Stop Feeding the Islamic Crocodile

“To sit back hoping that someday, some way, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last — but eat you he will.” — Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the consummate collector of great quotations. The one about the crocodile was borrowed and adapted from Winston Churchill. “Winston Churchill took a dim view of neutrals. For him there were only two options in the face of Hitler: fight or surrender. Each neutral, Churchill said on 20 January 1940, ‘hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear — I fear greatly — the storm will not pass.’”

What was true of Hitler and Nazism is equally true of radical Islam. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought the crocodile story up to date when he spoke before the 66th session of the General Assembly at the United Nations on September 23, 2011, following Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech:

And these critics continue to press Israel to make far-reaching concessions without first assuring Israel’s security. They praise those who unwittingly feed the insatiable crocodile of militant Islam as bold statesmen. They cast as enemies of peace those of us who insist that we must first erect a sturdy barrier to keep the crocodile out, or at the very least jam an iron bar between its gaping jaws.

Appeasers to the Islamic worldview keep telling us that only a small percentage of Muslims are radicals. Some say it’s about ten percent. I’m not great at math, but I do know that ten percent of one billion is 100 million. That’s a lot of radical Muslims who want to see every aspect of Western culture destroyed.

What has President Obama’s apology for burning already Muslim-desecrated Qurans done for America? “Nothing but burning the White House can relieve the wound of us — the Muslims — caused by the Burning of Quran in the US,” the commander of Iran's Basij force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqd said.

He then added: “Their apology can be accepted only by hanging their commanders; hanging their commanders means an apology.”

The Islam world always saw President Obama as a dupe, a useful idiot, who would believe that appeasement toward a sworn enemy of the United States would bring about peace. In reality, the plan of the Islamic world has always been the destruction of all things non-Islamic.

President Obama’s June 4, 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt, was the start of the appeasement process. The Muslims smelled fear and inevitable capitulation.

All of this reminds me of the long out-of-print book by John Ames Mitchell (1848–1918) — The Last American (1889) — that I have in my library. There is a sobering message on the dedication page and the book’s closing words:

“To those thoughtful Persians who can read a warning in the sudden rise and swift extinction of a foolish people [the Americans] this volume is dedicated. . . . Again upon the sea. This time for Persia, bearing our wounded and the ashes of the dead [the last American]; those of the natives are reposing beneath the Great Temple [U.S. Capitol]. The skull of the last Mehrikan [American] I shall present to the museum at Teheran.”

There are several ink etchings in The Last American. One shows “The Ruins of the Great Temple,” a devastated United States Capitol. Pray and act that it will not be so.



  • joeT

    Hey, its okay for Iran to have nukes and nevermind the defacto terrorist armies they fund and harbor, Ron Paul will make friends with them. Kumbaya

    • MartinRidens

      BS. In the event Iran became a threat to America and Congress declared war, then Ron Paul would execute a decisive war against Iran, destroy them, and then bring our troops home. Until such an act of war was declared by Congress Ron Paul would seek peaceful alternatives, including negotiations and trade. It sounds a little different when someone isn't spouting propaganda.

      • blancojoe

        Oh brother! Please read the old Winston Churchill parody about the crocodile. And check out the Ron Paul type of appeasers in Britain just prior to World War II. Appeasement does not work with a fanatical entity who overtly proscribes and prescribes what is to be done in the future and why. Islam, ("radical" or not) has proclaimed from the pages of the Qur'an that the final outcome is the elimination of all people and things non-Islamic. Ron Paul personifies the wussification of America almost as much as Obama, himself. But keep your little chin up, because if Romney wins, Ron Paul will be his VP.

        • MartinRidens

          So, joe, why how do we deal with China who still teaches in their military schools that America is evil and one day China will rule the world?

          The ones who personify the wussification of America are those who think we are powerful because we beat up every two bit nation that tries to make a stink in the world.

          And if you think Romney would want Ron Paul anywhere his White House or that Ron Paul would be willing to participate in a Romney administration then you have another thing coming.

        • RoseCD

          So, Martin, the difference between China and the people of Islam is that China has not gone around the world killing people in the name of whoever. Muslims have and are going around the world killing in the name of Allah.

          It's people like you who bury their heads in the sand that are allowing the Muslims to come over and change the way we live little by little. They have taken over Dearborn, Michigan. The police, the mayor and the courts are in their pockets there. I no longer want to drive through that city anymore. Chinese people come over here but they do not demand to have their way, they just live their lives and not bother anyone.

          Romney and Paul have some kind of an alliance. They to not attack each other what so ever. And, no, it would be Rand Paul as vp.

        • MartinRidens

          If there is a particular country you feel is so threatened by the Muslims, or a particular death you would like to seek revenge for, or a place you would like to defend then please, by all means, go there and do so. But do not ask me to send my children there so they can die for some idealistic notion you have of America's greatness or some nebulous threat the military-industrial complex has convinced you exists.

          If you don't like Dearborn then do something about it.

          And finally, the communist Chinese are the biggest threat this nation faces and are responsible for more deaths and horrors than most people will ever realize or can even imagine. Don't sit there and try to defend them to me. A chinese citizen who makes it to America and would like to live in a free country with limited government and is willing to stand up for that belief is a hero in my book.

        • Looking4Sanity

          The "man" who whines about tyranny turns his back on Dearborn! You don't deserve anything better than tyranny.

        • MartinRidens

          Haven't seen you in a few days L4S. Been working on your manifesto?

          "You don't deserve anything better than tyranny."

          If you can say that about any human being you have proved my point. I'll bet you end up with a brown shirt and a gun, nice and safe in your self-righteousness and probably thinking you'll still make it to heaven. Good luck with that.

          BTW, if I lived in Dearborn and believed what Rose said was true, then I would be doing something about it.

      • Joe

        The trouble is that congress won't declare war. (Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. So is Mr Paul going to wait till the Muslims burn the White House or take action to protect America? "....... and Congress declared war, then Ron Paul would..." He's not a leader. I'd describe him as a curmudgeon.

        • dusman

          If Congress won't declare war, then obviously the threat isn't as dire as some in the media have made it out to be.

        • MartinRidens

          Couldn't have said it better myself, thanks!

        • MartinRidens

          He seems pretty happy to me most of the time. Except when he's talking about our children dying in wars that have not been declared and we have no business being in.

      • D Rash

        Martin Ridens, BIG BS! Ron Paul is a coward, who wants to stick his head in the sand, and hope the "boogey man" goes away quietly! He hasn't got the guts to fight a war, declared or otherwise! Furthermore he is naive, and nuts. He needs to just go home and STFU!

        • MartinRidens

          It saddens me to know people like you exist in this country and I fear for the tyranny that is coming to this once great country.

        • Looking4Sanity

          You sure are a whiny little biatch, aren't you?

        • MartinRidens

          Sad little man, why don;t you go back to beating your kids.

      • Looking4Sanity

        I guess we'll never know. Ron Paul doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting nominated, much less elected. Say hello to him for me when you get back to fantasy land.

    • ahall1950

      our pres. and his mussie cronies are doing all they can to allow those islamic demonic, ignorant, barbarians from the devil to destroy America and the world.

    • tammy

      ISRAEL SUPPLIES HER ENEMIES.....its such a DISGUSTING GAME> ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF MY CHILDRENS FUTURE. There are people getting extremely wealthy off of our BACKS...and our currency. WE LOSE. Our cost to live has risen.... 5 bucks a gallon for gas in California....NOT BECAUSE THE COST OF GAS is going up....extraction is at an all time high.....THE PURCHASING POWER OF THE DOLLAR IS DECLINING BECAUSE OF DEFICIT SPENDING IN stupid we TRULY ARE..

    • tarawa1943

      That will never happen, Sura 9 says all the islamics and quasi-islamics are going to hell anyway! We do not need friends that are going to hell!

    • D. Ken-War, Ph.D.

      Ron Paul needs a brain-transplant !

    • rico

      so we attack them like we did Iraq and screw up another country?

    • Thebigbossman

      That was a stupid some intelligence before posting...please. Try reading something usefull for a change and then try using your brain. Try having an original thought un;ess your public education prevents it in which case try...

    • ED hAYDEN

      As long as we have the democrats controlling our governments the demise of America will soon appear more quickly then
      we would like to think... 2013-2014 ?

    • Roger

      obama is already the best buddy of the islamic terrorists.

    • Kaveman

      You're a sorely misled sheeple joe, and part of the dumbed down populace that unfortunately votes!! Ron Paul is the LAST bastion of freedom we have and merely advocates keeping our nose and subsequent tax dollars here at home where it matters to us most instead of everywhere else in the world! Educate yourelf before blogging.....or voting for that matter.

    • Eddie

      I think we ought to gift wrap the idiot munckin and present him to the muslimes. And I mean shrink wrap too ! I just now had a major brain fart.....In the Stanley Kubrick movie "Dr. Strangelove"..the star Slim Pickens was last seen riding a nuclear warhead into a Soviet Union city. We can replace Slim Pickens with Ron Paul and let him ride a nuclear warhead into Teheran. That way we'd be getting rid to two useless things at the same time !

    • Marc de Piolenc

      I'm probably wasting my time saying so, but you are being very unfair to Dr. Paul and are either misrepresenting his point of view or repeating somebody else's misrepresentation.

      Paul has no intention of making friends with despotic governments, and no illusions about their attitude toward us.

      His policy is exactly that of George Washington: you leave us alone, and we will leave you alone. Molest us, and you pay. Dr. Paul opposes the current propaganda and other buildup to war with Iran on the grounds that Iran is not a threat to us, however much it might want to be. If, as I strongly suspect now, that later turns out to be an incorrect assessment (something he will only know for sure once he's president), you can be sure that policy will be adjusted accordingly. The whole point of Paul's foreign policy is not to go LOOKING for trouble, but to be ready to deal with it swiftly and decisively when it arises. Pulling back from engagement in areas where we are hated but not threatened is one side of that coin; the troops freed by those moves then become available for dealing with clear and present dangers, which is the other side. Less intervention = more readiness, not less as his detractors claim.

    • charles

      WAKE UP BRAINWASHED ZOMBIES, stop listening to Zionist IDIOT BOX.

      IRAN has NO nukes, get it got it??

      United States intelligence community confirms that Iran does not have a nuclear device and has not made the political decision to build one. Even Israeli intelligence agrees. So if you want a war, what do you do when that happens? You shift your narrative and develop a new way of defining the threat. Israel and its friends have consequently initiated a major offensive both back at home and in the United States to heighten the impression that Iran poses a genuine threat to Israel, the United States, and even to world peace in general. And make no mistake about what it entails: this is a major disinformation strategy that involves diplomatic, intelligence, and media resources. POLITICAL misinformation, intentional to deceive the USA tax-payers. The White House has effectively turned over its foreign policy to Israel’s kleptocratic leadership.

  • screeminmeeme

    ISLAM's APPEASEMENT STRATEGY: IF YOUR GOAL was the eventual OVERTHROW of the government and establishing SHARIA LAW, but you didn't have a large enough majority to do it YET by voting or by force, HOW could you do it? One proven way that muslims have used in every nation they've immigrated to is to to keep pressing, whining, pushing, complaining, using the VICTIM NARRATIVE with cries of islamophobia in order to gain small, incremental concessions. And when you gain one, then try for another, and another until the culture changes.And if you were using this strategy, what is the FIRST CONCESSION you'd try to gain?....You'd try to get the laws changed to PROHIBIT ANY CRITICISM of Islam by claiming ''hate speech''. In other'd try to silence truth-tellers by robbing all non-muslims of their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to FREE SPEECH.

    • Marlin Covert

      There are two things that must happen or this country will fail just as Rome did. First all Muslims that practice Islam are deported and second we do completely away with the term "political correctness" I'm an old wise man , born in 29, start of depression, and an absolute believer in the fact that history "always" repeats itself. You can take that one to the bank. This country is broke and will fail financially this year probably but what is going to totally destroy us is morality. Homosexuality is what finally destroyed Rome and look where we are? Just 30 years ago everyone would have laughed you out of the house if you would have said what is happening today would ever happen........but it is. We have completely thrown GOD under the buss and I promise you HE will turn his back on us soon, if HE hasn't already, and it's down the drain we go.. You can set your tubs out on that one folks!!!!!!!!! We as a nation had the most perfect wonderful thing in this country that made us the most prosperous wonderful country in the world, THE CONSTITUTION and Obama has trashed it and our congress and senate are so gutless they do nothing about it......same with our courts,,,,,they make their own laws as they go. No wonder we are losers. If enough people with guts wake up we can pull out of this but I don't think that will happen.....we're too far gome.

      • dusman

        Actually, it was economics and military expansionism that brought Rome to her knees. What we are doing today is no different.

        • bob

          I would also add from reading done on the topic that it was the changes to Roman law allowing the barbarians in the outlying regions to be incorporated into Legionnes. Previously, only natural born Roman citizen males could be in a Legionne. As the Roman economy became more luxury based and less subistance, fewer and fewer natural born romans found any honor in serving in the Legionnes and instead those seeking riches or agrandizement began to move to the fore of the military structure.

      • SpiderMike

        Sir, I fear you are spot on. I was born in '46 and I remember and served the country you remember. When you, our fathers, and we, your sons are gone. There will be no institutional memory left in this country. It will slide into that great evil abyss and it will be the most natural thing to those left inhabiting this once great country. However, when that does happen, you and I and many many others will be in heaven with Jesus and the Angels, where I really don't think we will give it a moments thought.

        "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." ~ Ronald Reagan

        • james

          Sad but true. I was born in 40 and this is not the world we grew up in!

      • jackel

        I was born in 34 and couldn't have said it better!

    • Christian Archer

      Excellent comment. Screeminmeeme you always bring it!

    • tonyt

      We must all remember Capt. later General blackjack ( Black Jack) Pershing who, according to the Moors,Islamists, in the making, on Mindinao Phillipines in 1898. The United states had gotten Mindinao with its' less than five percent mislim population. from Spain at their defeat. The muslims, obviously, thought they could kill American soldiers as they saw fit.

      But Capt pershing was of another opinion. He sent word to the muslim leaders advising them that aggression against the Americans would stop or they would face the direst of consequencies. After the village leaders of the Muslims were
      were paraded in front of the remainder of the populance and given clear instructions: the leadership would be eliminated
      if they pursued their aggression. Peace and quied immediately prevailed over mindinao for some tiime to come.

      The stories that followed were of horrible atrocities on the part of General Pershing. On the Island of Mindinao today
      they still speak with fear and reverence the name General Blavk Jack pershing. What the USA needs is a few, non-politically correct, good men.

      The jihadist is usually a brainwashed coward parading as an avenger of islam.

    • david peacock

      England learned the hard way and is now rolling back their concessions. Obama was "the one we have been waiting for";; remember that one??????

    • Roger

      WOW, that was beautiful.

    • james

      O.M.G You nailed that square on the head. To bad the great unwashed millions do not see the truth!

    • David in MA
    • Patrick Henry

      Well here I'm going to use my First Amendment Right F ck allah , mohamad and ovomit.

  • screeminmeeme

    This is the CULTURAL JIHAD and LAWFARE JIHAD that muslims are waging here and throughout Europe. If you want to see what America will look like if we permit the Islamization of our country, just take a long hard look at the UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden...etc. Those people are seeing their cultures irrevocably changed into an Islamic one. The Muslim Brotherhood has said to defeat us they will use our own Constitution against us.

    So far...they have...and they will.

    • amagi

      Screeminmeeme, you are so right ! An additional way the muslims have gained power is that they run for offices in" their"
      new countries. Last I counted, a couple of years ago, there were for instance 17 arab names on the Oslo (Norway) city
      council. Their helpers on the Left has done all they can to make this possible.

  • MR2

    The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever.

    Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals" because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves.

    • screeminmeeme

      Excellent observation.

    • Len-KC

      Hear, hear!

    • Eddie

      Please understand that I am NOT patronizing you for your comment but your analysis is close to being one of the most clever things I have ever read on here. Your comment displays the dichotomy of this mentally challenged government we have. It goes without saying, and your comment is the best illustration I have ever read, that absolute power corrupts absolutely ! With your permission I would like to be afforded the privilege of spreading this around !? And I would also like to put it in my quotes that I have saved. And I am thanking you in advance !!!

      • MR2

        Thank you Eddie - if it can make a difference, by all means use it.

    • notfooled

      Excellent, perfect reply!


    A dirty, filthy, smelly MUSLIM defeat America? It will NEVER happen, not on MY soil. Armed, trained, and ready. Bring it on, you filthy Islamic's.

    • Ginger

      They are making swift work of defeating America now...wake up for heaven's sake!! Call your reps in DC and make your thoughts known..all this evil needs is for us to complain and strut what we would do while doing nothing and they have won.You cannot defeat them by would be just another dead American...just what they want...meanwhile they march on.

      • Sama

        Appeasement...yep, that's Paul's way as well.
        He would finish us off.

        • Victor

          Wrong.. Ron Paul has said.. Bring the question of war before the Congress and Senate get a declaration of war.. and win it.

          That is not appeasement.. Holding Governments and Countries responsible for the conduct of those on their soil unopposed is not appeasement..

          Waging Perpetual Faux War for Perpetual Profits.. Apologizing for this and that...

          That is appeasement and the conventional Republican/Democrat way.

          It also insures our eventual defeat... as money buys influence, Islamofacisim backed by Islamic Petro-dollars combined with Communism backed by Bankster Dollars is a very potent enemy of liberty..

          Without holding countries responsible they are free to roam the halls of power dispensing money, buying influence corrupting the overwhelming majority of our already base and corruptible politicians,

    • King David

      It is starting to happen because we have an ISLAMIST IN OFFICE . Look closely at all the other ISLAMISTS BHO has appointed----Check it out. Then check out the complicit people who are in Congress. Here is another --- Check out the judge who is ISLAMIST and said he was muslim ---and condemmed the wrong man because of his SHARIAH beliefs. Check out what is happening on the collegs campusus----How the Islamist students will constantly interrupt and act in a disgusting manner and put the blame on the NON-ISLAMISTS. The schools also have been teaching -and acting as shills for Islam.
      Now --what are you going to do about this big problem?

    • John C

      It is happening the islamic cult of muslims have declared war on the Western Culture. This was is different because they are using a stealth war plan. They are using our laws against us.
      One way to defeat the cult of islam is to have included as a part of our laws a requirement that NO foreign law will be used
      at either a state court or in the Federal court system as a basis for the judges decision.
      Representative Sandy Adams (R-FL) has sponsored a bill in the U S House of Representatives H R 973. This bill will prevent foreign law from becoming part of American Jurisprudence.
      Please contact your Representative in the House of Representative and have him/her cosponsor the bill.


    Deport all Muslims...including Yobama, the biggist rat of all.

    • Jim Maintenance

      Now that is so Constitutional. You guys just love that Constituion don't you. The illustrious George W, the last Republican President, raised food stamps much higer than the guy you diislike so intently. Really. Just google the statistics (not planted by commies, really). A majority of those on food stamps work at most $26K for a family of four. They really work, guys. Honest. You may make more or just love those Ramen noodles so much you would never be on the public dole. And, food stamps are limited to 3 years total. Oh well. YOu know those pesky facts.

      • fiddler

        Have you EVER worked for a UNION? If not you may be surprised by what you find. Expensive, non-competitive, often turning out worthless, do-over, "work". And oh, guess who G.W. tried to make nice with -- both houses of Congress of the opposite party. Please be honest and include them in your assesment. Did you remember that G.W. also gave $15 billion to Africa to fight AIDS? (dirty rotten money-grubbing scoundrel)

        • daves

          Who said anything about unions?

    • ECHAN


    • American 1st

      Deport ALL illegal aliens, too. They are costing us $100+ Billion per year. What will it cost us in 10 years?

    • JACKEL

      Bring Julia Gillard from Australia to speak to this congress and tell them how she handles Muslims.You are welcome legally and you live by our laws or get your axx out!

  • Nancy

    I believe that one of the most important things we can do as a nation is to not let our belief in God die out. It is happening all over and it is dangerous. There is good and there is evil and if you don't believe that, you are destined for the Islamica way.

    • Linda Beck

      Nancy, God bless you. Let's all join together and take a stand to keep GOD in the USA. One way is to place a "freedom cross" in your front yard, or on your front door, or in a window, or in your car. The crosses are engraved with "IN GOD WE TRUST" or 'GOD BLESS AMERICA." There are thousands, more like millions, of Americans who want to save our country and our Judeo-Christian heritage that our great nation was founded upon. You can find the crosses at

    • Flame

      Those who dare to insist there is no God had best rethink the position. Either they adopt the God of the western world, who INVITES you to worship and be forgiven by Him, or you will one day adopt the god of the middle eastern world but at the end of a gun.

      Julian Huxley was a contemporary of Darwin. I think it was Huxley who stated that his reason for being an atheist was that belief in God messed with his lack of morals. That's not verbatim, but it was words to that effect.

      How much more satisfying it is to put aside the carnal and physical pleasures of the physical world and know that at the end, there is Life everlasting!

    • tenguage

      Nancy has it right. Read the Bible, it's a story of failure to obey God' commandments, and it happens over and over. When will we learn?

    • King David

      God helps those who help themselves. HERE WE ARE --- & who are we helping? Actions are the results -actions against Islam.

  • Nancy

    oops! Islamic way!

    • Marlin Covert

      Are you a Muslim?

  • Ted R. Weiland

    There is only one answer for the Islaminization of America, and it's not what most people think it is. Listen to "The BIBLICAL Answer to the Islaminization of America" at, followed by "The BIBLICAL Answer to the Mosque at Ground Zero" at

    • Henry Mill

      Ricky S agrees with you 100% that the church should really be totally involved in the state. So maybe he can have those Crusades that the Catholics were so famous for. They killed a lot of infidels. So hope you are out there working for the guy who wants to have 'government closely supervise sex according to faithbased guidelines". You are doing such a great job for the left wing by convincing all the normal RHINOS to not vote for an extremist party. See you guys are sooooo vocal. The lefties just keep under the radar so the RHINOS and Independents are abadoning the Rep party in large flocks to the other party. So please keep up the deeply extreme rhetoric. It's so great

  • "Dallas"

    I have a scenario and question. First, let me establish that Mohammad (an earthly Human) wrote and established the "Qur'an" (the religion of Islam), and God established the foundation to the "Bible" through The Ten Commandments (Law). Christ referenced "The Law" when stating: "I did not come to abolish the Law, but to affirm "The Law." That having been said, Christ established His Church (Catholic) upon Peter and "The Law", all of which we know has become Historical Fact.
    So, when Satan tempted Christ and Christ rebuked him, Satan knowing Christ has or will establish His Church, is it possible Satan said to himself, "OK, then I'll have my church (Islam) in opposition to yours", hence the distinct and increasing violence by Islam toward Christianity? Time will tell as events become clearer and clearer.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Not only that but, Mohammad set his religion up with parts of the bible. The first five books and regarded Jesus highly. But, that is where the comparisions stop. Allah is a arab moon deity and has nothing to do with anything in the Christian Bible nor with the Jews. And Islams morals and ethics are the opposite of that of the Bible and to be opposed at every turn.

      • DrZarkov

        Fact is that no one is sure what Muhammad said, since he was illiterate. The Qur'an wasn't written down until after the Prophet was dead, and documented the best of what others remembered he said, or of what others had told them he said. It could even be likely that the early Qur'an Suras, expressing tolerance with the other Abrahamic faiths reflected the Prophet's feelings, and the later ones were added or revised to reflect traditional tribal intolerance.

    • Henry

      Actually the Catholic Church was established at the Council of Nicaea some 300 years after the death of The Christ. There is no established history of the "Church Leadership" between Peter and the time of the Council

      • "Dallas"

         That was the "Formal Formation", however, from the time of Christ's Resurrection and up until "The Council of Nicaea", or thereabouts, all who identified themselves as "Christ's followers", offered the early style of "The Mass", as taught by Christ and continued by the Twelve Apostles, "underground" so to speak, out of fear.  But, offer a style of worship in the form of the early Mass, as taught by Christ Himself ("This IS My body......This IS My Blood.......... Do this in remembrance of Me"), they most certainly did.

    • Tim Smithpeters

      The Catholic church was not the first chuch Christ established. He established on one church. And that includes all people
      who have accepted Him as savior and was saved. Denominations were formed by humans.

      • Marlin Covert


    • Marlin Covert

      You definitely have a point there. I've researched the word Allah and found that Allah is the moon god Abraham worshiped before the real GOD had a chat with him and he set out for the Promised land. Our GOD is one of LOVE but not their god.......everything about Islam is phony. Like they say Abraham took Ismael up on the Mt for a sacrafice but it really was Issac according to the BIBLE......Satan is running that bunch of animals

    • American 1st

      Sounds right to me. Islamics / Muslims are devils - just count to 3,000. It takes a long time, and it represents 3,000 innocent Americans that were murdered by those devils on 9/11 just because the Americans weren't Muslims.

      The only good thing is that those murders that were expecting 27 virgins are frying in Hell forever. Wonder how they like spending eternity with Hitler & Nazis instead of virgins.

      Can you believe anyone could be so STUPID as to believe they would get a bunch of virgins after killing people on their suicide mission? Talk about s-t-u-p-i-d........... stupid, stupid, stupid.

      Wish they'd all go back to the Middle East with their nasty camels and their stupid Muslim cult.

    • American Made

      I think Muhammad was a psychotic, deranged, sexual pervert who wrote a Manual for Murder and the dumber than dirt camel herders bought it as gospel. Nobody can accuse those sand scums of being intelligent.

      I hope I didn't hurt their feelings with my comment.

      Go back to your disgusting, murdering, stinking camel-loving Muslim country. There. I hope that did hurt their feelings and they leave.

      Um, oh yeah, take Obozo, Pelosi, Reed, Frank & the rest of the Liberal, anti-American Democrats with you!

    • tanman

      And satan sent forth his son,named Mohammad.

    • King David

      You need to read history ----- You just don't get it! Your time frame is out of kilter--- or you are an islamist :(

    • B. Hill

      Good Point Dallas! It would certaily seem so...

    • Rich

      PLEASE read the book "God's War on Terror" by Walid Shoebat, an ex-p.l.o. terrorist and now christian convert. You will be amazed and horrified. Scriptural warnings about clear thinking to avoid deception take on a new meaning and importance.

    • Bert

      How is that you can see Mohammad wrote the Quran, but you still think your god wrote the Bible?
      Moses grew up in Egypt... The Ten Commandments are taken from spell 125 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
      Moses passed it off as from his god because the people following him didn't know any better and needed some rules to live by in order to keep them together.
      Also, you fail to see that the "Law" shows Jesus to be clearly a False Prophet.
      Further, your devil was concocted by your church and is not real at all.
      Worst of all, you fail to see that your god and the god of Islam are the SAME god.
      Both the Quran and the Bible are books of hate and murder.
      I am a Pagan Priest and the High Priest of Seekers Temple. Look us up and learn the truth about your god.

    • ideajamb

      Ah yes, Dallas, a city in the great country of Texas. You speak a word that I myself have thought. How does the current fraud in the white house fit into this picture?

  • John Hardman

    I'm with ya Buckaroo:_I'm a 11th Airborne Paratrooper from the Korean War era, and I have never forgotten the oath I took when I was inducted to defend the Constitution. I also remember that we were supposed to obey all direct orders from our Commander-in-Chief._In as much as our Phony Presiident is not legal, neither are any orders coming down the chain of command._There are many millions of us older war buzzerds that will be available to make sure Obama is thrown out of our White House legally

    • Barry V

      Count me in!

    • Mary

      Yeah John....I hope you're right and he's thrown out

    • guest

      Amen, brother!!! Hussein O'Bama has got to go!!!

    • John

      I'm slightly later than you but am willing to see that he goes one way or the other but go0 he must for the good of our country.

    • Henry

      John, I agree and remember Satan's politics is The Bolshevik.

    • Garx69

      We need to throw the Manchurian candidate out out by keeping the voting process legal and VOTING. At a minimum we must take control of the senate and start the impeachment process of the registered Socialist in our congress.

  • Insurgent

    Islam is not a religion. It is a world-wide illness that is growing out of control. We need to eradicate these sickos ASAP !!!!!

    • daves

      Man you must just hate America and the fact that all humans have rights here.

      • Insurgent

        Were all your special education classes difficult for you?

    • Bacon

      Islam IS one Religion of many which have brought about more death and suffering than any plague or war, by FAR. Islam is currently the worst one, but religious history is the history of killing others for some god, or another. When you're wrestling with deity there's no need for logic and reason. If we could quit worrying about gods and start thinking about people.. I don't know.

    • guest

      Too bad someone doesn't find a virus that would only infect brain-dead fanatical islamists.

      5-6 years ago the Scandinavian countries saw these crazies for what they ARE, and started restricting them. Now I see that England recognizes the problems with 'multiculturism' and is getting harder on them. Why is America still asleep?

    • Jjkrjw

      Islam is political. It is about controlling people with fear.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    Feed this creature of Satan something that it can not handle. Good foreign policy followed by a crusade to start with.

    • Joe

      Resurrect King Richard the Lionhearted and his Crusaders!!

      • Jonathan Gartner

        Each one of us has it in us to do this thing. We just have to realize it.



  • Matt

    lets load up our b-2 bombers and deliver all the nukes that iran can stand......then carpet bomb the survivors with pigs blood

    • dusman

      Yes, lets bring about WWIII early!


      • Devasahayam

        Given that your name is transliterated Hindi for foe, that tells us exactly where you stand!

    • amagi

      Dear Matt, The Iranian people are tyrannized by their government. Sounds familiar ? All through history this repeat
      itself; the few making life miserable for the many. Amazing, istn't it ? The question is - how do we get the many together
      to get rid of the few ?

    • Devasahayam

      How about the following compromise:

      We send one Minuteman missile, with 9 nukes (targetting Iran, Isfahan and 9 other cities we choose but not Qom) and one non-nuke targetted specifically at Qom which is filled with rancid lard and rotten spam/bacon-bits?

      (Qom is, for Shias, sacred)

    • ideajamb

      What a waste of pork, the other white meat. Use Napalm instead.

  • Walter

    All these chumps fear is power, this clown we have in the white house has shown them he is a weak nennie, they do not fear him !!!! So they will continue to thumb their noses at us and do as they please with no fear of anyone stopping them . Hopefully Israel will destroy them, because we don't have the balls to !!!! Talk is cheap and that is all obammy does.

    • daves

      By assassinating their leaders he has shown that he is weak?

      • Jjkrjw

        I think Panetta did that acting on his own.

    • Jjkrjw

      Why does Obama appease them? Is he part of the problem? Is he with them?

  • Guy

    Its time for America to wake up....obama does not Love our nation. He is dividing all of us.obama is not Transparent as he promised so how can any American vote for obama after he flatout lied to all of us..obama promised to have the most Transparent administration ever but we can not even see his college records,WHY? He is not what he says he is..Watch what obama does and do not listen to what he says,they are two different things... Wake up America...obama promised to cut our debt in half but has doubled it. Hello America.No obama.No soros. Wake up time is now...

    • tonnalcb

      Fact is...Obama is a Muslim...a traitor to America and all we stand for and needs to be impeached. He should NEVER have been elected or allowed to run. Someone with lots of money and power (a group...Islamic no doubt) owns him and tells him what to do to overthrow our governement. We have to stop him

    • daves

      Right now I have a choice of 5 men and President Obama is the only sane one among them.

      • gary

        Daves you're a true liberal:meaning mentally ill, you can take your insane Obama. You phase Obama when he insults our country and our troops, to the countries we are at war with!!!
        Myself I hope someone with a steady aim and a soft trigger kills this traitor in chief and saves the American Peoples from the embarrassment from Obama and his Czars of weakness. .

    • morg

      Obama has an effective plan of action toward the destruction of the US as we have known and expect it to be. They could not beat us on the battlefield or economically but can easily do so by infiltrating our political system. These people are entrenched at every level.

  • Mike

    My God, if anything ever fit the Liberals to a "T" that crocodile parable does!

  • Bett

    US Citizens are under Constitution. The Constitution is against any other law of the land so if Muslim is citizen,t hey must chose to
    obey constitution or LEAVE USA. No other religion defies the constitution and using it to get in w/1st amendment rights...well it is all not just amend. 1 they must be adhering to. Agenda 21 here to takeover US and put us under EU so if Paul does not get in, expect
    to lose your home and rights as they are now pushing to take gums for easy takeover was done inside our own gov't who turned from the Constitution. Paul will reverse Exec orders day one and get us back on solid ground. We cannot continue on titanic and be Sovereign. Any other vote will be throwing away your rights as an American.

    • pirx

      Doesn't this apply to Christians as well? According to the Constitution any law passed by Congress and signed by the President is the law of the land. So, why are the Catholic Bishops objecting to birth control coverage? It is the law! If they don't like it deport them to the Vatican!

      • Flame

        pirx, you clearly do not know your Constitution. One of the very first major decisions by the Supreme Court came in 1804 (or a year either side) in Marbury v. Madison. The major holding still quoted today is that any law not consistent with the Constitution is null and void, so when Obummer signs a bad piece of legislation (like Obamacare) that violates many provisions of the Constitution, it is automatically null and void.

        There is NO LAW that forces Catholic bishops to accept birth control. The First Amendment is NOT a restriction on your right or mine to practice a religious belief (and Catholics are taught that artificial birth control is wrong), the 1st A is a restriction on the federal government to dictate its terms to us.

    • Ginger

      Too late ..they are here and alive and well and exerting influence all over the place our courts and in our government..NOW..What do WE DO about it...??? WE must do is obvious that the government is up to it's neck with them. How many times have you called your "reps " demanding they stand up against these things?

    • daves

      What in the Constitution are the American Muslim's disobeying? I don't believe there is anything.

      • The Blue Collar Man

        daves, as a TROLL, you suck. No one could possibly think that another person living in America, could say as many stupid things as you do.

  • Ron Livaudais

    The Islamofacists say they will use the Constitution against us. Well, the Constitution mandates that the government protect us from enemies domestic and foreign, which includes the terrorists. I say let's use the Constitution against them and annihilate them from off the face of the earth!!!

    • daves

      Really? Where does exactly in the Constitution does it say that the Government must protect us from enemies foreign and domestic? I seem to have missed that part.

      • ideajamb

        The part when the President is being sworn in to office, I think obummer Hussein missed that part as well!

    • Flame

      The muslims in America are disobeying your and my right to express our beliefs when they whine about "hate speech" or, as in another case, physically assault a member of a parade wearing a costume they find offensive. They violate our right to liberty and self defense when they persuade gullible judges to accept wife-beating, honor killings, and other atrocities committed against their own family members or unrelated members of the community when they feel "insulted" by our expressions of free speech.

      If they don't like these ideas, let them go back to Iran, Egypt, Syria, or wherever they can live under their oppressive 7th century philosophy and leave us to live our God-given rights to life and liberty!

    • Flame

      Hold on, Ron. The Constitution only governs the US, not the whole world. Our rights are inherent in being human, they come from God, not government. So the rights secured under the Constitution are available to everyone, everywhere, but we have no right annihilate anyone from the face of the earth.

      What we can do is enforce the laws we now have that protect freedom of speech and protect life and liberty. We could resurrect the House Unamerican Activities Committee and enact/enforce sanctions against any group that seeks to assail our constitutional rights, as we did in the 1950s. Too bad we don't have anyone in D.C. with the courage of the Australian prime minister to put out a statement that this is the United States. These are our laws, and if you are not prepared to live under them, go back to where you (or your ancestors) came from!



    • ideajamb

      This of course will only be a good idea when we can make money doing it. That of course is after the fraud in the white house apologizes for us being so dang good!

    • ideajamb

      Sounds like a plan, can it be accomplished with no American deaths?

  • richard holmes

    Noone can co-exist with muslams, they cant even live with themselves.

    • ideajamb

      They are mohumadists. They do not believe in peace, only death and destruction, convert or die. As the Borg said, prepare to be assimilated.

  • thomas

    Send ALL Muslims back to their third world country where they belong !!

    • del

      including oscumbo, the one in the white house....they all need to go back to allah and the virgins

      • BIG KAHUNA.

        The virgins that they are talking about, are 13 years old virgins. The are SICK people to the core! They are also DEMON POSSESS people.

        • Devasahayam

          Given that they worship Old Nick (provable when we look at a Hebrew Bible--the one place a word similar to Muslim "allah" appears is Isaiah 14:14, which reads "allah bamah ab damah elowyn" translated to crude English "I'll climb above the clouds' heights and be like the Most High"), no surprise.


      I AGREE!

    • ideajamb

      I myself, as an old US Marine think we should send them to Allah and let them enjoy their virgins in the netherworld with their almighty leader!

  • Bett

    US Citizens are under Constitution. The Constitution is against any other law of the land so if Muslim is citizen,t hey must chose to
    obey constitution or LEAVE USA. No other religion defies the constitution and using it to get in w/1st amendment rights...well it is all not just amend. 1 they must be adhering to. Agenda 21 here to takeover US and put us under EU so if Paul does not get in, expect
    to lose your home and rights as they are now pushing to take guns for easy takeover was done inside our own gov't who turned from the Constitution. Paul will reverse Exec orders day one and get us back on solid ground. We cannot continue on titanic and be Sovereign. Any other vote will be throwing away your rights as an American.

  • Louis T Luca Jr

    Being 87 years of age, I never, never thought that this satanist idealogue of Islam would ever get as far as it has in my Beloved
    America. Nobody can tell me that Satan is NOT alive and well in our country. There is only one solution to this Evil and that is Prayer. Get down on your knees as if your life depends upon it, because IT DOES! God Bless America. One Nation under God.

  • June Cleaver

    Sounds just like Chicken Little. A terrorists in every closet including the WH. Why has Ricky S been so silent on this great threat. Guess he's been busy on sex and colleges. Sure he will get to it. Go you guys. You are making great strides in converting those RHINOs you dislike so much. Of course, all of them are just commies in cahoots with the devil Libs. Watch out for the sky, really.

    • ginger

      You are one of the reasons that Islam is making such strides in this country...don't see the danger...just stick your head in the sand and all will be well...hope you like the dirt.

      • dusman

        It is a matter of what you fear more.

        I fear my government growing out of control and becoming a tyranny any day over Islam.

        It's people like you who have allowed our government to grow and grow, becoming a threat to every American.

    • Marlin Covert

      You an AIRHEAD or a big bad Liberal?

    • Diana

      You are living in a dream world, not reality! Have you forgotten 9/11? Islam is a threat to all of America and the Western world, they hate us. Their whole goal is, according to the Quran, destroy any "infidel" who does not convert to Islam. People really need to wake up, before it is too late. These people are monsters, they are filled with nothing but hate and murder. And it isn't just the so called "extremist", all muslem are taught to hate infidels. You spoke of the white house, Obama's father was a muslem, his mother a communist....where do you think he has come up with all of his liberal views. Obama hates America, he wants to turn us into a Socialistic nation.....Any president that will apologize to the muslem world for America is lower than low...he is weak.....thinking he can talk his way into compromise with the Islamist world is the most dangerous and stupid idea ever!!!! Wake up America, this is reality!.... and Obama is about to sell us out to the extremist.....anyone notice how much the muslem presence in America has grown since he took the point where we have a judge deciding his cases according to Sharia law!!!

    • Kasi

      Only an idiot will argue will FACTS, and ALL liberals seem to hate facts.So watch out for facts,REALLY.

      • ideajamb

        My friend Dr. Savage has written an essay or a book on that subject. Something about a Mental disorder and how liberalism is so closely associated. It may be like a "Death wish" or maybe feeding the crocidile, see Winston Chrchill and the Honorable President Reagan.

    • ChaliePie

      Some wise man once said,"By their fruits you shall know them."
      By the way, the t.erm is RINO

    • ideajamb

      Cover your head with a rag and you will be fine! Don't you agree?

  • Michael Tindall

    here is an online posting of THE LAST AMERICAN.

  • Charles Martel

    The Center for the Study of Political Islam refers to the 270 million infidels who have been killed over the past 14 centuries as the "Tears of Jihad". By those numbers, Islam is worse than communism, fascism and Nazism combined. If you think Islam is going to go away, be appeased or accept anything by the destruction of Western civilization and the establishment of a global Caliphate then you are a politically correct FOOL! Fortunately, there are many of us with a backbone who are not going to let that happen.

  • 223/4/hire

    Science is a “method” not a body of truths or facts, to assert otherwise is to embrace a position based on controlled variables and no true scientist asserts that any group of variables can ever be fixed; variables are variables any claim to the contrary ensures that the claimant is at best dishonest and at worst a charlatan.
    The coming into being of the universe as discussed in “modern science” is not just a matter of imposing some sort of organization upon a previous incoherent state; but literally the coming into being of all physical things from nothing. This means that the series of past events could not have gone on forever and will not go on forever therefore the universe and everything in it had a beginning and thus will have an end. Infinity from infinity or infinity and infinity both equal irrationally thus inconclusively because the nature of the question can be found nowhere in nature itself. The evolutionist and scientific approaches to “origin” agree with the design or creation approaches on this matter. For the evolutionist this is called the Big Bang, for the theist this is called creation, semantics aside, this is simple truth. And, once the mind grasps that, it can then begin to grasp that the cause of this event must be beyond space and time and could not come from a physical or material thing that did not yet exist. This leaves “only” the possibility of an “abstract thing,” or a “personal mind,” for its cause. The problem with the “abstract thing” hypotheses becomes immediately obvious as “abstracts” on their own cannot “cause” anything. Letters and numbers are “abstractions.” These abstractions by themselves have no use, have no value, only when you have another reality such as “consciousness” in use simultaneously do these “abstractions” mean anything or even exist. Until “science” can explain the cause of transcendent matter from nothingness, the only delineable possibility is that the “design” hypothesis is still the only hypotheses to posit a comprehensive understanding which happens to be the understanding humans have had before the human constructs of religion, philosophy, and science, as avenues to seek answers to this very question.
    The implication of allowing the separating of these constructs (science-philosophy-religion) upon social collectives is staggeringly consequential. Hence the preamble to the constitution of the US, “that man is endowed by his creator,” as opposed to, “man is endowed by the state which he created;” man will always use force and will to meddle in the affairs of other men, only the recognition of an omnipotent conciseness being the provider of individual rights along with the true implementation of negative rights which limit the state’s rights not the individuals, has produced liberty in any meaningful sense for any prolonged period of time. For this country (USA) that all changed with the so called progressive relativistic evolutionary philosophy’s of Darwin, Niche, and Marx, which both Obama and Romney have “already” demonstrated the willingness to embrace. Neither possesses fundamental understandings of liberty for individuals nor do they have histories that would suggest comprehension of “free-market” principals.

    • Marlin Covert

      What do we have here????an educated Idiot using those big words or a liberal or an Obama fan????I don't jive.......KEEP IT SIMPLE MR

      • American Made

        No, he's comparing Obama & Romney to Karl Marx, a good comparison, I'd say. I wouldn't vote for either one. Neither will 22/4/hire. He's basically saying that the progressive Liberals screwed this country up. He's right.

        I want someone who offers solutions, is knowlegeable, intelligent & strong enough to FIX this country.

        Gingrich 2012

  • Chris Brown

    Perhaps it's time we drop the false modifier "radical" in "radical Islam". We all need to wake up, read the Koran and determine for ourselves what its message is. These evil events that have been happening of late -- 9/11, bombings from London to Madrid, "demonstrations" and killings in Afghanistan, Palestine and other places -- these are ***NOT*** effects of "radical" anything. Read the Koran. It will tell you that a Muslim should not make friends with an unbeliever; it will tell you that Muslims must fight the unbelievers; it will tell you that Muslims must struggle against those that reject Islam. Read the Hadiths -- the traditional pronouncements of Mohammed. All of these bad things are not the product of some sick, twisted individual named Osam Bin Laden -- all of these events, and many more events stretching all the way back in history to the seventh century, are the result of ordinary simple people reading this book and doing what it says for them to do. The sooner we understand this truth, the sooner we can intelligently and directly engage this age-old enemy on its own terms.

    • Marlin Covert

      I wouldn't touch that filthy book of Satan let alone read it!!!!!!!

  • Dusty1

    We have never had a more cowardly Commander-in-Chief. We'd be much safe if Bebe Netanyahu were in charge here. Hope there's still enough time to clean the White House and get our country back in order. Obviously, June Cleaver has her head up her ...She can't recognize a crocodile when she sees one.

    • fiddler

      So in the debates where Ron Paul says in effect "so what if Iran gets a nuke". I immediately said, "I wonder if Benjamin Netanyahu were sitting next to you, you would say that". I have often thought that except for Israel they should erect a huge unbreakable "bubble" over the middle east so that they can keep all their troubles to themselves and not involve anybody else.

    • tammy


      • ThomNJ

        tammy - Christianity is NOT illegal in Israel. It is illegal in most of the muslim countries. C'mon now.

  • Francie

    "That having been said, Christ established His Church (Catholic) upon Peter and "The Law", all of which we know has become Historical Fact." Wrong, not "Catholic," but rather, "Christian." Also, " all of which we know has become " should not be "become," but rather, "is," as in "all of which we know IS historical fact.'

  • Rose-Marie Noa

    The Muslims are soooo afraid of Christianity they think they can obliterate us by killing us all! Well it didnt work before & it wont work now! They are evil people & will NOT prevail! I dont care about their so called holy book because there is nothing holy about it! It is evil & deserves to be burned along with those who follow Islam!

  • Michael McLendon

    I have an answer for Islam: The West will bring the crusades back to you and bomb you into utter oblivion. It is the iron fist of the West that will make Islam back down. That is the only solution.

  • fiddler

    Let's not forget those like Chris Matthews in the "media" who carry water for BHO and the Democratic Party. Time to repudiate his so-called journalism.

  • Eddie

    I think its time to kick some Muslim ass. Get em out of the USA....... They have done nothing to support us here. They say they disagree with the radicals, ya show me, let me hear it.

    • American Made

      Exactly, Eddie.

      We need a Republican President & we need to demand that the Muslim "faith" be investigated as a cult. That fraud in the WH is one, so it will never happen on his watch.

      Our politicians need to understand how concerned we are with the Muslim threat from within.

      A faith or religion doesn't call for its followers to murder people of other faiths, therefore, Muslim is not a religion.

  • Eddie

    Time we get rid of that plant they put into Washington.

  • Henry

    When speaking of the Crusades the Christians are always put in a bad light. Actually it was the behavior of the Muslims that caused the Crusades. You can read about their (Muslims) behavior when studying the travels of Marco Polo during Middle Ages.

  • John Hardman

    It is inevitable that there will be armed hostilities between Radical Muslims and thier perceived infidel enemy. So let's just cut to the chase by abandoning pretense and wishy washy Political Correctness games. Their ill conceived notion that they will be successful in converting the entire world to their Murderous 6th Century AD eye for eye and tooth for tooth Cult; is proof of grossly unrealistic reasoning.
    Sawing off heads, stonings and other manifestations of depraved Human behavior provides a clarion call for the enlightened World to close ranks (and their borders) to these barbaric throw backs. A porcine based influenza is said to be a on-shelf item in many arsenels around the world as we speak. While many are still asleep at the switch, or so distracted by the 24/7 distractions
    purposely provided to encourage zombies to sleep on through the coming storm.

  • Martin Pride

    Wake up fellow Americans, Ron Paul is being ignored by every one in power. From big business to all in political power.
    None of them want to fix the problem. They all have their own survival driving them. Ron Paul is the only one with you and me
    and the America we love on his mind. Do not be dupped. Right him in if we must. He is our only hope

    • Marlin Covert

      Sure is amazing that there are so many stupid people out there that can't see the forest for the trees. Ron Paul can fix this country!!!!!!!! All the rest think all our troubles will just go away. How surprised they will be when we go belly up.................and soon I might ad

  • dusman

    The moderators of this web site apparently don't like that I am a military veteran who trained exclusively against the Iranian threat and might be able to provide far more extensive insight into the reality of the situation, beyond what their fear-mongering rhetoric provides.

    Congratulations on suppressing truth from those responsible for protecting you in any case Iran were to try and attack anyone.

  • Raymond Helfrich

    Your record is horrible for someone who doesn't salute His own flag, Your outta there Mr president!

  • America1

    The first thing that needs doing, and a lot of libs will cry and moan over it, is REBUILD the U.S. military into the best, meanest, and most well equipped and manned force in the world. Argue if you want, but the best defense is an offence no one would dare to challenge. At the same time, turn back our government to the Constitution, and "We the people"! And to start that, get rid of the Amendments that stripped the protections out of the Constitution, such as Senators being elected by the people instead of appointed by the state governments. Originally, the people did not vote for the president, but the Senate chose him, and he did not hold the powers they have usurped (especially obama). That way, the states kept the Fed under control.

    • Marlin Covert

      Good start there sir........but first and foremost this government must be cut drastically so we can BALANCE THE BUDGET
      I mean most departments must go,,,,education, energy, hud, and about a dozen others. Just elect Ron Paul and our problems will soon be over

  • SweetOlBob

    WordPress has been bullyed by the terrorist supporting cair into removing a truthful blog about islam and muslims.
    Bare Naked Islam is no longer on the net. The action by WordPress was cowardly and totally against our Firts Amendment.

  • tammy groves

    H HA HA HA HAAAAHHAAAAHHHAAA....what a CON. ISRAEL SUPPLIES their enemies so that THEY WILL FIGHT. ITs LUCRATIVE FOR ISRAEL for the whole world to be giving money to FIGHT.

    ITS SUCH A CROCK OF UTTER DISGUSTING say we have to be involved in PERPETUAL WARFARE WELFARE. RON PAUL 2012. NO MORE CON ARTISTS. oh gee look at that Israel giving to the crocodile.

    • Marlin Covert

      Right ON......RON PAUL!!!!!!!

  • JeronimoDan

    We have a Muslim in office and he is running this country, in a short time we'll be ruled by "Muslim Law" and asking ourselves, how in the hell did this happen? I for one, have no ideal just who it was, that voted for this fraud? I talk with people all the time and in over three years, I've only encountered one person that tells me, I voted for Obama and this guy was and still is, an atheist.

    • American Made

      The perfect reason to make a real change in November 2012.

      Take our country back!

      NO OBAMA 2012
      NO DEMOCRATS 2012

  • Bill

    A Christian will tell you, "I will die for what I believe!" An islamist will tell you, "You will die for what I believe!"

    Hey all islamo-facist, I bought 7 korans today. I wanted one to burn each day of next week!

  • tammy

    There are some really DUMB PEOPLE posting here. ISRAEL is making a KILLING on WAR PROFITS. KEEP UP THE DEFICIT haven't destroyed enough of the future for children yet....not quite Haiti yet....but people like you are ENSURING IT.

    • Marlin Covert

      another liberal with his head in the sand

  • guess who

    Islam hasnt yet met the real America........but they will.........

    • john

      I wish you were right but right now with the current crop os politicians we have no hope.

  • nik

    Its just more Tea Party idiocy I'm afraid. How many Western countries are occupied by Muslim armies? How many bases do Muslim governments maintain on Western soil? If you answered "none" to both of these questions you are much smarter than the average Rightwinger. Now ask yourself how many Muslim countries are occupied and under attack from the United States and the Christian West? The answer is: at least 2 occupations are currently underway, about a dozen have been bombed or raided in the past year and many more host US bases. Who's the REAL crocodile, dummies? US OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST! DOWN WITH US IMPERIALISM!

    • Marlin Covert

      You like those animals so well why don't you buy a ticket and get the hell over there? If we didn't have then here we would be 3000 lost at 911. This is American and you will never change it as long as we have our guns and we aren't going to get rid of them so BYE BYE

    • American Made

      Hey nik-the-prik -

      As a camel herder you probably don't have TV in that land of sand and scum, so I will clue you in. On 9/11/01 a bunch (19) of Muslim terds murdered 3,000 innocent Americans.

      We actually thought Muslims were people of a peaceful faith. Since 9/11 we became informed about your stinking bigoted Muslim cult. We found out that your stinking Qaran calls for Muslims to murder people of other faiths, similar to Hitler & the Nazis.

      We found that Muslims are so stupid that they blow themselves up to kill people of other faiths in order to get a bunch of virgins after death. You kidding me? Do you members of the Muslim cult realize how really stupid that sounds? I mean really.... like a bunch of 3rd world ignoramuses. Surely you people can't be THAT stupid.

      And if you live in America, you are to leave this country immediately, go back to your camel herding in the Middle East & feel free to blow yourself up any time.

    • Stephen Tareila

      The muslims have many "No Go" zones, for instance a large area of Berlin and London. These areas are like bases and in some army like patrols show up if the police or non dhimmi Westerners show up. They then use coercive measures including violence against the police. Sharia law is enforced and Western law flouted in these areas. An area in Paris(sections of adjoining streets) are taken over every week for Islamic public prayer. Similar activity exists in other western cities. Western dressed women have been raped/attacked there. Better wear your hijab ladies!

  • guess who

    ..........the Japanese made the same mistake...............

  • ALJ

    Seems like another earthy crunchy comment section that doesn't allow one to actually exercise their 1st Amendment Rights. I often wonder how many of these things are controlled by the progressives....

    • Marlin Covert

      I'm no darn Progressive.....that's a dirty word

  • bob

    A religion based upon an old guy marrying a 9 year old. Just what the world needs.

    • Marlin Covert

      Good one Bob

  • American 1st

    NO Obama 2012
    NO Liberals 2012

    Vote those unAmerican pigs out of office!

    • Marlin Covert

      AMEN to that

  • muleskinner

    The nose of the camel is no longer under the tent. The camel is in the tent. Thet tent is filling with camel dung.

  • ThomNJ

    Good post - and bringing up Reagan and Churchill reminds me that they would have seen this danger and spoken against it. Neither man would have kow-towed and gone all PC on us.

  • docboyer

    Obama who has admitted hs is a Muslim and the more avid muslims have desrtructive agendas. Obama want to destroy America and the Muslims want to destroy Christains. It boils down to convert or kill!!!

  • e1313ruth

    If the godless idiot muslims had half a brain they would know God's word is like a fire....So what is the big deal about burning the counterfeit of god's words which is also like a fire and a hammer.....
    Jeremiah 23-29..[Is] not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer [that] breaketh the rock in pieces?
    Tthe Babylonian hammer that breaks the rock in pieces is koran...It breaks the rock in pieces by causing people to believe the lie that Jesus is son of god... The belief that Jesus is son of God is the rock which Christ built his church upon..Jeremiah....... 50-23..

    Koran is the unquenchable fire....that burns up the chaff and those that reject the Gospel of Christ...

    • Marlin Covert

      And you are camel dung.......moon god lover. you are satans church as one day soon you will find out. It's so sad there are so many muslims that the real GOD will destroy. You poor idiots have been so misled it's pitiful. When you stand before JESUS in the last JUDGEMENT you will find out but it will be too late. Into the lake of fire and brimstone you go forever.


    With a Muslin and Muslin and communists lover in the whitehouse, nothing will be acomplished until we kick the whole flock out in 2012!!!!
    The American people that voted for the hypocrit should appolige to the one who seen for what he was and voted no !!!

    • Marlin Covert

      I know of no one that will vote for him again accept one old lady I had lunch with a while back and she was an AIRHEAD ist Class

  • recon marine

    well dont look now but we have a trrrorest for a president duh

  • Mattwm

    I could give a rats ass about the muslims in this world. as far as I'm concerned, they are just like the Nazis and need to be broke and disbanded. hang all that have done others wrong, even for what they do to their wives and daughters. Burn all their violant ridden books they call the Quaran, Karon, whatever, just burn 'em all. and as far as the Prophet Mohomed is concerned, he was just a hermit lost in the desert who was delusional.

  • "Dallas"

    "Catholic" means universal!
    This IS my Body, this IS my Blood”. Words spoken by Christ to the Twelve Apostles.
    As a result of this statement, ALL His “Disciples” left Him as they could not/would not accept this as "fact", so Christ went on to ask Peter, quote: “Will you leave Me also?” To which Peter responded, “To whom shall we turn Lord, for you have the words to Eternal life.” Christ then went on to say, “Peter, thou art the rock and upon this rock I will build "My Church", and the gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL against Her.”, unquote. Peter became the first Pope in an unbroken succession of Popes to this very day! Therefore, continuity.
    All other Christian Denominations began with the very first "Disciples" that left Christ, but began a Denomination based upon His teachings, except for those teachings they could not/ would not accept, and so on and so on. Hence the hundreds, perhaps thousands of Christian Denominations existing today. In an Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, She was asked, quote: "Which is the True Church?", unquote. Her reply was, quote: "There is but one True Church. If anyone is espousing the word of God, do not stop them, however, The Holy Spirit is more with one than with the others"., unquote
    Is your interpretation that which is with the “Disciples”, or with the “Twelve Apostles?” Only you, in the privacy of your own conscience can answer that.

    • DaveR

      Being a [Roman] Catholic and being a Christian are not the same thing. Catholic starting with a small "c" means universal, Catholic starting with an upper case "C" does not, although their hierarchy would like it to be. Being a Christian in the correct and true sense of that word means having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Being a Roman Catholic does not necessarily mean such, although of course many do have such a relationship. I know because I was raised as one, and my parents, aunts and uncles were dutiful Roman Catholics, but once I became an adult began reading the Bible carefully for myself. It's unfortunate that false prophets and politics and a desire for power infiltrated the R.Catholic church -- consider what they did to Martin Luther, indulgences and such.

      But this is far besides the main point. Various Christian sects are not and should not be enemies of one another. Islam is false doctrine that is enslaving and deceiving many. As you likely know, it affirms use of deception to advance Islam (taqiyya). Look at a globe or map of the world and consider where most of the fighting is going on -- Islamic countries and those that border Islamic countries.

  • Marlin Covert

    Very few will even admit they voted for him HAHAHHA

  • jeff

    All I can say is "GET OUT AND VOTE".

  • e1313ruth

    Oops mistake in the post... It should read
    It breaks the rock in pieces by causing people to believe the lie that Jesus is NOT son of god... The belief that Jesus is son of God is the rock which Christ built his church upon..Jeremiah....... 50-23..

  • traasio

    MUSLIMS ARE NOT SMART its just that Americans are to dumbed down and afraid to act. America's biggest enemy, right now, is our own governments at all levels. The truly STUPID but SLY and SLIMEY PROGRESSIVES seeped their way into positions of authority by promising one thing and then doing a 180 and pushing as hard and fast as they could to implement anti-American policies at all level of government. Conservative America, what's left of it, better put on their titanium jock straps and get ready to rumble. Sadly, so sadly, millions of us will end up DEAD if we do not stand up and put a stop to this CANCEROUS internal demolition of our Constitution by the very men and women we elected to uphold it.

  • traasio

    . If America makes it to and through the 2012 election AND defeats the Obama regime, we might have a couple more years.....I frankly don't see an AMERICA on the horizon of 2013. I think, and I hope I'm wrong, America is all done by the end of 2012. The revenge for allowing 53 MILLION innocent babies to be SLAUGHTERED within our own borders is upon us, and rightfully so. Judgement first begins at the house of the Lord. He will use our enemies to destroy us down to a remnant and then he will arrive to destroy the enemies who destroy us.

  • traasio

    A blood bath is coming, America, but take heart Christians, we've read the end of the book. Jesus is coming and he will resurrect us from the dead. There's no one to blame but Christians for the loss of America. The nation that was a beacon of righteousness has become as foul as her heathen enemies. Her light has gone out. Christian leaders, especially WHITE Christian leaders, sold America to her enemies in exchange for a lie...the 501.3c. I weep for America. I weep that my children and grandchildren will NEVER know the America I grew up in. It was a wonderful, wonderful, place; even on its worst day. We're about to enter the NIGHT......the GODLESS NIGHT....unless we fast and pray, America. The Bible says, The NATION that forgets God will metamorphis into HELL. Over the last 40 years, we have slowly metamorphed into a LEWD, VILE, country of BABY KILLERS and God will require it, life for life.

    • DaveR

      God (YHWH) also does not have comforting things to say about peoples and nations that abused his people Israel. Where does USA fit today in its support of Israel?

      • traasio

        Hi Dave,

        First let me say that I am an Evangelical Christian who is in 100 percent support of Israel, as are almost ALL Evangelical Christians. Sadly, we are NOT as large a group as we used to be and are under constant assault here in America from other religious groups as well as a Godless LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE government that is stomping our American Constitution to powder. It is written in the Bible that ALL nations will end up being against Israel. That she will be made a stone to hot to handle or to heavy to lift for any of those who would be supporters of her. The VILE, DEMONIC, line of ISHAMELITES will do this by cutting off and controlling the worlds oil supplies to the United States. Their agreement to continue selling oil to the United States will rest soley on the American Government's willingness to throw Israel under the bus and forsake her utterly, AND THEY WILL. America "might" have this delayed if our nation repents of it's sacrificing of living babies to the god of moral depravity. God is merciful and will DELAY judgements a few years for the sake of those who repented.

  • SpiderMike

    Hey guys, here's a link to download the PDF of The Last American.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Most people fail to realize that Islam has been at war with the non-Islamic world since the year 632. By the time of Muhammad’s death, in that year, most of the Arabian Peninsula had been converted to Islam, and the tribes of Arabia had united into a single Muslim religious polity.

    From that point Muslim conquest raged across the Middle East, North Africa, and into Western Europe. It was finally checked by Charles Martel in north-central France at the Battle of Tours (October 10, 732), a landmark battle that marked the high tide of the Muslim advance into Europe (called by Muslims the Battle of Court of the Martyrs)

    The crusades, so reviled by Muslims, were attempts to restore Christian control of the Holy Land, and were fought over a period of nearly 200 years, between 1095 and 1291. Encouraged by the failure of European armies in these crusades, Islam continued its quest to dominate the world.

    The Ottoman Empire probed into the Adriatic Sea, seeking entry through central Europe. A fleet of the Holy League, a coalition of Catholic maritime states, decisively defeated the main Islamic fleet at the Battle of Lepanto on 7 October 1571.

    Undeterred the Muslims sought to invade Eastern Europe through the Balkans, and were finally defeated there by Prinz Eugen, who scored a decisive victory against the Ottomans at the Battle of Zenta in 1697. Although they were stopped before the gates of Vienna, Muslims continued to have a major presence in the Balkans. They have been a source of discord in that area to the present day.

    • traasio

      Great post, 2WarAbnVet. I hope you don't mind, I've saved a copy of your post as the information is very valuable to me for discussions. Thank you, God bless you.

  • oldgringo

    Iran doesn't have any Nukes.....N. Korea admits its intention is to build nukes.....Haven't heard Iran say that yet.....So who's the bigger threat here.....Iran or Korea?

  • Walt

    Obama and his questionable credentials has to go. Clean House in 2012.

  • oldgringo

    I agree "Socialism" is a drug and should be flagged!....Like Bill O'Reilly say "Here's looking out for You"....And I appreciate that!

  • Don DeHoff

    Before we get too carried away, we need facts. First, exactly what and how many books were burned? Were they printed in "pure Arabic" or were they a MERE translations of the the Arabic Qur'an into some other language? If so, the Muslim hiarchy has decreed for years that translations are merely that, and do not accuratly reflect the actual Qur'an. "They" have decreed that tranlations cannot be used in discssing the actural Qur'an as they do not relect the actual "spoken word". If "translations" were burned, they are not sacred like the Quran, and it would be similiar to a mere morta,l stating what he or she believes the Qur'an says. Also, were the books, "planted" just for the sake of creating a riot by the uniformed and illiterate Muslims all over the world? If they were apporved Arabic Qur'ans and they had been already "desecrated" by the "users, the burnings would appear to be of little or no consequence. How do "they" dispose of an damaged or worn out Qur'an?---an investigation is in order, before we proceed.

    • Ruth

      The Qur'ans that were burned were ones that the militant Muslims,at the camp, wrote in. They had messages to other militant Muslims and thus had devalued the book themselves.

  • Silas Longshot

    Be aware, Americans, the islamic crocodile centered in Michigan as we type. The largest 'community' of muslims in the USA. All they need is the signal and it's riots in the streets like Paris, London, Pakistan and so on.

    Click the name, survive.

    • John

      I hope the word comes out real quick, then they will find that there are millions of Americans willing to fight for our great country & would welcome them trying to take over anything. I am one of those millions & wouldn't hesitate in the least

  • Taquoshi

    Know who you are banking your money with! There is a list of banks that are now Shari'a compliant, which means that a percentage of their earnings go to support Shari'a interests. Check out:

    Don't do business with these banks. Don't feed the croc.


    “'Nothing but burning the White House can relieve the wound of us — the Muslims — caused by the Burning of Quran in the US,' the commander of Iran’s Basij force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqd said."

    Oh, I don't know about that. I think US stealth bombers over Tehran would probably also "...relieve the wound of us -- the Muslims..."

  • Roger

    Since the commander of Iran’s Basij force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqd said, "“Their apology can be accepted only by hanging their commanders; hanging their commanders means an apology.”, isn't he calling for the lynching of obama?

  • george

    Most carnivores can smell fear. Unfortunately with this president we are and will be easy pick'ens.

    Can you imagine all those wannabees on the doles coming to the defense of this country? A scary thought.

  • Eric

    This article is still in the appeasement narrative, as it makes the false distinction between "radical Muslims" and "Muslims".

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Sharia and the Constitution are incompatible.

  • Don DeHoff

    I just commented but now have just noted that some Iranian general wants "commanders to be hung" for dereliction of duty before an apology can be accepted. That, is but just another example of the 7th Century barbaric philosophy and warlike cuilture of the Muslims as a whole, wherein all too frequently individuals or small controlling groups act as "judge, jury and executioner". In our system oflaw and justice, we make mistakes, even with two lawyers, 12 jurors an impartial judge, along with witnesses. Such single acts has to rsult in far more mistakes. Until the facts are in, apologies are not in order. Also, I doubt that actual soldiers were doing the burning as most of that kind of labor is perfomred by local nationals. Also, where were the nationals while the burning was going on?---something is not being fully disclosed.

  • Marvin Clark

    What is a Muslim? It seems to me that a Muslim, Jihadist or Islamist is a person that follows the teachings of Muhammad as described in the Koran (multiple spellings and pronunciations). This document spells out very clearly the method by which believers in this faith must treat non Muslims. - Not a pretty picture. It describes nonbelievers in extremely unflattering terms. It describes the goals of the goals of their religion as world domination and the complete genocide of anyone who does not agree with their version of muslim beliefs.
    The concept of an extremest, moderate, insurgent or other politically driven adjectives is absurd. A Moslim is a Moslim whose behavior is dictated by their belief in Islam. Why do we continue to participate in the attempt at our own destruction?

  • giley

    Keep your powder dry and muskets ready patriots. Evil is just around the corner.

  • AwthrAwthr

    I like crocodile soup with lots of crumbled bacon. Sometimes I feed it to my dog. 😉

  • david peacock

    I just want to feed them ONE MORE TIME; THIS MORSEL WILL BE; a nice little piece of lamb or goat meat stuffed with a delicious chunk of C-4

  • C. Ross

    Why do they come here if they do not like us. Why don't they go back to their own country and leave us alone. Why do we allow them to tell us what we should do in our country??

  • Pastor Carmen

    I will feed them the truth Allah along with Mohammed are nothing more then deceivers you can never see Allah and the only way you see Mohammed is the join him in quest.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Time to start taking the Islamic Fundamentalists to meet their "maker" Allah. They can them find their 72 virgins (someone forgot to tell them they were male virgins) with their god of death, destruction and dismember. Hmmmm...sounds kinda like a devil.

    Oh well, let's help them achieve their martyrdom already!

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Very good post this is. See it from a perspective of history ans ask yourself why the Main Stream Media keeps us thinking the Muslim Problem is fresh, new and "just happened"?

    The reality for survival of our nation and Western Civilization takes some tough decisions and determination of steel (NOT Obama Butt Kissing). Time to start taking the Islamic Fundamentalists to meet their "maker" Allah. They can them find their 72 virgins (someone forgot to tell them they were male virgins) with their god of death, destruction and dismember. Hmmmm...sounds kinda like a devil.

    Oh well, let's help them achieve their martyrdom already!

  • "Dallas"

    DaveR That's one of the problems with individual interpretation. Ask 10 people to interpret a statement pertaining to their character alone, and you will get 10 different interpretations, Christ words are Dogmatic and speak clearly. It's when we begin interpreting them that the slight "twist", "spin", "rationalization", and etc., begins to creep in and we begin to "adjust" His teaching to our situation and/or liking.) That's why we should listen to "scholars", paying attention particularly to those who are obviously chosen and gifted, such as Padre Pio, now St. Pio.
    As to Martin Luther, he went against Catholic teaching (Christ's Dogmatic words), quote: "Peter, to thee I give the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven, whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.", establishing the Sacrament of Confession to a Duly Ordained Priest.. Also, Quote: "What you bind on earth (laws established) I will bind in Heaven, what you loose on earth I will loose in Heaven.", unquote. Martin Luther said one does not need to confess to a Priest, but only to Christ Himself. This is directly in opposition to Christ's dictate.

  • traasio

    ULTIMATELY, it is prophesied, America will be destroyed in ONE HOUR and all those who have ships in the sea will stand off her shores weeping and wailing at our destruction. We will be destroyed by the governmental systems described as the Leopard with the feet of the Bear and the mouth of the Lion. Check in the encyclopedia under leopards and you'll find they are resident in all the middle eastern countries only, which, with the exception of Israel, are ALL ISLAMIC countries. The BEAR is Russia. They will provide the technology that will empower the Leopard to have killing claws (munitions, arms, nuclear technology) that they will use to blow America off the face of the map, when that day comes. The mouth of the Lion, if it is not Achmadenajhad, it will be someone like him, blaspheming the God of Israel and Christians. One other government coalition is mentioned in the prophesy too and that is the GREAT RED DRAGON (China) who ends up hating the WHORE (America) and joins in the destruction too.

  • traasio

    THEN, when America is gone, they ALL turn their focus on Israel, and about 2/3 rds of Israel is wiped out before Messiah comes and rescues the remainder and destroys those who destroyed Israel and the Christians and he sets up an everlasting kingdom in Israel at JERUSALEM. Jesus LOVES Israel. Real Christians LOVE Israel. Our faith is in the Messiah who is from Israel. It is prophesied in your own books that " they will look on him whom they have pierced" and they will say "What mean these wounds in your hands and your feet and in your side?" and he will answer them "These I recieved IN THE HOUSE OF MY FRIENDS!!" Israel, Judah, Jerusalem, are HIS FRIENDS, (Jesus' friends).

  • Al from Fl

    The trouble with America today is that the liberals have a hard time embracing "America". Besides the progressives need to get rid of Christiantiy in order to push their agenda and the Muslims are glad to help them with that. If you don't stand up for America and Freedom, you will lose it.

  • traasio

    I love Israel, David. I hope America repents so we can be around longer to once again throw our FULL SUPPORT to Israel. It's a VERY DARK hour for America and Israel, right now, due to the rise of extreme EVIL in positions of power in our government. Many who live in America hate the Jews or are ambivalent about them, but there are an EXTRODINARY number of Bible believing Christians who are in TOTAL SUPPORT of Israel. May the eternal God of heaven, (YHWH) cover you with his hand and show you his truth and love. He's coming for those who love "him". He's coming to destroy those who hate those who love him, and to save the remnant of Israel. As it is written " SO ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED". He already allowed the destruction of those in Israel who hated him and crucified him. He's not coming to destroy Israel, this time, BUT look up, my friend, YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR!!

  • floyd

    Obama's giveaway: Oil-rich islands to Russia
    Exclusive: Joe Miller sounds alarm over deal to put land in hands of Putin's Kremlin
    Published: 02/16/2012 at 7:55 PM

  • flameinhair

    As Gen. Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson said, "KILL THEM....KILL THEM ALL."

  • Frank Bodziak

    Time for Cowboys and muslims

  • Keith

    Obama is a Radical Muslim. Most people won't beleive me, but it's a fact! Qbama hates America and he and George Soros will Destroy it! The bad news is he wants to kill us All!

  • Cynthia

    100% of Muslims are radicals! I don't believe any of them would be tolerant of Christians and Jews. They teach their children to hate anyone who isn't Muslim and that it's okay to kill infidels. That's pretty radical to me! I don't trust any Muslim!

  • Dennis

    Of course Reagan collected thoughts from famous people.....after all he never had one of his own...

  • David in MA
  • Peter Ramsey

    The crocodile is in the White House.

  • robert

    hey june,were are you hiding the devil/ovomit/lucifer/hitler/next to your little beaver.wally is going to kick your little beavers trash.did your parents ever have children that lived.your as useless as a onelegged men in an ass kicking contest.did you fail blocks in kindergarden.take gas.god bless all american veterans and all american citizens.semper fi

  • Herr Capitan Fick

    You people aren't going to get rid of the Arabs or the Mexicans! I don't know why you keep going on and on! Yoou have been sleeping on and on! You can't go to Europe because the Arabs already have europe! They will probably put you or most of you on a resorvation! The ones they let live! These foreigners are getting in these key positions and you people aren't smart enough or too cowardly to keep your country! Go back to sleep, your country is gone!

  • Raymond

    Public Schools Are Teaching What?

  • george morrison

    well obama loves these people so much maybe we should throw him to these radical muslims this to me sounds like a lot better idea than this illegal ailen stuff that makes them citizens even though they might be a criminal and other such stupidity,and yes he is in their eyes just one big patsy or panzy or both one thing for certain he is a pandaejo

  • Ron

    It is RINO not RHINO you dumb ass.

  • Marty

    Crocodile! What an apt description! People, you better pray we don't get another 4 of Obama, because we will be lost as an independent nation if we do.
    Muslims believe it is acceptable to lie to your enemy as long as it brings you the desired result. He claims to be a Christian, but no true Christian would do and say the things he has. Stop and think about that pastor over there who has been sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. Obama started out Muslim., now says he's a Christian. He's still alive. Food for thought?

  • Mike

    People are concerned with bullying and muslims are nothing but bullies. They think the whole world must cater to them....they pee on bibles and want to get away with it but let someone burn a koran- even when these creeps that are locked up were using those korans to send messages to each other- and they want apologies.
    Treat them them like bullies.
    It would be a better world without them.

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      The American and Christens are gutless cowards!

  • ideajamb

    They say that we need to convert or be neutralized. I say we do what Fredrick of Frieburg said all those years ago in Spain... "Kill them all and let God sort them out!" If the Libs don't like it, lets send them to live in the middle east with those animals still living in the stone age.

  • ideajamb

    My good friend Dr. Savage the world renowned botanist has stated that liberalism is a mental disorder...

  • James Fontana

    We need to fight Islam on everyfront, at home and abroad. No more giving in to the Muslims because we might offend them. They offend me because they refuse to assimilate and try to live like Americans. They hide in their mosques and still consider their women second class or worse. They act as if we should bend over backwards for them.They walk down the middle of the street not bothering to get out of the way. They will crowd in line at a store. Do not tell me I am wrong as I lived in Lackawanna NY where there is a large population of them.

  • bobluke

    I wonder where Dennis gets his thoughts from. Must be from fortune cookies, or maybe the comic strips. Dennis, can you come up with anything original?

  • rob

    everyone needs th get out and vote and be very thoughtful of whom you vote for we must change things in washington::

  • Rev. Alvin Cordes

    Isn’t it time to send Islamic Judges back to some Islamic country?

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      Yep, but the problems are you Christens are toooo P C and gutless! I guess you're tooo afraid of paying taxes or making someone mad at you! Now go back to sleep, yourcountry isn't your country any more! It belongs to the foreigners!

  • Robert

    If 10% or 100 million of muslims are radicals, that's about one third of the population of the U.S. (not saying they are all here).
    My point is, that is a heck of a big number of crazies to worry about. Also if there are 100 million of them, odds are there are one or two of them dwelling in the U.S. just waiting to take up the cause and do something. If you doubt is, think back the Maj. Hasan in the Army that took it upon himself to start his own private Jihad at Ft. Hood, Texas. Hillary Clinton wants anything said or done about muslims in this country to be considered a hate crime. What do you call what Maj. Hasan did to the unarmed troops at Ft. Hood. Hate crime to be cautious, watchfull, and aware of whom you nieghbors are and what they are up to? I say Nay. If you have a crack house at the end of your block and gangbangers coming and going all the time, are you going to ignore it because of their ethnic lable? Wake up, be aware of your surroundings and what's going on. Hillary, take a hike, and a liberal with you when you leave.

  • Kathy

    Congress just needs to close the bank roll to the majority of the mid east, no rebuilding of thier countries, no funding of rebel groups there, no purchasing of thier oil, no allowing any new visas or immigration into our country for awhile. Then we will see how well they will do. We get nothing in return for the billions of dollars we send over there but disrespect, and terrorism.

  • Tom T

    To Dallas:

    Christ fullfilled the Law, Something we cannot do except thru him by recieveing him as savior and only by him. He said thuo art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church. This rock being himself and it certainly had nothing to do with catholism a works religion coming later that worships a woman of flesh and a false prophet called pope, a complete denial of the deity of Christ Jesus the only begotten of almighty God. I watched one of your so called preists on national tv laugh saying he could just see Jesus being all upset because some one got to the Father without him. I believe that is one sinner that sealed his fate to hell at that very moment!!

    • "Dallas"

      You see where rationalization (private interpretation) can go! Christ said "THOU art Peter (Petros, Latin meaning Petrified, or solid, if i recall correctly) and upon THIS rock I will build My Church..................................." Pretty clear, I think.
      If Christ meant as you state, He would have said " Thou art Peter, "I" am the Rock and upon this Rock I will build My Church......................."
      As to the Blessed Virgin Mary being simply "a women of flesh". You are correct, except for the fact that She can only appear and speak on earth by the WILL of God the Father and/or His Son.

    • "Dallas"

      You see? That is why I firmly believe that the words spoken by Christ are the only "interpretation" that can be taken with confidence.  His words are straight to the point, not nebulous, no spin and etc.
      So, consider, when He said, quote:  "This IS My body..................This IS My blood.........................."
      and everyone left Him, as they could not accept what He was saying, but the Twelve.   So then, He went on to say even more firmly and to the point, quote:  "Verily,verily, I say unto you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His blood, YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOU!"  ONLY a duly Ordained Catholic Priest can Consecrate bread and wine, to become the TRUE BODY and BLOOD of CHRIST>

  • Ridge runner

    These people ,not all of them but too many of them are guilty of high crimes and misnomeners subjection of the constution and if you as the administrator think like these reps that if they don't like how the constution is writen will just do as they want then you can just delete this one and i will just delete this web site from my computer because i don't want to associate with this web site.

  • Ridge runner

    This religon called islam is by the written koran isnot a caring enity but a devil cult and is evil as practised by as has been stated about 10% of the muslam people. You can read it any way you want but even 1% of the muslam population being as radical as these rabid people are is too many. To my way of thinking if they want their religon to be reconized as a viable religon then they need to purge these rabid radicals.Do like was done several hundred years ago,off with their heads

  • Halle McCartney

    God please proect all of us Americans!!

  • "Dallas"

    Continuing the discussion as to the establishment of the Catholic Church by Christ, first we know that Christ DID state He would establish His Church upon Peter, The First Apostle among the twelve who remained with Christ.  ALL his other Disciples left Him upon hearing words they could not/would not accept. Christ then gave Peter assurances and guidelines, quote:  "To thee I give the KEYS to the kingdom of Heaven. What you bind on earth (Laws, precepts and His teachings), I will bind in Heaven", unquote. Also, quote: "Who's sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them, whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.", unquote.  And I'm sure, many other "instructions" as well.  Peter then had to pass all that he had been told and taught, on to his successor, and so and so on, until the first Christian Church (Catholic) was established formally.  As history has documented, there is an unbroken succession of individuals, "Popes", beginning with Peter and continuing to this day.   That's unquestionable.
    As to the role of The Blessed Virgin Mary, consider the "enormous influence" a conscientious Mother has upon a Son, and just so happens that He is not only Her Son, but is also the Son of God the Father, WOW!  What influence mankind has for the asking.
    There is a huge difference between "Worship" and "Honoring".  The Catholic Church, and perhaps a few catholics, "Worships" the "Blessed Trinity", "FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST", and GREATLY "HONORS" The Blessed Virgin Mary, among all the Angles and Saints.  So, who wouldn't Pray to the 'MOTHER OF GOD THE SON" to have Her use Her "Motherly influence" for some special Grace or Blessing?  That's simply common sense. Especially, when there is so much evidence that She must "Rank" pretty high with God The Father and Her Son Jesus, as is evidence by Her many, many appearances in places such as  Guadelupe, Lourdes, Fatima and since 1981 in Medjugorie, among numerous other appearances that are presently under investigation.  That tells me, She is something of importance.  Keep in mind that Her appearances and uttering 's are BY THE WILL AND POWER OF GOD THE FATHER AND THE SON.

    • Lhg74

      Sad to hear the mistaken idea that Peter is the first pope. The Roman Catholic church was instituted and formalized by Constantine with the hope of strengthening his kingdom. There is a reason this religion is called the Roman Catholic Church -- it is just that, a Roman government religion begun by the Pontifex Magnanimus, Constantine's title as head of the pagan Methras religion. He sought to merge Methras (sun god) with Christianity and decreed that all his subjects accept his new religion. You cannot prove that Peter, the Apostle, was in any way the progenitor of the Roman religion, and certainly was never the pope of Constantine's Roman religion. The scriptures you quote are very much misplaced. Jesus said to Peter (Matthew 16:18 "Thou art Peter (a little rock), and upon this rock (big rock = Jesus), I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." If the church were built upon Peter it could not stand. Peter fell from grace, and Jesus said (Luke 22:32 "But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethern." The church of our Lord is built upon Him, not any other. The attempt to validate the papish leniage from Peter is an attempt to certify the Roman religion as the true Biblical church. Too much pagan practices from the onset of the Roman papish religion disallows it to be completely Biblically based making it, at best, an aberrant form Biblical Christianity. Hope this will help you. Just remain true to the Word of God, not to a clearly manmade religion that had it's birth 300 years after Christ. -- LeonBookDescriptionContext




      • "Dallas"

        I searched and couldn't find Christ making any "promises to Constantine". Of course there was the "attempt" to "set up Constantinople", as the "seat of the church..   However, one cannot deny Christ's Dogmatic and "specific Instructions" to Peter alone. (none others), that clearly says otherwise.

        A clear example as to why there are so many Denominations.  I don't think for one minute that is what Christ intended.

  • Charleswntrs

    STOP FEEDING the Zionist Crocodile!

  • Evegog53

    The National Park Service is a
    bureau in the U.S. Department of Interior. The U.S. Forest Service is a
    bureau in the Dept. of Agriculture.

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  • Herr Capitan Fick

    Well. we voted today and at the poles people said they weren't buisy all day! See I told you you morons don't care and won't stick together!

  • "Dallas"


    is so much discussion as to the "True Church" that it clearly
    describes the "error" in individual thought and interpretation.

    It is well known and generally excepted that Christ was upon earth, and that He
    would be "the rise and fall of many.", which He clearly describes by,
    quote:  "You are either for Me, or against Me", "I want you
    hot, or cold", if you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of my
    mouth.",  also, "You cannot serve two masters.", unquote.

    That having been said, consider then what "message" should be, or is
    being  conveyed through having the Blessed Virgin Mary appear on this earth so many
    times, in so many places over hundreds of years.  In all of those deemed
    miraculous, having no scientific and/or logical explanation, and with some, the
    more investigation, the more it shows to be of a Divine nature, one then has to
    ask, WHY?  I believe the appearances of The Blessed Virgin Mary is for the
    purpose to give mankind not only the "evidence that God exists", but
    to clearly "influence" one to make but one conclusion, and to support ones making
    up their own mind, thereby still allowing for the exercise of "Free

    is from this perspective that I continue to state there is but one True Church,
    because when The Blessed Virgin Mary was asked, which is the true church, 

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    reply was, quote: "There is but one True Church. If anyone is espousing
    the word of God, do not stop them, however, The Holy Spirit is more with one
    than with the others"., unquote

    Until such time as the "Scientific Community", and/or anyone else,  can provide clear undeniable evidence and explanation to debunk these appearances, I will
    firmly continue to make them known to the best of my ability.


  • "Dallas"

    There is so much discussion as to the "True Church" that it clearly
    describes the "error" in individual thought and interpretation.
    It is well known and generally excepted that Christ was upon earth, and that He
    would be "the rise and fall of many.", which He clearly describes by,
    quote:  "You are either for Me, or against Me", "I want you
    hot, or cold", if you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of my
    mouth.",  also, "You cannot serve two masters.", unquote.

    That having been said, consider then what "message" should be, or is
    being  conveyed through having the Blessed Virgin Mary appear on this
    earth so many times, in so many places over hundreds of years.  In all of
    those deemed miraculous, having no scientific and/or logical explanation, and
    with some, the more investigation, the more it shows to be of a Divine nature,
    one then has to ask, WHY?  I believe the appearances of The Blessed Virgin
    Mary is for the purpose to give mankind not only the "evidence that God exists",
    but to clearly "influence" one to make but one conclusion, and to
    support ones making up their own mind, thereby still allowing for the exercise
    of "Free Will".   

    It is from this perspective that I continue to state there is but one True
    Church, because when The Blessed Virgin Mary was asked, which is the true
    church,  Her reply was, quote: "There is but one True Church. If
    anyone is espousing the word of God, do not stop them, however, The Holy Spirit
    is more with one than with the others"., unquote

    Until such time as the "Scientific Community", and/or anyone
    else,  can provide clear undeniable evidence and explanation to debunk
    these appearances, I will
    firmly continue to make them known to the best of my ability.


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    Anyone up for cowboys and moslems? 

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    We Americans had better wake up. Pres Obama isn't a dope, he knows what he is doing. He goal is that of Islam, to destroy America. You better lock and load, or you WILL die! Better to fight them now while there is still time.