England Is Burning – Is America Next?

British Prime Minister David Cameron cut his vacation short and had to return to England as his country was under attack. Rioters in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leeds started attacking police, looting and burning businesses. Some say the spark that ignited the inferno was caused when the police shot a suspect.

However, the real cause runs much deeper.

England has been about 20-40 years ahead of the US in moral and spiritual decline. Church attendance in England is below 2% of the population. However, this figure may be on the rise since so many Muslims have been immigrating to England. In the past ten years, some British communities have become predominately Muslim, causing many non-Muslims to move away.

Sexual perversion is more readily accepted as being okay in England than in the US, but we aren’t far behind. Defiance and disrespect of authority is more prevalent in England than the US, but again, we’re not that far behind.

England has a generation of young people that have had virtually no moral or spiritual upbringing. The only thing they know is situation ethics and survival of the fittest. This creates a sense of purposelessness and frustration. Couple that with a sagging economy, weak national leadership, shake well and you end up with an explosive situation waiting to be ignited and evidently the police shooting was all it took to light the fuse.

America’s youth are not far behind England’s youth. Fewer and fewer of America’s youth are attending church. Many from evangelical homes walk away from the church once they leave home. Our public schools teach them that they are just another animal trying to survive in a dog-eat-dog world. They are told there are no absolute truths in the world and life is what you make it.

Violence among America’s youth is on the rise. Like the youth in England, they are becoming directionless and frustrated. After this past month, they have seen that their leaders in Washington are a joke. They can’t find jobs and with the economy going into the tanks, the situation is become ripe here for what has been happening in England.

As America watches England burn, we better be getting our fire extinguishers and hoses ready because if something doesn’t happen soon to turn things around, you can bet America’s youth will start to ignite.



  • Dale

    True as it may be,this article is pointedly infllamatory and the author offers no solutions or direction to prevent a similar situation from happening here in the U.S.

    • Ranchman

      Okay, Dale, what's your solution? If the civil unrest starts on a large scale here in the U.S., what are your plans? Mobs don't listen to reason or authority and often break down into the basest of creatures--it's survival of the fittest. Only those who are well prepared are going to make it when it hits the fan here. Are YOU prepared?

      • Bryan K Donnelly

        You bet. The week Obama was inagurated I bought an AR-15, 4000 rounds of ammo, and ten 40 round magazines. Nice piece. Gotten to know exactly how to use it. Should civil unrest break out it'll be a nice addition to my 3 .40 handguns, shotgun etc. I actually doubt there will be an outbreak among the sub-human types rioting in Britain here. Too many of us are armed.

        • Luther Robinson

          Yes but the obama bunch are working to outlaw guns in private hands and raise the price of ammo

    • Neil

      Well, do you?

    • Old Bill

      Turn back to God. Put prayer back in school.

      • Virginia


    • Warrior

      The author is just that, an author. He has no responsibility nor technical expertise to provide alternative solutions. Reporters from the main stream media are supposed to do that. Just give me the facts. I'll decide for myself what the conclusions are and what I need to do about how the situation involves me.

      You are apparenmtly a liberal who things somebody else shouuild be making decisions for you. You're right, though. The article IS "inflaming"... It's about yet another country imploding with several cities on fire. Whjy don't You try to infer from that information and facts (not opinions) what You need to do to protect yourslef When it starts happening here. I would suggest that even you are just as capable of making adult decisions as the author of this article!

  • Joanne

    At this point, where our country is today if indeed they start to take away some of the entitlements, who knows what will happen. We can only hope that our country doesn't stoop to that level but most people don't want to give back what they think they're entitled to even if it's become evident WE ARE BROKE!

  • Joanneo

    I hope it never comes to that. Obama is waiting for an excuse to declare martial law. When that happens our futures are very slim. America has been so fortunate to never having a war on our soil. Obama is very well prepared for whatever comes. He plans on being our dictator. Our politicians are crooked and care only about padding their own pockets. Most but not all surely there are some that believe in our country and our God.

    • Nick

      "America...has never had a war on our soil..." ???
      Are you forgetting 1812 ?
      And 1860 - 1865 ???

      • skai

        " Are you forgetting 1812.? And 1860 -1865 ? " True. And this will be coming soon http://www.blip.tv/file/1382254

      • Gatorman67

        Nick you are so very right. Now we are facing the same kind of threat that Robert E Lee and Jackson, and Jeb all fought against back then. A tyrannical centralized Federal government, bent on making us see it the way they see things. Obama-Care, Debt Increase, and the fast and furious gun sales to destabilize our border states. Then when the states act on their own accord to protect their citizens from the very drug bandits the Fed's sold those assault rifles too. They sue and threaten to send in the federal troops.

        1861+2011= same thing, oppressive central government over States Right to provide and protect its people. Keep your powder dry folks, it's about to get very ugly!

    • john4life

      I'm afraid you are correct here. We may never be able get rid of "the king" because "never let a good crisis go to waste." Martial law may be in our future before Nov 2012.
      Only God can Bless America.

  • drg

    Have you been ignoring the US news? There have been mobs of youths (aka young non-white/Christians for those not familiar with the politically correct doublespeak) rioting, attacking stores, individuals, etc for years in the US. This is Britain catching up with France and the US.

    The solution: cordon off the areas, flood them with gas, and cart the miscreants off to the nearest prison or deporation center.

  • 2manyhobbies

    A little history... when the riots happened in LA shop owners that sat on their roof with guns had their business left alone. Neighborhoods that had armed citizens were left alone... Anyone here seeing a pattern yet???

    So in gun free (except for the criminals) England the populace can run amok unchecked, how many of them do think were Muslim, 70, 80, 90 percent...

    Can't happen here, sure it could already has but it did not get as out of hand due to different demographics, and a different outlook.

  • Rob from Va

    Every law abiding citizen needs a concealed weapon permit and carry a gun every where they go. If armed citizens are then caught in a shopping mall somewhere when a riot takes place, they can protect themselves and more than likely stop the violence before it starts. Big cities, which like England don't allow people to carry guns, will be places to avoid at all cost! We best get use to the fact that there will be more violence as the world economy falls apart.

    • James A

      You'r e right Rob......i hope things remain peaceful-and we'r actually better off trying to help eachother out, trade goods and services (bartering-keep the crooked tax thieves away-they've already stolen way too much of our wealth), etc. But concealed carry should be aloowed NATIONALLY, for all law-abiding citizens. Ihate the fact that we don't yet have national cc-it's a pain to go state by state. We need to continue to push for these laws~!

    • FedUpWithFedsInTexas

      I disagree. We do NOT need cc in every state. What we need is OPEN CARRY in ALL 50 states! Why should I have to hide/disguise the fact that I'm packing? With cc, the bad guys wouldn't know if ANYONE was carrying. With open carry the potential disparity of force would instantly be obvious.

      The real danger here from mobs like GB is seeing, is that the administration would undoubtedly use the disturbances as an excuse to declare martial law. That right there would ultimately trigger a revolution. Unless the rebellion ended EXTREMELY quickly, it could easily cause a general collapse of civil authority in both North American and Europe resulting in the fall of western civilization and the end of the world as we know it.

      THAT would result in the deaths of BILLIONS world wide when first the continental and then the world distribution web collapsed. Dr. Malthus would be driving the bus then. Famine, starvation and pestilence would be the order of the day and technology would likely fall to an early 19th century level if that.

      To-Do List
      Pray - that the Creator has pity on us and stops the coming disaster
      Vote - perhaps things are not utterly FUBAR
      Stockpile essential supplies - in case neither of the first two options work.
      Practice and perfect marksmanship - so as to be able to defend hearth and home, kith and kin.

  • Wayne R. Rollis

    There is a vary good chance that the United States is next

    • denosaur

      It is all being triggered by twitter , facebook and other social networks. They organize online . It all started overseas, and has dominoed around the world. Yes , it will come here ,,,and is being organized by the great organizer. right now, in the us, the youth gangs are organizing online and robbing malls, stores or whatever they want to. They just HIT in swarms, so fast that the stores don't have time to call the law or get any help. The YOUTH are very organized and believing his message. They are brainwashed. They have not had good moral training and get tossed by the storm. The world is reaping the harvest of Moral decline. We have ignored GOD'S laws and raised a generation that will soon be uncontrollable. If you sign up for the civilian force, you get a free college eduction, free services and a check each month. The civilian force will starting the riots in America, when they get the CALL. All in due time... EVERYONE needs to stay in touch with the YOUTH and try to open their eyes.. JUST WHERE DO YOU GO>>WHEN YOU DESTROY AMERICA??????????????

  • Bob

    Right on Rob.

  • Christine

    It won't be next if American citizens are well armed and ready to act, and if we stop allowing ourselves to be pushed around by whiny-butt atheists. Christians must stand up and make themselves heard! The movies, music and television shows that our media-addicted children are immersed in from birth glorify dangerous, immoral behavior and class envy. It's time to call a halt and turn back to God. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

    • theodorej

      Christine ..... Right you are !!! Good people have been silent way to long ..... This system of education we are dumping money into is a toilet and badly needs a flushing along with the feces that spread this political correct cowardly crap to our kids...

  • Mart

    Joanneo's ignorance of the many wars that have been fought on American soil is testimony to the sorry state of our public education. Until we clean up the mess in our schools, we will continue our decline.

  • craig

    We had better maintain a well armed citizenry if we have any hope to avoid the mess Britain is in, and yes, most importantly we had better turn back to God, otherwise all is lost! The scriptures say we are to defend our families and hopefully we will be prepared to do so!

  • guest on this planet


  • Slanted Heart

    I agree rob and Christine. We had all better get our arms ready. We cannot keep allowing Muslims to come to this country and bringing in sharia law. We are being lead by a Muslim in the WH and he wants to bring this country down. These foreigners are draining us and I am quite tired of paying for all their needs. This has to stop and these people do not work or pay taxes. We are drowning in debt and we keep handing it out. We are creating a society that depends on government handouts and it needs to stop. We need to deport the illegals and the disrespecting Muslims I have worked since I was 15 and I'm nearly 60 and can't even think about retiring. And it really angers me that I'm paying for these lazy ass foreigners Used to be when foreigners came to America they were proud and thankful to be here. Now they have no respect and burn and spit on our flag and use us for freebies. What's the answer no 1 arm yourselves no2 vote out Obummer no3 stop letting immigrants into this country. Time to stop them. The Muslims want jihad on us and we are allowing them. To do it. Read the history. And not just great Britain. Look at Lebanon. Once a strong ec

  • Slanted Heart

    Economy it let the Muslims in and now it is majority of Muslims and being controlled by Hezballah. Killed off most of the Christians. The only Christians left are the ones that just can't leave and they have to guard and arm themselves. Wake up America!! God bless America! I love this country and love God. HE is the only one that can save us. But even God wants us to fight. Satan is at the helm and he needs to loose this position.and fast.

  • ProRepublic

    Good analysis. However, there is one area that you seem to have overlooked: The British Welfare System.

    Ann Coulter missed the 'God' factor, but she hit the nail on the head regarding the results of a liberal, socialist welfare agenda:

    "With a welfare system far more advanced than the United States, the British have achieved the remarkable result of turning entire communities of ancestral British people into tattooed, drunken brutes.
    I guess we now have the proof of what conservatives have been saying since forever: Looting is a result of liberal welfare policies. And Britain is in the end stages of the welfare state." http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=332057#ixzz1UhkmJGaH

  • Rudloph

    After reading more recent news about the riots in the U.K., I wonder if the police reacted to the riots poorly. It was wide spread. Was there was no prior training of police on riot control? In Detroit where locals destroyed their habitat, it took the army to restore order because of the large number of citizens looting and destroying their own homes. In London, the police dropped the ball. In London the rioters were younger people intent on destruction and looting from low income homes. The London police need better training. When I was living in the U.K. for a year I remember a news article critical of a home owner who defended his home by hitting a robber at night on the head with his flash light. Another article was about a farmer who defended himself at night against two home invaders with his shot gun. The farmer went to jail--figure that one! out!

  • theodorej

    Greetings .... It is a sad state of affairs in England, however , what do you expect from the british subjects when the crown demonstrated a lack of moral fiber and a disregard for the principles of right and wrong..... The youth in America are spoiled recalcetrent and abstreperous as a result of the breakdown of the family and the lust for material things.... The US was a very blessed nation,but since we became the largest producer of pornography in the world with an INDUSTRY that boasts revenue greater than football ,bsaeball and basketball combines... The US murders the innocence and calls it choice.... We have removed God from our schools and the public square.... We have taught our children that deviate behavior is an alternate lifestyle ..... We have a drug habit that supports entire economies of countries who hate us.... We have decimated the family with divorce and sentenced nuturing women to abstract poverty..... IS THIS A COUNTRY THAT GOD SHOULD BLESS...... We would all be wise to go before God and pray for mercy and guidence and hope that the minds and hearts of the people change.... AND VOTE !!!

  • Adhater

    I think you'll find Muslims attend Mosque, not Church.

    Also, a few buildings on fire does not constitute England burning.

    Why not get out more? Enjoy the sunshine? It's great over at the park. You can play ball, socialise, talk to girls.

  • Carmine


    Listen to this dummy on the riots in London

    Although he may be correct on Iraq and Afghanisland

  • http://www.msn.com Spicer

    A devious plan or a staged event will be forthcoming in which it will be asked of the people, by the next election, for the safety and preservation of our noble and forthright democracy, to bypass the next election and the dictatorship will then be in total control. The revolution will be forthcoming. There are only 50 some days before the Internet will be taken over by the FCC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722136046 Daniel Stoner

    It's NOT got anything to do with ".... spiritual decline" (i.e. lack of religion or atheism/agnosticism).   Moral maybe, but not spiritual.  Quite the opposite.  As alluded to, it's got to do with the $^$&#@$ Islamization - that's the problem - too much religion; in particular, one religion.