Obama Supporters Worse than Limbaugh but No One Cares

Rush Limbaugh created a firestorm when he referred to Sandra Fluke as a slut and prostitute for what she said at a congressional hearing.  The liberal media’s fires were instantly ignited as they rushed to roast Rush for his comments.  One sponsor after another has been fleeing Limbaugh like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Even President Barack Obama chimed in, criticizing Limbaugh for his comments.  Publicly he defended women and said that he doesn’t want them attacked for being good citizens.

Limbaugh publicly apologized to Fluke for his comments, but the liberal media and Democrats have not backed off of their anti-Limbaugh rhetoric.  At times they remind me of the old time lynch mobs ready to storm the jail so they can take the bad guy out and hang him for his bad deeds.

Yet, the same liberal media, Democrats and President Obama have remained silent concerning the crude and slanderous statements made by Obama’s supporters.

If you recall, last November, then presidential candidate Michele Bachman appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  As she walked on stage, the song Lyin’ Ass Bitch was played.  Bachman and many Republicans took offense, but the liberal media and Democrats mocked the Republican outrage.  President Obama remained silent.

During a live show in Dallas, Bill Maher, a supposed comedian known for his crudeness, referred to Sarah Palin as a ‘c*nt’.  He then told the audience that he didn’t have to worry about losing sponsor like Limbaugh because he (Maher) was on HBO.  So far, no one in the media or the Democrat Party (including the President) have condemned Maher for his vulgar slander of Palin.

On Super Tuesday, President Obama held a news conference.  A reporter from The Daily Caller asked the President about Maher’s name calling of Palin and the President refused to answer.  When the official transcript of the news conference was released, the question from The Daily Caller was not included.  The White House press corps had just erased the embarrassing question and just made it all go away.

And do you know why the President refused to respond?  Bill Maher recently made a $1 million donation to the Obama super PAC.  Money talks and it also buys silence.

This is typical of the liberal hypocrisy of the President, Democrats and the liberal media.  It’s okay for their supporters to use profanity and slander towards conservatives and Republicans, but it’s not okay for a conservative to do the same towards someone who supports the Democratic agenda.



  • dandman

    All you got to do is connect the dots on who owns the media.  The top 25 media outlets probably own about 90% of what you see and hear.  ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN etc.. Look at what they own in book publishing,  motion picture companies, sports groups, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.   When you can force the propaganda through multiple outlets.. it gets real hard to hear the truth.

    • Utahlady

      You are so right and even if you read and try to understand the Constitution ,you think you get it then a judge messes with it,your kid comes home from school with a totally different interpretation  and it goes on and on.Unfortunately it is not just the media. It surrounds us. It is like living  in a world with a Madalyn Murry  O'Hair on every corner. She was a mad woman! 2 illigitimate children ,an adulterer ,abusive to her family, professed America hating card carrying Socialist who tried to move to Russia(they rejected her,because she had no skills to care for herself),Athiest. This woman and our Supreme Court are directly responsible for not allowing prayer in our schools. Propaganda at it's finest.

  • Lois MacLaren

    Rush needs to invite some of the Conservative women who have been called vile names by Liberal commentators to visit on his radio program. Then they could discuss this whole issue that way this issue SHOULD be discussed!  Conservative women who have been called vile names by liberal commentators have all been told that, IF they want to be in the public arena, they need to grow thicker skins.  Since Ms. Fluke also appears to be interested in having a place in the public arena, perhaps someone needs to tell HER that she, like all of the Conservative women in the public arena, needs to also grow a thicker skin.  

    • Carol

      Michelle Bachmann takes them down,when needed

  • Rannan

    100% correct.
    The controversy was orchestrated by Dems. and the WH --
    starting with George Stephanopolis asking repeated questions about contraception
    at the Republican debate -- even though NO ONE was talking about contraception.
    THEN this administration announced religious institutions and employers would have
    to provide FREE contraception  to all female employees -- regardless of their religious
    or moral beliefs.

    THIS WHOLE ISSUE is to detract from the true problems we should be discussing.
    A lousy economy, policies we don't agree with, loss of liberties, Solyndra, Fast &
    Furious, gas prices spiking, not nearly enough jobs, job-killing regulations coming
    out of this administration, cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline deal, , and numerous
    other issues.

    IT'S all faux outrage, which Dems. do well.
    DON'T fall for it !

  • steven

    little billy maher forgets  one thing , the biggest group out here does not care what he thinks or has to say. What is funny is that if the people he wants to get total control does he will be the first one they will shut up or come up missing . So for the liberal left kiss my ass    P. S.   frook is a demo-slut

  • Bessierowe

    I am so sick of the liberal bias!  The media don't care about the slander and name calling of conservatives, but just let one conservative say something they disagree with, and "Katie, bar the door"!  God help us!  This country is rapidly losing its soul!

  • Carol

    I have sent the most of the companies that dropped Lombaugh that still support Sharpton,Schultz and sent them a copy of an article on ms. Flutey(I just call her that to be nice)where it states that she is not who she claimed to be,she lied under oath,and the fact Limbaugh apologized,andI kept a copy of what RFK jr had said and also stated that Mahar said that doing this makes liberals look bad,well I also wish them well and hope people dropped them  got ahold of AOL and did the same and told them that I had dropped them years ago----

  • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

     I think Rush's comments were much, much worse.

    • mmcdove

      Really?  How is that?  I feel that a woman who goes public telling everyone she has sex without a marriage and wants us to pay for her loose moral values is asking for trouble and a hand out.... If you can't afford it then obstain.  Good Grief why has this country turned into hand outs instead of hand up?   

      • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

         Have you ever read the transcript? She didn't say anything about being sexually permissive.

  • fort9erdon

    Bill Maher just needs to "Shut the Fluke up"!

  • Dean

    What a sad state of affairs.  The Main Stream Media is the biggest enemy of the United States right behind Obama.

  • ECwashr

    Barry Hussein obama, usurper, traitor, muslim, pathological LIAR, criminal, grifter, son of satan, etc. The corruption just goes on and on, no one dare stand up to this scum of the earth!! Educate the sheep, most wont listen but we have to try, Psalm 109:8 "May obama's days be few, may another rise to take his place"..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rose-Marie-Noa/1086452677 Rose-Marie Noa

    It's interesting to note that Rush obviously has more viewers & listeners than those liberal clowns because the incident was all over the news & internet almost immediately!!!

  • US citizen

    I am not surprised at all.
     08 was one sided and 2012 will be too!

  • Windeaces

    Rush was correct in everything he said. Don't believe me; get your dictionary and look it up for yourself. Ms. 'Fluke is a slut as Websters definition of a slut is A .  PROMISCIOUS WOMAN.  A person having more sex than they can afford could be called nothing but. 

  • US citizen

    Rush's words must be worth their weight in gold. Why else would they be so eager to comment, so fast,  on what he says?

  • sean murry

    How about those lib commentors call gop women names .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XOLU2ILMMAYO2QSQSJNPA5CBBU star777

    Sandra "Flunk" IS a slut and prostitute or as the Bible puts it...a whore.  And I Will NOT apologize.
    "Leviticus 19:29: Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness."

     This land is already full of wickedness unfortunately.

  • Pebbles55522

    I'm not surprised at all that Rush said what he said.  I am surprised, however, that the sponsors of his radio program are withdrawing their support.  What are they afraid of?  I also am not surprised that the fork-tongued president of the US has done and said what he has.  He is such a hypocrit!!!!!!!!  Guess he had to sell his soul to become the president, and it's quite evident that he has a lot of company.  Soros and the Illuminate march on.

  • ZagoZana

    The real differance is that the "lady" Rush tried to assassinate, for 3 days, is a private citizen, not a public one like the goosey voiced woman on the right... Palin is getting very rich with here publicity. We on the left of center would not attack your lemming-like followers like you do.

    • MemphisViking

      Really? None of you "left of center" types never make blanket attacks on conservatives? If you deny it, you're either lying or stupid. And by the way, Sandra Fluke is a liberal activist with an agenda, not a "private citizen".

  • Linda

    I listen to Rush.  Not to worry , he has plenty of sponsors and some who left are asking to come back. I believe his apology was sincere to Ms Fluke.  He was using satire to make his point and apologized for sinking to the level of liberals with name-calling.  I would not have apologized but I would have called her what she is which is a 30 year old radical activist liberal "plant" who picked Georgetown specifically because it was a Catholic school and she, like those she admires, wants to take down and destroy anything Christian or wholesome or with moral convictions.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    We care but the dead from the neck up democrats can not hear for all the obama crap they have in their ears.

  • Eadelman

    Double standard and race

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D7OH6X2HFFXEPEE3M2CYDHVLX4 Ramon

    Rush shouldn't have apologized.  It made the MSM and liberals think that he had something to apologize for, when in fact he was right: Ms. Fluke IS a slut!!
    In which alternate universe is it 'decent' (that is, not 'slutty') for a young woman to go before the whole world (on TV) & declare that, while she can afford to go to Georgetown U., she can't afford pills or condoms BECAUSE SHE F*CKS TOO MUCH/OFTEN?  
    Instead of congratulating her, as Pres. Oduma did, the press and the public should be castigating her for behavior that is clearly dangerous and (more importantly) inadvisable morally.  How are her potential future husbands/suitors going to feel knowing that their prospective wife PUBLICLY went before Congress to disclose that she is a slut?  (That is an inescapable conclusion based on her testimony.)

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YH2ZIQWRJE6OGQ3D435FD5FGTA Hole In One

      We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term. IF your an American i BEG you to click on this addy and SIGN this petiton..NOW..!

  • ED Knows

    He forgot to mention the Liberal Talkshow host that called "I think it was Sara Palin" a right-wing  slut.

    Liberals are for sure taking away Morals in Society as fast as they can.  Just look at how Judgemental the Left was at Cirk Cameron early this week.

  • julian8

    We have to do what the libs do- when a show says or does something offensive write the sponsers of that show and tell them you won't buy their product because of it, also send a link to the sponsers to all your friends.  I let all of the sponsers of Leno know why I will not consider their products.

  • Mary Liz Danuser

    Wow!I've heard comments from others.They've said much worse than what Rush ever mentioned.LIz

  • LouiseCA

    I thought that was why liberals keep screaming at us that millions of our tax dollars have to keep going to the likes of Planned Parenthood, so women could have access to free health care? This entire conversation is a crock.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    I dislike anyone who voted for that illegal piece of human waste obama, and I feel great. Rush Linbaugh pisses the idiots off that bow down and kiss that boy obama's arse.

    obama's supporters are made up by welfare breeders and illegals, dead from the neck up arse holes.

    obama = distruction of this country and those idiots want him to continue with his destroying of America.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    obama takes bill maher's money like a good little slut................

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

      and dob't forget prostitute!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCH5T3BGTWS6RLSEP6IGCQ2HKQ Matt

      good one!

  • tompro97

    Why is this news???  The MSM has had their noses stuck up Osama's behind since his early Chicago days.  Their total lack of professionalism is shown by the sheer fact that 93% of them identified themselves as Democraps. The MSM is so busy blowing smoke for the Osama Regime, they have no time for anything else.  Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, and they have absolutely no morals or values. 

  • Jack the Cat

    Liberals never apologize for their slanders, lies, distortions, and character assassinations---but they demand that conservatives do. The Democ-rats have perfected hypocrisy and double--standards to a fine art. There is NO credibility in the Main Left-Wing Media, and it shows on a daily basis. The so--called  major networks, are nothing but a Left--wing propanganda machine, and unapologetic Democrat and President Obama support group, while also behaving as a Attack machine on anything or anybody conservative.

  • Ghost of the Republic

    Perhaps this incident will finally confirm what has been obvious for quite some time--the MSM is the official sponsor of the OBAMA! administration.

  • Horsun4tjs

    Just Remember" The Ambulance Chaser Allred"  Belongs With The Liberal Goons And That Illegal Alien Barry Soetoro AKA ?? Telling That Pelosi Plant Good Job Now Who Do We Make The Check Out Too??? Sounds Like A Chi-Town Story With Rod Blagojevich And Close Friend Barry Soetoro. God Bless America And The Class Of Radio Host "Rush Limbaugh"

  • Horsun4tjs

    How Can You Compare The Bottom Of The Barrel Libs Soros/Obama/Allred/Holder With Class Acts Like The Palin Family And Rush Limbaugh, Just Remember" Anyone Butthead Obama" God Bless America. ABO

  • Milton

    Here's a helping hand to Rush, let's find out which sponsors abandoned him and then let's abandoned them. These A- holes know that Rush Limbaugh speaks his mind on these kind of subjects. I do not listen to him often but when I get the opportunity to, I enjoy listening to him speak. Liberals cannot stand the truth and will do anything to avoid letting the truth see the light of day. I know as a businessman Rush may not publish the names of the morons who pulled their product from his advertising list. But Mr. Limbaugh, if you publish that list I will do my best to withhold my money from their coffers.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCH5T3BGTWS6RLSEP6IGCQ2HKQ Matt

      I AGREE 100%!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anita-Eitmann/100000450497995 Anita Eitmann

    Treu Republicans running for all offices should remind all women of this.

  • DockyWocky

    When "Pravda" comments on the deplorable state of the American media, it is really time to get out the brooms.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

      isn't that the truth................

  • oldmsrebel

    I like what I read here !!  We just need to get the word out to Everyone . My thots are Most of us are mad as a hornet and Cannot wait to vote .  We NEED to get over "anyone but omaoma " and vote for Newt or Rick . romney has no character and cannot even PLAY the conservative game !  Why run someone like the marxists against them? romney is a tried and true liberal , NOT moderate , Liberal !! Please do not waste your vote !!
    PLEASE ENCOURAGE OUR LEADERS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH AND DO NOT BACK DOWN !!  To a marxist to apologize is like apologizing to a muslim !  They mistake character and kindness for cowardness !! 
    Just be sure we are right and speak it the best we can .   AND DO NOT  BACK DOWN !


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCH5T3BGTWS6RLSEP6IGCQ2HKQ Matt

      Romney is a great businessman and good for the state of our country. Santorum COULDN'T EVEN GET REELECTED IN PENNSYLVANIA- DO YOU REALIZE THAT? If you CAN"T win in a state will you win in a whole country? The media will demonize Santorum and he will stutter and fail in the face of a debate with owe-bow-mao. He will be the same as McCain...a loser.

  • maxvelos

    This is the rights biggest problem! The press is full of half truths and lies and there isn't much they can do about it! I hope the American public sees all this happening. Obama won't even answer the question about that sub- human dirtbag Maher, and then they erase any record of the question. This Obama administration is getting more and more like Nazi Germany. It's very scary,as the press will only let the public see selective material Wake up America. If Obama is re-elected,our children have NO future. It's that bad!

  • ds

    The solution to Rush's problem is a simle one.  Just register a a Democrat.  Then he can call anybody any name he wants, just like funnyman Phil Mayer, I mean Bill Maier or whatever. I don't watch him enough to remember his name.

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    Hope there is a REPUBLICAN ad this fall with Bill Maher and Barry side by side, with all the vile quotes and ending with Obama took $1 million from this man"

  • specialops01

    bill maher sucks!