Is Martial Law and Dictatorship Around the Corner?

These are indeed scary times for many Americans and the future is full of chaos and uncertainty.

But is it really uncertainty or is this part of a scripted plan being played out in the nation’s capitol?

In the three years since Obama took office, he has pushed legislation that has disregarded the US Constitution, given the federal government more power over businesses and the financial market and placed the nation on the verge of financial collapse. The head of one of China’s largest credit rating agency has said that the US dollar is being dropped as the reserve currency of the world’s economy. After the credit downgrading, the markets took a drastic drop on Monday.

Obama has instituted one socialist policy after another. The Communist Party USA has officially endorsed him for the 2012 election.

If you truly look at Obama’s life and the influence of numerous Marxists and socialists from his youth to the Oval Office, everything he has done starts to make perfect sense. His trillion dollar bailouts, Obamacare, and every other program that has resulted in the economic disaster we are in were done intentionally.

All that is needed at this point is for the rest of the economy to begin to collapse for President Obama to declare a state of Martial Law throughout the United States. Once Martial Law has been established, Obama will continue to disregard the US Constitution and establish more government control over every aspect of life. Then before we know what happened, he disbands Congress and assumes complete and absolute control of the government and nation, establishing the first dictatorship in American history.

Will this happen? I sure hope not. Could it happen? So far, everything Obama has done is pointing in that direction.

It’s up to the American people to stop him, if it’s not too late already.



  • Corky W.

    I've been telling people this for the last year and a half. obama has been building this for some tome now. STOP being nice to him. He is ILLEGAL to serve in the white house. REMOVE HIM NOW ...

    • ronald yurchak

      this whole thing is about becoming a dictator.

    • Jack

      Yes quit being nice to him. He sure as hell isn't nice to us.

    • Charles

      It's not HIS country. It's our country, It's my militia's country. Yes we follow the constitution which obama doesn't. I doubt he's ever read it. He got stuck on "We the people."

    • luchadora41

      Agreed, Corky. Let's remove him by sending in thousands of criminal complaints to Grand Juries nationwide, because only a Grand Jury can make him appear before them and answer to charges of Treason. Here are two links:

    • Cold War Gunner

      Here is something to think about:

      The only way that WE THE PEOPLE will ever get the full undivided attention of our idiots in DC is with a 3 Day sick-out. Everyone calls in sick on the same day, and does nothing but stay in your home and read a book. No tv, no radio, no internet,no phone no mall cruising, no nothing
      Do this Civil Disobedience on say Tue, Wed, Thur, stay at home inside, and watch the fun.

    • ronald yurchak

      I've been saying this since the day he took the oath of office. Read the communist manifesto or read Lenin and stalin. That will make your hair curl. We're in real trouble. Can it be stopped ?.

    • Artie

      I agree , he needs to go, the faster the better, and he needs to walk out of the White House too

      • Rip

        He needs to be Marched out of the White House in Shackles

    • Wanda

      He is the most illegal person in the world for the position he is trying to hold on to. He is doing a terrible job and accomplishes nothing good for our country. REMOVE HIM NOW = BEFORE THE ELECTION IF POSSIBLE. How about starting the IMPEACHMENT process! I'll sign!

    • shelly

      i agree,obama is hurting america &americans. but what can we do?

    • dragonfFIRE01

      I hope it is not too late. stopping him in NOT RACIST. Orly Taitz has a hearing Sept 14th in Hawaii to force a Ms Fuddy to show why Obama's real birth certiicate cannot be shown feds claim privacy, but he blew that when he presented his FAke one.

      • Wisdom Helps

        If we have to present our birth certificates or our REAL social security card for a job his "Hawaiian birth certificate" needs to be presented to his current employer....US! They'll squirm & fart around til kingdom comes because they don't have his bc.

    • Mike Tanco

      Congress doesn't have the guts to impeach him, and trust me, there is enough on him for an impeachment.
      Mike Tanco

    • jerry3741

      I agree with what you are saying and i have been telling any one that would listen about the same thing. The peopel need to wake up now not later and put a stop to this mess that the government is doing.

  • Wolf-Talker

    Come on now, we all know the Great Black Father in washington knows whats best for "His" country and it's people. If the majority out there believe this than so be it (there are none so blind they cannot see and none so deaf they cannot hear).
    It is we the enlightened people the ones who have not burried their heads in the sand who know. It is we the People who must correct this mistake!

    • C M Javier

      There can be any better solution than what Wlf-Talker has suggested.

    • Warpuppet

      You're drinking the Koolaid huh ?

    • arlo

      Pick your favorite Liberal and all supporters of this scumbucket

    • david

      The ones who are taking up for him and kissing his ass are communists also. They may think they're democrats but if you love obama or think he is the best thing that has ever happened to this world you are a communist pure and simple.

  • AZJEFF1963

    we are ready....AZ WE WILL FIGHT!!

    • David

      TX is ready too.

    • bulldustin

      add Alabama in the fight to

      • Karen

        All better be ready in every way possible. I have heard that if martial law comes, Obama will bring in Russians and Chineses armies to control and population and millions will be killed off.

        • RivahMitch

          Actually, Karen, I suspect that you may be right. For those of a literary bent, let me recommend that you read the old Allen Drury Book "Come Ninevah, Come Tyre". The scenario was laid out decades ago.

        • Cold War Gunner

          No, he will request assistance from the U N Peacekeepers who are already in training in the SW US.

        • BobM

          Those light blue helmets make GOOD TARGETS! As part of the original 13, NY is READY.

        • Jeff

          Maybe that is why the mid east hates us. To them we are the blue helmets. And why Hillery Clinton and Obama want so much gun control. So we can't fight back. Instead of gold and silver make sure you can protect and feed yourself. I also think those of us over forty who wasn't educated by the Communist teachers will be their enemy. So we need now to forget the Mideast and prepare here. Protect our Borders and stick to the Constitution.

      • mike

        Kudos on Alabama. This time it is for keeps. God Bless our state!

    • L Hughes

      So will KY and I suspect most of the other states will also.

      • Jeff

        Not all of California but the area where I live will. We in California are not all Democrats.

    • aznative1940

      I am in agreement

    • Jack the FAC

      What worries me is that Sultan Hussein the Obamanation will not use U.S. military for martial law. He will call in for United Nations troops, and especially troos from muslim countries. They would love to open fire on us "infidel" from the "Great Satan" America. But our sultan has forgotten one thing: there are millions of combat trained and experienced veterans in this country who know which end of the muzzle the round comes out of.

      • Wisdom Helps

        Don't forget he has his "civilian army" funded and in training. Supposedly they consist of felons, muslim prison convicts, etc. Those with no conscience to do his bidding....killing at will.

    • guest

      Glad to know you will fight, who are you going up against? I would join in an instant if there was someone besides "them". Give me a target, or a local person.

      • brad


    • Retired Navy Chief

      From the state Patrick Henry called home - we stand ready to defend our liberties.

    • 820 RED HORSE

      I trust your willin to back that up,for I fear we will all have to take up arms to defend our Constitution, Nation and our way of life!! Oblabba wants us to be socialist eurotrash, but I believe with all my heart that the citizens will not stand for this imposter and his idiot horde to advance on this. Remember PISS POOR PREPARATION MAKES FOR PISS POOR PERFORMANCE!! Prepare your home and family for what I feel will be a fight for the survival of our Nation.

    • Az_Patriot

      Yes, we here in Arizona are all locked and loaded...bring it!

  • Joanneo

    I have been telling all my friends this for over a year. Most did not believe it so I am glad someone has finally brought it out into the open. Obama said he will be accountable, what he really means is he will take the credit for turning America over to the one world order. We have some very rough times ahead, look out for martial law.

    • Sniper2

      Martial law will not be able to take effect as long as we the people maintain fire arms and ammunition for our defense to stop Obama. We will assassinate anyone who tries to take America into a Marxist society.

    • PJ R

      To Joanneo--- Don't feel bad. I've been telling people, from the two years he campaigned, and almost three he's been in office, so after 5 years of facts...I'm still the "foolish" one.
      We'll see.

  • ronald yurchak

    Why won't this allow me to share this link on Facebook? Very Spooooooky.

    • JIM

      Go into Huffington Post if you want to see the real face of liberalism, then just open a chat like conservatives do here.... Picture will become clear. Time to really look for options.!

    • Cherry Talsma

      I just shared it on mine, no problem.

    • Peter

      I use hootsuite to post.


      "From my cold dead hands" as Charlton Heston said. Obama won't live long enough to be a dictator in this country anyway ! There are too many armed Patriots to let that happen and the Military will not back him in this kind of move ! Over eighty million Gun Owners IN THIS COUNTRY and if aid to use them !like me aren't afraid to use them to save our Republic and

      • fordman

        The military will help him. I read somewhere that they are training people for marshal law and to shoot our own people if they get out of order. They are being brainwashed by our own military commanders.

        • Wisdom Helps

's called BHO's "civilian army". Funded, trained & ready to go!

        • Mel

          Some of the military will help him. The info about training for martial law is true. A recent security exercise here at Fort Knox was built around Tea Party, antigovernment type crowds, instead of the usual fictitious foreign entity representing an amalgam of the most likely threats as has always been the case in the past. There are present and former military, police and other "first responder" personnel, however, who pledge not to obey unlawful orders to act against US civilians exercising their Constitutional rights. See to see their creed and join the conversation.

      • Korean vet

        Don't be too sure of the military! For years they have been accepting any foreigner that applies for enlistment.. While there are many blacks that are true Americans in the service there are also many blacks that would do what Farakhan or Rangle or Jesse Jackson tell them to do. Does anyone know how many Muslims are in the army? There have been at least three instances of Muslims murdering other soldiers recently. I suggest that we rely on ourselves and keep your weapons clean and your powder dry.

      • Alan

        why do you think the government is trying to push the world small arms treaty? so they can disarm the American people. Who was it that said years ago we cant take the americans by force so we will just take them from within> forsight to Obama

      • DollyT

        Our Military is dispatched all around the world. Whose left to protect the Home Land with its wide open borders?
        Just Us!

  • Dave

    Martial Law? Hard to believe that this would hold up with our military, or at least the majority. Also, to many people have guns. But if they're so stupid as to follow Nazi Germany and declare them then turn them in, yes Martial Law is a very distinct possibility. If it does, there will be blood in the streets because there are to many people who can't stand the muslim. If martial law is declared. an all out civil war, with foreign troops marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to protect the great black massiah will be the result I think. .

    • SONNY

      They (the PEOPLE) were stupid enough to put this marxist in the W/H.

    • JIM

      You have the picture.... now keep your eyes open...

    • Jack

      This past year there were 900000 armed citizens in the woods of Pa. During deer season. Another 750000 in mich. That is just 2 states. If obama wants a fight he picked with the wrong people in the wrong country.He is ineligable to be potus in the first place. I can' understand why congress any everyone else in this country are letting him keep his job. I am so frustrated by this idiot and the people that support him.The rest of you need to rise up peacefully and soon. He should be in jail with holder pelosi and anyone else who enables him.

    • cAROLE

      1) We MUST not let a Civil War take place here. That's exactly what that Pig wants, as an excuse for Martial Law and excuse to further take apart our constitution. He's hoping for a race war, that's what he's been setting up.
      2) Soros would love it.
      3) Think about it. The military would be split. Many of them would go with the
      Conservative citizens wanting to protect American and it's constitution. The other half would follow the Pig. It would not be just swords and bullets.
      Interrupt their illegal activities. DON'T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN.

    • defendConstitution

      I have been wondering for a long time how the military really feels about this. Would the stand with O Bama or would they defend their country and Constitution? Hmmmmmm

      • Jeff

        Well they took oath like Obummer did to protect the Constitution and country. I think it will me much harder than thought to over throw this country. I also think if the people in Britain had guns the riots would be over. What they have is many unarmed police. We need to protect our right to keep and bare arms. Be very careful who you vote for in your local elections as well. It all starts there!

      • scullymj

        I think the possibility of martial law is a stretch. But I too wonder about today's military. We must keep in mind that they are all volunteer today and they would be more likely follow any order. We Vietnam Veterans are in our 60s now but we would stand in the breach and let the young soldiers know that we are them and they are us. I would like to think that today' warriors would not fight yesterday's soldiers but in 1932 that is just what happened in the Bonus March on Washington which was put down by Douglas Macarthur. The soldiers will do as ordered. It will be up to the generals and once a man gets his first star, he becomes more a politician and less a soldier, so it's anybody's guess how things would shake out.

    • larry

      it is looking more and more like that is what is going to happen obama-martial law and dictator. civil war for sure

    • denosaur

      When they came, for their guns, they did it as a surprise, in the middle of the night. If a military vehicle , armed with soldiers came to YOUR door, demanding to come into your house at 3 in the fast would you react? Our military and the UN military are WELL armed. The average Joe is no match for them.

      • JimRed

        I'd be dead, along with as many of them as I could take out. Better to die a free man, than to live as a slave!

        If it is to start, let it start sooner rather than later, before they can disarm us.

    • Billy

      Really, have you any idea how many Generals and people he has replaced in the last few years? Replacing them with his hand picked crew......Look at the Sec of Defense, and CIA and Army Chief and Generals commanding key installations and units around the country and the world!

      All he has to do is give the order and lock up the Congress and SCOTUS in one of his DHS Concentration Camps, declare martial law and declare himself Pres for life.....That simple! Of course a lot of that will be determined by how long it will take him to disarm the country and replace the police with his ACORN Brown shirts, just like Adolph did!

    • Daniel from TN

      Violence, even to the point of civil war, is EXACTLY what Obama and the Liberals want to occur. Personally, I believe they are hoping for it. The US military will be divided on the issue of fighting American citizens, meaning the UN will be called in to restore peace, or the Liberal definition of peace. Martial law will be declared nationwide. UN troops will begin a house-to house invasion of homes to confiscate all firearms. (FYI. UN troops are practicing these invasions at this moment.) Elections will be suspended, indefinately. Elected officials in office will remain in office, also indefinately or until Congress is dismissed completely. The US will be ushered into the New World Order, whether the people want it or not.
      For the preservation of the United States we MUST not resort to violence as long as possible.

    • Jeff

      Unfortunately, the left had Hitler to learn from. They will create a false crisis and use propaganda to justify declaring martial law. I suspect it will be similar to what the Nazis did to "justify" the invasion of Poland, which sparked WWII. Hitler "created" a crisis where Polish troops killed German citizens. Of course they were not Polish, only Nazis dressed as Poles. But they had dead bodies to show and pictures which were shown all over the state-controlled media. Therefore, the majority of Germans actually believed they had been attacked by the Poles and, viola, most of the country is behind going to war with Poland. For us, I would expect some sort of made-up attack by terrorists. It will have to be on US soil and be large enough in order to justify martial law, but that is the scenario I see. We already have numerous reports on how they have been preparing for this with their FEMA concentration camps, etc. Unless we can throw the Marxists out of power, it is no longer a question of "if", but "when".

    • bob

      dave, marshall law will come. sooner than later. yes, there will be ALOT of blood. i've preached this for years. now, it's time to prepare.

    • ARMYOF69

      The largest number of gun owners who shall definitely fight back are millions of veterans, from the Korean and the Vietnam era. They are aging and close enough to God to not care much if they die for a good cause. The gun hating leftists had better keep out the way when that happens.

  • Marge Long



      The USA is NOT now, nor has it EVER BEEN a "Christian nation"! NOWHERE in the constitution does it even remotely say it is. The words christ, christian, christianity, christian nation are NOWHERE IN THE US CONSTITUTION! Read the first amendment, the part about NO ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION! THAT IS SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

      • matlocl

        So why is our motto "In God we trust"? And why do we have "In God we trust" on our currency? And why are our laws based on Judeo-Chrisitan ideology? And why are Chrsitan holy days our national holidays? Why is the nation's cemetaries filled with crosses, including the military? Why does our pledge of allegiance say "one nation under God. No, the Constitution doesn't use the words Christ, Christian, et al, but refers to Our Creator...and everyone, including you, know who that is. If you're an ignorant atheist, so be it! But quit trying to change reality, history, and fact. This nation was founded by Christians so Christians could have freedom of worship, not freedom from worship like you liberals want to thrust on us. Harvard Univ. was founded by Christians so our young men of the time could study for the Christian ministry; our public schools were established by the Puritans so Christian children could read the Bible. "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord." You've got some catching up to do...

      • dan from ohio

        the original meaning to church in the statement of seperation of church and state was DENOMINATION.Government would not choose one Christian Denomination over another.Government was to stay out of religion,not religion outta government.Read their own writings and words on this matter at the TRUE history of our country!

    • Nils

      Please leave Christ out of this. If he hasn't stopped Obama by now we have no use for him. We have to take care of this ourselves.

    • Kangaroo

      The Muslims have returned to their roots, complete domination and control of the world, and especially the USA. They are already doing what you desire, You don't have to ask God Almighty to help them return to their roots of world conquest, allah or the Prince of Persia is already assiting them in their quest quite nicely.

    • Sherry

      Our Constitution was signed "In the year of our Lord" - read the Federalist papers and you'll learn that American was founded on the Magna Carta which is founded upon the BIBLE. Our Forefathers were God-fearing (respecting) men who saw the promise of a new nation under divine intervention from God Himself.

    • hisham

      u mean leave the US and hightail back to Europe or where ever u came from? return the land to the natives?? yes please return to your roots...if u know what those are.

    • DavidEtzel

      Gee, are you a dreamer, wake up and smell the coffee. These stinking Muslims goal is to turn the USA into a Muslim country.....OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

  • joe

    obama the muslim in the white mosque is doing more destruction than the 9/11 terrorists.

    • lawrence

      It has been said the down fall of America will come from within, well hello we have been gutted from within and a lot of dumb asses still want to follow this guy!

    • uziitger

      Not enough people are saying that he's a Muslime. Islam and statism (be it Marxism, communism or Naziism) have one thing in common; they want control and tyranny through worship of the state. This is why they don't want religion around since they don't want anything higher than the state. Muslimes claim that their so called allah gives them the right to be in power. Both Islam and statism make everyone's lives miserable and poorer. while the ruling class live an opulent lifestyle at everyone else's expense.

      This makes the Obamanable Muslim a dangerous tyrant. His saying that the Constitution is getting in his way shows his dictatorial intents and his 250,000 man security force accountable only to him sounds like Hitler's SS.

  • Phillip Smith


    • SONNY

      I am 65 years old and I've NEVER seen soooooo much blatant STUPIDITY in one place as I've seen in this country
      since obama was elected.

      • lawrence

        Stand by, I think your going to see a lot more.

    • Dennis

      There will not be an election is 2012. Martial law will have been declared by then. The United States will break up and there will be civil war. I will NOT be fighting for Obama, that is for sure.

    • Dave

      2012? I said before the 2008 election that it would probably be the last presidential election in the USA. With martial law there will be no 2012 election.

      • fordman

        Our elected officials know whats coming but won't do anything about it,not even the cowardly republicans. I've emailed my congressmen and they don't seem to give a damn.

    • clh

      If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren't racist, you better vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you are not an IDIOT

    • Will Mosley

      There were stupid people back then that elected him and there will be stupid people when the 2012 elections roll around. We just have to hope enough people have come to their senses and that the Republicans select somebody that will be electable otherwise it will be another 4 years of obummer. This great Nation will not survive another four years of this administration.

  • mad as hell

    All the more reason to stay locked and loaded, everything this POS POTUS does stinks of Marxism - he is such an in
    your face ideologue, it boggles my mind as to why anyone who is a true American would vote for this Jerk..A lot of us saw the writing on the wall, even as far back as 2004.. too bad about the dumb useful idiots who didn't, those expecting
    something for nothing.. they know everything has a price but they know the value of nothing..

    • RGW

      When I first saw him speak at the democratic national convention (I beleive in 2004) most people I was with said how wonderful they thought he was, I immediately voiced to everyone in the room that I had a very bad feeling about him. In 2008 I worked as hard as I could for the McCain campaign. Leading up to election day I drove 200 miles to a neighboring state to help get out the republican vote. I did these things Not because I was a strong supporter of McCain but because Obama was and is scary and I knew that anyone would be better for this country than Obama.

    • brad


  • Harold Clark

    Then why doesn't the congress act now? Or does the Army and the people have to take all of this in their own hands.

    • Johnny Hiott

      There can be only two reason why congress does not act. They are either afraid or they are complicit. Personally , I believe the latter as there is no way they can be ignorant of the fact that obama is not eligible to hold the office of president. They are certainly not ignorant of no less than five different legal reasons to impeach him.

      • DollyT

        You've got that right! I have written twice to the GOP and only received a thank you for writting. When the chips are down you will find out who is a friend and who is an enemy.

    • JIM

      Between Democrats and RINOS, the Congress is in trouble. Those who challenge are ostracized or put on meaningless committees and become useless to fight back. Watch what they do as well as the president's actions. The Super-congress puts Obama in a position of by-passing the other 500 and only dealing with 12 and a few lame ducks. He's within 12 people of being our supreme ruler. Bet no one saw that one coming, unless they were in WWII Austria.!

    • Charles

      Hi Harry, Yes we will have to take action ourselves. If they think the riots in Briton have been nasty then they ain't seen nothin yet.

    • Kangaroo

      The army isn't American it has 100,000 Mexican nationals [non-citizens] in it and the military isn't done yet, they are recruiting in not Western Europe buy in Muslim Eastern Europe.

    • pat

      congress is afraid of a black riot if they impeach the man. Sorry but it is true. The blacks wanted a black pres and they got one. Unfortuantely he wasn't the right man for the job. God where is Colen Powell, I would have voted for him and not Mac cain if he had run at least he had military background and would have been worth my vote. God we need a miracle to save this country.

    • Daniel from TN

      There are rumors that members of Congress have received death threats if they challenge Obama's eligibility. I hope this is not true but it would explain the lack of action.

  • David

    Obama is the most dangerous man in America. Has been, still is and always will be. What scares me even more is that , according to polls, this dictator-wanna-be has somehing like a 45-47 percent approval rating.

    • John Galt

      the approval rating percentage corresponds roughly to the parasites who pay no taxes. Why wouldn't they approve of him and his redistribute the wealth philosophy?

    • Jack

      Media propaganda His ratings are not near that high.

    • wvstarktruth

      It's down to 40% this week...Still falling!

    • Charles

      Don't you mean a minus 45 approval rating?

    • DavidA

      Thats right, I just don't understand why they cant see what is and has been so obvious. I hate to go so far as to bring up Obuma as the Devil himself, but in this caase it all reads like pages right out of Revelations. If he is not, then he is this Countrys most dangerous man ever in history and the cronies he runs with. I DO believe in the Martial theory and that we may have to take back our country someday from this creep and the likes of Van Jones.

    • shelly

      i think obama is the anti-christ.

    • Linda

      Yes, this man is dangerous, but, regarding the poll numbers, remember these polls are taken by lackies of the liberal news media and they are careful to only ask in carefully selected locations.
      If a true non-biased poll were taken nationwide by independent poll takers I believe the approval rating would be more in the area of 27-29%.

    • Joanneo

      David...let me cheer u up..just think of all the illegals, Mexicans,muslims, terrorists and also the 40% of welfare recipients to vote for him. If the legal illegal deal fails he will declare martial law. He has threatened several times to so over other things. He has no intentions of losing this way or another.

      • Joanneo

        jb8..I wish u had left that last word off.

    • Paul

      You can't fix stupid David.

    • will mosley

      obummer isn't smart enough to be dangerous. There are more sinister forces at play here. He is merely a puppet and others are pulling his strings. For example george soros....

  • Forrest

    Then, wolftalker, when are you going to lead and START doing something about it??? OR are you just all talk like everyone else??? Much talk...NO guts. right???

  • jb80538

    I could see that happenning just before the election to make sure he can stay in power. If that were to happen, I would expect to see an assassination attempt.

    • muslims are Pigs

      That can't happen soon enough!

    • Dano

      Yep, probably would get caught in a cross-fire administered by several hundred militia men at one of his big fund-raisers. Subsequent investigations would prove several of the Secret Service men assigned to protect him had actually fired their weapons through his body in an attempt to take down his assailants.
      Several months later, Holywood makes a hit movie about the conspiracy. Not sure yet who will play the part of George Soros or Valerie Jarrett! Imay have a small role as an extra! That is, if the Texas militia is involved.....

    • JimmySan

      Let us pray!!!

    • Dirty Daug

      I surely hope that Obama is not assassinated. One thing we don't need is another niqqer holiday

      • jb80538

        I don't know, celebrating the anniversary of that event may go over well!

    • (-0-) --> BANG!!

      to hell with an attempt -- there are enough hunters out there that are deadly accurate with a high-power rifle to NOT hit him...the question would be, "Who really shot him!?"

  • Mike Travis, OHMM

    Obama is a criminal and a Traitor. stop talking and griping and do something. Here is how:

    I filed my complaint. Will you?

    • Ernie Lane

      Assassination of the President is a federal crime. But taking out his wife, his kids, and his dog is not. I'm just sayin'.

    • Nils

      He is responsible! He inherited some bad finances but instead of fixing the problems he made them worse. 1000 times worse and he has absolutely no clue what to do. His only remedy is "raise taxes for the rich".
      He is an incompetent political freak.

      • Mike Travis, OHMM

        He is not incompetent. He is a criminal.

  • gorgar

    I think that the graphic is IN VERY POOR TASTE.
    To begin with Obama is NOT responsible for the economy we are in. It was during Bush's admin that this started by not monitoring the financial institutions and letting them sell junk loans. This is all a backlash of earlier events. Our biggest problem is the House and Senate. They agree on NOTHING aside from protecting their retirement, their wealth and their campaigns. The President has little power of them yet gets the blame.

    • obama hater

      Yo BOZO, the commie that infests the white mosque is responsible for this turmoil--I think your shorts are too tight and that's squeezing what little brain you have!

      • gorgar

        To ensure that no person or group would amass too much power, the founders established a government in which the powers to create, implement, and adjudicate laws were separated. Each branch of government is balanced by powers in the other two coequal branches: The President can veto the laws of the Congress; the Congress confirms or rejects the President's appointments and can remove the President from office in exceptional circumstances; and the justices of the Supreme Court, who can overturn unconstitutional laws, are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

        SO TO SAY THAT THE PRESIDENT IS RESPONSIBLE MAKES YOU THE BOZO. What about our two other government branches? Perhaps you should enlarge your brain a little.

        • Axeman


      • skip

        did you guys know that it appears that OBAMA (kerry, too) was at the forefront of the causative factors re the housing crash via, at least, acorn, and that he and kerry got campaign kickbacks from fannie mae and freddie mac??? check these out AND ...

        • Hairy Putter

          Not to mention the heads of the House and Senate Banking Committees, Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd. Both these esteemed liberal Congressmen got significant contributions from Fannie and Freddy, pushed banks and mortgage companys to accept high risk mortgage loans, and refused to see the problems when experts testified concerns about Fannie and Freddie dealings. All for social activism.

        • Lloyd Welch

          This is correct, not to mention both of them made several million dollars in the process.

    • lawrence

      If your going to blame someone atleast do it to the right person, MR. Bill Clinton was in office when the directive was put in place to have the housing dream to every American reguardless of income.

      • gorgar

        You are correct. However all the sh@t happened during Bush's 8 years in office. Voices inside the Bush administration who favored tougher policing of Wall Street found themselves with few supporters. William Donaldson, a former Wall Street executive with respected Republican credentials who became chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission under Bush, quit in 2005 after facing resistance from the White House and Republican members of the panel, who criticized his support for stiffer regulations on mutual funds and hedge funds. Eight years to correct the problem only to leave it to his successor.


          BUSH IS A RINO..... He represents big money and Oil Interests only... BTW, he is not a (born & bred) TEXAN, but got here as soon as he could ... He also HATES Rick Perry....



        • DollyT

          Hey, I love the Marines but I also Love the Navy, Army Air Force and Coast Guard as well!

    • Virginia

      You have been indoctrinated with so much untruth! What do you think Obama is doing with his executive pen? He has circumvented congress on most of the legislation passed since he took office! While the public was totally unaware - with his on-going manufactured crisis, he was doing his dirty work behind closed doors! Obama has been in office three years now, he owns this economy! When are you cry babies going to stop blaming BUSH he is NOT IN OFFICE! In case you forgot the democrats took over the senate during Bush's last two years. THEY DICTATED what happened during that time. SO, you democrat's have had 5 years to straighten things out! WHO DO YOU THINK wanted the junk loans. Barney Frank, YOUR democrat leader in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack. ACORN, Obama's pet organization made sure banks gave the loans. If your going to post on here, get your facts straight! OR, are you one of his paid hacks.

      • gorgar

        Which fact are you disputing? First off I can tell you make assumptions without all the facts and post your assumptions, I am a registered Republican. So, perhaps you should follow your own advice before posting here. Do you think Obama is the first to use his executive pen while the public is totally unaware? Oh, yea he is the first and only president to do back room deals, sorry forgot. And the fact that Bush is no longer in office means he relieved of all blame? Guess I don't get your logic there.

        • Lloyd Welch

          I for one see very little difference in either of the Bushs or Obama, and Obama and Clinton are as close in ideaology as can be. Both and all four have taken pains to appear to champion the cause of the poor when nothing could be futher from the truth.

      • JBlue

        Virginia, You are exactly right!! It was Barney Frank and the other DEMS who wanted to support these
        mortgages to unqualified buyers. (Where employment records were falsified etc.) John McCann (REP)
        fought to bring it to the attention of the Congress -that this must be stopped "there are going to be
        severe problems ahead if something is not done etc" But the DEMS (who as you said, were in control,
        refused to put a stop to this). You are right on - stop blaming BUSH this BO has been in office 3 years
        when will be start to hold HIM accountable!!

        • dusterdog

          Any one who does'nt think Obamie is responsible needs to get a job & get off welfare

    • John Galt

      If he has little power, why did he promise to lower the unemployment rate to less than 8% and lower the sea level as well as other riduculous claims? While Bush bears much of the blame, Obama is clueless. Jimmy Carter must love him as he makes Carter look like a rocket scientist.

      • gorgar

        You actually believe campaign promises? And you vote? Scary....

        • guest on this planet

          people that dont pay taxes should not be allowed to vote

    • RivahMitch

      You said "They agree on NOTHING aside from protecting their retirement, their wealth and their campaigns."

      I disagree. Most of them are in agreement about increasing the power of the central government as a way of increasing their own power and importance.

    • Susie Q

      You apparenty don't realize that Bush had no control over Dodd and Frank who started this whole mortgage meltdown and junk loans business. This is the DEMORATS fault! I wasn't crazy about Bush, but you can't pin the Republicans.. They tried to stop that Frank-farter and his pal Dodd but got run over by the crazed leftist loons.

    • Hockey

      Guess what else obammie the commie inherited from Bush A triple AAA rating

    • wvstarktruth

      Bush tried 20+ times to get COngress to rein in Fannie and Freddie but Barney and Chris refused and Jackson fought every inch of the way to keep things the way they wanted them so that people who did not qualify could "own der' own houze." So this, according to the distorted thinking of an obvious libtard, is Bush's fault??? Get real. You are right, though, the big problem is not the President as much as the House an Senate, but not for the reasons you provide. They are the ones with the $$ to spend and they will not stop.

      • wvstarktruth

        There is only one way to stop the madness - get a conservative President into office ASAP and then have him use his veto pen on every budget submitted unless it is balanced for the current year. That's the only way we will ever get out of debt. Spend less than we take in and put the surplus down on reducing the debt. How? Eliminate EPA, Dept of ED., HUD, Dept of Energy, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Transportation, and start doing ONLY what the Constitution specifically assigned to the federal government. Pay off the debt in ten years easily. Then start cutting taxes down to the bone. the states are responsible for all of the above and in most cases already have their own departments covering those areas. Stop the duplication. Let each state decide for themselves how they will allow business to operate and let the market decide where the businesses go and thus which states have jobs and income for their citizens. Those that try to over-regulate like CA become open spaces again and polution and traffic are abated. Very easy when you let the market do it. Someone must start saying NO to spending money we don't have!

        • gorgar

          Here, here. I can totally agree with you on that. Good post!

        • Lloyd Welch

          Well don't expect that to happen unless we elect Ron Paul president.

    • truth

      Man are you blind. Get your head out of the sand and face the facts, this is his mess that he made, on purpose my friend. A simple recession was what he was handed. Barrack Obama is not trying to fix the economy. That's why he's done the exact opposite of what's needed to happened, with the help of a hopelessly dump ass liberal congress. He wants and needs the division, and to overwhelm the US economy with dept and doubt, killing anything that would create jobs. He wants to collapse the greatest society in history and let the world consume it. This is his purpose and duty as a devout marxist. You cannot look at this guy as a patriot. He hates America, especially white America, and is enjoying it's apparent downfall.
      It's probably too late to stop the violence that is consuming Europe from coming here. He will enstate martial law at the right moment.
      That's when folks like you will reliaze what Europe's population did in the 30's, when it's too late.
      Wake up my friend and get ready, hard times are ahead!!!

    • defendConstitution

      gogar, get your head out of your posterior and look at a few facts and ask yourself one question. If you out of work, house in foreclosure and had $30,000 of credit card debt, would you go out and by a new $50,000 car?. That is what O Bama is doing. He is trying to spend his way out of a financial crises with money he doesn't have.

      • gorgar

        He's doing this all by himself? I won't disagree with your logic but do disagree it's all the presidents fault. That's why we have three branches of government.

        • @swiftwolf

          Ya that's why we have three branches of government, but one half of the congress is letting Obama do what ever he wants. The Democrats and Obama knew before hand what S&P said was needed to keep our triple A rating, which was significant deficit reduction in the 3 to 4 trillion dollar range in 5 years, Significant cuts to current spending level, and a limited raising of debt ceiling. The senate totally ignored the bills the house passed and the recommendations of S&P and did what Obama wanted, a large increase in the debt ceiling, only 995 billion in deficit reduction over ten years, and plans to spend another 2 or 3 trillion by the end of 2012. He and the Democratic controlled Senate lost our triple A credit rating not the Republicans with there hard line stance. This administration is bankrupting this country and when we fall the rest of the world goes with us. Double digit inflation, double digit unemployment. sky high prices for everything. Welcome to Obama Nation.

    • MTL

      You must be NUTS! Sure, the economy was poor when Obama got "elected" but he has made it 10 times worse! What a cop out to blame Bush for everything. At least the guy was an American and respected the military. Obama is a thug and a criminal and needs to be so treated. HE is the one who appointed the "czars" with NO say of Congress. Wake up and smelll the manure, baby.

      • gorgar

        I did not say I solely blame Bush. This has been building up for quite a while. It's hard to stamp out a fully fledged fire with a bucket. Which is all we got right now. Bush respected the military so much he gave the keys to Haliburton. Guess that helped our economy a whole lot.

        • Lloyd Welch

          I am a republican and a constitutionalist and as much as I hate to admit it gorgar is right. In fact Ronald Regan laid the first step in the plan which was NAFTA. Nixon took currency off of the gold standard. The last real president we had was, as bad as I hate to admit it was Kennedy

    • swampdog

      Are you stupid or just dumb, the dems took the House in 2006, they are the ones who create budgets! That slobbering Barney Frank put a knife in the heart of the banking industry with Freddy Mac And Fanny Mae. Then loaned money to people who could not repay the loans, who is the bad guy? Yep, the banks, for going about business as usual and expecting these deadbeats to pay. Screw the dems! This puppet president can't do anything unless he has smarter men telling him what to say and do ( read teleprompter) I'm sorry Gonad but Obama bin Laden OWNS this economy, He's just not man enough or smart enough to do anything about it! I sure hope you don't have any children!

      • gorgar

        I do have children, I named him swamp dog.

    • Warpuppet

      Keep drinking the Koolaid Bro

      • gorgar

        Long as its not cherry. I hate cherry. I offer the same advice to you with a tallyho!

    • Montie R

      The president has backed Harry rotten and cohorts at EVERY turn, Oblunder care, Doma, The border, cut cap and ballance
      AND many more. Look closely at what HAS happened since he usurped the oval office. DON'T drink any more coolaid.

    • Joanneo

      gorgar, you need to bring your education up to date. Bush and Obama are on the same team, one world order. To see what they have in store for the American citizens go to The Rise of FEMA and Camp FEMA american lock down. There are many more articles on the web but you can get the idea from these two articles.

    • mensa

      How sad that you may actually believe what you said

    • Brenda Choate

      Obama is responsible. Regardless of what bush did or didn't do, obama took federal runaway spending into a whole other realm. It is his stimulus bill, the acquisition of the car manufacturers, the oppressive EPA rules, the massive obama care bill, the cash for junkers, and the list goes on. He implemented those programs. He went around congress with executive orders on EPA issues. And whether or not you want to admit it, during the transition he was aware of the bank bailouts and chose not to stop them. He has done nothing about Fanny and Freddy. And while a community organizer in Chicago, gamed the system to his advantage.

    • Mike Travis, OHMM


      ROFLMAO! OMG! You are so freakin out of touch it is beyond belief. LOLOLOL!

      • gorgar

        If you're too lazy to spell things out then you are probably under educated, or perhaps you never knew how to begin with, go get a life dude. P.S. freakin is spelled freaking. I don't do slang, I have an education.

    • Trey

      R U Really that stupid?
      Public school education, eh?

      • gorgar

        I'm smart enough to spell, are you??? If all you're here to do is insult people then you didn't learn manners in school, or from your parents.

        • J.A.M.W.A.H.

          Gorgar, you need to move to another country! It's people like you that have screwed-up this great nation. You don't know what your talking about but you want everyone to think you do. Please, just leave..!!

    • Guest

      Bush tried six times to get the mortgage market under control but the Dem controlled Congress stopped him at every attempt. Obama is definitely to bear the blame for our present situation. He could have stopped it all without a problem but he doesn't want to; he is directly responsible. I'm not saying that Bush does not bear some blame but that's in the past - NOW is the time to turn it around. It could be done very quickly and simply if the spending stops NOW. Backlash from earlier events? Where have you been for the last three years? The spending is out of control and Obama doesn't give a rip - he just wants more money any way he can get it. Better wake up or you will be spending your life wishing you had.

    • Barry Wallace

      Alas, another blame Busher. OBolshevik is ABSOLUTELY responsible for the CURRENT mess we are in. Bush's responsibility ended on Jan. 20 2009. No question Bush left a mess - a big one! But OBolshevik has only made more mess. I voted for Bush and supported him, but there was still plenty I thought he was out to lunch on; Dubai ports deal, prescription drugs, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc. Bush left us a boat with a gapping hole in the bottom; OB has only managed to double the size of the hole.
      You are right, OBolshevik inherited a 9.5 tril debt, a war, and a 4.7 percent unemployment rate. However, OB also inherited a triple-A credit rating. Thanks to his dithering it has been downgraded. And during his tenure, he has increased our debt to 14.5 tril and by the time he gets re-elected (yes, America is stupid enough to do it again) it will be over 17 tril, with no end in sight.

      When will OBolshevik supporters finally man-up and admit what an abysmal failure this soaked-to-the-bone Marxist really is?

    • Linda

      When Bush was in office -- Da, we had a Democratic Congress talk about stalemate. And yes Bush was wishy washy.- We now have the Tea Party founded in part to stop the crazy spending and adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America.

    • Attakdog

      HOGWASH, Obama has more than tripled the debt GW left us. He owns the economy that we have now.

    • Skip

      You sound like a typical obama minion,you always blame the other guy! Obama is RESPONSIBLE for our economy and the lack of jobs,his spend and spend some more policy has bankrupt the country!

    • Iceman


    • eric

      check the cool aid you are drinking

    • BeanerBuster1

      Well, another dumbass Progressive, Obummer supporter! He has destroyed everything he has touched! That's his legacy!
      There was no reason for him to bailout the auto makers EXCEPT to bailout the union thugs who put him in office; in Illinois
      and in Washington. The bailout was just a slush fund to further promote "Herr Fuhrer's" agenda. He's moving to disarm the
      American public by pushing the U.N.'s arms ban and other agenda. He wants the U.S. to become a third world country so
      he can be like his buddy Hugo Chavez, a DICTATOR! The man is a Communist BLIGHT on the American Presidency!
      I never thought I would see the day that someone made Jimmy Carter look better! WAKE UP, LIB!!

    • CED

      Obama has spent more in one year than Bush did in 8. and bush had nothing to do with this economy. it was Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Meeks that refused to fix the housing market in Fanny May and Freddie Mac because they had to pay them back for the donations and if you would pay attention to the real news and watch the debates in congress and the senate on Cspan and Cspan 2 you wouldn't sound so foolish to those of us that do watch the truth on Fox News and Cspan 2 and don't follow the liberal news media's brain washing. Wake up, you are being lied to.

    • Phil

      Another liberal idiot.

    • concerned citizen

      You are WRONG...pass the buck....blame someone else. He has never taken blame for anything. It is his watch ... Read my lips...(or writing)... his party spending, spending, SPENDING :-( He is a racist of the purest kind and add his wife to that. He has to be a one term president for the sake of America and our children and grandchildren. HIs party had control of Senate, House and President...our debt multiplied and will continue to do so with obuma care. How can one respect the president when he is not respecting America...only his voting base. The president is to be president of all of us but acts like president to only a select few.

    • Norma

      The had a Democratic congress when Bush was in. Congress controlls the power of the purse. So it wasn't all Bush's fault.

    • Kelsey

      Are you really that stupid ? Think before you post..........Are you better off today than you were three years ago ? I don't think so............. Do you realize that it took 43 Presidents to get us in debt to the tune of 9 trillion dollars ????????????? It took obama two and a half years too put us in dept another 5.5 trillion and he is not done yet. Admit made a horrible choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn from your mistakes.

    • falkenberg

      Bush was a big government socialistically tainted president, no question. His family has internationalist leanings which further distorted his rich boy sensibilities. However, there has never been as destructive a force against freedom, prosperity, peace and progress -- as Obama. His Attack-Watch website, like before it is a clear indication of his desire to suppress all speech. His hatred of Fox, that singular television voice not taking its marching orders from the communist cadres currently in charge is also an of his dictatorial delusions. I'm leaving out how he seeks control of everyone through ObamaCare, control of the internet, control of banking, gun laws, control of all education, and the list goes on and on. Bush wasn't a conservative, but at least he wasn't antiAmerican. Obama certainly is. Either he is cooly evil or completely stupid. His every instinct goes against the concept of America, the exceptionalism as it is called, which arises from the fact that only in America does the government derive it's powers from the people, not the other way around -- and only the U.S. constitution acknowledges that our rights come from our Creator and are not changeable by Obama or anyone else. The financial meltdown of bad debt began with Carter by the way, the last wave of the leftist demand to make bad mortgage loans presided over by Barney Frank and Diane Watson, et. al. Fannie and Freddie were the implements of Democrat socialist policy. Bush was so attacked by the media that he was a helpless pawn of the left. You need to wake up. Obama is the greatest threat to our freedom this nation has ever known. He must go or America will fall into dissolution and disruption -- and fall prey to natural forces and our enemies as well. You'll be waiting in the breadline Russian-style - and waiting in line at the clinic, and we'll be unable to help anyone in this world. Only through freedom do we have prosperity. Only through prosperity can we maintain American military strength. Only through freedom and prosperity can we have a clean environment, medical and scientific progress, and a policy of continued generosity toward other nations. You must wake up. This man is leading us toward destruction as hard and fast as he can. He's got to go. He's not only the worst president in our history -- he's one of the worst enemies we've faced. Protected by his partial race, his completely phony obscured past, his forged document certificate of eligibility for office, and the complicity of a leftist world media -- he gets away with things that no other president could have even hoped to get away with. For you to say this isn't his fault (no just the economic crises. that blame can be shared) is ridiculous. He's actively worked to make the economy worse. He could not possibly be as stupid as he'd have to be to think he's doing the right thing. He'll try to pull off something to get re-elected. Osama Bin Laden didn't do it for him. And why should it? He couldn't say no once Osama was located. If it hadn't been for Clinton the job would've been done long ago. So here we have our community organizer in chief trying to take credit for a kill -- when in fact he's absolutely a moslem sympathizer if not a moslem himself. Wake up. You're part of the problem when you defend the enemy of all that we as Americans believe in.

    • PJ R

      To you Gorgar.... Bush was no help his last term...HOWEVER, the blame IS on obama! His intention was always bringing about a manufactured crisis. Destroying OUR Country is BY DESIGN.His radical water carriers are evil, yet effective. WAKE UP! You will be one of those morons that wake say...WHAT HAPPENED TO America?? All of the socialist-marxist-and commies in THIS current administration are the MOST dangerous thing to EVER happen to AMERICA. You, my friend, are a fool. The class warfare, race baiting, media bias, are so-ooo old and tired. But then again, everyone knows a liberal will NEVER let a hard fact get in their way. Hope you enjoy being a serf.

      • A Family Lady

        It's funny how many are blaming a democrat controlled congress with Bush, but aren't even taking half the blame as it is mostly split now with Obama. I'm not saying I like him but he's not solely responsible for all the mess. He's for the most part a figurehead or puppet just like most other recent presidents.
        There is plenty of blame to go round & personally I wouldn't trust anyone or a very small fraction of anyone from the current House or Senate to trulty be "for teh people" regardless of which political party. With all their money, benefits, bonuses, luxuries, & healthcare they certainly don't represent any majority of people I know, nor most everyone here unless you all are a millionaire or make in the upper 6 figures every year...

    • brenda copley


  • pierce

    How many people remember Heil Hitler from the 30s and 40s.
    Before to long it will be Hail Obama.
    Need I say more.

    • obama hater

      Just call him by his formal name osama obama amin da da, president and dictator for life!

    • Dennis

      You are exactly right but If I am ever ordered to "Heil Obama" I will just spit on the ground.

    • Henry

      The answer to America's woes is very simple...IMPEACH the SOB before he has a chance to do more damage.

    • Artie

      It will be a cold day in hell before i give allegiance to Obama

    • Mike Travis, OHMM

      Yes you do need to say more. Actually, you need to say ENOUGH! Then file your criminal complaint against the criminal in thief. Here is one way to do that:

    • david

      It would be better for osloba to go to hell.

  • Pete Baird

    i for one dont believe there will be an election in 2012 without a takeover of washington by the patriotic people of the united states.. i think obama and the democrats will try to declare marshall law before then.. i hope everybody has their guns oiled up and plenty of ammo stockpiled because i think we are going to need it...

    • Moose

      Totally agree with Pete, mine are oiled up and plenty of ammo on hand, bought some of it the day after the election, store was out of the other calibre, got it a week later, neighbor and I are going out to the woods next week for our annual refreshing course. Hope others are doing the same.

    • hardscrabblemary

      Yes, you're right. That's their goal.

  • Kalev

    He must be stopped before the end of the year or it will be Martial Law and dictatorship.

  • CarolynH

    It is not just Obama. It is our leaders in Washington as well. Go to u-tube and watch "Marxism in America" which shows how our freedoms are being destroyed everyday.

  • DollyT

    Yes, it is very possible. Our Military is dispatched all around the world. Marshal Law would be very easy to occur. A shut down of our Banks would occur first (that's just around the corner). We depend on the banks and if they are shut down so is our
    source of income. We will be fully dependent on the Government . Marshal Law will shut down our rights to bear arms and
    the Government will confiscate all arms. We are a nation of sheep following a blind leader. The Democratic Party has been completely infiltrated by Communists & Progressives (Comuunists by another name) they all smell the same. The People
    must hold together and get what's left of the former Democratic & Republican Parties and take back our Parties and run the
    entire bunch out of office and out of this nation.

    • Caroleq

      This is why you should be keeping enough cash safely hidden to pay at least 3 months of bills, buy food, etc.
      Start packing away extra food. It's not hard to do. Glenn Beck has been warning everybody of this. Go to Emergency Just pick up a couple extra cans of food each time you shop. keep an inventory. Most of your canned foods are good for at least 1 to 2.5 years. START NOW.

    • Attakdog

      It's Martial Law folks !

  • DollyT

    Watch our for the Anniversary of 9-ll. It's coming up fast. So may our Freedoms and Liberty.

    • Artie

      Good Point, it will be an interesting anniversary, no telling what shenanigans will be pulled, just keep in mind it will be staged

      • fordman

        Hillary and Obama are pushing harder and faster for gun confiscation through the UN.

  • proudamerican

    I find it hard to believe that our military that has done so much for so long would take up arms against its own citizens. This would have to be country wide, not like Kent State or in the South in the 60's. The military knows full well what is happening here in the states with cell phones, computer connections etc. Besides, their own families are here and experiencing everything that obama and the 40 thieves are trying to do. Yes the military has a few traitors mixed in, but to declare martial law over the whole USA is a far reach. If they do however, you can kiss your life goodbye-your job, the economy, EVERYTHING!

    • Dano

      This is what our founding fathers put on the line to create this country. I believe that we will be called to put it all on the line to preserve it.

    • billy kid

      You're right - I've talked with many friends who have relatives in the military and 99% of the troops can't stand Obama.
      I believe that if he tries to declare martial law that the military will remove him from power - we've NEVER had a military coup - that will be the time!!!

    • carol

      They are going to cut the military funds by billions, and they already have their own army to go in when martial law is in effect!

      • @swiftwolf

        Actually with the Debt ceiling being raised they actually are not going to cut anything they are planning on spending 2.4 trillion dollars by the end of 2012. More stimulus money to create jobs, they just don't get it government can't create jobs. In reality most of what the Federal Government does like business regulation and overseeing of many things and lots of other stuff the federal government does now that was not a power given to them can be done a lot better and cheaper by the states.Business are being regulated to death that is why they are not hiring or investing they do not know what is happening from month to month. As for the Military I have two Sons in the military, and two of my nephews also 2 in the Army and two in the Marines, trust me they are on the side of the civilians.If worst comes to worst they will act in behalf of the people along with the 90 million or more gun owners in the United States . Semper Fi I am a former U.S. Marine 1968-1972

    • roy collins

      Obama will not need our military to control us, he has already built a network of thugs to enforce marshal law, this guy is very crafty so be on your guards, darkness is where our governement is now, what is happening is so much more than you realize, it is the work of dark forces that are finally united globally with one plan, to control the world, pray to our Lord that has blessed our country for clarity and you will then see very clear what is happening.

    • Nils

      Usually the military prepares themselves with a shadow administration. Then they will take control of the White House and disable Obama and his appointed communist cohorts. After that, the congress will be dissolved and new elections will eventually take place.
      Any group resisting the military will be dealt with the Chilean way.
      Chile is now one of the most successful nations in South America.

      • proudamerican

        All the above are interesting thoughts! I believe obama can NEVER have what is already in place in this country and that is the millions of TRUE AMERICANS in the form of veterans that have put their lives on the line already, not for a person, but for the welfare of a nation and the idea of a society that allows you to succeed on your own merit alone and to reap the rewards for the same. obama is attempting to dismantle that as we speak in favor of God knows what-certainly not something we will like! He can go straight to H E double hockey sticks and take all his friends with him- WE DONT NEED OR WANT AMERICA HATERS IN THIS COUNTRY!!

  • Judester

    I blame Congress for the majority of the mess we are in now. They are deaf to our screams. They have been intoxicated with power as the holder of Americas checkbook. There has not been a budget in over 800 days and they seem to be proud of that fact. The POTUS has embarrassed America to the world. He is only a puppet that does not have the manners of a teenager and it makes me wonder who is coaching his behavior? He thinks he's cute and cool. What really makes me furious is no one is concerned enough to do anything about this wild man and his followers that he appoints. The 2012 elections should be historical due to the education via the internet that communicates unedited video and interviews.

    • FoolsNeed2WakeUp

      Too bad for us. Losers are watching Hollywood and other junk. They are oblivious to what is going on.

    • RadmanBob

      Judester: This is what happens when a child grows up without a biologically-related role model in the home. They find their male "role models" on the streets. BHO has a teenager's narcisistic mindset...and a inherent yearning for approval from those around him. He surrounds himself with sycophantic ideologues; but there's not one realist there to slap him upside the back of the head and say, "What were you thinking?" He offers no specific ideas that might signify some leadership abilities; he just spouts platitudes, pouts and blames others when he doesn't get his way. Then he goes on off another vacation.

      The real problem is that although Obama is demonstrably inept, he is a pretty, charismatic "snake oil saleman;" and he has scammed a lot of people, especially those who have lived off of government largess, and feel perfectly entitled to continue doing so.

      • Daniel from TN

        Obama is not inept: He knows exactly what he is doing. He only seems inept because everything he does is contrary to the American way of life. Obama's goal is the total destruction of OUR country from within and he appears to be on schedule to accomplish it.

    • Daniel from TN

      The puppeteer is George Soros. He has openly admitted it and is proud of the accomplishment.


      Yes blame the Democratic Congress under Clinton, Bush & Obama/democratic congress for his 2-1/2 years
      until the GOP removed them in November 2010.

      As far as our military there are almost 300 million citizens in America, our military will be protecting the president and not protecting citizens, the police can't control rioters, guess what will happen under marital law, the criminals will be shooting at them first. It will be up to the citizens to defend themselves any way they can, that is why it is important we fight obama & Hiliary Clinton and don't give up our 2nd Amendment rights. While the potus and all of the White House leave the country, as they do if you notice in other countries when civil unrest start they tend to leave the country on an extended vacation. BE PREPARED IT IS COMING.

  • wily2

    It happened quickly in Russia, Germany, China, Cuba <(18 month's) etc, "they" have schemed and scammed for yrs, McCarthy was right! I can not tell you what to do, we do have our brains still (least for a while), talk to your families, very close friends and hope folk's are stocking up on everything from A-Z this will get ugly, "they" hope that in the near future we'll all be screaming for protection, when thats accomplished it will be tiereny (total control of the populas)
    We need to get back into HOLY SCRIPTURES (it warns us about these world event - c/o the 'red devil planet' U tube it - planet X why is our Guv prepared to go under ground? folk's, we have been lied to for a long long time, only One can Save us now)
    I truly wish it was not so.


      THE LAST THING WE NEED IS MORE RELIGION! There is separation of church and state for a good reason. The USA is NOT a theocracy, it is NOT a Christian nation! Look what happens when you mix religion and government: you have what our founders wre trying to escape when they came here. Look at Islam if you need proof of how insane and foolish it is to mix religion with government! There is also FREEDOM OF SPEECH, so stop deleting my comments, administrator, thats what OBAMA would do!

      • @swiftwolf

        Well for one thing you have a lot of gall with your posting name. A Real American. Your about as far from being a Patriotic Real American as the Sun is from the Earth.if you read your history, that is if you know how to read, this Country was founded on Christian Principles.The part of the constitution that you quote does not mean separation of Church and State, you moron. it states that the government will not establish a national religion, such as like in England from where the founding fathers fled from, had the Roman Catholic Religion and only that religion. The full amendment reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

        • ericeholtz

          Great post swiftwolf, but it was the monopoly of the Church of England (Anglican) from which the Founders fled, not the Roman Catholic Church. Just trying to help. God bless!

  • Kayd

    The miliatry will protect us from an OB takeover? He is the leading of our militay. Didn't OB talk about a need for a private army early in his presidency? Also with his gun law policy - all the criminals and anti-US groups will be the only ones with guns.

    • Mike

      I don't think I want a military dictatorship as well. Perhaps the thing that would save the country is for the military to oust these Marxists and then preside over new elections. It shouldn't be just for the Presidency, but for Congress as well. We definitely need new leadership in this country instead of stupid ideologues.

    • hockey

      They wont get my guns, just the lead

    • anyoldjoe

      He did talk about a private "security force" early in his presidency, to much applause. That was what the SD and SS were in the early days of the NSDAP. Oh yeah, that was another group that rallied behind a sun symbol...

    • Joanneo

      He has his army. To see some of them go to You Tube Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Fema Camps. These camps will be our last home if Obama has his way. I remember McCarthy and the heil Hitler days, the 2nd world war .in those days they were called concentration camps for enemy prisoners. They are being built from coast to coast and we will be the enemy. And Wiley 2 is right, our politicians have lied to us for so long they don't know how to tell the truth. The CIA is rotten to the core, our gov has been devious and has allowed things to take place in this country that would make your skin crawl. Check out U.S. Gov electromagnetic mind control. Listen to Cathy O'Brien's story about the CIA and our gov officials. This is how they will control the masses and this can be done without firing a shot.

      • JimRed

        "Check out U.S. Gov electromagnetic mind control."

        They've already had forty years of electronic mind control; it's called the "mainstream" media!

    • Mike Travis, OHMM

      The most likely scenario is a civil war between pro and anti Ocrapo forces. The good news is We the People will be on the ANTI side and may make the difference.

    • Daniel from TN

      Obama cannot depend on the US military. Part of the oath when entering military service is "I will obey all LAWFUL orders of my commanders." Turning on American citizens will be a violation of that oath and Obama knows many members of the military would have too much conscience to do it. That's why he wants a civilian military force. The only ones who become a part of that force are those who support Obama's goals and there would be no oath to enter service.

      • Mike Travis, OHMM

        I saddens me to inform you that some of the Military is already kow towing to Obama. There are cities where MP's are now detaining Civilians, not just Military. That violates our Constitution. Obama also called out the Military in Alabama and replaced the local police to control "civil unrest". So some of our Military will follow the Criminal in Thief. The question is how many?

        • JimRed

          "...we MUST not resort to violence as long as possible. "

          But when we are forced to violence, it must be total violence, and start from the top down. Leadership cares not what happens to their troops, the cannon fodder, but when they start being taken out, they may adjust their thinking or change career choices!



    • DollyT

      Your spelling is correct. However, remember a Rose by any other names Smeels the same. This situation STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!

  • Fremdlieb

    I wish the whole picture of Der Führer had been evident.

    Incidentally, Arshlock isn't correct. It's Arshloch.

  • HillDad

    Congress is complicent in Obama's successes in trampling the Constituion. They and he should have beem impeached long before now. If we still have elections in 2012, I hope there is a TEA PARTY to vote for. If we don't, it will be too late to keep America, America. PRAY FOR GOD'S HELP!

    • shirley


  • Bob Marshall

    Obama has establised a force of 20,000 for as he said for civil distrubance and riots.I believe that martial law is a real possibility. if Americans would just take time to read The Communist Manifesto they would see his plans are in accordance with those planks that make up the Communist Manifesto. george Soros funds 140 socialist and communist programs. obamas' largest funder and the man who was responsible for Obamas' lavish birthday party, err fund raiser. Look at the programs that have been created by Obama. Those who makes up his administration and cabinet.

    • sha44ss

      In WWII, Japan's highest ranking naval officer was Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto. Although he was Japanese, and his loyalties were unquestionably with The Empire, he studied for many years in America, graduating from Harvard University. There is an oft-repeated (and sometimes disputed) quote attributed to him regarding the possibility of any nation taking a war to American soil:You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.Here is why he was correct:The state of Wisconsin recently completed an entire deer hunting season without someone getting killed. That's great, considering there were over 600,000 hunters that got permits in 2010.Allow me to restate that number.
      Over the last two months, the eighth largest army in the world - more men under arms than Iran; more than France and Germany combined - deployed to the woods of a single American state to keep the deer population under control.

      • sha44ss

        But that pales in comparison to the 750,000 who were in the woods of Pennsylvania or Michigan's 700,000 hunters have now returned home. Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia, and it is literally the case that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world. And that is just FOUR states.
        The total population of registered hunters in America today ranges from 23 million to 43.7 million individuals. (Based on annual data provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.)

        As long as the American Hunter retains his right to Bear Arms, America will forever be safe from foreign invasion of troops.

        Hunting - it's not just a way to fill the freezer. It's a matter of national security. God Bless our American Hunters.

  • Brenda Choate

    He came from obscurity. He won the support of millions. He instituted youth organizations and educational reforms for the greater glory. He used the established government to gain a foot hold. He named the enemy. He created mayhem in the country. He put on the face of a peachful man, one out to unite the country.

    Who is he?


    Does the above scenerio sound familiar?

  • mark

    "It’s up to the American people to stop him, if it’s not too late already."

    a duh... yea, the American dolt is gonna put down his remote, turn off his blackberry, lose 40 lbs., not have that bbq with the keg, and stop worrying about the nfl dead lock and worry if Obumer is taking us down the socialist path. good luck. we'll be there in 2 yrs. and Americans will be ok with it as long as prices at McDs don't go up and they still can get the sports package from cable.

    Read more: Is Martial Law and Dictatorship Around the Corner? | Godfather Politics

  • GSK


  • KH

    It won't happen as long as I have my weapons. They will have to take them from my cold dead hands.

    • Dawn

      New T-shirt. I'll keep my money, my guns and my freedom. You can keep the change.

  • Greg

    The U.S. government is now a threat to the American people as long as Barack Hussein Obama is in office.

    • hardscrabblemary

      The government is always a threat to the people. Yes, to cold, dead hands.

  • bubba C

    Martial Law ?Go to also to go to and try tind out why Fema
    just bought 1BILLION $$$ worth of C rations.Enough to feed millions of people-Why?They say in case of terroist attacks
    HUH?Every state should be required to list the full name of a canidate running for Pres.Hussein is only used if your a Muslin.That would remind everyone when they vote-wouldn't it? Check it Guys Bubba C

  • Richard

    I cleaned this up a little, so maybe the administrator will see fit to allow it to stand. Sorry about that.

    “This article is not a new idea to me, but I have failed to get agreement from dozens of people in the Tea Party Movement for almost a year now. Unlike most Tea Partiers, I have read the entire Koran, and I knew as soon as I read it, combined with current events, what this impersonator is up to.

    “If our military does not take this man by force and he be charged with treason and specific acts of sabotage, and all his records that are held in secret dumped into the public domain, then we are done, and he will attempt martial law, which will set off a civil war, which I am sure is included in his plans.

    “We are in very deep danger right now. This man is a mad dog on the loose, and deserves no better treatment than his kind are warranted.”

    • Dawn

      Do you think our military will go against the American people? Unlike armies of dictatorships Americans can act independently in most situations. Most of these men are loyal to America NOT Obama. This is home where their families and loved ones are. Obama did mention a "private force". Who? Take a good look at the people returning from the war zones. Not much color.

      • Brenda Choate

        The military has done just that in other countries. Remember, Germany was not a dictatorship. Just as there are Americans who cling firmly to their belief that obama is the best thing that has happened to un, there are members of the military that feel the same way. If they are ordered to by the president, some will obey that command.

    • Joanneo

      Richard you are 100% right. Time is not on our side, he is just waiting to declare martial law. At first I thought he was in- experienced, then I thought no, he if downright stupid..shortly thereafter I realized what he was up to. He was put into office to destroy America, and he has done a very good job of following the orders he gets from the New World Order. The only thing he has going for him is he's a con artist and fooled a lot of people into voting for him. Sadly most of those same people cannot read the handwriting on the wall. To our Texas friend who also replied to your comment: when they fly over and zap your entire area with their electromagnetic mind control device, you will follow the sheep to slaughter. They have been experimenting on the American people with this for a long time and have perfected the "fly over" procedure.

  • Winston

    This move towards a dictator through global socialism didn't happen overnight. It began over 60 years ago when the government started usurping individual State's rights by creating overriding federal agencies (e.g., education, transportation, Federal Reserve, et al) and by letting politicians, media execs, and others to participate in the globalist IMF, CFR, Bilderbergs, etc.. If the "real" American people do not start now to take back the nation and government from the Washington establishment elites we will lose our Constitution, freedom, liberty, and national sovereignty.

  • Hans Schumacher

    Martial law will never happen in Texas; we will SECEDE!!! If Obama ever declares martial law, all of the other southern states will join Texas, and there will be another CIVIL WAR!!!

    • robroy

      God bless Texas, get ready for more of us to move there, we will bring our guns!

      • Ken

        up and fight...Obama has to be put out of office by one means or another....Obama will never get Texas..We crazy Texans will defend ourselves to the very last drop of blood.

    • denosaur

      It will happen so fast, you won't have time to secede....

    • CitizenArrestNow

      What if ALL 50 States"SECEDE?" Would that not abolish the fed?

      • CitizenArrestNow

        Then obozo would be DICK-tating to his other "7 states." lol...

  • Bill from Laos

    It's never too late. And We the People have also been planning should this usurper and his wallet, George Soros, try something stupid! We will never give up, and this band of thugs will never prevail. We have plenty of Oathtakers at the ready - they only worship power & money. They better think before they start anything - this is not Europe!

    • hardscrabblemary

      Hurray! Good to hear.

  • ken

    Sure it could happen. Seriously, if you are reading this and you Marked the 2008 presidential ballot for barak obama, look at yourself in the mirror. His incompetence is Epic. There are consequences for making ignorant decisions. When the S__t hits the Fan it gets evenly distributed....

    • denosaur

      HE is not incompetent. He is doing EXACTLY what he planned to do. LOOK at every single thing he has done . It all points in the same direction.
      HOW do you DO something about this when the SUPREME COURT will not even hear a case brought against him? MANY have tried.........

  • frick

    Is it in the Constitution somewhere, when the Constituion can be suspended due to a "crisis"?
    Why has so much the federal government has accomplished already been unconstitutional?
    Does the Constituion still apply in this U.S. Democracy?
    The US is a Democracy, not a Republic?
    The truth (as opposed to the lie) is that we were not formed as a democracy. These united States were separate and independent republic nation States that formed a confederation, a voluntary Union, the United States federal government through the US Constitution.
    The truth (again, as opposed to the lie) is that the political system that I just described was radically transformed to a Democracy around the time of the so-called "Civil War". It is in fact not a lie that America is a democracy today. It is true, America, or more accurately the US federal government is a Democracy. Not merely a Republic acting like a Democracy.
    How so?

    • frick

      --cont.--"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside."---Amendment XIV, Section 1.
      Were the people of the republic, federal citizens prior to the 14th Amendment? The answer is no, they were not. Thus, the drastic and radical transformation from Constitutional Republic to Democracy.
      This is the nature of federal citizenship under the Fourteenth Amendment as stated by the Supreme Court of the United States: “It is the natural consequence of a citizenship [92 U.S. 542, 551] which owes allegiance to two sovereignties, and claims protection from both. The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government. He owes allegiance to the two departments, so to speak, and within their respective spheres must pay the penalties which each exacts for disobedience to its laws.” U.S. v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875)

      • frick

        Indeed, our system of self-governance was carefully crafted as a Constitutional Representative Republic, which is much different than Democracy. But we must understand that a Democracy was also "carefully crafted" and instituted about 1868 to replace the Republic, and enslave the American people.
        There is our problem. And without understanding the problem, there can be no effective solution.
        The constitutional republic cannot be restored through the antithesis of republic, democracy.
        "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
        to one who is striking at the root."
        ---Henry David Thoreau---
        I recommend reading "The Red Amendment" by LB Bork for more clarification, understanding.
        "If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.... If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed." -- Thomas Jefferson to Col. Yancey, 1816

    • denosaur

      Congress will have no power during Martial Law. No elections either. Why do you think the borders are still OPEN? AMERICA is surrounded by enemies....all come to help.

    • Daniel from TN

      You are correct. The Constitution can be "temporarily" suspended during a time of Martial law. Justice will occur in military courts under military procedures. However, if this occurs here the UN will be the military in charge, not the US military, and justice will occur under anti-American, anti-Christian UN military procedures.

      • frick

        You're saying it is in the Constitution, authorization to suspend the Constitution? Show me.
        What Law then, does the military follow during Martial Law, if not the Constitution?
        Sounds lawless, doesn't it?
        The US Constitution is the Law the federal government is to abide. Not what issues from the mouth of the Commander and Chief of the military. Martial Law is unconstitutional, unlawful, a military coup.

    • Joanneo

      It takes the congress AND the senaate.

  • old dad

    He is being held accountable now and we are alll paying for our stupidity and gullibility in 2008. I hope it not too late but I am certain that If we are top survive and turnaround we must clean house in washington. No more Obamacrats in D.C/.
    They clearly are the new socialists.
    We must reverse everything He has done so far and stop any future plans he has.
    I would like to see the Teaparty Republicans begin a movement to impeach this fraud and thus negate everything he has done so far.
    What does it take for the bell to ring in Washington????

    • Daniel from TN

      #1. TEA partiers are a SMALL minority within the Republican Party
      #2. There are Republicans who despise conservatism and want business in DC to continue as usual. They are called RINOs and some are difficult to detect.
      #3. Impeachment will never occur. Democrats will not turn on one of their own, regardless. Republicans simply do not have the courage to take the proper action (Remember Bill Clinton's impeachment?)
      Our last hope now is to get Obama declared ineligible. This will not occur until Republicans control both houses of Congress and TEA partiers are also in the majority of the Republican Party in both houses.

  • Time for Change

    While I deplore resorting to force of arms; it may become necessary in order to defend the constitution, no body cares whether he is a U.S. born citizen or not. The simple fact is he is now in office, he has proven himself to be a deliberate saboteur... We can tolerate No More from this administration!

    If martial law is declared -- and somebody wants my gun, they may have it... one red-hot bullet at a time until it is pried from my cold dead fingers. I will fight back every way I know how.

  • Dawn

    If you want to follow Obama's program just pay attention to Hugo Chavez's playbook. Obama is following it step by step. Chavez is the dictator...oops...president of Venezuela who has vowed to destroy America. Obama is the only president in the history of America that has called on the UN to interfere in American politics. Watch out for George Soros. He controls most of the biased left-wing news media. Soros is about 80 years old. Maybe he will be out of the picture soon but will leave minions. If Obama doesn't make dictator the Libs have Rahm Emanuel who was just elected mayor of Chicago and will probably be elected Senator in the next election then, like Obama, will run for President. Unlike Obama this man is smart and dangerous. He was the one that suggested that any crises can be used to political advantage. Check out the words Mexico and Hezbollah on the internet. Another 9/11 wailing to happen. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box but these things are being noticed by a lot of peple.

  • Wordman

    There is great need for care on this. Leaders who hold totalitarian inclinations are helped by patriots who act without due caution as much as they are by the mindless masses who carelessly go along. I clearly remember a rant published by a supposedly pro-gun leader in the Clinton days. She called for nothing less than an armed march on Washington DC by pro-gun forces. Fortunately cooler heads in the pro-2nd Amendment community immediately spoke out, pointing out that such a march would provide a irresistible provocation of the anti-2nd Amendment Clinton Administration. Besides the bloodshed that would have ensued, the pro-2nd Amendment community would likely have been all but discredited by such a rash move. The leaders of the American Revolution were wiser. They slowly escalated resistance in proportion to the over-stepping of British authority. They were bold, but their patience and wise sense of strategic advantage brought the majority of the population to their cause BEFORE the critical contests of force were forced upon them. Without a similar, patient, thoughtful, and organized approach, our cause will be defeated.

  • ReaperHD

    As soon as he tries to overthrow the Constitution that makes him a traitor and puts a bullseye right between his eyes. Almost make you want him to try.........

    • denosaur


  • deerhunter1

    Just vote this BOZO out.( WE THE PEOPLE will.) 2012 is his DOOM. THANK YOU GOD. The COUNTY will be praying for this. It's our only HOPE. It will happen. GOD BLESS THE USA.

    • Daniel from TN

      Voting him out will not be that easy. I believe Obama will be re-elected the same way he was elected in the first place; voter fraud. The fraud that occured in 2008 will occur again in 2012 but in greater number (2008 was just a test run). ACORN is alive and well; it is just existing under various names in the individual states. Even if fraud is detected nothing will happen: Obama and Holder will not allow prosecution in federal court (Remember the New Black Panthers?). States will somehow be prevented from prosecuting on state charges.

  • Larry

    I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised, but without the "domestic security force" armed, trained, and equipped as well as the military it'll be hard for him. No city or state has the force to enforce martial law unless everyone just complies, which I doubt. People have been pushed about as far as they can stand, and without his American SA he'll be out of luck. With them it'd be Civil War II.

    When they want guns turned in they're going to have to come and take them, They don't have the people.

    • anyoldjoe

      Who says that he doesn't have his brown-shirts at the ready?

    • Daniel from TN

      The ones assisting Obama will be UN troops. You know the UN; that anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim organization.

  • David in MA


  • Mike

    Possibility that the 2012 elections don't happen! Scenario: Martial law gets implemented due to some national "crisis" and Obama and his appointed "czars" take full control. Next step needed to attain that "New World Order" that many of our "duly" elected officials have been wanting to be part of. Just sayin'... "possibility"

  • Stan Kerns

    If you will take the time to Google the Panics of 1819, 1837, 1857, 1873, and 1893 (and, by the way, you will see how remarkably similar they are to today) I think you will be convinced of the fate of a President in office when things go south. Unless Obama works miracles there is zero chance of getting elected in 2012--should things be far better than today he probably should be--but as of August 2011 Obama is a lame duck.

  • alphamale

    There is no time now for words. It is time for action. At this point I think the secret service might help remove this SOB from office. Go on vacation Barry, you'll only screw up the country more by staying in Washington. It shows me that there are other power that are running this Country if he can take so damn much time off. Usurp the usurper!

  • Diverjimk

    Seems a guy named Yamamoto once said something to the effect of there being a gun behind every tree in America. Therefore he didn't want to try to take over the US from without. Maybe those who want to take over the US from within should pay some heed to that fact. If things get bad enough, we'll (I will anyway) really get pissed! In the 1700's some people out east really got pissed and look what happened.

    • defendConstitution

      Why do you think the left has been pushing for gun control?

    • denosaur

      That was before we had a takeover of our govt. All americans WERE united. They were facing the enemy. If he declares martial law,, we will be facing OUR military. OUR military is mighty and our govt CAN control the weather.... look around you... Look up HAARP.


    iwouldnt put it pass the SOB to martial law and a dictatorship the SOB needs to go.

  • Hockey

    Guess what else obammie inherited from Bush. A triple AAA credit rating

  • AdrianVance

    Mr. Obama would love nothing better than to see us in the streets killing one another. He could then declare martial law, bring out the National Guard, cancel the election and himself "President for the duration," which would turn out to be the term of his life.

    For sharp political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle.
    My recent post Deja Vu All Over Again

    • Daniel from TN

      Obama will never call out the National Guard. He'll call in the UN.

  • Pat Finch

    You have been warned What are the people going to do about it ?

  • Dennis

    I said this even before he took office and of course I got the raised eyebrows, boos, etc. Some of those that thought I was nuts aren't so sure anymore. I truly hope that I am wrong, but I think that I am not. We have Hitler in the Whitehouse and that is all there is to it. I may end up dead on my lawn but I will fight for the Constitution and the freedom that this country was started with but actually has not had for a really long time. We are all boiling frogs in the pot

  • Mac

    Until we get GOD back in our country and in our lives what is happening now is all we can expect.

    • Ken

      Amen Brother !!!!

  • HoustonJR

    The way I see it is America/Americans are wounded and there are three wolves fighting for the kill. The three wolves are global industrialists, Muslims, and global socialists. Obama has allegance to two which are Muslims and Socialists, but eventually all three will turn on each other. The question is whether or not before killing this nation (if they can) the fight between the three will occur.

    Meanwhile, an awakening of Americans is occurring (the tea party people), so they are under vicious attack from all three preditors. Those three preditors already control most of the politicians, the educational system, most of government, major media, and the commands of most military, the monetary system (through Fed Bernanke), etc.. I hope all the damage the above three have done can be reversed. Whatever happens though will not be easy or happen overnight.

  • Ken

    t appears that there is an agenda a very clear agenda and we as a nation need to do something about it before its too late. Obama has got to be put out of office and it needs to happen very quickly. His Marxist agenda is coming to fruition and before you know it we will have a dictator , just like Castro, Chavez, Hitler, Stalin and the like. I know thats not what I want for my kids and grandkids, do you? He'll try to get our guns next, but I know here in the State of Texas that ain't happening and I pity the first one who tries to disarm us. All I can say is keep your powder dry...Its coming down the pike...

  • Oscar Dar


    • Attakdog

      It's Martial Law folks !

  • Tina H

    I believe it can and will happen. I said that if he were elected that he would be the last President this great nation would ever have. Everyone pooed-pooed my comments but it sure seems to be coming to pass. The people of the U.S. are allowing him to trounce the Constitution and all that it stands for. I believe he should be hung for the Treason he has committed against this nation. If not he will be there for you children. I always told my children you never give the government any of your rights, why? because they eventually will get them all. Pray people pray!

  • chiefbuffalo

    The events that have been leading up to this possibility have not been so covert as you imagine. The plan is very devious, but it is a definite plan and recently Obama said to a group of Democrats "We are only halfway there". Obama has also said that he wants a civilian police force stronger than the military. Why do you suppose he said this. He is not a friend of freedom and is very much anti gun ownership. He is an admirer of the communistic doctrine and individuals like Hugo Chavez, who has already set up his dictatorship in Venezuela.
    The riots in England, in my opinion are a preview of what is going to happen in this country and deliberately planned to happen just prior to the November 2010 elections. Obama is deliberately driving the nation into financial ruin and the plan is to create a situation so bad within the next 18 months that riots like in England will occur; however, these riots will be orchestrated by the followers of Obama, Acorn, Unions, Communists, Socialists and the like. Once the turmoil begins, he will use the Martial law and consider the constitution invalid at that time. The only thing that will keep him from making such a move would be the fact that he does not yet have the following of the military, but behind the scenes he is working on that. Do not forget that Leon Panetta is a liberal and is now in charge of the military under Obama.
    Most followers of Obama have no idea what this man is all about and that their freedom is seriously in danger, but will learn the truth too late.

    • Daniel from TN

      He'll never the full backing of the US military: There are still soldiers who have a conscience and will not fore on American citizens. Obama will have UN troops brought in to attack America.

      • Daniel from TN

        TYPO. fire on American citizens.
        I proofread my comments before submitting them but I obviously missed this one.

  • Retired msg

    Folks i agree our country is going down the river, it is up to us the C I T I Z E N S , the purse strings are controlled by our elected officials and we must demand now they put a stop to the spending-what they most recently done was just a show....yes we are becoming a socialist country and Martial Laaw could be in our future unless we stop this dictator in chief...our elected officials have the future of our country in there hands and they work for us. lets tell them to cut T R I L L I O N S now this year and we wont accept less. remember demand answers to each of your questions like just how are we going to help you to convince other members to temporarly stop spending until our country is solid again...

  • dottie

    the military cannot stop the dictator/marxtist who hates white people and his mother because she was white.. it has been in the works for a long time for the united nations to come in and take over. military equipment was sent to the u.s. many years ago to be painted (Ha Ha). so it is here. the feeling is american soldiers will not fire on americans.

  • Retired MSG

    Mr "o" didn't just talk about his personal army he has one .they have been in training for some time and yes they will follow his commands, he will have military that thinks just like he does and his socialist demands and communist programs will continue unless we demand O U R elected officials answering to us cut his money off. starting with the HEALTH care and all his socialist programs.yes martial law could be in our future but my fight will be with my elected officials.....the next step will be to try taxing our guns.... if you give them up you might as well turn your as.... in also . K A U S E THEY WILL OWN US THEN and we will be 100% under communist control. buy all the ammo you can afford i might need some.

  • Kirby Killman

    For those who think gunning their way through Obama and Libs is the solution, take a thought about what he plans to do with an unemployed military including thousands of ex special forces people. "People Corps" is already lined up and instituted.

    Your guns will only succeed in getting you "heroically" killed and leave your family defenseless in the ensuing nightmare that is awaiting this country.

    "We the people" have been on snooze alert for decades indulging itself in the obscenely over bloated "America Dream". This is an addiction that most citizens of this country are addicted to. It includes the delusion this "dream" is going to go forever. Enjoy your football, basketball, golf, boats, cruises, RV trips while you can. They will buy you your demise.

  • Vince

    It will never come to marshal law, the bloodshed would be too great.

    Remember Obama has won, becoming the worse president in our history, beating out Jimmy Carter.
    He’ll be voted out in 2012.

    I have been say along anarchy will stop here, with 65M+ weapons in the hand of Americans. AND if you are not
    armed and willing to protect your family, property and your way of life, don’t’ get in the of others who are willing to do it for you.

    We will not be like Britain, with its riots.

    Remember the Constitution Protects the People; The 2nd Amendment Protects the Constitution.

    • defendConstitution

      Unfortunatly Vince, look at what has been done to our Constitution for the past 50 years or more. The libs just keep chipping away and soon there will not be a Constitution.

  • karen

    Its ALL about this-not party rivalry as that is just a destraction. The parties are on the same side-they promote the one world government pig pen.

    Congressman John Dingell's mouth -its about controlling the masses-obamacare is just a tool of many.

    Interview from an excommunist-how to brainwash a nation

    How to brainwash a nation.
    Here are the four steps:
    Demoralization (immorality, basically getting everyone used to it, thinking it's normal, and moral people are the bad folks)
    Destabilization (of the economy, politics, etc.)
    Crisis (caused by immorality and destabilization, which replaces the old government with a new controlling regime)
    Normalization (as everyone gets used to the new regime)

  • skip

    there's nothing secret about OBAMA's agenda... it's totally following, TO A TEE, the principles in the book of his hero, deceased chicago radical community organizer and communist fellow traveler, SAUL ALINSKY... ALL OF HIS ANTICS, such as threats, fear mongering, walk out, blaming, bullying, belittling, euphemisms, lack of truth, concealments, narcissism, lack of compromise, adolescent behavior, class warfare, socialism, redistribution of wealth, playing God ("The organizer," alinsky wrote, "is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach - to create, to be a 'great creator,' to play God." ) are from the ALINSKY recipe... do these ring a bell??? CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF... for a beginning, see sample site - ...

  • Wayne

    I can not imagine some making such a stupid move . Everyone I know has had a bellyfull of this schrade. A supreme court that is a disgrace, a house and senate that come in a close second. You would be better off call it an all out war. I could go into all that America has lost, but to lie down and play dead, not in this lifetime.

  • Maverick777

    Looks like Seal Team 6 will have another Great Mission to deal with......


    • denosaur

      what is LEFT of Seal Team 6? They were set up.

  • Guy

    be the last thing he does

  • skip

    YEP, OBAMA IS NOTHING BUT A RADICAL SAUL ALINSKY DISCIPLE (hillary too) AND PARROT, see - ... BUT WERE YOU AWARE THAT IT APPEARS THAT OBAMA (KERRY TOO) was at the forefront of the causative factors re the housing crash via, at least, acorn, and that he and kerry got campaign kickbacks from fannie mae and freddie mac??? not a peep from him or the media that i know of... see - AND ... AND now, like this article says, his campaign is endorsed by the communist party usa, and once before in 1996... see - ... PLEASE PASS THIS AND THE ALINSKY STUFF TO ALL YOU KNOW... anyone who votes for obama will be voting for ALINSKY!!! God help us...

  • Oscar Dar


    • Gary

      Don't use all caps. It's like you are yelling at us. Also it is hard to read. Maybe it's just me.

  • Ron Pelletier

    To gorgar, 1 hour ago: Get your head out of your you know what. The Bush administration tried to reign in Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac but the Democrap congress i e Barny Fraag put a stop to their attempts. R.P. in Carlisle, PQA

    • Gary

      You Ron my friend are right on the money.


    If we know he is doing all of these things(and we know he is) it is time that someone who can to GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!! NOW if not sooner. Lets contact somone who can do this????? OB needs to be gone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gene Hartis

    It's very ironic that this was published. I've envisioned the exact same theory except mine has Obamas unions and communist supporters starting civil unrest if it becomes clear he won't be a two term president. It's time we start impeachment proceedings NOW. He has to be stopped before it's too late. This is why he's not concerned about poll numbers. He knows real Americans play by the rules and that's exactly what he's counting on!!! Look at his record. He plays by his rules not the constitution. STOP HIM NOW!!!!!!

  • msbets123

    I still don't know what part of.................IN FIVE DAYS I WILL FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA................................THEY DIDN'T UNDERSTAND, HOW MUCH MORE EXPLICIT CAN ONE BE, He told people what he was going to do!!!!HELLOOOOOO!! THEY DIDN'T LISTEN!!! TOO MUCH HATRED FOR President Bush!!!

  • American for Americans

    West Virginia will surely join the fight!! American people need a true leader the people will follow and stand up again our corrupt government. Who will be our new George Washington? If their is such a man out there stand up & speak. The people will listen

  • Vern

    Why did you delete my comment, becouse I said bring it on, We are ready to fight tyranny.???

  • Vern

    Screw this site, they don't practice freedom of speech.

  • GWY

    The idea of martial law is absurd but readily fits the profile of the maniac in the White House. Everything he has done can can be matched with actions of Hitler or Stalin.

  • cat5210

    I have worried about this for a few years also.
    His ego is so big that he will be hard to remove once he is
    defeated in 2012.

    What things will he do from election to Jan 20?

    • http://none Scott Ezell

      Yeah Thats also what I fear will happen. Obama might lose but the socialist dictator that he is will stay in power no what. Obama has many allies and dictators that he bases his actions on. Ones like Adolf Hitler. Karl Marx, Fidel Castro Joseth Stalin just to name a few.

  • AchDuLieber

    WHERE can I get a full copy of that "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Arschloch" picture??
    THAT deserves worldwide distribution on every conceivable platform.
    As to the topic at hand ...
    Isn't it weird how the progs thought Nixon would attempt a dictatorship, back in the day?



    • Gary

      Stop yelling

  • Rico

    Stay vigilant America. We must all be ready to resist martial law if the NWO fools are nold enough to try it.

    • denosaur

      look at all the TSA workers who have been hired. It will soon be difficult to travel. I have heard that if you are a member of any militia, you are already listed on a no fly list.

  • Michael

    It's going to take all we can do in every town, hamlet and city in our country.
    Together we are somebody!

  • Robert

    this isn't just obama, it's bush, clinton, et al. no one person at that level attains that position without approval from others nor can he do much without assistance from those in agreement. this is more than obama. obama is just a front man to the overall con.

  • barney

    Check out who is running all our gas stations!

  • Arlene

    Here is the You Tube link MERLIN was referring to.

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    I don't think the majority of people in this country will let a take over or Martial Law come to fruition. This MORON will be eliminated before that happens, either by assassination, Impeachment or outright shutting down of the entire country for a breif period of time. In no-way will WE THE PEOPLE allow this complete Embarrassment to this Nation take total control of our lives and fortunes.
    I for one will not be controlled by this THING everybody refers to as President. He is no more a leader than my English Springer Spaniel. My Dog leaves things like him in the back yard every day.

    • cc1

      GEE, WHIZ, "Old Faithful Geyer":


  • Daiseysue

    Both congress & senate are aware of this possibility and the fraud that has been imposed on our country and it's citizens. Yet regardless of petitions, letters,calls and any and everything they see, hear and know they refuse to act........WHY ??? AS far as I'm concerend they are part of this whole farce, plot and plan. God help America !!! I believe Life in this country as we have known it is doomed.

    • denosaur

      If WE can see all this, you know that the congress can see it. THEY are all on the same side. The elites think we have too much population. Our govt. is GONE. Do you think they have PUT him in office and will peacefully step aside and let us have an election??? He will never leave peacefully. Look at IRAN. The UN will support him , if he calls for help. GOD is our only hope. PRAY for his intervention.

  • Watchman

    He's a muslim infiltrator plain and simple.

  • Robert

    The Almighty has done it again . Mr. Administrator :
    Why are you protecting Obama .
    Why will you not let the truth be put out there.
    Obama is a threat that will Leed to the death of Thousands .
    Obama made a deal with the muslims ,
    They gave up Bin Laden to give Obama a jump in the polls.
    Obama set up the Seal team for them to kill in return .
    If he is Not reelected he will not step down ,but start a civil war . He has his privet Army already , TSA , DOJ and all the freeloader that are on the Federal chuck wagon .
    Kill this post to if you like !

    • denosaur

      Bin Laden died years ago. He had kidney failure. They dumped SOMEONE, and the seals knew it was lie,,,,,, but they are gone now too.

  • Bill Stanley

    He is already Czar Obama.

  • BimBam

    Thanks for the warning. We have to be aware not of the illegal Kenyan negro, but of stupid white liberals who are the dangerous ones.

    I have observed the Kenyan negro and he is an infantile narcissist and is not much of a worry.

    The real worry or brains behind the co-op is the white fiends that must be watched. Have no fear of the skinny stupid negro. He's just an ass being ridden upon by the white handlers.

    The poor negro doesn't know he is being whipped either by his handlers.

  • The Concience

    The real question we should all be asking ourselves if this is true; will the United States Military fire upon US citizens, that includes friends, family, and neighbors, to comply with the mandate of marshal law? Or will those who have served and are trained by the military unite to fight against the very system that trained them. Will the present military defend us or will they kill, encarcerate, and come against Americans? This is scary and troubling..

  • http://none Scott Ezell

    Martial Law deffanatly is around the corner. Its only a matter of time (id say 2-3 years) before it happens in the United States. The Dictatorship is already here. Comrade Obama & his liberal allies with their actions are following the same path as Adolf Hitler and his socialist allies. Another way to look at it is that we are in the last days. Or more accuratly put. the last of the last days. We all need to prepared. Prepared as munch as possible.

  • Big Ugly

    "Hope and Change"

    What he really meant was, "I really HOPE they don't find out just how much I'm gonna CHANGE things".

  • Bruce H.

    Stock up on storable food NOW!

    It won't be long before you won't be able to....

  • ruff1951

    I blame the people of this country for electing this idiot. But yes it's true its just not Obama leading this country in the wrong direction, it is congress too. It will not matter who we elect into office. It hasn't mattered any in many years. There are people out there who hate America and will stop at nothing to see it fall. If martial law is passed don't count on too many people to rise up against the tyranny. Most likely only 3% of the country will even do anything. Think you will be able to trust your neighbors if martial law is passed? There's going to be a food shortage, and when the government says we'll give you food to feed your families in exchange for turning your neighbor in for treason. Who do you think your neighbor is going to stand by? He is going to feed that starving family. Prepare for worst and pray for the best!

  • Dan

    I bet the jews wished they had guns, Or the problem in norway if only one person had a handgun things would have been differant. The next time they talk about gun controll think about the muslems and if they will be giving up there automatic guns granade launchers.

  • Gary Duckworth

    obama needs to go back to his family in kenya. he is not even a human being but an entitiy from out of this world!!!! It is too bad that he forgot that Jesus Christ is Lord and he is nothing but a pawn of satan!! I hope he repents and saves his soul and his family as well. He can be forgiven if he will only accept Jesus Christ as his savior. Obamsan is NOT GOD!!!!

  • Gman4q2

    Its Ironic, I was just talking to some friends last month about the parallel to the emperor in Star Wars and the way he took over the republic. Obama the Sith Lord!!

  • Elmo

    If there was ever a time for a military coup, this is it.

  • AL Orange Park, FL

    I "WILL NOT" stand by while the mighty BO [whew someone open a window] destroys my country our country my children and their children's country. I WILL fight!

    • hunter

      good to hear u say that! i to will fight! and do so till the last, but i really wander, just how many talkers out there.will really do the same.or tuck tail and wimper

      • Howie

        I will fight also...I don't have all my weapons and ammo just to sit around and look at. I know the day is coming that they will be put to use.


        • JJB


  • AL Orange Park, FL

    Damn I hate this guy!

  • WillyB

    It's time to start impeachment proceedings! Where's Congress?

    • denosaur

      YOU need to send a letter to all your representatives and ask them WHY they have not already filed impeachment proceedings..... I HAVE. It is time to stand up and YELL.... THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!

  • fordman

    I don't think they will try much as long as we have our guns but when they are gone Look out because that is when America totally falls.

    • Howie

      Yes, they may take our Guns (over our dead bodies). Hilary has signed the UN's Small Arms Treaty but look here guys and gals. I believe we can mount a much bigger force to counter-act. Can the UN come up with more than 3 million in thier force? I doubt it. We would slaughter them. This would be another 'Battle of New Orleans' Remember what happened to the British when they thought they would take over? They had to re-think that while high-tailing it back from they came.

  • msbetz

    REMOVE OBAMA IMMEDIATELY.........25th amendment/ sect. 4...........Obama goes away

    Reinstate GLASS-STEAGALL bill H.R. 1489...........The so-called debt goes away

    It's NOT our debt! He's Not our president

  • rpr0174

    Do you remember the movie "Red Dawn"? Instead of a foreign country invading the US, we will have this pathetic, moron as a Dictator. I've said all along that the day he was elected is the day the downfall of the US began. We have got to stop this idealist from taking us over, controlling our bank accounts, our freedom, our rights. Keep him from becoming President. Vote for anybody but this numbnut.

  • Mike Travis, OHMM

    If you took the time to visit the website, you would see it is not a petition.

  • rkz777

    Pure and simple, their a bunch of dunces that will soon be consumed in the fires of hell, along with anyone that follows their devil ways. Whether they be rich or poor, military or everyday citizen, if you follow the evil ways of this socialist thug, then reap the fires of hell.

  • jac

    Well obama has created a private army just for this reason , they have built fema camps, they are trying to take our guns, they have taken away some of your rights, they want to change the consitituation , let's face they are all crooks and all they want now is total control of you and me..........well they best just kill me will be a cold day in hell before I give up my rights a group of pigs. They have taken your jobs, they could care less about you or me they really think they are better than us. Well, they have more money but I have more heart ....................when the time comes people hope you are ready. This people are cold blooded they are inter breeds, must come out the swamps, blue blood my ass...............

  • catzpaw

    I also have seen this for a long time. Good to know others out there see it too. He has to go. Prison is a good place for him.

    • G W

      Gallows! That pencil neck would stretch nicely.

  • Ritchard

    Giacomo, Do you really think Obama is running the show? He is only a stooge for the criminal power players that set the agenda.. Why do you think McCain ran to lose? He either had a scintilla of patriotic decency or he didn't want to have his name associated with what is and was in store for America. He fell on his sword for the Republican party by being the designated loser. Obama on the other hand was happy to sell out America to and get to ride on Air Force One, while pretending to be President through his phony citizenship the ultimate coup in the eyes of his black brethren, and all the while our elected officials go deaf dumb and blind so as to not lose the next election due to large Zionist contributions to their future opponents for not following the agenda to destroy our country. Sorry for the out burst, y,all can go back to sleep now.

  • michael andrews

    we can defeat obama in 2012. we must align wih one repubican contender and grow our masses to prepare for this huge task as obama has many advantages. i personally like gov rick perry. i think he will be the one who has the best chance.
    be cool and keep your head. wait for the time and unite .educate those who have their heads in the sand. above and make it count ! please , we can not allow him to stay or afford another 4 more years of american destruction

    • Attakdog

      Rick Perry belongs to the CFR and is on the same team as Obama, check your candidates wisely, as they are very devious.

  • Willy

    Hope and Change
    He hopes we don't catch on to what he is doing while he
    Changes the U.S. in to a Muslim country.

  • Renee


    • denosaur

      WHO are you going to get to IMPEACH HIM?? Not even the supreme court will do something.. Your legislators are evidently in on it.

  • Rocky

    Quit relying on government for anything. Impeach Obama and start trials of sedition and abuse of office he and csars can be taken down by " We, the people following the Constitution and not a lot of socialistic BS. We are a nation of Law not to trust government for any reason.First ten admendments is the Bill of Rights.Second admendment states a well regulated militia is the citizens. King Obama has abused his office and directly ignored the Constitution using socialism,lies,and fraud to acheive his dismantling of the Constitution and deliberately destroying the economy. He as any dictator tries to use fear to control "We, the people."He's a puny little coward that has never had to lay his life on the line to defend freedom and liberties enjoyed in this country.According to Russia and China he doesn't even rate as a good Red(commie).

  • Ben

    They might own the cities but we'll own the woods.

  • Gary in Texas


  • steve

    If you like 666, you'll love Obama. I was born before Hitler started WW2. I wore my RED T-shirt to work the day OB was nominated and again when he was innogerated. I watched him give US the one finger salute while rubbing his nose each time.With his handlers he has assembled his skeleton goverment within our government.Some people have leaked the hidden parts of the plan over the years and later paid with their lives. Some parts are in law such as the USC in the 60's (since deleted) that a World army in the future is to be assembled in three stages and consist of 2.2 million each of American, Russian and Chinese soldiers. Only the Armys and Police will be allowed to bear arms. It described a breakdown such that 5 major strikes would occur, the teamsters, the dockworkers, the aircontrollers, the train engineers and the coal miners. Afterwards the prisoners are told they'll be the new po;ice force will be released to go to specified sectors and gather up arms staches in place. Enemy lists will be at the Post Office.
    My recent post Italy – Wonderful Destination for Kids Too!

  • Polly

    Townhalls should be a HIGH priority now that they Congress is out of session ... I for one plan to get my voice heard. That will be a first ... someone is right ... nothing gets to Obama ... Congress is the only one with power to change things ... asking Obama to step down or ask Geitner to step down is like talking to the devil about our faith in God.

    Petitions and more money just don't do it ... we need to get face to face with these people ... one-on-one if possible.

  • AlFromME

    A lot easier said then done, middle America, (real Americans) will not quietly submit. The force required to disarm this country would be staggering. Here in Maine almost every home has at least one firearm, and there are a lot more of us that are clinging to our God and guns then there are of them. By the way the military is sworn to uphold the Constitution, they have sworn a blood oath to Barry.

    • Howie

      Us Patriots are atleast 3 million strong. What needs to happen is use the internet to organize instead of just beating our chests. Any force out there with the intent to take us out will be organized. We need a plan and we need one fast. How do we organize? Anyone out there have any good ideas on that?

  • steve

    I had to delete so much from my previous post that I need to clear it up a bit. Refering to the strikes, I learned this from tapes of a John Todd who was high in the one worlders club and got out and later killed. Google him. He has been Macarthyized. There will be a summer of bloodshed after which the people will beg for a solution and Marshal Law will be reluctanty installed, the prisoners doublecrossed, and everyone will be happy with the great leader. In the 1830's a Prophet said that in the last days the Constitution would hang by a thread and if it is to be saved at all it would be by the Elders of the Church, Reed excepted in my opinion. Get your year supply of food guick and good luck. Powder dry all.
    My recent post Italy – Wonderful Destination for Kids Too!

  • Keith Greene

    This is what I theorized about 6 months ago.

    Obama Suspends The Elections

    •The Obama administration will continue to propagate their made up "terrorist threats.” Those “threats” will increase exponentially as the 2012 Presidential elections draw near. Therefore, the Kenyan will have to suspend the elections and declare martial law since the "government" has received "credible" intel that Americas polling places are terrorist targets, and in order to keep us safe, the elections will be suspended until it is safe for them to resume. Why else would our c l own in chief do the things he does with complete arrogance and impunity. America, “We The People” must be prepared for what’s coming.
    •Obamas terrorism will be a simple act to pull off; Obama is very good friends with weather underground terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrne as well as numerous Islamic terrorist organizations. If will be very easy for them to set explosive devices in obscure polling places around the nation, hopefully not while occupied, then begin a series of bombings all the while blaming it on “terrorists” which will be true, but the Obama regime would have us believe it will be homegrown terrorists, NOT his good buddies Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrne, islam or the rest of that fanatical ilk. Of course, all financing will be provided by Obamas owner and master, George Soros.
    •Now with the governments’ newly acquired powers over the internet, the internet will be seized to eliminate fast communications so citizens are unable to quickly mobilize. I also suspect all cell phone networks will be shut down as well; their justification will be that those pesky "terrorists" may try setting off bombs remotely by.... CELL PHONE!!

    • denosaur

      WHY do you think they are pushing the FLU shot for everyone,, and making it mandatory for military,state and federal workers?

  • JohnC. Freeport, NY

    Just let him try declaring Martial law, and let him try to become a dictator. The guns of true Americans will be out immediately, and "We the People" will put a stop to this tyranny. Buy guns and ammo. We are going to need it!

    • Howie

      You bet we are going to need them!!!!!!!!!

  • pj

    There is no way this narcissist will walk away from the White House gracefully if he were to lose. He will prevent that at all cost! He will use corruption, voter fraud, ACORN (who is now under several different business names), and the Unions to keep him in office. And if all else fails, you KNOW he'll CREATE A CRISIS to declare Martial Law in order to stay in power. This man will NOT give up his power and glory, perks and carte blanche checks. He's having the time of his life vacationing and golfing. No way he is gonna let that go! EVER!

    • Howie

      You are exactly Right. He would have to be hog-tied and dragged out.
      By-the-way, while he is hog-tied, just go ahead and take him straight to prison. No trial necessary. Just a waste of good money. He's already been found guilty by all U.S. Patriots.

  • Guest

    Quit shwboating and get to work on turning out the VOTE against Obama. What's done is done and there is little chance of an Impeachment, so focuse on 2012, A srong conservative, experienced Chris tian can defeat him if enough voters turn out. It is our last chance to save the republic.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Were on the verge of one of the worst and most vile transformations in history and who's trying to stop it.
    When your freedoms gone what country is coming to save your sorry butt's? Hey if you came up with the answer of no one your absolutely correct.
    One bad thing about history is the fact that it does repeat itself far to often but on the flip side because of it's recurring like it does we have the chance to learn from it.
    Look back into history and see the things that transpired with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party and you'll see the same transformation that were facing today.
    Once Germany's economy was broken it wasn't hard for Hitler like Obama to proclaim himself and his party as the saviors to their country.

    • Richard Vandervort

      We have government concentration camps strategically located across our country setting empty and by the way they seem to have large capacity crematories on site just like the Germans had, Has this got you to thinking yet?
      Thousands of large capacity coffins that when some times questioned the governmental rhetoric is that there just keep in the case of a national emergency. Want to bet your life on that being the truth?
      Our troubles aren't a Democrat or Republican problem but a governmental one where were nothing more then the working Pawns in the Rich Elites Chest Game of life.
      We need to be pulling the plug on all of them and starting on a new field with a whole new team of players.
      Obama's promised us a new beginning and I think through him he's inspired just that. Obama has inspired a whole new breed of Patriot to evolve with the desire to once again set our people free and this can only be a good thing for our country.
      OK, Now that you've decided that you don't want to be the next New Germany don't you think it's time we unite to set our country free?

      • Richard Vandervort

        People say Obama couldn't pull off a call for Martial Law but your wrong in thinking this way.
        Obama might have some troubles with US troops turning on other Americans but we have been training large numbers of foreign troops for urban warfare in this country that hold no loyalties to American citizens. So should this be the hand writing on the wall for you to know what their plans are for you?
        Remember this much that Obama is just another political puppet for the Rich Elite that want to keep us all in our place.
        If you don't know your place I'll try to explain it to you, Your place is to just get far enough to think your getting ahead but far enough behind to keep you working your heart out with that ridiculous dream that one day you'll make it to the top.
        Our economy could have been straitened out but it would have meant giving up control of the little guy and the Elite Rich are not going to have that ever take place if they can stop it.

        • Richard Vandervort

          Just imagine if they would have cared about us you and I could have been debt free with all the banks also being solvent with no danger of going under and the death grip on your groin released how nice things could have been.
          Ask how did Hitler get a whole country to following him into a world take over so easy. It's simple because they made everyone dependant on government then promised life would be better once they took over and governed the worlds future.
          Think of just how many people you know yourself already dependant on government that are ready to do what ever biddings government wants to keep on the give me programs of government and are you willing to be joining them.

  • Jeff

    Maybe George Soros should be the first to go. If Martial Law breaks out he is a Jew who enjoyed working with the Nazis. Search this out for yourself. I think he got Obama elected, and Obama is going to be the fall guy when it falls apart. So if you decide to target someone Soros first.

  • Jeff

    While it is certainly plausible he might try this and certainly correct that this is what he is trying to do, I seriously doubt he, or anybody else, would be able to get away with it. The people won't let him. I'd bet even some Libtards would join in a rebellion against him. Plus I doubt many police officers, national guard, or the US miltary would aid and abet an attempt at a dictatorship. So while I'm convinced this is his plan and what he wants, I remain very skeptical that he will be able to accomplish it. I, for one, would go underground and join an armed rebellion against an unconstitutional usurpation of power by an abomination like Obambi. I imagine there would be plenty more of us who would not allow this to happen and it won't.

  • W Smith

    There is already an exodus under way from this country particularly by the rich who want to stay that way without selling their souls. With plenty of warning barely 1/4 of the Jewish population left Germany from 1933 thru 1938. The latter part of 1938 began the holocaust. Hitler's reign was 12 years, in 6 he killed 6 million Jews. Those who fled to the east were returned by Stalin for extermination in the "National Socialist" (monikered Nazi) death camps. Stalin, the hero to this day of many on the left starved 7 to 10 million of his own in a single year but that is a separate story. Hitler and Stalin were allies. Why Hitler chose to open another front and betray Stalin we can never really know. We can however thank our lucky stars. The world would have been awash in bars of soap to keep all good Nazi's clean had he not. Socialist's have no problem with the killing it's all in the style. Obama's appointed head to implement Obama care, if memory serves; Donald Berwick has such a cavalier view of us I would equate him to Josef Mengele. Maybe he doesn't get his own hands dirty like CHE but his oversight will be the end to many.

  • Bankslay

    Martial law is here. I have been fighting bank, investment, and insurance fraud. I have been falsely arrested, harrased and intimiated by law enforcement since Jan 2000. I know others in the field who have been treated the same, just try to expose corruption at high levels and you'll soon find out the hard way. Patriot act wiretapping etc. are very dangerous, so is flooding the country with tens of millions of anti-U.S. illegal immigrants. Don't think martial law is only asking the military to round up fellow Americans a large percentage of liberals think conservatives are terrorists. People don't lose much sleep over killing terrorists or putting them in prison.

  • John Doo

    The German public could have stopped their National Socialists in 1923. They didn't; they never got another chance; and Germany led the world into thirty years of war from which a few of their lost POWs returned in 1955. Will we get another chance to stop B Hussein? We want a nonviolent return to normalcy. His Progressives hope to "re-educate" a large minority of Americans, and with great regret, to kill about ten percent of our population: thirty million people. Playing by the rules against people who don't makes our prospects pretty bleak.

  • Daiseysue

    When Christians who have always been taught to obey the law, to live peacefully with their neighbors, to do good to those who spitefully use them, to help those who are less fortunate are now considered to be POTENTCIAL TERRORIST.?? When returning veterans who have volunteered to give their very lives for their country are considered POTENTCIAL TERRORIST.?? What have they done to be given this label ?? Have they broken the laws of the land ?? NO, nothing like that. No, their CRIME is that some might have dared to display a simple bumper sticker with the name of a candidate or law that happens to not be the choice of our Homeland Security Dept. I find this to be very, very frightening.

    • Howie

      We are a minimum of 3 million. Compare that to the foreign troops. And, we have home advantage to boot.!!!!!!!

    • Bankslay

      Thanks for bringing up the issue. Supported Mainstream Republicans all my life until my Illegal foreclosure and government intimidation, I'm far more conservative but figured it was far better than Democrats. I realize first hand there is something horrifically wrong with economic fundamentals, and loss of basic Constitutional rights. I became Ron Paul supporter despite being a social conservative. SO now I actively oppose Illegal Immigration, the Fed/IRS/ staunchly defend the Constitution, and demand prosecution accountability for Wall street/ banking/ insurance fraud, am a fundamantalist Christian, I would be lower on the potential terrorist list than with a name of Muhammad, and shouting death to America, with suicide bombs strapped to me at the superbowl game. We need a big change in focus back to basics of real money, and stopping the Fed S.S. and Bolsheviks dead in their tracks.

  • Sarastro

    No dictator ever gives up his power, if it looks as if Obama will lose the election, he will just sign the Martial Law papers that are ready and waiting and then we are all dead ducks. The internment camps are also ready and waiting to receive all the patriots who will be immediately murdered. I can see no alternative to war, and I fear we will lose unless the heavens open and tens of thousands of holy angels come down to our aid --- as prophesied in George Washington's Vision --- a huge war will take place all over America --- armageddon --- we will be losing, and then God will intervene and Satan and all his demons will be defeated and disappear from the earth forever. Look up: George Washington's Vision.

  • Robert Laity

    "Around the Corner"??? Obama dictatorship is upon us NOW!

  • msbetz

    Remove Obama NOW! ~~~~25th. Amendment ~~~was written to remove a sitting president.

    Reinstate Glass-Steagall NOW H.R.1489~~~eliminates illegal debt. It's NOT OUR DEBT!

  • Becky H

    This president has been a disaster and the downfall of our great nation, got to go.

  • B. E. Taylor

    Hi Becky H.

    I got a sick feeling in my stomach even before he "won". He's turned out to be even worse than my worst nightmares, and they were pretty bad. They say that those who ignore or are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. I wonder how many totally ignorant people voted for him. It's a replay of early 1930's Germany, and I don't have to say how THAT turned out.

  • Walter

    Once Obama gets his SuperCongress established he will no longer need Congress. He will simply by-pass them. He needs to go. He was hired because he is black - lets fire him because he is useless.

  • armur

    Cowards and Bigots...All of you!

  • LukeAppling

    If we do not replace Obama we will have a marxist country which is what the 60's radicals have been after since the riots of the 60's. Obama's administration is filled with the 60's radicals at every level and Obama is their "messiah" a half-white man who is "articulate and clean" as Joe Biden said. They figured America led by liberals would feel guilt if they didn't elect a half-white person so Obama skated in with the least amount of investigation of anyone since FDR. Obama is far too inexperiencerd as Palin pointed out but the left "wanted to show their tolerance" and foisted this fraud off and some of the fools voted for him. Now we see Palin and I were right he isn't competent he never ran a lemonade stand not did he ever make a payroll so his experience is in "running for office" in Illinois in safe Democrat districts that elected people like Carol Mosely-Braun to show their depth of thought.

  • Jim Buzzell

    One of two posts: This march has been going on for over 80 years; slowly, progressively, in small steps until the timing was right, the minions were in place, and the liberal socialists controlled congress; then steps up the manchurian candidate, who no one knew anything about, who had a concealed track record from birth to his nomination, was a trained and educated member of the communist party and community in the United States; sheltered, paid for, and advanced as "the one" through out the liberal, prgressive, socialist, marxist, and communist organizations within, and from outside the United States.

  • Jim Buzzell

    Post 2 of 2: All as the United States citizens slept for 80 years with a wake up call occasionally to set these people back a notch, only to go back to sleep again. All you have to do is look at the Carter presidency as and example; why he was elected? Change, and look at who he brought into his administration, his secretary of state was a liberal socialist, and the simularities existed to further socialize the United States; then the people woke up again, and replaced him, after one term with Reagan; then all is well and we all went back to sleep again at some point turning Reagan's years in office. Countrymen and women it is the sleeping that gets us into trouble. Stay awake America your nation depends on you being alert, and resolved to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

  • Rusty Hanes


  • Dex

    martial law over my dead body... this is supposed to be government of the people by the people for the people... if that is violated, all bets are off... we the people will have an obligation to see that that does not happen and those in the armed forces will necessarily trun on their 'commander in chief' to set things right again (BTW, I trust them and their loyalty to the US Constitution much more than any politician)... this cannot happen in America because there are too many patriots, period!

  • Al Swearingen

    America needs to start over. Kill all of the politicians that signed on to laws and policies that violate our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. All of them!

  • Darrell Russell

    This is a very real threat. Do take it seriously. Obama did not expect the American people to react the way they did in the 2010 mid term elections and it has set his agenda back some what. Keep in touch with your representatives and demand that the spending stop and the social engineering be disbanded.
    The United States of America is at a tipping point and it is up to every God fearing and patriotic American to see that it tips back to a constitutional form of government.
    We The People of the United of America, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

  • lilly

    Quite frankly, what he is doing is treasonous and for that , he should be prosecuted within the full extent of the laws.

  • Gary

    Complete takeover has always been Obamas plan. The Obama voters think that magically they won't be affected. Better think again. I would really be let down to see the military take up arms against their fellow citizens.

    • Bankslay

      I'm a Republican but a true Republican leaning toward the tea party, unfortunately the problem is more than Obama and we have been backstabbed by those claiming to represent out intererests. The bialout, and Patriot act far overstepped any Constituional boundaries. You are so right though about people who want to expand government powers and imagine themselves so usefull they can use the government's power for personal gain. I think many Conservatives bought into expansion of government authourity for the sake of security and furthered big government purpose and unwittingly put a noose around thier own neck and provided the framework for a liberal or duped conservative police state. The Marxist idealogy that I'm at the bottom therefore I'm indispensible is complete lunacy and based on delusion and the greed of getting something for nothing, whereas the Neocon exapansion of government authority is probably more a case of a startled overreaction. Never ceases to amaze me that those with a messed up personal and financial life imagine they are indespensible to the elite power structure, and far more intelligent and competant than the "selfish idiots" paying thier housing, medical, edcation, retirement, etc. bills.

  • Rick

    Once the marxists gain power, they will do anything they can to keep it.

  • brophinator

    anyone surprised by this had their heads in the sand two years ago when they were more interested in making history than they were in making an educated decision...

  • Joe

    HR 308 is on the books again,to ban ALL ammo mags over 5rounds. The anti -gun people are still pushing this.As always the next step is to TAKE you firearms! Do not let this happen.Email,call, write your Reps.remind them they work for us.And we have had more than enough of govt. intruding in all aspects of our lives.
    We are the people,WE no longer are going to be a scape goat for the govt.
    Vote,take part in saving this nation.
    Its time to rid ourselves of this dysfunctional,gangster govt.
    Stand up for America,if you do not,then donot complain when your rights and freedom is gone.
    Tell you Reps.THEY are the ones responsible for what happens to this nation!!!!!!

  • Myron

    Obama may be the head of all this, but in truth it's Congress that's allowing all this to happen. Except for a very few individuals; i.e., Ron Paul, his son, and Rubio, etc., they should all be fired in 2012, and that includes the Republicans too. Personally, I don't think the leaders in the military would allow martial law to happen as they're sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, including our federal and local law enforcement officers. There may be hope as we're beginning to see many of the Obama supporters waking up to what's happening.

  • Steve

    This is the dumbest site I think I've ever seen

    • J. Burrow

      Wake up- you and all others who do not want to see!

  • San Francisco Pete

    So we will have an Obammunist country here? Contrary to the other states where this scenario did play out, I believe this country will be different. Having served this country for 21 years in the US Army, I think our armed forces are not so easy to manipulate by the Obammunists. We are sworn to serve and uphold and protect the constitution of the US, not its "government", and especially bot its illegitimate leader. To enforce martial law, you need a compliant military, which the Obammunists do not possess. Unless somewhere, in secret, he has formed the nucleus of the Obammunist civilian fighting force Omaba talked about during the campaign. ACORN could have provided the smokescreen for that.

  • floyd

    At 3:00 AM this morning i woke from a dream that made me sit straight up in my bed.. What i saw in my dream was a horrific vision of what obama is doing to our country.. There was this big whale breaching the waters for air, And obama had two long Scimitars one in each hand flailing away at the whales sides, on these swords was inscribed TREASONEST on each sword, The whales sides were sliced open from blow hole to tail..and what was coming out of the whales side was not only blood gushing out,, but American people and money, What woke me was the SCREAM from the whale every time obama slashed at the whales side… i seen obamas face his eyes were bright red his body covered in blood an he was laughing so hard he could barely stand before he slung the saif’s on the whales side again and again.. i didnt sleep the rest of the night..

  • Richard Holmes

    Erase this scum and all of his followers from the face of the earth.

  • harry fadaka

    can;t happen!! too many patriots have gund.

  • carl arasi

    I don't believe the Secret Service, these are intelligent men, are they all communist. There surely must be one patriot amongst them! They have to see what he is doing to this country! Why is this communist scumbag still breathing? If he ever declares martial law, he should be assassinated immediately!!

  • birch

    Obama is not the ONLY threat to America. He has been guided by 'old school' hard-liners who's only goal in life is to uproot America and destroy what has made this country the greatest in the world. Obama may not win the next election, but those who are dug in behind the scenes will continue the subtle actions which have brought us to this present day nightmare. To effectively defeat the threat we must expose those who wish to destroy our country!

  • Roger D. Blackwell

    We need as many people as possible to join http://Goooh.Com
    These politicians or even replacement politicians are not the
    answer anymore. Let’s take our country back. Thanks Everyone
    God Bless America

  • NIELS OLSEN kimberly




  • OHNO

    he has a dictorial cabinet of 12 so we are within months and maybe less. get ready for a false flag attack so he can become absolute dictator and all hell will break loose

  • Catherine Ondrizek

    I suspect this president is a puppet. Either that or he is a trader; or both. He is guilty along with most of his cabinet of treason. Why is he still in office and why hasn't he been called on it. Our politicians and our so called news media are all guilty. Our politicians take an oath to uphold our laws. They are not doing it, including protecting our borders. TREASON! I SAY TREASON! They distort our history or conviently leave out the truth. They have our best young people fighting wars we shouldn't be in, so that they are away from our country so they are not here to protect us and we can be attacked from within by other armies. Our troops will be too far away to help. Get this traitor out of the White House.
    Sincerely, Catherine

  • Catherine Ondrizek

    Forgot to say: In Germany, Hitler was asked by his followers how he would overthrow the government when everyone had guns. Oh, he said, that will be no problem. We will start trouble on holidays and where families gather for recreation using guns ourselves and making sure innocent people get hurt. When this happens enough the people will get angry and take the guns away from themselves. They will vote their gun rights away. Then I/we will take over.

    In Russia it was similiar, only they registered guns first. They knew every house to "hit" first - who had guns.

    One other thing: Do you really believe our election for president will be honest? I am affraid computers can be controlled and once again the powers-that-be (Elitest, Builderburgers, Shadow Government) or whatever you wish to call them will make sure the person they want to get in , gets in power.


  • Shakespeare

    Some of us have known from the beginning what is going on. Obama is a puppet of the Marxist revolutionaries who have a well-orchestrated plan for the takeover of America. The plan is: the collapse of Capitalism, and therefore of the economy, control of the banking system, the enslavement of the People, and the stamping-out of Religion. This plot has been in the works for years, and so far has met with astounding and rapid success. Obama is a complete phoney. What do we know about the man, really? Answer, Nothing! He is a shadowy figure with a shady past. And now we are stuck with him! We are being taken-over by the Enemy.

  • Charlie
  • John P.

    I hope the American people are keeping an eye on this administration. The're traitors to me. VOTE THEM OUT. Better yet throw the out and inpeach them and put them in Gitmo.

  • okcfreedomfighter

    Anytime you have the Communist Party USA backing you, there's a problem in your policies. He doubtfully sees this as a problem, meaning we could be in serious trouble if he's re-elected. What's Arabic for "Sie Heil"?

  • george

    our country has been srewed to the max,marshall law will work like this. 1. at first you would not know who to trust.2.friends will turn into enemys, 3.fighting for what is right will be replaced with fighting to survive.4. you will be hunted down an be exacuted for your religon or other beliefs. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE IN DIFFERENT PLACES!!!

  • mcdonnal

    Cling to your guns and your religion, they are the only thing that will protect us from tyranny. This administration has a motto, something to do with turning crisis to their advantage. It seems that they are attempting to create crisis all the time so that they can declare a moratorium on elections and declare martial law. Kind of like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. The Marxists all use the same playbook. Stay alert and make your opinions known, loud and clear.

  • almost free again

    you have it right as far as i know , what about building #7 , 9/11 . false flag operations to scare americans into submission bin laban died about 9 years ago and the seal teem knew it so they killed them to prevent leaks. CIA is controlled by who? ? and will the bad guyes ever be brought to the dock ? ? ?

  • tinker

    ONE WORLD ORDER as explained in the Book of Revelations; iF YOU LOOK AT THE DOLLAR BILL UNDER THE PYRAMID, in Latin, it reads NEW WORLD ORDER. As I understand the US, Canada, and Mexico are merging into one Union. A 10 lane highway, I think starting in Texas connecting the US, Mexico, and Canada. There so, I'm told are almost ten unions in process or coming together. Again, so I'm told there are several prison camps throughout America and several foreign police or whatever ready to assist in arresting americans when Martial Law in enacted by a president. ALL PART OF A PLAN GOING BACK TO WHEN THE FEDERAL RESERVE BEGAN WITH PRIVATE RICH OWNERS.

  • tinker

    ADDITIONALLY, I UNDERSTAND THAT SPAIN IS THE BIG CONTRACTOR FOR BUILDING THE SUPERHIGHWAY (10 LANES) BEGINNING WITH TEXAS TROUGH THE US, CONNECTING WITH MEXICO AND CANADA. COULD THIS BE, IN PART, WHY THE ILLEGALS ARE GETTING FORGIVENESS OF VIOLATING THE LAWS AND CONTINUING TO RECEIVE United States FREEBIES,? Thus, it is also very disturbing to hear that there are vacant prison camps throughout the US especially when we hear so much talk about prisons being overcrowed!!! her in the United States!!!

  • tinker



    Lock and load i will be ready.

  • Gregor

    Yes... America is becoming AMERIKA...and the powers that be, that are propping up 'This Puppet' of a Prezidente, will not go quietly by election time...IF, they foresee a Conservative / TeaParty candidate is winning the Presidential race.
    The ' status quo' that has been entrenched behind the scenes misadministration after misadministration WILL NOT let ALL they've done, over the past 80+years unravel, and lose their control over this nations Financial/Economic/Power infrastructure, that they've quietly been busy re-structuring under our very noses. I can see the ' real' power brokers doing the unthinkable ( again) and when that happens.... in an instant, Martial Law will be enacted and the Constitution suspended, as most of our rights, in one fell swoop. I hope this is not the case but, my tea leaves point to some very troubling aspects to where our nation is being taken, at great expense to us all, and most people, while angry, still haven't seen the trees in the forest, that's being thrusted upon them. But, they will and soon, I'm afraid.

  • Ralph

    You poor misguided historically challenged people. This has been going on since the Fed Reserve was passed in 1913, The deficit climbed from $5 trillion in 2000 to $14 Trillion,, so Obama is just continuing what Bush started. The Repukes and Dim ocrats are playing tag-team with a bunch of morons.

  • Corky W.

    I have been anti obama even before he was elected. NOT because he's half black but because of what he was saying. I have been telling people for more than a year that he (obama) will do ANYTHING to retain power. During this up coming year we will see his union minions and the black panthers start all kinds of riots etc just to give o-nutcase-bama a reason to declair martial law. Hey o-stupid-bama, got news for you, the part you didn't get , thanks to groups like the NRA, is you didn't get our guns and you didn't take out FREE SPIRIT and willingness to FIGHT for what we believe in. Oh, you.. better think about this nancy and harry, your in this up to your necks and many more as well.

  • Brett

    Among the American people are many deceived and useful idiots that believe what Obama stands for. We really are destroying ourselves, and if we do not take all of the threats seriously that are posed by the Obama administration and the Democrats that support him, we will lose all of our freedoms.

  • Spyder Dalton

    Breaking: LAPD raids 6 city animal shelters, confiscates shotguns, rifles, handguns, ammo



    In an outlandish enforcement action, Detectives from the LAPD Gun Unit, working with a new City Attorney Task Force, recently performed a plain clothes undercover "sting" on a high quality leather smith Omar Pineda's family business: Alfonso's of Hollywood Leather Company. Pineda, in business in North Hollywood for 43 years, makes custom holsters and other leather goods. In fact, his high end business is nationally renowned and he has been servicing LAPD officers for many years. But he does not sell guns, nor possess a firearm dealer's license - which isn't necessary for his leather business. Pineda's "crime?" He unwittingly sold two leather holsters for .32 caliber handguns to the undercover officers, not realizing that the recently enacted Municipal Code section that bans the sale of "ultracompact" handguns (under either 6 3/4" long or 4 3/4" tall) also bans the sale of holsters for these guns.

    And when was this dangerous leather smith "criminal" detected? On September 11th no less! As the country, under heightened alert declared by the federal government, held its breath that we wouldn't suffer another terrorist attack the LAPD was spending federal dollars to arrest a holster maker!

    The sting was part of a new misguided effort to crack down on gun dealers in the city. Using federal "Project Safe Neighborhoods" dollars, the LA City Attorney's Office has formed a gun prosecutor "task force," and, working with the LAPD "Gun Unit," is performing regulatory "inspections" on the roughly 200 licensed gun dealers in the City of LA. Dealers fear the effort is a pretext to put them out of business.

    It's already happening...

  • Alice

    Warning - do not vote on line, go to the polls even if you are a senior.
    The votes can be manipulated - that is we we get a chance to vote !

  • Jack J. Morris

    I did not keep my mouth shut when blacks were being discriminated against; I surely will not keep quiet now that we have institutionalized discrimination against whites. You may not have read much about it in the Pravda on the Potomac left leaning liberal media, but the fascist regime headed by Obama and Himmler…I mean Holder… has made it the law of the land by decree to not pursue cases in which blacks are accused of intimidating whites at the polls. This grants a license to the New Black Panther Party and any other black gangs that wish to join in the fun to beat up or scare white Americans away from voting. Obama has sanctioned flash riots! This is a death knell to our civil rights. This Obama/Holder cabal is getting away with it because our Congress is too weak-kneed to apply the law equally as is required. Use it or lose it! If we do not stand up for ourselves, we are dead!

  • Change or Chains

    I have a solution to all of this mess. Can we divide the USA into thirds, all the Liberals and Democrats go live and work in the east. Obama can have all the power to himself, try all of his policy's out with no "obstruction" from Republicans. Nancy and Harry can run the kingdom for Obama so he can get in more golf practice.

    The Republicans all go to the west and elect a President. All of the tax breaks they want with no interference.

    Independents, Green Party, Libertarians,, work and play in the center section.

    Everyone has a third, everyone gets a third of the current debt. No more shoving stuff down the peoples throat. If you are in step with Republicans, keep your guns.

    The President of his or her states can cut taxes, raise taxes, kill healthcare or keep it.

    Everything would run along party lines, no more BS. Calm and Peace at last.

    We share all military and defense spending in peacetime. If we are put into a defensive posture here in the USA, we share all military personal and expenses. If only one Party wants to go to war in another country, all military can be utilized. However, the single party that takes us into war must pay for it.

    The Democrats want to take care of everything for everybody, they can do that in the east till their hearts content. Republicans don't have the same position, so they are no longer required to adhere to the same policy. They are free to make changes to requirements and time limits.

    Every third is responsible for their own budgets, taxes, deficits, infrastructure, etc. What do you think? I say we put it on a ballot so we can all move on from this divisive division. Now this is change!

    • Donald

      why do republicans have to take the west? We don't want the west. See ? You've started a fight already!

  • dottie

    gogar: get a grip. clinton had a $5. Trillon deficit when he left office. (look up on the computer.) you can have a surplus, a debt and deficit. so don't blame bush for everything...i don't approve of everything bush did but lets call a spade a spade and ace an ace. (clinton was to busy trying to pull up her draws from around his ankles to really do a lot.) when you have a rod up your behind due to martial law tell me how wonderful obama/soeboro is.
    kayd: the military might not be able to help us...that's why the UN is in this country to help obama/soeboro. they said american troops would not fire on americans. check out UN equipment Louisanna. the equipment was sent from europe to be painted...give me a break. (look it up on the computer.) other people in this country are in on this check the Bildenberg Society out.


  • a new world order

    all signs are leading to economic collapse. this place is already hyperinflated and still costs are rising out the roof. won't be long now.

    the world is a pyramid scheme and they are consolidating and collapsing the bottom out! THATS US!

  • donoesau

    If this scenario comes to pass our only hope would be a military coup.

  • FedUpWithFedsInTexas

    In answer to the title question "yes". And that will be followed in fairly close succession with revolution, massive death and destruction, collapse of the continental and global transportation webs, collapse of the world economy, the end of western civilization and the end of the world as we know it.

    The planet will continue, as will our species but hundreds of millions - if not billions - worldwide will perish in famine and pestilence as Rev. Malthus is proven to have been correct. The fortunate will fall back to a 19th or even 18th century lifestyle and technology. Societal and social order will dissolve and a return to tribal or even feudal organization will arise. In most places the rule of law will be replaced with every man doing what is right in his own eyes. And the world will enter a new dark age - with much of it ruled by a fully realized "caliphate".

    A millenium hence archaeologists of the time will study our time as we do Classical Greece or 1st Century Rome. The huge and appalling loss of life will be called "the great culling". Let us hope that the gene for socialism and statism and collectivism is eradicated, or all the suffering and death will have been FOR NOUGHT!

  • gearundo

    We are in more danger of America being destroyed by enemies on the inside ,than we ever were from enemies from the outside, since fhe revelutionary war..If Obama his quislings ,and the UN are not stopped now, we may be fighting for our very lives in our streets homes ,and back yards with any and every weapon we can find. THIS WILL BE THE SECOND CIVIL WAR!!!!!!
    By the grace of god may the good guys win.

    IVIL WAR!!!!!!

  • jerry3741

    If the American people don't take to the streets of Washington ,DC and put a stop to this take over of our country then we all with be living under a Dictator government.

  • Lois

    I tried sharing on Facebook also, got a message about some error occurring. You know the government is on the internet. My screen will occasionaly get very pale and I can't scroll up or down until that (whatever it is ) turns it loose.

  • Robert Waldron

    He seems to be getting bolder in his remarks. Is he listed in the DSA website?
    Lots of Dems are

  • DRH

    If Obama knows that he will lose the election and the people he has in his adminastration (which are the radical hippys from the 60`s and 70`s ) feel that the end is coming .they will find a way to stop the elections if Obama does declare martial law that will keep him in office until martail law is lifted. Why di you think that the left wing Rads have been calling for every body to fill the streets. If they whip up the people in this country that feel that they are not getting what they are owed.and all the Unions whip up there membership (use them as lemings for there own means and not for the good of the people that trust them) If this is the plan they will start real soon to get the union member ship and all the left wing organizations in the street. the clock is ticing. Get informed and don`t be one who is being used .be your own person.

  • Bob Marshall

    Since German,Russian and UN troops have been training in the US for riot control and civil unrest loyality to Americans wouldn't be an issue. I have always believed one day UN troops would be on our streets. Obama has his 20,000 man army. Read up on FEMA. FEMA is not who they appear to be nor are they existing for just natural disasters.

  • trackfodder

    it is put up or shut up time for God. HE said any nations that divide Jeruselem, I will destroy those countrys. The U.N is set to do just that this month. HANG ON

  • Don

    Sorry to say but there will be blood in the streets.

  • ARMYOF69

    Before declaration of Martial Law, he has to take away our 2ND. Amendment. Much blood will be shed if he tries that.

  • terry

    I can't believe the democrat party would put up with this mess that Obama is pulling!

  • June

    I wish the democrats would get their nose out of their b---s and start standing up for a free America. Down with sharia law and Agenda 21 and Obama. What are the democrats getting out of this mess? They can't all have been promised 16 virgins. Maybe Obama has but democrats?

  • Bob

    Read Amimal Farm and you'll see exactly what is going on. Heir obama is quietly taking over the country. It is time to
    put an end to him. "2012 and out." but it would not surprise to see military posted at every voting booth in 2012 to make sure you vote for Hitler, I mean obama. He promises a lot of things, just as Hitler did, then the next day, removed all the freedoms the people had. Don't blink people, obama is doing the same thing. It's time to take this slimebag out.
    Four more years of this idiot and we'll all be prisoners.

  • T. Moore

    Obama cannot be stopped! Why? Because he is supported strongly by Zionist Worldwide Jewry. And the other reason Obama cannot be stopped is because he is a black man!

  • ARMYOF^(

    His ARMY is not our Military who are sworn to protect the CONSTITUTION, it's Soros many entities members, CAIR, the UNIONS, 98% of all Blacks [ that's how many voted for him ], all illegal aliens, and the super rich who will not risk their lives , but might fund those who will want to hurt the rest of us who want to see this country FREE again.

  • Rhondar

    Obama will probably be our LAST president
    Look up public law 87-297

  • falkenberg

    For further evidence that this thesis is correct, as if any were needed, take a look at Obama's SS-like website designed for citizens to inform on each other. If you hear misinformation, it says, tell us who has said this and/or send the link to a site where it's stated. We'll send you the truth so you can straighten them out. Well, why do they want the identity of the "misinformation?" And why is the site called ATTACK-WATCH if not as a means of intimidating all of us into silence. There is no evil that could befall Obama and all who align themselves with him that would not be a balm to the nation, and a benefaction to this world. May God protect the innocent. But may His justice soon be manifest.

  • Ed Tazz

    In all my 78 years, I have never,ever seems such arrogance and criminal behavior of a chief executive. He doesn't care about his illegal behavior, the Congress doesn't care, the Democrats don't care. Only responsible Conservatives care but are helpless because we elected a bunch of spineless, tratiors to our Congress. It seems like the people who comment on this site see these issues and feel the same way I do. We are angry and we're not going to take it anymore. Bring on the Revolution.

  • Reed

    Gorgar you are a HUGE ignoramus. Yes Bush DID spend too much of OUR money but look at what B.O. has done on HIS OWN to damage the economy. Even Clinton HAD to ,ove back to the "center" to be re-elected, but NOT B.O.. This bum is a socialist and is SUPPORTED by the LARGE number of SECRET SOCIALISTS [MOST OF WHOM] are Demycraps.

    gun nut

  • Reed

    Mark, thank you for saying the same thing I have been saying for years. The nation in general MUST turn down the interest in "quittin' time, payday, and the next cold beer, and pay STRICT attention to what the people we put into office are voting for [implement], and how it will affect us as well as our future generations. Just today I read online "Don't tax the rich, THANK THEM". How true it is. If you don't believe it ask a poor person to hire you and see how quickly YOU are hired. Consider as well, how long did Bill Gates et al work BEFORE they were ABLE to hire ANYONE. THEY COULDN'T BE SURE THEY WOULD MAKE A PROFIT when they began their business, BUT they were willing to TAKE THE RISK Are you? Or are you comfortable with being jealous of the wealthy and complaining about what in actuality is the RESULT of VERY HARD WORK done by THEM on their own initiative.

  • Reed

    GSK, another way to express it is popg [purveror of power grab]


  • Reed

    Word Man, THANK YOU for your wisdom as well as the insight you have provided. I have been attempting to spread the SAME message. To act without thought and plan is nothing short of rash and foohardy, a blueprint for disaster.


  • Reed

    Mike, the diddiculty with the elected officials desiring to be a part of the New World Order as I see it is that they are being played as DUPES. I believe that they will find themselves minor puppets [if that] as opposed to the major role they expect to have in the grand scheme of things. Just sayin'.....

  • Commonsense

    gorgar is another brainwashed liberal spouting the garbage pushed by Zerobama liberals. It is common knowldge , on record, that Democrats pushed through the decisions to encourage banking organizations to give loans to peope they knew could not pay for them. Does it ever occur to you liberals to research the garbage you preach about? Unbelievable how gullible people can be. I often wonder what they think they will gain out of helping Zerobama and his cohorts ruin the country???? Use the brains you are given once in a while!!!! AND - if it comes to martial law , millions will not obey. In fact the majority of the military and civilian law authorities will refuse to fire on our own people. And the few who choose to follow the dictator will quickly disappear - No doubt. This country is not Germany or any of the other countries who gave in to dictators. Do you know what the SECOND AMENDMENT is really for? It is not only for protection of the individual. The founders put it in the constitution specifically to prevent this country being taken over by dictators... FACT. Most of us understand it. And that is why we continually fight for our right to keep arms...and why you should too, even if you don't own firearms...

  • Commonsense

    Some of you assume that just because a law is unconstitutionally or otherwise jammed down our throats that we all wil follow it _ Not So. If necessary we will do what we belive in and what our government trained us to do = fight for our rights. With everyhing at our means. We will especially NOt follow any laws trying to be forced on us by the United Nations organization - regardless of who in Government agreed to it.
    Once again - how do all you idiotic lierals feel now that you see exactly what you caused by your insane love of Zerobama?
    Yes, it is your fault for not listening to people who tried to show you what Zerobama was before the was elected. You just wouldn't listen would you? Did you learn anything???

  • Linda

    This is why the N.C. governor's recent statement about suspending national elections for a couple of years is especially chilling. This would be in lockstep with Obama's campaign to bring the country down.

  • John

    When Donkeys Fly!