Does the 2nd Amendment Apply to Toy Guns?

Watch out! Your child’s toy gun may be outlawed. State lawmakers in Michigan are “reviewing legislation that targets the use of certain toy guns. A planned proposal before the Senate would make it a crime to possess a toy gun that has its required markings removed or by having a real gun that is made up to look like a toy.”

State Senate Republican Rick Jones said that the misuse of toy guns has become a major problem, especially within the gang community. “People are taking imitation firearms that look real, cutting off the orange end and then threatening people,” he said.

It seems to me that the threat to do harm is the crime not the use of a toy gun. If I used my fist to threaten someone, the crime would be the threat regardless of what I used to make the threat. Will a clenched fist be the next thing to be outlawed? How about pointing a finger?

Seven-year-old Patrick Riley used his finger to form a pretend gun and went bang toward a wall. He was promptly suspended from Parkview Elementary in Oklahoma City.

 When people misuse weapons, the problem isn’t with the weapons but with the people. It’s no different from the way people abuse power, money, drugs, and sex. What we need in the nation is a change in the character of the people not more laws regulating their behavior when there are specific rights outlined for us in the Constitution. It’s not too far beyond the logic of these Michigan legislators would say that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to toy weapons.

Criminals are going to be criminals no matter what the law is. They will always find ways to subvert the law. That’s why they’re criminals! So who gets punished? Regular folks who abide by the law. Their freedoms are taken away because of a criminal class. This type of thinking by government officials spill over into other areas. When people bought homes they could not afford, who had to bail them out? People who bought homes they could afford and paid their mortgages on time.

Supporters of the proposed legislation use as an argument for the new legislation that “a police officer was forced to shoot a gang member who was aiming a toy gun without its required markings.” If some criminal is using a fake gun to threaten a police officer, then what can I say. Maybe he got what he deserved.



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  • jb80538

    Maybe we should simply ban stupidity. If you have a toy gun and point it at a cop, you should expect to get shot. Don't change the design/colors of these because it is already mandated that they have obvious markings they are not real, but in the heat of a confrontation, those signs may be overlooked.

    • daves

      We certainly do not need to glorify guns and war to our children. When I was a kid we played with toy guns and played soldier all the time. I have never thought about it with my daughter but if I would have had a son, I would have had to let him play guns with other kids if they were doing it. I would definitely have taken him to gun safety courses and explained how truly awful they can be.

      • Kansas Kahuna

        daves...guns truly aweful??? You'll never change, will always have a moronic mindset! In nearly all, if not all, a person is not allowed to purchase a hunting license, or to hunt without having taken the MANDATORY course offered by the state agency that controls the hunter's environment! You liberals never fail to amaze someone on the right with your idiotic logic...take you son to a firearms training seminar to learn how aweful guns are....GET REAL LOON, you show your ignorance everytime you let your fingers do the walking! A final note that you heard before, but maybe by stating it one final time it will get etched into what little gray matter you possess...GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE....PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE (with a variety of weapons, want to ban them all???)

        • Rip

          Ain't that the truth ! first thing we know they will cut down ALL the forests because someone threatened someone else with a stick !

        • screeminmeeme

          Rip....excellent analogy. These people are morons and will do anything but to say that people need to take responsibility for their actions. Idiots.

        • daves

          I didn't say guns are awful, I said they can be. I own many myself.

      • dntmkmecomoverther truly 'awful' they[guns] can be? Really? Would you do the same with lack of common sense and how 'awful' that is? Would you do the same for knives, hot stoves, cars, shovels, axes, fish hooks and darning needles? What is actually 'awful' is that we have such an ignorant society when it comes to proper use of firearms. When I was a youngster, we took NRA courses for about 6 months before we handled a real gun. Duh! And just because someone doesn't understand or appreciate guns does not make them 'awful'. It's ignorance that is awful these days.

        • DavidUSAF

          When I took the hunter safety course, we did it at school, in the library. Half of the vehicles in the parking lot had guns in them.

        • tandee

          I think daves was referring to the damage a gun can do when he said they could be awful. That is an important lesson today because kids playing video games watch their characters get up and play again after being shot, and how are they to know otherwise that it doesn't work that way in real life?

          That said, if they ban play guns, it is only a matter of time before they ban the real thing and that must be prevented at all costs.

      • stephenfroweblog

        Dave, guns are not and can not be awful. They are inanimate objects that have been formed into tools by people to serve a function. If used for their intended purpose, such as target shooting or hunting, there is nothing wrong with them. The provide entertainment, food for the table and a sense of accomplishment. Every child, regardless of their sex should be taught the proper use and maintenance of guns. If for no other reason, for their own education and knowledge. It is the people who misuse guns that can be classified as awful, to use your description. A gun is no different than a hammer, an ax, a screwdriver or any other tool. If misused the can have dire or fatal consequences. It is all in how you use it. No gun safety course should ever teach that a gun is awful. They should be educating in the safe use of firearms.

        • daves

          Okay - I should have said the consequences of gun use can be awful.

      • screeminmeeme

        daves...At least you're consistent in your positions.....always wrong. Guns are AWFUL?
        Tell that to the thousands of innocent victims of crimes have successfully defended themselves with the 84 year old Gramma who killed the rapist who attacked her.....tell that to wheellchair bound man who wounded a mugger who tried to killed him. Peoples" lives have been saved because someone else had a gun and was willing to shoot it if necessary.

        God forbid, but if your daughter was grabbed by some pervert who tried to then shove her into his car, and some bystander saw it and had a gun, I have absolutely NO DOUBT AT ALL that you would want that bystander to kill the basXXXX on the spot and so would I. This is the weakness of your position. You don't want others to protect themselves or their families or country but you would want it for yourself or your child.

        • daves

          What you are saying is not true at all.

      • james

        Guns do not kill people- people kill people!

    • wbliss

      I can paint an orange color on the tip of a real gun. If I was a criminal intending to cause harm I probably would do it in order to get an edge when cornered by police.

      • Independant

        jb80538, you said it right; Ban Stupidity. (Period)

        • dntmkmecomoverther

          Ban stupidity; that would be great, but wouldn't that reduce our population by about 78%?

        • stephenfroweblog

          78%? Aren't you giving some people the benefit of the doubt?

        • james


    • Kansas Kahuna night or in the shadows, the color red on the tip of the barrel probably is not discernible! Given the training an officer receives, one does not have the luxury of verifying a toy from the real deal when a fraction of a second can mean life or death!

    • Mark Cicero

      I'm not a cop, but I think its a bad idea to have ANYTHING in your hands when confronted buy an officer, whether it be a toy, cell phone, pen, pack of cigarettes, etc.. An officer has only an instant to determine if an item is a threat or not. Personally, I would err on the side of caution. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • zagozana

      That is exactly right! Why are the toys you buy your kids designed to look exactly
      like the one that are used to kill cops.Is it really more important to make them
      look so real? They put the red stripe on the toys to make them look different
      because it is obvious that this needs fixed....

    • Myrtlelinder


    • col

      I think we should just ban Obama and the Dem idiots. Not all Dems are idiots. In fact, some of them have opened their eyes and now see what their leader is doing to this country. I thought I had seen him di stupid things before but this takes the cake. By the way, has everyone see Obama's latest campaign TV as? It is the worst case of racism I have ever seen and it's the president of the country that's doing the ad. He is supposed to represent all of us. Blacks, Whites, Lainos, etc, and yet his ad with him doing all the talking is directed only to blacks. He is asking them to vote for him apparently because he is black. I can't think of any other reason they would want to vote for him. If I was a Dem and I saw that ad with him speaking directly to blacks asking for their votes, I would be pretty PO's off. He is discriminating against white people. He's not talking directly to white Dems he is talking to blacks only.. Does that tell you anything? continued

      • col

        Stop thinking like a Dem and start thinking about your country. It's the country where your children and grand children will grow up. Do you want them to be raised with Muslim religion? Do you want ur girls to live in fear of what will happen to them if they are caught talking to any man other than a family member. In case you don't remember any of the pictures of Muslim on their knees with a man in Muslim garb holding a very large knife over his head while the girl or woman, is waiting for him to chop her head off. I'm sure a lot of people from all parties are complaining about the Republican candidates. Well, they may not be Ronald Reagan, but they are not Barrack Obama.

        • col

          continued from last post The way I and a lot of other people feel is, anything is better than Obama. Since he has decided to let his true colors out, I feel it's only right for our Republican candidates to put an ad on TV. It could be together or individualy as long as they are speaking directly to whites asking them to vote for them. They should make sure to stress that they are speaking to whites only. Lets see how that flies!!!!! .I've always heard, " What goes around comes around" "What's good for the goose is good for the gander and "Turn about is fair play." There are many other things I could say but, I think you have gotten my point.across. It's all about double standards.

      • jb80538

        I agree.He's never really talked to anyone but blacks except to tell the rest of we should learn to speak spanish. He's the worst racist ever to set foot in the WH and needs to be removed!

      • tom s

        I can only hope that enough of the voters that helped put obama & his destructive cohorts in power have seen the light & help vote him out in November. Otherwise the country is doomed, I really doubt that we would still be standing after another 4 years of the "progressives"!

      • tom s

        I repeat, (possibley, the censor didnt like my reply the 1st time?) I can only hope that enough of the voters that put obama & his band of cohorts in power see the light & help to vote them out in November... another 4 years of these people in power & we may not be standing.

        • tom s

          oops, I see the 1st one now, it sure took a while to have it appear. sorry....

    • Linda

      Great idea, banning stupidity. But how does stupid know stupid? It might not be all that simple!

  • Rick

    Stupid is as stupid does. Seems we have people that function from a mere wishlist rather than real
    danger or actions. The crime and not the item. When do we outlaw baseball bats? Mafia tool
    of choice for years.
    Yep end baseball.......

    • BUD


      • BUD


        • BUD

          THEN LACROSSE.

        • BUD


        • BUD


        • BUD


        • Kansas Kahuna

          Bud...That is about how sharp the liberal mindset is, along with the moderator of this website!

        • Most Rev. Gregori

          Not for long, they will be outlawed next.

        • bsfurg

          Obamas little toy cars kill will he take them away to...

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Chop Sticks will probably get you a life sentence if Libs had their way.

    • DDT


      • Leonard

        I'm sure that gay sex will ALWAYS be legal within your home.

    • Ultor

      Rick, this is why the kid that eats the most marbles shouldn't get to reproduce. Safety is an illusion that exists no place in the natural world. These toys came from the reality that surrounds the youth of every human generation. Before the Tyco M16 was the rock and before the plastic sward was the stick. But, reality has never stood in the way of those who cannot escape the normalcy bias of their own environments, which is why what is discussed in academia and is purported to be enlightened breaks down when the reality of our natures enters the fol. Social science is the devils playground.

    • MrsR

      When fathers begin teaching Proverbs (a book in the Bible) to their sons we'll see less foolishness. Check out Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson for more info on a Proverbs study guide for families.

    • Roger

      Rick, First they take away candy cigarettes,, now toy gun.......yup no more fun.........

    • Tejano Jack

      Well, we wouldn't have to end baseball. We could put serial numbers on the bats and store wood samples for micro analysis if a bat is used as a weapon. We also could keep the bats in locked batracks inside triple barrier "Arms Vaults" and then issue a bat to each player before a game. We would need a "Bat Register", listing each weapon by serial number and require daily inventories, signed by a full-time Federal Arms Room Physical Security Officer (FARPSO). If a bat is broken, the bat would be deleted from the register, initialed off by the team manager and the FARPSO. The manager and the FARPSO woulso be required to complete "Bat Destruction Certificate" (BDC), certifying that the bat was indeed broken and then burned or shredded beyond recognition (shredding, being the preferred EPA recommended disposition). The original copy of the BDC would then be forwarded to BBATF, Bureau of Bad, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and kept on file until the ball clubs next Annual BBATF Inspection. Y'all get my drift. Tejano Jack

    • Wapitiman

      When we say 'toy guns' are we referring to congress?

    • kilburna

      Well if you can't get a toy gun just use a real one.

    • Mary in Mission

      Maybe we should ban cars too. They also kill people. And some don't seem to know how to drive very well.

  • American Patriot

    The government needs to get with the program of doing their job...not making it up as they go along.. Their JOB is to PROTECT and PRESERVE the constitution. PROTECT AND TO SERVE not DICTATE AND MANDATE. So forget the toy guns and work on the real killers at our borders and abroad that intend us harm.

    • Scott C in Spring Tx

      A-men, I played cowboys and Indians when I was a boy in my neighborhood. It was fun playing the roles of both. We had cap guns that made the "POW!" sound and we had bows and arrows with soft tips. We had a blast and as far as I know we all turned out to be contributers to society in a positive way. I enjoy going to play laser tag with my grandchildren. Are they going to outlaw that too? What about paint ball?

    • JacktheFAC

      Who is going to protect us from the stupidity of our lawmakers? We citizens need protection from liberals.

      • tom s

        perhaps the answer is a part time congress with term limitations. (they only work part time now anyway & spend most of their time enriching themselves & the exempting themselves from the laws they pass) Then continuing most of their perks, pensions, retirements, etc should be removed. Perhaps then we could get some more real folks in there that want to serve the people instead of only themselves.

  • GFM2012

    This is usually referred to as "suicide by cop."

    • Bob de Grouch

      It's also called purifying the gene pool. Good shoot, officer. Whoever you happen to be.

  • Patrick Henry

    Just need to ban congress....they are worthless and obama is seeing to that since they cant do anything at all..They wont even enforce the Laws of the Land or obey the Constitutiion....

    • Archangel

      And neither does Obama ("enforce the laws of the land or obey the Constitution)....he just circumvents it, and trashes it with every opportunity.

    • Rev Larry R

      you are soooo right and if morons/liars were outlawed , there wouldn't be any government !

  • @firelooker

    I made a pair of wooden rifles for my grandsons in CA and had to add an orange tip to each one to protect the rifles from being seized in Ca. By the way they were very realistic looking.

    • Bob de grouch

      I made a sensable reply to your post, and for some foolish reason, this dumbas- administrator deleted it for whatever reason.

  • Dean

    Don't these AxxHxxxs in this imposters administration have anything better to do? What the H--- is their problem?.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Actually it is in Michigan where especially in Detroit we have kids commiting crimes with these toys. The shop owners dont know they are not real and the police when they shoot the kids dont know either.

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      What is their problem? It is called being stuck on stupid. Since the liberals managed to dumb down our population in our once great education system the vast majority of our population can't even find their butt holes to wipe themselves, even when they reach around with both hands.,

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Lack of common sense or early onset of dementia seems to be their problem.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    Make toy guns toys. Make them unrealistic clear plastic would be a good idea. Guns are not toys and they should resemble them only in form. I drive a school bus and have run across high schoolers playing this game. Fortunately after many years in the military I can usually tell the fake guns for a number of reasons but, many people can not and might do things with real guns to them because the kids are treating the toys as if they were real. But lets not go over board lets for once use common sense.

    • rrsarge

      There is no common sense in govt.

    • Taquoshi

      We never allowed our son to play with realistic looking toy guns because we stressed to him that guns were not toys. However, we did make sure that he had the proper firearms training when he was old enough.

      However, we were in the park one day when our son was seven. A child ran up to us, pointed a realistic looking toy gun at me but before he could say "Bang!" my son used his karate training and kicked it out of his hand. The mother was furious, until I pointed out to her that the gun looked very real and that a thug or a cop could easily return fire. I then suggested that if her kid wanted to play cops and robbers, he not do it in a public park.

    • RobfromVA

      they will just paint them flat black.... pull a gun of any description on a police officer and you should suffer what ever consequences you receive!

    • Skip

      Jonathan Gartner, Why do we always look for the bad in everything,in politics today there is NO common sence. And the congress is laying down like a bunch of dogs. We need to have some BIT BULLS in office, but it looks like we have a pack of poodles. Obama is blaming the GOP for the Keystone Pipe Line being stopped and the dumb axxes no the street believe him. If Congress don't step up and make Obama pay for his dumb moves congress will have to take the blame. Were are the real leaders in America todays it seems we have a back stabing bunch of liers running the country. Christians we need to take a stand and fight. Our Time Has Come what are we going to do with it ? Stand up for America or lay down with the dogs.

  • Supertad108

    As the World turns.. have we become a progressive soap opera? Another example how liberal/progressive policies create environments that entertain these ridiculous discussions, which further restrict our liberties in the guise of protection.

  • FEDup

    politicians, bag em and tag em, our country is going to hell and they are worried about toy guns, how stupid are the so-called leaders of our country? If we don't get serious about taking our country back these morons are going to control our every move and thought. Gee, I wonder if this comment will be flagged for moderation!

  • The Godfather

    What do you think the kids will do with the clear toy guns? They'll paint them and sniff the fumes while they're doing it. Did we have this problem decades ago when we all played with guns, schools had shooting ranges and shooting clubs, and kids carried rifles on the first day of dear and doe season? The problem is with the kids and culture, not the guns, real or imagined.

    • Taquoshi

      Actually, the problem isn't the guns or the clear toy guns. It's the zero tolerance policy. It does not differentiate between the much beloved finger gun, a gun shaped chicken McNugget, a 2 inch G.I. Joe plastic gun, a t-shirt with the photo of a Marine holding his weapon or a toy gun. All of those are actual cases where the children were kicked out of school. It is apparently very, very important to criminalize as many children as possible. The zero tolerance policy wasn't designed for safety, it was designed to grab as much power as possible.

      Another example of this has been the recent stories of the kindergarten students whose homemade lunches did not meet the requirements of the food police. It's not about nutrition, it's about governmental coercive force.

      • VirgoVince

        I'm in complete agreement with both of you, with slight adjustment and it's true...the problem is with the kids, the PARENTS, the school boards and the culture!! It's NOT about guns, nor nutrition, it's about control!! The parents and the school boards, SHOULD be fighting, kicking and screaming and REFUSE to be intimidated!! Just say, NO!!!!

    • Mary in Mission

      Yeah and we used to play "war" when I was young during WW2. Good night! Don't they have anything more important to worry about. Toy guns! Give me a break!!

    • Sarge

      I agree with all of your replies...but the main problem is how the kids of today are raised...time outs, stand in the corner, go to your room etc...Back in the 50's and 60's, I got my butt spanked if I did something wrong, but nowadays kids rule the roost. But, when my grandkids come visit, they walk the line around me, but they love me dearly, because they respect me! Most kids now don't have any respect for anyone! Come on parents, WAKE UP, take back your parental rights...the government should not be raising our children. Most parents today are just plain lazy, too busy and so on....Thank GOD my parents taught me well and I love them to this day! GOD Bless You All....

  • Millie

    OMG what is happening to the United States that I knew. I can't recall ever that you were told what to eat, what kind of toys to get your children. We saw cowboy pictures in the movies when we were kids. We had toy ene Autry and Lone Ranger guns in addition to other guns (don't know the brand names) We grew up to be teachers, executives and politicians. The government has to stay out of our private lives. It was never this way before 2008.

    • LESNC

      Actually the US has been disintegrating for the last 40 years, it is just going much faster now.

    • tom s

      and we seemed to get along pretty well back then.

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      Millie, we sat back and let it happen. All those on the Right ever did, since 1913, was compromise with the leftists, and in the end, those on the left got everything they wanted and we on the Right got left holding the dirty end of the stick. What really hurts is that we still haven't learned that you cannot compromise with evil. We need to grow a huge set before it is too late or we will not have a country left to save.

  • Millie

    OMG what is happening to the United States that I knew. I can't recall ever that you were told what to eat, what kind of toys to get your children. We saw cowboy pictures in the movies when we were kids. We had toy ene Autry and Lone Ranger guns in addition to other guns (don't know the brand names) We grew up to be teachers, executives and politicians. The government has to stay out of our private lives. It was never this way before 2008.

    • Ben

      Yes it was. It's been on steroids since 2008 though.

  • tom


  • Libertarian58

    The banning of "objects" in order to "fix" the problems caused by government stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Has any of this BANDEMONIUM ever worked? Please point out even ONE example. . .

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Have you never taken a look a the "toy" guns??? From a distance you have a hard time telling it they are not real. They have working slides, clips and ejection ports. They are the exact same size as the real guns and if you had a kid waving one around refusing to drop it you might shoot them to. Make them the same except make them in a different colour plastic such as blue or purple to identify them as being just toys to everyone.

  • Flip

    Wow, this hand basket is getting really hot!

  • JACK

    Toy cowboy guns was a toy I had as a child so now Obamanation wants too ban children,s toys. He is just burying himself not too be elected and those in Congress will be voted out also if they don,t change their ways

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      Obama not only wants to ban children's toys, he is working toward banning children, that is why he is so gung- ho on pushing abortion and contraceptives.

  • Dave

    Instead of banning toys, let's ban the H.N.I.C. That makes more sense....

  • Violet

    My late husband was raised in Nazi Germany and he told me there were no toy guns. He also told me over 5 years ago that this country is marching down the same street as Germany did and it frightened the heck out of him.

    • Southern Girl

      Violet, I'm sorry you lost your husband. It just reaffirms our fears when someone from Nazi Germany sees the similarities between what happened there and what is going on here. He's lucky that he's in a far better place and not here to see the deterioration of our great country. I too am very frightened at what is happening. If Obama gets re-elected, I will lose all hope.

  • Dawn

    Weren't toy guns banned about fifteen years ago? The only guns people stock in toy stores are squirt guns. Which anyone can see don't look real.

    • Marie

      Dawn: Believe it or not, our parks in FL ban water guns.

  • RiflemanPA

    A police officer "was forced" to shoot a thug with a toy gun? So what!? If a thug or other criminal points something that looks like a gun at me, the last thing I'm going to care about is whether or not there's an orange cap on its muzzle. The first and only thing I'm going to care about is center-mass shot-placement...twice in rapid succession.

    • ncrdbl1

      What if that same cop comes up on a kid playing with a realistic toy gun and the kid turns toward that cop gun in hand????? It isn't banning TOY GUNS it is about being illegal to remove distinguishing markings to make it look like a real gun.

  • Dustin

    I have a better idea. Arm all law abiding citizens then we wont have this problem will we. It would take a complete imbicile to rob a liquor store if most citizens are armed.

    • rrsarge


    • Steve

      There be a lot of them in D.C.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      It is a fact. The FBI finally admitted that every State that has enacted a Concealed Carry Law has had a decrease in all types of crime. The bad guys are more afraid of an armed Citizen than they are of the Police. There are more gun owners in the USA than any other time in our history & crime is decreasing rather than increasing like the anti-gunner's said it would. Armed citizens do decrease crime of almost every type. DC has the toughest anti-gun laws in the country & it is also one of the ones with the highest crime rate.

    • ???

      Dustin: I totally agree with you. The problem we face is if we shoot someone in self defense, we will be incarcerated. If the perp lives he will sue and win or if he dies his family will sue and win. These injustices have to be resolved to send a message to criminals If they comit a crime and are shot TOO BAD. Don'tforget about the Man who shot at the ground to stop a burglar and is being charged with a felony. Even in firearms friendly states one faces scrunity for using a gun in self defense.

  • Dustin

    BAN IDIOCY!!! End of problem.

    • John811c

      you cant fix stupid, look at Washington the biggest center for stupidity on the planet, have they fixed that

      • Are You Serious

        And never will.

        • Dustin

          I had to at least throw it out there.

  • Pastor Carmen

    Lib-tarts think by banning toy guns the problem is shoveled Then they better out law all things cars ,trucks,planes and trains buses or knives that A Person use to kill with. Problem will be shoved when Christ returns.

    • Bill Turney


      • don

        keep your eyes to the sky, that day is very very soon!!!

  • Kathy Bryant

    Toy guns should be allowed to look as real as the parents spending the money want them to look. Television and violent video games are the problem, not the toys. I grew up playing with a variety of toy guns - before the orange markers. I've never killed anyone or pointed a gun at a cop. This is more government overreach. If I want to make a very realistic toy gun and not mark it for my grandson to play with, it's going to be up to his parents whether or not he plays with it. This is absolutely idiotic and sissifying our boys. Get the book "The Dangerous Book For Boys" to see what we have already lost in this metrosexual society.

    • ncrdbl1

      If your kid is playing with his "real" looking toy gun and turns the corner and there is a cop who sees the gun and has no way of knowing if it was real or not. Would you want your kid's life to come down to if a cop is going to take a chance that the gun in his hand is real or not? Most kids would freeze if confronted by a cop with his gun drawn and are unlikely to drop their toy gun on demand. ANY movement by your kid with that gun could be considered a threatening act. You would be without a child and a cop would spend the remainder of his life with the guilt of shooting a child.


    Why do politicians hate children? Michelle Obama coerced candy makers into not making the king sized candy bars anymore, now this idiot republican-who must be a progressive in GOP clothing-wants to ban toy guns! The government run propaganda institutions called schools are telling kids what they are allowed to eat in their lunches brought from home in an effort to stop parents from feeding their own children what they deem to be an appropriate lunch for their child. The government gives money to an organization that's primary purpose is to prevent the birth of children, and then runs the deficit up to an obscene amount that will overburden the youth that do manage to make it into the world! I say there is a war on children in the country-and I'm glad I got to grow up back in a time when we were allowed to just be kids without all of the blatant government intrusion into the rights of its citizens! Fight back America! Throw these idiots out of office!!

    • bflogal77

      I was told the other day to fight in November with our vote...I think that we should be doing that every day to and including election day, with every person we meet, in every situation. We need to get everyone on board if we don't want to face the scourge of another 4 years of Obamanation!

  • Tony in MO

    Gee, I observed a person "flipping me off" with his middle finger in a threatening manner!!!! Does that mean we should ban index fingers too?

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      Why stop at fingers, we need to ban hands. You should see my collection of Italian hand signs.

  • Linda

    Hasn't anyone noticed we're not the United States anymore? Cloward-Pivens Strategy is in full speed. They (gov't) are not stupid...there is an agenda to take down America.....little by the populace won't notice.

    • bflogal77

      I completely and totally agree with you...more and more, piece by piece our rights as US citizens are being whittled away, the constitution by our forefathers is being changed by Obama to his liking, and he is bound and determined to obliterate any mention of God or Jesus or Christianity in it's entirety. Don't look now BHO...we are looking and we are noticing...and by God, yes, i said by God, we won't let you get away with it!

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Cloward & Piven shoud have been deported to Cuba years ago. They hate America & want it destroyed. Obama is just following their lead & too brainwashed to otherwise.

  • Joe

    One would think that the Congress would have more pressing matters than to even bring up such stupid things as toy guns!!
    That just shows you the mindless mind set in Washington.Hillary and all the anti gun haters will and are doing every thing they can to control the American people.Look at what happened in Austrialia when they took their weapons.All crime went on the rise.
    Our Reps.are NOT doing what they were hired to do!!!!!
    They don't believe people should have guns,but who protects them,with what? Guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have had enough of this administration ,time for Obama to be impeached,gone,desolved,deported to anywhere!!

    • OldNYFirefighter

      I think it was brought up by one Congressman, not the whole Congress. We have a lot of loons in Congress like Hank Johnson, a Dem from Georgia that thought deploying more of our troops to Guam would make it capsize. Where these morons come from I have no clue, but the fact that people will vote them into office is very scary. Our populous has been diminished in IQ to less than the minimum wage. The people they elect into office have even less.

  • John811c

    If you point a toy gun or any gun at a cop, you might get shot, this is reality. We don't need laws to protect idiots that would even half way contemplate pointing a toy gun at a cop, How stupid can you get. people are killed with knives lets ban them, people are killed with cars we need to ban them also. It comes down to this a society that exercises good moral judgement does not need these infringements on our rights by the government. This is all an excuse to take away our freedoms. these stories surface because this is part of the if you point a toy gun at a cop, you deserve to get shot, so be a stupid jerk and do that, you get what you deserve

  • George

    This Administration Is Dumber Than A Stone!

  • Viking

    How about we just ban legalized con artists, called politicians, most go to law school to learn to lie, practice law to prefect their lying, and convincing 12 people in a controlled environment to give the desired outcome of a jury deliberation, regardless
    of facts or truth. Once they get experience convincing a jury of 12, to believe a lie, then they are ready for the uncontrolled and
    largely uneducated public, in convincing them they cannot govern their own lives, let alone their families well being.
    This is how it progresses, instead of educating children on right and wrong, and basics of life and living, we will just control
    them, and place them in our convenient little pidgin holes, where we have total control over their lives and thoughts.
    Guns, toy guns, screw drivers, ball bats, knives, automobiles, are all objects that require human intervention or action to make function, thusly requiring a human to make a decision about what to do and how to use each item.

  • Michael Pettit

    As a life-long law enforcement officer, both military and civilian, I've seen my share of toy guns and many of them were pointed at me or my fellow officers. I've also been threatened by butter knives, tent pegs, golf clubs, candlesticks and the most evil cell phone. In the heat of battle, especially at night, all of these can be mistaken for a firearm, however I don't see legislators ready to ban these items. What lunacy! Fortunately, I haven't yet shot anyone that was wielding a toy.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Most cases of toy gun use against LEO"S is usually suicide by cop. They are hoping they are killed, because in many cases they don't have the courage to kill themselves & have decided their life is no longer worth living. That isn't always the case, but Police Officers know that is a possibility & it has gotten some officers killed because they hesitated in protecting themselves. That is, unfortunately, a reality that every officer faces in his everyday interaction with citizens. As a firefighter, even we have been targets on occasion. We owe our LEO's respect & gratitude for what they do every day to keep us safe. It is a Profession that takes a heavy toll due to stress most people will never encounter.
      Thanks Guys & Ladies, for all you do. You are appreciated by most citizens. The bad guys, not so much!

  • bmpaz

    OH MY GOSH!!! If some idiot is stupid enough to use a toy gun to commit real crime and gets shot be either police or an armed citizens, then I say Oh well!!! Perhaps that's the penalty for being a complete dumb@$$. Are we not better off without those type of people in society anyway? I don't know who is more of an idiot, the criminals that do this or the politicians that think it's going to be solved with a piece of paper that only affects law-abiding people. The dumbest among us are in legislature and enslaving us with their stupidity.

  • MAD

    Now is the time we need to ban all stupid people of congress. my god this country was build on guns with cowboys , Daniel Boone,and Davy Crockett.Remember history repeats itself people came here for a new land because of what there government was doing to them now there isnt anyplace to go so we need to fight for this county everyone came together on 9/11 and now is the time the people need to come together to fight congress on there vindictive ways.we dont have guns then we have nothing democrates have always been the best gun sell presidents ever look at history

  • Scarlet Dove

    "What we need in the nation is a change in the character of the people...." Couldn't have been better said. The govt wants to ban toy guns when they were dealing big guns with "Fast and Furious" I don't think so. Trust the govt, don't think so--I have worked for the fed govt 35 years and it is now run by rank amateurs, the trickle-down effect from the WH has hit big time--unbelievable, right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, everything is last minute, and some bureaucrat sits around creating new regulations to keep people busier--stupid. We cannot trust these idiots with decisions about our lives.

  • Ultor

    For all those whom posit the supposition that, "Government should get back to doing its job," I would remind you that "this is what government does." The only, and I mean only, solution to more and more government intervention is to make "government" irrelevant to you as an individual. And that can only happen when it (government) is striped of its own complacency to act on your personal behalf. And that can only happen by revolt. I'm in, lets roll!!! Like John Belushi in "Animal House" I just returned to realize, the vast majority of you have the sack of a mouse.

  • artschefler

    I would say that Michigan has a lot more problems they should be dealing with rather than toy guns.

    • Ultor


    • Most Rev. Gregori

      They sure do, Deerborn, Michigan is over run with Muslims.

  • S B Adkins

    If theey out law the toys guns.Then only outlaws will have toys.

  • USAF Veteran

    Great--now I'm embarrassed to claim MI as my home state! Can anyone spell N-A-N-N-Y? How about if parents (preferably one of each sex, who are married to each other) teach their children proper gun etiquette, along with all the other "old-fashioned" lessons that made this country as great as it once was. I fear for the future of the U.S.A. and for the future of the world without America to provide its moral compass. We must defeat 0-bama and turn out the idiot Dems in the Senate, or WE ARE DOOMED!!!

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      Before parents can teach their children anything, they have to get the Federal government the hell out of our school system.
      No matter what moral values and ethics you teach your children, the schools undo it all.

  • bflogal77

    So, just thinking here...are they going to ban thumbs?...bananas?...legos made into guns?'s clothespins?....has there been a virus I'm unaware of that has diminished common sense and sanity in DC?

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      "has there been a virus I'm unaware of that has diminished common sense and sanity in DC?" YES, it is called LIBERALISM.

  • Larry

    Odd, we had toy guns, real guns, knives to school to sharpen penciles or whatever. Local hardware store could buy gun powerder, dynamite and caps, we had fire crackers, cherry bombs, rockets with red glare, carbide lamps and carbide by the pound, carry a pistol as a kid, go hunting with dad, grandpa, uncles, cousins. We drove ttrucks with guns in rack to schools. We drove with guns from one state to another, waved at other hunters with guns. We waved at cops with our guns in our laps, on our side in holster or carrying a gun in our hands in the field or mountains. No one was shot, blown up, no one considered murdering other kids. something is wrong here, No moms or responsiblity at home, in fact, a lot of times, no mom and dad at all, mom mom, dad dad, mom only, dad only, abortion, liberal nuts, radicals, so --- ts, com --- sts, the norm. Good is bad and bad is good. We were taught the constitution, American history, classics, math and sciences, we learned at schools to function, now they learn to fail, to depend on government, to give up rights, be cowards and traitors. Abortion butchers calling themselves doctors. No GOD, No CHURCH, NO FAITH, NO FAMILY, come on now, wonder why?

  • William Irwin

    I suppose they are going to ban the purchase of dowel's used in carpentry so they can't be attached to a rectangular stick and resemble a gun next.

  • Tom

    Some gangsters will take a real pistol and paint the muzzle orange, like some toy guns. If a pistol is pointed at me, I will shoot first and shoot well, and then we will see if it was real; the gangster will be real dead either way. Same goes for the pointed finger in the coat pocket; bam-bam, shouldn't have done that. What if the govt. actually protected our borders from illegals entering our country ? There is a start.

  • Barb

    When we had our first child 35 -1/2 yrs ago! I was determined to keep 'violence' away from him. I did not buy nor allow him to get toy guns for the 1st couple of years -- you know what he did? He picked up sticks and pretended they were guns anyway! It is a FOOLISH thing to ban them, forbid them, etc. Rather, TEACH them the right and wrong. If you don't want your children to have guns, that's your right as a parent. But for the government to act as the nanny and tell everyone they are outlawed is ridiculous. Remember: when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

  • TheGizmo51

    Morality can not be legistated. Just like prohibition people tend to do what they want regardless if it's good for them or not.. While I personally don't care if people own a real or play gun we do need to somehow get both out of the hands of current and future criminals.

  • Michael Tindall

    What about film props? To read as "real", it MUST be realistic.

  • sanysue

    obama is destroying our constitution, esp the 2nd amendment.. now some idiot wants to spend money to ban toy guns.. why dont they take that money and put it on some thing worth while, like obama's extravagent spending of americans hard earned money or re-instate combat pay for our military.. i guess obama feels if your killed oh well,and your family can be on food stamps if they are black and can get it..obama tried to make our vets that are injured in the line of duty pay their own insurance.obama is destroying our country one by one.. i hope between obamas birth control orders, his spending and the slap in the face to our brave men and women that we throw his skinny ass out.. i hope more states hold court on his elegibility and force him off the ballot in november.. our troops and their famiies deserve every benefit that they have and more.they should loose nothing when this country owes our millitary every thing.. obama enjoys the benefits he wants to take away from every american.. he should be tried for treason, for impersonating an american when he wants some thing and for impersonating a president, he is a major failure with the intent of ruining the United States of America.

  • fish

    Toy guns are toy guns.If you have a problem with guns the problem is in your head. When TSHTF the people without guns will be the(target practice) first victoms. People who are armed trump the unarmed. Disarm lawbiding citizens and only criminals and the governments they run will have them. This utopian dream of global disarmerment is a foolist hoax, just like marism,communism and socialism. They have been tried repeatedly with epic failure and 100s of millions dead.Keep your arms and get a backbone and standup for your God given rights. Or die a whimpering coward. It is your chioce.

  • Raymond

    Have you ever wondered what kind of people vote
    for someone like Barack Obama? Here’s you
    chance to find out…. Raymond


  • Seb

    I guess they'll cut off our thumb and index finger next!

  • Irma

    I recently received a "notice" of a new gun called the Congressional Pistol - It didn't work and you couldn't fire it!
    When I was a kid we had cap guns, but it was drummed into our heads that we NEVER point a gun - even a toy gun - at anyone. Seems to me that is what PARENTS need to drum into their little dears! If someone does point a gun - real or toy - at someone, it is justifiable to react, even if it means actually shooting back!

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    I don't think so. It depends on the type of toy gun. Are we talking cap pistols, BB guns, or water guns, including water pistols? Back
    in the 1980s, there was a toy water rifle that looked like the AK-47.

  • KenM

    I would much rather have a gang banger pointing a toy at me than a real weapon, HOWEVER - It is already illegal for a gang banger to possess or brandish/point a firearm, and it doesn't seem to stop them from doing that. Does any of these nit-wit legislators actually think that such a law will make any difference at all? If they do, they lack intelligence to be in office, or are otherwise as dumb as a box of rocks.

    I suppose the law would still allow kids to have toy guns, as long as they don't saw off the red end of the Air Soft pistol to make it look real

    When I was a kid, I had a toy .45 semi-auto that could fool anyone, but we never dreamed of knocking over a convenient store with it, or pointing it at a cop.

  • John

    Is there no end to the stupidity?

  • Jodi Mossoni

    Wish the politicians would quit helping us! All these kind of laws do is blur the line between right and wrong. In the end they only help the criminals get off in court and take take away the freedoms of honest people. We should have a law that says to pass a new law you need to get rid of two other laws maybe that would slow down the assult on our freedoms!

  • Lou

    I think we the people should ban all these buttholes in washington that actually waste the time and brain power, oops!!! did I say brain power to think of these laws. How stupid of me to think that those in washington just might have a brain. It's just a shame that they don't use whatever brains they think they have and put into place real laws that would actually help the public.

  • Dntmkmecomovrther

    "State Senate Republican Rick Jones said that the misuse of toy guns has become a major problem, especially within the gang community. “People are taking imitation firearms that look real, cutting off the orange end and then threatening people,” he said."

    Oh stupid legislators: the answer is to allow a 'take your stand' law so that when punk gang members threaten citizens, they get shot dead. A couple of these incidents which reveal that their surely ARE consequences for stupid behavior and the problem is solved. AND it was solved by allowing the citizen to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

    Senator Jone's answer is to restrict the rights of all citizens in order to 'control' a very small group of idiots who make life miserable for the rest. That is simply insane and stupid. Punish the perpetrators, not the children and the average law abiding citizen. Why is this so difficult for our politicians???

    • Rip

      Maybe we need to just Ban Stupid people like Rick Jones

  • Carol

    I have never ever liked toy guns but to ban them that is so over the top I can't find the top.

    In the old days (just after the ark landed) toy guns were made of metal and really looked real but today they are made of plastic and to me they look more like toys but I don't know anything about guns.

  • Andrew

    The Government can outlaw everything in the world as far as I am concerned. Then the Government would be the only Outlaw in my book, and they would be subject to termination on ssight.

  • captelaine

    I'm sorry, a gang member pointed a toy gun at a police officer and the police officer used his real gun to kill the gang member... WHAT EXACTLY is the problem? I think that sounds like a reasonable out come. I am a reasonable person, I have a REAL GUN too, if a police office was pointing his real gun at me I would drop my real gun in a flash, or at the very least hold my hands in the air and say don't shoot... but that's just me I guess.

  • bbarrett49

    my 6 yr old pointed his finger like a gun and got flagged too. the crazies are out big time

  • Mark

    Well, I guess I will have to wait to see if my 2 CLEAR GREEN WATER PISTOLS for my grandson will be sold to me now.I promised him we would have a water gun fight together.Better put that on "HOLD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of SHIP DIPS!!!!!!!!!!

  • James A

    Rather the bad guy had a toy than a real one DUH

  • shamus Mcquade

    Stupidity should be PAINFUL!!

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      It is, just not to the stupid people.

  • 66corky66

    Does this article give us an indication as to just how stupid one must be to get elected to political office?? The higher the office the dumber one must have to be Soon, they will outlaw books because we can learn to kill from books. Or maybe outlaw trains, planes and automobiles, after all they all kill too. WE the PEOPLE must clean out these fools! Make your Vote count.

  • Marlin

    Ban toy guns? That is sooo stupid! What gives them the right to do it?

  • Elwood

    So the "geniuses" in Washington want to ban toy guns? What's so surprising about that? People with toy brains think in toy ways, right?

  • ktuncia

    This is the problem with government. Politicians feel they need to justify the above average salaries they are making and consequently, instead of just doing their job they look for something "big" and "newsworthy"to do. All in an attempt to keep their job and unfortunately far too often they look in the wrong direction. They look to help the sqweeky wheel instead of looking to get it alligned with the 3 less noisy wheels. This is often despite the fact that it is the sqweeky wheel that should be replaced rather than fixed. This of course then throws all 4 tires out of balance and allignment and creates even more work for politicians, which is just the way they like it.

  • sgtusmc


  • John "D"

    Can't we pass a law to eliminate idiots from running for office?
    Better yet ,how about expelling them from office for being idiots!
    Now it''s TOY GUNS!! Next??

  • Are You Serious

    Just for the further pussyfication of our young boys is the real reason they want to ban toy guns.

  • aurora35

    This government is becoming so absurd it defies reasoning!

  • Mathew Driscoll

    As Ron White would say, YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All of our governments are going absolutely nuts trying to make laws to take any type of freedom away from we LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. What is wrong with these so-called INTELLIGENT PEOPLE? I't's getting to the point now that perhaps our neighbors should be running for office. I can tell you right now that I love my country, It's the SO-CALLED GOVERNMENT THAT SCARES ME.

    I agree with the person who said that if you point a toy gun at a law enforcement officer, you get what you deserve!!!!!!!!!!

    Mathew Driscoll
    115 Tanya Way
    Roseville, CA 95661-5627

  • Richard Gibbard

    I thought that there was already a Federal statute covering this possibility. Has that helped?

  • Jeff

    If they ban toys I'll just give my kid the real thing as soon as he is old enough and their bulls@*t won't matter.

  • Alan

    When my son was a kid, I never bought him toy guns. I never made a big deal out of it, I just didn't like them. So he made his own toy guns out of Legos.
    I know that in California, and probably other states, using something other than a gun as if it were a real gun in a manner that would make the victim think it's a real gun carries the same penalty as if the gun were real. So this proposed law is just for show.

  • texas

    First too many cops are too stupid to be police offiicers, second too many cops are trigger happy. Third too many laws and money spent on regulations against free law abidding people and not enough focus on making prision a horrible experience. a criminal should leave jail with the thought that he never wants to go back. But instead the liberals pander to the criminals while they are in jail, thus teaching criminals nothing, except what a grand time it is in the pen!!! Time to put an end to this over bearing "government"!!

  • Mike

    You could kill someone with a pencil or a plastic spoon if you know what your doing. People are killed all sorts of ways. Look at how many people are killed each year in vehicle accidents. Why not ban cars, pencils, pens and plastic cutlery? Where would it stop? Our government is a bunch of nut cases.

  • Carolanne

    I'm sick of the liberals believing that they know what is best for us. I truly believe that we NEED a candidate who believes in limited government.

  • Mel

    Here is Senator Rick Jones email address
    Here is his office telephone number (517) 373-3447
    Please feel free to contact Mr. Jones and let him know how you feel about him and his proposal. Keep it clean and non threatening. Our politicians need to know that we're tired of laws like this. Personal responsibility needs to become more the normal not the exception.

  • Raymond

    Michele Obama admits her husband Barack Obama was
    born in Kenya.

  • cheryl jessup

    This country has become insane. Even tho the Libs are a minority they are running things. It's about time conservatives start fighting fire with fire.Doesn't this country have enough to worry about then outlawing toy guns?I have 2 sons and their friends use to play with toy guns. Never once in their games were the using them to rob a bank, break in a house or killing innocent people. It was usually it was cowboy and indians or two teams, one good guys, one bad. I wonder what they would do to kids who have rubber guns. They are made out of wood, strips of intertubs and clothes pins. We had them every summer.

  • Donald

    Common sense and taking responsibility for oneself has become a scarcity and one should realize when someone knocks on your door and announces "I'm from the Government and I am here to help you" to slam the door!!

  • Patriot

    Let's see, our government refuses to seriously secure our borders, refuses to deal with the nuclear threat from Iran, refuses to punish crooked businessmen and politicans that fatten their pockets at taxpayers expense, refuses to balance the budget, but they see a real threat to the security of this country from toy guns. WOW!

  • Mark

    sounds like a clarion call for conceal carry!!

  • Lloyd

    lWow! Now they are getting down to important matters, instead of wasting theirr time on such things as our of work people, health, education, religion, etc. When I was a youngster I played with toy guns most of the time, not realizing how dangerous I was, or much I frightened my neighbors.

  • itriedthemall

    My two-year-old grandson loves to "shoot" his foam dart gun. He knows that it is never to be aimed at people. He doesn't talk a lot, but he was clear-spoken when he said, "But I can't point at people." He is learning early about wise use (or misuse) of guns. We need to promote the wise use of toy guns with our children - not ban it!

  • Maxine

    Are stupid goverment cant get are real guns so it makes them feel better to take the toy guns away from are kids how stupid are they we need to clean house

    • OldNYFirefighter

      The strategy is to indoctrinate children that guns are bad should be banned & in a generation they won't need to remove the Second Amendment. The generation that had no toy guns won't even know what they are, so won't buy any real ones. It is like catching wild pigs by pouring corn in the middle of a field. After a while the pigs will find it & eat all of it & come back for more. Add a fence on one side & still feed them they will be back. Add a fence on another side & after they get used to it, they will be back to feed. Add a third side & finally a forth side with an open gate, they will be back. After they are all inside feeding, close the gate. They will panic for a short period & finally go back to eat. They are no longer free, but the free food has trapped them without their even realizing it. They can now be slaughtered & won't even fight for their freedom or life. That is what has been happening for the last 15 to 20 years & some that were stupid enough to be trapped, no longer care about freedom. If as a child, you never saw a gun, as an adult you would think they are not needed.

  • Rjgarfunkel

    Obama is leading Romney by 17 points in Michigan and Santorum by 29% -Get prepared for 4 more years.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      I never listen to polls. The polls in 2008 said Obama had no chance of winning. Polls are like the weather reports, they can be wrong 99.9% of the time & the Pollsters still get paid, just like Meteorologists.

  • Stephen

    The moronic behavior of the school officials in Oklahoma City is beyond description.

  • DG11

    The Administration of this site is GUTLESS> The Imperialist Govenerment is the Opponnet of this NATION's FREEDOM!

  • Cognitive Dissident

    "Does the 2nd Amendment Apply to Toy Guns?"


    Any more idiotic questions need answering?

  • camdenme2

    I have a message to you Rick Jones on the gun issue: Don't tread with me!! In other words SREW YOU!!!!

  • KNY

    They're sending a message to the next generation...guns are will make it easier for progressives to ban all guns in the future. Just look what liberal educators have done to our youth...they're willing to bide their time to turn us into sheep.

  • Silas Longshot

    So, the same bunch of geniuses that got Detroit in the condition it's currently in want to ban toy guns, so that punks who 'cut the orange ends off' and then rob people will have to upgrade to real guns? So, if you rob someone with a toy gun, you get a 'toy' sentence for the crime?
    Another wonderment from the mind of the lefties.

    Click the name, survive.

  • Patty B

    They're going to have to ban baseball next, because my weapon of choice would be a baseball bat.

  • Frank Bodziak

    First the toy then


    MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Obviously the politicans "ALL OF YOU " are electing without doing Your homework on,have nothing better to do than make insane laws at the expense of our children and their children if they are even able to have children ,unless the politicans have passed new laws to limit that also. You want Your Freedoms and Your Country back ????? WAKE THE HELL UP AND GET THE TRAITORS TO OUR CONSTITUTION OUT OF OFFICE FAST... from Local,State to federal Governments...."OR SIT AND WHINE AS YOUR FREEDOMS ARE LOST FOREVER"

  • Jim Forsythe

    How stupid can you get? These school "elites" should immediately be fired! The Second Amendment protects real guns, but kids can't play the games that we played when we were kids just because some "social engineer" doesn't like it. What is wrong with our country?

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Thomas Jefferson said, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”. His words are more pertinent today than ever before.

  • Zander_SIG

    Good Lord!!!! Why will these IDIOTS not leave the 2nd Amendment ALONE!? They SWORE TO GOD to UPHOLD THEM yet they circumvent them all the TIME! OUR FREEDOMS ARE GONE!!!!

    DRUG TEST 'EM!!!!

  • JacktheFAC

    All we need is a good law to protect us citizens from stupid liberal politicians.

  • Public_Citizen

    My liberal arts college educated sister discovered that, even with a "gun ban" in the house for toy guns her two boys would make their own toy guns out of anything else, EVEN TOAST.
    Guns have been a fact of life on this planet for over 500 years.
    Deal with reality, not your infantile fantasies.

  • Robert

    When Diane Feinstein was the mayor of San Francisco she made a real big deal out of banning all hand guns. She had so little boy come up and give her his toy guns.
    Why is it that for over 100 years little boys have played with capguns, toy soldiers, and bows and arrows. They played cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, and soldiers. These men turned out to be some of the best that the country's ever had, stable individuals who growing up and done great things. Toy guns didn't hurt them or anybody else.

    The morons who want to do this type of thing I'm trying to do nothing but indoctrinate our children into being cowardly sheep that can be controlled, ruled, and in reality all and by a government that is totally out of control.
    The old saying boys will be boys in reality is what makes men. Without the competitiveness, the drive, and the desire to win and take risks is what separates man from some lowlife scum bucket.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    I think we need a "Punch a Liberal in the Mouth Day", to get their attention. They are getting dumber instead of more intelligent. Like Pelousy's
    "we need to vote it in to see what's in it". She needs a smack beside the head to re-arrange her brain cells so she can think intelligently. Liberal thinking will move them to extinction in a couple of generations. They are having fewer or no children or aborting the ones they do conceive. They will become our future oil, if it comes from extinct animals like Dinosaurs.

  • ncrdbl1

    As someone who is so conservative that he make Reagan look like a moderate i have no problem with this law. There was a reason why the red tip was placed on toy guns and why toy guns should not look like real guns. Too often we have seen where a cop has been placed in the position where he had no idea if the gun pointed toward him was real or toy and in many cases either the cop was killed when it turned out to be real or a person is killed when it turned out to be a toy. Also if a person carries a real gun into a store and robs the place it is considered to be more of serious crime and the penalties are stiffer. So criminals use these modified toy guns and once captured are usually back on the street in a short time. ANYONE who is a true conservative should want it so that there are CLEAR visual differences between real and toy guns. Of course i would change the wording to make it so innocent people are not charged if the piece breaks off while the kid is playing with it. That it is only a crime when the intent is to disguise the gun to make it look real for the admission of a crime.

  • quipster

    This is just stupid toy gun band,did the cowboys and indians thing myself when I was a kid.Next it will be my paint ball gun. (noway)!!!!

  • sonnieC

    If kids paint the tip of their finger orange would that plese this stupid government.

  • Ted R. Weiland

    This kind of proposed legislation (and most legislation already on the books) is what inevitably comes from a government not based upon the immutable standard of Yahweh's morality as found in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11). Without this standard, we're left with a vacuum, which has been filled with what the book of Judges describes as every man (presidents, senators, representatives, and judges) doing what is right in his own eyes.

    With this in mind, please consider that America teeters on the precipice she does today because the framer's of the Constitution did not expressly establish the Republic upon this standard, as did America's true 17th-century Colonial founders. In fact, there is hardly an article or amendment that in some fashion is not antithetical to Yahweh's morality and some which are hostile to His very sovereignty.

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh's moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments). Take our Constitution Survey at and receive a free copy of the "Primer" (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

  • True Patriot

    If you don't want to die,don't bring a toy gun to a real gun fight. Its time to ban these idiots from making utterly stupid laws!

  • Aurelia Gasher

    Does this mean "anything" that can be harmful, or deadly needs to be banned? What about hammers, saws, wrenches, screwdrivers, carjack, or any other tool that can be used to seriously hurt/maim,kill someone?? Such IDIOCY is appalling!!

  • Boyd Herrst

    I guess I can understand about the altering of toy guns to look like real ones, but a school suspending a child for pointing his finger like it was a gun? them people got to get a life, because the one they got definitely is not from earth...

  • Pikemaster

    Let's ban obama , He's the thing that's dangerous !

  • v steve

    "REVOLT" nothing else will work they don`t understand anything else and why should they when they have control. They meaning the socialist communist and marxist in our Federal state and local governments.

    For this is what we are fighting freedom oldest enemy the passion of the few to rule the many that`s what is at steak it`s us or them one must die one must live.

  • brown trees

    Now I hear the gang bangers are adding a bright orange tip to their real weapons...go figure...