Illegal Immigrants Get Hormone Treatments and Abortions at Taxpayer Expense

In a further attempt to erode the American culture, the Obama administration has released the Performance-Based National Detention Standards through the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Within these new guidelines are measures to help insure the health of illegal immigrants that have been detained by ICE officials.  According to a fact sheet released by ICE,

“PBNDS 2011 is crafted to improve medical and mental health services, increase access to legal services and religious opportunities, improve communication with detainees with limited English proficiency, improve the process for reporting and responding to complaints, reinforce protections against sexual abuse and assault, and increase recreation and visitation.”

However, Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX) who serves as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, believes,

“The Obama administration’s new detention manual is more like a hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants.  The administration goes beyond common sense to accommodate illegal immigrants and treats them better than citizens in federal custody.”

Smith also found that the new manual gives illegal immigrant detainees access to abortions, hormone treatment for transgendered illegals, 15 day supply of any prescribed medications upon their deportation or release, and free dental work.

When questioned about the costs of the new manual revisions, an ICE representative said,

“It is important to note that one of the main goals of the agency, in addition to prioritizing the health and safety of detainees in our custody and improving conditions of confinement, is to increase fiscal prudence and efficiencies within the system.”

Again, Rep Smith does not believe the ICE explanation saying,

“Illegal immigration already costs American taxpayers billions each year, and these increased regulations force them to keep an open tab for illegal immigrants.”

Figures provided by ICE claim that the cost of deporting an illegal immigrant runs an average of $10,043.  But like most government reports, these figures are far from being accurate as they don’t consider the costs incurred by other agencies involved in the arrest and deportation process.  When all of the costs are added up, we find that taxpayers are paying between $23,000 and $30,000 per illegal.

Now, the Obama administration wants to add the costs of abortions, hormone treatment for transgendered illegals, 15 day supply of any prescribed medications upon their deportation or release, and free dental work to the taxpayers’ bill.

I don’t have health insurance and I can’t afford to purchase my own.  Obamacare has only made it more expensive to get insurance.  Yet, people who are breaking federal law by entering our country illegally, not only get free standard medical care, they now receive extra care that is quite costly.  Seems the American dream is not for Americans, but for illegals.



  • Raymond
  • Screeminmeeme

    The liberties taken by Obama in implimenting policies like this are  indicative of the omnipotence the man believes he has.  His thirst for power and control has no bounds.
    He acts with impunity...without an ounce of fear of repercussions or consequences... not caring one whit  about the American people and without a blush, confidently robs their coffers to carry out his agenda.  But..hey...there's  a method to his madness. To hang on to his job, he's got to cement that hispanic voting block.

    Is there ANYTHING  that will open the eyes of the liberal left, enabling them to see what a criminal he is?  Answer: Nope.

  • Raymond
    • Jsdieserv

      cock roaches in America (that would be anyone from S. America that speaks spanish

    • Margaret Paddock

      Wonderful!  Thanks.  Who was that great speaker?

  • Lindy

    Billions of dollars are going to the illegal population while Americans are denied food stamps, Medicaid, etc. because the system is overwhelmed. What does that say about our government when they care more about what illegals think than it's own citizens?

    • Dan W Rykard

      You ar

      • Herr Capitan Fick

        Pastor Dan, you must be on some delusional drug! These gutless wonder Americans aren't going to do anything! They sit back and want God to do it all for them! They're lazy and they're cowards! Yhey think their little pop guns will solve the problems! They aren't organized enough with no backbone! The American's kids and Grandkids not to mention their neighbors will tell where they have their little pop guns hid! You see the kids are in the Government camps now! The government will come first and second and maybe the family will be third if at all! Besides that your votes don't count anyway! Now go watch your sports, take your drugs and go back to sleep, the country is lost!!!!!! 

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      This tells me Linda that you American cowards have let your government do this to you! You should have found your backbone when this stuff first started! It's tooooo latem, now go sit down somewhere and be quiet, your country is lost!

  • GregoryP

    And anyone is surprised by this? Or as a liberal would call it, racism against immigrants.

    • the big easy

      @ gregory-------Then all the lilly pink left wing progressive liberals can call ME a racist ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Why should MY TAX DOLLARS GO TO SOME ILLEGAL ALIENS ,it should go to some AMERICAN CITIZEN that TRUELY needs the short term help.

  • NickPasq

    Only plus is that the abortion costs less than the illegal would.

    • BUD


  • Work2SnowSki

    This is BullCr@p and needs to stop, they should be detained in Tents on the Border until they can be booted back across.

    • Jsdieserv

      I see absolutely no reason that they should be given a trial.  If they have no papers then they obviously do not belong here, what is so hard about that!  Then to turn around & actually give then more rights than an American citizens is just outrageous to me.  It is time to do something about this mess that our government has got this country into by not enforcing our immigrations laws.   Yet they want to continue to pass even more laws that they will not enforce.   Just enforce the ones that are already on the books, how they can choose which laws to enforce is beyond me.  Maybe we shoulde only o0bey the laws that we want to obey, but then again be prepared to spend some time in jail

    • BUD


      • Herr Capitan Fick

        Get a backbone don't let them in this country and save the trouble and dollar! Duh!

    • Seltringham6

      From what I read between the lines we Americans are to be in the tents and mexicans are to take our homes.We are low life people, spoiled and lazy. All we do is take, take. All over the world.  Now we just sent tons of food to North Korea, we spread our money around like there is no end it to. Excuse me there will be an end when he gets us in the tents. WE ARE BEING PUNISHED BECAUSE WE WERE BORN HERE, AMERICAN CITIZENS. HE WANTS US TO ALL GO AWAY. HE DID SAY WE MUST KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT AND OBEY HIM.  HE THOUGHT HIS MIC WAS OFF. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER AND NOT KEEP OUR MOUTH SHUT. THAT PI--- HIM OFF. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


  • Earth Angel

    How can so many people not see the path of destruction obama is taking.  He is putting the U.S.A. in harms way and really loves where this is going.  What values and guidlines is he giving his girls to meet the world when they are old enough to go out in it?  I don't think he see's that far ahead because what he is creating is worse than anyone's nightmare.

    • Julie

      He doesn't care about his girls anyway.  As soon as he hands our country over to the Muslims they'll be worth less than the family pet as women under the Muslim Faith are just another possesion for them to abuse at will.

  • jong

    It is the entire thing.   Illegals will get not only treatment but, prefered treatment above citizens in everything and we will have to pay.   Meanwhile grandpa and grandma will be thrown under the bus because by the time it comes for their treatment Obama hopes that they will be dead that is his way of keeping down costs.  

  • suzy

    and this should surprise who????  obama is out to ruin this country and no one in DC seems to worry about this or care. 

  • Jsdieserv

    Well what does a pine box cost. put aq bounty on them & let the populace loose all we have to do is bring in their ears & collect $50.00 that way we will save billions that can be used to lower our national debt which they help to run up even higher than if they were not here.  I think the total is in excess of 450 billion per year that these drains help to make every tax paying citizen burden lighter, yeah by making our wallets much lighter

  • Margaret Paddock

    This is an outrage!  First of all illegals are not immigrants.  The are only illegal.  Therefore, they deserve nothing but a trip back to the border immediately.  No arrest - just put them back on their home soil.
    Take them by prison bus to the border.  That should be the only cost we Americans have to pay for 
    other than a bottle of water maybe.
    Why do we have this mindset that we have to coddle persons who don't care about our laws?

    • Irishgal5018

      AMEN!  I agree with you 100%.  I am always telling people to please not to give them the status of immigrant.  My great great grandfather came her through Ellis Island, and learned to speak ENGLISH and worked like a dog to raise his family.  Calling these ILLEGAL ALIENS immigrants is an INSULT to my forebarers and ALL who came to AMERICA the RIGHT WAY.

  • Robert Lebischak

    They who are illegal get to screw, we the citizen just get screwed. 

    • Vazir Mukhtar

      Perhaps someone could take their screwdrivers away or give them Philips screwdrivers if need be.

  • Dodie1990

    Rather pay for that than a lifetime of welfare and free medical.

  • billy2

    Of course they will, and ALL will be completely FREE, they will NOT  have to pay one thin dime, WE the tax payers will PAY THEIR SHARE!!!! PLUS THE nitwit has already stolen 500 BILLION(yes that's with a B) from Medicare for the illegal coffers, AND IS ABOUT TO STRIP MORE FROM IT, by the time this slime gets thru with Medicare, they will NOT get so much as basic healthcare, BUT A BIGGER HUNK OF MONEY WILL COME OUT OF THEIR SS CHECKS, they will be lucky to get a band-aid and still have to pay thru the nose for it, and this is how the slime will cull(kill off) the elderly population......NO WAY CAN THEIR CARE BE COST EFFECTIVE!!!! And now that cow, nazi, sebilious thinks by giving free BC, there won't be any babies to speak of, most of the broads use abortion for BC now, because they are too damned lazy or have such hot pants they don't use anything!!!!

    • Julie

      It's not that they're lazy, it's our government has chosen to reward them for misbehaving.  It's the same for illegals as it is for the Professional Welfare Families.  Instead of there being consequences for their bad behavior, our government is rewarding them.  More babies out of wedlock more money in their coffers.  Same for the illegals.

  • specialops01

    obama has got to GO!!!!!!!!!!! The longer he is in office, the worse our country goes downhill thanks to his socialistic ideas. He is an arrogant, self centered, egotistical, maniacal, dictatorial half breed muslim and there is a place in Hell waiting for him and his clan.

  • Othello

    Does this shock anyone? We've been paying for illegals FOR YEARS! It really P I S S E S me off! I'm so tired of working my butt off to pay for those on welfare, or any other public assistance. I can barely make ends meet as it is and this JERK in office wants to take more!

    • Cherylaccount

      You have that right. I'm a widow and I pay taxes every year with not much income. I can't get anything,& it makes me so damn angry, when I see noncitizen with 3 not 1 basket in the full to the top. (NO ENGLISH)

    • BUD


  • Al

    They get everything at tax payer's expense.  Is there anything that do not get?  Now that would be newsworthy.

  • Fortmraworth

    Just one of the many reasons to fire our foreign loving "President." Charity begins at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not6 abroad!!!!!!!!!! Stop stipends, assistance to other governments!!!!!!!!!! Stop foreign welfare, that alone will balance the budget. They don't care about us.!!!!!!!!!!! why should we care about them???????????????

  • VirgoVince

    Wonderful, how many bastards can we eliminate per day??   How about 100%??  WE can't kill the illegals, but this is 'legal murder,' so we'll take what we can get!!   Is Planned Parenthood helping??

  • Bruce


    • BUD


    • Vazir Mukhtar

      Fine idea. Now, work on your friends and acquaintances to vote for the Republican candidate, no matter how unfit you and they may think he may be, and persuade them to do the same with 10 or so of their friends and acquaintances, etc., and make sure that all these guys and gals vote.

      If enough of those wanting to limit Mr Obama to one term will vote, they may be able to do so. If all they do is bitch over their beers, they've no one to blame but themselves.

      Remember, we're told that G-d helps those who help themselves. And leaving it to the next fellow just won't cut it.

  • Mortfriedman

    Federally funded abortions for ILLEGAL/ Criminal trespassers are a good thing. It will lower the numerical growth of anchor babies. Look for the silver lining.

  • Flo

    Totally believable for this administration.  

  • AntiPlutocrat

    Romney and Obama support Eugenics:

    The goal of Planned Parenthood and the eugenic legacy of Sanger,
    Sebelius, Obama, Polosi, Boxer, Clinton, Mitt Romney, etc., and organizations
    like NOW and LDS support Eugenic policies to localize, to centralize, and to
    eliminate the physically unfit, the materially poor, the racially inferior,
    mentally incompetent (which is by their definition anyone whom disagrees with
    their particular Utopian world-view), and the methods for these ends are alive
    and thriving today. They relish and worship the term "science" which
    in fact "is" a method not a body of truths or facts. The scientific
    method is education, contraception, sterilization, and abortion. The
    best part of this tragic comedy is that it is the intended victims of these
    practices and policies that are the most ardent supporters, but don’t bother
    pointing this out to them, they have been so well manipulated like the Epsilons
    of Huxley’s “Brave New World,” that you will be the focal point and not their
    zombie like obedience to the libidinous proclivities from the lower functioning
    amygdala to which they are enslaved.       
    Rombie and Obambie Zombies are in league and are legion, both support mandates and both support using tax dollars to force all tax payers to fund Planned Parenthood, and that is not a yarn it is already law. 

    • Wryounger

      Folks some where out there is a copy of Obama's Kenya Birth Certificate. A young gentlemen went to Kenya and paid the Guard that was guarding the birth records, fifty (50) dollars to turn his head while he made a copy of Obama's Birth Cert. It was
      posted on the internet when the birth certificate issue first came up. I have a copy of it, but the angle of the copy is hard to read. Obama's sister stated that Obama was born in Kenya, in an interview just prior to Obama's getting elected. His Grandmother said the same. His wife has stated the same on Television. Why with all the statements and usurping of his position we cannot impeach him???????????
      GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie

    All I have to say is when will someone in Washington have the balls to arrest the Lier in Chief and try him and his czars and those who supposedly vetted him for High Treason against the United States of America and our Constitution?

    • Vazir Mukhtar

      Julie, sorry to disillusion you. The lawful way to get the Obama family to leave the White House is to vote him out. You've got to get everyone you know who wants the Obamas to move to Illinois to register and to vote. We don't have poll taxes anymore, so it costs nothing to register. Car pool if you can or have to, but see that everyone that can mark a ballot votes.

      Remember the adage: If wishes were horses, then beggars could ride.

  • Tex

    Gee, might that possibly be because Obama IS one!

  • gypsy314

    America wake up democrat are out to destroy our way of life. We are closing schools and have homeless Americans and we can support illegal aliens and there issues WOW we need to clean house good and democrats are 100% behind supporting illegal aliens I know everyone knows Obama is supporting them over Americans. I just want to make sure every American gets out and votes Obama and democrats out of office. Oh we also have a few rhinos that must go some are already not going to run again and they know Americans know and we have put the word out they must go. 

  • Raccman


  • Bob DD

    If the mainstream press wasn't so in the bag for BHO, he'd most likely be impeached for the covert radical destructive things he's done to the USA!

  • Louisrstennes

    Obama and his goons love illegals more than their own citizens.

  • Bob

    We have minority welfare, CORP, Welfare, Homosexual Welfare, Moocher Welfare, Illegals Welfare, Drug Dealers Welfare, Illegal voters Welfare and free medical for all Welfare dependents. Are you getting starting to get the picture of why this Country is broke. WE have a duty to take care of the sick, old and children. If that was done right we would not be paying over 10% taxes on our income.  

  • Shawn


  • Conniek

    All the population of Mexico will be here!!  We cannot afford Mexico!  Let's incorporate the country and get resources to pay for the influx!!

  • TM

    When tax payers are used as slaves to buy votes it makes me sick, but not as sick as that black boy obama makes me.

  • QuestionsEverything

    Are the abortions "death to anchor babies"?  Or can I say that?

  • Doris

    I'd rather pay for an abortion than support their anchor babies for life!

  • George Fuller

    At some point citizens will resist having their noses rubbed in Obama's excrement....

  • Tenbore

    You got what you voted for in 2008. No need to say more.

    • lizaz

      Speak for yourself!!!

  • chvietvet

    Why should an illegal immigrant want an abortion?  They came to find a better life for their children, so why would they want to kill their own children?  Furthermore, a child gives them an argument to escape deportation.  It is the rich and pampered Americans who are killing their own children at the rate of 4000 per day, and even though they can afford to pay, they want to incriminate all of the taxpayers in the murders.  Americans have really become a worthless people, and our society can only be improved by immigration.  If there are any doubts about our value as a people, just look at the backgrounds of the candidates for president that both major parties are going to nominate this coming August. 

  • Dan W Rykard

    Our government has showed us that Muslims. Illegal immagrates have more rights than we do, it is a sad day for the citizens of the greatest most powerful Nation in the World.

  • Dondh

    What a shame for most legal Americans when so much of our money is going to illegals who come here and take away jobs we Americans can do.  The only problem with too many Americans is that they no longer want to do menial jobs and would take welfare instead.  So we taxpayers are losing far too much money and will keep pushing up the national debt as long as our government continues its present dealings.
    We need a change in Washington alright, but not the change that this muslim president has promised to America! 

  • Dew

    Sheriff Joe is on Obamas toes right now to show the world he is a fraud God bless Sheriff Joe

  • Nonee34

    Okay, lets think about all the illegals.   Mandatory sterilization.   That might make some of those illegals stay home.    With sterilization we would not have to worry about BAMBAM's birthrights here in the USA.

  • Joe Stickney

    obama social welfare   sgenda21  fabian menkouse socialism   making america  great  like europe     bankrupt

  • Peter9810

    The bho-soros plan to bring our Country down to the level of the free loaders of the world.
    Then, you too will have to beg. But to WHOM ???

  • edsmssi

    Federal laws, passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President, forbid the use of any federal taxpayer funds to pay for ANY abortions!  Period!  Now, the Secretary of Homeland Security has ordered federally funded abortions in violation of that federal law. Once again, this President and his administration are in violation of federal law, and no Republican government officials will stand up and call him on it. The Attorney General committed felonies by taking part in illegally funneling weapons to Mexican drug cartels. The Secretary of Health and Human services violated federal law by issuing orders that religious institutions will be forced to provide abortions to their employees (via abortion medications). Obama has violated the Constitution by ordering privately owned insurance companies to provide goods and services for free. Obama's last Supreme Court nominee committed felony perjury in her confirmation hearings. Why won't someone in Congress stand up and institute impeachment proceedings?

  • heylottylotty

    It is a horrid affair of events.  Our state and Federal governments are cowtowing to lawbreaking potential terrorists (illegal immigrants)  actually diverting funds from persons with disabilities.  Our own American people.  The group least likely to be able to help themselves are being denied more and more help by our government so they can help criminals.  Disability support companies are being driven out of business and "clients" are being told they no longer deserve assistance.  Most people with disabilities want to be contributing ciitizens rather than teat sucking leaches that are being rewarded for entering our Nation dishonestly.   While there may be laws in place to forbid some such actions, those who are supposed to be enforcing them are running scaired.  Not even the voters who awarded the congress their jobs are complaining to them that it is wrong to allow this travesty.  Remember Americans, when the plug is pulled, everything can go down the drain.  The plug is being pulled and YOUR toe is in the drain.

  • lizaz

    This is disgusting...the dictator will do ANYTHING for votes.  We can barely afford our insurance premiums and these criminals get everything for free.......SICK OF IT!!!!!    We will show how sick in NOV.....

  • Violet

    I suppose it is cheaper than having to feed, clothe and educate them for the rest of their lives.  Maybe we could have them all sterilized as a condition of their staying in the country?  That would go for both men and women.  Ask which they would rather have.  Sterilization and stay or be deported?  Of course that information would be done in their own language.

  • ronpowell

    Maybe I should claim I'm an illegal then I can reclaim some of the taxes I've paid for years since they get benefits that citizens don't.  The whole purpose of Obama's agenda is to recruit more future voters for himself and the democrats. Obama has taken corruption to a new level. He is on Judicial Watch's Ten Most Corrupt Polticians list for the 5th consecutive year. He has brought  Chicago to Washington and the republicans had better start fighting back and not just with words before t gets worse.

  • Blair

    Let's kick the illegal immigrants out of the country. They're taking abortions that should rightfully go to American women. :)

  • VirgoVince

    WHY can't we get rid of that annoying Tweet bar and box across the middle of the screen??

  • TheGizmo51

    Too bad there isn't some form of birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  I'm just saying.

  • VegasLarry

    Abortion or anchor baby. It's a tough decision any way you look at it.  What's needed is to  de-incentivise illegal immigration. A few things will start the ball rolling: 1)E-verify everyone. That way some zealot can't complain. 2) Absolutely no drivers license or personal identification cards issued to illegals. That way a cop won't have to ask an illegal for ID. Cross check any ID an illegal has. 24 names on one social security number is a bit much. Cancel the number and have the owner of the card issued a new one ... if he's still alive. 3) No housing assistance to an illegal. No ID, no address, no Driver's license points to an illegal way easier than having to ask for proof of citizenship. NO importing family members unless they already are US citizens. NO automatic citizenship to a baby born here to an illegal. The baby will be a citizen of whatever country the parents come from. Once these things get up and going, you'll see the extra load on the ER and schools lighten up. There will be many more job openings for an out of work American too. What I can't understand is why these simple steps have yet to be taken by our politicians....any of them!

  • VegasLarry

    I'm a VietNam Vet and I can't get the VA to get hearing or dental services. I was exposed to Agent Orange and I don't get any special care. Next time I go to a VA appointment I'll just say "No comprende ingles. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Biloak71

    Not surprised. Plus they get driver's licenses, voying rights, and who knows how many other benefits.

  • Neil Glenn

    Here's a different slant on that: for those thinking only of the costs, if the illegal's child grows up, until it's 18 years old, it will be on OUR dime,  vs the cost of the abortion.  I am personally against abortion; we should FORCE the illegal back across the border to have the child, at least that way, it would NOT be automatically a U.S. citizen (a  Constitutional process  I'm against, and should be amended, BTW!)

  • misssilelink

    I am all for abortion for illegals.  If not. their kids will automatically become citizens.

  • Daspencer7

    This is all part of the designed plot to break down our national identity and our connection to what it truly means to be an American.  Obama has attacked our God and religion (HHS regulations, specifically targetting Catholics), the failed attack on our 2nd Amendment rights in the Fast and Furious scandal, and our wealth and property in every economic decision he makes.  Our God, our guns and our wealth.  Now our culture and language.  Please, oh please, America, come to your senses and clean our house.

  • foxfire

    I say we should give all illegals a choice. Go back now or abortion tomorrow. 

  • Judy Mahaffey

    Hey if they want they can even get vitro fertilization our our expense, 
    just what we need multiple births of illegals.

  • Irishgal5018

    Fine, IF OUR government wants to give ILLEGALS ALIENS FREE abortions, make them get fixed at the same time so they can't drop anymore ILLEGAL ALIENS in the US.  Then kick their azz back across the border.  Tell them to go back to mexico and hold out their hands to their own government for FREE stuff, and see how fast some mexican policeman puts a bullet in their head.

  • PaulCindy

    Reason enough to impeach Obama!  He has NO authority to give American tax money to people in this country ILLEGALLY!   If Obama is re-elected Millions of Illegal trespassers will be signed up for Obamacare!   Time to clean house like in 2010 again,  (and Senate), (and WH)...............

  • Glenn

    Remember......Obama was schooled by people like Wm Ayars, and who was one of Ayars idols?  Thats right....Saul Alinsky. Overwhelm the system is the it free contraception, free food, free medical for illegals, free day-care for 4 yr olds, and free breakfast and lunch in the schools you and I paid to have built, staff, supply, maintain, and provide the transportation to take those 4 yr olds to and from.

    Do we all understand "fundamentally transform America" yet? It only took 3 yrs after getting a man in the WH who had the dedication, hatred, revenge motive, and supporting cast in place to mount the attack.

  • Mikey

    Maybe they should have Sheriff Joe in Arizona run all of the detention centers the illegals are in.  Let him control what they get and don't get. 

  • Winston

    Hmmm, taxpayer funded abortion for illegal aliens?  Wouldn't it cost taxpayers more NOT to abort them?  After all, those illegal babies do become illegitimate citizens by naturalization if born in America!

  • the big easy

    I say we should give them over to Sheriff Joe,he knows what to do with them ! ! ! ! !When will the American Citizens get wise to the fact that the more the guberment GIVES to the illegal aliens,the more the AMERICAN CITIZENS become a SLAVE to the guberment,more and more of your LABOR is TAKEN to GIVE to the ILLEGAL ALIENS,so we the AMERICAN CITIZENS are PAYING for the ILLEGAL ALIENS to have a BETTER LIFE,while WE have have a lessor life style.------------I guess ya'll like being SLAVES ? ? ? ? ---------

  • the big easy

    Maybe what should happen,is a little thing called FORCED STERILIZATION on ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS,this is one thing that the white house would be 100% in favor of,POPULATION CONTROL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

    • ZX123

       He only wants to control the population of white Americans. 

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    OK. It costs $20-$30K to repatriate an illegal alien. As options, would it be cheaper in the long run to put them in debtors' prisons or to give them citizenship? It would appear that deportation or repatriation of illegal aliens is one of the few bargains the American taxpayer is getting from the Obama administration.

    Now, if we could just declare victory in the War on Drugs, legalize marijuana, and devise a way to supply the other drugs the cartels now distribute and to treat those who become addicted rather than sending to jail for possession or use [selling it could be treated like selling alcohol or cigarettes], we'd save a pile of money and could let the DEA agents help enforce the security of our borders.

    Am I the only one who remembers that before Prohibition we didn't have bootleggers or the Capone operation and others like it. Why do we continue to ignore the fact that keeping substances like marijuana controlled is costing the country more than legalizing them and treating the addicts. Tax the d***** drugs and use the revenue to treat the addicts. If there's any left over,  use it to pay down the national debt.

    Isn't control of our own bodies one of the liberties we'd like to hold on to?

  • Budman321

    Not only do the detainees receive free health care, so do those who go to the emergency rooms at hospitals and the bill is footed by others.
    Florida paid out some 5.6 billion in 2010 to support the illegal immigrant population for healthcare, schooling and welfare and people wonder why states are cash strapped?
    This administration only cares about the illegal immigrant for votes in general elections where they have used them to the maximum like in Nevada and Harry Reid even bragged about this on national TV.

  • ZX123

     Illegal immigrants are undocumented Democrats.



  • TM

    We have that black boy obama  in the oval office who allows anyone free range to come into our country, terrorist, drug lords, diseases people, and those mexicans from hell.

    Lets vote this anti America piece of human waste out of office in November 2012.

  • rocquedog


  • Dillon650

    Obama and his cronnies have gotten more people killed with all there lies. They all should be proscuted an sent to Pelican Island,placed in a hole,  left to rot. Before the fall of communisum, the people had no voice in gov. Under Obama an his mandates, Americans have no say in America.

  • williamlsasman

    The more I read and see on the TV about obama and his illegals and his giving them this and that makes a person want to throw up.  A true american can not get treatment that they get.  Its just so far out that our goverment has got to this.

  • Louismabry


  • Daniel from TN

    While in custody, illegals should receive emergency medical and dental services ONLY. All other treatments are a luxury, NOT a right.

  • thestormy

    65% of all HUD occupants are illegal aliens.More than 43% of food stamps go to illegals.Less than 2% of illegals are picking crops.95% of murder warrant in Las Angeles are for illegals.   In 2005 U.S. companies profited over $2.3 trillion by working illegals instead of Americans.
     America has 2 huge problems.CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & GOV. OFFICIALS WHO PANDER TO THEM!!!

  • Wayne Goodin

    I guess at this point our current leadership (5th column) has unequivically decided to take us down. It's the only end result that makes sense, considering laws such as the Affordable Care Act that everyone knew would cost us over a trillion dollars but got passed it anyway.