Taxpayers Paying For Illegal Immigrants in Connecticut

Generally when you think of illegal immigrants you tend to think of the southern states from Florida across to California.  One of the last states you may think of as having a problem with illegal immigrants is Connecticut, but guess again.

In 2007, federal immigration agents raided a location in New Haven, Connecticut and arrested eleven men on the charges of being in the United States illegally.  The men filed suit against the federal government and claimed that their rights were violated.

Nearly five years later, the federal government has announced that they have reached a settlement with the eleven illegals.  In the announcement, the feds have agreed to pay the men $350,000 and to stop all deportation proceedings against them.

In other words, the men have been financially rewarded by the federal government for rightfully arresting them, and they will be allowed to remain in the United States.  While not specified in the settlement notice, you can be assured that if the men are being allowed to remain in the country that they will be given work permits and allowed to compete against American citizens for jobs in a job starved market.

If you notice, the men were arrested while George W Bush was President of the United States and that the men are being freed, paid with taxpayer money and allowed to remain in the country while Barack Hussein Obama is president.  I truly believe that this demonstrates the contrast between the two presidencies and says a lot about the deterioration of America under our first foreign born president.

Federation for American Immigration Reform media director Ira Mehlman says that in deals such as this that Americans are the real losers,

"They are costing the taxpayers $350,000. In addition, the illegal aliens will almost certainly get work authorization, so they can go out and compete with Americans for scarce jobs.  Unfortunately, this administration seems more concerned with the rights and the interests of illegal aliens than they are with protecting the rights and interests of the American people.

"If you're a mayor, or governor, or some other local government official that thwarts federal immigration laws, the Obama administration is not going to touch you. But if you dare to try to enforce laws that are already passed by Congress, then they're going to come after you with the full force of the federal government."

And in case you don’t believe his last statement is serious, just take a look at the legal assault the Obama administration has unleashed on Arizona.  They have gone after Gov Jan Brewer for trying to enforce the immigration laws the feds refuse to enforce.  The feds have also unleashed an all-out war against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for trying to enforce immigration laws, clean up the illegal drug trafficking through his county and for challenging Obama’s eligibility to run for and hold the office of President of the United States.

And as a side note, the Department of Justice has filed charges against Sheriff Joe for illegal racial profiling of Hispanics and it has recently been learned that the Mexican drug cartels have placed a $1 million bounty on Sheriff Joe’s head.  But the feds have made it illegal for Arpaio to target Mexicans in his investigations so I guess he’ll have to target some other group in his investigation into the Mexican death threats and bounty placed upon him.



  • AZJEFF1963

    okay...let me just start out by saying IF THEY ARE NOT US CITIZENS.....THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS IN THE EFEN US.....JEEEZUS EFEN CHRIST.

    • bungholio

      Wot de ffen ar yu effen yukkin ebout yu fukin twot.

      • Buddell

        Your screen name says it all.

    • dragonfFIRE01

      i agree with you AZJEFF the are not citizens and they have no right but apparently that doesn't matter anymore

      • tsktsktsk

        You are forgetting; Yobama is a people pleaser....well, let me clarify that. Yobama is a alien people pleaser

      • Michael

        it does matter because the illegals can go to the cemetaries to view grave stones in order to use social security numbers for voting o.

    • USMC_Mom

      The IRS ........

      The IRS sent my Tax forms back .... AGAIN!

      I guess it was because of my response to the question :
      ...List all dependents...

      I replied ...
      12 million illegal immigrants
      3 million crack heads
      42 million unemployable people on food stamps
      2 million people in over 243 prisons
      Half of Mexico
      535 fools in the U.S. House and Senate.

      Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.

    • Jack

      This same scenario is taking place in every state in America. Politicians want votes even though they are illegal votes.They know full well the American citizens have no way of proving they won an election from the votes of illegal immigrants.Secondly we have a president who is not qualified under the U.S. Constitution to be president because his father was not a U.S. citizen. So there is no doubt he is intentionally failing to enforce our immigration laws. His relatives live her receiving U.S. taxpayer's aid and are proud to admit they are illegal immigrants. We have the most corrupt administration, Congress and Courts in our nation's history. We can only pray there are more informed, intelligent voters than uniformed and unintelligent voters to purge out all of the bad politicians between 2012 and 2014.

    • SSGDave

      How about-No "Effen Way"?!!


      UNBELIEVABLE! But so is the fact the 125,000 foreigners each month are given work permits. How many Americans could use those jobs. WRITE OR CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN.

    • Forums4Justice
    • regular guy

      your language used with Jesus' name is offensive. Get out of the gutter, and your statement will actually carry a lot more credibility...otherwise, you just sound like the ignorant slobs in the Obama cartel.

      • Edith

        As a practicing Christian, this kind of language is usually offensive to me as well. However, we are at the point in this nation that we need EVERYONE on our side......even people whose language is offensive. Thanx AZ for being passionate and expressing my frustration as well!

  • screeminmeeme

    It's this kind of disregard for justice which fuels the opposition to Obama and his gangsters. This shameful and flagrant partiality and favoritisim directed toward CRIMINALS drives any fair-minded, law-abiding citizen crazy.

    Since when does ANYONE in his right mind think that you REWARD a criminal for breaking the law? This is nothing short of insane. Honest to God, we are living in Alice's Wonderland where all is gibberish and nonsense....and our lawless "leader" is a grinning Cheshire Cat.

    • John Detwiler

      What assinine official oked the payment. He must be a close friend of the Lawyer or lawyers when defended the illegals. After all it is the lawyers who will eventually get a large portion of the award. If they have charged 40% (commonin such cases) they would recieve $140 thousand and adding all the expences, and you can bet they charged as much as they could. I assume that the illegals recieved possibly a $150 or possibly a $160 thousand. each of the illegals would recieve maybe $14 or 15 thousand. And that would be a misscarraige of justice. In truth they should have been deported in the first place.

    • American Patriot


    • toto

      I have decided that it is Obama and friends aim to drive all conservatives and Democrats with half a brain out of their minds and then deny them treatment under Obamacare.

    • JIM


    • Forums4Justice
    • Margaret

      And Obama ordered 80,000 Muslims to be brought into the country last year!

    • Dolores

      In this country, it is the norm now. They are taking jobs away from law-abiding citizens and will have criminals sew our army uniforms. This is on today's news. Probably not on the regular channels.

  • John

    And most blacks will continue to vote for him, regardless of his policies and lawlessness. Amazing.

    • righthook38

      And in spite of the fact that the unemployment rate among blacks is double that of the national rate. But Detroit tells it all...Democratic leadership since the early '60's and look at the city now. Toast. Yet, they continue to vote for Democrats. Go figure.

      • Jonathan Gartner

        Toast is an interesting way to put it. I live in Grand Rapids and make trips into Detroit on occasion. It looks like some one holds bon fires there on a frequent schedule through out the whole city. And if elected to Mayor there for the last several decades also means that you are a Criminal

        • righthook38

          Yeah, the place is a real mess. I lived around that area for a few years back in the early 2000's, and it was bad then. I can only imagine how bad it is now. So sad. The crime is ungodly. I just read the drop out rate in Detroit is 75%. 75% of kids drop out of school!! Can you believe that? Staggering. I feel so bad for the young kids being raised there....they have no chance.

        • nativetx03

          Yep another generation on government hand outs.

      • Sarge

        gluttons for punishment!!!

    • Thomas M

      Well, you cannot fix stupid, the democrats has kept these blacks like slave to them for years. KKK yes that's old byrd's party they called him sheets.

    • 0031

      KEY word----"black"

    • oldgringo

      Its not just the blacks who will vote for him although I agree the majority of them will......But he also garnishes votes from Latinos, Jews, and Catholics.....All of whom Obama has done nothing what-so-ever to their cause!...."Whe will They ever Learn?"....Peter, Paul and Mary.

    • screeminmeeme

      John...I posted a comment earlier but it was deleted......I said that Obama's supporters had their hands out for entitlements in exchange for their vote. One black woman was interviewed after the last election and asked why she voted for O. She said...."Because he's going to make my house payments". What absolutely amazing confidence she had in thinking that like a Robin Hood, he keep his word and redistribute income, and robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

      The hispanic vote has been secured in much the same way. Payoff. Just as this article said.

    • Dave Langdon

      He has the black vote and is courting the Hispanics

    • j_berry50

      Only the stupid ones will vote for Muhammad Obama.

      • Sarge

        Forest Gump's momma got it right, "Stupd is as stupid does!"

    • Dan W Rykard

      Like Samuel Jackson said he voted for Obama because he is Black, A large percentage of Blacks done the same thing and will do it again even though he has done more harm to them but they do not realize what he has done because they believe every lie that come out of his mouth.

    • suem

      and all the hispanics waiting for free ticket to become an american ala nobama

    • ART


    • Truegrit

      This is really corruption,giving our money away to foreign born criminals who broke our immigration laws is really sickining.


    Illegal says it... All.

  • bbyank

    Well, all I can say is to the American people. Keep voting these Politicians who love amnesty to illegals like OBAMA which is a perfect example. I blame the voters........who are part of the problem. If you dont like paying $$$$$$$ to support law breakers who have no respect for our country's laws and take jobs away from American's and fringe on tax payers benefits. Then stop voting for these politcians who support it. Use your brains if you have any. otherwise stop your complaining.!!!!!!

    • jack

      Yeah Like the People knew the Anti American Muslim and Illegal Lover OBlozo was going to do this..Now People Know..So Vote Him Out!

    • Mike Tanco

      This administration is going to keep kicking sand in the American people's faces and you're going to see one hell of a revolution. This POTUS and Congress is pushing their luck and it will end up costing many lives. A president is supposed to represent all of the people of these United States. This jerk is dividing our country like no other President. Mike Tanco

    • candi

      the ones voting for obama have no brains, and its not costing them anything... they dont pay taxes. so what do they care... braindead sheep messing up this whole country... illegals should get nothing from americans... they make me sick,,, them with all their anchor babies... u.s. has become so stupid, it will fall, and the stupid illegals can fall with it.

      • marieelise

        you are so right .those illegal aliens are in absolutely every state even in MN. yes makes me sick too , the way people bend backward to make them feel "welcome!" .if they did not get any freebees and no help from some stupid citizens , they would leave , period !!

    • d.keith dexter

      the ones voting for them,aren't paying taxes but are draining the system themselves,then they will be the ones crying when nobody has nothing anymore.

    • Ralph

      So,just don't you forget here that the GOP has it's share of Illegal Alien Lovers too,now then. As Amnesty Newt Gingrich wants another Illegal Alien Amnesty and crazy old fool loser Ron Paul wants open borders as well. So very clearly some of
      these losers did not learn the lesson that the voters gave Amnesty John McCain for Co-Sponsorig the Teddy Kennedy and
      John Mc Cain Illegal Alien Amnesty Plan in Congress. So vote against both losers like Amnesty Newt Gingrich and three time loser this year crazy old fool Ron Pau in 2012. This Arizona Independent Voter does not trust RINO Willard Mitt Romney
      on this Illegal Immigration anymore then I do Comrade Leader Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      Yes, I blame the people and their lack of for this countrys problems!

    • June

      bbyank-You really cannot blame "ALL" the "voters" - -remember "Acorn"?? We still don't know how many "tombstones" they used info from in order to "elect" the impostor!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    Very simply if you are not a citizen you do not have the rights of a citizen. If I was in Mexico I would not have the same rights there as I have here. As for a sore spot with me if you break the law you can not benefit by it. Simply put if you come here to have kids they are not citizens for they are the result of felony that you were here illegally to commit.



    • Jan

      If you were in Mexico, you would be in prison. Rights for illegals do not exist in Mexico, though your family does have a right to provide you with food, I think. Our treatment of illegals is a total travesty of justice and they are simply being bought by this administration for votes by their friends, family, and them when they register and vote without ID.

  • Tony

    Is this supposed to be something new that was just learned? Illegals have been costing taxpayers HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars for years clear across this nation. IF congress really wanted to cut spending they would pass legislation that says no benefits of any kind for anyone that is NOT a citizen of this country. The ONLY way that could ever happen though is to vote every single democrat and rino in the republican party OUT of office and replace them with elected officials that actually DO care about this nation.

    • bonnie


      • candi

        so true, everytime i see a mexican woman shes pregnant, and has 2 or 3 little brats running behind her yelling, ma, ma,, its so annoying. let them take care of their own kids and themselves... we owe them NOTHING. AND GET RID OF THOSE ANCHOR BABIES.

        • marieelise

          beside ,they are never married and get also the freebees from unmarried women . i write alot about the anchor babies to our senators to stop that insanity but , it seems it does not help .!!!!!

    • Les

      Why did Bush let 11 million illegal Mexicans in during his administration?.....Answer.....Because big business wanted cheap labor and they got it....and you're picking up the tab.

  • Indy Grandma

    This is the reason we need to vote Obama out of office. I can not believe that so many people will still vote for him when all he is doing is trying to take down our country. The people with their hands out better realize there is a limit to how much can be taken from the people who work for a living before they rebel. I am so worried for what lies ahead for my children and grandchildren. I give plenty to charity but I chose who I want to give my money to and it is not people who break our laws. This is indeed a crazy world.

  • Scarlet Dove

    We are all paying for illegals, MD where I live pays through the nose for these degenerates. And with them comes the crime and the prolific reproduction of the teen latinos. Of course the dems will vote for our lawless president, and the illegals are voting too (yes the illegals are voting because board of elections don't care in dem area), because the illegals are voting here in MD. And yes dems and illegals will vote for the lawless president lawlessness is part of their entitlement beliefs. They want to do as they please and DOJ is a good example of lawlessness.

    • mike

      we need new president. have a roundup get boats ready send them all somewhere else that votes for devils. i pray if you say your american this isn,t you...espically veterians i am semper fi. not wanna be.

  • bob s

    Why am I not surprised... haven't we been seeing this comming every since the imoster got in office along with all his chicago gangstas???/ the time for another civil war is drawing near.... since almost 1/2 of the population is on the government dole,, the other 1/2 will be the ones that have to save this country.... from the communist community organizer.... in chief....

    • marcel duranleau

      BELIEVE HIM NOT: Proverbs 26:25

  • Othello

    This is nothing new. taxpayers have ALWAYS been paying for illegals from day one!
    They are ILLEGAL they have no RIGHTS!

    • marcel duranleau


  • Sondra

    Stay your ground and pay attention to the politican that are up for election. Vote doing nothing just makes t he problem of illegals worse.

  • Lowell T.

    The DOJ goes after Sheriff Joe for targeting Hispanics that are illegally crossing the border. How stupid is that. We are getting our noses rubbed in it and we are complacent. Illegals are allowed at tax payers expense their day in court. Just as stupid. We absolutely must get every sane Citizen to vote. In the meantime get in touch with every politican you know and voice your opinion. Please, no threats.

  • Maxine

    We need to kick all mixicans out of every state if every state would do this they would go home no more free stuff and close the borders I will not vote for anyone that will not close are borders and send them back we all need to stand together and fight this evil goverment we have and vote everyone of them out of office and start over make sure we get the right one in for are president one that will go by are constation and are laws wake up people this is are last chance

    • marcel duranleau


    • disgusted

      How on earth can anyone vote for a president are Senators,Congress members who are standing by and leting this country be destryed by illegals??? The borders should have been closed 30 yrs. ago and we would not be haveing this problem now .

  • Don Cunningham

    The Departmen of Justice. That's a joke. with them there is no justice for americans, just illegal in our country. Obama and his hoods should be impeached.

  • Aimee

    Democrat and Republicians have allowed this to happen! Anyone who is in this country has broken the law and they are not a citizen of this country therefore they have no rights....go to any other country and break the law and then say you are not giving me my rights!!! Whatever the country they will laugh themselves to death!

  • Thomas M

    There is no use putting in more gas if the engine has thrown a rod, but the democrats loves them illegals.

  • Robert R

    Just goes to show you that they will do anyting to help Oreooboner get reelected, anything at our cost. This is a bunch of GD B/S and should never be allowed to happen. They violated our rights by not standing up for our laws. No illegal aliens, they have no right being able to sue since they are illegal. Bet they are sitting right next to dicktater drinking wine and laughing at our Immigration Laws.

  • 0526

    I agree---get that EFEN "N" out of office NOW......

  • thomas

    Conn, are you people MAD or just plain NUTS ???
    Please act like Americans !!!

    • Jack

      Don't worry, they will vote for Obama again just as they did in 2008. Vote party lines. Socialist Democrats. That is all they know. The morons in my state did the same thing and will more than likely do the same thing again this year. When they all realize what they have done, and sooner or later most of them will realize.They will be the first ones to cry and moan when they have no money, no freedoms and no future. Just like Hitler fooled the German people. His attacks on Jews was just like Obama's attacks on Christians. He lies and takes the bible out of context the same way Hitler did to turn the German people against the Jews.

  • Raymond

    I would appreciate a link or links to your sources for this article. Not that I don't believe you, I would like to reference this and supporting information.

  • AnyoneButObumer

    Amazing, that is the only word I can think of. AMAZING that our justice system rewards the illegal immigrants. AMAZING that "we the people" elected this idiot to run roughshod over the constitution and congress stands by and doesn't hold him in check. AMAZING

  • djw663

    This madness has got to stop!!!

  • Upset with gov.

    We just cannot afford this bad behavior any more, but every time someone stands up for the rule of law they are made out to be the bad guys. I do not understand what these people are thinking in government,. Is their job so much more important than the country? I guess it is.

    This country really is going down the drain, and no matter how much we try not to let it, it does not seem to make any difference.


    The foreign-born agent Muslim communist Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II needs these illegal aliens to insure his re-election. Have any of you ever consider that as a foreign-born agent, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II falls under the catagory of "Saboteur?" [saboteur.... "the deliberate obstruction of or damage to any cause, movement, activity, effort, etc."] Have you any knowledge of the American 'cause' our Founding Fathers provided for us that is currently being destroyed?

    USAF (RET)

    • Michael Dobyns

      Careful Master SGT...that old boy might screw with you hard-earned retirement check... I would't put it past him!!!

  • stevor

    We're paying for an Illegal Immigrant (he's an Indonesian citizen through his step father) in the White House PLUS his illegal Aunt and Uncle Omar.

    • flameinhair

      But's ALL America's fault too!
      We must obey our laws....but it seems Con-gress, the Oval Office and the courts do not.
      Sad day.

  • Larry

    Obama is just laying out "precedents" for his own defense on illegal immigration charges

  • Shell

    Vote Obama and all who support his agenda OUT of OFFICE and disbar ANY LAWYER WHO WHOULD EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING ON A CLIENT who is illegal, in a federal law suit! Send them back south of the border and put our military on the border to shoot as soon as they cross the border.

  • ladyDBA

    First let me say that I am most certainly not a supporter of the current administration but the current leadership has nothing to do with a court decision. This travesty falls squarely on the head of the judges that were involved with the case. First the judge that didn't throw the suit out when it was first filed and then the judge that presided over the circus that was the trial. I am curious, was there a jury? If so, the people on the jury also have some responsibility. All that aside, this is absolutely unacceptable, these people are not citizens and therefore have no standing to bring action against the entity that rightfully arrested. I would really like to know what their basis for the suit was.

  • msbets

    And this is NEWS!!! we have all been getting the sharp stick, with illegals, and this pos in OUR oval office is more concerned about their rights than real US citizens and why not, HE ALSO IS ILLEGAL!!!

  • Mike

    The news the other night mention how many thousands dead people have voted in all elections. If they could find a way to correct this problem it would also correct the thousands who collect social security who are also dead.

  • samtman

    Here is the poblem, its the Fed. Gove. job to enforce fed laws, the state can not enforce Fed. laws, unless its boht a Fed. Law and a state law. This law has ben on the books for a long time, has nothing to do with President Obama, besides only congress can make laws not the Presicent, although the President has to sign the bill in to law.At least Lets be fair about this.

    • Gerd

      Type much?

  • Zoly12

    I guess its just easier to roll over and give illegals what the want and to hell with the rest of us. Sheriff Joe is the only one
    doing an outstanding job. He deserves all the praise we can give him.
    Does not look good for Connecticut politicians to pass on a very hot issue like this. Those making these decisions should be
    quick unemployed.

  • Roadrunner

    It is funny how the illegals use our Constitution. What Americans and our Courts are forgetting is the opening words of our Constitution: "We the people of the Unitied States...." It does not start with : "We the Illegal Aliens living in America..." Let's look at this, American is at war at this time, and illegals should be treated as spies and imprisoned for life or shot. Wake up America, read the Constitution and see that it is enforced. We elected the idiots that are bringing down American, so let's vote them out office or impeach them.

  • Andy94538

    Maybe someone from DOJ can explain this to me. If the illegals come primarily from Mexico, why should Sheriff Arpaio’s deputies be looking at whites, blacks, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Europeans, and Americans from indigenous tribes referred to as American Indians? While I am at it, since Islamic terrorists are Muslims, should we be looking at Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taoists, and Wiccans?

    Tell me, has political correctness replaced common sense at the federal level? I realize that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires at least some accommodations for people with disabilities, but should the federal government abuse it by putting people with CranioRectal Syndrome in authority and policy-making positions at DOJ?

    Before anyone asks, I have the definitive definition for “political correctness” I took off a desk plaque years ago. This is the exact quotation:


    Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

    • Big Mike

      Political correctness is an insidious marxist concoction deployed with the intent of subversive control of language therefore thought, perception and cultural norms. That is why the liberal media and the entire educational system have jointly fostered and promoted this infectious left-wing, revisionist cancer on us and our is no joke. This country was founded on tax-revolt....just saying

  • Jim

    Initiate Operation Wet Back and send them back. Too many people in this country will vote for Obozo again because like the illegals they all want the freebies too.

  • ketrout

    We all have Obama and his administration to thank for this kind of INSANE actions by our federal government.

    The 22 million plus ILLEGAL ALIENS are CRIMINALS and need to be arrested and deported back to their own country! While this is happening, we should deport Obama back to his own country (Kenya)!!!

    • LK

      Who is ? Alan Bersin – Border Czar
      The former failed superintendent of San Diego. Ultra-Liberal friend of
      Hillary Clinton. Served as Border Czar under Janet Reno – to keep borders
      open to illegals without interference from the Federal government.

  • Big PaPa

    Every Vet. in the USA that has been willing to stand on the wall to defend our liberty and our right to vote should be outraged. Our vote means nothing in this country. Some things never change we do the work trhen get the shaft.

  • 1599

    Only in America!!

  • Buck Rogers

    HMMM, illegally entering the United Sates punishable by DEATH, kinda has a nice ring to it eh.

  • LWH

    All illegals should be shot and killed on the spot. They are a bunch of worthless bottom feeders and good for nothing; anyway there is nothing for them in their country because they are worthless mongrels and so they come here illegally like airborne diseases. It is pure idiocy foisted by the elites on honest, decent Americans. Kill the illegals; kill the elites and take back America.... BY ANY MEANS !!!

  • Catherine Ondrizek

    Well - Go figure. The first President Bush said it truthfully - "Don't underestimate the studipity of Americans." Is this stupid or what? Or maybe it's all planned to get the enemy insided our borders so when war comes they will have their soldiers on the inside to attack. And believe me, war is coming. Bush, Rockefeller and probably Obama are all quilty of trying to bring about the one world order. Treason! I say it again - Treason!


  • j_berry50

    Their names should be published and we will go take care of them ourselves......

  • RivahMitch

    Said it before and I'll say it again... Redline and militarize the border... Severely punish employers who hire illegals.... problem solved.

  • VirgoVince

    WHY???? ALL of us should be joining Alabama and Arizona and a few other states, fighting illegals in our states!!
    Did the cold weather up there, freeze your brains on 'stupid??' WE DON'T owe illegals anything!!!!

  • Bill

    I know one thing for sure the ACTING PRESIDENT WILL NOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE after the frist of the year. Along with his big ass wife.


    People when are we going to rise up and take back AMERICA!

  • DAVE


  • Boyd Herrst

    It seems the illegal immigrants got more rights than American citizens do....

  • old bear

    WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WHEN WE HAVE A ILLEGAL MAN(USE THAT TERM LIGHTLY) in the White house running(ruining) this country. The American people have no rights anymore ! but illegals and Muslims and others have all the rights as the govt is afraid of hurting their feelings! It is time to make AMERICA great again but I do not see the corrupt people running it to do what needs to be done!

  • charlesmiller

    @msgt john correa ..thank you for your service..thankyou for your insight...this man is and will never be pro america..what can we do to stop this ? will the service members adhere to his orders ? you believe they will side with patriots to overthrow this radical goverance?

  • lizaz

    The democrats will protect illegal aliens because they need them as voters....acorn will sign them up as American citizens, as long as they promise to vote democrat. Just another method by democrats to perpetrate their usual voter fraud.......the country will go down the drain unless we vote out the corrupt people in the WH.....

  • Bill Weston

    The particulars in this post are pretty vague. Perhaps the settlement is the reason. Congress can only pass legislation and the president carries out existing laws via the justice department, F.B.I., Bureau of Immigration etc. What department made the arrests? Was this case federal or state? Did this case go to court? Which court if so. I'm as opposed to illegle immigration as anybody and I believe our inalienable rights are basically reserved for american citizens. Still, some consideration can be given to foriegn nationals. In other words, accusations require details and facts.

    • Michael Dobyns

      Illegals have no "legal" rights in the U.S. Especially no right to my hard-earned tax dollars... regardless of the reason!

  • Patty B.

    If I could afford to buy the presidency, I'd give the illegals two months to leave on their own, that includes the anchor babies, I don't care how long they've lived here. People move to other countries all the time, so can they. If they don't like it, they can blame their parents. After two months, they stay at their own risk. I'd financially support Arpaio, and immediately release the border patrol agent, imprisoned for rough handling of an illegal drug trafficker. I'd clear his record, reinstate him with all back pay, and pay him punitive damages. I'd seal our borders and stop any new immigration until we can afford to take care of the LEGAL AMERICANS first. I have nothing against immigrants, my grandfather was one. He came legally, learned the language, he spoke better English than most of our so called college educated citizens, and he didn't try to change THIS country into the one he just left. We can't afford to absorb whole other countries, we can't handle what we've already got.

  • Carol

    This man is an illegal himself so what do expect nothing more nothing less.

  • Smart Citizen

    A simple inexpensive marktet driven solution to the illegal alien problem in the USA is to let our own American rednecks eliminate most of the illegal alien parasites within our borders. Just post signs in every backwoods general store window that the governent has just declared open hunting season on illegal aliens, that there is no daily bag limit, and that they taste like chicken when cooked properly.

  • AL.H

    Impeche Commi Muslim Than Life In GITMO

  • Robert

    It would be cheaper and better for the country to just shoot them . Now we will have more of them trying to get arrested just for the big pay day .

  • texas Pete

    Why are we paying them anything!!!! They are here illegally and breaking the law, THEY DONT HAVE RIGHTS UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION! and yall wonder why Obama needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MSM007

    Anyone that lives in CT knows all too well we have an illegal immigration problem, likely won't be long until we are the east coast California.

  • Warren Pugh

    Davis-Bacon with its begoted promoters attempted to protect workers from, illegals, minorities and immigrants then we got stuck with the scourge called 'prevailing wage". Now what is Obama going to do?

  • Mel

    Illegals' rights were infringed upon??? Wrong---------my rights and your rights are where the infringement stacks up.
    I've had it with the idiocy and hypocrisy in this country.

  • Gary LeBlanc Sr

    We should not be paying one red cent to them. They should pay for education,and medical, or go home.

  • qyt

    Can this GOVERNMENT do anything RIGHT?

  • TonysTake

    It would be cheaper just to shoot them.

  • carlosjnegron

    There is no way that I favor illegal immigration and I am in favor of enforcing all laws as regards immigration.

    But, inasmuch as we are comparing the Bush and Obama administrations in the reporting of this story, I must ask that we do so thoroughly.

    Let us compare statistics as regards deportations, workplace raids, employer sanctions for illegally hiring illegal aliens etc.

  • Patrick Duffy

    America is going down because of ITS SINS! Not because of Obama or some politician. God warned that he would send "aliens amonst you" if his people did not keep his commandments.

  • carolandv

    They are coming for all of us "legals" next. Read The Plant by Jude Goss (written in 2009) and see what was predicted and what is yet to come.

    The Titanic hit a rather large iceberg...unfortunately only the smallest portion could be seen...all of it, however, was felt!

  • Robert Lebischak

    If here illegally, then they do not have the right to sue the USA. Looks like the rights, freedoms and liberty have been taken away form those here legally, citizens and given to those here illegally and guess who pays. A good judge would have laughed that case out of court. A good lawyer would not have seen dollar signs for themselves and the illegals, they would have told the illegals where to go. This really lets us know where this Nation is headed doesn't it. But I have the answer, we all refuse to pay taxes, then the government will not have the money to give illegals, and they won't have the money to jail all of us, so stop paying taxes and the illegals will go home. Is that an interesting idea or not?

  • Paulfntxs

    WELCOME TO AMERICA! Land of the Free. Yes, ALL your crap is free because these "Leaders" will take food out of my kids mouth, that I"VE PAID FOR, and give it to yours!!!!! CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mathew Driscoll

    If they are illegal immigrants, they and their so called anchor children should be deported back to the country from which they came. WE LEGAL US CITIZENS should by no means allow our government to get away with what they are doing. I for one sign every petition that fixes the illegal crossing of our borders by any illegal..Let's get it done.

    Mathew Driscoll
    115 Tanya Way
    Roseville, CA 95661-5627

  • M. Carlson

    No surprise here They will all vote Obama in 2012. get them out while we still have a chance

  • Libsrlintlickers


  • Jim

    Obama is no American. An American president would not be doing the crap he is doing. This bum has to go before he trashes our country.

  • Gail

    Not a bit surprised. Barry Soetor is an Illegal Immigrant. His Aunt is Illegal and so is his Uncle. Thays why Sostor lets then get away with murder. Soetor does not care about us Americans. It does not matter if you are Black or White.He thinks the more Illegals he lets in, then the more votes he will get again. God Help America!!!

  • Dingbat36

    Absolute insanity!!

  • wlllbjr


  • Richard

    illegal aliens do not have rights they are not citizens of this country so they do not have the same rights as citizens of this country you can blame all the problems we are having with illegal aliens thinking they have the like the citizens of this country on obama because he wont do anything to deport them wont secure our borders and the reason for that is obama is not a natural born citizen he has no right being president and the only reason he is president is that the Democrats lied to the citizens about his algability. That is why the constitotion states for a person to be eligable for president he has to be a natural born citizen so we dont have th promblems we have now with illegal aliens and fighting the president to secure our borders and get rid of the illegal aliens. we can not afford a second term orf obama he has not done anything for this country except put the country in debt have Government interfearing in everything with their lives their schooling if obama gets a second term i think everybody should look at how germany started with hitler in the polices that they did that started world war 2! so i hope the people in this country have brains and do the right thing.

  • Richard

    you people in new haven conneticit you are a bunch of idiots if you let your state pay 350,ooo dollars because your police officers detained them because they were illegal aliens who doesnt have rights you should do something about your elected offficials tell them not to pay the money and deport the illegals

  • shawnforfreedom

    all it would take is simply this.
    fine anyone who employees illegals. they can visit and spend their money, we will treat them nicely, but no free stuff, no jobs, period. thats it. they will go home when they realize they cannot survive while here. no opportunity no free stuff. they will go home. no need for a fence . just a few big fines when people are caught employing illegals and poof, NO ONE will employ anyone that cannot show they are ligit. they will ALL go home.

  • del

    what to expect from the land of chris dodd and voters for obozo....these folks should all live in california together and steal each others crap

  • Dakota

    What everyone is overlooking is US involvement in the Organization of American States. If you take a stroll through their website, you will note several meetings and Declarations of the "Rights of the Migrants" Haven't you heard that before? Of course, thru the UN. The read is lengthy but you will get a better view of what I think is really going on. Members of the OAS have met with Hispanic groups here in the US and other "stakeholders" concerning the rights of "migrants to freely roam wherever they choose. Of course they claim Sovereignty is any Nation State is protected but as you read you will find out differently. This Org interferes in deportations and detentions. You might not be surprised to learn that Mexico and the Ford Foundation has given money for this cause. In a separate article I found the NCLR was recognized for their work to aid the "migrant" in the US and yes they do this with our tax dollars. That is the buzz word "migrants" not illegals
    We are also paying for a free 800 number for illegals to call the Dept of Labor should they feel they are not paid or paid fairly, just like we are paying for a new Obama Czar to handle complaints by illegals who feel they have been wronged or are facing deportation

  • Bruce D.

    I find myself at odds often with the viewpoints of this site. This time I could not agree more. It is just an insult to Americans to have to give these people money and an assault on justice and rule of law that seems to be routine under the Obama administration.

  • Patrick Henry

    The cost of building a complete 2-layer border fence would pay for itself in 6 months from what we pay in School costs, health care, unemployment and crime by Illegal tyrespassers. I live in Wisconsin far from the border and I have seen very much crime by illegals including Deputy Fabiano killed in Kenosha, a tracher, and many others plus rapes, not to mention the terrible conditions and costs of the public schools. Emergency rooms are filled with Illegals getting FREE health care while we pay high premiums, deductibles and co-pays for our health insurance. All the States are being overrun with Illegals and the burden on our Citizens are tremendous!

  • twoX4

    Well tell me something I don't know. News Flash. Every state pays through the taxpayer nose. Go Google FAIR. A website that you can find a link to check out how much every state pays to support these invaders. You might be shocked It's
    The Federation For American Immigration Reform.

  • RIpete

    Time to rid the White House of the communist vermin which has infested it.



  • tncdel

    ALL states are paying for the illegals, not just CT. The illegals cost our country over $440 billion annually.

    It's time to stop coddling them and accommodating them, and instead to start MAKING THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on them, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense when they get to hate it here so much.

  • flameinhair

    We have become a NATION OF FOOLS!

  • mark

    Only in the United States can this nonsense go on. I think I will vote against Obama!!! How stupid does this president think we really are???

    • the big easy

      He KNOWS that he WILL HAVE the 49% of the (citizens) that DO NOT PAY FEDERAL TAXES,but instead GET REFUNDS back at the end of each year,the ILLEGAL ALIENS, the DEARLY DEPARTED,and any other that the FLEA-INFESTED FLEA-BAGGER can MAKE-UP,-------REMEMBER,IT IS NOT AS IMPORTANT WHO VOTES,BUT WHO COUNTS THE VOTES.

  • Jan

    Isn't Connecticut where Obama had his Social Security number issued even though he never worked there--the number that failed E-Verify?

  • Irwin Langewisch

    Sounds like another Obummer/Holder F&F deal. Sheriff Joe will prevail.

  • Walter

    Obama promised to fix all these problems. Where is his fix???? Obama is a failure and has not fix anything . We are all worse off now that he in charged. Gas prices is sky rocking on us . Just like the cost of everything else. Obama want to tax us more and we are tax enought. He put hiden taxs in Obama care and try to sneak extra tax on all of us. He now exposted for all his lies and failed plans.I ready to fire him and his Czars.....Aren't you???????????? (seven lies in one minute )

  • Raymond

    Are all the crooks in prison? Nope.

  • LenM

    One World Government [NEW WORLD ORDER]....

    • Raymond


  • Forums4Justice
  • BullKrapper

    Time to stop paying our taxes to a government that doesn't represent the ideas of "We the People", but rather those who are "Them, Our Enemies". After all it's "illegal" to not pay taxes, but seems being "illegal" is "OK in the USA". --- VOTE FOR AMERICA in November --- Stay Well/Stay Safe/Stay Free

  • MobiusPrime

    This Doo Gooder DummyCrats administration is selling our country down the mexican highway.

  • alnga

    The President does not want to be involved in crime fighting if it involves skin color...Follow what he does through his Dept. of Justice. He is trying to make up for all those years where things were fair and any criminal of any variation of ethenic origin would be arrested and put away or deported. All this will change when when we change horses in November...

  • Jennie

    The ACLU also needs to be abolished, they do more harm than good.....

  • Herr Capitan Fick

    You morons have let your country get in this shape! I think it's great to watch you people squirm loosing your homes and jobs! You have slept and the foreigners, thugs, low lifes and politicians! Your idle threats doesn't mean anything to anyone! Now go back to sleep! Your country is lost!

  • Daniel from TN

    GIACOMO, I want to thank you. You are the first journalist to refer to obama as a foreign born president in an article. Hopefully, others will follow your lead.


    If you can watch this and not be outraged, it means
    we have probably already lost this battle. This issue
    alone should defeat Obama in November.

    Watch, and Let this sink in !
    The person in this video is a professor (Ph.D.) at Yavapai College in Prescott , Arizona . He puts a different spin on what
    Obama is doing to Arizona must be why he's rated highly by his students - 3.8 on a 4.0 scale. This may be the best video produced on the illegal alien problems that are being experienced. Watch the video, it is short and makes a lot of sense. Forward the email to at least ten people you know. We need to get the word out. WATCH AND FORWARD

  • sonja

    OMG, millions of LEGAL citizens have lost their jobs, homes, no food for their children & this GD judge gives each of the Illegals $350,000 & A PASS. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. Talk about racism, the left, is out to destroy legal citizens, WHEN WILL IT BE LEGAL FOR ALL OF US TO FILE CHARGES AGAINST ALL OF THEM. Our country needs a NAVY SEAL SNIPER.

  • Mike

    Our left wing idiots have a major malfunction...What part of illegal do they not undertand. They ride our system take benefits they never invested in and talk chit to the citizens as they cash the check and expect us to learn their language. This is America we speak English, learn it or get the F out. Signs in other countries are in their native language not Spanish or other crap. I was behind a carload of wetbacks that were driving a new Lincoln SUV and not one of them has a job. Who pays for that ride? Bet your ass they didn't. If you can't obey our laws you need to get what is coming to you. That goes for Obama and his bunch too!