Get Behind Christian Conservative Kirk Cameron

If it’s one thing liberals know how to do is engage in coordinated attacks against conservatives and Christians. As soon as someone with a platform stands up and makes a statement or takes a position on a subject that is contrary to leftist ideology, the liberal attack machine goes to work.

Evangelist and actor Kirk Cameron has come under pressure by homosexuals for simply stating God’s view that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Appearing on CNN’s Peirs Morgan show to promote his new film Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure, Kirk was repeatedly badgered by the host to share his views on homosexuality.

Isn’t this typical. A conservative guest comes on a show to talk about one thing, and the Left diverts the content of the interview to a favorite liberal talking point.

Cameron told CNN's Piers Morgan that marriage “was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve — one man, one woman for life.” He added that in his view, homosexuality is “socially destructive,” “unnatural,” “detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” Watch the CNN interview here.

Immediately, the homosexual media pressure group GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) began attacking Kirk as an “anti-gay extremist.” Any divergent view from the liberal norm is always an extremist view.  And, the liberal Hollywood crowd wasted no time joining the hateful rhetoric. Nikki Sixx, the bass player of the rock band Mötley Crüe, blasted Cameron as “a--hole of the week." The title of his autobiography is The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star.

Then there’s Roseanne Barr who called Cameron “an accomplice to murder with his hate speech.” You may remember the time Barr dressed as Adolf Hitler — moustache and swastikas included — and baked “Jew Cookies” in an oven. When they’re “done,” she starts to eat them. Since she’s a comedian, there was no harm. It was supposed to be funny, even though it wasn’t. Liberals hide behind their comedy routine to deflect criticism. Here’s how one self-describe “centrist” commentator reported the story:

"When one first takes a look at the domestic Adolf Hitler/Roseanne Barr baking photos, one can't help but think, 'Wow, Sarah Palin has really let herself go in the past five days... And where's her glasses?' But upon closer inspection, one can see the inner Roseanne Barr hidden inside the Hitler, cooking sheet with burnt gingerbread men cookies."

Even when criticizing disgusting liberal antics, leftists can’t refrain from taking shots at conservatives.

In referring to the CNN interview Cameron said, “I expressed the same views that are expressed clearly and emphatically throughout the Judeo-Christian scriptures. As a Bible-believing Christian, I could not have answered any other way..."

Increasingly, social bullies like GLADD are merciless in their attack on Christians who openly share their faith, and God's truth that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful. Kirk is not ashamed of the Gospel and I think he deserves our thanks.

We need to follow Kirk’s example. There is no call to back down from what we know is right. If we stick together on these issues, we can beat back the ideological bullies. One way to do this is to connect with others of like mind. Blog about it. Write your friends. Post on social media networks. Yes, you’ll be criticized. That’s what the Left does. But keep at it. We need to show the bullies that they are not in charge, that their views are minority positions. They get their way because too many conservatives compromise and back down.

There’s no need to be nasty for derogatory. State your position and your support, pointing out that you will not back down.

Kirk has asked me for your support in this. You can email him at



  • DavidKramer

    Hmmmm, Cameron made a mistake, he does not believe in the real bible, the one described in the leftist orthodoxy, you know the one where anything goes, there is no such thing as a sin, that evil does not exist. Saul Alinsky wrote a book and praised the author of the bible I am speaking about, the Satanist bible. The one that Obama and others worship at, that man is the highest being, that ANYTHING goes. Nothing is against what they propagate. You see what they mean when you listen to their ethicists, calling for the right to kill children after they are born. Yes, they are the definition of evil.

    • The Advocates

       What Kool_Aid are your drinking? You folks will buy into any level of drivel that drifts your way. Sitting by you computers, desperate to be heard, feeling left out, abused by the majority of free-thinkers, progressives, liberals, and creative folks, you resort to all sorts of flummery. The idea that you may be bigots, racists, haters, xenophobes and  grossly intolerant never enters your closed mind.

      But, of course we saw it happen in Germany when people lose their mind and follow the same patterns of name calling, scape-goating and revisionist history. March on you sheep and ignore the lessons of history. Remember the plutocrats of Wall Street and the evangelicals of the Bible-belt will solve all your problems of feeling left out.

      • DavidKramer

        Wow, bringing up Germany. National socialists that banned churches, rounded up those that did not fall for the government propaganda. You leftists sure like to re write history don't you? Do not bother to respond, it would just be more lies.

      • Mobley22

        You have no idea what you are talking about. Most of the fathers of the Nazi movement were sodomites. Read the book, THE PINK SWASTIKA. You have called us bigots, racists, haters, xenophobes, etc. You have called us all of these things for agreeing that what God says in the Bible is true. So you, like every tin horned dictator, Stalin, Hitler, etc., want to stifle and punish anyone who trusts in Jesus and believes his word. Why should I call God a liar to agree with you? I'll leave you with the words of Jesus, Repent or perish. This isn't a threat. It is what God says. Pray to Him  that He will have mercy on your soul.

      • Screeminmeeme

        The Advocates...

         Now THERE'S  a  boatload of convoluted  'flummery'. 
        Sneering, snarky,  imperious condescension.
        Nice job.

        Looks like someone just passed their Alinsky's Rules for Radicals test by posting digs and barbs on a conservative blog.  Good for you.

         Now you qualify to join his other sycophants and play the useful idiot to Obama's  marxist  fiddle.  

  • David

    Good on Kirk Cameron, never give up

  • Dave

    I haven't seen his book, but it sounds like if anyone would know another "a-hole" it might be Nikki Sixx. He certainly doesn't know Cameron though...

  • Tbark Knives

    Keep the Faith my good man , Evil does not give up May God truly Bless you accordingly for your contribution to our God thru Christ Jesus .t

    • pofalici

      My husband & I have had friends who were "gay" they were not happy people. Not because we didn't accept them but becvause, well thye were just so unhappy. The "correct" people told them to be happy, to accept being lesbians or homosexuals. But, they were not. They had almost always been abused siexually by an authority figure when the were really young. The thought that bewcause they didn't fight their abuser, that they were the ones who were homosexual. Please people get real here and really care about these hurting people.

      • thisoldspouse

         Some of the most bitter, angry people I know are "gay."  And they're all on psychotropic meds.

        • Dave

          Please remember that the proper word is "homosexual", not "gay". Gay = happy and care-free.

        • jubilee

          GAY came from Good As You I believe when the American Psychiatric association couldnt help erase same sex attractions--it's an acronym

        • Mobley22

          The word the Bible uses to describe such people is "sodomite" (throughout KJV) and "male prostitue" in many newer translations. "Sodomite" gets right to the root of the issue. The term "gay" is completely confusing misnomer. Even "homosexual" would seem to conote more what someone is than what someone does. "Sodomite" is accurate because it tell it like it is; it describes what the person does rather than trying to say who the person is. Also God calls them sodomites in the Bible so that sets a significant president. What's more, if we called them what they are (sodomites), men that engage in sodomy, then that sort of takes the sugar coating. Language is super important.

        • Jack Howard

          "Gay" is just the accented center syllable of the adjective "fagacious" (rhymes with "sagacious").  And the root word of that is "faggot."  If you want to call somebody a "faggot," you can use the short form -- "gay."  It means the same thing.   

      • Maryflaur

        I agree.  One of the loneliest folks I ever knew was homosexual, or claimed to be.

      • Sandra Schools

        pofalici, Your statement that people should get real here and really care about these hurting people shows lack of understanding of the Christian view point. God cares about these people as does every true Christian. But God condemned the act of homosexualilty in His word just as all Christians should condemn it. God does not accept sin not should the Christian. Sure these people are hurting. But they are not the only ones in this world who are hurting. We are all hurting in some form because of sin. We dare not excuse someones sin just because they are hurting. We give them the gospel and tell them how to follow the path of righteousness. If they refuse to do so then we are not responsible for their decision. I am a little tired of being told I do not really care because someone chooses to sin.

        • willie

          Sandra, I'm an ex-gay. I struggled as a teen with same sex attraction precisely because of a disconnect with my father and sexual abuse. For a time, I chose to follow a evil path, like so many do in this world. The difference was the few believers who showed me "unconditional love", befriended me and patterned right relationship, encouraging me to walk closely with God. I repented from my evil, am in a men's group and daily deny my flesh. Today I am happily married with children and help others who struggle. pofalici is calling the church to befriend and show the way. If you can't do that, please encourage others who can.

        • Sandra Schools

          Willie, I am sorry you have misunderstood my comment. I see nothing  in Pofalici's statement that says to befriend and show the way. Polfalici appears to say that we should accept their lifestyle because they cannot change. And if we don't we do not care. I appreciate and applaud the work that God has done in your life. Without a doubt I know that it was not easy for you. But why you think that my caring about these people and telling them that God cares about them, and giving them the gospel while telling them how to follow the path of righteousness is not encouraging them is beyond me. What would you have me do other than that?

        • Kools55

          TO SANDRA AND  TEANMA, loved what you , teanma said, very well said.

      • teamna

        This is how true Christians feel but at the same time, all true Christians have a responsibility to call EVIL by it's proper name every time.  We are not to compromise Gods word for anyone no matter how close this EVIL maybe to us.  Love them, help them if they will let you, but ALWAYS stand firm in your opposition to their bad behavior.The Christian position on homosexuality is not being properly stated nor has it been.  Christians have always been tolerant toward homosexual behavior just as they have been tolerant toward all sin.  Let me explain.  God stated thousands of years ago that homosexual behavior is worse than just a ‘sin’ He calls it an abomination.  Now here is the tolerant part, God also gave man the right of ‘choice’, to make all decisions for our lives.  Christians, that are true Christian, uphold this right.  So, you have the right to make this sin choice for ‘your life’ and a true Christian will not stop LOVING YOU for it.  However you do not have the right to make that same choice for Christians AND THAT IS WHAT THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IS ALL ABOUT.  You desire that we except, condone, and be tolerant of something God said we couldn’t be.  Here is the truth if you will accept it: 1.  God calls homosexuality an abomination because there was absolutely no place for it in his design.  2.  There is also no place for this behavior in the design of Mother Nature.  3.  There is absolutely no proof you are born homosexual, no gene has been found.  4.  Christians have no hatred of you.  We are taught to hate all sin not the sinner.  Our desire is that you would also make a decision to leave this sin and with the help of Jesus Christ you can be set free.

        • Kools55


      • Reagan64

        You have explained their steps for happiness. Stop doing what their moral conscience tells them is wrong and change. Wether you say - " I can" or you say "I can't" you are correct. Encourage these person's. "Yes, I can change!"

      • homophobicnot

        Yes, you are on the money.  Yes, because if they were comfortable with their sexuality, they would not be pushing their agenda. They are suffering.

  • Tracie

    I'm TELLING you, WE HAVE to fight FIRE with FIRE!!! Give it RIGHT back to them!!! I DO support Kirk Cameron. I'm GLAD he's one of us.

    • Brad Nova

      Now if he would only speak out against those sinful incense burners and lamb killers.

      Isaiah 66:3-4"He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he
      that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog's neck; he that offereth
      an oblation, as if he offered swine's blood; he that burneth incense,
      as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and
      their soul delighteth in their abominations."

      • Mobley22

        Any context to that Brad?

        • Screeminmeeme

 so many liberals, poor Brad just doesn't understand the concept of context.

        • Labas247

 least brad is "reading" the Bible. He must be self hating.

        • alnga

          In his mom's basement he looks for the sexy parts.

      • Ben

        There's a Jewish saying that applies here:  The sword comes into the world for the delay of justice and the perversion of justice and on account of the offense of those who deliberately misinterpret the law. 

        The out-of-context comment you made regarding Isaiah falls into the latter category.  It was speaking of the wicked and was meant to show that even when the wicked bring sacrifices, G-D loathes those acts.  In effect, G-D will not forgive the wicked for their evil deed even though they bring sacrifices to Him.

        You obviously have only contempt for the bible, and try to misuse it for your own purposes.  I don't know if you're be amusing yourself with these type of comments or if you're trying to P.O. those who believe.  If it's the latter, you failed....miserably. 

        • Madog

          I understood what you intended very well!

        • Budman1252

          Right on Ben!!

      • The_gray_man

        Brad Nova,
        are you so ignorant to think these things go on today? Are you so ignorant that you don't even know what this scripture refers to?

      • Lionsforjesus

         Not bad Brad lol, as for your critics I am also a hebrew and your point was perfectly in context to what Yahweh meant when Yahweh described what "Abomination" was. I think they  missed that by critsizing you. Most of my brothers and sisters sadly do not understand Yeshua the LORD when HE spoke trough Isaiah.

      • Lucybradley39

        Well, "Brad Nova," Pierce Morgan didn't ask about Kirk's position on "those sinful incense burners and lamb killers," now, did he?

      • alnga

        Have you ever completed an exegesis  on Isiah 66:3-4

    • Hole In One

      We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term. IF your an American i BEG you to click on this addy and SIGN this petiton..NOW..!

      • Kools55

        i did long ago, i signed so many of them, anything that had to do with obuma.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    I have your back Kirk. 

  • Richard E

    Speaking as a conservative man who also happens to be gay, I have no problem with what Kirk Cameron said. But then, I'm : a) a grownup and b) a principled conservative who actually believes in what the First Amendment says.

    You have my support, Mr. Cameron.

    • thisoldspouse

       Are you "gay" or just homosexual?  There's a difference, you know.

    • Crystaldeans10

      Good for you Richard! It also sounds like perhaps you understand that God does indeed love you. God bless you my brother.

      • A Real American

        How can you in good conscience, without compromising Christian values, give a "God blessing" to a practicing homosexual, when God expressly tells us in His Word that he hates the sin?

        • Venturamickey

          without condemnation to anyone we are all sinners saved by grace.
          any sin puts you in hell. Unfortunately this sin seems to bother us more than most but please realize that Jesus Christ came for sinners so just pray that His mercies could also be cast upon those who cry out for mercy and realize we are all dead in trespasses and sin and need the redeeming power of Christ and Christ alone to save us from eternal Hell.

        • Mobley22

          Everyone sins and has sinned. But the differene is this. If  someone has sinned by beating his wife, as he looks to Christ for salvation he will now hate the sin of beating his wife and not continue to introduce himself as a wife-beater as if nothing were wrong with that. Whereever God's grace is at work, repentance from sin will be there along sin of it. Both faith and repentance are fruits of God's grace and they do not come one apart from the other.

        • Ithamar

           Two very good replies.

        • Maryflaur

          I'm just and old sinner saved by grace.

        • Mobley22

          That makes 2 of us, thanks be to God for his indescribable gift -

        • Cynthia D Estes

          Because God hates the sin not the sinner. God hates the sin of murder, stealing, homosexuality, telling lies, etc ALL THE SAME, all EQUALLY, and love all of us sinners EQUALLY.

        • Mobley22

          Does God punshing sin (as something abstract) or does God punish sinners? We all sin and need the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a biblical difference between a sinner who grieves of his sin, hates his sin, asks for God to forgive his sin, and looks for God's help to turn from his sin on the one hand, and someone who self-identifies with and embraces their sin on the other hand. If someone has committed acts of sodomy (a sin that God calls an abomination) and they grieve over their sin and turn from it, is this not very different than somone who self-proclains that they are a sodomite with no intention of changing as if there was nothing wrong.

        • Maryflaur

          I expect to meet the thief on the cross in Heaven when I get there.  The cross in the middle should have been mine.

        • Mobley22

          There were two sinners crucified beside Jesus. Both of them were criminals being punished by the Roman government. We only know that one of these two sinners went to heaven and we know why. He looked to the Lord Jesus Christ in faith and asked him to save him. When the other criminal was reviling Christ the one we are talking about here rebuked him and said we are both hanging here because our actions deserve it (here he is showing repentance), but his man has done nothing wrong. Then he turned to the Lord and sad, Remember me when you come into your kingdom. Jesus replied, Today you will be with me in paridise. Yes, the cross in the middle should have been mine. Well said.

        • Pjdriscoll Mx

           There is no blessing from God unless a sinner repents. Read EZ 13

      • Watchman on the Wall

        Yes, indeed, God does love all of us.  We are all sinners, some are saved by God's
        Grace.  God does love Richard but he hates sin and does not abide with sin nor
        does He overlook it.  Homosexuality is an abomination to God.  Richard can
        never have the abundant life that God desires to give him as long as he lives
        (abides) in that sin.  It is not an illness some people would have us believe, it
        is a choice and we WILL pay for our choices.   God can forgive anything but
        He doesn't overlook it or poo-foo  it away as though it doesn't exist or count.  I
        appreciate Richard's comments and I pray that he will seek God's forgiveness
        and  a way toward the abundant life in Jesus Christ.

        • Paulam777

          Well said Watchman on the Wall.  God does love all mankind but He does hate sin and will not tolerant it and homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes.  Only by coming to Jesus and asking for forgiveness of our sins, and sin no more, can we be cleansed and stand before God as one of His.

        • Maryflaur

          I'm right with you.  I need to learn to leave the judging to God.

        • Mobley22

          God has already pronounced judgment on this. The verdict on sodomites is out. God has pronounced it already. We don't have to act as if this were one of God's mysteries.

        • Mr. Incredible, in Jesus' Name

          EXCELLENT.  Excellent.

        • Mr. Incredible, in Jesus' Name

          What, then, about John 7:24 KJV?

      • Ithamar

         It truly amazes me that most of the replies to Richard are totally un-Biblical. Where does such coddling of sin come from? The Scriptures places the homosexual as abiding under the wrath of God. It gives as a factor for the depth of his perversion that he has been "given over" to practice the abominable sin, reprobated by God. Have you people forgotten that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was to be an example to those who would live so ungodly? Study the Scriptures, and let it be a guide as to how such depravity should be addressed. The soft soaping dribble evidenced in these replies could never bring conviction of such a depraved sinner. Why should the sodomite fear when he is assured that 'God loves him just as he is?'

        • Maryflaur

          "Just as I am without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me; And that thou bids me come to Thee, oh Lamb of God I come, I come."

        • Mobley22

          It is absolutely true that we come to Jesus sin and all. We must never for a second trust in our own righteousness which is nothing but filthy rages. But it is not possible for a man to cling to Calvary's cross and to continue to embrace and love and identify with the sins of his old nature at the same time. Right?

        • mistycat9

          Right Mobley22.  You have given valuable comments and I appreciate them.

    • pofalici

      Wow, thanks Richard. God bless you and keep you.

  • Paulam777

    Bravo to Kirk Cameron for standing up for God's Word and not backing down under the pressure of hate and evil.  I ask God to give him strength because the longer he stands against GLADD and all the other hate mongers of Christian principles the more vicious the attacks will become.  If there is ever a more evident sign that we are coming to the end of this world, the perversion and evil that is overtaking this world is it.  We need to all stand together and fight to uphold God and His Word and Christian principles.  Thank you Kirk!

  • Captnorman44

    I'm Behind Kirk!!!  Watch his movie "FIREPROOF"!!!  It is great.  Kirk is a great Christian!!!!

  • Nexgenesis

    Thank God for Kirk.  Willing to tell the truth and then willing to stick with the truth.  Few have the inner strength to stand up against the homosexual community.

    • pofalici

      Dear Kirk. the truth is the truth whether anyone belives it. And a LIE is a lie, even if EVERONE believes it. Go Kirk  blessings and love.

    • Judybailey105


  • thisoldspouse

    I wonder if Kirk Cameron has been accused of being a closet homosexual yet; the standard tactic of the homo-Left.  (Isn't it supremely ironic that the worst way they can think to denigrate an opponent is to accuse them of being exactly what they are so "proud" of?)  And I'm sure many are already willing and planning to lie about some homosexual escapade that Cameron has been involved in.

    Leftist activists are despicable and animated by Satan.

    • PT

      Yes thisoldspouse,

      Cameron has already been accused of being homosexual on other websites.  Obviously, he's been pretty busy with his wife as they have 6 children.  He's a shining example...a bright light in Hollyweird for sure.  He will always have my support.

  • Tapol0719

    Mr. Cameron has always been a Man of principle and faith. Which I can say deserves the most respect for his attributes that, even sad to say, not many Christians have the same qualities as him. I totally agree with him and if he makes any political run for office or position I will donate to his standing point. I believe more Christians like him need to begin to rise and begin to call on all the wickedness and darkness that many have felt it has ought to be a norm and ignored.


    yes Go Kirk it os so good to see  someone  stand up for his  beliefs and God"s laws!! athank you Kirk for staying true to  Christian beliefs  -  You are a role model for all young adults and children in staying true to  your faith and  in being a moral  man who is not tainted by

    • A Real American

      I agree, there are far too few "Watchmen" for Christ in America, especially.

    • Maryflaur

      Homosexuals all say that God made them that way.  That is not true.  God does not commit sin.

  • jong

    Conservatives have been to nice.   This not only goes for the homosexual issue but it is included.   The vocal left which is actually small in numbers but loud in voice must be taken down a few notches but, not during this administration if at this time you give a conservative view you will be immediately attacked by small ankle biters known as social justice liberals.   Their bark (such as the view ) is much worse than their bite because they do not use facts.   We must at all times give our support to people with morals like Kirk and show our children the difference between him and the immoral and unethical administration of Obama and those like him

    • thisoldspouse

       You can still be nice and be firm on the truth without budging, which the opponent will find as anything but "nice."

      • pofalici

        It is not "nice" to accept what is not right. We are not doing those who are caught up in this deception any favors. We are not showing them that God loves them and they can be set free if we act like this is alright. We know it isn't and so do they.
        They can be whole and free.

  • Kenneth Glenn Koons

    Went To and made my comments. I also put it on Facebook. Amazing is it not that Christians can be mocked , smeared and Islam goes wild over some Danish cartoons???? Kirk is a warrior. There are many left but slowly they are being diminished by the MSM and the Left each and every day. From the top; Obama's Admin., to the media. Try making a film about Islam, the old Soviets, the Chi-Coms showing the murderous truths about them.. WWIII would begin.

  • Bill K.

    Absolutely right! the behavior of sodomites ( they are not gay, gay means pleasnt, happy delightful ) even doctors find it hard to verbalize the discusting sexual acts homosexuals commit. GOD did not make our plumbing that way, to be man to man or woman to woman.

  • Dledlow

    this the days of lot be ye ready

  • Jccaacon

    What about Santorum?  He's getting crucfied.   He has only spoken truth.

    • Dledlow

      we only want to hear lies makes us feel warm inside . the truth hurts badd

    • thisoldspouse

       Something tells me that these same people denigrating Santorum would do the same to Cameron.

  • Kit

    Kirk has my support. Too bad so many in Hollywood hide behind their celebrity statues and get away with the crap that they spew out.

  • Sphinx45

    Happy to see one Hollywood person speak up and tell his faith without an asterisk. Homosexuality is nothing but deviant sex and illicit behavior that goes against God, nature and man. Their lobby hates that talk because they know it's true. Homosexuality is a choice, just like bell bottoms were. The left, democrats, movie and entertainment people push the idea. Young people are taught that it's cool in schools, that's why you have them experiment with it. Homosexuality used to be frowned upon because people knew it was wrong, it still is.

    • Paulam777

      There are a number of Hollywood Christians.  Now if only they would speak out as well and back Kirk then you would have a great stand for Christ in the perverse world of Hollywood.  Do they have the courage like Kirk did?  We'll see.

      • Mobley22

        Don't hold your breath. If they speak out they will not get part in movies from offended directors. They will not get invited to the parties that the cool people go to. Apparently it  is cool today to chop up babies and to actively turn the country into sodomite central. They need to decide whether Jesus or the admiration of  evil people is more important to them. 

  • Bankslay

    Odly if you read the comments on this issue quite a few Gays respect his opinion, it seems to be primarily  the media trying to fuel this issue into a firestorm. As a Christian of course I support him. I do think at least some of them are born with these desires like men that look physically feminine, but then again some people are born witha desire to be obese, or violent, cheat on thier mates etc. it's socially disruptive and children have no role models or stability.

  • victorbarney

    Please remember two things: First, Lucifer(Satan) is in charge over earth 6,000 years and you automatically belong to HIM, unless "you" are taken out of it! By the way, almost all people who think that they are, aren't! Second, 6,000 years ago there was a first-born blood covenant made with death between Eve(Hawah), Cain, and the devil, Lucifer, again, still over this world, unless you are taken out of it! Why do "you" think that our overwelming majority women ALONE, voted in the 'forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronomy 17:15 and self-professed "ANTI-CHRIST"(marxism, as Islam is Anti-Christ, but I'm sure you know that already, don't you, "you" obama supporters of the "fundamental transformation of government" through the
    "democratic process," as marxists(anti-christ's) love to say! Now, I say to you, September 16, 2012 will bring on the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to destroy u.s.  However, I do have advice Obama supporters: Don't give each other presents as written when the anti-Christ(marxist over u.s.) of Revelation has these two-witnesses killed! REMEMBER: THEY STAND-UP ALIVE AGAIN, just 3 1/2 DAYS LATER!  Just saying...

  • Doodlebug

    Thank you Kirk for not caving to your peers! God created woman as Adam's helpmate not another man.

    • Paulam777

      Or like my pastor says, "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

  • Chris P

    You people really are bad at figuring out who is a clown and who is not.  If Cameron knows what God thinks about gays why did he not know that bananas are yellow because humans bred them that way.

    The guy is a clueless fool when it comes to knowledge about humans and the planet.  The operator of this website knows you people are gullible and is out to antagonize you.  Raise controversy where there is none.

    Cameron is dumb.

    • thisoldspouse

       And you lose the argument, with your empty epithets.

    • mark


        What does the color of bananas have to do with anything?  The question I want to ask you  is do you think that GOD is clueless also or worse?  GOD made us, ergo GOD knows what is best for us.  HE equipped us to have sexual relations with our opposite member (Male and Female).  In fact, each person is only a half person until they are joined with the opposite sex and  the two halves become one.  Both Old and New Testament Scriptures emphatically make it clear that if a man has sex with another man (or a woman with another woman) then they have committed an abomination.  The Old Testament made it clear that if a man lies with another man, as they would with a woman, then they both are to be stoned to death.  And lest you say that was only Moses' interpretation of God's law, then let's  look at Sodom & Gommorha.  No man overthrew those towns, but God alone sent fire and brimstone against it and totally annihilated them. In case  you never read the account in Genesis, let me do a quick summary. God went down to those towns to see what was going on there, because of the great cry out about their wickedness. He sent Angels into the town and Lot convinced them to come into his house instead of staying out in the town all night.  While they were in the house, the men of the city gathered around Lot's house and demanded that the Angels be sent out to them so they could have homosexual relations with them  ("That we may "know" them", which is a euphemistic way of having sex with them). Even though the Angels struck the men with blindness they still sought a way to get at the Angels for their perversion. As a result, GOD destroyed those cities.  So Cameron may be a fool to you, but he is only stating what GOD has recorded to be true.  If you want to have a complaint about this, maybe you should talk to GO.

    • NymRod

      You're not going persuade anyone here to your warped mindset of corrupt ideas so you might as well leave and go hang out with others of your kind.

  • Todd

    im 100% in agrement with his views and GOD is too. keep up the good faith good man !!

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    Kirk Cameron is worthy of our support.

  • The Advocates

    Comparing religious zealots with a  so-called comedian who speaks for no one is typical disingenuous   blabber. Religious Bible-thumping Elmer Gantry's have had a long history of hypocrisy and bigotry. They lure in the faithful and fleece them while their on their knees. Race and religious war fulminated by theses phonies will serve no master. There are religious and G-d fearing liberals and moderates and right-wing bigoted zealots do not own G-d or religious belief. The characters on these site who huckster revisionist tomes about the Founding Fathers have distorted history to make a buck. What else is new? Just look at our recent history with these fakirs. next they'll be having snakes climbing out of baskets.

    • gramma_d

       the advocates - Kirk Cameron was pushed to say what he believes.  Did you not read the article? He was on only to promote his new movie, not to push down anyone's throat  what his beliefs are on homosexuals. I guess you have a problem when some one does not believe the same way you do.  As far as there being God fearing liberals, if that was the case then they would surely not be behind anyone who advocates abortion and gay marriage. No one who really believes in the God of the Bible would believe that it is ok to kill a baby knowing what God's word says about that.

  • erman

    time for christain to take a stand ,ive prayed about this time ,an time again.god gave us 
    a voice for a reason ,an god give rights . so liberal can walk all over us ,,i dont think so 

  • A Real American

    Although I support Kirk Cameron in much of his ministry, I'm a bit perplexed, as a Bible believing Christian, about his movie "Monumental".   Brannon Howse hit the nail on the head in his commentary concerning Cameron's movie, so go here and read it for yourselves:

  • Tomdavis

    Not to worry, Kirk; Piers Morgan is likely a closet gay, prefers bottom and will rnd up with Aids.
    God takes care of those who obey his commands. The best I can tell by watching and hearing, not listening to those fools on the left, they all not only pay lip service to the fruitcakes but likely are clandestine dabblers in orgiastic forbidden activities. Right Piers?

  • Lois

    I support Kirk Cameron.

    Until we turn back to God's Word, laws, principles, wisdom, this country will decline.   We've allowed or let's say we were forced into political correctness, mandated to death.  We have tolerated an enemy within to take the helm...against God's instruction.   Now we have to fight it.  2Chronicles 7:14

  • mark

    How long will we be the proverbial punching bag of anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Conservative hate mongering leftists liberals?  Jesus said if one smites you on the cheek, then offer the other one.  The problem is that we have kept turning our cheeks so much that our heads look like revolving doors.  Every time the laws and such have been enacted that are anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-American, etc., the Christian community has sat on their hands and kept quiet, to our and this country's detriment.  It is time that we take back this Country and take back our right to express the truth against godless laws and people.  God said if His people would humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and pray, that He would hear from Heaven and heal their land.  Obviously, those who claim the name  of Christ as Lord aren't taking this seriously enough or maybe they don't care enough.  Doggone!  It is TIME to be serious and send these perverted people back into the closet, or better yet to send them to the altar to repent of their wickedness and seek forgiveness and eternal life.  Lord knows that we will be required to answer for what we have done to bring people to a saving knowledge and the Gospel.  IT IS TIME to stop being milquetoasts and stand up for righteousness.  Maybe we need to stand up for GOD and COUNTRY for a change. These dragon mouthed liberals get to say all manner of deragtory names against us and nobody holds them accountable or even makes a big stick like they do when we point out sin.  Time to change that!

    • Paulam777

      They get away with what they do and say because the media is very liberal and leftist.  They attack the conservative Christians because we are a threat to their way of life and their agenda.  I agree, we need to quit turning the other cheek and stand up and be bold like Paul.

  • bosslady


  • dlt

    Someday the liberal, radicals will see and understand.

    • NymRod

      After it's too late for them.

  • Jefferyhaman

    Continue to speak the TRUTH Kirk!God Bless! Jeff Haman!

  • rcc1943

    I for one commend Kirk and will not go to see any movie produced, directed or acted in by a liberal zealot.To many people agree with Kirk but just don't say anything because they don't want to be involved or be call a bigot. For me you can call me what you want because I know that you are the ones who are on the wrong side of what is good and decent.

  • Jefferyhaman

    Do not get weary in doing Good!

  • Venturamickey

     Thanks for standing up. Im proud to be your brother in Christ.May our merciful and gracious Lord, God and Savior protect you and guide you and may our every thought word and deed be according to His perfect will.  Numbers 6:24-26 Another sinner saved by grace and grace alone michael ventura

  • cpck

    When are more conservatives going to stand up for what is right instead of lowering themselves to the liberal standard

  • MJaneO

    I  support Kirk Cameron too! " What" part of The Bible do they NOT understand?  Or have they written their own book (by what They want, not GOD)> 

    • thisoldspouse

       Actually, they HAVE written their own fantasy version of scripture, with all of the Epistles of Paul removed or edited beyond recognition.

  • Venturamickey

    God forgive me but lately I have been praying that Obama's parents practiced abortion.

  • Ann and Don



  • Blair

    I remember Kirk Cameron and his sister, Candice, from the '80s sitcoms Growing Pains and Full House.

  • jimb

    Thank you Richard.  I am glad there are some who realize those against homosexuality don't hate the people.   I was in a standout in front of a community coffee shop-Christian center as a group of homosexuals had  said they would protest.  It/they (20 or so) called for the pastor (who had been making statements and writing against homosexuality) to get out of town.  calling him and us homophobics, a gay hater and more.      they were grown up but evidently not mature.  

  • Sally92646

    God bless you, Kirk, for standing up for your convictions.  The Lord is pleased.

  • Psrawboy

    "The truth is incontrevertable, malice may attack, ignorance may deride it...but in the end there it is"  Winston Churchill

  • Chipswood1971

    I thank God the Father that there is a man of Kirk Cameron's stature to take the point, take the lead and become a model for the type of moral compass we need in this world and in the United States today. There are far too few people, and especially men, that are willing to stand behind their convictions, put their money where their mouth is, and point out the issues in our society that go against the Holy Word of God, and let the liberals know their lifestyles are NOT "the road to heaven" as they believe and as they try to teach our children.

  • Anita

    Kirk, you  may suffer ridicule and be mocked, but remember in Revelations we all know who wins.  It is a wonderful breath of fresh air to have someone in media not back down under pressure and remain bold to God's truth.  Never quit because not only is God /and Satan watching you, but the public eye!!!!  Your  crown will have many jewels as you receive your  reward in eternity.  May God continue to give you strength and wisdom as you face evil in our society.  Too bad they think they are enjoying life here on earth and never once think or believe that they will pay for their non-belief and actions for eternity. 

    For those of you who read the Bible, read 1st Corinthians 6:9 & 10.  If you do not own a bible or not know where this book is in the bible, it is in the New Testament and the 7th book!!  We have a loving God, but he does have guidelines we are to obey or ignore.  Our choice .....therefore eternity is our choice ....NOT GOD'S !!

  • Gracie

    Conservatives are doing to Mitt Romney the same thing they accuse Liberals of doing to Kirk Cameron.  Mitt is the most Christian of all the Republican candidates, but  Mormon bashing has been made an easy negative target, even to  judging  who is a Christian and who isn't.  My best wishes to Kirk, and also to  Christian/Conservative Mitt Romney!

    • seabag73

      Conservatives are NOT doing the same thing. The huge majority of Conservatives do not care if Romney is Catholic, Protestant or Morman. What we care about is that he is "Obama Light" politically. As such, I feel he will not reverse the downward direction of the USA. I may be wrong, but if he wins the nomination, I'll again hold my nose when I vote.

  • Dan W Rykard

    I will support Kirk any day the Bible is very clear on the subject. There is a reason God made man that he can not have a baby. Also I do not believe it should be legal for a Gay couple to adopt a child, the poor child will have a tough time growing up, Children can be very rude and have no idea how mean they can be. They do not realize what effect this will have on the child be raised by a gay couple.
    The example I know of a gay couple went to Honduras to adopt two children one will be on medicaid his whole life, is this far to put such a burden on the tax payers, even dough he will have much better medical care here than in Honduras.

  • Odette Del Rio

    May we all continue to keep Kirk Cameron in prayer for all he is doing for our country without political office. He has worked for years in promoting truth, this is not new, but the media has become intolerant instead of reporting truth.

  • Megan

    Kirk, you are a great Ambassador of Christ on earth. May God bless you and your family always!!!

  • LM Grube

    God Bless you Kirk and thank you for for your stand and for Glorifying God! God is in control and evil will falter.

  • Diane

    If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.
    (1 Peter 4:14)
    God bless you, Kirk.  We love you and are continuing to hold you up in prayer.  Thank you for your testimony!

  • Bluejayboo

    Kirk, stay strong in your beliefs. You have every right to speak your mind just as the left does only conservatives are criticized for their beliefs and opinions. 

  • Auntiesamm

    I'm anxiously awaiting this new movie to be shown locally.  I think we can see it here in OC late this month.  It will probably be supported by all of us believers like "Courageous" was, but then go quickly to DVD.  Kirk is truly devoted to sharing God's word with the world and helping preserve our great Nation under God.  We need more men like him to be unafraid to stand up against Satan and his evil minions!  I pray for him to continue standing strong against those who try to bring him down!  God bless Kirk Cameron and his ministry.

  • Brad Nova

    "Evangelist and actor Kirk Cameron has come under pressure by homosexuals for simply stating God’s view that marriage is between one man and one woman."And homosexuals have been under attack for thousands of years.

    • thisoldspouse

      Wrong, and I'm not going to let you get away with it.  Homosexual BEHAVIOR has been attacked, and rightfully, for the despicable perverted use of the human design that it is.

  • Kell Kafir

    and get behind this Christian Conservative:  Shahram Hadian for Washington state Governor.  He supports all the planks of the Republican party including marriage=one man+one woman, right to work, defunding Planned Parenthood, fiscal responsibility, parental rights, and many other conservative causes.  He also supports American Laws for American Courts.   We need a REAL conservative for Washington - not a squishy Republican who won't stand for privacy, traditional marriage, the right to work or life.

    • thisoldspouse

       I'm not familiar with your candidate, but if he supports what you say he does, more power to him.

      But does anyone think someone with a Middle-eastern sounding name actually has a chance at a state governorship?

  • DD

    A man who stands up for his beliefs...Great Job

    It is time to attack the media..It is full of left leaning proproganda..We need to stand me if

  • Mother of 9

    Kirk, we admire your willingness to "Do what is right" even when it may be difficult to face all the garbage thrown at you afterward.   Thank you for your courage, moral strength, and example to our children.  Just wish we could clone you so there would be more of you, than "them." :-)  Stand tall, the Lord is with you.

  • Ewahrheit09

    Good for you, Kirk!  People who appreciate the truth have been too polite for too long.  We need to speak up, or society will be destroyed by the servants of the devil.

  • Jack Allen

    If you do any political research on Piers Morgan, you will see that he is rude and insulting to any conservative guest.  Go back to last August and see how he treated Connie Mack III during the debt/budget crisis.  But then I guess that you go on any show to push a new movie; it's just the way of Hollywood.

  • NymRod
  • John Galt

    I liked Kirk Cameron in "Fireproof", good movie, everyone should see it.

  • Pjdriscoll Mx

    The only one we have to please is God and I believe that Kirk did so. 

  • Mtgt

    Kirk   If the acting community had your strength, this country and world would be in a much better place.  But, since it is run primarily by the homosexual community, we have to be stronger.  If these people just looked in to the background of Charles Darwin and his history, evolution would be laughed at and run out of society.  Evolution is the religion of making ones self be a god in the eyes of the deceived.

  • TEH

    When was expressing what you believe in a non-threatening way, determined to be hate speech. 

    • thisoldspouse

       It's not.  But I call what Roseanne Barr spews as "bilge speech."  Now THAT ought to be criminalized.

      Why isn't Kirk suing her for defamation and/or libel?  It's the only things Leftists understand.

  • Disgusted

    It is about time common sense has come into play! Kirk I applaude your reliance on God's Word. You see people who are blind to the truth are truly blind. Great stand for Christ and I hope in the future when the heat is turned up you will stand the same.

  • Steven B Spafford

    Good for Kirk  !! We need more like him for sure. Like so many other things in this country the homosexuals demands have gotten out of hand. Im with you 1000% Kirk.

  • USPatriotOne

    The Liberal/Communist/Democrats are at the end of there rope.  They NO the end is near and what they stand for is all about to turn too nothing!  But to defeat these losers we need money and lots of it.  Get a copy of Dr. Michael Williams book "The Law of Attraction and theSubconscious Mind, 2nd Edition" at or on  Dr. Williams book provides the tools to create wealth and more. People please we need to defeat these Liberal/Communist, get a copy today.  The Liberals don't want us Conservatives having this book, believe me!  God Bless America.

  • Steven

    It is good to know that there are some actors who will stand on what is right.The Bible that I read
    tells me that being homosexual is an abomination unto God so how can anyone claim it is right.

  • 4USA2

    We all know where Rosanne Barr is going so everyone that is a Christian should find great comfort and joy in knowing we won't have to see or hear from her ever again in the hereafter; she's going as far south as it gets, she has NO  other options!    In fact I'd be surprised if Satan even wants her.  

    So, anyway,   .....  Bravo Kirk Cameron for standing for his beliefs.  Some of the rest of us need to make more noise too.... especially right now with the attack going on, on our Constitutional "freedom of Religion" versus Obama's abortion law.   The Democrats keep referring to that law as a "woman's right to have contraceptives"   but sure don't mention "abortion" is part of that.     The definition of "contraceptive" and the definition of "abortion" are two VERY DIFFERENT things. 

    You can be pro-choice and pro-life both at the same time!    Woman should have the right to chose what is best for their own  reproductive system.   And if a woman wants an abortion, that's her right and is between her doctor, herself, and her faith/conscience.      But nobody should take away a person's  right to NOT support abortions.    

    Let's vote these people out!   We sure don't have the press to help expose the corruption in this administration so we must keep e-mails moving along and keep hounding our state representatives even if those people are Democrats and don't respond...keep writing them and others, too.   You are free to contact any Senator or any Congressman/woman you want (they don't respond to people outside their own states) but they "GET THE MESSAGE" that people everywhere are ANTI the things this administration is doing.

    One last comment to anybody reading this; please contact your state senators and congressmen/woman ASAP and tell them  ABSOLUTELY  NO  on Obama turning over our five military persons to the Muslems to stand trial/punishment for accidentally burning Korans.    That is the demand of the Muslems and Obama is considering it.   Our soldiers were doing what they were told and they do not deserve to be tried in a Muslem court for carrying out their orders.      Fight for our men; they are over there fighting for us!   

  • Dee

    It's very clear who the "in your face" hateful, bulling people are and it's not Kirk.  The GLB are  d e m o n strating what's in their hearts by what is spewing out of their mouths.

    Kirk stated his opinion based on his personal belief system, when pressed by the interviewer.

    We must pray for Kirk and support him in his stand on Gods word on this immoral lifestyle.

  • Rightsright2010

    Good for you Kirk!  We who believe and support the Lord will support you!

  • Jbr101

    Keep up the good fight for God Kirk. You have many supporters and we are proud of your devotion to Biblical truths.
    May God continue to bless you.

  • Brad Nova

    Now if he would only speak out against those sinful incense burners.

    Isaiah 66:3-4
    "He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog's neck; he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine's blood; he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations."

  • teaman

    Way to go Kirk, keep up the fight.  Homosexuality is nothing but bad sinful behavior and NO ONE is born that way.....PERIOD! 

  • tim

    Homosexuality is not what causes God's judgment; homosexuality IS God's judgment upon people who refuse to acknowledge Him.  Romans 1 says when people reject Him, as an act of judgment He turns them over to homosexuality.  We are not in danger of God's judgment; we are already under it.  More to come!

  • Charles Martel

    Kirk, God Bless. Keep fighting the Good Fight, there are many of us out here fighting it with you!!

  • Judith

    Kirk, bless your heart and your truthfulness in speaking God's Word to the world.  The Lord has blessed you with  special talents, courage, and a voice.   You are a modern-day Paul.  Please keep up the good work.  You will remain in our constant prayers.  Oklahoma Christian Conservatives thank you.   May the Good Lord bless and keep you. 

  • jubilee

    Years ago, I believe people had in their societies girls and boys doing different things in society--to protect the ones who are sensitive to certain things like homosexuality---girls were to wear DRESSES and to become mothers and be in the home and boys were to go out in the society to work, etc. When it was gender specific it was easier. Please DONT CONFUSE GENDER WITH 'RACE' or 'tribe' (there is no race)---  the BIBLE doesn't

  • jetsi

    There are so few in Hollywood that get it!  Most think they are above the rest of America and that they have the knowledges as to what the rest of us should believe and support.  We give our support to Kirk Cameron and I am so proud of him and anyone who will stand up for morals, family values and the next generations that we are teaching right from wrong.

  • John

    The old testament is not the only place homosexuality is condemned.  Look in Romans chapter 1 and see where if a people persist in doing what is evil then God lets them have at it ... to their eventual destruction. You want a people who are evil to dictate to you that which is evil is right?  Tolerance is not a virtue, but a path to destruction.
    Stand firm Kirk ... I am behind you.

  • RockitD

    I added my support on his facebook page. I love his passion for witnessing and he took it to Piers with dignity and grace.

  • Southernboy64

    All I can say to this is Amen. Kirk keep the faith and stand up for what is right.     Travis

  • David

    Well Kirk is garranteed free speech as said in the U.S. Constitution. Kirk is garranteed freedom of religion as said in the U.S. Constitution. Kirk expressed his free speech and freedom of religion. I too do not support gay marriage. I also believe homosexuality is a sin. God gave marriage and when He did He gave Adam & Eve. Not Adam & Steve.

  • Labas247

    Boo f'n hoo! If you cannot take reasoned and logical criticisms for the CHOICES you have made, then go back in the closet.

  • willie

    Work yourselves up to standing for the truth like Cameron. Not in a bombastic way but like Stephen, the first martyr of the church. As believers stand, it gives courage to others to ask the Lord for strength to voice their opinions when the spotlight comes, and it will.

  • Randl

    Why is it ok for a gay person to tell me I'm wrong but it's not ok for me to tell them they are wrong?? Thank you Kirk! I support you!

  • Reagan64

    The left, democratic, progressives are the bullies. They should seek psychiatric assistance to get over their overly sensitive victim complex, christapobic and moral phobia! Experience grace and inner peace.

  • Citizen1vote

    If suddenly everyone on earth were to turn gay, there would be no one left on the earth to procreate and within 100 years everyone on the planet would be dead and humanity would cease to exist. A society that cannot bring fourth a new generation through procreation is a society doomed to eternal extinction. How then can homosexuality be right when it clearly leads us down the path of destruction and annihilation. If the homosexual is born homosexual, then why is the homosexual born with reproductive system which is no use to the homosexual.
    Sodomy is defined in the dictionary as unnatural, sodomy is a homosexual act by supporting the homosexual agenda you will be supporting an unnatural act. Socialist, Communist and Marxist support the homosexual agenda because of their belief in population control.

  • "Dallas"

    How "easily" the  "monicur"  of Kirk Cameron comes to Nikki Sixx's mind.
    First thing that comes into his head.  Typical homosexual..

  • Phydeux

    As long as there are still people with values, Kirk isn't alone.  Wannabe intellectuals like the advocates and other progressive plants will continue to deride and belittle people with Christian values; it's the only type of debate they are capable of.  But, finally, the silent majority is waking up.  It's time we used our collective voices in support of those whose values we share and remain silent no longer.  It's time to support conservatism with our voices and our wallets.  We're behind you Mr. Cameron!

  • Citizen1vote

    The homosexual society and all their groups have the same tolerance as muslims and that is zero tolerance. They both need to be taught a lesson in tolerance.

  • Texas Gal

    The vicious idiot in this situation is Piers Morgan. He's just trying to get attention for his show. I wish they would kick his tail back to England. He's is totally disgusting. I admire Kirk Cameron for his faith. I'm sure it was hard coming out of that environment of Hollywood and standing strong for his beliefs. He is an amazing young man and has done much to spread the good news which is what we are all supposed to be doing. God Bless you Kirk Cameron. Hold your head high; you have only reiterated what Jesus taught.

  • Mary Liz Danuser

    Kirk Cameron did the right thing.
    Am praying that many will come out&support whats he's doing.
    Have  hardly met anyone that doesn't think as Kirk does.
    So the group Glaad needs to leave christians alone.Liz

  • Floyd Focht

    Why  do you bash Santorum and in the same page promote another Christian?

  • Springs

    I agree with Kirk Cameron.  It is time for Christians to stand up for what we believe.  The non-Christians have had enough time, now it is time for us to fight.  We need to let them know that we are here and ready to stand up for what GOD tells us is right.  We need to let them know when we vote this Nov.  We need to get all the ones in office out,  that have not put America first.  We need to start at the top with Obama and then go the rest of the way down.

  • JIMI D.

    Thanks for standing up for Christian values Kirk. The evil serpent of Satan is trying to silence you and those of us who, like you, listen to the Holy Spirit and will not bow down to their evil purposes.

  • Barbpatton

    Anybody and/or everybody knows that Cameron is correct and the homosexuality is a sin sccording to the Word of God. There are many that agree but are afraid to stand up and be counted.  Those that are lukewarm ...........

  • Jeff

    The Homosexual movement has been having the media on their side for to long its about time someone has t he guts to stand up against them no mater how much they retliate. good for Kirk.

  • Newtonfarmer

       Yes people have a right to their opinion. Now they have to remember people hear them. There are gays who have tried for years to turn away from homosexuality and are just as gay as when they started. Also there are gay teens who hear what he has said and it could cause them to try and kill themself. So people have to be careful what they say and do a better job at explaining themselves.  Yes he didn't bring up the subject but he could have done a better job at explaining that god love people no matter who they are. That is all

    • thisoldspouse

       And so, in your convoluted thinking, the only compassionate option Kirk has in answering Morgan's questions is to affirm homosexuality?  Typical homo-leftist bilge.

      Piers asked Kirk direct questions about homosexuality.  Kirk answered directly, courageously and honestly - and CORRECTLY.  It is NOT compassionate to direct sexually confused kids into accepting and engaging in behavior that has been CONCLUSIVELY shown to be associated with a myriad of deleterious, and often deadly, health and psychological hazards; shortening life by at least a decade.

    • PatriotDiva

      Nice try Newtonfarmer. The word of God would not cause someone to kill themself. Christians even when they speak the truth with love, are attacked and accused of using the bible to discriminate and justify hate. God loves the sinner, but hates the sin.

  • Kools55

    roseann barr, what a joke!

    • thisoldspouse

       And a bad one at that.

      Isn't she still "running" for president?

  • Lionsforjesus

    Jud 1:7-10, 13-15,     In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire. In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings. But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, "The Lord rebuke you!" Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand; and what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals--these are the very things that destroy them.......13They are wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame; wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever. Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men: "See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to judge everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of all the ungodly acts they have done in the ungodly way, and of all the harsh words ungodly sinners have spoken against him." 

    • thisoldspouse

       I was told point blank by a homosexual apologist that Jude had it as wrong as I did in this verse.

      Stunning, stunning godlessness.

  • Jbeach2646

    Liberals need to go to the source of belief systems and find out why it is that adherents to those religions believe as they do.  Just as with liberalism, "you couldn't make this stuff up!"  Until they can prove that there are no benefits to the "Thou shalts" and "Thou shalt nots"  as commandments of God, they will promote and tolerate behaviors that are of no benefit to society.  Step back, think about it  and, most of all, consider the cost to society for aberrant behaviors and corrective actions or policies.  This is not rocket science, but by their treatment of it, you would think it was.

  • D G

    I applaud Kirk for standing up for what the Bible says.  If you are a true Christian you know like Kirk that societal moods don't change what the Bible states.

    • Mr. Incredible, in Jesus' Name

      Nor the moods of <2% of the population.

  • vietnamvet1971

    The gays and Liberal UNBELIEVERS hate the Truth GOD'S Holy Word, GOD condemns the Gay Lifestyle and has given them over to a Reprobate mind= 
    a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person
    a person rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation.

    It is an EVIL lifestyle no matter what they think or say. They have only 1 choice REPENT or PERISH!

  • millerj

    Kirk... keep preachin' it brother!  The devil is working overtime, because he knows his time is short, and he's even trying to decieve the very elect.  We need to keep looking up and draw close to the Lord so we are not decieved.  We can't afford to compromise.  If we deny Him, He'll deny us.

  • Romeo2003

    I hear Ray Comfort likes to be behind Kirk Cameron. Except when Kirk Cameron is behind Ray Comfort.

  • sbtka

    Watch some of Ken Hams videos, or read his books. He explains this same thing. Too many Christians don't know the whole bible, only what they were taught in Sunday school. There is so much more and that is why Christians back down in an argument because they cant defend their beliefs- they dont know how to answer. We need to start teaching our children whats in the bible. if we don't know an answer to a question, find the answer. We're loosing generations, people!   

  • Linda Whitec

    I respect Kirk Cameron for standing up for Christianity.  Let us all do the same.  The Prince of Darkness (Devil) would like to throw the Bible awayand all its moral teachings.  There is the Law and there is Christ.  Follow Him and He will direct your paths.  I feel sorry for people who have not found that peace.  Keep standing up for Jesus or your path will lead to destruction.

  • Tsteffes7

    Christians need to be more vocal and stick together.  Go Kirk.  We support you.

  • Lucybradley39

    Well done, Kirk Cameron! I am behind you 100%!!! I don't hate people who call themselves gay, but I don't buy into their perverted way of thinking nor will I be bullied into accepting the "politically correct" nonsense they're trying to force down our throats.

    Thank you, Mr. Cameron for standing up for what you believe!

  • Randy

    While I would lay down my life in protection of the rights guarding against persecution and vilolence as well as the right to earn a living have a home and be able to obtain nutrition as well as the pursuit of happiness offered all human beings,  I stand against ever calling homosexuality normal.  We have descended down a very slippery slope with subtle progression to eventual labeling all kinds of perversion as Normal.  The human body and psyche  was not built for Homosexuality  I believe God made us  the way we are and even for those who wish to be of the evolution mind set they must agree that the bodies of men and women were designed for Heterosexual and not Homosexual   purposes.  The overwhelming majority of humans  are of heterosexual persuation.   The miniscule minority  may continue to practice an abnormal lifestyle  (  i believe in  scripture thatsays that is a sin and corruption of God's creation and an affront to Him )   but do not try to push the label of normal down  the throat of humanity.

  • Charlotte

    If more of us stood up for what is right in accordance with the Bible the world would be a better place.  It is known that Christians will be persecuted and now anyone who confesses his Christian beliefs  is slandered.  God Bless Kirk Cameron for standing up for his beliefs and also, mine.

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                                      I am thankful that Kirk has the courage to stand!   Personally I am convinced it is Rosanne Barr and Nikki Sixx who are guilty of a hate crime!   They have a hatred towards God and HIS
    laws which shall judge them one of these days(Rom.2; Rev.20:10-15) if they don't repent of their sins(Luke 13:1-5; Acts 17:30) and turn to Jesus(John 1:12; John 3:16; Rev. 3:20)!

  • Davemisc

    It's interesting how the libs demand tolerance yet they won't tolerate a different view. They are quick to cast a Christian in sin as a hypocrite yet they are hypocrites themselves. So sad that so many are blind to the truth. And when truth is spoken calmly, they lash out and call it extremism. I am blown away by Kirk and his boldness to speak truth when he knows it will garner such hatred. He is truly and inspiration and role model. I hope I can be as bold as he is in sharing my faith. May God bless and protect Kirk and his family!

  • mattzweck

    go Kirk Cameron  i support you all the way stand up to these liberal activist.  god bless you man and your family. 

  • Vietnam6671

    I agree with you Kirk and will also let others know that is how I believe. They don't have to except me for what I believe.  I am  fine with who I am.

  • ConservaDave2

    Another wonderful display of liberal "tolerance" in action.  These are the scary people.  These are the 21st century fascists.  And don't doubt  for a second that if they could they would resort to using violent means to silence voices of truth.  Obama voiced his desire to have a civilian security force equal in strength and power to the military.  He is successfully gutting and demoralizing the military so this requested civilian force may not be far off.  These GLAAD fascists would sign up in a second.

  • Nonniejay

    I agree with God. Kirk Cameron is correct.

  • SeaShel

    It isn't Kirk's law they are breaking, IT IS GOD's LAW! As I recall King David prayed to God saying, "You and only you LORD have I sinned against!"  You remember King David was a man after God's own heart, but for his sin he was punished, painfully!  He lost his first son with Bathsheeba. Kirk is a Christian and I do feel strongly that Piers Morgan was in error when he kept badgering him about the homosexual issue when that is not the reason Kirk was to be  interviewed, but that is the liberal media!  Which is why I don't watch nor listen to them.

  • Lorenwhittemore

    Pieres Morgan continues to do that.  A conservative Christian should not bother or take the time to go on his show.  He is disgusting

    • Mr. Incredible, in Jesus' Name

      A Christian should not back away from the opportunity to defend the faith and show himself approved, IF he is prepared to do so.

  • Lindainmarin

    In the mid 70's i worked w/a very respected mission grp in a 3rd wrld country.  we worked w/the Indians in that country.  teaching them how to farm, read and write, etc.
    One day I was talking to a young man and  how this came up I do not recall but do remember what he said.
    He began to tell me how his tribe dealt with gays.  They are given 3 choices.
    1. Live in the tribe but not practice their lifestyle nor influence anyone to be gay.
    2. Leave the tribe so they can practice their choice of being gay.  OR
    3. Live as a gay person in the tribe but knowing it wld cost them their life.
    The tribe wld not allow this lifestyle among them as they believe it will  destroy the community and families.
    I was taken aback but see the wisdom.  This lifestyle does, over a period of time, destroy the life of those who choose it and creates prblms in the community.
    I have known many gays and visited the hospital as they lay dying.  Several shared in those latter days that it was a choice they made.  Had they known the end they wld not have chosen to live as a gay person.  I was shocked one day as one of these guys started to share the truth of their lifestyle.  There is nothing "gay" about it.
    The abuse among gays is startling and police hate to go out on those calls.  The medical abuse to their body is frightening.  And Duke University in the 80's did  research on genes and proved there is NO gay gene.  The media has made sure this info did not get out.
     An this will surprise you but Marxism encourages this lifestyle as a means to tear down a culture.  Look it up in their manifesto.

    I know someone who came out of this lifestyle and has a ministry now.  Bridging the Gap   An important note here.  I heard it from this gal and heard it from another.  They are shocked when a Christian treats them with kindness or love.   In other words, love them into the Kingdom.  Treat them like a person - as you wld want to be treated.  This does not say you are agreeing w/their lifestyle.  So many Christians want to yell, preach, etc to or at  them.  Ask God for His wisdom  with each person.  In one case, God told me to interact w/the guy as a man.  When I did, he became a different person.  A real eye opener for me.   As Charlene, Bridging the Gap said, her parents church "loved her into the Kingdom"!  And they were faithful to pray for her.

    Also many of these people were approached when they were children.  I confused their psyche.  There is a group out there and allowed to put their literature in our libraries who preach "sex before 8 or it's too late".   Many also get into the lifestyle as the result of a traumatic relationship.  Let's face it - it is easier to relate to your own gender.  However, when they live together they become confused on what their role is in that relationship also.

    I hope some of this info will help out there.  There is a battle on for our country and our children but our greatest weapon is prayer.  Hate the sin and how it destroys  life but don't hate the sinner. 

  • Luke179a

    Kirk did a great job in that interview keeping his cool and not attacking or playing the liberal's game. Piers Morgan is truly "rude" (thanks Mrs. Bachmann for stating it like it is).

     I'm behind Kirk Cameron and I think the majority of real-life Americans are as well.

    Piers Morgan is NO WAY represents the majority of Americans.

  • alnga

    Can they show that GOD did not say that? GOD's word is very clear on how he feels about their life style and sense His word is for the ages the Sodomites and Lesbians need to come to the Cross of Christ.  Let us not beat heavy on their heads that will never bring anyone to Christ, but rather love them in, pray them in fervently, continually until we lose the energy God will give you to do this.

  • Jeff Walters

     I agree with Kirk. I also don't buy the argument that "I was born this
    way." That is a cop out and a way to blame God for your messed up
    choices. It may be true that homosexuals are born with these desires, or
    maybe not. Whichever the case, it is irrelevant, because we are all born
    with sinful desires. God gives us free will and expects us to choose
    what is right. For example I was born with an innately bad temper.

    People p!$$ me off every day. Sometimes I am overcome by a strong desire
    to murder them for it, yet I refrain from murder because my conscience
    tells me it is morally wrong. I feel sorry for some of these people who
    were molested at a young age and what happened was beyond their control.
    That type of thing can be very traumatizing and can mess up your mind.
    However, I think that is not the majority report. Anyone who freely
    decides to practice homosexuality must first overcome a very dire and dreadful warning from their own conscience, that they are about to embark on a VERY WRONG course of action. I experienced this myself at the age of 17 when a homosexual man begged me to indulge in a sex act with him. Even though I wasn't particularly religious at the time, the warnings of my conscience were like a fire alarm that warned me of the danger ahead. I later became a Christian and was particularly impressed with Paul's writings in the book of Romans, that warn us of the link between homosexuality and reprobation.
    It seems this is a very dangerous sin because it is such a grave violation of of one's conscience. The way Paul explains it, you can only violate your conscience so many times, before it becomes seared, or burned up. When that personal alarm system is gone, a person will continue down a path of sin, because God will take away His restraining hand an allow them to follow their own free will. Unfortunately, they are then also choosing the consequences of their actions.