Obama Chopping Down America’s Military Power

We’ve had several blogs on here lately that have been revealing President Obama’s intentional plans to weaken America’s military might (Pentagon Moves to Weaken Combat Troops and Family Values and Military Chaplains to be Charged with Sedition and Treason for Preaching Against Sin).  Now you will see some of his additional measures to thin the ranks and reduce our weaponry.

In the president’s further push to weaken the military, he has forced the Pentagon to take a huge budget cut.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, except Defense Secretary Leon Panetta continues to act like an Obama programmed robot and has laid down plans to reduce military personnel by over 80,000 over the next five years.

The Marine Corp stands to lose 15,200 from its active and reserve ranks.  The Army and Army National Guard will be losing 67,100 soldiers while the Navy reduces its staff by 8,600 and the Air Force by 1,700 for a grand total of 82,600.  The plan is supposed to help reduce the Pentagon budget by $487 billion dollars over the next ten years.

The drastic reductions are to be carried out by the elimination of a number of positions, tightening up enlistment standards and possibly offering incentives to not reenlist and/or to opt out of military service altogether.  Among those being targeted for elimination included 8 Army brigades, 5 Marine infantry battalions and 4 marine tactical air squadrons, 6 Air Force fighter squadrons and 303 aircraft, and 7 Navy cruisers and 2 dock landing ships.

Additionally, reports in Washington suggest that Obama and Pentagon are planning to reduce our nuclear arsenal by as much as 50% to 80%. House Republicans are calling this a act of reckless lunacy and are vowing to block such a drastic reduction in our defensive weaponry.  However, if they block this like they have other Democratic initiatives in the past year; Panetta will be free to chop away at nuclear weapons.

With nations like Iran and North Korea flexing their nuclear muscles, this is the worst time to reduce our own nuclear arsenal.  Rather this is a time when the US needs to stand up to the international platform and warn countries like Iran that if they dare use a nuclear weapon on anyone that we will turn their miles of desert sand to glass.

If Obama is reelected in November, he will only continue to weaken America’s military to the point that we couldn’t even defend ourselves from a country like Lichtenstein, let alone the real world powers out there that would love nothing else than to destroy us.

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  • screeminmeeme

    The prospect of facing today's world of maniacal despots with much less weaponry is an unimaginable and unacceptable idea. And we must prevent it at all costs.

    ANY PRESIDENT who would seek to EFFECTIVELY DISARM US is as assuredly OUR ENEMY as any of our unhinged opponents. One cannot avoid the glaring truth that Obama is an enemy of America who has gleefully given aid and comfort to our enemies since he's been in office. Another 4 years would serve to strengthen his committment and determination to see us destroyed.

    To ignore all the evidence and allow him to continue to occupy the most powerful seat in the world is to assist in our own suicide.

    Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory.............Miguel de Cervantes

    "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.".........George Patton

    • Roger

      I couldn't say it better brother! I hope some militarty leaders wake up before its over!

    • plainscary

      Echoing my thoughts. Thank you for saying it so succinctly.

  • RHSchumann

    Do you know what you are talking about? I served for more than 20 eyars as an officer in the US Army and let me tell you, Obama is doing exactly the right thing. Our Armed Forces were developed to fight the Soviet Union. Much of the hardware and the organization are of no use in dealing with the challenges of the 21st Century. Unless we plan to invade more countries, Army divisions and sophisticated bombers are of little use. While we spend all too much of our national wealth on our armed forces, after all we expend almost as much money on defense as the rest of the world together, our infrastructure rots away and our education is a shadow of what it used to be. The wars of the 21st Centurt are being fought on the economic and knowlege front. And we are falling behind in both. Yes, we need to be able to defend ourselves against excternal enemies. But we are foolish to attempt to control the entire world militarily.
    Congratulations, President Obama. You are continuing what President Bush started.

    • Donald

      And you hold what office in the DNC?

    • Bobseeks

      RHS: Does the word "quisling" mean anything to you?

    • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

      You are an idiot and a obama arse kissing piece of dog squeeze.

    • Ed

      Our education is the way it is BECAUSE of the government. Ever hear of the Dept of Education? If not, it's a big, expensive federal bureaucracy designed to take education out of the hands of the people and transfer it to the gov’t. Our infrastructure is rotting away. Why? Doesn’t the gov’t collect money from us for highway maintenance through gas taxes, vehicle registration taxes, trucking permits, tolls, etc.? Where does all that money go? Probably to the ever expanding and increasing payroll of all the employees that work for the various DOTs. I agree with you that we can’t control the world with our military, nor should we be trying to do that. However, we are currently involved in all sorts of military action around the world and we need our force strength to remain strong. If cuts to personnel are going to be made, then “A” (cease military action) must happen before “B” (force reduction) can be done. We are already on the brink of not having enough resources to complete the missions we are assigned to complete. Our military has grown into a vast industrial complex that is terribly inefficient and bloated. And by inefficient, I don’t mean the GIs are inefficient. They have found ways to get things done with scarce resources. Military contracts are inefficient and expensive. Our economy is falling behind because the gov’t is trying to regulate every aspect of it. To the feds, capitalism doesn’t work—BHO said it himself.
      While I thank you for your service, I’d like to say that slashing the military instead of entitlements and bloated gov’t programs is the coward’s way out. It’s a coward’s way out because BHO knows that those of us in the military can’t protest or even dare question our “leaders”. He knows there are more people dependant on gov’t freebies than there are military folks, so losing our votes is no big deal. Either way we have to shut up and color. Why is it that every time there is a looming gov’t shut down the first people that get threatened to not get paid is the military and senior citizens? And BTW, part of those military cuts will affect every active duty and retired veteran significantly. If you don’t believe me look at the proposed increases to the TRICARE fees for FY 2013-FY 2017.

      Remember, if you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t racist, vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you aren’t an idiot!

    • JBinGB

      I,m sure the US Army is better off now,with drones like you gone !

    • samtman

      Finally a intelligent comment from a combat officer who knows whats going on. Most readers on this posting wear horse blinders to mane sure that noting interferes with their made up agenda.

    • samtman

      Finally a intelligent comment from a combat officer who knows whats going on. Most readers on this posting wear horse blinders to mane sure that noting interferes with their made up agenda.

    • Dee

      where in the world are you living? are you a true american? Obama is destroying America and people like you are helping him. you are foolish, unwise, very unwise. In time you will know the truth.

    • Bonecrusher

      All that BS aside....do you have any idea how much it cost to "de mil" a nuclear weapon? This idiotic idea could bankrupt us by itself.

  • 1599

    Military spending needs to be cut as Ron Paul outlines. Eventually, qualifications will be so tight that only gays will want to join. Isn't it aboput time to lay off of the Iran nuking everybody scar tactic? Godfather, are you an Israeli agent?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKOSQAISRNBGHAYOPA6VKK53MQ Ralph

      Hey goofy Palbot 1599 did you forget your teaparty messiah senile old fool nutcaseRon Paul has
      ran three times now and lost all three times as well? Forget Crazy Old Fool Ron Paul the loser!

  • samtman

    The budget proposed by the Obama admin. of 419 billion dollars per year for defense ,7 bigger than China's, 10 times bigger than Russias, and 10 biger than the Europaen uniions. Thats more than enough, unless your so paranoid that war is comming to America that you need to sleep in your basement every night.

    • plainscary

      Not paranoid. War is coming.

      • trustfunded

        Let me ask you something. How does the above article that doesn't provide citation for their data compare to this graph using Department of Defense data?

        • plainscary

          Well. The above article doesn't compare, because the data ISN"T cited...However, it has been in the news all last week that the Administration wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal by about 80%...The WH put that out. The other figures cited are coming from the Pentagon.

          Back to your graph. I noticed a couple of things. The Lowest point of Defense Spending on that chart was after WWII ended, and other low points were 96-2001-then spending shoots up in Response to 9/11. High Point '66-70-Vietnam. Low Point p'74-80-primarily the Carter administration, and the Iran hostage crises. So, increased spending followed several critical world events.

          Now, back to the absolute Peak in 2011...I would have to surmise that Osama bin Laden-his capture and killing along with the increased activitity all over the world-Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria, Israel, etc...Those events would cost more, we need more assets on the ground for intelligence purposes...Intelligence, like everything else, isn't cheap. We have Afghanistan going on, and frankly, our military needs to be ready to mobilize...

          Not to mention, the Administration's desire to encourage unrest in the US...How is THAT handled after we reduce the National Guard Forces? By the dwindling numbers of police and the almost non-existent sherrif's department?

        • trustfunded

          I agree with a lot of what you said here, but you kind of make my point for me. Now that the "big threat" Bin Laden has been taken out, and now that we are largely done with the "war" in Iraq, it would only make sense that spending on defense would return to more moderate levels. Heck, maybe they'll return to the levels of George W.

        • plainscary

          When I looked at your graph I noticed peaks and valley's and the timelines...Spending usually always amped up during a war, conflict, attack or just an increased threat level on our forces. Now. Looking forward-I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy with the Middle East looking right at Israel with America looking the other way.

          And, China just did shoot down a surveillance drone over Iran?...We don't have it, Iran is trying to Nuke up and they don't care about the rest of the world. I'm an infidel. All of Christianity are infidels. They will try to kill us. And if you don't believe in God or worship Mother Nature, you will be dead, if we don't stop this madness heading our way.

          We can't do it if we disarm ourselves.

        • trustfunded

          Oh, I just found this regarding cutting our nuclear arsenal. "But there is precedent in cutting the U.S. nuclear arsenal below treaty-mandated levels. The administration of former President George W. Bush cut the arsenal to 2,200 warheads, while both the United States and Russia were permitted 6,000 each under the START treaty in force at that time." Not a crazy lefty website IMO.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKOSQAISRNBGHAYOPA6VKK53MQ Ralph

      Hey smarty so you very clearly have never actually researched the Real Russian and Communist
       China Military Budgets or you would know they hide billions inside of other government agency budgets in both Russia and Communist China or are you somekind of enemy disinformation specialist hard at work here maybe samtman? Get Real!

  • 150% American

    And obama is doing exactly what he has been programmed and groomed for, which is to destroy America. And this current goal of his is another reason he needs to be gone, immediately.

  • tommyee

    This president is "THE" enemy of the United States!

  • tommyee

    Guess we will need a well regulated militia after all!

  • screeminmeeme

    I've posted 2 comments 3 times and they've been deleted for some reason. Anyone else had the problem?

    • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

      I hope you did not say anything bad about that arse hole obama, they don't like that much.

    • Ithamar

      Did you make a negative comment about Ron Paul? I think perhaps that the site has a moderator who cannot tolerate disapproval of their favorite candidate.

    • plainscary

      What did you post? If you reply to me, it comes to email. I'd like to see it.

  • Paul

    The article talks all about how much is being cut and says nothing about what is left. We need to cut the budget (if we had one). Maybe the Zars would be a better place to start but I'm thankful for a start anywhere.

  • screeminmeeme

    Looks like censorship of remarks critical of Obama and Islam is occurring here at Godfather Politics.
    Who woulda thunk it?

    • plainscary


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKOSQAISRNBGHAYOPA6VKK53MQ Ralph

      Yep,they sure are so be careful. Big Brother DISQUS is watching us Comrade!

  • Dave

    China and Russia are still communist and not really our friend's.And now we got the hold of the Muslim nation' wanting to kill american and bring about armageddon to bring back their calufat or however you say it.So we have three large country's that would like to see us american gone off the face of the earth.So i think we need to carry a very big stick to keep them at bay.But now these communist have infiltrated our goverment already.That is why it is so corrupted.

  • screeminmeeme

    RH....first....thank you sincerely for your service to America. I do NOT believe that we ought to be the world's policeman. I've held that position all of my nearly 70 years........ However, if you believe that diplomacy, trade and technologic know-how will change the mindset of those who obey the Quran, you are dead wrong...... And appeasement NEVER works with bullies...only the potential of overwhelming force. My concern is not about Communism. My concern is about Islamists who are at war with the entire world.

  • screeminmeeme

    Obama wants to reduce our nuclear weapons to 300. We have 5000 right now. It's insane. The world we live in today is worse than other time in history, given the long-range weaponry available to even 3rd world countries for the right price.
    Of all the times to disarm, this is not it. I believe strongly in PEACE thru STRENGTH, as did our Founding Fathers.

  • jack

    We are in a 50 year war, so where is the logic of harming our military, their families, and children. The anti-military racist Bobo needs to go away.

  • JBinGB

    Krushev said we would be destroyed from within! OBAMA . Its happening folks

  • LoneStar

    Ronald Reagan once said,Of the four Wars in my Lifetime, none came about because the USA was to strong.

  • plainscary

    Yep, You are right. Its happening now, on more than one front.

  • Bonecrusher

    We can't just talk about it, we gotta hit the streets with the message. Your kids are gonna grow up in a socialist state!!!!!!!!

  • Bonecrusher

    Does anyone have any idea how expensive it is to do away with a nuclear weapon? This idiotic idea alone could bankrupt us.