Democrat Headquarters in Florida Flies Illegal US Flag with Barack Obama's Picture

The Democrat headquarters in Lake County, Florida felt they were being quite patriotic by flying two American flags.  One of the flags was a normal US flag.  The second flag depicted a facial portrait of President Barack Obama's face in the blue field instead of the fifty stars that should be there.

Local veterans saw the illegal flag flying over the Democrat headquarters building and were quite upset.  One Korean War vet, Don Van Beck said the sight of the Obama flag made his blood boil.  Van Beck just happens to be the executive director of the Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park.  His righteous indignation spurred him to take a photo of the flag and pass out copies of the photo to other veterans and organize a protest.  He told a local reporter,

“I can’t describe how upset I was, because you just don’t do that to the American flag.”

The group of veterans assembled at the Democratic Party office and told the Party chairwoman Nancy Hulbert she was flying an illegal flag that violated the federal flag code.  They asked her to take down the flag and offered her a POW/MIA flag to fly in its place.  Hulbert refused and told the veterans that the office was private property and warned them that they were not allowed to touch anything.

A short time later, she took the offensive and illegal flag down.  Hulbert told a local reporter,

"We’re proud of our president and we didn’t realize it was in violation.  I am the chair and I take responsibility for this."

Van Beck told another reporter that it had nothing to do with politics and that he would have reacted and responded the same had the flag born an image of Mitt Romney and added,

"I’m sorry it had to come to this, but you do not desecrate the American flag."

It doesn’t surprise me to see people today that have no knowledge of the federal flag code.  It was taught in schools back when I was a kid and we learned all about the American flag, how and when to fly it at full and half-staff, how to fold it and even how to properly dispose of a damaged flag.  These days, I don’t know of any public school that teaches flag etiquette, which most likely Nancy Hulbert was a product of the public school system, and was totally ignorant of the federal flag code.

Then again she may have been fully aware of the flag code, believed no one else would know any better and flew the Barack Obama flag anyway.  She wouldn’t be the first Democrat to ignore federal law and do what they wanted, especially in the name of Barack Obama.  Either way, I’m pleased that Van Beck took noticed and knew what was right and what was wrong and took action to correct the situation.

But what I find more troublesome is that someone actually printed the flag with Obama's face on it.  If Hulbert had one, others are bound to have one also.  How many other offensive Obama flags are flying illegally over American homes and businesses?  I hope and pray that if any of you see any of these flags or any other illegal flags that you report it immediately.



  • Jlizm

    How stupid and what else is new? This administration has a lack of knowledge as to the proper use of our beloved flag.  Shows where their minds are.

  • bowlan

    commy bastereds

  • Paulam777

    What a scary picture of what the liberals and democrats agenda really is.  Having Obama's picture on our flag is not only atrocious but a foretaste of a dictator in office.  How about China and their leader on all their flags and such.  He has got to go 2012.

    • OneTerm4bHUSSEIN

      I complete agree, Paula :  O M G !  obummo  Must Go.
      A picture of  this TRAITOR to America, and all ( ALL ) it stands for, on the US Flag  is like
      finding  Matzo with Hitler's face on the box.   

      • Scoobycan

        Really, you're comparing a sitting American President with Hitler.  You're an idiot!!!
        whether you agree with Obama's politics or not,  to mention his, or any President's name, in the same breath as Hitler is ridiculous.   This is the type of rhetoric that will help get him re-elected.  When he does, he has you to thanks for it.

        • anitamanninen1

           Look who is an idiot.  She wasn't comparing Obama to Hilter.  She just made an alegory about Obama's face on a flag is reminiscent with Hitler being on a box of Matzo (a Jewish cracker/bread).  The only way Obama will get reelected is if voter fraud with all the dead people, illegals, etc. vote him back in.

        • Scoobycan

          ...and somehow you think that is appropriate.   You think you have all the solutions to everything but you couldn't stop it from happening in the first place with the previous President.  Funny, you find it easy to blame but hard to take responsibility.  Typical!

        • yahoo-QQZ3EM24ABNLSATEQFHG2BIX5I

          Too Funny Scoodycan.
          .. " find it easy to blame but hard to take responsibility.  Typical."  Now you've flipped and flopped on yourself, since BooBoo is the one individual in that Big Ole White House that is still blaming his predecessor for what is happening right now.  Just too hard to look in the mirror and accept that you have fudged the pooch and cannot take responsibility.
          Grow up and open your eyes to reality.  It's not that fuzzy, really...

        • Scoobycan

          Don't think I am blaming Bush for what is happening now, I think I am saying he is responsible for some of the challenges we have had in the recent past and are still trying to overcome.  So, please don't get it twisted, you sound like FOX news a bit.   So what I am saying is take responsibility for Bush's part in this mess and hopefully others will also step up and say we've made some mistakes along the way as well.  It doesn't matter who is in office the rhetoric that comes from the far right and the far left are ridiculous.  The middle will make the call on our next President.  Wait and see. 

        • Papaholz

          Maybe if you watched Fox News, you might find out the actual truth of what is going on with this White House.

        • Scoobycan

          Oh, now it all makes sense.  I see where you get this crap.  To difficult to think for yourself.

        • Doom

          Yea Fox viewers are hypnotized by Hannity so they never have to think again.  I've seen it over and over again on this blog.  Laabels not facts. 

        • Desperate for change!

          The reason we couldn't stop it from happening with the previous President was because we had a DEMOCRATIC controlled House & Senate!  Wake up this country under his control has seen housing values go down by about 1/3, taxes rise, healthcare costs rise to all time highes, gas prices are ridiculous - and you're still blaming Bush.  Get a life!

        • Scoobycan

          He was in charge, right?  And what do you do when you are in charge, take responsibility.  I bet if something great took place that congress did he would take credit.   So it works both ways, step and take responsibility so we can all move on to blaming Obama over the next 4 years for what he couldn't fix and for where we are in 2015.  

        • Doom

          Not controlled anywhere near the time the Dear W was president.  Go count the votes.  Poor little Reps.  Those ugyly Dems beat up on them.  Bad Dems

        • connie foster

          You need to up your meds

        • Doom

          You need to come up with some justification of why you had a Repbulibcan President for 8 years who inherited a surplus, left with a deficit, fought two wars with no budege, gave seniors free durs with no buget, setup huge security bureauracy, left no child behind and gave money for absentenance only training.  Come justify all that W Did.  Didn't even create jobs out of the Bush Tax Cust. 

        • Bornskeptik

          An allegory communicates its message by means of symbolic figures. 'nuff said. 

        • Paulh1972

           and mickey mouse too

        • bwana00

          I say NO ID card with photo, no vote.  When we have naive people like 'scoobycan' in USA we don't need enemies from out side.

        • Scoobycan

          Oops, I have both.  Darn, you are out of luck there bwann00, and thank goodness.  If we had to rely on your ignorance we would be... well.. I guess where we are today.   Digging out of this crap hole.

        • twinspineve

          i have identification with me most of the time.  i need it when i want to submit or cash a check.  i was born here and speak only english.  i am a second generation here and still produce i.d.  

        • Doom

          Nice that you drive or travel a lot.  Some seniors don't and do not have valid driver's licens or passport.  No birth certificate, must pay $25 or more to get on.  In Tx must then find a DPS office (none in 81 counties), get someone to drive you to office, fill out form and 4-6 weeks later get one.  No big deal.  SAme for students (student ID not valid) and those stupic poor people (only need SSN for welfare).  So you nice happy people with your photo id.  Good for you.  Not so good for the others.  Oh well, they dont' need to voite anyway and probably vote decomcaratic anyway. 

        • Gilbertjj

          That's why our "honorable" government is so opposed to voter ID requirements.

        • Cheeto Sareus

          They are going to give illegals drivers' licenses in some states where they can vote if they have a driver's license.  They should have to prove citizenship to get a DL.  Texas should have cleared up their picture ID law last summer and it would be in effect now.  

        • fort9erdon


        • Rose- Marie Noa

          That's why the Justice Dept. is against voter picture I.D. That way dead people & illegals would not be able to vote. I am sure America is the ONLY country that does not require voter I.D. Even Mexico requires voter I.D.

        • Elliott4070

          The whole thing is pitiful and realy sad, that the American poeple have to put up this nonsense, we have more deal people and illegals voting that ever before in our History, but the liberals know that this is the only way they can steal and election. God have mercy upon us all, if we do not change the way things are. He said that he was gong to change and did he mean it.

        • cactusbob

          Mexico's immigration laws should be applied to their citizens who are in the USA illegally.

        • Doom

          Ha HAHA.   Evern heard of a disquise to look like dead person and use his/her photo id.  Such a piece of cake. Illegals, well we'll get them a photo ID - you think that's hard.   HA HA HA.  O nly people we'll screw are the old ones with no DL or students.  Who wants them anyway. 

        • twinspineve

          remember, it is not who votes but who counts the votes.  i do not trust.  politicians make a lot of money.  $176,000 a year for a beginner.  they meet in session a week a month.  (that is 5 days).  they have summers off.  all holi-days off...  like bankers or teachers.   they retire at full salary.  the rest of the time when not in session they are supposedly meeting with their constituents (that's us...ha).  an old greek told me politicians means poly=many and tician=lies.  why do you think politicians fight so for office love of of mankind???

        • Doom

          The dead are already taken care of.  I'm in charge of getting all deal people to the polls.  We have disguises for dead that live in states with photo id and hordes of homeless to do the dead voting in other states.  All you have to give them is some dope and a beer or two. Rent a bus and a done deal. so easly.  Can't believe you Reps have been so slow to follow suit.  Makes me wonder.  Illegals have another chanrman but he's just as effective.  YOu guys are doomed.

        • Jeff Chaffin

          Seems to me that I rember a whole slew of people comparing Bush to Hitler. Were you just as cncerned about that rhetoric? And I don't believe the conservatives of this country were teaching little kindergarteners to sing "umm, umm, umm George W. Bush..." within a few shorts months of his taking office, like the liberals were doing with BHO.

        • Scoobycan

          Well, Jeff.  If you read my initial response it said "or any President" so, yes, that would include Bush.  Pay attention, this isn't hard.

        • bobmead1960

          And scoobycan what would your feelings and actions be if President Bush had this done while he was in office?  You can't just print peoples faces on a product without their consent.  

        • Scoobycan

          Wow, is everyone in here this dense?  Do any of you actually read and if so do you comprehend?  See my comments above to Jeff and below to "just sayin".  Should sum up my position for ya bobmead1960.  

        • bobmead1960

          Your problem is you don't acknowledge what you would do if Bush was in office and this happened.  You are tempered by your present feelings.  Wrong is Wrong.  If Bush was in office he should and would acknowledge this is totally wrong.  That is Obummo's problem, he doesn't know what American values are.

        • Scoobycan

          Bob, see my comments above that state this..."not defacing the flag by placing anything on it (a dumbass who did that)"  I am against defacing the flag.  No one should EVER do that.  It is beyond my wildest dreams why this woman would allow that to be created let alone actually fly it, but, at the same time I am equally outraged at the comparison of any President to Hitler in any way.  Does that help you with my position?  I am an American before I am a republican or democrat.  Period, Dot.

        • OneTerm4bHUSSEIN

          Scooby, it is Y O U  who cannot read.
          I did not, NOT compare a president to Hitler. Putting ANYone's face on the US flag is wrong. But given that it was HIS face ( of ALL people !  He is Anti- flag !!
          He is Anti-American !!! ) is what makes the SITUATION so incongruous ( look it up ). Hitler hated Jews, therefore finding his face on a box of a typically Jewish food would be highly inappropriate. In a poll of " Whose face should be added to the box of Matzo ?"  Hitler would come in DEAD LAST.  We who do NOT approve of obummo's UNAmerican ways feel the same:  NOBODY's face should be suuperimposed on the US flag, but his face is the ULTIMATE slap in the face !!  

        • Scoobycan

          Again, you are the biggest idiot of them all.  Obama did not put himself on a flag.  Some idiot, like you, made a dumbass decision to place his face on a flag and fly it.  Not sure how that equates to him making that decision or even endorsing such an action.   I will eat those words should Obama or someone from his administration admit to having known about it and/or endorsed this behavior.  I think any american would find it unforgivable  if that were the case and I would be at the front of the line!!!

        • Doom

          Excellent analysis.  Thanks

        • Jackie

          Because he is not an american and if any of our reps in washington had a set of Gonads he wouldn't be there now!

        • Kevin Freels

          It's amazing how anyone who doesn't jump on the Obama is a traitor communist muslim destroyer of american values is immediately dismissed by these nuts as a leftist Obama communist sympathizer. They never even consider that some of us are perfectly reasonable people who respect every president and aren't sitting around looking for ways to be offended. For the record, I voted for Bush.....twice. But I also recognize that the huge expenses that we're dealing with are largely because of decisions he made. There are no missing trillions of dollars. And this rhetoric just makes everyone on the right look like an idiot.

        • Scoobycan

          Well said Kevin!!!!!  I could careless about anyones politics.  I was merely stating we should never devalue the flag or the office.  I believe that this type of rhetoric polarizes the right and motivates the liberals to come out in force against the right.  Guess what that spells, another 4 years of Obama.  This rhetoric is digging your owe grave so to speak.

        • Doom

          Absolutely factual.  Reps will not even admit W existed.  They elected him and he left a legacy that should be discussed.  They want the public to give then another chance, then expalin W. 

        • Bornskeptik

          I remember a lot of people calling off the comparison with Bush. 

        • Just Sayin

           Yeah sure Sooby...sure....just like the the democrat mantra comparing Bush to Hitler throughout his 8 years with his face being painted on protest posters painting the hitler mustache on Bush, depicting the hanging of Bush with a Nazi symbol on him....Hitler, Hitler, Nazi war all we heard Bush called by you democrats.....yeah that sure made the democrat candidates hated and unelectable, didn't it.  Take your double standard back to the DNC war room where it came from and quit masquerading as a common sense're certainly not one; nothing but  a transparent Obama supporter. .. 

        • Scoobycan

          Well Just Sayin, what are you sayin... are you in agreement that it is ok to desecrate the Office of the Presidency but not the US Flag.  I would say that they are not mutually exclusive.  We, as Americans should respect both.  We don't have to agree with the decisions or the "politics" but respect the office to the point of not demeaning it with comparisons to Hitler (an idiot who did that) and not defacing the flag by placing anything on it (a dumbass who did that).

        • Dale Veach

           Scoobydork...Dumama is the closest thing to Hitler, Marx, Stalin, Castro and any communist dictator this country has ever elected. 

        • Scoobycan

          Hey there dickdale.  Really, our President, is the closest thing to Hitler, Stalin, Castro, etc?  So essentially, your position is that our President is of the character to murder millions of people, in favor of communism and whose legacy will be one of the most evil men ever to have walked the earth.  You will never get anyone elected running a that platform.  Cause middle america thinks you're nuts too!!!

        • thaDuke007

          LOOK, The one sitting in the Oval Office is desecrating the damn WH. He is nothing but a worthless POS!!

        • Kevin Freels

          So for the record, a flag with an Obama and stripes is not a US flag. So there is nothing being desecrated.....just sayin.

        • Had it

           He's a close match. If you think the flag thing is OK you need to think again! A lot of people have died for the flag and not one who died did it so odumbo could have a place to put his face! That women that put it up should be tried and sentenced for desecration of our flag. I know who the idiot is. It's all that don't find this terribly offensive. THIS SHOULD NOT GO UNPUNISHED! Only a Democrat would believe there is nothing wrong with this!

        • Scoobycan

          Had It, are you paying attention.  I think I subscribed to the fact that both should be equally respected.  Are you Friends with Jeff?  Pay attention and look beyond your hatred.   Both the Office and the Flag should be respected.  I respect both and as a former Service Member who spent time in Iraq I feel very moved by anyone who degrades the Office of the Presidency or the Flag.   Does that clear up my position for you?  If not, I got more.  :)

        • Had it

           I respect the office of the president just not odumbo I can not respect someone who is destroying our county. I can not understand anyone who thinks this guy is good for this country. I could care less what your position is and yes I am paying attention unlike you.

        • Talluluh

           Then he should not act like one!


          He is only there cause of you you as hole

        • Scoobycan

          you, you... stutter issues? I believe as hole is one word... Asshole :)

          How do you spell GED?

        • Runsey

          Uh Hitler started as a community leader to and look where it got him.  Obama could  very well take over this country just like hitler did.  Hes closer than you think.

        • Drlove999

          obama is worse that Hitler for at least Hitler's past was known and he did not hide who he was..obama is a lying deceiving cancer that is destroying this nation, not only thru debt, but thru socialist policies that destroy incentive and the free enterprise system in America..He eschews muslims and denigrates christians..He is an illegal alien who needs to be arrested and imprisoned for life..

        • Doom

          Where the hell is Sheriff Joes facts to put this guy in joail. Had that big press conference and then gone.  Just like Trump.  What's wonrg with these guys.  Can't they followup with the obvious evidence they have.....or have they been silenced by O.  Better go check SO.  See if he's ok

        • bwana00

          " Really , you're comparing a sitting American president with Hitler. You're an idiot !!!" Likes of obama can be compared to Hitler. see   It was his kind who helped Hitler in WW2.  Stop calling others 'idiot' it you who is that.

        • Patriot

          Hitler was a communist, Mao was a communist, Stalling, Marx, Lennon, they were all communist. Now we can add Obama to the list of the Great Socialist Idealogs. Every one of these mentioned leaders had the same goal for their idea of a perfect social utopia. Each had there own idea as far as how they were to get there. But, don't be blind, they all had the same intent, regardless of their methodology.

        • Briguy7568

          Oh, I wouldn't compare obama to Hitler. Hitler was a nice guy compared to how rotten this terrorist obama is! barak HUSSEIN obamma makes Adolf Hitler look like The Pope!

        • connie foster

          What a brillant theory....the undecided voter will run back to Obama's arms because some meanie called Obama a bad name.

          What a fantasy land you live in. Say hi to the Easter Bunny for me!

        • Cheeto Sareus

           Your thinking is dangerous!  When you believe the "president" is beyond reproach and cannot be criticized you have enabled a true tyrant and a dictatorship.  OneTerm is NOT the idiot.  Obama is.  He just doesn't know who he's messing with.

        • jericho

          Resent Disasters of America  9-11 Electing this Thing (Call him what you may) for president.  The next is giving him 4 more years to complete his destruction of America.
          Next is giving Slick Willy Romney the opportunity to complete his mission but not as redical as Obama.  If you want Slick Willy health care then vote for him.

        • lab

          sounds like a good comparison to me!

        • Chazzsaw

          It's sad to see all of the ignorance being spouted from so many people on this website. The saddest thing is that the person who wrote this article is the most ignorant of all. That flag is not illegal according to the Supreme Court. It is a perfectly legal example of freedom of expression  as protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. There was a time when it was  illegal, but since the Communists have been in power there is no such thing as flag desecration anymore. I offered up my life by serving 10 years in the Navy to protect that flag and  the Constitution as well as all Americans, including the grossly ignorant who claim to be patriots. Do your homework before you open your mouth. Shame on all of you!

    • Mike Tanco

      He is an egotistical ass and the Democrats are raping our country. Trillions of dollars are unaccounted for and nothing is being done about it. Congress is full of crooks just like Obama.
      The American people had better wake up and get this Socialist/Communist prick out of office.
                                                                                                                                                                   Mike Tanco

      • Paulh1972

         put more tea party members in congress

        • Jim L Adrian


      • Lcmdiana

         Excellent choice of words, Mikey.  You Rock!!!!!

      • Carole Mitchell Lewis

        Are Democrats so stupid that they don't know that Obama is stealing their money to add it to his foreign bank accounts? He is doing the same thing with all the campaign money he is collecting. He is the incumbent. If he was a decent president, he shouldn't even need to campaign so, why are the rich folks giving him money supposedly to be used for that purpose?  Could it be a little pay off for something to come later?  Hmmmmmm, kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?????

        • Gilbertjj

          Doesn't make me wonder, it just makes me FURIOUS.

        • Dan P.


        • M Roberson4154

          Again, blaming Bush for everything. Be honest and quite acting like a jackass - Obama is a piece of crap and has to go!  You are stupid and ignorant and I feel sorry for you cause you are for sure blind.

        • Hooyasailor

          Dan P. is a marxis dumb-ass!
          Hooyasailor said this.

        • Amren1


        • Briguy7568

          He's funneling it to HAMAS for another 9/11 stule attack on America! barak is our ENEMY!

        • ECwashr

          YES YES YES, obama will do whatever it takes to maintain his status of North American Dictator, thank you soooo much F'n obama sheep fools!!

        • Saul

          I am a card carrying Democrat who supports Obama and I'm not much of a sheep.  I am a Christian, read and understand the Constitution, don't belong to a union, work for the gov or on the gov dole.  So try to use the intelligence god gave you and have a really nice, sane, discourse on politics.  Not just juvenile name calling that sounds like a pissed off 10 year old.  You really can do better.  I predict President Obama will be re-elected and handily defeat whichever liberal you decide to nominate.  He's appoint two Supreme Court justices who will uphold RoevWade and the Affordable Health Care Act will grow and prosper.  Liberal philosophy will continue to flourish and attract more believers.  The T PARTY will implode and be replaced by another evens more right wing patriot party who will plot setup of a militia. So be careful of all those sheep.

        • Impala

          Saul - fill er up and check the oil!

          Hope you are wrong about re-electing Obummer.

        • George E


          I'm just curious.  Given your background, what pulls you to support Democratic Party politics?

        • craig

          you really are an ignorant left wing socialist. try living in a socialist country see how that works for you....

        • Pepie

          You are also dead ,reread what you wrote.You cant be christian or what ever.You have never pickup a gun for your country so that Americas can be free of this govenemt and wont.go to your knees turn around put your hands behind your back as a muslum will cut your neck off.Then you mwill be free fro sure. Christian.  I love my country before this i now have a teer for  it.x/vet love all past verterns for freedom.                                                                                                                              I know your are  watching Obuma pls read.                                                                 c

        • Patty

          Saul: Why do you want to see our country destroyed? We are so far in debt few of us can comprehend the amount of money our following generations will owe.  I repeat your words when I say "try to use the intelligence God (with a capital G) gave you" and do your research to find out where all the money is coming from to support "affordable health care." I don't want it coming from my pocket.

        • Chicagolindygirl

          I have read and studied the Bible since I was a young person and from what I understand, a Christian holds the Bible as their authority. The Bible also tells us to abide by the law of the land, unless that law tells us to go against the Bible (God' Law). First of all, the current president and administration have not abided by the rule of law and have blatantly disregarded it more than i have seen any President and Administration do, so I have difficulty understanding why a Christian person would think that is a good thing. Second, there are a number of things that our current President and administration support that ask Christian people and institutions to go directly against God's Laws by participating in the taking of defenseless lives that God created. Or perhaps we have different ideas about Christianity? Do you hold God's Law as an authority, or do you have other ideas? I am genuinely trying to understand this.

        • Chicagolindygirl

          My apologies.. Posted my comment twice....accidentally hit return twice.

        • Think4myself

          You call yourself a Christian and then go on to herald Obama as a great man? You think it is a good thing that hee has appointed Justces who will uphold Roe Vs Wade?  There is no greater way to take the name of the Lord in vain than to take on yourself the name "CHRISTian" and then take a stand for everything he hates! He HATES it when people sacrifice their children, homosexuality is an abomination to him, and while he wants us to give to the poor, he is NOT a socialist, (see Mt 20:1-9) Jesus was able to recognize a wicked man and was not afraid to call a spade a spade, in fact he called them "sons of the devil". If you knew this one you call "Lord" a little better you would recognize how truly evil Obama is, when he lies he speaks his native tongue.

        • CherokeeBob

          You sir are a fumb asseds Gov Employee and should be glad you have a job at all.  Was it Hillary Clinton who predicted OBAMA will be assinated?  The idea is gaining strengh all the time.  I dislike her like a HemmoriodallAH but sure hope this prediction of hers comes true and soon.   While we still have bit of the country left to salvage.
          The dishonesty and arrogance displayed hasn't changed except to become more pronounced. His glib and dismissive, belligerent, attitude about the concerns of those suffering deserves our contempt. Read his comments back then, listen to what he is saying now, and ask yourself if he can be trusted with another term. I correct myself, he's proven he cannot be trusted, the question to ask is should he have another term?

        • sean murry

          You are drunk on the kool-aid.

        • Jersey

          Saul, so your a liberal not a christian, you may call your self a christian but I do not believe you prediction is obama losing the election, however with the frauder vote he may  be able to pull it off.....shame when you cannot win on your merits and accomodations, that you have to inject voter fraud into the race......this obama is pathetic, tell me what has he done for you? America?. he has done nothing, nothing , nothing. but took everyones money and going jetting across the world every week. the health care bill is expensive and the cost has gone up, and will keep going up year after year after year. I feel obama has raped the American people , first with our retirement money that we saved, medicare/social security, I canot go on and on but he bores me and this subject of him bores me, let me finish with enough of this administration as we say in Jersey enough is enough. he disgustes me. Ican't wait until America elects some one , anyone will be much better then this so-called president.

        • Jersey

          Saul, so your a liberal not a christian, you may call your self a christian but I do not believe you prediction is obama losing the election, however with the frauder vote he may  be able to pull it off.....shame when you cannot win on your merits and accomodations, that you have to inject voter fraud into the race......this obama is pathetic, tell me what has he done for you? America?. he has done nothing, nothing , nothing. but took everyones money and going jetting across the world every week. the health care bill is expensive and the cost has gone up, and will keep going up year after year after year. I feel obama has raped the American people , first with our retirement money that we saved, medicare/social security, I canot go on and on but he bores me and this subject of him bores me, let me finish with enough of this administration as we say in Jersey enough is enough. he disgustes me. Ican't wait until America elects some one , anyone will be much better then this so-called president.

        • Judy Pratt

          What counts is what is going on now...what has already happened in previous administrations we cannot control.  If you vote for the party and not the man running you are an idiot.  I predict the democratic party will lose because of their poor leadership, the promised changes have not even begun to take place, the lack of patriotic actions by breaking and changing our Constitution.  It's people like you that have allowed this kind of action that is bringing down our country. Just keep "carrying" that card and display it with pride under the notion that providing for every cause is the way.

        • Phil

          Saul wake up. the progressive "ERROR" is coming to an end.
          It's the liberals who are the sheep.
          You're right about both parties having to go.
          We can build a new party between now and 2016 without being deceptive of our true intent .
          I call it the REFOUNDERS.
          It starts with reclaiming the Declaration of Independence
          and then putting the Federal government back in its box.
          Its box is ONLY the enumerated powers stated in the constitution.
          Besides Saul. Liberal Philosophy might grow but who is going to pay for it?
          The masks are off. The light is on you and that blows your plans.
          By the way What is OWS? (Obamas world socialist movement)
          That's your left wing rads and your damn right they won't be taking over OUR country.
          Let the PURGE begin!!
          Saul. PUBLIC UNIONS are NOT an eneumerated power.
          The people will NOT be your SERFS!
          Also in Alinsky?
          Do you know he dedicated his book to SATIN!
          You are full of it if you think progressives are christians.
          They only claim it for neferious purpose.
          Progressives had to lie and cheat for 100 yrs. to make PROGRESS. People were FOOLED into it.
          Push back is based on truth and will go MUCH MUCH quicker.

        • Jayne Nielsen

          Reading what you posted, Saul, makes me sad.  But it is the first time I have ever been ashamed to call myself a Christian.  And I'm concerned that I will be lumped in the same ignorant category you have placed yourself in.  But this is a free Country thanks to our real Christian Founding Fathers so you have every right to think and post what you feel.  But we're all going to face our Maker and He will be our ultimate Judge.  Supporting Roe VS Wade will be the blood on YOUR hands among many other non-Christian issues that you support. 

        • Doom

          You betcha Baby.  Have you told the FBI or CIA yet so they can stop this.  I really think there are some nice guys left at CIA who woould move on this.  I don't think they suspect HAMAS did 9/11 so nows your chance and get Obama at the same time.  Go BOY.

        • Emslykarl

          Carol , maybe this will help ; you can not think in rational terms about what Liberals do , like replacing the 50 starts with Obama's portrait . I truly believe that the Liberal philosophy of government is based , not on reason , but on emotion ! They LIKE Obama , and that is all the REASON they need to justify the swap ; after all , who could possibly object to putting the picture of such a NICE man on the flag ? You may have noticed , that Liberals find the Constitution to be an encumbrance ! That pesky , ' antiquated ' document just seems to rear its ugly head and obstruct their " progress " at every turn in the road . The best , and most recent example is the President making multiple " recess " appointments when Congress is NOT in recess ! No problem then , the President just has to declare that it's in recess , and wallow ! He has his appointees where he wants them ; no bothersome Congress to put up with . How about the 35 or so Czars that he has appointed , without Congress' approval , that are accountable to no one but him ? Existing Laws are also considered disposable ! Since there are 12 million illegals living in the Country , let's just forget we have laws on the books that are designed to protect our sovereignty , and let's give them all the benefits of citizenship without subjecting them to the humiliating legal process of filing papers and standing in line ! That would be racist , you see !

        • Dean

          What I can't understand is why the republican majority house, which control over the budget, fund these positions that are illegal and unconstitutional.  I beleve it is because they are a bunch of pansies.

        • Emslykarl

          The answer to your question , Dean , is a complex one , but let me take a stab at it . The Country we live in today bears little resemblance to the one the Founding Fathers set in motion ! Those men were brilliant thinkers , and understood the truth about human nature , flawed , and that the only way to have freedom without chaos is if virtue is cherished and preserved in our society . I think it was Madison that said that virtue was essential to preserve a Republican form of government ; I could be mistaken about the source . Secondly , the Founders never intended that politicians should make a career out of serving in Congress . Third , they held the sovereignty of the individual as sacred .Fourth , the separation of powers concept was to be held inviolable , and the sovereignty of the individual States protected . The role of the Federal Government was " enumerated " , and limited to those functions that were beyond the scope of the respective States . Now , very single one of those principles have been essentially abandoned , and we have arrived a place in our history where career politicians are more interested in protecting their careers than addressing the needs and concerns of the citizenry . We are now living in an Aristocracy ; ruled by a confederacy of Political Elites ; Academicians ; and activist judges ! Elections are now decided by organizing a coalition of disparate special-interest groups that that have one thing in common ; they all share the view that a big , all-powerful , centralized government is necessary to PROTECT AND PRESERVE their AGENDAS ! Both Parties are guilt of exploiting the groups that comprise their Constituencies .We are no longer a government of the people ; by the people ; and for the people ! That government is a distant memory , and could only be recovered through a massive grass-roots uprising that would turn the existing system in its head . My personal opinion is that indifference and inertia has led us to where we are , and the most we can hope to do is to arrest the growth of the federal government and try to contain it . The Left knows that also , and they will fight tooth and nail to preserve the status quo .
          Sent from my iPad

        • Doom

          You type very nicely.  Go you lefty guys

        • Michigan Minute Man

          Doom, I don't understand what about Emslykarl's post leads you to think he is a lib. On the contrary, I believe a lib would never say the things he said because they don't understand those concepts. Lets not be so quik to call others names because you don't understand their post.

        • Jnosco

          There hasn't been a budget for three years (since Obama's election) because the Democratic Senate refuses to pass a budget. The Republican House has passed  budgets but the Democrats don't dare.

        • Jerrymartin

          I agree. NO GUTS.I must say the dems have more guts than the GOP. They go after what they want. It doesn't matter what rules or laws they break and all we do is complain.

        • Walnut39

          What I can't understand is WHY Republicans didn't start impeachment proceedings when they first got the House majority. GET this in your mind and I hate to admit it but Obama IS NOT stupid. He is right on schedule for what he intends to get accompolished. NO DOUBT HE HAS TO BE OUT OF OFFICE. I DO not WANT TO LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. This is my home; certainly it is not his.

        • Carol Jean Goodwin

          Uh-huh! Sure!  I know!  Everyone's a comedian!  If he weren't so dangerous it might be funny!  He is spending all those many billions in campaign fund money, so he doesn't care.  He is carrying on as if  no one knows he is an illegal alien from Kenya!     Since Michelle and the girls seemed to enjoy their high dollar vacation in Africa, at taxpayers expense, I strongly suggest they all  head on over there.  

        • Mon

          Oh course all Americans know for sure Obama is illegal because the right wing extremists have been so successful in proving this.  So Obama campaigning for Pres is just another totally obvious attempt to disprove the illegality thing.  Americans are just not that dumb and they truly believe Sheriff Joe who will any day now arrest all the scoundrels who forged all that stuff.  We're just waiting and then O will be deported to Kenya.  You guys are so awesome.  Go Rep

        • Doom

          Do you guys ever listen to what you write.  All Dems just have their kids do up some flags with the Pres picture and plastered all over the house.  Recess....geee what great Rep President did that.....George W about 34 times.  Oh well.  Czars...what Rep President had 30 of those...George W ring a bell.  Who made all those illegals come to USof A.  Obama.  Who wanted amnesty as a way to deal with illegal.....George W.  Does that name ring a bell.  You eleced him REpublican President for 8 years.  Came in with a surplus; left with a deficit.  Made pharma and seniors very happy. 

        • Impala

          You are doomed like the rest who think like you. Obummer has now had over 3 years to lead the country to prosperity and economic growth and has  done absolutely NOTHING.

          Check this out doomer:

          OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA Dear President Obama: You are the thirteenth
          President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare
          me. You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.
          You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League
          education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of
          support. You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth
          growing up in America and culturally you are not an American. You scare me
          because you have never run a company or met a payroll. You scare me because you
          have never had military experience, thus don't understand it at its core. You
          scare me because you lack humility and 'class', always blaming others. You
          scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical
          extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals
          who wish to see America fail.. You scare me because you are a cheerleader for
          the 'blame America' crowd and deliver this message abroad. You scare me because
          you want to change America to a European style country where the government
          sector dominates instead of the private sector. You scare me because you want
          to replace our health care system with a government controlled one. You scare
          me because you prefer 'wind mills' to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast
          oil, coal and shale reserves. You scare me because you want to kill the
          American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest
          standard of living in the world. You scare me because you have begun to use
          'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations. You scare me
          because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and
          irresponsible spending proposals. You scare me because you will not openly
          listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people. You
          scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and
          omniscient. You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything
          you do. You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaugh's,
          Hannitys, O'Reillys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.
          You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing. Finally, you scare
          me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing
          a similar letter in 8 years. Lou Pritchett * * In 2009 the former vice
          president of Proctor & Gamble sent this letter to the NY Times but they
          never acknowledged it. Big surprise. Do your research and you will see it is a
          real letter.Since it hit the Internet, however, it has had over 500,000 hits
          (edit: this number was calculated in 2009. Since then it has many more hits).
          Keep it going. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men do
          nothing.. It's happening right now. The CHANGE is here!! 90% of Americans will
          forward this. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

          is all obama's Fault!

        • Dan P.

          You scare ME because YOURS is another comment from a BIG BUSINESS  " re-bub-la-can't ! !"

        • Walnut39

          Please don't blame JUST Obama for that puts us in the same shoes as he is------- blame someone else. We as the people of America are to blame also. Our problems didn't start this morning. This "change " has been going on for quite some time with both parties BUT I will admit Obama has become the head of its growing continuation five fold. We need TERM LIMITS. No lifetime politicians, judges or any other federal employees and no lobbyists.
           Also what we need are fewer comment writers and more doers.

        • Michigan Minute Man

          Doom, Ok, now I get it, you ARE a lib. I find it very frustrating tring to understand how liberals think. This constant referance to GWB is getting to be a very old song and dance. I wish you people would just open your eyes, ears and minds, you might actually learn something. From the posts I have read from you, I suspect you are semi-literite , and your thoughts are so disjointed, I'm not sure exactly what you are attemting to say. You are the result of our wounderful dumb-down education system!

        • Emslykarl

          Doom , let me say in all charity ; debating with Coolade drinkers is frustrating , which obviously you are ! If you are going to have an intelligent debate , then at least get your facts straight ! Bush DID NOT have 35 Czars ; check your facts , please . It was closer to 3 or 4 , not 30 . Bush WAS guilty of excessive spending , try to keep in mind that BUSH did not run up the deficit all by his lonesome ; he had a DEMOCRAT CONGRESS , or have you conveniently forgotten that ? CONGRESS APPROPRIATES SPENDING ; not the President ! With respect to the Flag issue , your quote " All Dems just have their kids do up some flags " . Is that a sentence ? If it is , it is unintelligible ! Try again with the help of your English teacher . By the way , one thing that Liberals are famous for , is justifying their bad behavior by pointing to a Republican's bad behavior ( you compare Obama with Bush ) ! I am an American , first and foremost , Doom . I think for myself , it is clear you do not ! I frankly don't give a damn what letter ( R or D ) is after the name of the guy in a suit in the White House , as long as he is serving ALL AMERICANS fairly and impartially - none of this class-warfare crap that we are hearing so much of ! Rich people are not demons , and are just as entitled to the President's respect as " the working folks " as Obama likes to call you ( as if rich people do not work ) , maybe even more because they are paying for most of the " free stuff " that you Liberals are constantly advocating for ! Illegals ? What the hell does that word imply , Doom ? Look it up in the dictionary it means that they are NOT LEGAL , meaning they BROKE A LAW ! Get it yet , Doom ? I'm trying hard here , so work with me ! No one " made all these illegals come to the USA " as you stated it ; but what point are you making here ? What the hell difference does that make ? THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY ! That , Doom , is my point ! Either our laws mean something , or they don't ! If they don't , which ones am I supposed to pay attention to , and which am I free to ignore ? Tell me , please ? Bush inherited a surplus and , to quote you Doom , " turned it into a deficit " ! Ok , you win ! Shame on him ! That is one big reason why the folks turned to Obama , but metaphorically speaking , that's like jumping from the frying pan into the FIRE ! And God only knows , OBAMA IS THE FIRE ! Metaphorically speaking of course . Here is the bottom line , DOOM , Obama does not like THIS America ! He said he intends to " fundamentally transform " it ! He has not exactly told us what it is exactly he wants to transform it TO ? Do you know , Doom ? And please tell me why on earth he would want to take the " greatest country on the face of the earth " - his words - and " transform " it into something that he alone knows what it is supposed to look like ! My guess , Doom , is that you are one of the " free stuff " crowd that likes " big daddy " to take care of you from cradle to the grave ; well as one wise man once said " a democracy can only last until the citizens realize that they can vote themselves largesse ( free stuff ) from the public treasury " ! We are there now , Doom ! Next stop Venezuela ! You would like it there !
          Sent from my iPad

        • Danjudjoe

          HEY Emslykarl - how much has YOUR "RE-BUB-LA-CAN'T" congress helped THIS president get our country out of debt ? ! 

        • George E


          The Republican House has been trying to pare back government spending but Harry Reid won't bring any of their bills to the floor for vote in the Senate, and even if he did and they actually got through the Democrat majority Senate, President Obama has promised to veto any that get to this desk.  What more do you think the Republicans should do under the circumstances?

        • twocolts

          Not to mention the fact that "this president", is not "a President", but is an illegal-squatter in our Oval Office that has spent this nation into the biggest hole in history..Bush didn't make him do it, Congress didn't make him do it, he, the most corrupt, the most blatant liar, the most race-baiting, most anti-white, anti America, deliberately-destructive marxist-madman in doing it single-handedly. Put that funnel down, just SIP that kool-aid.

        • twocolts

          Response above is response to Dan P.

        • Emslykarl

          Dan , what exactly do you expect Republicans to do to help get the Country out of debt ? They have tried desperately to put the brakes on Obama's runaway spending ! Do you want them to help him spend more ? You would vote for Obama if he tripled the debt ! So don't talk nonsense ! The fact is , in case you are not paying attention , Obama is not the least bit interested in curtailing spending ! Remember the Simpson-Bowles commission that he appointed to make recommendations to Congress , which he completely ignored when they produced their report ? That should be all the evidence you need that reducing spending is NOT on his radar ! Republicans have been demonized since 2010 for trying to control spending ! What country have you been living in ? Just keep voting guys like Obama into office , so you can get your free stuff, and one day soon you will run out of other peoples money to pay for your unemployment checks, contraceptives ; condoms ; college tuition ; SEIU pensions ; Solyndras ; etc. With a debt-to-GDP ratio of 100 % , Dan , it will not be long before you and your friends will be breaking windows of banks , destroying our infrastructure , because your unemployment check is late ! Remember this Dan : " a democracy can only last until the citizens realize they can vote themselves money from the public coffers " . That's now , Dan ! Good luck ! I'm 80 , so it makes no difference to me ; I've already gotten SS ; don't hold your breath that yours will be there ! Thanks ; that is if you are paying into the FUND !
          Sent from my iPad

        • Jim L Adrian

          That happened last election and no doubt  its happening again.

        • Carol Jean Goodwin

          I think I already said that a long time ago when we were trying to get the ball rolling on auditing the  fed.   When it was first discovered that 16 trillion had not been accounted for.  Of course all the grants he made to friends/family of Pelosi and Reid and whoever else had hair-brained scams for alternative  energy i.e. Solyndra.
          I still think he has been funneling trillions into of shore accounts for himself whenever he is ousted.  But then somebody will call me a racist/conspiracy/ theorist !   Ask me if I care what that lying, pitiful piece of human excrement thinks!  The man is the USA's public enemy number one.  The patriot act, the NDAA and this new one that makes it criminal offense for anyone to whisper negative  thoughts when any elected official  is in the same room all proves that he is paranoid about us knowing what a big fraud he is.   A real president who has our country's best interests at heart would never have pulled all that crap!  

        • Doom

          I wonder why George W got all that money for his second campaign which he almost lost.  HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM kinda makes you wonder why he did all those liberals things and made all that money.  Oh the Horror.  The Dems really run everything and just put a silly little Texan in power as a diversion.  Talk about conspiracy. 

        • Judy Pratt

          Like the lady on the radio in Georgia said..."he is gonna pay my mortgage and pay my bills, payoff my car." That is what was promised the last election...wonder how well that worked for them?  IDIOTS!

        • Dan P

          How TOTALLY igorant can you be to REALLY BELEIVE such HOG WASH ! ! !

        • Amren1

          The answer to your first question is, "yes".

      • Kevin Freels

        unaccounted for? It was spent on war.......

        • Desperate for a change!!

          Explain to me your logic please, and while you're at it explain to me why every TV station in mainstream news and MSNBC beat the drums about how much we were in debt, how much we owed china, how many military personnel died, etc.   Now however when our debt is at the highest ever recorded in history all the sudden the rags no longer talk about deficit debt, china debt or the military personnel who have died.  Talk about double standards - they are hypocrits of the worst kind.  Also speaking of double standards, how about the latest comments by the left media about Rush Limbaugh while Ed Schulz, Bill Maher and Chris Mathews spew there obscene and disgusting remarks?  BTW this President said he would get us out of all wars and hasn't, he hasn't closed gitmo but did release detainies who came back to fight against the US again and the percentage is greater than 30%.  Did you see Chris Mathews latest rant calling the Republicans a cult because 2 candidates are catholic and one is a mormon so he recently announced (which was reported in Investors Business Daily) that we hae three cultists running.    MSNBC has the Sharpton extremist as a talk show now who spews his hatred filled comments as if they are the truth.  Pr. Obama instituted a healthcare plan that is more than double the cost he originally quoted - oh yeah thats right he didn't tell us about the latest increase the CBO did.  You want to know where the money went?  We have a Democratic majority in control who refuses (even when they were in control) to adopt a budget!  They spend money like no one ever has before.  They print money to make up for their lack of it.    By the way when Bush was in office we had a DEMOCRATIC controlled House and Senate!  So if you think about blaming the Repubs reread this and then look in the mirror because I didn't vote for this President and anyone who put a man in the white house who had no experience at all, except for part of a term as senator (where he did nothing) and then as a community organizer shouldn't vote again until they get an education.

        • jericho

          You left out the most important thing in their behaver  Almost All DemoRats are controlled by Satan,They do what he wants, Their main goal is to destroy America by Destroying our Religious beliefs, our Famly of husban and wife and Children, our money system by printing wortless paper, The dollar is gone when it becomes wortless.  Also most people who vote DemoRat use their head for nothing but to grow hair, Some are to stupid to do that, as most DemoRats are baldheaded.

        • SHunst37

          This is very good.  The only way for us to get rid of imposter is a couple of ways, but I will not comment on one of them and the other, find boehner some guts so he can FIRE THAT MUSLIM RADICAL IN OUR WHITE HOUSE ILLEGALLY.

        • Ole Vet

          The House can only indict Obama on charges.  Per the Constitution, the Senate must be the venue to try a sitting President.  Since the Senate is Dem.-controlled, how likely do you think it is that they would even CONSIDER trying Obama, much less convict him? And with that, the House probably figures it's useless to even try now.  We MUST work to make sure both the Presidency AND the Senate are ours! At least one or the other!

        • Doom

          I believe Sir Donald Trump is very excellent at firing people.  He's still availalbe to be Prres candidate.  An excellent choice for the Reps.  cound't be much worse than Speak Moonbeam, Rick, sex must be supervised by state, Santorum and Mitt, Semus's owner, Romney.  Sir Donald does not discrimate....muslims, hispanics, etc.  Go for it

        • cactusbob

          And for rewarding Obama's contributors with juicy government contracts, loans and loan guarantees (Solyndra, LightSquared, and many others), and many earmarks, not to mention gifts to foreign countries for new mosques and other projects.

        • Doom

          Which foreign country got a mosque.  I heard Rome has been promised a very big catheral by Ricky S.  and you know what Mittens will buy his home state.  Newt will just give it all to zoo.

        • Lorgene44

          Maybe you like the flag with Obama's on it but I and the majority of Americans do not.  Maybe when your Mesiah gets us in another war with Iran you will finally wake up and smell the flowers which stink under this man

        • del


      • jericho

        The Democrats have had the African American in Socialism for a number of years, Now they are trying to convert All the rest of us.

        • Moses

          Right on Brother.  We do lovin that Socialism.  I eat it with my chittlins and pork every Sunday. Granny is the one who taught me all about it.  It's the best.  Hope you white boys enjoy as much. 

      • Doom

        So when you find Obama's millions, go look for George W's billions that went missing in Iraq and Afganistan.  Not to mention the billions he gave to buy pharma money and senior support.  It does look like you guys have sorta kinda forgotten about the brave Repbulican you elected for 8 years.  Came in with a surplus and left with a deficit.  Hope you next guy can do a tad bit better.  But not sure since all running are liberals. 

      • Wentfishin

        i totally agree we have to many americans sitting on there backsides not caring about americas future.

      • Jgorman1

        You left one word out. HOLE.

      • Anita Eitmann

        Mike we also have to get all of the good ole boys out.  I say send all of them to the unemployment line.  When we send new people there have them revamp the good ole boys retirement benefits so that all of their monies in their retitement fund go into the S/S Fund that they have stolen out of for the last 60 years.  Make their buts retire on S/S just like us.  We also have to make this retro-active.  Let's see them live like they forced us to do.  We also need to go back and see who make their fortunes by inside trading.  All of this money needs to be confiscated also.  We could also put this in the S/S fund.  After all they made decisions and stole from our retirement fund so it's time they pay the piper.

    • scott2345

      There is no flag law, just etiquette.  The Flag Code, that is "etiquette", though wise rules and guides to be guided by, does not preclude freedom of speech, which is protected under law.
      The dimwits that displayed the flag at the campaign office in Florida blundered, and seeing the furor caused by the error in their ways, promptly took the flag down and appologised.  I don't think the President was behind this.
      At least these people flew the ill-designed flag below Old Glory.
      Yes the flag with Obama's stupid picture on it is sickening.  I puked.

    • bwana00

      " He has got to go 2012." You are right, but if he does not go, then God help us all we are doomed. see

    • John Goff

      Well, it's appropos that it would remind one of China because the flag was MADE IN CHINA... Now if we could only find out where this so-called president was made---or did he simply crawl out of the primordial ooze fully situated... Any way we look at it, he's a jackass...

    • Papaholz

      That't because he doesn't know how many states there are. Is it 50 or is it 57 states.

      • J Nielsen

        Never thought of it that way, Papaholz, but you're probably right.  The Dummocrats had to hide that gaff with his mug.   Unfortunately it really disgraced the American flag.

    • Jim L Adrian

      When I saw that flag, I to saw a " Just condition us to the idea of a face-any face-on our flag." 
      Michelle actually said to 'O', "It is just a flag" , concerning another desecration. He probably said,
      "I approve this message"

    • Sandra Schools

       All of you who recognize the truth had better get serious. We are in the most serious situation this nation has ever been in. I so not even think the Civil War was as serious. When I say get serious, I mean get on your knees and pray passionately for our nation. We are being taken over by those who are Anti-Christ, and of course controlled by Satan. It will take a miracle to stop and reverse this running train. These people are ruthless and without a doubt have plans for stealing the next election already in the works. Either that, or they will create some destructive crises that will cause them to call off the elections. God will heal our land if we pray and turn from our wicked ways. 2Chronicles 7:14, "And (if) my People who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." Of course this directive was written to the Jews, but we would be remiss if we dismiss such a word from our minds because all who are gentile followers of Jesus having Him living within believing Him to be the only way to God are His people as well. We have been grafted into the brethren Israel.

    • Dave

      That is one flag that should be burned. obama your out of here in 2012.

    • 7275

      Paulam777,  you are exactly right!  This is a taste of what our flag will look like after the 2012 election and Obama and the communists take over.  Our dictator Obama  on all the U.S. flags only there will not be stripes on the flag either. God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Desert_Fox


      You for go the other Communist countries that are under Government
      control the ones like Russia (at one time) or even closer Cuba and etc.
      Oh, what about Hugo Chavez (?) I do believe that his ugly mug is
      plastered all over the place.

      When I saw that picture it made my blood boil, I dedicated most of my adult life defending her (1963-1962) through two wars (Vietnam and Desert Storm). I always felt that the Democratic Party and been taken over by the Socialist Party of the US and this little stunt just added one more proof to the pudding. Folks, we need to seen this article to all our friends and they need to send it to theirs.

    • Desert_Fox

       Oops, the second word should be forgot!

    • Patty

      I couldn't agree more!

    • Hole In One

      The Ides of March have brought another signal of distress to the forefront of our national consciousness. On Friday, 3/16/2012, President Obama issued an Executive order called "National Defense Resources Preparedness" (NDRP) posting it on the White House's official website. The initial reaction by many is one of understandable concern, fear and wariness at the scope of the powers claimed under this order.

  • Encycloman

    I tried searching the web for this flag for sale. It is, and the folks that make it (based on their own words on their site) are actually PROUD to keep selling it.

  • Dusty1

    The Democrats in this country need a beat-down, BIG TIME.  Hope they get another shellacking, like they did in 2010.

    • Febbie

      Its "A" coming Dusty. .........

  • thisoldspouse

    I hope the Demonut Party keeps this level of mentality going into the campaign season.  Republicans won't even need to campaign.

  • jong

    Well he has trampled on the constitution like it was nothing.  Has hiden his past including several names and social security numbers.   He treats the military badly and apologies for everything.   Why should we be surprised with his face on the flag  it must be a come down for him because it is quite obvious he thinks he is "god"

    • Alicia

      He appologizes for everything...except his lies and what he has done to this country.

      • Mrooker

        You have to admit he is committed to the agenda.  He says he can make gasoline from Algae and Republicans are part of the flat earth society.  He just can't understand why we are upset with his plans.  Part of his Narcissistic personality.

        • SAM

          Don't forget he is only reading the teleprompter or repeating the script he has been given for the day on his blackberry.

  • Thistle

    An illegal flag for an illegal 'president'. How appropiate.November 6th cant get here soon enough!!!

    • Holmes1151

      Wrap them in that flag and set it afire.



  • skjelv

    Not a real big issue...

    • Nancidirect

      Really? Not a big issue?  From a retired Marine? I am dumbfounded. It is a big issue, our US Flag is sacred, laws are in place to protect it, no one should alter it in any way.

  • Just saying

    My only comment is: Hulbert doesn't realize it, but she is one of the useful idiots. Proud of the president, indeed. Even if she is, how can you justify what she did? Is this North Korea? Not even Stalin was on the USSR's flag, or the other despots in their respective countries. This is not USA anymore, is US of O...

  • WVF

    Don't believe Nancy Hulbert for a moment!  She knew exactly what she was doing.  Afterall, she is a Democrat and as brazen as the Fraud in Chief!

    • Berengaria

      I believe that the Hulbert was on TV later and you are on the right track.  She is a left-wing activist and an old one at that.  She appeared to know all the tricks of the Obama's rules for radicals.  When I saw her standing in the doorway with a defiant glare, I knew that she was hard-core, the only good thing is that she did not have a burka over her face and body.  Thanks to all our veterans who helped to show this democrat, that America is beigger than the Obamas and the democrat party.  Thank you, Berengaria

  • Robert, TX

    Distasteful? Yes. Disgusting? Yes. Typical? Yes. What do you expect? They (dems) have ZERO respect for their "opposition." What opposition? The "pansy" Boehner is a complete waste. Obama has MORE power now, than he had when Pelosi was Speaker. Oh, wait, FOX news says if we elect even more gutless republicans that they will do something. Isn't that what they said in November 2010?

  • Badz34

    how sick can they get

    • Jayne Nielsen

      Badz34...Liberal Democrats are absolutely in love (Eros love) with Obama.  I've tried to equate this behavior, the love, that people like Nancy Hurlbert have for Obama and the only things that come to my mind are incest, homosexuality, or even NAMBLA.  It's just NOT NORMAL behavior.  

      And I can almost bet women like Nancy Hurlbert also experiences the Big O anytime any thought of Obama crosses their mind.  Ewwww...

  • Wcmyers51

    Makes one want to puke!

  • Jackie

    Nothing that the current President does or surprises me. he already puts himself above our Constitution, so why would he not put himself on the flag? Do not let this twit, Party chairwoman Nancy Hulbert fool you into thinking she is the sole fool in this case.

  • billn60

    i would tell that woman she is a communist pig he,s nothing to be proud of ,this is amerca he is not american what the blank is wrong with these dumb people that communist means so much to them,. sue her out of a job,im not votting for the muslim illegal at all he is a joke and mabe america a laughing stalk of the world.she needs to be fired she is lieing when she says she didnt know and she knows it far to well .fire her fire her



  • Amazingoly

    Don't deface our money - don't deface our flag. 

  • joe

    SHADES OF HITLER??? Wake up America and smell the stink.I feel like I am back in pre-WW2 Europe!!! Remember when Hitler convinced the Germans that they were ENTITLED to  more because they deserved it? So, he picked on the group of people who had wealth(JEWS) and figured a way to steal and take it away from them! Obama wants to make Americans feel entitled to take away from those who have something ....I can't believe anyone falls for his socialist BS!!!!

    • Jacked

      Thank you Joe, Only thing Before ww-2  Any one fool thied that ,They would have been in jail before the first day or The first man that come by ,Would have took it down, And if anyone tried to stop him, Someone would  have got one hell of a good old time ass beating     

    • twinspineve

      well put...obumbo is taking it from those who have it.  the 1 percenters.  when hitler took it from the jews nobody cared.  people hate people with money.  when obumbo takes it from the 1 percenters nobody will care either for the same reason.  when he runs out of the 1 percenters he will move down to the next level.  eventually he will get to your/our level.

  • Xessexcva9

    If there ever was an American flag that should be burned, this is it. That ANY American should put this traitors face on out flag is outrageous. This is somthing I would expect from the taliban to disrespect our flag. NO person, past, present, or future is good enough to be displayed on the American flag, especially the kenyan fool.

    • Paulam777

      It just goes to show the total arrogance and gall that Obama has.  To have his face on our flag is like him laughing at all of us and saying, "Just wait, not much longer, I'm taking over."

  • Wolf Pack 32

    I am a retired US Army serviceman.  Defacing the United States Flag in any form is wrong and to use this Obama depiction on the flag for political purposes is disgusting.  I would think the Democrats would know better but then again ----

    • Bornskeptik

      Were you complaining when the tea party did it?

  • scarletdove

    Report these illegal flags to who?  Who in this administration cares anything about either the flag or the country?  How do we prosecute the fools, and the fool company that printed an illegal flag?  And this dumb woman is not that young, she should be aware of flag etiquette and legality being in the DNC headquarters.  And, how come this is private property, if it is political, it should not be considered private property.  This arrogant woman needed dressing down...........

    • Bill

      Your state's attorney. If you want to file suit against them, do so. Put a stop to this bullshit right away.

      • Donnarooty

        I agree Bill....I think we need to take a page from their playbook and start suing the snot out of every illegal thing they do. It would damn sure keep the courts (and them) busy! If they were busy defending themselves constantly (as they do to the OTHER side), then maybe they wouldn't have as much time to do as much damage as they are doing. A progressive liberal with spare time is a very, very dangerous thing!!

  • Ggnelson00

    It's called, Dictator In Chief.  Not going to happen in the USA.

  • Nuno Luis

    They should sell toilet paper with his face...

  • Oldtimer

    I think that Obama's picture should be required on all toilet paper.


      Yobama's face is already on TP.  I bought a six pack of them...use them everyday

      • Paulh1972

         made from algae right

      • Mr Forrest

        I AGREE WITH YOU 100% TOO INFORMED THE DAM ILLEAGEL MUSLUM HAS GOT TO GO how can a person in their right mind can vote for a illeagel allien muslum let alone call the trach president  he wants to be a dicater and will if the  ass--le gets back in with all his crooks and theives

    • Febbie

      The clown is a legend in his own mind.......

    • Paulh1972

       rub a little crap in that piehole of his

    • twinspineve

      this suggestion made my day.  toilet paper with dumbo's picture would sell like it.  and be a collectors item in years to come.

    • twinspineve

      hey...get a rubber stamp made of obummer and stamp it anywhere you like.  what a party piece.

  • waytoomuchdebt

    Is this Nazi germany 1942???

    • Penny's Ca.

      It reminded me of Hitler and Mao etc. to see Obama's face on our flag.

  • Giscalzo

    knock the scum bag down !

  • Fletch

    And to top it off these are made in China.



  • waytoomuchdebt

    Funny they chose Florida with a heavy jewish population....

  • loujapa

    Just another example of the total disrespect that some Dems have for the fact of all things good about America and a love of all things bad about Demoliberalstans! Shame on them!

  • waytoomuchdebt

    Imagine if they put George Bush on the flag???

    • jb80538

      Bush does have respect for our flag and he would never allow that.

  • Mattwm

    Liberals still think this Kenyan communist was born in Hawaii, even after Obama, his family, and the Kenyan government have admitted that he was born in Kenya.  And the communist party of Russian knew who Obama was in 1992.  They knew he was a Kenyan born communist and atheist.

  • Irishmist

    I am sickened by the thought that OUR FLAG (not just one political party) is being desecrated in this way. OMG!

  • Scott C in Spring Tx

    I have never seen this done and have never heard of it being done before. It takes a complete narcasist to do such a thing. This is desecration of our beloved flag. This guy is a comlete Jackass. I see this as a crime. He ought to be strung up by his little, itty bity, tiny tiny, man parts (if he has man parts). I do not have words strong enough to describe the anger I feel in seeing his ugly face on this beautiful flag.  

  • waytoomuchdebt

    Next they will be burning the flag....lets send those Obama flags to afghanistan I am sure the people there no what to do with them

    • John Randall


  • Penny's Ca.

    This was so disgusting to me it almost made me throw-up. How dare these people disgrace our flag. These Dems are really going to play dirty this election but this is so upsetting.




    What we need here is a change of name: From Democratic Party TO The Dictatorship Party! Look at Flags China has their leader on theirs,Iraq had Hussein,Lybia had Khadify,North Korea has their leader,These are all DICTATORSHIP Countries. Brittian has their flag The US HAS THE STARS AND STRIPES Canada has The Oak Leaf, Isreal has their Flag. All of these are either FREE or SEMI FREE COUNTRIES. Think about this and realize where the USA is Headed with OBAMA AND THE DICTATORSHIP PARTY

  • star777

    This is completely against the rules of the flag of our country.  There should be a fine!  It would be jail for treason if it were up to me.

  • Insurgent

    Why not?   The frickin' illegal Mexicans fly their flag on top of the upside down US flag.   This country is being lead by an arrogant, cocky, egotistical, lying, illegal Kenyan supported by a bunch of damn nutcakes, like Pelosi, Reid, and 52% of this country's mental midgets who voted for this sorry @$$  b@$t@rd!!

  • Sully64

    I can't wait til November!

  • Fireplace

    I read an article yesterday that these flags are made in, and ordered from, China....don't know if it true or not, but I can't imagine any flag maker in the US not knowing the Federal Laws pertaining to same.

  • Martha

    Who would we report the flying of such a flag? Martha

  • Taffy73054

    Total disrespect for this great country!

  • Ginny

    It's a disgrace to America.

  • D121212

    Well old obama wants to get Emperor
    status and he can't stand to wait. The people of the Democratic
    party should be aware of this. If not, then they do not not deserve
    to be in the position of power they now hold. The veterans are right
    in their disgust of obama and the Democratic party and deserve to get
    booted out and right now. We've had to suffer all of the flag
    burning and now there wanting to replace the field of blue and the
    stars with his face? I don't think so.

  • Frank Edden

    I'm surprised they didn't put it on top.

  • Loub134

    New Flag for the DemoRat Party ?

  • Reinhard Schumann

    This is indeed in poor taste and the White Hosue better stop it.

    • JacktheFAC

      Are you kidding?  This is FOR the White House.  Heil Obama!  Or should we say, Hail Caesar Obama; or Hail Sultan Hussein Obama as muslims would say to their kings?

  • proudamerican

    Amazing-    Now they fly the flag with their savior on it so ALL of America will know they are against the USA as we know it.       What used to be a political  party is now reduced to being just socialists and they make no bones about it!   A vote for any dem.-is a vote against the welfare of this country by their own hand America!!!  act accordingly!

  • weezy

    Regardless what has happened, there is a large group that is still drinking the "kool aid.". I fear he will will again. Everything that happens, he and his crony staff jump on it and make it his doing.  Little is published that is negative and we all know why.  No one wants to say anything for fear he will be considered a racist. We circulate emails and comments online, but what can we really do to save our country.  I just sent an email to my representatives asking them to demand that Kagan, Obama's puppet, recluse herself from voting on the legality of Obamacare next week. If she does not she should be forced down by Congress.  Is she votes we know she will support it and we are stuck with it.

    Two examples of why Obamacare should not be.

    `1.  A lady went to the dr. and was diagnosed with a cervical tumor.  She said she could not afford the surgery. So, she got all things free.  Two weeks later she took a week of vacation in Las Vegas.

    2. A lady was diagnosed with a tumor and needed radiation to shrink it. She got all chemo and radiation free because she said she could not afford it.  Now she is out and about and plans to go to Gatlinburg, TN the first week in April, to New Orleans the last week in April and to Texas in May.

    I don't mind anyone getting help if it is truly needed, but it seems to me some of the vacation money these people are using could be paid toward hospital bills that we are paying.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Since it is illegal anyhow paint a mustache on it and it will look  just like his teacher and the plan obama has been following from the start.  Can anyone say, wow, looks just like Hitler?

  • John Fried


  • j3player

    The new flag is part of the Democrats pledge of allegiance - I pledge allegiance to the flag of  Obama, and
    to the land for which he controls, one empire under Obama , indivisible,
    with injustice for all who is against the anointed one.

  • Scott

    What kills me is yesterday Leon Panetta was in Afgahnistan, and for some reason the had all our soldiers put their guns down. Even in a military camp, there is no safe place that you can't be hit. Why would our leaders leave our troops defenseless, unless they want them dead. It is terrible the way they are doing our troops, why didn't they take a soldier who received a head injury out of commition. I honestly think Glenn Beck was right, that if we do not get our sons and daughters out of harms way now, they may all be killed very soon. Then we have this disgusting Democratic trash flying a flag with the worst President of all times face on it flying high for all the world to see. It reminds me of how Obama has bowed to very dictator in the world, for all the world to see. F'ing peace of shi_  needs to be hung for high treason, at the foot of the Lincoln Memeorial, televised for the worlds Dictators to see. Don't tread on America...

  • Mollie

    Obama should  have his face on Iraqs , Irans, Afganistans  , etc , flags but never on our beautiful American Flag!

  • One Southern Grandma

    “We’re proud of our president and we didn’t realize it was in violation.  I am the chair and I take responsibility for this.”

    This quote from Hulbert goes to show you the massive number of incompetents that permeate throughout the Democrat party who are beyond stupid.  If this woman is the chairman, the Democrats should hang their head in shame for her lack of knowledge about American traditions and rules governing the display of our Flag.  If the leaders of the Democrat party are incompetent what can you expect of those who blindly follow.  An incompetent president and vice-president and an incompetent cabinet and bozo czars - I really don't need to say more!!!!   It starts from the top down.  Incompetents appointing incompetents.  What a bunch of "numnuts"!

  • twiceshy

    A communist like Obama would rather see the hammer and sickle instead of the stars. 

  • THX1138

    Uh... Did anyone know that this disgrace was MANUFACTURED IN CHINA?

  • Colt Lane


  • Phil

    Report it!!
    Only if I can keep myself long enough from BURNING IT!!

  • Randolph Rivers

    This just another example of how the left doesn't respect this great country. The women in charge said she did it and will take the blame. Any educated person would know that there is something wrong with that action. They all knew what they were doing but they don’t respect this great country. The left thinks that if we take something from the rich it will make the poor feel or do better. ALL must earn their way or they will never live up to what GOD had intended for them.

  • jd1958

    We the American Citizenry have become the frog in the ever increasing pot of water. They (the democratic progressives) don't just take your rights away all at once. They are doing it a little at a time, shock here, a shock there, a little here a little there. Before we know it, SIG HEIL! or in this case, We have a mullah.

  • Gary Moscowitz

    The scariest part of this is that if asked and a truthful answer was given, I would bet that Obama would not object!

  • guest

    The Odumber flag is one that deserves burning!  I can't stand to see his face anywhere but especially not on our flag! 

  • Phil

    Report it! Only if I can keep myself long enough from burning it!!

  • mrsawdust


  • robert

    You know when I was growing up it was against the law to deface the American flag where did that go and if it is still a law everyone in that office needs a trip to jail with treason charges and lets see how fast they deface America next time.

    ps Isn't treason a hanging offence.

  • George Barbarow

    It is a disgusting display  of ignorance when a political organization descrates the flag with a picture of a "closet" Muslim !

  • Gordon Hornikel Jr.


    • Sreynolds

      Yes, if you are a service member, the USSA flag with his picture will be draped over your coffin.

  • A Real American

    Such action is the eptiome of ignorance by those pushing a Marxist dictator on America.  Let them prove and vet Obama to be or not be a natural born citizen of America, and not Kenya.  Also, let them prove he is not using the social security number of a deceased Connecticut legal European immigrant.  Let them prove and provide Obama's education records at Occidental College where he applied as a "foreign exchange student", Columbian University, and Harvard Law School.  How could such a world leading nation be duped by such Marxist arrogance?  Well, those in Congress on both sides of the aisle are culpable.

  • Joe

    This just goes to show that if we the people don't start standing up to all of them in Washington our country is no longer going to be a country of freedom and free will.

  • Hotrod1606

    shows how dum th democraps r she said they didnt know it was a violation. WTF!!!!


    A question for all VETERANS. How many of you would have laid down your weapons in a hostile zone to enter a building where the Sec.of Defense was just because some members of the countries so called army showed up unarmed. ?

  • George Barbarow

    It is disgusting that a American political organization would desecrate our flag; especially with a picture of a "closet" Muslim.

  • MCM

    I do not believe that Nancy Hulbert didn't know any better. But then again, she is a democrat! If she wasn't aware, it is yet another frightening example of the pervasive level of ignorance in our country. Hooray for our vets!

  • Connie Moser

    is it not enough we have to see his ugly face on tv. and now they put him the flag how degradeing is that for us true americans.

  • Randolph Rivers

    If ever a flag needed burning this would be at the top of the list. Oh wait that's what we do to the AMERICAN flag. I read another comment that was spot on. Use it for toilet paper. Just not in my house I respect my ass too much to use such a vile object.

  • Steve

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST! 

    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.



  • Gsm5273

    Just another example of Obama's arrogance.....and some people's gullibility.  

  • Librtyship

    Half of the Democrats belong on the "funny farm"  the other half belong in jail!  They are a national disgrace and don't deserve to live in a free country!

  • sb36695

    Is there any doubt democrats are communists?






  • Cox Kenny76


  • Tan

    OH MY GOD!  How to keeps back tears if you love this country with its FLAG that you love and respect from your heart and soul. It is not only the sample! It is is the soul of America, of thousand, thousand great people given their life for it!!!

  • c smith

    are they sick   

  • Americankid

    this woman has no idea of what it means to be an american..
    to put the face of a marxist on an american flag is beyoung any one
    not only does it my blood boil  ,  but ever american should stand up
    and scream at the top of they voice,  


  • Donruane

    It is now official, sending people to CONGRESS, over and
    over , for 10, 20, 30, 40, and yes, even 50 years, is now a recognizable Mental
    The only know cure is forgetting party loyalties and voting for the other Guy
    or Gal, the cure works every time it is implemented.


  • Sreynolds

    What exaclty is it that she is proud of obama for? His constant lying? His shredding of the constitution? His blatant race and class baiting.

  • Charlene0920

    Oh my heavens , they have  shown their true colors.
    How disgusting.
    Illegal move as far as I am concerned  , also an illegal president.
    Who in hell, in their right mind would want him for president to begin with.
    There is nothing of quality in this man. Narcissistic,  unqualifiesd as he has proven, on a binge to destroy  this beautiful country. He  a muslim wanting to change America to his beliefs, spending out tax money out of control. 
    There should be a law suit filed on this  sick party.
    This one has gone to far.
    What if  the KKK would do this? Think there would be a law suit?


  • Buffalo Bob

    Disgusting and disrespectful. Then again, what should we expect from the empty suit in the oval office?

  • Probeon

    A large portion of the Liberal members
    of the Democratic party have now deviated and mutated so far left
    they are at a loss to understand that wiping their bottoms with the
    American flag, imprinting it with their Manchuria candidate's face,
    is a crime so heinous and provoking that it calls for Obama's
    impeachment along permanent banishment of them all from our country.

  • Disgusted

    These communist idiots do not know anything about the laws of the United States of America! That flag should have been burned immediately without hesitation. I would not have stopped at taking it down no matter what, it is a form of treason that should not be tolerated. People we must take our country back and stop being nice and demand that they all go away immediately resigning their offices and leave for Russia.

  • flaphil

    Welcome to the resurrection of the national socialism like the Nazis started in Germany in the thirties of last century. The new targets are the Catholic Church, conservatives and white guys that won't cave in to the current culture in America. Shame on any Catholic that voted or votes for this illegal regime.

    • Vince DiPentima


  • VirgoVince

    AND, it was quickly removed, just as it will be and SHOULD BE IF it's ever seen again!!
    ALL you American veterans, carry matches or a lighter, whether you smoke or not!!    There's NO disgrace burning any flag, but OURs in OUR country!!!!  

  • Sreynolds

    If the house had any loyalty to America they would immediately cease funding of all the zcars, and anything else that is deemed unconstitutional, God, Please help replace these cancerous tumors that are known as "progressives"

  • Onelordwonforever

    Only Hitler changed the Flag of a country. Hopefully people see how dedicated to evil the stupid sheep are. This is TREASON!

  • Fred R Pineapple

    The stripes represent the original 13  colonies, the stars represent the 50 states. In Obamastan there will be no states.  They are making there intentions very clear.

  • Jerfa4

    these flags are being made in China and exported to the Us.. You can bet your sweet ass there will be more. Let's make sure that if all of you that find this UNAMERICAN act. I will if it lands me jail.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    The ultimate form of desecration to Our Flag would be for the looney left to inscribe the very picture of a dictator on it.  There were those from the past who did similar acts like hitler, marx, lennon and other wannabee anti-Christs.  Don"t forget to vote!!!

  • Lavarak

    I can't believe they did that....what an insult to the USA

  • Michael for the dictator obama in 2012, and kiss your freedom good bye!  If he get in this time (like the elections aren't rigged by him) he will NEVER leave the Whitr House....already he ignores congress, the constitution, and illegally sent our troops to combat in Libya (only congress is authorized by the Constitution to send military troops overseas, the president can only authorize troops protect the homeland from invasion)...
    Already he has made himself dictator, not president.
    He refuses to salute the US flag...think he'll salute his new flag?  Probably will.

  • Wayne

    Another wow! moment. Folks, if he gets re-elected his face will be on the sides of buildings, you know, the way they honor themselves, these dictators. More importantly, if he steals this election I wouldn't doubt he changes the rules of terms. Yeah, unlimited terms, change the name of office to Supreme Czar. Then there go the rest of your freedoms.

  • Hotnike

    In total DEFIANCE of respect for our flag.  Why isn't Holder investigating this?

  • Larry

    While this may be the eventual flag if the Messiah wins a second term, it is disagusting and shows the utter disregard of Obama supporters for our country.  First, they violate and want others to violate our Constitution . Now they show complete disrespect for our Nation's colors. As a former combat veteran I believe this photo should be shown everywhere so that maybe those blinded by his rhetoric will wake up. Barack Obama is a fraud  and is not even eligible to be America's President. He, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, is leading our country down a dangerous road that could leave us similar to Greece.  What we have done by electing him President has left the future in doubt for our grandchildren . He is arrogant, a traitor and should be impeached.

  • Bj C

    Obama is nothing but illegal trash and all we do is gripe and complain. Nothing going happen until the coward republicans demand his documents and records. He should not be on any ballot until he proves he is elligable. George Bush had to do it why is Obama so special. 

  • Colt Lane

    Dictators place their photo on the countrys flag. Munity , treason, attempted gov take over. Arrest them right into federal prison Elvenworth Kansas.

    • skipfoss

      There is already a bill to impeach Obama up for vote if they can get a few more to sponsor it .Nobody knows this is going on because the media will not cover it pass the word and get your reps to support it

  • victorbarney


  • Alicia

    Remember the old rolls of film?  You had to send the rolls in to develop the pictures...
    Well, all toilet paper has been used to photograph obama...all you have to do to develop the pictures of obama is develop them by wiping your butt!

  • Borderlinedevill

    the obama supporters remimd me of jim jones supporter thery drink his kool aid

  • carol

    Yes I couldnt have said it better Thistle. 

  • Steve G.

    Our imposter-in-chief doesn't respect our flag. What would make you think the Democrat Party would???? I wouldn't be surprised if the dictator himself didn't initiate the order to have them made.

  • Colt Lane

    get that ape face off our flag,  the only person to have the honor of having their photo on our flag would be George Waslhington, & George would not allow that to happen, even if the people wanted it.

  • Max

    This is complete bull shit.We the people and for the people got to take a stand. And get Our  president out of washington ASAP, And to our young people. Please wake the fuck up. Because if you don't do it now. It Will To Late. Im asking every person of the, United State of America, To take a stand and get Barack Hussein Obama. Now because if you don't. There my be no constitution. You will have no rights. Our country that we take so much bride in will be no longer. Do the right thing vote Barack Hussein Obama out of office.. He already sign a bill that saids we no longer have a right to freedom of speech. And if  say any thing in public you will go to jail.up to 1 to 10years for specking out. To any one running for office or in office that are part of our Grovement. This should have never happend. Act now because. you may never get any other chance to do so. 

  • Doodlebug

    Thank you for your service Don Van Beck and thank you to all veterans and those currently serving in our armed services. When I saw this on the news yesterday I wanted to puke and the hard time that Nancy Hulbert gave these veterans, almost slamming the door in their faces, made me want to punch her out. It takes a hell of a lot of nerve to desecrate our flag and all it stands for. However, consider the source, the dummicrat donkeys!

  • Bornskeptik

    Why weren't  they complaining when the tea party was flying flags with a their logo replacing the stars?

  • Garyrjensen

    I was wondering when something like that would show up. That's the level of intelligence we've had to put up with for 3 plus years. That level of intelligence is everywhere in the gov't. It doesn't surprise me at all. Come  Jan.2013  we will be finished with the RIFF-RAFF Slime balls. Just consider the source . Have a good week-end to all the Republicans and Conservatives.

  • John Mauldin

    Talk about an entire party being out of control! Makes me ovomit. 

  • Pete

    Why don't we just try Obama for allowing a fraudulent Birth Certificate to be submitted to us Americans to cover up the fact that he doesn't have a real BC. Forget about impeaching him for not being a citizen. Let's try him for submitting a fraudulent document. And, there is no way someone else submitted this without his knowledge and authorization. He can't weasle out of this.

  • billy2

    If the cretin gets re-elected, HE WILL TAKE THIS FLAG with his ugly mug on it AND FLY IT OVER THE CAPITOL!!that's how arrogant this cretin is.

  • scott2345

    There is no flag law, just etiquette.  The Flag Code, that is "etiquette", though wise rules and guides to be guided by, does not preclude freedom of speech, which is protected under law.

    The dimwits that displayed the flag at the campaign office in Florida blundered, and seeing the furor caused by the error in their ways, promptly took the flag down and appologised.  I don't think the President was behind this.

    At least these people flew the ill-designed flag below Old Glory.

    Yes the flag with Obama's stupid picture on it is sickening.  I puked.

  • Bobmead

    Well I don't believe that anyone could have printed the flag without the President's authorization.  How about going to the white house and ask the president why this happened.  Wouldn't a "quality" president denunciate such an act of total violation of the u.s. flag?  Where is the press on this one?  I have hardly heard anything.  If Bush did this, they would be calling for his resignation.  The press is a bunch of sad, double standard, liberals!!   

  • CarlB444

    First the Flag, next on a Cross. Wonder what Rev Wright will say then? Maybe he will put a roosting chicken on there with him. The white C.S. will show up nicely.

  • Haroldfinney

    I do not like what I saw in Florida, was that woman nuts, or she did not know any better,why does she think that obama is a good president, he would not make a pimple on a good president's ass.

  • Dackumus

    Left Marxist!

  • huskerbobjones

    These people show over and over again that they have no interest in the well being of America, of the American people, or of freedom, but are only interested in power, money, and total control. Despicably evil and cowardly traitors.




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  • Walt

    Dont forget that you lost your right to Freedom of Speech if any politicians are in the building.  Most of Obamas Willing Victims are probably products of the public school system.  They think we are radicals because we question things.  Just wait - when things really go down; it will be his Willing Victims who will scream the loudest and wont understand why or what happened.   

  • Jensj5

    This lady should have gotten a old time Bitch slap. Here in Michigan the stste police would have been called
    and she would have been wrapped in the flag and sent to jail. I am a Vet and we will not tolarate this any longer. We Miochigan Vitnam Veterans are getting to ride a bus and March lock and loaded in Washington DC.

  • Talluluh

    She knew it was illegal! 

  • bobmead1960

    Wouldn't the President have to consent to letting them put his picture on the flag?  How come he has not made a vehament statement saying this is so attrocious?  He of course would want the royalties off of such a profitering possibility.  Sad that the liberals don't come out and discuss such a horrible event.  But of course they are worthless liberal reporters for the most part.  Wouldn't want to offend the president, he may not grant us anymore interviews.  Wasn't the president going to have one of the most transparent governments ever run?  Of course he wouldn't lie for the trillionth time.  Did anybody remember that he would not take office and pledge alliegence to America by swearing on a bible.  But off course he is christian.  Or that would fall under the trillion lies. 

  • Jonfay2

    This is disgusting, What make obama thinks he is the best? This guy is money crazy and a bad president. The whole government is raping our country and taxing everyone to death to recover money they have spend, they are blaming everyone for they ungodly ways.
    obama is ugly the wife of his is more manly and ugly. Ugly in all their ways.

  • Samtman

    Its just a flag, not  the US Flag. Nothing illigal about. 

  • Gruberdan2000

    Obama.... Is a Jackass... The flag is a fricken joke..  Yes burn it with some of the oil we produce !!!

  • Patriot304

    I could be wrong but I was inder the impression that 'defacing' the American flag was against the law.

    • reagangs

      It is, but the Dumbocrats don't give a s**t.  They think they are above the law.  Nov. 2012 can't happen soon enough.  George "Doc" Reagan, Fort Worth, Texas; US Navy, 1966 - 1969, Hospitalman Second Class (HM2), Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate, USS Enterprise, USS Repose, USS Lexington; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah, God Bless America; All Gave Some, Some Gave All, Show No Mercy, Take No Prisoners.

  • Silas Longshot

    Just another day in socialist paradise as far as the democrat party goes. No law has to 'really' be observed until somebody calls you out on the issue. And when no one does, it becomes the norm.
    Thanks, vets, for putting a halt to at least this location flaunting the fraud on the flag.

  • Al

    What's wrong with it?  Obama abides by his own constitution.

  • pappap42

    demoRAT, communist, today their is no difference. GOD save the USA from these people.

  • Rbomni

    where do the libs draw the line...answer, they have no line

  • dondehoff

    A note for any and all who are running for public office, regardless of party, here is a sure
    "vote getter"; Advocate legislation that would require the Declaration of Independence, Constitution/Bill of Rights  and proper respect, care and disposal  of damaged or worn-out U.S. flags, be required subjects for each and every grade , one through twelve, with a Pledge of Allegiance at least every Monday morning for all schools, including colleges.


    I would love to see the kenyan imposter hanging, but from a tree not a flag pole, and a rope holding his head not an American flag!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    This says volumes about what the democratic party thinks/knows of proper respect for our nation and its flag.

  • Randy111

    How can anyone be surprised at this.  In Marxist dictatorships, the rulers are "dear leaders", cult figures.  Mao graces the currency of China, and Lenin is still on russian Rubles.  The worship of a leader is "normal" in dictatorships.

    If anyone thinks Barack Obama isn't a cult figure,  they haven't watched, read, or listened to main stream media the past four yers.

  • Azbill000

    This is the most disgusting display of the flag I have ever seen.  Anyone responsible for this is a traitor to the standards of this country and should be punished.  Whoever is responsible for this has no taste or ethics at all but that goes well with the current administration in Washington. What a bunch of losers.

  • MongooseST3

    They did it to P__S off the Republicans and conservatives. But what is important to note is that it displays the spitefulness, self centered, egotistical, narcissist nature of Obama and his entire following. Watch out for VOTE FRAUD. These people and their comuncity orgaizers are playing the Saul Alinsky playbook to the page by page. Obama learned this back in Chicago as an organizer really posing as a front to create and pertetuate VOTE FRAUD. Without any accountability in identifying voters other than a name and address, your vote will be cancelled out by two cretaed fraudentely. Imagine is Bush or Cheney did this?

  • SaneRepublican

    As usual, you people's hyprocrisy flag flies high and proud. I know you people hate things like context and truth, but nevertheless, I'm going to drop both on you.First of all, this flag came from a Seattle company, Famous Flags. They've made this flag back in 2008 after Obama was elected President. It was a part of their "novelty flag collection." If you go to their website, you'll see that they still sell the "33 Star," "34 Star," "35 Star," and "48 Star" flags. (Don't those fools know we now have 57 States - LOL!)And they still sell a USA flag with Geronimo on it, as well as a flag with the POW/MIA symbol on it. Blasphemy!!!!And you'll never guess who's picture was on one of their flags before Obama got elected. It was George W Bush!!!! OH NO!!!!! THE HORROR!!!!!So where was your outrage then????? Oh, wait, that's right. Why be consistent when it's just easier for you people to be hypocrites.

  • Tierbb

    Fits in with the ideology?. Don't you think ?

  • Carole Mitchell Lewis

    I'm glad the Dems are proud of their president.  I'm certainly not proud of their president.  I wouldn't be proud of anyone who has made destroying my country as their only goal.  Doesn't take much to impress a Democrat, does it?

  • Dave7202

    How stupid can these people be you would almost think  they think he walks on water.  This man does not give a damm about the USA. The whole Democratic party is evil starting with Obama and ending with Nancy. Then you have Hollywood Tom Hanks Chris Rock and Fonda  and those clowns they have the money and have nothing to worry about.  Sad part about this picture is that he will win again and my GOD take care of this country because he won't.

  • Guest

    If you see something, say something......

  • thaDuke007

    As a VET, I didn't defend the Country and Flag just to have a bunch of IDIOTS deface them with a likeness of a BIGGER MUSLUM IDIOT!! Take it down!!!

  • Ykele6163

    I agree with the Veterans but they forgot one thing and that is the turban on his head to make the Flag completely Illegal The democrats might be proud of Obama but if this man would have had to serve in Viet Nam he might not have been around to have been president. Beside that he is an Illegal President how does that set with the Democrat Headquarters.

  • Daniel

    Total disgrace. Too much blood was spilled for that flag to be desecrated like THAT.

  • Lrevalee

    If you didn'tknow what the liberal Democrats, Obama's socialists, and Muslims thought about our flag and our country, you should  know now.  They are doing their very best to put us so far into debt that our young folks will never be able to pay, and have issued illegal and unconstitutional rules, regulations, and mandates that take away our basic rights.  Although the Constitution, our Constitution, grants legislative power to Congress, they  have allowed Obama to assume power that is rightfully theirs alone.  Our Supreme apears unable, or unwilling, to step up to their responsibilities and declare these rules illlegal and unconstitutional, and stop them from  being put into force.  The American people, and businesses, should pay them no mind, and go about creating a better life for all.  Our country was built by those who had the will and the ability to make their own decisions, and some have built giant businesses that provide work for millions.  At least they did before the government began to tax and regulate them to the extent that they could not survive.  Let us all get back to the "Good Old American Way", get the government off our back, and began doing things for ourselves.

  • joesixpack31

    This is a measure of the depth of CONTEMPT
    in which the islamo-marxist sub-culture holds our nation. To think that the
    American people actually allow these "cretans" to occupy positions of
    responsibility at all levels of our government is unbelievable...the depth of
    naivete...the unfathomable stupidity required to entrust the position of
    Commander in Chief of the United States of America into the hands of some
    glorified "scumbag" extortionist off the streets of Chicago is
    unbelievable. As a minimum the democrat headquarters responsible for this
    atrocity should be wiped off the map and the responsible individuals publicly
    "horse whipped". 

  • Kevin Freels

    But it's not an American flag without the 50 stars so no "code" is broken. duh.....

  • William

    Maybe Giacomo will do us the courtesy of locating an publishing the US Code concerning flag etiquette.

  • Michael

    trivia question for you: who said, "I am the state."?

    Louis XIV, King of France
    Actually, there's no proof that he said it, but historians agree that he and a smaall circle of advisors made all the major decisions, and that there was no appeal beyond him - if you asked him for some favor, and he said no, or if you tried to sue him for wahtever reason and he said no, that was it: you're all done.

    Now does BHO seem anything like Louis XIV - above the law, can do what he wants, Constitution or no Constitution? If Congress won't co-operate with him and let him do what he wants, he'll just appoint another czar in charge of whatever, and tell him to take care of the sneaky business that Congress and/or the Constitution say he has can't do.

  • Randy111

    Runsey, I actually agree with you that we are ripe for a political coup, backed by the media.  It is closer than we think.

    But look at the Republican party in 2012.  The Bush family is ready to leave Obama in office so the third bush--JEEEBBB--can be the republican nominee in 2016,  Newt Gingrich is masquerading as a Conservative and staying in the race to drum up support for a War with Iran--which will help re-elect Obama, and Romney, the front runner is saying to a nation out of work "I like to fire people", "I'm not a NASCAR fan, but I know some of the owners",  "I've got several caddillacs"and claims we should elect him becasue he's  Corporate CEO--a member of the class which has destroyed the Country.

    When Democrats attack Romney as a Racist (the standard charge the make of every opponent,  Romney will tear up and llubber about how he loves Dr. King.  It won't get him a single vote, but will reap him some contempt.

    How do we expect Obama to be defeated by a party and canidate like that?

    • annie.o

      MAYBE OBAMA WON'T HAVE THE CHANCE TO RUN......wait and see.....

      • Randy111

        ANNIE O, If you are talking about the Birth Certificate . . .

        It appears there is only one official court statement on the birth status of Presidential Candidates.  It was issued by a Federal Judge in 1876--after the approval of the 14th Amendment.  The Judge opined that  the "natural Born Citizen" requirement for persons seeking the Presidency meant the person had to be born to two Citizens of the United States.

        That language precludes Obama from being eligible to seek or serve in the Office of President, because his father was not a citizen of the United States .  But you won't find court to take the case nor a Secretary of State in any state to invoke that opinion and keep his name off the ballot.  Especailly no Republican, who dreads being called a racist more than a murderer or rapist.

        The impending Dudley Do-Right the Republicans are going to nominate--Romney--has no clue about average americans.  If the country were an athletic stadium, Romney would have been born and lived his whole life in the Skybox.  He can't understand what it's like to sit with everyone else.  And the voteres know that and will not elect him.

        Michigan told the story all too bleakly.  He virtually ignored the Reagan Democrats in Michigan, which Republicans have to have  in record numbers to beat Obama.  "I have several cadillacs",  "I'm not a NASCAR  fan, but I know some of the owners"  define Romney all too well for millions of potential voters--and turn them off.

        But He can't help it, He was born with a a Silver Cadillac in his mouth, to paraphrase Ann Richards.

  • Kathy Spain

    Humm!! Looks like how the Natzis treated Hitler. I think the Liberals believe he may be the Messiah....Not!!  What fools!  He is narcissistic to the core!! BTW THIS SICKENS ME!!!!

  • TommySB

    What a Crock of Crap. This isn't what the American flag was intended. Who is the IDIOT that would even think of defacing the American flag.  This turns my stomach after all the men that have died to protect this country and our flag. And then you have a complete MORON do this. What a shame. Obama should be ashamed and should apologize to the American men and women that have fought for this great nation.
    He should be thrown out of office and sent back to Kenya. Dirty CS"er.

  • Littletrouble15

    If i see one of these flags i am going to take it and drive it to new york and poop on it in the middle of wall street
    in the middle of rush hour

  • annie.o


  • skipfoss

    Who is responsible for puting this half breed bastard son of a white trash communist whore's picture on a flag Of the US ,if any damn thing it sould have been put on a kenyain or a muslim flag. I would like to have about 10 min in a room with whoever did it I would give the freak an attitude adjustment. He needs to be gone in 2012 by any means and I don't care what that means is

    • twinspineve

      don't hold back skipfoss...tell us what you really think.   love ya.

  • Joe Sausage

    The only flag that should have OBUMAS Face on it, is one Hanging over an Outhouse to keep the Flies away, and in an Emergency Room for someone that has swallowed poison for him to Vomit.

  • bwana00

    " He eschews muslims and denigrates Christians..."  He does that because he is a muslim, and their Quran demands from muslims to denigrate Jews and Christians.
    " He is an  illegal alien who needs to be arrested and impeached for life .." Agree with you. I say he MUST be tried for treason , if found guilty , put him in jail.

  • Gilbertjj

    Just anothe example of the fact that "Democrats" are no longer an American political party and are instead just a bunch of socialists/marxists in search of power any way they can find it.

  • savage24

    The only appropriate place to print Obama's picture is on toilet paper!

    • 1peevedbob

      I don't know if I want Barry looking at the backside of my junk. Get my drift?

  • bwana00

    " I AGREE .....illegal alien muslim let alone ... gets back in with all his crooks and thieves." You are right. We must fight tooth and nail to kick obama's ass out of W.H this time.  see 

  • Richard Gibbard

    There's a flag which needs burning, along with that ugly blue rag the UN uses.

  • Lusia Del

    This is an insult of our flag! Americans  stop Obama and his "czars" to humilate our Country!

  • Myrtfox2

    I have to agree with Don Van Beck.  Obama's face has no right to appear on our flag.  In the past has shown no respect for the flag of our America.  I also think that the painting of the tail of Air Force I with his symbol is a strike for tyranny.  He might be the president, but nobody has ever usurped the flag that he will not salute, except by covering his crotch area.  He is a disgrace to our Oval Office.  

    • Krazeehors

      When did he do THAT??

  • colleenf

    It's people like these libs that are destroying our great nation. They use vile language to insult and denigrate any conservative woman, attack to intimidate and destroy conservative men. And no one on the left seems to think that speech and actions they say and do is disgustingly wrong, inappropriate.  And NOTHING is said to stop them.........they get laughs!
    Sick, sick people. 

  • drsyn

    The illegal flag was probably made in china like everything else these days. Just more chinese junk.

  • Intheknow

    Well that is just another example of the Socialistic trend the WH is going to.  What else would expect from FloriDUH? All of the democRATic ideals are going that way.

  • Briguy7568

    Nancy Hulbert is a stupid idiotic BITCH who should be arrested and charged with TREASON! If I was in charge of the Republican headquarters in Hamilton, Ohio and flew a flag with Sarah Palin's picture on it, I WOULD BE! I'm sick of these low lifes getting a pass for this stuff! Changing the American Flag is beyond TREASON, and a major FEDERAL offense! I guess its ok if you support that MUSLIM TERRORIST in the White House to commit any federal crime you want! We all know,  HE (barak) certainly has! DISGRACEFUL!

    • 1peevedbob

      She took it down and is checking with her lawyer.  If he says she should put it back up he needs to be targ eted as anti-American as well..

  • Antique1

    This is just about the dumbest thing the dumb and dumber have done.  It makes me furious.  Every one of those involved with this project should be reduced to paupers and put in one of those ready and waiting concentration camps for the rest of their born days.  They have no business in the positions they now hold.  Traitors of the US.  Where is the news media???  The media should be shouting down and denouncing this action 24/7.  Makes me wonder why I spent 20 of the best years of my life in this country's military for the free and the brave and then they got guts enough to pull this kind of s--t.

    • Krazeehors

      I could not agree more!!

  • Dalej263

    But what I find more troublesome is that someone actually printed the flag with Obama’s face on it.It was made in China

  • Katerina Gasset

    The Flag with Obama's photo on it is sold on the internet for $12. In order to use the President's face on anything that is for sale you have to get permission. So either they did not get permission and no one stops them or they do get permission. Either way, that is really bad on the part of the administration. 

  • Leo

    Obamanation is not legally president of the United States because he was not legally born in this country and he may not even be the person he claims to be either. We don't have a president at this time and haven't had since 2008 elections. Obamanation is a dictator and he  rules like a gangster. He violates the constitution at every opportunity he gets and is at best anti-American. I believe he is Muslin as well and is determined to destroy this country. It make sense because of everything he's done so far matches the Muslim goals for world domination. 

  • Earth Angel

    How can so many stupid and ignorant people be in charge of "We The People?"  The answer is:  "The people who think this president is 'cool' and the people, who in this case, are so ignorant of the rules for flying the American flag all share the same characteristics... ignorance of this country and this country'shistory.  Pathetic!

  • 1peevedbob

    That thing is NOT an American Flag.  What they Democrat office should have done was take an Islamic Flag of some sort and put Barry's  face on it.  Then step back and wait for the camule jockey rag heads go goat meat crazy over desecrating their flag
    They could have have put his smirking face on a fa glet rainbow flag as well....Then the tinker bell society could get their pan ties in a wad as well.....
    This man is an embarassment to this country...Time for him to go.

  • Mgpb007

    In Florida I hear Micky Mouse votes. ID's are needed badly. 

  • Maekguess

    Abominable abomination

  • Rose- Marie Noa

    This egotist has his damn face everywhere & I am sick of looking at it!!! I want him off my computer, off my TV & out of office & deported back to Kenya!!! Along with that wife of his who I call FLATUS!!!!! They are both a disgrace & so are the people who voted for him when his agenda was obvious from the start. He even said he wanted to "fundamentally change America".....his very words! The idiots who voted for this jerk should be tried & convicted of treason & sent to live with him in Kenya. I am sure FLATUS  would love it there....she'd get to be queen!!!!

  • Patti

    This is terrible, what is wrong with people?  Democrats are out of control when it comes to moral and ethnical values...but are in control of trying to take over everything...even OUR flag!!!   Then they want to say " WE DID'NT KNOW IT WAS WRONG "  Yeah right!!!

  • dondehoff

    I just commented on "The Flag". Now, I will  "walk where angels fear to tread", and recommend that Religions (plural )and atheism be taught in all grade schools, one through twelve,   within the following guidelines; (1) Religions  will be discussed in alphabetical  order, with equal time/emphasis  being given to each. (2) The first lecture will discuss, only in general,  what is religion and athesim. (3) No student shall  be ask to to memorize, or recite any passages of any religion or be graded upon any  material. (4)  Atheism will be explained and covered in the same manner, order  and duration as a  religion. (4)  No religion (or athesim) will be  directly  or indirectly advocated  over any other. (5) However, it shall be acknowledged  that the U.S. was promulgated under the auspices of Christianity, but we are now a country of diverse beliefs and we must honor and respect other peaceful religions. (6) Any and all textbooks, projectors/screens or materials, must adhere to these parameters. (7) No religious materials other than accepted Holy Books and  textbooks will be displayed. (8) .  Any religious books/documents  that have  accepted and restricted handling proceedures will be  remain in the immediate control of the teacher and not be allowed to be handled by the students or others, unless so authorized by an apppropiate authority. (9) Any and all religious texts that have been changed, recinded, revoked, abrogated or expanded upon will be clearly annotated or identified with a seperate handout. Such aborgated material will not be discussed or elaborated  upon, other than the fact it has been so "adjusted". I now must put my computer to sleep, turn off the lights and lock the doors. as I already see storm clouds forming on the horizon.

    • Krazeehors

      Surely, you jest.  I took two years of "The Bible As Literature" in high school and it was an excellent class.  We learned about each and every "religion" out there in an informed and fair manner.

      • dondehoff

        Krazeehors, I am not sure that you understand the problems of today. Without taking any sides on religion, right now there are groups presenting "their" religion in our schools and making the students recite selected "revelations". This is happening in schools where one can not even recite your "Lord's Prayer". You obviously also do not have the faintest idea of what the Qur'an says and does not say, and you surely do not understand the ramifications of its complete lack of chronology and the insertion, at random, of undated "abrogations" in its already almost undecipherable text. Also, a very significant part of the Qur'an has been "abrogated", which in English means, replaced, modified, expanded upon, clarified, or just plan "changed", yet that Muslim Holy Book does not permit the "change" of a single period, word, sentence paragraph (Surah), or meaning, under penalty of death. (How's that for a Godly revelation?). Worse yet, none of the abrogated material is permitted to be removed from the document. If the abrogated material was removed and the remainder placed in a chronological order, you would see a document of a very ancient barbaric nature. Tell me Sir, that you have had full and unbiased exposure to the Qur'an. And, when you go out and purchase an English translation of the Quran, I suggest you buy the "approved" 1920, 2000 Edition by Mohammed M. Pickthall. Later editions have, yes, "changes" (to that unchangeable document), which significantly distort the original meaning. No, Krassehors, I do not jest, and this is a very serious matter, so serious, that over the eons, many people have lost their heads (literally).

        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Democrat Headquarters in Florida Flies Illegal US Flag with Barack Obama's Picture

  • Gdchs

    It's appaling to learn that there those out there that are actually sharpenng the knife that will cut their throat.

  • Rbrgburns

    Seig Heil the new leader!  Obama is leader!!!  Democrats are amazing...they have no shame!

  • Jdseabourn

    only a turd brain would do someting like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chuck

      It did not happen by accident!   End this tyrant's arrogance!    VOTE against him and all the other socialists in the government.

  • josephm

    like i have been trying to say, hes the new dicator of this county. whats a dictor do, think about it. takes over buiness, tells you what to eat , what cars to drive, and drives prices so high that we all depends on the goverment untills the goverment says sorry about your luck. better read up on the social agenda, that you'll need to know. dont belive me you;ll see if hes voted back in. that is if something dont happen befor the election, and he does marshal law, and never leaves the whits house.

  • RubyBlu

    Even more disturbing is there are more of these flags since they were MADE IN CHINA.  You cannot order just one flag from China - you must order huge quantities.  So be aware and vigilant when you're least expecting it...there is that face waving in the 'free' America breeze!


    dont understand the big deal about showing a photo  I.D.  to vote.....except that obama wont get as many  votes.....for goodness sake  i have to show ID TO GET A REFUND AT A DEPARTMENT STORE.....

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    obama has his own "logo" and now liberals believe it is fine to have his face on the U.S Flag---this is the guy who thought our U.S  Flag and National anthem"  is to nationalistic----then why have your face put on the flag...  This person is dangerous!!!!! Unelect in 2012.

  • sean murry

    That is one flag i would burn.

  • connie foster

    Next we'll find out that there is an altar in the DNC for Obama and that the liberal drones make regular sacrifices!

    Anybody recall the wacky 'religious' group that was caught praying to Obama? I can't remember the groups name, it was back in 2009. People found out about it, and then the group denied it. It was on YouTube.

    I'll still see that pathetic drawing picture of Obama on people's back car windows. I can't understand the hero worship of this total loser! 

  • Robert Courtney

    Report it to WHOM?

  • Michael

    Can you imagine what the main stream media would have said and done if a Republican Headquarters had former President George W. Bush on our flag?  They would have had a field day and a half, and demand a full investigation into who decided to put Bush's face there in the first place. 

  • del

    Get him out now!!!!!! 

  • Ole Vet

    Is this going to be like Saddam Hussein did in Iraq?  His pictures and statues were all over the country.  Is Obama planning to have himself declared 'Supreme Ruler', 'The Great Dictator', or some such?  And this is just the first step? There will be another, and MUCH bigger civil war, should this be the case! And, I wouldn't mind if someone desecrated THIS flag!

    • Chuck

      From where I sit it appears that he is already.   He ignores the Congress, flaunts the laws, makes laws to suit his fancy by Executive Oder, suffocates industry, kills jobs, and wants to borrow more money!   Where is the outrage??

  • David

    My understanding is that the flag in question was made in China.  (Big surprise)

  • Commtech_99

    this flag needs to come down and be burned!

  • Cheryl S

    It is shocking to me how many Americans are utterly ignorant of our nation's rules, laws, and national etiquette. That someone would put a picture of this tyrant on a flag is a mind blower indeed but, what is even more mind blowing, is the number of Americans that see nothing wrong with a dictatorial form of government! That government, civics, U.S. History, and pride in one's country is no longer taught in schools is at the root of the problem.
    The only voices that are proud and loud are those who hate America, have no knowledge of the workings of our government or even of the Constitution.  When Michelle Bachmann asked congressmen and senators simple questions about the Constitution, the majority of them did not know the answers.  That is an abomination and this, my friends, is what's running the government.  Ignorant people.
    Is it therefore that much of a shock that Obama's picture is on an American flag?

  • Williamabarrow

    This is typical of the people that he brainwashed with his cool Luke talk and swaggering around like a brother on 5th Ave.just forgot to wear his big brimmed pimp hat.That woman is a disgrace to a real woman and stupid as well about when and how to display our Beautiful Flag so many people have given their life for so we could fly it and be free,VOTE for whoever runs against Obama in Nov.

  • reagangs

    If I understand correctly, the flag was made in CHINA.  Go Figure.  Trying to make a buck off of anything.  The Chinese more than likely knew of the US flag code, but didn't care.  Nov. 2012 can't happen soon enough.  George "Doc" Reagan, Fort Worth, Texas; US Navy, 1966 - 1969, Hospitalman Second Class (HM2), Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate, USS Enterprise, USS Repose, USS Lexington; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah, God Bless America; All Gave Some, Some Gave All, Show No Mercy, Take No Prisoners.

  • I miss America

    Nuttier than a squirrel turd if you are "proud" of Obama.   Defacing an American flag is extremely offensive. Rude and mocking what my country represents.  George Washington respectfully declined being appointed King. Because that is not the American Goal. Nasty Nancy Hulbert, do you have no sense of the Value of American Idealism? Privacy and property ownership are 2 key components of what OUR flag stands for. And, if need be, we will work a  little harder fight any where for our nation. And the children that haven't even been born yet. Too many of YOU take SO much for granted. Go through a church that supports mission abroad work. Get there, and you will never, ever take America for granted again.

  • Chuck

    What further reason do you need to VOTE against our Muslim dictator.   Another term will spell the end of all our freedoms and the constitutional Republic.

  • fireboatman

    Folks we need to pay attention to our grammer here. There is nothing Democratic about Democrats. The reference to their party should be Democrat Party not democratic party!

  • Fr_seraphim

    Would somebody actually read the United States Flag Code before you call the flag illegal? It says right in the code that it is a voluntary code. I really dislike the president a lot, but the Demoncrats were perfectly within their rights to fly their bastardized flag.

    • MarMac2768

      The word "illegal" is a "catch all" term for a lot of things are really are NOT illegal. But, in this time of "political correctness", there are many things out there that are offensive to a lot of people, most of it really benign. I live in Mobile, Alabama and I see a lot of Confederate Flags flying and depicted on bumper stickers, etc. and a lot of black people are offended at it. But, it is not illegal, just offensive to some people. I felt a lot like that when the movie about Malcolm X came out years ago and a lot of blacks had a hat or t-shirt that had a big "X" on it. I felt offended by that. He was a communist traitor and a trouble maker. If so many minorities can get offended and the "majorities" are supposed to jump, it's good to see those that are patriotic Americans show their offense toward the desecration of the flag. It may not be "illegal", but it is "immoral".

  • Cheeto Sareus

    You know Obama is behind this flag thing.  I saw them flying on cars driven by black people in 2008.  Obama wants his face on Mt. Rushmore.  He attacked one of the GOP Presidents as not supporting technology and was therefore left off Mt. Rushmore. of his progressive but kissers will suggest his face be put there.  I'm just ashamed his picture will  hang in the WH after he's least until all his past is uncovered and the fraud prosecuted.

  • Dave Mowell

    Finally, a flag that decent, "real Americans" people can stomp on and burn.

  • DJ

    KUDOS to that man for stepping up and doing the right thing!!! I'm a proud veteran as well and the pic of that flag makes me want to vomit. 

  • Dorrman

    Man that's what I call de-facing our flag! WTF?

  • exbuckeye

    How can you possibly be more than ten yeasrs old and NOT KNOW IT IS ILLEGAL
    TO DEFACE THE FLAG IN SUCH A MANNER. Are Dems really that dumb?

    No they very intentionally know what they are doing - they are putting the face of
    the DICTATOR exactly where all other dictators around the world display theirs!!!

    Everyone begin practicing. Say after the dems s.e.i.g  h.e.i.l  three times in a row
    just like you know where back in the 30's and 40's

    You have no idea how fearful I am that he will win in Nov because of the ignorance
    of the welfare masses and the ignorant loyalty of bl ac ks and ill eg al his pan ics.

  • jericho

    Obama intends to have his face on Ever Flag if he is elected for 4 more years, No Stars just his picture. He also says that no more stupid elections for I will be a self appointed Dictutator and we the people of Obama America will only have one God and that will be Allah.  Bow down to Allah or loose your head. Some people Don't need their head anyway, For they only use it to grow hair.

  • Ander323

    Well this pretty much proves where he and his cult is headed. Who does he think he is anyway?! Our flag means something and to desicrate it like this is obnoxious, just like he is. Every day there is more and more disgusting news out of this usurper and his blind followers.

  • begining

    Was that a picture of an ASS i saw on her flag or a NEW HITLER

  • Rcsdw

    If Obama wins re election, it will be a short time before we start hearing about repealing the two term limit. Then we could have a King Obama. So sad

  • SHunst37

    I should be amazed about this dumb move by obama and his jokers in Florida.  What needs to be done is issue an arrest warrant for hulberts arrest, obama's arrest and anyone in the dem party that had anything to do with this Illegal American Flag destruction and do it now.  obama and his sorry bunch of dems, who I suppose they call themselves Americans (I DOUBT THAT VERY SERIOUSLY).  Anyone in this country that deface our FLAG IS NOT AN AMERICAN and prison is just the right place for obama , hulbert. ried. pelosi. biden, and any other punk that will descecrate out flag.  GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY AFTER SERVING TIME FOR THIS DEED.

  • ezekiel22

    You think that maybe the DNC worships Obama?  They cannot be so stupid as to believe that the picture would not have been noticed.  With an ego as big as the current POTUS I shudder to think what the next few years will bring.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    This is sickness in the highest degree.You have to be ill to even think about doing this.Is this America?Who do you think is going to salute that flag?It surely won't be a Patriot.Think about it.Democrat Headquarters should be ashamed of themselves.Put that flag in  a military parade and see how many cheers it would receive.Possibly None.Why would Obama eve allow this to happen.It must have been meant as a surprise to the greatest among 4 Presidents.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    The people who did this are either dumb or do not have a clue of who the American voter really is.Either way it was a big mistake on their part and it will come back to haunt them.

  • Outlawcajun

    I'd probably be the one 'reported', for tearing
    down that p.o.s. rag and burning it.

    • Fatmansplicer

      i think there are more people to help you then you think

  • Sandman

     Totally ignorant, seems to be the calling card the liberal dems and their leader. Whenever they get caught out the claim ignorance or blame President Bush.

  • sickofcompromise

    this is an outrage, get that filthy muslim off our flag

  • diana

    should have hung them with it,  now force them to close down go to russia

  • ECwashr

    Are people going insane? Barry obama is a traitor, usurper, pathological LIAR hell bent on the destruction of our once great nation. I am fed up with this BS. You know the obama propaganda lame stream media will paint these vets as hate mongers and racist.

  • Cathy Lapczuk

    What are they going to pull off next ????

  • Cathy Lapczuk

    What are they going to pull off next ???

  • PaulW

    Well they nominated and got an illegal alien elected as president so his picture on our flag is just another demonstration of the depths to which the Democratic Party has fallen. The Republican Party is not far behind.

  • Caroll Knick

    Good job, you were on the ball in keeping with the law concerning the American Flag!
      C. Knick

  • Charlie

    Totally against the law of the land to deface and then place flag into a pulic setting. These people should of been arrested for breaking our law concerning our flag of our country.

  • Charlie

    whoops typo pulic  ment public

  • Col__CiC Net Of Misinfo VRWC

    Paper hangin SOBs'

  • Ken C

    A Muslim face on the American flag. It's enough to make you weep. This is a DNC headquarters and they don't know the federal flag code? 

  • pkeyrich

    Shameful DemocRATS!  The person behind it needs to resign and be removed from the Democrat party.  


    Osama,ooops Obama and his Wife have No Respect for Our Country what makes You think He has Respect for Our Flag ,"THAT MEN AND WOMEN HAVE DIED FOR." tAKE THAT tREASON fLAG DOWN NO BETTER YET BURN IT JUST WHERE IT IS.!!!     Wake Up America.   Thanks,Rick

    • judy g


  • Fatmansplicer

    Obama had millions of these flags made and whin he wins the election every one will have to fly one at there house.

  • del

    How do these people stay in business....they have spent our money out their eyeballs, ruined the economy, created outrageous regulations on everything, ruined the price of gas, escalated food prices by their stupidity of failing to use our resources, caused heating and ac to soar and they are still blaming it all on Bush and the other idiotic mantra "the rich need to pay more in taxes"   

  • The Advocates

    Congrats to the new defenders of the flag and the great political warriors of the right-wing, politically correct police. Of course, no one has ever witnessed the Stars and Bars waved by KKKers and their acolytes. No one has ever seen Nazi symbols in the field of blue, no one has seen the flag used as a political symbol by the lunatic fringe. "The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism," wrote Samuel Johnson. But how about all the patriotism that is pandered here? How about all the lies, the accusation of FEMA roundup camps, the cries for forcible removal of the president, the call for lynchings, jailings, etc? That's real patriotism, that's real Americanism at its finest. That's what we expect from the "lunatic fringe" and their political hod carriers and acolytes.

  • Sfcpete

      STOP picking on the President - if Hitler and the Third Reich could design their own flag why shouldn't Obama and the democrat party do the same.  Having to resort to the use of the existing American flag only shows the lack of ability on the part of liberals.


    A picture of the ugly imposter on our flag is a total disgrace and something one might expect to see in some poor, third world dictatorship. The sleaze impostor didn't even want to wear a flag lapel pin. What freakin' doooouche bags!

  • snowperson

    Either way, "I’m pleased that Van Beck took noticed and knew what was right and what was wrong and took action to correct the situation." Try: I'm pleased that Van Beck took notice and knew right from wrong and acted to correct the situation.

  • judy g


  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    This socialist commie doesn't care about our flag as he has no respect for it whatsoever.  Of course whoever made this mockery of our flag should be horsewhipped!   It just shows you that his disdain for the American flag has rubbed off on his supporters!  He is building a nation of  UN-americans! 
    If the authorities do not make whomever remove that desecration then maybe some graveyard shift people can do it for them!   Maybe a good load of buckshot fired at the desecrated part could send word that NO ONE has the right to do this.

  • sam

    Keep   support  the  establishment  pick,federal  reserve,imf, nearly  all  of  Congress  is   bad,  gop  control   tea  party,listening  to  crooked  polls,and  supporting  Obama  copy  cats.  Newt,  Santorum,  Romney.  Oh ,  by  the  way  Obama  is active  member   for  U.N.  before  Congress.Quit   putting  in  another  communist in Congress.All   those   who  want  Newt  ,  santorum, perry,Romney,and  Obama  fellow   communist. The only  one  that is  Not a  communist,   not   a  support  of  U.N.,  not   antiAmerican,will  not  sell  out  America  for  the  sake  of  all  Americans- Dr.Ron  Paul.The  tea  party  in  question _  American  Majority  and  its  branches  under  them,The    florida  tea  party,tea  party  .net,tea  party .org.I  want  Obama  out  and  do  not  want a  replacement  on  same  like  idea.I  think  the  ones   that  want   communist in  should  have   all  there  rights  remove   including  all   wealth  and  give  it to  Non  communist  pro  American.Kick  these   communist  to  North  Korea.

  • Robb W.

    The Vets should have cut the flag down, and burned it!!  It does no good to confront the head of the local Democrat headquarters, They are taking their lead from the DNC!!  I know this would have been the wrong way to handle it, but it sure would give me some satisfaction!!
    Slowly but surely the America of our Founding Fathers is slipping away.  The Liberal Democrats ignore the Constitution and any other laws they find cumbersome and in the way.  The Rino's in Congress don't have the cojones to stand up to them and the Conservatives are to busy quoting the bible and wringing their hands over issues that should be left to the family to impart on the youth of today. 
    Like it or not folks the U.S.S.A is alive and well, and will be until we get back to standing up for ourselves and takeing care of ourselves and our family's instead of expecting the Government to  do it for us!! 
    Someone last week said on tv:  Patrick Henry said:  "Give me liberty or give me death".  Today the motto should read:  "Give me liberty and gimme, gimme, gimme"!

  • Doom

    oh the horror.  You guys really got him now.  Give up that birther stuff that has been a bit of a problem and go for the flag as an impeachable offense or your other favorite 'high treason'.  You guys are so incredibly awesome.  Those so called issues are so yesterday.  Go Rep.  Doing a bang up job getting that nominee.  Can't wait to see how you do against the kenyan guy who is backed by Soros and Alinsky. 

  • [email protected]

    This is what dictators do when they take over a country!!! Look at Iraq when Saddam was the ruler, then look at Lybia when Gaddaffi was the ruler, their picture was everywhere to remind the people of who to worship!!! This is what 3rd world countries do when they have ignorant people to rule!!! We are not far behind!!!

  • Susanburnette1

    look  at all the country's that have there dictator on a flag . gee it looks like this president is working his way up there . remember he said he's going to have his own army.

  • evo87

    It should be torn down and burned. Obama never gets tired of seeing his own face.

  • Azeka3

    They are nothing but ANUS HOLES.

  • Gaffer

    So there are worse things than burning the flag.  

  • GDC97

    ALL dictators like to have their picture on every thing.

  • Allan Chamberlain


  • 55Stude

    The only was I know to stop these offensive stunts and any number of radical, liberal, ideas - and, in some cases, actual implementing of them, is TO DEFEAT OBAMA! We read the other day of "homosexual classrooms".  Gay marraige,  gay rights, Shut up!; you can't speak! Soon coming; restricted access to healthcare, the illegal problem, and on and on. How did these issues become the defining items in the operation of our once-great country? The left proposes  and supports ANYTHING IN OPPOSITION to TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES. From the President on down; the A.G., the V.P. and soon, the SCOTUS (which will decide in favor of Obama on healthcare). WHY IS EVERYBODY AFRAID OF OBAMA?  We are sinking precisely because he and his agenda are so radical. THEY DON'T FIT HERE. His negative, anti- US leanings, along with absent leadership and ONLY NEGATIVE thoughts and ideas (aka wrong ideology) MAKE THE #1 ISSUE BEFORE US IS THE DEFEAT OF OBAMA!
    You can almost breathe the fresh air and nice breeze we will have  the HOUR HE GETS BEAT.

  • Mike_Travis

    A criminal act done by criminals led by a criminal who is an unlawful POTUS.

  • G221426

    that is terrible to trash our flag like that. he should be fired. he needs to go

  • Bdewyea

    President and the Democrats along with some Republicans want a dictatorship to control the privet sector.  They want to be the only ones with enough brasins to have and spend money.  Starting out small then adding Obama's face to our flag, show him everyday on TV.  Yes we are on our way to Socialism.  Do you care?  If you do study each every individual running for the Presidency, and restudy until you see who is able to save America, our security and our rights.

  • Hooder42

    This is one flag that really needs to be burned. Just how ignorant can these liberal democrats be? Obama should have been put on a muslim flag, if there was one.

  • babygirltaylor

    I'm Glad someone took Notice what is the World coming to.Changing The American Flag to suit one self is totally unacceptable my Uncle fought for this country and came home with 2 legs less ,therefore almost giving his life to defend The Real American Flag evently defending out counrty did cost him his life from his post -tramic stress he had . I have several family member that have served Our country to fight for the American Flag. This is a Ture shame & outrage for someone to just change the flag to anything they like is very disrespectful & this Woman should apoliagize to the Untied States of America in my opioun and she should also resign her commison Ignoroce of the Law is NO EXCUSE THAT IS WHAT A JUDGE WOULD TELL YOU IF YOU BROKE A LAW" Simply a disgrace.

  • Bdewyea

    Excuse me, sometimes I get in too much of a hurry and mispell a few words like, private,brains and maybe another one.  But I do know that I drove truck for fiftyone years and I feel that I am partly responsible for this horror that has befallen America.  I should have paid better attention to politics.  Don't make my mistake.  Help me save our freedoms.  You can do this by studing each candidate running for the presidency, twice if need be.  See which one has yourr values.  Don't let the GOP, Obama, Democrats, Unions, Employers or thos who may be feeding you, tell you who to vote for.

  • Bgpr1345

    I have a roll of toilet paper with his picture on it can I fly that instead of a flag or just use it to wipe my ass with.

  • Linda Whitec

    I say impeach this radical we have as President.  Where is the outcry?  Where are the conservatives in Congress?  We have had enough!  Who would have the nerve to fly that flag?

  • Airangel

    That's one flag I'd burn!

  • williamlsasman

    You have to be nice to people that are not up to par in their ways and thinking because of a mine thats has been brainwashed.    Besides  being dropped when in the young age has hit them hard in later life.

    • catdaddyswife

      Government school spelling again...your brainwashed mine is spelled MIND.

  • dgb123

    The image of our curent arselifter-in-chief on the US Flag  shows about as much respect for this country AND its flag as defecating on it!! Thus, I have about as much respect for Obama as a male dog has for his "favorite tree"!!

  • Rams375

    Stupid is Stupid does.  Too bad there is too much Stupid now days.  Walk them through High School  but Common sense not requirede, in my opinion.  Wonderful where public (liberal) schools have taken us the last 40 yrs.

  • iwojimafan


  • Bsfurg

    One more thing the Demowits are making a laughing stock out of Obama this flag business... what a hoot that they are so desperate they haved to have him flying in the air...... I never would have believe the Demowits are really that desperate.... wow.. its getting bad and sad...

  • evantoo

    Give ME the "flag" with Obama's picture on it. I'm freshly out of toilet paper and I know just which part to wipe with.

  • bigdog137

    What would happen if a public government flew a Christian flag?  It would be forcibly torn down, removed, fines etc.  The answer to this is simple.  Law enforcement needs to go in, remove this desecration of our flag, fine/imprison those responsible YESTERDAY if not sooner!

  • Noni77

    THIS is what the Atheist/Communist/Marxist/BabyMurdering DeathWorshippers want - to make their own idol to worship in the place if the real God. And they will force it upon everyone because their mental illness is a mob malignant narcissism... Not only do they demand to act perversely, but their mental illness demands that they force people to SAY they support them and PRAISE them for it or they become rabidly visious (like Maher and his admirers) and eventually, when they have stolen enough power (like the Bolsheviks) - homicidal. Such a tyranny will begin murdering thise who speak the truth against them. They are subverting the Constitution NOT to "protect" us from ANY terrorists - but tather to destroy people who are not mindless zombies and know the truth about our history and our Constitution, and above all, the truth about God.

  • Floballard

    Democrats do any thing that they like to any one they like and have absolutely no
    shame what so ever

  • Weasler

    And why is it again that we call liberal Democruds unAmerican?

  • Stevenps9

    I spent 20 years in the USAF retiring in 1987. I feel like I was Stabbed with a sord.  

    • catdaddyswife

      "sord" is spelled with a "W" as in sword. Government schools, jeez.

  • sean murry

    That is one flag i would burn this vet is pissed off .Viet nam vet.

  • Robert

    I personally don't want to see anyones picture on My American Flag. And once again the Democrats have got it backasswards. They used the wrong flag for obama and his thugs. The flag that should have been used is the Communist flag ( all red background with yellow hammer and sickle ) I'm sure he would have been just as happy to have his ugly mug on that one as well.

  • Military Mom

    This makes me ill....Plain and simply....God Bless Our Troops and God Bless the United States of America

  • ohmusgo

    I don't like Obama but I do like freedom of speech. Treat the flag as you wish, it's your constitutional right. And yes, I'm a vet.

    • Impala

      What was done to our flag is not freedom of speech, it shows ignorance. Get it!

      Surprised you as a "vet" would say something like that.

    • sylvia

       shall we also burn the flag thats freedom of speech right

  • Rick

    Get his friggin' mug off the flag YOU JERK!!!

  • Debbie Wittig

    Obama doesn't even salute our Flag.....get his ugly mug off of it.  That is a disgrace!  That is one flag that should be burned. 

  • VTX1300R

    This is so Stalin like.

  • SaneRepublican

    As usual, you people's hyprocrisy flag flies high and proud. I know you people hate things like context and truth, but nevertheless, I'm going to drop both on you.First of all, this flag came from a Seattle company, Famous Flags. They've made this flag back in 2008 after Obama was elected President. It was a part of their "novelty flag collection." If you go to their website, you'll see that they still sell the "33 Star," "34 Star," "35 Star," and "48 Star" flags. (Don't those fools know we now have 57 States - LOL!)And they still sell a USA flag with Geronimo on it, as well as a flag with the POW/MIA symbol on it. Blasphemy!!!!And you'll never guess who's picture was on one of their flags before Obama got elected. It was George W Bush!!!! OH NO!!!!! THE HORROR!!!!!So where was your outrage then????? Oh, wait, that's right. Why be consistent when it's just easier for you people to be hypocrites. LOL!!!

  • Chandler1925

    What a sad shape America is in when they fly the American Flag with No good Muslim on it. What is next on that Bastards way to destroying AMERICA

  • Apitman

    Next it will be a photo al sharpton, when will this be over ??????

  • Judy Pratt

    The article pretty much says it all.  This is a total attack on the United States of America by the democrats! They are really brazen about what they do now...they don't follow laws because that is what the example has been from the White House, ie: ignoring court orders etc. They all think they are above the laws and so far our Congress, Congressional Judicial Committee, Senate etc. has allowed them to do just that.  90% of the democrats do not have a patriotic bone in their body! It's only a "gimme" game.  As far as I'm concerned they are traitors to the United States Constitution and should be thrown out of the country and deposited in a Communist Socialist country so they can be taken care of...told how to think, what to say and provided everything so they don't have to get off their lazy butts and provide for themselves, they can teach their kids to be dependent entitlement brats! The whole democratic party totally disgusts me, they need to be replaced by a real democratic party or a real party in general!

  • Guitarman69r2

    I can't believe that this happened in Lake County, Fl. There are still a lot of what people call "RedNecks" there. Sounds like it's time to open up a big ol' can of whupass.

  • Rvates1

    party chairwoman it doesn't surprise me that you wouldn't know that you were in
    violation of the federal flag code.  You
    and your ilk are the reason this country is ns such dire straits. You don't
    respect the flag nor the Constitution.

  • Thomaskanary

    This POS doesn't deserve to be near a US flag

  • CHIEF1974


  • musicman82863

    hell report it? I'd burn it... 

  • A. Terranova

    Obama is an insurrectionist. Take his flag down and replace it with the only legal flag the U.S. can fly: The red, white and blue one that our forefathers, our soldiers, our disabled vets, our countrymen and women shed their blood and died for. If the left doesn't like it, they can crawl back into their black holes and cower because the law of the land still stands and the real citizens of this land are standing on our guaranteed freedom from TYRANNY.

  • BethHarbin


    “As  I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides... there are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression...." "The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air, and all that sort of thing."

    Obama continued:, "The National Anthem should be 'swapped' for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing.' If that were our anthem, then I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love.” 

    “It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren.” 

    “If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails - - - perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between  our governments.”

    “When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts.” 

    “We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice, which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag, and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past.”

    “Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country's First black Family. 

    “And, indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United  States.”


  • Joegomez1954

    Just think of the thousands of teachers indoctrinating our children into believing that this is the mindset of the majority of Americans. This crap is what they're teaching our children as we speak. Thank God the Texas Education Board is waking up to this atrocity. Liberal members are fleeing like roaches. Wake up America for they, like roaches, do the most damage under the guise of night when they think no one is watching.

  • Mjburns

    It is becoming more evident every day that America has become a country overrun with total idiots. When this started happening is hard to say, but these could have been some of the causes. Dr. Spock convinced people that children should be treated as adults. No spankings at all. The government started dictating what would be taught in schools, and teachers began teaching their opinions instead of lessons of real value. We started passing out free food, housing, and welomed illegals. We allowed high government officials to declare themselves to be of a higher stature than the ordinary people. They now live by a separate set of rules and are no longer subject to the same laws as the people. They have granted themselves everything for life. We convinced perople they deserve everything the hard woking class have, even if they don't work for it. Now they want to disarm us, because they are getting worried that we will wise up and throw their uselass asses out and replace them with concerned honest people Unless it happens soon, it could be too late and his excellency will have won.

  • bagman35

    As an American citizen and a veteran, I am ashamed to see a flag with that Communist's face on it.  Another piece of evidence for the impeachment of this fraud.

  • Blair

    It figures. Democrats love to break the law.

  • Jjkrjw

    I hope I never see Obama's face on anything again, but most especially our beautiful flag.  Who wants to see a marxist on our flag?  Other marxists.

  • Colin Moore

    Its an insult to most people but on the other hand Im sure someone suggested a statue, but after careful consideration they must have realised they would never get it to stand in diarrhoea

  • Snubba

    Downright disgraceful. A true American would not desecrate the American flag in any way. Shame, shame shame.

  • Jbl508

    Isnt this just like the Dimocrapts? They think he is special,stupids.

  • Timothy W. Lucas

    Contradiction at it's best.

  • Tlsbb4347us


  • A Texas Gal

    If you are that ignorant about the United States Flag, then you shoulodn't not be in the job you
    have. You should not be doing anything pertaining to the public service. Ignorance is no excuse!

    A Texas Gal

  • Riley Belcher


  • sickntired

    Someone PLEASE tell me were not turning into a dictatorship country! 

  • Rick

    Is it a picture of a turd? If so, that's obozo.

  • billy2

    blame it on the ditzie blonde from south florida, sounds like something she would think up.

  • djw663

    People are allowed to run flags under the American flag but the meaning behind this is "unspeakable" I can't find the words to describe the content, arrogance and disrespect this man has for this country and the American people and there are still whacko's out there that think this man is the answer. Crazy ignorance.

  • rchguns

    Used to It If Diaper Head Is Reelected!

  • GrimReaperHD

    Flag made in China, face made in Kenya....

  • Oinklesam

    These clowns belong on or under the bus.  Either is fine with me...

  • Larryetoomey

    there is a old saying that ABSOLUTE power corrupts ABSOLUTLY need i say more.

  • uwho

    Want to see where at least some of it went?

  • E.J.

    That flag move is just a tad over the edge. One can be proud of the President, without going to that extreme...glad its we know the mindset of those supporters.

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                       I find it very appalling the idea of an American flag with the face of a President whose name sounds close to the word "Abomination!"    As I have said, "Barack Obamanation will ruin this nation!"

  • Anita Eitmann

    I hope that this now convinces all who and what the democratic party has become.  It's socialist, communist, and fascist.  Where are the American people? This is desecrating the American Flag.   These are tactics that Castro, Hitler, Mussolini and the rest of the dictators have used.

  • joseph femiani

    burn that flag it has no place on the same pole as old glory and the american eagle. after b.o. gets removed we must make our american flag and eagle carved in stone.i don't know why any american would want to live in the white house after it has been disgraced by obamas and hollywood sellout.that building has become a stigma of corruption greed and sluts.

  • hawgman

    Texas Gal...
      That creepy ignorant DEMOCRAT hack who flew the flag should be fired!

  • allconserv

    nancy hubert should be fired from her job with that organization Immediatly,she dont have a brain in her head
    she is so rapped up in liberalsm,she lost all respect anyone might have had for her.she needs to go.

  • kbcab

    That , I belive should be against Federal Law and who ever did should be run out of the country..

  • djw663

    Just so you know Obama that is against the law, not that you care! 

  • Sattdon

    Democrats are a bunch of Commies !

  • Pwright41

    Obama is not God.Hopefully people will wake up and vote for an AMERICAN PRESIDENT!!!!!
    I am a American citizen 71 yrs old,and I am shocked at the way things have changed thru the years,
    In my youth I was taught to PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE fLAG.IWENT TO  CHURCH EVERY DAY AND PRAYED TO GOD. Now my Great Grandchildren don't have that right.
    Please think before you votefor a President and vote for an American citizen.

  • Autherdent

    Prosecute them in Federal Court for violating the Federal Flag Code : "The flag should never have placed upon it, nor any part of it, not attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture or drawing of any nature".

  • Dorris

    And whose fault will that be?????????????

  • rams375

    If I were to see one or close enough to drive to it, it would be down and burned. There is no excuse for his face or anyone else's to be on a flag of this country or defacing any other Nation's flag. Respect and Honor are quickly disappearing for some and they will regret their actions eventually.