Is There a Romney/Paul Alliance in the Works?

By Lone Shark

The following article is from "the Shark Tank":

Speculation is increasing by the hour about the nature of the relationship between presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Over the past couple of weeks, reports have claimed that their relationship is a very “warm and friendly“ one, but now there is increasing speculation that the two are moving beyond mere friendship and into a political alliance for strategic purposes that would benefit them both in different ways. Some say that Paul is largely avoiding criticizing Romney while taking dead aim at rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich in both the debates and in his campaign spots.

Part of this may be a purely logical political calculation on Paul’s part, as his advisers likely know that Paul, Santorum and Gingrich are largely competing for the same bloc of conservative/libertarian Republicans. But speculation is increasing that the two may have reached a behind the scenes agreement that could have implications for the eventual Republican Party platform or have other considerations- like consideration for an appointment in a Romney Administration.

It’s unlikely that Ron Paul would be offered the Vice Presidential nomination as the Daily Mail has suggested, but what about Ron Paul’s son Senator Rand Paul? Senator Paul recently said that “it would be an honor to be considered” for the vice-presidential nomination which prompted the following speculation from Matt Lewis over at the Daily Caller:

On the surface, tapping Paul as veep might not make sense. But conservatives are refusing to go along and eat the dog food with Romney — and adding Rand Paul to the ticket would fire conservatives up – and ensure that Ron Paul drops any plans to launch a 3rd party challenge. And just imagine if Romney arrives at the GOP convention needing some of Paul’s delegates to win the nomination?

It’s not an absurd idea.

A Romney/Ran Paul ticket would certainly pose a massive conundrum from Ron Paul’s hard-core supporters. There’s no doubt that a decent number of Paul’s supporters would be livid beyond all human understanding because their political heroes would effectively be selling out to the notorious “Republican Establishment,” a move that would be anathema to many of the Pauls’ purist followers. But it’s also likely that some of Paul’s more politically calculating supporters would view this an important opportunity to effectuate change within the Republican Party, influence policy, and obtain positions of influence within a Romney Administration.

Barring an admission of an agreement or alliance from either Romney or Ron Paul, they only thing that’s certain is that things are genuinely friendly between the two- and it’s possible that it may not be anything more than that. But what do Ron Paul’s supporters think about a political alliance between the “Massachusetts Moderate” (Gingrich’s characterization of Romney) and “The Champion of Liberty” (what Paul refers to himself as)? Is this a political sellout of epic proportions by Ron Paul? Is it a purely political calculation that will benefit both Romney and Paul as well as advance their agendas? Or is all of this speculation foolish and misleading as to what’s really going on?



  • BOTK

    If this turns out to be true, it will be the final blow showing Paulbots that their candidate is just another inconsistent liberal (which he is).

    • Ralph

      Spot on and the fact that both crazy old senile nutcase Ron Paul and Shady Deals
      Bain Capital Vulture Business Man RINO Willard Mittens Romney are big time liars
      and power and control freak already proven losers that have ran and lost every time
      RINO Romney & Old Nutcase Ron Paul ran for President. And that Ron Paul & RINO Mitt
      Romney could not even beat Amnesty John McCain 2008 or Barack Hussein Obama. The
      GOP/Tea Party needs to drop all four of these losers RINO Romney,Crazy Ron Paul.
      Illegal Alien Amnesty Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and give Voters a winner.

      • Gary

        Brokered convention - Sara Palin Nominee

        • hijinx60

          A Romney/Paul ticket would be like life insurance to Romney. Any assasin would be thinking, "HE** NO. That would mean Paul as president!"

    • Steve

      yes, and while the others are sleeping, he's stuffing the delegate ballot box with his supporters. Most people are missing this. Few of the states so far have committed delegates, so Ron Paul is quietly getting his supporters on every committee seat possible with respect to delegate selection. And he's getting his supporters to get in as delegates. therefore, when it actually comes to how many delegates one has, they simply turn coat on the vote that was cast in their state, and cast their delegate vote for their man- Ron Paul. Watch the interviews with him, he clearly states this. Each time he loses in a state, he clearly tells the interviewer, its not about the vote, its about delegates, and he feels he is alright in the delegate count. PAY ATTENTION AMERICA!! Talk about an insider move. Talk about political gamesmanship. Jeez this guy is sleazy.

      • awakenow

        Ron Paul? Sleazy?? Give me a break!

        All campaigns use the delegate process to try to win the nomination. This is the way it is set up by the two political parties. The rules between the DNC and the RNC differ on the actual delegate process used to obtain the nomination but both parties use them ... as do all the candidates who are angling to get there.

        Ron Paul is doing exactly what Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are doing because it truly IS about the delegate count and not these straw poll, beauty contests, by an extremely small number of voters, whose vote is either bound or unbound at the national convention ... according to the rules of each state.

        In addition, there is growing evidence that election fraud, the actual counting of the votes, is happening. For instance, in Iowa, the 8 strongest precincts for Ron Paul just disappeared. That's right ... the Iowa Republican Party just lost them and the actual results of the voting, statewide, were done in a secret location.


        Maine is another one, where the vote in Ron Paul's strongest county, Washington County, was cancelled, allegedly, due to a coming snowstorm. Yet, even the Girl Scouts didn't cancel their event, in fact no events were cancelled anywhere, and only THREE inches of snow actually fell.

        The vote was rescheduled for a week later but the GOP state chair decided that the vote in Washington County wouldn't count because the deadline had passed for the vote, statewide. Meaning that the votes of the people of Washington County wouldn't count at all.

        Talk about disenfranchisement??

        An uproar ensued and this decision was reversed. Ron Paul won Washington County by a landslide, beating Romney by 83 votes. However, apparently, votes statewide were lost when they went to the spam filter in an email, so they are now trying to figure out the vote by doing a recount even though the Republican Party Chairman announced that many precinct paper ballots were thrown away.

        Votes lost due to an email spam filter?? Paper ballots thrown away??? Unbelievable.

        Interestingly, the Chairman announced, prior to the actual vote, the exact total of the vote count difference between Romney and Paul, making Romney the winner, by 200 votes ... which is the exact number supposedly certified before the uproar over the discounted Washington County vote.

        Yes. Election fraud is alive and well. As Josef Stalin adroitly said: "You know, comrades, that I think in regard to this, I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how."

  • screeminmeeme

    Geez...I hope not.

    • Jason

      No. Ron Paul has said there is not any alliance. This is all a myth generated by the mainstream media and pushed by faker Rick Santorum.

  • patriot

    This guy is unbelievable! He sees he is losing, so he thinks he can pick up the Paul wackos. He wants to be president
    so badly, he'll do ANYTHING to get in. He's a joke!

    • Jason

      It's not even true. Idiot.

    • Jason

      Ron Paul and Romney Alliance? It's a myth generated by the mainstream media and perpetuated by Rick Santorum!

      I heard Ron Paul’s adviser (Doug Weed) say, “If you keep telling lies about me, I am going to have to start telling the truth about you.” This is what Ron Paul has done to Santorum.

      What kind of morals do you have if you are supposedly against abortion, but compromise your morals and “take one for the team” murdering thousands of innocent lives to be a “team player”? Santorum, you are a FAKE!!! There is no excuse for this.

      Ron Paul 2012!

  • Beepster

    Want a ticket? Try Ron Paul and Rand Paul together on the ticket. Ain't agonna happen, but what turmoil this would bring about.

  • 1599

    This is an interesting article and food for thought. The Republicans will not be able to ignore Ron paul if they want a chance to be elected. Rand Paul for VP would be an excellent compromise and strategy. I precict that Ron paul may have a considerable number of delegates committed to him, from caucus states, to take to the convention.

  • NancyJ

    Just one thing to say. Too old.

    • 1599

      Not Rand Paul

    • Paul

      I'm 83 and 76 seems young to me. However, if Dr. Paul is the nominee he should have a young VP. Santorum would be a good choice. He could learn a lot from Dr. Paul and run for president in 2016. Those 12 years could put our nation back together by 2024.

      • Livefree1200cc

        I was liking what you were saying then you killed it bring out that clown Santorum's name

  • Jonathan Gartner

    What that would lead to what do you get when your cross a RINO with Libertarian. I dont know but, I sure dont want it running the government.

  • katie

    I certainly hope not Obama would win the election. Ron Paul doesn't know what end is up in politics.

    • Jason

      You mean he doesn't know how to tell the American people lies and anything they want to hear? You mean he doesn't waste money and talk with lobbyists and special interest groups? You are correct then. Ron Paul is too honest, consistent, and trustworthy to run this corrupt government.

      Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

  • Ralph

    And Nancy add in the fact senile old Ron Paul has already ran twice before and lost
    and will become a three time loser in 2012! And RINO Mitt Romney will become a two
    times loser as well.

    • Jody

      How many times did Reagan run? How many times did Nixon run? Timing is everything.


    Any thing would beat what is in the white house now. a vote for a rabid skunk would be a huge improvement.

    • Forrest Horn


      Oh ... and to all those who say Ron Paul is "too old?" Bite me!

  • Ardnas

    IT IS OBVIOUS....Why else would Paul be so disrespectful to Santorum and give Romney a pass on all matters....Romney has made a deal with Paul of some sort. It is called buying votes...

    • 1599

      Paul spoke the truth about Santorum. Santorum is the one who is disrespectable----to his constituents.

  • Harbinger

    Being the VP of Romney could give Paul a door to filtrate his policies; better to be in than out, right. It's an option to be considered; if a Rep candidate beats Obama, he'd have to stabilize the Nation, at least in the first term in order to win re-election.

  • MacLoklan

    Rino and senile. You may as well be out on the street with the OWS people with your defaecating mouths spewing hatred malfeasance all over the internet. Are you all that the conservative movement has to offer. No wonder we are a weak and dysfunctional party if you are representative of it .

  • Beatrix

    Rand the bland isn't really like his father. In fact, we don't know that much about him except that right now, he seems to be under daddy's thumb. If Romney likes Paul as a person, to each his own, but if he intends to inflict him on the rest of us, he loses my support.

  • Shoals

    Oh, now everyone is getting all bound up because every one of their sacred "principles" is not followed to the letter of their desires. Get real. You are being insufferable fools. If we don't vote for someone like Romney and maube Paul --- then we get another four years of BO!!! Name your poison. Stick to your "beliefs" and you really stand no chance of getting a good chunk of the BO damage mitigated.

  • PepperdotNet

    A complete load of hooey. Ron Paul, principled defender of the Constitution, knows what he's doing. Why waste his time and effort on Romney, when Romney is fully capable of sinking himself.

  • Doodlebug

    Rand Paul would be an okay choice for VP. What I'm more concerned about is Romney on the ticket. Could Rand Paul straighten him out? I sure liked the way Newt called out the dummicrat donkey in the WH yesterday or today. Don't know when it happened, saw it on the news this morning. Tell it like it is Newt and stop the bickering with each other.

  • awakenow

    Notice how all Ron Paul's detractors call him "senile and crazy?" This is the tactic used by those when they cannot attack someone on the issues or to provide a logical, well-reasoned, response.

    Ron Paul continues to be his own man, just as he always has been ... often facing ridicule, misrepresentation, and now, attack.

    As for these "rumors" of a Romney/Ron Paul or Romney/Rand Paul ticket, the GOP is putting this out for two reasons. 1). As a means to gauge how much support Romney can pull from Paul's supporters ...because he needs them. 2). To try to divide Ron Paul supporters and, thus, weaken Ron Paul's campaign because only Ron Paul stands in Romney's way.

    As was correctly pointed out at the Arizona debate by Ron Paul, and corroborated by the CNN debate moderator, John King, post debate ... currently, Ron Paul is in second place behind Romney for delegates as mentioned by Ron Paul and verified by CNN's debate moderator, John King, during a post-debate interview with Paul.

    They are trying to paint Ron Paul as a sell-out to the establishment, in order to derail his campaign.

    How do I know this? Because when the same media, talking head, Ron Paul haters start talking these "rumors" up big time, you know the exact opposite is the truth.

    Kudos to John King for giving Ron Paul a chance to tell the American people the truth about his support among "all voters." Also, the fact that Paul is second to Romney and backing him on it.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Paul would lose period. His insanity on foreign policy would do him in and us. The only thing that can be considered conservative about him is his fiscal policy everything else is to the left of Obama. For example his 9/11 stance is complete nonsense when taken in a historical look. The muslims have been looking to take over western Europe for years their last attempt was in 1683 at the gates of Vienna and they just love Hitler with the SS having a division of them HandSchar most of them Albaniians. Many of Pauls supporters are from the radical fringe including marxist like Barney Frank and nazi's who loved his letter that he published. Paul would have us believe that he did not know what was going on. For a single letter or two I would accept this however, it went on for years and he got money from it.

  • Feisty

    Today Lew Rockwell was interviewed on Alex's Infowars. He says it's BS. Check it out yourself.

  • Ardnas

    It is a shame that those who are the most hypocritical think they are without fault. You try to make yourself appear righteous by your words, but we all know the truth. I have been so smacked down by liberal hate when just quoting bible verses that it would make God turn His head. You sir do not know what you are talking about

    • Ardnas

      The above comment was supposed to come up under the MacLokian Post above. Something is not working correctly here.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    This looks like wishful thinking of someone's part. Romney and Paul are miles apart on political philosophy. However, on a personal level, they both have the same clean image. (Gingrich would not be the ideal friend for either of these candidates.) They both have charitable natures. Romney gives a lot to charity, and Ron Paul's life is about giving to his country. Romney would have to be a staunch admirer of Ron Paul because of his brilliance and dogged persistence and dedication to our country. Romney pursued wealth, and Ron Paul pursued liberty for our nation. Romney probably recognizes Ron Paul as the greatest unsung statesman that our country has ever known, which he is. Romney would also respect Ron Paul's wily political strategies and spunk. On the other hand, Ron Paul would respect Romney's business acumen and ability in finance and his gentlemanly nature. Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America is fiscal and economic. Both Romney and Paul share an acute interest and understanding of finance. While living Conservative Christian lives, neither is a Social Activist. (Santorum would not be the ideal friend of either of these candidates.) Ron Paul knows that Social problems are cured by moving social issues back to State's Rights and refusing funding to vice and the consequences of vice. I'm sure from the perspective of either of these candidates, if you have to be friends with someone who supports the opposite political philosophy, each makes the best chilce in choosing the other as a friend. Ron Paul does not need to take on Romney right now because there are other contenders still in the way - Gingrich and Santorum. We have noticed that Ron Paul is careful with his campaign funds. e spends where he needs to spend.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Romney has no business acumen. He invested in companies he did not start them. Romney has gladly shoved a knife in all other Republicans in order to get ahead hardly a gentleman. Paul is not a Conservative or a Republican he is a libertarian first cousin to liberals, chaos and anarchy in that his reading of the Constitution does not contain morals or ethics that the founding fathers gave us . Just amorality.

  • Dagny

    What this shows is that the corrupt GOP establishment has finally came to the realization that they cannot win without Ron Paul supporters. They cannot win without them, and this is a fact! So, if you want four more years of Oblabla, keep attacking Ron Paul supporters. Anyway, the next best thing for them is to somehow placate the anti-Romney pro Paul supporters by putting this unfounded rumor out there. Dr. Paul is an extremely smart man, contrary to what some may think. I'm sure that if this happens, Dr. Paul will be the one calling the shots. The new world order globalist would then force Jeb Bush, from the Bush criminal cabal and anti-constitutional candidate Marco Rubio to run if there is a brokered convention. And if they do this, Oblabla will surely win.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Wrong the only way we can lose is accepting some one who is like Obama. Paul is very simular except for fiscal policy. Other wise many of his positions are to the left of Obama. Romney ran Mass. like a liberal that is native there and also ran to the left of ole Ted Kennedy and lost. Newt or Santorum are the only ones right now because they can show a difference between themselves and Obama. As a proof of this look at Carter vs Reagan . Reagan could show a difference not being an establishment Republican.

  • Paul

    VP Ron Paul is the only way Mitt will get my vote.


    anybody but Obama, ANYBODY !

  • John Wong

    Ron Paul will not forge alliance with Romney. There's a strategic reason to be on 'friendly' terms with that Romney. It is possible that Ron will ask his son as VP, but we have not reached that stage. Right now, it's better to focus on what each candidates can bring to stop Obamacons from taking over another 4 years.

  • joby


  • Paulbot von Paulbot

    Totally absurd. This purported alliance is about as substantive and credible as rumors of herds of unicorns prancing the beaches of California.....

  • Adeline

    Politics makes for st.range bedfellows !

  • jerry1944

    It would hurt rand if he chose to go with romney being romney isnt a conservatve

  • Jason

    Ron Paul and Romney Alliance? It's a myth generated by the mainstream media and perpetuated by Rick Santorum!

    I heard Ron Paul’s adviser (Doug Weed) say, “If you keep telling lies about me, I am going to have to start telling the truth about you.” This is what Ron Paul has done to Santorum.

    What kind of morals do you have if you are supposedly against abortion, but compromise your morals and “take one for the team” murdering thousands of innocent lives to be a “team player”? Santorum, you are a FAKE!!! There is no excuse for this.

  • Hankster6

    If Romney wants to loose, Paul is the right selection. I believe that so many people do not like Paul. Romney would loose. Yes, the young people like Paul, but most voters do not.