Robert Kennedy Calls Senator a "Prostitute" and "Call Girl"

In a Twitter post, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tweeted the following:

 Speaking of Prostitutes, big oil’s top call girl Sen Inhofe wants to kill fuel economy backed by automakers, small biz, enviros, & consumers.

It’s wrong, wrong, wrong for Rush Limbaugh to describe a 30-year-old law student who wants the government to pay for her birth control pills as a “slut” and “prostitute,” but it’s OK for Robert Kennedy to describe a sitting senator as a “prostitute” and “call girl.”

Kennedy is the co-host with Mike Papantonio of the nationally syndicated weekly talk radio show “Ring of Fire.” It was Papantonio who described Rush’s comments as “sexist” and “mentally impotent.” So what does he think of his co-hosts comments about Inhofe? Probably two-thumbs up.

The Kennedy’s should not be talking about sex or much else. In 1983, he was arrested in a Rapid City, South Dakota, airport for heroin possession. His record of the offense was sealed and expunged.

A book has claimed that a story involving late Senator Ted Kennedy and a young woman, believed to be pregnant by him, was kept in the dark by a paper in return for stories on Jackie Kennedy Onassis and her kids.

While serving as president of the United States, his uncle, John F. Kennedy, had a sexual relationship with Mimi Alford, who was a 19-year old intern in the White House. The affair lasted 18 months. Alford’s book is titled Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath.

Joe Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, former Congressman, and brother of Robert Kennedy, Jr., “secretly had his 12-year marriage to Sheila Rauch annulled by the Vatican. Rauch only found out about the annulment years later, after Kennedy remarried. She wrote a very angry book about the experience, Shattered Faith, since the Church's decreeing that the marriage never existed left her twin sons in everlasting limbo. Rauch pointed out that only powerful people like the Kennedy's could unilaterally cancel 12 years of marriage.” (Source)

Joe’s brother Michael was married with children when he was having an affair with the 14-year-old family babysitter. “This, of course, is a crime that would get a non-Kennedy registered as a sexual predator. For some reason (perhaps bribery and threats to her and her family), the girl refused to press charges, and Kennedy entered treatment for sex and alcohol addiction.” (Source)

Then there’s the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at the hands of Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy. Most people suspect that he was involved in a sexual relationship with her.



  • skip

    rannan3... during your travels give the persons you meet the following web links... they will blow their minds... BOTTOM LINE: obama, and hillary, too, are deceased chicago radical socialist and communist fellow traveler SAUL ALINSKY disciples to the extent that obama taught it and is nothing but an ALINSKY parrot, and he's also a minion of GEORGE SOROS, and EVERYTHING he does/says seems to be either ALINSKY AND/OR SOROS BASED - and ... note that this article was published in 2006!!! threats, fear mongering, walk out, blaming, bullying, belittling, euphemisms, lack of truth, concealments, narcissism, lack of compromise, adolescent behavior, class warfare, socialism, redistribution of wealth, govt. funded abortion, playing God ("The organizer," alinsky wrote, "is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach - to create, to be a 'great creator,' to play God." )... oh, yeah, obama the 'savior'... more taxes (ha, ha, but not on the 'SOROS' fortune as it seems it's all overseas), increased government spending, open borders, one world government, immigration entitlements for legal and illegal aliens, devaluing citizenship but promoting feminism, govt. paid abortions, affirmative action, and sex and gender rights... do these ring a bell??? all ALINSKY/SOROS stuff... OBAMA BEHAVIOR IDEA/IDEAL MYSTERY, SOLVED!!!

    • Progressive Republican

      I checked out those articles and not one of them is from a reliable source. Next!

      • Eddie H

        You seem to be so quick to be critical of what everyone posts.  Please point me to all the reliable sources of information that provide insight into what our president did from the early 1990's through becoming a senator? 

        • Progressive Republican

          Not so quick as it did take some time to check out the ones with which I was not already familiar. The sites skip listed have all been discredited as being agenda-driven and have been widely refuted for their lack of accuracy. You may now feel free to do your own research as I did. Good luck and happy hunting!

        • f89dscorpion


  • dingbat36

    Wow............this is an old article and there are no posts? Oh well, I guess no one cares whether the Democrats are fighting within their own ranks..................Frankly, I find it most most refreshing and excruciatingly funny!!

  • Screeminmeeme

    It seems that if you have enough money and power, you can get away with just about anything. While it is said that we are all equal...some of us are apparently more equal than others.

    Such is the case with the Kennedy clan whose founding father was the lionized Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr, whose gun-running, stock-manipulating, and boot-legging earned him big bucks. His partnership with mob boss Frank Costello, his penchant for adultery, and his dalliances with various Hollywood starlets were all well documented while his long-suffering, devotedly-catholic wife, Rose,stayed safely tucked away at home to herd the Kennedy brood. 

    His pretensions to being an upright family guy and his unethical business practices were exceeded only by his ambitions for himself and his children, even going so far as to buy the presidency of John F. and covering up the unsavory high-jinxs of the ignoble Ted and Bobby. 

    His legacy to his imperious progeny was not wealth but an entitled licentious lifestyle in which favors and privilege are presumed.

    Indeed, the apples have not fallen far from the tree.

    • Celticwaryor

      They will all ultimately have to face the one true judge, our Creator. They won't be able to buy their way on this time!

    • JBQ21

      You forgot the nasty and unfortunate story about Rosemary. Dad decided that she was retarded and had her given a lobotomy without consulting his wife.  He stated that retarded individuals are promiscuous.  If you look through a poetry book written by Rosemary, you will know that she was not retarded but that her only crime was being a woman.  As someone who was mesermized by the Kennedy Legacy and who served in the Navy during the Vietnam war, I continue to reel with the constant allegations.  Lobotomies were in the early stages of development.  Basically, you took a screwdriver and rammed it through the eyeball and corkscrewed it to take out a portion of the brain.  Rosemary lived out her days in a convent existing as a "vegetable".  As a point of note, I was told by shipmates that the real story behind the missing body in the Kennedy coffin was that Kennedy survived as a vegetable and was removed to a remote Greek island (Patmos I believe) where he could be given medical care.  That is the rumor on why Jackie actually married Aristotle because he arranged for the care and hiding of the facts.  Believe it, if you will. 

      • guest

        excelle as most is true Incidently jackie was no angel, many rumors of her nymphomania

        • JBQ21

          Usually, not always, women turn to nymphomania as a way to cope with the rejection by their husband.   This is classical in the case of Princess Diana Spencer.  It is even supposed in the case of Diana that she sought out and was inpregnated  by her Muslim boyfriend, Dodi Fayad, who died with her.  This would be the ultimate revenge of bearing a Muslim heir to the throne of England.  Also supposedly, the queen mother took care of that one.  At least in the case of Jackie, she was a loving mother and did not seek revenge unless she knew Lee Harvey which is extremely doubtful. 

        • Progressive Republican

          Ah, more suppositions disseminated as fact. Kinda like GOPTV/FOX. Y'know, "Some say that...".

        • JBQ21

          As our friend "slique" Willie said, It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

        • Progressive Republican

          Yeah, that load of fetid dingoes kidneys STILL gives me headaches. 

        • Progressive Republican

          Well if it's rumored then it must be so, right?

        • JBQ21

          So says the "National Enquirer"!

        • Progressive Republican

          Kinda like, "If it's on the internet it must be true" eh? As to the NE they've been stung so many times that they've actually been vetting more of their stories but then one IS more than none. Who'da thunk?

        • JBQ21

          Strangely, the NE was the one news source which released info on the true story on John Edwards and his mistress.  In many cases, the national media is held hostage by progressive interests.  Oprah is one great example.  Originally, NE was just a figment of the "big foot" imagination.  Now, in many cases, this is the only source for the bizarre truth.  You just have to sort through the many stories on "big foot". 

        • Progressive Republican

          Hence my point. Objective observers, however, have pointed out the MSM's drifting rightward for at least a couple of decades with the relaxation of FCC rules restricting market percentage ownership levels. As the allowed percentage per market increased, broadcasters and their owners began to notice a significant revenue increase commensurate with the market percentage increase. The MSM stands to profit immensely with the total deregulation by conservatives of what is, ostensibly, public airwaves.

        • JBQ21

          If you think that mainline media is drifting right, then you need to stop drinking the bottled water.

        • Progressive Republican

          I have no need or desire to waste money I don't have in that manner. You, however, clearly need to lay off the paint chips.

      • Skeptik

        Interesting rewrite of history. Rosemary was not a vegetable and her dad didn't "decide" she was retarded. There were multiple tests and many years of specialty teachers. It's unfortunate that lobotomies were considered appropriate treatment in 1941.  As far as the missing body... really? Maybe Elvis is in the building, too.

        • JBQ21

          A recent documentary did state that Joe Kennedy agreed to the lobotomy without consulting with his wife not because she was judged to be retarded but because the retarded were seen as sexually active becuase they could not control their emotions.  He didn't want a pregnant Rosemary.  The documentary also showed some of the poetry written by Rosemary in a diary which had been found.  The sentence structure and emotional expression were not indicative of someone who was retarded.  Maybe, this was actually written by Marilyn Monroe and it was wrongly labelled. 

        • hendrig

          Didn't you know?  Elvis is on that remote island singing to JFK and Jimmy Hoffa.

        • Progressive Republican

          Hey! I was going to say that!

        • Bmarrs

           Rosemary was not retarded she was, I think, bipolar.  This was more embarrassing than any thing else.  As she got older she become more violent. 
          The old man was not going to be embarrassed so he sacrificed his daughter.  I remember reading Rose was livid and would not have anything to do with her husband for some time.

        • JBQ21

          Sounds like bi-polar is right or as previously named manic-depressive.  Kind of rough to get a lobotomy for what is pretty normal today.

      • Pamgar54

        As a nurse I will tell you that you are wrong about how lobotomies are performed.I agree that the Kennedy family, at least the Kennedy men lived lives of privilege and questionable moral values.  However, as a Catholic I will disagree with the author regarding what an annulment  by the Church is and is not.  An annulment by the Church never addresses the legality of the marriage it only addresses the issue of whether a sacrament took place.  Because the Church considers marriage holy sacrament equal to the vows a priest takes or baptism or confirmation.  The Church reviews each case and it is down by  panel, not the Pope.  Some causes for annulment may be the mental health of one the parties that prevented them from fully understanding the nature of a sacramental vow or youth.  Another cause may be lack of form which means a couple were married by a justice of the peace whose power to perform a "sacramental marriage ceremony is not recognized by the Church as it is not performed by an ordained Christian minister.    Another cause might  be one or both parties lied during there vows saying they would be open to life or that they would agree to raise their children Catholic.  If someone is dishonest while taking a sacred vow then the sacrament is not valid. There are other causes the panel regards, I am not a canonical lawyer.  

        • Jayjay1963

          Very intereting, but I doubt that the Kennedy annulment met any of those thresholds.
          As a Catholic I'm ashamed that annulments seem to be rather easy for the wealthy.
          I do believe that "Camelot" is losing some of it's luster. Especially with the recent book by Alford. As a father, I cringed reading the exerpts. (I won't be buying the book.)

        • JBQ21

          Labotomies then are not what they are today.  They were cold and unfeeling and experimental.  The Catholic Church has had a big problem since Vatican II with offering annulments on flimsy circumstances.  Ted Kennedy was refused an annulment in one diocese and just went to another where he divorced Joan in good standing.  Priests are just not as dedicated and have very low standards.  JPII tried to toughen things up a bit.

    • Independent

      Screeminmeeme, you should be writing your own column. Very well done, thanks.

    • Progressive Republican

      Much like Prescott Bush and HIS progeny. 

      • Screeminmeeme

        Had a duplicate posted for some reason

  • combat seabee

    He he called me those names, he'd be defecating his front teeth!!!! Where's the media outrage???? Oh yeah, it was a liberal saying it, hey libs, can you say, "HYPOCRICY!!"

    • Progressive Republican

      They pay him and he does what he's paid for. That is the essence of prostitution.

  • Jim

    These are the F***ing White Trash that the Media trys to tell us is "America's Royal Family"!  What a sick joke.

    • Ladytrader99

      It seems that if your last name is Kennedy you can get by with anything.  Just remember all these Kennedys had a good teacher at being womanizers.  It started with Old Joe Kennedy, the father of JFK, RFK, EK and so on.

      • f89dscorpion

         They were all scumbags.None of them ever worked a day in their life.I did care for Jackie and John Jr.Well I guess the old man worked at being a Bootlegger and a Mobster!

        • Lorettaragan

          jackie lived out her last years shacking up with a married man

        • f89dscorpion

           Yea I know,but morals wasn't a top issue with any of them.Hell,my morals weren't real good when I was younger.I don't think she ran around the White House banging a different man in every room.Those Dems sure got their use out of that Whitehouse!

    • Hole In One

      We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term.
      IF your an American i BEG you to click on this addy and SIGN this petiton..NOW..!

      • John Flaherty

         NO, We, the People, do NOT demand any such investigation, on grounds that even IF such grounds can be proven to be untrue, they will not undo the damage inflicted by the collaborators to this President.
        I, an American and former military officer--sworn to defend the Constitution--request that you cease with this nonsense and work to elect a different President.
        Let the man in that office at present, Barack Obama, lose in November and be allowed to gracefully disappear from the limelight of public life.
        (Or at least do so as much as is possible.  I notice Bill Clinton and others still run around from time to time.  They do provide rather annoying distraction....)

        • Bill

          John, as a retired CSM, I do not agree with you. This man sould be investigated and if evidence is found that he is an upsurper of The Office of President, then he should be arrested along with all that had knowledge of the crime and all should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the federal law.

          Then according to The Constitution and Federal Law. All actions and laws signed into law by Obama should be made "NULL and VOID".

          Don't know which oath you took but, I was sworn to protect America, The Constitution, The Country and it's citizens against all enemies both foreign and domestic and that is an I oath I will keep till I die. 

        • Screeminmeeme

          John Flaherty.... Ya gotta be kidding.....''gracefully disappear"?

          Obama needs to be led out of the White House in handcuffs and tried from treason.

        • MichaelH

           I, too, was struck by your phrase, "gracefully disappear".  If the charges are true its one of the most dastardly crimes against our Constitution ever perpetrated.  He's NOT to be treated "gracefully" since (if true) he was complicit in this miserable crime.  Bill Clinton lied his a$$ off, but he was still qualified to be President.  Evidently Obama ISN'T so qualified. 

      • Progressive Republican

        You birthers REALLY should lay off of the paint chips.

        • Bill

          And you Progressive/Socialist should get your heads out of your butts.

        • Progressive Republican

          This coming from one whose intimate view of their own colon has been going on for so long that their shoulders' and thighs' epidermises have fused. Guess you showed me, huh?

        • MichaelH

           If I'd been asked (I wasn't) a year or two ago about Obama's qualification for the Presidency, I would have laughed and ridiculed the ideas put forth by "birthers"...(in fact, I did, on several discussion boards)


          Old son, there's too much emerging evidence that the certificates put forth by the left are forgeries, to continue to keep your head in the sand while calling people names.  It seems quite possible, now, that we've been conned regarding where Obama was born, and his legitimacy to Constitutionally take the office of President, whether you like it or not.  (NOT, evidently)

          This issue needs to have a full airing and

        • Sue

          You are right on that - I really didn't pay much attention un til I saw the Layers - & the Errors on the BC  Also why did he NOT Shown it the First Year & Spent Tons of Money Too Keep the BC out of the Public Eye - A.) If you are Legal Why not Show it -2.) Why spend a Mil Dollars while NOT Showing it
          3.) The One Show is Riddled with Mistakes - Even the Hospital Name Was a Different NAME when he was Born  So its Either that he Was Born in Kenya -Just like his Gramma Said- Or he was A Dual Citizen Because he was Adopted by his Step Dad & they Didn't File Papers Properly = I think its Very Possible that the Later is Possible as it was Also Rumored that he was a Forgien Exchange Student  So there is Something a muk !~

        • Progressive Republican

          Far too many on the right have gone VERY far out of their way to make it abundantly clear that the truth has less than no bearing on the subject. 

          "too much emerging evidence that the certificates put forth by the left are forgeries" The evidence claim is, itself, likely a forgery. As far as them being "put forth from the left" they are, in fact, official documents. The level of revisionism required to sustain the idea that the first dark-skinned funny-named President couldn't POSSIBLY have been born in the U.S. simply because someone wishes it so rivals the potential psychosis of Glen Beck, Dinesh D'Souza and all the other discredited revisionists. Calling unsubstantiated rumors "emerging evidence" seems at least vaguely disingenuous.

        • America 1

          Drop the name "Republican". It's plain for all to see you ARE a Progressive Lying shill on these web comment columns. Your "refined" insults are base and ill informed. All you care to do is stir the pot, not adding a worthwile word.

        • Progressive Republican

          As opposed to the font of wisdom that is you.  You sure put ME in my place dintcha?

        • Bruce

          That's fount... not font

        • Bill

          Now if you can state something that makes sense, I might even state that you have some intelligence. But, I didn't expect anything more from a Progressive/Socialist!

        • Progressive Republican

          As you are clearly a regressivist conservative (needlessly redundant I know) I received the nonsensical response that I've com to expect.

        • Bill

          Wrong again "PAL". I'm not a conservative or liberal. I'm not a republican or democrat. I'm not a socialist or communist.

          What I am is an American, an AmericanVeteran and damn proud of it. You progressive republicans and democrats are so far out in left field, you can't even see the ball much less return it. Grow a brain "Brick".

        • Progressive Republican

          Typical conservative. When in doubt, insult.

        • Bill

          Without a doubt you can not read. Re-Read my last post. Also, practice what you preach. 

        • Progressive Republican

          You called me, "PAL" which I ain't, then you insulted me by saying, "
          Grow a brain "Brick".". Your post has clearly been, "Re-Read". Congratulations. Now, what's this about something you claim I preached?

        • Bill

          O.K. Brick, were not PAL's, no skin off my butt. If you can't recall what you've been preaching, don't ecpect me to refresh your low level thinking.

        • Ironside

          I guess the key word in your name is Progressive.  And, wow, you have a dictionary and know how to use it.  Guess you were schooled at home.  The fact that you and other idiots continually deny the obvious, that he was born in Kenya, means you don't care who the progressive is, as long as he is progressive.  Look how bad woodrow wilson ruined this country for the 100 years after his debacle as president.
          Instead of spending so much time with a thesaurus and dictionary, maybe you should spend some time and read the Constitution.  And maybe some works by Fredrick Douglas.  That is of course, exclusive of your apparent problem of your neurotransmitters not firing.  Don't bother to look that up, I'll tell you it has to do with your brain and how it transmits it's electrical signals that most of us call intelligence.  I realize that's a stretch in your case, but try and read the Constitution.  I doubt you will understand it, because you have already decided it must be a changing document instead of the rock in which it was cast.

    • Richard

      From the article, I don't see much difference of the Kennedys and the British Royal Family.  The term American Royal Family is apropos.

    • Vic

       Bight your toung ! You know exactly what point this artical is making . Why get racial ?

  • Dirty Daug

    I'm wandering how much its costing Obama's sponser to hide most everything about Obama.

    • JBQ21

      Here's the problem.  You are right.  However, if you look at all of the comments on this site (including my own), they are white males.  Obama has gone with the coalition of "women, non whites, and non heterosexuals" according to  He has also made comments about not needing the working class any longer.  His wife went after Irish Catholic politicians in the recent book by Jodi Kantor.  When the U.S. Catholic bishops came out against the contraception (abortion) mandate, the first groups in line to back a shoddy compromise were the CHA with a nun CEO making 962K, the 28 Jesuit institutions in the AJCU, and the Assn of women religious.  Entitlements are buying off everyone.  Who is going to work and pay the bills?  Why, it's the white male.  Romney is seen as decadent and out of touch.  According to the media, he has one major problem.  He worked for his money.  This does not preclude the fact that there is plenty of greed on Wall Street.  However, let's pass laws to restrict Wall Street and multi-national corporations from enslaving what is left of the American worker.  Radical socialism and its merging of the Middle and Lower classes into the proletariat which will take over the means of production is not the answer. 

    • Tom K.

      @ Dirty Daug: Sponsor George Soros can afford the price to cover his errand boy.  Do you remember that Obama got to keep his Blackberry, even when the Secret Service ofjected ?  I'm sure he talks to Georgie as least daily; " what do we do now, George ? ".  As for the Kennedy's, the males( not men ) in the family for at least three generations have womanized constantly.  However, J.F.K. was the last Democrat and did some fine things as President until the N.W.O. stopped him. 

    • Progressive Republican

      Not much. Nothing much to hide, at least where reality is concerned. Now if you're talking about conservative revisionism, well that's another matter completely. Too much money has already been wasted on that dreck.

  • jong

    Actually he was refering to his and his relatives preference in women.   The liberals and not the Conservatives want to keep them in slavery.   I give you the support that Obama and his thugs give to islam and their enslavement of women as evidence

    • Progressive Republican

      How about you actually give us this "evidence"?

  • Wyatt

    With the Liberal Left it is always do as I say and not as I do . 

  • chas

    This should not surprise anyone. The democruds are always guilty of double standards
    I don't know why--its just in the liberal make up because even on a personal level the people I play golf with and other venues where I am around them they do not hold double standard practices to just politics
    I could write  book chapter about them and what they do that we would never do and if you call them on it they always justify that particular act
    The college grads are the worse offenders because they want to argue about everything and  the real frustration for me is they start their argument before the point is being made. Their snobbery and elistist position allows them to mind read what you are going to say and then start the negative remarks
    Next time you are making commnets or discussing anything around a Lib watch how they watch your mouth and turn their heads to listen and you literally can feel their tension just waiting to jump in and argue with you. Especially if they know you are conservative ----they love it and breath it this craziness.

    • russhenry

      Read: "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness", Lyle H. Rossitor, Jr., M. D. And you will understand Liberalism.

      • Progressive Republican

        Like Michael Weiner-er-Savage (I'd change it too), he thinks that liberalism is a mental disorder.

        Unlike Weiner-er-Savage (damn), Rossiter is a psychiatrist and seems serious when he says that. He even wrote that book which claims to trace the psychological factors causing people to become liberals. As if he could understand.

        Briefly, the book says, "My political views are so OBVIOUSLY correct that anyone who doesn't accept them just has to be nuts." thus presupposing the truth of a right-wing political outlook and then trying to suss the reasons why others do not accept this "truth", concluding that they must be in massive denial.

        Joan Swirsky, yet ANOTHER birther , RWNJ blogger and fan of the book, notes that it "avoids all the usual psychobabble." This is likely because the book contains little psychological science and has been widely discredited by his peers.


  • julian8

    Isn't it amazing that a country that broke away from a monarchy seems to have allowed one to develope within and with all knowing flourishes to this day.  These are past examples but there are current ones and the one thing they all have in common is a willing MSM as co conspirators.  I am a Catholic and pray that these people will see justice in the hereafter as they certainly are not facing it here.

  • progressiveandproud

    If you're interested in learning more about families like this, look up the Bush family activities: adultery, drug use, dereliction  of duty, AWOL, financing NAZI Germany, etc. Bad apples on both sides of the aisle.

    • Tmz42

      What a stupid comment; you are deranged!

      • progressiveandproud

         Typical brilliant response from a conservative. Can't argue the point so I'll call names.

        Stay classy sweetheart.

        • John

          You can bitch about the Bush family so why can't we can't bitch about a woman that wants me to pay for her contraception. 

        • progressiveandproud

           I'm not bitching about the bush family, I'm simply pointing out that there are bad apples on both sides of the aisle.

          The issue isn't about the birth control. The issue is a public figure committing slander against a private citizen for espousing her beliefs.

          Get your facts straight before you huff up into a big ball of indignation.

        • John

          This all started with what Limbaugh said on the air.  The liberal media want him crucified for what he said about a woman that wants the tax payers to pay for her contraception.  Now we have a Kennedy using derogatory comments about a conservative woman and no one says a thing.  Maybe I didn't draw the complete picture but it annoys me that if a conservative complains and uses a poor choice of words, it's either a federal crime or the Bush's are somehow brought into the conversation.  No one is perfect, yet the liberal media always creates a firestorm when a conservative responds in a way that they don't like.  Yet they don't hold their own to the same standard. 

        • Progressive Republican

          The only ones that have EVER said ANYTHING about taxpayers paying for her contraception was CNS, then the drug-addled child molester, then Godfather Politics and it has since spread from there like the watery part of the steaming, runny pile of crap that is.

        • Chuck

          The public figure you are referring to is a private citizen also. Ms. Fluke used the Congress to express her opinion and Ruh Limbaugh used his radio show to express his. The only difference I see is that rush is not asknig someone else to to pay for anything for his personal use and Ms. Fluke is asking someone else to pay for her contraceptives.

        • progressiveandproud

           The difference is, Ms. Fluke has a wonderful libel suit if she chooses to pursue it. Hopefully, she does.

        • Progressive Republican

          First Breitbart, now Limbaugh. Who's gonna step in it next? I can't wait.

        • Jayjay1963

          IF you're correct about the Bushes, then I have to believe that they had better PR people than the Kennedys because , despite  the best efforts at  covering up, the stories leaked out.
          We learned a couple of things about W, which he acknowledged, but nothing on the scale of the Kennedy hijinks.

        • progressiveandproud

           As former director of the CIA daddy has very good connections.

        • f89dscorpion


        • Jensenge

           There is no telling what else you are proud of!

        • Gary in Texas

          Whaaaaaaa you uneducated fool .  My dog can do the tricks you try to do !!!

        • Chuck

          You are right to say there are, "Bad apples on both sides of the aisle." However, don't you think it rater stereotypical to make such a generalization about conservatives. To infer that all conservatives are more inclined than liberals to resort to name calling when unable to argue a point is disengenuous, to say the least. Especially when both sides of the aisle are equally guilty of name calling, when they either cannot or do not want to argue a point.  

        • Progressive Republican

          Hey, be nice! He probably paid one of his kids a quarter to come up with that when he got that headache from trying to think.

        • progressiveandproud

           You I like.  All of your responses to my comments have been intelligent and reasonable. Unfortunately, most Republicans I speak with are not able to respond with facts, they spout Limbaugh, etc. talking points and become irate when challenged for specifics.

        • Progressive Republican

          Republicons and the Republicretins who vote for them eschew truth as anathema to "the Cause". America needs and deserves better.

        • Libtard

          Must be nice to read comments that "have been intelligent and reasonable" to your posts. I also read comments that "are not able to respond with facts" to my posts. I assume they "become irate when challenged for specifics."

          You should reconsider using "progressive" in your name, since you "weaken the gene pool" of the true progressive people on here.

      • Sheila Simmons

         Actually, I am as conservative as they come and "progressiveandproud" is correct.  The Bush family has just as many skeletons hiding in the closet as the Kennedys do...or as Barack Obama does;-)  It's just that it's rather annoying for the Bushes to be drug out and flogged every time something negative is pointed out about some Democrat. 

      • Chuck

        What is stupid about the comment by progressiveandproud? Just because the Bush's are Republicans doesn't mean the facts should ignore. The Bush family has been involved in all the activities mentioned in progressiveandproud's post.

      • Jackel


    • John

      I suppose your perfect.

      • progressiveandproud

         I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be. However, I can spell quite well.

        • John

          I knew you'd catch that considering how perfect you are.

        • Progressive Republican

          We're all glad to see that he rose to your "challenge". What else ya got?

        • Gary in Texas

          Can you spell stick it in your azz !!

        • progressiveandproud

           While I support your right to be gay and engage in whatever act you wish with another adult. I have no interest in participating in similar acts.

    • John

      Irrespective of the foibles of the players on both sides, I find it interesting that someone who can spell clings to a failed progressive/liberal/socialist/communist way of thinking. Proud of it no less.......I guess the sheperd would be nothing without his sheep. 

    • Gary in Texas

      Typical progressive , try to cover your bad behavior with other inperfections.  Saul is proud of you idiot,  (not even useful)

      • Progressive Republican

        Well THAT makes sense.!?

    • Jayjay1963

      Don't write it. PROVE it!!!

      • progressiveandproud

         Don't expect me to do your research for you. Take some time and research many different sources, you might learn something.

        • Progressive Republican

          Ah, but the trick there is finding and believing the truth. Having been repeatedly lied to for so bloody long the odds are not in truth's favor with him. However one can always hope.

    • Jayjay1963

      Don't write it. PROVE it!!!

  • JadaBlue

    Please tell me what is the fascination with this family? I simply don't get it. They are nothing special the sooner people let that go the better. Geesh!

  • J.D.Scott

       Ah, the MAGIC of the Kennedy name...   It's okay if you're on the "right side of the tracks", I guess. They want Rush Drawn & Quartered but it's alright for Bobby's kid to do practically the same thing and nobody gives a hoot!    "That's All, Folks!"  The looney tunes are alive and well in Lefty politics.   POLI-TICS ! Break that down into "Poli" for many, and" Tics" for bloodsucking insects.   Yeah, thats about right.

    • R Grayi

       "Parasites" is another definition than "insects" and more apt here.

    • Progressive Republican

      Bobby didn't spend nine hours lying and castigating anyone.

  • alnga

    It would take a Kennedy, any of them, to know call girl's well enough to make any comparisons.  That family is America's dung heap.  I feel badly for the Senator, but in politics you have to be fighting your way through all kinds of scum.

    • Progressive Republican

      Considering the drug-addled child molester's numerous and legendary trips to other countries notorious for their trading in prostitutes it's reasonable to assume that El Rushbo has a pretty good handle on the subject(s) himself.

  • catzpaw

    Liberals mantra, "Do as I say, not as I do."

  • Gary in Texas

    Oh it's okay he is as piece of s#it progressive just like ted, runs in the family shallow and cheap !!!

  • Sheila Simmons

    Something about...people in glass houses...?

    • Progressive Republican

      What he he been rumored to have done?

  • Gary Allan

    Well Well Well, what have we hear. Any outrage from a liberal ?

    • Progressive Republican

      Given the amount of lies, hatred, dreck, dishonesty, bilge, disingenuousness, and offal constantly and consistently spewed by the conservative media, this rather pales in comparison of scale by at least a couple orders of magnitude.

  • Mattwm

    after JFK, the Kennedy's were nothing but a bunch of baffoons.  Even JFK was questionable, but he was there for such a short time, he didn't accomplish much

    • Progressive Republican

      Except for being the only President to not only stare down the U.S.S.R. but the only one to make them "blink".

      • f89dscorpion


        • Progressive Republican

          Ah, a conspiricist.

  • Jensenge

    In this internet/information age, you can't hide what the Kennedy family and other such powerful people could suppress and hide a few decades ago.  Unless you are Barack Obama with big global money behind you...but even that dam will eventually give way!

    • Progressive Republican

      What you call a dam more accurately resembles a very small pebble sitting on someone's front porch unnoticed over in the corner.

  • Skeptik

    Let's see. Kennedy did it, so its okay that Rush did it? How about it was wrong for both? 

    • Progressive Republican

      Well, again one is compelled to examine the difference in scale. One quick shot at someone who sells his services for unethical (if not immoral) purposes vs. three three-hour sessions of lies and slander topped off by a somewhat less than heartfelt version of an apology. Hmm... seems fair and balanced to me   *Yeesh*

  • alfred m

    I'm 67 and certainly hated every member of the Kennedy family, but some of these comments are over the top!

  • billy2

    this is just another ruse for the jackal..................It will lie, cheat,steal to win, It's in trouble and IT knows it, and  there will be MORE  voting fraud, and IT isn't even legal to be where IT is as we speak!! I guess only in America, but God willing, it will be changed in November, the true women of this great nation WILL see that this is nothing but a political 

    • Progressive Republican

      Because a <0.00004% voter fraud rate is SUCH a HUGE problem. Right. Also, "
      the true women of this great nation WILL see that this is nothing but a political   " huh?

  • Samtman

    The big difference is that Rush called Miss. Fluke a sexual slut and prostitute.  Sen Inoff was not called a slut or a sexual prostitute. Sen Inhofe has been known for years to be the Senatore from the state of Oilland   instead of the people Okalhoma.  Sen Inhofe has prostituted himlsef long enough to big oil who pay him off hansomly at every elction.

    • camdenme2

      Hmmm. Me think Fluke is what she said she is- a SLXT! End of story!

      • Progressive Republican

        When did she say she was a, um, waddya call it, a SLXT? Wtf is that?

  • Hotnike

    Mary Jo Kopechne's death was outright manslaughter.  The Kennedy's have gotten away with murder,  sexual predatory behavior and adultery and have not served one day incarcerated.  Change the Kennedy name to any one of us "peons" we would be spending the rest of out lives in jail.  Sounds like the same type of transparency as we have in the Oval Office today.

    • Progressive Republican

      So which is it? Murder or manslaughter? Get it straight.

  • camdenme2

    The KENNEDYS get a pass ,even in death!!!!

  • Gpapato4

    Anything coming out of a Kennedy's mouth is a joke. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black the Kennedy's have used their money to buy off  problems. Joe Kennedy even doubled down and helped fimance both Germany and the U.S. during WW II wanting to make sure he backed whoever won.

  • guest

    another kennedy calling the kettle black. This family is well known for their indiscretions , all being forgiven by the Boston and New York bishops because they can pay the church. No sense in bringing up starting with their grandfather and fathers who were all not faithful to their wives and all the other shenanigans starting with boot legging to deaths of young women who were taken in by them , the latest who had an affair and now boasting with JFK, what would one call her? Not the innocent infant she made herself to be.So many indiscretions and this kennedy calling Inhofe same  type of woman Rush described Fluke but not a thing mentioned yet liberals are after Rush because he speaks the truth. Lets get the Kennedy's out of Politics they have disgraced us enough in this country.

  • Sam Snyder

    Robert Kennedy Jr. is a poor creature who suffers from mental illness just like Albert Gore Jr.

  • Bob

    For some one that in with the mob to call people name's is like OUR Lier an CHIEF calling the Arizona Sheriff of illegal act's.

  • GaryR

    The Double Standard on display.  Kennedy is "royalty," and therefore he can say or do anything he pleases.  Standards of civil and legal conduct only apply to YOU!  They do NOT apply to a Kennedy. 

    Sleazy bast@rds!  And if you have a problem with that, Mr. Fecalhead Kennedy, come see me anytime. 

  • Bsfurg

    But Kennedy is a Demowits they can say anything..just ask Obama 

  • Barb Patton

    The Kennedy's were ordinary Irish "catholics" that had money (how??) and the rest is history - the whole scenario is laughable and above all ridiculous.  All this brohaha because Rush used the words "slut" and "prostitute". so now we put on the gloves and start to shovel sh@t and dirt --- this mud throwing is really getting boring boring.

  • carolrhill814

    I t hought that the Kennedy's walked on water lol but none of this is even spoken about because they are Kennedy's.

  • mam-ma

    But then you also have the liberals not judging clinton for saying "i did't think that was sex"
    It was nothing but sex with a different name.  And now, clinton is still idolized by millions of people.

    How Hillary could live with a man like that is beyond me.But so did Jackie live with with kennedy.
    If I had had a husband like any of them - I would be too ashamed to even show my face to others.
    He would have been out of my house  so quick you would think he had been shot from a cannon.

    • Progressive Republican

      So you'd prefer husbands like Rush or Newt maybe?

  • exbuckeye

    Unto the third and even the fourth generatioon
    Old Joe Sr started it all before and during prohibition.

    It sure is a good thing there is an afterlife because there are
    some crimes for which there is no suitable punishment here!!

    (They -WILL- pay come the judgement day!!!)

  • hendrig

    Let's not forget Bill Mayer calling Sarah Palin the "C" word.  The old double standard.

    • Progressive Republican

      Who's Bill Mayer? The Chairman of the Aspen Institute? The artist (interesting stuff)? The saddle maker? 

      • hendrig

        Ok so I put a wrong letter in there.  Bill Maher is the HBO comedian who is ultra liberal and has his own show.  He used the "C" word and much worse when talking about   

        @page { margin: 0.79in }
        P { margin-bottom: 0Condoleezza Rice, Sarah Palin and Michele
        Bachmann without any apologies.  No one made a big thing out of that.  

  • Juy

    Hypocrite democrats

  • del

    The Kennedy's are murderers and rapists of women and the muslim in the white house is prbably a homo....these are the models for the lame stream media????? Vomit

  • sean murry

    The Kennedies are trash.

  • Don Gaines

    Limbaugh or Robert Kennedy Jr. don't matter they are both right so get over it.

    • Progressive Republican

      Well, except for Limbaugh.

  • Lakotasdad

    You left out his 'grandpa' running the 'irish mafia', prostitution rings, running numbers, putting hits on people. Not to mention having his daughter given a frontal lobotomy because she acted like the boys and slept around. The whole family for generations are nothing but POS!

    • simmy1029

      Don't for get the liquor he profited off of during Prohibition. Camelot, oh Camelot, where didth  you go.

      • Progressive Republican

        And to think it never would have happened were it not for the GOP.

        • Simmy1029

          How do you figure?

        • Progressive Republican

          The temperance had been driven by conservative for decades, culminating in Prohibition which did, admittedly, bring the alcohol consumption rate down (surprise!). Joe made a significant portion of his fortune as a bootlegger.Then he, as well as Prescott Bush (though to a lesser degree) did business with the Nazis where they both raked in significant green.

          Prohibition also gave us the Mafia. Thanks a lot, guys.

  • Woobie King

    Being a Kennedy, he's probably quite familiar with prostitutes.


    A Kennedy speaking of illicit sexual liaisons, prostitution, and all sorts of sordid things!
    This young gentleman's father was tag-teaming Marilyn Monroe with his brother, the president,
    or so the salacious rumors go! 
    The Kennedy men, man-whores for generations, and still going strong!

  • Farm Boy

    Robert Kennedy, Jr is a useless slug.  He has no business criticizing anyone else for anything after his own history!

    • Progressive Republican

      Such as...?

  • spidermike

    Speaking of womanizing, 'Mad Men' new season starts in a couple of weeks. Three martini lunches and illicit office liaisons. Be honest guys, late at night when you're working out in your garage shop and the wife is "sawing logs",  don't you secretly wish the good old days were back? Man up, tell the truth.

  • Blair

    What's sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander. But in these politically correct times? FUGEDABOUTIT!

  • Rick

    I, don't know.  It seems to me that a lot if not most politicians are in the business of selling their votes and morals for campaign contributions, meals and gratuities.  I guess that makes them exactly what they are.

    • Progressive Republican

      Finally. Someone who get it.

  • Roger

    I believe that teddy got Mary Jo K pregnant, then murdered her when she wouldn't get an abortion.

    The kennedy clan are scum bags, rich and powerful but LOW CLASS through and through.

  • Chuck Fowler

    Another Kennedy drunk casting dispersions and calling names? Who cares? 

    At least according to Sandra Fluke's own "testimony" indicating she needed so much birth control that she must be promiscuous, Rush was by definition correct in calling her a slut, if not wise in doing so and thus making himself, instead of her ridiculous claims, the story, at least to the liberal media.

  • David Peacock

    where is the liberocrat media minion establishment on this one?????

  • Mrooker

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  The Kennedys are the worst examples of libido running wild going back to the patriarch Joe Kennedy.  He had women in every port and he condoned all his sons affairs etc and the extended family all did the same thing.  They had the power and money to cover up most of it.  They are as sorry as families can be.

  • 4grands

    The liberals love these stories. The liberals live lives just like the stories portray - which gives them confidence to continue living smutty lives. Smut is what liberals crave. They are like vampires and blood, just gotta have it.


    Why is anyone paying attention to anything a Kennedy says?  The only thing I'd be interested in hearing from any of them is good bye -- and that includes their ignorant cousins as well.

  • Sapient Hetero

     Typical liberal hypocrisy.  I've long since stopped paying attention to their BS, and encourage the rest of America to join me in treating them with the undisguised contempt they deserve.

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    Who the EFF cares what a kennedy says anyway?

  • Louismabry


    • Progressive Republican

      Guilt by POSSIBLE association? Really?

  • Venturamickey

    Here we go a Kennedy can call a girl a whore but Rush Limbau  gets blasted.
    typical democratic double standards.

    • Progressive Republican

      So now YOU'RE calling  Sen. Inhofe a girl? Doesn't look like one to me, but I guess you LIKE "catchers".

  • Steveginaz

    He and the co-host must surely be talking about there own wives.  Oh, maybe they don't have wives instead they have male partners.  They are a bunch of idotic bastards.

    • Progressive Republican

      Two's a pair, not a bunch.

  • Michael J Nellett

    If anyone wonders why the Kennedy's have suffered so much family the above story again slowly! "I will visit the sins of the fathers unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me!" Guess who said that? You never escape the consequences of your sins. Forgiveness.....yes, escape the results.....NO!

  • Mgfred52

    The press should be all over this story, Robert Kennedy JR. should have to make an apology on the floor of Congress to Senator Inhofe and it should be a public apology. Where are all the demoCRAPS that jumped all over Rush, you won't hear a peep out of them. I haven't seen a Kennedy yet that hasn't had a run in with the law and not one charge has come out of it. Why can't the average person get away with as many things. I always felt so sorry for Jackie Kennedy because of John running all over her and throwing it in her face. He got what he deserved. There should be charges brought up on the sex with a 14 year old girl, that is just pitiful and I can just hear the Kennedy's saying the girl threw herself at him.

  • Odette Del Rio

    There is nothing hidden that will not be uncovered. The truth will be known worldwide & on Judgement Day. All that we do or say is being recorded and we have to give an account of it. So, especially  to all leaders: DO THE RIGHT THING!

  • Luke179a

    sick, sick family..
    and it's especially sick that the press will cover this up in order to get another corrupt Kennedy in Congress.

  • ALsue1

    gee another great america his family made there money form bootlegging and there all liers and drunks . this is what our country has to look forward too.

  • Stephenrusell

    & they wonder about Kennedy Curse & shooting RFK & JFK Sr.
    wasnt the 60s enough??

  • Tomtom

    JUST another SICK Kennedy!!!

  • Silas Longshot

    K, people, when are we really gonna get tired of the left 'getting away' with crap like calling a respectable state governor a c u n t and getting away with it? Maybe the million bucks the trash mouth 'COMIC' donated to a certain campaign SPAC is buying a wink and a nod?

  • Jackel

    Don't you be talking bad about Old Joe,he created more jobs during the depression than Bozo.Let's see now,prostitutes,truck drivers,bartenders in Speak Easys,barrel builders,gun manufacturers etc.

  • Carol Jean

    and all this without the help of a little blue pill?

  • dondh

    Just another dispicable story the liberal dumbocrats get away with.  Let some conservative, or opposer of odumbo say something not as bad as what these guys from the past have done or said and the media is all over that conservative.  There's no doubt a double standard exists as it has in the past. 

  • bhudda

    I remember most of this crap on the royal Kennedy clan .Teddy could swim like a fish and made no attempt to rescue his passenger ,the he took 8hrs to report the accident??? Stangely enough ,just enough time to sober up. If James Carville would have said that of Ann Colter or Sarah Palin the left would have every excuse in the book to say it was well meant and acceptable . Look at Obama , no liberal press will admit he's less than truthful and not forth coming . He after all went untouched for squashing a supeona with his name on it and his being the most tranparent administration has been threated with more supeonas than any other administration .The liberal press says nothing but when Bush didn't hand over papers and was protected by the separation of powers the liberals wanted him for breakfast now.

  • Ronaldmellish

    Let's reflect on a little Kennedy family history:  Patriarch Joe Kennedy:  bootlegger, adulterer; JFK: adulterer; RFK: adulterer.  The Kennedy family is self-destructive.  No one can help them. "Royal Family"? I don't think so.  They were all about money and power and like Oba-vomit the newspapers, TV talking heads let them get away with it. SHAME ON THAT MECHANISM AND SHAME ON THOSE IN AMERICA WHO SUPPORTED THAT ABSURDITY and OUTRAGE.  ENOUGH! They can't meet their TOTAL demise too quickly for me. Frankly, I thought that with the passing of "lovely" Jackie O and her son "little Johnnie" along with that MURDERER Teddy that they were long gone.  THEY ARE OUTRAGEOUS---TOTALLY DISiNGENUOUS IN EVERY RESPECT.

  • Phil185

    Nope, there isn't any favortism in the media, clearly this didn't happen because it hasn't been reported on any station, not even Fox.  So it must be a false statement.  After all, he's a Kennedy, they only kill people and get away with murder. 

  • ronpowell

    The Kennedys were also involved in the death of Marilyn Monroe. Robert Kennedy lied about where he was at the time of her death and the FBI knew it but nothing was done about it and John Kennedy was fond of three in a bed. He had an affair with Judith Exner and who knows how many others. One of  their relatives murdered a young neighbor girl with a golf club and got by with it for 22 years. The whole family were sex deviants and were indecent.

  • Hooder42

    The Kennedy family. Sick individuals who are the darling of the liberal left media but in reality are worthless scumbags.

  • grandle1164

    If one would only remember, when Christ was before the Sanhedren and He said He was the Son of the Most High and these self-righteous bastards condmened Him. Well they are alive and well in the Democratic Party, where one only has to look and not to hard to se their corruption od their souls.  They are the party that employs the art of personal character distruction for political purposes and is actively trying to destroy our free speech.  By their fruits one will know them, so let keep them talking, so they car bury themselves.

  • Genie Smith

    The hypocrisy is suffocating.

  • SHunst37

    Here is another example of this country going to hell in a hand basket.  Just what the muslim obama wants this country to be a wrong way nation.

  • Sue

    Robert Kennedy Jr. is a Die Hard Progressive- he and the  Tide Group- are Actively Boycotting the Keystone Pipeline - & not Allowing Jobs to Be Created in OK - LA- TX - Why is it Really The Tree Hugger Affect - Social Justice ? So we allow Oil to Come in from Chavez - who in returns Supports IRAN & We Claim to be Friends to Israel-  So Let me think We would rather have Sludge from Chavez (Citgo) Than Create Jobs From our Friendly Northern Neighbor- Creating Thousands maybe Close to a ML Jobs - LA & TX have GOP Gov's - What possible Reason Can he say No to Shovel Ready Jobs  ?   Something is Wrong with these Global Greenies - We do not want there or the UN s  Agenda 21 WE want America Back to Work- And Robt Jr & the Tides Grp - Funded by SOROS Do not want the USA to Succeed Tides Grp Wrote the Stim-U-LESS & the Healthcare Takeover Compliments of the SOROS Influence of Death to Capitalism     &  Facebook too 

  • James Fontana

    Oh my a liberal using a bad word. Will the media attack this bozo like they did Rush? Probably not, it is Ok to use such language if you are a democrat or a liberal talk show host, right Keith?

  • williamlsasman

    Its as the old saying. Its not who you know but who you ----. With the ill press we have today only one side can say anythiong and not be jumped.

  • Sureasme

    WELL YAH..THE KENNEDY'S  were not the two brothers,  Bobby and John F..not humping the same MANROE..?.they were pigs..and still are.

  • kjb199

    This doofus proves that we don't need any more members of the extended Kennedy clan holding any public office for eternity. And those who give credence to their stupid rantings deserve what they get; just keep us normal people out of your bizarro-world.

  • cleanwater2

    The Democrat Communist party -The party of Satan.

  • Jody

    I guess the kennedy men would know all about prostitutes and call girls.  Takes one to know one.

  • Jtrail

    The Kenndys are as loathsome as all the rest of the Democrats I wonder What is the difference between  a whore and a whore hoper? They take turns being on top How dare he or anyone else insult any woman by calling her names

  • Ridly

    Just the name Kennedy of the Massachusetts Kennedys reaks of Eliteism, Privilege, Money, Influence, Power, Corruption, and being ABOVE the Law. Their JUST reward awaits them ALL whenthey stand before GOD. The whole bunch has always been a cess pool of DO as I Say, Not as I Do HACKS. Fortunes made on breaking the law in the early 1900's and still at it today. I don't believe ANY of them have EVER held a job that wasn't paid for by the Government. If one family member had to be picked to be named the mbest of the bunch, it would probably have to be John F. Kennedy Jr. They say the good die young. Well if you go by that he must have been the ONLY good one because he died at a very young age.  But Robert F. Kennedy Jr was and is a law breaker with PRIVILEGE.  

  • Anne Wooff

    U know what, sometimes enuf is enuf...this family has paid for it's faults...let these men rest in peace and use your typing compulsion for positive comments. RIP Mrs Kennedy, Jr. May you find your peace now.

  • barbarajoanne

    I agree with a lot of the writer's sentiments, but please correct "the Kennedy's" with the proper "the Kennedys". A plural is required, not a possessive, even when discussing a group as self-absorbed as this one.