It Was the Left Wing that Messed up Cher's Daughter, Chaz Bono

Here’s a Twitter tirade from Cher where she blames all the ills of the world on the so-called Right Wing. Her tweets only show her ignorance:

  • Don't believe in the Right wing's effort to Subjugate women! WHO R THESE MEN WHO THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE WOMEN BACK TO THE STONE AGE! We talk about how radical Muslims take away the Rights of their woman, but HOW CAN WE LET These RW Misogynistic Cretins take away.
  • Our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ! IF THIS Was Happening in another Country Woman Across The USA Would B outraged ! Well Girls wake up & Smell the coffee.

If she really thought about her life and that of her daughter, she would realize that it was leftist ideology that destroyed her daughter. Chastity has become the sexually mutilated "Chaz Bono."

Allan Dobras, a freelance writer on religious and cultural issues and an electronics engineer, may have pinpointed the catalyst for most of the gender bending that is touted as normal behavior:

Many gay celebrities have admitted they were victims of childhood sexual abuse including Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Heche, Julie Cypher, Melissa Etheridge, swimming star Greg Louganis, and Chastity Bono, who disclosed how she was seduced as a child into the “gay” lifestyle by one of Cher Bono’s lesbian friends. Additionally, many of the young boys seduced by priests were drawn into the homosexual lifestyle by the experience.

Gay-rights activists and their apologists have waged an effective brass knuckles campaign to portray homosexuality as inborn and unchangeable and therefore deserving of acceptance, affirmation, and codification into law. Nevertheless, declaring something to be true doesn’t make it so, nor does it make it right.

Chastity wrote in her memoir The End of Innocence (2003) that when she was 11 years old she was sexually seduced by “Joan,” a lesbian friend of Cher’s who later became Chastity’s sexual confidant. What was her mother’s reaction to the statutory rape of her prepubescent daughter?: “This will be a good life experience for you.” Chastity writes:

“My mom wasn’t always around, since she was working, so Joan [Cher’s lesbian friend] sort of filled in that gap … I just focused on the fact that I wasn’t getting enough attention, and I often felt lonely or abandoned. When I spent time with Joan, I felt like the center of attention…” (10–11).

Chastity wasn’t born a man. She was looking for love, affection, and someone to pay attention to her. Her molestation so messed with her mind that she didn’t know who she was. Liberals have turned Chastity into a cause célèbre to further their cultural transformation agenda. One by one the old moral taboos are being retrofitted just like Chastity was retrofitted into becoming Chaz.

It wasn’t the Right Wing that messed up Chastity; it was Left-Wing ideology.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Godfather....absolutely spot on.

    All for celebrity and riches, a needy Cher handed over her child to someone whose sexual proclivities she apparently approved of....and after Chastity was ''introduced'' to lesbianism, instead of rightly perceiving it as a sexual assault, condemning it and getting her child some counseling, her mother condoned it and now is holding the right-wing responsible for Chaz' s sexual confusion.

    Course...this is nothing new. Since Adam blamed God for giving him a wife who led him into sin, mankind has been unwilling to take responsibility for his own sinful actions.

    I have no doubt that repeated exposure to left-wing ideology, watching her mother gleefully rebel against traditional morality, and the continued reinforcement of aberrant behavior by a dissolute, godless celebrity community.... all contributed to Chasitity's ''identity'' crisis.

    No wonder she's confused.

    Everytime she looks in a mirror, she sees someone other than herself.

    No wonder Cher is blaming the right.

    Everytime she looks in a mirror, she sees the one who stands accused of abandoning her child to atheistic liberalism in pursuit of fortune and incruciatingly painful charge she cannot endure.

    • Nevedafreedom

       Very well put!!

    • Jmyrtlelinderjmammy

       Excellent post, loaded with truths.But where on earth was his father, he should at least attempted to protect his child.

  • Raymond
    • Dorrman

      Thanks for this, we have all been duped.

  • jong

    DSM3 describes homosexuals as pediphiles and psychotics.   The next manual did not have this in because of the violence promised by gays against psychiatrist's if not removed proving the point.   Why is no one arresting these people we need to make the limits of the law on it much more broader so that when known we can arrest them.   Chasity is in great need of mental hygene as her mind has been polluted and Cher herself needs to go to jail for knowing about it and allowing it to go on.   Its called Child abuse.

    • Ben

      You said, "
      The next manual did not have this in because of the violence promised by gays against psychiatrist's..."

      This occurred back in the early '70s, and this is the first time I've heard such a claim.  Perhaps the initial entry should never have been made, as it was based on political misinformation.

  • LouiseCA

    If the adults is this sordid tale were heterosexual, they would be answering right now to charges of child abuse. This is horrendous. This story needs to be told loud and clear. The lying and child abuse and subsequent efforts of radical crazies to change our culture and society into something unrecognizable has got to stop.

  • Penny

    Not only Left Wing Ideology, but a Mom who didn't care about her own flesh and blood over a predator that needs to be locked up.  Along with Mom.

  • pete

    does it have balls or what? filled the gap with what? freak show fo sho

    • Sj5

      A year in a sixth grade English class would be of great benefit to you.

      • Capitaliust

        The "fo sho" is definitely slang (southern white slang as well as old style black slang). However, "it" is the correct pronoun here. "Chaz" is not male, it is a former female that was surgically neutered. They may have surgically constructed something that superficially looks like a penis on it, or maybe even a scrotum. However, the scrotum would not have any "balls" in it. Neither cosmetic construction is functional in any normal sense of the world. Any female organs are long since gone and no longer funcitonal. It (Chaz) is no longer female in ANY sense of the word, although it still has two X chromosones (and no Y) in every cell. It certainly can't reproduce (kind of like a mule, but far less useful).

  • Judy Mahaffey

    What a confused person she is. This is what you can expect for the future of your children and grandchildren if you allow sexual experimentation in government union public schools to continue.

  • Taquoshi

    I think it's an incredibly sad story.  Cher left her daughter with someone she knew was a lesbian and then when told about the sexual assault said it would be a "good life experience"?  Let's talk about the most basic betrayal of a parent by a child.

    And, no, Cher, the Right Wing had nothing to do with your child's confused sexual identity.  That happened long before Dancing with the Stars or even the sex change operation.  It happened on your watch, Cher.

  • Sj5

    Very interesting, revealing and insightful article on why Cher's daughter chose to become a man. 
    So disappointing to learn over the past year or so that Cher wasn't deserving of my admiration, even if just for her style and endurance.  I wonder if she will ever acknowledge that she ruined this child and try to repair the damage she caused.

    • Capitalust

      sorry, minor correction: "why Cher's daughter chose to become a man", should be written "why Cher's former dughter chose to be surgically neutered, then mutilated". No Y chromosones. No functional penis or ability to create sperm. Not "a man".

  • JBinGB


  • JBinGB

    Liberals are proof - evolution can go in reverse

  • sean murry

    Since Cher went the left wing no wonder they are so screwed up.

  • John Hardman

    Chas will forever be the Poster Child for just how screwed up things can be when a pervert comandeers the brain of a vulnerable innocent. Why is it that sexual deviants have secured for themselves a grizzly trophy for being almost 11 times more apt to commit suicide than the general population, and have a greatly increased chance of contracting on of the ever increasing numbers of STDs.
    It's not nice (or wise) to mess with Mother Nature.

  • Ben

    Did it ever occur to Gary DeMar (author of this article) that rather than those boys who were molested by priests "being seduced into the 'gay lifestyle,'" PERHAPS the priests could discern which boys were gay and molested them accordingly?

    • Capitalust

      The only thing these gay priest-predators cared about was whether the victim possessed a penis, and was too young to defend themselves, especially from an authority figure (and one whom their parents appeared to respect and probably told them to obey). There does appear to be SOME genetic abnormality (defect?) associated with "gayness", since there are so many linked traits among most gays. However, you can take normal rats, increase the population density above normal levels, and a far higher percentage than normal of the males will begin BEHAVING homosexually. An identical population with a lower population density will develop a far smaller percentage of homosexual rats. Now KILL many of the female babies (as in China's "one child" policy), and you create an incredibly high percentage of homosexual males. Ready for about 100 million heavily armed, angry gay Chinese men to be loosed on America? What a scenario.

  • Teamwall

    Lmao! Where have these "women" been???? If they are so desperate to speak out on women's behalf, why didn't they attack Maher, Letterman, Schultz and the others?????? This is such a trumped up effort to go over after RL ir's silly. Seriously, you B'a are very transparent.

  • Ed

    Off the point but important:  why does a supposedly conservative website have a left-wing, liberal ad all over its website?  I speak of Sherrod Brown's ad asking conservatives, whom he obviously regards as ignorant or stupid, to sign a petition to overturn Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to make large donations to Republicans running for office.

    • 2bvictorius

      My best guess is, Money, greed, and a strong dose of hypocrisy, just for starters

    • Robalou01

      You are right Ed!   What's up wiith the Sherrod Brown ad being on this site???  Since it is though, what about all the left-wing unions contributions???   No restrictions on them!

  • 2bvictorius

    The person most reponsible for "Chastity becoming Chaz" is none other than "Cher" her Queer mother. Cher was the one who forced Chastity into the culthood of being a sexual deviate. The same holds true for parents who force their children into the world of crime, ala, the Italian Mafiaoso. Cher and her ilk are products of the generation born unto the greatest generation during the war, while the husbands were engaged in saving the world, the women  here at home were engaged in the destruction of the fabric of the traditional American family and the values that had set America apart from the rest of the world. When the millions of war weary and traumatized service men returned home they found America a far different country and culture from the one they had left to save, and they or the country never recovered from the shock of war. Anyone who takes the time to study in depth America's culture before and the culture after the war, the change is almost unbelievable. The second world war is the direct cause of every thing we see happening in and to  America today. And sadly I see no possibilty of things getting better until things get far worse, and I mean until individual freedom and liberty are completely lost, hundreds of thousands or even millions of citizens are imprisoned in gulags, or killed, all without the right to a trial or adequate defense council. Personal property will be confiscated, including savings, the work place will be more akin to Nazi Germany, or Stalins russia because the UNIONs will have almost complete and total control  of every segment of the economy. The queers, the degenerates, the perverse and the tyrants will rule over the masses without mercy, and the churches will be willing partners in all the carnage that takes place. The Anglo Saxon culture was what created the civilized world, and as they pass into antiquity, so goes everything they created, and all that remains will be chaos, and a world filled with replications of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Capitalust

      Extending the franchise (vote) to women resulted inevitably in the changes you see. The change you reference during World War II is just the entrenchment of this trend. It did not start with WWII. (Most) women will always vote for "more security" vs. "more liberty". They always wind up with neither. There are plenty of predatory, unscrupulous men (e.g. Slick Willy) that will take advantage of women's propensity to vote for "more security". And they do so, they will say something like "you should put some ice on that..." (Slick Willy's advice to the poor woman he brutally raped, referring to damge to her mouth that he inflicted). The founding fathers (not founding "parents") had it right - vote should be restricted to land-owning MEN.

      • John7


  • Raymond

    Christians Face Possible Jail Time For Signing Petition Against Sodomites. 

  • Abner Cadabner

    Goddam Obama. Geez he has his hands in everything. NOT!!

  • DavidKramer

    Immorality is the forte of leftists. Anything they do can be defended by twisting reality to fit their fractured beliefs.

  • Vexed Vet

    If memory serves Cher also once made the colossally assinine statement that Mount Rushmore was a naturally occuring rock formation!

    GOD help US! They allow these types to vote and have kids! 

  • gr29az

    now i know why sonny commited suicide

  • Myrtlelinder

    PSALMS 116: 1-7
                             1. I love the LORD, because HE has heard my voive and my supplications. 
                             2.Because HE has inclined HIS ear unto me, therefore will I call upon HIM as long as I live,
                             3. The sorrows of death compassed me, and the pains of hell gat hold upon me: I found trouble and sorrow.
                             4.   Then called I upon the name of the LORD; O LORD, I beseech thee, deliver my soul.
                             5. Gracious is the LORD, and righteous: yes, our GOD is merciful.
                             6. The LORD preserves the simple: I was brought low, ahd HE heped me.
                             7. Return unto  thy rest, O my soul: for the LORD has dealt bountifully with you.

  • Lewis Stewart

    These people are not living in the real world and Cher should be upset at somebody but she should really focus her blame a little better.

  • Lewis Stewart

    Sad Sad Sad that evil gets to walk around free as it does. The Lord died to give us a better life and a hope for tomorrow.

  • Robalou01

    Chaz Bono, a 300 pound mess of an it.   And it's all Rush Limbaugh's fault because he called Ms  "Fluke' a slut!

  • Stephen Dalton

    Cher is living out that song, "Gypsies, Tramps,  and Thieves" and her poor daughter is paying bthe price for it!

  • Luzmark1

    Yeah ,and once the Hollywood Porn and fornicator crowd find out that they can have 4 wifes, Islam will be the new fad.  Right now they have serial polygamy, and with Islam they can have them all at once trading them off as they see  a new flavor.

  • The Optimist

    You are correct, but it doesn't matter who did what to whom. Why? Because the left screams louder than the right and since the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, their message is heard louder and more often than the right. Couple that with all the bleeding heart liberal celebrities, politicians and political activists and it's a losing battle. IF America survives another 10 years it will be a miracle.

  • Nancy Sternberg

    Chaz's anatomy is female from the waist down.  He-she will be a mess for the rest of his-her life.

  • SamH
    Not sure whether my last attempt went through. Either way, you were simply wrong. If you're as honest as you claim to be (a rare trait anywhere), it should be no problem to simply correct the record.