The News is Not all Bad

There’s still hope for America! It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but we can’t let political potholes get in the way of making a sea change in Washington. I’ve said this before — the presidency is not the only battlefront. We might not like what we’re going to get in November at the top if the ticket to take on Obama and Co., but we can’t stay home. There are congressional seats to consider. If Obama wins, the House and Senate will be where the war will be fought.

We can make a statement to the GOP establishment by putting in more conservatives at the congressional level to (1) keep Obama in check if he wins (2) keep Romney in check if he wins. As it looks right now, it’s going to be Romney. This means we must double-down on the congressional races.

Now for some good news.

First, according to a poll conducted by the Hill “despite President Obama and Democrats’ insistence that the rich ‘pay their fair share,’ three-quarters of likely voters believe the nation’s richest should pay lower, not higher, taxes.”

They even believe corporations should be paying a lower rate. Maybe the message is getting out that when the undefined rich pay more in taxes, it means fewer private sector jobs and more government jobs. Lower corporate rates would bring a number of American companies back home.

Second, while Hollywood has been a cesspool of liberalism, things might be changing. Hollywood types might be getting Obama-fatigue, and, according to film producer Frank DeMartini, a shift is taking place, or maybe it’s that hidden conservatives believe it’s safe to come out of the conservative closet. His interview can be read in TheWrap:

“It used to be about 80–20, Democrat. Now, I’d say it’s closer to 60–40. A majority of Republicans in Hollywood are hiding under rocks.”

While the 60–40 split might still be a bit high, screenwriter Lionel Chetwynd, a long-time visible Republican in Hollywood who served on the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities under George W. Bush, offered this: “There are certainly more conviction conservatives in Hollywood than conviction liberals.” I agree with him that “a lot of people just say they’re liberals because it’s good for their career.” How any of this will translate into a cultural change remains to be seen, but it’s a hopeful sign.

Third, noted dogmatic atheist Richard Dawkins now says he’s not sure whether God exists or not. He’s almost certainly sure God does not exist, but he’s not absolutely sure. Maybe the spirit of Christopher Hitchens has contacted him. A less-than-a-speck human like Dawkins (and you and me), surrounded by the vastness of the cosmos that he has never visited, can’t be dogmatic on much outside his own limited sphere of knowledge.

Fourth, while I probably don’t agree with all the policies of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, I do like his style. In a CNN interview, Christie said that he’s “tired” of people like Warren Buffett saying that the rich should pay more in taxes. If the multi-billionaire investor wants to pay more taxes, Christie quipped, “he should just write a check and shut up.” Exactly. By the way, in the eyes of a liberal, the check will never be big enough.



  • Quinton

    You're right, right, right. But lets all understand this: The left will never admit to the socialist agenda. They will continue to pursue if not downright force feed leftist policies to the nation. Their ultimate goal is, liberals in charge, everyone else, poor and beholden to the government. They know full well that increasing taxes on the rich will hurt the economy... They want it that way. They want the economy in shambles. Time for 'we the people' to WAKE UP!!

    • jackel

      What was it Thomas Jefferson said? "A Democracy will fall,when you take away from those willing to work and give it to those that are not."

    • 71cijug

      The sad part of this is that the liberal masses believe they are all equal. They think obama and the rest of the elite see the liberal-left masses as worthy of the rewards they will take from the rest of us. The relative few at the top are using the masses for their own gain and will lump those underlings in with the rest of us have-nots when it is over.

    • Ben Fox

      Has anyone noticed lately that the non president doesn't care about what the congress or senate says? He writes his own laws and dare's them to try and change what he does. The guy not a national born citizen is lawless, took office through lawlessness and holds it the same way, the king has no clothes and everyone is letting him get away with it. I anyone had the guts of a true American they would impeach this fake.

  • daniel buckley

    Giving up?sounds like you've been reading "The World According To Axelrod" As far as Hollywood goes,if Obama is reelected,and is in no further need of their propaganda machine,how long will it be until he decrees that "THEY" make to much money?

  • Russell

    Come on people! Stop bashing Romney! He isnt my primary choice either but he will be the nominee and weve got to get behind the man. He isnt John Mccain. Romney may well end up being the most conservative president since Reagan. We have got to stop the infighting and back our guy so we can send Obama back home in november! If we screw this up america is screwed forever! Time to unite!

    • skip

      right on russell!!!

  • daniel buckley

    Come on people now,smile on your brother,everybody get together try to love one another right now.Anybody but Obama.

  • @johntvalentine

    O.K. I am one redneck ready to unite. Enough is enough. One would not need to be a rocket scientist to see that our beloved America's GOD given Constitution is hanging by a thread. Has anyone come up with a solid plan for each and every one of America's fifty States. WHO, are the names of the RINOS that MUST, go? WHO, are the evil progressive Democrats, that MUST, go? WHO, are the new Constitutional loveing Americans, that we should work for and support there victory dance to Washington? Wake up America !!! Only eight more months till November. My dad would always say, "When good people do nothing evil progressive people will always rule." Does anyone have that list??? A word to the wise is sufficient.


    We shouldn't be paying ANY taxes because 100% goes to the Federal Reserve just to pay the INTEREST on the federal debt. The Fed should be charged under the RICO Act.

  • George

    If barack hussein obama "wins", the war for America's Soul will be lost. The House and Senate won't matter, because the dictator will sign "executive orders" for WHATEVER he wants. There'll be no stopping this muslim in completing his mission to destroy our country and establish shariah law.

  • msbets

    I have been preaching this for months!!!!! yes,yes and yes....................WE MUST TAKE THE KEYS FROM mr & mrs jackal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    I think it is much to early to call who will be the winner in the Republican party. It seems much closer every day that we will go to a brokered convention (no matter how much cheerleading Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter do) Romney will take some states especially those liberal or not as religiously conservative. Santorum looks good to even in the middle east and mid west. Newt will do very well in the South. I predict that no one will have the votes in the first round then it gets interesting. As for Paul he will not take a single state except perhaps Virginia.

  • Silas Longshot

    Yep, that's the basic fix for the whole mess....VOTE 'EM ALL OUT and start over.

    Click the name, survive.

  • samtman

    After reading the above posting, I'm starting to believe that there is a parallel earth that the editors of this posting must living on.

  • J3player

    We only just became fight. We will win and the US Constitution will be restored. We will expel the liberal and Islamic forces and restore this great nation under God. God be with us.

  • d.keith dexter

    yes i agree romney's going to win,not my choice but i'll vote for him anyway hoping enough people will to,just to get the usurper out,but here in Mo. i'm also looking into how my congressional candidates voting record stands up,for one mccaskill must go,she's even left of obama,how the people of this fine state voted her way in the first place baffles me,vote em out vote in new blood and if obama wins at least we can impeach him with both houses under gop control,i think thats probably why they never tried this term,pointless without senate,as dirty hary loves to say,it'd be dead in the water!vote the incumbants out in 2012

  • lizaz

    Wish we had a list of the conservatives in Hollywood so we could support them and diss the liberal marxists.....but I guess not, at this point1

  • Ole Vet

    All the ballyhoo about the GOP nominee is mostly that, just more hot air, versus the real decision point nearing. Regardless of whom the GOP Convention selects, Obummer will STILL be President for a while. Many things can still happen UNLESS we ALSO elect GOP Senators.

    Here's my reasoning: Many feel Obozo is NOT an authentic, 'native-born citizen', that he is a 'closet' Muslim, that he is guilty of many misdeeds, mopery and dopery in the sea-lanes, whatever~! Many have been writing e-mail to various conservative internet newsletters wanting BHO impeached! The Constitution, for impeachment, requires the House to indict him, to bring convict him, the Senate must have a hearing to try him.

    See the problem? Currently, the Senate is pretty much controlled by the Democrats.....guess how likely THIS institution would be to even CONSIDER charges? And, with THAT situation, the currently-controlled by the GOP House, won't even bring a bill to the floor to start!

    This is why I'm not putting much thought nor extreme care into the GOP mess, at this time. I am MUCH more concerned with how we get control of the Senate, as well as KEEP control of the House. Then, and then ONLY, does this 'tempest in a teapot' GOP contender mess matter!

  • Oregondriver

    Yes. there are congressional seats to consider. If Obama wins, the House and Senate will be where the war will be fought. We definitely need to replace many of the incumbents, since they have been sitting as observers instead of performing their constitutionally assigned duties. Those senators that refuse to pass a budget, refuse to take action when their tasks of approving appointments is usurped, refuse to properly vet court nominees, refuse to cancel Obamacare as the people want, refuse to control spending, Each voter should check the record of his/her candidate to be sure this person is/has voted the way his constituiency wants. It used to be that court appointees were vetted for they are nominated based on their political leanings without regard to biases. Americans, this is the do or die election for your country!

  • soupsun

    It is not enough to settle for Romney. Serious matters call for serious measures. Ron Paul has these solutions. He is right. We cannot afford to continue in endless wars. I do not understand what everyone is so afraid of. He has already stated that he would go to war if necessary. No one is more determined than Ron Paul in making sure American liberties are not tampered with by big government. He has also said we will withdraw from NAFTA. Consider Ron Paul 2012 Please.

    • Fran Nicoletta

      Well said Soupsun, especially the statement about RP going to war if necessary. We need to make more people aware of this. Two supporters of Dr. Paul. Do I hear 3!

  • evantoo

    "Third, noted dogmatic atheist Richard Dawkins now says he’s not sure whether God exists or not." Now that he's closer to death, he's hedging his bets. Nothing like holding fast to your life-long atheism.
    As was once said, "There are no atheists in fox-holes."
    Appears Dawkins is now in his fox-hole.


    Let God sort it all out, I'm old, tired of all this BS. 90% of which is just plain lies and the quest to get more $$ from the beleaguered taxpayer.!!! If these brain dead ZOMBIES are willing to follow SOROS AND HIS SOCK PUPPET, so be it and learn to speak CHINESE OR ARABIC! AMEN, GOD HELP THE U.S.A.!

  • Blair

    Obama will be out of office in 8 months.

    • Angel


  • Woiwode

    First Buffet should pay his 2-plus billioin in corporate taxes dating back to 2002.

  • Biloak71

    I'd like the article to say; "It's not all bad news; it COULD be good." As in the Supreme Court deciding against Obamacare this month. But I'm not at all confident they will do so. I don't think they have the backbone to come down agaonst Obama. Please tell me I'm wrong.  If they go with him, the election is half-over when decision is public in June. It will be hard to beat all those new dependents.  Even though the sweeping power and control of Ocare will take precedence over the health care part, Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act... Even the name is a joke!
    And the REAL BA NEWS (even for the Dems - O will be zooming you big-time.. again!) is his re-election. The "Dismantling of America,  per Thomas Sowell, will continue at a faster pace. Sory I couldn't stay with the good news; this administration doesn't emit much of it. So, the R side has to supply some. Choosing a winning nominee would be the best news. We need fresh air and sunshine in Dc, don't we? Plenty of problems to remedy, but without the rancor, manufactured chaos and smug attitude from the W.H. A lot can be accomplished, as we watch the O'mobile leaving town!

  • Jim Buzzell

    You are exactly correct; the conservative control of congress is probably more important than who is elected, I believe it will be who ever wins the Republican nomination; but as you said, and I have said we cannot lose sight of our change in congress, we need both house to resemble what our Constitutional Republic mandates through our constitution, and that means holding the administration's feet to the fire and move us toward a leaner, less intrusive federal government.  Vote, Vote, Vote!

  • jerry1944

    i want vote for romney but will work had to get a conservaitive congress and senate. I just make muself trust the lieing romney and not being the union sheep i want vote to give him 8 yrs

  • Gomez

    Encouraging that Hollywood conservatives are "coming out", but extremely hypocritical that "liberal, accepting" Hollywood would blacklist someone based on their politics, considering that they were supposedly against that during the McCarthy era.  Can you say, "Intolerant"?!!!

  • Dean

    The last sentence in the first paragraph states that if Obama wins again the House and the Senate will where the war is fought.  I respectfully disagree.  Obama will be sure to obliterate both.  He is alreay ignoring both and they are allowing him to do it.

  • don l.

    My employer is a millionaire, pays me well, is an honest guy, very polite and easy to talk to.  Now, if he were not a wealthy man I would not have a job with great benefits.  I don't have to tell you how he feels about Obama, but he will !!!!

  • Stephen

    To people people like Richard Dawkins I like to bring up the following. Evolution may be correct, however, what was there before the big bang and what caused the big bang? Scientist do say that they know it was not the collapse of a preexisting universe, so what was it? Also, they say that the universe was created in 7 days. We assume that that means 7, 24 hour periods, however the scripture does not define it as such. If you are an eternal being, without an established universe with sunrises and sets, how would you define a day.