not compromise our principles, we do not aggress against others, and we never give up trying to make the world and our country a better place with more freedom for everyone.

    • Windy

      That is why I support Ron Paul, he is principled and he never gives up trying to make our government better for all of us. So please vote for him or for Gary Johnson who shares a lot of Dr. Paul's principles. All the rest of the Republican contenders are just more of the same old, same old baloney we've been living with for generations.

  • Steve

    If everyone posting on here that is fed up with Obama and the radical left, the liberals, and RINO's educated themselves on who is running for office, got out and campaigned for fiscal and social conservatives, donated what money you can afford to their campaigns, got out and voted, and took some like minded people with you when you go, there wouldn't be a problem. The problem is that too many sit around complaining, or don't educate themselves well enough to argue with liberals and point out how wrong they are, don't give even $5 or $10 to campaigns for good people, or don't even vote, and then we end up with the same liberal idiots we have now.

  • Gale

    I tried to join and they sent me for some code and it was not listed. Makes it a pain
    to join.

  • robjh1

    It is time to put aside partisan politics and work together. We have a country to run.
    "and we are not saved..."

  • Turtle

    SORRY but as long as the voters keep putting these same people in office year after year for 20 plus years and give them a pension to boot after they leave, nothing will change for the good

    These were not meant to be perminant jobs, they were suppose to return home and be under the same laws they passed onto everyone else

    as for the budget, you could balance it over night by doing away with all the unconstitutional spending they do, starting with all of the czars obama has which are also unconstitutional because they are not elected

  • Douglas Dauntless

    The old Republican Guard is always "let's make a deal and screw the people and we'll cut up the money"

  • swampdog

    Most of you are missing the most important problem with our government at this stage in our history. Until you get rid of the lobbyists you are going to have the best government money can buy, voters be damned! And foreign money controlling Washington will continue until the golden egg laying goose is dead. Until there are fundamental changes are made BOTH parties are sending us to hell in a hand basket. The democrat party wants to use a jet plane, the republican party a row boat, different means but the destination is the same!

  • Eastern Eagle

    Ming! You ARE stupid! It's time for removal of the TZU-ZUNE! We are WAY PAST "bada-bing" time...!!

  • swampdog

    To the person who wants Mitt for Prez..... He is a career politician, and that means the same old crap different guy! Good luck with that!

  • Ted Lambert

    Been around a long time. Voted in every Gen. election except when I was overseas and couldn't. Never have I experienced
    a worst croud of yahoos that are placed in positions of power in my country in my life. I am afraid it is to late to get back to
    any symbolence of what we once had but with the good people of this country and anyone willing to return to God and pray
    for His Guidence there just might be a chance. I am in my senion years and may never get to be a witness to what will become of the country I grew up in and love but my prayers are with the fighters for the :United States of America.

  • focused guest

    We also must be vigilant in keeping our elections free from tampering, fraud and corruption as much as possible by demanding that every voter present valid ID and record keeping to prevent duplicate votes. The Dems have of course already rejected this suggestion because they will go to any length to make sure they remain in power.

  • Rebel

    The leadership of the Republican Party are working for the Democrats/Socialists, so to what end do we organize? Whom do we support? Who in the Republican leadership may be trusted? The realistic answer is NO ONE!!! In my opinion it is 1861 all over again and the establishment can go to hell!

  • Karin Jones

    This president has done many hurtful things to this country, but in my mind one of the worst things he does is that he constently encourages people to covet by inciting class warfare. He claims to be a Christian, sat in pews for many years and yet obviously does not know the Bible or has decided to ignore what it teaches. He condons the killing of innocent life through abortion, even very late stage abortion, he wants everyone to accept homosexuality as normal, and then again he breeds envy of anyone more fortunate than oneself. I pray for him even though I am appalled by him. It will take all of us that are called by his name to humble ourselves and pray and ask forgiveness for the sins of our country that God has blessed so richly and that has betrayed Him so horribly.

  • Matt

    While I agree with what is written alienating yourselves from Republicans splits the party and hands the 2012 election to Obama. We have to work together. Don't create a third party. We will go from 1/2 to 1/3 leaving Democrats with a 1/2. I'm very concerned that we are going to chop our own feet off.

  • sam giordano

    god will punish obama

  • justis4l

    GOOOH should start turning up all over, with no explanation. Let it be a mystery, making people talk, asking questions! Put it in huge letters on billboards! Put it at top/bottom of every email you send/forward! Then let's go! Do everything you can to help the groups, like SCF(Senate Conservative Fund) and HCF(House Conservative Fund), finance good candidates. Take notes of what you read about the current candidates, and post for others to read. Not your opinions, but what they have said or done that does not fit with the Conservative views of the Tea Party. Help all of us to pick a really good candidate that can WIN in 2012.

    • Earl

      What is GOOOH? Get Obummer Out Of Here?

  • Phuong nguyen

    Mitt Romney is the only ONE that can WIN in 2012 !!! Do not miss this chance .

  • ihateconservative

    Sal Alinsky was a great scholar and teacher of fine arts in the liberal world. Is there anyone on the radical right that can match his intelligence and superior wit? Can such be said of so-called conservatism? Conservatism is a dying myth, nothing to substiantiate from. We will rise again in 2012, just as we did in 2008. Just step aside and let the grown-ups run the country.

  • The Gizmo51

    Stop a Liberal, support free birth control!

  • The Gizmo51

    We MUST do away with social security, medicare, unemployment benefits, disability, health insurance, maternity leave, and any payments to people who don't work for it. WE CAN NOT AFFORD IT , WE ARE BROKE!

  • The Gizmo51

    We MUST do away with social security, medicare, unemployment benefits, disability, health insurance, maternity leave, and any payments to people who don't work for it. WE CAN NOT AFFORD IT , WE ARE BROKE!

  • Bokassa

    Why are my posts being deleted by the administrator prior to being posted...where is my freedom of speech. There was no vulgarity or obscenity in the message.

  • LD Gray

    Time to replace the spineless Republicans who cave in to the liberals. I am convinced that a ticket of Rick Perry and Marco Rubio (VP) would send Oba-Mao packing. They both are true conservatives and take no s--t from anyone. Perry (TX), in 2009, accounted for a whopping 40% of ALL new jobs created in the entire U.S.! Rubio is an articulate, intelligent, conservative who just happens to be Hispanic - look out Obama! He could take away that Hispanic vote that you are counting on - you know, Barry, the vote you have bought and paid for with our taxpayer dollars... your free-flow of illegals (all future Obama voters) across the border who are costing AMERICAN taxpayers $300 BILLION per year in Obama "freebies." If only Americans could collect the benefits the illegals do. In Harvard Law they must not define the word "illegal."

  • John Cavallaro

    Lets all go back to "We the People" Obama wants change! Lets give him and his gang a big change in 2012.
    John Houston Texas

  • Tomato Cain

    Try to remember: If you are being demonized or vilified, it is likely that your opponents have run out of ideas. The least informed people on the left and the right can be easily discovered by their vitriol. It very well could be that you are on the right track. Tell them that their strategy of calling TP organizers "racists" is a very good 'stategy' for them when compared to facing the real issues that matter for all Americans.

  • Joseph

    As you say ; We must get rid of "Pinnochio" from the White House, (As he is an Extreme Useful Idiot) for scum like Soros, Hillary C., the UN. and those vile Liberals who know nothing of our history, our exceptional people and the greatness of our country. Not only do we need too get that dirt-bag out of the White House, but we need too also expel any such corruptive influence from outsiders like "George Soros" - It would be wonderful if someone took him out. . ! After all, its not as though he was a citizen, or some one who has this country's best interest at heart. He along with Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, Schummer and the rest of the liberal scum hate this country and want too destroy it. . . In a word; they, Hollywood elites, the ACLU and the many uninformed, uneducated illiterate boobs of this country are GOD haters, baby killing perverted malcontents who despise our nation and its true patriot GOD believing tax paying citizens. . . GOD SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. . . . . . .

  • George Reagan

    In early January 2009, several buddies and I were having a few beers at the local 'hole' and complaining about the latest local tax increases and the slow economy in general and the idea of another revolt like the original Boston Tea Party came up. The next weekend we held a gathering at the same 'hole' with some more friends. We decided to continue the weekend gripe 'meetings'. Within a month, we had to gather at the local senior meeting hall due to the number of people. Then a local news paper reporter showed up and things came to life. By the time April 1st came around, the city of Fort Worth announced a Tax Day rally at the Fort Worth Cats semipro ball park, LaGrave Field. We had a blast. The grand stands were packed. Most all of the local politicos were there and after a while the Texas head honcho, Rick Perry, appeared. This type of action, all over the nation, is where the present day Tea Party was born. It doesn't get any better than that. We are not radical, or racist, or dangerous, just fed up with the DC 'business as usual'. Regards, George Reagan, Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Daphney

    I think the republicans need the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. They seems to be weaken uder the Obama administration. If it is working for him,Hell it should work for your party too.
    Get busy now!