White House Claims Bin Laden Kill More Bold than D-Day

A CNS News article reports that "The White House asserted that Vice President Joe Biden did not misspeak when he said, 'you can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan,' referring to President Barack Obama’s decision to kill Osama bin Laden."

To give credit where credit is due, finally getting Osama Bin Laden was the right thing to do and the Obama Administration should get credit for it. I know that without the Special Forces and the prep time put in by the Bush Administration, it wouldn’t have happened. There's a lot of credit to go around.

500 years is a long time and includes a lot of history. I picked three examples off the top of my head that qualify as really bold moves. I'm sure you can think of others. You might want to send your list to Vice President Biden and President Obama.

The founders who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence was a more bold move than killing Osama Bib Laden. Notice what they signed their names to:

We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

These men were willing to give up everything for liberty, including their “Lives.” Here’s how one historian put it:

“It was a bold and radical move by these Colonists, invoking the wrath of the royal governor who offered a reward for information to identify the men involved.”

The rag-tag group of colonialists going up against the world’s most powerful military power of the day was bolder than killing Osama Bin Laden by miles. No one ever gave the colonists a chance to win a decisive victory against King George and the British Empire. The colonists were ill-equipped, lacked food and weapons, and had no standing army.

What about D-Day? Are we to assume that the assault on one man be heavily armed soldiers was a more bold move than attacking the German Army in the European theater? I don’t think so.

The operation, planned by a team under Lieutenant-General Frederick Morgan, was the largest amphibious invasion in world history and was executed by land, sea, and air elements under direct British command with over 160,000 troops landing on June 6, 1944. 195,700 Allied naval and merchant navy personnel in over 5,000 ships were involved. The invasion required the transport of soldiers and material from the United Kingdom by troop-laden aircraft and ships, the assault landings, air support, naval interdiction of the English Channel and naval fire-support. The landings took place along a 50-mile (80 km) stretch of the Normandy coast divided into five sectors: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

President Obama has no sense of American history. Some will say, “Because he wasn’t born here.” It’s more than that. It’s because he has disdain for what America is, how it came into being, and where it should be going.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Typical White House response. Biden is a boob and Obama's boy and he should know better.

    The revolutionaries were but a rabble-in-arms, yet they defeated the most powerful military that existed at that time: the British...and they did it using resourcefulness, courage, cleverness, and the sheer determination that they WOULD have liberty. A high price was paid but look at what was won. 50,000 were dead or wounded in order to gain our freedom from the UK.

    And the estimated D-Day casualties were an estimated 10,000. During the months of June, July, August 1944, the Battle of Normandy was fought and over 200,000 Allied lives were lost, injured or MIA. All fought for freedom and won.

    History is replete with example after example of daring military operations which were successful against all the odds. So for the Obama administration to hold the line that going after Bin Laden was the most audacious op in history is preposterous and insulting  to the millions of courageous men and women who died defending freedom or to set others free of tyranny.

    But...think about it ....what ELSE does Obama have to stand on? Nothing.
    We all know that the goal is to create an Obama-persona of mythical proportions. It was easy to predict that Obama would take most of the credit for the Bin Laden kill and the fictionalized, upcoming Bigelow movie about it is to furthur shape that facade so that his loyal, adoring disciples will continue to lick his boots.

    Can't you just imagine a robust, decisive, powerful, omniscient President who, after explaining the complex operation to Seal Team 6, is seen valiantly repelling down a chopper line to the Bin Laden compound, with knife in teeth?........I can't either.

    Since the intent is to lionize Obama, we can expect more of the same exaggerations of his accomplishments.

    One caveat: I believe the Navy Seals are among the bravest and honorable patriots America has ever produced. I have NOTHING BUT TOTAL RESPECT AND ADMIRATION  for these men who put their lives on the line to complete this mission.

    I have nothing but utter contempt for the Liar-in-Chief who okay-ed it.

    • Davidpasztor

      My father was in WW2 and when the Germans would fire their rocket artillery at him and his friends they would call the rockets..... Scream'in Memee's     :-)

      • Ann in Nebraska

        When I was a kid, occasionally my siblings and I would get loud (a lot) and my Dad always said we had the Screamin' Meemee's.  I guess now I know where he got the words from.  Many kind thanks, David.  Your dad is/was a real American hero.  He is/was part of the Greatest Generation to ever have lived!!!!!

      • Screeminmeeme

        David...Your  Dad was part of the greatest generation and you  must be very proud of him.
        You're the first to mention the true meaning of my nic. There are screaming firecrackers that are named that also.

    • LadyV18Dc

      Agree with all above but would add..."...NOTHING BUT TOTAL RESPECT AND ADMIRATION for these men....and the brave dog(s)...who put his life (their lives) on the line to complete this mission.

      When the helicopter was shot down the Navy Seals and at least one brave dog were killed!

    • BHOmustgo

      You are right on the money. With no respect intended towards the SEALS--they are brave young men that did their duty--to compare the killing of Bin Laden with what the founding fathers did by breaking away from England, or what our soldiers did at Normandy obr Iwo Jim's or Okinawa etc. could only come from a blithering idiot like Biden. Only a narcissistic megalomaniac like Obamination and would agree with him.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Creating a "new history" is common amoung marxists.    They must remove what has come before and what is in order to reinstall a history that shows that only they have the ability to saves us and run the government.    Joesph Stalin was quite good at this.   He destroyed churchs and killed priests in order to bring about his vision of what a communist state should look like.   Stalin also had the picture of Jesus Christ replaced with his own some thing that Obama is trying himself.   In the end this like his recent "history" lesson fades in the light of day and of truth.

    • MichaelH

       Well stated!   The Marxist/Leninist "truth" has always been any collection of statements -- no matter how obscene and/or untrue -- that promote the well-being of Socialism.   Obama is following the footsteps of his predecessors perfectly. 

      • Done being Nice

        Of course he is following perfrectly in the footsteps of Stalin and Lenin, Sorros has a good grip on .his leash

    • LostProton

      Obama's Democratic election committee has already done that with the printing of an American flag with Obama’s picture on it in place of the stars on the blue background and flying it at their office in Florida.

      • bagman35

        As an American and a veteran, I just want to go on the record of how much I HATE that picture of MY flag being destroyed in that fashion.

        • Astrol002

          Thanks for saying what another vet, myself, feels.  To lay this triumph of the U.S. Navy and other armed forces personnel would be much more appropriate and fitting.  As for the Commander in Chief, he could use a ten pound anchor tied to one foot and a mile swim to manage before I would trust him to orchestrate a rubber ducky across a bathtub.

        • Kthprkr60

          Shouldn't we be allowed to take that down ourselves without any retribution? Since it is not a real American Flag? Or at least burn it in the name of "Free Speech"!

      • Lee

         A complete and utter desecration of the American Flag

    • Bigolfascist

       Until the German invasion of 1941.  The remaining churches amazingly were opened and worshipers were encouraged to pray for "Mother Russia".  After the war was won, the churces were closed again and converted to government offices or warehouses.

    • Wambowabbitt

      Nice observation! But the main flaw in the communists,socialists thinking is this,"WE ARE AMERICANS FIRST" and adversity is something we thrive on! When you are not an American it is very hard if not impossable to comprehend! We would fight you if only one of us remained upright on our feet! Think about that Mr.Obama!

    • JBinGB

      Like with Obummers picture in the blue area of our flag,democRATs are truly disgusting !

  • Ronald Sorrells

    What a bunch of crap !  A hand full of SEALS kill Bin Laden a two more and it upstages Normandy with a Million
    Men ??


    • Warrier10

      Just a bunch of sicos to actually believe that bs, ben laden had no part in the Bush conspiracy of the trade centers, why did they have playing cards out in the public 10yrs prior to 911, the planes never brought down the centers, we all seen silverstien say to pull number 7, so why should we believe a few donut heads when 100's of building architects state it was impossible, but these people all belive a bought and paid for media, not real facts.!!!!!!!!!! Think about it prior to voicing an absolute LIE!

      • Wambowabbitt

        Did anyone notice the interview with Dan Rather and Mr.Kenny of FEMA OR HOMELAND SECURITY or what ever on the 9/11 day? Rather says holding the mic up to Kenny and asked if they were ready,and the answer from Kenny was "WE GOT IN LATE LAST NIGHT AND WAS READY TO GO THIS MORNING!" That means the government was there the night before 9/11 occurred? We attack Iraq when all the "SUPPOSED" high jackers were from Saudi Arabia and some say 9 of them have been confirmed alive and well back in Arabia? For my money we see the "Military Industrial Complex"at their best again! Just food for thought!

    • Wambowabbitt

      "THEY KILLED BIN LADIN!" Did they, really? WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF THE KILL,OR THE BURIAL AT SEA ETC.,ETC.! Rumor making the rounds is the body was brought to America! Shall we ever really know the truth? Your guess, after all we are talking about "THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT " you know!

      • Patriot

        Wambowabbit (great name!):  Wanna' bet that bin Ladin's ashes are in an urn on the fireplace mantle at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave>?

      • Gwhitabmw

        Bin Ladis is probably alive and living in some secret room in OUR Whitehouse.

        • riceinwa

          If it weren't for the Seal Team members saying he was dead, I would lay even money that he's in the Lincoln bedroom.

        • Reasonable Doubt

          Only if he'd donated a suitable amount of cash to the President's re-election campaign. 

        • Rich

           He's probably under Michelle's bed right now!

      • Hobbit

        The Navy Seals are dead.  We have no evidence that anything went down at all.  It couldn't have because bin Laden has been dead since Dec. 2001.

  • Eugpenn123

    Ole joe is still perpertuating the LIE that ole barry  was in favor of killing ben ladin,when the Credit goes to Bush and Panetta who orchestrated it to the point where even ole barry couldn't pass up the opportunity of Stealing the credit for political gain!!   What a Useless Incompetent Hypocrite LIar!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TDSLCPZIADLPWE4SFOZNRWV3OE Mike Tanco

      Hell, they had to get Obama off of the golf course when the mission started. He had to appear in the pictures as the Seals were completing their mission. What a joke these people are and the sad thing is, the stupid people that believe them.                                                                             Mike Tanco

      • Sandra Schools

         I doubt that Obama has little more than a surface knowledge of American History...

    • Flipper

      Eugpenn123:  Who is the useless, incompetent, hypocrite liar?  Barry or Joe?  I remember a year or so ago when I asked a Jewish friend why the Jews predominantly voted Democratic his reply was "because all Republicans are liars."  A propensity to lie seems to be a trait of most politicians.  Barry and Joe merely lead the rest.



    Obama & Biden live in their own little mutual admiration society!  The progressive liberals will say anything to be devisive and "stir up the pot".  Be glad when they're out of office!

  • Donald

    Lies and more lies.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/honeydokid James H. Fields

    was any one from the White House there on D day? How in the world you know if it was easy or rough.

    • JoJo58

      No, but remember Obama's nine year old father was a WWII war hero. I'm SURE he was the one that planned D-Day, not Ike...the barefoot boy.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VVX2ZFJ66HUUB3LTY54HOT5NLU pete

    biden has alltimers.

    • Virginia

      He also has Alzheimer's.

  • http://www.ignoredrealityblog.com Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    When you have absolutely NOTHING else to go on ... you make something up.  What else would anyone expect of these very dangerous fools.

    • James Bennett

      Tony: It's a disgrace the people you call fools is quickly destroying America. Most of Americans are still drinking the Obama Koolaid!  " WAKE UP AMERICA YOUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOM IS BEING TAKEN FROM ALL OF US VERY RAPIDLY"

      Jim Bennett

      • John

        Only if you believe the polls put o0ut by the democrats, maybe if enough do believe them they will actually show up for one of our greatest rights

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/34OY2DHZ2NGDPNV4KD25DWRWIE WATCHDOG

        I've been awak before this so-called president was elected and even with all this I bet the sheep will re-elect him.

        • BHOmustgo

          Watchdog, I sure hope you are wrong. But if all the people that are bitching about Obamination don't go to the polls in November we are going to be stuck with the SOB for another 4 years

    • greg

      Even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and then.

  • Noelk44

    Obummer was on the golf course when Panetta gave the order to the seals. They had to pull him off of the (?) hole to see the action go down. Valerie Jarrett had advised Obummer to hold off. Panetta couldn't wait. "its now or never". I don't give obummer credit for one damn thing!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sblaugh3

       He deserves no credit

  • 1Mike

    He just dishonored all of the fallen warriers of all the wars the US fought. I bet that the Seal Team that went to get bin laden do not agree with this assesment.

    • Dave

      Dirty piece of well scum. obama wouldn't  know bold if he stepped in it. Go back and organize your community. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H6YDPAOSKRKSDREHLEQBJWPMAE Val


  • Coltdefender1

    The White House is full of shit.

  • Steve69licks

    Has anyone ever given Biden an IQ test

    • mudguy1

      If they showed him the test he would know what it was. When he failed it he would blame  Bush. I am surprised he can still walk around. He always has both feet in his mouth.


      Do they register negative ingtelligence?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KTJ27RKOCBFN6T2PKVEG3FGSB4 BPF53

    Biden and this so-called President (the community organizer) need something to boast about since their entire time in office has been a complete joke to the American people. This incompetent duo have raised the National Debt to over 15Trillion adding over 6 Trillion in less than 4 years more than double of under President Bush, who had to spend to build up the military again after Clinton reduced it, the 9/11 attack and the major drop in the stock market in early 2000. Biden & Obama are a national disgrace and the sooner these two clowns are in the unemployment line the better it will be for the rest of the  300Million Americans.  

  • CamilleSuzanneIncorvaia

    It's just amazing how incredibly stupid Joe Biden is to say such a thing.  Bolder than D-Day?  Is this guy for real?
    The WH has nothing of credible substance to run on in 2012 so this is what they come up with.  How pathetic!!!!
    Whoever votes for OBAMA/BIDEN is a total fool and moron.  Sorry folks, but that's the truth of it.  I would be incredibly embarrassed to be a Democrap these days.  JFK they ain't.


      That might be the only thing they have going for them.  It's just possible Obama isn't the whoremonger Jack Kennedy was,

  • Yasdnilkov

    This "historical" comparison is audaciously disgusting and so is most everything else about the Obama administration.   

  • Ray

    Stupid is as stupid does.  LOL

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                      Obama wants to get  all the credit for killing Osama!   But notice that Obama and Osama rhymn!
    I think Obama is probably one of the biggest braggerts we have ever had as President!   I don't ever want to hear him speak in public.   I am afraid that all the blasts of hot air that come from his mouth would kill

  • JackR

    The problem here is that so many government educated people in this country will probably believe him. They have no idea what happened on D-day or how dangerous signing the Declaration was or Chamberlains charge down Little Round Top or the raid on Entebbe or probably 100's of others.

    • Sclisenbe

      the raid on Entebbe was an Iraeli mission.But I'm with you.

    • Screeminmeeme

      JackR......You are so right. It's a disgrace that so many Americans are practically illiterate and have little knowledge of much other than celebrity/entertainment/sports news.

      Jaywalking on the Leno show has demonstrated over and over  how utterly ignorant people are......people  who often identify themselves as going to University!  When asked the most basic questions about our government or  history they are clueless..and these are things which 40 years ago were required in order to be graduated from high school.

      Really, it's pathetic. If you asked the average man on the street how a law gets passed, they'd have no clue.  Now some grade schools have decided to no longer teach penmanship. .....like a person will never  have to be able to communicate in writing... ever.  Shows how dangerously stupid  it is to be so dependent on computers and other technologies.  If someone pulled the plug, these people couldn't function.

    • BHOmustgo


  • Superbestfriend

    So that was more audacious than dropping two nukes on Japan during WWII, or the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, or the taking of Okinawa by U.S. Marines.  My god Joe's an idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001849564825 Mickael Ventura

    Oh my Obama claiming this was his act is bolder than  our Lord Claiming He is God.
    Ps and He is our only hope for salvation let alone getting obama out of the white house.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-Duncan/100003226552506 Kenneth Duncan

    They are just legends in their own minds. But why have they destroyed the middle class?

  • El Coyote

    Yes it was very bold for a little black Chihuahua to crawl from under his desk and bark.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

    lmfao, this is just another bold face lie or ego trip, by this filthy muslim puppet hore monger

  • Leslie Wood

    It is a double insult seeing the Bin Laden had already been dead for years, and it was just to boost Obumers credit rating.

  • Wgg

    i have very serious doubts that it was bin laden they killed.
    maybe a double, probably a staged act..... no dialysis equipment in the compound, no body, no photos for computer analysis - only the words of liars.
    they even contradicted the official seal report grossly with their news releases.
    guess the stock market tanked and the muslim bastard needed some good press, had to burn "bin laden" early - would have been best closer to the election.........

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001849564825 Mickael Ventura

    the boldest act I can think of would be obama opening his mouth without lying or boasting!
    It would also take an act of God for him to do it.

  • Chief544

    When the highest you've ever climbed on a ladder is six feet, once you buy a ten foot ladder and climb to the top you have reached new heights.  The Soetoro-Obama administration is on the ten foot ladder with no knowledge of the length of ladders yet undiscovered.  Unfortunately, the Obama-ites will never see the universe because their focus is fixated on their mirror.

  • sdw925

    What a COMPLETE insult of every man on the beaches of Normandy. Not to mention our founding fathers! But I think there is something else going on here. What if the White House is happy to have Joe "gaffe machine" Biden out saying this thing so people pay attention to the gaffe, rather than the truth that is going on inside this White House?

  • emiarmstrong

    The Osama kill was undoubetdly bold, but there are enough of us left that remember D-Day to refute him.  He wasn't even a gleem in father's eye when D-Day was  here, so stop the comparison junk comment Obama

    • Jackie Capp

      It was not Obama who did anything.  The SEALS   were the bold ones.

  • Gary

    How arrogant can this administration be??? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Julie-LaLonde-Robinson/100000641409885 Julie LaLonde Robinson

    What a great article!

  • Usshawkins

    VP Biden's comment and WH support  is simply asinine.  Biden continues to demonstrate that he is a big fool who knows nothing about anything.  He has been wrong about so many things where does one begin. Hey Joe, how is the Summer of Recovery going?  Hey Joe, how are all those shovel ready jobs going?  Hey Joe, where is your peronal guarantee that every penny of the stimulus package would be accounted for going?  Hey Joe, you are a fool!!  The WH and Joe know nothing about American History.  Both distort, mislead, downright lie about everything.  That's right. LIE.  It comes from the far left playbook. Next thing you know we will get a bunch of pinhead historians who will agree with this idiotic Bin Laden statement.  Vote them out in 2012!!  Please!

  • Mattwm

    Yeah, I heard about this ridiculous comment.  Obama sounds like a little school boy bragging about his new bike.  When will he grow up?  Definitly not the leader we need right now.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OK3G73CSRMS344ROJCYWDGVXRQ James E

    That's all this MORONIC ADMINISTRATION does is LIE LIE LIE can't wait for Nov. to get these APES out of office and take America back then put this LYING KERNYAN in prison or banish him to KENYA good riddens Barry o'bemmer

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anita-Eitmann/100000450497995 Anita Eitmann

    You are an idiot.  You digust me.  By the way it was because of  the Bush's interrogation policies that led to Ben's death.  Now this is something you can blame on the Bush.  Why didn't you do it?  By the way, there is no comparison of D Day against killing one minion.  D Day saved the world.  The killing of Ben gave you odumbo something to fasely give yourself a pat on the back.  Odumbo you are an idiot.  Just like your mother who didn't have health insurance.  You lie and believe yourself.  We Americans are wise to you.  The Americans that can think and support themselves are wise to you.  The sheep can't make their own decision in anything because they are bought by the crumbs you throw their way.

  • Lowell55

    I am glad these fools keep on spouting this garbage, just shows their anti-American colors.  I would put Kennedy's staring down the Russians in Cuba as a more as more audacious as killing an old terrorist living with a bunch of women and kids.  If this clown prince of puzzlers get's 4 more years, then America will not survive.  Obama, his big ugly wife and their spawn have added millions to the deficit with their rock star life style.

  • MLindabeach

    My dad landed at Normandy...Omaha Beach to be exact.  He told me the story and it was HORRIBLE!!!  He was sure he would not make it out alive...but he did by the grace of God. 

    The WH occupier is a fool and so is Biden.  Anything to get the entitlement crowd excited before the election.  We can't get these fools out of DC fast enough. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Hand/100000649740288 John Hand

      My dad didn't land at Normandy the actual day of the invasion, but he was there two days later and said so many bodies were still floating in the water that you could walk on them to get to shore. Exaggeration? Maybe, but my dad was pretty quiet about most of the things he saw and did in the second World War. 

  • Willy1959

    Thank kidney failure for his death if he is in fact dead.  We have already heard lie after lie from this administration telling us he was buried at sea and that he was taken out by seals.  He is only doing what the US govt wants done and is probably in witness protection in cancun or someplace.

  • Guitarman5475

    This is a bunch of crap in more ways than one...first off, Bin Laden died in a Pakistiani military hospital shortly after 9/11...with all due respects to Our fighting forces and especially the SEALS, the SEALS did not get him...I'm sorry....the Pakistiani hospital story is more believable...secondly, making this statement to begin with, show's how cowardly and self-absorbed liberals are. yes Liberals are cowards because they have to make up for their lack of adquecy and security, by riding on someone's glory, because they don't have the balls to do anything....that's why their wives and girlfriends find people like us more interesting!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Jean-Goodwin/1513718033 Carol Jean Goodwin

    Obama is the bold one!  He will soon be proclaiming himself a god.  He is absolutely the WORST person ever to  reside in OUR White House !  He is bleeding our country dry, with all the bailouts, foreign  and domestic, shelling out billions to bogus green energy companies and trillions elsewhere and the recent taxpayer espenditure fro his eldest daughter Mahlia (13) to spend her spring break in Oaxaca Mexico after cautioning the rest of the country NOT to go to Mexico.  Of course an army of Secret Service agents went along with Mahlia.  Anyone up for a guess on how much this cost?  I still believe Obama has that 'missing' 16 trillion  in an offshore account  just in case he has to leave the  country!  I highly suggest  our government get it back and arrest him for grand theft and treason and other high crimes against our country.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SU3XMUCBAUGIQYTBMNYYFJKDA4 John

     Let's see now; B.O. makes the statement that he considers himself the fourth best president! Biden says that getting bin Laden was the most audacious plan in 500 yrs. B.O. says that Rutherford B. Hayes is not on Mt. Rushmore because  he wasn't forward thinking like he (B.O.) is.  Does it seem that the USA will be paying for someone to sculpt another image on a mountain in the Dakotas to placate the egomaniac in the White House?
     John P. Centonze, D.D.S., Waterbury,VT 

  • Allen

    Biden is more than that.
    He is an ignorant liar, and truly far more dangerous than others..he is the Vice President!!!

  • Wiley Post

    I was really amazed when people said Sarah Palin as VP would be dangerous, if something happend to Mc Cain.  These same people said that JOE would be a good President if something happend to Obama....My God!

    • JoJo58

      Yes, but maybe a bumbling fool is better for a while than what we currently have

  • mediafire

     Biden and the Democratic Party are lackeys for Commie ObaNazi who wants to rule the U.S.A. and then the world. Beware of a dictator who is about to lose power over his subjects. History is replete with dictator mentalities like ObaNazi who have lied, murdered, and ripped a country apart to keep their power.

  • Andychiz

    I am beginning to think that obama is still smoking dope and now he has biden doing it too.

  • WVF

    Actually, this is too ignorant to even reply to, because I don't for one minute believe that OBL was killed in Pakistan.  I don't know who it was, but I think OBL died many years ago and probably in Afghanistan.

  • sandman

    the only thing bold about that statement is the statement itself, can you imagine what they would be saying if President Bush had said anything like that. Hell look at how they teated VP Quail about how he spelled potato!! Thay have no shame whatsoever!!

  • Gyreen67

    Does anybody really want to have to listen to this garbage for 4 more years?? Wake up AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Insurgent

    What a frickin' campaign joke!!!!

    I want someone to show me  proof that OBL was killed on May 1/2.  There is not one bit of evidence.

    This is a campaign manuver by America's biggest LIAR !!!!

  • Gpapato4

    It is a scary thought that an idiot is only a heart beat away from another idiot.

  • Izzy

    Please, he's such a disgrace to this country.  I believe he is one of them and unfortunately until we get him out of office he's going to destroy the US from within.

    • mediafire

      When we get him out of office, it is not over. Please get a copy of the DVD... "Agenda; Grinding America Down" I guarantee you will have a much better idea of what is happening. Every patriot should have a copy to loan to friends. It connects the dots.

      • Izzy

        I'm sure that's exactly what they are trying to do.  I will look for that DVD.

  • Nanamia

    At the rate these idiots are going, I am surprised they didn't photohop and put Obama, Pelosi, Reed and Holder in and take the seals out..Talk about audacity....there is no audacity of hope, but more of Obama's audacity...I give up........

  • Pnp

    But it is the boldest action in 500 years.  IF you can only see the whole universe revolves around only you. 

  • fidlin1

    Why don't these guys just gather around and do a circle jerk. 

    • Davidpasztor

      Yeah, and "Obama the fag" can be the "pivot man"

  • JANDSU_72

    Obama and Biden are a joke. there in no 2 ways around this.



  • kenhowes

    Normandy's a pretty good example.  Some more:

    1.  Taking the guns of Ft. Ticonderoga over a series of forest trails before finally getting onto the old Boston Road (now US Route 20) near Springfield on the way to Boston, where Gen. Knox set up artillery positions around Boston that compelled the British to evacuate.

    2.  Crossing the Delaware to attack Trenton.

    3.  Attacking the British fleet on Lake Erie.

    4.  Landing a force at Vera Cruz in the rear of Santa Anna's army.

    5.  Running the US fleet past the Vicksburg batteries.

    6.  Taking the Army of the Mississippi around the rear of Vicksburg into the middle of three Confederate armies that initially outnumbered U.S. Grant's army (he was eventually reinforced to have a larger force), defeating them in detail, and taking the principal Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi to cut the Confederacy in two.

    7.  Putting out a screen of cavalry and one cavalry corps south of Cold Harbor, passing the rest of the Army of the Potomac out of the sight of the Confederates and putting it across the James River into a position where it gained a death grip on Robert E. Lee's army.  (Grant did that; another Union commander, in an almost identical tactical situation two years earlier, had frozen, done nothing, and allowed Lee to seize the advantage.) If Lee had realized what Grant was doing, he might have attacked the screening force, broken through, and slaughtered the force that was on the move; marching formation is not combat formation, and was even less so then than now.  But Grant and his corps commanders accomplished the maneuver with an aplomb that left Lee bewildered for several days, only to discover to his horror that the Army of the Potomac was in front of Petersburg and the war was lost. 

    (One could list any number of other moves by both sides of the Civil War; I listed three of the most audacious Union moves.)

    8.   An extremely daring move that didn't work was pursuing what appeared to be a small Sioux force with one squadron of the 7th Cavalry in the middle of Sioux country.  The Sioux turned out to be present in great force in the valley of the Little Big Horn.  But no one can say Custer wasn't audacious.

    9.  Charging up San Juan Hill to rout a superior Spanish force with a small force of cavalry (the Rough Riders).

    10.  Skipping past a number of Japanese-held islands to strike at the Philippines and then into Japanese islands Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

    11. Instead of reinforcing the Pusan perimeter, carrying out an amphibious landing at Inchon that outflanked the North Koreans.

    12.  Breaking out of Chinese encirclement at the "Frozen Chosen".

    13. Landing a squadron of the 1st Air Cavalry Division atop the Communist supply route in the Ia Drang valley.

    14. Going around the Iraqi fortifications through the desert that the Iraqis thought was impassable and striking directly at the elite Republican Guard divisions in the Gulf War.

    The strike that killed Bin Laden was a good one, but it hardly overshadows the many strokes of daring and genius in American history.

  • CTConservative47

    If Biden had half a brain, he'd be a half-wit.  The man is such an embarrassment to our country.

    The lying hubris of the Obama administration is astounding.

    Do you all have your anti-Obama bumper stickers on your car?

  • Mocha10

    bin laden was obummers brother and All Americans know it. "You just can't let a good disaster go to waste".  This is the liberals motto and they aren't afraid to let everyone know it. Time to take back America. Illinois, it is shameful you made your ballots to big to fit into your counting machines. How many ballots did you throw out or cut up that had Santonum on them? Recount the total number of voters who voted then tally the final vote count. I would like to see how much of a difference it is?

  • Star Czar

    Since no one younger than 50 probably ever heard of D-Day, what do you expect? 

    Ask some of Leno's Jaywalkers - they'd probably back up Biden, if they knew who he is...

  • JJM

    History will be rewritten to tell whatever story best suits the Rulers. Our children's history books reveal this indoctrination in writing. My WWII veteran father will certainly curse Biden's claim.
    So what topped the Seal's achievement 500 years ago? Columbus, first settlers in America or some Muslim conquest?

  • Redraider972

    It's obvious Obama has no clue, but I would have thought this stupidity was below what Biden was capable of.  I guess I underestimated his ignorance too.  The actions of the SEAL Team was great.  All Obama had to do was stay out of the way.  For that, I guess he feels he is another Omar Bradley or George S. Patton Jr.

  • Fortyford40

    The last paragraph of the article says it all.  Also consider that the Vice President is not in any way shape or form considered to be the brightest bulb by those truley running this Administration.. Another well thought out statement playing to the left of center.

  • Howdyrl

    Yes, the SEAL operation was very very bold, and I take nothing away from it.   Moreover,  I speak as grandfather of a former Fast Boat Naval Officer attached to a SEAL team.    But let's be REAL!  It was a very very bold move to invade at Normandy - I happened to be off Omaha Beach on an LST that day.  I lost a high school friend at Tarawa - it was one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific.   Earlier, how about the verry very bold action by ADM Spruance at Midawy.  How about Iwo Jima - my NROTC classmate & college roomate was killed off Iwo in a hangfire on the USS Mobile - he was a turret officer.  How about Inchon and the bold move by MacArthur that cut off the North Korean army.  These are just WWII and Korean bold moves.  If I were to go back in history 500 years I am sure there are a hundred more.   Of course, what can you expect - Biden's only association with the military is through his son.   Obama's is through his grandfather - period!  However - he is a self annoited - Armed forces Chief of Staff. 

  • Ranger2081

    A true bold move that would have helped America is ifBiden and Obama had offered resignations.

  • pappap42

    He is running for the stupid vote, and will get it. Any one with half a brain ( no any brain) would not vote for him. But the media will try to spin it for him. Remember they had to drag oBUMo off the golf course. So brave.

  • oracle

    Biden once again shows just how ignorant he really is to compare three helicopters used in a raid with seal team six to the magnitude of D-Day is just unbelieveable. Obama has compared himself to so many great men before him maybe he should be labeled as having multiple personality disorder. Shameful administration just shameful.

  • Flameinhair

    No wonder the party symbol is a freakin' JACKAZZZ!

  • Amigo

    I hope he  (Obama) doesn't  hurt his arm patting himself on the back.  As retired militay I find Obama and Biden extremely ofensive and inept not to mention  incompetent  as commander and vice commander in chief.  God help us.

  • Rick

    What in the hell does obama know about D-Day?

  • Chann22

    All of you that commented here missed the mark Ben ladin has been dead for more than 10 years,this is just ammo for B.O. reelection.We need to disband our present gov. and start all over.

  • Sharpshooter003

    I'm sure the thousands of dead and wounded would agree with you pompous ass ........

  • harleydavidson

    I agree with Joe,  it was the most audacious...the most contemptuous of law, the most insolent, the most imprudent, the most reckless in the last 500 years.

  • USABob

    BO is just searching for something that can boost his ratings and his EGO (Easing God Out).  This statement is so ludicrous that even the dumbest of the dumb can figure that out.

  • Real American

    odumbo and bite me are dumb and dumber fking a$$ holes,they had nothing to do w/ it and they say its more bold than D-Day??? what a fing idiot!!

  • emiarmstrong

    I don't give Obama credit for anything , but trying to destroy America.  And that is NOT an item of credit, but rather discredit

  • Msgt_correa

    First and foremost, Senator Joe Biden is a complete idiot.  The foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Barack Hussein Obama II as with Senator Joe Biden know absolutely nothing about American history or even World History.

    USAF (RET) 

  • DockyWocky

    Biden, huh?
    Well, underlings of all ranks are required to pay homage to the chief bottle washer for one thing, and all Biden has revealed by his statement is that there is no, repeat, NO! appreciation of history in any of the administration cast of characters, mainly in the top eschelon.
    However, Obama will go down in history as the hustler and con-man who bamboozled his way to the top through shear audacity. He also should rate about the same fate as Nicolae Ceausescu for the damages he perpetrated. Americans are much too forgiving.

  • Rldiehl

    Shouldn't be a surprise, who expects anything intelligent from Joe Biden?

  • lou7

    How would any one of them know about D-day or any other war and what it took, NOT A ONE HAS SERVED.

    Obama is a chickenbutt neighborhood organizer. He took a chance and it paid off. 

  • RubyBlu

    They can say whatever they want.  Their problem is they haven't yet figured out that we don't listen to them anymore.  However, I do take offense to their mistaken belief that we are stupid and that they 'control the people'. but shortly we will prove them wrong.

  • R. S.

    Hey Obama and Biden -
    just go watch the beginning of "Saving Private Ryan."  It'll give you a pretty good idea of why you can't compare the killing of Bin Laden (not to take anything away from the Navy Seals) with the events of DDay.
    Make it a movie date night.  Invite the wives too.  I'll provide the popcorn.

  • TG

    The arrogance of Obama...I can't even stand to look at him, with his head up, up, up all the time.  What an ego!!  He is such an embarrassment!!!

    • Samtman

      TG, I know how feel, I had the  same feeling when I saw Bush on TV, I never thought of him as having much intelligence or leadership skills.

  • Gordo

    What do you expect from Joe Biden?   And after the words are uttered, how easy for the democrat pols to jump aboard.

  • 1stknight

    The claim to fame according to the White House!

  • Samtman

    There was no prep time by GW Bush, he gave up looking for Bin Laden 6 years ago, he said it himself on TV, its recorded.  Audacoius also means brave, daring, and fearless.  The commander and chief took a big calculated risk, but he had confidence in the Navy Seals. Had this operation failed, Romney would have a free pass to  win the election in 2012.  By getting rid of Bin Laden, makes it a lot easier to get our troops out of Afghanistan.  Wasn't that the main reason Bush sent 25,000 troops there to find Ben Laden, who was responsible for 9/11.   After that, Bush  abondoned the troops and started another Republican war in Iraq.  Had he finished the first war in Afghanistan first, we woul have been out of there long time ago.    Not only did Bush leave a   big economic mess for Obama  to clean up, but also a  big military  mess to clean up.   He has met all the chalenges, the economy is on the upswing, troops are out of Iraq, Ben Laden is gone, we have a time schedule to finish training the Afghan troops and bring our troops home. President Obama deserves to be reelcted President and Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces.

    • Texas Rebel

      u r so miss guided  just because it was not on the news reel every nite does mean that Bush was not looking for him. It is something that you don't tell your enemies  unlike the Idiot in cheif we have now

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

    First things first...we all know Biden is delusional and suffering from senility.  That's a given, given his track record of gaffs including this one.   Second, Biden has to tout this 15 second claim to fame for Obama because they can't run on Obama's record.  Everything he has put forth has been an abysmal failure from day one...from Obamacare, to the stimulus, to Solyndra, etc., etc., etc. 

    Obviously Tweedle Duh and Tweedle Dumb have to keep dusting off the bin Laden trophy.  Biden...give it a rest, OK, and get your Beloved, your Campaigner-in-Chief, to accomplish something IN THIS YEAR than just being on the campaign trail. 

    NOBAMA 2012!

  • Colt Lane

    U ole son of a bitch olba, how can u say such a thing, knowing the bin ladin kill is a 100% hoax. D day was a million times bigger than ur false claim u bastard wigger.

  • DixieAngel_76

    A desperate move by a desperate, drowning man. There ship is sinking, and they know it, or they wouldn't have to resort to such tactics. Then again, it's widely known what an idiot Biden is.

  • flaphil

    Biden is a senile puppet. He's part of the regime that operates like the movie industry, passing off fiction for reality. It wouldn't surprise me to have them claim Obama wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence. Can you imagine what the liberal education establishment is teaching for history in our schools. I think this all is laughable, except for the people who buy into it.

  • Dkdex

    its still debatable that bin laden was killed that day,rumor has it he died long before that.with no body it wouldn't surprise me obama took credit for it,i mean he thinks he's the 4th best president,get real.

  • Okwaho

    It's pretty obvious that nobody in Obamas Administration and many in Congress don't know zip squat anout US History or they wouldn't make stupid statements like our moron  of  a Vice Pres. did the other day.  My teen grandsons know more about WWII than the Pres. & VP and most of the cabinet do. They are highly interested in those conflicts. They read up on the war in books from the library, they both have watched "Band of Brothers" 3 times and "Pacific" twice. They always ask me and their other grandpop questions about Viet Nam since we both served there at the same time at Da Nang, me in the Air Force and him in the Navy.
    This whole Administration is a pitiful bunch of "nincompoops".

  • Jwooldridge923

    Joe Bite Me is so full of S---Apparently he does not know much more about our countries history than his clueless boss.Barry has only done what was in place by President Bush in all areas of war etc..The surge gitmo you name it. What a putz 

  • pistofftxpyr

    , but complete the thought . . . "because he wasn't born here, doesn't consider himself an American and is intent upon sabotaging this nation so his countrymen (i.e., Kenyans and all other 'enslaved' peoples) can assume their 'rightful' place in the world order, free of all American influence."

  • rank

    Oh hum.... another day, another lie!  It almost seems like that Seal Team Six did nothing... if you listen to the White House and Joe Biden.  Then of course you WWII vets that were in the DDay invasion of Normandy must have just had a stroll in the park.  If any vet that has ever served plans to vote for Obama-Biden get to a VA hospital ASAP because you need your head examined!

  • gShepard

    Briefly speaking look at D-Day as the start of ending the terror of one man, adolf hitler.  He killed how many Jews?  Bush the elder removed an invading army from Kuwait as directed by a UN mandate.  Yes Korea and Viet Nam were not successes and those areas are still controlled by ones we tried to remove.  Ok bin ladin is dead but are the terrorists he controlled.  How many Jews are still going into gas chambers? How many people world wide are still being killed because of the terrorist?  

    So to the Vice president you need to talk to WWII vets and to Gulf War Vets to learn the difference.

  • Bob

    Further proof that us "Old Timers" have got to put the pressure on the young generation to Vote!

    We just had 5 Spring Breakers at our home, and eventually politics came up. My wife & I were astounded when we heard the attitude of some of them.

    Needless to say Pop-Pop got on his soap box, and hopefully changed the minds about who decides the future.

    Get all your friends to educate the young ones about the need to VOTE!

    Grannie & Pop in Fla.

  • Evanssisters

    i think you can call one the boldest moves ever was when President Ronald Reagan in front of the Soviet leader argued him without the support or his own state department to "Tear down this wall" referring the the Berlin wall which was torn down in the first year of his predecessor the first President Bush presidency.  you could also put in President Harry Truman a fellow democrat to biden and obama using the atomic bomb in japan twice to end the war after the bloodiest of all battle of world war II the Battle of Iwo Jima.  there is also the failed Valkyrie plots to kill hitler.  this is just two egotistical men showing off their egotism.

  • Kona10

    Obama had nothing to do with bin Laden--give vredit where credit is due--Seal Team 6  Obama did nothing but, as president , give his 'OK'     Obama dislikes the military and America--He should be impeached !

  • CA Novack

    Well, once again, Joe Biden.....The Court Jester.....sticks his foot in his over-sized mouth.  To characterize the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden (OBL) as the greatest, most audacious military operation of the last 500 years points out the lack of any sense of history, along with a completely absent understanding of military operations.  To be sure, much credit is due to the members of Navy Seal Team Six and the intelligence community for pulling off such a raid.  That said, however, the White House ignores countless other military operations of our own Revolutionary War, our Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II (especially the D-Day Invasion of France and the relief of Bastogne), the Pacific Island Hopping Campaigns, the defeat of Erwin Rommel in North Africa, the Inchon Landings in Korea, etc, etc, etc.  Even the counterinsurgency operations of the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and Grenada showed equal, if not more, audacity.  Of course the capture of Saddam Hussein goes unmentioned, as do many, many other highly successful military operations.

    The proclamation from the White House that the OBL raid was the most audacious in 500 years simply points up the ignorance of an administration toward military history and anything military in nature.

    Lt Col, US Army (Ret)

  • B in VA

    Good Thing -
    1) I know Joe would NEVER  lie to me nor THE AMerican PUBLIC
    2) I know my American History
        or I'd believe EVERYTHING this Admin puts out into Medial Land!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hog-Rider/100002051943120 Hog Rider

    Bullshit !!!

  • 1599

    Comments from Biden are just silly.  The attack on bin Ladden doesn't even equate to the attack on Grenada.  How do these politicians get away with these Mickey Mouse comments.  Sounds like Biden has the intellect of a tree stump. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GGLIYA2EVLTQVGZAPHNYA5TUW4 Dragon

    I don't think Obama made the order, somebody else did. It might not have been kosher but it was made.

  • pistofftxpyr

    How can anyone who voted for this subversive ever look at himself in the mirror and see anything but irresponsibility personified? This is exactly what you get when you vote for change without any clue as to what that means to the candidate promoting it. Lemmings! So intent on being considered racially tolerant that they let a dictator in the front door and then welcomed him with open arms.

    There is no way in hell that Obasta is merely naive but well-intentioned, at least as I define those terms. When someone so overtly and repeatedly evidences a thorough disregard for the truth, he is not naive but well-intentioned. He is a LIAR who deserves nothing but scorn and repudiation. Sorry about the emotionalism, but this guy deserves every bad thing that ever befalls him, and then some.

  • Rich O

    First: If you are going to believe it was actually Bin Laden, he was unarmed and with some women and a couple guards, reportedly.  Second: Forget that he was always on Kidney Dialysis with a debilitating disease, that he should have been dead from in the mid 90's when the American/CIA medical system diagnosed it and gave him two years at the most to live. Third: Why is anyone believing ANYTHING this government is telling us? Running guns into Mexico and shipping drugs in, Waco 93, Gulf of Tolkien, Iran/Contra, JFK, the Election of W Bush in 2000, how many more should I have to document before we realize that EVERY word out of a Politicians mouth is BULLSHIT? Normandy? What about the Iraq invasion? Just talk about killing million of innocent people to keep themselves relevant, and stop using Heroic deeds to propagandize the blatant lies and disinformation your propaganda Minister Sunstien pukes out every few days. My Grandfather died at that place, you miserable scumbag. To use the words of your fellow scumbag; "HOW DARE YOU". The solace I can get while I eek my way through the rest of the life you pricks are constructing for all of us is that the truth always comes out, and when it does, I hope that the Judges realize that they have been a part of it and should see to it that Justice is done.  

  • [email protected]


  • Dusty1

    Obama himself never served one day in the military and this is another example of his arrogance.  He's absolutely ready to take credit where none is due him.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HQROUQ7WH5LL4XEYI4N7E5LZYI Dale

    Biden has a lot of bullshit, the orders were out to kill Osama Bin Laden years before Obama was elected President. Obama didn't know shit about any of the plans to kill Osama Bin Laden. All he wants to do is tke credit for it. Obama and his thugs say some of the most stupid shit and everyone knows they are lying. 

  • Russ Wickstrom

    There is no comparison in this case! Our team was well trained and had great intell. The target was a single man, not a CONTINENT. His defenses were good, but not like Omaha Beach!

  • Jsnaper

    Likely, The islamic hierarchy gave BO the orders to terminate binladen because he was ready to die of illness anyway and his sacrafice would aid BO in continuing the destruction of America.   I beieve that Michelle on her "vacation trips" to Spain and Africa were diplomatic courier missions to exchange reports and orders via thumbdrives with the islamic hierarchy.

  • Scott C in Spring Tx

    Obama is so out of touch, he wouldn't know a brave act if he were the receipient of such an act. Thousands of men storming the beaches of Normandy and climbing the cliffs knowing that they were going to face their enemy head on in a win all or loose all battle compared to a few high teck helicopters going a couple of miles and storming Bin Laden, his wives, and a few body guards watching TV. No comparisson what so ever. The bravest thing Obama has ever done is to enter the borders of the state of Texas and make it out in one piece.

  • Carlos

    Further proof that the ignoramous' in OUR house, is tooooo full of himself.

  • DonRS

    Well, of course it was.  Obama did it all by himself.  He flew the helicopters, carried the weapons, broke down the door, shot Osama Bin Laden, with one shot!  He then led a parade out of town, to the adoring cheers of the Pakistanis for their salvation.

  • Neal Olson

    More bold than Jimmy Doolittles' suicide raid on Japan?  President Ocoward wouldn't even serve his country in the military.  What an idiotic thing to say....

  • dean29685

     To me the problem is not that Biden said it the problem is that so many younger people will believe it.

  • Beatrix17

    Obl managed to talk 21 losers into committing a
    terrorist act against the US. These men were so stupid they didn't
    care that they were going to die while their “brave leader”
    remained alive. The results were unbelievably tragic.

    It was incredibly brave of Obama to use a system put
    into place by Bush, then look to Panetta for approval before okaying
    the attack by the brave Seals whom he was sending into an unknown
    situation while he watched from the security of a warm, lighted room
    in the White House. And the Democrats think this was heroic?

  • USPatriotOne

    Obama had nothing to do with killing Bin Ladin.  I not sure he is really dead now?  No way would they just kill him and then dump his body at sea!  What a JOKE!  The American People are really stupid if they believe this is what happened.  They would have taken him into custody and got every piece of information possible out of him.  Don't believe anything Obama or his people say or do.  Lying is a way of life for Obama, his administration and the Democrat party.

  • Chuck

    Why should the Obama administration get credit for getting Osama Bin Laden when that has been the goal since 9/11? Moreover, why should the Obama administration get credit for this when no proof has ever been provided which verifies the raid, Osama Bin Laden’s death or burial was actually carried out according to the Obama administration's official story?

  • wilburforple

    Y knot? After all he did stop the ocean rise and is "THE ONE". Everything he does is a miracle (or socialistic). Only U can decide this November. (Unless their is a state of martial law...and the elections suspended). For joy for joy.

  • ODuck

    What else would you expect to come from a PIPSQUEAK like Joe Biden. What the heck did obummer see in this guy anyway?

    • pistofftxpyr

      A Mirror image???

    • shvlruss

      The one thing that keeps most presidents alive, is to have an even bigger idiot as vise-president!

  • Callabab

    Is there no end to OBummer's hubris?

  • Bjones9914

    .... make it four.  Obama's ego knows no bounds!

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    What lies 

  • Whitesheperd

    Difference was Ike was there.  Totally in charge, not smoking and pissing his pants

  • Dale Eicke

    Biden, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, MORON

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GX6YCR36MVY2ZIWOBGM6QUAPTU Farrakhan warns, advises Obama

    Former president of Pakistan was assinated for claiming that Osama died in 2002 of natural causes.

  • Maxine

    Ovmit had to do something his polls were going down fast so he staged this to bring his polls up he thought they would stay up there but they didnt so Bite me has to bring it up and try to make us think it was the most impertant thing that happened in 500 years They think we are so stupid that we will forget everything but this and bring his polls up high again before election they make me sick this was all put up Bin died years ago

  • jj

    As a veteran of the United States Air Force during the Cuban Missle Crisis and the Vietnam War, I believe this to be one of the easiest decision ever made by any President.  It was sooo easy, even Biden could have made it. I suggest that Biden hang his head in shame for giving credit to the worst President  in history.  Thank God that Eric Holder didn't have to make the decision or Bin Laden would still be alive.   Ask the military personnel that did the actual killing and they will probably say it was just another  routine asssignment that were trained to do.   I would add that it was  carried out  by the most elite fighting force in the world. God Bless our armed forces and the wonderful job they do protecting us each and every day of our lives.  Heres hoping  they get a real Commander in Chief in November of 2012. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benjamin-Fox/1417763559 Benjamin Fox

    Since OBL died at bora, bora, I wonder who got murdered to make obozo look good.  The Libs vote the dead so why not claim the dead for their benefit?  Liars, cheats and immoral animals, everyone of them who lack even common sense.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GX6YCR36MVY2ZIWOBGM6QUAPTU Farrakhan warns, advises Obama

    School books now do not mention muslim's had anything to do with 911.  Wonder what other history revisions are comming down the pipe.



  • John

    This is the most outrageous, nonsense I have ever heard from any political party that the dems are so in need of some thing, anything they can tie to this idiot in the white house.   To even try to c0mpare the life of one terrorist against the lives of all the allied soldiers that were killed, to have to plan on how many were going how many wounded & how many would be dead is not an easy decision to make.  Yet the dems come out with "what a gutsy decision"  how crass can you get it seems that now we know.   Of course this clown has only one actual accomplishment (that most American don't want) with his healthcare & that is about all except he does know how to spend tax payer money, with absolutely nothing to show for it,  how much??

  • Jjone999

    Bless their hearts! They have no clue about history!

  • gator

    obama knew where osama was since august of that year and still refused every effort to kill him. pannetta and hillary went behind his back fearing that we would miss our opportunity! obama was told while he was once again on the golf course when the operation was underway and too late to stop! don't let this muslim pig take credit for anything but his laziness and galactic stupidity for the last 3 1/2 years! he needs to go!

  • Jpgvs1

    This administration are STUPID FOOLS! This is another effort to rewrite history.

  • Rifsbiz

    Ok  I'll let him have credit for that, now I want him to take credit for getting seal team 6 killed , all he had to do was keep his mouth shut , and they wouldn't have been targeted for it, and how about taking credit for the high gas prices ,how far he has put us in debt,That your grandchildern owe $250,000,00 before they ever go to work, how much money he has wasted, on pipe  dreams, how many jobs he hasn't created, how many jobs, have been lost for not allowing drilling for oil,and gas if he's going to take credit then let him take it for all the things he's done

  • aimee

    Liar, liar pants on Fire!!! Biden has no concept of hisstory or anything else for that matter!!
    You bet we killed him, but if the wifes of bin laden are any indicator they would have probably killed him!

  • henry46

    Do you really believe the muslim in the wh ordered killed the muslim in the hills? All he did was shave his beard and buy a new home at a new location. You do realize that the muslim in the wh had all the seals involved in the psuedo raid killed via that helicopter crash shortly after the fake raid.

  • cliffvettej

    Once again Obamler /Biden prove they are the world's worst narcissist's. The depth of their insanity knows no bounds.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Hand/100000649740288 John Hand

    The boldest move, (militarily) by any force in the past 500 years, if we choose a number of years to relate to? Israel's flying into Entebbe to rescue the hostages. Now that was a mission to be proud of. 

  • taliesin319

    The picture of our fearless leader in the room with Hag Hillary and Panetta and the rest of his minions said it all.  He was crouching off to the side looking like a deer in the headlights.  They were all supposedly watching the action in real time.  The only thing he had on his mind was fear he would be held responsible if the raid went south. Obama is no Achilles.  He is as far from anything American as any of us has ever seen.  The coocoo placed in the eagles nest. He's had 3 years to learn to fly and he never will.  It takes an eagle to teach an eaglet. The American Eagles left the nest.

  • Davidpasztor

    what da ya expect.

  • Davidpasztor

    What the vice-president must understand is..... "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER"

  • noah2006

    I'm never surprised by the outlandish statements made by Joe Biden.   How could such a dolt ever become VP of the U.S.?  Oh, yeah!  I remember now...he was picked by the same Democrats that chose Obama.  What ever happened to the Democrat Party (of which I once was a proud member).  It has become a party of low-class, declasse cretins, who have no knowledge of what is right for this country and spurns the Constitution, the writing of which was made by a superb bunch of American patriots!  bronxboy3713

  • Radman414

    What an all-encompassing crock of unadulterated bovine excrement to even hint that taking out Osama was, in any way, more audacious than any other undertaking in 500 years of history.  Why do you think that Osama had made plans to "take out" Obama?  The answer is really logical...just so a totally inept Joe Biden could become president.

  • Ddf101952

    the next thing you know Obama will claim he was on the assault choppers leading the team. Who was it that said  "tell a lie long enough and it will be considered the truth"? Maybe we should offer him a medal, "HERO OF THE UNITED STATES SOCIALIST REPUBLIC".  Reading Orwell's  1984 and animal farm back in school reminds me of this administration so much.

  • paperpushermj

    Are there no Earthy Hights, limiting what these people Think of Themselves?

  • Primeal

    The man had been dead for 10 years people!

  • TheGizmo51

    Just because you didn't personally see President Obama walking on water doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Oh, by the way, UBL is dead GM is alive!

  • Robert Ando

    Typical WH bullshit !  What a load of crap. the White House is grasping for straws. A bold move would be to support,,follow up an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

  • Djetzel1940

    They are so full of crap, liberals are just trying to jack up Obama's ratings before November elections.  He is still a BUM!!

  • Bulldustin

    Joe Biden and the Zebra are so full f it it stinks . Of course O'Vomit has done Great Things that no other American Pres. has done,like turn down The Pipe Line that would of Gave thousands of jobs lower gas prices and more jobs.  SHAME on  the OL UNION BOY JOE,hes a true A$$ HOLE RIGHT TO WORK STATES FOREVER KISS THAT JOE AND BRING YOUR KISSIE PAL O'VOMIT TO THE A$$ KISSEN

  • pofalici

    Oh dear God help us. This  man is such a pig. I cannot think of anything else to say. How disrespectful to our glorious heros who went to battle for us and the whole world. Obama did not kill ben Ladin. The only thing he might kill is the U.S.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skip.peters1 Skip Peters

    Each time Obama or Biden speaks about history just shows how dumd they are.  I would evner take away any thing away from the seal team that killed OBL but the men that died in WWII were men without the fire power or bodyarmor our men wear into battle today.  For the men of WWII who went into a beach with No bodyarmou ,NO cover and carrying M-1 rifle with Mechine Guns firing 1000's of rounds at them while storming the beaches is not to be compaired to the seal team.  Our men and women that go into war are nothing short of greatness for there service, but Biden and Obama have never had to fight for anything other then for they free college that they received because of the ones that died on the beaches on D-Day and other wars that keeps that Communist from taking this Great Country.  So when you hear statements like this it shows there lack of the turth in them. I Believe in our troops, and I know there Hearts of Honor toward each other and to the men and women that have gave it all are well respected by our Special Forces Teams of all branches.  They are true men and women of honor. Not some men who think they are men of honor and have got to make themselfs look good just for a election.  Joe Biden the seal team had there faces covered to hide who they are. They don't need a pat on the back to do what they did they did it for the American people that died on 9/11 and the fallen soldiers from that date.  Like usuall you and Obama are trying to get votes.  And only a fool will follow that lead for votes.

  • williamlsasman

    You tell this to the boys who went in on D-Day. I grant you the  ones that went in to get Bin Ladin did a great job, but it can never catch up to what our boys did D-Day.  Mr. Binden does not know a thing about war  and never will.  If he would cjheck up on military history he could find many raids as the seals made that were more danger in.  Obama has a long road to go before he can take credit for anything.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7OBLR6XXO5U5LLPWYOGH3L7LE joe

    Mohammad Obama sure steps in number 2 when he's trying to pretend to be number 1!!!

  • Ewill1931

    the only thing these two useless polaticians could ever exacute is to watch it on tv after a round of golf and then say what great guys we are,look what we done.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F6RCTKSWVFB6B4JYRC3ZOD6I5U PEterB

    First of all, Biden is a f%#king moron. Secondly, comparing the small time killing of a washed up terrorist in his flimsy house in a third world nation with the sea born invasion against the mightiest military power in the world at that time is laughable.  Biden is an embarrassing clown. 

  • Joy

    Obama taking credit for what the Navy Seals accomplished - all he did was give the o.k.  Any donkey can do that.  No where does it compare with D- day - He has dust for brains.

    • jackel

      Well now,there were 100.000 troops made it ashore and 9000 killed,that is pretty close in Joe,The Idiot's mind !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FUMZO4LJDA44TJAVP6REWVLEDE Kay

    If he was not planning on killing our president he would still be alive-don't let the crap the white house sends out . They have the press in their back pockets and the suprem court judges. God will prevail against the crimes that are being brought against us. SO KEEP PRAY UP FROUNT

  • guest on this planet

    Joe get your head out of your ass , what are you smoking ?

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    It never ceases to amaze me---the smaller the person--the greater they believe their accomplishments!!!!!  What a collections of misfits!!

  • Winniephil

    What about the Dam Busters? But guys like biden wouldn't know who they were. A group of gallant British pilots who were able to penetrate Germany's massive air defences and demolish the dams on which the Nazis relied for power to feed their war machine. That took much more skill and daring than even the gallant navy SEALS had to display in killing Bin Laden.
    I take my hat off to the SEALS but let us not discredit othergenuine  heroes to glorify petty politicians.


  • Ecesareel




  • Bob DD

    Where's the body??? I believe it was faked!!!

    • jb80538

      Osama had been dead since 2002. You bet it was faked.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IWVKZQQQ26SBZWQPMYXEJOFRPM MARION

    these people are sick SOB'S,upyoursMF'S!

  • jackel

    These idiots aren't even worth the ink to comment !

  • Francisco Juarez

    are you kidding me. i guess the demos have forgotten hundreds of raids of the American military throught beginning of our American history...George Washington crossing the Delaware. was the one of our greatest raids...killing osama was an easy kill. it was bush's army. and obama took over 16 hours to make up his mind...they took helicopters and all the members were trained for months, and all were n elite force...many, many American raids were done by volunteers. regular guys who were farming one day and the next day, they were going to a raid deep into enemy territory...i give this guys lots of credit. but the greatest American raid. no way. i think joe biden and obama should pick up and read an American history book before the democrats  re-wrote  the books to tarnish the real American history...



  • Dee

    More garbage from the narcissistic dictator and his liberal left minions and their "staged" OBL kill,
    Then the seal cover up , where they killed our Navy Seals.
    Obama has manufactured a long list of his greats - cause we've missed them.
    Will we ever recover from this 4 year mistake?
    We should never be surprised by what comes from these liberal minions.
    Remember, they plastered obamas face on the American Flag and waved it over the dems headquarters in a Florida town.

  • swede41


  • harbinger

    Well in the surrounding of Osama Bin Laden there is a lot that does not balance out. If you look on tapes and videos circa 2003 you'll find Pentagon official stating Osama had been killed in an air raid somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan, or maybe Afghanistan. He was worth more alive than dead so intelligence kept him alive. Furthermore, we never saw the body, his quarters might've been kept by a West intelligence agency placing a "double" as Bin Laden to certify the charade as valid. Strange, it was, the accident of the Chinook hellicopter, just a few days after the raid, that killed most of the SEALS group used to carry out the raid. Buddies talk to buddies and there's a great possibility that soldiers told the rest of the unit it was not Osama they had dispatched, but a "double ". Moreover, Osama had a liver or, kidney infection that required regular hospital treatment, there are no hospitals in those mountains, so he could've died from the infection long before the so called air or, SEALS raids; we've been kept in the dark since 9/11, which by the way was the Pearl Harbor of Bush to take the US army into the Middle East. Did you noticed how the supply of Heroin to the world like ten-folded after the US troops got there. Now Biden hasn't been making any sense since he divorced his wife and abandoned himself to anal-sex addiction. 


    Obama's face is looking more like Bin Laden!

  • vietnamvet1971

    joe  biden is a sissy career politician who has never had a hard time in his life, but he is now an Expert on Warriors. He makes Obozo out to be Wyatt Earp of the world. What he has said is a Disgrace to our WWII veterans that know what real battle was. When he opens his Stupid mouth he sounds More Dumber than his the Dictator in Chief.

  • Sbaservices

    By now most everyone has read the details of the SEAL's great accomplishment. Bravo for them! What upsets me is the decision to announce, so soon. I imagine that a lot of intelligence that could have been used was voided because of the early announcement. Another example of Obama's "me first" everybody else second. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/marco.poshar Marco A. Poshar

    this guy is breathtakingly stupid -and 4  th. best president.. he needs help 

  • RRD67

    Joe Biden is dumber than a post.  The fact that he is our Vice President is apalling, and we should all feel embarassed by him.

    • stevor

       Biden is Barry's "insurance policy" because nobody would want him to become president in the event that Barry was eliminated, by way of a JFK or being outed as the fraud he is.

  • Carole

    The arrogance of this administration is beyond the pale.  Why would ANYONE want to make a claim such as this?  It is not their place to judge how history will place the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  And that is the main problem... they don't know their place.  They can't see beyond their own interests.  I cannot WAIT until November!!

  • stevor

    Bin Laden died in 2001. It was published way back then (but not in the USA). Do a search on it if you don't believe that:

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YCZFGQTY7RUXZHE56OTS57DNII chetohimler

    That Joe Biden sure knows how to "pile on the sauce" on his taco's.

  • sargee9

    These clowns have definitely gone off the deep end;  they're not playing with a full deck; the elevator doesn't go to the top floor;  there's nobody home, they have left the reservation . . . and when did they move the village idiot's convention to the white mosque?

  • jim


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CPC2WOGWNVYBHMOOXQLZSRSSDY Cogito

    It is almost as bold as the DoJ Eric Holder selling assualt rifles to the Mexican cartel who use them to kill our U. S. border guards.  Where us his head?  Or is that the Obama Border Policy?

  • lee

    Joe's empty head has to be taken into consideration; he has no idea about what D Day iinvolved, except to give him the right to be such a dumb ass and say anything he wants freely.

  • William Switzer

    I cannot imagine that this ranks with the Doolittle raid of Japan during World War II.  See what Wickipedia says about it.
    The Doolittle Raid, on 18 April 1942, was the first air raid by the United States to strike the Japanese Home Islands (specifically Honshu) during World War II. By demonstrating that Japan itself was vulnerable to American air attack, it provided a vital morale boost and opportunity for U.S. retaliation after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. The raid was planned and led by then-Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle, USAAF. Doolittle would later recount in his autobiography that the raid was intended to bolster American morale and to cause the Japanese to begin doubting their leadership:
    The Japanese people had been told they were invulnerable ... An attack on the Japanese homeland would cause confusion in the minds of the Japanese people and sow doubt about the reliability of their leaders. There was a second, and equally important, psychological reason for this attack ... Americans badly needed a morale boost.[1]
    Sixteen U.S. Army Air Forces B-25B Mitchell medium bombers were launched from the U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier USS Hornet deep in the Western Pacific Ocean. The plan called for them to bomb military targets in Japan, and to continue westward to land in China—landing a medium bomber on the Hornet was impossible. All the aircraft involved in the bombing were lost and 11 crewmen were either killed or captured—with three of the captured men executed by the Japanese Army in China. One of the B-25s landed in the Soviet Union at Vladivostok, where it was confiscated and its crew interned for more than a year. Thirteen entire crews, and all but one crewman of a 14th, returned either to the United States or to American forces

    • jackel

      Col.Dean Davenport was my Squadron Commander in 1952.He was copilot on that run.If you've seen the movie,"Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" he was Van Johnson's copilot,in character.What a great guy,went on to have a heroic career.

  • Sully64

    Did the President take credit for losing a drone aircraft in Iran?  Did he take credit for the GI who murdered 16 civilians in Afganistan?  He certainly gave credit to George Bush for  Abu Ghraib!

  • MarMac2768

    These people who have been placed in power in our country HAVE NO CLUE as to the context of history and the true greatness of those men. To compare Obama to men like Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower is a slap in the face to those men and to history.

  • Jim

    Maybe the boldness is the reason it took Obama 16 hours to give the go
    ahead to kill the most wanted terrorist in the world. What a bunch of clowns.

  • Wyatt

    Obama has no sense is what you should have said in your closing paragraph . As for Joe Biden , well we all know what a babbling idiot he is . There are numerous events in the past 500 years that far surpass this lone event . I submit , D Day , Iwo Jima , Guadalcanal , The Cabatuan Prison Camp Raid , the 55 day seige at Peking and , the Battle for San Juan ( actually Kettle Hill) hill by the Rough riders as just a few of the more daring and brave acts by our military forces . This is to take nothing away from our Navy Seals for the daring event . But for Biden to claim it as the most daring event in 500 years is just apple polishing . Hell , the building and defense of Bunker ( Breeds ) Hill was even more daring . The building of the ramparts was done over night and the battle lasted all day ! And Lexington Green and its aftermath was even more daring .

    Its not that Obama has distain for America , Americans and our history , its that he doesn't care about anything but what he wants . The Dreams Of His Father are actually the SCHEMES of Obama !

  • rotten rollin

    So which is scarier?  That we have a Vice President stupid enough to make such a statement?  Or that we have millions of Americans stupid enough to believe it?

    ABO2012.  and  ABB2012. 

  • phyllis in TX

    Obama did not get bin Laden, did you see his body?  That guy has been dead long time! Folks ANOTHER LIE, wake up.  That clown Biden and his 500 yr comment, that is how much he is an American.



    • Hawkerone

      Right maybe biden will also include bamma as bold as Our First President and go cross the Deleware River in the middle of a freezing winter night . I think I would call them the first Seals ever.

  • sean murry

    The white house is full of crap.

  • Antonio

    As a 59 year old son of Italian immigrants I am so proud to see so many people across America speaking out against the socialist and self-serving policies of obama and his henchmen.   I feel very confident that the true spirit of America will emerge this summer giving way to a Republican victory in November.  God Bless America !!!!

  • R. S.

    Memo to Barry and Joe - you wanna see bold?  You wanna see cojones>?  Take out the wives on a double-date movie night and (at least) watch the first 20 or so minutes of "Saving Private Ryan."  It might give you an idea of what "bold" really is!  And not to take anything from the Navy Seals and their courage.
    I'll send you some popcorn.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2AVJPI5GUHJ4ATJHTYC26RUDFA Mike

    I can think of a few other raids with more audacity. The Israelis' raid on Entebbe, the US "Los Banos" raid, and the US "Son Te" raid. Other military operations that took no less audacity included: The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Battle of San Juan Hill, Operation Market Garden, and the list goes on and on. My point is that Joe Biden is a clown and should keep his yap shut. Even Dan Quayle was a better VP. The biggest gaff during his tenure was the misspelling of the word "potatoes" and that is a lot easier to overlook.

  • Hawkerone

    I wonder how many Kool-aid drinkers are saying yea , ya ya . Obama and clan can fool some but not all. We shall see come Nov. 2012.
    As for the statement by biden , it has to be one of the greatest insults to Veterans ever made by a slime ball politican like biden and the demorats.
    The current military are all heroes in my thinking especially the SEALS . The long list of brave deeds done throughout Our History by Our Military is to include the killing of laden .

  • randsue80

    I agree with the author on most things, but the landings in Normandy known as Operation Overlord was under the overall command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower who was the Allied Supreme Commander.  The British played a significant part in the invasion, but much of the material and men were American!
    For Biden to claim that a Commando raid to kill one terrorist was on this level is as pin headed as it gets!  He needs to have his head examined!

  • http://ja-js.blogtownhall.com Chuck Fowler

    White House Stands Behind Crazy Joe's Crazy Claim

    At a private fundraiser last week, VP Joe Biden claimed that President Obama's decision to kill Osama bin Laden was the most audacious plan in the last 500 years. 

    Uhhh, what?

    Given rumors that the actual decision to go or no-go was based on a coin toss (yeah, that's really the way to commit Navy SEALS to harm's way) and while Obama was playing golf (again), to give him deniability in case things went sideways, Biden's claim is only that much more ridiculous. 

    Not only does it ignore monumental historical events in which people actually suffered and died, like the Normandy invasion, the Inchon invasion and George Washington's winter, nighttime crossing of the Delaware, but Biden exacerbates it by also saying, “Do any one of you have a doubt that if that raid failed that this guy would be a one-term president? This guy is willing to do the right thing and risk losing.”

    That's like comparing a paper cut to a sucking chest wound. Comparing the "courage" it took to risk being damaged politically to the real courage it took at Normandy, Inchon or for Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware is probably as close to real courage as liberals like Obama and Biden will ever get. They have never known that metal taste in your mouth, felt that adrenalin rushing through your veins or experienced the near-tunnel vision focus required to kill another human being.

    Courage? Please! Why don't you use words limousine liberals like you and Obama really understand, Joe, like "Pass the canapes, please."

  • Hawkerone

    biden makes me almost puke every time I see him.

  • Billyshafer

    Open mouth prove your an idiot. Biden also claims he watched FDR on TV during WWII. Must have been a smart kid for a two year old.

  • vet2

    What an ignorant, assinine statement to make.  To minimize or categorize the sacrifices of all our fallen military with this idiotic comparison is beyound comprehension.  But then, this is typical of  the idiocy that is delivered by this administration.  As a WW2 vet...  Navy Corpsman ( pronounced CORE Man..for our Cmndr. in Chief)..I resent  classifying any historical event where our servicemen were placed in "harms way"!   The risk, and possible ultimate sacrifice was the same..to each and every individual involved!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/blane.barnes Blane Barnes

    Too much American blood was spilled during the days and months of D-Day for any moron to make this claim, this is just another attack by this administrations attempts to re-right  history.

  • Richie

    They just assume that all Americans are stupid they did get elected. How can you put a simple decision
    to kill Bin Laden into such a big deal 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5PXI3GDFFPLYV6TABTL74LDBBU Steve W.

    It is most disheartening, to say the least, for me to come to the realization that about the only people intelligent enough to run the country will be the ones who vote against Obozo. The rest want their 'free stuff.' 

    They will be trading freedoms that they didn't even know they had for security which will be controlling and will remove right and privileges they may not even know they could have used to become one of those they so revile, those who have money and 'stuff' they could buy with their own earned money, not some freebie thing like a cell phone, food stamps, welfare, and free housing, which most of them destroy. Anything you get for free soon becomes worth exactly that.

  • Othello

    EVERYTIME Biden opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it.

  • pointdan

    Great article, Mr DeMar. Thank you !

  • Karieo

    This is the most arrogant, balloon-headed bunch of politicians in U.S. history. If they seriously believe their own PR they are fools, if they expect us to believe it, they are deluded.

  • Hoodini

    Execute the Marxist idiot.

  • Scott C in Spring Tx

    Obama is so out of touch, he wouldn't know a brave act if he were the receipient of such an act. Thousands of men storming the beaches of Normandy and climbing the cliffs knowing that they were going to face their enemy head on in a win all or loose all battle compared to a few high teck helicopters going a couple of miles and storming Bin Laden, his wives, and a few body guards watching TV. No comparisson what so ever. The bravest thing Obama has ever done is to enter the borders of the state of Texas and make it out in one piece.

  • Sincerity

    Yes...we have a poor excuse for a president I'm afraid; and we have absolutely no excuse for a whacko vice president!!

  • begining

    Joe Biden must be retarded, a muslin man told me seal team six would get theres, and sure enough a in a
    secret mission that know one knew of , another seal team six got it.  Were they good seeing the future or what?

  • tom s

    obama is quick to take total credit for the demise of his fellow muslim, bin laden ,   I would think that most of the credit for this take-down should go to the CIA -who located him- & to the SEALS that put their lives on the line to take bin laden out.  

  • Createau

    The big question is...did it happen at all or as they said. This is more about a cover up and covering their butts. Muslim's don't necessarily bury their own at sea! What a lie! And why is it that within month's every navy seal that was part of that operation is dead...killed in a helicopter over Afganistan!
    I've never seen much news media coverage about their deaths, butthey sure blased the news waves with trumpted up glory and honor to Obama for nailing him..

    I think the whole thing is a lie. I read that this happened around the time of the inquiry into Obama's brith certificate and this was a rouse to give him his usual god-like-importance....that's believeable to me.

    Question it.

  • Janelaw

    Obama & Biden!   They did not do anything!  Nothing!  But they had to speak and pat themselves of the back because everyone in America looks to the two stooges!  Obama is a loser!  I sent Benjamin Netanyahu a note through the Israeli Embassy congratulating him for standing up against Biden and Obama!  Now there is a man!  I wish we could find a President like him!                  

  • TD

    2 nitwits running this country and of course everything they do is great including ALL THEIR FAILURES!! 

  • Donald Wright

    The White House keeps acting as if Obama personally went overseas, risked his life, and pulled the trigger. Special forces carried out the hit; it was merely an accident of history that it happened on Obama's watch. What he did (gave an order from the comfort and security of his office) he had to do, or public opinion would have turned against him severely. Even building the Grand Coolee Dam was far more risky, and involved actual loss of life. And you know d___ well that Obama hated killing a Muslim leader--he prefers bowing to them and meeting with them "without preconditions" as he told us many times while campaigning the first time.

  • Dee

    Biden sold our Navy Seals down the river, by opening his big mouth.  These men are incablable of showing shame and regret for their actions.  They both prefer to ki$$ @$$. They both are dispicable!

  • Mr Ed

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.Biden can't open his mouth without putting his foot in it!

  • Sandman

    There they go, patting themselves on the back and kissing each others a**. It's a good thing we tax payers provide them such good health care, which we won't get, they will need for all those strains and pulled muscles. These two have just about taken credit for everything except the creation and the internet. Since Gore took the internet they have only to figure out how to cover the creation so they can proclaim themselves as the Almighty. If people can not see all the lies these two produce daily, where are we going to end up?

  • Sblaugh3

    What a line of bull old Joe spins. He is so silly. I hope people have enough intelligence to know what he is about.
    I was here on D Day.  I think Joe may have been too.  They do not have a lot to be proud of so they take everything they can muster up (Lie or Truth) and use it. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IZISU5QJXGD74X4DGXZ44QSUHQ LOVE USA

    O ya ! 
    This is the latest joke !
    Did they found Bin-Laden long form... ?

  • Ron Young

    The most bold thing that Obama has accomplished - sign a health care bill that was opposed by a large majority of the American people who he had sworn to protect from enemies, within and outside this country.

  • Dee

    another complete lack of disrespect shown by the obama administrationto to our Veterans, (and those currently serving), the true American Heros, who gave their lives and limbs on D-Day, some who I have the priviledge of knowing.
    Disrespecting our Veterans to falsely  puff up this clown in chief, who the dimwitted and uninformed of America elected.  We are all paying the price to have this buffoon and crew of minions at our helm.  No budget yet in his three years as pretender in chief.   He thinks he was elected to ki$$ @$$ on his world apology tour, play golf, vacation and hand us over to the leftist, marxix minions who  took him out of knowhere and created an identity to fool the dimwitted  and the entitlement crowd. 

  • tompro97

    Osama was the beneficiary of the Seal's fantastic effort, nothing else.  He certainly did nothing to contribute to their great victory.  I am also still trying to figure out why the Nobell Prize idiots gave him the Nobell prize - it surely wasn't for anything he had done because he has never done anything but be a community organizer and overall marxist freak.  Don't get me started on Jumpin Joe Bidet - he is as bad or worse than Osama!!!!  WHY HASN'T THE FORT HOOD ISLAMIST KILLER

  • Ron

    Talk about an over blown ego, GEESH!!! Obumer has one big full of himself ego, trying to take credit for what our finest Navy seals did.  But for this mission to be bigger than D-Day?? He has NO Clue... 

  • yadontwannaknow

    And to think that it was the third time Bin Laden died ...first from kidney failiure (2001), then by an assasin amist his guards ( 2005)? , then finaly by US seals ( 2011) just in tme  to divert attention away from his Kenyan bith certificate ! ...§:-° The most audacious affabulation  of the past 500 years ..no doubt !

  • tompro97

    I got cut off there - to repeat myself - WHY HASN'T THE FORT HOOD ISLAMIST MURDERER BEEN PUT ON TRIAL YET???  It's been over two years no and no trial  and no answers.  Smells like a Osama Regime coverup to me.

  • Edbarkley

    OK. This may be parsing terms but I see that Biden said the PLAN was audaciuos, not the EXECUTION. So, in true fashion, the narcisist-in-chief is taking credit for the planning and putting the spotlight on himself, when it should be on the heavy lifting the Seels did! A real commander-in-chief would do just the opposite.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/34OY2DHZ2NGDPNV4KD25DWRWIE WATCHDOG

    Only an ignorant azzhole n-word would make such a comment.    Watch your back America this POS socialist muslim is going for the throat next.

  • startoman

    #1. Bin Laden died in Dec., 2001, according to to top intelligence sources, no longer willingly affiliated with this lying ass Govt. #2. Biden is one of the stupidest, most deceitful SOB's to ever hold his present office. #3. They dumped him in the sea ( ? ), and no pictures have ever been made public of his corpse. #4 Most of the Special Forces that participated in his so called demise have been " mysteriously " been killed ( murdered is more like it ) in exploding helicopters, etc. Wake up, people ! The truth is right in front your faces. Don't believe a word that this NDAA Govt. says.

  • doug

    I can't understand why a fellow muslim would order bin laden dead.  He was probably dying from some uncurable disease and odumbo did a Dr Kervorkian on him.

  • annarose13

    First of all, both Bush Presidents were so right to go after Bin Laden & finally got him!! He wanted to destroy America for years & if he was still alive, we may not even be here. He had plans to blow up our entire nation & was a monster that outbeat Frankenstien!!! He even had his own DAUGHTER murdered!!!! Dear Jesus, how evil can one be???? Wish so hard that Huckabee was still in the running, he would get this country back where it belongs because he is a bona fide American & would do so much to get us back to sanity.

  • Dlpannebakker

    Anything this moron does is nothing but bullshi_. These so-called Americans representing us are all wealthy & for the majority lawyers. Why are Americans so freaking stupid by voting these nuts into office. It just shows how shallow Americans really are. They are wrong for us we need vote them out. Rid them of America & send them to where they belong N. Korea

  • littlepat

    When Seal Team 6 got finished with OBL they chould have continued on to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to take out the other terrorist!

  • truckman

    This whatever it is has to go will not call a man does not deserve it he is destroying our Country and trying to have history rewrote  It is our history and should be told like it happened

  • $ocrate$69

    What a tribunal of self-serving jerkoffs in Washington!  Men and women died in the D-Day invasion and there were so many more defenses for liberty that Hussein O's and Biden's heads would spin if they actually thought about the truth of history.  The Seals that did this deed of hitting Osama bin Laden were very brave but to think of the thousands who took part and lost their lives in actually saving the world from destruction and dictatorship have just been decimated almost to the point of the Holocaust!  Eisenhower was right!   There would be "bastards" who would eventually say it didn't happen!  Well, it did!  All of it!  Hussein O and his half nit-wit Vice-President can't stop massaging their egos no matter how many lies they tell.  They are a total embarrassment to this nation and those who died in the past so lying ego-maniacs like this can live to masturbate history into some dog and pony show.  How pathetic?

  • Mynickelsworth

    There is not comparison to D Day.  The Defense Department committed 6 marines to get one man.  Failure would not have been a great disaster and maximum lives would have been around 6.  Truman committed Thousands of military, Army, Navy and Airforce, against the military of  most of the countries of Europe. Failure would have cost thousands of lives and the loss of freedom of most of the countries of Europe.
    Even winning cost a lot of lives on our side - not counting those lost on the other. 
    AND, ON TOP OF THAT, the White House hand little or nothing to do with the decision.  The job was planned by the Marines, approved by the Defense Department and authorized by the Defense Department.
    The White House was called off the golf course to come and 'see' the final result.
    It is all a  bunch of BS.

  • Jerry

    Joe doesn't know anything about the last 500 years, I doubt that he knows much about the last 5 years. He's just trying to brownie up to the boss, so he'll have a job next year. Obama was dragged from the golf course, and sat for a few intence looking pictures. I wonder where the camera man was, and how he got into a top-secret meeting, but he's always there when the Kenyan needs him. Maybe they should keep Joe on, they sure need some comic relief most of the time.

  • Blair

    Really? I don't think so. That's doing a disservice, and it's an insult, to the men who landed on, and behind, the beaches, on
    D-Day. Tell that to them.

  • http://twitter.com/iratd Dana Rainey

    “The White House asserted that Vice President Joe Biden did not misspeak when he said, ‘you can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan,’What an ass..I can think of one, 9-11...sad but true...that's why we went after him..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TDSLCPZIADLPWE4SFOZNRWV3OE Mike Tanco

    Joe Biden is a  frigging idiot. This is just some more BS from this adminstration because they can't name anything worthwhile that's been done for the country since Obama took office. The President is just getting someone else to spread his lies. This is an even bigger lie than the one he told about his father fighting in World War II. The man just piles one lie on top of another. He can't even prove where he was born. The problem is, there are those that are stupid enough to believe him. It's removal time. We can't take 4 more years of his crap.                                                                                                                         Mike Tanco

  • Gunner


    I am so damn sick and tired of hearing everyone give
    Obama credit for the Bin Laden kill! 
    Let's review...Our intelligence guy's got the thread on the possible
    hold up spot for Bin Laden Month's before the hit.  The compound was put under surveillance until
    they achieved a very high confidence factor that Bin Laden was there alone with
    wives and kids.  At this point the National
    Command Authority, the President and the other prime players, were briefed.  At this point a decision had to be made 1. Go
    for a hit.  2. Inform the Pakistan
    government and let them go for him.  3.  Wait. 
    Number 2 and 3 were political non-starters!!  Can you imagine the political damage to the
    Obama administration if it got out had we passed on a golden opportunity to get
    Bin Laden!!  And believe me it would have
    got out!  We certainly couldn’t trust the
    Pakistani government for the same reason. 
    They would have tipped Bin Laden off and the word would get out that
    Obama passed the buck.  A Non-Starter in
    an election cycle!  The only question was
    how we are going to get him.  Regardless
    of the standoff weapons used we wouldn’t be able to verify a kill and more
    importantly we would have “collateral damage” i.e. women and kids which would
    have been terrible “optics” for Obama. 
    The decision to send in Special Operation Forces to make the hit, verify
    the kill, and keep collateral damage at a minimum was a political no brainer
    and not an act of leadership and courage by Obama!!  The only credit that should be given is to
    the SPECOPS personnel that made the hit and the intelligence guy’s that made it

  • Doodlebug

    obummer  should NOT get credit for having anything to do with the killing of Bin Ladin. What did he do? Sat and watched it happen while the Seals put the whole operation into being when obummer gave them the nod. President G.W. Bush laid the ground work and the Seals did the work while obummer looked on. Credit, my buttocks! The only thing this arrogant, lying dummicrat donkey can get credit for is driving America downhill since he got in the WH.

  • Rrnoregrets

    what about the dolittle raid?      The majority of intel was from the bush administration.    Obama sat at home,   The home tax payers put him  and with no fear of loss of life.  No danger sent in the very best men in the world that wasnt trained on his watch and said kill him.    The dolittle raid was a suicide raid,  most men knew that they wouldnt return to their families.    Could you imagine Obama  in the front leading anybody no less with people shooting at him or even if people threw rocks at him.  He would cower and send in the might of the USA.    We should send both Obama and Biden in Mine clearing duty.   This remark is a crime as bad as Obama saying he is in the top five of all time greatest presidents.    Put him on the mountain.  LOL

  • Js071257

    Narcissism and delusion go hand in hand.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O4V555WLAEFWMCYL2MQ6DGT6UY MARIAN

    I'm sure most of the people in this country will believe the Chosen One.  They have no clue.

  • Rrnoregrets

    Edit to my post:   To the people that pointed out that he was on the golf course.    Yes  he gave his pat on the back speech in his golf shoes.    How could we be any prouder.

  • Nail 27/Hammer 27/Easy 27

    I have to agree with the comments of the article just read.  Some other great accomplishments by the world governments was the relief of the International Embassies in Peking  under siege by Radical Chinese forces allowed by a corrupt Chinese emperor in the 1890s using an international force to relieve the embassies.  The world response to the unwarranted invasion of Kuwait in 1990 by Iraqi forces that was led by an American President and numerous other world leaders resulting in a complete defeat of the then 4th ranked world military force.  As for greatest leadership by President's, the victory of the United States in the war of 1812 placed the United States on the world stage as a world power.  The current administration seems to have forgotten the true ability of  American leaders and their trust in the people of this country to overcome adversity and triumph regardless of the risk of failure.   One single act of military success under very difficult conditions seems to negate the efforts of many who have served faithfully  and with great determination to achieve victory in the face of insurmountable odds.. We need only remember the launch of 16 B-25 bombers from the USS Hornet for an attack on the  Japanese homeland in April 1942 that helped boost the morale of an entire nation and revised the stategic thinking of the Japanese leaders as to their vulnerability to attack. 
    Just a military veteran pointing out some key turning points on the world stage that were effected by the determination of our President and the military personnel who undertook what seemed like an impossible task based on the situation prevailing.

  • Gregg Weber

    There are some people that The President of the United States of America shouldn't want to offend. No, I'm not talking about his supporters, foreign and domestic. I refer to those who have lived history. WWII vets for one. Seals and Delta for another. Secret Service (our form of the Praetorian Guard) for a third. These people who have taken an oath know things and have done things worthy of rememberance. They shouldn't be offended but are.
    May the President always do what is right, good for the people, their freedoms, and the Constitution, and be protected while doing such good things. I wish that he will always be able to receive such blessings and protection as can be given by one much higher than any of us.
    I want to make sure that nobody thinks this as a threat. I hope I didn't "mis-speak". Read it carefully.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Blame Bush, blame Bush, blame Bush, blame....uh, I'll take credit for this one.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCH5T3BGTWS6RLSEP6IGCQ2HKQ Matt

    owe-bow-mao was a NOTHING as a senator and he's EVEN LESS as a president. he is the only person in history to outdo carter as the BIGGEST flop. american women are being duped by a smooth talkin' (you can fill in the rest).

  • Cozyt7

    What an insult to the men who died landing on the Normandy beaches.


    lol this takes the cake, what are these JERKS thinking.   You know if you go to a horse track and bet on a horse to win your betting on the whole horse, when those that voted for Obama wanted him to straighten this mess out they only bet on a part of the horse

  • Tomtom

    Joe, you are playing fall guy for this Idiot-in-chief! Stop drinking his koolaid?

  • Stephenrusell

    No way, maybe 6 mos for mission, planning & training but less than D Day.
    D-Day was huge, but this was Spec Ops used to secrecy etc & smaller group involved.
    No comparison.


    ABSOLUTE IDIOTS !!!!!  June 6th 1944  5,000 ships, 650,000 men, 1700 tanks, approx 3,000 planes, thousands of tons of supplies, more ammo used in one day then the entire Civil War. ten thousand men killed in the first hour, and finally over 25 countries involved. Obama you are a JERK !

  • StevenI

    An assassination by a small group of soldiers was greater than D-Day!!!!!   BS!

  • Hastarock

    The whole regime is happy in its ignorance of the real world, much less world history.

  • Brewerkcwolf52

    obama is and a*$ and joe bidden couldn't find is a#* with both hands. obama is so narcissistic that it isn't funny, what the Navy Seals accomplished was outstanding and I have complete respect for the men and I don't mean any disrespect, but comparing one military operation to the hell's that American and British troops went through while storming the beaches of Normandy is ludicrous, this was the biggest military operation that has been planned and implemented, it broke hitler's back and eventually led to the defeat of  hitler and a very powerful military force.    

  • bagman35

    Obama is a bum who did nothing but take credit for all the work done by the US MILITARY, of which he has never spent a day in.  It is not as if The Bum pulled the trigger or flew the choppers or anything even remotely connected to the operation.  GO USA !!!

  • Jsalibiston

    1st bush and the seals got bin laden. obama was just along for the ride.


    God help me , but Ol joe has to be the pinacle of stupid! It is a shame that He can not be called a product of the school system. There fore He is just stupid.

  • dondh

    Joe Bit-me is an idiot who knows nothing about anything relating to military history!  This idiot couldn't pass a 4th grade history class!  How this joker became vp is beyond me.  I guess its because he fits right into this ineffective administration!  Also, look at the Senate majority leader, dingy harry,  the former House speaker, nanny pelopsie and several others in this administration without mentioning any names, if these guys win another term in office, I shutter to think and see what will happen! 

  • Patriot

    Obama doesn't have a clue about bold moves and, neither does Congress!  If Congress wanted to right the biggest wrong ever done to the USA, they would impeach Obama and his goon squad of Marxist/Communist/Socialists and prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law, including Holder!  What are they waiting for?  I have no doubt that there has been a plan in place for a long time to take over the USA from within.  Folks, it is happening right in front of our faces and Congress is doing nothing about it!  Flood them with phone calls, letters and email demanding action!  The Communist that ran for President of the USA in the 1940's (and lost, thank God!) made the statement after losing the election......"I feel no need to run  for President of the United States again. The Democrats are doing the job for the Communists and one day will be successful without the people of the United States even knowing what happened and how it happened." 



  • Doski

    It took the Obamas two weeks to plan a name for their DOG.  If Obama was involved in planning the attack on Bin Laden America would be waiting for notification of Death by Natural Causes.

    Planned by the Military, Executed by the Military. all while Obama tried his hardest to avoid any decision.

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth !

  • ry

    REad most of the comentary. Unfortuantely, much was said, but little ahs been done.
    What will you do between now and 6 Nov to ensure the NEW president doens't follow in the same footsteps as the pesent one/  That is the key. What you will do to prevent more of the same.

  • 4grands

    I hate to finally have to say this but here goes. The white house is full of crap. Furthermore, anyone who believes anything coming out of the whitehouse, needs to see a shrink. It's all dribble!

  • pbrown85355

    OMG! What about the Cuban Missile Crisis, almost started WW3 but that is no big deal. Just think of the Battle of Midway, Navy's turning point of WW2. Just a couple and there are 100's more. The attack on Ben Laden was important, but not the most important anything for 500 years. Biden is a fool, that can't seem to get his foot out of his mouth. I seem to remember my grandfather telling all the kids to "engage your brain before you mouth".

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeddie-Neal-Churchill/1206183209 Jeddie Neal Churchill

    The founders who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence
    was a more bold move than killing Osama Bib Laden. Notice what they signed
    their names to:

    We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of
    America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the
    world … we mutually pledge
    to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor. (They would have been killed if caught by the kings men.)

    Did Obama risk his life in the death of Osama? NO! He watched it on a monitor in his jammies

  • Carlos Ramos

    Panetta is a fool and so is the White House -- If Obscumbo wants to seem "bold" for the audience why not display Bin Ladens body?  Such a moron!  With his sociopathic liar syndrome is anyone going to believe that thhis "kill" was Biin Laden?  I dont
    But he is trying to steal Goerge Bushes thunder for political gain -- I say toss the bum out!

  • Blackmark48

    The raid at Entebbe Airport in Uganda!

  • Schnable

    My goodness, Obama turns out to be the greatest military strategist in the world today!   Quite a feat for somone who has never been in the military and carries a forged selective service card.   In just over three years, he and his right arm, Joe Biden, did what no one else has been able to do in ten years.   They hunted him down with the help of another military genius, Leon Panetta, called in trusted adviser, Sec. Clinton, and they all watched as the feared Commander-in-Chief said "go".    Thanks, Mr Dictator!

  • aurora9

    These 'so-called' leaders must have a case of arthritis after constantly patting themselves on their backs.  And just what were the SEALS, chopped liver?

  • Richardcarello

    Biden is one of the dumbest sons o f bitches to ever serve as VP and thats a lot of morons!!! AS for that lying,Phony,Loser piece of crap obama right on!!! He had no choice to go along and screw valerie jarrette or whatever her name is!!! Leon Panetta made the call and the Bush administration should get much of the credit!!! Oh and in closing my vote for most audacious goes to Harry Truman and  the A bomb!!!!! Too bad we cant drop a bunch on the middle east nothing would be lost!!! The only thing the muslim culture has contributed to the world is Violence,Intolerance and Ignorance!!!!! Peace through superior fire power!!!!!

  • BethHarbin




  • paulkbri

    Thats because the white house is full of stupid ass holes. obummer wouldn't make a pimple on the past presidents who lead the USA to victory


    Biden you are a sack of monkey shi*, you big clumsy idiot, to even be the VP under thius scum bag shows what a low life you are. your a disgrace to the office.

    • Fatmansplicer

      you got that right their both a legend  in their own mind Obama and Biden

  • Dumbstruck

    Real heros like the brave solders who actually have put themselves in harms way, never boast or brag about their service if they are blessed enough to return alive. They can only think about their friends who never got the chance to return.

    Every time these misfits in leadership now open their mouths, they sound more pitiful than they did the day before. They are without class and have no honor.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      I almost agree. Except I believe they are without honor, and show no class.

  • mark

    Your talking about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with all it's resources killing one man!!! All Obama had to do is say, ok guys let's do it. That's all he had invested in the whole ordeal!!! How hard was that that to do? The special forces should get 90% of the credit!!! They planed the mission and excuted it!!! Any sitting president could have made that decision!!! It took 10 years to track and kill Osama and Obama wants to tack the credit, give me a break!!!

  • paperpushermj

    Is there no limit  to What These guys Think of Themselves?

  • TOM


  • J.D.Scott

    They're a PAIR of jerks!

  • Doc71023


  • JohnL2

    Always thought this Obama adminiatration was and is delusional, and this removes any doubt!!
    While SEAL team 6 did a great job and deserve credit, their raid hardly compares to D-Day (06 June, 1944) where thousands of men, ships, and months of planning caught the Germans with their pants down. GEESH!!!

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    " The Chief", "POTUS" (Or, as I refer to "Him" (peace be upon "Him" [PBUH]), "POSOTUS" (i.e.: "Peace Of "S*** Of The United States".) Every time I see "Him" (PBUH) give a speech, I'm remind more and more of WW II film footage of "Ill Duce". The same expressions, the same gesticulations,  the same "Crony Capitalism", etc.

  • Jullon

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Biden has finally shown the world that he is truly insane or incredibly STUPID. Stupid as in lacking even the most basic intelligence of a newborn baby. Where does this (man) get his information from? Does he really know anything about WWII history? Over 50,000 men died on D-day, over 50,000 men. It was the greatest land/sea invasion of the war. One can grant that taking Bin Laden out was way over due, but to compare it to WWII. Pure insanity by a person who has limited intelligence in the first place.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020382320 Curtis Edward Turner

    The trouble with that is that this administration's obsession with Obama's "successes" will do nothing to save our democracy from the liberal termites taking away all the liberties we have enjoyed for over 200 years of America.  In fact their vision of America under a tyrant subjugates everyone to onerous rules and laws and lawsuits that are frightening to the extent of being absurd.  Take food laws for example.  The food police will not let you buy meat from your friendly farmer down the road . . . or use your own children as farm labor, or . . . , or . . .  You get the idea.  We can't even use the natural rersources we have in trhe ground thanks to Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency.  The ideoilogy of socialism is a cancer that fizzles out when we run out of other people's money.  And while Obama's relishg 17 or more vacation to posh sites aroun d the world, the great United States gradually slides to the economic equivalent of Greece or Zimbabwe.

  • mamasview

    I don't know why he claims it as a personal victory when what it amounted to was to get out of the way and finally give the ok to act. The military intelligence would have had the situation ready to go for some time.

  • Skipp

    Until we see the actual body and confirmed by medical professional that it was the real Bin Laden, the POSOTUS was just telling another lie. That dead body they dumped in the sea within 24 hours, in accordance with Muslim tradition, Yeah Right!!!, could have been any poor soul. The POSOTUS could have staged and made up the attack to make him looks good before the next election. POSOTUS has been lying about many things, his real BC and his Selective Service card. I don't believe a word out of his big mouth! What is the name of the carrier on which they brought the dead body of Bin back before they gave him a sea burial?  All thousands of sailers on "that" ship have been keeping their mouth shut??
    Show me the real dead body of Bin! Just my 2 cents.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

       Glad to see I'm not the only one who's created (parallel development? Or, as a dear friend put it, "Great minds travel in the same rut") the "Piece Of S[excrement] Of The United States" acronym. Hopefully, it'll be picked up and become more common. It's certainly no worse than, "Bush-Hitler", or, "Caribou Barbie", now is it?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPFLUGWXN7K6XWWOZRFP464YGM duffydog

    total AH
    Nov please

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Joe Biden proves once again proves Bin laden's desire to eliminate Obama ....would put a meat head in the Oval Office . The time table for American decline that his boss is proudly  supervising ....will be accelerated.

    Please,  anyone but these two in November. Isn't Charlie Sheen looking for work?

  • Bigalforsley

    Joe Biden is a bufoon. Why do we not have pictures of Bin laden's corpse. WE have pictures of Muslino hanging. We have the same for Saddam Hussien being executed, and so many other villians our country has taken. B in Laden had been dead for a long time before our men hit the compound. Whoever they killed may have been a high ranking Al qaeda leader but he was not Old Sammy Bin Laden.

  • Willy

    Actually, saying such a thing is the most audatious thing thats happened is probably more correct. I'm so embarrassed of our leaders...I don't even have words to express my disdain.

  • Pegi

    This white house spends way too much time patting itself on the back!  When you have a track record as lousy as Obama, I guess you have to grasp at straws!  There are many bold things that have happened in our history & this is just one of them, period!  Obama needs to get over himself!

  • Bgpr1345

    Bold moves how about Washington crossing the delaware and capturing trenton.

  • Remington 870

    We must assume it really was Usama who was killed, not a double. But, what if this entire killing of Usama was a fake kill to prop up a president whose only use is to be Soros' puppet dictator? The Obama administration lies, and lies and we are to believe this one event actually occurred? If people want to believe this purported killing of one of the world's notorious terrorists actually happened, where there are so many inconsistancies to begin with, we must then believe Obama is Dear Leader and should turn our country into a dictatorship.

  • Dr. Tracy Baker

    A question has been in my mind for a long time and I wish someone could answer it for me.  How did Joe Biden get to where he is today?  This guy is an idiot, saying idiotic things all the time.  How could someone so stupid get to be a U.S. Senator, much less Vice President?  I don't have a hint of political ability in my body and I know not to say the things he says.  And what does this say about the people who voted for him?  Is the American voter that stupid?  Joe Biden's intellect is right up there with Al Gore's.  I just do not understand anyone voting for those fools.  Can someone explain it?

    • Samtman

        you need to check out VP Bidens biograph before you make such irresponsible, idiotic statments without any facts to back you up. You show no hint of any basic intelligents.

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        "Sam The Man", eh?" Riiighhht. You attempted to disparage Dr. Baker with the following revealing sentence: "You show no hint of any basic intelligents." Well? As they say, "Right back at ya."

  • depaz

    What a goof.  Going back 500 years is before there even WAS an "America"!!!!  And we all know that the only reason the big O gave the order was because he was slipping in the polls.  If his approval had still been in the 60% range, Bin Laden would still be in his cave puffing on his hookah. . . . .

  • Allan Chamberlain


    • Michael G.

      Would you class him as an 'educated-iiot?'

      • Michael G.

        That word should be Idiot. Sorry for the stumbling around. I have nuropothy in my hands (not much feeling there) from chemotherapy.

  • Currency49

    Bush puts it in place , Obama gets a Big Head ??????????????

  • Onelordwonforever

    A must watch this summer for any American before they go to the polls, will be a movie titled " 2016 ", because it will reveal that the Obamination and Biden tag team are F'in Nothins. They have a plan and it is being executed both in front of your eyes and secretly behind closed doors for years.

    Seriously, what a bunch of evil and seductive lying morons. However, exactly what does that say about the pukes and dumb asses that elected these two? We are surrounded by welfare minded sheep. Unfortunately as sickening as these two are, they are bent on destroying America and what she has stood for from her conception.

    Obama is evil and the people who have been surrounding him are like those portrayed in the old movie "Omen" and he is Dameon. This summer a movie named 2016 is coming out. It will be an eye opener for the average person. The movie comes from those who made Schindlers List, Jurassic Park and other wonderful high profile big box office movies.

    The Lord laid out the fate of this world in various books in the bible, but Revelations is the culmination for the destruction that is laid before us. Obama's so called Heathcare bill is nothing more than the end of your freedoms.

  • Piks123

    Obama is not stupid. He has a plan to ruin the USA and unfortunately, he's close to succeeding. He was smart enough to pick a DUMMY like Joe Biden as VP (for obedience and to avoid a threat) and a selfish hag for Secretary of State (kept close to avoid a threat from their also). Then surrounded himself with anti American czars to circumvent Congress and the balance of powers. This happened because the people were blindsided by the Progressives/Communist groups and became fanatical in putting this faker in our highest office. The truth is showing itself more each day and we can only hope the same people that voted for him  will accept their mistake and make a wiser decision this time around.

  • padremike

    The sad thing is that the Obots will actually believe this crap.  What's even worse is that I suspect that Obama, himself, also sees himself as a warrior; a man who probably never earned an honest blister on his hands in his entire life.  He wears gloves when golfing so don't try and sneak a blister by me with that sort of  logic.  

  • Mike Aquila

    It's not that they are stupid in this current administration, rather they have a disdain for all that ame before them. They are historically selfish. This Obama administration is akin to the old Soviet system which always laid claim to being the first to discover "this" or the first to invent "that" while all along, it was others in the free world that did the real work of discovery and invention. The only way to be rid of this gaggle of idiots is to vote them out in November.

  • Berengaria

    So OBAMA  killed OSAMA, and used the group called the Obama seals to do the actual brave deed.  What a bold,bold  manuever by the democrat party and so co-ordinated byt the WH and the Obama military.  I thought the Obama seals were a secret organization, but it looks as if they exist for the Obama Spin Machine.  Thank you, Berengaria

  • Done being Nice

    Joe Biden should pull his head out of obama's a**.

  • Done Being Nice

    Osama was killed in spite of obama, not because of him!!!

  • Davidpasztor

    Like Queen Michele Obama says....." We americans are go'na have to learn how to re-write history".  The Obama's are proof that "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER"

  • Marat Bandemer

     Why is this man, Obama, still seated in the White House?   Why has he not been removed from office, and brought to trial for what are tantamount to treasonous acts and the fact that his citizenship is doubtless not of the United States?  A bold action would be to finally bring to an end the Obama agenda, and clean house in all three branches of government.   We are witnessing not only the most corrupt federal government in our history, but one that has either directly subverted the Constitution, or has supported the subversive elements and their agenda either from ignorance, apathy or stupidity.   Obama does not give a speech; he lectures his audience.  He talks down to the American people,  Perhaps it is justified.
    Our electorate is at its worst level of ineptitude than every before.  A petition was circulated to have Harry Truman impeached; thank God it never happened, as history has proven.   Why is there not the same fervor and outcry in a situation that most certainly warrants such actions?  Joe Biden?  He evidently has a brain (?) disjointed from his mouth!

  • Michael G.

    Talk about a 'blow-hard.' His nickname should be "Old-Blower."

  • Ritchard

    It was bold alright, a bold faced lie. How anybody can believe this nonsense is beyond comprehension. It is just another media fairy tale to keep the sheep distracted.  Now everybody, back to sleep they will let you know when Walmart is having a sale.

  • apeman2502

     "Audacious" was the word used. Being that the whole caper was a lie, with Obummer himself slumped on the floor while Hillary and the rodent Rhodes crowd posed for the cameras with some of the brass, the audaciousness comes from the LIE.
       Hillary is always looking for 'presidential points' for her own conduct. Her sniggering out the phrase, "We came. We saw. And we killed Ghaddafi" alludes to the super-elevated pedestal she puts herself up on. Biden is wise to keep himself out of site during this presidency. He can then be remembered for his transient snarling and his panicking on hearing about 9-11.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/22ZPZJO3NSMKRESG43IL2IZSB4 DavidL

    It does'nt take much for one muslim to kill another muslim.They do it everday.

  • Princeton67atCoxdotnet

    It does not take heroics for an armchair dictator to give an order to kill a tyrant from the safety of Washington, D.C..  No one who has not seen the horror of battle or smelled the stench of war has any right to lay claim to boldness that rightfully belongs to America's true heroes:  Our men of the Navy Seals.  The only audacious characteristics warranted by our usurper-in-chief are for his ego and his mendacity. 


    if Obama was in office in 1944 there would of never been a D Day more likely it would of been the invasion of Los Angeles by the Japs or the Nazis hitting Baltimore. Obama is a coward, o h he struts like a Broadway pimp with his 100 body guards but  if he was alone he'd cower in a corner.

  • Nine Baller

    More bold than D-DAY GFYS Obama.

  • dondehoff

    Our President's stand on our special forces is quite flawed: First, he does not understand or appreciate that endeaver was just a  "routine day's work"  for  the SEAL unit---not "ho-hum", but it was that for which they were trained to do---these units are not only good at what they do, they are outstanding.  Second, the President is somewhat less than precise (being polite), in that his contribution was just  the "approval" of what the unit had been training and rehearsing for a long time.  Third, the plan had been "in the works" long before the President came into office. Last, the operation was something of which we all  should  be very proud, but our military history is full of  similar accomplishments. Most citizens recognize this (no pun intented).

  • Wayne

    I doubt B.O. Would have ordered the Bin Laden kill had he not found out Bin Laden planned to assassinate him.
    Maybe he would have, it was a big political gain at the time. But knowing B.O. Does not love this country, is not a patriot, and seems dead-on to taking it down, besides all the other stuff that divides and confuses gullible people and the ones who only care about themselves, is quite enough for all Americans who do love our country to make sure we remove the president from office in November.

  • Citizen1vote

    This is what you get when you put a non christian in the white house. It looks like there will be another non christian in the white house this election if mitt gets in what will be after mitt a jew and if mitt does get in it will be the same. obamacare romneycare the same thing. I know romney says he will repeal obamacare but he hasn`t said what he will put in it`s place.

  • Wolfe7263

    My, My, they are not enthralled with themselves, are they?  One would think they personally did the deed. I believe it was men who knew what they were doing.  D.-Day?  Ask those that were there, not the jokers talking about it!

  • Iron Angel

    Obama can only take crdit for screwing up America by spending trillions that went to the wealthy bankers, loan institutions and car companies....

  • bbf
  • Emslykarl

    Wow ! So now our illustrious President is more AUDACIOUS than Grant ; Patton ; Mc Arthur ; Eisenhower ; etc. ! If this does not qualify for the DUMBEST VP QUOTE ever , then I don't know what would ! VP Dan Quayle should be one happy man ! Nothing that Dan Q could have said could even come a close second to this inane utterance ! Actually , the fact that this BOZO is one heart-beat away from the Presidency , should be all the reason America needs for NOT reelecting this TEAM ! Can you just imagine going war with this Clown as our Commander in Chief ? Really !

  • Bill

    Biden is a BOOB. Enough said.

  • djw663

    Of course and Obama is the fourth best president our Nation has ever seen.  LMFAO.  CAN'T SAY IT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.

  • Jim Lloyd

    The only way Joe Biden could possibly get any bigger is the same way most things like him do... A whole bottle of VIAGRA.!