The Intolerant Left Wants Christian University Out of Their Town

There’s a 217-acre college campus with 43 buildings in Northfield, Massachusetts, that is vacant. Hobby Lobby, a craft-store chain set about to repair the facility, pouring millions of dollars into the project, so it can give it away to a reliable Christian organization that has the financial backing to take the property over and establish a college. Liberty University, founded by the late Jerry Falwell, is interested, and this has people in Northfield upset:

Some people are so nervous about Liberty’s potential takeover of the land that a petition against the institution has been launched. In fact, alumni of the Northfield Mount Hermon prep school — the school that owned the site until 2009 — are petitioning against the potential Christian owners, alleging that Liberty is “extremist” and “narrow” in its teachings.

The intolerance of the Left is astounding. The New York Times reports the following:

More than 1,000 alumni of Northfield Mount Hermon have signed a petition calling Liberty “an extremist, homophobic and intellectually narrow institution” that clashes with the values of D. L. Moody, an evangelist who opened a school for girls on the property, his birthplace, in 1879.

“Whoever comes in there should have views consistent with the legacy of the place,” said John Howley, a Northfield Mount Hermon alumnus and former trustee who signed the petition, which is addressed to the chairman of the school’s board of trustees. He described Moody as a promoter of “big-tent” Christianity. “We don’t want it to go to a place that is not open-minded, not willing to listen to the views of others,” he said.

I sincerely doubt that Dwight L. Moody would have tolerated homosexuality given his views on God’s law as expressed in his book on the Ten Commandments Weighed and Wanting:

Now men may cavil as much as they like about other parts of the Bible, but I have never met an honest man that found fault with the Ten Commandments. Infidels may mock the Lawgiver and reject Him who has delivered us from the curse of the law, but they can’t help admitting that the commandments are right . . . they are for all nations, and will remain the commandments of God through the centuries. . . . The people must be made to understand that the Ten Commandments laws are still binding, and that there is a penalty attached to their violation. . . . Jesus never condemned the law and the prophets, but He did condemn those who did not obey them [see Matthew 5:17–19].”

 Here's another example of Dwight L. Moody’s “big-tent Christianity” and “open-mindedness.”

Marriage is one of the institutions that existed in Eden; it is older than the fall. It is the most sacred relationship that can exist between human beings, taking precedence even of the relationship of the parent and child. Someone has pointed out that as in the beginning God created one man and one woman, this is the true order for all ages.

Did you catch that?: “one man and one woman . . . the true order of the ages.”



  • jong

    No true Christain would go against what God has taught us.  Homosexuality is not a life style it is a disease that is treatable (DSM3) and there is no such thing as a gay gene.   These people as far as I can see do not have a leg to stand on .     If they do not like the way the property is being used just dont go there.   I think their main reason for complaint is they do not want good morals and ethics such as Moody had being taught in their town.    It also begs the question who is really behind this effort to not have this University.   Follow the money being spent and you will find a far left group behind it leading the sheep.

    • D. Ken-War


      • Noni77

        They have replaced God with their own egos and will not tolerate the idea that this is Satanic and wish to banish truth and those who know truth from their lives, from the world.

  • Tracie

    It always amazes me how 'intolerant' the left is when it comes to ANY thing to do with Christianity or Conservative issues.  What's it going to hurt for Liberty University to put a school there? NOTHING!!! It's JUST the principle of the idea that liberals don't want it there. 

  • LouiseCA

    Evil is now considered good and good is now considered evil. Many of us knew this day was coming decades ago, but to actually see it unfolding before our eyes is still astounding. To see the intolerant left trying to latch onto Moody like he was one of theirs would be comical if it wasn't so incredibly perverse.

    • paulc

       Isaiah 5:20 predicts it  "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,"   and it goes on to say in the 21st verse  "Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes  and clever in their own sight."

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                                               Oh I always thought that left was tolerant!   Some joke!   They are the most intolerant
    hate-mongers out there!   They cannot, no, they will not tolerate the TRUTH of GOD's Word for it condemns their sins!   They love darkness rather than light(John 3:18-21)!    They can hate it all they want
    to now!   My question is I wonder what they will do when they stand before GOD at the White Throne Judgement(Psa.1:4-6; Rom.2; Phil.2:9-11; Rev.20:10-15)!

    • oversmack

      I'm guessing...wet themselves.

  • Richard Gibbard

    No religion worth knowing about tolerates homosexuality.   Yet, when was the last time any queers protested aginst a mosque?

    • Jeff Walters

       The queers in all the Muslim governed countries are either dead or quaking in their closets for fear of "the religion of peace" that wants to murder them.

      • 1marg

        Hillary, Madame Pelosi, Big mouth Wasserman, Rosie O, et al should be a little nervous, but knowing them, they're skipping through the tulips.

  • Micky Baker

    It's private property.  Here is an idea, if Liberty University does purchase it, then maybe the signers of the petition can move, because they can't infringe upon the right to freely exercise religion.  Liberals hate Liberty, literally.

    • NancyJ

      Maybe.  If they hurry up.
      Obama is dismantling the Constitution as fast as he can go.
      Soon, we will all be under the thumb of Dictator Obama and Socialism.

    • Sandra Schools

       You nailed it Micky....It is the Liberals who are unable to tolerate liberty. To use D.L. Moody as a scapegoat, trying to hide their intolerance does not work. I know Liberty University well. "Extremest" and "narrow" they are not. There are oh so many other schools much more on the narrow side then them. There is not a shred of difference in what they believe than what Moody believed. I have read many works by and about Moody. The ignorance of this liberal crowd is not surprising. I would ask those who want LU to come to Northfield to get in the face of these intolerant leftists and demand that they bring the evidence before the town that they seem to have about Moody's so called "Big Tent" difference over LU.

      • Don

        liberals hate lierty for one reason only. liberty  lets each one of us to make choices. so many of us has gave that away. liberty is an forever will be the back bone of a free nation.

    • Don

      mr baker you do have away with words

    • KHM

      @ Micky Baker (1 day ago), The article didn't say that the alumni lived in the area of this campus. Simply because they went to t heMt. Hermon Prep School, which closed in 2009. This is private property as one other comment pointed out, so why should the alumni have any influence over what happens to their former school, unless they want to buy it.  Seems to me that the community would rather have a conservative college using this lovely property and bringing in taxes and supplying some jobs to locals.  It sure beats a gambling casino.

  • Joe ThePimpernel

    Government is the religion of the psychopath.

  • 1peevedbob

    And to think this country got it's start in this wonderfully intolerant state.....
    this is the mode of operation of the left.. Accuse the other guy  of what you are doing....

  • Robert

    I once was a homosexual...thank god I'm out of it now through the grace of God..I will never back
    down on my Lord! He saved me! Homosexuals can change

    • oversmack

      Thank you for that post Robert.  God bless you!

    • Ron Brennan

       Robert, God Bless You.  I thank God for giving you the ability to talk about your experiences and to help others in the same situation as you Were.  I pray that God will use you in many other ways.  Follow Him and listen to His words, Robert and you will never go wrong.  Again, God Bless You.

    • Heather Linton

       I am also a "recovered" bisexual... Praise the Lord!!

  • freeairfrog

    It's not the school they object to. Its the principle. (Sorry - I just couldn't help myself)

  • TheChristianSolution

    Of course this petition does not have a legal leg to stand on. The petition makes evident that the intent is to discriminate based upon religious grounds and is clearly a violation of the 1st Amendment.

    But the discrimination is against Christians, so perhaps they will win in our modern courts.

  • M

    How about making it a halfway house for convicted rapists and child molestors?  There is no religious concern then.

    • aurora9

       There shouldn't be a halfway house for convicted rapists and child molesters.  They should remain incarcerated as they never change and are constantly a threat to society.

  • Roger Anderson

    These 1000 alumni of Northfield Mount Hermon obviously know nothing about the Dwight L. Moody that I know from his writings and lessons.  Anyone who objects to a Christian University purchasing the property because of the universities' very accurate  Biblical understanding of homosexuality is clearly a follower of Satan.  This is just another example of how close we are to the Rapture.  Maybe these alumni need to look up the meaning of the word abomination, then they need to read Romans 1:24-27.

  • Darkhunter64

    LOL, They contradict everything they claim to be  for at the same time...ROFLAO, I can't deal with this level mental incoherence anymore...LOL, it's just too much....  * SIGH *head in hands wondering if it's possible to grow I.Q. points for mass distribution*

  • sean murry

    Libs hate everything .

  • Cathy

    I'll bet that they would allow Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. in with NO PROBLEM.  The issue is liberals must squash Christianity  because it is impossible to enslave a Christian.  There loyalties are to Jesus .

  • Kurt

    The growing intolerance against Christianity is sad, but not unexpected.  And I'm saying Christianity, not religion.  Religions other than those that are Christ-centered, are becoming more accepted as time goes on.  If I'm correct, this is Bible prophecy.   So far, every prophecy in the Bible, unlike other religious doctrines, has come to fruition.  The message is simple.  Get closer to God, or don't.  It's a choice.  Those who do receive forgiveness, grace and favor.  Those who don't... don't.  If more and more people choose to turn their backs on God, that's their choice and the consequences will be theirs, too.   Some of the biggest culprits in this growing intolerance are the organized religions. 

    • PatriotDiva

      You are so right Kurt. My cousin, who is a Catholic priest supports homosexuality, and may even be a homosexual himself. I left the catholic church in the late 80's and decided to attend only non-denominational Christian churches that did not compromise the word of God. One by one mainline churches are becoming apostates.

  • Fbcole2

    If Sunni Muslims wanted to open a Radical Islamic school the in-Justice Department and the ACLU would come to the rescue. Liberalism must be eliminated.

  • Buck

    And if it was a muslim college someone wanted to open no one would say a word.

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    Always find it interesting,when were suppose to tolerate anything&everything.
    Yet!nobody will do the same for us.Liz 

  • Fatmansplicer

    Obama hates americans and christians

  • Fatmansplicer

    Moodys dead he won,t care.

  • Jim

    1.  The Northfield Mount Hermon does not own the campus now, they sold it to Hobby Lobby after being told that it would be given to a Christian educational organization.  NMH signed on to that.
    2.  The alums can sign any and all petitions they want to, but they can't make any difference.
    3.  There is a group of 25 people in the town, who meet in a house, who are trying to influence Hobby Lobby not to donate the campus to Liberty.  Hobby Lobby has made it quite clear that they will do what they want with the campus, which they own.
    4.  An overwhelming majority of the people in the town of 3000 would be delighted to have a moral good neighbor like Liberty University and its students.
    5.  The people who are against the University would have run D L Moody out of town when he decided to open the Northfield Seminary for Girls in the late 1800s.
    6.  The reason for being of the school was to train people to be representatives for Christ all over the world.  For that reason, they sent missionaries to Africa, Europe, and Asia to continue Moody's evangelistic work.
    7.  Liberty University is only one of about 12 to 20 organizations in the running for the campus, and according to HL, it is not the front runner.
    8.  So much for the school's Diversity Day celebration and their reputation for tolerance.  They want to be nice to everyone except Christians and other people with morals.
    9.  After Moody's death in 1899 the school was taken over by apostates who revered Moody as a great educator, but ignored his real legacy as an evangelist, and it has remained that way to the present day. As many of the colleges and universities, they have been over-run by liberal teachers who push their perverted sense of right and wrong.

  • PatriotDiva

    If Hobby Lobby owns the property, they can sell it whoever they please. Also, Hobby Lobby is a Christian owned business, so selling the property to Liberty University should be a good thing. The left always wants tolerance for themselves, regardless of the filthy vile things they do, yet they never show tolerance to those different from them, particularly Christians.

  • Rosebud

    What is the address of  John Howley and the Northfield Mount Hermon Prep School, they should be ashamed of themselves.  They would not protest a Mosque or Islamic community moving into the place and yet that religion   also denounces homosexuality and even kills gays in their own countries.  Can't get more intolerant than that.  I think he  is an atheist who is afraid that if  God moves in next door it will bring conviction of his sins.  This man is hiding from the truth and is afraid of it.

  • Heck

    Time to make a stand!!!

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    Unless those opposing the ownership and use of the building by Liberty University have the law on their side -- zoning, for example -- it seems that the locals' objection is solely the nature of their possible neighbor.

    This recalls an exchange between Auntie Mame and the parents of her nephew Patrick's prospective bride. On being told that the residence, Upson Downs, is in a restricted neighborhood, Auntie Mame retorts, "To what and by whom?"

    The other work that immediately leaps to mind is "Raisin in the Sun." Using the money from their late husband'/father's insurance policy, the Youngers plan to move from their apartment into a suburban home in Clybourne Park. Mr Linder, a representative from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association visits the Youngers with an offer of $10,000 provided they do not move there. He justifies his offer saying, "I want you to believe me when I tell you that race prejudice simply doesn't enter into it. It is a matter of the people of Clybourne Park believing, rightly or wrongly, as I say, that for the happiness of all concerned that our Negro families are happier when they live in their 'own' [italics in the original -- VM] communities. 

    Evidently the alumni of the Northfield Mount Hermon Prep School received a similar education to that of the residents of Clybourne Park; why else would they believe mutatis mutandis that the students and faculty of a Liberty campus would be happier when they go to college in their "own" communities, probably someplace in the benighted South.

    Interesting. A declared homosexual like former representative Barney Frank is OK, but G-d forbid fundamentalist Christians should buy a vacant building for a college. So much for Massachusetts' reputation as a "liberal" state.  Perhaps "Our way or the highway" will soon appear on that commonwealth's license plates.

  • Set Our Children Free

    You didn't really think that the Left was about tolerance and diversity, did you?  That's just lip service.  These people are control freaks, and they are way more bigoted than any of the Christians they hate.  I think it's called hypocrisy!

  • Jccappscpa

    I have an idea to capitalize on their stupidity - sign an agreement that anyone using the property will follow Moody's theology very strictly in exchange for their support of the organization. After all, that's what they say they want, right?

  • ConservaDave2

    Well, Jesus said that it was necessary the the tares grow up with the wheat for awhile.  What can you actually expect from the Northeast anyway.  "In your patience possess ye your soul."  Eventually they will reap what they are sowing.

  • progressiveandproud

    Based on my understanding of Liberty University and its teachings, I wouldn't want them in my town either.

    The Pentecostal church I grew up in was about love and helping others. I don't even recognize the philosophy of most of the right wing "Christians".

  • skipfoss

    Liberals only no one side of anything and that is theirs and they think that since Lord obama is is currently in power the only side is theirs and you must obey,well guess what they can go get screwed because obama is not the all powerful as they would like him to be, he is just a man with limited power and he will soon come to see that ,when is voted out or taken out . There are already impeachment proceedings in motion to put him out ,and when all of the investigations are concluded on him he will probably run home to Kenya where he will be safe he hopes ,there are people out there that would rather see him on a slab . What ever or however he goes will please me as long as he's gone

  • Chris

    It is beyond me what Moody Bible Institute in Chicago just not just purchase it...  They are about as true to Moody's values as you'll get...

  • Karen Pansler Lam

    Let Christian Liberty Ring!
    The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, Inc., is giving away a school campus in Northfield, Massachusetts.  
    The property formerly belonged to Northfield Mount Hermon School,
    founded in 1879 by D.L. Moody. 
     However, when some local residents and alumni of Mount Hermon School heard that Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell, was invited to consider the offer, they began to protest to keep Evangelicals out of Northfield. 
    Alumni posted a letter of protest and a petition on the Internet. 
    This letter isn’t just protesting Liberty University. 
    It’s protesting the Christian liberty of Evangelicals! 
    The plain and undeniable truth is that Northfield residents and Mount Hermon alumni are denying the essential rights and liberties of Evangelical Christians.
     They are building a town of spiritual tyranny. 
    And they are doing this in the name of D.L. Moody. 
    The protest letter states: “Standing by silently as the current owners welcome Liberty University onto the Northfield property 
    fails to honor D.L. Moody’s true legacy.”
    They are trying to keep Evangelicals out of Northfield in the name of D.L. Moody.
    This is absurd!
    Moody was an evangelist!
    Moody was an Evangelical!
    Inscribed on the Liberty Bell is Leviticus 25:10. . .
    “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”
    But the Liberty Bell does not ring in Northfield.  It is silent.
    To the residents of Northfield and alumni of Mount Hermon School… 
    Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof, 
    including Evangelicals!
    Let Christian liberty ring in Northfield, Massachusetts!  
    Read the entire message @!.htm 
    Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D.
    Liberty Advocate