Obama Pushes Global Tax

When taxes are high in one state, businesses and individual tax payers have the freedom to move to another state. The number of millionaires who have left New York is getting to Red Sea proportions. Rush Limbaugh moved his operation to Florida, a state that doesn’t have a state income tax. Lebron James was considering joining the New York Knicks until he found out how much he would be paying in New York state and city taxes. Like Limbaugh, he chose Florida. He plays for the Miami Heat.

It’s not just the politicians who want to stick it to the rich. A Siena College poll reported that 72% of New York voters support the tax to avoid further budget cuts. The union-backed “99 New York” rally supported extending the “millionaire’s tax” on New Yorkers with incomes over $200,000. It was due to expire December 31, 2011.

Some people in New York understand the long-term consequences of taxing the rich. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo says taxing high income New Yorkers would send them to the low-tax states of Connecticut and New Jersey, taking their income-tax revenue, job skills, and businesses with them.

The people of New York, like the people in Greece, want their handouts, and they want other people to pay for them. Greece doesn’t have low tax and no-tax states like we have in America. There’s no place to flee. So remedies do companies have when they can’t compete globally because of Federal taxing policies? They move their operations overseas.

Who will ultimately pay this tax? Consumers. Companies will consider the new tax a cost of doing business and tack on the additional costs to the products they sell. A similar thing happens when people call for tariffs on foreign goods. Tariffs make foreign goods more expensive and push up the price of American products. Again, consumers are the losers.

Instead of overhauling our nation’s tax system, the Obama Administration wants to set up what they are calling a “global minimum tax” or in the language of Newspeak, “a basic minimum tax”:

Earlier this week, White House economic adviser Gene Sperling announced his support for changes in the tax structure. “[W]e need a global minimum tax so that people have the assurance that nobody is escaping doing their fair share as part of a race to the bottom or having our tax code actually subsidized and facilitate people moving their funds to tax havens,” Sperling said at an official White House meeting. He even indicated that President Obama “supports” this change.

Technically, it would not be a “Global Tax” but a punitive tax , an unnamed White House “official” told Politico, on American companies “that ship jobs overseas.”

The reason these companies ship jobs overseas is that they can’t compete globally because costs are too high in the United States. The way to remedy the problem is to lower taxes here. Instead, the Obama Administration has resorted to class warfare rhetoric. No wonder. He’s seen the polls. If 72% of New Yorkers want rich people to pay more in taxes, it’s quite obvious that slapping a minimum tax on oversea corporations is an easy sell.

These same people will bellyache that everything they buy will be more expensive and blame the corporations. The corporations aren’t the problem; it’s the taxing structure, and I might add, the unions. The unions killed the American textile industry in the United States. It’s nearly killed the automobile industry.

Maybe the President should push a “basic minimum” tax on the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay a dime in Federal income taxes but who vote for more taxes on their more productive and job-creating neighbors.



  • Anne_PA

    Therein lies the problem... "... support the tax to avoid further budget cuts."

    It's the BUDGET CUTS that we NEED, and immediately.

    • 1Mike

      As with the UN the only people who will pay the tax is the US citizen.

      • Skip

        Mike, As you may remember the feds raised the taxes on the rich when buying boats, airplanes, and jewery. But the rich only stopped there buying, and the boat, airplane, and Jewery markets dried up and again the only people that lost was the middle class workers that lost there jobs. Taxes have only brought down the middle class and always will. Three years after the feds found out the taxes on boats,airplanes and jewery was not working they dropped the tax. The government never learns from there mistakes. They only point our mistakes we make in business. Making more laws to keep us from destroying ourselfs. Please let me do my best to fail on my own. The American people don't need to help of government to make it. Less government works better look at the Post Office, Washington,DC. ACLU, EPA, FDA, UN and PPH, 10 more agency.

    • Scott C in Spring Tx

      Obama, just like Hitler, wants to rule the world. This is his ultimate goal. The Prince of Darkness currently claims to rule the world and Obama is one of his cronies. This is one of many steps that Obama thinks will get him to his goal of being Ruler Of The World. The New Jerusalem will be decending from Heaven any day now. Listen for the trumpet, the time is near. The real Ruler of this world and all the Heavens is preparing for His entry.

      • jetstream

        His disappointment in discovering it is not him will be monumental.

    • LTCB

      NO ONE should completely escape paying taxes to the system that provides their safety, security and health; as well as their freedom to profit. IF you pay into a system, you have a vested interest in how that money is spent and who is doing the spending. The reason these do-gooders exist is because they live off of handouts from the government and then turn and use their time and energies to destroy the very system that GIVES them that handout. Taxing the rich isn't the answer. TAXING ALL OF US IS the answer.

      • Josephine

        The Fairtax will do all of that. Have you read the book? I've been after the Fairtax group to make a visual. It's so easy to see that it will provide for all ligit entitlements, pay all the bills, get rid of crony capitalism and back room deals. And it will benefit the lower economic class more than anyone else. Check it out. What you hear these politicians and pundits say on TV is not the TRUTH. Some are not bright enough to understand and some are lying and distorting the TRUTH.

        • Rip

          That's because most of the politicians and pundits have their fingers in the cookie jar !

    • http://conservativebyte.com Michael G.

      I'll pay the "global tax" when Obama gives up "all" of his money, and I do mean "ALL!"

      • Anne_PA

        Michael: Not me... they're gonna have to find me in some other country, living as an Ex Pat, before I'll do that.

    • josephine

      And in the meantime, those New Yorkers who want to immigrate to the deep south are welcome here, with one requirement:
      One must give up your northern culture and assimilate into our "milk and honey" land. I guarantee you will love it and your accent will change within 2 years.

      • Scott C in Spring Tx

        Josephine, you comment sounds a bit predjudice. By my name you can see that I am a Southerner, and my southern roots go back more than seven generations. But we are THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, not the divided states. We have ignorant people in the south just as they do in the north. They also have very smart people as do we. The key to our problems as conservatives is that we unite regardless of our geological location. Bless your heart, you have some growing up to do. Your comment implies division instead of unity.

        • mjoe2

          It was a joke! We all are so dragged down by the Obama people that I think we need a little humor. If I want to joke about the northerners moving south, I will. I have many friends up north and many others that have moved south. We laugh all the time.

        • mjoe2

          Mine go back 11 generations. French, but the other branch is 13 generations in Mass. I guess that's why I bothered you. I didn't mean anything but to get a laugh. Bless your heart, I would not dare to tell you what you should do as you have to me. In my church, we call this self righteous and that is not good. I hope that you will re read the comment and see it as an attempt for laughter. Signing off.

  • Mike

    Just what we need, even more taxes when we have national government filled with these people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MZCHjGkTPg&fe... (video: freedom from conscience - psychopaths). Can you imagine if we had a world government with the same types of people running it?

    • sally

      Thats the new world order that they are calling for....

  • Carol

    The problem get bigger and bigger and global. They just cant get enough money to spend. The horrifying thing is they think it all actually belongs to them so youre the criminal if you refuse to fork it over.

  • Wyatt

    Obama needs a Hycolonic and a good long walk !

    • jb80538

      That long walk should be off a very short pier!

    • Listener

      Yes , and hopefully off a short pier.!

      • RivahMitch

        with a very large anchor!!

    • Skip

      off a high cliff.

      • http://conservativebyte.com Michael G.

        How about the day after the November electrion?

    • Gary

      The problem IS, he would turn invisible cause he is so full of$h/t!!!

    • msbets

      boy, you can say that again...............this little cretin and his thug minions must work 24/7 to come up with all this bullshyt!!!

    • Walt

      Off a high cliff would be preferable.

      • james

        A step stool with a hemp necktie perhaps?

    • vito1937

      A good long walk off of a short pier!

  • Hammer

    I am so sick of this guy and all his " hair brained schemes" or should i say "scams" what bad joke he has been on us. By far the worst president ever, he wrecked it for the rest of us black people, no one will vote in another black after his mess.

    • Redbird

      That's just not true. I'd vote for Allen West in a heart beat!!! And I am not black! Not that, that should ever matter.

    • Mike Tanco

      He wants another blank check so he can keep spending this country into bankruptcy and a worse rating than we have now. The lying Muslim is doing what he was set up to do. Destroy the U.S. from within. Mike Tanco

    • Sign Guy

      Well, could you blame us, Hammer?
      After a few years of obama, his stupid wife, and holder, I'm having trouble even liking black people!

      • VirgoVince

        Never did like them and the last 3 yrs made me hate them!! WH should be off-limits to blacks or part-blacks for the next 25 years!!

        • MikeC711

          VirgoVince, that is exactly the kind of racist BS that takes this real issue which stands on its own and allows the advocates of this silliness to say "The only people who oppose it are racist hate-mongers." If you truly feel how you say, then you really need help dealing with your racism. BHO has been a terrible president ... the only area where I disagree with Hammer is that I speak with plenty of people who will follow BHO regardless and will do anything possible to get him re-elected. The problem is not African Americans, it is BHO and a whole lot of white folks around him who sing the same tune and have since BHO was a teen-ager. When you turn it on race, you feed the other side. And when race is a huge factor in your decisions ... you've got a demon to deal with of your own.

        • VirgoVince

          Mike and Ardnas:
          Thanks for explaining your problem, you need to have it looked at before it destroys you!!
          Blacks are racist, but that's OK, they're black!! Sure!! Right!!
          Whites are NOT racist, just one whole helluva lot smarter!!

        • Ardnas

          Virgo and Sign Guy - I am not black and I am ashamed of both of you. Who do you think you are? God hates pride and arrogance......and you are displaying it loud and clear, which makes you no better than the one you are complaining about.

    • krell1951

      Herman Cain or Allen West, either would be better than the current field.

      • Elwood

        And don't forget Condalizza Rice, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell!

    • don

      hanmmer its not hair brained. there is a plan behine all this an they do have most fooled. THEY want us destoryed an when they do they will say. LOOK WHAT THE REPUILBCANS. AN CAPTIALISM CAUSED an you know what a very large percent will belive. yes hammer he has been the worst presadent ever..but its not been a joke. he is serious about what he is trying to do. i liked cain an think alot of condilesia rice .his color of skin had s nothing to do with the shape we are in.its just his solialist ideas an comminest ways things that never work .an his up bringing is the fault. this we must change. or tommoro will surely not look like today.

    • Patrioticnut

      I surely would vote for a black. I was a Herman Cain supporter before he was railroaded and would gladly support Alan West. I am sure there are more that I could support. Do not sell the actual U.S. citizens short, we, as a group, have mostly learned to judge folks by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. To put a finer point on this I am from Alabama, and I am white. Don't let the likes of Obama divide us as U.S. citizens.

    • jbeck

      No Hammer, I was all set to vote for Cain untill Obama crucified him and I would vote for West and I'm White. Obama was simply worried about the votes that Cain would take from him so he destroyed him.

    • danl

      Hammer said: "I am so sick of this guy and all his " hair brained schemes" or should i say "scams" what bad joke he has been on us. By far the worst president ever, he wrecked it for the rest of us black people, no one will vote in another black after his mess."

      Hammer, I think you hit it right on the head :) That is going to be true for many for a long time to come.

      But also, as Redbird said: "That's just not true. I'd vote for Allen West in a heart beat!!! And I am not black! Not that, that should ever matter."

      Redbird MAY also right on. So the future is "yet to be written" said Doc in Back to the Future.

    • Gary

      Not necessarily true, Hammer, I did not vote against him because of his color, but his radical politics. There are countless Americans, who happen to be black, for whom I would vote. You see, as a whole we whites are not the racists here, it is the blacks who voted for him solely on the color of his skin.

    • Gary

      It is not necessarily so, I did not vote against him because of his color but his radical politics. There are a great number of Americans, who happen to be black, for whom I would vote. This regime, along with the jesse jacksons, al sharptons and the like, have done more damage to race relations than any other source in history. For the most part, white people are not the racists here, the blacks who voted for him because of his color are. I just hope the country can survive even with the kenyan out of the white house.

    • del

      that is for sure....if you look at conyers, waters, etc. they arent worth a minute of our time....Col West is good tho so there are a few exceptions but not in politics

    • Goatie

      Hammer, Allen West would make a fantastic conservative POTUS or VP. I would like my bumper sticker to say:
      Santorum/West 2012.

    • Michele

      I don't think that is true. I myself can separate race and personality and I am sure there are many more like me who do not generalize based on just one person. I am upset that Obama was voted in because the country was so determined that we have a black president, so they seem to have taken the first they could find. I so wish they would have waited for Herman Cain, or Allen West. I did not vote for Obama and it had NOTHING to do with his skin color, it had everything to do with his policies and lack of character. I would vote for Cain or West in a minute, even after this fiasco.

      • Michele

        Goatie, Santorum picking West as his running mate would be a dream come true!!!!

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Lots of us "white" people still have high hopes for Allen West, THE best man we could have hoped for. Too bad we now have to wait 4 years. I still believe West is the only man that can save the USA. I hope he isn't too late.

      I didn't vote for Poison obumbler, but after he won, I could see how he COULD HAVE BEEN a great President. He did SOUND GOOD, but as you well know, things turned for the worst. Constant whining, bowing to Arabs, coddling islamists, and always, always, blaming others for his failures. I now rate him as the #1 criminal in America.

    • http://yahoo.com Al Chamberlain


    • June

      May I just remind you we do have some "good, patriotic, Constitutional" black men, out there, some of whom would make a great president; one is Herman Cain, the other is Lt. Col. Allen West - -and there are probably others. I just can't think who they might be at the moment. By the way, I'm just a "patriotic" white gal, a "young 74"!

  • Mattwm

    the rich has always paid their fair share, and more. the ones who are not paying their fair share is the poor, who pay nothing, and to the contrary, actually recieve tax money. until the poor start paying their fair share, there should be no tax increase on the rich. just because they are poor, does not mean they don't take advantage of the greatness of this country. they milk it and pay nothing... low life losers

    • Randy G

      I guess this guy has never bought anything or he would know of the SALES TAX, not to mention the taxes that are included in the price of things. So the rich get the little person to pay the taxes.

      • krell1951

        Taxes should be the same for everyone, why should the people who work get taxed higher than the looters and moochers.

      • Smeethow

        Sales tax goes to the state you live in. Income tax goes to the Feds.

    • Patrioticnut

      The actual poor do not need to pay into the system. The problem is that there are way to many who are not poor and could do for themselves that do not. As for that group, get a job or go hungry for a while. I would bet they could find work then.

      • RivahMitch

        Sorry but I totally disagree. Anyone with no "skin in the game" of Federal taxation can simply vote to pass his/her bills off to everyone else. Personally, I prefer a flat tax... no deductions, no exemptions no credits. Everyone pays the same rate. No one owes any greater percentage of their life to the gods on the potomac than anyone else.

        • patrioticnut

          Rivah, if you'll notice I did say the ACTUAL poor. There are some who cannot manage on their own and need some help. I would agree that it should not come in the form of tax rebates that go to people who do not pay any taxes but the people who cannot work or cannot earn enough for legitiamte reassons should receive our help. Possible that help should be from local charity groups and churches and not the federal government but help none the less.

    • JulesV29

      I just want to know---WHO decides what is fair and what is the standard? That is the biggest problem with all this communist BS---it's who decides that is the most disturbing.

      • Smeethow

        The democrats wont even tell you how much is fair if your rich. They just know it's not enough.

    • jonrod

      Boy you have that right Mattwm, It is time to have the lower wages taxpayers PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE. And one of the first things needed is to stop paying things like head of the Household. And bloated things like the Federal and Public Union workers wages and retirement benifits. If a Fireoerson or a Policeperson disability (Real or otherwise) they can collect that pension and work at another job with no reduction in benifits. When a person on a disability retirement starts working another job, then their benifits should be reduced to equal the wages they had retired from. If the wage of their new jon exceeds the previous jobs wages, then they should be removed from the disablement disability retirement stipend entirely. Also there should be a work requirement for able bodied persons on Welfare. Mothers with small children excepted. Unemployed adults should not recieve food stamps or commities without some work.

    • mediazorba

      I disagree! Usually people who don't make much on the job get back what they paid into the IRS. If you want them to pay into the system then have the Employers double or triple their salaries! This way,it would all equal out. BTW if the government would stop all this unnecessary spending, then we wouldn't even be talking about this subject!

    • Leslie

      so what do you do with the poor the old and the sick, I have been out of work for 2 years, have spent every day looking for work. The unemployment I get is taxed by 100.00 dollars so you need to define those who are the low lifes. I'm also finishing my degree in hopes of getting employment so please we are not all losers, we are just having a hard time.

      • Jean

        Leslie--you are about 10% of what is on the welfare or unemployment. Most want to sit on their butts and collect.

    • Canadien goose

      Is the money taken from you used to make your life better ? That's the question I ask myself whenever I am solicitated for credits ..Oh and if the poor had enough money , they certainly could pay taxes !

  • Michael

    Ouch! and double ouch!

    • outspoken

      IF we are to pay a 'global tax' then I say FIRST all countries that owe us money give it to us NOW. ...and SECOND no money to any country for ANYTHING......disaster, relief, rebuild NADA, NOTHING. TAX US AND THE WORLD WILL LOOSE MORE MONEY THAN IT WILL GAIN SINCE WE ARE THE MOST GIVING PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD !!!

  • richard holmes

    obumbutt is a moouth piece for all the socialists. He has never had an original thought. Push them all off a cliff then tax them for hitting the bottom.

  • Hammer

    Not ouch,, it's the truth....

  • richard holmes

    godfather politics is a leftist web site.

    • http://chrislift.com Chris Liftiano

      How is God Farther Politics a leftist site when nearly every article is anti the commie in chief.

    • Ardnas

      Yes, let's not be writing words that you cannot back up.....Come on Mr. Holmes....Give us the dirt you have to share.....

    • Warren Pugh

      opposing taxes is leftist? WOW

    • Daniel

      Richard Holmes is a SATANIST, which supports other SATANIST like OBAMA and the David Rockefeller's Council of Foreign Relations & Tri-Laterial Commission, One World Order and One World Church. This is why he calls Godfather Politics a leftist website.

  • Hammer

    why do you say that?

    • VirgoVince

      For one thing, they dislike truly negative remarks about mooochelle and her very expensive undie fiasco a few weeks ago!!
      Deleted my post!! Also, have a problem with animal sex habits!!

  • cannon12pdr

    whqt this nation needs is the repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments then their would not be an income tax to fuss with plus add one that restricts congress to 3.5 percent of GDP from all sources of revenue and abolish the Federal Reserve (congresses' credit card)

  • ken

    Let's tax union workers and Democrats.

    • Marilynn Reeves

      I'm a union worker and a Republican who already pays the max.

      • JulesV29

        But, Marilynn, your union dues is what is helping to keep this agenda going.

    • krell1951

      How about we prohibit corporations and unions from any political activity or contributing to candidates or parties or pac's, prohibit government workers from belonging to unions, repeal federal regulations requiring companies that do work for government be union, ban commercial lobbing ( where you get paid to lobby), go back to having the Senator appointed by the governors of the states, repeal the income tax amendment and pass the FairTax.


    Obamao's Tax Man Cometh and He's Breathing Hard.

  • D Rash

    OBAMA , needs to assume room temperarure, IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • Willy


  • pat

    We need to put in place term limits that are irrevocable and limit the time a person can spend in government. One house or position for two terms and any other position or house of government for one term. It's is the only way for the people to regain control of the government. Also all government benefits end when they leave office ,no retirement unless they pay for it them self's (401k) no government health care and so on.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Only problem is, is that the Washington politicians are totally corrupt and can vote themselves to be expempt from term limits.

    • Bon

      Totally agree!!!

    • krell1951

      You should include all of the bureaucrats in that also, clean them all out.

    • FEDup

      you have just received my write in vote for the next president of our United States. Well said. I would also add that judges not be given the ability to sit on the courts for life.

    • Viancome34

      Actually Pat, you started off great, but not far enough, Put ALL politicians on an hourly wage tied to the health of the country and pay them ONLY WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY WORKING, tie their benefits to national standards, make them ask the nation whenever they want a pay raise, Do not allow them to run for any office while they hold an office (if you hold an office, they cant run for that office or any other the next election cycle) that way they will actually do their jobs instead of working part time and campaigning full time, and last but not least, all the government goodies they get, disqualify their families from those benefits and make the politician pay 50% of cost unless it is necessary for the running of the country.

  • A. Terranova

    Welcome to Marxist socialism where my money is being used to pay for other people's 403Bs, public pension entitlements and just about anything the government thinks is "fair". The problem with this policy is that what is "fair" isn't what is just. That is why we have a U.S. Constitution as the law of this land. Nowhere does it say that I must pay for a foreign minimum tax. That is what is called lawlessness.

  • Warrior07

    I feel like I'm living in the final chapters of Atlas Shrugged. Where the makers depart and the leeches go on a rampage of taxation without end.

    • krell1951

      When I heard about the "reasonable profits board " the senate wants to impose on the oil companies, I started to call to see if Wesley Mouch was in. After all who is John Galt?

      • The_John_Galt

        I am John Galt.

    • Jules

      Soooo close to the book, its scary. Has no one in D.C. actually read Atlas Shrugged? Are they all ignorant? My guess is that the answers are No to the first question and Yes to the second.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Ron

    OMG!! Obama Must GO!!!

  • EnglandT

    Obama favorable rating 50%. Must be working. Jobless claims (first time not those that dropped out) down largest % in many years. I think a huge number of potential voters will rally to this proposal as they are by and large tired of many paying less taxes than they do, including those poor people. Just wait. Moderates = 35%, liberals = 21%, Conservatives = 40%. Do the math. Obama attracting the moderates (Dems and Reps and Independents), REps attracting extremists who see their religion being taken away, hate poor people, don't care if women have access to birth control, support making birth control unlawful, more tax increases for rich. Keep those figures in mind as you rant and figure out what you will do. Move to Canada and enjoy free health care.

    • Taka

      REPublicans do not want to ban birth control, do not hate extemists (Extremist by the definition of this dictator is anyone who vocally dares disagree with him.).

      Your health care is far from free or first rate. America has higher cancer survival rates AND good access and that is why your primere came to america for his life saving heart operation. In canada he would have died waiting in line as do many in your country because of rationing. Try again.

    • Brett

      To say jobless claims are down largest percent in many years is hollow; unemployment has been extremely high for the years Obama has been living in the White House and even with the decrease in claims, it is the highest it's been in years. Plus, the decline in claims includes those who have given up looking because this economy is so poor and there aren't enough jobs.

    • TOM


    • http://Godfatherpolitics.com Hoot

      Sounds like a deal. Move to Canada? Are packed and ready to go yet? The welfare roles in Canada are very small, and since America has become a "nation of handouts", the logical thing to do is stop the handouts. Also your ideas of "favorable polling" are NOT BASED on the job he is doing, but on the handouts he is giving, along with the bailouts. How much has been blown on "green energy" that could have been saved, or spent elsewhere on productive businesses? Stop the EPA, and drill for oil in ANWAR, harvest the Bakken range more rapidly, stop the ever increasing gas prices, which in turn drives food prices up and up. America better wake up before we end up like Greece. The OWS bunch will destroy so many small businesses, like they did in NYC, and other places, and there will be no tax payers left to "foot the handout bill"....

    • Guest

      Why don't you move to the land of oz, or are you there now.

    • Goatie

      England, why would you say that it is being an extremist when one has a belief system, whatever the chosen religion that is protected by the Constitution? The Constitution is still the Law of the Land in America even is the radical Left wants to trample on it. We Christians are not extremists, we are God's children, the salt of the earth. Extremists are those of you who tell lies and say hateful things about good people. Conservatives do not want to take birth control away from women! That is another lie by the Left. The Left will tell any lie that they think will get them what they want...power over other people. Conservative Christians just want to be left alone to live our lives in peace. By the way, taxing successful, hard-working people to give yourselves free hand-outs like government health-care will hurt everyone in the long run. Sooner or later, you will run out of working peoples money and you will be living in the dirt. Stop acting like a spoiled 5 year old who wants what he wants when he throws a trantrum. Get yourself a Bible and a job and learn how to live a clean life without being a bully who picks on good people. God Bless America!

      • mjoe2

        You tell "em. How right you are. Have you listened to Daniel Hannan at CPAC.
        Obama set that whole birth control debacle up. Attack the Catholic=Conservatives backing the Constitution=Media running and Establishment running "selected" and edited portions of Santorums comments=more chaos=divide and conquer=Obama wins.
        I am a supporter of Newt Gingrich. Look what Romney and the Establishment did to him. Now Obama and the Establishment are doing that same thing to Santorum. Then Obama will defeat Romney. Romney is not that sweet wholesome guy that he is made out to be. It looks like he runs with cut throats who will sacrifice their souls for money and power. Just like Obama.

    • http://chrislift.com Chris Liftiano

      Obama's favorable rating is way below 50% when You look at honest media reports. Jobless claims have not dropped as the commie in chief just quits counting people after their benefits RUNS out. The true jobless rate is 21% doing it the old way before they play with numbers. You socialist the first to yell when your freedom is gone but You support those who want to take it away from all of us and are well on their way to do just that. I do worry that there are a lot of plain black racist, morons or commies now voting. It is so sad that the first black President turns out to be the very worst possible person for the job instead of having a good decent man like Alan West as the first black President. The President does not have the right to demand an insurance company or business sell or offer any service or product much less force anyone to sell an insurance plan with abortion pills or tell anyone they must buy any product. You want to buy birth control pills then do so but it is not the employer or insurance companies place to pay for them, do it yourself, it is not health care.

    • mjoe2

      The unemployment numbers have be "seasonally adjusted". That is when they don't count the people who have given up. Check out the Gallup Poll on this. It is 9%. Nothing is working. 85% of the small business owners (those businesses under 20m. have said they will not be hiring this year. Because of healthcare taxes and business regulations. I listen to Rush Limbaugh and his information is the truth. Be careful who you listen to and who you watch. Once we have decided on a nominee we will defeat Obama. If we don't, we may never have a true election again. I think your view of people is distorted. You sound like a liberal to me.

    • StevenI

      So you believe the lies the MSM is telling you huh?

  • Pudbert_Savannah GA

    ODumbo is the Anti-Christ that wants ONE World currency and nation...

    And all those that do NOT bear the mark of the Beast shall not do business or trade....

    • Marco

      I've voted for my last Democrat. This nation is being taken down by this regime. We have one last shot at getting it turned away from the cliff in November. The thinking people of this country rose up in November 2010. And we can do it again. Actually we HAVE to!!

    • j_berry50

      You mean-----Muhammad Obama.

  • David

    TAX & SPEND, TAX & SPEND, TAX & SPEND............ for decades we have known that is the policy of the Democrap Party, but America is a Nation of Sheep and they just want to be led to the slaughter like good lambs. Well when our Country is BANKRUPTED and destroyed within the next couple of years, I will shed no tears, because I have cried for almost 70 years and I am out of tears.

    I see no people left with any guts or backbone to cry about................. you sheeple don't care about your Country anymore, do you??????? All you care about is your little miserable worthless lives and to Hell with America! Your time to grow up and wake up has passed.......................

    • krell1951

      Wanna bet!

    • JulesV29

      You lost all credibility by referring to any of us as Sheeple. You need to get some anger management.

    • http://twitter.com/dboyerdr @dboyerdr

      Of course Obama wants a global tax. He wants to be KING of the world and as ROYALS he and Michelle
      must have LOTS of our money to give ro Muslim nations that HATE us, and to spend on LAVISH
      vacations. Exsecretary of Agriculture Benson was correct when he said most Americans were happy if theybha
      had a warm bed and a good pair of shoes.

    • regina

      What are you doing, other than crying?

  • CT Born

    How about Barry pay 90% of what "We the People" pay him in taxes! After all, he lives in Government housing, food is given to him, he is driven around in a car paid for by "We the People"!

    • Taka

      Don't forget his vacations paid for by us, security, air travel even when he flys out after his wife and kids and then the dog flys in yet a seperate flight. Three private jets to get a family of 4 and a dog to the vinyard?

    • j_berry50

      I know Muhammad Obama got into college to fill the minority numbers.He was not smart enough to get in with his grades. NAACP helps minorities get into places they don't belong. Muhammad Obama is NOT paying his fair share.He only paid 1% to charities last year;even Romney paid 14% to charities last year!!!!

      • RivahMitch

        Actually, information appears to be that it got into college as a foreign student on a Fulbright scholarship (restricted to foreign citizens). Of course,its college records and transcripts are "unavailable".

    • gearhead

      I'd like to give Barry a piece of lead that I paid for.

    • June

      You forgot to mention his $$MILLION dollar vacations AND Air Force One - -by rights, American should be entitled to "anything and everything" he's got, since we also paid for his college education, by way of "scholarships for FOREIGN STUDENTS"!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    That is why people that make jobs and money are leaving the marxist democratic states. Obama has jumped the shark of course in that before he declares this country marxist there are plenty of us who still are armed and know when and how to use them

    • orples

      I think our Government is well aware that a good many of us are sick of their treason. No doubt the reason Obama and Hillary, among others, would strike our second Amendment rights in a heartbeat if left to them.

  • BankerBailouts

    Obama is out to ruin the country. But, I bet, McCain Boehner, Dick Luger, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of the republicans will do Nothing of substance to stop it because they are all in bed together against us, the American citizen!

    • Patrick Henry

      If not for the Tea Party getting many Conservative Republicans in Congress in 2010 to take back control of the House, can you imagine what more social ist policies and Spending Obama would have shoved through by now? AND, since Jan. 1, 2011, the first of the Baby Boomers turned 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day!, or 3.65 Million annually. Imagine how high unemployment would be if they were still in the workforce and people that gave up looking for work were counted? Shows you how bad it really is no matter what spin Oblamer puts on it. Not to mention SS is bankrupt and Baby Boomers are retiring in droves!

  • camdenme2

    Screw the U.N.!! We need to withdraw from the U.N. . Rise up America! This November will be our last chance to save our Nation!! We want smaller government and less taxes!!!

    • orples

      The only Candidate running that would even consider breaking our ties with the UN is Ron Paul, which is just one of many reason's I'll be voting for him, 1st in March (Va. primaries), then in November (even if by write in vote).

      • JBinGB

        Even by write-in Dipstick ! YOU WOULD VOTE FOR OBAMA/// A B O

        • orples

          Whatever. If Ron Paul loses, it doesn't matter who else wins. The rest all have the same goal in mind. Your pal, Dipstick.

    • Gregorio

      Right On camdenme2....I was just telling my neighbor the same thing, and stop sending billions in aide to every freakin country just to buy their friendship !

  • joe

    Why are liberals such idiots? Corporations collect taxes from their customers they don't pay taxes. Cutting waste and spending is never an option to to the psycopaths on the left and everyone will pay for their lunacy!

  • Daniel

    How far does this President have to go to be declared an enemy of the state?

    • del

      really no further than the jerk already is!

  • zoomer165

    we the working class should go on strike and see how much the government can raise taxes then , easy fix is to
    cut all entitlements make the idiots that don't want to work do public service for there state benefits and let me pay
    10% and leave the rest of my money alone. the unions in Wisconsin are going to make the state go broke and then
    they'll have rioting just like greece. all these idiots thing the government has deep pockets . wake up you bunch of
    morons we are the Government . your just screwing your neighbor .disban all unions there all garbage.

  • http://thechristiansolution.com thechristiansolution

    I guess the UN will collect all the taxes in each country and then "redistribute" the taxes to the countries as appropriate, minus a "small" handling fee of course.

  • Jeanne

    Errors on FB share - Still?

  • Othello

    Obama opened his mouth, and all that comes out is RAISE TAXES! People are being taxed out of their homes as it is, and he wants more!? BS! At least 47% of people DO NOT pay taxes! So, the rest of us are forced to pay their taxes and ours.

  • LHO

    People on unemployment pay income taxes. People on Social Security pay income taxes. If people on welfare paid at least a little income tax, their attitudes would change a lot.

  • Bon

    What poll are you reading!!!! He is the worst of the worst and Please Nov. hurry up!

  • robert e

    globel tax. what is next this is not new thinking it is in the long range plan to make himself look good in the eyes of differn't nations he will need a job after he gets kicked out of the white house. he can then nock america some more. did this guy ever take a business class ..have we had enough of this president. yet..

  • Duke1CA

    This is what Max Weber called "resentiment" (not "resentment") politics, as Herbert Schossberg describes it in his brilliant book, "Idols for Destruction". Sadly, class warfare works because the universal sinful nature of man all too often causes us to be driven by envy, frustration, covetousness, anger and the desire to bring down those who are better off than we are. This is why Marxism is a constant danger. It is a fools' paradise, but it feeds on these negative sentiments and can spread like a cancer if not nipped in the bud. Unfortunately our President clearly seems to be under its spell. God help us (and I mean that literally, as a prayer) if he gets four more years!

  • DockyWocky

    If there was any lingering doubts in anyone's mind about the inescapable fact that Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama is a megalomaniacal One Worlder, United Nation' lackey, and fundamental traitor to America and Americans, plus being in terminal violation of his oath of office and the Constitution to which he apparently has no loyalties, this should be enough to demand his ouster, if not indictment for his malfeasance.
    If no federal or state law enforcement will take upon itself the duty of getting this traitor out of his Oval Office and the White House, who is going to take over?

  • Rocky

    I hope all readers of these comments will check=out an article "From Marx to Lenin,Gramsci and Alinsky" also "Communist Manifesto". A progressive income tax is unconstititional. That's why the 16th Admendment could only be passed through as a temporary bill,and not a law.Communism is the greatest threat to our Constitution and the United States.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Todays polls put obabble at 50% popularity. I will give you one guess who they polled and where it was at. In realistic terms
    the welfare slaves want ever thing provided for them by the government and do not want to have to actually work ever. This is the
    result of the sorry public education system that has become nothing more than a bastion of liberal politics that are crammed
    down the throats of children from K thru College. The liberal media reports only glowing reports about their great lemming as
    he leads the nation over the edge of the cliff. They refuse to actually report any negative things in the rags they print or on the
    TV media. The Socialist, Liberals, Homosexuals and other democrat supporters have turned up the heat and flooded ever
    media outlet they can with their message of "Hype & Chains" to enslave the masses. They are using ever trick they were taught their various enclaves to corrupt and distort the truth at any and all cost by any means possible. As a result the MTV
    generation has no clue as to what is happening to them or how badly screwed they are by this realm of cretins currently in
    Washington and the White House. Unless the GOP gets off its backside and goes on the attack with a strong financial
    message and actually does something we will be doomed to make the same mistake once again.

  • Chris

    I do not agree with you on this. If US companies think they can take their business operations overseas, invest in those countries' labor force, infrastructure, take advantage of their lax (nonexistent) environmental laws, etc., and then ship their goods back here to sell to US consumers, then it makes perfect sense to tax them so that they are unable to undercut domestic producers. Same with truly foreign companies that ship their goods here to compete against American producers. Tarrif those goods at the border, and protect American business interests. You say it will force the price up. Not true. Domestic producers will still be able to sell for less. There will never be a so-called "even playing field." These other nations manipulate their currencies, they pay next to nothing in wages and benefits, don't care whether they rape and pollute the land. We just need to make it so that there is no monetary incentive for exporting things to the US that we are perfectly capable of producing here at home.

    • Skip

      Chris, The only thing we are missing here is that the companies that have to leave the US to be competive is not only compeating in the US but the rest of the world. Our taxes and union wages have placed the companies in a disadvanage in competing in the world market and this also raises the prices we have got to pay for the product. Hallmark Cards are made in Mexico and they cost us around 3-5 dollors a card but Rose Card Company is made here in America and you can buy them for 95 cents. So it would only be a good thing to look for American made products. If the Americans only competed in America we could compete on a even scale. Americans have always been in the forfront of making a product in the best way man can. So buy American Made!!!

  • 1599

    Maybe these individuals who don't pay should not be allowed to vote. If they do not contribute they shouldn'ty have a voice in how the money should be spent.

  • samtman

    The reason Co. ship jobs overseas, is that they can trlipple to quantipple their profits from what they make in the US. In China they dont't have to pay health careSocial Securtiy taxes, a safe working environment, no overtime, much lower wages than in the US, very low or no Corp. taxes,. The producst are imported back to theUS, with only a 3% tariff, than they move the Crorp office . to one of the Islands and pay no incomes tax. They get all the benefits of living in the US, without paying a penny for it. While us poor slobs pay for defense and every thling eles to keep us free. And on top it of,we send our sons and doughters to die in the middle eastern wars so these greedy Corporations (Romney is haeavlily invested in some of them) are ripping off our country.


    July 18, 1993 -- CFR member and Trilateralist Henry Kissinger writes in the Los Angeles Times concerning NAFTA:
    "What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system... a first step toward a new world order."

  • djw663

    Getting closer to the ten measures that need to happen to instill communism straight from the "Communist Manifesto." The Liberals almost have six of the ten, how close will those ignorant of what is happening let the Democratic Party get before they finally open up their mind enough to see the damage they have done?

  • Dean

    Obama is for anything that is a TAX. He seems to have a one track mind.

  • jb80538

    obama is a LIBERAL. He's never met a tax he didn't like.

  • 150% American

    Keep your powder dry America! It's coming to that point. And obama and his arrogance is to blame.

  • Val

    OBAMA is a fruitcake. He really believes he is "KING OF THE WORLD" ! What is it going to take to bring him down.???

    • del

      congress but too many of them paid off by old soros

  • Hollie

    Go to Youtube Ballad of Barry (Obama Song) This tells the truth and issues a chilling warning about this man!

  • Brett

    Where does the steady increase of taxes on the percentage of income (federal, state, property, sales, etc. taxes) over time end? It has been creeping up in my lifetime and we are at the point where I'm not living better than my parents and I am much more educated than they were. We are now going backwards with the middle class paying higher, and higher, and higher percentages of their incomes to fund out-of-control government spending (with over-paid workers who are not accountable). Even Howard Dean of all people, in a brief moment of reason, said that you can't keep taxing people more, that you reach a point of saturation. Then what???

  • Brett

    Government (federal, my state (Illinois) and many local (my city - Chicago)) does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem! If government would spend in a reasonable manner the problem would be solved, and the economy would pick up. History shows us that. History also shows that socialism does not work.

  • laura997

    This is another ruse for the redistribution of the wealth of Americans to other "less fortunate" countries in the name of "fairness". When something is given to one by a government, it is taking from another. So much for economic justice. And remember, companies do not pay taxes, they collect taxes. Any increase in their tax base will be passed on to the consumer.

  • William Davis

    This is what we get for putting a non-American in the white house. The Dems are so stupid they will let anybody lead them to the distruction of this country. Barack needs to go back to kenya and take is cheatin family with him. Please America wake up and vote this year, we need to get Barack out of Washington and save our country. He has been an ambaresment to our country. Now he wants to disarm us so we cannot protect ourselves. I am sure this is not the change we wanted and America needs to wake up and see what is going on. I have a few choice words I would like to say but I don't think it will make to post if I say it. He is recking the economny and it gutless, he don't even have the balls to fight the gas prices and I hope he reads this post because Barack can call me and I will tell him to his face that he sucks.

  • Anne

    Polling has always shown that people overwhelmingly want to raise taxes on the other guy. Ask if they think taxes should be raised on everyone and you get a different outcome.

  • I am the Tea Party

    We should pay more taxes so Odumo can send more money to banks and companies overseas. He could also bail out more big companies here in the USA ..so the board of directors and the CEO's can get great big bonuses. Let's put him in office again so we can all just lay down and vomit!

  • Robert R

    I couldn't agree more with: "Maybe the President should push a “basic minimum” tax on the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay a dime in Federal income taxes but who vote for more taxes on their more productive and job-creating neighbors."
    They should have to file a tax returne and have to claim their free Health Insurance, Free Food Stamps, Free Housing, Free education, etc. as income and make them contribute to the tax system. I'm tired of them all getting the freebies and not paying their share of the load. 12% tax on all those freebies would drastically reduce our deficit and maybe even help getting these lazy useless idiots off the free boat ride.

  • sally

    We should immediately spread the word of a full blown TAX STRIKE...KINDA LIKE THE UNIONS DO....IF we all did it starting NOW we could put a serious hurting on this corrupt goverment.. I have changed my fed income tax 3 years ago to the highest level i can. I now owe them a minimal amount every year at the end....figure it out ....there are ways to do it....ITS TIME TO STICK IT TO THEM....

  • JOHN

    Obama has made over 200 million enemies in americans that wants him dead according to russia economist in the newss blogger prediction of the end of obama rule befor the end of the year. The prediction comming from russia.

  • DRE

    GD the pusher man... TAX Population Control Abortion Drugs Female Condoms Global Order Fully funded Bank of Obama 16 Trillion in Debt Down Grade Rating Israel Bus to Nowhere Bowwow to Arab Spring-King.
    How can the pusher man poll at 50 percent? That is stupid stupid stuff. He was down 30 points to Clinton? Amazing!
    Pinch me.

    • StevenI

      Well stated!

  • http://www.yahomail.com Tom Gill

    Once again,the second great usurper is bypassing congress.The Constitution clearly states that only congress shall have the authority to levy taxes,but the mealy-mouths in congress will say nothing or do nothing.WE the People,will say nothing or do nothing......We have one man defy the will of the people,a judge in California.The president by-passes congress on appointments,congress allows a law that was drafted secretly,voted on by people who didn't even read it.There is questions about obama'seligibility to be president,congress does nothing,the people do nothing.We have an attorney general that lies to congress,refuses to hand over documents pretainig to a congressional investigation.Again,congress does nothing,nor the people.This same attorney general is blatantly racist in his remarks and actions,again nothing.This president bombs another country that was not a threat to us without congressional approval,nada.Members of congress break the ;laws constantly that they are immune to,but would send us to jail in a New York minute.Folks,you may as well get ready for four more years of the second great usurper,because YOU are doing nothing about it!!

  • Phil

    There is only one new tax that is needed. There needs to be a Net Worth Tax of 5% per year on each perspm over the age of 21 who has never done an honest day's work in his/her life. This tax would be paid by most of the Occupiers of White House offices, the majority of Senators. and all members of the House of Representabive who have Occupied their offices for more than 20 Years.

  • Bill Weston

    I don't see a single solution to the revenue shortfall and massive debt of our governments; federal, state, and many local governments. Budget cuts are a must for certain, but that alone won't solve the crisis. Taxation is at a saturation point. Hence the moves to "a sheltered climate" by people and by businesses. Still, governments must have revenue to legitimatly operate. Irresponsible use of debt must be stopped at all levels, including personal debt. Debt could well be the primary corrupter of our monetary system. Fortunatly, our dollar is less corrupt than most world currencies. Another problem is the fact that our standard of living is higher than that of any other country. This was done the old fashioned way; WE EARNED IT! (thank you Smith Barney) Therefore, quit "juggling figures" and seek solutions (plural) that work. A great source for recomendations is a two volume work written by Dr. Edwin Vieiria titled "Pieces Of Eight". It is a history of our monetary system from colonial times to the present. Another suggestion is to revisit "Reagonomics". It worked beautifully in the late eighties, but wasn't in place long enough to get full results.

  • citizen

    My first question will be: Who the hell does this guy think he is. He DOES NOT have the power or the authority to TAX people outside the U.S.
    Secondly, We had better put a stop to this guy and we had better get it done SOON. Or we will NOT have a COUNTRY, Never mind our freedom..
    OPEN your eyes
    folks, You will be SHOCKED to see what is going on. As for the U N RUN THEM the hell out of OUR COUNTRY.

  • bbyank

    What do expect people, the voters supported him and now that he is in office he needs more $$$$$$$$ for his welfare programs. So this can be a nanny country were the Government controls your everyday lives. I blame the voters simple as at.

  • Bob

    Tax is legal theft that only the government can get away with. Crime does pay for politicians, but not for the citizens.

  • Gary Allan

    Well, their you all have it, all those who voted for Obama, now have to dance to the same tunes as those who didn't support him. You still think we are racists?

  • frank

    UNITARY TAX all over again................Government believes in it.

    Nobody else does ! Why is GM not paying any tax at all for 10 years ?

    Politicians make a mess of it, no matter where they are.

  • gman4691

    The government cannot give anything to someone who hasn't earned it unless they first take it away from someone who has earned...it ain't rocket science

  • Robert Nichols

    The present administration has been called a lawless administration by Elected Officials. Why does the Legislative and Judicial Branches take action to stop this would be dictator from further destroying the country? Do they have no guts?
    Or are they just aiding and abetting the dictatorship with their underhanded actions and lack of action?
    All Obama wants is to collect more money to pay off his supporters such as the Unions and further destroy the economy by decreasing the purching power of the citizens. He wants us to become a 3rd world dictatorship with him at the helm then he can convert it to an Islamic state aka Iran.
    We need drastic action to restore the federal government to conformation with the Constitution.

  • DRE

    The Frog and Scorpion!
    Do you think those who pay for Obama's hope change global order pay much personal income tax or any self employment tax. They are still after the small business 250 + ones that do! Use common since! The over million gig is a vote grabl.

  • JOHN

    Obama has made over 200 million enemies in americans that wants him dead according to russia economist in the newss blogger prediction of the end of obama rule befor the end of the year. The prediction comming from russia.

  • Chris

    Just another nail in freedoms coffin.

  • Frank

    Response to Hammer, I think a sincere black politician can still be elected in this country as long as he stays true to his principles. rep. West comes first to my mind. I believe millions of black Americans want exactly the same thing as white Americans or hispanic Americans want, leaders who practice the platforms they run on. Until the people get over their media and politician driven hate for one another, the low lifes that are supposed to look out for us will keep lining their pockets. We will continue hating each other and they ll be laughing all the way to the bank. We all want to leave something better for our kids, its time we put any and all differences aside and wake up to how we are ALL being played

  • Rolland Gast

    We need the people of this country to wake up be for it is to late I do not know how people can stand to even look at him on TV

  • Lloyd

    If Obama's job performance is rated 50%, then a great number of people in this great country are complete idiots, and haven't the slightest idea of what is happening. The Executive Branch lies about everything they do, and blame the other side for all of our problems. Our Congress was controlled by the iberal Democrats for the first three years, and they accomplished nothing but putting us deeper in debt. The jobless rate keeps getting worse and worse, and they report a drop from 9.5% to 8.3% when the reported 200,000 new jobs created. In the first place, they did not creat any jobs, and in the second place most of those jobs were only sesonal hires for the holidays. During that same period at total of 1,129,000 new unemployment claims were reported; 327,000 end of Dec 2011; 402,000 on 7 Jan 2012; 352,00 on 14 Jan 2012. Amazingly, the rate of unemployed did not change - it dropped about on percent with 200,000 temporary jobs created, and did not raise at all when over a million workers were fired or laid offf. And all of those unemployed workers that have used up the unemployment benefits are no longer counted. Why not" They are still unemployed.

  • Carol

    If they want to have a global tax does that include dead people as well?

    Just asking.

  • El Love

    and..... can anyone explain why those 50% of Americans who pay no taxes can get a ....tax refund? What? Why is it everyone else can see the problems, where the waste is, where the waste needs cut, etc. etc. etc --- except the politicians in Washington?

  • Texas Patriot

    Taxation without representation!!! Sounds like another Boston Tea Party!!!

  • Judy

    All who voted for somewone that never held a job, what do you expect? Plus, why would anyone vote for someone that was a member of J.Wright's church? Go look in the mirror!! VOTE them OUT! You got change alright! You slapped a REAL AMERICAN in the face the last election. Shame on us. Would any of you like to change places with someone that gave 5.5yrs. as a POW? As far as color goes, I think Colin Powell, Herman Cain, and several others are fine men. I would suggest each person do some research on each canditate and then decide who has the bet to offer. A rich man who has lots of green, a man that hates the flag, a man that is good with finance, but lacks on foreign affairs, a young man that will go places once he is dry behind the ears and someone that has lived in the DC area as an insider with lots of experience on both sides?

  • fish

    This country wil break up just as russia has. Texas is a republic they can leave this broken union anytime they want. To obamatrons-- You should read the Tea leaves instead of smoking them

  • charles

    Its a push for the one world government.

  • boquetfloyd

    There should be a law that says that if you do not pay taxes you can not vote to increase taxes.

  • Robert

    What is with this guy is already messed up America now he wants to mess up the whole world. Isn't there someone out there that will put him out of her misery.

    I never gave much credence to the idea of an Antichrist but I think we may have found him. Is not satisfied with destroying one country now he sets his sights on the world. Maybe he is just George Soros in disguise.

  • Tractortom

    Let's see; A global tax, A UN gun confiscation, Hilliary heading up a World Bank; need more change anyone?

  • Ozstickman

    a minimum global tax ???? what a joke !!! just goes to show how far removed from reality these guys are ..... the European Union is about to implode because the national self interest of member states trumps an additional layer of government and bureaucracy that the European parliament represents .... who is going to collect a global tax ? a global government ? and is this global government going to take punitive measures against member states who avoid taxes for the benefit of their citizens? rather than a global tax the smart move is to eliminate income taxes totally ... for both individuals and corporations ... use a flat 20% sales tax on everything instead ... goods that are exported attract no tax domestically, and visitors who spend domestically are automatically taxed. Every person with a social security # automatically receives a check from the feds of $500 each month which represents 20% of $30,000 deemed the poverty level. Simple to collect and politicians can no longer use the tax code to discriminate among constituents and curry favor for re-election .... neutering the permanent political class. Throw these bums out !!

  • Robert Ridge

    Obama is a demon from hell ??

    • LK

      Demon from hell ? obama having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion. obama clever at achieving one's aims by indirect or deceitful methods. obama sexually suggestive in content or style relating to or associated with homosexuals.



  • Kate

    Obama gave Solyndra 528 million dollars. It was all for nothing and was a total loss! The nearest I can figure is that there are 312 million people in the US. That would have been enough to give each person $ one million dollars. With lots leftover. Then suspend unemployerment and welfare for 2 years. Most of the people would spend the money and it would build up the economy. I am sick of this man throwing money away on crap! I didnt see him investing his money in Solyndra! Because he knew they would fail!

  • homebuyer

    The Biggest Tax on the US population is leaving Obama have another 4 more years to destroy America..It's time to close the puppet show..

  • bmene

    We NEED more TAXES as the BUMBS are STANDING WITH THIER HANDS OUT. Back in the 60,s there was a song Lookin For A Handout. We all laughed untill the 70,s its here folks Americans are a LAZY Bunch Of BUMS anymore. Not the 50% but the -50% that PAY NO TAXES Ah Hell The DUMMYS WILL PAY. Great thinkin you BUMS

  • Richard Gibbard

    The headline was slightly misleading. I thought it was going to be about some UN plot. Regardless, the idea is pure evil.

  • Walt

    I say CLEAN HOUSE IN 2012. Vote out every person running for reelection. Lets get some business people in there to try and clean up this mess. We can't get all of them this time around but we can get the rest next time. Take back our Congress and we can take back our country.

  • grannys

    EVERY citizen of the U.S. should pay SOMETHING in taxes. It used to be in the "old days" that one found work of any sort to feed and clothe a family, or even just oneself. When the government began providing everything, the work incentive was gone, and thus came about the idea that people didn't make enough to be able to pay income taxes. At least, there should be a tax on the benefits the sluggards receive! (I know, some simply cannot work, and they are not my target here.)

  • Sues

    Hahahahaha! He's taking his destruction global now huh? I guess keeping Michelle happy has now become a global event.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com Silas Longshot

    Remember the old Bealtes tune?
    Let me tell you
    How it will be.
    There's one for you,
    Nineteen for me,

    'Cause I'm the taxman.
    Yeah, I'm the taxman.

    Should five percent
    Appear too small,
    Be thankful I don't
    Take it all.

    'Cause I'm the taxman.
    Yeah, I'm the taxman.

    If you drive a car,
    I'll tax the street.
    If you drive to city,
    I'll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold,
    I'll tax the heat.
    If you take a walk,
    I'll tax your feet.


    'Cause I'm the taxman.
    Yeah, I'm the taxman.

    Don't ask me what I want it for,
    (Uh-uh, Mr. Wilson.)
    If you don't want to pay some more.
    (Uh-uh, Mr. Heath.)

    'Cause I'm the taxman.
    Yeah, I'm the taxman.

    And my advice to
    Those who die.
    Declare the pennies
    On your eyes.

    'Cause I'm the taxman.
    Yeah, I'm the taxman,
    And you're working for no one but me.
    Prophetic, eh?
    Click the name, learn to survive!

  • Patrick Henry

    How about a Global tax on all the losers and high birth countries like China, India, Mexico and Laos. They are the ones ruining civilization having populations they can not feed even with America's generous help. The people that pay no or little taxes are the same people that use the most government services and FREE health care and education while the rest of us pay through the nose because of them.

    • Sues

      Patrick - Have you seen some of the freeloaders coming out of American uteruses (sp) these days?

  • http://www.aKeyforHealth.com carolandv

    Taxes are to pay for services that all citizens need and want such as: a military to protect us, schooling for our children, and an infrastructure. So what does a global tax have to do with services? This is more punative taxation to bring about class warfare similar to taxing the rich on a different scale than the poor!

    The rich use the same services as the rest of the populace, why should they pay more for the same service? It would be the same as an ice cream store charging rich people $5 for a single scoop cone and a poor person only $1.50. This would never happen...so why does the government think they can get away with this?

    ENVY is an ugly emotion and this government preys on the ignorant malcontents who also happen to be lazy! And God has a predictive outcome for those who practice any of the above!

    It's about time we understood that any superfluous taxation by government is oppressive heavy-handed manipulation of people. The legislation and control of citizens through taxation by government entities reveals moral corruption at its core!


    You are all wrong on this one. Yes 92% of all blacks voted for OBUMMER in the 2008 election because of his color, and a whole lot of the hand out whites voted for him because they just wanted their hand out to keep on coming and they knew if they voted for the democrat that would continue. The ones of you who think that Herman Cain was derailed by OBUMMER are totally wrong. Herman Cain was derailed by the DNC & the RNC together, because they both could not have a black man telling the truth about what has happened in this country since back during the times of FDR up until now with George Bush, brainwashing the blacks by the political system on both sides.
    If you go to the following video and watch it completely all 3 hrs. & 22 minutes of it and you will understand who it is that is running this country and what they are eventually going to achieve. Trust me folks it's not the President or the Congress or the Senate who is running the show and the Pastor Lindsey Williams is going to explain it in detail to you on this video.

    The website for this video is listed below:


    Hope you all learn much from this video.

  • http://yahoo.com Thomas M

    obama does not want America to survive, he wants to destroy it for his muslim brotherhood. this evil piece of human waste is a cancer and he's git spread as fast as he can by the democrats.

    Vote this evil obama arse hole out in 2012 and lets take America back before there is no America.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    That's ALL WE NEED!

  • James

    Smaller government, fewer restrictive regulations, lower taxes, balanced federal budget, sound money backed by substance, an end to foriegn aid to enemy states.............HMMMMM? Sounds as though you ALL should be supporting Doctor Ron Paul! I sure as hell am!

  • Lee

    I have thought that OBOMA may be the Anti Ch.... Now I am shure with heis approch to a World tax.

  • guesswhat

    Obama is amazing. He scr*ws 310 million people, raises taxes and taxes and taxes, alienates our allies, shuts down our energy production, supports the Unions over private business with the force of the crooked Justice Dept., does absolutely nothing to improve the unemployment picture, and has agents taking kids lunches away to give them chicken nuggets. All while convincing half the country to believe he is helping them and that the other side are the bad guys. This is what happens when lazy morons who want everything given to them have the power to vote. Who will pay for their freebees when the middle class who create over 60% of the jobs are driven into the dirt as is happening now, and the rich move their money away from America. No one. That's who. By the way, no President has gotten more money from the rich than Obama the hypocrit.

  • dbassd

    Get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US
    RP in 2012

  • Walter

    What wrong with our leader??? He lost his mind. I pay too much tax already. I do not want to pay any more.. Obama just has bad judgement. He on the wrong side of american issues. I ready to echo Col West statement to him and his Czars. Check this our when you fine time................. col west statment...................... http://patriotupdate.com/17875/allen-west-to-obam...

  • StevenI

    Liberal thought is that higher taxes creates jobs and that Unions should control them! We see where that has led us; China, Japan, India. The EPA has been at war with Manufacturing since it's inception.

  • mwood

    the bottom feeders who voted for him do not pay taxes, they collect welfare

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    For all the stupid politicians and liberal statists out there here is the formula for success: IF you want LESS of something, TAX IT. If you more of something, don't tax it.

    It's really that simple. New York might as well pull the plunger and flush themselves; their state and economy is hopeless...approaching that of California. Not until they figure out that you can't spend your way out of a depression or debt, will they begin to heal.

  • SapientHetero

    Those who pay zero in federal income taxes are the biggest group not paying their fair share. Until everyone has "skin in the game" we can expect those paying nothing to help elect tax & spend liberal morons.

  • Mutantone

    what we need is a flat tax rate nation wide of 10% and major cuts in spending especially to entities over seas like China getting aid from us or the Arab Spring financing that Obama passed. We need to start using our own oil and coal supplies not supporting Soros with our tax dollars to have him sell oil to china. We need the Keystone pipe line for jobs here and oil from our neighbor instead Obama has blocked that project so China will have access. The EPA is enacting sever restrictions against our electric producers and industries all to benefit other nations. To me it is very clear that Obama is out to destroy this nation.

  • mark


  • Eddie

    This is our last chance. If we don't get Ron Paul you can kiss this country goodby. All the things you ask for he will do his best to get them for you, He has fought for your freedom for the last 30 years and still you put him down. Ungreatfull slobes, you will get what you deserve if you don't change your ways.

  • http://charter.net susan

    Americans, its time to take America back

  • Linda

    Why we need to send this administration packing...

  • Charles

    We need to VOTE this maniac of a President out of office, or just go in and take him to prison. He's a dishonor to the entire nation. He's a liar, squire and HS buyer to say the least. Let's VOTE for a Truer and Better America in the future. GET OUT AND VOTE people. When voting, just remember the vacant promises and numerous lies of the present administration and its leader, Mr. Obama.

  • https://www.facebook.com/frankienotumbs Frank Bodziak

    Obama at it again.

  • http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer Brian


  • http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer Brian

    FairTax: Nuff said

  • http://www.rainforestpress.com randydutton

    Why not put a $10 tax on every barrel of oil produced, and open oil drilling so the added supply will keep the price stable?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Steele/100000406592474 Mary Steele

    You would think the majority of Democrats would get it when people leave high tax states and go to others, or move overseas for a better rate! Drop the tax rate below foreign country competitors, take out the subsidies, and stop the out-of-control EPA from imposing over-the-top regulations. Businesses can hire temp workers until parts of Obamacare is ousted so they avoid the tax hikes but still get people back to work!

  • http://www.theuniuni.com/ Payton_vege

    Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!