Sheriff Joe Arpaio: "Biggest Censorship Blackout in the History of the United States"

As most of you should know by now, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse, on March 1st, released the results of the investigation on the eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of President of the United States.

What many people may not realize is that his initial instructions to the Cold Case Posse was to prove that Obama is legally eligible to hold the office.  He did not set out to unseat the president but to help resolve the controversy of his eligibility at the request of a group of voters in his county.  He told them,

“I want you to do a good job. I hope we clear the president.”

However the Cold Case Posse was unable to verify Obama’s birth certificate or his being born in the US.  In a recent interview he explained,

“I said give me the microfiche in Hawaii to show that he was born in that hospital. Give us the microfiche.   I said that six months ago. And that would clear everything up. But as we went into it with an open mind, now we’re coming to a conclusion that we may have some forged documents revolving around this situation.”

In the three weeks since the announcement, the media has all but ignored what could be the biggest news story of the century.  Arpaio says he is surprised by the media’s silence on the issue when he described it as,

“Probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States.”

As I was reading the news account of Arpaio’s statement on the censorship, I was watching the national news and for the second day in a row heard them reporting about fake Avastin hitting the US.  I stopped and thought to myself that a fake drug that could affect thousands of Americans makes the national network news two days in a row while a fake birth certificate that could affect over 300 million is barely worth mentioning.

Arpaio couldn’t be more right when he said this is the greatest media censorship in US history.  It also demonstrates just how liberal and Obama supportive the mainstream media is.  They’re not just partners with the Democratic political machine, they’ve climbed all the way into bed with them and carrying on relations that I’d rather not mention.

I wonder just how many American’s know nothing about Arpaio’s investigation and findings since many are too lazy and too undiscerning to look for alternative news sources.  I also wonder what would happen if it did hit the national news on every major station and newspaper?  I’ve already heard of one Democrat that has filed suit to remove Obama from the Florida ballot.  If everyone in the nation heard or read Arpaio’s report, I wouldn’t be surprised to see lawsuits in every state and some territories to keep him off ballots.

It seems Congress is not wanting to act on the findings so that leaves it up to us Americans to spread the news about the forged birth certificate and Selective Service card and do whatever we can to keep him off the ballots in as many locations as possible.



  • Screeminmeeme

    I wish I had the money to take out several billboards nationwide to report the information that Arpaio's investigators found.

    As I watched his press conference where he revealed the evidence, I knew it would never hit the airways or the newspapers. Sheriff Joe is a man of integrity and a true American patriot and he needs our support and encouragement  in every way possible.  

    • Tirmite

      Exactly, Screeminmeen!  I've had this same thought for weeks.  Billboards supported by a PAC or SuperPAC that ridicules Obama and that ask why the Media isn't reporting on this.  I recently inquired about rates and for high traffic areas, billboards can be several thousand dollars per month and you have to agree to a minimum number of boards per city.  It could cost tens of thousands of dollars per city, per month.  We Conservatives need to stop sitting on the sidelines and tolerating what the Left dished out.  We need to put our money where our mouths are.  Let's start a PAC.  We need to make people aware of Arpaio's investigation and we need to get people to start asking why the news outlets are ignoring this and so many other obvious questions.

      • tt82

        I agree, great idea and it should be started and done.

        • B in VA

          Maybe your local Tea Party can help ya. or a T-ptry grp near by!
             just an idea 😉

      • Doom

        What about the KOCH Brothers.  Surely that's a pittance for them.  Or have they too be co-opted by the mighty Obama?  You guys better start to worry.  I also think one of RIcky S or Speaker Moonbeam's PACS would give you this small amount of money.  Doesn't seem to stop the Obama supporters from getting their word out.  How about the word DOOMED>

        • eddyjames

           Even Russia's "Pravda" reported on the forged birth certificate.We need someone with nothing left to loose or lots of money to start trashing News Corporation.

    • mariowen

       There are a lot of wealthy conservative people out there who have plenty of money to do it. What are they afraid of? They are afraid that Big Brother is going to come after them and ruin their lives! AND BIG BROTHER WILL!!!!! That is the problem. So here we sit in the USA, surrounded by the liberals and the communists and the socialists, who have the big hammer and sickle over our heads and we are scared. If we don't stand up, even if we are scared, then we will be obliterated. That is a fact and that is the truth.

      • MikeLatorus

        Like you, I feel the same way.  .......and for those like me that watch FOX, they will not help us, or Sheriff Joe on this one. If everyone does send at least a small contribution, it should let Sheriff Joe know that we the people are with him.  The MSM is a disgrace to the USA. Pravda is even laughing at them.

      • Joke

        So is that why the big money Rep Millionaires have been giving to Karl Rove and Mittends and Speaker Moonbeam and Ricky S and Michelle and H Cain?  Pretty lame case for BIG Brother stopping all the REp millionaires.  Do you actually ever stop and think what you just said.  I think not.  The REps have been collecting a truly awesome war chest.  Go get some before the Libs and Commies steal it. So stand up, you wimps.  Quit whining and do something.  SHerriff Joes doesn't sound to powerful to me. 

      • Ann Mallory

        I'm almost 64 years old, female, and I have never been afraid of the government, and I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna be scared of the goofy bastards now.  The only thing they have done is make me MAD.  The more they infringe on MY liberty and MY God-given Constitutional rights, the madder I get.  I'll be so glad when we vote the bastards all out.  I'm ready for a revolution - either at the ballot box or on the street.  Keep your powder dry, folks!!!!!  God save the U.S.A.

        • Viking

          Ann Mallory - I'm your age, a male; recently retired and no fears.

          My line of work beat me up pretty much.

          I didn't expect to have to refight the Revolutionary War at my age. Our Founders didn't expect to either.
          Believe me, the spirit is more than willing but I don't know how effective the body is.

          I sure hope we can change our Country's direction peacefully.
          If not, I'll stay behind and lay down suppressing  fire so the rest of you can regroup.

          I always was an Alamo kind of guy.

        • TheChristianSolution

          I'm with you Ann. 

          I am hoping the States will man up and run their own candidates for the Senate who will represent their State instead of representing the anti-American, anti-Christian, national party twins.

          The Founders had it right the first time and then in 1913, Progressives talked us into enacting the 17th Amendment.  Our Republic only works if the States have a Checks and Balances counter power to the power of the Feds. Otherwise, all power centralizes into the federal government with nothing to stop it.  When States made most of the laws which affected us personally, we had many State choices of where to raise our families. Now it is just one stifling federal government and we have no escape, no choice. 

          The Judeo-media are our owners now. They tell us who to vote for in the Senate and the Presidency, and they tell us who not to vote for.

          We foolishly think we see right through them, but look who has the most delegates right now for President.  Yes, we are back to the same old "choice of two evils" which has plagued us for a hundred years now.

        • Cinderella4ever

          RonPaul2012! Revolution tea party Unite!!!

    • Fire1949


      • Moses

        He's a tad bit too old and close to the same thing that Ronald R suffered from.  Sorry

    • azwayne

      Do your jobs, you are on the best accurate media source available, use it to max, get on your congressmen' FB get on your local media FB and comment pages, let your desires be known.

    • Marvin

      I saw the news conference on 'SEVERAL' LSM outlets, including MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS.  Even heard a lot of lefty talk radio.  So JOE needs to stop whining and get his evidence to criminal authorities.   NOW.  No more whining.  Wimp

    • Birther1

      Sorry screen, but with end to end billboards, there is a near majority that will still just stare at them and insist that they know that the information is incorrect. These folks don't want the truth. All the evidence needed is within a couple mouse clicks of a freshly downloaded BC copy.  1) Zoom in once or twice and observe the two layers, one original, the other the added (forged) information, zooming at different times. 2) Zoom in all the way and observe that the forged layer is done, incredibly, all at one grey level, unlike any natural document copy. From here there is further evidence. But anyone needing further evidence at this point is extremely ignorant, in an extreme sense of denial, or a co-conspirator.

  • Samtman

    He has nothing to report.

    • Interestedintruth

      If you don't read it, you're right...there's nothing to report. If you can consider truth instead of adoration for the current POTUS, there is plenty to report and pay attention to. A lie to the public by the President is not something to be ignored...unless you like the lie and the liar.

  • Mary Laforet

    I am outrages...did anybody other than me read that article produced by Godfather Politics which was about the Democrat in Florida  Who is doing the censoring? The media, BHO, why can't we just throw him out, lock stock and barrel along with all his unconstitutional cohorts..It would save the country trillionsn....

  • Steve

    Huh, odumbo & the lamestream media sucking each others pee pees, that's not new.

    • Joke

      How vulgar.  I thought only the libs and commies and people who were sellling Obama T shirts had the right to be vulgar so the GOMs could rail against it.  Please


    A Liberal friend says this is all Bravo Sierra, to be a citizen, all you have to have is one parent who is a citizen, it doesn't matter where you were born. This is all just fecal matter being thrown into the fan to hide the real problems.

    • Sandykorecky

      not so to be President of the United the Constitution for qualifications for President.

      • OBURMT

         I did read the Constitution, and the requirements, his mother qualifies him.

        • JBinGB

          B S   Natural born =Mother and father must be citizens.Read it again and this time open your eyes

    • Fire1949

      .....Wake Up,  liberals are NOT known for being truthful.....

  • Johnsnare

    History will show clearly, that we truly had The Manchurian Candidate in the Whit House.  The President who came from nowhere, and with his bull shit, crept into the White House.  Four and out.  Pleaseee.

    • John R. Lancellotti

      JOHNSNARE... There's much to be said about your comment.  President Obama's behavior certainly makes you wonder.

  • Mush

    What a major whiner. If you have legitimate evidence y don't need the LSM that y hate to publicize what evidence you have. Post it here, online, fox, Glenn, Rush. This is a pitiable excuse. Not worthy of such a high level investigation. There have been countless investigations that have been presented on news. News are in business to make money. They don't give news coverage to repeats that can't be proven. Tell SJ to quit whipping out. If Ibama is that powerful, y guys are very doomed. FEMA interment camps 11/7

  • Seabee69m

    The rest of the story is (We The People ) must get the ball rolling. Just the fact of the news media silence on the issues reeks of conspiracy. Every good citizen pass the information along to as many relatives and friends will make a difference.

  • Paulam777

    Why is anyone surprised that the media is not covering this story??  For heavens sake, they are liberals in  the president's back pocket.  They have been covering for this liar ever since he started campaigning for office.  Any story that would show the true colors of Obama have been covered up, ignored or stopped.  At least, for now, we still have other means of communication to get the truth out.  Now, if only people would just listen and vote this evil man out we can stop the disaster that is taking place in our country.  There are some groups that have a lot at stake here and they are not going to be stopped easily.

    • fromthemomma

      I don't trust fox news anymore, I thought they would be on top of this but apparently Rupert has said no.  The majority of people won't listen to alternative news because they don't recognize they've been duped.

    • Tyme4ryme

       The main line news media has been threatened & that is why they are not reporting anything on this. They are scared to do it,  under pressure, they fired Glenn Beck,  Breitbart may have been murdered, & they blasted Rush Limbaugh. They have also put out threats toward Sherriff Arpaio & his family. These thugs are criminals just like the mafia, I think the law enforcement all over the US  should take over the matter & arrest Obama and all of the rest of them involved. Let  the military take care of them, they deserve the death penalty.

      • anitamanninen1

        Glen Beck never believed that there was anything to the birth certificate story.  He was one that said "the birthers" were foolish to keep bringing this story up about Obama's birth certificate or that he wasn't born here.  Fox didn't fire Glen over that story.

      • Sharon

        I agree with you, i believe that Breitbart was silenced for diligence for exposing Obama for what he is, a fake, a lier. This country has experienced the biggest scam in history, Obama.

    • Hocus

      What is wrong with the media that the Reps own?  Why have they ignored this story.  Have they been taken over by Obama, Soros and Saul Alinsky.  Methinks that is what happened.  So no way Mittens will win.  FEMA internment camps 11/7.  Protect yourselves.  NOW. 

    • LadyLiberty

      WHY ARE MEDIA??? Globalist Elites, world bank, federal Reserve brave new world...microchips for ho'bama care? Mart oak law 3/16, drones, 3.1 trillion budget for FCC 2013, Articles of Impeachment, ND AA, etc. We Must Research, spread Dr.Ron Paul's message before "cyber security legislation kills more communication!!!

  • Maxine

    The Repiblicans and the Democraps no he was not born in America but they were all behind it so they cant do anything now or it would make them look bad and they will do anything to bet re elected they are all liers and sneeks only some of them we put in offic in 2010 are ok the rest need to go and we need to put the liers all in jail for distroying are country 

  • spyderdalton

    The entire Congress is now guilty of treason. Why would they admit it?

    • Mitchina

      Agreed.  They are all 100% guilty - ignorance of the facts or the law is NO EXCUSE!  We don't get that luxury, then again, we don't get a lot of things that our corrupt self appointed, self supporting congress gets. 

      • Joke

        How is Congress stopping the infamous JOE.  Throught it was the LSM.  Lets get those conspiracy theories straight.  I personally think it is the KKK. 

        • JoeForPrez

          Why is it that the POTUS can sign a paper and have the right to arrest without proof anyone that he wishes, then detain them without benefit of giving legal rights and We The People can't get a forger, liar, usurper of the laws of the land, illegal alien and trampler of our Constitution indicted for any of his crimes. 

          I could just cry over the death of my country.  My God, we can't even get a ruling that anyone voting in our elections must prove their identity.  We have proof that there are many instances of voter fraud.  "Beetle Bailey" and "Goofy Dapooch" will just have to vote again in November.

          Fight on Joe... Put ANY illegal alien in your tent city prison.  You know which illegal alien We the People mean.  You know he needs an extended stay in that great, "Arpaio Arms Hotel".

        • Tpatriot

          Yes, it appears as though you truly are a JOKE -- JOKE !!!

    • Sally

       The question that comes before this one is,"Why did they do it in the first place?" They didn't just come upon the one day. The answer to that can't be good for country or anyone else.

      • Bill

        Sally, during the 2008 campaign when Obama was running for the office, I brought this fact to light. Everyone called me crazy, stupid, uneducated, moron (etc). Now almost 4 years later the truth is coming out and those in power i.e. (Congress, Senate and other elected officials) will not do anything about this serious breech of our Constitution. They are affraid that if they take any action, the radical left wing, american socialist party and the progressives will riot on the street and blood will be running down the side walks in America. This not to discount those that are there to just kiss Obama's a** to enlarge their bank accounts.

        Sorry to say but, America was warned of this upsurfer in 2008.

        • smitty

           i was an's what i don't like about some republicans..they get hysterical and pass around info that is not true...republicans must learn to pass only facts  otherwise once they are found to be wrong on one thing then everything else is dismissed.

          I voted for obama in 08 ..i recall distinctly what he said and have carefully watched his actions.  once you understand obama you know what his next move is.
          he said he had to be president over ALL in our nation...agreed check.  But he divided each group catering to each group's diluting his message to all.  He said he would put thru a one payer system.  He didn't. instead he rewarded unions in the plan and tries to force non union member to unions.  He said illegals aliens would not be covered. They are but instead they are called "transient workers".  Note that Obama doesn't use the term US Citizens..he says "americans". When he says americans he is including mexico, canada and all nations in s america.

          Obama said he would "repair" the middle class.  He didn't. Instead he has waged warfare on jobs taking 125,000 jobs each month and giving them to foreign but legal workers. That's 1.375 MILLION jobs in a year going to legal immigrants, all the while we have 20 million US CITIZENS out of work on unemployment.

          Legal foreign work visas should be greatly reduced when unemployment exceed 5%.  Now obama's trying to get the irish vote by granting them special work visas.

          Obama has on the front side appeared to have arrested more illegals than any previous president..however he has filed to secure and stop illegal migraiton at our border.  Behind the scenes those up for deportation hearings are quietly being released, even criminals back into our society instead of deporting them.   the US has now become THE haven in the world for CRIMINALS from all other nations because our border security is so lax. Islamist extremists are in mexico with training camps.

          I learned quickly that obama is first and foremost, a liar.  I believe he is also an illegal alien having forged documents and buried the records which would prove his birth place and that he is a foreign citizen.  I also believe the entire congress is culpable  in that they issued a special decree for John Mccain to state he is a US Citizen while failing to examine obama's.   To allow the media which is predominantly liberal and many of which are communist, to "vet" the candidate for th emost important position in the USA is ludicrous. 

          We must get congress to pass E Verify and i would like to see us put pressure on our Congress ( reps and senators ) to pass a law that requires all candidates for local, state, and federal offices, including all locale, state and federal governments employees, appointees, justices, etc EVERYONE to be E verified as US Citizens. And i believe all individual recipients of federal fund such as food stamps, college funds, grants, welfare, disability, medicare and social security shoudl all be E Verified.

          we must have congress pass additional laws that repeal federal laws which block local government from requiring proof of US citizenship to register to vote and to attend US schools K -12.  That means we must have congress to pass laws, eliminating anchor clarifying what is a US Citizen. If the mother is an illegal, then her child cannot be legal unless she is married to a US citizen in the US and having been granted legal permission.

          No citizens of other countries visiting and giving birth in the US should have their be US citizens..that is ridiculous and should be changed.  US Taxpayers cannot support all the peoples of the world HERE on the taxpayers.

        • Olinda Moore

          did you know millions of jobs are in mexico,like time warner cable?

        • Bill

          smitty, I could not agree more. Also, the democratic party need to check themselves. I've seen and heard lot of untruth and half truth come out of the democratic party. Also keep in mind, Eric Holder is trying his level best to stop the idea of having people show ID or be e-verified at the voting polls. This he is doing so illegals can vote in our elections and insure Obama a second term and keep the progressives in office both local, state and federal.

        • F8tulewoundedbutstillAmerica

           You are one of the gullible, naive idiots that put us in the situation we are in in the first place... thank you.. Did you get the change you were looking for... Becuase you EFFED us in the process...

        • Iftruthbeknown

          Smitty, Thank you for being so honest and open.  I, too, believed and voted for Obummer....and later found out that he is nothing but a liar and con artist.  The only way I can take back my vote is to vote for whoever is running against him this next election.  Frankly, I think the GOP field is awful.  But I would vote for a tea cup now rather than for Obama.  Again, thank you.  I am quite certain many people reading your post also voted for obummer and wish they hadn't....and they will never say.

        • Iftruthbeknown

          Smitty, Thank you for being so honest and open.  I, too, believed and voted for Obummer....and later found out that he is nothing but a liar and con artist.  The only way I can take back my vote is to vote for whoever is running against him this next election.  Frankly, I think the GOP field is awful.  But I would vote for a tea cup now rather than for Obama.  Again, thank you.  I am quite certain many people reading your post also voted for obummer and wish they hadn't....and they will never say.


        Global government, U.S.Citizen Enslavement...Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan & Ron Paul warned US!!!!!!! Bush 1 told US (with a freakish glint in his eyes)!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marilynn Reeves

      Just goes to show how STUPID CONGRESS is and how kiss a-- the media is.

      • smitty

        the media is mostly comprised of communists.

    • JJM

      As mentioned, it is up to everyone of us to pass the word that questions, doubts and concerns about forged birth certificate and Selective Service card are VALID and must be answered. It is shameful to think that the only news agency reporting is in RUSSIA. 
      As the birth certificate, Selective Service card and Social Security number have been released and claimed by the POSER, all facts regarding them should be public knowledge and not squirreled away.

      • isAmerikadoomed?

         I've been saying that since 2008.. that he was NOT born anywhere in America.. Just after they started in on McCain being born in Panama.. He proved his worth... How pissed is the Media that Hillary got it correct?? I don't really care who started it,,,, There is video on that has Barry, Moochelle, and the President of Kenya all stating that he was born in Kenya!!!

        Obama himself says,, "By now, you all know I was NOT born in Hawaii, but my homet0wn is Kenya".... And he is still in OUR WH???

        only in the USSA

        • Ladyliberty

          Romney same thing...not natural born US citizen!!! Testing our Constitutional knowledge, how far they can push US against our will, using International constitution instead, 3/16/12 Executive order, NDAA, shredded 1st amendment, amnesty & freebies to illegals, unalienable rights ignored, unlawful laws & empire wars, tax extortion,.They worked with the Federal Reserve & All are banister crooks, mostly. Ron Paul 2012 Tea Party Revolution back to the Constitution!!!! END THE FED, REVOLUTION A MANIFESTO, LIBERTY DEFINED...Required Reading!!!

      • John

        Also ... It's up to us t right this wrong if he Obama makes it to the polls again, because I have a feeling this will be stonewalled again

    • BuffaloChips

      ll this is ridiculous, at best Odipshit is a CITIZEN of the U.S., but he is not and never will be a NATURAL BORN citizen. Natural born is what the Constitution requires! That is what needs to be pushed nationwide and LOUDLY!!!!!!!

      • Skyscape4

        Exactly - people need to know that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen.  He may have been born in the US - we don't know for sure.  But we have absolute proof that he is not a Natural Born Citizen.  Because he was not born of TWO US Citizens.  His father was a Kenyan.  This automatically disqualifies Obama from being president.  This is what should be talked about all over the country.  Congress know this to be true.  They held a hearing on John McCain and found him to be eligible to president based on this fact:  He was born of TWO US Citizens.  But Obama was not born of two US Citizens.  He's a fraud.

        • BuffaloChips

           Actually, at the time of SCOAMF's birth, his father was not Kenyan. Kenya didn't exist at that time. He was a British National or some such shit. It was called, I believe, the British Protectorate of East Africa.

        • JimH

          You are almost right, BuffaloChips: to be literally correct, at birth OB was a "Colonial Subject of her Britannic Majesty", and indeed at that time - before they gained independence the territory was called the British Protectorate of East Africa.

          The current name of "Kenya" comes from Jomo Kenyatta - the first President and ex-Mau Mau terrorist.

  • fntsmk

    The head foreign-born  n-word in chief was supplanted in office by the powers that want to Socialize America.  Unfortunately..., it's working.  47 Million people on Go'vt assistance, and many more to come as the policies of both the Reps and Dems bankrupt this country. What a great way to get a such a large voting bloc...

    The solution... Ron Paul - 2012.

    • Ralph

      NOPE! Your Crazy Senile Old Fool Serial Loser Ron Pau is NOT The Solution AS Ron Paul Is  Part
      of the Problem just like RINO Mitt Romney,Illegal Alien Amnesty Newt Gingrich and Saint Rick
      Santorum ARE The Problem right along with Barack Hussein Obama here you silly goose fool.

    • Duke

      And untold numbers of dead people are lined up now to vote for OBAMA.  There are actually 47 million people who make below $27K.  You can't be on welfare unless you make considerably less but that's a nice figure.  So add 47M, plus all the RINOs, plus dead people (dead a long time).  It's a landslide.  you are soooo DOOMED>

  • flaphil

    You cannot have any doubts about Obama, he's black and a leftist. This wouldn't be the story of anything but, the biggest scam and story of our country. The implications would be devastating and would unseat many individuals involved with electing him. The liberals only want voter I.D involved when the Black Panthers are at polling places. This country is screwed.

    • Fire1949

      ....he's half white with a black muslim heart.

    • Ray

      His skin color has nothing to do with his MARXIST upbrining and MOOSLIME roots. He is just rotten UNDER the skin.
      I'd work and vote for Col. Allan West in a heartbeat. He is BLACK and a real American.

    • Ray

      His skin color has nothing to do with his MARXIST upbrining and MOOSLIME roots. He is just rotten UNDER the skin.
      I'd work and vote for Col. Allan West in a heartbeat. He is BLACK and a real American.

      • flaphil

        I was making the point about being black because of leftist views. They view blackness as a right to no criticism, especially when they fit their purpose. Yes, I agree with all Col. West stands for, and yes he's black. But he's also a real American patriot. I live in Florida and plan to work for his reelection and push him for the VP spot on the ticket. Clear now?

        • Joke

          So Howard Cain just was painted up to look black.  Very clever disquise.  He was brilliant.  Too bad he was stopped cold by LSM

    • Marshall

      He's a Stalinist.  Don't you know that before STalin died, he planted sleepers here in the USA.  One of the awakened ones was Obama.  I read that on a comment post here and verified on the Internet.  So I know it is true.  There is very good evidence but the LSM has covered up the evidence and Rupert may be one of them.  So now sure there is anything we can do.  Also, Saul Alinsky actually lives in WH, devises Obama strategy (O just a puppet) and his grand daughter is Sandra Fluke.  Now that's got cold evidence as well.  Google it. 

  • Jim

    "They don't give news coverage to repeats (reports?) that can't be proven."
    Yeah, like when Dan Rather used a phony letter to try to torpedo President Bush. Then when it was proved to be a forged letter, he said "Yes, the letter is phony but Bush still did it."  The proof and the truth mean nothing to these people.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    TV needs to be punished....turn them's all garbage anyway

  • shagstar

    what part of, liberals alway's lie, do you people not understand?  "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DIS-ORDER".

  • Tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 and these kind of things will stop !!!

    • Ralph

      Hey Paulbot Ron Paul Troll Fool Go Away and take Crazy Old Loser Ron Paul with you Fool!

      • 1776again

        To Ralph & Jong dong' 

        Anyone can just repeat thelies spoken in behalf of the powers that  Be (PTB), without researching just a little, so you can publish trash talk with your name added. "FOOLS NAMES & FOOLS FACES ARE SEEN IN PUBLIC PLACES' (on public toilet doors ! Must be your source.)

        I challenge you to go to the Ron Paul campaign website, ( if you can read and  comprehend what he says and means, along with the millions who support him; they send their small donations, not supported by big Business and the Federal Reserve with money to advertise , hated  by the 2 parties AND THE PAID PRESSTITUTES for telling the truth !

    • jong

       Ah tod the Paulbot.   With his 23+ years and over 600 bills of nothing that is exactly what his Presidency would be about.   Absolutely nothing

  • Rhonda Reichel

    Bush lied to get did Obama


    • Ralph

      NO THANKS to 3 time loser in 2012 goofball Nutcase Crazy Old Fool Ron Paul you Paulbot Trool.

    • jong

       What some one who wishes for chaos and anarchy???   You might want to take a look beyond his fiscal policy.   He has wanted to legalize drugs for years same with prostitution if you dont think some state given power to a corrupt legislature would not do this you are as insane as he is.

  • repubnut

    Four more years of Obama and his Socialistic comrades will finally destroy America!!

    • Dr Barbara

      ABO! ABO! ABO! ABO! ABO!

  • noelle2011

    the nation media is very corrupt and traitors to we americans! they do NOT want us to know the truth, only how they spin the story!
    IMPEACH THIS SOB NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • del

      how about hang for treason him and his czars and cabinet and congress who knew the kenyan was ineligible!

    • azwayne

      Just a good NWO propaganda machine, you want FACTS?????

    • Joke

      Why can't Sheriff Joe do this?  He's awesome.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Truth to the left is what they want you to believe, they have no heart, no soul and the government is thier god.  They cheat and steal and want others locked up when it should be they that are locked up.  Hitler had his media, now one like him has his own media.  The devil is alive and well on planet earth and now rules from the top office of the government here in the U.S.  Orwell would round over in his grave and laugh and say he was only a few years off?

  • Joyce

    i said from the very start that he is not eligible for the office of president i knew when he said " i am going to fundamentally transform the United States of America." this should have made everyone  aware of what  he is  and to start asking questions about this guy. but of course we thought that the officials would do their jobs and they did not. the reason we do not hear anything from the news is because they were told to not say anything because they would or could lose their jobs. folks this is censorship which is against the first amendment. what is next?

  • Floridastorm

    Look folks, let's face it. If any of you are old enough to remember the Soviet Union and Stalin, then you will understand what is going on in the United States. During those Stalinist years there were basically two news services in the Soviet Union. Pravda and Izvestia. Both still exist today in Russia. Both of these so-called news services were total propaganda organs for  Stalin. The entire news media in that country was and still is one big propaganda machine. These propaganda machines and the Soviet Marxist public schools made the Russian people into brainwashed fools. The American people are finally wakening to the fact that our free society is nothing more than a mirage. Over the last 30 years or so the American mainstream news media, the public schools, and a Socialist/Leftist Federal Government, have done a thorough job of brainwashing many of  the American people. That is why the truth about most everything will never come out. These three entities control most thought in this country. Welcome to the new Union of American Socialist Republics.

    • JBinGB

      We will become alcoholics, like the Russian people.   A B O

      • Jake

        NAW.  Libs and Commies and STalinists are all dopers now.  Alcohol is so yesterday.  Please try to stay up with the trends. 

    • Russell

      You guys are very seriously deranged.  I stockpile these nutty statements and pass them on the guys/gals who will keep your Lib Pres from winning.  That's the RINOs and Independents who you need to beat Obama.  As long as your are percieved as representative of the GOP, it will be impossible to have your candidate win.  As it stands, you guys cannot even figure out who that should be.  The flavor of the week for months and months.  So try to keep the demented comments to a minimum to help keep a few sane, not wacky Americans to vote for your party.  Not gonna happen at this rate.  Go REPS

  • Joyce

     the reason is the government has censored the news with threats. our constitution is being destroyed one piece at a time. just look at the many exec. orders this guy has used because he wanted things his way so he went around congress to get it. he knew that they congress would not give him what he wanted

  • SSGRichDAV

    After we re-take our government from the liberal traitors, is there any way to do an investigation of the media and revoke the license to do buisiness from any news orgaiinzation that is proved to be biased in their reporting? If they editorialize the news without informing the audience that they are adding their OPINION to the news instead of just reporting facts as the should they need to be held accountable as they are no longer functionaing as "The Press" but ar functioning as a propoganda publisher that, instead of remaining impartial as should be required by law, has blatantly choosen sides.

    • Cakde

      You betcha.  Just declare martial law, round up all the gay, libs, commies and put them in the FEMA interment camps that have already been built by Obama.  They use Executive Order to close down all LSM companies (even ones owned by GE).   There is no reason why SHeriff Joe can spearhead this and have it done in a couple of weeks after the election.  For whatever Liberal Pres you guys nominate and make President. I would suggest you change the law (maybe a Constituional Amendment) so that only a certified American Rep can ever be elected Pres.  Piece of cake

  • Ralph

    Amen to that Sheriff Joe as it looks more and more like Kenyan Born Messiah Barack Hussein Obama is the
    one that is lying and hiding the TRUTH about his Fake Birth Certicate being a total forgery and Obama &
    Team Obama plus our gutless wonder liberal news media helping cover it all up here as well. In fact you
    can tell how afraid of the truth Barack Hussein Obama s that Obama is even now using his LARAZ pals
    to run a phony  baloney false flag demonstration against Sheriff Joe right here in Phoenix AZ as I type this
    right now.  Impeach Barack Obama! Thank you Sheriff Joe for finding out the Truth about Obama and his
    fake US Birth Certificate. I trust Sheriff Joe more then I do Barack Hussein Obama here.

    • Jane

      So why can't the big SHerriff, publish all his evidence on the internet (it's a series of connecting tubes) and have your FOX, Rush, Glenn, Sean and all the other large scale right media publicize.  Quit whining.  That's so lib and commie and gay.  I think you guys are all three

      • newsel

        Have you been asleep for the past two weeks or are you just numb nut.....go check out the video of the Posse findings.....

  • sandman

    It is time to start legal action in ever court that we can. Then maybe someone will force this issue out into the light of day. The American people, the legal voters of this nation have a right to know everything they can about anyone who is president. If someone hides their past that is the alarm going off. It is time to silence the alarm with the truth.

  • RoseCD

    I believe it has come from the heads of each and every news outlet to not publish or talk about this. Even Rush, Hannity or Levin are quite about it.  Levin shuts anyone down if they say anything about Obama and his birth certificate.  No one on Fox even talks about it. It's also the same when it comes to talking about Obama being a Muslim. No one wants to say anything about that, instead they say - oh, he's a Christian. Any one who has said that they believe he is a Muslim comes back out and say that no h3's a Christian.  I don't understand why every one is so afraid to say what they believe.

    • Bobby Liguori

      Yes you're right,it's really eerie.

    • Marylou

      Obama owns them all.  You are soooooo doomed.  First the birther lady, then the Donald, now Sheriff JOE.  Obama controls EVERYTHING.

  • Ronliv2004

    THere's a reason why Obama is the most untransparent President in the history of the United States. It is now
    More apparent and without a shadow of a doubt than ever before he has something to hide...

  • John Jensen

    Every American needs to contact the ACLU, Give them something worth fighting about and get Obama off every Ballet across America. Or Lock and Load and March on Washington DC.

    • Tom Gll

      OK,here is the deal;we already know that he is a illegal president,according to the SCOTUS.Now we are findng out that documentshave been forged,that the news media,including fox are not reporting the facts,even calling people "loons" for even mentioning it.None of the republican candidatesare mentioning it at all.We are being duped by both parties,so,it seems that the time is comingfor us  to take matters into our own hands.We are instructed to do this in The Declaration of Independence,"evil flourishes when good men(and women) do nothing".Let's start a pac that supports NO ONE except the Constitution of The United States.I will pledge my".....fortune,and sacred honor",to this cause.Are you with me?[email protected]

  • spidermike

    The Repubs are wrongly betting they can beat Obama at the polls. They haven't the guts to run a hard hitting campaign. They fear blood in the streets of our major cities if this charge against Obama is proved. They would rather lose than attach themselves to this. If Obama wins, the elite Repubs and Dems will be fine, it is the rest of us that will suffer irrevocable consequences.

  • Purplebbi

    Sheriff Joe, you are one of the few with the guts to stand up for what is right in this country!  I applaud you! 
    If this usurper, GOD forbid, gets into office for another 4 years this country will not recover for longer than any of us can imagine.  Would that we could fill congress & the senate with men like you!
    GOD Bless.

  • julian8

    The biggest censorship black out since 1935 Germany is how it will go down in history.  If all those envolved are not brought to justice you can expect this to be repeated, that is if Obama is not reelected.

  • del

    What are they gaining from this travesty in our white house? High gas prices, high food prices, high heating and ac, loss of freedom, rules and regs up the wazoo, a huge step to socialism and an American people that despise you incompetents that have and are still ruining our once great country! You should all be held on treason and fraud charges against We the People!

  • floridarooster

    It is now apparent that Obama's documents are forgeries, including the birth certificate he released last April.  He used forged documents in his election, but he did not act alone.  So we have fraud and conspiracy.  No democrats or liberals have even tried to discredit the evidence presented by Sheriff Arpaio; they try their best to ignore it, or to attack and discredit the source of the evidence.

    As for the liberal media, what do you expect?  The liberal agenda is more important than facts.

    But the conservative media has also ignored the evidence.  Why?  I've emailed O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh and asked why they have not reported on this, and total silence.  I can only assume they have been threatened and intimidated into silence.  That's really scarey - just like totalitarian governments and dictatorships.

    The Republican National Committee also ignores the evidence - total silence.

    And it does not appear we will get a Congressional investigation either, in spite of the evidence.

    That leaves it to us regular citizens to keep the pressure on, to insist on additional investigation and documentation, and to demand proof one way or the other as to Obama's qualifications to run for and be elected President.   That's certainly my plan, and I urge all you other concerned citizens to do the same.  States need to insist on proof before they allow Obama on the ballot again.

  • ShirleyAnn Addy

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of my special heroes, and I believe that he has so much information about the infamous birth certificate of  the Obama, that the Government press and even the news outlets that we consider conservative, will never print or broadcast anything that would thwart the little messiah.   We are now living in a marxist country where the dear leader can never be exposed for what he really is.   I now see the fear in our country from the vast left-wing  minority,  who run our educational and informational bureaus, and no one, even ,Rush  (another of my heroes),  is able to speak the truth about the dear leader.  It truly appears that the devil has our country by the throat.  Thank you, Kirschland

  • Wisesooth

    The heart of the problem is the constitutional meaning of the term "natural born."  According to an 1815 court ruling that settled its definition, a person is "natural born" if both parents were US citizens in good standing at the time of the person's birth.

    Obama's biological father was NEVER a US citizen.  Neither of Obama's biological parents were US citizens at the time of Obama's father's birth.  Therefore, Obama's father had no rights of dual US citizenship.  Obama could have been born on the lap of the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington D.C. and he still would not be natural born.

    The forged birth certificate is  a felony.  However, Obama was not convicted of a felony (yet).   If convicted before the 2012 elections, he would not be eligible to be on the ballot for any elected office and could not even vote.

    Sheriff Joe went after the wrong smoking gun.  Two Constitutional lawyers who are members of the US Supreme Court Bar Association, agree with the above opinion.

  • Grandle1164

    One day those in the Media, who praticipated in this censoship will be held accountable and some shopuld find themselves in jail.  To remove this censorship, it will start with the taking away their revenue.  This is hard for most people but it doesn't have to be absolute to make a difference.  It like truning off your lights when there no needed. We  only need to become more frugal and wiser in our choices.  Stop buying the New print that blindly supports Obama.  Have your congressmen and women vote no or obstruct Democratic legislation, like they did when the Republican were in charge and urge Congress to review every excutive order that comes out of the White House and if they can't be stopped limit them severly.

  • WiseOne

    Very dangerous times we live in!  America DUPED, but a doofus, and NO ONE cares? And HE will be allowed by the dems to run again? Shameful!!!!

  • Adrian

    The sheriff's press conference was an infommercial for a new WND book.  It was a publicity stunt.  All the "evidence" was the same crap previously dismissed by a court in Georgia and another in Indiana.  Why would the media cover that?

  • Dirigo

    That's okay Sheriff the rest of America is still listening to you!  We don't all listen to the mainstream media.  Also now a Dem Legislator in Florida has gotten on board and he wants Obama removed from the Florida ballots too!!!   MORE STATES NEED TO FOLLOW!!!

  • sassparilla

    Well, someone has to get the ball rolling to impeach Obama. Thing is WHO ?????  It's not a easy thing to do.
    Especially when they go all out to get you and destroy you.  So, I sure as hell don't have the power to do it.
    So come on, someone start getting it started.  Voting him out isn't good enough, I personally don't think
    there will be any election in November.  Obama is probably planning on something happening, and he can
    call Martial Law, then we're all screwed. He'll stay in power, and POOF, our USA is finished.  So this has to be done quickly as possible.

    • Adrian

      It's up to the Republican Party at this point.  Why doesn't one of the Republican candidates do something?  They have legal standing, they can file a lawsuit.  They could talk about Obama's birth certificate in public.  The could bring it up at a debate.  

      • sassparilla

        Hi, good point but,  but I think they wouldn't want the Media to critize them publicly. Remember
        when Obamas'  birth cirtificate issue first came out? The Media and Democrats called it the Birthers?  Ridiculing them?, I don't think the Republican party or the candidates want to get involved in that again.  The Media would tear them apart. Even though it's valid and important issue, the media would try to make them look really bad.
        Now if someone else could start it.say, like Donald Trump or someone like that, would be a better
        party to get it started again.  Or Sheriff Joe would be good. Thing is to get it out in the open, big time. 

  • John R. Lancellotti

    THE NEWS MEDIA should be ashamed of themselves.  This finding by Sheriff Arpaio should be reported. Not reporting it makes the news media look terrible.

  • Ronrobis

    someone needs to let the world no of the biggest scam ever pulled over the united states on obama
    fake documents he is not a U S citizen

  • David Peacock

    contact your Secretary of State  and demand they follow the verification procedures for ALL CANDIDATES;; HE WILL fail to qualify.

  • Victor Pirie

    Again I will tell Sheriff Joe the reason Obama can't be UN SEATED. We are NOT, I Repeat, NOT Under the Constitution, but one of the Arms of Constitutional Law called Maritime Law, where the Captain makes the Rules, and the Crew follow them or go swimming. The UCC and USC are the Regulatory (Unconstitutional) Color of Law document designed to Deceive the Masses. The Empowering Documents are the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the WAR Powers Act which Abraham Lincoln initiated after receiving gold from the British Bankers to fund his War Machine against the South. After the war was over, the Union troops settled in EVERY state south of the Masson Dixin Line in what is called Martial law today, th make sure the Rebels didn't keep fighting against the Union. Well those Troops (National Guard) are still standing armies in each state to control the Populus of each state in the event of Riots regardless of reason.

    Don't believe me, Read the Federal Reserve Act for yourself. You can get an ORIGINAL TEXT Scan from the Library of Congress upon request.

    • jong

       I think you are way past your time for medication.   My National Guard Unit would not do so.   Most of them also belong to the Michigan Militia

  • Della

    Folks, if we all quit watching all these news networks including Fox, don't you think they might feel the pinch  where it hurts most? Take away the viewers; there goes the money. I don't watch any of them and haven't in some time. I can get all the news I need online. Of course, that will be censored soon. The only answer I can see is a revolt by "we the people". We the people have to take back our nation by some means. If Arpaio had revealed this about a Republican, don't you know the media would have been dancing in the streets, a reporter on every hour giving live reports, and demanding the ousting of the President? I don't think we have to wait for a dictatorship. I believe it is already in place.

  • twocolts

    Big surprise, mainstream-media choosing to ignore the findings of sheriff 'Joe, or any other truth-finding mechanism..the same surprise as de nero stumping for obama, making "first-lady", comments. Robert de nero and all the other entertainment-eliteists care not that the lieing black hitler-wannabe is ripping this nation apart at the seams with anti-business, anti-capitolism, race-baiting/fanning the flames of friction between blacks and whites, along with Sharpton,Jackson, a host of other bigmouth-troublemakers. obama not only does not condemn the violence of his union-buddies, or the bullying of the black panthers, or the vicious smears and tactics against conservatives, he does all he can to incite and divide this nation, pitting blacks against whites, losers against the successful, poor against the wealthy, and the list goes on. The entertainers and hollyweird liberals are oblivious to all the damage, they are paid well for living their life of fairy-tales and fantasies, so they do not care. Our nation is sick, the only glimmering light at the end of the tunnel comes from the few like sheriff 'Joe.

  • tommyboy

    Obama lied. He is not what he wants you to believe he is. He must be impeached to show anybody who would try to pull the same kind of deception in the future exactly what the consequences will be. Also anybody who knew about this deceit and did nothing about it or hid it (media lap dogs etc0 should be tried as criminals. (aiding and abetting a felony. Jail time is in order.

  • spyderdalton

    Understand people. This is no longer America. If it were, Obama and Holder would be in prison and voter IDs would be required. Get use to it, the country is being taken over by communists and Obama will be re-elected by the same fraud that got him into the Senate seat he held. CONGRESS IS AIDING AND ABETTING. AT THIS POINT, THEY ARE ALL GUILTY OF TREASON. Now what?

    • nmgene

       The only thing left is armed revolution which no one wants!!!!! The lefties, the Epa, the Sierra club are all enemy combatants. We should arrest them all and close gitmo then send them all to Sherrif Joes desert, tent prison.

  • Victor Pirie

    As with Mr Clinton. Clinton was Impeached, but never was congress able to make him leave office. BECAUSE OF MARITIME LAW and the WAR POWERS ACT. That gave him COMPLETE CONTROL and his Handlers complete control, and Congress was powerless to do anything about it.

    • jong

       Not quite idiot.  The House did impeach him.  It failed in the Senate .   Completely with in the law.  Do your research before opening your pie hole.

  • Victor Pirie

    The Money Men, tell you Not to pursue something against one of their boys, and see how fast they pull his funding. And I Highly doubt they all want to go home and get a REAL JOB

  • george

    “Probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States.”

    This ain't hardly a "censorship blackout." This is active culpability by the media to not only shutdown coverage of the usurper's fraud; the media is waging a war against all Americans to suppress dissent. The common media narrative is that the "birthers" are insane in pursuing this treasonous outrage; that the usurper is in fact...a usurper.

    Time Magazine
    SOVIET UNION, THE WAR: Asylums or Prisons?

    Monday, Feb. 07, 1972

    "One of the most chilling tactics used by Soviet authorities to suppress dissent is enforced confinement
    in a mental hospital. Selected rebel intellectuals are declared insane by
    obedient psychiatrists, and can be held indefinitely or punished at will—all
    under the aura of medical treatment and with no need for a public trial that
    could embarrass the state."

    Never thought it could happen in America, huh?

    Excuse me while I recalibrate my tinfoil hat.

  • Kathleen46

    This is becoming moot.  If we can oust Obama and have enuf clout in the Legislature to repeal every damn thing he's managed to implement, I don't care.  If we fail to oust Obama, there will never be another election and the legislature will be dismissed.  He has declared himself a god along with more civil powers than any other leader in just a short history of 3 years.  Hitler, himself, couldn't pull this off so fast.  As long as any Congress permits itself to be intimidated because the guy is black, it will remain as incompetent and feckless as a class of twelve year old children waiting for the teacher to return.

    But, kudos to the sherrif ... it's a waste of time, but I'll admit, I'm lovin' your work!


    • Victor Pirie

      Can someone PLEASE Tell me, WHY we are still name calling to the Puppet, and letting the Puppet masters keep Breathing? (FED Bankers), READ THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT.

      • Victor Pirie

        I Imply by NO MEANS ANY Threat to them Personally, however, if people really did understand what I have been Screaming about all this time, there would be an Outcry from all points of the US Compus for them to be Tared and Feathered, and have all their wealth Confiscated and Redistributed back to the POOR and Middle class of the USA.

    • charles17121

      Kathleen46 You give up too easily. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold case posse's investigation was Not a waste of time . The wheels of justice turn slowly at times but they are turning now and that is what We The People have been waiting for . The Sheriff said he was trying to prove the birth certificate was  legitimate but the evidence took them in the other direction meaning they prove it to be a forgery. 

  • Robert Janicki

    In regard to the Obama birth certificate proffered by the White House on the official WH website, it should not take too many Adobe software engineers working with their Photoshop program to figure out the authenticity of the  document.  By all accounts that I have seen and read, forensic examination of the electronic birth certificate indicates a forgery.  Software engineering is not limited to a select handful of quantum physicists debating particle or wave theory.  For the sake of our constitutional republic, this needs to be thoroughly investigated by a non-partisan group of forensic software experts, with the results openly published and any further action left to the courts for a final determination. 

    • jong

       Two of the most glaring problems for me was that they called where he was born "Kenya" that name did not come about for several years .   In any official document it should have been The Protectorate of British East Africa.   The second one was picked out by a friend of mine the hospital in Hawaii was not joined together for several years after his birth and not called the name on his "certificate" until then.

      • charles17121

        jong , Any one who was old enough in 1961 knows that on any legal document a black person race was known as Negro or black  and not African American . For obama's father's race on the so called birth certificate it said African for race . That politically correct terminology( African American) didn't come into being until the late seventies or eighties . Who ever put this forgery together could not being themselves to use the word Negro or black . Can you say DUMB ? 

    • george

      Heck, you don't need forensic software experts to tell the usurper's long form b.c. is a fake. It does help, just to add legitimacy to the analysis. Strange how Sheriff Joe is legitimate enough in a court of law to put common criminals away, but his  expert forensic analysis of the usurper' fraudulent b.c. is somehow illegitimate.

      But, like I said, you don't need forensic experts to conclude we've been had. Follow the link below. It thoroughly destroys all assertions that the b.c. is legit. And, from the sound of the narrator in the video. the voice sounds like a teenager. Could it be that even a juvenile can tell the b.c. is a fake?

      • Maureen

        Well why haven't you guys arrested him and his merry band of forgers.  Such wimps.  This is enought evidence to hold up in any court that is not owned by the Oman.  So go for it.  NOW.  Don't wait on wimpy Sheriff Joe.  Even my 10 year old could do a better job.  LSM is bought lock stock and barrel and looks like they got Rupert, Rush, Glenn to boot.  How sad

    • charles17121

      Robert Janicki , Sheriff Joe and his cold case posse has already done what you have suggested . They had non -partisan group of forensic software experts look at the forgery of a birth certificate the obama White House put out April 27, 2011 and came to the conclusion that it was a forgery . The fact that the obama White House found it necessary to put out a forgery of a birth certificate show the fraud obama does not have a legal birth certificate. On top of that the obama White House has committed a felony by forging an official document and putting it on a government web sight . 

      • Conspiratcy

        You betcha.  Why would he put out a real one when a forgery is so much better.  You know the Donald made him do it to stop that crack investigate team.  The O man is totally brilliant.  Sheriff Joe has enough evidence of official fraud to march right in there and arrest the lot of them.  Surely he's not gonna wimp out.  Why would you need LSM to do this.  Kinda puzzling.  You think Obama bought him off.  That's possible.

    • Moose

      So if you can't do it in 3 years and you had the help of the Donald then guess you aren't gonna do it.  Yes, it very easy to photoshop anything online.  Brilliant of the O man.  But Sheriff Powerful Joe has the definititive evidence of a forgery and he claims he need LSM. What a joke. What a wimp.  What a nut case.  Go get birther lady and the Donald back working.  They are awesome

  • Victor Pirie

    Hmmmm???, I must be having a BLOCKAGE Problem. No one seems to be able to read a Damn Thing I have said so far.

    • jong

       Ok I will take the line.   You are so full of  s88t in your conspiracy theories.

  • N R Wooley

    Wish I had real republican senators instead of RINO's.  Maybe then I'd have senators that would climb on the Arpaio bandwagon. But they ignore it.  Of course, our  two 'D' reps wouldn't get within a thousand miles  from it.
    I'm puting my $$ on Arpaio.

  • fromthemomma

    So what can the average citizen do to force the mainstream media to take a serious look at this and report it?  I know I've contacted all cable news and haven't received anything back nor have they reported the story.  I don't know what a citizen can do if congress is unwilling to be honest either.  The media and congress appear to be above We the People's voices since Obama got shoved into the oval office, the man is certainly in a protective bubble and no one can touch him.  Even when the elite are exposed they remain above it all and anyone who speaks the truth about it is deemed a fear mongering nut job.

    • Joseph Hanussak


    • 1776again

      Writing to your representatives and Senators, the Presstitutes  on TV will accmplish nothing but maybe a form letter in response, which isn't even on the same subject you wrote about.  They are all the puppets in a Kabuki show!  (And just as foreign to our Republic; the U.N. owns them all through the Central banks, led by the FEDERAL RESERVE , a CABAL !) 

      If you are tired of the fakery we have all put up with for 60 + years, Vote for Dr. Ron Paul, the only honest guy that wants to save the Constitution and our republic from utter disaster ,  financially and morally, along with those like him, to spite the Powers that Be (PTB) and turn our country around.

      Send him some money to continue to get the message out to the honest people of the country that the PTB wants  make sure no one hears more about. Every TV station talking head  spoputing propaganda reading  from   e Republican "taking points" they receive every day is told by their CFR  bosses to IGNORE RON PAUL; BE SURE HE DOES NOT EXIST IN MEMORY.  


  • Constitutional Believers

    President Obama will be forced by circumstances to
    apologise: Genuine Birth Certificate surfaces – Americans have been led to
    believe otherwise, revelation to change the political landscape

  • BNPage577

    Now that we know they are guilty of treason and that Obama is in the office office of President legally. That he lied and Congress at the time backed him up.  My Question..
    How many are we going to send to prison? Are we going to pay this thing who is the so called elected President a retirement the rest of his life or are going to send him to Prison?  Who is going to undue all the stuff he signed into law.

  • John

    Are we a country that lives by the law?  Are certain people above the law?  Those are questions every American needs to address to his representatives in Congress.  If the answer is to the first question is Yes, then this issue should be brought to the front of the line and addressed, and Barack Obama should be removed from office and not allowed to appear on the November ballot, period.  To do otherwise would be to simply mock the law and wait for the next situation where politics and power outweigh the law of the land. 

  • david

    We cannot allow this information to be buried! Every voice should shout it from the rooftops! Damn this liberal "main stream" media to hell for their part in the dumbing down of America! Obummer should be forced to prove his legitimacy once and for all! He is being vetted three years too late, but not too late for the next election! He should have to prove he is worthy! And I'll bet he isn't!!!

    • Jjje

      How can he do more than provide a forged birth certificate.  Sheriff Joe found the evidence so why haven't we seen it.  He did with a possee and had a News Conference so it has to be true.  Why is he rolling over to pressure.  He can still publish without LSM

  • Richard B.

    Is he a NATURAL BORN citizen? Some rulings by SCOTUS would say he is not because his father was not a US citizen.

  • Silas Longshot

    There will be no investigation into this fraud acting as prez until there are enough fresh conservatives bumping out long entrenched democrats and RINOs to make the thing go forward successfully. And even then, the people that elected them would have to make it an issue by putting the pressure of the constituency on every one of the new guys.
    As the man stated above, the dumb masses of typical voters are too apathetic and lazy to bother with changing the channel from dancing with the stars and Bill Mayher to find minor news agencies that DO carry the story.

    • charles17121

      Silas Longshot , You heard wrong . This is now an official law enforcement investigation that can't be stopped . And it is just what We The People have been waiting for . Now there will be a congressional investigation because a legal Law enforcement organization has enter the picture . It is not just hear say from the man on the street that We The People have a fraud sitting in the White House going by the name of Barack Hussein Obama using a stolen social security number . Believe me when I say Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold case posse have a lot more on this fraud obama then what the showed the American people March 1, 2012 . Like I said get ready patriots the you know what is about to hit the fan . And you better believe the ones involved in this fraud on the American and the US Constitution are running around trying to do damage control sense there will be a criminal investigation that can't be stopped . 

  • gypsy314

    Joe is right and the main street media will not allow the truth to come out. But truth always prevails and the liberals and there media will have to pay the piper sooner or later.
    Every American should stand up for Joe and the truth to come forth.
    Even democrats can not stand against the truth coming out.
    Obama know Joe is on too him and he is using the media to cover his ass but guess what the seed is planted and growing.
    Anyone BUT Obama and democrats!

  • prpatriot

    I don't think anyone here is surprised. We all need to put pressure on our Senators in each state. I am so sick of congress not  doing a darn thing to stop this tyranny. Why aren't the new recruits doing anything either?? I feel like the sheriff's dept. is our real line of defense. They are bound by the Constitution not the Federal Government. 

  • Edward C. Reiter

    Obama is arrogantly committing the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people!  That "fraud" is exacerbated by his audacity to present a "forged" document and in his narcissistic mind, actually expecting "we the people" to accept it!  Obama has already committed many impeachable offenses: He continues to make them with the attitude "I dare you to do anything about it"!  FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COUNTRY THIS MAN SHOULD BE IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY!!!

    Obama's drive is to destroy the constitution that made this country GREAT!  As a veteran of World War II and the Korean War, I resent what he is doing to our country!  I call it TREASON! - we used to shoot people for that!

    Our "elected" representatives who sit in Washington DC "twiddling" their thumbs and REFUSING to initiate action to FORCE this "imposter" to produce irrefutable evidence that he was born in this country, should be impeached right along with him!

    We NEED Term limits!  Washington has become a "sink hole" of corruption that will NOT change until "we the people" force it to change!!


    • 1776 again

      All the above, and vote Ron Paul in to put it in reverse PDQ ! The MSM has been and is still deciding who will win for decades ! That is the problem; the presstitutes are going to get the one world agenda the others are still behind: Build the EMPIRE, let the UN run it , and pay us all for our 50 year silence with OUR bankruptcy, not the FED's and the EURO's we bailed out against our will !

      Vote Ron Paul to piss them all off , if nothing else just to show them WE DO know DR. Paul  IS GOING TO WIN IN SPITE OF THEM AND THEIR FRAUDS.

  • Tomyris

    I have to concur with the author....some thing smells rotten in the state of Denmark....

    We have a lawfully elected Sheriff who has been in the law enforcement business for a number of decades, and we now we have MSM ignoring the validity of his posse findings.....

    Are we really that deaf, dumb and FS? Get a life, this needs to be taken up by congress or the SC. Either Joe and his posse are lying or someone in high places is a LSOS....

    Lets find out which is which NOW.... 

    • Joke

      Same thing happened to the birther lady.  She was silenced all over the country.  Then Donald the man Trump.  If this isnt a conspiracy, I don't know what is.  You guys are Doomed. 

  • David R. (Canada)

    This proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the entire US news media is completely corrupt.
    They cannot deny it any more.

  • paul csontos

    Its been a week now and the media has not said one word about mattial law either  all u hear about the young black boy shot or the sholdier that  shot 16 Afgans.

    • Surghucjls

       That's because they are using these as distractions.  If they can get your mind on somehthing else then they can slip other important matter by the public.

  • Morrise

    Did it ever occur to you GOMs that the American public has sat through endless 'birther' have definitieve evidence for over 3 years.  Your great birther lady went to every court she could and got her case thrown out.  Of course, you guys thinks Obama controls ALL these judges.  If he does, you have more to be worried about. Then you had the infamous wannee be Pres Donald Trump who sent a crack investigative team to Hawaii and they would get the evidence.  When Obama gave into the Donald, he said "see what I could do" and accepted the obviously forged Birth Certificate.  Somehow we the AMERICANS never got to see that cutting edge evidence.  Then GA and other states. You get the picture.  The vast left wing conspiracy came to bore the stupid Americans who really came to 'not believe' the truth about the Kenyan.  So Sheriff Joe needs to 'get over' his whining and wimpy statements and get that awesome evidence to the criminal justice and FOX, and Glenn, and Sean and Rush.  If that's not enought, just shut up and concede that Obama owns America and will be our black dictator for the rest of your natural life (and mine).  WHine, whine, whine good ol JOE. 

  • Missus G

    I wonder just how many American’s   ......  apostrophe does not belong here because it is just plural, not showing ownership or a contraction. This is important because we want to be taken seriously. Thanks for all you do.

  • Tenbore

    It's pretty simple folks! Would you, in a position of importance, just jump at the chance to say, "Oops, we Effedt up! And installed a complete fraud in the White Housesome guy who is not eligible to have his finger on the nuclear trigger? Some guy who couldn't pass the most basic security test, ever?"

    He practically has to be kept on, he knows too many State Secrets, to be just "let go"!

  • David Batterson

    I have been tweeting and talking and Facebooking and talking to as many people as I can. I watched 3 different news networks (Fox, CNN, MSNBC) for coverage of Sheriff Joe's press conference and unless I missed something - IT NEVER GOT COVERED! I did however get to see it with thousands of others live on YouTube, and that is the only reason I even know about it.

    Recently, I am hearing of a FALSE FLAG attack on the DNS servers that host the web. This attack is suppose to take place March 31st-April 1st (but I don't know for how long). This attack will be blamed on terrorist hackers but the United States Government is behind it (Obama's internet kill switch).

    In my mind I associate the Obama White House with an even broader media blackout with this False Flag attack and that they may try to declare Martial Law as a result (Martial Law would never work, but they can try). The pressure is certainly on the White House to do something as more and more people are awakening to all of the tyrannic legislation like the renewal of the Patriot Act, the NDAA and bills like Obama Care. I know I sound like a crazy man, and as I can't even believe I am writing it, I can't make this stuff up.

    I believe Obama is an illegal immigrant! And he has to keep the lid on this at all costs. But he can't control the web, unless he stages a false flag attack, takes it down and then rams bills like SOPA and PIPA or similar down the throats of the American people.

  • mark

    George Soros owns about 30 media outlets. Now, why do you think the liberal media won't report on any of this???

  • HistoryMan99

    The biggest threat to our country is the 50% of our population that are uninformed and live in ignorant, oblivious bliss!!

  • Set Our Children Free

    We now officially live in a lawless republic.  If there is no rule of law, we have nothing, and there is no end to the what the politicians and media can do.  We cannot allow this to happen.  We must take back our country by making pests of ourselves.  If the media and the politicians are afraid of looking silly, then we can't fall into the same trap.  Demand that this be investigated to every newspaper, every congressional office, and every state election official in the nation.  Refuse to be silenced.  If we don't stop them here, then they can declare martial law, put us in jail, or do anything they want.  They've already written many of our rights off the books.  It will only stop when we demand it stops!  We are still a self-governing nation OF the people and BY the people.  We have the power.  Rise up and use it or you will lose your freedom.

  • Grumpyjm

    Why do we not just email our senators about the info the sherriff has And ask them why they do not support it & the news agencys ignoree it.

  • Petiteet

    When the truth comes out eventually, and even if years down the road, a lot of people will be red-faced.  I can imagine what I will say to these politicians then if I see them in public.  Liars and crooks.

  • Petiteet

    When the truth comes out eventually, and even if years down the road, a lot of people will be red-faced.  I can imagine what I will say to these politicians then if I see them in public.  Liars and crooks.

  • Nickfortun06807

    Those of us who are loyal patriotic Americans need to wake up to the reality that the left; liberal Democrats, media, and RINOs want to destroy our country as we have known it.  They control all communications EXCEPT  for the internet, which they're trying to control as well.  This culture war is serious, and they're winning, as they're on the offense and we've only been putting up a modest defense with very little if any offense.  Every day I read of the many different fronts which they're attacking.  If we don't become involved in protecting and standing up for our country, we will lose it. "Evil exists because good men stand by and do nothing." Edmond Burke

  • Nickfortun06807

    We should boycott the media. We can get all the news we need right here on the internet.  Do like the liberals and write letters to those who advertise on their networks, letting them know of your displeasure and you willingness to not purchase their products.

  • Steve

    This is not the complete list; it was taken from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963.

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .
    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST! 

    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.



  • Steve

    Our own US Congress voted themselves a raise. (But vetoed a raise for those on Social Security.) The members of Congress only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month. And most are now equal to being millionaires plus.  If some one in the military stays  in for 20 years (providing that they are not killed in combat before that) and gets out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $2,000  per month, and the very people who placed them in harm's way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.

    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!

  • Lowell T

    If you tiptoe around the sleeping giant he won't wake up. That is what has been and is still happening. Most citizens remain in a slumber because they only see news and propaganda that is allowed. Nothing alarming. Of course we won't see much about our nation being destroyed from within. Government thugs have made it clear any news media that speaks up will be severely punished. We all must all join Sheriff Joe and do our part to expose and remove from office the traitors we now call our elected officials.    

  • sean murry

    Fire the whole bunch and start over again.

  • Jack Parker

    I cry for my country.  After Odumbo and the welfare vote steal this November election, the left will have four more years of unchallenged license to complete the destruction of our republic and turn it into a racist, socialist dictatorship.

  • Kirsten Tucker

    Its called legally arming yourselves, sign a petition and go stand before the White House and Congress and calmly, politely, inform them that they American People have deemed them unacceptable and they are no longer eligible to hold office.  Members of Each State will do this for their own Senators Congressmen/women.  This is the best way, otherwise requires a much higher cost and price.   

  • williamlsasman

    The media will not put anything out on this and we can look down the road and it will stay that way.   Obama has the press on his side and they will not listen to anything  other what he has to say or his gang.

  • Patriot Grandson

    I have saidf over and over It was a problem with my first born son, His mother was German at the time, he was born in Garmisch Germany in a Military Hospital but wasn't considered an Amrican Citizen until he met the conditions that were Live adn be educated in these United States of America. between the ages of five and Fifteen.
    Otherwise he was subject to being drasfted into the German Army.
    We had to get   all his school drecords and go see a Immigration Official in Norfolk VA, to block his drafting by the German Government.
    So was Obama Educated and live in the USA between the ages of 5 and Fifteen?   Probably got most of his education in Indonesia.   I actually think the man lies so much he doesn't know didley about America and the Citizenship laes, Neiither does Congress or th Senate or they would have IMPEACHED him by now.
    He has top prove his Naturan Born Status by the Constitut ion to be President, Make an exception for onr Liar Mob type from Chicage and next you know its a Mexican or Hondouran Illegal Alien,  Obams is probably Illegal.
    MAke him prove his birth place.
    Tyery don't give out Certificates of Live birth if you are born in ther United States, but you would get an actual long form Birth Certificate , showing doctor, Hospital, DOB and Parents, Nigerian isn't a US Citizen so He cannot be Natural Born.
    Wake Up America!!

  • NeapTide

    Unfortunately it seems the best chance to save our country will be four more years of despotism. Romney is a weak tea against huge forces aligned against traditional American governance, and may even be a part of the problem as can be seen in Congressional vagueness. Even the strangely myopic citizens supporting Progressive Perversion will then see what socialism does to a free proud people. It will require blood by that time.

  • Gene

    Can you imagine the legal morass that would result in Obama's being proved to be ineligible for the office of President? That's why it ain't agonna happen no matter what is proved.At 77,I sometimes think I have lived too long! When We can't trust our media nor our government,maybe it's due time for Jesus to come back-I can't imagine anyone else being able to straighten our this mess of all time! Anybody got a better solution? If so,let us hear it!

  • Edward Richardson

    I had an idea a whole back but it does not seem to be getting any traction. See my blog post: Proposed march on Washington, D.C. at:

  • Edward Richardson

    If this election does not fix this situation...America MUST march to D.C. and force action. Even if he loses the election, he will still need to be prosecuted to restore the integrity and authority of the Constitution and the rule of law in America!

  • Older&Wiser

    Our entire Fed governmenta - Executive, Courts, Congress - are completely corrupt.  We are past saving unless we teach them to fear the people once again.

  • Boyd Herrst

    "O" has his gang of goons going around and causing legal confusion to keep the truth from getting out about "o's" eligibility for office... and this is throwing up delays to get the truth out in time to stop him from being elected...

  • Susiq

    It is no longer just about the birth certificate but his eligibility. His father was never a US Citizen which makes him ineligible to start with. It is up to the house to do their jobs and press charges instead of continuing the charade.

  • reagangs

    It's obvious that the MSM, DNC and BHO have the same STDs.  It's been bed time for the last four or five years.  Maybe AIDS will take over, soon.

  • Grumpa37

    Which Law Enforcement Organizations could issue warrants for the arrest of B Hussein on charges of fraud and racketeering, and might the issuance of multiple warrants at least cause worry in the White House?

  • rick0857

    Obozo was picked by the federal reserve bank and a set of like minded international bankers. Our next president has already been picked and it won't be bozo and that is only because too many people are upset with him right now. Those international bankers can't afford for us "We the People" to start a revolution in this country and overthrow the government. If we do that they won't get the money back that they loaned the U.S.

  • Tarheel

     I really would like to know what else he has found.  If the MSM will not report it then maybe it will be up to God father politics or Townhall  or  any of the other conservative sites.  Eventually Fox will pick it up and unless the others do not want to be caught with their pants completely around the ankles they will have to report it as well or risk losing all credibility , and then advertisers and then out of business

  • Blair

    Sheriff Joe's entitled to his opinion. I'm entitled to mine, I don't think Obama was born in Kenya. Where's the REAL PROOF?

    • Patricia Peloquin

      Sheriff Joe has found proof. Enough proof that he wants Congress to investigate and get Obama's actual birth certificate, whether it is in Hawaii or Kenya. His is not merely an opinion.

    • Slick5455

       Sheriff Joe didn't say he thought Obama was born in Kenya.  He just said there is evidence indicating the long form BC is a forgery and the draft registration is too.  There is a good case that was built for Obummer being born in Canada by others previously. 

  • Peter Paul

    Joe shouldnt be surprised at the media suppression of anything Obama.  This started when Obama became President  and he issued the executive order to seal all his past records.  He clearly understood what he was trying to hide then.  The media fifth column is largely under the Democrats control.  I dont think a significant portion of the voters realize how serious situation we are in with this Administration.  They are systematically in the process of closing down all exits of freedom. 

  • Jim Lloyd

    When CNN shut Lou Dobbs up and fired him (Allowed him to resign with dignity.!!) I quit watching them altogether, and when CSPAN was supposed to be the total TRANSPARENCY in every meeting in the Whitehouse and Congress 2009..... ANOTHER LIE..... I quit them too. Fox has now ignored this as well..! Get ready folks, we are about to be squelched in the Third Reich Style and all the players are in place. When things get silent and the hairs stands up on your neck...... get ready for what's coming, and the "Occupy Wallstreet" bunch will be as insignifigant as the dirty socks they represent.!

  • Robby777

    Yes, journalism no longer is concerned about the truth. Big Media is cowed by the FCC chief who is in Barry's pocket. Media refuses to admit it covered Barry when he was a senator andwent to Kenya...

  • brian lalone

    Think G. Soros, New World Order, Bilderburgers...then you get an idea whose behind this media cover-up. Joe should know who this president is in bed with..the above forementioned are out to change this world and they will ignore, trample or destroy anyone or anyhting that should get in the way. Ask a Senator or Congressman if he knows why theare still spraying "chemtrails" into the air we breathe, you won't get an answer, not because they do not know rather they will be destroyed if they bring that out to the general public. For those who do not know what a chemtrail is, google it and get an education. (one you may be better off not knowing about)

  • Mobley22

    Where is our constitutional hero, Ron Paul, on this one? The man has daily access to have whatever he wants to say all over the news. Yet not a peep. Ron Paul is a fraud.

    • Slick5455

       Good point.  All 535 members of the house and senate are silent.  One is running against Obummer and claims to be the strict Constitutionalist.  Crickets. 

  • WARTHOG1234

    we need to stop quaking and talking , need to start walking and explaining the up coming pres. election  might be our last in  U>  S>  A.  the people in charge from city, county, state, federal gov. are almost void of common sense  not much time left , no time to be asleep at the switch bob

  • Iftruthbeknown

    Vote every bum out of office this year.  They are all turncoats and traitors!

  • Iftruthbeknown

    If blood must be spilled in our country's streets, it is better that it be spilled by free patriots upholding our Constitution while our Constitution can still be upheld......rather than spilled later on by communists driving around taking people hostage to fema camps and killing those who resist. 

  • Archippus59

                         This is a horrible cover-up!    I really am NOT shocked with Obama!

  • LadyLiberty


  • eddyjames

    instead of dragging politicians out and clubbing them,I think we would have better results dragging out any anyone even slightly involved with the media! That way when ask who beat you black and blue,they could say
     "We The People" who were fed up with us not covering all the lies and forged papers Obama used to get elected when he should not been allowed to even run.

  • Dale

    The news media are paid off cowards. The relish in their own glory.

  • Partial Person

    The silence is deafening, but there could be a spiritual rationale.  Try this:

    A Powerful Delusion Accompanies The Man of Lawlessness!
    2 Thessalonians 2 says that the coming of The Lawless One
        will be in accordance with how Satan works.  So how does
        Satan work?  Lies, deceptions, accusations, narcissism,
        hates Christ, and hates Israel.  Obama seems to fit.
    God sends a "Powerful Delusion"  so that the wicked will believe the lies.
    This delusion may account for why so many have  ignored Obama's fraud.
    They quite literally cannot see it.  They are subject to this spiritual delusion.
    So, what is the delusion God is sending to "the wicked" people of today?
    Perhaps the massive American inability to percieve
        a constitutionally ineligable POTUS, plus casual acceptance of
        other lies about health care and our collapsing economy.
    Scipture says he will not be totally exposed until the "appointed time".

    • Carol Fryer

       Thank you. Very interesting and I might add accurate view.  How about evil men will wax worse and worse.......especially in

  • Laurel Ross

    by Alan18
    Everyone has known since before this idiot was elected he didn't have the credentials to be president. Everyone knew he was a fraud due to the way he had his election team and then his administration "hide" all the truth and evidence from the media. But nobody wanted to accept the truth. Everyone was so full of "WHITE GUILT" and was caught up in the moment of electing the first black president that they ignored the real truth, they failed to find out exactly "who" this guy was. Well congratulations America! You proved to the whole world what kind of complete morons we really are! Everyone was so eager to prove they weren't racist, that they showed the whole world exaactly how racist they were. We elected someone solely based on their race! How freaking stupid can a nation be? Until people stop trying to be so politically correct, until we can stop being ashamed of who and what we are, this nation will continue to diminsh. We will continue to let these so called "leaders", shred our constitution, ignor our laws, hide the truth, censor the media, distort reality, and ruin the absolute greatest country in the world.

    I want you to ask yourself something.... If you were trying to destroy America, would you do anything different than what Obama and his administration is doing?

    Now ask yourself.. What am I prepared to do, to protect the country that I love so dear, so that my children and my children's children, and their children ect. can enjoy the same freedoms that I have enjoyed to this point? Our countries gov't is completely out of control. Our forefathers wrote it in the founding documents because they knew this day would come, to give us all the signs, all the tools necessary to protect our freedom. If this potential law called OBAMACARE does not get struck down in the Supreme Court the United States of America is DEAD! The laws that will follow will effect every aspect of our lives and we will become officially an OPPRESSED people! What are you going to do? Will you submit to a dictator? Will you comply with the NEW laws of "CHANGE"? Will you turn over your guns? Because its coming! If Obama is re-elected in 2012, the gloves will be coming off and he won't have to worry about getting re-elected again because there won't be another election!!!! Welcome to the National Socialist States of America comrades!!!!

    Don't let our country, and those who have died to defend her, parish forever....... 

  • Bill

    It would seem that we the people may need to pick up Sherrif Joe Arpaio's banner and wave it in the face of every politician we can.   "WE THE PEOPLE" are going to have to get active on MANY levels if we want anything done.  Go to your town hall meetings.  Go to your local election boards.  Go anywhere a politician is speaking.  When you go to these places, raise the question in regard to the findings or demand that Obama be removed from your local ballot until he is qualified.   It always seems as if it's just too much trouble or not very effective so we don't bother to do these types of things.   Our country is in a lot of trouble because we've been asleep at the wheel and too busy to get involved.   Get a group of friends and do these things for even more effect.  Make enough noise that the local news DOES pay attention to you or your group !   We can be like a colony of ants and just devour this animal they call Obama if we all do what we can.  Liberty and our Republic are not free !  Look what the little idea of the "post it note" on the gas pump can and will do !  .  .  Go into the inner city where most of his votes come from and post the notes on every gas pump you can !   .  If one out of ten people who read it change their mind on how to vote, it would be a huge advantage.  Make a sign and stick it in the median of your main highway !  (but don't get caught) Just a simple one like "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE !" .  .  Ordinarily I wouldn't go to this extreme, but by the same token, these aren't ordinary times !

  • [email protected]


  • Carol Fryer

    Im so glad this is becoming so blattantly obvious by people in both parties and independents. And both parties in Washington cover it up and mock it. Its amazing how corrupt theyve become. 


    I've said this long ago. The Congress has first hand knowledge that Obama isn't a Citizen. And if they disclosed that they knew, we the people would linch them. Can you imagine the back lash if this came out? There would be riots and civil unrest across this country by the millions. So, what do they do? They sweep it under the rug. Ignore it and may be everyone will forget. Not me! As a former Marine, I took an Oath and I will stand by it. It seems that Congress didn't take the same Oath as we have. When they are sworn into office, I think they have to sign an allegiance to that Oath. If they didn't sign, then they figure they are off the hook. Well, let's call them on this.
    Start a campaign and write your representative and let them know that they have to by LAW to look into this matter. 

  • John Hardman

    After "THE GREAT OBAMA DECEPTION" has been resolved by the ceaseless efforts of many dedicated patriots. Our Union will recover and be stronger than before the blatant In-House Conspiracy that enabled an undocumented Muslim Alien to be installed as a Trojan Horse in order to overthrow our Nation.
    Nasty Pelosi will be the Poster Child of Treason and Treachery for Historians to enter in their journals of this era. 

  • Parrallelaxis

    Not just treason,SODOMY ,GREED,LUST,PRIDE,ANGER,GLUTTONY,MURDER,Research operation paperclip,for starters & how people as far back as Gen George Patton were assassinated because of the Nazi Agenda O.D.E.S.A Horton Brothers, were one team of top Nazis brought over funded by Chase Bank & if you research it you will see the RELEVANCE.How quick we forget Arron Russo & his Wisdom

  • Jack Broderick

    Some of the posts that are removed for so called abuse I see no problem with, those people didn't post anything abusive, what the censoring of certain posts is amounts to selective censorship of a person 1st amendment rights of free speech. Maryilynn Reeves and smitty did nothing wrong so why were their remarks removed?